From Russia With Love- A Letter From Putin to All Americans

President Putin

A letter from Russian President Vladimir Putin to the American people has been circulating around the internet for the past couple of days. In the letter, Putin re-introduces Americans to some unpleasant facts about history and life they’d rather forget, such as Nixon’s reasoning behind massive carpet bombing of millions or North Vietnamese for the purpose of ‘looking good’ while exiting the war, and how Pakistan has been using the U.S. as a ‘false ally’ to gain foreign aid, while using the funds to embolden the Taliban in Afghanistan. He calls out Barrack Hussein Obama for having the audacity to meet with gay rights activists while he is in Russia next week, a group Putin despises, while refusing to carve away time to meet with him and solve the Syria issue. He compares the action to the equivalent of him (Putin) coming to the U.S. and meeting with Obama’s domestic enemy, the N.R.A.

Read the letter below for yourself, and decide whether President Putin is on spot or not:

How do I put this politely? You Americans are dumb. Today, Russia and America are fighting each other over fighting the Muslim radicals. Instead, we should be uniting to crush these violent Islamists, once and for all.


You Americans want to remove my ally, the Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad. To borrow a phrase from your John F. Kennedy, Assad may be a son-of-a-bitch, but he’s my son-of-a-bitch.


So if you want to destroy him, what are you going to give me in return? If your answer is, “We will give you nothing,” well, why would I ever agree to that? That’s not negotiation, that’s dictation; it’s a return to the bad Yeltsin days, when Holy Mother Russia was pushed into the mud like a used whore.


Look, I’ll be the first to say that Obama’s “red line” comment was dumb. It’s obvious he hadn’t thought it through; one can see it in the words he used to express his policy. He said that the “red line” would be crossed if “a whole bunch” of chemical weapons were used. What kind of language is that? How does one quantify a “whole bunch”? This is the President of the High-and-Mighty United States, and he’s talking like a schoolboy? All for this silliness over sarin in Syria?


Do I think that Assad did it? Gassed those people? I don’t know; I’ve never asked him. He’s certainly capable of it, and yet only the Americans think that the case against Assad is a “slam dunk.” Everyone else agrees that the case is murky. Everyone else follows the first rule of intelligence-gathering: Consider the source–namely, the pro-rebel media. In this instance, the rebels were losing, and then they got “gassed”–and now Uncle Sam is rushing to their side. How convenient.


The Romans, who knew something about both imperialism and trickery, always asked, cui bono–who benefits? Well, the beneficiaries in this episode are the rebels–also known as Al Qaeda. Way to go, Americans!


So let’s check some other news items: Here’s a June 6 item from a Turkish newspaper reporting on “the case of Syrian rebels who were seized on the Turkish-Syrian border with two kilograms of sarin.” And it’s not just the Turks: Carla Del Ponte, the Swiss-born former UN Prosecutor for War Crime Tribunals, has echoed those same charges against the rebels. They’re the bad guys!


Yet could this evidence against the rebels all be Russian disinformation? Hey, we’re good, but not that good.


Meanwhile, go ahead: Look for this information in your mainstream American media–your so-called “free press.” You can barely find it. Yankee lapdog reporters will cover everything that Obama says, and everything that John McCain says, but they won’t send reporters to warzones to go and actually figure out what happened.


Nor will American “presstitutes” remind their people of their own country’s history of helping the Iraqis use poison gas, all the time, in the 80s.


Yes, American reporters are sheep. They try to figure out what Obama wants them to write, and then they write it. Or if Obama doesn’t have a clear line on some topic–which is often–they look over the shoulder of the reporter next to them and copy that. Like I said, sheep.


The result is a herd mentality, showing no understanding of what true necessity truly looks like.

Here’s an example of a real “red line”: It’s June 24, 1812, and Napoleon Bonaparte, having conquered all of continental Europe, is now leading a half-million soldiers across the Neman River, invading Russia, heading straight for Moscow. Six months later, Napoleon retreats in disastrous defeat, but only after he burns our sacred capital and leaves 200,000 Russians dead in battle. Now that’s a red-line situation.


But even the Czars, those blockheads, weren’t dumb enough to send Russian forces halfway around the world because someone wasn’t being nice to someone else.


So in my time, I can hardly get worked up over Assad using poison gas–if he did. Dead is dead, I say. In any case, Assad is adhering to the first rule of a leader: Stay in power. And so you do what it takes.


In fact, I’m not against gas warfare; I’m for gas warfare, if that’s what it takes. For example, I would love to gas the Chechens–all 1.2 million of them. They are like cockroaches, murderous Muslim cockroaches, and if the Chechens had done to Americans what they have done to Russians, maybe the US public would want to join with us. Oh wait, they have: The Boston Bombers, those Tsarnaev brothers, were Chechens. You took them in–against our advice. You put them on welfare for a decade, ignored our intelligence warnings, and then they terror-bomb you. The Chechens deserve to be fumigated. As an aside, what’s wrong with your media? They seem like “useful idiots”–to borrow Lenin’s phrase–for the terrorists. That Rolling Stone cover? Really? That would never happen in Russia.


In addition, there are another billion or more Muslims to the south of Russia–and a lot of them are trouble, too. Indeed, Russia has been fighting Muslims all across Central Asia for centuries. It’s not easy.


But the American leaders don’t seem to understand any of this. They are lost in their silly theories about liberation, human rights–all that nonsense. They don’t see that the struggle with radical Islam is a war, pure and simple. It’s a war that should unite all the civilized countries of the world. I didn’t say “democratic,” I said “civilized.”


One Western journalist who at least begins to understand where I’m coming from is The New York Times Steven Lee Myers. In his report of August 28, Myers accurately describes the Putin view of what’s been going on in the Middle East:


“In his view, the United States and its partners have unleashed the forces of extremism in country after country in the Middle East by forcing or advocating change in leadership — from Iraq to Libya, Egypt to Syria.”


That’s right. Over the last 15 years, from Clinton to Bush 43 to Obama, America has stirred up all the hornet-nests in the Middle East. For the most part, those angry hornets are far away from the US, but those insects are on Russia’s southern border–starting with those lousy Chechens.


And it’s not just the Americans stirring things up; it’s flunky-countries, too. It still kills me to think back to what British Prime Minister Tony Blair said just a few weeks after 9-11. In a speech that made the Americans swoon, Blair chose to regard all the coming wars as a great opportunity for international do-gooding.


After talking up the importance of “freedom,” Blair cited all needy peoples of the Muslim world and declared, “They, too, are our cause.” What kind of bull is that? Radical Muslims kill you, and so you want to go help them? Put them on welfare? America put its blacks on welfare, and were they grateful? Did they become less violent? Yet in Blair’s mind, these same Muslims were supposed to be grateful for all this “help.” That was the theory.


Then Blair concluded with these lines:


“This is a moment to seize. The kaleidoscope has been shaken. The pieces are in flux. Soon they will settle again. Before they do, let us re-order this world around us.”


And of course, that’s what Blair and Bush did–they reordered the Muslim world. But not in a good way. They made it much worse!


Look, I’m a conservative. I have my imperial ambitions, to be sure, but the last thing I want to do is send all the pieces of the world-kaleidoscope fluxing around. We’ve had enough gratuitous messing things up in our own history, whether by Ivan the Terrible or Comrade Stalin. I want order–Russian Orthodox order.


So I’ve been predicting, all along, that the Bush-Blair crusade wouldn’t work–and I’ve been right, all along. A Reuters reporter quoted me as saying on September 1:


“We need to remember what’s happened in the last decade, the number of times the United States has initiated armed conflicts in various parts of the world. Has it solved a single problem?” 


And the answer, of course, is “no.” The US made things worse. Today, look at Syria.


Indeed, by my count, the US has led six major interventions in the Muslim Asia and Africa over the last 30 years: Reagan in Lebanon, Bush 41 and Clinton in Somalia, Bush 43 in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Obama in Libya and Egypt. None of them have worked out well. And so now, Syria!


Needless to say, I’m happy to see the Americans make fools of themselves once again. Anything that weakens Uncle Sam helps Mother Russia.


Yet even so, after all this, I could be persuaded to make a deal with Obama on Syria. Other US presidents have done just that; they have gone over the heads of the crummy little countries they were fighting in some benighted corner of the world, and reached a war-ending agreement with us Russians.


That’s what Nixon did with Brezhnev in May 1972, as Vietnam was still raging. He said, in effect, I need to get out of this stupid war, but I must look tough so I get re-elected. So you Russians, pretty please, look the other way while I bomb the crap out of the North Vietnamese. So the US can stand tall on its way out of Vietnam, secure a “decent interval,” and not obviously lose our honor. And then we’ll owe you one. 


Brezhnev went along, Nixon bombed and then got out, and the result was “detente,” a notable warming of US-Soviet relations in the 1970s.


So that’s the kind of deal that Obama could make with me today on Syria. Coincidentally, he’s coming this week to St. Petersburg for the G-20 Summit; we could easily peel off some time and figure out how to solve the Syria question.


Yet once again, Obama would have to give me something in return. What would it be? A free rein in Chechyna? A blind eye toward the incremental reclaiming of lost Soviet territories, back into the Russian Motherland? Or just a simple bribe? Who knows. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.


But that rendezvous at the bridge almost certainly won’t happen, because Obama doesn’t seem to think he needs me for anything.


Indeed, he is going out of his way to stick his finger in my eye: Just on Monday, we learned that the President is going to be meeting with “gay” groups while in Russia, as a not-so-subtle statement against recent Russia’s anti-homosexuality crackdown. He is meeting with my enemies! Right in my own country! I don’t do that to him. I don’t come to America to meet with, say, the National Rifle Association.


Yes, Obama would rather cultivate the worldwide “gay” constituency than work with me to solve Syria. The Americans still think they can have it all: They think they can clobber Assad in Damascus, snub me here in Russia, and pander to their liberal sexual constituencies.


In other words, they get everything, and we get nothing. The Americans have had it so good for so long that it just doesn’t occur to them that they might have to make some tradeoffs.


We Russians know about tradeoffs. Back during the Great Patriotic War, in ’42, the Nazis were besieging both Leningrad and Stalingrad. The Red Army had to manage its resources: Do we seek to relieve Leningrad in the north and keep a million people from starving, or do we relieve Stalingrad in the south and keep the Hitlerites from capturing our oil resources? We did the latter, of course, and not only did we save the Hero City of Stalingrad, but we wiped out the entire German Sixth Army.


So yes, it was a tough tradeoff, the kind you have to make when you need to win. Hundreds of thousands in Leningrad died–including my uncle–but the tide of the war was shifted, and the USSR was saved.


Today, of course, I will make it my business to see to it that Obama gets none of what he wants. I will help Assad, I will subdue the homosexuals here in Russia, and I will be still be in power when Obama is laughed off the world stage.


Yet while I will savor the prospect of humiliating Obama, I still lament the lost opportunity–the lost opportunity to focus on the real enemy, which is Islamic radicalism. We can deal with Saudi Arabia, that’s for sure–but even they have trouble with the crazies. They would be glad to have our help. But we should do it together, so that one party doesn’t come to dominate.


The Americans, the Europeans, the Israelis, the Christian Africans, the Chinese, and the Indians all have something in common with us: The jihadis are our collective enemy. From Nigeria to Libya, from Syria to Chechnya, we see terrorism and strife.


That’s the bad news. The good news is that we can manage this problem–again, if we work together. Let’s look at the globe. The truth is that we have Islam surrounded: east, west, south and north. So we, the civilized people, should make a deal.


For starters, let Russia reoccupy the Central Asian states–the five “Stans”–that broke away during Russia’s most recent time of troubles, in the early 90s.


In return, I will turn Assad over to his fate, and so will the Chinese. Why? Because the Chinese are cursed with 50 million or so Muslims in their westernmost province, Xinjiang, which is right next to Russia. So as part of the same deal, the Chinese get to suppress–I guess that’s the nice way of putting it–their restive Muslims.


Wait, there’s more. Under this new deal, the Israelis can do what they want with the Palestinians. My fellow ex-Soviet citizen, Avigdor Lieberman, the former foreign minister of Israel–he gets this. And he’s still close to Bibi.


And together, we can all deal with those two most troublesome nations: Iran and Pakistan.


Iran is a lot closer to Russia than it is to America–I don’t want those nuts to have nuclear weapons! But I have defended Iran to keep the Americans from filling the space instead. I’d rather have the ayatollahs in Tehran than a hostile US Army, bent on still more “liberation.”


As for Pakistan, the Americans are only beginning to figure out how badly they have been played by those guys. All along, the Pakistanis have using all their US foreign-aid money to boost the Taliban.


Those Americans–they thought they were so cool for helping to push the Red Army out of Afghanistan in the 80s. And look what they got after that–Osama Bin Laden in his new home.


Now, 25 years later, the Americans are finally giving up on their missionary work in Afghanistan. If we ever have to go back to bring order there, it will be no more Mr. Nice Guy! But Pakistan is the real problem–they make Afghanistan possible.


So those are the real evil empires: Iran and Pakistan. Bringing them to heel won’t be easy, of course, but we Russians have never shied away from strong measures. The Americans could learn a lot from us.


So that’s my vision. Let’s stop worrying about silly little niceties about the right and the wrong way to fight a war. Let’s stop trying to bring democracy to barbarians. Instead, let’s bring them the only thing they understand–force.


Let’s all of us–Moscow, Washington, London, Paris, Brussels, Jerusalem, Lagos, Addis Ababa, Beijing, New Delhi–come together in a new Holy Alliance, similar to that which kept Europe safe from radicalism in the early 19th century. Let’s join one another to crush the unholy, unruly, jihadi Muslims. The good Muslims will thank us for it. And if they don’t–too bad.


Admit it: You, too, think it’s a good idea.


Kevin E Lake is an Iraq War veteran and an author, covering everything from veterans affairs issues to all things paranormal. His novels are available on Amazon at – See more at:

  • lakeside227

    The points made, and the truths told, in the article are spot on. This didn’t come from Putin, though. It is satire, written by a contributor to – a peek ‘inside the mind of Putin.’

  • gatekeeper96740

    That is not what the by line says.
    And I am still looking for the proof that it isn’t by Putin.

    Obama is meeting with numerous foreign leaders at the summit to get their support for a Syrian strike, but he will also take time to meet with Russian gay rights groups during the two-day G-20 international summit in St. Petersburg Sept. 5.

  • mike

    Most of us Americans don’t wont to bomb Syria. We know that Obama does not know what he is doing. He is trying to look like the Hollywood actors and he walks with a corn cob up his exteria. He is the sorriest so-called president we have ever had in the US. I hope he is gone from here asap. Anyone with any sense can see through that tyrant and time is at hand for someone to get rid of him. He is a Muslim and he should be made by our military to leave or suffer the consequences.

  • luvstcroix

    Damn, I was so hoping this was real, even while knowing in my heart it couldn’t be. But, I believe this to be the right answer and satire or not, if the world countries would stand down and look at it even slightly in this vein it would help change the world condition.

  • Anthony Evans

    lets bomb Mother Russia instead.

  • lakeside227

    The article from the New Yorker is also satire – did you read it? The article says OBAMA called PUTIN a jackass.

    ” “Everyone here thinks you’re a jackass.”

    The press corps appeared stunned by the uncharacteristic outburst from
    Mr. Obama, who then unleashed a ten-minute tirade at the stone-faced
    Russian President.

    “Look, I’m not just talking about Snowden and Syria,” Mr. Obama said.
    “What about Pussy Riot? What about your anti-gay laws? Total jackass
    moves, my friend.”

    As Mr. Putin narrowed his eyes in frosty silence, Mr. Obama seemed to warm to his topic.

    “If you think I’m the only one who feels this way, you’re kidding
    yourself,” Mr. Obama said, jabbing his finger in the direction of the
    Russian President’s face. “Ask Angela Merkel. Ask David Cameron. Ask the
    Turkish guy. Every last one of them thinks you’re a dick.” ”

    Do you really think this article is true?

    The byline on the Breitbart article says “Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.” Did you click on his name and read the ‘author’s’ bio? All it says is ‘I AM Russia.’

    I also did a search looking for confirmation it was by Putin. All the articles cited Breitbart as their source. If Putin really did write this, wouldn’t there be something – anything – by the Russian media? Do you really think the President of Russia would write a letter to the American People and submit it to Breitbart?

  • Brian Andrews

    Putin hit the nail on the head. I agree with almost everything he said. He is a very smart man. It is a huge slap in the face to go to Russia and meet with the gays and not meet with someone who could potentially be our greatest ally. Get obamas lame uneducated imbecile ass out of office before he starts WWIII. He still insists on bombing Syria. He is nothing more than a radical mooselimb extremist himself. He is not qualified to be our president and is and has been in way over his head. It still amazes me how some foolish Americans still stand behind this loser. But they are also the ones who stand to benefit from his evil ways. The gays and the illegal aliens are perfect examples.

  • Brian Andrews

    Get your facts straight before you make lame ass accusations.

  • Cristen Strank-Garrett

    I agree with President Putin. I would enjoy him humiliating our douchebag of a president. punch him in the face for us while you’re at it. We the people know that Oblama is a moronic fool who needs to get the hell out of America before he drives it to ruins like he did in Detroit

  • ericsol

    Putin is right about obama but wrong about Americans most of us Americans want barry aka obama to be impeach. That the way it goes when people or in office got to make deals turn a blind eye. We do not want a war in Syria Let the rebels and Assid kill each other. IF anyone want to help will get the children out of there.

  • lakeside227

    What lame ass accusations did I make? Pointing out the original article is satire is not making any accusations against anyone. I AGREE with what the author said in his article – as my first comment states – “The points made, and the truths told, in the article are spot on.”

    So, what ‘facts’ should I get ‘straight?’

  • Rhonda

    RUSSIA! PLEASE do us Americans a favor and KILL OBAMA while he is there within Russian borders!!!!!

  • Harry Stricklin


  • Canuck Sailor

    you need to develop some reading comprehension skills bub – this is satire. So was the NY article

  • Alien Cyborg Fetus

    The fact he said Iran is the bad guys kinda makes me believe it isn’t Putin.

  • Mikey Starsky

    Putin seems to have more balls than most world leaders do put together, that is of course, if this is really from him. Europe and America should stay out of Asia and Asia stay out of Europe and America

  • scott

    the truth of the matter is this,Obama is an idiot,trying to show he for one has balls and two,it will cause a war that will end the united states,which is his goal,he knows we will never go for him running for a third term(re-write the constitution) but he wants to cause a skirmish here to declare marshal law and never leave his palace(our white house).

  • James Burtnett

    You noticed nothing on their involvement in their WAR in Afghanistan he seemed to have forgotten that!

  • Humanity4Humans

    Putin does not talk like this. Give me a break. He’s reserved and makes diplomatic statements through practical short expressions.

  • Lora

    Get your brown nose away from Russia

  • D.J. DelliPaoli

    I am noticing, based on these comments, that truth hurts. If Putin indeed wrote that, he is dead on. There is one thing that Putin doesn’t notice, Obozo is a muslim.

  • gatekeeper96740

    I have to agree with Putin in this letter.

    Russian Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin compared Barack Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East to a “monkey with a hand grenade.”

  • roger

    I believe it would be a good ideal for the civilized counties to get together and take them out am tired of hearing about them over there in the middle east when we need to be concerned with whats going on at home were looking at a war that will be brought to are back yard so let them kill each other over there and stay out of it

  • Badd Karma

    I think Mr Putin is mostly right

  • Rick Frazier

    Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. No way he’ll make a deal which hurts radical Muslims or Militant Gays. They are both tools he’s using. He’s also a crack pipe smoking homosexual & counterfeit Hetero-Christian, husband, father. I doubt those are his daughters.

  • Broke

    Pretty sure this is satire.. I doubt Putin gives a rats ass about Americans or deal making. Nor should he.

  • Michael Heating

    obumfuk is a fag putin is against it well they wont be close allies either Russians hate blacks

  • Ryan

    How the fuck is this guy, if this is actually by “this guy”, going to say our free press are just puppets for the government, yet then base his view of “us Americans” by this same free press media. Last time I checked most of “us Americans” don’t want this to happen. Last time I checked “us Americans” don’t represent our government; our government is supposed to represent us, and they’re doing a piss poor job of it!

    While we’re on the subject of this idiot, Obama, sounding like a schoolboy, I ask you author of this “letter”, not that you’ll read this comment, how do you quantify, “all the time” as in, “…of their own country’s history of helping the Iraqis use poison gas, all the time, in the 80s.”?

    You sir, sound like an uneducated schoolboy that cannot even name SPECIFICS, with your, “everybody knows”, “everyone sees” and “all you Americans”. Get more specific, really research what “us Americans” want!

    I think that the best solution here is to not get involved at all, however, I think countries should band together and supply the CIVILIANS of Syria with aid, whether it be medical, food or protection against chemical attacks, i.e. respirators protective suits etc. And just let the Syrian government and the Rebels duke it out.

  • Robert Taylor

    The Zionists in Israel are as crazy as the radical Muslims. They’re a racist, apartheid, paranoid, warmongering nation and pose as much as threat as their Semite cousins.

  • David Lindner

    I don’t think putin wrote this

  • Theorise

    Dear mr Putin,

    Mr Obama is a POS and so are you. Have a nice day assholes!

  • Clayton Hobbs

    He did not write this letter. Only sheep would think that.

  • Loren

    It is pretty sad when A foreign president makes more sense then our own. This is pathetic.

  • Kleen

    Lord I wish it WAS Putin…..he knows the fraud in chief is the asshole!!!
    Someone needs to tell him he’s a fag too and a flamer at that….

  • WaLL-e

    I am an American on my way to becoming a marine. Here’s the thing, I DONT WANT TO GO TO SYRIA FOR AN UNWORTHY CAUSE. I’m basically saying neither Syria or the rebels are communist so we should not have to step in. The Truman Doctrine explicitly states that “The U.S. will step in if Communism tries to spread to another country.” Again neither of the two are communists. I would honestly much rather go to Pakistan or Iran and finish what they started. In the U.S. im not saying all but most of them have changed from actually upholding the American Constitution to following whoever is popular. For instance, they take Bob Marley who smoked weed and all of a sudden it becomes popular to smoke weed. I see hardly anyone standing for the constitution unless it’s my brothers and sisters in the military. So the percentage I am seeing the highest being the people who would rather NOT uphold our constitution to the lowest who actually do is this 90%-10%. I am honestly tired of all this crap that if we impeach Obama that all the blacks will say and i can most nearly promise you “They racist for taking him out of office.” Which is not the case. So with all that said, and we do go into world war III and we do fight the Russians and Syrians. I want to go ahead and apologize for my government leader causing all this and may i hope that i die for a notable cause.

  • Andrew Mutz

    I think if Putin met with the NRA that would be great, but that being said; I think most of these journals are BS.. I’ve seen at least 3 that were wrong..

  • Thomas Cole

    You do not actually believe that Vladmir Putin wrote that do you?

  • Cindie

    I wrote this on the FB page of the person who posted it but it’s got to be a fake and we look really, really foolish when we believe this kind of thing.

    I can’t find this on any other places than and a couple a couple of others. Both link back to Before it’s News or another blog that links back to Before it’s News which has been wrong more than once. Nowhere is there a link to the actual letter. Wouldn’t it have hit other blogs or FOX? Some of the things that make me skeptical:

    Wouldn’t Putin have sent it to a major news outlet or at least put it out in his own media and/or government website?

    Would a world leader really start a letter stating Americans are dumb if he were trying to appeal to them?

    Why would he care about the American president’s stance on gays? That’s up to each individual nation.

    Since the important issue of the day is Syria why would he talk about side issues that are less important than the possible bombing of another country?

    Would he seriously discuss our press? Honestly, even if this is negative towards 0bama, they’d still report on it because something like this would’ve already gone viral. They’d just put a pro 0bama spin on it. Especially since he then went and cited the NY Times for “proof” of what he’s saying.

    Doesn’t it sound more like a college current events assignment or blog post than the leader of Russia? Would he really bother to provide links? Seriously? Would a world leader of one of the most influential countries on the planet take time to do something like this? Would he even have time? Why would he care?

    Stick a finger in my eye? From a man who’s always had the upper hand in their relationship and already made him look like a fool at the G20, especially with 0bama calling him the equivalent of a “poopy head”? He was a statesman at the summit, why would he suddenly sink to the level of a 15 year old when he’s never had a history of doing so before? That makes as much sense as Assad gassing his own people when he was winning profoundly knowing it would catch the attention of the world?

    I just don’t think a world leader would begin talking about Syria, veer off into whatever 0bama thinks about gays, back to Syria, then onto a history lesson.

    Does this actually sound like something a well educated statesman would write: “They are lost in their silly theories about liberation, human rights–all that nonsense.” Or “flunky countries”? Would he know an American colloquialism like “stir up a hornet’s’ nest”? Or “look, I’m a conservative”? Does it even have the same meaning in Russia? Why would he bother pointing this out anyway? He’s trying to appeal to ALL the American people.

    Sorry to be a wet blanket but I could literally go paragraph by paragraph and pick this apart but wouldn’t the language he used not sound like casual English?

  • Joseph A. Nagy, Jr

    I’d like to see the original letter please.

  • Cate Wines, Ph.D.

    I wonder who really wrote that…

  • Diane

    Although I doubt this article was actually written by Putin, I totally agree with it. Except that the Americans are not dumb or stupid. Most of us don’t want to get involved in Syria in the first damn place.


  • Janet Dougan

    you said it the best I have ever heard…

  • Guest

    @disqus_FS5M8T1yMS:disqus Do you even know what you are talking about ?

  • Janet Dougan

    my thoughts exactly !!!!!

  • Cole

    This looks like a good piece of propaganda…. looking for us all to attack the radicals ? How could you tell one from another Do you think the radicals can not act like main stream Muslims …lol..You couldn’t possible tell the difference …. I don’t believe in collateral damage of innocent lives Muslim or other wise …We the people of this earth are bigger then that ….This is a piece of propaganda ….

  • Anthony Evans

    Do you? Russia is half the army they used to be and if the want to talk shit let them bring it

  • EMU135

    Sir, I appreciate your stand for the Constitution but must take issue with your statement that only folks in the military will support it. As a combat veteran, of an era past, I’m here to tell you that there are millions of us that have and will continue to honor our oaths to defend the Constitution and from what I see on social media, there are many times that with gun owners and hunters and other patriots all over this country that are waking up to these liberal, fascist, socialist’s that are intent on taking over this country for their NWO agenda. Please pass your patriotic attitude around in the Corps because a big part of the problem in this country is the young folks that have been indoctrinated in a liberal education system for decades and are making their judgements under false and uninformed information. God bless you and keep you safe future Marine. BTW: I was Army Aviation.

  • random

    The Author is not basing his views on AMERICANS from our free press. He is basing it on our actions. WE DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. Allowing it to go on is no different then agreeing with it. OBAMA could send us to war tomorrow and you will go back to complaining about it while eating your steak and potatoes. THAT IS DUMB AMERICA. People need to get off their asses and go kick the monkey out of office. He probably was not even elected legally. There was voter fraud everywhere in his benefit and did AMERICANS do ONE FUCKING THING about it? I believe 80% of us did not vote for that asshole, do not want war, do not want obama, WANT TO SEE HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE, but if we just watch it happen and do nothing about it, then we are dumb americans who want the wrath OBAMA will bring us.

  • AmRev

    Your opinion is that they are all of those things. But does that make them wrong? What business is it of yours or mine what the hell they do in their own country? Do you think we should go to war in Israel too just because you dont like a particular set of people or beliefs?

  • laura91

    America needs a good wake up call, I hope this works because we are
    about to unleash a fascist pathological sycophantic murderer on a
    country, killing countless innocent men, women and children, not to
    mention wild life and the earth,

    To make matters worse we have a
    do nothing above the law idiot congress that are more worried about
    losing their kickbacks from weapons lobbyist than the lives of innocent
    men, women and children. They also dismiss the People of America as
    Terrorist if we dare to disagree with them.

    And to take to
    another level, we also have a lame-steam media who are clearly aiding
    and abetting obamanation and his mafia crony murdering thugs with their
    lies and propaganda.

    And why is all of this happening, because
    we have been hijacked by insane Zionist who are hell bent on ruling the
    planet via the New World Order, we are not alone, New Zealand,
    Australia, France, Britain, Greenland, Switzerland and many others have
    also been Hijacked. These Zionist have been poisoning our land, air,
    food, water, and medicines, they have been poisoning our children’s
    minds via indoctrination schools, and they are responsible for causing
    all the chaos around the globe and turning people against each other.

    if you are able to wake the world up, the 75 year old prophecy by Edgar
    Cayce, the sleeping prophet, that Russia would be the “HOPE OF THE
    WORLD” could actually be realized.

    I personally have no where to turn for justice as everything is upside down and insane. you Breitbart for this eye opener.

  • Cecile Charles

    We American’s are not Obama. We are ashamed of our president.

  • pthor

    If Putin wrote this letter then I’m a monkey’s Uncle !


  • Lyuba Allenivna Marchenko

    KNOCK KNOCK! Guess who’s at your door, LOL!

  • Sandy Caruso

    The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend. That goes for you too Putin. You and Obama are both drunk with your own power. Obama is not popular with the real patriots and neither are you Mr Putin.

  • John

    Your first mistake is thinking that i believe Putin wrote this if he did good on him but i highly doubt he did he’s not going to bother himself with the little people of our country if anything he could care less what the populace thinks on the other hand if he did write this i must ask what ulterior motive he has for placing an open letter on the internet he is KGB im sure as hell not going to fall infatuated will a communist thug sure he may seen civilized to a point but whats the underlying motive guess we will just have to wait and see !

  • Lyuba Allenivna Marchenko

    Bomb Russia and you will die.

  • Lyuba Allenivna Marchenko

    It’s satire.

  • Gary Miller

    LMAO. He is a Muslim??? You are an Asshat.

  • Gary Miller

    It’s right at the bottom of the article. Open your eyes

  • Tiffany Cosgrove

    LMBO! Putin trust us we hate him too! We don’t want beef with Russia or war with Syria. I can’t believe he had the nerve to come to your country and meet with a group of homosexual gay rights activists what a joke! He promised the American people rainbows and cotton candy. He left out the part about that’s only if you’re a Muslim or homosexual shit sandwiches for everyone else! WTH Impeach this idiot already!

  • Elizabeth Honce

    I don’t think it’s written by Putin. Compare it with articles he’s actually written, plus don’t think he would say he wants to gas all the Chechens.

  • NukeWaste

    If you proclaim to the world that you are Gay in French, then you are gay in any other language. He told the Middle East that he is Muslim on countless occasions.

  • Patriot liberty4us

    Putin will you send people to remove that traitor from the wh for us? We would really appreciate that since we don’t have control of an army with state of the art weapons to do it for us. And obutthead does.

  • random

    Im 21 and mostly self educated. Highly into politics, and dont know why my older generations spends all their time bitching and complaining and no leg work. I admit 98 % of the younger generation is stupid and fucked, but there older generation is lazy. I NEED A LEADER TO FOLLOW. I am young and lost, lead the way and I will follow. March to DC and throw him out of office and I will be by your side. But I cant do it alone, and there will be a day when your generation is gone and I will be left with a bunch of stupid idiots believing the crap the goverment hands to them. IT WILL BE TO LATE. YOUR GENERATION IS TO THANK. YOUR GENERATION DID THIS AND WILL DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, STAND THE FUCK UP AND SHOW ME THE WAY. TAKE YOUR GUNS AND GO TO DC. I WILL FOLLOW JUST LEAD THE WAY.

  • Lippits

    Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, says he’s a duck…

  • random


  • Drogo

    Like the other US leaders knew what they were doing?

  • Scott

    I don’t think Putin understands that majority of us are against getting involved or that more of us trust Fox News more than the liberal media.

  • Brian

    How do we know Putin wrote this letter?

  • pissed and i know it

    I AGREE here,and YES America,loves to stir the SHIT POT UP and see what comes out

  • Megan Moll

    Hopefully President Putin doesn’t take out his aggression towards “President” Obama on us…I don’t want my country to go in to Syria or bomb it or anything…what’s going on is their own problem and we shouldn’t get in the middle of it. I am all for change…so far I’ve only seen bad change…let’s see some good change and IMPEACH THIS IGNORANT TYRANT THAT CLAIMS TO BE OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Megan Moll

    As far as all of you “President” Obama supporters go…ya’ll should just be thrown to the wolves(Russia) and we should just let them handle your ignorant ways of thinking. Maybe then ya’ll will actually appreciate what our forfathers did for our country!!!!!

  • Connie

    Mr. Putin, Your very first sentence ended the reading of your letter for me. How dare you call Americans ‘dumb’. Not nice, not nice at all. Can’t get past the first sentence so your time was a waste Sir.

  • Frank Woods

    The first muslim that America needs to get rid of is the president. The American government does not speak for it’s people.

  • Anon

    You mean YOU can’t tell people apart because of your upbringing as an American. Most of you guys can’t even tell the difference between different cultures and ethnicity.

    But yes, it is propaganda…

  • Alien Cyborg Fetus

    Putin knows that, this author was trying to make him sound like a frenemy, and imply that all Muslims are evil or something. Diplomatically I don’t think Putin would be so crass in a letter he intended to be public. 89% of Iranians are Shi’a and 9% are Sunni, mostly Turkomen, a minority of Arabs (mainly in Hormozgan Province), Baluchs, and Kurds living in the south, southeast, northeast and northwest. Almost all of Iranian Shi’as are Twelvers. They aren’t the radical Muslims that are operating in Syria or the tribal areas in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are actually opposed to them and have been fighting them for a long time as well. The Mek (also funded by the U.S.) has conducted several terrorist attacks within the country.

  • Vivislafter

    putting all trust aside, playing the board according to strategy, I concur, that radical Islam are them cockroaches you say they are,, you take out that cockroach feeder from his rook on queen, and We topple the top, We got your back. I also see, another issue, there are way too many here, who, have been trying to stop this tyrant, and no one wants this war. most of us see. but, I will make no covenant with my life to no one but God! how about some peace for awhile.

  • wtram46

    Mr. Putin, I must agree with what you have said here!! You are the gentleman that Obama can never be!!!

  • animalaura

    PUTIN… He is correct.
    Most Americans I know want B.O. terminated… and removed from office -feet first!

  • ChiefCrazyHorse

    Let’s face it, you Americans are dumb. Voting for lesser of two evils for decades has brought your country where it is now.

  • handsomejack47

    >people actually thinking Putin wrote something like this

  • Ruthie3601

    whats sad is that Obama doesnt speak for all Americans…only his few sheeple anymore…We would rather get rid of him, drop him off in Syria and he can stay there with his wife and his two kids…We dont like him as our leader which by any means he isnt…we dont want him in office…His dictatorship is out of hand and we would like nothing more than to kick him to the curb with no pay and no benefits…I for one will celebrate like the Egyptians did when their dictator was overthrown….as soon as that Bas**** is gone…I reiterate that Obama does NOT speak for all of the US citizens…and I will not be lumped into a group of uninformed, brainwashed sheep that support him in this war.

  • Greg Meyers

    I have grown to respect Putlin more so in the last several weeks than I ever have before. I admire him as a President of any country.

  • GoldBeachBiker

    Gary: Do you KNOW that he is NOT a Muslim? Who’s the real Asshat here ….. wait for it … YOU ARE!

  • goddess7240

    i agree with all of what you said except for the statement saying that all Americans are stupid. Please don’e think for one minute that we Americans want Obama to be OUR representative. No WAY! 49% want him GONE!!! As for the other 51%? I don’t know what the hell happened to those Obama lovers. Where in life did they go wrong? I just don’t know. They are as sick as Obama is…he is an embarrassment!!!

  • Matt

    Never thought I’d be agreeing with everything Putin says. Every last word! Obama is an absolute pathetic weak embarrassment!

  • MountainFox51 .

    This is one of the strongest worded letters I’ve ever read, I felt happy for reading this, as someone is finally recognizing the United States as a terrorist country, but at the sametime, I felt ashamed of my country, as it never was the land of the free and home of the brave like I was raised to think it was.
    Just land of capitalism and corporations.
    It appears Putin is the only person with a brain in this shitty political system.
    I like Putin more than Obama, Putin knows his shit, Obama is just a war monger.



  • oleironleg01

    I would have a problem with someone saying they would like to punch the president in the face, no matter what, but considering what leftist-scum said about what they would like to do to Palin and Bush, I changed my mind.

  • Thomas Craddock

    not all americans are predominantly brainless. i am one of the 1% percent, and i hate it. i hate the global label i carry that has been branded on my forehead thanks to people like barack hussein obama. my beloved country has been lost. we gave it away to morons like barack hussein obama and those who came before him. can i come to russia? russia is like texas to my imagination, they have good christian values, arent homosexual and are proud of it (major like there) and they like guns, alcohol, and a good fight. what can go wrong with that combination?

  • Timothy Sterling

    lol, putin didn’t write this.

  • General Chan

    Long live comrade Putin! This letter is like a round house kick to the face like Chuck Norris!

  • Dave Ragozzine

    Even if Putin wrote this or not, the letter is pretty much the truth. Obama is a pansy who has fucked over America by fucking over the world. BHO’s “my way or the highway” policy is bullshit and he needs to go before he throws America and the world into global war. As my grandfather (who is a WW2 veteran) said in 2009: “History repeats itself and every generation will be graced by the presence of a Tyrant and see at least one major war; your generation is due for a third world war. This country has gone to hell because of politics. Politics have put its nose where it don’t belong for bureaucratic reasons and politics have abandoned the areas where politics belong. Give it time and you’ll see that whats been going on in DC for years now, will bite us in the ass and not even God can stop it.”

  • Anthony Evans

    Doubtful. Putin is a pussy

  • P4P


  • Daltry Legg

    Glad so many agree with “exterminating” the Muslim “cockroaches”.. That is not a primitive mind-state at all.. Though, I give just as much worth to innocent Syrian life as I do to innocent American life and find this to be our battle as well, especially now that chemical weapons have been used for instant genocide upon innocent women and children in their sleep. Not to mention inaction would send the message that weapons of mass destruction will be tolerated, or that this war will be fought far differently than Iraq and Afghanistan. Al-Assad is a son of a bitch, and we need to punish him accordingly..

  • Lizette Mullen

    I think he very clearly makes his case with one exception; he doesn’t understand that the MAJORITY of Americans have been against most of these wars. We are lied to and bulldozed with BS into believing it or turning a blind eye to it. NOTHING we say matters in this country, it’s a run away power train and we are the passengers going on a hell ride!

  • 7loubro_4

    I like things that are out front and clearly stated: we will do this/explain what ‘this’ is; next, we will do this/explain what ‘this#2′ is;and then, we will finish it off with ‘this’ and explain what the finale is. No mumbling teleprompter reading incoherent and nebulous plans. Enemy=target. Ready, aim, fire. The End.

  • Daltry Legg

    Don’t protest the profitable, prolonged, nation-building style of war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Though, once weapons of mass destruction and genocide begin occurring, we don’t wish to invade their country, and we actually have clear goals, some suddenly have a problem with war.

  • Steve R Gossard

    We americans are not the problem. We all see exactly what you are stating and would back you before we would back our own president. Is that just a strange comment? USA used to mean something, but Mister “O” is making us all look like a bunch of lazy frauds like him. Sick of it myself. I do not bakc every thing you say, but understand it and respect it. I cannot say that of anything from mister “O”.

  • Roger Cotton

    Vlad the Impaler.

  • Roger Cotton

    Within one year of his departure from the Oval Office, Obama will declare himself a Muslim, again.

  • Muse TD


  • Defiance1944

    Well, I had no idea until recently WHY the Soviets invaded Afghanistan back in 1979. What happened was that in response to a program where the Soviets wanted to teach women to read and write, a mob of “freedom fighters” invaded the Soviet embassy and murdered everyone there, in gruesome fashion too. Yet we supported the “freedom fighters” from some of which al-Qaida formed, and look what we have today. Looking back, our support of them was a very bad idea, that was a moment where we and the Soviets could have worked together. But hindsight is always 20/20. Not all of us Americans are dumb, not all of us think like the president here. If I were President, I’d be delighted to take Mr. Putin up on his offer. You want to get rid of the Chechens? I don’t see anything, I just work here, to borrow a line from a gangster movie. Assad has actually tried to protect the Christians in Syria, that’s enough reason for me to call off a strike on Assad. The gays in Russia… if I were president of the US, my place would be to concern myself with American law, and not meddle with the laws of another sovereign nation. Russia belongs to the Russians just as Poland belongs to the Poles (hint hint!) and we in America wouldn’t take it very well if any leader from another nation tried to dictate what our laws should be like either. Iran and Pakistan. I agree wholeheartedly. Can we agree to work together on those problems? How do we work together and hopefully avoid another world war? I’ll never be president, but that would be my response… just saying

  • captainodyssey

    He didnt write this, what a crock of shit !

  • Deb Maddalena

    If Mr. Putin wrote that letter, it’s a doozy. And he’s right. Obama is meeting with the very group Mr. Putin hates the most in HIS OWN COUNTRY! What kind of nonsense is that? He states the obvious and I think the best courses of action. Lets do it. And I don’t care if Obama “looses face”. He has gone out of his way to insult every American who has any sense from the moment he took over the White House. Time to go! We don’t want you here. And take that bunch that loves you so much too. We don’t want them either.

  • Frank Priviti

    if it’s really a letter written by mr. putin I agree with him whole heartedly

  • Charles Ayala

    I don’t agree or disagree with this letter, but there is no way in hell this came from the desk of Putin. It is written like some idiot college political major blogger.

  • Albert Foyt

    I have not once been for us bombing Syria. It’s a disaster waiting to happen on SO many different levels. I couldn’t agree more about Obama. The media spoon feeds America his faux pas heroism and all the reasons that we should be going over to Syria. As well, the government fills our heads with all these lies and atrocities. Which by now, if you aren’t seeing it that way, you’re the reason we’re receiving letters from Putin in the first place. Open line of this letter? Did you catch that? Yeah, that’s describing you, my friend. STUPID AMERICAN! We don’t have to be, of course. By avoiding mainstream media and looking into things for ourselves. In this case, a useless World War with a country that should be resolving their own problems. Piece of advice, if you got Russia and China both breathing down your neck to NOT do something, that might be a good time to listen. We may be America, but we really need to start swallowing our pride. Rome had the same issues…Where are they now? Broken apart by shameful politics, civil war and civil unrest.

  • Guest

    I think it is a great idea President Putin! And I agree P4P!


