Marine Waitress Allegedly Refused Tip Over Gay Lifestyle




Dayna Morales works as a waitress at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, NJ. On November 13th it wasn’t her service to a woman and her two children that prevented receipt of a tip, but her lifestyle. Morales alleges that the unidentified woman left the establishment with her two children, but failed to leave a tip because, as noted on the receipt, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I don’t agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life.”

Morales claims the customer was rude to her based on her appearance and when she introduced herself the woman blatantly told her that she had expected to have the waitress introduce herself as “Dan” in reference to her short hair cut. Unbeknownst to the customer, Morales is a Marine veteran.

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Now, you may remember that recently Christina Jenkins made headlines when she claimed a patron of the restaurant she worked at refused tip because she was black, but it was later established that the waitress wrote the obscene message on the receipt herself, and gained national attention based on her lie. Based on this event, it is coincidental that another story based on discrimination is receiving national attention within days of its occurrence. Readers beware, while I am not making any claims that Morales story isn’t 100% legitimate, I will point out that the entire event is “alleged”.



  • moxie

    You tip people on basis of service period! If the food is bad then you tell the manager. Anything out of the waitress control is not her fault!

  • Wink

    Really? The receipt in the picture has been tied to at least 3 different stories now. Second if someone chooses not to tip you, for whatever reason, to damn bad. It’s not the end of the world. True is sucks, true they are probably assholes, but guess what… YOU’RE NOT ENTITLED TO A TIP.

  • Todd West

    2nd version of this I have seen already. The other was a Chipotle’s. Tipping is optional, no need to make a political statement. I’m sure there is more to this than is being told, if it’s even true.

  • pdigaudio

    This has “hoax” written all over it. Attention whores at best.

  • pokenhorn

    It’s the Tawana Brawley ploy. Make yourself a victim. Thanks Sharpton.

  • Kellie Alexander

    Besides, what woman with two children spends nearly a hundred dollars on one meal?! I smell a rat.

  • Cynthia Matthews

    Today people don’t conclude someone’s lifestyle by the way they keep their hair, so this does seem unlikely. Many women are wearing their hair very short and they aren’t homosexual. Truth is we can’t tell. Sometimes, I admit that it’s obvious however. So I lean on the side of “hoax!”

  • Cheryl

    A woman and 2 children spent 93.00? That’s rediculous!U

  • tiffany

    As a server/ bartender, i believe that if you have the money to go out and spend on a meal and or drinks and receive service that is anything other than horrible, you should tip. If not. stay home. cook your own damn meal and make your own damn drinks. we work for tips. im very offended by your comment wink.

  • Annee Megaera Smith

    Seriously?? Servers work FOR tips. They get paid a whole 2 dollars and change an hour. So YES they are entitled to a tip.

  • Kevin McCormick

    yes you work for tips and i tip according to the service i get what i dont like and wont go to is to a place to eat that says because there is more then 4 people in my group that they will charge me 15% gratuity whether i got good service or not

  • T

    no… there not entitled to a tip.. to damn bad

  • Justin Keough

    Wink I hope the next time you go out anywhere and expect to get a good meal, takes your sandwich and uses to wipe their ass. If you were working for tips you would have a different opinion of receiving tips cause you count on them to make ends meet. Your a Fool!!

  • Michelle

    Oprah has millions of viewers and fans, she’s black! The race card can’t be used Oprah, you should feel embarrassed and ashamed!

  • Brian A. Bishop

    She should of asked for a different server.

  • Diana Drake

    Let’s see, $7.25 an hour for 25-30 hours a week minus taxes comes to roughly 120.00 to 150.00 per week take home pay. While I agree there some servers who do not deserve a tip…they are far and few between. So the next time you go into a restaurant or bar, remember the person who is busting there butt to serve you is depending on your tip to keep a roof over their head, stay healthy and have a means to get work so you can have an enjoyable time out.

  • Corey J Dickinson

    Unless your a cheap prick I always tip good or bad. Bad service 1-2$

  • Kevin McCormick

    a mother and 2 kids does not spend $94.00 to eat out so im saying this story is bullshit

  • Jason Neal

    As a human being, I beleive you are only entitled to live, die and pay taxes. When you became a server/bartender, you chose to work for tips. Just like when I joined the guard I chose to go to war. Fortunatly for us, you have zero input as to how anyone spends their money. If you’re frustrated by your working conditions, change your situation. I prefered not to go to war any longer so I got out of the guard. We have the liberty to make these choices for ourselves.

  • Jason Neal

    I think you’re a fool if you work for tips and then bitch when someone makes the decision to spend their money differently than you want them to.

  • Kenn Belanger

    bullshit my EX did it all the time

  • Yonis Crantz

    A tip is a gift. It is not taxable, per IRS rules, unless the giver exceeds $10,000 in a year.

  • chris

    They are not automatically ‘entitled’ to a to a tip… the tip, and it’s amount, is based on quality of service.

  • Doug Wick

    “…while I am not making any claims that Morales story isn’t 100% legitimate, I will point out that the entire event is “alleged” – So… basically what you are doing is gossiping and attempting to perform some damage control by stating that you are not 100% sure it’s an accurate story. This type of sensationalist shock blogging really is quite disgusting. Why would you perpetuate a story like this knowing that it’s credibility may already be in question? Is it just to feel some measure of importance? Is this how you attain your feeling of worth?

  • mandy

    actually that is how they make their living. YOU paying them for the service THEY provide based upon how well it is. Obviously, you are unaware of the fact that people who wait tables only make 2.13-3.00 an hour! And let’s be honest, in today’s economy, nobody is getting by on that. If you’re rebuttal is that people who wait tables should get an education or a better job; I’d have to argue that’s what most do it FOR, which even if it isn’t….at least their a working individual with a PAYCHECK and TIPS and not some lousy lazy low-life living off of all of my tax dollars for their disability payment, foodstamps,etc etc etc. True, it sucks…but actually they are entitled to what they have EARNED working. ;)

  • Dana Dixon

    The term TIP is from the the actual anagram T.I.P.S.: To Insure Proper Service. It is NOT a guarantee of compensation, and while servers and other waitstaff do work to earn them, they earn them solely based on whether or not proper service has been given, With that said, there are many millions of tactless and rude people who have and will continue to ‘stiff’ their servers for a multitude of reasons and in some cases even no reason at all. It’s an awful thing but it happens quite a lot. Basically, Wink is correct that a server is not entitled to a tip. In this case, if it is true, the diner is the worst kind of trash, because even if you don’t agree with a persons lifestyle or appearance, you don’t mistreat them.

  • rodeoclown13

    How did a mom and 2 children spend $93.55 in an asian bistro? I find that to be shocking more than anything else in this story.

  • Dana Dixon

    You are correct that it is how they make their living, however, more and more of them rely on tips they haven’t earned, they give terrible service and complain while in earshot of the public they are serving. This is not the way to give proper service, I too tip whether the service is good or bad usually, But there are times when I have left nothing because the server EARNED nothing. I have been a server and I understand what it feels like to get stiffed on a tip, and I learned from it. So it helped me to be better at my job. What I DON’T agree with is a person using personal feelings to decide whether or not a server gets a tip. THAT is ABSOLUTELY WRONG! It is done based on SERVICE alone!

