Bombshell!! Three Benghazi Survivors to Testify


benghzi sur


Lindsay Graham, R-SC, has announced that three CIA survivors of Benghazi will testify behind closed doors the week of Nov 11th.  Senators are hoping for new information, that will give them a clearer picture of what happened that night in Benghazi.  They have already deposed 2 state department security officers and three other Americans.

The Justice and State Departments have been stalling, citing a year old FBI investigation and future criminal prosecutions as the reason they are reticent to have the survivors testify.  They claim that they are afraid it will hurt their chances to prosecute terrorists involved in the attacks, but is more likely they are worried about prosecution of administration officials who abandoned the ambassador and the compound.

Sen Graham had threatened to hold up all presidential nominees until they are allowed to testify, “What I am asking for is to talk to the people who were there.” 

The Justice Department sent a letter to Graham, which expressed concern that:

“because these survivors are potential witnesses in a terrorism prosecution, as well as law enforcement professionals who engage in security activities around the world including at high-threat posts, disclosure of their identities could put their lives, as well as those of their families and the people they protect, at increased risk.”

Graham and Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, promised not to disclose national security information or place any prosecution of suspects at risk.

On the House side, Rep Mike McCaul, , R-TX, of the House Committee on Homeland Security sent a letter signed by himself and 84 other legislators to John Kerry, asking why there are no bounties offered for suspects in the Benghazi attacks.  Probably for the same reason, Obama kept refusing to allow US intelligence agents from capturing or killing those suspects.

The State Department has offered no reason why they are not bounty eligible.

  • citizen

    Its smoke and mirrors if a Seal has the stones to come out and say what he did, I’m sure CIA has no problem. They are just trying to prolong the issue, the longer we sit and watch the T.V., the less our government has to worry. We will never know what went on unless others grow a pair.

  • Talikka

    The wheels of justice turn slowly…but, they do turn.

  • Marie

    I will be praying for these people. It seems everyone that knows something about this admin and Obama all seem to die unexpectedly….coincidence I think not!

  • chrly

    “because these survivors are potential witnesses in a
    terrorism prosecution, as well as law enforcement professionals who
    engage in security activities around the world including at high-threat
    posts, disclosure of their identities could put their lives, as well as
    those of their families and the people they protect, at increased risk.”

    Might have been nice to remember when Obama identified Seal Team Six.

  • Carol Cantell Moorby

    Hey…Prosecute away! It should begin with ODUMBO and his goonies.

  • Trrffya

    If you people think that after more than two years of utter silence , that they will talk now? These people have probably got computer chips in them that could be used to silence them for good , someone should check their chips and see what they’ve been programmed to do on command. This is a life or death situation for some of the people involved. The people responsible for what took place in Benghazi are very dangerous and evil and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

  • Logan Rawhide Jenkins

    I hope that the neighbors of these patriots will help protect their families and keep a sharp eye out within the neighborhood. We do not want any “accidents” to happen and I can not trust this administration.

  • Logan Rawhide Jenkins

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Logan Rawhide Jenkins

    Still waiting for any Congressional member who has the cohones to stand up and initiate an impeachment or trial against Obama. What’s it gonna take?

  • Tom Duritsky

    They are all in it,why would they want to lose all that money and power.. We don’t mean shit to them,nothing at all…

  • Patrick Shirley

    kind of like anyone who knows (knew) anything about the Clintons.

  • Robert G Strait

    this info for sure has signed those witnesses death warrants. Obamhole will have them relocated to a permanent underground facility…

  • Robert Collins

    This Government is selling everything and anything out the back Door and they don’t care who’s buying and if anything goes wrong ( things happen ) and nothing is said or done , the old smoke and mirror deal …. and they think We are all …(DA )

  • sickntired

    OH C’mon!! How stupid do these people think we are? Anyone who watches TV knows that you ALWAYS need to speak to witnesses ASAP. People forget things… What a pathetic excuse and for anyone to let them get away with using it is complicit!!

  • Trrffya

    Obama released the identities of Seal Team Six on purpose, they had to be killed to keep them from telling what really took place in that compound, if you remember nobody got to see the body and it was supposedly buried at sea, if he was killed like they claim , why no pictures.

  • Jeff Ely

    They just can not do it…….the blacks will riot and then catch lead poisoning!

  • Kathleen Brooks

    It’s about delay. Remember we have mid-term elections next year which could conceivably shift the balance of power in the Senate. Obama would lose the remainder of his second term if both branches of the legislature were out of the hands of the Democrats. What the Republicans have to worry about is the old boy power elite in their own party and how they can be collared and put on leashes. The people need to demand a return to our Constitution and an end to this and any other President’s constant moves to circumvent it.

  • Old Patriot

    Don’t you know, King Obama doesn’t have to obey the laws. Look how he selectively modifies, changes, or just plain ignores the ones already on the books. This administration can’t be flushed soon enough.

  • Iguanadoit

    Can’t somebody, somewhere, get this obamination out of our White House and an American that loves this country of our forefathers, in it? Please; please; please!!!!!!!!!!