  • Cutenu2

    This is satire. I can’t believe what I’ve been reading in the comments. What Putin actually said is in bold, and the bottom of the article it mentions the author. No wonder our country’s going into the toilet. And not just that, people have the audacity to fight over whether the article is satire or not. Jeesh! The point of the article completely went over a lot of people’s heads. Lord help us.

  • Raza Tiwana


  • Magdalena Soulier

    If his actions haven’t demonstrated he is one to you then you are blind. Just look at the people he put in office. More than 20 appointees all linked to the Muslim Brotherhood pushing for their agenda. No I’m not going to tell you who they are. They are there for everyone to see. Most of them have high ranking official titles. i.e Elberdey, Imam Majid, Farah Pandith… you do the rest of the research boy. And please also do some research as to what organizations he supports such as ISNA, MSA, etc. Those are all indicted Muslim Brotherhood organizations. I’m so tired of idiots saying he is not a Muslims. Why is it so taboo? He is a Muslim and a hardcore one.

  • Antonio Brent

    lol Why not? We put a Kenyan in for 2 terms, and look what it has done.

  • Raza Tiwana

    FIDDLE DEDE ! History – try as they may, Western / Christian Leaders has been proved Kiddish dealing with international situations, see purported statement of Tony Blair ” Before they do, let us re-order this world around us”, what did he achieve post 9/11 ??

  • Antonio Brent

    dammit! I guess I’m not defecting to Russia now

  • Raza Tiwana

    Garret – after Kennedy all your presidents were PUPPETS, wont be difficult to find ‘whose puppets’ ??

  • Raza Tiwana


  • Mike Barnes

    allright putin you got your son of a bitch in syria our president may not be perfect but he’s ours this is still the united states and it beats the hell out of russia and we will follow our leader the country spoke when he was elected if he wants to mow down syria or russia americans will follow see we do stick togather dont test us and i did’nt vote for him you bastard your not welcome in my country and stay the hell out of TEXAS
    Mike Barnes

  • David

    i agree with Mr. Putin on 99%

    to Mr. Putin, i dont agree you calling Americans dumb, We the Americans people are trying to remove Obama, but the man he has put in place are fighting us, but of course, I for one, would not fight Russia if they happen to invade the USA, to remove the Threat, as long as Russia doesn’t kill Americans that do not wish to fight, Talking about returning American Freedom can come after

  • ronholt

    I couldn’t even get through 3 paragraphs. The writing is horrible. Stupid!!!

  • doxiemomma

    Wow……Putin, interesting thoughts. Never thought I would agree more. LOL

  • Chris Alvarez

    I would have to agree with Putin on this… Except Americans are not dumb, only democrats partisan republicans liberals and progressives. The rest of us know very well what Putin is getting at. Obama is sick with power and can’t control himself. Putin is a communist asshole, BUT he’s upfront and honest about it. And that commands a level of respect. Putin is worthy of an allegiance and we need to eradicate this world pest together. Or “we the people” need to give Putin a call and ask him to bare with us as we enact our constitutional right to kick this Muslim jackass out of office and elect some one more qualified to run a country. So Putin, we the majority of America s, agree with you and would love to work together.

  • Seadog

    I agree with the heart of this “letter” But it was not written by Putin. If you have a statement, then say it, don’t pen it to a famous name to get more attention…..

  • Johanna

    Folks, President Putin — let’s not be stupid!!!! Obama knows EXACTLY what he is doing!!! Do not say he is stupid because then that means you are stupid for thinking he doesn’t know what he is doing!!! He is dangerous because he IS helping the Islamist terrorists !! Please do not be fooled into thinking he’s an idiot and all these decisions are all from a dummy. It’s quite opposite. We, the American people do not want to bomb Syria. We want nothing to do with that war. We want a new president and we WILL GET OUR COUNTRY BACK!!! WE WILL STAND UP AND IMPEACH THIS PATHETIC PRESIDENT EVEN IF IT TAKES A CIVIL WAR!! WE ARE STILL THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD BUT WE HAVE A TERRORIST PRESIDENT! — The American People

  • Johanna

    Really??? OBAMA IS NOTHING LIKE THE OTHER PRESIDENTS!!! You’re out of your flipping mind!!!

  • Diana Petersen

    I disagree with him in that it is not “You Americans” it is obama and his clan, nothing more. We are in complete sustained state of confusion because we can not understand why our govt would allow something like obama to remain in office.
    I agree with everything except the “you Americans”, it’s not us, it’s him and he is scary.

  • jamsaqi

    There is no doubt that it is this Saudi-Qatari money that in one way or another is fueling Islamic jehadists, and Islamists of all kinds and shades, all over the world. The first thing Putin should do is to finish off this persistent threat by attacking the Saudi-Qatari nexus on whose egging on the US has been siding with radical Islamism everywhere (except just those few who turn back and fight against them instead, if that!). Radical Islam is the ideology of these middle eastern states as was Communism that of Soviet Russia…and they have 500 billion dollars of spare wealth (increasing further day by day) to fuel it with. US is happy to be bribed (it’s financial position is not good)…even the individual presidents and officials are lavished with bribes and ‘gifts’….whether it be Reagan or Bush or Clinton or Obama or any other more to come…a few billion in bribe here and a few billion there will always do the trick! One would therefore say that if you eliminate the centre in one big strike once you will considerably weaken, if not eliminate altogether, also the troublesome peripherals. The analysis is faulty if it focuses just on Iran and Pakistan. The source of trouble, especially for Putin, lie actually elsewhere. If Obama bombs Syria, Putin should annihilate Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

  • Jory Hamilton

    “I’m not against gas warfare; I’m for gas warfare, if that’s what it takes. For example, I would love to gas the Chechens–all 1.2 million of them.”

    Ready to condemn the United States for an act of aggression (Georgia 2008 *cough-cough*), while being for a violation the agreement his country supported and serves to enforce on the UN Security council as a permanent member to not use chemical weapons (Geneva, 1925).

    “Do I think that Assad did it? Gassed those people? I don’t know; I’ve never asked him. He’s certainly capable of it.”

    Really? Reallly?? Kind of an important question to ask, don’t you think?

    Putin goes to suggest that Americans (military, not the general populous, I believe he meant) are so certain that Assad used the weapons, and that we used Rebel media for our intelligence. Fair arguments, however my counter arguments are that, “Do governments really just use media for their sources?” (Hell no) and if Putin is so confident that Assad didn’t use the chemical weapons, wouldn’t he at least ask?

    Do I dislike, Putin? Yes and no. I disagree with him on Syria, his views on chemical weapons, and his views on gays. Strongly. At times I weary that he was in KGB, and I worry that he’s anti-American. However if he’s just more pro-Russian, I’m fine with that. I want Russia to be doing well and in a stable state. I agree that we need to stand against terrorism together. We both have lost too many innocent lives, including the 183 school children during the Russian Belsan Massacre, one of the most horrific acts of terror (2004). However, I argue that we can not lead the world together as developed countries by condoning chemical weapons, whether it be Assad’s regime or the Syrian rebels.

  • W.F. DePriest

    Dear sir we the people never wanted the Muslims to come to our country, nor do we ask to be over run with the Mexican people. When this first started happening the crime rate in America jumped and now that they are here our Government once again turns a death ear to our demands and wishes. The American people want our armies home and out of harms way, you may call us dumb but the dumb things you speak of are forced upon us. We never wanted the illegals here and through propaganda you have this is our wish when it is very much against our wishes. The POTUS has forced appointments of Muslims in office we are solely against but the American people are powerless to remove them. We are living under a Dictator who soon will admit his motives but for now too many are sheep that cry Oh our Government would never do that. We watch as the Banking cartel force a War upon the American people, a war we the people do not and did not ever want. Obama knows you see right through him and that is why he keeps his distance from you.

  • W.F. DePriest

    We have never come so close to having a Dictator, why those that could do something about his motives will not do as the American people ask is ludicrous; for you to say (perhaps I am reading your post wrong) other Presidents did not know what they were doing is insulting.

  • Bob

    I seriously doubt that Putin had any hand in writing this or any “Letter to America” and those who believe he did are more gullible than republicans think… If you believe this swill then you should move to Russia, because you’re part of the problem here in America where democracy is alive and well.

  • Bob

    Impeached for what? he has to commit a crime to be impeached, and in order to be removed from office he has to face the Senate AFTER being impeached. Never gonna happen unless he commits a crime.

  • Bob

    Regan was a Christian, Both Bush and his son, Jimmy Carter (and he got the hostages released) none of them dealt with anything “Kiddish” as you put it. Isn’t it fun to make up new words? As for History, most of what we learn about history in school is total BS anyway.

  • Nathan Cole

    Igno-rant… and definitely not by PUTIN. If you believe this post to be true than you must also believe The Onion is a REAL news network… sad.

  • Sylvia Sib Armer

    and is plenty quackers.

  • Jamie

    Dear Mr. Putin, Please get your facts straight. First of all it is not the American people who are dumb, it is the American politicians who are dumb. The people of American do not support this move by obama or our congress. Perhaps before you send your next letter to us, the people, you should take a close look at the social media comments.

  • Michael

    Moslem or not, Obama is an illegal President. I don’t say so: the Constitution and the Supreme Court said so. Here’s the smoking gun, for any of you who are willing to see it…and, by the way, what website would be more credible than Cornell Law School’s?

  • annrein


  • Raza Tiwana

    Thanks Bob, language can not be ‘static’ & it really is most interesting FUN. Yes, history taught at schools is ‘my-history’ & biased, grownup’s must read contemporary history for seeking true happenings. By the way, did you know that Bush Sr (and family) was a regular visitor of a particular synagogue.

  • guest

    Bob are you muslin

  • Lyuba Allenivna Marchenko

    For what it is worth, this bisexual knows Obama is full of it. The Russian LGBT know it, too. Obama couldn’t govern a herd of cats!

  • David Stephens

    Although Putin is somewhat correct, here we go with a foreign national lumping the American people in with the crappy ideals of our govt.

  • Jeffery Fro Hunt

    What part of him saying that he is, outright, has you confused? Who is the Asshat, Dickhole?

  • mdanoi

    I would have to see the words come out of his mouth to believe this.

  • Collin Nonapplicable

    Not all Americans are “Dumb” (speaking of shoolboy english….) A lot of us here in America, are just people like you in Russia. We just want to live, peacefully with one another. I think it’s high time the world recognized that the people of America are no longer in control of the American government. It is, and has been for quite some time now, a self autonomous entity acting of its own volition and accord. If what Putin says is honestly what he wants, to throw down with the dictators and tyrants of the world, then I would gladly join his “Holy” crusade. But something tells me he’s just another politician. Perhaps the hidden vehemence and obvious blanket party he wants to throw on an entire country and her people. Now… it’s time for me to practice my Russian. Good day ladies and gents.

  • GrannyGripes

    which part of the essay comes from Putin. BTW it is an exceptional essay and does deserve to be passed around the nation .

  • GrannyGripes

    a “RED LINE” JFK, comes to mind

  • Missy Fitch

    I say we elect Putin to be our president. That by far was more intellegent than anything our government has said in many years! As an American citizen I am against bombing in any country to further any side in a civil war. Let them work it out and then talk to the winner! Obama is a fool and in my opinion a war criminal. He needs to be thrown into the countries he seems to love more than America and let him see how much they love him back….

  • Missy Fitch

    He has straight oyt said, “I am a Muslim.” how is there room for debate on this?

  • Missy Fitch

    he has commited many crimes. Violating the constitution again and again. Or do you really think its legal to wire tap the entire nation or to force people to buy a service. Or to force states NOT to inforce our immigration laws.

  • deadwood77

    Than why is russia supporting Iran and syria if he is trying to put to rest such evilness. Some people talk out of both sides of their mouth.

  • Missy Fitch

    personally, i prefer my president to be American first and religous second. the presidents first loyality should be to the country,

  • beegeegirl

    jarrett !!!!! that’s the key to the white house … she is his master !!!!! and don’t you remember when he said that the ‘call to “PRAYER” is the most beautiful sound in the world’ ?????

  • hsfred

    I don’t believe he wrote it, but somebody did a nice job except for lumping Americans into the same dung pile as the so-called leaders of this country.

  • Robin Cameron


  • Robin Cameron

    At least he has some form of respectfulness and knows the basics of life like how a male and female are to reproduce, I am so tired of the filthy abomination of Obama. Obama is a total embarrassment!

  • Robert Taylor

    If we had a Congress with cajones, this son-of-a-bitch (literally) would be jailed NOW while impeachment proceedings are carried on. He acts like he’s “ON” something like SSRI’s.

  • James Glover

    bob if nothing else sending aid to avowed enemies of the US is treason and he should be impeached and tried for it like the criminal he is…for God’s sake man he was disbarred as was his wife. what part of the fraud on the American people do you not understand.

  • Robert Taylor

    He’s definitely got more integrity in his left thumb than OBOMBer has in his whole corpus.

  • Robert Taylor

    You go, Putin.

  • Donna

    Really? Moslem? lol, You are what is wrong with this country.

  • Donna

    He has NEVER said that. Again, you are part of what is wrong with our country

  • Davey Kaos

    Obama needs to get on the mat with Mr. Putin. Vlad would beat his ass, LOL! .

  • Bob

    Kevin Lake should not in today’s climate fabricate a leader’s words without saying up-front that it is well researched fiction!

  • Spencer

    Whomever wrote it is correct, our government is bought and paid for with Saudi Arabian oil money, and they’ve had us dancing to THEIR tune since the 70’s

  • Judith77

    This has been the plan from the start. I recall the open mic statement from Obama to Dmitry Medvedev, Obama stating there would be more ‘flexibility’ after the election. Obama didn’t want to go along with this plan. He likes the Muslim Brotherhood, has them in key position in our government and will stand with them should political winds shift. No war, too many people have been killed. Our government is on the wrong side. Muslim Brotherhood will keep the US Dollar and other factions will go to the EU or have their own. It comes down to money, those that have the power to the Federal Reserve has been playing countries since 1913. We could go bankrupt folks. Mid East nations are using other currency. Our dollar is weakened. Our debt is extremely high. Military contractors are salivating at the money to be had.

  • ChildofGod

    What is wrong with people? Do you not see that our government is behind ALL the evil in the world? Why anyone would have voted Ovomit in, I have no clue and then even a 2nd time they vote him in? But it is quite obvious so many don’t pray for wisdom, because they think THEY know it all. And if you are not God people then you also don’t see we are in the end times and will see prophecy fulfilled. It’s all written I a Book that people don’t believe in. Is Ovomit the Anti Christ? Nope, he’s not smart enough for that, but he’s definitely the precursor of the anti Christ. Fasten your seatbelts people and FOCUS on God because it’s coming…the end.. I have read the end of the book, have you?

  • Missy Fitch

    Ok maybe he never said it like that but he quotes the Koran like I do the bible, he praises the muslim faith over and over. HE NEVER makes refrences to christian beliefs unless he is appologizing for them. YOU are the sheep and part of whats wrong with this country if you are so ignorant that you believe he is Christian. I bet you think there was weapons of mass distruction in baghdad too. Just because a man claims to be christian doesn’t mean he actually is. His ACTIONS speak for him and they are shouting he is muslim





  • teroll

    How does citing a case about the fourteenth amendment and suffrage create any form of “smoking gun” for Obama?





  • just a guy who cant vote

    My question to the president would be, with all these people still out of full time work, and with all the other various problems you created by using your executive powers to enact laws that were not sanctioned by congress, Why is america wasting what little resources we have fighting a war that has absolutely nothing to do with us nor does it serve the interests of the american people?

    my next question would be what the hell is wrong with you? why are you conspiring with Putins enemies in his own country? are you trying to start a second cold war?

    America YOU voted for this wolf in sheeps clothing, much like the depressed Germany after WWI was fooled by hitler you to have been tricked into thinking this fool of a president has anything but his own self interests at heart.

    Obama has been telling you what you want to hear so you continue to vote for him so he stays in power longer, lets recap a few items firstly he gets a very generous salary which he will continue to receive long after his days as pres are over, what about obama care he told you what you wanted to hear you all fell for it and now its law and when it goes into full effect you can expect massive tax hikes to cover the staggering costs (so you will pay for your healthcare after all in a more indirect manor) Mr President why are you seeking to enact laws that will increase debt and bankrupt the country?

    We could go on about a million other things but isnt it funny how immigration reform popped up right at a critical time during the elections while people were still deciding who to vote for. I have spent thousands of dollars to immigrate the legal way ive jump through countless hoops ive been poked and proded in every way possible, And to think the president wants to take a dump on my doorstep by giving all the illegals citizenship.

    Mr president how is that in anyway shape or form fair and tolerant? while some smuggled themselves in and work jobs ILLEGALLY, GATHER government assistance ILLEGALLY, or turn to a life of crime and gang banging, others like myself had to pay the price. Mr president how does making all those illegals eligible for welfare and other forms of government assistance aid in the interests of the hard working american people?

    Mr president how does removing firearms from law abiding citizens reduce crime? as far as i can tell the people that are doing the killing don’t abide by the laws that govern this land. Your own home state which has the harshest gun control laws in the country also has the highest amount of violent crimes committed per capita. Mr President would you care to make a comment… no i didnt think so. Meanwhile over in Switzerland where somthing like 1 out of every four citizen owns and or carries a gun violent crime rates are almost non existent.. Mr President would you like to make a comment on that? …. no i didnt think so. So basically all you have in your bag of tricks is misuse of mainstream media to push your gun control agenda. BTW what reason do you have to disarm the people (which is unconstitutional) speaking of constitution did you not take an oath to uphold that constitution.. Mr President would you care to make a comment on that? …. no i didnt think so.

    So Mr President if your non of your agendas aid in american interests would you care to comment as to whos interests your looking to? Im confused you keep saying this is for the betterment of America but all the evidence suggests to the contrary unless its better to be bankrupt, and unable to defend ourselves against our own government….

    Mr President do you have anything to say??

    …… probably not, we will give your teleprompter a few days to process before we expect an awnser.

  • shane orielly

    So I’m supposed to believe Putin wrote this? Now who thinks I’m dumb.

  • Tony Boyd

    I said months ago after the Boston bombing that we should partner with Russia and wipe the muslims off the face of the earth.

  • GMR

    Phony letter and you all fall for this???

  • milt

    Obama spoke in his native tongue at the Muslim convention welcoming them and said “I am one of you” also said “The sound of muslim prayer was the sweetest sound”. He IS a Muslim. He wears a ” muslim shahadah ring and has worn it since college…. we can’t forget this quote from Obama’s book Audacity of Hope pg 261
    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
    Whatever did he mean by that?
    Obama is not legally African-American as he claims but Arab-American and Islam still considers him to be a Muslim.

  • Kyle Clark

    PUTIN 2016

    Seeing that being a natural born citizen doesn’t matter anymore.

  • mick

    I have always felt this way, by the way he didn’t call every America dumb….lol….who ever wrote this, hit the nail on the head.

  • Michael Price

    Mr. Putin,
    First off you are welcome to come to “Our” America and speak with the NRA. You do not have to convince “most” of us of how inept this President is. Anyone with half a brain and sense enough to wipe their own butt can see right through his illusion. I believe (and I believe most will agree) that Arab problems need to be solved by Arab nations. Do they not have an Arab League that they can turn to? Hell your right next door and I am sure you do not want the use of these weapons happening there as the fallout could affect your great nation. The ONLY time I believe America should intervene in another nations affairs is when it “DIRECTLY” affects us as a Nation or affects one of our Allies “DIRECTLY”.
    The liberal American media likes to show pictures of dead babies, women and children suffering to coheres the American public into being sympathetic. My question to them is where were the pictures of the hacked up bodies of 100’s of thousands of Africans that were murdered because of race and ethnicity? Is a baby killed by a “so called” gas attack any more horrific than a baby being hacked into pieces by a machete wielding mob? What of the problems we have just south of our border that is now trickling into our border States? The kidnappings, murders, beheadings but no reports on those.
    You see Mr. Putin the problem in America is that we have been so sidetracked by Political Correctness. People are scared to voice their true feelings and to have a coherent thought without feeling the need to filter it. People of America need to STAND UP and let their voices be heard. People of America need to get off of their ASSES on election days and get to that voting booth to cast that ballot. If they TRUELY respect that soldier in the field and the hundreds of thousands more that has given the ultimate sacrifice for THEIR FREEDOM then they need to get out there and VOTE!!!
    The problem in America is complacency Mr. Putin not intelligence.

  • Keith

    It is a good thing that we are adults. Why? Because the child in me wants to take all the treats of what they will do if we attack Syria as a dare. So the child in me says, just NUKE the whole middle east until it glows and turns to glass. We don’t need them and we don’t need their oil.

  • Kyle

    Fakest bs I’ve ever seen. Putin did not write that.

  • David William Reid

    No not all Americans are dumb, just those who support these traitors in congress. And hose who voted him back in not once but twice! Those people are DUMB! The rest about banning together? He is right about that. Thats the only thing I have bad to say about Putin, that I respect him more then anyone in our own government. Its something I NEVER thought I would be saying. Thats sad!

  • Taxilady88

    Basically Putin is saying war is war…forget the niceties and FIGHT. This COURTEOUS way of fighting is KILLING and MAIMING our family members! You can’t be NICE and win a war! Putin understands that,…wish OUR leaders understood that! Screw the UN and their Rules of Engagement! War is UGLY, it is DEADLY and no amount of “RULES” can change that! Obama is trying to save face. He has NO idea WHO let off those chemical bombs. Why the rush? Could it be because Wed. is 9/11? He is wanting us to take the side of people who MURDERED our own citizens on that day? What a slap in the face of those who died in those towers, in the Pentagon, and that field in PA. Does he really HATE Americans that MUCH?

  • John

    He was born into a muslim family, everyone but his mother and people on her side are muslim. His religion was muslim and there were never any conversion papers. His mother happened to be an atheist.
    So Muslim + Atheist = Christian? No… When you are born into a muslim family and practice the muslim faith then magically you become christian and attend a christian church where the pastor is a black panther supporting anti white preaching evil bastard. That does not make you christian either.

    Care to try again?

  • F-Obama

    Well said !

  • Educated

    Read the first line. You are what is wrong with this country.

  • Larry Launer

    I’d take Putin any day over this clown we have now, He can take all his liberal progressives and move to mexico , and take all his illegal buds with him also.

  • Shelby

    DO NOT GLORIFY THIS SNAKE IN THE GRASS……THIS IS HIS INTENTION…to “LOOK” better than oblomo… get you to just adore him…to win your heart……He is as corrupt as all others! Gog and Magog ring a bell? He is chomping at the bit…waiting to strike…and he will! wake up for those who state” Putin for President”..are you NUTS???? read some of the post here……REALLY????? stop being idiots for GOD”S sake and your own sake!!!!!

  • principacia

    We , Americans are not the dumb ones. Our house is filled with Muslims who will not stand against terrorists. We do not want to bomb Syria. We want peace and desperately want our America back. Listen to Judge Jeannine’s opening remarks Sat night. Most Americans agree with her. You Mr Putin could probably get elected here as president after this letter. That is if you could stop the dead from voting .

  • principacia

    Where have you been for the last five years Donna?

  • linlin

    Thank you Mr Putin.

  • linlin

    Mike I totally agree with what you said, Thank you

  • crazymohawk86

    Putin does make some points about us, but genocide on any scale is wrong . after reading the comments im just amazed at how closed minded people there are

  • Ed Mulhall

    A lot of this makes sense. I am not a fan of Putin by any means, but I have recently begun to understand that our concepts about the world are not always entirely accurate as he points out. How many times can we make the same mistakes and pay the bill. We should have a world alliance that works against the fanatics and despots instead of the “United Nothing” nations that is practically useless and corrupt.
    We are at war with terrorism, yet we continue to deny that, and end up aiding the enemies of our country through repeated attempts to change the middle east by force.
    This latest misguided endeavor by Obama is an example of how little we comprehend the danger of further involvement in that part of the world, especially by taking sides in a civil war….Obama has been a screw up since day one, many of us understand that, and though we may wish it wasn’t so it is. Look at this country! It is dead in the water! The media has refused to recognize or report many of the misrepresentations and all out lies from that camp for 5 years…..
    We could have better relations with Russia, firm, no nonsense, diplomacy that will make both countries clearer about the future of the globe. We are wasting our young people and resources in these futile attempts to change radical Islam while actually extending their errors around the world.

  • Someone that fact checks

    Hah Americans once again being idiots. This isn’t a real letter. But nice to know that you guys are capable of writing satire. The Patriot is a website for idiots, god bless your idiot souls.

  • Ryan

    I called my congressman and gave him my 2 cents. What more can I do?

  • Taxilady88

    Doesn’t matter if Putin wrote this or not…what was written is what is important. We WILL be idiots if we bomb Syria. There are talks about Syria giving up their arsenal of Chemical weapons as gesture, even thought they STILL say they didn’t do it. As I stated before..War is WAR…this idea that you can’t shoot someone unless you are SURE they are shooting at YOU is nonsense. I have MORE rights here to shoot someone than our soldiers have! Over there you do not know who your enemy is…he might just be sitting next to you in an office where you are training him to take over. Hmmmm…I think this is how we beat the British…they had uniforms on so we KNEW they were the enemy…WE just wore whatever and knew the land and how to hide….we didn’t even wait for them to shoot first! No U.N. back then…Thank God!

  • us citizen

    mayb i should b russian

  • justtoosmooth

    Half the people here commenting were in a coma between 2000-2008. Maybe you should read old news stories about a President named George W. Bush.

  • mary kempski

    don’t blame the american people for obama stupidity and i understand your concerns,, i rather impeach our president and all the congress behind him… i pray that syria can take their own problems and we need to stay out of foreign problems and mind our own business, to many people have died for what… Muslims need to be taken out,, the bad ones that is…

  • Angie Helix

    im not dumb, its the people around me who, as scripture puts it, “God has sent them strong delusion.” those of us who can understand truth in my understanding are the ones who are blessed, yet cursed with having to deal with these idiots. our task is no matter what we are to love them despite whats going wrong. moral of the story? trust. trust in God. now i still say the enemy of my enemy is my friend and at this point i will not follow obummers orders because they mean nothing. my nation my HOME! mean something to me not the asshat trying to kill it.

  • Michelle

    Traitors!! U all are sick!

  • rosech

    Russia has Putin and, alas, we have Obama! Putin states a valid case while Obama and his puppeteers do not. The majority of Americans say no to anything to do with Syria, let alone give OUR money to the rebels, those wonderful friends of Obama and the globalists. Globalists can be stupid too by supporting the Brotherhood. So the Brotherhood grows, kills off the globalists (too bad you stupids) and then continue killing themselves off. At least the planet will be completely free of ALL vermin and God can start again with maybe humans who can really understand why they have free will and should use it justly and not stupidly! I do regret that Putin puts ALL Americans in Obama’s boat, but hey we allowed him to enter the White House on cheating votes, we did not vet him when he first ran, we have let him get away with not presenting any documents about himself, and even let him make gobs of EOs and taking authority away from our weak kneed Congress, so I can understand where Putin is coming from on this statement. Lovely email going around comparing Putin and Obama, their mothers and their wives. I saved it because it right on point. Smart man vs. stupid brainless man, beautiful mother vs. slut mother, beautiful intelligent wife vs. butt ugly smart ass wife, and so on. God bless Putin also for allowing churches to reopen. Like Assad, he ain’t perfect but he is 100% better than what we have!

  • patriotusa2

    I doubt very much if Putin wrote this letter. There’s no way he would refer to Assad as being capable of using chemical weapons when in other instances he staunchly denied that Assad used them. Also the remark about the Iranians being “nuts” regarding nuclear weapons was a contradiction. The Russians, according to what I read, literally showed the Iranians how to construct these nukes. There was also reports that the Russians supplied the plutonium. I believe the letter supposedly coming from Putin is a fabrication.

  • rosech

    We complain about China but China is smart and keeps their “muslims” limited to one area and under control. I can attend Mass in China and not feel like my government is closing me down. Yes, China is a controller, but is not Obama’s government not a controller? Think about it. We let it happen. Our bad and what are we doing about it but complaining and talking. That ain’t gonna change nothing! How many in America are willing to give up everything, including their lives, to win back America as did our forefathers – their lives, fortunes, and future. Somehow, I doubt we are that many! We have lost our mojo.

  • rosech

    Maybe not but it states the case straightforward and that is more than we get from MSM and Obama and his administration, isn’t it?

  • CharlotteGreenbarg

    Putin may be evil, but he’s not stupid. He knows, as most of us do, that if Obama, probably right up there with the all-time incompetents, hits Syria, it’ll cause a world war. And that’s not in Putin’s best interests.

  • rosech

    Uh, wait a minute, O’s rear is an important part of his persona. Maybe just crush his head?

  • Angermanagement

    President Putin seems like a very intelligent man. We all agree Obama is not qualified to be the president of a grocery store, not much less America. Many people new Pakistan was no friend of the US, we often wondered why the millions wasted on that country. Bush was not a genius but at least he has a love for America and the American people! I think he just got in over his head. Any human put in his position with the WTC/ and the Pentagon terrorist devastation would have a hell of a time protecting his country and knowing which way to go. I do not understand why our government allows Obama to keep spreading havoc, dismissing our constitution, and acting like the US is his own personnel playground to do with as his mood strikes him is beyond most Americans comprehension. He is an idiot surrounded by his morons, losers, and ass kissers! Why! Why would these so called civil servants and the liberal lapdog media want to see the end of America. We are now the clowns to the world being led, I fear, by a very dangerous demented clown who has most of Washington by the balls for one reason or another.

  • rosech

    To put it succinctly so you understand: Obama is evil along with his administration and his puppeteers, so who is calling the pot black? Obama always speaks from both sides of his mouth and either side is a lie because he is coached on what to say or do. Comparing him to the Syrian rebels or the Brotherhood is justifiable because it is all about killing the innocent and good vs. killing the evil ones – Obama is protecting his Brotherhood and wants to kill off more of military. My thought is: Generals defy Obama and not allow ANY of our men and women to go to any country for any reason. We need them here to protect us.

  • Charles P

    There are MANY lies in this “letter”.
    It claims that U.S.- Russian relations warmed during the 1970’s.
    I STOPPED 3 SOVIET INVASIONS OF THE U.S., during that time!!!
    I stopped 3 Soviet invasions of Western Europe, DURING THAT TIME PERIOD!

    The letter criticizes the U.S. News media.
    The myth of America having a “FREE PRESS”, has been a load of crap, FOR MANY MANY DECADES!!

    The letter mentions Americans in Afghanistan, helping to push out the Soviet Army.

    Whoever WROTE THIS LETTER, is either a LIAR, or IGNORANT OF THE TRUE HISTORY THAT OCCURRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • toongail

    I was thinking the same thing LOL

  • rosech

    Obama is stupid, but his supporters/puppeteers/globalists are not. They selected this choom fried brainless empty suit because of his “voice” and his supposedly great ideas – Obama is coached probably while golfing on what to say and do because on his own he couldn’t even open an umbrella! and we know without a teleprompter he cannot speak (one of the first assets a REAL lawyer learns to do). He has no real past and as far as I am concerned, he should not have a real future!

  • Tom

    Obama – Antichrist: The World’s Greatest Peacemaker – He
    comes to power on a platform of Peace – He comes
    in peaceably and deceives the many….

  • rosech

    No matter who wrote it, it states with full clarity the situation as it truly is. We Americans need to band together and get America back. Are Americans dumb? Many are unfortunately, and the rest we just talk, talk, talk and no action and that is also dumb.

  • freedixie

    You been living under a rock since 2007 or what? This guy is Muslim, he claims to be Muslim, he said that he would side with Muslims if the “political winds shift in an ugly direction” in one of his books. Pull your head out of your a$$ and get into the real world.

  • Understanditall

    You been living under a rock Gary Miller – Yes, the President of the U.S.A. is a full-blown Muslim!!!

  • rosech

    Not important who wrote it, but it states the obvious very well and it resonates!

  • freedixie

    How about numerous violations of the Constitution? Will that work for you? What? Hasn’t committed any? How about these:
    The top 10 violations of the Constitution by Obama and the 111th Congress
    At the close of the 111th Congress, America is deeply in the bog of Thomas Jefferson’s prophetic warning: “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” Unfortunately, the broken chains of the Constitution have failed to contain the federal government.
    By way of review, let’s take a stroll through the junkyard of constitutional violations that have been painted fresh by President Obama and the 111th Congress. Here’s my top-ten list, highly abbreviated for length.
    #10. — 9/11 Responders Relief Fund: We love and honor those who put themselves in harm’s way for our security. However, giving the 9/11 first responders money after the fact violates the Constitution. Article 1.8 gives Congress the right to expend funds for all the purposes itemized, provided it is done for the general welfare, NOT for individuals or preferred groups. The states may reward heroes if they so choose.
    #9. — Checks and Balances Failure: The Chairmanship of the UN Security Council: Where was Congress when President Obama became the chairman of the powerful UN Security Council in 2009? The normal monthly rotation for that chair goes to the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. because Article 1.9 of the Constitution forbids the president (and all other office-holders) from accepting any present, foreign office or title from a foreign country or a foreign potentate unless it is specifically authorized by Congress. The Founders wanted to prevent deal-making, corruption, and foreign influence from affecting America’s internal affairs.
    #8. — Net Neutrality: The government is trying to stop Internet providers from blocking or slowing some web traffic and prevent providers from showing favoritism. The FCC thinks it should be able to regulate the Internet like it regulates utility companies. This violates the property rights of Internet providers and interferes in the market’s free choice of which services receive funding. Article 1.8 makes it clear that the FCC is not constitutionally authorized to pass laws, especially those disguised as regulations.
    #7. – Czars: The moniker for appointees who report to no one but the president has taken on a new and eerie resemblance to the dusty Russian tsars of old. Article 2.2 grants the president leeway to appoint managers, but those managers may not have any regulatory, legislative or law-making powers — such powers are reserved to the legislative branch. Today’s “czars” have the power of cabinet members without having to go through a vetting process or the confirmation process prescribed for cabinet members. Czars are unelected and untouchable political decision-makers — in violation of Article 1.1.
    #6. — Cap and Trade: The Clean Energy and Security Act mandates greenhouse gas emissions be reduced to 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020, 42 percent below 2005 levels by 2030, and 84 percent below 2005 levels by 2050. By 2020, this tax will extract an estimated $160 billion from the economy, or an average $1,870 per family. Once again, had the chains of Article 1.8 not been broken, America would be spared such tomfoolery. Cap and trade masked in any disguise whatsoever cannot be justified as a general welfare activity.
    #5. — Cash for Clunkers: The government offered $4,500 rebates to people turning in their clunkers for more fuel-efficient vehicles. When the first program quickly ran out of the $4 billion allotted to it, another $2 billion was added. Follow-up analysis showed the program did nothing to stimulate the economy and put many people into additional debt by encouraging them to purchase cars that they otherwise would not have bought during these hard economic times. The government has zero authority to selectively give individuals tax money for purchases of vehicles, according to Articles 1.2 and 1.8 — and common sense.
    #4. — TARP Funding: The original 2008 act authorized $700 billion to bail out banks and other institutions. The government has no business rescuing private financial institutions from bad judgment and risky ventures. Article 1.8 excludes permission for Congress to grant financial aid or loans to private companies. Any use of Treasury funds must go toward the general welfare, not to specific groups.
    #3. — Illegal Immigration: Arizona is being invaded. When that state passed SB 1070 to stem the flow of violent illegals into its sovereign territory, a derelict federal government turned around and sued. At issue was the Feds’ failure to control the border, so Arizona took it upon itself to do just that — to uphold existing federal immigration laws. It didn’t add new laws; it simply gave local authorities the power to enforce federal responsibilities. The federal government claims the right to manage immigration, but when it refuses to carry out that obligation, thereby jeopardizing the security of border states, it is derelict in its duties. Arizona should haul the federal government before the Supreme Court for malfeasance. Article 4.4 clearly states that the U.S. shall protect states from invasion — more than 400,000 illegal aliens (est.) in Arizona is, by definition, an invasion.
    #2. — Economic Stimulus Bill: The $814 billion stimulus is the most backward-thinking proposition to come along since human sacrifice. Dumping borrowed money into an over-fed, bloated and out-of-control ogre doesn’t solve anything, it simply temporarily props up with blocks of melting ice cream a failed and failing government of extravagance. Not only does it illegally take money out of the economy that could be used to provide jobs, but it’s using borrowed money — with interest due.
    And the worst violation of the Constitution over the past two years is …
    #1. — Health Care Reform: Health care reform was the last lever needed to lift the lid off the pot of American gold and empty it out for socialism. It required all Americans to have health insurance whether they wanted it or not. Earlier this month, Federal Judge Henry E. Hudson said that the government has no power “to compel an individual to involuntarily enter the stream of commerce by purchasing a commodity in the private market.”
    The string of constitutional violations supporting the judge’s rejection is long and shocking:
    For purposes of regulation, Congress invoked Article 1.8 and claimed insurance may be controlled because it falls under Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce. But insurance is not interstate commerce — you can’t buy insurance across state lines

  • DMI

    The ever present population of the United States of America does not want to get involved in Syria.. We do not side with our President who is a blatant idiot. Most of us are shaken and distraught over our involvement in other countries, we are waking up Mr. Putin. I was in my teens during the Vietnam war. I don’t want to see anymore of our women and men killed for something that serves no purpose, nor do I want to see innocent victims in other countries murdered. More then likely you will never see this post but please do not include the populace of the US as part of the problem. We do not support our President or the hierarchy who supports this. We do not trust the media , we are embarrassed. Apparently the overwhelming majority has no say in what is going on. What will be done, will be done despite our protests.

  • Beeta

    Don’t blame all americans… He is a cancer to us as well. I never thought a Russian Pres. would hold my respect over an America Pres. but today it has happened. I hate the sob in the WH. Putin makes more sense and cares more the American people that Obama. Obama has agenda to destroy our nation and he has his plans well on the way.. the more we wait to act the more we will have to battle .. Putin is right on… I am with Putin.

  • prentiss campbell

    are you kidding that omuslim is so deep in he can not get honest!!!! he will snitch on himself and his homies. when it comes time to play cowboys and muslime he will then be stripped naked and delt with cuz sure as carma comes around. when shit hits the fan all his business buddies are going to want immunity rhutro raggie then we will see the dirty scumbag for what he is a true crook in the white house

  • prentiss campbell

    sad truth is i believe the words of the russian pres more then i do the american pathological liar truly so much loss in trust

  • Ladee Diane

    Barack Hussein Obama ( Which is his MUSLIM name not birth name) he is the enemy. Like the radical Islamists, jihadists and all muslims Obama is a dannger to the nation. He must be stopped however it need be done. He is a joke a traitor, a liar and a fraud. How is it that this man is still in the office of President? Might it be that we fear a race riot? We impeached Nixon for less….we need to get rid of this jokester. And his side kick RINO MCCain….its time he lay down and treat his dementia

  • Jim

    “So if you want to destroy him, what are you going to give me in return?” ummmmm, Obummer sounds like a fair trade.

    if you want to destroy him, what are you going to give me in return? –
    See more at:
    if you want to destroy him, what are you going to give me in return? –
    See more at:
    if you want to destroy him, what are you going to give me in return? –
    See more at:
    if you want to destroy him, what are you going to give me in return? –
    See more at:

  • boone1

    What I don’t know is why someone has not shot this SOB yet.

  • john do

    ok.. so I speak Russian and I have seen a number of Putin’s speeches and read quite a few of his addresses to the people. This is not him. A man of his intelligence and tactical skill would never write something in such an offensive language. Come on, “you are dumb”? “Lap dog reporters”? Give me a beak

  • boone1

    Obama is a total embarrassment to GOD!!

  • Que Dub

    pockky-ston is getting 16 BILLION$$$$$ foreign aid from us every year now since nobamma got in office fraudulently !!!

  • wjgreen314

    Even IF Putin didn’t write the above does anyone seriously doubt that it captures many of Putins expressed and unexpressed sentiments. The parts that are flawed and not completely accurate do not seriously detract from the parts that are veracious and accurate. Once a KGB agent always a KGM agent. Realpolitik shall remain Putin’s ethos.

  • Jillian Pierone

    So you only have sex when you’re trying to get pregnant?

    That must be stressful..

  • I know better

    Putin did not write this, some American wrote this as a call to arms. Show me the Russian version and yhe letterhead.

  • boone1

    Lady you are the problem in this country.You and people like you need to wake the hell up obama was not born in AMERICA and he is a muslim and a communist.

  • boone1

    obama is a muslim fool

  • I know better

    So it is ok to falsely attribute this document to Putin and the hen state that this is what he believes and feels? I think not, find a better and more ethical way to support your position.

  • boone1

    Obama has even said here in AMERICA that he is and always will be a muslim you know some people are just plan stupid when it comes to obama they don’t want to know the truth about this gay communist.

  • Glen Saunders

    The very first thing we need to do as a Nation is kick our do nothing cowardly congress in the proverbial sit down. They have allowed this muslim marxist to wreck havoc on all of America. Patronized his stupidity at the cost of American freedom. He is as phony as a three dollar bill and congress knows it. His big Obamacare package is biting us all in the butt and congress is playing games with it. His newest game is dropping bombs on a country that isn’t worth our time not to mention one American life or one American dollar.

  • lesley

    I haven’t seen thins much passion since WrestleMania. Maybe Putin should send us more love letters.

  • Mike Johnson

    He is an embarrassment to us all, He needs to go NOW…….Impeach Obama….

  • boone1

    Do you think these people are going to do any kind of research that’s a joke for these people.How do you think he got back into office by fraud.

  • boone1

    Obama is a muslim dude get your head out of your AZZ.

  • interestedobserver2

    I never thought I’d say this — but you have a point! :-)

  • Rebeckah Casey-Cardiel

    Lol…nice piece of fiction.

  • boone1

    Hey Milt don’t you know you can’t talk to stupid azz LIBERALS they have no brains

  • Rebeckah Casey-Cardiel

    LMAO!! That’s funny as shit!

  • boone1

    You got it right AMERICANS are dumb and keeping a muslim in the white house makes us look even DUMBER.

  • boone1

    She’s had her head up her AZZ.