  • AK-47

    My only disagreement with your statement is that not everyone on disability is a lousy lazy low-life and not all of them receive food stamps, etc. Some of us were actually FORCED to stop working due to health issues beyond our control and because we have worked so hard in our lives we receive a check that is well above qualifications for government assistance. As far as tipping, my husband and I set a 20% standard and then it may go up or down from there based on the service. I worked as a waitress all through college and know how hard it is.

  • cpnpd922

    What the heck did a mom and 2 kids eat that cost $93.55?!

  • David

    When are people in this country going to GROW UP!? Rudeness, if in fact this story is true, is a part of life. Whether or not a customer decides to leave a tip is their own business and their reasons are irrelevant. Nobody is entitled to polite treatment or a tip. It’s nice to have but it’s not a right! I’m really getting sick of whining, sniveling babies masquerading as adults throwing temper tantrums when someone doesn’t cater to them. Face it, some people aren’t nice…some people are rude, some people are even racist. Right or wrong aside it’s human nature and a part of life. DEAL WITH IT!

  • Billy Richardson

    I won’t include disability as being lazy. Disability implies that the person CAN’T work due to madical reasons.

  • Shawn

    Your full of shit, they get minimum wage which is much more than two bucks. If they do there jobs they get tipped, if they do a shitty job or keep walking by when your drinks is empty and you keep trying to flag them down when they can see you trying yet they keep going, NO! They dont get a tip.

  • Charie

    If they worked in any other business they would be fired for
    looking sloppy, rudeness and bad service. Why should waitstaff be any different? They want to make good tips, then do their job properly. Most are pretty good at their job and I tip between 15 and 20% of the bill. For the few who are rude, the tip amount goes way down. Their income pretty much depends on them.
    It’s not up to me to provide a living for these people. They have to earn it like any other working stiff! I also know that some staff earn a whole lot of money waiting on tables because they put forth the effort so spare me the weepy stories about how they work so hard and we should forgive them if they’re really lazy and rotten at their jobs.

  • Charie

    I worked as a waitress for quite a few years while going to school. In those days you were lucky if you got a dime tip. I worked as hard to please my customers as I did to please later employers because that was my job. If I sloughed off and didn’t do my job I wouldn’t have expected to get a decent tip.
    You only had a partial sentence in the first part of your post but I get the picture. Any server who would do anything like that (or spit or snotted) should never have been in that job anyway. To me that’s criminal behavior and people who would do such a thing deserve jail time.

  • Pat R

    Not true. Servers TIPS are calculated into their “wage”. Servers normally get paid $2.50 to $3 per hour with tips calculated in to make their minimum wage. Call any cafe or restaurant and ask if you don’t believe. Don’t just be obnoxious.

  • Ernie Williams

    most servers that work in the restaurant industry only make 1.50 to 3.50 per hour in base pay and MOST restaurants use this “income” to pay taxes on imputed tips (the tips a person is expected to make per the time assigned). This income is less than half than the minimum wage of 7.50 nationally, so for anyone to say that a server doesn’t work for, or deserve a tip for their services neither has worked for or has any understanding of the people who serve them. Regardless of a persons personal choices, if they serve me at all, they will get a tip. if they give me stellar service, that tip will, likewise, increase. for those who never leave a tip, they need to quit going to restaurants…

  • Solomon Kane

    Fuck’em both. I hate attention whores AND assholes.

  • SB

    I have worked as a waitress off & on for many years & NEVER received minimum wage however, your tips are “supposed” to equal minimum wage as I understood it ~~~

  • bumpysquish

    Entitled to a tip ? they can stay home and you can mail it to them , if your rude or service sucks NO TIP , Nobody is entitled to anything they did not earn ..

  • antonio

    Just to add on here a server style of pay depends on the state they live in some states require the company to pay the difference in what they made off of tips so it equals out to minimum wage, but some states require companies to pay minimum wage plus either shared or individual tips, but in a lot of states companies only have to pay you server pay and you earn your tips for the rest of your pay. So a server’s pay rate depends on the state but in any case you are still not entitle to receiving a tip “great service receives great tips vs. bad service gets bad tips” and trust I live by this rule I have been known to leave up to &500 for great service and have told a server they wasn’t getting a tip but I still tell them what they did wrong so they can do better with the next dinner never have I not giving a tip based off of the person’s lifestyle, race, or gender

  • Brandy Miller

    It depends on the state they live in. Nevada requires that waitresses be paid minimum wage so that tips are just that – tips.

  • Numismatic

    These stories are becoming more fictitious by the day. I’ve worked in retail for several years and the ability to print duplicate receipts is all too easy. Just another way to get attention.

  • SM

    tips are taxable, you’ve never worked in the restaurant business. … obviously.

  • Brenda Busken

    how long do you think before this is proved to be false and fraud as well i am so sick of this crap

  • Faith McCauley

    Are you a Democrat? Because it sounds like the concept of earning something is completely lost on you over there in your little warm and fuzzy bubble of entitlement.

  • Nugget

    I always pay for the TIP in cash…..even if I put the rest of the bill on a debit or credit card. The reason I do this is because one server told me the IRS actually looks at the servers name/number on receipts and will tax them on it. If they are paid their tips in cash there is no way to demand proof they got a tip and they do not pay taxes on those tips. She also said they are paid minimum wage without tips being added in to that amount.

    I asked the server if the tips received goes into a community tip jar to be divided at the end of each shift and they said NO. They said their tips are their tips….Period!

    This was told to me by a server in Nevada.

  • Cliff E.

    Hey you don’t want to tip because of someones lifestyle that is fine, its a free country. This is how it works… the waitress is free to be gay (which i personally believe to be not right or natural) the patron is free to be against that, and this is how it works.

    I call bullshit on this story, how would you know the waitress was a Lesbian?…. with a guy lets be honest its easier to tell like the guy who waited on me the other night if he wasn’t gay he was on the road to being gay (also i did tip him)

  • bad_brookie

    what a bunch of assholes. A server’s wages DEPEND on those tips, whether you believe it or not….minimum wage DOES NOT PAY THE BILLS for these people, their checks may be $0, because they ARE TAXED on their SALE….meaning if you have a $100 bill at a restaurant, the server is automatically paying $10 on YOUR MEAL! AUTOMATICALLY!! Their taxes are based on the sales they make, so YES, TIPS ARE REQUIRED!!!!

  • Justin.Time

    How many of these have proved to be false? They made a lie out of Matthew Sheppard something like this is nothing. I absolutely don’t believe this, it has been proven time and again, the bigotry, lies on the other side of the argument, and in this case, the accuser, the activist homosexual point of view. What else could it be construed as? A lie.

  • Phil_J

    I guess I’m a cheap prick then because I don’t tip for bad service, only people with an entitlement attitude think bad service deserves a tip.

  • Deesa Tucker Hurt

    In some “right to work states” they are not required servers or bartenders a wage. Most companies will pay $1.50-$3.00 an hour (Arizona), but they are not required by law to do so. Many other states they are required to pay minimum wage, but it depends on the state. Sad, but true.