  • dcsmitty76

    this is all like a bad sci-fi movie….a rogue govt takeover of a country, people in the know getting chips in the to track them and know what they say and do….bad bad bad….time for a REVOLUTION…

  • dcsmitty76

    he should be shot for treason…

  • aclay777

    Graham has resurfaced to allegedly “shed light on Benghazi behind closed doors” The same Graham when he was being primaried out made some speeches against Obamacare as if he was taking a stand and then voted for it, “recently.” What-a-ruse. Graham and McCain as soon as Egypt began it’s prosecution of the former regime, documents surfaced that showed Obama had given 4 Billion dollars to various Egypt and opposing parties. As soon as this proof of payment document was declared valid for trial, and still is, Graham and McCain jumped on a plane (I’m betting with more big bags of freshly printed money) Graham went to the prison to visit the ousted Muslim ruler, while McCain went to see the Military. While the prosecutions has continued the highly publicized documents used in court are now obscure immediately after they left, if not hours but minutes after, that fire was extinguished. For Graham to be involved here and has pre-contact with these witnesses I’m certain it is to cover-up the ongoing Murders of Americans. He’s done nothing good for this country or South Carolina, yet he gets the media and internal dept within the Senate to position him where he wants to be. Trust me, where we don’t want him to be. Hopefully, Nancy Mace will primary him out and he’ll never be close to politics again, but Anthony Weener shows that these people are like a returning cancer.

  • aclay777

    You’re right it really is that simple, but all our elected asshole won’t quote you, but it nees to be said just like that.

  • aclay777

    pretty much backward these last 6 years.

  • jorskippy

    Who cares if the Blacks riot…… use real bullets to control the crowds. We should not bow down to anyone… We are all Americans.

  • jorskippy

    One has to wonder if the stories coming out of the Middle East about Bin Laden having died years ago is true….. We know he had kidney problems, severe kidney problems….to the point he was on dialysis. The raid may have been a propaganda event for Obama….. his “real” birth certificate was released three days before…. distraction.

  • Marnott

    I hope they haven’t been sanitized.

  • Jackie Owens

    I don’t believe that is it. Obama, against the law, was supplying our enemies with weapons taken from Libya after the murder of Gaddafi. I don’t mean the Contras, I mean Al Qaeda who is STILL our enemy. I think they had Stevens over there to gather up the weapons and send them to Syria through Turkey. I also think Obama thought there would be a ‘kidnapping’ of the Ambassador to swap him for the Blind Sheik and win over all of America to get a reelection. He got that but had America known is evil plans he would not have. Well, I take that back, we see with the Obamacare fiasco that most are stupid enough to believe anything.

  • NeverAgain

    “The Justice Department sent a letter” I like to think more of a threat what they will do to them “disclosure of their identities could put their lives, as
    well as those of their families and the people they protect, at
    increased risk.”. It’s behind closed doors. Now if anything happens to these people the only ones that know who they are and where they live are in that closed room. I know they will call it a leak if anyone gets hurt. I just say watch for it. Why would they be at risk in America? We want to get to them bottom and make those that ignored the emails and messages and the military to stand down to pay for it,not go after people that were there.

  • John Flora


  • Levi Peterson

    Shit’s gone way too far already. Liberal death camps is the only real solution

  • Domenica Stone


  • Domenica Stone

    Benghazi and the fake movie it was blamed on was planned and financed by Romney’s rich backers and supposed to be his October surprize like Reagans hostage ordeal that got him elected, it was even brought up in conversation during the 47% video, it just didn’t go as planned.

  • Randy Higbee

    I believe hanging is the prescribed punishment for treason.

  • rascallyrabbit

    Sure hope every one of them has good protection. Obama cares only about his treasonous agenda, period. Bet they have been threatened horribly with everything from loss of their livelihoods up to and including how unhealthy for them their testimony might be. Think we can assume that they are among the “controlled”.

  • Chuck Weaver

    worried about prosecuting terrorist is bullshit. They know woulld did it and they know where they are and have know for a year. The reasoning is simply a lie. They think the American people are idiots, but who can blame them after our elected officials have sat around and taken their BS for so long.we will see whether Graham caves or not.


    NO! OPEN THOSE DOORS! At least they couldn’t be bribed and have to hide from punishment afterwards.


    I wouldn’t put anything past this administration..


    Along with our dismissed militery leaders? Anybody thought to check the FEMA camps? Without them, we may be next. Where are those investigations!?

  • Dan Gilmartin

    Closed doors. I guess the attack is still a secret in some circles.

  • Brenda

    Yes, just like he changed the Obamacare Act by delaying the employer mandate-this was passed by Congress & should have gone back through Congress for any changes!

  • Brenda

    The big problem with that is that impeachment starts in the Senate & with it being Democratic controlled at the moment-impeachment ain’t never gonna happen! All we can do is pray the Repubs take back control of both branches-VOTE!!!!

  • Ruth May Cothron

    The only reason they weren’t going to allow them to testify is because it will reveal just how much Obama knew about it at the time it happened. Any person that has paid attention to what’s going on knows that. I, as an American, am fed up with all the deception and corruption this regime has displayed time after time. I pray to God that we will survive what’s going. This lunatic is trying to be our dictator.

  • John Patriot

    Like the Chicago gangbanger he is, obunghole enjoys killing people and he is doing it with full support of the senate and congress. No one in either house will stand up and call him the liar that he is and nobody will stand up and publically say he is a traitor tyrant muzlum terrorist usurper that we all know he is, so there is only one thing we all can do today, Vote; vote for anyone who has not held office, vote everyone out of office. If you like the constitution you have, you can keep it, just get rid of the riffraff, and do it in every local, state and federal election until the people in office recognize and protect the constitution and bill of rights.

  • Domenica Stone