  • jime1

    Many feel this letter is a fabrication,perhaps it is, but what if it isn’t. What if that really is how he sees things. Hey, Russia nor China has been friendly to the west since WWII, BUT that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be once again, after all they were both allies once, and not so very long ago. Putin makes some excellent points. What we have been doing hasn’t worked worth a tinkers darn, perhaps a new strategy is in order. Maybe not exactly how he sees it, but it’s a starting place, a place to begin serious negotiation, and far better than what we continue to do. We cannot argue that the Muslim problem has improved in any way after years of fighting and BILLIONS, if not a trillion or more dollars, and thousands of dead and wounded Americans. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Radical Islam has a goal and are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill that goal, no matter the cost. The better question is, are we???

    Oops, but first we need a commander-in-chief with brains, political savvy, and balls, none of which is possessed by the current looser-in-chief. Sometimes it pays to look beyond the end of ones nose. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy can be at the least be a potential friend. Europe is done with the Muslim invasion, China and Russian have issues on their boarders by the Muslim threat, Israel is surrounded by the Muslim threat, The U.S. has been and will be again the target of of the Muslim threat. Things to consider before we find ourselves even more isolated and all alone. Sometimes the bully and the bullied end up friends.

  • boone1

    obama’s mother was a hard core communist and her family was to.

  • Gary Tony Scott

    Our president needs psychiatric help. If he follows through with this we will be in WW III with, unfortunately, the fact that we started it. We somehow need to have him removed from his position in office, otherwise he will have a lot of us killed by our “enemies” (if you want to call them that), We need to stay capitalistic, no matter what. So why would we do something as bad as starting WW III?

  • Jimmie Fan

    Alothough I am not a supporter of this administration, I am a supporter of the United States and he is our President. And the only problem I have with this KGB Ba$tard is he is not looking out for anyone’s best interests but his own. PERIOD. And it’s also like the scenario when someone outside of your family criticizes someone within yours. It’s ok for me to do it, but by God it’s not ok from an outsider. So I get what Comrade KGB is saying, but let us handle it ‘in-house’ if you will.

  • Just

    youi are a dump ass

  • just

    I hope the secret service pays you a visit and take your ass to a place where it don’t shine and beat the living shit out of you …dumb fuck. Ignorant assholes like you is what’s wrong with this country.

  • Chris Thomas Wakefield

    Look, this letter is just a FAKE. Most of you reading this are probably American citizens, so let me tell you this: You are on a steady diet of lies from your government about practically ANYTHING, so whatever you believe you really should RETHINK. Another thing you NEED TO KNOW, is the fractionation of your government and the LACK OF POWER your president has. Know your history, most presidents are KEPT IN THE DARK about many things (to supposedly deny knowledge for legal purposes), this leaves your CIA and company to maintain its grip on international affairs (which is why everyone hates the U.S.). You are living in a bubble if you think the U.S. is the great saviour of the world, We have news for you: it ain’t, in fact the U.S., along with England, has become the scourge of modern times.

  • Robin Cameron

    No God made woman for man under holy matrimony . The bible clearly tells us what is right in the sight of God and normal..there is nothing wrong with sex in the proper use. I can use a butter knife for a screw driver too but it doesn’t mean that’s what it was made for orgianlly… I pray you will understand this in Love I bless you and i pray for your understanding amen

  • Chip Burgess

    ::facepalm:: I dont like obama either but you really make yourself look like the idiot here. When you insult someone for being stupid make sure you know how to properly convey that message in english. Im going to go catch my plane to TX now…..

  • random

    They all need to be thrown out. We need to completely rid of the federal goverment. Give all power to the states and let the top commander in the army control the army and ONLY go to war if WE are being threatened. This is only an idea and will take more ideas before we come up with one good enough…. But let me say this, Your congressman does not give a shit. All these assholes get paid for life. Every crook should be thrown out by US the USA. The power is in the numbers and we have the numbers, just not organized well enough. We ALL need to take our guns and do a peaceful protest and if need be a violent protest. We need to throw every crook out and cut their checks. We have the power just not the will. Its not just you its all of AMERICA. We could actually do something and majority of us want to but we need a GREAT leader to follow. Im only waiting for someone to make that step and I will be there. It could be any one of us. One thing is for sure, if we stand by and do nothing and watch it happen it will only get worse. These people are voting themselves into power and we are losing more and more control every day. Grab your rifles, pistols, assult rifles and lets take these assholes to war and throw them out of power, that is the only way. Our ancestors did it this way and would be doing it now. America has been dumbed down to letting people take advantage of us. our food and water is poisoned and even makes us docile as well. Please do your research and god bless all of you who atleast have your minds and eyes open.

  • bren54

    OB is the traitor and congress and senate and any fool who follows him. Traitors all.

  • bren54

    No, you and people like you along with BHO IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY.

  • Danial Rogers

    war is not the answer. our president is at the very least misguided. i wish more people were like bob marley. love you all

  • Cole

    Anon I am from Canada …lol and we are a melting pot of races …We have learned to live peacefully for the most part… My comment had to do with us going into middle east and killing the radicals how could one tell the difference between one Muslim from the other .. As a Christian Even though this may in the end put our life a risk … I still for the life of me do not believe in randomly killing people out of fear or prejudice…Sorry for the misunderstanding …

  • MadMoto

    You are welcome to your opinion, but, I trust you have the fortitude to live outside the US and refrain from using US made products or receiving any US benefits. If not, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

  • dorjam434

    Lets add to the discussion. Obama put into the immigration high Archy, a Pakistan ion to be the leader and director of the office. Gave out rules to the American staff on how the rules are changed for immigration. Don’t kid yourselves. Prophesy is in place. The trumpet is about to sound, and through the clouds, Jesus rides on a white house to return for His church. Be ready.

  • Anna

    Putin is a smart man, Obama should steer clear of any sort of intellectual discussion with him, he’s just not smart enough.

  • Observant_One

    You are really a dumb ass. That’s how Putin would do it.

  • rachelm

    Putin is right on. Obama and “W” have ruined our foreign relations and we need some politicians to get some moral conviction and fix this.

  • pike

    Leaders of the world are playing chess. when does it end after half the population is destroyed, Bring out a new board, start a new game. ( ONE THING IS FOR SURE I AM GOING TO BACK MY TEAM) Putin the great DICTATOR.

  • jaxtom

    There’s more thought put into this letter than the whole obozo gang has put into the last term & this one. Putin is a realist and quite capable of “atrocities” against his enemies but at least he knows who the enemy is! We need to get our priorities straight too.

  • Joan Rogers

    Wow Mr Putin, I like your thinking. You move with a plan, not for friends. Talk is Obama is a MuslimBrotherhood member, so we are seeing it as , in Syria , if we went in, would be helping the terrorists. News is , Rebels used the gas. If Assad was taken out, MuslimBrotherhood would win??
    We do not stand behind Obama. Only 2% are for that attack.
    I Pray, all these nations as you mentioned can join together against these Isamic terrorists. Let us all pray standing together for this. Thanks for the input. Please Mr Obama , listen to Mr Putin.

  • bren54

    Why don’t you google it. Do some research , instead of just flat out denying it without ever really knowing the truth. You need not take our word for it, as there are many sources to find this little bit of truth that you so vehemently deny.

  • jenniewalsh

    I do NOT believe that Putin wrote this letter. It is a scam.

    Assad is being demonized, framed and set up by the real perpetrators of the chemical attacks, the New World Order, Satanic Illuminati’s globalist organized crime syndicate, the Kingdom of Satan, the international bankster-gangsters who want to take over the middle east. The Arab nations have resisted the New World Order’s banking crimes, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and all their monetary scams and controls that are robbing other nations blind; and so, the Satanists must overthrow the Arab nations in order to further their one world totalitarian Satanic military police-state bloody dictatorship (hell on earth). This article gives a list of the United States’ atrocities in the use of chemical weapons.

    See how THE WHITE HOUSE IS COMPLICIT in the chemical attacks in Syria and the PLOT to attack Syria leading to World War 3. The 4th video down at minute 42 reveals how hacked e-mails from the White House show that the White House is complicit in the chemical attacks in Syria.
    The first video reveals the REAL MOTIVE and the REAL CULPRITS in the chemical attacks in Syria. This is one of the VERY BEST short and concise accounts of what is really going on behind the scenes that I have ever seen.—The Road to World War 3 (13:48) MUST SEE! How the Arab nations resistance to the New World Order makes them targets for infiltration, demonization and destruction by the globalists.
    ********************************—Revolution: An Instruction Manual (16:41)
    ***********************************—The Death Throes of the United States
    *************************************************—WW3-Alex Jones-What the Military Think to Obama’s Plan (At minute 42, there are hacked e-mails from the White House of 8 months ago that the White House is complicit with the Syrian chemical attacks.)


    Because even worse then the retarded VP would run this country


    why does his religion matter pray tell its like be being gay or straight liking pasta but not spaghetti ITS JUST OPINION


    Dumber is the correct spelling

  • James Graham

    Putin has a much better perspective of what really is shaping up in the Middle East than our leadership does. Pure fact is that “muslims” are the “enemies of the whole world” because their plan is to “control the world by any means possible”. And these cannot continue to “co=exist” as they are now in the UN because both have the same goal in mind. It is this very “division” that will “trigger WWIII”. Sometimes you have to “unite with some you do not agree with” like we did in WWII, when you have a “common enemy”, and Putin is wise enough to see this. For the first time in my life I have to agree with a Russian over what we have now in America. I remember Korea, Viet Nam, and the Cold War and who our enemy was then, and it becomes a very sad time in our nation when you have to agree with those who were once our enemies over our very own president.

  • Kaitty

    Did Putin really and truthfully write this? If so, it is a great letter, truthful, realistic, and I’d agree to all of it! What say you legal US citizens who have a right to vote.

  • Betty Ann Altman

    And what proof is there that this ‘letter’ is from Putin? I see absolutely nothing identifying it as such. Nor does it sound like anything a president would write. Until there is definitive proof, I’ll take it like everything else on the net, with a grain of salt

  • John Galt

    I don’t like being lumped in with political BS decisions.. Americans are getting dumber true, but the foreign policy is not Americans; its Washington DCs and the Globalists…. aim the anger at those assholes

  • Asphalt_Ranger

    Not sick at all Michelle, and not traitors either…just realists, unlike the real traitors that voted an illegal kenyan into our White House, so he could force un-Constitutional socialist agendas down the throats of the American people, and systematically dismantled our sacred rights, because they get in the way of his plans to turn our beloved country into a 3rd world dictatorship. I hope you idiots are enjoying your free handouts while the country sinks like the f*cking Titanic..!

  • Chris Thomas Wakefield

    I live in Canada and am self-employed and I will buy U.S. if the product is comparable otherwise Canadian is usually my choice, but why the freak would I not buy U.S.?: it supports U.S. PEOPLE, I’m into that. There is a difference between the government and the working mom or dad or family, otherwise why would I bother posting a warning to U.S. citizens? There ARE no borders when it comes to caring about your neighbour.

  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    I’m not a Russian but I believe in what Putin is telling to America especially about obama and his media. All Americans have been saying this same thing and now the whole world is saying about the United States instead of pointing at obama and his media. This is what I am sick and tired of and can’t wait until obama is gone from here. I won’t no part of him and am ashamed to even claim that he got re-elected as president of this country but I am so proud to say that he didn’t get a single one of my votes. If it were possible I would sure use my vote to get him out of office!!! The media better wake up and grow a pair rather than keeping sucking up to him. We all know that he is paying for many of you with OUR tax dollars but just wait. All of that can always come back to haunt you when you need support.

  • boone1

    Sorry i hit the wrong key don’t make a big deal out of it .

  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    Yea, I wish we had a president that wouldn’t bend over for queers either. Oqueerma gives them a little bit of freedom and look how they want to rub it in our faces and even think our kids have to learn queer culture in school no doubt. Stuff like this then they want to resolve violence while inciting it.

  • Kim Eisen

    If this guy had done his homework on how Americans feel about an invasion of Syria, he’d have directed his disdain, only at our government, not our people. 70% of Americans are against the invasion. I think, Obama should counter this letter, with one about Putin’s views on homosexuals and how the Russian leader plans to treat them.

  • Steven Shirey

    yeh, putin didnt write this i’d bet but whoever did has a decent handle on things

  • boone1

    I’M the dumb ass hell I never voted for obama.I would never vote for a communist like you and just did you two are both dumb ass SOB and idiots MF’s and sh#t eaters.You two are both Obama’s qreens.

  • Average Joe

    If this was realy from the russion leader I’d join him in A heart beat. We need to over throw our own goverment and join putmen to remove ALL exstreamist from the planet. Considering whos against obutheads plan to lightly bomb syera thats EVERYBODY that dont have their head up O’s butt Wants to make the world A much safer place. That would also end the need for homeland secrutey and the TSA

  • elizabeth cohen

    I do not believe he wrote this. Look and listen to the tone of his letter, sounds like an American wrote this. Too many American phrases.

  • JBQ21

    This letter is absolutely hilarious. It actually makes sense. Obama makes no sense at all. For him to meet with gay activists in Russia is way more than out of line. He is interfering in the right of a sovereign nation to run its own affairs.

  • Sematary

    I agree. This does NOT sound like a letter written by the leader of Russia. It actually sounds more like a letter written by a third world idiot.

  • boone1

    Well let them come to my house you little commie bastard.Then I will send them to your house.And by the way i’m not an Ignorant asshole like you.I’M a combat Vietnam vet 70/71 What have you done for your country lating asshole?

  • truepatriotintx

    Actually, it’s a great idea, but it doesn’t play into end times prophecy. I’m afraid we’re headed down a rathole we may never escape. There’s a reason that the U.S. is not mentioned in the bible end times and it’s because she’s become irrelevant on the world stage.

  • C. Scott Relleve

    This was written by some writer who’s using the nickname “Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin” in the source website, not by Putin himself.

  • boone1

    Ignorant assholes like me will fight for this country again while sorry fucks like you will do nothing but talk.That’s all people like you do is talk,talk you talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.So shut your MF mouth like your name just that’s you just,just wantbe your’ll nothing but crap on a DOG ASS.

  • boone1

    I’M sorry I for got to put the b in there thank you so much.

  • boone1

    Lady how stupid are you going to get.and again you are the problem in this country for voting for this communist.Donna are you on welfare,food stamps do you get your rent payed for by tax payers you muss be are you wouldn’t be saying this bull crap witch is it?

  • rocketman

    I say he is a muslim because I heard him speaking to muslims in another country right after he bowed down to the leader of a muslim country and his words were and I quote they (meaning Americans) would not understand my muslim faith! Also he insulted our fore fathers and our vets (and I am a vet) and every American citizen by bowing before the head of another country!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rocketman

    I was not personally thereI did watch it on line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you are the pres of the greatest country in the world you do not bow to anyone for any reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max

    Putin for President 2016 !!!

  • Keyrlis

    I pray you realize that fanaticism is ignorant and socially unhealthy no matter what name you call your imaginary friend. Especially when “standing in judgement” is in direct opposition to the tenets you have faith in.
    Love your god more than your fellow man? Die for him immediately.

  • Statement23

    what you sound like to me boo is a bitter old man wanting to proclaim that he is better than others that are most likely younger than him that he is better than them because he was given the opportunity to fight in a war. I generally respect veterans but the whole pretentious attitude your sporting because you have seen combat gives other soldiers a bad name. you don’t know how many people would fight for there country if given the chance but in this day and age they could..what? join the army to go terrorize some civilians in the middle east in a phoney war? let people have their discussions and comments and try to keep your bitterness and your elitism to yourself.

  • Keyrlis

    Well, that’s American mentality, for sure. Stupid, blindly violent, and short-sightedly ineffectual.

  • Keyrlis

    I’ve been a FUNCTIONAL part of it. You are a boisterous, threatening asshole. I spend time trying to point out to you self-important ‘Muricuns that the CONGRESS that YOU elected with non-ending terms of office are the ones who make budget decisions, war declarations, AND all the rules you seem to forget that YOU, also, are subject to, even if you don’t like them. If you were TRULY a patriot, you would do something other than make murderous threats against a *figurehead* who has about as much real control of this country as YOU do, and start trying to depose those overpaid, easily bribed politicians that fail to represent their constituents.

  • Keyrlis

    NO- u peepul dat caint reed r rite dunt no how to cumunikate yur ideuhs in a wa de rest uf de wurld cun reed it.
    If you don’t know how to clearly and effectively speak about what you’re talking about, just STFU so those of us *able* to comprehend and absorb information can, and at the level required for intelligent discussion.
    Moslem. Is that like a Krystyin?

  • jagans

    Yeah, like the most powerful politician in Russia is going to begin a letter to the American People by saying “You Americans are Dumb”

    Only Odumbo would stick his foot in his mouth like this. I lost the last vestige of respect I had for our “President” when he stuck his nose into the Zimmerman case with basically no knowledge of the facts.

    Now he is poised to send in an air strike with the same lack of knowledge of the facts. Let Vladimir take care of Syria, he will deal with Assad properly WHEN he has the facts.

    Again, I guarantee that there will be dead woman and children all overCNN that we supposedly killed with our weapons. The world will be furious with us, and Odumbo will have played right into Assads hands.

    Apparently the author of this article thinks that Americans are dumb.

  • jagans

    I guess a Moslem is a Muslim in a Mosque making Mufti with a Mullah.

  • John Henry

    Huh … some of you say Putin did not write this … maybe so … but then Obama does not write the things he says. I just saw on Dick Morris that Obama is going to take Putin deal.
    O is backing off to save face, as the people and the Congress will not support him, and the UN is going to send in someone to take charge of the WMDs, all with Putins support.

  • Tony Thomas

    hi we dont want him to do nothing at all till UN tells us what it was but hes black and he thinks he can do what ever and get away with it I dont want him to do nothing at all ok bubba1956 hollywood actors are all very sick they will not tell him no at all ok bubba1956

  • rocketman

    Odumbass has bypassed congress on so many things and made so many exec orders that are against the law it is unreal. Did you ever hear of Lybia where bo sent the air force to bomb that governments armed forces without congresses permission and there was no threat to the US,that is un constitutional and illegal! Obastard has also stoped law enforcement from enforcing illegal immigration laws. Obama care I supposed to be in force in2014 but he has postponed the employer mandate till 2015 and gave big business wavers and is subsidizing federal employees! That is not legal. That piece of $hit is not a king or a dictator but he thinks that it is his prerogative! He gave orders for fast and furious, IRS, IRS, NSA and was trafficking illegal arms in Bengazie He has done so many illegal things I cannot list them all…!

  • nikos asteriadis

    Vladimir the Great !

  • lilchit

    very well said Asphalt. Obama is ready to go to war for the Muslim Brotherhood and we’re traitors. Thank you Michelle, I needed a good laugh today

  • jackie jackson

    We in Britain totally agree that the common enemy is the entire Islamic nation, If I was an American I would be shaking his hand, Its pathetic that Europe has laid down to an invasion of Islamists and pays them to build fortresses in every city ready for them to attack us in our own lands, Mr Cameron is a traitor and should be tried for the crimes he has committed against us, If Europe and Russia joined forces they could eradicate this most violent of cults, They blight the very soil they stand on,

  • jackie jackson

    Are you blind deaf and stupid????? Just asking

  • Janine Largent

    I love the American political process. I am not happy with the current influence the progressives have had over many uniformed Americans but, I have faith in our system and believe the American people, the descendants of liberty loving patriots, will rectify their errors in the next election. I will not insult the office of the President of The United States even if I am not a particular fan of the current occupant. I don’t believe this is a letter from Putin but, even if it is I will not join him in eroding our national pride by responding to his arrogant comments. Seems like a little humility all around would be a good thing.

  • Buzz

    Thinks those in the Senate care about you or the USA? Think again! Think they believe in our creator, think again! Look at this post, you read and you react! The Senate has voted to strike Syria Wednesday, that is the day that the Bush Admin had arranged for the AlQaeda bunch to strike the Twin Towers which actually was three towers..yes, the government was behind that too…but, wait a minute, 3000 plus USA citizens died in that pre-arranged attack!. Why do we think we are any better than Assad whom did not have a part in the attack that this ARSE is screaming about? They are killing each other off every day, why do we need to help and why should be gamble on starting WWWIII so this ARSE can get the Credibility back that he never, never had! Why are McCain and Kerry and Graham promoting this..Kerry is lying, that has been proved , Putin is not going to be tolerant too much longer and why should he? McCain, left his fellow POWs behind in Name and his dad with held help for the Liberty even in 67; then go to Kerry, massive money to not investigate what happened in Nam and gee, where does traitor Graham fit into answer that..for me, the Senate just committed treason and attempted Sedition against the people of the world, particularly S E Asia! Then ,did Prison Planet prove itself? Was this, like Aurora and Sandy Hook another promised, (Napitilano promised more videos), false flag? UN says this was not an ASSAD thing and 12 other investigators have said the same thing. Again, why did the Senate vote this way? What will the House do or did do something and we got by-passed? You decide..our country and we have nothing to say anymore about anything!

  • Buzz

    Do you all here ever wonder why they have not been escorted out of the W House?

  • 57girl

    I am an American, and I can tell you right now, I detest the ‘Muslim’ that sits in our White House. As far as I’m concerned, he is illegal alien, and should facing charges for the damage he has done to our Great Nation, to date. To be honest, if I had my way, Obama and any other of our ‘traitor’ leaders, wanting to get involved in Syria, would be given a ticket to go fight Assad themselves, first hand. I assure the MAJORITY of the American people are sick of war, and we are sick of Obama. We are sick of watching our borders being eroded in favor of the North American Union. We are sick, of being betrayed by our own Government, ourselves.

    Please don’t ever think that the American people are reflective of our leaders. Most of us would toss the majority of those who have betrayed our Nation, out into the streets, if we could.

  • Buzz

    Heah, we must have a troll here…

  • Buzz

    I read a comment not too long ago regarding Putin; “he is a member of the KGB.” Has he ever denied that? Not that I have seen; however, this creep in the W House is a non-functioning idiot, a psychopath, a Muslim, Marxist, Commie, Socialist outcast; he is also demented and a queer..boy some role model we have. Consider: In addition to all of the above terms he is controlled by Soros, the CFR/Tri-Lateral/Bilderbergs and the Rothchilds whom are at least as equally as horrible as the KGB is often accused of…well, then, Putin would be a better Prez would he not? Then consider this: We have Americans living in Russia and while not free, freer than here. They pray, they use their Bibles and Bibles are passed out to those requesting them.

    While perhaps not the best Christian, there is not one of us that meet that criteria, not even the POPE; Putin was raised by a Christian mother and his values are swayed more that way than the Muslim we have, the Carter we once had, the demented Nixon, etc.

  • Ann Drake

    Excuse me Mr. Putin, I am not DUMB. Not all Americans are DUMB. I totally agree with this article. Also, I did not vote for the current US President. He is the lamest president ever. The majority of Americans do not want a war with Syria. In fact we feel the US GOVERNMENT which is not “the American people”, should mind it’s own business and stay out of all conflicts involving the middle east. Those people have been killing themselves for thousands of years and will continue to do so. I say leave them to it. As long as they are killing each other, they will leave us alone!

  • Buzz

    AIDS has been diagnosed in four men/women; what does that tell you; like I said a year or so ago, Aids numbers will rise and then, a few years later, they will die. This is why homosexuality is called an “Abomination” in the Bible or at least one of the reasons! Yep, guess who pays for their pills while they are alive? Same with HIV…we pay and pay and pay.

  • 57girl

    LOL …. Why not? Our current President isn’t an American Citizen, either. At least Putin, appears to have common sense, whether he penned this letter, or not. At least he is smart enough to stay out of Syria.

  • RBlakeH

    Say what you will about Putin but the man nailed Obama, his administration and our liberal biased media spot on. Obama is a worthless spineless bastard and the whole world knows it except his liberal lemmings which includes the lemming media as expressed by Putin. Listen and read NSA your ultimate boss is a spineless chicken. You want to be known as that too? You sure look like it right now.

  • Buzz

    Robin, wonderful post….guess Jillian might need some prayers from we that believe in Holy Matrimony. FAMILY, Father and Mother, I Love You!

  • Ann Drake

    “WE” did not! lmao and I think the one’s who did are having voters remorse by now!

  • Buzz

    Yes, we love our God more than we do fellow man; however, with that said, it is God’s son that commands us to love fellow man; we do not have to love or even like what they do and how they are; we can express that and can knowingly know that God will judge and hence, so it will be; STDs on the rise, particularly amongst the blacks; Aids again diagnosed in the USA; this will grow, you just be patient and you will see…the average age of a HOMO is 42 when they get sic and a few years later, they are dead.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    Heck for that matter, most people are; including many of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. Taking what Jesus Christ did for us all, for granted…

  • Buzz

    Why is it traitorous when we support the goodness within the letter from Putin; there is nothing in it that Americans have not let happen here. If you cannot see the writing on the wall then you are O’s minion! This ARSE promotes homosexuality through Common Core it and puke. This ARSE promotes homosexuality and AIDS is now diagnosed again in States. How long do you think it will take for it to become an epidemic? You cannot take abuse your body, that is not made of carnal/Arse activity without, at some point paying the price..infection spreads rapidly within the reproductive systems of females more so than for the man, but when doctors start seeing more and more, what is termed, Grey Bowel Disease and then try to cover it from us, as a pretty well informed medical personality, one knows that there is grave dangers ahead. The Lord will react to this and in not too long of time, as when Aids was raging in the USA before, so will the resulting punishment.
    Oh, I forgot to say, as a Christian I love you, but otherwise, you make me sick too!

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    Somehow I don’t believe these many words came from the mouth of Putin, who has better things to do than analyze our nation.

  • Buzz

    WOW! Thanks for this post. This war is about “him.” It is not about the truth for ASSAD is not guilty; UN proves that and another 12 researchers do! It is about his throwing the USA under the rails so he can stay in office and completely take America down and out.

  • DetroitRock

    I say Thank you Chris for buying American and for your support. I am your neighbor – directly across the river in the “D”.

    I also buy Canadian whenever I’m able. Good neighbor policy!

  • Mykola Rabchevskiy

    Only idiot can seek friendship with Putin – idiot who dit not look on what pro-Putin mass media say about America and american people (not about Obama!). Obama’s attempt to “reset” relations with Putin is not better than imaginary “reset” relations with Fidel Castro or North Korea! Putin regine slowly but steadily converted in true fascist where causasian people should be “managed” like juish are “managed” by Hitler.

  • Buzz

    Jackie, I think you have hit the nail on the head; like the Arse, she is a commie, a psychopath, Muslim, socialist and perhaps does not believe in the Family; otherwise, she is may be one of those with her hand out for more of our taxpayer money. Too bad, but guess the idiots roam amongst us.

  • Buzz

    This is a question I often think of: we have SWAT teams; we have rifles that will kill from half mile and more away, we have drones to kill us, why not him?

  • Buzz

    Yep, but he would be impeached, he is legal; cannot impeach an illegal or all he has done becomes legal; we can blame SCOTUS and the GOP for not vetting him; Boehner could have rescinded the election once he became Speaker in both elections; however, Boehner is tied to the ARSE’s ARSE, end of story. If he were impeached 90% of the House would have to be also for the committed treason.

  • Sue Dewald

    OMg you twits think this is really a Letter from dick was putin> if you all love him so much move your welfare ass out so we tax payers have less of a burden

  • Buzz

    Thank you and I bet nothing but take, take all he can from the taxpayer that pays his way, feeds him, pays his rent and utilities, medical, etc. Sorry sort of a human I would say. Cares nothing for his country nor his fellow man…hope he is not married with children..that would mean more of them.

  • Buzz

    Can you tell us what you have done and accomplished so we might emulate you?

  • Sue Dewald

    I agree just

  • Frank Vincent

    Damn, it embarrasses my sensibilities that our own congressmen and women cannot talk with such clarity and vision. The man tells it like it is and I respect him more then my own President.
    Frank E. Vincent

  • Sue Dewald

    You talk the talk. but you asshole can’t walk the walk. You are sitting at your pc wanking and bitching at the actually service peeps that were there or are the . and your lying ass is showing boone

  • Sue Dewald

    Fuck you idiot . you don;t know me. shut the fuck up

  • Buzz

    Read the creep’s bio..Audacity of …..within the walls of that book,written by the Oh great one, is the statement, paraphrased; if my political career goes awry, I shall return to the Muslims. cannot say it any clearer than that; the orangutan, while in Kenya again reinterated he is Kenyan born; he is also a dual citizen due to the fact that it cannot be found where he gave up his Indonesian passport.

  • Chris Thomas Wakefield

    DetroitRock, I freaking love American people, we are all in this together. By the way, “Detroit” well you are seeing the real American spirit in Detroit right now, the rebuilding of community from the grassroots, that’s WHAT BUILT your country, it’s just unfortunate that corporations and the republicans got the run of the place for 75 years.

  • Buzz

    You cannot spell…need I say more? Repeated polls from the most reliable to the least reliable have proved that DEMS are less educated, more living on the dole and have no interest in their nation as a whole.

  • Buzz

    How about the new mosque that is to be built in the Eastern USA that will cost into the millions, many millions.

  • beelp

    Nice try, Kevin, but I caught on within the first few sentences. Russian don’t quite talk like that, even when translated. But I DO agree that Putin would probably say something of that general nature. He called Obama a “…monkey with a hand grenade…” and Kerry “…a liar.” I completely agree with both of those statements.

  • Buzz

    She is either very stupid, like those on the dole, a DEM/libber or a troll. Go away, brush your teeth, look in the mirror and visualize what a smart person you could be.

  • bjreg3

    Trying to be like the Lincoln tunnel? Do you have a toll booth and expect everyone else to pay for your habit too? I pity your type.

  • Frank Vincent

    He’s not a Christian. He’s a Muslim!

  • bmiller147

    If Putin ran against Obama he’d win hands down; he may be a Communist but he’s not a non Naturalized citizen, a Black, gay, Muslim bent on destroying this country. Putin would show O a thing or two about fixing elections. I’d rather fight a long side of a capable ally than share a tent with a fudge packer.

  • Frank Vincent

    A President who think’s he can sway logic and judgement over our legislator’s and military is not a leader, but a political manipulator. A Congressman who can be led by political sway is a collaborator. Military leaders who subvert their Constitutional law for monarchical decrees are ignominious pawns.

  • bjreg3

    Now, now. She only wanted the free handouts and others to pay for her, ah, habit.

  • jerry

    putin makes great points

  • cfbloom

    Dear Mr Putin; you’re welcome at my home anytime you happen to be in the US & I am a member of the NRA.

  • SamIamtwo

    Snopes has flagged the letter and Breitbart does not believe it was written by Putin…perhaps a leaker like Snowden wrote it. LOL

    Anyhoo, I like it!

  • Buzz

    Doubtful as he is anti gay and that is not promoted within his country nor will be promoted at the Olympics…if he were, he would not be running his country as such and women would be in burkas, being stoned, etc. No matter, he is more respectful of life than the creep we have in DC …his Russia is freer than in the USA…as regulations grow, freedom goes.

  • bjreg3

    No, he’s not a liberal scumbag so don’t call him those names. That’s what’s wrong with this country, it’s liberal douchbags skippy that is wrong with this Country…..

  • Steve Harris

    Not that I don’t want Obama out any more then anyone else, but impeachment is not a good option. that would allow Joe (Uncle) Biden in office. I’m pretty sure he’s Obozo’s insurance policy against impeachment.


    Now, Boys and Girls, you be good and you just stop this name-calling and bad-mouthing or you’ll all stand in the corner. Now listen here, if you got somwething between your ears. The bigger story is 2016. How do we learn our lesson fro Obama’s election– twice!! we got burned –and assure ourselves blunders like this cannot happen again when we are faced with a specific demographic that knows and cares little about this country enough to shout out “God Damm the United States!” The constitution never thought the people who became citizens to vote would become so stupid and even anti-American when electing a President. God cannot save America. It’s too late. But God helps those who help themselves. We need to create and adopt a constitutional amendment… and quick! 2016 will be here before you know it.

  • bmiller147

    Just what is our embarrassment of a President doing in Russia meeting with gay’s there, if I were Putin I’d send Obama packing and I don’t mean fudge Packing; one things for sure Obama is on the Down Low when abroad and not with a broad. I understand he meets often with aged white men and not to play golf and yet doing his best to work on stroking balls.

  • SamIamtwo

    Let’s not forget about the Senate elections coming up next year. You’ll need the House, the Senate and the Presidency to undo what has been done. JIMHO

  • AppraisHer

    While I realize that Putin is still a product of the KGB, his job is to protect Russian interests. We, on the other hand are stuck with war-mongering, thin-skinned, President Peace Prize, protecting his ego.

    With the anniversary of the two (2) 9/11 attacks, by muslims is in 2 days, here’s 10 reasons why we have/had no business meddling in Middle Eastern affairs:
    These are proxy fight between Sunni, Shia, Salafist and Wahhabi. Religious, tribal, civil wars.
    American interests aren’t being threatened.
    There are no good guys in this fight.
    We aren’t the muslim brotherhood’s Air Force.
    If the “muslim world” isn’t concerned with gassed Syrians, why should we be.
    The “muslim world” is killing Christians, muslim President Peace Prize didn’t draw a RED LINE.
    We have no dog in this fight.
    The last 5 wars we fought (going back to Bosnia) were to protect muslims, while they kill Americans.
    While you won’t admit it, you really love Putin showing the world what a fool Dog Eater really is.
    And…who doesn’t think that muslims killing muslims isn’t a good idea? Keeps them occupied and dead.

  • byronmullet

    Like I have been saying for a while now, Putin (if this letter is indeed from him) makes more sense than our leaders do anymore. Not that I am agreeing with everything he said. Not knowing him, I am assuming he was joking about gassing the Chechen’s and going back into the “stans” even though he might in frustration feel like it is the only solution sometimes. He is right though, force is the only thing they understand. Democracy only works with civilized people. Obama promoting perverts in Russia? Putin should ban him. We should _______and _________him as an institutionalizing child molester and throw away the key.

  • Serge Isaac Barou

    Nice text, and I agree with a lot in it, though not all. However, Putin, or even his propaganda machine and staff writers, have nothing to do with it.Well, that isn’t all important – literary mystification is a traditional tool in the struggle of ideas. As I told, there is lot of reason in this text.

  • GLarryC

    Thats the smartest thing I’ve heard in 5 years! I’d be happy to tell Putin that I agree with everything he said. If we had a President with the cojones this guy has, he would be another Reagan. Maybe better!!
    Obama refuses to see the big picture. He will cut off his nose to spite his face. What a moroon! But what did we expect from an inexperienced small time pot smoking community organizer? The savior of the Free World???? Give me a friggin; break!

  • Ruth

    Obama does know what he is doing and how it would affect the US. However, he does not care. Like you said he is a Muslim and he follows their every command.

  • sandraleesmith46

    If you’d asked me 30 years ago whether I’d EVER agree with a single thing Putin had to say, I’d have answered a resounding “NO!”; things change, and so do people. While I would discuss with him the notion of simply GIVING him other nations {as Europe did with Chechoslovakia in the late ’30s to Hitler}, I would be agreeable to him retaking in honest warfare, the 5 “‘Stans”, if he could do so; but Chechnya is INSIDE Russia, and those folks have made clear they’re enemies of the Russian state too; so if he wants to stomp on them, I’m not so sure that is “evil”. As for China and their problem in Xinjiang, same thing; it’s their nation, and their people, and if that’s the only way to effectively deal with those who have made clear they’re enemies within, by physical attacks against others without cause, other than between their own ears, so be it. God doesn’t ask us to tolerate sinful and reprobate peoples in our midst; He made that clear on the way out of Egypt with the Israelites. He hasn’t changed His mind; we’re the ones who did, and it appears to be time to change back. Allowing Israel to deal with the Palestinians also seems reasonable, since they’re inside land that Israel has conquered in honest warfare, which THEY didn’t initiate, and have made themselves enemies of Israel as well as the rest of the Judeo-Christian world. In truth, for the most part, what Putin is presenting here is logical and reasonable; and he is correct that there are times when we simply HAVE to make tough and painful decisions, whether as individuals or as nations. It’s also time to clean out these elites who believe they have the right to rule us all, because they think themselves so much smarter and more deserving, and that’s a global issue for civilized peoples too.

    Mr Putin: I hope you realize, as I’m sure you’re smart enough to do, that those in DC do NOT represent ALL Americans, and that many of us are just as fed up and furious with them as you are, especially Obama! I sincerely hope you or some of those under you see this, and I sincerely wish there was some way some of us could meet with you; not just the NRA, but some of the Veterans’ groups or Oath Keepers, and like groups whose oaths are to the Constitution that O is trampling all over and shredding out of his arrogant disrespect for that document, in contravention of his own oath taken to it. I don’t know if you’ve had an epiphany, or are simply recognizing the practical aspects of the Judeo-Christian traditions in molding and maintaining a societal structure, but either way that is a big change from your past, or at least what we, here, saw of it, and a welcome change. You haven’t denied your own ambitions, which is at least honest, and can be worked with honestly as well. The sad part is that we, who agree with you about the Muslims, and stopping their jihad are in the minority in this nation now, and that also goes for those who could and would make those difficult choices that must be made.

  • jvb1980808

    I would like to remind Putin not ALL Americans follow Obama…which means not ALL Americans are dumb. He needs to be careful assuming ALL AMERICANS think like Obama and his supporters…the anti-American liberals.

  • grandmaforliberty

    there is a lot of truth in this blog even if Putin didn’t actually compose it… Not all, but a lot….

  • disqus_e0XtJDMPfo

    Spot on.

  • sandraleesmith46

    I don’t believe so; not the Putin who presented to the world as head of the KGB before the collapse of the USSR. On the other hand, wiping out an openly and unceasingly evil group of people is NOT necessarily an evil act in itself. God Himself commanded the Israelis to wipe out completely several peoples in Canaan when He brought them there from Egypt; and the reason was that those were, in fact, evil people given over to evil ways and on whom He had pronounced judgment; the judgment was annihilation. Now, I’m not saying He’s come down and spoken to me that we should also be doing this, but the precedent is there, and since they are in Russian territory, and doing harm to other Russian people, without cause or justification {NO Muhammad and the Quran do NOT count as justification, so don’t bother going there!}, I don’t see that he would NOT be within his rights as the duly elected leader of Russia to take decisive action there. Nor do I see that the Chinese would be on the same basis; which is not to say that all those they attack are in the same class, and should be ignored either.

    As for what O is “institutionalizing” it’s far worse than “simply’ child molestation! And when he’s jailed, we need to make sure it’s in the general population and everyone else KNOWS why he’s there! THEN throw away the key, and turn off the cameras, for a day or so. The inmates will be too busy to run away just then anyway.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Did you NOT know he’s one of those too? Go figure A homosexual card carrying member of the MB!

  • Doctor_M7

    It is truly a sad decade in the US when the Russian president Putin makes more sense then does our US president Obama.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Well, it seems YOU missed the lesson, then. NO candidate gets onto the national level ballots unless he/she is a member or strong supporter of the CFR and their agenda {See UN Agenda 21, aka Future Living}, PERIOD, nor has one done so in almost a century in this nation! So it doesn’ t matter what letter follows the name, or what the candidate promises BEFORE the election, the CFR wins and America loses! The only place we have a PRAYER of changing things still, at all, is at the local and in some cases the state levels. Not all cases in the state levels either, however. So if you focus on the national {Congressional and WH} elections, you’re wasting your time and money, and going to lose again. THAT is the lesson to be learned!
    BTW, NOWHERE in ANY translation of the Bible that I’ve read/studied, including one in French years ago, is it stated or indicated that “God helps those who help themselves”; on the contrary, it’s clearly stated frequently that He helps those who trust and have confidence in and rely on HIM! Indeed, that phrase comes from a book called “If the Devil Wrote a Bible” that was out in the ’60s or ’70s.

  • 5live5

    IF this IS from Putin, I would like to tell him not ALL Americans are dumb. Not ALL of us believe in Obambam’s plan. In fact, over 70% of Americans are AGAINST bombing Syria. So while his opinion of Obambam is spot on, his opinion of the American people is WAY off!

  • sandraleesmith46

    Since Snopes’ are BOTH in O’s pocket, I wouldn’t worry about what they have to say too much.

  • Upaces

    I really wish he wouldn’t say “You Americans….”
    We have nothing to do with what he does. He wasn’t even voted in the first or second time! Our Country has been hi-jacked. It hurts me to know that Russia’s Putin is better than an American President!

  • sandraleesmith46

    No, but alas he’s also NOT a natural born citizen of the US! And he’s honest enough about his goals and aims to know you could negotiate with him.

  • sandraleesmith46

    The problem here is that the majority of voters here do NOT have any sense!

  • fred

    Your a complete idiot.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Vlad Tsepes {the impaler} was ROMANIAN, not Russian. This Vlad is modern; he’d just shoot you, or maybe rip your head off and hand it to you.

  • sandraleesmith46

    No, God labeled his sort abominations a LONG time ago and hasn’t changed His estimation of them, that I’ve seen or heard. But they don’t embarrass Him; just disgust Him.

  • 5live5

    At one time or another 3/4 of them do as 76% of the American people are AGAINST the bombing of SYRIA! Perhaps some of those without common sense are starting to wake up!!

  • Meathead

    At least, we would have a leader instead of the POS currently in the White House.

  • 5live5

    That said, I still don’t want ANY TYPE of communist leading the US! Say all you want but it is not the American way. I love this country, I just don’t like the way she is headed under the progressive front!!

  • Meathead

    Actually, it is you’re for ‘you are’. ‘Your’ is a possessive pronoun.
    Besides, to whom were you addressing your ludicrous comment.

  • 5live5

    Now that’s the BEST idea I’ve seen on this post yet!!!

  • sandraleesmith46

    I suspect many of those by whom you’re being embarrassed among those who claim to be Christians, in truth, are not, because they’re following false gospels NOT the Gospel of Jesus as taught in the Bible at all! In ’81, the Spirit whispered to me one Sunday morning that “the Glory has gone out”; at the moment, I thought He meant that one congregation with which I was affiliated at the time; I’ve since come to realize He meant ALL the denominations around the world. That’s NOT to say He’s not still with those who are truly His own, but each and every one claiming that title seriously needs to do some introspection and make sure that the Gospel he/she is following IS what God intended us to follow. And I can say much of what I see “Christians” posting on this and other sites of like nature is NOT His Gospel.

  • Meathead

    We have a confirmed “pickle puffer” in the White House.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Can’t blame him for that; it started when he was less than 10 and wasn’t even in this nation. This crap in the US began in the late ’60s.