  • Charles

    Pat R. you are exactly correct,very few if any at all restaurants pay Min .Wages,I have Managed a lot of Eateries and not one who Pays Minimum Wages they all pay around &2,30 to $3,00 per Hr. and Require the Wait person to declare the Difference to the IRS in tip’s to make up the shortfall between their wages Per Hr.and Minimum wage,so they are in fact working for the tip money and depending on the service the tip can be in the Rance from nothing to 20% of the Bill.

  • Derek Lockhart

    Now, not trying to judge here, but I AM curious about one thing, perhaps you can answer me this? How do you know the bad service is the result of things within the waiter or waitress’s control? Perhaps they’re being overloaded, overworked, maybe they’re burned out going to college and working full time? There’s a lot of reasons why, unbeknownst to us, their ability to be good servers may suffer without laziness, or any kind of bad attitude being the result of it. Now, sure, some of them probably are just bad at what they do and don’t care, but how do we happen to tell? These people live off their tips, I know because my mom was a waitress when she was a teen an has told me all about what they go through and how that tip is lifeblood to them. So while you may find that you were not served to your preferred standards, it may not necessarily be the fault of your server why that didn’t happen. As I said, though, I am curious about that. That’s all.

  • Corey J Dickinson

    No it’s the simple fact that they didn’t have to serve me at all. Ppl like you are the reason wait staff spit in food an drinks. Starting off at 1-2$ for bad service isn’t going to break your pocket the next time they’ll do better they get better but yet leaving nothing at all shows them your not worth there time could just be there having a off day that day.

  • Faith McCauley

    That depends on where you live because they do make minimum wage in California.

  • Faith McCauley

    You’re incorrect. How much you get paid as a server depends on the state you work in. I have friends in CA who make minimum wage plus tips and a friend in NC who made $2.50/hour plus tips.

  • Brent

    No they are not entitled to jack crap, they chose the job they are working. That being said’ I do tip but how much is based on service. If the service I receive is below sub par, you will not get a tip from me. If I get great service you will receive a great tip. I’ve got many stories on this but not enough time to recall them all here. Back to being “entitled” to a tip’ you chose that job because tips can be great. But you better be on top of your game to get a good tip or even one at all or your stuck with your 2 buck and change

  • Tom Haulter

    A waitress is NOT entitled to a tip. A waitress must earn the tip TIP simply means “To Insure Prompt Service” The fault in this case is hat f the judgemental ignorat customer. But no waitress is ever “entitled” to a tip.

  • Keith Stabi

    1st off, how does a woman with 2 kids spend $94.00?

  • That Guy

    We could go to the European system where there are no tips. The server would be paid a wage they could actually live on and the customer wouldn’t be obligated to leave a tip. However, that would make the price of a meal go up substantially. For an average dinner costing $14.95 would now be around $25 because the wage will be built in to the cost.

    I have been a server/bartender for close to 18 years. I am very good at my job and I have made it a career. I do not get upset when I get stiffed by a customer because I don’t look at my tips until the end of the day. This way, I can see an average tip that has been spread over my whole shift. It is a lot less hurtful when you work your butt off to give good service and somebody decides that they are either cheap or just flat out rude and doesn’t leave a tip.

    I do agree with some of the comments here that say if you choose to go to a place where somebody serves you your meal, they are also choosing to leave a tip. If you don’t leave a tip, you should at least tell the server NICELY what they have done (or not done) in order for you to take this action against them.

    In most states a server received $2.13/hr. You can say they should get a better job. If they all did this, nobody would be there to serve you your meal and every restaurant would be fast food.

  • msgemini

    People please don’t believe these stupid receipt messages anymore. More than one has been called out for being a lie and the “waitperson/s” are the ones being sued! Further more, I have waited tables on and off most of my life. Did I always deserve a tip? No. Did not getting a tip make me into a better waitperson? Yes. It’s not the patrons fault the restaurant only pays $3/hr! The whole idea for tipping waitstaff is very antiquated and should be removed from the dining experience. If a waitstaff provides bad service, the manager should be told and enough bad complaints (as in any profession) would be grounds for termination.

  • Waitersmakebank

    I usually always tip when I have the money, but I don’t always have the money. My family and I live on a very small income and when we go out to eat we only have just enough for the food. If I have the money I usually like to tip 15%.

    …but waiters are NOT entitled to a tip. I am not saying that their job is easy, but tips are optional. To say they are obligated to a tip, says that the customer is obligated to leave a tip. The money has to come from somewhere, and there are plenty of people who cannot afford to leave tips. My expendable income a month is less than 100 dollars…for clothes, gas, household items, foods outside the bare grocery budget, etc. So when we go out to eat, every cent counts. Which is why we almost never go out to eat.

    I have known many waiters, including members of my family. Many waiters make more money than people making 15 bucks an hour. Not all, but many. the whole 2 bucks an hour thing is sad (and very much untrue in most cases), but if that was all waiters made then nobody would be a waiter. Most people I have known being waiters do it specifically because of the amount of tips they make. They gloat about it. My brother has made hundreds of dollars a night. I dont make hundred dollars a day working 40 hours a week. I have heard of waiters making more money in a couple nights than I make in a month. So stop the pity party.

    I am not saying that all waiters make tons of tips. In fact many do not. Many waiters may only make a few bucks a night in tips. Especially on slow nights and holidays. However, the customer coming into the store did not hire or set the hourly wage for that employee. So the customer must not be required to supplement the income that the employer refuses to be decent on.

    I will tip if I can, and I will tip generously for just about anyone, unless you are a dick,, and honestly I have never really come across a waiter that I thought was a dick. I have come across many that I thought were overworked, and many that I thought were stressed out, but thats not being a dick.

    On the entitlement aspect of things…if you want to tip someone…tip someone who really deserves it. A soldier, a civil servant, a firefighter, a teacher, etc.

    Just to throw some numbers behind things. If you check around, some waiters make average 40K at placed like applebees, and at higher end restaurants, they can make 50-70K on average. ….and just think, many do not report all their tips, and hence do not pay taxes on it. So that average is gross and net.
    In houstin, for example, the average salary in 2011 was around &49,000, a far cry from the 2 bucks a hour they talk about. and this is with waiters that work less than 40 hours a week. I know those who talk about making this much working 25 hours a week. Thats 15 hours a week less than most full time employees work, and waiters still make more.

    Now, the idea that a waiter only makes 2 bucks an hour is also false. As taken from one news site: “Because the rate of hourly pay earned by waitresses tends to fluctuate, all statistics reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics are averages. As of May 2011, the average of all hourly rates of pay for servers was $10.05, and the median wage reported was $8.93. Half of all waitresses reported average hourly wages of between $8.25 and $10.61. The lowest-paid 10 percent of servers earned an average of $7.73 per hour or less, while the highest-paid 10 percent of servers reported average hourly wages of $14.34 or more.”

    Mind you…those averages are BEFORE tips. Many waiters actually do make far more than the old wages used to be. Many make more than the national average in wages alone, and make more than minimum wage.

  • msgemini

    Really? Spit in drinks? How or why would a waitperson know that they are going to get stiffed when it comes to the tip? Isn’t that usually left at the end of the meal after the drinks are served? Sorry Corey, your argument is not valid. They didn’t have to serve you at all? You walk into a restaurant and people don’t have to serve you at all? Suppose the cooks don’t have to prepare you food at all? Or the hostess doesn’t have to seat you at all? Lousy service isn’t reason for a tip. I have waited tables on an off for most of my life and never thought I was entitled to a tip! Is one appreciate? Sure! Let’s me know that I did well. I tried my absolute best to provide a great dining experience for ever patron. If I got tipped, great, if I didn’t get a tip, I didn’t take it personally as to the level of service I provided. Some people just don’t realize how little waitstaff get paid per hour. That’s not their fault nor mine.

  • Ryan Cuzzort

    I agree with you that waiters and waitresses work for peanuts, but the man is right, nobody is entitled to tip them, there is no law saying that we as customers are required to tip them no matter what.

  • Phil_J

    People like you are why we have so many criminals today, that’s what rewarding bad behavior does. So what you’re saying is that if one of my kids is rude or disrespectful to someone I should reward them with a tip? Your lame attempt at trying to make me look bad only makes you look like a total @ss.

  • LCM☝✊

    It’s a free country and he’s expressing his views with his money. I agree completely. Keep your sexual preference at home. If she didn’t overtly tell him or display it he wouldn’t have known so she brought it upon herself. Like it or not you will always be judged, we all are every day.

  • LCM☝✊

    I had a waiter at a local Outback restaurant. This guy refused to wear deodorant, heconsidered himself oh natural he stated. He kneels down puts his elbows up on my table and says can I take your order please. Immediately I could smell body odor emanating from his armpits and I told him yes you can help me you can give me another waiter because you will not be serving me. The manager came over and asked me if there was a problem. As politely as I could I told him that no one would be serving me my food that smelled as bad as that waiter did. It was nothing personal it was a physical reaction to his funk.

  • Phil_J

    You are one of those that I would tip generously (20% or more), because I know you would be doing your best. I don’t expect extra-ordinary service I just expect my server to do their best. I realize that sometimes when it’s very busy servers may not be able to give as good service as they would like to and I take that into consideration. Attitude is just as important as the quality of service. I have had servers apologize to me when it was busy and they weren’t able to give me their full attention, these are the ones that I tip very generiously.

  • Phil_J

    Exactly my point in my reply to msgemini.

  • msgemini

    Exactly Phil! You sound like one of the fun ones to serve!

  • Diamanical Johnson

    You are if you are black, gay or any other minority, they are entitled to whatever they want.


    Who gives a shit ..

  • Kathy Healy

    OMG!! You are all missing the point!! It’s not whether wait staff is or isn’t entitled to a tip!! It’s about people’s IGNORANCE & the feeling that THEY are entitled to comment and/or judge somebody else’s life!! People who do this need to get the HELL over themselves. Don’t judge others unless you are ready to be judged yourself. I’m not religious, so I’m not talking about “Judgement”…just the common decency in the way we all treat other human beings! With all the crap going on in the world, someone really has the audacity to turn up their nose at another’s personal lifestyle??? Unless they sit down at your table & start discussing their life with you…eat your food & keep your mouth shut! Your opinion is not being asked for. There is no reason to be mean & hurtful!!

  • Amy M

    in louisiana the tip wage is $2.35. This includes employees at Sonic. my son worked at Sonic in Texas. I can’t remember their wage but it was 2 something. He was a good carhop tho. Working his way thru college

  • JCSmith

    They do NOT get minimum wage necessarily. But if they do, and I worked as a waitress in several places, it’s their choice whether to go to work for the amount they are agreeing on. Then it’s their choice to be remembered for giving good service or bad. Life is full of choices and why this negativism had to even make the press is beyond me. Don’t we have enough better to write about than belly achin’.
    Look at the mood you put me in! :-)

  • Amy

    How did she know what her lifestyle choice was? She gave it away while asking if they would like dessert? Is it how she poured the drinks? Story sounds fishy to me.

  • TJJ300

    But something like this has nothing to do with the quality of service.

  • navyvet71

    TIP………..To Insure Promptness.

  • Kevin McCormick

    well then she was the only one and considering its your ex sure she took the kids to eat.and dont whine about my comment bout your ex you brought it up not me

  • Paul

    we are not talking about bad behavior here. did you stay and eat? did you talk to a manager? did you pay for your meal? you need to tip!

  • Paul

    If you stayed and got served you need to tip something. You should have talked to a manager of left.

  • theundeadtalkinghead

    a tip isnt an entitlment its a gratuity. and for all of you saying how much they deserve a reward for shitty service because the make 2 bucks an hour, well im here to tell you that its not like that everywhere. in california minimum wage is paid for every job. if you dont like your shitty waitress wages get another job and stop volunteering to be exploited.

  • Paul

    Did you get served? Tip something. Did you stay and eat? Tip something.

  • Matt

    Phil Have you ever worked in food? I have its no cake walk. dealing with idiots is part of the job yes, but a tip is what these people live on. I agree on tipping for good or bad service. I tip for poor service 2 dollars and trust me I’ve tipped more than 20 dollars for excellent service and that was the service that I keep coming back to. This was based on the profiling of a person based on a mere haircut. no matter if she is gay or not. I have horror stories from people that acted tough to us. Think twice about how you treat people who handle your food.

  • Ilovemydawg88

    while I don’t personally agree with her motives for not tipping, she has the right to disagree and not tip, period. It’s a free country, or it used to be and tipping is NOT required, remember?? if it were we wouldn’t be having this discussion. But I also question it’s authenticity?? Are there any REAL news stories out there or is someone else just looking for a little attention and it’s a slow news day???

  • Bourbonlvr

    TIP means To Insure Promptness. There is NO law that says you have to leave a tip. It is customary to do so, and the level of tip is generally commensurate with the level of service, but I have had some really poor service in a few restaurants and I didn’t tip. Yes a waitress or waiter get very low hourly pay and make most of their money in tips, so by that token, you had better be very attentive to your guests, but you are NOT entitled to a tip.

  • matt

    wait bad behavior? I didnt see any mention of bad behavior in this article. If the waitress was bad mention it to management and leave a small tip. plain and simple. You really need to work for the wages these people make and you will change your tune.

  • Learn the laws

    Dude NJ state min wage for servers and bartenders is 3$ per hour….