  • sandraleesmith46

    That’s but ONE of the medical conditions for which we are paying through the nose due to that behavioral disorder! BTW, HIV Is the VIRUS that causes AIDS!

  • 5live5

    Hell, just impeach them BOTH for crimes against the people of the United States and the Constitution!! Bohner is an azz, but he IS a very minute improvement over Obambam.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    That letter is a SPOOF. It was written by a reporter on the Breitbart staff.

    I wish it was real.

  • Brad Gilbert

    Hear, hear! Oh, wait a minute he’s not a natural born US citizen. :-(


    Oh, WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5live5

    Sandra, remember “To breathe is to sin.” Man is born of sin and will only be absolved of those sins by asking forgiveness of Christ our lord.

  • Dave

    Impeachment is too good for the POS.

  • Laurie Denegar

    I never thought that the day would come when I would agree with the president of Russia on foreign and domestic issues and find myself wishing that he was president of the U.S. instead of the current Communist that sits in the Oval Office, now !

  • Hoosier Daddy

    The letter is a fake, It was written by a member of the staff. Go there and check it out.
    It’s what the Breitbart reporter would WANT Putin to say.

  • 5live5

    He, unlike you hasn’t asked me to. Which, by the way I would, gladly. See, dying for him is not required. What IS required is for you to believe In him and to ask his forgiveness. he is the God of love!

  • Buzz

    Are you talking about the 5013 C churches?

  • brucefandrews

    Obama is a bastard son-of-a-bitch. He is not our President, he never qualified to be on the ballot the first time and voter fraud got him in the White House the second time. He is a coward, a Muslim terrorist, and this is the person the Americans want to lead them into a possible 3rd World War??????? He (Obama) needs to be taken out and stood in front of a firing squid and shot along with Biden and his administration ( and I use the ward administration with great hesitation) they are more like Obama’s henchmen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maggie three

    Because he has more security than any president before him—“they” all knew some good-old-boy redneck would be salivating wanting to get a .45 into him.

  • V8RX

    Putin DIDN’T WRITE THIS!!!! Doesn’t sound like him!!! But I have to admit,I have always admired Russian. They are STRONG AND SHOW IT!!! THEY DON’T TAKE CRAP FROM ANYONE!!! Our Government could take a lesson from them on that!!

  • sandraleesmith46

    Fanaticism you may label it but NOT ignorance; SCIENCE shows that we were created BIOLOGICALLY to procreate heterosexually, and since procreation is the ONLY VALID reason for creating the sexual encounter { not what we humans have made of it in our minds}, homosexuality is an aberration, an ABNORMALITY, or behavioral disorder, just as it used to be labeled in the DSM III! And since the change in the DSM IV was based on FISCAL not medical or psychiatric considerations, and there is not a SHRED of evidence this is anything BUT a learned behavioral disorder as it was originally labeled, including the mapped genome that show no gene or cluster of gene that even predisposes to such aberration, let alone causes it, and such behavior cause many medical disorders because we humans are NOT built for such behavior, that should be sufficient evidence that this is NOT about “prejudice” or ignorance, or “socially unhealthy’ anything; that’s medical science; and psychologically, homosexuals are among the most dysfunctional and depressed people I’ve had to deal with professionally or personally, yet belligerently determined to cling to and perpetrate and SPREAD their dysfunction and misery to children and force “acceptance” of it on everyone else, to assuage their own consciences!

  • Buzz

    You are correct! I do not favor ADHD meds and I sincerely do not believe that all these toddlers that are so busy are ADHD! I was a busy, busy toddler as mom often told me; I also got into a lot of toddler trouble; I am a workaholic or rather was, but that does not mean I am ADHD..when the psychotropic drugs are used on our children, they cover normal behaviors for youth in that range; I do not believe in Early Nowcap either for most of it is simply a way to further dement our youth..we also pay through the nose to kill millions of babies each and every much more but will quit here..thanks for are appreciated.

  • 5live5

    Buzz, There is not a Christian bone in Putin’s body! He may have been raised by a Christian mother and father, but he didn’t absorb ANY of their teachings.

  • Buzz

    It did, but by his making homosexuality a protected group of people, stop and think what that means. The Hate Crime bill should never have been written. Few know the truth of that matter that happened in WY..I happen to for, while not a part of it, a biker friend was and what you all were told and continue to be told is the nastiest lie of its time on this subject. He is also queer himself; been proved; he has liaisons in the W House just as JFK, Johnson, etc did; at least they were hetero not homo. Youth looks up to our Pres as a role model, this one is not even close to being one..he is violates everything good that is about the male gender, he violates everything that is good about the God that this nations was born and prospered under…let us cut it think it out…two of my best friends died from Aids and yes, I am sensitive to the issue..I do not hate them, I love them as God’s children, but I refuse to tout that it is o.k. to be in any way, shape nor form. You take care of yourself, God Bless YOu and thanks for writing.

  • 5live5

    Asphalt, not all of us how disagree with Putin being a good leader for the US are RECIEVING ANY freebies. I have worked for everything I have. I started working at 12 and have continued to do so all my life. I’m 62 years old and have never collected welfare and never collected unemployment longer than a few weeks. I, like my father and a conservative and think our president should be fiscally responsible. He should also follow our constitution! Putin would NEVER do that as obambam has never done! THAT tells me NEITHER would be worth a tinkers DAMN as leaders of this country!

  • 5live5

    Now boone1 we have something in common as I too am a Viet Nam vet circa 70-71. Welcome home Brother!

  • Jack_Reacher

    Wow, I thought after reading Pres. Putin’s letter that I would be the only one that would wish he would run in 2016. Ha! Looks like a lot of you like the way this guy thinks!

    I guess there are a few, (very few), things that I don’t necessarily agree with Pres. Putin, I just can’t think of any right now. :)

    Is Obama such a disgrace to this country that we need to bring a former member of the KGB into our congregation?

    1 – Muslim fanatics – He’s as right as rain. They must be eliminated.

    2 – Homosexuals – Honestly they are better served by remaining in the closet. It will never be accepted behavior, imho.
    3. The US has indeed run roughshod over situations where a simple meeting would have been more productive. Nixon was an a##hole, we all know that. Now we have another one.

    So, yes, if Obama was running for office again and Pres. Putin joined the race, there is no doubt where my vote would go. And that’s a sad state of affairs as far as I’m concerned.

    One note to Pres. Putin: We have lost control of our government. The majority of those in office cannot be trusted. We send new members but they are not enough to withstand the old guard.

    Sir, we cannot even fire a woman from the IRS for criminal activity and refusing to testify! How in the hell can we be expected to run a country. Pres. Putin, Thank you for your letter.

  • 5live5

    Writes he’s a duck……..

  • ESM

    AMAZING! I can’t believe our previous enemy makes more sense to me then our current President! I am starting to trust him more then our current administration here in America! I am not planning to listen to Obama’s speech tomorrow, just a bunch of lies and distortions we have heard for over 4 years now. My mind is made up: Mr. President, Congress, and Senators DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN SYRIA, PLEASE.

  • 48vince

    The “scourge of modern times” are the radical Islamists. The U.S. Government and many European governments either refuse to admit this or cannot see it because they are blinded by their preoccupation with identity politics. The ivy league brainwashing they have received in college, in their political associations and from the jackals in the media are the main causes of this blindness. We will follow them to Hell if we do not get them out of power. All of them.

  • byronmullet

    Maybe, before talking about annihilating people groups, we should first just try being completely honest about the belief system which convinces Muslims to do terrible uncivilized things? For instance, how about democratic nations admitting and acknowledging, Islam IS an institutionalized human rights and religious rights violation. In other words it is systemic with the ideology. Secondly, because of this, the question should be asked, Is it even a legitimate “religion”? Thirdly, is something a religion, if you can never leave it? In other words isn’t freedom to choose, part of any definition of a religion? Islam is more like the Mafia than anything else. Let’s be honest. It is not compatible with the civilized world. This I believe, is why Putin and others, in frustration wonder out loud what else can be done except to totally annihilate it? I would differ and say we should instead just start telling the truth, instead of allowing this charade/religious masquerade to continue. All it is doing is turning the whole world into a police state to fight it. The civilized world is tip toeing around the truth and essentially institutionalizing (my favorite word lately) oxymoron-ism,( Islam is a religion of peace), so we don’t offend/make mad and cause to be radicalized those we now consider “peaceful”/”moderate” Muslims. The whole world seems to treat Islam like nitro. Don’t bump it or it will go off. Meanwhile they continue to kill innocent people everywhere. It is especially troubling when Obama, a known Muslim, and a known liar, assists in Caliphate-ism/sharia-ism…

  • Antonio Brent

    youi? dump ass? I knew Obama supporters were ignorant, but I was unaware that they were slightly less intelligent than a pet rock

  • merrick04

    Most Americans agree with you. It’s just this piece of crap we’ve got in the White House that’s standing in our way and blocking us at every turn.

  • karolh

    America is not behind Obama in this attack on Syria. I appreciate Pres. Putin’s letter, if he actually sent it. But if he wants to deal with the American people, he should pull out his 15000 troops from America first. We are under no false impression what those troops are here for and they will not benefit the American people. Pres. Putin is claiming that Obama refused his offers today, well surprise, surprise, Obama must not have made his intentions clear. He is now taking credit for this offer from Pres. Putin. He claims this was a suggestion he (Obama) made to Pres. Putin during the G-20 summit. Oh what a web we weave, when at first we decide to deceive.

  • Chris Thomas Wakefield

    I respectfully disagree. If you dine on Fox or ABC news or any major U.S. news channel, you are being fed lies about the role of U.S. in foreign affairs, besides, by definition the CIA is secret, so you don’t know what they are doing. Thank God you have Obama as president.
    Americans have always been fiercely “patriotic”. An example is just watch what Americans do when they hear their national anthem; standing with hat or hand over the heart while listening to the national anthem is just foreign to the rest of the world. Since (U.S.) Americans have such pride in their country, do you think they would be willing to hear otherwise? I think not, in fact, a detractor is likely to get mugged in the street for denouncing the U.S. Government’s meddling in the affairs of the world.
    Another example of U.S. American patriotism: Imagine burning a U.S. flag? That’s anathema to an American, however if, for example a Canadian were to pass a burning Canadian flag on the ground, he or she is likely to just shrug and keep walking.

    I remember 10 years ago when the first American military were returning from the first forays in Afghanistan, I read about a certain corporal being interviewed and how he was saying that there was a lack of pride in the returning military men, it was like they were being shunned by their own countrymen. I read this in a Canadian newspaper and noted his name, rank, regiment and his military base. I emailed the sargent in charge of his regiment, the sergeant passed my email to the Corporal and he emailed me back. I thanked him for his work in Afghanistan. It was an emotional exchange for me. THAT’s the kind of Canadian I AM.

  • littlepat

    I have to admit, for the most part I agree with what Putin had to say. Perhaps Edward Snowden didn’t make such a bad choice in moving to Russia. Things aren’t all roses here in the USA. I particularly like his theory of all of our countries uniting to fight against radical Islam!

  • Susan J.

    Great letter, but I don’t for a minute believe it was written by Putin. Too folksy and too lengthy. However I believe Putin would agree with its content. And I would believe Putin over o-bomb-a any day.

  • sludog

    Barack Obama has been a Disaster for this country. It is a GD shame that the majority of Americans have finally realized that Obama is a Lying, Narcissistic, Opportunistic POS. So much so that a large majority of us believe that Putin is telling the truth rather than TRUST our own President. Too bad they didn’t realize this before he was re-elected. Stay out of Syria, let the SAVAGES do what SAVAGES do best.

  • turfbarn80

    I have no reason to believe this is authentic but it makes more sense than any propaganda I hear from Obama.

  • DE Navarro

    This was written by an American author — and he did a good job at the rhetoric — there are good points and bad — but the bottom line is still that America needs to disassociate from the Middle East — we have no business there, and we need to fix the stupid alliances that are not alliances — like the way Pakistan uses us.

  • 752858189

    Whosoever commits sin also transgresses the law for sin is a transgression of the law. (I John 3:4). If one believes the Bible one certainly does not believe “TO breathe is to sin.” How silly. I suggest you hold your breath then and perhaps you will have a renewed appreciation for sin. Perhaps one should consider that “God breathed into man the breath of life and man became a living soul.” God created the laws of biology that constitutes and initiates the breath of life. Shall we then conclude that God is the author of sin? By no means. Sin is a choice, a bad choice, an illogical choice, a choice that challenges the laws of sufficiency and efficiency. One must be of mature mind and of able mind in order to be held accountable for choice (I John 3:4). Now if a christian (as some claim to be) believes that man is born a sinner then one must logically admit that God who designed the biological laws is the author of sin.

  • jalina susan stutte

    Obama is a closet fag and Moochle is a fag hag! They have brought nothing but disgrace to our country. I say send him and his precious family to Syria and let them fight and leave us out of it.

  • 752858189

    Who is a communist?

  • 752858189

    What would we expect to hear concerning the KGB? What we hear in the American Press hasn’t been accurate in years. I say evaluate Putin upon verifiable data and upon what Putin himself says. Now name something he has said that is misleading. I can’t remember anything said about him that would constitute him as a bad leader. His approach to sovereignty for his country seems a logical one compared to someone who says, “We need to rethink our sovereignty” and consider it going beyond “our borders.”

  • chrisplumber

    our military should remove O and uncle B from the White House throw them into the Rose garden butt naked

  • blackyb

    To President Putin (as if he would get to see it) Americans do not like Obama. He is a liar, a deceitful man and he is ineligible to be where he is. As far as foreign policy, we Americans did not make it or none of us, but a few had anything to do with instituting it. No, we do not like Obama, but we love America. Some of you who do know him, should have helped stop him before he got into office. We have problems in this country this man created as he is not who he should be. We will come back, but we have to get him out of office and the thugs he has in there assisting him. WE, Americans have to do this. We need information that can be verified to do this. As far as Americans being this or that, it is not us. Know that. Stay honorable to the Truth and be the man God wants you to be. Do not look at Obama and compare him to Americans. I just do not think he cares for us either.

  • Roger Cotton

    A sense of humor. Buy one.

  • DebraJMSmith

    The letter is fake.

  • Observant_One

    Hey, #1 I didn’t vote for obama either time because he is a commie piece of shit. #2 I don’t want some government scumbag pounding on my door because of some dumb-assed statement I made on the internet. #3 Putin is a commie piece of shit as well, and I would like to see a good old western shoot-out between the two assholes. The USA wins either way! #4 I after reading my comment again I can see it was poorly stated, but the only excuse I have is that your comment could attract attention you are not going to like.

  • A scared American

    All Americans need to wake up to the danger that is lurking on our southern borders. The Muslim Brotherhood has been building in Mexico and the Latin American countries since 2005, and are in business with the Mexican Cartel. Obama has made it easy for the Muslim Brotherhood to move into the US by our southern borders by not building up defenses in that area and giving all illegal aliens citizenship. Not all illegal aliens are from Mexico a lot of them are from the Middle East. America wake up Obama is not your friend he is taking away your freedom.

  • grumpy3625

    I think so, too. Something tells me not to trust it. However, I agree with a lot of things in that letter, especially the part that goes on to say that “let’s stop trying to bring democracy to barbarians. Instead, let’s bring them the only thing they understand–force.”

  • Observant_One

    La Pua .308

  • Jill

    Can’t be bothered to read all the comments, so I don’t know if anyone has already brought up this obvious point: this was not written by Vladimir Putin. I don’t know if that matters to any of y’all, but just thought I’d throw it out there.

  • Holly Mays

    i love how all of your name jokes are awful and just pound in your ignorance. Will for one time one of you talk about the actual real problems that the government has? The name calling weakens your point and makes you seem desperate rather than support any real issue. thanks

  • Guest

    How about a patriot? Rand Paul for President 2016!

  • Guest

    How about a patriot for President? Rand Paul- 2016!!

  • Paul Brown

    Putin is very right on many issues, but he is also supporting Iran, who hates the U.S. as well and wants to see our destruction just as much as the other muslim pig is Washington today. Iran is an Islamic country so how can Putin say he wants to rud the world of these pigs when he supports them. The whole thing stinks to high heaven as ovomit is at the head of it all. He drew the so called “Red Line ” in the sand and now has to do something or otherwise he looks like the bull shitter we all know him to be anyway.

  • Dave

    I’m not a Christian, nor am I what one could call religious. That being said, I strongly agree with Jeffrey Liggens and your reply to him. Virtually nothing of what I have observed going on in organized Christianity today, resembles the teachings of Christ in the Four Gospels of the Christian Bible. If one wants a good taste of what I am talking about, just call out a “Christian” on blatant crap behavior that they are engaging in. Or better yet, stand up to someone in the hierarchy of one of these “Christian” denominations or splinter groups for behavior that is just plain evil occurring in their ranks. Most of the time they will first want to ignore the issue, and sometimes they will attack you for pointing it out to them and demanding justice. Then they will try to do damage control (aka “restoration”) for the “greater good”. They want “forgiveness” without justice or consequences. They misuse Matthew 18. It is my belief that, Matthew 7:13-14 is largely ignored by “Christians” today. Actually I think that the Bible is largely ignored by “Christians”. How many of them actually read their Bible, instead of just blindly accepting some alleged “man of God’s” “interpretation” of it? Just like the evil people that twist the words of our Constitution and say that it doesn’t mean what is written in it, many denominations (and smaller groups) twist the words of the Bible to suit their particular agenda. And for all of the thin skinned “Christians” that read this post, I am not picking on Christianity, Christ, or the few people who are at least putting an effort into following Christ’s teachings. I’m just sick of the evil that is blatantly ignored, covered up, and sometimes even defended in mainstream Christianity today. The word Christian means “like Christ”. How many “Christians” even try to meet that standard anymore? If one wants to know why this “Christian” country is in the shape that it is in, read Matthew 5:13. For the most part “Christians” today are conducting themselves in no better manner than the evil people of this world.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    I totally agree. I’m constantly reading the hatred people heap upon Obama, even in this section. If you were to ask they who do this if they were born again, many would say yes. Yet, a lot of these people feel it’s their social/political duty to trash the president. You don’t have to like the man’s policies, to follow what God has told us to do; namely to pray for our authorities, and to love everyone, including Obama. Obama has declared on more than one occasion he is Christian. Yet people question his confession of faith, and swear up and down he’s Muslim. He is no worse a Christian than many of his “Christian” critics. And no I didn’t vote for Obama neither term.

  • Chico Hinojos

    eat that u fuc up

  • Roger Cotton

    I agree.

  • Vicki Wiesner Carter

    How do you know what is in his mind and conscience? It kills me when people declare how a person is without knowing who they are.

  • Mr.Jim

    Sorry, I just can’t believe he said all that. The man has a better education and far more educated in his speech to say such a thing as it so reported. Come on people! Lap dogs? Sheep? And my favorite “He’s my son of a bitch”? Come on people this kind of sewage does not come out of a well educated leader like him. Sorry but no.

  • Teets

    He’s got my vote. If everybody would give peace a chance the world would be a better place. Love thy neighbor and walk together helping one another along the way. Love is the solution to all that ails this messed up materialistic wasteful. uncaring, ruthless
    world dwellers.

  • jamrpb

    Christ said…You will know them by the fruit they bear.
    Obuma’s fruits are ROTTEN. If you think because he professes to be Christian, he is, then you probable believe satan is non-existant & there is no EVIL…Just look at Oba_MAO’s fruits. I Muslim is a Muslim, no matter if he justifies the end by lying about his true beliefs. He talks Christian, but lives Muslim.

  • 1stcav

    please vote conservative in 2014 and kick out all the liberals and the rino’s like mccain and boehmer ! they love obama and his queers too damn much !

    i have to almost , that almost totally agree with putin we need to even get rid of all the muslims in america all of them ! if they are easy going muslims they will be ok ! but none of those sharia loving bastards ! their god allah and satan have one thing in common ! they are one in the same person ! and mohammed ‘s rules suck just like obama !

    and for obama to ignore putin and go visit a bunch of mental screw ups like queers ! obama needs to go ! him and mccain both along with the speaker of the house of congress !

  • sandraleesmith46

    Some of that may be “knee-jerk” anti-war “sentiment” that they’ve been absorbing, along with the anti-gun rhetoric, and part fear they might actually have to go and fight.. Not in this one, but in another statement, Putin was talking about the need for moral structure, and whether or not he has been saved, which I’m not in a position to judge, he does seem to have realized that many of Russia’s problems now, sociologically speaking, stem from the Communist efforts to wipe out religion, and the need for the moral structure of the Judeo-Christian religions, so it IS possible that he has changed some, because he used to be a DIE-hard hard line communist! So to see even that much of an admission come from him; even if it IS politically motivated, it’s still a huge change of mind and heart for him.

  • elmcqueen3

    This sounds more like a disinformation campaigne letter put out by the CIA…Pretending Putkin wrote it…I don’t trust anyone now days with anything we read as being the gospel…As Bill O’Reilly said…Putkin is a scoundrel…We know that…However I believe we also have some scoundrels working for our US government to include our state department!

  • Fritz The Cat

    Hes an obamanation (play on abomination)

  • Fritz The Cat

    Well said. I don’t even claim to be Christian. I claim Deism. But, I’ve read the bible, numerous times, as well as other holy texts from other religions. There is a lot to learn from them. A lot that is good. I try to base my life around the good morals while keeping in mind that I’m a sinner. I make my way with God, my own way. The relationship with God is the most personal of relationships.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    Your logic is completely contradictory; nevertheless this is part of what makes you think you are qualified to judge me. Which because of your ignorance you don’t. Why would I believe Obama was Christian if I didn’t believe Satan, nor evil existed? Your logic just doesn’t follow. Muslims of any sort do not endorse abortion, but many Christians have and do get abortions. Given the fruit of your speech, you certainly aren’t holier than Obama (let alone me), no matter how much you try and prop yourself up on your self-righteous soapbox. You clearly aren’t any more Christian than he is, given what you have already said.

  • KittyKittyKit

    Okay NSA, I know you’re going to read this and hold it against me, but that’s okay. I’m sick of SLIMEY American CITIZEN who, while they are still in the PRIVATE sector, SWEAR AN OATH to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America, from ALL ENEMIES both foreign and domestic, and then when you step into the PUBLIC SECTOR JOB which we entrusted to you because of your OATH, and you IMMEDIATELY TURN TRAITOR and do all you can to engage in the ACTIVE OVERTHROW of the U.S. Constitution.
    SO WHO WOULD I PREFER………a STRAIGHT TALKING RUSSIAN named PUTIN who succinctly NAILED EVERY ISSUE ON THE HEAD……….or you mealy mouthed SNIVELING LIARS in the OVOMIT administration.
    I SAY THIS. I SAY WE INVITE VLADIMER PUTIN to RUN FOR President of the United States of America. He’s a man with a CLEAR VISION and the BALLS to follow through on it. A man who knows that ISLAM is a WORLD CANCER that has to be CUT OUT and destroyed just like ANY CANCER. You either KILL and DESTROY the CANCER or the cancer will kill and destroy YOU.
    Now I’ll GLADLY CHANGE MY MIND if anyone can come up with a name of someone with enough HONEST INSIGHT, and the BALLS OF A BRASS MONKEY who will catch his vision and run with it.
    IF NO ONE ELSE WILL………..I WILL. My name is Thom Raasio and I am running for POTUS 2016 as a WRITE-IN candidate.
    Putin is Russian Orthodox, I am Evangelical Christian. Both of us are HATED BY ISLAM and we will do whatever it takes to IRRADICATE this cancer.

  • sandraleesmith46

    We were born in sin, but I don’t see that the act of breathing is, in and of itself, a sin; rather, I believe that means that we each contain a propensity to act in rebellion against God’s law and will, the so oft called “sin nature”, but God BREATHED into Adam the breath of life, so I have a problem seeing that as an act of sin.

  • sandraleesmith46

    The Spirit didn’t specify as to whether they come under the US tax code so designated, when He told me that. Neither did He specify only churches in the US. So if you’re seeking an answer on that, you’ll have to ask Him.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Good observation, sir, and you’re right. That is, in fact, why we fell under Divine judgment as of 9/12/01, when some of our “leaders” gave exactly the SAME wrong answer given in Is. 9:10, which resulted in a 70 year Babylonian captivity for the Jewish people. I, too, have run into many of those same responses. I stomp on too many of their idols and sacred cows. Mt 7:15 is the very warning about such persons, as you describe, leading them off the cliff with distortions and outright lies about what the Bible says, or doesn’t say, or mean.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Reckon it’s time to step on one of those sacred cows again. Do you recall an event in the Temple, with some money changers? And a SCOURGE? That was JESUS wielding that scourge, driving them out. Love is an act of will, NOT a warm fuzzy emotion, in the context of Agape. And the most loving act may NOT always appear to be loving at all. But there IS a time to label evil EVIL, and act accordingly. In the case of O’s religion; HE has made it crystal clear by his actions here, and his own words abroad, as well that he IS Muslim still, just as he was raised and taught as a boy. He wears a Muslim ring, and has done so most of his adult life. That “Christian” church he allegedly converted in and attended, is not now and never has been Christian either; its “gospel” is one of hate, and not at all of Jesus; LISTEN to Wright some time. Also, since O is NOT legally POTUS, I do not accord him that title, because my oath on that score was taken to the Constitution when HE was still a little boy, and that oath doesn’t expire either, until I do. I do pray for him, and have had a chat with God; so far He hasn’t told me I need to change on this. I pray that His will be done, so I don’t pray for a bolt from the blue to hit O on the back 9. We are instructed to “judge” by the fruits, and O’s fruits are NOT Christian; so what his words are matters little in truth. As for “worse” or “better”, funny thing, God didn’t list “degrees of sin”; He’s pretty much a black and white kind of Person. Sin is sin, there’s no “better” or “worse” there’s just sin or not sin. And a person who persists in sinful behaviors, who makes no effort to turn from his/her sins, along with repentance and seeking forgiveness, WILL wear out even God’s patience. I don’t know if O has yet crossed that line, but I suspect if he hasn’t, he’s very close to it. The most LOVING thing I could do for O, I already HAVE done; and that is to tell him he’s treading in sin. Obviously, it had no effect since he’s continued down that path further and faster with each passing day. So I commend him to God’s will, and I seriously don’t believe that will be a pleasant place for him.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Muslims don’t “endorse” rape of their women either, but that doesn’t stop them raping other women! Then there’s that charming little practice of taqqiya; lying to further the cause; and supporting abortion of the babies of non-Muslims would fit well in that, as does aborting the babies of pregnant women and mutilating the womens’ breasts so they can never suckle a child again, a charming practice among many of the African Muslims. Muslims “endorse” whatever is convenient to their move to create a world-wide caliphate. And for the record, there are a number of the so-called Christian denominations now teaching, and have been for some time, that Satan really doesn’t exist, and that have apparently adopted the secular “situational ethics” as well as the overtly sinful behaviors of adultery, fornication, abortion, etc. which does pretty much limit the notions of sin and evil.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Keep talking to God; there is quite a lot in many other religions’ teachings, in fact the core tenets of most are fairly similar. It’s those “details'” that catch us all up. I’ve been studying religions since I was a kid, not just Christianity. God tells us He wrote His law in EVERY heart; so that no man has an excuse, really. He’ll guide you if you listen for that. When you’re ready, there is a “fix” for that “sinner” problem.

  • Brooks Beaty

    At the federal level, Article II of the United States Constitution (Section 4) states that “The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

  • Mick Braun

    If you Americans give up your guns, then you give up your right to fight to save your OWN country. Believe me they, that’s why the UK police farce can do what they want to us English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh. Why? Because we are unarmed.

  • sandraleesmith46

    ADHD, autism, and a host of other psycho-neurological disorders are on the rise; most likely due to the toxins in our environment; fluoride in our water, GMO foods, and additives that both poison and create metabolic disorders, intentionally, as well as causing addiction and obesity, toxic side effects from drugs, and a host of other evils that pass for “government care” are causing many problems for people. “Workaholism” is only problematic when it interferes with the rest of your life. Some people are just very high energy, where others are not, and like the morning person versus the night person, they seldom comprehend one another. That’s just life. But drugs are rarely the correct answer to any problem, and should be a last resort response.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    Obama changed Churches after Wright’s rhetoric became center stage. People are at different stages of their walk with the Lord, as well as different levels of sanctification. I am not here to defend his error; but I would ask, has he done anything right? I think “Obamacare” for one, was a valiant effort to get people at and below the poverty line health insurance. But he’s been damned for that. Then there is him trying to help homeowners whom were economically injured because of the banking industry thieves. He came out with HARP, and then HARP 2.0 to assist these homeowners. But he gets no thanks for that. There are other things he and his wife has done that are note worthy. But the most people have been found to say about him (while benefiting from some of his accomplishments) is he’s no Christian; he’s a Muslim, and everything wrong they can think about him. Is he perfect? No human is. You talk like you might have some conviction about Jesus Christ. Can you cite ANYTHING GOOD that Obama has done? That’s what we who follow Jesus Christ do; we look at the whole picture of the person, and not just all the short-comings of a person. Surely if God looked at all of us the way many of us look at others, how could we stand? Check yourself; as you judge others, you shall be judged.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Unfortunately, I know all too well what that means, and DID when those fools of the APA caved to the threats of law suits back in the late ’60s from the homosexuals’ lobbies and the ACLU, and took it off the behavioral disorders list in the DSM IV {it was so listed in the DSM III}; and within a few weeks of the publishing of the DSM IV, NAMBLA began jockeying for the SAME protected status.

    I know O is homosexual, and has had his boyfriends in and out of the WH, I’ve seen Brietbart’s photos of them, from before he was killed. I also know about the Down Low club in Wright’s “church” in Chicago; and the arranged marriages to cover for public purposes, that the girls are adopted, and neither his nor Michelle’s.
    On the issue of hate crimes, those against a person for a GENETIC “condition” like high melanin count or a particular blood line {Jews}, which they CANNOT change, and had no control over, yes, those should be considered. But over a behavioral disorder, no. What anyone learns, he can UNLEARN, but it takes work and a will to do so, and does NOT deserve “protection” because the individual chooses to NOT unlearn it! When I was stationed at USNH Quantico, I saw how Marines reacted to homosexuals who wouldn’t keep it to themselves, and the survivors made it to the ER. One of the present mistakes is that they’re now trying to legislate an instinct out of existence. One has to teach a child to hate or fear a racial difference, but children instinctively know that behavior is wrong, and are repulsed by it,which is why they’re forcing it into our schools at very early ages, to TEACH that instinctual response out of them, or try to.

    I have a younger sibling who is “transgender”, because of the same reasons I fully understood where this was going, some 40 years back, where it must inevitably lead. I raised that kid and I don’t hate her either, but i don’t like what she’s done with her life.

  • sandraleesmith46

    That would be O; born and raised. Both parents, step-daddy, and maternal grandparents, as well as close family friend Frank Marshall. And then in college, and since he’s surrounded himself with Muslim Communists, or just plain Communists he will tolerate also.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Doesn’t seem to stress out animals, whether wild or domestic, and we are mammals, so maybe the stress comes from making the act of sex into something it’s NOT intended to be… and thus between your ears.

  • freedomfighter2


  • sandraleesmith46

    Okay, first, classification would be that of a cult; rather than a true religion. Remember the People’s Temple/Jonestown in the ’60s and ’70s? But this refusal to acknowledge what this bunch is goes way back in history. Europeans have been denying the truth of it for centuries, and even the US had its first encounter with them in the late 1790s and early 1800s: they kept pirating our shipping and shanghaiing or kidnapping our sailors for ransom, until a little thing called the Barbary Coast wars, added that line “to the shores of Tripoli” to the Marines’ Hymn. I like the nitro analogy; it’s perfect. That is precisely how the world’s leaders are treating Muslims, everywhere; “don’t get it hot or shake it up, or it will explode”. Appeasement didn’t work with Hitler, it didn’t work in the 19th century for our leaders, they had to stop paying the ransoms and bribes and just send in the Marines, and it’s NOT going to work now. ALL it serves to do is encourage continued bad behavior and more outrageous demands. Nothing we do or do not do will radicalize anyone who doesn’t intend to be radicalized, I can’t “MAKE” another person do anything, any more than you can, if that person doesn’t wish to do that thing, not even by establishing a law demanding it. Only children still in the “magical thinking” age/phase believe that. Of course, these days, some of those have gotten pretty large….
    But simply acknowledging a bully is a bully doesn’t end the problem; that requires making the bully believe his bullying tactics won’t work on you in some way, and that is precisely what the Muslims use; bully tactics. So either we stand up to them, en masse if that is the only way to get the message across, or we keep caving in to their bullying.

  • IAMPhilip777

    Well said Dave, most ‘Christians’ seem to have no problem with killing others, especially when those others are Muslim… I just wanted to mention a source of info that has been near and dear to my Heart these last 9 years….Ask Real…..and I typically advise anyone who looks at this – or any information – to…”explore with an open mind, and let your Heart decide if it is for you”… :-)

  • Guy Daley

    Wrong, wrong, WRONG. Obama knows EXACTLY what he’s doing and that’s spending taxpayers money. Whereas only Congress is supposed to spend money we’ve now reached the point where the President can unilaterally spend billions of dollars by going to war based on his own personal desire that is backed up by CIA false flag operations AND the media. Bombs do not grow on trees in fact they are incredibly expensive but the media never reports on this and so Americans pretend that they are free. Those expenditures are HEAPED onto the public debt and we get ZIPPO in return for our investment whereas Obama is paying back his corporate investors AND the Democratic party gets major campaign donations for promoting constant warfare. Government has to spend money for it to come back in, in the form of campaign donations. That is the PAC donation cycle. Steal from you, spend it, then receive a percentage back to help with reelection efforts and in this case it will probably be spent on promoting that hag Hillary for next presidential election and that will take BILLIONS to put lipstick on that pig.

  • Joan Rogers

    I left a comment and it is gone, let me try again!! I agree with Mr. Putin , that if we joined forces with other nations, we could all together crush this beast once and for all. The Jihadi Muslims…are the Problem world wide.
    God joined together male and female. We are told to multiply the earth.
    You seem to be a strong straight up thinking on your feet president. I appreciate your thinking. Sounds like a plan.

  • Raza Tiwana

    susan,We in the so called 3rd world remember America of 50’s & “go west my son”, then the Zionist implanted ‘Neo-Con’ took over for their Great Game Agenda, rest is history. Sustaining ‘Global Peace’ require people like you change electoral laws then elect leaders you mention.

  • Rebecca Roach Newman

    I am an American and I don’t war this war we the people here in the U.S don’t want it either this bullshit going on is Obama’s crap because he thinks he is big,yeah he is big and STUPID HE NEEDS TO GO BACK TO Kenya ,I wish thet the people here would take a stand against him and impeach him cause I sure didn’t want him as president and those who did look at what you voted for an idiot for president th

  • Dandy Don

    Never thought I would say this, but when the crap hit’s the fan here in the U.S., I might consider going to Russia. Putin gets it. Obama hasn’t a clue. Muslims have to be defeated. They are the Cock Roaches of the world. Obama is taking care of his own, at our expense.

  • Raza Tiwana

    Obama & Team are following ‘great game agenda’, leaders with morals & religion never get elected specially in big countries, read his body language at 2nd term. Lets not label him with any religion or ‘ism’, his ‘kaput’ can be by People of USA only, its nearly impossible for his enemies to breach his security, paid for by your taxes.

  • k33j88

    Putin is spot on with the Muslim savages.

  • byronmullet

    True, Islam is more like a cult. A bully cult. The open right hand of”peace” and the left clenched in a fist “Sharia” to strike when you look the other way or are weak. As in Jonestown, people suspend common sense and the warning signs and just go along for the ride, more fearful of leaving than staying. To others born Muslim, who are willingly deceived, self deception becomes the worst form of tyranny, because they become slaves to their own deception. The world, became complicit, as you rightly recalled the history, when it failed to expose it for what it was for the previous reasons. Christians, also wrongly in my opinion, chose appeasement which in effect endorsed and accommodated the cultism, to avoid confrontation. Now, with liberal/Progressivism happy words like “tolerance” which gives it “religious labeling” “standing,” these multi-wife/birth control-less families are destabilizing whole communities and nations, pushing them to the tipping point of Sharia. With Obama, we have already, soft Sharia in America in just a few years. Godless/Liberal Europe, is even further down the clueless road. Moderate Muslims/ if there really is such a thing, are poised to be radicalized, by the Muslim Brotherhood, whenever they perceive a country is ripe for the “fist.” Putin is the only world leader, brave enough to tell the truth.

  • axmickl

    Mr Putin, You already have most American people on your side. You need to stand on a real world stage and say these things so the uninformed fools can see what they have done by electing the prince of fools. It is not the US army that is hostel toward you it is the foolish leaders we keep electing. It was also the foolish leaders your country kept electing. Maybe you should come to the US and meet with the NRA. I am a member and we would be happy to give you a world stage to expose the prince of fools and his evil friends.

  • axmickl

    The ones who did don’t even know what they did except to protect their free phones.

  • Dee

    I agree Dave. I am a Christian and I believe in God but I quit going to church because of all the hypocracy.

  • axmickl

    Even Biden would be an improvement. He would be so overwhelmed he would be incapable of doing more harm.

  • junktex

    I do trust Putin more than the parasites in DC.

  • OWL

    Oh church of God, I love thy courts, thou mother of the free!

  • junktex

    I trust Putin more than the prostitutes in DC.

  • sandraleesmith46

    WOW, you have really swallow it all, hook, line and SINKER! Obamacare is NOT about health care, it’s about CONTROL of people’s lives; and health care is NOT a “right” it’s a PRIVILEGE for which you pay or you don’t get it, period. Home ownership also a privilege, and those who are now “struggling” should NEVER have been given loans, but the banks were coerced into doing so against their better judgment, and those people did NOT have the resources or fiscal skills to purchase houses, so now they’re floundering and WE are all paying! So NO he doesn’t get thanks for that screw up either. NOTHING that person has done has been for the GOOD of anyone but the power elites and the NWO agenda. I don’t care what edifice he darkens, that doesn’t make him a Christian, and we DON’T celebrate RAMADAN, just for the record! No, I can’t cite anything O has done that was good; narcissists aren’t capable of doing so except by accident, and unfortunately he hasn’t had one of those. I LOOK for the good, but I also recognize when it’s simply NOT there, and don’t try to pretend it IS. You might want to re-examine the verses regarding “judging” because we as Christians are commanded {as in NOT a mere suggestion} to be discerning and to separate ourselves from that which is evil; you can’t separate when you can’t see the evil. BTW, that “valiant effort” was AIMED at forcing us onto a socialized medicine system like is failing in the UK and Canada right now, and I remember when the system went into effect in the UK; they were SOOO excited; now everyone would have heath care…fast forward about 60 years and they’re TRYING to find a way to get out from under that because it’s failing and too many are DYING waiting for appointments! And the “punch line” is that once this is done, there’s no getting back out of it! The infrastructure is GONE and you can’t get it back!

  • jagans

    So which of the 65 or so Gospels written a minimum of 260 years after the death of Jesus of Nazareth do you aspire to? Not sure if you know this but MMLJ is what was left once the high priests decided what they wanted us to believe.

    I would really like to read the Gospel as told by Mary Magdeline, but Im sure it will never be made available in my life time.

  • Dee

    FYI ~ The only people better off since obama took office are the very rich. The middle class and poor are worse off. Yet obama pretends to care about the poor and says he wants to help the middle class. Bologna! He is pure evil; he says what people want to hear but does the opposite. He forced his unaffordable health care down the throats of the majority of people who didn’t want it. He has allowed certain groups (Congress, Muslims, large corps) to bow out of the unaffordable health care. Get a clue Jeffery Liggens, obama is one heck of a lying bastard whatever his religion!!!!! He doesn’t give a rats behind about you, me, or this country! He has his own agenda to bankrupt this country and befriends whoever knowingly or unknowingly helps him accomplish it.

  • jagans

    I am not a communist, but what, may I ask do you think they do in their system, that we do not do in our so called democratic system? The only difference in their system is their leaders can be more forthright, because they dont always have to be politically correct.

    The Executive branch of our government has bastardized every provision inserted into out constitution to protect our rights, and the yellow bellied congress goes along to get along. Need a couple examples?

    1. Vietnam. Johnson starts a war by invoking the “War Powers” act, and calling it a Police action like Korea.

    2. Iraq: Both Bushes dive into that country in spite of, and against the advice of the United Nations.

    3. Afghanistan: Through the CIA we supply weapons to OSB to help them fight the Russians Why?

    It is eminently clear to anyone with a brain that Saudi Arabia is one of the main supporters of Islamic Terror cells throughout the world, but we are allies with them. Why? OIL. We are trading the blood of our young for OIL, when we have all we need right here in North America. Why?

    And finally, the collective governments, federal, state, and local take about 70% of what you make, and you have absolutely no say in what they do with it. If its the Democrats they give it to people that don’t work. If its Republicans, they spend it on more weapons to start more wars in little countries. After all if you got em, you gotta use them, or whats the point, right?

  • disqus_qQX1aTf7hj



  • disqus_qQX1aTf7hj
  • robocop33

    Wow! This is a very insightful piece on Putin! He really is a vicious SOB and dangerous as well. While I agree with some of what he says concerning our press and the pandering to special interest groups that are harming our Nation I do not think it is okay or a good thing to gas millions of people who have never done anything just to get at the few that have such as in Chechnya! The ONLY thing I really agree with on is that we need to stop the radical Muslims known as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quada. We also need to get out of the Middle East and let them kill each other. If they step out and attack us, then we simply send in the drones and or Tomahawk missile and take out those responsible. We SHOULD support those who seek freedom but not those who will turn on us the moment they gain their freedom such as these Syrian Rebels.
    What scares me is to see just what a strong RULER that Putin is while we have such a weak one. We MUST get rid of Obama and place in power a leader who has the best interests of America in his heart or mind.

  • robocop33

    That is why he picked him! Still, maybe he will see that the American people are serious about loving our Country and do okay simply as a figurehead. Either that or we can impeach him for being a co-conspirator but we also need to make sure we get rid of that idiot Boehner and put someone in as Speaker who will be a great Leader.

  • JoMama

    Public education……..
    Need I say more???