  • bourbonlvr

    Years ago I went to a Denny’s with a group of friends. There were 7 in our group. the Waitress came and took our drink order, and that took about 10 minutes to get. The place wasn’t that busy but we were talking and didn’t really pay that much attention. So she takes the food order and off she goes. we didn’t see her for 1/2/ hour. then she starts bringing out the food, and one gal ordered pancakes and they took almost 45 minutes to get out. Others that ordered fried chicken or hamburgers got theirs before the pancakes. Then trying to get her to notice we could use a refill on water or pop or coffee was almost impossible. It was horrid. So the bill comes and I notice they included the tip right into the bill. And it was a big tip. We left $3 on the table and I went to find the Manager to complain about the inclusion of the tip and the lackluster service. The Manager tells me they always include the tip for parties of 8 or more. I told her we had 7. She said that tips are how the waitress makes money, I told her to tell her to get another job, and bottom line, take the tip off the bill or I walk out and you get nothing. (everyone else had already left). The Manager says I was being unreasonable and I told her I could careless take the tip off or I walk. So she took it off. I didn’t go back to that location for almost 10 years. The service has been much better when I’ve been in lately, and I always leave 18-20%

  • Ruf n ready

    You would pay to keep someone from spitting in your food ? Guess you paid the bully in school not to kick your ass ! Try kicking some ass if you wish to be respected and not be a big puss

  • Charlie Lance

    LISTEN UP ASS WAFFLES! Any waitress will tell you that the true measure of a man is in how he tips. That being said a tip is a thank you for handling your food correctly, making sure your lazy ass has your milk and gets the dishes washed for you. Yes, most waitress tip out the dishwashers too. If you are not ok with anything I just said, go watch the movie “Waiting” And I hope you non-tipping ass people’s local wait staff reads this and jizzes in your noodles!

  • Shawn

    Anyone out there that has read my post, i don’t really care. I would never work in a restaurant so anyone who is? Go get another job or stop crying

  • Jennifer Brooks

    I was a server for many yrs. There have been many times I left a HUGE tip when service was less than good…. Why?? Look around you! Observe what is going on.. Are there 45 tickets in the window? yes? Well that’s why you waited for your food for a long time. Servers fault? I think not.. Did he or she get sat with 5 tables looking at menus?? Did she TRY to some to your table first but you weren’t ready and then the table of 8 (5 kids 1 senior and 2 adults ordered before you. Damn right you had to wait… Have you ever LISTENED to how this happens?? The parents say to the children don’t be shy order.. Tell the nice lady what you want. The first child hides, then another speaks up (that gets scolded,)then the senior asks if they can order from the kids menu instead blah blah blah………. The drinks come they ask for this and that and this and that 1 thing at a time monopolizing this servers time and for what???? $5 if she is lucky cause that many people on a budget eating out doesn’t leave much room for a tip… As long as the server is TRYING, i may order just a soup and coffee and leave a $20-$50 (as i can afford or depending on how hard this server is working) Anyone who says that they only tip good service hasn’t had the pleasure of working to please 50 people all at the same time for less than 1/2 of min wage. All you do will come back to you… generate some good karma and tip graciously!!! From a former industry slave…..

  • Guy Fromage

    Assuming the claim is true. That’s the point.

  • Riva

    nope…no one is ENTITLED to anything…hence the problem with the economy

  • Riva

    You can tell the difference between bad service, work overload, et al. If they are burnt out, then they need to find another job. I will NOT tip for bad attitude PERIOD. Any place else that you work whether it be in the service industry or not, you do NOT mix your personal issues with your work. Simple as that. .If it weren’t about “service” then people would not be frequenting that establishment.

  • Christopher Miller

    Actually, that depends on the state and in some cases the town. When I lived in Minnesota, wait staff got minimum wage regardless of tips. In PA (where I live now), they can be paid less; but if the tip income does not bring it up to minimum wage, the employer has to make up the difference. The bottom line is that tipping should never be considered wage. It shouldn’t be calculated into the employees hourly wage, and I honestly believe it shouldn’t be taxed. The employer should be 100% responsible for the wage – the cost of labor is already calculated into the price of a meal. That’s how businesses work, and restaurants should be no different. The only reason tips are counted as income at all is so the government can get their cut.

  • kaylasue

    no one is entitled to a tip…and i have news for you in some restuarants you may have a excellent server and leave a very generous tip, as you should but we have been informed at some places all tips are put together and divided among all, servers, cooks, dishwashers, and hostesses and to me that is not fair but i guess that goes along with the whole…”share the wealth” so that the lazy, slacker who watches everyone else work their butts off gets their share because thats the only way they would get any tips….please…now we ask our waiter or waitress if they get to keep their individual tips because if they dont we personally hand them their tip for them to keep.

  • Hillbillywil

    Seriously? You found the job, you knew what the wages were. I don’t tip if I don’t like the service, or if the food sucked; service is the wait staffs problem but the food comes from the kitchen. Of course if we wait long enough, this president will make it an entitlement; just like health care!

  • Levi Peterson

    Who cares, it’s your right not to tip or to like someone

  • Levi Peterson

    Why don’t you review those laws again. They do get paid that, but law states that if tips don’t make up their wage to at least min, then the employer must make up the difference so they will get paid min wage regardless. If she’s a dyke, maybe she should go waitress in SF

  • Levi Peterson

    And so that becomes my problem? This is called entitlement. If they have bad service for whatever reason than they don’t get a tip. I don’t give a damn if they are overloaded. Not my problem. get a DIFFERENT JOB THEN!!

  • Derek Lockhart

    Wow, so I guess you’re not so big on compassion are you? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about putting in the effort, working hard for yourself, self-reliance and all that stuff, I am. I’m a conservative, not a liberal, nor could I be a liberal if I wanted to, they have too little common sense for my taste. But I’d like to ask what ever happened to “Love thy neighbor”? Just because they’re not entitled doesn’t mean that stiffing them is the appropriate response. I am not judging you and I hope you understand that, but your lack of concern for another person’s well-being is quite disturbing. Disheartening, to say the least. I suppose the answer to your statement of “not my problem” is that in some ways, yes. It is your problem. When you walk around with that attitude, I think it should be your problem. You don’t “give a ****” if they are overloaded? How would you feel in that position then, dealing with someone who has your philosophy of life. I hope you would take it as well as you give it, lest you be a hypocrite. All I’m trying to say is show SOME compassion to your fellow human beings here. I don’t think anyone (who has a brain at least) would suggest those who work hard should be mandated to carry those who don’t WANT to work hard, but showing a little compassion can alter a person’s whole day for the better. Just something to think about, Levi. God bless.

  • Jody Tucker

    “No-one forces” a waitress to apply and accept a job that pays $2 per hour. That was the hiring agreement. If you do not receive a tip and become angry, oh well, find a job that is not based on tips. It is what it is…

  • Jody Tucker

    If one cannot afford not to be tipped, one should find a job that is not based on tips. Simple logic.

  • TJJ300

    Correct. You have total freedom to be a miserable human being.

  • Levi Peterson

    I never said I didn’t have compassion, I said it’s not my problem and I don’t really care. It’s called life. Why should it be my problem they have a shitty job? At least they have one. They are responsible for the position they are in, not me. Sure, I feel terrible for people when tragedies happen and I’ll feed a hungry person or give my clothes away to someone that has none, provided I still have some myself, but I’m not gonna waste my life giving someone entitlement because of their life choices that landed them the job to begin with. I mean, it sucks, but oh well. She’s looking for pity from people. I mean who tries to make a national issue out of not getting a fucking tip?

  • Levi Peterson

    I’m glad you recognize that. Who makes a national issue from not getting a tip in the first place? I mean, really? Happens daily. This woman is looking for attention and handouts. I respect her service, but that doesn’t give her a free pass for entitlement and handouts of pity.

  • TJJ300

    I don’t not tip. I’ve given a few VERY small tips in my life, but you have to actively be pissing me off for that to happen. I usually tip 20% for average to above average. And if I really liked the service and I can budget it I’ll occasionally tip 30%.

  • Derek Lockhart

    I’m not sure she was trying to make a national issue out of her own situation. I wasn’t there to see the whole thing go down and how it was handled, so I can only speculate on that point. However, the article makes mention of the fact she was a Marine. I don’t hear too much about how the Marines – or any veterans of any of our armed forces – are whiny or complacent or lazy. These are just terms that simply are not associated with service to the country.

    This is how I read the article based on what is present, plus the title. It SEEMS to me that the patron assumed by the close-cropped hair of the waitress and her overall masculine appearance that she was lesbian. I read into the article the assumption that her look is a result of service in the Marines, which I feel to be a reasonably fair assumption. They certainly aren’t big on lip gloss in the Marines, I’m sure, at the very least. Based on this supposition, the patron decided not to give the waitress a tip.

    It had nothing to do with her ability to do her job, Levi, and everything to do with her appearance and the inferences the patron drew from that appearance. It nowhere states that she was a poor waitress, or was lacking in diligence. Assuming this story to be valid, a woman who works for tips was denied one based solely on the assumption of her personal lifestyle based on her physical appearance.

    I also agree you never said you showed a lack of compassion. It wasn’t you who stated that, it was me, and I still tend to stand by that assumption, though I’d be glad to be proven wrong, of course! Your reply here was the kindest one so far, but judging by some of your other responses, compassion is not high on your list of priorities. I again apologize if I’m misunderstanding you, but regrettably, I have only your comments here by which to form an evaluation. Not much, I know.

    In closing, even if it was her intention to make a spectacle of her treatment, I’d wager that she has the right to do so. She was stiffed, in simple terms. Even if she were a lesbian – which I believe the Bible when it calls all homosexuality sinful – to not tip a person based simply on that factor is unjust and judgmental. The issue isn’t her dining hall performance, but her looks, which is nothing to base a financial contribution to her livelihood upon.

  • millie

    The issue is not the service, she did not get a tip because of her lifestyle. If the family did not want a “gay person” as their server, they should have asked management for a different server. They should also have told mgt that the reason was because the waitress is gay. I have read that many people don’t leave a tip or think 18 to 20% is a lot. It depends on the kind of restaurant. If I’m at a 5 star restaurant and had a great server, I tip at least 50%. I only eat at a 5 star restaurant every couple of years if I can afford it. If at a regular restaurant, I tip about 25 to 30%. If lousy service, I tip about 10 to 15%. In New Orleans, we are usually good tippers because we know at least 1 or 2 people that work in that type of industry and we know how hard it is to deal with a demanding public.

  • sues

    Wow !!!! Reading these posts !!! How side ways it seems to have gone. I thought the article was about the waitress NOT RECEIVING a tip because of an ASSUMPTION! !! NOT what people started to argue about here !!!?? Good service/ bad service. To tip or not to tip !!! ISounded to me the lady did NOT SAY IT WAS POOR SERVICES. !!!! I agree, the tip then should have been accordingly. But because she thought.’ ‘Dan ‘ shouldn’t be serving them, did she get up and leave ???? NOOOO !!! She sat there, received’ services rendered’ . Then and ONLY THEN did she cop out on the tip !!!! CHEAP. NO CLASS. And, talk about a sense of ENTITLEMENT! !!!!

  • sherry8260

    Some people are really oversensitive about being gay as well. Guilt, probably. They know its wrong so they automatically assume that someone who doesn’t like them for whatever reason doesn’t like them because they’re gay. I’ve come across this myself. My friend is a waitress…they do survive mostly on tips but out of those tips they have to pay the establishment, the waiters and the bus people a percentage. But a good waitress can walk out with 200 per night or more. But it is not mandatory to tip a waitress and if you feel the service was bad, you shouldn’t tip because it causes the waitresses/waiters to get lazy and not care about good service. Why should they if they’re going to get tipped whether they serve well with a good attitude or not? This is coming from my friend…but she also says that the nicer you are and the harder you work, the more tips you earn so its a major incentive. My friend says there are people with attitudes who just weasel out of tips because they’re cheap but you go on. You don’t make an issue of it. You just are nicer to the next customer hoping they make up for it.

  • missthang

    my sister used to work as a waitress and I don’t know how much she made an hour, but they had to put their tips in a basket and at the end of the shift, they split the tips between all the waitresses for that shift

  • Infidel

    I smell another hate hoax just like the one with the black waitress claiming to be refused a tip due to skin color. This is probably just someone out looking to make someones life miserable and garner sympathy and in the end she is going to end up owing the person money when he sues her ass for libel, slander and defamation of character.

  • Steven Freese

    Since whenn did tips star? I don’t like the idea paying wages plus buying thr food. Its expensive to eat out. Owners should pay at least minimum wage to servers. They aren’t rocket scientists. They serve food. They took job at that pay. Quit complaining. If don’t like it get another job.

  • Sam Watkins

    The articles says she wasn’t left a tip because of her appearance, not her service. And the customer was rude to the server from the start. I’m wondering where the bad behavior on the servers part was. The only bad behavior I noticed was on the customer’s part. She should not have assumed the server was lesbian.

  • Sam Watkins

    Actually a friend is a server at Golden Corral in Indy. She makes $2 an hour. She even showed me her paycheck to prove it. A 40 hour work week check doesn’t even hit the $100 mark. That’s sad. Fortunately she is a good server and makes decent tips, but she’s had tables of 10 that kept her running for over an hour, then left without a tip. That isn’t minimum wage by a long shot. And another friend in Texas makes the same amount for another chain.

  • TheWheelman

    I make $2.13/hr. I haven’t received a “paycheck” in over 5+ yrs. The only wage I make is from you. I am good at my job. I at my job and there’s proof in my sales. With that being said I don’t have to tolerate your disrespect of my life style. Further more because of the respect my hard work has garnered, I would have told my manage whom would have taken a pic of you and your car. You will never be served at our restaurant ever again. Round here we don’t tolerate bullying “the little guy” much less a service member.

  • TheWheelman

    @0c6d65f068590c6b1270737df8cddf09:disqus I didnt mean to make it a reply to your comment. This was for the OP.

  • Infidel

    The owners DO pay them minimum wage. Minimum serving wage is $2.13 per hour. That IS the federal minimum wage for wait staff. They basically DO work for tips as that hourly wage they earn basically covers the taxes on that minimum wage.

  • CherAnn Blohminski

    Levi, I agree with you about the choice of jobs. Giving a gratuity for good service “tip” essentially started out as a way of acknowledging someone for giving you good service or going to the extra mile to help make your dining experience a nice experience. However, it has become expected now that everyone who going to restaurants, regardless of good or bad service deserves a good tip. I disagree. Dining out is enough of an expense without adding on a generous “tip”. I rarely dine out because of this expectation that tipping is a given. If others felt this way, it would not be long before servers would not have a serving job and therefore not need to worry getting a tip at all.

  • Cody

    Great spelling

  • Rainbow Warrior

    Threatening to spit in people’s food? She should be fired. She is looking for attention and more than likely fabricated the entire thing. 10,000 dead in the Philippines but, stop the presses, a lousy waitress didn’t get a tip.