  • American47

    I really didn’t think my wonderful country could do worse than Bill Clinton as President, then I found a GW Bush as a supposed conservative was not any better. But wow, this guy is a total idiot. Obama is the poster boy for failed black policy. It is not difficult for any world leader to make a complete arse out of him and his pathethic academic support group. It is becoming embarrassing to be a patriotic American. If this is really written by Putin, he makes a lot of sense. I really don’t think it is Putin that wrote this article though. And remember, “You Can Always Trust a Communist, to be a Communist”. And you can never trust a muslim.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    So what is your solution to the problem of they who did not have healthcare, who walk amongst us in public, possibly spreading airborne pathogens of illnesses and diseases to the rest of us? Let them just die of their conditions? Do you not know that it is in the public’s interest to see to it that everyone can see a doctor and get treatment when ill? While you’re trying to correct me on the scriptures, I’ll bet you claim to be Christian; yet, all that has come out of you is hatred and condemnation for a person who has tried to do something about our nation’s poor (which numbers in the millions), who do not have access to healthcare. If Jesus Christ was nothing at all, He was compassionate towards…YOU! Let’s see you tell Jesus Christ that caring for the sick (whom He commanded you to minister to, if you belong to Him) is not their right, but a privilege. Remember that when you get sick, with all your “privileges” of health care, and there be nothing they can do for you. Obama has shown more compassion towards the poor and sick, than you have in “your kind of Christianity”, if you can call it that. Repent and sin no more! And get on with the Lord’s business.

  • Jay

    I know “Joe” is a legal Vice President by birth in America, the other person posing a our leader has
    yet to prove if he is even legal to be President in America. With this said everything the “O” signs
    is illegal until proven, maybe this is why he’s records are sealed. I would not vote for President Putin, but if I only had the two choices Putin or “O” President Putin is a far better choice, reason: He up
    holds he’s country’s constitution.
    I’m sure President Putin would not try to disarm or crush our American constitution like this other fool.
    “President Putin for America” Screw the democrats, tree huggers, and the SS who supports this
    From a true Red White & Blue American.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    “The only people better off since Obama took office are the very rich.”

    You speak out of pure ignorance. Why don’t you speak to those who had no medical access to a doctor until after “Obamacare” and get their opinion on what they think? Oh that’s right; they don’t count in your world. They’re just freeloaders, who deserve their plight. You know very little of what you are talking about, and understand even less of what little bit you know. All I have to say to you is WAKE UP! Let not your ignorance blind you for the rest of your life.

  • Dee

    This may seem hardened but, Rule of Nature: Survival of the fittest.

  • Hilly

    Dear Vlad,
    I must say I admire a leader with brains! Our president has none, and proves it on a daily basis. The American people do not want President Obombya to go into Syria to help the rebels. Only Obombya and his minions are want to help those terrorists. Why don’t you do us all a favor, and lob a few missiles (an incredibly small attack, no bigger than a pin prick) on Washington D.C. You would be doing the American people a huge favor, and maybe we would build a statue of you and create a new national holiday in your honor.

    Thank you

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    Do you really believe that the MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD that installed this (undocumented, falsely documented, non-vetted) clown in office was done by WE?

  • JR Dowd

    Putin although I agree with your letter regarding President Obama may I reiterate that Vietnam was one of the most unpopular wars America ever engaged in, as almost everyone here did not support it but our Government failed to listen to us. That also goes for Iraq and Libya and other wars we’ve engaged in recently. The PEOPLE of America are not the ones you should be pointing the finger at as our government has FAILED to listen to us. A whopping 85% of Americans DO NOT want our men and women in Syria. So 15% of us don’t feel the same but you can’t convince everyone; but based on that small number you can’t say ALL American’s are dumb as the majority is against this attack. The US Government has been ballooned with power over the last 90 years, they have forgotten who they work for. We have allowed this to happen because most American’s believe that our “Government” has our best interest at hand and as long as they continue to give away “entitlements’ this will only get worse. How do you get a stray animal to trust you, you give them things as opposed to having to work for it and that’s what our Government does. I truly believe that our voting system has been fraudulently coerced over the years which gave our President now and others in the past a job they didn’t deserve. Putin, your remarks are best thrown at our Government not at the people of this country as many of us DON’T agree with the tyranny that is taking place now. WE DO need to come together – all sovereign countries and unite for the common force to get rid of these radicals who look to hurt innocent people abroad – not the country itself unless they are helping the cause of these radicals. I agree with you on that point and I think most Americans and citizens of other countries would agree with that too.

  • Jesse

    Putin is a very intelligent and non interventionist man. Though this article may be mostly true, Putin did not write this. Even if he believes it, he would never make such controversial statements for the world to see. He is much more intelligent and eloquent. Sorry but as true and entertaining as it may be, its another internet fake.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    “Survival of the fittest.”
    Said the Darwinian disciple. And what I say to that is, they who survive, is because God gives them each day they live; including you.

  • giant33

    Mr Putin, If your so against bad Muslims why didn’t you help us in Iraq. Just because we have a weak A-hole of a president now you and China could have joined us to rid the world of the jihadis Muslims. You and China don’t like us and our way of life. Your right on Syria, it makes more sense that the rebels did the gasing to get this bisexual president to help their cause. In any case I think your a blowhard and your against us all the time. What Russia,China and the US needs is more Christens and churches.

  • Dee

    I HAVE NO PROBLEM HELPING THOSE WHO TRULY NEED HELP. However, far too many people take advantage of whatever they can get without having to work for it. If you want to pay to take care of these people be my guest. I don’t want to be forced into it. The founders of this great nation believed anyone could come to this country and if they were willing to work hard they could get ahead and become a success. If you don’t, oh well, be poor and deal with it. Your choice. It’s called FREEDOM. Don’t expect everyone else to take care of your lazy butt. In the past when people truly needed help many reached out to their church. Because of bleeding hearts like yours our country has become a country of suckers. Hard working people busting their butts while all those, and let me emphasize, all those that take advantage sit back and laugh and enjoy the fruits of our labors. I don’t like being someone’s fool.

  • Dee

    My point exactly. God not obama.

  • LisaDiane

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • LisaDiane

    This is GREAT!!! LOL I’ve been saying this to my husband for the past 2 weeks!! I have MUCH more faith in Putin than I do in Obama — at least he is a strong leader who stands up for things I agree with! Obama is like milk-weed fluff!! :-P

  • Peter

    I believe the Biblical account of what will happen between the U.S.A. & Russia.I believe the U.S.A. is the time of the END’s most stout nation evolving from the Roman Empire (Daniel 7:20 (KJV). Britania was a Roman provence, and today it is known as Great Britian. Amerca evolved from Great Britian. According to the Bible the Russian & the Muslim nations together will attack Israel & the United States of America and its allies. It happens suddenly after the creation of a Palestinian (Arabic) State within the borders of Israel (Daniel 11:39 (KJV). It is refered to on the Book of Revelation as the “First Woe” America’s war with China & the Kiings of the East follows upon the end of the First Woe, and is known as the “Second Woe” The United States will be victorious but due to the pollution from the wars, its victory is short lived.

  • Dee

    Also, you are living in utopia if you think obamacare is the answer. There is no way this country has the money to fund it. It will bankrupt us. Is that what you want? Only half the country pays taxes to begin with. Will you be happy when the government takes everyone’s entire paycheck and redistributes as they see fit? What point would there be for anyone to work? As the iron lady, Margaret Thatcher, said, “Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money”. THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T HAVE AN ENDLESS SUPPLY OF MONEY. As a matter of fact we are borrowing plenty from China right now and have been. Get real.

  • Matt

    I cant comprehend the amount of ignorance in that statement..

  • Gregory Carlson


  • Gregory Carlson

    Your comments are ignorant

  • Josh Howell

    Pretty sure this letter is fake.

  • 5live5

    Perhaps you should read other posts as well. A lot of the posts here are saying putin would be a better leader than Obambam. perhaps he would FOR RUSSIA, but not here! do you understand NOW?

  • 5live5

    Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the way he leads Russia with an iron fist!

  • 5live5

    Yeah? Let one of them say their religion is more important than the state. See how fast he does an about face. you can take the KGB leader out of the KGB but you aren’t going to take the KGB out of HIM!!

  • mmzpalmetto

    I would like to answer President Putin on this one. It is clear he knows exactly what is going on. But what in the world is wrong with Obama? I know he has a typical psychopath mentality , but this is beyond belief. We have always stuck our big noses in world affairs and now this is just plain lunacy. If I could speak to Putin ; I’d apologize for this buffoonery. After all look what the Gay movement is doing to our nation. He has the right to conduct his affairs in his own nation as he sees fit. This childish game has to end! This removing leaders because they don’t see eye to eye with our policies has become a nightmare. He’s right about these terrorists and Pakistan also. And how our leaders have screwed up time and time again. I am really ashamed of our position as far as rotten leadership and unfortunately the refusal of ;;;;;;;We the people,, to do what must be done. Open your eyes you blind as a bat libtards and smell the stink of your own making.

  • 5live5

    and Adam sinned against God in the garden and he and Eve were thrown out. Man and woman have been sinning ever since. there was only one perfect being on this earth and he died on a cross for your and my sins! He died so that we can ask forgiveness for our sins.

  • 5live5

    Yes and this is done by people who say they are NT communists. you think it would be better to put a person in charge that is an above board Communist??? Right now it’s “what can we sneak by them or trick them into”? Under someone like Putin it would be “Damn what they think, DO IT”!! At least here and now, I can still protest against the government, try that in Russia and see what it gets you. Oh, and that little “police action” you mention under Johnson? I was there for 18 months.

  • John Fallon

    to bad MR. PUTIN wasn’t born in the US

  • Ron S

    you all must think that when someone claims to be Christian, they think they can walk on water….we are all sinners…you and me!!!! Christian means you believe in God, the creator, our God, and that you have a personal relationship with Him!! We have to ask for forgiveness every single day and try to live our lives better every single day….he will be the judge and only judge to determine if you are worthy of life everlasting….NOT YOU!!!!!

  • Tom

    If any of those reading seriously believe that this is a formal letter from the leader of one of the greatest nations on this planet to Barack Obama then you need to open your eyes. Stop bathing yourself in the ignorant internet postings and look to real sources of information on the subjects happening in the world today. As if a world leader would address another nation, a nation that was in a nuclear standoff with the Russians only decades ago, with such a slanderous tone. We need to learn to recognize bias, and this document can easily be seen as a right-winged article put out by a Republican author.

    You don’t view politics like you view a football game. It isn’t Republicans against Democrats every Monday. Obama is president and it will stay this way till re-election. Stop complaining about him just like so many others just years ago complained about Bush. He’s there to do what we need him to do, so let’s use our voice and tell him what we believe must be done. Let’s educate ourselves on the events taking place, and get our message to our local politicians.

  • al707

    Some will never have remorse for putting Obama in. I’v been arguing with some guy online who thinks Obama is the cats meow. No matter what he does it’s ok with this guy. He tells me I’m just brain washed by the far right wing nut jobs.

  • al707

    and get rid of the nit wit John McCain along with him. Who is nothing but a democrat in disguise

  • Priscilla King

    If he wrote that document, he doesn’t want to be our President.

  • Priscilla King

    You’re saying a head of state wrote THAT? Right, Russians have different rules of etiquette, but the ordinary ones I’ve met weren’t THAT tactless. I’m guessing that at best that’s a free translation done by someone who doesn’t like Putin much.

  • Molli Nickell,Granny Guerrilla

    Although written as fiction, this letter contains information Americans need to know. In the larger global context, it’s becoming obvious that the struggle is between secular and religious folks vs radical Islam. Misery makes for strange bedfellows, that’s for sure. I only wish Putin would keep his shirt on. Ugh!

  • AUMOM92

    While I don’t entirely disagree with some of the points made in this “letter”, I am not foolish enough to believe that it was actually written by Putin!

  • John Henry

    Syria announced, while we slept, that they are going to do what Putin suggest, and allow the UN to take control of their WMD’s … Huh … didn’t I read something about this in this message?

    So … Obama does not have to appeal to America, the Congress, or go on his own. Somehow Obama has managed to live to see another day.

    I wonder if he did what Putin asked,in this open letter and gave him something in a deal?

  • Blacksheep

    Sooo, Putin wrote a letter to the American people? To whom was it addressed? What forum(s) was it originally posted on? Who autenticated the letter as being authored by Putin? The writer of this letter mentions sheep…anyone who believes this “letter” (read, “oped”) was written by Valdimir Putin because the “intro” says it was is just that…a sheep.

  • Anon

    American People are not dumb. Most of us do not want war!

  • Tony

    Kind of scary that I would choose the leader of Russia over my own country. I have respect for Putin but do not trust him. I have neither respect or trust for obama. He is a clown and a snake. I believe his true agenda has yet to be revealed. I could say he may be the catalyst for WWIII to end civilization as we know it but that may be conspiracy theory. If Putin feels we should have a new leader, maybe he can help find the smoking gun that would put obama and his minions away in a prison someplace.

  • Dave

    The first eighteen words of your post amount to nothing more than your personal assumption. Some “Christians” do believe that after they are “saved”, that they can sin no more. Your “definition” of Christian is not accurate. Look it up. Your line about forgiveness does not excuse ongoing or repetitive crap behavior. Nor does God’s forgiveness mean that there should be no justice or consequences served up for bad behavior. Allowing evil to continue in your ranks, under the cloak of “forgiveness” will only destroy your religion. As far as your line about who will be the judge, you are right. Nowhere in my post did I condemn anyone to hell. I merely stated my personal observations, which come from experience in dealing with “Christians”. It could be argued that, according to some versions of Christianity that, being eternally damned is also “life everlasting”. Here is a link to one example of what I am referring to in my post to Sandra Google the subject of the child abuse that occurred at this school in Mamou, Guinea. Then try to convince me that, forcing children to eat their own vomit is Christ-like. Try to convince me that, the raping of these children is Christ-like. Try to convince me that, the horrible physical abuse of these children is Christ-like. Try to convince me that, initially ignoring the pleas of these children for justice is Christ-like. Try to convince me that the subsequent damage control by this denomination is Christ-like. Try to convince me that allowing one of the rapists to remain as a pastor in one of their churches until October of 2012 is Christ-like. The C&MA had to be pressured to remove him, and at that, he was allowed to resign. The abuse at this school occurred from the late 1940’s until 1970, when the school was shut down. Justice was never allowed to be served for these children due to the actions of the C&MA. I wonder how many of the C&MA’s children in other schools were also abused in the same manner. If you can convince me that this situation was handled in a Christ-like manner, you will be convincing me that Christianity is not Godly. Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:2


    First of all this was not written or approved by Putin. It was written by persons unknown who then put it on the Internet attrributing it to Putin. He is far more polished than this diatribe would suggest. Although a significant amount of the information is valid, no one should hang their hat on it.
    We all know the real culprits are in the Syrian affair. Internationally more and more people and governments now believe that the entire affair was staged by the the Obama regime. Obama and Kerry have long been totally disassociated from the truth, pathetic pathological liars driven by ideology. The question remaining is not whether the al Qaeda led rebels executed this and other SARIN gas attacks but whether the Obama regime was complicit. Many believe they were.
    Obama may be back tracking now by grabbing on to Putin’s proposal to remove chemical stores (held by the Syrian Government) because the heat is ratcheted up on the question of complicity and the unholy alliance he has made with Saudi concerning natural gas. For those who do not know it the gas used on 21 August by the rebels came from a Saudi radical group. Connect the dots!
    If investigation of the above proves fact the Obama and his regime are guilty of war crimes.

  • Terry J. Henry

    Hang the traitor Obama

  • Gaius Octavian

    I can only hope that the Russian President, Mr. Putin does not blame all of us for wanting a strike on the Assad regime in Syria. I do not want this to happen and I do not think a majority of the American people want it to happen either. We are in effect aiding our enemies, just as President Putin said, when we should be helping to exterminate them. It is our government and the crowd on Capital Hill, both Democrat and Republican, and RINOS, etc., that want to bomb Syria. It is the wants of a corrupt government and an inept leader who really should be Impeached. Why this has not happened, I am at a loss to even guess. Is the entire country from those who follow Obama blindly, to the news media, falling under the yoke of tyranny without protest? It would seem so, but some of us are not, and will never do this. So…Mr. Putin, blame our so called president, and our messed up government all you want to, but please, do not include those of us who think much the same you do.

  • MC USA

    Screw Putin.. Freakin’ KGB Commy poser.. Mother Russia – Please! You know how he won re-election? By jailing and suppressing the opposition. Obama used the IRS to do much of the same here in the US. Russia is always the bad guy. When we split Germany to East and West, the Russians raped and murdered. I would rather be “liberated” by the US than the Russians. Have you seen what they do to Somali pirates? Youtube it.. Savages


    I really don’t think Putin wrote this; BUT on the comment about Obama being laughed off the world stage: consider Obama and his vile viper sycophants (Holder, Clinton, Rice, Kerry on and on) are NOT the disease that is ravaging this country – just the symptom. The disease is what took us from a landslide majority election of Reagan in 80’s to Obama twice (first time you could say deceived BUT TWICE!)
    What you don’t know will hurt you. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER
    Watch and share with everyone in your sphere of influence. You can’t make sense of the madness without AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN on line FREE

  • Rich Wells
  • Jonathan

    Calm down putin don’t make me call the finns on you ! :) lol

  • boone1


  • boone1

    That’s what I would like to know.But wait he only use’s them on Americans you see we have no rights anymore only muslims have rights now and if we don’t get off are lazy azz’s what rights we do have will be gone.It’s time to take back our government with force if we have to.

  • Joan Rogers

    Vlad, can you explain this? You said, the rebels used the chemicals . Yet , you say Assad is turning them over. If Assad is turning them over, then he possesses them? Please explain. Thanks

  • Dylan

    This is fake, morons.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    Does Obamacare need to be revised and adjusted? Probably. Is it a perfect system? Probably not. But I have yet to hear of your solution to the problem of the poor not having access to healthcare. Trust me, I won’t hold my breath for that one; but when you’ve found a tenable solution, please post it at anytime. Your criticisms instead of any solutions isn’t the answer.

  • Ann Drake

    AHhhhh he’s probably on food stamps and got a new I phone! Seems to be the crowd Nobama draws! lmao

  • Andy Little

    “Dump” ass. hahaha Is that like a Bubble butt? I like those.

  • boone1

    America has no will to win anymore wars you cocksucker now get over it and shut your bitching mouth.

  • Marit

    Screw Hussain Obama. The Nobel Pesce Prize Winnwr. HAHA !

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    This put a smile on my face.

  • 752858189

    The reason so many “so called” christians go the wrong direction they are caught up in the idea of “once saved always saved.” This encourages habitual bad behavior even to the degree you can’t tell the difference between “so called” Christians and children of the devil. Some claim they are saved by “faith alone” and often equate that with “faith.” This also encourages bad behavior and a lack of recompense for habitual bad behavior. Others claim to be saved by faith without any kind of works (good behavior) while ignoring the meaning of the word “repent” (metanoeo) that demands a change of direction and a change of mind or heart. Some quote Ephesians 2:8 where it is taught “for grace are ye saved by faith and that not of yourselves–it is a gift of God—not of works lest any man should boast.” They reason they are saved by God’s gift without any effort on their own. They fail to recognize the remainder of the context that explains “not of works lest any man should boast.” This verse contrasts the works designed by God with the works designed by man. Even Jesus said, “This is the work of God that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.” Belief itself is a work. To believe in God is to comply with his plan. This demands responsibility. If indeed one is saved by “faith alone” then it is not necessary to repent. Yet Jesus said to the very Jews that believed on him: “Then said Jesus to those Jews that believed on him if ye abide in my word then are ye my disciples indeed.” (John 6:39). This is a conditional statement precisely formulated, it is a logical if/then statement indicating that one must do more than believe. According to Jesus they must abide in his word (this means habitual good behavior. The expression indeed it derived from alntheia (pronounced alatheea) meaning truly or authentically. The genuine/authentic -non counterfit disciple is one who behaves habitually good occasionally stumbling. And his stumbling is not a way of life.

    Today one will rarely find a dedicated minister who loves people. Most ministers must condone the habitual sinner is indeed they desire to continue the fat paycheck every Sunday–Hirelings are common–the norm.

  • Marit

    Do that matter ? It is good and true.

  • 752858189

    Jeffrey. Please consider that Muslims do not endorse abortion of Muslims. This is true. But Muslims do endorse, support, lobby for, send money too, advertise, condone, propagate, encourage, teach, the abortion of those who are not Muslims. Now this is a far cry from what you have spoken. Obama likewise encourages, supports, legalizes, and raises funds for abortions (not for Muslims) but for all others. This is very much like some Hindus who teach against the eating of beef (because it may be an ancestor) yet they habitually sale that same beef to “the heathens” (non-hindus) for a profit—and consequently they encourage others to eat their departed whom they will not eat. Same mentality.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    You make a fair argument. Without defending anyone’s “right to an abortion”, being president of the US, you are presiding over everyone in the nation; not just those who agree with your political philosophy. That said, endorsing a woman’s “right to commit abortion” does not make you a Muslim. He has gone on record as saying he is Christian, like everybody else who makes this same claim, including me. He has been judged by a number of decisions he has made on whether or not he is truly Christian. All I will say is, everyone doing such judging, will someday be judged by the same standards. That’s everyone.

  • 752858189

    Who wrote the legislation that allowed the banks to steal from the American people? Who failed to challenge legislation that allowed the banks to steal from the American people? Who bailed out the richest people in all the earth with the working man’s money–the poor man’s money? He simply took from working class America and gave to non-working class America. As a result of the bailout we have 10 million Americans not working in order to assist 1 million. He simply stole from ten poor people to give to one. He bailed out GM. Do you know how much money the average GM factory line worker makes Jeffrey? And do you know how much money the average middle manager of GM makes Jeffrey. And did you know that more than 90% of bailout money went to the already wealthiest Americans of the top 2%. Once this money was used to bailout the rich it left millions of Americans unable to recoup their investments. Middle class America continues to pay every day for all the trillions of dollars Obama and his fellow politicians used to bail out the bankers–the global elite. That money will not be recouped into the economy and Americans will pay for it the remainder of our days—NO EXAGERATION

  • 752858189

    That word “caliphate.” OK, I will likely look it up by the time you reply.

  • Buzz

    No, Steve, the slug’s insurance policy is the “do” nothing House for if he were impeached, each one of them would have to stand for it also; they went along and allowed the treasonous acts, they did not object to the illegal EOs he wrote, etc. You cannot impeach an illegal; if you do, you may get it done but not convicted; too, if that would happen, it would legitimatize his playing and all the insanity he has been about.

  • Buzz

    To me, I sincerely believe he should be shot for committing attempted Sedition against the United States of America..the NDAA took away our right for Habeus Corpus and Posse Commitatus, (sp) ; if you read and understand the majority of made the USA an unilateral war zone. How does that make you all feel?

  • Buzz

    Could he be any worse? The stupid remarks he makes are minor compared to what the ILK does to America and Americans…always talking down about this country. He is nothing but a former slug that had the Senatorial seat prepared, protected and saved for talent, brains, concerns, legit….his worth is negligible.

  • Buzz

    He can be impeached and the Senate would likely go along with it.

  • Buzz

    Putin is anti gay and anti Muslim; he also has more respect for we Americans than what we have in DC! Did you all get to read Putin’s love letter to we Americans; parts of it kind of tear at one’s mind and heart. Putin is also very smart. If you look at Putin, Assad and Obama, look at their eyes and study their body language; this will tell you a whole lot about each of them Need I say more?

  • Buzz

    Remember this please: vote conservative or liberatarian/Constitutional; remember this too: ESQ stands for attorneys or lawyers; they cannot legally hold office so most of the are illegal by our own Constitution. There was good reason the forefathers interjected this.

  • Mike M

    A lot of the comments below are quite laughable.

    First of all, Putin did not write any such letter. This is a piece of garbage made up by the clowns of this website. (Does anyone honestly believe that Putin, a very intelligent man, would actually write like a whiny, snot-nosed brat who lost his icecream cone on the playground?)

    Having said that, I also observed more than a few conspiracy-theory tin-foil hat “Obama is a Kenyan Muslim” meme in other comments.

    As for whether or not a man “should be” with a woman, based on the BIBLE, and GOD, I do believe that many people should pick up a book or two that has even a little bit about American history. Namely, read the very first amendment to the Constitution. It guarantees a separation of church and state, meaning freedom of religion. Including freedom FROM religion. Meaning, the government cannot enforce any sort of laws or restrictions based on RELIGIOUS view points, nor can they pass or enforce laws that prohibits the free exercise of religion (unless it violates the human rights of another person. Human sacrifice is illegal, for instance.)

    As for Obama being a Muslim and therefore not allowed to be president:

    First, he is not a Muslim. Second, even if he were, so what? What are you going to do about it? The laws of this nation allows anyone over the age of 35 years and a natural-born citizen of this nation to run and be elected as president. There is nothing, anywhere, in our cherished Constitution that prohibits the presidency of an individual from a particular religion.

    And don’t even get me started on “The Good Book.” For cryin’ out loud, Jesus condemned the pharisees and ate with the SINNERS. His entire ministry was centered around forgiving other people, and actually interacting with sinners of all backgrounds, while calmly teaching them “The Good Word.”

    All of that is a bunch of BS, because it has been corrupted by individual political bickering.

    Now, let more “DERPY DERP!!” comments commence.

  • Buzz

    Don’t forget Jackson, Graham, Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi, Watters, Reid!

  • DreaTheGreat

    No way, the last thing that I want in this world is Israelis having the power to anything. I would give up the state of Texas back to Mexico if it means the Palestinians win against the Israelis for life. Wait, I would give Texas back anyway…

  • jagans

    I was there too 5, 355 Tactical Fighter wing. Welcome home.

    Im not saying I want us to go communist, Im just saying that there is not much difference when you have no say in what your government does, and they take what you earn, and give it to the masses. I was in SEA in 66-67, but it took the Mayday Parade and people marching on DC ( I was there too, as a photojournalist) to finally bring an end to a war that nobody wanted to an end. We all knew it was all BS in 66-67 when we kept giving back what we gained, but we just kept sending young Americans into the meat grinder. By the way, China told Nixon after the Vietnam war that they would never have gotten involved in Vietnam, because they had already tried several hundred years ago and failed miserably. Another great job by the CIA dont you think? How about Syria, You think you know the whole story? Because I know I don’t. Only History tells the truth, and I do not mean The Whig Interpretation of History.

    I bet Obama does exactly what he wants, in SPITE of what we the people want.

  • DreaTheGreat

    you sir, are an idiot.

  • Buzz

    99% of us take our Jesus for granted; we are too busy to care, too busy to read his book, too busy to re-orient our lives for him; we can and should make note of what Jeff wrote and try earnestly to do better. Try reading one Psalm a day, maybe 6 minutes for the longer ones or how about a chapter in Proverbs or Isaiah? First thing in a.m. and last thing at night..slowly you will see a change in yourself and you will start doing better..

  • DreaTheGreat

    the word ignorant did not need to be capitalized, lating is not a word. Killing people in combat does not require brains.

  • DreaTheGreat

    We are obviously alone here on this opinion. Sigh. Facepalm.

  • Observant_One

    Live with it.

  • 752858189

    I don’t think she has been hateful Jeffrey. She has been plain and aggressive. She never said let them die. But, already as a result of initiating this new agenda we have people lined up at the hospitals with a little scratch here, a bruise, a little blood. People who can afford care are now the ones who don’t get it. It is unfortunate when people cannot afford health care. But there will always be people who cannot afford something. That doesn’t mean that other people who can afford it should be neglected or that those who can afford it should be forced by government to pay for others.

  • Buzz

    Religion is a bureaucracy, and is subject to the goals, thoughts of usually a corporation of so called leaders of the church who will invariably have an agenda that is not in concurrence with the Bible. Christianity, on the other hand, is a way to live one’s life an that life is directed by the Bible. There is not one subject that is not covered in the Bible that won’t help us through whatever it is we are suffering through or holding onto that is wrong.

  • Buzz

    See my post Dave….you said about the same thing and thank you. How many of you know that the Constitution we live under today is not the one we SHOULD be living under; about 1868, Congress, yeah, good ole Congress, subtly changed the Constitution For the United States of America to: The Constitution of the United States; the latter made us a Corporation and we know what that is about. There are small numbers that have did the paperwork and are living under the old Constitution which means that DC are our servants, not we theirs and it is FOR the People of the USA.

  • Buzz

    Got it right Ron! Christ stood up against “wrongdoing” and he expects that from us. Christianity is a way to live one’s life, a life with the belief in the God of the Heavens, the Holy Spirit and and a incarnate God, the son of God, Jesus. We are to live the Bible as closely as possible, trying to grow each and every day. We are born sinners, we do not have a choice in that matter. Beware of false religions, the 501c3 churches are corporations so that should tell you something; Jehovah’s have changed words within the walls of the Bible, hence the Lord says he will deal miserably with them, same goes for the Mormons and their changing the Bible, actually writing that what is in the Bible is in error! Blasphemy is their code word..we all need to beware of these types of churches; while I wanted to be a nun at one time, in studying the Bible I have learned that it was a good move not to for they are the ones that started idolatry and paganism, consorted w/Constantine to change the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. God Bless you for writing about the most important element in our lives, our God, his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

  • Buzz

    DC is trying to bring all churches into the being taxed house; I am sure most of you realize that the Arabs we have of today and of yesteryear are from the leadership under Ismael and he was considered a trouble maker.

  • al707

    I agree get rid of them all and start over

  • Buzz

    You and I know he does not even talk Christian! A Christian would not insult the country and its people that were settled under the flag of God; nor would a Christian advocate and promote promiscuity, abortion, homosexuality and the killing of the country’s citizens with Drones. He is not a Christian in any manner…none at all.

  • Buzz

    Yeah, give assault weapons to Syria, complain about chemicals killing which was a false flag to get attention away from the anniversary of Benghazi; and wants to take ours.

  • Maggie three

    There ya go!

  • 752858189

    You sound as though none of the poor were getting medical attention until the passing of Obama Care. That just isn’t the case. I am 60 and have lived most of my life without health care. I do not believe that at any time or any moment in my life that I was slighted by anyone simply because I didn’t have health care. I have never met anyone who at times had as little as my family; and yet I do not feel it was the fault of Capitalism. In fact I am aware of the fact that without people who are intelligent, good managers, inventive, we would not have supported as many of the poor as we have in this country. America is not the most resource rich country in the world–but America has been the most resourceful country in the world. NO Socialist Country at any time in the history of man has fed and clothed the poor as well or as sufficiently as the US. Only by free enterprise and a free market system can this be done. England, Germany, really all of Europe –who have embraced the Socialist system are now inefficient, unproductive, lacking in inventiveness, —and constantly trying to control and underfed growing poor populous—all because they thought by making everyone equal they would resolve all problems. All men deserve equal treatment and fairness, but all men and women are not equal. Some are better at Math, some language, some the arts. Some people are great managers. But we are not going to have a more productive society or economy by imagining that all men are equally good and sufficient in productivity and that all men have the same initiative to create and manufacture and be industrial. And the idea that those who do less deserve as much has already destroyed the productivity of most societies—please don’t allow the slipshod to rule the American culture. All men may be created equal but shortly thereafter equality dissipates and the consequence is that either the slipshod rule the motivated or the motivated rule the slipshod. Spare of the former please so that those of us who are productive may feed the poor. Allow the poor and the slipshod to rule and soon all will starve to death. But that is OK for a-lass we shall all be equal and even in the death of the starved and destitute bodies–alas—Yes freedom at last we shall all be equally doomed, depraved, destitute, dis-allusioned, deprecated, and equal.

    If equal is as equal does then indeed we are all created equal; but it lasts not long. We are not all equally rapers, therefore we are not all equal. We do not behave equally therefore we are not all equal. And if we choose to commit crimes we are not all equal and ought not be equally privileged. Born equal–YES–but it lasts not long.

  • Josh Howell

    Yes it “does” matter. Just because you agree with it doesn’t mean it’s “good” or “true”. Call for war and denying people’s rights is no better than the complaints about the Chechans or Syria etc…

  • 752858189

    How is it that you think every poor man is privileged? Do you believe I must be responsible to give the poor health care? Shall I be responsible to give every poor man a car so that he can have what others have? I didn’t have a car when I got married. I hitched a ride until I could afford a car. I have traveled 24 States and have never met a person who couldn’t afford health care if he really wanted to. I have seen thousands in welfare lines that could have been working while standing waiting for welfare. I have seen cripples who couldn’t use their legs waiting on welfare–yet even they could have been working. Can’t walk–but have a good voice—get a job using your voice–I did it. Can’t write your name–get a job that doesn’t demand the use of that hand–I did it. You claim you can’t feed your family on $300.00 pr week. I fed my family of four on $75.00 pr week split between my wife and myself. I was paid $37.50 pr week–worked 7 days a week and two days off at the end of the month–the last 2 days of the month. The less we had the harder we worked until we came out of the hole. It is likely that you are a sissy—you don’t understand hard work—or maybe you don’t understand life and that when things get tough you simply have to work even if it means holding down 3 jobs–getting 6 hours sleep a day–no time off. Life can be hard. The problem is that when UNCLE SAM begins to interfere he always begins by handing out other peoples money and soon people become less and less responsible. I am a white man. I have never met a man in this country who at times had as little as we did–not one have I met black, white- or any other color. But we could eat, we had clothes–and a little shack with no electric or central heat, Our water came out of a polluted stream. Our food source was almost entirely fish. Oh, my poor little babies learned to cook by 7 years of age (oooo child abuse some would say). My son would get up in the mornings and cook–when he was 8 he would help herd the cows. It was what it was. But only in this country can a man change these situations—–and we don’t need government to do it for us. I see people every day that others call poor—from how we lived back then I consider them all rich even the man holding up the “WORK FOR FOOD” sign.
    The people I see in shacks I consider rich—the welfare recipients have more before they go to get their food than we had all month.

  • 752858189

    Great way to put it Sandra. Yes, we disagree a little here and there, but I am enjoying your posts.

  • 1stcav

    matt maybe you have never served in the military and maybe you also are an obammy voter ! i sure as hell ain’t i despise that black socialist piece of trash in the white house !

    lberals are not conservative they want to give all that you have away to somebody else , and i do not want that ! i said vote conservative because it’s the conservatives who want to save america’s downfall what it’s coming too because of that idiot obammy !

    what’s wrong ? you love terrorists in your own backyard ? then get your sorry allah loving a$$ out of america and go live among those camel jockey’s ! those people hate our guts and want to destroy our way of life or are you that ignorant ! i would love to do the same thing to them as i did to the viet cong in viet nam ! but i am not allowed to do it because they . the government would call it a hate crime !

    obammy is the reason why america is so disrespected in the world today and because he loves queers or in the normal not hateful type of your language obammy loves homosexuals ! when he was also in russia visited a couple of homosexual loving underground communities ! and you won’t find that on cbs or abc or nbc and not the queer cnn news media outlets ! just the ones who want the real truth put out to the world !

    and yes i will vote conservative in 2014 and 2016 to throw you liberals out of office !

  • 752858189

    Interesting comment; and I would like some data on this if possible.

  • 752858189

    I was referring to the age 42 stat. Send more please. Thanks

  • 752858189

    Putin is not a Muslim; he’s just a putin.

  • 752858189

    Thanks. I am up to date now. I have been reading much more and enjoying all as well. Now, don’t get to FRUSTRATED–just kidding

  • hogwild04

    To President Vladimir Putin do us favor pull your troops out USA let us take care of the war that going to happen in the US if we need you we will call see you are helping the wrong side

  • Last Paratrooper

    Your stupid like shit now aren’t you?

  • 752858189

    We all will be judged by the standards we require of others. This is a sobering thought for me and to me. I thank you for reminding be to be of a sober mind when speaking for I will be held at least to what standards I have demanded of others as well as whatever the Creator requires of me. A word of waring to us all, and I sincerely thank you.

  • Tommy Harlan

    2 sentances in, and you sheep are buying this?? It’s a good read, but from a hick in Kentucky, not the Leader of Russia. wtf..

  • sandraleesmith46

    Surprisingly, among the younger people {by that I mean those under say about 45}, many who are recognizing and leaving the lies and deceits of Islam, to their own peril, I might add. They were the impetus behind Tahrir Square in Egypt the first and second times, for all the MB did hijack the first one; and they’re cropping up in other places as well, mostly opting for secularism at present I have contact with several, one who has become a very GOOD friend, even. And there are a small number who have emigrated here who view our Constitution, not as a tool to defeat us, but as a way to live in peace. They see it as a protection to their beliefs without needing to impose them on others. But again, those are a SMALL percentage.
    However, when those traitors in Congress proceed with funding Obamacare, Sharia will cease to be “soft” here; it will bring in FULL ON dhimmitude for the rest of us who are not Muslims. That’s embedded in that monstrosity too, and our Congress critters are fixing to do and under the table deal to fund it, while pretending to be opposed to funding it.

    The churches have been infiltrated and neutralized, a process that was begun in the mid 1500s, and announced as completed in ’81, at which time the Holy Spirit withdrew from the churches, essentially He was evicted by them. But the process was happening all those centuries of the “Christians” turning from Him, and that was part of it; the ignoring of and refusing to face the threat of Islam.
    I believe you’re right about Putin, and I suspect he is the ONLY leader now on the world scene with the smarts and balls both, to stand up to that threat, whether successfully or not is another question, but to at least make the effort.
    I just don’t know whom he might find to convince to stand with him against that, seeing the abject cowardice being displayed generally by the rest.

  • 752858189

    After reading your post reminding us that we will be held to whatever standard we demand of others I must repent for speaking loosely. I disagree with your views on some things, but obviously you care about others. I think maybe (but I don’t know) you need a little more of toughness, but not callousness. I don’t agree with my “sissy comment” and ask your kindness to overlook this statement and I ask the same of those on this page posting.

  • sandraleesmith46

    There IS only ONE Gospel! The word means “good news”, and the ONLY “good news” is that Jesus came to Earth, God took on human flesh, lived a perfect and sinless life, ON behalf of every single human, then offered Himself as the sacrifice to pay the debt of death for our sins, and if we accept that perfect gift, repent of our sins and turn from them, to trust FULLY in His gift to us, to rely on and have full and complete confidence in that, we are saved from that penalty! THAT is the Gospel, the ONLY Gospel!

  • jamrpb

    My “logic”(quoting GOD’s Word) is completely understood by those who “have eyes to see & ears to hear” rather than BLINDLY believing someone that says & not lives Christianity. My “qualifications” come from studying GOD’s Word. If you believe me to be ignorant just proves your stupidity in critizing me for writing PRINCIPLES to DISCERN TRUTH from ERROR. You need to re-read what I wrote. I said if you believe Obuma is Christian JUST BECAUSE HE SAYS SO, then you probable believe there is no satan or evil. I never professed to be holier than anybody, just more knowledgable of what the Creator thinks of people with your OPINION…which contradicts HIS Word. HE made me righteous, by what HIS son accomplished for me, not by what I do or have done. It’s called GRACE. Your comment on abortion among muslims or Christians is your attempt to justify your ignorance of what TRUE CHRISTIANITY is. It’s a relationship, not a religion.

  • jamrpb

    In my Christian walk of 45 yrs. I believe that approx. 90% of “Christians” WORLDWIDE are at least attempting to live according to GOD’s Word. Your “critizism” of the “Church of the body of Christ” I believe is due to your worldly perspective promoted by the propaganda of liberal Media influenced by satan & his spirits.
    What the Creator is concerned about is what YOU are doing to fulfill HIS will for you until HIS son, Yashua/Jesus, the Messiah returns for us in the Church. Also, we were saved by GRACE, not by works. We ALL sin because of our sin nature, but live by HIS holy sprit, Christ in us, to the best of our free-will ability. If you are going to condemn the CHurch for not being perfect, then you need to re-read the passages you quoted.

  • sandraleesmith46

    First of all, just how many of these poor maligned diseased people do you actually know that have been left to wander among us? The answer would be NONE! It’s been a LAW in this nation for DECADES that we provide emergency care to any and all, WITHOUT Obamacare or any other form of socialized medicine, for your information. As a retired nurse, and a former provider of EMS as well, I’ve had my share of such patients. However, since many of these “diseased” now here are here ILLEGALLY, the solution is to send them BACK to wherever they came from for definitive follow-up care, according to our established laws on THAT subject too.

    How is it “hatred” to NOT want the best health care system this world has SEEN to be destroyed for all, over a few who are either too cheap to get insurance, or choose not to? I can’t help you’re a fool. There ARE provisions for people in need to get health care without Obamacare; this is about CONTROL and socializing medicine to destroy it for us all, not the “altruistic” view of it you have, WHICH you might know, if you actually researched any of it, or knew anything concrete about the health care industry!

    You keep following your tin messiah, I’ll stick with Yeshua and Yhwh, and I can guarantee you don’t know them, or you’d know that LOVE actually involves making the TOUGH decisions, often!!

  • jamrpb

    I guess satan & his boys accomplished what they wanted….divide & conquer. DO GOD’s will/word, not yours.

  • sandraleesmith46

    No, I won’t; if you don’t like the truth, then don’t read it; no one is twisting your arm. It’s my GOD-given right to speak my mind.

  • jamrpb

    Do you think/believe someone that PROMOTES h.o.m.o. marriages, LATE TERM abortions. Infanticide, socialistic economic policies(bailouts with taxpayer $) speaks of the HOLY quran, trashes Israel, practiced acts in Chicago bathhouses, etc, etc. is a practicing Christian or is DOING the will of GOD, Almighty???? Please, get REAL.

  • sandraleesmith46

    As I said, it may well be purely politically motivated, probably IS. It’s still a departure from the ’70s and ’80s, and the man who was presenting then. Do I want to put much stock in the “Christianity” of the man, no; not at all, but his statements with respect to the sociology are, in fact, correct.

  • boone1

    Dude I did five years in the Army one year in Vietnam with the 25th Inf Div.1/5 Mech.Inf.1970 to 1971 so get of my case jerk.

  • jamrpb

    “Be NOT decieved, GOD is NOT mocked, whatever a man sows, he SHALL also reap” Galatians 6:7… I think obuma & Jeff Liggens DONT believe this verse of scripture….or can quote it.

  • boone1

    NO killing does not require brains it requires guts something you will never have and never will have chicken shit.

  • sandraleesmith46

    I don’t see your point in connection on that. Adam CHOSE to sin, by an act of will, and then to run from God, another chosen act of will, but neither had anything to do with the act of breathing, which we were CREATED to do. And Jesus’ act was to redeem us; but again no connection to the act of breathing as a sin.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Sorry, that’s NWO, Muslim style; a caliph was one of the ancient Arabic terms for a king or emperor type ruler; and the caliphate was his realm. They’re working at establishing a world caliphate, and the Pakistani clerics nominated O for the world Caliph about 2 years ago, now.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Very astute, and correct. Even in the first century, corruption was showing itself, and the Apostles wrote against it, to the various churches often, less than 50 years after Jesus’ death; how much more so nearly 2 millenia past it?