  • Doad

    Whether or not they “work FOR tips” is entirely beside the point. Nobody is disputing that. But unless the tip or gratuity is stated in the menu as mandatory it is not criminal to not leave a tip. It is rude and socially not acceptable but to claim a tip as a civil right is ridiculous. If this story is true then the lady should not have eaten there. There is never an excuse for treating another person unkindly no matter the circumstance. She should be ashamed of herself. As for the former Marine server, just chalk it up to life experience. Most people aren’t as socially inept as this one woman. And, God bless you for your service and sacrifice!

  • deckcats

    We go in to a restaurant with the plan to tip at least 20%. More for exceptional service and the server can only go down from there. we do however, ONLY tip with cash because we know that not all servers get the full tip that we leave if done by credit card. Most restaurants, in fact, take a set % out of the tips that are left via credit card. We write on the receipt that cash tip left with server so none of these shenanigans!!!

  • Kenneth Woosley

    we only are hearing one side how about the other side you can say anything when you only have one side of story hope not a fraud like the rest of them are turning out to be.. If you bring me only one refill in 45min you think I will tip you when I have been waiting for a drink refill don’t like it find another job like the so called presidential POS says there are a bunch of shovel ready jobs out there get one if you don’t like your job

  • Danny McCurtain

    what would Jesus do?

  • Kenneth Woosley

    oh and look at the writng it doesn’t match the signature even any individual letter in signature doesn’t match the letters in the writing given don’t believe this shit another person trying to get something for nothing

  • Amelia Johnson

    more like she just did not want to tip the waitress making 2.13 qn hour an the min of 15% …..

  • Amelia Johnson

    I hope the waitess atleast stip in there food apon seeing the lady with the kids was a loser, I woud have at the very least, and did to many cheep rude customers, …. watch the movie waiting next time you want to be rude to someone handling Your food that makes 2.13 an hour.

  • Amelia Johnson


  • James Robinson

    I don’t know if it’s true or not, but for the sake of argument let’s assume it is true.

    If a waiter or waitress does their job, they deserve a tip. If the do something extra, they deserve a bigger tip. If they do a bad job, have a bad attitude, or are just rude they do not deserve a tip.

    Yes, wait staff doesn’t get paid a lot and have to rely on tips. So, if you suck at it, get another job. One of the problems we have these days is the number of people that think they deserve something just because they showed up. You still have to earn it. If you can’t earn it, move along.

    That said, this is not a good reason to stiff someone on a tip. If the woman had that much of a problem with the assumption that the waitress was gay, she should have left. I’m sure it’s not the only restaurant in town. She didn’t seem to have a problem running up a $93.55 bill and being served by someone she assumed was gay, so she shouldn’t have had a problem leaving a tip.

    By the way, how the hell do you run up almost $100 with just you and two kids?

  • hears_the_rest_of_the_story

    I look at it for what it is…people jumping to conclusions based on appearance…if someone gives you quality service then you should pay them for it…just as you expect to get paid for doing your job rather they like you or approve of you

  • Rachel M.

    Here is my two cents for what they are worth: Wait staffs are NOT automatically entitled to a tip. Like others have said, it is determined based on service. There are also those @$$ holes who don’t tip for a billion and one reasons. If I can’t tip due to budgetary means, I’ll write on there “catch you next time, great service! thanks!” and I will complement them to the manager, and if there is a survey thing, I’ll do it as quickly as I can when I get home, and I mention names and locations so that they get the recognization(sp?) they deserve, and a possible raise. If the service was great, not only do it tip, but I let the managers know, and I do the surveys. I normally frequent the Chili’s restaurants as they have always been great to my husband, son, and I.

    True it is sad and pathetic some of the shit that people in this world do, however, just because their wages are low and they rely on the tips, it is up to THEM to EARN that tip! So if there is bad service, no tip, good service, you have a better chance of a tip. And as always, keep your personal life at home, and your professionalism at work. Do your best, but don’t get your hopes up of always getting a tip! No matter who you are. Get over it and move on, do your best at your next table sheesh

  • cecollie

    Yeah, actually you are judging.

  • cecollie

    Again, pretty judgmental response if you ask me.

  • cecollie

    If your job is waitress, they DO have to serve you. People who spit in food and drinks are criminals, plain and simple. It’s not the fault of someone else if you behave badly. People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions.

  • cecollie

    Considering the different ways this story has shown up across the internet, it’s highly unlikely one word of it is true.

  • Derek Lockhart

    I’m judging only what I’ve seen in the comments so far, not his entire person or personality. Read the comments for yourself and come to your conclusions. Perhaps yours will differ from mine. I’m not superior, lording it over anyone, but neither must I cringe from telling others what I see. That doesn’t mean I’m judging them, however. Not inherently.

  • Dawn

    So why even report it unless you can collaborate it without doubt?

  • Lanie Hux

    What about the single parent that works two or three jobs to take care of and feed their children?? She would be grateful for any tip and continue to bust her ass everyday and never complain!!! Maybe it’s time she looks for a new job. Obviously tips are a gift from the heart and not mandatory.

  • Former Waitress.

    You don’t tip. Why would you not tip someone who LIVES off of their tips? If you don’t have enough money to tip, you don’t have enough money to go out to eat.

  • Don Day Sr.

    So now if you do not tip it’s discrimination?

  • Don Day Sr.

    Sorry, but they have to EARN that tip. If they were ENTITLED to it they would find it in their paychecks.

  • Daniel S whiteoak

    Fact: T.I.P stands for TO INCREASE PERFORMANCE. So most “tips” were actually given before service as an incentive to pay extra attention to the best tippers. I myself always tip the bartender $20 to start the night. Trust me it makes ALL the difference in treatment for the night. I walk up and drinks are ready. Anyways, if someone doesn’t like you they don’t have to tip you. However , you also have a right or choice to let their food get cold or drinks stay empty. Unfortunately nowadays tips come after service which defeats the origin of the acronym TIP. TO INCREASE PERFORMANCE.

  • SD

    Read much? Try reading his post again he said he doesn’t “not” tip much meaning he always tips.

  • Knowyourhistorybeforehand

    Actually, TIP has been mistaken to mean “To Increase performance” along with many other things. Take a quick look around google and there are many accounts to this misuse.

  • Givemoneytothepoornottherich

    Come back and talk when you are a teacher dealing with 30 kids that wont behave in a classroom, or when you are a soldier with bullets flying over your head, or when you are a cop driving 90 miles an hour chasing after someone who just killed another person, or when you are a fire fighter rushing into a burning building to save a life.

    Being a waiter is not easy. i will grant you that, but you make it sound like the circumstances are unreasonable. Anyone who worked directly with customers will believe they get the worst circumstances at times. You consider yourself an “industry slave” and I find that insultive. The blacks and the irish and the chinese and many others were slaves. You insult them by taking your crappy job which you got paid for, and making it sound like you were being whipped while scrubbing toilets with the toothbrush you would have to use later.

    You obviously stuck around being a server for years. I can understand being a server for a while when looking for a better job. We all do bad jobs while we search for better, but you spent years being a server for a reason. You must have either liked it or been making more money than you would have at other jobs. In one way or another, the jobs fit you and benefited you better than any other jobs you could think of, so you stuck out this job for a long time.

    You cannot blame it on lack of jobs. Because it make take a long time to find a job, but not years.

    So get off your high horse, please, and understand that you chose to be a server, you chose to be one for years, and now you make up for some remorse and guilt by putting tons of money out for other employees.

    If you want to really make a different, take that 20-50 bucks and every time you go out to eat or go for a cup of coffee, take the tip money you would have left, leave a reasonable 15% tip, and take the extra and donate it to toys for tots, or to a battered womens shelter, or to a food bank.

    Coming from a struggling family, I work hard, and I mean hard…harder than you and your prior waitress job could imagine. Ive done food service. Been there…done that. and I know the work I do is definitely harder, but I chose my job and I chose it for a reason. …..but I know there are better ways to spend money then overtipping a waitress who is probably getting paid more a year in wages and tips that the average working joe. It just gets me how so many people have this victim mentality for waiters, and waiters make more money than most, and most of their money they can find ways to avoid paying taxes on. (im no stranger to the food service, having done it myself and having family members and friends who ahve done it and are currently doing it from low end to fancy upscale places).

    So next time you are sitting there, with 50 extra bucks burning a whole in your pocket, how about you pay for your cup of coffee and then pay for that struggling families meal of the kids and parents and seniors. That group that you already said is on a tight budget and make life a little easier for people that could actually use the tip.

  • Waitersmakemorethanteachers

    actually, most servers only work around 25 hours a week, but most make about 40-70K a year doing that. Don’t believe me…check the department of labors information on servers. The idea that servers make very little money is a perpetuated lie told in order to get people to tip more and more. Remember when 10% used to be a good tip? 5% was decent? Now if you are not hitting 15-20% you are considered a bad tipper? Ever see signed or hear DJs saying “Don’t forget to tip”. Ever see a tip jar in front of a moxie java or starbucks or other coffee shop?
    Servers make more money than most entry level workers, but they also make good money on tips and dont pay tazes on most of it.

    If you want to talk about tipping keeping a roof over their head, how about you go tip a teacher who makes less than you average waiter? or a cop, or a soldier, or a firefighter…? They all make less than a waiter.

  • Ciara

    I tip for at least decent service, more for good/excellent service. I rarely do NOT tip for bad service, maybe leave a dollar for it, but yes, there have been a few times that I have not left a tip because the service was REALLY BAD. (and I am talking about a few customers in the place, and still having to wait 45 minutes for a burger and fries) But, and I cannot stress this enough… I have NEVER NOT TIPPED BASED ON HOW A PERSON LOOKS. If you don’t like how they look, then either ask to get moved to another section, leave, or just don’t go the hell out! I’d really like to know how this lady knew that the server was gay… did the server talk openly about it with her? Or was this lady just assuming it because of her hair style? IMO, I’d say the latter, and if true, that would make her one bit idiotic ass.

  • Choralen Neena Wise

    A Woman and 2 kids and it cost $93.55 to eat there? DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! Expensive food!!! I don’t believe this story.. What Ya want to bet this is another Hoax!! ????????????????

  • audieho

    I beg to differ. If I am at an eating establishment with my kids and am served by some butch or twink, that’s bad customer service. No tip and certainly no return.

  • Curious

    She may be a Marine, but was she actually gay? Or was it just a military style haircut?

  • TJJ300

    Don’t be hard on her. She is a former waitress, after all. :)

  • tateabolic


  • SD

    True! But still, people need to read before they react!

  • ilene smith


  • Angela

    If you cant handle making a living from tips,look for another job! Not everyone can afford to tip as much as others and some can not afford to tip at all. As a customer it is my choice to leave a tip or not for any reason I choose,tips are customary not mandatory! If its MY MONEY, I will choose if I tip and how much when and if I do. Just an FYI places that add the tip into the bill ,I will leave no extra tip and these are also places that I rarely eat.

  • Angela

    This is suppose to be about tipping and not about BIBLE THUMPING AND JUDGEMENT!

  • Derek Lockhart

    well you’re very quick to judge my five paragraphs based on less than a full sentence that I wrote. I’m so glad you were able to zero in on the “problem” so quickly and of course make me feel so very guilty for standing up for Biblical integrity. You caught me, after all. My whole point of five paragraphs was so I could make that one tiny point that was used to illustrate a larger point I was making to someone else. Tell me do you treat everyone you meet that way, or just the ones who disagree with your opinion? May God bless you, Angela. Preferably with common decency.

  • Angela

    I have worked for tips and never expected one, but was happy when and if I got one. I never complained about not getting one or the amount because I also didn’t pass judgement on the person that did not leave one or the person that left a small amount. I did how ever get a better paying job as soon as I could that didn’t rely on tips to make a living(I was just happy to have any job at the time),the same why I know that I needed better than Minimum wage to support my family. It’s all common sense which seems that a lot of people are lacking these days!

  • Angela

    If it’s true the person didn’t approve of a life style that the waitress was living, then I highly doubt they would be returning anyway,but taking a pic of the persons car a banning them from said restaurant for staying true to something they believe, no matter how wrong YOU think it is! Will make it to where another waitress can’t get a tip from this person if they were to return looking for a wait person that they would be happy with. You never know just how many people this said customer may know and could also cost the restaurant a great deal of money by losing customers by running out and taking pics of someones car for not leaving a tip for any reason! I have seen many places go out of business for pissing off the wrong person/persons! Bet the wait staff wouldn’t be happy about losing just a tip but a job!

  • Angela

    Tips are earned not just given.

  • Angela

    I agree with most of your statement,but their is no way in hell I would ever leave a $5 tip for just a cup of coffee .I have to make a living too! If you can afford to do it good for you but most people can’t.

  • Kevin McCormick

    Kenn Belanger

    bullshit my EX did it all the time……….well no wonder she is your ex and your so sure she had the kids when she went to lunch huh wasnt her new boyfriend /or girl friend since you wasnt man enough to keep her

  • ConcernedOne

    Wow, did you see her photo? The gaydar is at FULL throttle

  • TrueBliu Nineleven

    Just thought I’d mention…in case you missed it…I saw someone say “I don’t think she meant to make a national issue out of this…” but in fact, it looks like that’s EXACTLY what she meant to do. She’s a fraud.

  • Levi Peterson

    Actually, she was trying to make it a national issue. Haven’t you seen the latest news? It was all a hoax. She set up Paypal to scam people. This is not the first time she’s done this either.

  • Levi Peterson

    Might be interested to know that it was all a scam. That’s why she made it a national issue and set up a Paypal account to accept donations from people. Here ya go. Like I said, who the fuck makes it a national issue over a tip? Somebody who’s looking to scam, that’s who!

  • Derek Lockhart

    I know it’s a hoax now, but I didn’t know that at the time I wrote the post. But thank you for pointing it out to me. Honestly. It may have been I didn’t know. It’s sad either way, hoax or authentic story. The fact that someone would lie like that for attention is disheartening, to say the least.

  • Levi Peterson

    That was my whole point to begin with. Even if this did happen, so what. The fact alone that she made it a national issue says she’s looking for some type of attention. I’ve said way worse stuff to dykes and you don’t see them making a national fuss over it.