  • sandraleesmith46

    And they will succeed in forcing the institutions under that. God’s Spirit has withdrawn and with Him that protection. Worse, Obamacare will impose dhimmitude on us all, when our Congress critters again betray their oaths and constituents and fund it underhandedly, while pretending to not want to do that.
    As for Ishmael {Ismail to the Muslims}, at one point God described him as a “wild ass”, so yes, something of a trouble-maker, and of course God knew even then what his descendents would become.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Thank-you. I wouldn’t expect you or anyone to agree with me all the time on everything; that’s just foolish. Can we learn from each other? Probably, if we’re willing.

  • DixieAngel_76

    No thanks, nothing holy about THAT alliance.

  • DixieAngel_76

    No thanks. This man has nothing but contempt for all Americans.

  • DixieAngel_76

    I’m sure he could be taken out of the way somehow.

  • Raza Tiwana

    Stay the course & one day you WILL find the truth !

  • Dave

    You can believe as you wish. However, your assumption that my outlook is due to “the propaganda of Media led by Satan & his spirits”, is wrong. I came to my conclusions from personally observing the actions of individuals, denominations and so called “Christian” leaders over the past five decades. I have very little contact with the mainstream media. None of my contact with the media is broadcast television of any kind, as I haven’t allowed it in my home since about 1995. So don’t blame the media for my statement. If you want to defend, excuse or ignore the evil that is occurring in organized Christianity, you do so at your own peril. You apparently are one who needs to reread the passages that I cited. As to your “…..saved by grace, not by works” comment, I would refer you to James 2. Pay particular attention to verses 17, 20, & 26.

  • Dave

    Where in the New Testament, does God say that one has to attend “church” for one to be doing His will? Or do you have some other source where He said that one is required to go to “church”?

  • dave.

    The Israelis already have the power to do anything they want. Where have you been for the last 60+ years? They don’t need US, Russia, Europe or anyone else in order to survive. By the way, if you think that the so-called Palestinians have a snow flake’s chance in hell of ever defeating Israel, you’re living in bizarro world.Those people in Palestine wipe their butts first, then take a crap. Didn’t you know that Palestine is the international headquarters for Bassackwardsness? They were once given billions of dollars by the world community in order to start their own national bank. A few months later, it was all gone. Vanished. Rumor has it, they spent it all on goat-flavored bubble gum and laxative suppositories.
    Israel is not the enemy. They’re our only true allies in that area and it would be a real screw-up to not honor that. Their enemy is our enemy, why can’t people see that?

  • dave.

    I’m seriously thinking of moving to Israel. Seriously, a person would have more freedom and more safety there. Only certain areas in Israel are prone to regular attack from the outside. Normally, one can walk down the streets late at night without having to worry if someone is about to jump you. Their internal security is commendable. Most of Israel’s trouble comes from the outside.
    I know that this letter from Putin was just satire but, it would be a wonderful gesture if he actually did come to the U.S. and meet with the NRA.

  • Bill Billin


  • Bill Billin


  • Jeffrey Liggens

    Re-read her post. First she condescendingly criticized me for pointing out the error of her judgment; then she blatantly dismissed the issue as being some attempt at social control over the masses, while people are still going without health care, without the current remedy: Obamacare. Her strategy: deny the problem exist, or turn a blind eye to it and criticize someone in power who tried to address the issue. And you apologetically side with this? Her hatred is one in the form of passive indifference. And you aren’t any better.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    Initially, The US begged the government of Mexico for workers back in the 50s, to help build the infrastructure of this land. Decades later, people continued to come here after there was no need for them. Fast forward a few decades of not securing the borders, and the population of illegal immigrants swell to almost as many as America’s African American population (African Americans: over 14 mil.; illegal immigrants : over 12 mil.) Far as this goes, when it was time to solve the problem, well that opportunity has come and gone. If you think your now going to deport over 12 million people( whom are also multiplying), you are quite foolish. Far as the public health concerns go, who cares how they got here? They are here now, and we must deal with it. I don’t know where you are from, but the system you tout as being the catch all remedy for the poor has been broken for decades. This is one reason why many whom are sick and have no health insurance have either been denied care, or have been turned out into the streets, after being given minimal treatment.

    ” just how many of these poor maligned diseased people do you actually know that have been left to wander among us?”

    I don’t have to know anyone personally in that state; I read and follow current events. Here is one among 10s of millions of articles of how sick people are being dumped from hospitals onto the streets.

    You claim to be a nurse, and don’t know this is going on across the nation? THIS IS THAT SYSTEM YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT.

    As for your anti-Christian remarks towards me: the battle isn’t mine, but the Lords. He will respond to your arrogant, proud spirit; and believe you me, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO LIKE IT.

  • sandraleesmith46

    You are naive: IF this nation wanted to deport those people it would; the problem is that there is NO WILL to do it because of weak livered sorts like YOU! It’s been done before and could be done now!

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    I accept your apology. And because I do not know how you became poor, I will not assume anything about you, you haven’t told me. I hope you and your family are doing better now. As for the slothful; yes, there are people out there who aren’t doing their best to support themselves. But should that be the first thing we assume about somebody we have not talked to about there economic condition? I have met more than one ex-millionaire, who was at the time I met them, was on the bus and not by choice. How did they get this way? In both cases, these people told me they had wealth, was married, then their spouses were diagnosed with cancer. Having no health insurance, they paid through the nose for a decade of treatments, only for their loved ones to die of that disease. I just find it unconscionable that people can be so calloused and bereft of compassion for the poor. I don’t expect much more than this from the world, but Christians? And then these “Christians” try and justify their proud stance with boastful, “conservative, political rhetoric”. One day, they will see what God thinks of their “politics”.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    Umm…I have no issues with capitalism. Along with following Jesus Christ, I consider myself a capitalist. The argument I raised was that for all of the criticism hurled at Obama, these same critics can’t seem to find one thing the man has done right. I mentioned his efforts to address the issue of the poor whom do not have access to health care. He made an effort to address the problem, and all some can find to do is criticize him, in lieu of providing some viable alternative solution. Obamacare doesn’t give anyone a free ride. But rather, it causes insurance companies to have to compete with others in their industry to give the best coverage with the lowest cost. It lowers the rate so that the…dare I say it? The working poor can afford it. But people are jumping all out of their skin over this, and claiming THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY FOR SOMEONE FREELOADING OFF THE SYSTEM. That is not what Obamacare is about. Again, it’s about lowering the cost of healthcare, so that the least common economic denominator is included in being able to afford it for themselves and their family members. Yes, I do care about people in general; regardless of their economic state.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    Thank you Buzz. Although I do not take Christ for granted, I too can walk closer to Him, and do try to.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    You are a wise and blessed man. As you strive to please God, God will be with you. When you implement this principle, you are going to see huge changes in your life. It is God Who under rights this principle. See John 8:29; New King James Version.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    “HE made me righteous, by what HIS son accomplished for me, not by what I do or have done. It’s called GRACE.”

    But some how, you feel worthy of God’s saving grace, but Obama is excluded; in your mind. You will be judged by God, by the same measure you have judged Obama. Remember that. As for your arrogant speech; the battle isn’t mind, but the Lord’s. And He will deal with you and your proud spirit.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    And guess what? Jesus Christ has saved many whom were a lot worse; and some just like you. Please, get right.

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    Name one nation that has deported over 12 million illegal immigrants. Just one.

  • Reg

    Correct me if I’m wrong – some guy writes an article he claims to be an open letter from President Putin in which is expressed the desire to gas 1.2m Chechens, … and all the rednecks think it actually is a letter from Putin? wtf?

  • MidwesternMom

    I could not agree more with Putin’s statement. Who knew a Russian leader would ever speak for an American. I didn’t….. But, he just did.

  • Antonio Brent

    Sorry, Joseph. By “We” I meant “Those people that chose to vote multiple times, those that voted but were not legally eligible due to citizenship, those that believe the rich should give up some of what they have so the lazy bastards can have more, and the dead”

  • wolfman4u

    Putin is much more smarter than any American politician and he knows it

  • wolfman4u

    Obama will never be impeached as he Americas first black president and has to leave his positive legacy (with the help of the liberal media) in our history books.

  • Dee

    God helps those who help themselves. Even He does not like to be taken advantage of. Maybe you should ask God to help you with your intuition abilities so you can understand what is really going on. I hate to think what the Lord has instore for the pretender and great deceiver obama. Pretty sure he isn’t going to like it!

  • Dee

    Is that all ya got?

  • jamrpb

    AGAIN…What the Creator, (Father of Jesus/Yashua, the Messiah) is concerned about is what YOU are doing to fulfill HIS will for you until HIS son returns for us in the Church….ministry of Reconciliation…of others to the body. No one is denying the corruption since the 3rd century Roman Catholic take-over.
    What you are describing is that you have alienated yourself from the “body of Christ/Church” because of your observation for decades that “Christian” are hypocrites…not living the Word. I’m writing that you side with the deceiver/satan by justifying your lack of participation…not doing GOD will.

  • 5live5

    What you fail to mention is that it was revealed after the carpet bombing of the Ho Chi Minh trail and Hanoi that Hanoi was ready to come to the bargaining table to try to come to and end of the war and miraculously the bombing stopped on public opinion. We abandoned people over there that fought, risking life and family, like the Yards, at times fighting with cross bows. We didn’t even leave them a way out. yet we let the chu hoi traitors that had fought against us and possibly killed American troops immigrate to the US. Is it any wonder other countries don’t trust us? I love this country from the bottom of my heart and would fight for her again at a moments notice, but I’m not real proud of the direction this once great nation has taken.

  • Michael Chandler

    Syria needs our support, not bombing. The radical Islamic terrorists need to be hunted down before they do more harm to anyone. The peace-loving Muslims need to sign a resolution they will do everything to help expose the terrorists that try to hide among them.

    Would that we could send Nobama to the terrorists he loves so much! Too many people have been reduced to sheeple that know nothing about these matters. God help us all.

  • jagans

    Agree on all points.

  • 5live5

    Sandra, to breathe is to live, for man to live is to sin. Show me one MAN that lived one day without sinning. You? your husband? Not likely. The only way to be absolved of those sins is to ask the Lord for forgiveness and to confess your sins to him.

  • Farleyagain

    I think we all have at least one of those!

  • ZaMan

    Oh, okay. If impeachment is purely political (and in practice, you’re right, it is), then Obama hasn’t committed any offenses that would justify him being removed from office–because there’s no way in hell you get 67 Senators to vote for conviction.

    No. He’s a devout Christian raised by a non-religious family. His father’s family was Muslim, though.

    What is racist is holding Obama to a standard you wouldn’t hold ‘Dubya’ to though. Having said that, I’m all for this new peaceful resolution that’s in the works. I don’t support war with Syria, I don’t support war with Afghanistan, I didn’t support war with Iraq,

    This guy wants to spread lies and ignorance all day long, that’s certainly his right. But hatefully portraying the President as Hitler is beyond the pale. It was wrong when it was done to Bush, and it’s wrong when it’s done to Obama

    The right likes to claim that Obama set race relations back, but in my opinion, he has helped move race relations forward by forcing the racists out of the woodwork and exposed the virulent bigotry that still infects too many Americans.
    The internet has also helped to expose the extremists by giving them an anonymous platform to spout their divisive, racist rhetoric, but the interminable ugliness of their words tends to turn people off in the end.
    The world is moving toward a new struggle between civilization and barbarism, and the racists are on the wrong side of history.
    Some people advocate muzzling them, but I think that allowing them to spout their rhetoric will better reveal them for what they are.
    The right-wing demagogues and extremists today remind me of the McCarthy era, and I think that the public will again reject the stunted diet of hate and intolerance that the right wants to impose on the US.

    Same thing every time, you have no facts of your own so you resort to name calling every time. Please “enlighten” me on why Putin using his leverage to get the CW’s out of syria is a bad thing? You are blinded by your hatred for your president. You have no concept of gathering evidence and making a case before the court of world opinion and geo-political arms negotiations.
    He is not a Communist. Feel free to point out how he has taken private industry and possessions away from everyone and divided them between everyone and then resigned his Presidency.
    Barack is a Big liar but his lying is not pathological, I’ll admit that, but you scumbags have NO right to call Obama a liar considering how you use tired old GOP talking points smear job lie about President Obama over something!

    No, the President does not hate America and the President is not destroying America! Since he has taken office, unemployment is down the stock market is up. Our military is still stronger than the next 15 countries combined. Perhaps you could be specific about what you think he has destroyed. And remember, in most cases, Congress has to do it first.

    No doubt about it! anyone who hates this man IS a racist, I believe that firmly!

    But please, impeach away. Enjoy how the American public reacts. We’ll see you in 2014.

  • Debbie McGee

    I wish that Putin could understand that most Americans think that Obama is as ignorant, immature, and a traitor to his own nation (I’m referring to the United States-not Africa) and people. He’s a complete embarrassment to us all. He doesn’t seem to be able to oragnize his thoughts, use the people that HE put in key positions in government to help him seal deals an ideas. I’ve never seen anything like this guy. He’s not capable of holding this position-it’s way above his abilities and talents.He’s a malignant narrcicist that lives in a world of delusion. His goal with 2 terms to do it, was to bring this country to its knees, which he did. We are regarded as weak. Other nations think Obama is an idiot (as do his own ppl.) We are stuck until 2016. I hope ppl will inform themselves before they use their right to vote. Not on the basis of how much they will “get” in entitlements, or to make sure that they will swing out on the wildest limb they can swing from…….the liberals got what they wanted. I am CERTAIN they couldn’t have gotten anybody more liberal than Oblunder.

  • sandraleesmith46

    I disagree; first off, the Word tells us “the life is in the BLOOD”, not the breath. Yes we need to breathe to live too, but it requires deeper respiration than that to survive, and yes we have a sin nature, BUT that’s an act of the conscious or subconscious mind, not the breath. The act of breathing is NOT a sin, and doesn’t constitute sin in and of itself. We can, with effort and God’s help occasionally make it through a day here and there without sinning, but not without breathing and blood circulating adequately. I’m aware of the only means to salvation, but that wasn’t the discussion here.

  • John Fowler

    Here’s his real address to the American people. See any differences between reality and the version that got so-called patriots creaming their jeans over the thought of an ex-KGB officer running our nation?

  • franki

    all americans don’t want war its our own government that is trying to take our freedom.

  • Paul Johnson

    This letter is a hoax. Already on snopes. It’s not real. Do you people really think Putin would say that he wants to use serin gas on all of Chechneya? The real letter is on sky news.

  • William Kaplan

    This is a fascinating piece of scam writing by a very talented writer impersonating Putin. Its main flaw is most Muslims are not fanatics. The call to wipe them out by uniting the true believers in western civilization to save us good people revisits the Crusades or Adolf Hitler in his Aryan rantings. For Putin to have written this would be as dumb as Obama’s mistake in drawing a red line and putting himself in a box unnecessarily. The USA is the worlds greatest power, able to destroy any other country on the face of the earth and every country’s head person knows this. But we can’t be the world’s policeman.

  • Dl Catalin

    I bet my right arm Putin did not write this shit, i think it belongs to someone a bit stupid … i have great concerns the man who wrote it has an iq bigger than two digits

  • Dave

    What is the basis for your belief that the mainstream modern day “church” is (metaphorically speaking of course) “the body of Christ”? The corruption occurred before the third century, If you are reading your Bible even occasionally, you should know this. 1 Corinthians 5 and Revelation 1-3 are two references that address this. I don’t have to, nor do I attempt to justify my “lack of participation” in the mainstream modern day “church”. That is another wrong assumption that you have made. You still haven’t backed up any of your theology with Bible Scripture. I never used any form of the word “hypocrite” in my posts. Apparently I’ve hit a nerve again. Are you sure that you haven’t been deceived by your “church leaders”?

  • anatol

    I don’t think Putin wrote this letter, this is a fake.

  • God’sRichesAtChrist’sExpense

    I, too, am a member of the body of Christ, a fellow Christian, and it is true that each of us that calls ourselves Christian should heed 2 Cor. 13:5–Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?

    I’ve had to do that myself and found that I was being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine (Eph.4:14, kjv), and you are absolutely right about there being false gospels out there…even in the so-called “Christian” churches.

    If a Bible preacher/teacher does not rightly divide the word of truth, i.e., the gospel of your salvation, the Lord tells us through the Apostle Paul (the Apostle to and of the Gentiles), that we are to mark them and avoid them (separate from them) because they are only teaching lies (truth mixed w/error is still lies). All the Bible is true and for our learning, but all of it is not written about us or to us.

    God has a timeline of history and everything he has done, is doing, and will do in the future is all towards his end goal, which is to restore the earth w/his righteous rule through the believing nation of Israel and to restore the heavenly places w/his righteous rule through the entity known as the body of Christ. He deals in dispensations and since the time of the Apostle Paul when God appeared to him on the road to Damascus to save Saul of Tarsus, God has been forming the body of Christ to inherit the heavenly places–This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I (Paul) am chief. Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, that in me FIRST Jesus Christ might shew forth all longsuffering, for a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him to life everlasting (1Tim. 1:15-16). The Apostle Paul is our pattern for today. If members of the Church, the body of Christ want to please the Lord, they must listen to the person whom he sent to us as his spokesman (just as Israel had Moses & the prophets and the 12 Apostles, the little flock) and that person being the Apostle Paul w/the gospel of Christ.

    Once the body is full, Jesus Christ will return in the air (not stepping foot on the earth during this appearing) to catch away the Church, the body of Christ, to be with the Lord. After that takes place, then will the end come, and the Lord will begin to deal w/Israel’s prophecy “program,” if you will, and all those things regarding the tribulation that is written in the Bible will begin to take place as God is dealing with the nation of Israel, once again, to bring forth his kingdom through the believing remnant of Israel at his Second Coming to the earth (this time to rule & reign w/a rod of iron).

    This knowledge was given to the Apostle Paul by the risen Lord Jesus Christ and it is called Paul’s gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery–Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was KEPT SECRET since the world began (Rom. 16:25, kjv). This body of information (Paul’s gospel) was kept secret, hid in God, until Jesus Christ revealed it to him (in visions & revelations).

    God’s word is divided into times past, but now, and the ages to come. Since the Lord Jesus Christ saved the Apostle Paul by his grace, we are in the “but now” dispensation of God’s grace. The true gospel is that Christ Jesus did all the work for us on the cross, shedding his blood for the forgiveness of all our sins and was raised for our justification (justified unto eternal life). All we have to do is believe/trust in his work of faith for us (he endured to the end for the sins of the whole world), and all who trust his shed blood for forgiveness of ALL their sin will be baptized by the Holy Spirit into the body of Christ and be sealed w/that Holy Spirit of promise until the day of redemption. After being saved, the Lord Jesus has a body of doctrine given to the Apostle Paul (Romans – Philemon), for our edification, that we not remain babes in Christ, but that we grow up into him, Christ our head.

    Most people have never heard this information before, because satan (that angel of light) is hiding Paul’s gospel from the the true Light. satan’s information is a false gospel, it appears as light, but it is actually darkness. Even members of the body of Christ can become ensnared by satan’s traps (2 Tim. 2:25-26) In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will. Also, read Galatians and see how the Christians were fallen from grace & were following another gospel (law plus grace = fallen from grace).

    I don’t expect anyone to take my word for it, but to study it out for yourselves–Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15). The Lord says through the Apostle Paul in 2nd Tim. 2:7–Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things. I had to stop listening to leadership in the churches (been in many different ones), because you have the blind leading the blind in them. I never could get valid answers to my questions from these groups. In 2nd Cor. 4:3-4, the Lord says–But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. WARNING: Take heed to whom you listen to, for God says that he sent the Apostle Paul to the world with his gospel of the grace of God, the gospel of Christ. For old things have passed away, behold all things have become new. Israel’s prophetic program has passed away (for the time being) and Paul explains this in Romans 9-11, and God is forming a new creature; he’s doing something new in that he is no longer dealing with Israel & her earthly kingdom during this present dispensation of God’s grace, but he is forming the body of Christ for the heavenly places.

    I hope this is helpful to someone, and here is a link that really helps you see the big picture since I only have a small amount of space & time here:

    If you’d like more info., here are a few sites with sound doctrine for the Church, the body of Christ:

    Grace & peace

  • God’sRichesAtChrist’sExpense

    Actually, it is a false gospel to say that “we have to ask forgiveness of Christ our Lord for our sins,” because the good news or gospel from God the Father & the Lord Jesus Christ that we are asked to believe is the fact that Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again the third day for our justification (1 Cor. 15:3-4, Rom 4:25). We are justified freely by his grace (w/no works of our own–even asking forgiveness is adding to what the Lord Jesus completed for us). All we need to do is believe and trust the gospel of Christ and we are forgiven for all sins: past, present and future. Then, and only then, can we grow up in Christ, learning the doctrine that he has given to us to grow by which is what the Lord gave to the Apostle Paul for the body of Christ (please see my comment above).

    Grace & peace

  • God’sRichesAtChrist’sExpense

    He died for our sins so that we can believe, trust, have faith in his work on the cross for our sins. We don’t have to do anything but believe, trusting Him and what he did on our behalf:o) Eph. 1:13-14–In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise, Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory. Good news, indeed! Notice he doesn’t say after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation and asked forgiveness for your sins, but he says after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise. The only doing we have to do is believe, place our faith in it!

    2 Cor. 5:19–To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.

    Some thoughts to ponder:

    Faith is simply taking your stand where God takes his

    Faith doesn’t come in gallonage or tonnage. Faith is
    simply taking God at his word.

    Thankful that the sin question was answered at
    Calvary. God is not holding the world accountable for their sin! (II Corinthians
    5:19), because Christ made payment for their sin debt.

    Paul’s Gospel is not the fact of the death, burial,
    and resurrection of Christ, but it is what those transactions actually
    accomplished for us.

    Rejoicing that I’ve been made righteous, the very
    righteousness of God, in the person of His Son. II Corinthians

    Thankful that my fellowship with Christ is not based
    on my performance. It was all based on His at Calvary!

    Justification is nothing more than God gifting you
    with His own righteousness.

    God wrote Christ’s test score on our

    The religious world focuses on the word “do”. Through
    Christ’s all-sufficient cross work, God is focused on the word

    Your Old Man is dead, crucified with Christ. You,
    however, are identified with Christ’s resurrection Life!! Romans

    God will never meet man on Law ground. He will only
    meet him on Grace ground.

    The Holy Spirit doesn’t move in to clean us up. He
    moves in to renovate.

    Doctrine is the fuel. Emotion is the exhaust. Never
    the other way around.

    Doctrine should never take a back-seat position to

    We should separate ourselves to truth, not unite in

    God gave us a method to study his word, and it is by
    “rightly dividing” it. II Timothy 2:15

    Matthew 20:28 and I Timothy 2:6. Why would Jesus say
    “many” but Paul say “all”? And, why would Paul say “to be testified in due

    Prayer changes us, not our circumstances. God has
    already appointed us unto affliction in this life. I Thessalonians

    Paul says our infirmities allows God to show himself
    strong. Don’t pray away that opportunity! II Corinthians 12:7-10

    Don’t let your spiritual wallet get fat – gladly spend
    and be spent

  • God’sRichesAtChrist’sExpense

    Wrong! Dead wrong. That is a false gospel. See my comment to you a couple of comments up.

  • God’sRichesAtChrist’sExpense

    No, we don’t have to ask forgiveness every single day. We just need to rest in the fact that Christ paid our sin debt by his shed blood on the cross, and that he was buried and raised again for our justification. Christ was judged for us, in our place, so if we’ve trusted his gospel, then we will no longer be judged for our sins; there is no more wrath for those who are in Christ for he has delivered us from the wrath to come.

    We cannot try to live our lives better, either, and the Apostle Paul teaches us that in Romans 7. He tells how he struggled to keep the law by his flesh. It is only by believing the doctrine given to the body of Christ via the Apostle Paul which came straight from the risen Lord Jesus Christ, that we are able to walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lusts of the flesh (that being religious flesh that seeks to do good, i.e. law keeping, as well as, carnal lusts of the flesh). For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure (Phil. 2:13). Romans 6-8 teach us about our flesh and that God has taken care of that for us– Rom. 6:11-23

    Here is what a Believer is to do to get victory over the flesh (i.e. walking after the Spirit):

    11 Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    12 Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof.

    13 Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God.

    14 For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.

    15 What then? shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid.

    16 Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?

    17 But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you.

    18 Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness.

    19 I speak after the manner of men because of the infirmity of your flesh: for as ye have yielded your members servants to uncleanness and to iniquity unto iniquity; even so now yield your members servants to righteousness unto holiness.

    20 For when ye were the servants of sin, ye were free from righteousness.

    21 What fruit had ye then in those things whereof ye are now ashamed? for the end of those things is death.

    22 But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.

    23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • God’sRichesAtChrist’sExpense

    Me, too, Dee. Please see my previous comments above. The information may make a light bulb go off in your head and help you to see what is going on in Christianity today. Especially, go to the links provided for your edification:o)

  • delta4ce7

    You’ve fallen for that popular line of garbage called “Original Sin” and “atonement be substitution” and don’t know what your’re talking about.

  • Marie Kalivas Devine

    For those who know the word of God in the Bible and the Qur’an, the radical Muslims are the easiest to work with and to turn toward a God Solution. The way in prepared in the holy books which even say, that when you were on the brink of killing each other, He made you friends. There is only one God and He did not give conflicting information to cause problems. It is our money focused life that is destroying us and our indecency and disrespect for God’s commandments makes us enemies with those who think they are following God. The way is prepared for greater brotherhood.

  • someone

    you guys really dont see the big picture do you?

  • 5live5

    Oh, so you have lived without sin? I doubt it!

  • Anastasia Chartier


  • sandraleesmith46

    The Gospel we’re to follow is NOT Paul’s gospel or Peters’ or any one else human’s; it’s GOD’S Gospel, and it’s not outlined only by Paul, even for we who are Gentiles. It begins in Genesis 3, and it continues past Revelation 22. Isaiah outlined the entirety of it in ONE verse {30:18}. And the Body of Christ completely INCLUDES those Jews and others saved by Grace and Faith in the work of the Cross, both before and after the crucifixion. Abraham understood it when he was taking Isaac up Moriah; David speaks of it all through his Psalms. Even Solomon got it, albeit possibly too late in his life. Even Paul told us that the WHOLE Word is profitable for out learning.
    The Gospel you cite is correct, but it’s presented through the whole of our Bible, not just by Paul. And ALL the Apostles are “our” apostles. The Church is the whole body of those who believe and trust in and rely on the Salvation of Jesus’ shed blood, not merely the Gentiles. And giving lip service is not cutting it either.
    Do you know that the Jewish feast days are given to prefigure Jesus’ life? I’m still working on understanding all of them but I got Passover; that was accomplished on Golgotha. Most Christians erroneously call it Easter {named by the Roman church for the deity Ishtar}.

    Yes, the understanding of the Word is hid, from all who read it, or try to, without the guidance of the Holy Spirit; they see contradictions and confusion. But many who sit under distorted teaching do as well, because it blinds them to truth as well. I listen to the Holy Spirit and the Word, and sift everything else through those “filters”! I would suggest you do likewise, and read the rest of the Bible as well; not simply rely on what one man wrote about it. God used some 40+ men to write 66 books over period of more than 2,000 years that bring us a message that is consistent from Genesis through Revelation, and is mathematically consistent to the hepatic rule {the rule of 7s} which even a collection of today’s best super computers have yet to produce a single sensible chapter that fits that that rule. You might want to check out HIdden Treasures of the Bible, a teaching by Dr Chuck Missler of Koinonial House, it’s most enlightening.

  • nick

    He is a muslim? i dint know that. I was born a muslim and my family are fairly conservative. even then me and my family never wished to terrorise, blow up or harm anyone in anyway because of our faith, and i would say thats how majority of the ppl in my country feel. In my few years that i spent in Europe, some of the best friends i had were not muslims. All i mean is dont be hating on muslims just cuz u dont really know ur own history that well. how many indonesian terrorirst does ur media speak of? yet its a muslim nation. see what i mean?

  • God’sRichesAtChrist’sExpense


    Come on now, I know you are smarter than that. Did I even suggest that in my comment? In no way. All I said was asking forgiveness from the Lord for our sins is not the gospel, and if you would’ve read my comment to you a couple of comments up, you would see that I believe all men have sin, every last one that has ever lived. A false gospel is what will keep a lost person lost. Repenting of our sins, is not our gospel. That’s all I was wanting to point out.

    Grace & peace

  • God’sRichesAtChrist’sExpense

    I would highly encourage you to just read through this short little book that explains the gospels in time past, the one for us today given to the Apostle Paul, and the one for the age to come: . There certainly is more than one set of good news for mankind throughout the Bible as there is also more than one church spoken about in the Bible.

    I would also encourage you to slow down, ponder what I’ve explained in my previous comments, and follow the Lord’s admonition to the body of Christ to study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing(cut straight) the word of truth. One of those divisions would be between Prophecy and the Mystery (given to the Apostle Paul by the RISEN Lord Jesus Christ), the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the REVELATION of the mystery (Rom. 1:25). You can’t search it out in the OT, as it is not there.

    Consider these passages of scripture, if you will, to determine why Gentiles were not to be included in Christ’s gospel of the kingdom while he walked this earth:

    And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil. But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us. But he answered and said, I am NOT SENT but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me.
    But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs (gentiles were considered dogs even by the Lord Jesus Christ). And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.

    These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

    Now I say that Jesus Christ was a minister of the circumcision for the truth of God, to confirm the promises made unto the fathers:

    Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh (in his earthly ministry), yet now henceforth know we him no more (that is not how we know Christ, henceforth, from Paul’s time until the Lord comes back for his Church).

    When the Lord Jesus Christ appeared unto Paul on the road to Damascus, he preached the gospel of the grace of God to him and saved one Saul of Tarsus who became the Apostle Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles.

    The book of Acts is not our doctrine for today, but it is a book of history to show the transition from God dealing with the nation of Israel through the 12 Apostles and their prophesied kingdom on earth, to God blinding them and causing them to fall from their prominence after rejecting their Messiah, once again, through the preaching of Stephen and them killing him (this was their last chance to receive their Messiah). God saved the Apostle Paul, with the message of salvation to go to the whole world, not just the Jews, now. Since, Paul’s time, anyone can be saved, Jew or Gentile, by believing Paul’s gospel (he calls it that through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, so are you calling God a liar? God forbid!), which is the gospel I’ve posted in my previous comments and it is by grace through faith– For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. It is a gospel apart from the works of the law. The 12 Apostles’ gospel of the kingdom was not apart from the law.

    Things that are different are not the same. Here is a good book to show those differences in the Scriptures:

    You can do some more studying, asking questions of the Lord, for him to show you the truth of his word and how it is to be rightly divided or you can choose to continue in your error by not listening to the spokesman (Apostle Paul) that the Lord Jesus Christ sent to you with his message of grace and the doctrine with which the Church, the body of Christ, is to grow & live by. I’m only trying to help as I’ve been where you are, but those men did not have the answers, because they serve not the Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly (fortune and fame). Scripture alone, please!

  • sandraleesmith46

    Like I said before, the Bible is meant to be taken as a whole; and if you got outside the letters of Paul, you’d KNOW that Jesus’ promise was FIRST to the Jew; the children of Abraham. But even the prophets of the OT spoke of the “other sheep” in other pastures, meaning the Gentiles. IF the Jews of Jesus’ day had accepted Him as their Messiah at that time the Millenial Kingdom would have come right then, and there wouldn’t be any Gentiles as part of the saved. But that wasn’t God’s plan from the start. He BLINDED the Jews to Who Jesus was, for the most part, which Isaiah clearly prophesied He would do, for the express purpose of making a way for us also to be saved. I’m not sure whose teaching it is you’re following, but I suspect you’re being led astray by it some. Also it was necessary so that He would become the Sacrificial Lamb of God; as prophesied from Genesis 3 onward, because it was the Jewish leaders who persuaded the Romans to crucify Him, and THAT was spoken of by David and Isaiah specifically as the manner of His death, long before His birth.
    I choose to not limit the Holy Spirit in what He can teach me from the Word, based on some notion of “dispensations”. And I find there’s much to be learned in the whole context of the Word. As many times as I’ve read it, every time more is opened up to me. I do study; just not your way.

  • God’sRichesAtChrist’sExpense

    Suite yourself; there is a judgment seat of Christ that will determine rewards or loss for how a saved one allowed the sound doctrine, given to the body of Christ by the RISEN Lord Jesus Christ via the Apostle Paul, to work in their inner man by the Spirit of God in them and not by works of the flesh, i.e., religion.

    Once again, I encourage you to slow down, because I never said I don’t study the whole Bible or that we are only to read Paul’s letters (Rom – Philemon), for it is all for our learning, but what I said is that it is not all written to us or about us. Take your own advice and do some examining of yourself, as Paul tells us to do, to see if ye be in the faith (whose gospel were you saved by?) The only gospel that saves today is the one DISPENSED by the Lord to Paul for the whole world, apart from having to go through the nation of Israel. For that admonition of examining ourselves does come from the Apostle Paul.

    The 12 Apostles are/were for the nation of Israel, not for us gentiles in this present dispensation, which just means that God is dispensing new information for a different time; he’s doing something new by saving Jew/Gentile & placing them in one body, to form the one new man for the heavenly places. We are not Israel. Paul explains in Rom. 9-11 what happened to Israel. God has put them aside at this time during the dispensation of the grace of God. (sounds to me very much like you are against God, as God himself uses the word dispensation 4 times in the word of God (KJ Bible, that is). Look at 1 Cor. 9:17, Eph. 1:10, Eph. 3:2, Col 1:25). Also rebelling against God by saying it’s not Paul’s gospel, or anyone else’s when God, in fact, says He gave it to the Apostle Paul, denoting his gospel versus the other gospels found within the word of God. The 12 were given the gospel of the kingdom for the nation of Israel, so that was denoting their gospel that they had to DISPENSE.

    It takes study to be an approved workman unashamed before God, and the Lord tells us one time in his word on how we are to do that which is by rightly dividing the word of truth (2Tim 2:15). All the Bible is truth, but it is divided up by whom the Lord is speaking to during a particular time period and whether he is dispensing doctrine for Israel to follow or whether he is dispensing doctrine for the body of Christ to follow.

    Humility is becoming of Christ and his body, the Church, and we should treat one another w/grace and kindness, don’t you agree:o)

  • rebelglide

    That’s true. They both have to go.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Ma’am or sir, as the case may be, that is NOT God’s way; Jesus Himself taught openly and clearly from the Law and the Prophets even as young as 12 in the Temple; and all through His ministry as well. WHY would He then turn around and tell His followers, after His resurrection to ONLY learn from what He managed to tell Paul in a brief encounter on the Road to Damascus? And WHY would Paul himself state that the WHOLE of scripture is profitable for our learning? I don’t know whose teaching it is you’re following, but I do know it’s NOT God’s wish to lock any of His children into such a strait place of belief. He gave us the WHOLE of scripture for our learning and edification, not just a portion of the NT, be we Jew or Gentile! MANY of Jesus’ own teachings can be found to be lifted straight out of the OT Prophets and Law, even as relate to these times in which we now live. Many years ago, I followed some of Paul’s advice to “pray for the better gifts of the Spirit” such as prophecy, and wisdom {that was the one Solomon asked for when God asked what he’d like}; and for a longish time, I didn’t believe that had been answered except with “no”; but I believe, now, it was answered positively; because I can’t otherwise explain some of the things I experience. I don’t ignore Paul, I just don’t focus exclusively on his writings; because there’s SO MUCH MORE to God’s Word.

  • Pat De ESposito

    You are insane and delusional!

  • truesword

    I think more truth is coming out of Putin’s mouth than from Obama or any other American leader I have heard! This is very revolutionary for me to say having been a staunch anti communist all of my life! The islamic threat to the entire world is the most pressing matter that faces civlization today! Their own book(koran) makes it clear what their agenda is-domination by force with death and/or enslavement to all infidels worldwide! Dave and phillip can speculate and make all kinds of foolish statements about Christians all they want but their senseless words do not change the facts, that are plain and evident about what Islam is! The Koran outlines their core values and beliefs and those of their founder the child molestor mohammed! As Mr Putin points out they have been for over a thousand years and continue to be the worlds most disruptive and threatening destabilizing force! No matter if Christian,Hindu,Jew, Buddhist or atheist they are coming for you fools! I agree that we should be trying to forge a new coalition united against Isam ,even if we must make concessions to the Russians with regards to some of the central Asian states in return for our mismanagement in the past and for the Russians willingness to go up against these islamist in the region! Might be a good thing to stop the aggressive agenda of homosexual activist too! I mean how natural is a family that cannot reproduce! Putin should not be pilloried before his on people for stopping a movement that seeks to go to far! If only we had a real man( and one who could be trusted with dealing with islam) for a leader!

  • Jay

    this is why you need to get off your azz and go out and VOTE in the next election. Take back your government from the Hollywood and the lefty liberals.

  • Eddie in Texas

    Obama and everyone of his traitorous cabinet members need to be executed in public as an example to all others that think they can rule the American people. We rule them, we put them there and we need to get them out if they can’t do the job, and when they conspire to take our rights away they need to be dealt with like anyone else that commits treason. Bullet to the head in public. I would be willing to bet that his replacement would think twice before trying any of the crap that he has.

  • Antonio Brent

    Not we the people, but we the uninformed, lazy, selfish, illegal, or dead

  • Sharon

    Putin is Awesome! I see why now he is called the Prince and Returning Prince.

  • Snowhite

    I totally agree!!! The only thing he said wrong: Bonaparte didn’t burn Moscow: Russians did.
    US & Russia must be friends!!!

  • MsMadDog51

    A bag of popcorn would be an improvement!

  • George Jacques

    You have to have manure between your ears to believe this is actual Putin verbiage.

  • Laura Curry Loding

    We HAVE a Muslim in the White House…. Egypt can prove it. That is why BHO is so against a new Egyptian government after the ouster of Morsi. Of course he is going to cater to the Muslims, because he is one of them! Only when the American people wake up and realize we have a traitor in the White House and we can unite as a people will this stupidity stop.

  • kirjnk

    Not to his god, in fact he the best as per his sharia law.

  • mike

    Vlad didn’t write this…I know Vladimir and sir you are no Vladimir

  • mike

    Instead of all this griping about impeachment and stuff why don’t you ding dongs do the easiest possible thing you can accomplish which is wise up and stop voting these motherfuckers in?

  • Rhonda Thompson

    im with you my man

  • boone1

    obama’s god lives on the moon.

  • Lisa Whytock

    At least this guy has experience and a knowledge of history rather than a Sal Alinsky approach to politics. I like what Putin is saying and wish the koolaide drinkers would just stop this nonsense.

  • hilton

    Americans are dense and dump, did they no vote Obama in for a 2nd term after he already buggered up their economy for ages to come ?

  • Tim

    Obama is a pussy, but he is smart….Biden is dumb as hell

  • Raza Tiwana

    Thanks George, manure is a fertilizer & a sign of life, Putin’s purported letter started a good debate.

  • Macitar

    If God created everything then he created sin. You will no doubt say he only gave us the choice, and we decide to sin, but he knows we will so he is still the author. Of course none of this is true because God is for babies.

  • Suzanne Pervin

    very well written, to the point… the very direct point of evil vs almost evil… tho I disagree with dictatorship (which seems to be coming strong to the USA) – I agree with Putin that our president is a joke – a puppet in play the banks control – and muslim of the brotherhood… I strongly believe that he will ruin our country in such a way that it will come to internal/civil war to try and free ourselves from this massive influence of the rich and famously ignorant that believe they are gods… that are indeed at the head trying to control other nations with a debt bigger than china… oh what a tangled web we weave… deception is a broken mirror and the shards are sharpened on our souls… destruction is but a moments notice and the blame? WE THE PEOPLE for allowing it to continue.

  • Eric DeGala DeRamos

    he can’t convince obummer coz he’s a muzzie too.

  • Mileaway

    IMHO~ We all know Obama and his are doing their best to eliminate the power of the Constittution and the Bill of Rights and their Amendments. He would like to do away with them entirely and begin a reign of Muslim power.
    That being the case, without the Constitution, we no longer have a need for a President, Congress or a Supreme Court. All the tools Obama is trying to abolish but is “now” using against us law aiding citizens..
    I am not a Constitutional Attorney that can advise the best way to end this madness but I do know if we toss aside the rules our country was built upon we no longer have to abide by them.
    That FREES us to disregard and remove Obama and ALL of his administration without fear of repercussion according to negated laws.
    Just thinking out loud but I know it’s time to act upon the dire situations Obama is creating for the US around the world.
    Putin may still have some strong ideas about what is right and wrong but at least we know what direction he’s going. With Obama we know any path he leads us down is a path of incompetence and destruction.

  • shablon

    This “letter” is an absolute lie. Putin is above writing nonsense like that. Russia is a member of The organization of Islamic Conference, and 25% of Russians are Muslims. This phony letter has been written by some ZioNazi bum like late Breitbart.

  • James Brown

    I don’t know of anyone who wants to bomb Syria.. I just can’t believe so many people voted for Obama that is almost absolute proof that a majority of Americans are now stupid. Too much TV reality shows, your IQ is reduced by watching that stuff. We have a term for someone like Obama where I am from.. He is a Jagoff . Rough translation is someone who would hit on your 13 year old and steal your beer.

  • linlin

    I agree with Putin. Obama is the sorriest president in the history of America. He is a brotherhood muslim and so is his sorry wife. He must be impeached, he has appointed muslims to some of the hightest offices in the land, I hate what he is doing to our country and no one does anything to stop him.

  • Nigel Covington

    and has a set hanging

  • Todd Lau

    I have read this letter of Putin’s before. And I agree with him, his idea of our nations uniting to eradicate muslums is a good idea. I hope we can all be civilized enough to at least consider this,
    and perhaps try to make it so. The world MUST be rid of muslum terrorism.
    God bless All nations that will make an effort to eradicate the muslums once and for all.

  • manolo


  • John Hume

    I have thought the same things that President Putin has stated here since September 11, 2001. We, the U.S.A. and Russia once again (as in WW1 and WW2) have a common enemy. In order to make the world a more peaceful place nothing could be stronger than a U.S.A. / Russia alliance. There is no other nation(s) that could stand against such an alliance. Would I want President Putin as President of the U.S. , no. But neither do I (or did I) want President Obama either. I am an Orthodox Christain, I am opposed to the sickness that is homosexuaility. I agree completely with Russias stand on that issue. I am also sick of the way my country refuses to do what is necessary to truely win this war against extremeist islamic jihadist. We should meet their kind of violence with at least equal force. Those that refuse to accept an indiviguals human right to practice their own religion must be exterminated. Thank You President Putin for stating the truth that we all must accept if we are ever to have a more peaceful planet.

  • Shari Peterson

    Hook, line and sinker. How does it taste?

  • Legatus legionis

    I call for a new alliance. An Alliance with Russian, China, and Nato to wage war against the Muslims. Destroy the Mosques, liberate the people, particularly the women and children. Its Genocide that we fight. And, fighting Genocide by these murderous Islamist is just. Let us recall that we as a team defeated Fascism. Lets do it again.

  • Az native

    He is dead on right the only thing he doesn’t mention is that Obama is a radical
    Muslim imposter who should have never set foot in OUR White House. Time for a cleaning of our house.

  • Wayne Stumbo

    a great number of us American are in total agreement with President Putin on the destruction of Radical Muslims.i too would see them wiped off the Earth.they are monsters who want to destroy us all.

  • Wayne Stumbo

    President Putin is a Russian Orthidox Christian.He knows how to treat muslims

  • Mo Doggie

    The story is a total fake. WHERE exactly is a proper reference to where Putin said that about uniting against Islam? The links for the suppose “letter to Americanss from Putin” do not direct to any such thing. Wake up, morons! Since when does a Russian president write “letters” to the American public? And why only to Americans? – That is another clue for you.
    Fuck you liars.

  • Trish Foster

    As a American, I will not speak ill of the USA, I don’t support obama as a president. If he had brains he would not stir up a hornets nest. The USA he made sure of, is no longer a sleeping giant. Putin hit the nail on the head. Obama, stay out of his politics and away from his people. When I was young, we were taught that leaders get together and iron problems out. You meeting with a group of people in his country is none of your business. But, meeting with Putin is our business which effects the world.

    I am sure you will keep your planned schedule, but it does look like you support a war that no God
    fearing man wants. Preserve life, liberty and justice. Forget those little things that have no effect
    on government, but makes you popular or so you think.

    How dumb and yes us real Americans no longer respect the people in hollywood, you are welcome to join that group who we no longer support.

    To everyone else, hollywood does not have the morally correct answers and if you support them, you may find America in a war that will be the war to end wars.

    God Bless

  • Wise Old Owl

    From a British prospective…
    I’m very clear on the islam (small I intended) issue… I totally agree with Vladimir Putin, islam should be crushed.
    What troubles me is this… WHEN the heck is it going to happen? Britain, America and many European states are near bankruptcy. The almighty implosion in Britain is about to happen – and believe me it WILL happen. Our welfare state cannot afford the money it pays out. Since the end of the second world war, welfare payouts have grown out of disproportion. In 1909 when welfare payments were launched in the UK, the average life expectancy was just 48 years. Now it’s 80!! It doesn’t take an idiot to see our ccountries can NO LONGER AFFORD to pay ANY welfare!
    Its only been through the lowest of low interest rates, that Britain has been able to service it’s debts. The interest rate is currently around 2%. If that were to rise to a mere 5% our country would collapse like Greece has done. The fact is, interest rates can’t go any lower and that means there’s only one way for them to go – upwards! And I believe and so does Money Weekly, that this is what’s about to happen.

    So, I hear you ask, how does that affect the islamic issue? The UK Government’s estimates (and they are estimates – no exacts here) reckon there are 2.5 million muzrats in our country. Israeli intelligence suggests there are as many as 10 million muzrats in the UK. My own estimations are somewhere in between, something like 7 million muzrats. These muzrats put an undue extra strain on our economy and infrastructure. If they were removed from our country, the amount of welfare paid out would seriously decrease! That said, it still wouldn’t be enough to get us out of trouble. That’s because our expenditure is some 900% of our income. Crazy! There is NO complete answer to our debt problem. But the removal of muzrats would be a BIG help, both financially and socially. Muzrats contribute to draining and leaching off of us – in America and in Europe.
    So, the question is, do we go down the pan with these stinking creatures in tow, or do we oust them now?
    The answer, of course, is obvious, oust them now. But sadly, our politically correct, weak minded, wimps, that run our countries won’t do that.
    Why should we oust them now? When the UK’s economy implodes, something else will happen, over and above the banks and housing markets crashing…
    History shows that ALL countries who have been in serious debt, have collapsed eventually. When collapse comes, governments do what they do best, panic! When they panic, they look to the people to recuperate debt. This means a whole plethora of extreme taxes and restrictions, that will TOTALLY CHANGE THE WAY WE LIVE! We could see super taxes again – in the seventies they reached 83%! We could see restrictions on travel and the amount of currency restricted on being taken out of the country. Hard earned pensions could be nationalized. And the list goes on… The point is, with 7 million muzrats in tow, that worsens things big time. Not only has the government got less to share out, but when these muzrats stop getting what they want – welfare, they have a tendency to become violent. That’s not say they aren’t violent already!
    It really is going to be a case of dog eat dog for survival. What will be interesting, is to see if these muzrats become disillusioned when welfare stops. May be they will search for somewhere else to live. May be they will increase their violent ways and revert to raiding and stealing… That remains to be seen.
    Personally, I hope Vladimir Putin persuades all the peaceful countries to join together and crush islam.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    Money and control…period. That´s all CIA and indians activities world wide The song of the illuminaties The South Gods against the illuminaties This illuminaties only wants our money and if they have the chance to kill us to have it. They enjoy it. The illuminaties are copying spies, do not trust in their credential, everything is fake

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    Indian IT companies were invited by Calderon, to start their frauds in PEMEX, The Indian consultants monopolized the project in SAP, no mexican was involved in this project. It smells fishy and with tax money worse. No a mexican american involved in the project. Smell like a fraud with tax money. Indians work together and they protect each other, but they do not support other kind of people that could disagree with them, allowing that the fraud in government and Corporates. No indian alone has done a complete implementation os SAP in LATAM, You do not know spanish well, legal requirements, you do not know the economic system. I do not want LATAM to suffer as USA for all these IT fraudsThis is a international problem, Corporates supporter for IT indian companies are not paying taxes legally as it suppossed to be made. Countries should look for the consultants to put them in jail. This is like FOBAPROA in Mexico, Obama copied it from Mexico. This is a total fraud- The bail out is totally a fraud. Americans believe to much in their government, Another fraud.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    They have money for everything but it seems that consultants only receive their rate and long time project. Shame on you. They are controlled from India and China, there is only luxury life with our money there. Some of these indians and CIA facist are millionaries doing frauds around the world fo sure, Other indian fraud. All the accounting systems are in IT, all these smell fishy. All the system is a fraud . less Their system is a copy of a copy and copy of an asian copy. Do not trust in indians, they can say that you are their friend at the same time, kill you.

  • Angela Cundiff

    I’d rather have Biden, he can be told what to do, where to do it, and how. He will follow, not lead! Obama leads america into nothing but disaster! Biden will make a good little puppet until we get a real, true american that knows what he is doing, like Allen West or Sen. Cruz., in office!

  • Tony Mazziotti

    I like alot of what Putin said here, he is correct on alot of this, I just am not sure of his agenda, he makes more sense then our obama tho

  • Bob Beard

    I like Putin,he seems to be honest.We Americans don’t have a problem with Russia.Our problem is our President and we wan’t him gone!!! I like Mr. Putin’s idea of joining together and getting rid of rational Islamist and Cock roaches… Thank you Mr.Putin for being honest!!!!!

  • gerbilcrusader

    Obama does know what he is doing! He is deliberately aiding his muslim brotherhood friends. He is a muslim dude! Look what he did in Libya? Obama is a threat to all Americans. He has forced his will in violating our freedoms with his useful idiots! He is doing exactly what he planned. He is a muslim terrorist and jihadist!! Anyone who doesn’t believe it is a fool! The evidence is everywhere! Watch the movie 2016 and what Putin has to say!

  • James Marcum

    Edgar Casey said in the last days Russia would be the last moral stronghold in the world. Man I’m spooked ’cause it looks like it’s going down people!!!!

  • Markus DeShane Sr.

    When he gets to St Petersburg keep him . We don’t want him and then everything is solved.

  • Markus DeShane Sr.

    That covers every Dem in office. I like that.

  • lucylou314

    If he really did write this then perhaps he is scoping out the responses of Americans. If he is I would like to say for the record that most Americans love their country, our so called fearless leader is not one of them. He hates this nation and is trying to destroy it. We are not dumb, we see what he is doing. The election was stolen with the help of the lap dog media, he was in fact their “golden child”. Well they got the child part correct anyway, but the golden has revealed itself as a huge pile of steaming dog shit. Now there are those of us who have always known what he is and what he would do, but nobody would listen. Now he is president and we are fu**** as a nation unless and until he is removed from office. He should be in prison along with his entire cabinet and most of congress. We hear what the world is saying, we are ashamed of the stupidity of those who elected him and want the world to know that he is NOT NOT NOT NOT our president! He belongs to the idiots on the far left and to the media, the rest of us are suffering greatly because of his opportunistic selfish ambition. He hates America, and most of America hates him. We long for 2016 to see him out of office and out of our lives! Perhaps if he had ever had a real job he would know what it is like to work and be a man, but alas that is wishful thinking. He is a coward and a loser, he is not a man.

  • Tom Girouard

    I have to question just how real this letter . It does make one think .

  • diana harrell

    Well said mike and I so agree with you. Obama and the Washington politicians are so corrupted that they even throw us under the bus just to further Obama’s sick agenda.

  • diana harrell

    I’ve said so many times and nothing changes……..Obama is going to get us all killed!

  • Curtis Ruuska

    wow, theres no candy coating on that one is there, what a damned breath of fresh air that was, Im so used to hearing all the windbag explanations on the world, and that just lays it out in black and white. I may not agree with each and every point, but at least he has the balls, and the integrity to say what is on his mind, and what he plans to do about it. I have always respected anyone who states their purpose, and sticks to it, no floppy fish fence sitter there lol. I hope he gets his way.

  • diana harrell

    Well said…..and I agree……..Obama is a disgusting pos that should never have made the first election.

  • Lisa Marie Graciolett

    He is Gods mistake

  • SelfLoathingLeftist

    In all my 43 years, I never thought I’d have more respect for the leader of Russia than the sitting President of the United States.

  • luistp

    well said..

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Brother Putin is secretly one of us – the ultimate sleeper agent. He and Brother Ubama are the best of friends behind closed doors.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Brother Ubama will never be impeached. Your outmoded system of government will soon be replaced by the Shariah when he declares the North American Caliphate.

    We shall then ban your polytheistic cult of christianity, take your pathetic guns, burn all of your homo Toby Keith CD’s and make conversion to Islam mandatory.

  • Dan OConnor

    Heya, Putin we already know we’re stupid. Obama said so. But you’ll find that the average American is like the average Russian. They want a job, raise a family and have a good retirement. We don’t want wars, we don’t like fighting, but your right history shows that our Country jumps into something they can’t handle and a bunch of lives are lost. Children from both sides. I have always said the United States is doing nothing but pissing people off. But, I’m an American and yes I served those years during Vietnam and I still love my Country. I didn’t vote for Obama and God only knows what we would of had with Mc Cain, but it has got to the point we don’t elect them anymore. The one that has the most money gets to sleep in the White House for at least 4 years. Tell me Mr. Putin while we love our Civil Rights, what have you done with your Country?

  • Dan OConnor

    I wonder if Putin can revoke Obama’s Visa so he can’t go to Russia?

  • Palehorse

    Maybe it’s Putin, I doubt it.

  • Rhett O Millsaps

    The leader of Russia is more admired in America than the leader of America. We know we have been had and we need to clean this nation up, as well as join Russia with this solution. Why not, they seem to know the problem and we in America know of our own. It is time to fight the radicals, both in America and throughout the world. We need to listen to this leader, he seems to know what he is talking about.

  • Robert Dean Burlison II

    I have not written it yet, but my ideas are parallel to Putin’s…unite forces and crush the Jihadi. However I am glad that he noted there are good Muslims…like the 13 year old girl who wrote a peaceful essay for her English class. See my blog spot and then you can check out and

  • Kathy Curtis Anderson

    hog wash!

  • Linda Parrish

    Obama does not want to engage the radical islamists because he is a Sunni Muslim himself. He promised his muslim brothers ‘he would stand with them no matter how ugly the political winds may blow’ and he is doing just that! But Obama won’t do anything to go against ‘his’ people! What little he does do in the middle east (i.e. drone strikes, etc) is just enough to flex his power and cause chaos and try to bring about a change of leadership to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power! Now Obama is trying import 150 million islaist Muslims to the USA! Why?? I think to wage jihad on American soil…..he needs the numbers!
    I do agree with Putin, that if all the countries joined forces, we could eradicate this evil called Islam from the face of the earth! But America is filled with too many tree-hugger and peace-niks!! Before tha t can happen Obama needs to be gone!!!

  • Linda Parrish

    NDAA also makes every American citizen an enemy combatant!!

  • Robert Dean Burlison II

    The Chinese should first realize that the US fought and is fighting Jihadi allied to the Muslims in their own country. They should forgive a fair amount of the National Debt that the US gained in those fights. That would put us, the US back on sound footing for a all out war on Jihadi. We aided them in WW II when they were a peasant country and not we need their aid. See blog spot

  • kathleen clark

    obama is a total idiot and a disgrace to usa and any true patriotic American.Obama is a lying treasonous murdering imbecile and fool. anyone who defends this idiot is purely ignorant!!!!!!

  • Stoned_Conservative

    Putin puts Russia first. I wish our useless little dictator would put America first. Allen West 2016. Putin and Allen West would destroy radical Islam. I can vote for that.

  • Matthew

    Some very accurate points made here, but keep in mind of who Putin is and what he stands for the best thing we can do is get the hell out, mind our own business and impeach Obama.

  • awg

    Fuck you

  • Patriot

    Your wrong, he knows exactly what he’s doing! He has had the same plan since 2008. Obama is a Muslim. He has more less told the American people he is fir the Muslims and hates Christianity and America. His goal is to destroy America, Period! Obama will do what ever it takes to help Islam take over the world. Obama has said many times “the United States is a Muslim country”. Even though we know it’s not since the US consists of approx. 1.5% Muslims. But this his part of his effort to show America what he wants and how he views the US.
    Putin gets it! He is 100% on the money. The problem is the American people don’t get it!

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Well said, kuffar. You must have, as your people say, ‘had some fancy book learning’.

  • Just an old Marine.

    This man, makes more sense, than all the presidents have in the last 30 years. I would vote for him in a second, and give him my birth cert. I love the way he thinks. He is right !!!

  • Just an old Marine.

    Amen, and thank you brother !! When we left Okinawa for Viet Nam, was honored to be on the same ship with 173rd. Airborne. Ended up in Da Nang, FLSG…USMC. semper fi Please pray for our country.

  • quincyman

    Putin has the same idea that i have about the muslims… They are the enemy of the rest of the world. Their goal is to take over the entire world and let it be governed by sharia law. I really think he’s right about that. They are slowly spreading like a plague and must be stopped. Sure, there are those who say “not all muslims are bad.”But do you think when the shit hits the fan they will be on any other side except a muslim , radical or not. It is their culture/religion. They will not go against another muslim…. PERIOD… WHen the time comes whether you like your sharia law or not “YOU CAN KEEP IT” You won’t have any choice. If read Hussein’s book. He stated that when the time comes he will go with the muslims… it’s in there… READ IT.

  • Just an old Marine.

    Study, a bit more.

  • 1stcav

    whew , that’s weird ! for there is only one mediator between God and man and that is Christ Jesus ! 1st tim chap 2 v 5 ….then matt chap 7 verses 1 thru 3 tell me if i don’t forgive them that hurt me in anyway then neither will God forgive me of my transgressions ! so i ask God to forgive me in Jesus name !

    john 14 verse 12 tells me that i can do all things that Christ did and even more if only i believe !

    and the best part is in john 9 verse 31 where it says that God will not hear a sinners prayer , ! so if i ask God to forgive me of my sins in Jesus name with a repentant heart , my God in heaven will forgive me of my sins period ! so i involk the name of Jesus in quite a few things every moment of my life , because i ask for Jesus’s help and guidance all the time !

    that’s why people call me a crazy old man ! but i love it !

  • 1stcav

    i am so glad you said that ! and i will remain a child of the most High God who’s only begotten son is Jesus Christ for the rest of my life ! and i’m 65 years old !

  • badster

    Evidently Putin doesn’t realize alot of Americans DO NOT want Assad removed. DO NOT believe he used the gas. And DO NOT support anything Barack Obama does. Putin has one saving grace.. he is not going along with the New World Order. Mainly because he wants the job Obama has been picked for. Its also the reason the NWO plan will not work until a nuclear war takes place.

  • Julie Andras

    LOL..This is not a professional letter and e would never address the american ppu8blic wit such a letter even if he emant it.

  • Fight For Your Constitutional

    Bad news.. Cruz is was born in Canada.

  • Abby Rexroth

    Putin, we thinks he’s an asshole too!

  • Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes

    My thinking was along these lines! First, there is absolutely a TREASONOUS Conspiracy within our government to destroy and take over our Nation and a large portion of all three branches of our government are complicit! Therefore, the Military arrests them and puts them all in those nice FEMA camps that are already prepared and ready to roll! Their dinners are even in place! Giant coffins are on site! Mass graves are prepared! When it is said and done, I’ll bet you there will be 30 or 40 thousand of them! Then do an “in depth” investigation to prove this conspiracy (I don’t think it will be difficult once all of the records are freely accessible). Then file charges! For Those that are proven guilty, we have all of those nice, Brand New, unused guillotines (30,000 of them). We can save the costs a lot with Public Beheadings to remind us all of the Danger of allowing this to happen! It would be appropriate because behind this all, I am convinced, a muslim plot will emerge!
    We must be sure that NOTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENS AGAIN! The penalty for a Traitor is to be shot! This is a much quicker and less messy way, Thanks to Obama and his ever-present DHS GESTAPO the guillotines are already set up.. in place at the FEMA Camps!

  • Stalin

    This isn’t even the actual letter…

  • AnnaGraceS

    The world laughs at ovomit aka obozo aka barry soetoro aka barack hussein obama!! We in America cry and God is embarrassed at this muslim interloper!!! We should be so fortunate to have a leader like the manly Putin instead we have a girly girl sissy as president!! Impeachment is too good for him he needs to be in prison for T R E A S O N!!!

  • dave

    Sad thing is i bet half of you commenting voted for obama. i cant stand him either, but dont vote him into office knowing he was this way. he wrote it in his books. do a little research people before you go to the poles and push that button. Obama is and always has been a socialist. Wake up and read a book America, we as a nation could have prevented this poor excuse of a president from doing these things.

  • vendetta

    you forgot one thing, sandmonkey, the AMERICANS… Obama doesn’t represent us… and we are still the baddest MFers in the world. And don’t think for one second, we will wipe your entire race off the face of the earth and then skull-f*** your corpse. Our government may be filled with p***sies, but our people are a force to be feared. we are going to enjoy burining your quran and pissing on your mohammed.

  • Joe Folsom

    You underestimate the resolve of the American people and will do nothing but wake a sleeping giant.

  • Joe Folsom

    By the way. The image you are using as your avatar is that of Ruhollah Khomeini which suggests you are a Imam want a be. You are a fake. Get a life.

  • Australian

    I don’t believe this was written by Putin for even a second. It would have been international news, not posted on some backwater blog.

  • jonathondf

    And the blonde Powers psycho and her husband.

  • Melissa Dittmer

    Brother Ubama will never be
    impeached. Your outmoded system of government will soon be replaced by
    the Shariah when he declares the North American Caliphate.

    We shall then ban your polytheistic cult of christianity, take your
    pathetic guns, burn all of your homo Toby Keith CD’s and make conversion
    to Islam mandatory.

    Putin piss on this rag heads Quran…and take that POS “Brother Obama” with you PLEASE!

  • Thomas Logan


  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    The only thing fake around here is the name under ‘Father’ on your birth certificate, mofo. Your mother has no idea who he is because she is a prostituting whore.

  • chris

    Well 2nd baddest MFers, you forgot about us Brits! lol

  • Joe Folsom

    Don’t waist your time with Khalid. He is a fake want a be and not an Imam or authority on anything. Just a trouble maker.

  • honey 413

    I have not met one American yet who wants to go to war against Syria and only our idiots believe we have not been acting like the illegal state of Israel’s cur bitch. Every aspect of our media has been censored and distorted to the point of insanity and frankly if it wasn’t for social media I do not think as many would be as informed as they are because when we were forced to be face to face we always wanted to be politically correct and did not have the balls to make other’s uncomfortable or create a conflict. This is what is happening with Obama. As soon as you criticize anything he does you are labeled racist.This is exactly why he was put into office at this time to begin with. While everyone is fighting about race, again, him and his handlers are doing everything they can to destroy this country and the long standing alliances they have shared with other countries. The average American wants to stay the heck out of other country’s business and we sure as shit do not want our men and women dying for other’s men’s profit!

  • Joe Folsom

    Such intelligent rhetoric…..NOT. You must be a liberal. Can’t have an intelligent conversation focused on facts so you you stoop to slander & vulgarity. You are not worth my time.

  • Shirley Nanos

    Our war against terrorism is a war against muslims. However how can you fight a war against terrorism then, if your leader is himself a muslim. Somehow this does not compute.

  • Shirley Nanos

    You are correct, but we need to bypass impeachment for Obama and go straight to arrest for Terrorism against the US. That is called TREASON.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Ha! I was correct. Dumb ass homoqueer.

  • Peter Stillasavage Billiot III

    I just took a Mohammad and wiped my Obama
    with the Koran,,,DEATH to Islam!!!

  • Jenny Leibenguth

    You’re right most Americans don’t want to bomb Syria because we don’t support Barry Soetoro(obama). He is only trying to make himself look like he’s ignorant, but I warn anyone reading that this is not the case. One thing most of us know is that obama is a complete fraud. He was NOT elected, but placed into power. My guess as to why obama won’t help Putin is because obama is an islamist. I beg someone to get that word to Putin because people like me are being ‘outcast’ and targeted as terrorists in America. America is falling and we need help from other countries this time. The real Americans no longer have a voice and we need to get rid of the islamist here or there is a chance that America will become an islamist nation. The goal of islam is to take over the world so if America is taken completely over, then we would become a big threat to Russia.

    I will try to find other ways of getting this message to Putin and anyone else that can help..

  • scott

    The problem is, we as most Americans, still believe that the so called President has any power at all. When the truth is, we have sold our democracy, and our souls for the very thing that once made us the greatest country ever. Capitalism. We’ve allowed our elected leaders to be bought and sold like commodities. All the while, allowing ourselves to fall victim to the same. Corporations own this country, and the world. It was a sad day for America when we gave the banking industry the rights to print our money. Giving them full control of our economic and financial future. Now our great America is a sad, Corporate controlled, Media sponsored, Greed and Lust filled Entity. With no one but our selves to blame.

  • Timothy Thompson

    Satire or not it’s a eye opener and a good one, with all our troops fighting overseas they deserve our support and stop the insane political directions of how to fight the war, lets just win them.

  • gAWD

    I believe it is time we dropped the big one on some ‘friends’ and ‘allies’ alike.

  • gAWD

  • Tony Afara

    It’s What I’ve been saying all along. I can’t even tell why the U.S and Russia are enemies anymore, why we can’t join forces for the greater good. Only they are painted as our biggest enemy, well I beg to differ, Islam is our joint biggest enemy not Russia, its the enemy of humanity. I have been keeping up with news as well as people I didn’t now prior to connecting with them on face book from different parts of the world but had one thing in common; Islamic tyranny, ethnic cleansing and genocide. Putin makes a great point, but he won’t get cooperation from Obama who is a Muslim himself. But it will happen eventually after Obama is gone or impeach which ever comes first and the American people had seen enough.

  • louisvillecard

    I have never before agreed so much with Mr. Putin. I know this letter is a generalization of the problems faced by Russia, Israel and the so-called Free western world. Together we could stop all of the killing and infiltration by the muslims. As far as Afghanistan and Pakistan He hit it right on the head. Pakistan is the phoniest of allies and using our own money to enable the muslims to continue fighting and infiltrate us at the same time. Also as Putin stated; We are dumb. We are the only country I have ever heard of that aides its’ own enimies while slowly taking away it’s own countries fundamental rights.

    We need to wake up and demand, yes DEMAND, from our representatvies to find their backbones when dealing with our pseudo-president, or kick their asses OUT. Listen to what Mr. Putin has just said.

  • howard_feinski

    Naw. Couldn’t be Putin. O’b is his best friend now.

  • Thomas McClure

    Like it or not, Mr Putin is correct, and i for one would back him all the way….I am a 63 year old Marine Corps Veteran and Obama is just an ignorant jerk off in my opinion….this country is going down the toilet as i speak, and if you disagree with me then YOU are part of the problem…..

  • Thomas McClure

    fuck you…

  • Thomas McClure

    once again, fuck you …

  • Mary Emerson

    I never thought I would agree with a Russian leader , over an American President ! But I do, one reason is Obama is drowning in his own stupidity , He has no solution to our problems ! He is a Muslim , he said so himself ! This was a good read !

  • Mary Emerson

    Hey Imam, read the comments below mine, then add we will POUR PIG BLOOD ON YOUR GRAVE !

  • Mary Emerson

    Tim, smart ? The man cant get two words out without a teleprompter ! He is nothing but a puppet for the likes of Bill Ayers , George Soros, and Valerie Jarret !

  • Ryan

    Not actually written by Putin, but rather written from his perspective. But still makes valid points.

  • sean

    Sadly I really agree with Putin, he is spot on. What is even sadder is that the American people can’t get rid of the disaster that is Obama for another 3 years.

  • Arc Crew

    History proves that before Islam existed the Sabean in Arabia worshiped the moon god who married the sun goddess who gave birth to three daughters known as the Daughters Of Allah. That makes Allah the moon god. The moon god Allah is just one of 360 idols in the Ka’aba in Mecca. And Muhammad knew all of this it is why the crescent moon is everywhere in Islam, even Ramadan begains and ends with the crescent moon. Ask a mullah why this is so , if you dare. Muhammad wanted to create his own religion and he needed his powerful tribe to back him, so he picked Allah the moon god they worshiped as the one god and declared himself to be Allah’s prophet. In the 1950s a temple to the moon god was excavated at Hazor in Palestine and two idols of the moon god Allah were found, proving Allah was a pre-Islamic pagan deity. ( Meaning? Muhammad is a false profit of a pagan deity.) ‹(•¿•)› << This is Muhammad the profit monkey.

  • Arc Crew

    You speak big words for a painted monkey Imam Khalid of Basra, If that is really who you are.

    History proves that before Islam existed the Sabean in Arabia worshiped
    the moon god who married the sun goddess who gave birth to three
    daughters known as the Daughters Of Allah. That makes Allah the moon
    god. The moon god Allah is just one of 360 idols in the Ka’aba in Mecca.
    And Muhammad knew all of this it is why the crescent moon is everywhere
    in Islam, even Ramadan begains and ends with the crescent moon. Ask a
    mullah why this is so , if you dare. Muhammad wanted to create his own
    religion and he needed his powerful tribe to back him, so he picked
    Allah the moon god they worshiped as the one god and declared himself to
    be Allah’s prophet. In the 1950s a temple to the moon god was excavated
    at Hazor in Palestine and two idols of the moon god Allah were found,
    proving Allah was a pre-Islamic pagan deity. ( Meaning? Muhammad is a
    false profit of a pagan deity.) ‹(•¿•)› << This is Muhammad the profit monkey.


    whats it take to start impeachment, I have so much to say, I end up endlessly rambling, so to keep it short, WHERE DO I SIGN?, someone, somewhere has the form

  • Julie Andras

    From # 8: It is so amusing that you would actually believe that Mr. Putin would address the American people except his own people in this manner.

  • Wahida

    Holla, So this is why they say that you follow saitan…?

  • disqus_7XeFokRE9B

    Vlad should have cut to the chase sooner. The extermination of all Chechnya & his hatred of Gays, probably been stood up by both.

  • Marilyn Wengert

    I am concerned most for our children of our once great nation who have lost our way to the elitists-in-power.GOD HELP US!

  • Jacorey Hardin

    welp its sead when America pulls out its last forces from the middle east and Russia goes back it will be a shit storm but since china has a grip on oil there it would not be a easy so everybody wants America to stay as security but wate America is making things very tuff and the problem is not solve so the question is what will Russia and china do after America is pushed out, that hole is big ,lol and we all know Syrian radicals will only flip to the highest bidder

  • Charles Johnson

    Tell him Mr. Putin. About time you told “the puppet man”
    How it is and how it should be. Would you like a 2nd job?

  • Demon In You

    horay at least i can spill the words, fuck you, fuck your Allah, fuck your quran, and at last fuck muhammed many times.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez! I think that Mexico and USA may be better than India, if we let the mexican and US PhD and scientists work together in each module of the ERP, and créate something really advance for our civilization, mexican american should be working together for a new Era. The true is that the mexican and US education is without direction to have it, it is necessary to unify all the level of education, and structure the knowledge by modules at all the levels to créate the productivity models, I created. The mexican and US government should work at all levels of the mexican and US education and structure the knowledge in the way to be more productive, protect our companies, our Nation. No podemos dejar las empresas mexicanas y americanas en manos de estos tipos por falta de acuerdos en el sector educativo, realmente falta un reforma educativa que redunde productivamente en el sistema mexicano y americano

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    These guys are working with Google, Androit and indians killer, they use IT technology to kill people

    I have this stuff in my body

    How to protect yourself against implanted devices for IT connectivity? You have to know like other chip or electronic device, they are not working properly if you use magnetism, water or other solutions like cream, or electricity, this external factor among others the materials use to have like cold, hot, so weather conditions like atmospheric pression , definitely will impact the well function of the devices implanted in a body.

    Buy massage electronic devices, magnetos, use the power connector of the computer, mobile phone with water, they will work among others. Certain part of your body will be hot because of the attack, use the magnetos, they will be warm also. Use a hat with magnetic structure; they use the magnetic material where they are selling material

    Body knows that you have something that it is not part of your body, you will feel like an insect bite without a trace, but suddenly the touch of your hand and a pump will find something, here they are, use a needled disinfected try to extract them. You have to do it because in spite it can protect someone also it can produce sicknesses, heart attacks, trucks, a lot of pain, swelling of the legs , headaches, difficulty to pup, among others.

    You have to do it yourself, because if someone attacks, they have the mechanism even to get in the hospital you are, to have you harmed, so do not do anything risky, especially if you alone, ask someone be with you all the time, do not ask for ambulance, go you self to the ER. In the first place, you were sedated, and a Chinese inserted the methodic device like acupuncture technique, of course there is another way to send you to a mental hospital, thinking that nobody believes you. Do not be panic, if you know to drive, have money, and start traveling long distances.

    They need at least two days to make it work the implanted devices in your body, the first one is to implant them in your body, the second one is calibrate the devices in your body, it can identify your sicknesses in all over your body, everything.

    Be out of the spectrum of the internet signals, they are using against you, identify if only they are using blackberries, mobile phones, personal computers near your job, or everywhere you go, including your house. It is that the case, it is good because it means that first they have to find you, it is easy for them because you might have chips in both ear, do not be panic. The harmful way of attacking you, it is using a satellite, they have a lot of power and connectivity everywhere, they can see you in third dimension like to have a doctor near you but it is really a butcher.

    Try to find more about the devices and how to destroy them, they are like nails, it seems they can see through your body in detail, they are like little transparent plastic material, and they are others like a hair, but they can be burn, do it.

    Do not allow surgeries over you in Sparrow Hospital using Androit and Google technology, they will know where are you all the time, and they will attack your central system with a complex microsurgery, starting in your ear to your brain. The implanted devices might have connectivity even with sophisticated equipment use at the Hospital.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez! I think that Mexico and USA may be better than India, if we let the mexican and US PhD and scientists work together in each module of the ERP, and créate something really advance for our civilization, mexican american should be working together for a new Era. The true is that the mexican and US education is without direction, to have it, it is necessary to unify all the level of education, and structure the knowledge by modules at all the levels to créate the productivity models, I created. The mexican and US government should work at all levels of the mexican and US education and structure the knowledge in the way to be more productive, protect our companies, our Nation. No podemos dejar las empresas mexicanas y americanas en manos de estos tipos por falta de acuerdos en el sector educativo, realmente falta un reforma educativa que redunde productivamente en el sistema mexicano y americano

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez Andrew Pease and CPS San Antonio are criminals. Obama is using CPS against iT consultants and finance top managers . Possible human traffic activities between DIF Mexico and CPS San Antonio, and relation with the catholic Pope.
    The pope start visiting and made business with them, The catholic church has to recuperate the money of the sues against them in …USA. He knew about the killing of millions of Chineses of a religious group, Chineses offered him the life of the Chinese children of this religious group (Genocide massacre in China). Good opportunity, he contacted Hillary Clinton, and Calderon, opus dei members, business done in high level.
    It seems that Joaquin Castro works for the China Imperium including India and their satellites countries like Mexico. Human Traffic between DIF Mexico to CPS San Antonio of Mexican, children from India and Chinese children. Allowing investment of American and Mexican mafias in San Antonio. Shame on Joaquin Castro. The true will come soon.
    Calderon and his wife controlled DIF Mexico, the only entity similar to Child Protective Services in USA and with legal authority to USCIS (Immigration), Calderon and his wife were the only taking decision of adoption in Mexico through the States, instead of help many children to legalize their situation in the States, they used them as a personal business, each child more than 15,000.00 USD, they were coming from China, India and also Mexican children to be given in adoption in the States, no body (Mexican, Mexican American families), even the personnel in DIF Mexico knows that DIF is the only legal entity recognized by USCIS to do that. Only my estimates annually with Chinese children are more 200 million dollars, but it was only a personal business of Calderon and Fox that no Mexican or Mexican American was beneficiated. Kidnnaping of my daughter in San Antonio, TX some year ago violating Haya Convention because of her dual citizenship, using NSA system, indian and mexican killers

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    CIA confessed implanting me nanotechnology in my body in Internet. Twitter : youallsuck. CIA threating me. They will be taken care of their millions of dollars they have, specially in this economy.!

    Manning suggested that Obama’s involvement with older white men is what got him into Punahou, and Pope seems to agree, though she used a reference to the CIA or some “force” that got Obama “set up” at Punahou. “It was certainly not a natural thing,” she said. Is this guy a CIA agent? The CIA killed Kennedy

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    They have money for everything but it seems that IT Indian consultants and others related, only receive their rate and long time project replacing citizens iin this scam. Shame on you. They are controlled from India and China, there is only luxury life with our money there. Some of these indians and CIA facist are millionaries doing frauds around the world fo sure, Other indian fraud. All the accounting systems are in IT, all these smell fishy. All the system is a fraud . less Their system is a copy of a copy and copy of an asian copy. Do not trust in indians, they can say that you are their friend at the same time, kill you. Los modelos macroeconómicos y microeconómicos mexicanos del TLC han sido repetidos en otras partes del mundo dejando millones en la pobreza extrema.!
    Mexican Macroeconomic and microeconomic models of NAFTA have been repeated in other parts of the world leaving millions in extreme poverty. The indians have lower credentials if they have it to this educutive level. The indian educative system does not follow USA standars. Indians are going to learn US tax laws in jail. Sues for not paying taxes Poor illuminaties and indians under US tax laws. Anyway, almost all of them with fake documents and no credentials are already crimininals. Tourist visas are not acceptable to work in the USA. IT companies can be sue if they broke the american laws. Besides that it must be a fraud against 500 Fortune companies in fact adding several countries that could sue them for not paying taxes in their own countries.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    Do you think you are better than the Pentagon? Es un fraude en el Pentagono, en donde la mayoria de los consultores de sistemas provienen de la india. Usan ERP como SAP y prácticamente EU se volvio dependiente de la gente que viene de la india.Sin los indios trabajando en sistemas se para todo Estados Unidos. Other indian fraud, They are only coming to have our money and take our lives. less have the nerve to slam education levels as an indicator of success of Technology creation?
    Apple…created by a High School drop out.
    MicroSoft…created by a undergrad drop out, who didn’t even complete an Associates degree.
    FaceBook…created by undergrad drop outs
    Google…created by undergrad drop outs
    The history of IT is filled with examples of non degree holders creating the very systems and processes we utilize everyday. If you do not report a crime, you have to go to jail The mexican and USA Presidents took lesson as actors to act like somebody else , they are fake actors Indians are like a fake actors in IT. Mexico and USA same way, the military starting to wake up against the CIA facism India is part of the China imperium. US betrayed Mexico in the NAFTA, doing business with China. At the end americans and mexicans, a lot with extreme poverty

  • Tami Michelle Durling

    I agree Mr.Putin

  • Judith Miller

    It’s pretty bad when a Russian President out shines our American President and has morals.

  • Duane Weimerskirch

    How is it that I respect Putin so much more than I respect Obama? At least Putin has guts enough to actually fight.

  • ss

    Hey leave Toby Keith out of this. Besides, nobody uses CDs anymore

  • cherylT

    I think he is an idiot but has smart people behind him.

  • howard


  • General Chan

    YAH! Long live Comrade Putin!!!

  • jane

    you say us americans this and that. no mr.putin it is not us americans, it is the govt and president that is doing what you say in the letter to the american people. i feel if this is what you need to do for the safety of your country and citizens then it is YOUR choice how you handle it. obama needs to mind his own countrys business. and as for the gay crap, they are nothing but animals to. i think all the world govt needs to do is come together and kill off the radical muslums. and i think the good true muslims will be greatful. i know a few muslims and they even say the radical ones are just using the religion to kill. obama has no rights going to any country and involving his self in their gay butt packers rights. and if you ever come back to the united states you are more then welcome to meet with the rifle association. i would even invite you to my home, no sweat. i would invite obama to my home. BUT you both will hear what i have to say about a few things. so mr.putin, thank you for letting us americans know what is going on. may you have a good life. god bless you.

  • Judy Gavan

    I agree with Mike but Congress has to get rid of him. I have been emailing the Speaker but so far I don’t see any movement to get rid of him. We don’t like or want this man in ffice anymore either.

  • jane

    i think he walks like that because he be getting it in the rear to. lol… why else would he be meeting with the gay association in russia? putin just needs to do what he has to do for his country. and obama, if you read this , you need to stay out of other countrys business and work with them to rid the world of them animals. stop aiding the enemy.

  • [email protected]

    Your ‘allah’ is really satan and you are too stupid to see it.

  • Jerry Fellows

    Its the idiots in office whjo are dumb or just trying to destroy america on purpose for their own gain. They are fixed for the coming end, so why worry about the small american.

  • RavenWolf_LDR

    I NEVER thought I would live to say this, but I think I want to move to Russia and defect. Putin is right. Bashar Al-Assad is Anti-Islamic and fighting the rebel forces who are Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood. This is why Egyptian government wants to charge and try Obama for crimes against humanity and assisting/funding the Muslim Brotherhood. Putin, you are wrong about it being Americans. It is not us, but our slowly becoming a dictatorship government. Stop blaming all Americans for our government’s stupidity. Hell, we’re close to hitting a revolution against our government because they keeping taking more and more freedoms from us. If anything, you should be offering all US citizen the chance to take asylum in your country for fear of their government.

  • john conley

    you ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jose Elizabeth Allen Hawkins

    No we are not stupid..we have been hoodwinked…we have been outsmarted by people who do not have our best interests at heart. Americans have always been upright and friendly. It was as ghastly shock to find that people we trusted do not behave according to the rules of civilisation. I think that most of us who watched the interview with Asaad realised that what we had been told was not true. I can see that you might think that we are stupid…to have fallen for such lies and misrepresentations…but The American People the moment…held in thrall. This will not always be so but we have..for the time being wait for elections. I can say all this about an exceptional people because I am an immigrant and these wonderful people have accepted me and my family as their own.

  • nkj777

    Oh yes, trust Allen West by all means — he voted for NDAA INDEFINITE DETENTION plus he supports and defends it! Would you like to be locked up with no trial – ?

  • john conley

    yep the man has a pair of ball,s !!! bak up barrack there way to big for u to swallow ! these are man ball,s , the kind we so despartly need running this country , yes putin make o mistake the vast majority of America agree,s with u 100% ………………

  • john conley

    I wonder if j.booth has any living relatives ?

  • Hubert Cash

    You’ve got my vote.

  • frances

    Putin needs to be our president, hell he can win, Obama is illegal and he won and he is destroying us, Mr Putin, you have to understand that Obama won the presidency as the result of fraudulent voting, we did not vote him in, and most of us don’t support him and want him out, but for some reason he cant be booted out and I don’t understand why. And for the record, I don’t agree with gays also…

  • Sue Townsend Walters

    are you a Bot? you sound like one. just here to stir things up. You are wrong. America will never give up Jesus Christ for your pitiful, murderous cult. after you have killed, raped and destroyed everyone else, you will turn on each other because you do not know how to live in real peace or to get along without someone doing something you could claim was wrong. you will eliminate each other.

  • Trish Newhouse

    fuck you

  • Sean Garrison

    I hate saying this but we need our once greatest rival as our ally more then ever now.

  • James Lawson

    If Putin really wrote that, I can honestly say, he has no class. Having said that, Obama is an idiot and we all know it.

  • Hepolito Flores

    I took a shit on a Muslim prayer rug last night

  • Hepolito Flores

    Welcome to the Club, Laddie.

  • Jerri Riebesel

    What other Leaders from other Countries have to realize is that the Voice of our “So Called Leader” is not the opinion of all of us American Citizens. That is the problem with this world. Government and World leaders do and say what they want, And the people they are all suppose to serve and protect, are the ones that pay, mostly with their lives, We should demand that all government and World leaders are put in the same Country and let them destroy each other, and the rest of us live happily ever after!!

  • William

    Although I agree with most of what Putin says now a days I can guarantee you he did not write this article.Putin sounds more like a patriotic American President more than the present imposter in the White House, He likes gas warfare and wants to gas 1.2million Chechens? Please, I’m pretty sure Putin wouldn’t say something that provocative.

  • Michael Gallagher

    Obama will be assassinated and you will see Islam persecuted and purged from this country like the piece of shit joke that it is, always was and always will be.
    fuck Islam, fuck muhammad, fuck muslims, fuck you, fuck you and fuck your favorite camel.

  • pat wood

    never thought i would say this in my lifetime but i agree with the russians a hell of a lot more then my own goverment any more.

  • pat wood

    and you are a fucking muslim son of a bitch. get the hell off our american list. go back to your fucking muslim country. before the rednecks here kick your muslim goat screwing ass.

  • musaxeman


  • Michael B

    We need to take a poll and see how many ppl voted for who and make sure the votes were and are being counted right. Aslo, America needs to know that elections are rigged by call centers, who acquire data on what people want to hear so that politicians know what to say.

  • William Dixson

    Come get some fucker come get mine come take mine I dare you islamic pig

  • Margaret Anderson


  • iceboxx

    there will be a lot of you heathens killed when you try that. of course there were a lot of civilians killed with drone attacks, you coward bastards hide with the civilians

  • le

    Obama is the most hated person in the world. We hate him and want him out of office. We want our country back. The Queen should foreclose on the property that Washington D.C. sit on. Wish someone would relieve us of this criminal who is attempting to murder America.

  • Patti Melton

    I stand with what Putin has said in his letter to America. Not all Americans stand behind Obama and his attempts at starting a third World War. Most Americans would rather see the radical Muslims permanently gone rather than let them go on living.

  • Nick Monterosso

    I really hate to say it but I like and wholeheartedly agree with Putin’s ideas. It is time to stop playing nice with the middle east and be done with them.

  • Dan

    The American people had the choice of two candidates in 2012 and the majority chose Obama, so if you are one of those and you are now not happy with him, just suck it up. I am just speaking to those idiots who put this asshole back in office. Those of us who voted for Mitt we will just have to wait for this traitor to serve out his term and hope he does not destroy this country by then. May God continue to bless our great nation.

  • Kristi Morrison

    He doesn’t know that the vast majority of America want nothing to do with anything to do with Obama. How could he? I doubt HE has our cells and internet usage bugged.

  • Alisa Kurtz

    Sorry only the Mormons and islam is a cult dumb ass and sorry sharia will never be in this country 90% Christian in this nation 3% lame ass islamic morons who need to go back to the middle east where they belong, also 90% Americans who will kill you muzzies if you even try and mess with us, so kiss loser. Also never going to convert to no cult and never going to worship satan, isalm is a satanic cult.

  • Jason Alan Glazier

    I agree with putin he is a good man

  • Kevin Blankenship

    Well I must say again, I agree with Putin on many of his points. I never in my life thought I would agree with a Russian Leader (Communist as they were) over my American (well that is highly in doubt) President but I do. Putin is showing more true Americanism than our Imposter in Chief!

  • AU>miner

    Mormons are not a cult. We are christians.

  • Dave

    Obama is an idiot, my hope is that we will all get behind who ever is nominated to run against the Dems in 2016. If we are divided we will end up with anther democrat who wants to pick up where this fool left off. Most Americans are not fooled by Obama Mr Putin ANC we can’t wait to get rid of him.

  • emerson1248

    Putin makes more sense to me than Obama. I’m ashamed of my country for the idiots that would put that fool in power of the greatest country ever, and hes sacked it and made us the laughing stock of the civilized world. If it were within my power Obama would be imprisoned and I would be talking to Putin right now on how we would fix the muslim problem for good…God bless America and Russia…

  • emerson1248

    Get rid of them all at once, on one gallows like they did to the Indians in MN. No disrespect to my Indian brothers they never deserved that, but Obama and his anti-American crew from Ill. do…

  • ed vaughn

    hey, the man’s got a point….

  • pete76

    I doubt this letter was written by anybody in Russia lol

  • emerson1248

    Once Obama is dealt with for his high crimes I doubt like hell that Biden would have the balls to continue the same suicidal policy’s that Obama has led us on, after all he’s a greedy political idiot, Obama means nothing to him…

  • goldendragon23

    unless we do what angola is doing, Bann Islui

  • kurt

    I commeted and Mostly blast Obama, Here is one for you Mr. kgb, You are not trust worthy, You lied and cheated and stole to say in power! Nixon had to bomb North veitnam in order to bring them into the peace process, so we could get out of that war. you allie with iran who is involved with terrorisum and If I had my way, I would nuked them 9-11.

  • Stacey Coggins

    Obama is a racist and a terrorist and murderer out to take are country down wish someone would get him out of office and out of are country but no ones doing anything figure there all on the take filling there pockets befoure the terrorist actions taken on the amarican people and rob the country at the same time need to stop him befoure he gets Marshal law inforced and cant be removed till its lifted could take 10 to 20 years to lift can we live with that not me i will fight back for are freedom and rights as well as all the amaricans so since are Gov wont grow a set and deal with crimes on the amaricans people and crimes on other country’s.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Us Muslims like our women “young and hairy” which is a sign of sexiness. You certainly looks hairy enough and fat enough but you are far too old and nasty for a virile Muslim man like me.

    Still, we can put you to use shoveling out camel stalls on my estate.

    Tell your male owner I will bid 50 dinars.

  • baddab

    the intelligent of us americans know that syria (assad) is not behind the gassing, but the nobama backed muslim brotherhood that has control of the former iraqi chemicals that we looked for for so long and is the who is solely responsible for using them and putting the blame on assad…..nobama and his followers are ALL fools…..the blind deaf and dumb leading the blind deaf and dumb…..

  • randy2710

    why have you equated Mormons with islam in your post?

  • Geoffrey Craik

    go to hell scum bag

  • billnyethescienceguy

    I stopped reading after they misspelled Obama’s name.

  • Ronnie

    just read mr, Putins article he makes alot of sense,Pakistan is using us its commen sense wants to get rid of the same people that hate us an want to kill us an we aid them why not unite all toghther an get rid of jihadi Muslims an hes right also the good Muslims will like us if not to dam bad hes 100 percent right,why are we paying theese countrys to hate us why not let them hate us for free

  • Landslug
  • Cynthia Matthews

    Well . . .I’m thinking that Putin is more a friend of the American people than we have been recognizing!

  • Ronnie

    just read mr, Putins article he makes alot of sense,Pakistan is using us its commen sense wants to get rid of the same people that hate us an want to kill us an we aid them why not unite all toghther an get rid of jihadi Muslims an hes right also the good Muslims will like us if not to dam bad hes 100 percent right,why are we paying theese countrys to hate us why not let them hate us for free

  • Billy Shahan

    Joe Biden can be kept in check…. Obummer thinks he does not have to follow the rules or constitution… that is makes him so damn dangerous

  • Pam

    Obama does not represent most Americans. I don,t agree with the police action that we have been involved in. If the situation get bad enough,then Nations need to stand and declare their intent together or stay out of each others internal politics.

  • Billy Shahan

    Sorry Alisa but the Mandated core education in the classrooms of small children has poisoned our educational system a point of converting or incorporating sharia law into our judicial system which is a very sad day for America…we got to get Obummer out of there or the damage he is doing will be irrepairable

  • Billy Shahan

    Mormons are good people…. they stay to themselves mostly and are very polite.. god fearing people…

  • Joe Jones

    Mr. Putin is very accurate in his letter. America is this little land of cry babies. I live here and see the soft pasty spineless people that mooch and cry. Outside our military personel active and unactive, Americans are whiners. They voted a President in then knocked the legs out from under him. Then it is his fault that they gang rape him everyday and get nothing in return but lip service. It does not matter who is President of The united States. Americans will throw their fickle tomatoes sighting the same old sayings…”them Mexicans stealing our jawbs” “Impeach Obama cause I aint got no free ride” “Obama is like hitler” Obama is …. It makes me ill to hear all this verbal diahrea. Yes Mr. Putin is right when he says that people need gassed and dead is dead. Unlike soft welfare state America the rest of the world runs on Survival of the fittest. Americans are not fit to survive. They only survive because our government feeds them so we have numbers and collect taxes. Americans have not worked. They have not finished the job of kicking the enemies ass until he or she is a pile of ash. In war there is only one rule…BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. It is war. It is a battle to the death. America wants to make war a simple drop down menu on a web page. when you order war you get a free box of tissue to dry your little soft faces so it don’t chaff. When I go to the store and see people 500 pounds and there are little maggot based kids circling them like small planets I just want to hit the reset button. I have been overseas and in combat. Although we have the ability to kick the ass that needs kicked we don’t. Cause it be mean. That is why our soldiers come home in coffins. You train hard and get ready for the battle. Then they drop you in the theater of war and you are not supposed to fire until some sack of rotting corpuscles gives you the green light. But he doesn’t cause there are some low lifes out front his office protesting that we might hurt somebody. I can tell you Mr. Putin is very accurate on the Chechens. The same could be said for the Jews. All races on this planet have bottom feeders in them. They need identified and removed. When he says americans are dumb… well no shat… I can go to Burger King and order a Hamburger at 9:00 am. Some tard will say we’z only servin breakfast. Hold on… your name is Burger King… not Breakfast King. Why do they do this? Because the USDA makes restaurants push dairy products. Do the smart Americans ask why or even question why you cant get a hamburger in the morning. No. They’z eats there food pellets like they told. All you ever hear is about somebodies Kids. I would like to take your kids and beat you to death with them. most peoples kids are small worthless copies of the bigger dumber version that had them…. Mr. Putin, Americans are not dumb. We are just out numbered by the thick headed encrustations of human bile that reproduce at will. why do I have to support somebody and their kids. when I make more money I get penalized for it with higher taxes and costs of living. The non-producing americans just lie on their back dreaming of EBT cards and 40oz of malt liquor from the 7-11. I think some laws need changed in America. First and foremost is the law that says only Americans born in this country can be president. That is total BS. If you are an American, fight for your country then you should be able to become anything you want. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger. Are you saying that the best governor of all time can not be president because he is from where? Last time I checked he was one of the most solid Americans ever and would be an excellent president. But law that are 200+ years old still govern a society that is so far removed from its ancestors it is like comparing the Flintstones to the Jetsons. We are the jettisons living under the rules of the Fintstones. This place sucks and it WILL change because the tards are too thick upon it. I have many friends who are Armenian and Russian. I have to say that they are very proper, clean and very intelligent. I have never been insulted by them, robbed or physicaly harmed. Only the thick headed local tards have given me problems. I did not vote for President Obama. But there is a rule or at least there used to be before Facebook. You don’t belittle your President even if you don’t like him. Why? It is bad for business.. the end. PS … Putin come and get me. I want to live in a country that has people with spines. There are approximately 23 Americans left. Could you fly us to Moscow and put us on display as an endangered species… Thanks

  • Joe Jones

    Fuck yea.. he is AWESOME! love that guy

  • kc

    now i know why a outdoor shithouse has a crescent moon on the door thanks for the info


    He is not acting, he’s dangerous. What he has pulled off,bombing 6 countries w/o declaration of war,murdering of our own including Navy SEALS on several occasions,alienated all our allies,signed MDAA,forced health care that doesnt exist, and signing executive orders that have voided the Constitution. All is left is the taking of our guns and we are under full tyranny. Thank you to all morons who voted for him, Especially if for skin color,ignorance of that is pathetic. And to all branches of gov’t we elected to work for us but feared him more.

  • Janeen Alley

    Believe us President Putin America HATES OBAMA! We do not follow him, do not agree with him & do not support him! He has NO right to ask Russia to go along with him! I did NOT vote for him, American’s do NOT TRUST him! He is a LIAR SOCIALIST DICTATOR TYRANT TERRORIST HIMSELF!

  • Janeen Alley

    Why don’t you go F**K YOURSELF! Come on & try to take my guns you pathetic piece of shit! Which one do you want the 30.06 or the 357?


    Actually Brits are filling up with Muslims ,soon we will be too. Look at the facts, muslims are everywhere. This is Revelations and it is badass.

  • Janeen Alley

    Damn I thought I recognized you as my brother! So you are a prostituting whore of the prostituting whore! Is Obama’s ASS IN YOUR FACE NOW? Do you think you are better than anyone else? DEATH TO ALL MUSLIM PILES OF MONKEY SHIT!


    That sounds like a part of your culture,here in US. Anger issues. The checks in the mail,relax, signed taxpayer


    He does not know Allah or God he just got the internet off his neighbors illegally,and thought he would make some friends. Jesus is Lord

  • Joe Edwards

    Alisa Really How dare you dishonor Mormons? They are Christian and are some very fervent believers in Jesus. I will stop here, don’t want to rant you into reality. By the way I’m Catholic, and I’m tired of Christianity bashing by Liberals and progressive communists

  • Joe Edwards

    Hey Muslim fuktard, hers a little story on Mohammad, told to me by an educated Jordanian. You see MO’s rabbi father went out into the desert and banged some arab woman and knocked her up. He went back to his brother rabbi’s to get married to his arab whore and bring her into the fold. seems the other rabbi’s didn’t like him screwing out of their own faith, and rejected him and his whore. So the outcast rabbi decided to glorify his own bastard son and make him a new god’s holy prophet. So you see camel jockey, your prophet Mo is nothing more than a man made prophet bastard son of an arab whore and nothing more. I wish I had a quran to blow my nose and wipe my ass with

  • Sonya Gore
  • Joe Edwards

    I don’t know f Putin said all of this word for word, But if he did, I do like his style. just think of all the trouble we could eliminate in the world. You want to fulfill the wish of the idiot miss world and start for real world peace? the rest of the “Civilized World” gets along pretty well right now, Muslims are an annoyance to the world stage, they haven’t contributed much of anything to better the world, so we might just be better off without them.

  • Ronnie

    you realy think you scare any American your in a dream land, you still rideing that magic carpert your going to need it when we come get you,the faster your gone the better the world will be,your not going to any Heaven your going to Hell an the Hell with you,that beard should burn real good an the heat from it will melt your Lips toghther you pathetic piece of shit,where men here your nothing but a cartoon to us we have pictures of you in our toilet so we can piss an shit on you all day,after that we feel great an free,what do you wake up to,beating little girls an letting them do your dirty work,what a waste of life no one is going to miss you miss iman Khalid of no where

  • Ronnie

    you realy think you scare any American your in a dream land, you still rideing that magic carpert your going to need it when we come get you,the faster your gone the better the world will be,your not going to any Heaven your going to Hell an the Hell with you,that beard should burn real good an the heat from it will melt your Lips toghther you pathetic piece of shit,where men here your nothing but a cartoon to us we have pictures of you in our toilet so we can piss an shit on you all day,after that we feel great an free,what do you wake up to,beating little girls an letting them do your dirty work,what a waste of life no one is going to miss you miss iman Khalid of no where

  • Neal Heupel

    Putin knows what he is talking about, but then he is a world leader, not a puppet

  • grannballs

    I agree w what he says. lots of us americans r not stupid. lots of us did not drink the koolaid. I am one of those who did not vote for that commie. but to those who did and like him still u r stupid………………..

  • Jason Pearson

    Im wondering where i can send a letter to President Putin., asking him if i can come live there and work there. Sick of mamby pamby politics. Besides…., i like the cold.

  • Jason Pearson

    need to impeach both of them at same time

  • Jason Pearson

    oh go play with a grenade wiskers

  • Jason Pearson

    mohammad was a pedophile and mass murderer. What kind of role model is that???

  • Jason Pearson

    He 1st tried it with the Israelites and they laughed at him…, which is why islam has such a hard on for Jews.
    Stupid thing is though….., arabs are the 13th tribe of Israel., the get of a slave woman as Sarah couldnt have children at that time., go figure huh???

  • Jason Pearson

    oh give up whiskers…., i think someone forgot to set the charge on that grenade to 5seconds instead of 1life time

  • Jason Pearson

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm., such language from an immam??
    One would think that you would have had a better education than that.
    If islam is such a paradise., they why dont you keep all your ppl home so they can enjoy islam in their own home instead of inflicting on others.
    You dont get Christians demanding Christian laws be implimented in islamic countries do you??
    Why is it death for anyone who converts from islam to Christianity???
    You do know that most of the Arabic nation is the 13th tribe of Israel yes?? The get of a slave woman. This is in the Torah., a holy book even within islam and recognised as the word of God by islam.
    Go figure huh??

  • Jason Pearson

    he was also a pedophile to boot………… go figure huh??

  • Jason Pearson

    I wish this were true Sue., but look at whats happening in America at the moment. Im not so sure at all. Your president is an anti american muslim communist……
    God needs to be brought back into politics or the American govt system and country as a whole will fail.
    Bring back just laws., bring back wholesome laws and responsibility and corpral punishment.
    Maybe then and only maybe then…., after the people repent and turn from sinful ways…, will Gods face, light and love again shine upon the greatest nation on earth.

  • Ronald Reiman

    Sounds like Mr Putin is offering Mr Obama a way out, will he take it or will he cause more friction by handing out soothing butt oil to the homosexuals?

  • Michael J Freeman
  • tateabolic

    I wish there was a way I could reply to Putin, and let him know, that “We the People” are NOT represented by that POS in the White House! Growing up in the 80s, I NEVER thought I would say this, but I agree with Putin!

  • James

    If President Obama wanted to bomb Syria he would have before the Russian supply ship went there and not have allowed the ship to even make port !

  • M McD

    Are you all really stupid enough to believe this was actually penned by Putin? Wow, talk about lemmings who will believe anything that conforms to their preconceived notions of true.

  • Linda Lee Wentworth

    We Americans, for the most part, do not want to bomb anyone, do not want our current president because he does nothing but try to destroy our country and do not want to lose our freedom and liberty. I do not believe Putin wrote this letter as he has more class than some of the stuff written here. However there are multiple good points in the letter from whoever wrote it. We do know Obama is not leader material at least not for this country. I for one have no understanding at all as to why he is still in office when he is anti-American completely. As far as I am concerned he cannot leave soon enough and it is long overdue, along with his loving colleagues. Enough with the riffraff in American government!

  • John Jett

    I don’t like either one of these guys. We need a Rand Paul or Alan West for president. I do not understand how Americans could want some control freak for a president. Take Obama, he seeks to control every facet of our lives. Putin would be no different.
    Putin’s lying reference to Nixon’s handling of the war in Vietnam is misleading as well. You can’t trust the word of a KGB wonk.
    The fact is; the Paris Peace accords left us allies to the RVN and we had the B-52s to annihilate the scum bags from North Vietnam. Rather than their usually infiltration via various pathways along the Ho Chi Minh trail the NVA attacked steam roller style straight down South Vietnam from the DMZ. With our B52s at the ready this would be suicide. President Ford asked for the use of the B52s to blow the whole NVA Army off the planet. The Democrats controlling the Congress blocked Ford and allowed the NVA the victory. So; how the hell did Vo Nguyen Giap know he had nothing to fear from our B52s?

  • chach

    go ahead and try I wont use any of my thirty rifles, ill cut your throat and fuck your windpipe you shit for brains camel fucking sand nigger!



  • Barbie

    Impeach the POS in charge because he is causing more harm the longer he’s in office

  • Joseph Bronson

    I have the same thoughts as vendetta does, only I would do what “General Black Jack Pershing did in 1911″Just before World War I, there were a number of terrorist attacks on the United States forces in the Philippines, by Muslim extremists. General Pershing captured 50 terrorists, and had them tied to posts for execution. He had his is men slaughter two pigs, in front of the horrified terrorists
    The soldiers soaked their bullets in the pig’s blood, and proceeded to execute 49 of the terrorists by firing squad. The soldiers dug a big hole, dumped in the terrorist’s bodies, and covered them in pig blood, entrails, etc. They let the 50th man go.

    And for the next 42 years, there was not a single Muslim extremist attack anywhere in the world. By the way I am a pig farmer. not like you I am not afraid to post my picture. You use some 2 bit dictator.

  • Panther Smith

    Putin you may never see this but believe me when I say as you can see by the comments. We do not support this current administration. He is an insult to the USA and an insult to the rest of the world. We look forward to the day he is removed from office for good. I suspect he will leave and we will not hear from this one again ever.

  • Joseph Bronson

    I am marinating my bullets in pig blood as we speek.

  • Panther Smith

    Hey Imam be very careful you have no idea who your fooling with. We will never stand for Shariah law. You have no idea how quickly we can and will remove you from our Country. Not Obama non-sense just good ole’ fashion Western Country Hang’en justice. We can and will remove your mosic and feel nothing for it. We know what you are. You just don’t know who we are…..”my friend my friend”……yea right.

  • Glasnost

    I am writing this comment before I read the article. I will write another one afterward. Here’s the thing, Vladimir Putin will not tolerate political descent within his country, or civil rights for ideological and political opponents. Until he does, he is not a legitimate leader and anything that comes out of his mouth is irrelevant. We American’s may be stupid, but we use dictators, we don’t give a shit about their feelings and we will depose them whenever politically, strategically and economically feasible.

  • Panther Smith

    I say we just drop a bunch of pig blood on them during prayer. In the mosiac and cover the walls and entrance with pig blood. Oh yea, don’t forget to dip the bullets and the knives in pig blood…. Have a happy after life hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Glasnost

    I can’t wait to finish this article. Putin advocates genocide, and ignores Russia’s history invading the very country’s he wants to exterminate. It’s as if orthodox extremism never happened. I’m going to finish this article and then not comment, 1) because I would have to write a thesis to explain everything that’s wrong with it and 2) because it’s not worthy of a well reasoned response. Putin makes some points, but he also says many monstrous things too. Shame on anyone who supports this KGB scum, he is a monster and will be disposed of when the opportunity presents itself.

  • James L. Combs

    I agree with Putin on most of what he says here in this letter except he wants to re-occupy
    ” the Central Asian states–the five “Stans”–that broke away during Russia’s most recent time of troubles, in the early 90s”. I would be against that unless those countries got to vote on it. Each country should get to vote on whether to let Russia back in or not. They deserve to chose freedom from Russia or not.

  • danny

    I’d like to propose a counter offer… Get Obummer out of our office, then maybe we can talk about getting rid of radical Muslims.

  • Danny

    These are the same fucks Putin warns us about, the same fucks that Obama sides with!

  • Gary Graham


  • Brian Wilcox

    I don’t know much about government, military, or religion, and I don’t follow either. But there is the future of this land to think about and Obama, squatting there in Washington with a big paycheck, should do more for this country. Especially since he’s the President, he really doesn’t need to be a millionaire. I don’t care what ethnicity or religion the President follows. They’re supposed to be like a king: a good leader, virtuous, compromising, grace under pressure. Instead we have a man in a house that is painted white to hide the corruption, who targets an asylum-seeking man in Russia for spilling his secrets and names him a traitor. Personally, I say we do a vote for what governmental system we want, covering popular changes and such, with each American citizen taking part. But hey, what do I know other than America has been on a decline for a while and something’s got to be done or the future of our descendants will be compromised. Power to Humans!

  • Metha Christopher


  • Sarah Gazala

    Jesuit media plat form. When will you all learn. This isnt news, this is brainwashing.

  • Belinda Lee

    I agree with putin

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Haha! You’re a pathetic homoqueer who couldn’t get more than 5 five feet away from his gay porn to do anything. Just like all American men.

  • Panther Smith

    I spend my time at the gun range and tactical training. Keep that in mind. I throw bacon in to mosaic for fun. I love use water balloons with pig blood and a three man sling shot. Be surprised how quick you scatter. At a little blood boy. squeal piggy squeal piggy. We coming for ya.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Panther Pumper Smith, by ‘gun range’ you mean gloryhole and by piigs blood you mean loads of jizz from your abid boyfriends.

    You are disgusting but we will put an end to your sins against Allah (SWT) soon. mofo.

  • LD

    We in America appologize for having an Idiot as our president.

  • pfurman

    They have had many wars with Muslim Extremists. They are part of Russia now known as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkistan, and a couple others. He also said the good Muslims would thank him.

  • pfurman

    We do not want to be Muslims even those of us who are Christian or atheist or gnostic or agnostic. We will not have a religion shoved down our throats or beheaded. You live in a time that we already lived in. We are like aliens looking down on you and how how you practice life so primitively compared to advanced societies. You are nothing but barbarians living under the guise of some so called religion that glorifies child marriages and kills the victims of rape and doesn’t do anything to the criminal. Your men cannot control their deviant sexual behaviors and commit rape and other crimes, and you do not punish them. What kind of a god would allow such discrepancies between men and women when it is said he created them to be together. That means equal. No one needs a religion to tell them what is right and what is wrong and when you rely on words rather than actions to determine your religion, you do not understand the meaning of spirituality. The royal liars of Saudi Arabia and other rich Muslim countries visit with prostitutes all of the time in Morocco and then go home to behead adulterers all the while be adulterers. You use your religion to hide your sick sexual sides. Never will your religion reign over the world. I have met hundreds of Muslims in college who would never think the way you or your extremists think. You may have to fight people in your own religion first before you will be able to take over. There are many Muslims who do not practice their religion just like all other religions. The victors will be those of all religions and non religions who take up arms against you and destroy you.

  • Ted

    Just read a bunch of these comments , so now I understand why the US is in shit up the eye balls….IGNORANCE…!!!!

  • pfurman

    Your religion is not a good religion when you take it apart and analyze it. It was written by a man. that is pretty obvious by what is written in it about women. all religions are a creation of men. When you look at ancient religions they used magic and illusion to make people scared and believe the pharaoh or king was powerful. Have you ever read ancient history on religions. It has evolved from paganism to paganism. Not much different between worshipping a meteorite in the Ka’abah in Mecca then the pagans worshipping a rock. Saudi Arabia won’t let it get tested for fear it will make the relgion fall.

  • Charles Moore

    Mr Putin has hit the nail on the head. This story about Americans wanting to “change” people began with the war of aggression (civil war) with the yankees wanting to change the people of the South. In the process 600,000 Americans were killed.
    Washington now a days is out of control. This country wasn´t founded with the idea of a strong over powering central government as Washington is now.Americans wake up before all of your liberties are gone!

  • BarrySucks

    He’s just a puppet and part of the whole NWO

  • Greg Zuehl

    Real nice letter smart man,,,,Obamas a lier and doesnt have a green card!!!

  • Disgusted

    It’s embarrassing that the world knows what kind of a person Obama is and Congress won’t do anything about it. Putin has it square on. People may not like him but he loves his country and his people. I respect that. Can we say that about OUR President? Absolutely NO! He and Michelle have an obvious hatred for this country and it’s people. Maybe we should enlist the help of Putin to get rid of Obama????

  • fbowman

    Oh please Americans don’t buy into this foolish crap. Putin wrote no such thing. He’s a world leader and to boot a communist bastard. He doesn’t care about you. This would be like Obama writing to the Russian people and telling them Putin uses a body double in those topless photos.

  • katekastorff

    What a fantastic letter from Putin. Now here is a man who understands the problems. I just hope he realizes that not all Americans are like our fucked up leaders. We need to exterminate the radical muslims. They are a scourge upon the earth.

  • katekastorff

    Islam has been a cancer upon the earth for centuries. They have an agenda to take over the world and convert by the sword. Many times countries have had to purge themselves of your oppressive and evil political ideology. That time is coming again. I have a 12 gauge shotgun. My only prayer before I go is that I get to use it on a muslim. “Give me liberty, or give me death”

  • whitefalcon74

    Islam is a declaration of war on each one of us,…You are directly or indirectly concerned whether you like it or not, whether you admit it or not…you are put in this war despite yourself , and you have to fight to survive, you have to fight to save your beloved ones….Staying passive means death, if it’s not your death now, it’ll be the death of your children and grand children after you…..Learn how to fight, learn how to defend yourself, your country, your people, and your future.
    every patriotic American, Britain,Russian and all of Europe need to make this post go virile! it’s your life and country at risk from theses low life bottom sub human bottom feeders!pedophiles are not welcome in the sane world GOD fearing world!

  • James N. Samples

    Putin, I don’t blame Bashar Al-Assad for the chemical attack; I blame the islamists guerrilla groups that obama gave weapons too. He is not My president Mr. Putin, nor My families president, nor My neighbors nor My friends.

    If I may speak for All United States citizens, I apologize to the civilized world on behalf of Us that obama is STILL in the Oval Office.

  • James Sharpe

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha… hang on ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Guest

    Most of us American’s are not oblivious to what our government is doing President Putin. We also know our “free press” is mostly controlled by the government.

  • Michael Santarella


  • Michael Santarella


  • Michael Santarella


  • Michael Santarella


  • Michael Santarella


  • Victor Anaya

    Cannot wait to see him go, but that is our President your insinuating killing off. Die hard Republican or not Patriots like myself would never allow any harm to come to the POTUS.

  • Stuart Canty

    speaking of which Muhammad was a Jew born to a adulterous whore’ who bathed in the sea and had sex with a pig. And he couldn’t even keep to his own law and had sex during Ramadan, He concocted the Koran after a really bad hangover and now he wants you to pray 5 times a day to atone for his sin.

    But aside from the insults, the fact is plain nothing that came from ancient days is to be believed, it was a time of charlatans other rulers have made up their own religions Akhenaten was one such ruler with his sun god Ra. Beats me how a sane person can not see, that you can not prove the Koran was not a fake, I wouldn’t trust anyone who heard voices in their head especially when you start killing people cause voices in your head told you to. that’s just crazy. I suggest you have your 72 virgins now, as when you pass over you will have a six inch nail hammered into your head for eternity, haha I got that one off some Muslim twit on you tube. who said that’s what will happen to you if you give a rose to a girl.

  • Ryo Zangetsu

    The king of the north putin vs the third anti-christ,greatest deceiver obama!

  • greg

    mr putin is rite how can you have a red line in the sand if your the one who used the chemical weapons the media doesnt tell about the turks catching 2 barry al qaeda soldiers trying to smuggle in chemical weapons to syria and his line in the sand was scrapped because he crossed his own line that is why the world was’nt buying his lie about syria using the chem weapons mr assad is no a stupid man alot smarter than barry,he has murdered more people in this presidency than any other and putting restraints on soliers is a death certificate if you can destroy the enemy he has more filth in his close

  • Richard


  • Hunter

    Do you think he actually wrote this?

  • Mark Whittington

    I think a major obstacle is that Russia has a Rothschild central bank also, do they not? And so Putin postures, whether he means to or not.

  • anestat

    You’re right, Mike. All Americans get branded the same as Obama, and he’s the one with the poor foreign policy. We don’t want more war. We definitely don’t think like him. He is an islamist terrorist himself, so he won’t do anything about that but support the jihadists.

  • nlof

    You know the letter is satire, not really written by Putin, right?

  • Dead Kennedy

    This guy is an old guard lying POS that would wipe the floor with us the first chance he got. I would not be ruled by any communist dictator smart or stupid. Period…

  • cireder

    Mr. Putin knows & have sense of what he observes & obama really sounds & look like a naive adolescent.

  • Lolly811

    To accomplish that you need the House to go along and that is not happening. the House and ALL Republicans have decided to go along with anything Obama wants, just as long as they can keep their cushy lives. We have not only been betrayed by our President and the Democratic Party but by the Republican Party as well.

  • Lolly811

    Extremely angry.

  • Nolee Jones

    I look into Putin’s eyes and see deceit. He talks what “America would want to hear” when under a Muslim believer such as Obama standing in awe from his deceit, lies and BS from the start. My forefather’s were Presidents of the USA and Obama is disgraceful. I noted Putin’s absence of including Rome as an alliance, and one whom should be “crushed”. Afterall, the Vatican apparently created Islam. It had to create a weapon to eliminate both the Jews and the true Christian believers who refused to accept Roman Catholicism. The Vatican too had its eye on Jerusalem. Fancy that.
    The Vatican helped to finance the building of massive Islamic armies in exchange for three favors:
    1. Eliminate the Jews and Christians (true believers, which they called infidels).
    2. Protect the Augustinian Monks and Roman Catholics.
    3. Conquer Jerusalem for “His Holiness” in the Vatican.

    All was honored with the exception of number 3( to the Pope’s surprise) and it went on from there.

    I look into the current Pope’s eyes and I see a deep evil within him. I would not trust Putin if my life depended upon it, and the Pope and Obama are on the same level.

    We are on the rise of this “NWO” and Obama is a puppet on a string. The order is to bring in one currency, one religion, one leader,etc…It is in the works whether you believe or you don’t. The world is organizing it, has been for years. How do you think one world government and religion is going to be able to be implemented in societies who know freedom? Logical thinking tells us that numbers must be decreased, it is called population control. The holocaust will be nothing to compare to what is upon us. Notice how there are all these signs and no one is paying attention to the big picture of what is going on? Not in our free country you say? Watch and see how it will unfold. Freedom is already given to Muslims and held back from the “free” while living on soil that screams freedom. We have not seen anything as of yet. Freedom to Totalitarian in 15 seconds is easy as giving the word.

    Putin’s letter was correct on some issues. After reading it, I wondered if in fact he was not just as big of an idiot as Obama actually. Putin suggestion of regaining control of the 5 “Stans” is a lot to choke down. Do not trust this man. He will be sure to bring about terror.

  • Manuel Override

    why does Putin not just refuse Obama passage into his country. You walk into another man’s house you respect his rules and the way he does things, u dont go to his kids and put ideals and thoughts in their head that will cause defiance against that man.

  • Gregory Lesniewski

    He tells it like it TRUELY is! And, yes, I do have to admit that he has a very good ide!. What he states in the letter makes a lot of sense! While showing respect, he “calls out” the tyrannical government that now exists in this country; a sad moronic government that is the laughing stock of THE WORLD!

  • Tabitha Dowling

    You do realise he’s a communist correct? He might speak well, but he’s no better than Obama at running a nation. The ignorance of people.

  • Tara Mcmullan

    in your fucking dreams,this kuffir woke up and smelt the jihad long ago,we are uniting an army world wid, islam is on its death bed. we,are sending you mother fuckers back to hell.

  • Aleksey Buynovskiy

    Putin a good guy , but he’s Russian , different mentality , I know .

  • huecityvet1968

    Everybody must remember that Hussein Obama
    and his lap dog Holder have drawn the line in the sand and they have picked
    Islam. Radical Islam to be exact. They want to formulate an active and ruthless
    fraction here in the states. Islam is the perfect vehicle for control over a
    populace. You are called to prayer 5 times a day you are counted and recorded
    as to whom is where and how many times did that person attend. The Muslim
    Brotherhood is now solely sponsored by Hussein Obama (Egypt has outlawed them,
    the birth country of the MB) and his henchmen and with covert actions he is also
    the main proponent of Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. He wants as many of these terrorist in the
    states so he can turn them loose on us. How
    much unregulated immigration has he approved for Islamists coming to the
    states? About 50,000 Palestinians, another 30,000 Somalis plus untold numbers
    from various countries like Yemen and Ethiopia.

  • Roger Cotton

    You, apparently, fail to realize it is a joke.

    The humorlessness of some people…

  • Th3ShakeMaster .

    Oh my god.. Stop blaming Obama and stop encouraging that piece of racist, homophobic, dictatorial garbage Putin. Anyone who would say, “the first rule of a leader. Stay in power.” needs to be dragged out into the street and shot dead. Imprisoned at least. And getting rid of Obama will do NOTHING. He has NO REAL POWER. Until we demand the removal of the corporate empire nothing will ever change. Obama is a puppet. It’s people like the Rockefellers and Rothchilds of the world that are the problem. Removing Obama is just treating a symptom. If you want to cure the disease you have to go to the source. Anyone who would blame America’s problems on Obama is an ignorant, misinformed, sheep.

  • Tasha22

    Whether this is true or not, Putin has several good qualities: number 1, he will do whatever it takes to militarily strengthen and protect his country and his people, which he loves; 2. he understands the pure maniacal evil of the islamist movement; 3. he knows what a dope bam is; 4. he wants to strengthen his country economically

  • Tasha22

    Allah is also a modernized version of Baal of the Old Testament, who, like islamonazis, like human sacrifice–by burning.

  • Seamus100

    Putin is as eligible for office of US president as Obama is. I’d vote for Putin!

  • Art Swart

    I for one agree with your statements there Sir Vladimir Putin, the Masters of Control of Our Culture is
    waging a War on Morality to “try” to corrupt us and overrule us with a sense of Guilt. Some of us though are waking up and seeing through these Immoral Acts and trying to snap some of our Friends, Families and Loved ones out of this Evil Paradox! You’ve been Looking pretty Honorable over here in the States, we too are starting to see this Evil Takeover and do believe “We the People” need “Great” Allies as yourself there Sir. My thought though is what about this “New World Order”, this is another Devil in sheep’s clothing if you ask me. I myself, support Sir Dr. Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Ted Cruze. These Men seem to me like they actually have Love for not only this Country, but for their fellow Americans as well. I for one have studied the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Deceleration of Independence and believe these Great Prestigious Documents should not only be preserved but followed as well, since it is my belief that Man, needs “Simple” guidelines to follow, so we can be more Productive, Happy, and not have to worry about being deceived into believing we’re in the wrong! I for one “Like” to believe that I am an Honorable Man, and would do anything to stand for what’s not only “Good” for our Nation, our People, but what is good for Humanity and Mother Nature as well, since we need her to “Survive”! Thank you Sir Vladimir Putin for addressing your concerns, because this Evil Force of Nature concerns us as well, God Bless!

  • Art Swart

    I for one agree with your statements there Sir Vladimir Putin, the
    Masters of Control of Our Culture is waging a War on Morality to “try”
    to corrupt us and overrule us with a sense of Guilt. Some of us though
    are waking up and seeing through these Immoral Acts and trying to snap
    some of our Friends, Families and Loved ones out of this Evil Paradox!
    You’ve been Looking pretty Honorable over here in the States, we too are
    starting to see this Evil Takeover and do believe “We the People” need
    “Great” Allies as yourself there Sir. My thought though is what about
    this “New World Order”, this is another Devil in sheep’s clothing if you
    ask me. I myself, support Sir Dr. Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Ted Cruze.
    These Men seem to me like they actually have Love for not only this
    Country, but for their fellow Americans as well. I for one have studied
    the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Deceleration of Independence and
    believe these Great Prestigious Documents should not only be preserved
    but followed as well, since it is my belief that Man, needs “Simple”
    guidelines to follow, so we can be more Productive, Happy, and not have
    to worry about being deceived into believing we’re in the wrong! I for
    one “Like” to believe that I am an Honorable Man, and would do anything
    to stand for what’s not only “Good” for our Nation, our People, but what
    is good for Humanity and Mother Nature as well, since we need her to
    “Survive”! Thank you Sir Vladimir Putin for addressing your concerns, because this Evil Force of Nature concerns us as well, God Bless!

  • KatsLady_13

    No, him and the Bilderberg Group wants to kill off 90% of us, he’s a muslim AntiChrist…

  • KatsLady_13

    Obama is a Muslim AntiChrist he is here to destroy the United States and The Bilderberg Group & Illuminati are behind this all…he belongs to those groups….this is all pure evil……

  • Concerned Aussie

    Putin is a true world leader. We should be backing his vision. Or were all fucked.

  • MikeO48

    The sad reality is that Putin is by-in-large correct. He is especially convincing in his position that radical islam is an enemy to the entire civilized world. I would love to see a joint Russian, American, Israeli, Indian, Chinese, British military operation to eradicate radical islam from the face of the earth. Let’s face it, there is nothing civilized about radical islam. They are the lowest form of life on earth. Another sad fact is that Putin is right about Obama, the vast majority of the liberal American media, and the too many Americans who support Obama.
    how I wish we had a leader who at least deserved to be on the same stage as Putin. Obama is at once an enormous embarrassment, and the most serious threat to this country’s security that has ever existed.

  • Barb

    There are no good Muslims…I believed that for a short time and then every time I made a Muslim friend the truth came out. They really DO believe if we do not become one with them or pay them off we should be murdered.

  • Tabitha Dowling

    Most people actually want this man for a president. To some, it’s not a joke. I’m sorry that I got you to be butthurt about the truth that he’s a communist. I didn’t mean to offend. ;)

  • jessica philip76

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    in Sochi in this park. I had a lot of fun! There are different amusements,
    cafes, lots of beautiful places to take photos! It’s pretty close to the beach,
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    but anyway I have very good memories about it

  • Lyuba

    That’s not true. I don’t believe that this letter would ever exist
    P.S I’m a Russian

  • Guest

    Imam Khalid of Basra you are a fake. You are not an imam and you are so ignorant of your own ‘religion’ that you can not discuss it. Seriously, I doubt you are even muslim. You are nothing but a troll. Guess what khalid, you know the ‘halal meat’ in our grocery stores? We wipe the entire area and contents with raw bacon and we carry pig blood and put it here and there so you will NEVER be sure you are ‘safe’. Also, we Americans know that while muslims hate ‘gays’, the men routinely participate in butt fucking each other and that is ok with your fake god allah cause it is just butt fucking, not a ‘relationship’. Yeah, we know that too, baby rapers.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    YAWN. That was a TL;DR homo meltdown you had there.

  • Terri

    May God or Allah forgive you for your hatefulness! I may not agree with our president or many Islamic groups but I know the Koran teaches the Muslims NOT to kill. But the radicals still do. I’m sure it teaches the Muslims to be good to others. Someday all hateful people will be dealt with by the creator no matter what name you call him he is still the 1 who will bring peace & justice to this insane world!
    May you find love in your heart.

  • Franny Witz

    russia is right we shoud unite and kill all the iamic bastards

  • Mark Schlager


  • Albert Levy

    I think the man makes a good point. We have been played.

  • Joseph Baltz

    You people are crazy… Obama is the founder of the Westboro Muslim Church

  • Harry Ballzack

    Obama is total failure…

  • bdgshv

    hmmmm something to think about.

  • Ricardo Delgado

    First of all I am not one to spread racist shit or anything like that I get along with most everyone but head this warning we american gun owners are 80 million strong. Do not judge us on our bullshit government they will not be there for long. If you or any of your people truly believe you are capable of taking our guns then please allow me the honor of uniting you with your 72 virgins or however many it actually is. I will gladly take a stand to anyone who tries to rob me of my rights .MAY GOD BE WITH YOU WHEN the time comes because Allah ain’t got shit on my lead.

  • Archangel Michael

    He seems to think obama and our sad ass government represents our interests

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Fence Jumping Illegal: eat shit and die, mofo.

  • Charles

    Putin may not be American by any mean’s but he’s smart and he is in fact 110% correct. Right now with the Iranian war fleet sitting on our maritime borders, this isn’t gonna turn out good once Obama start’s running his mouth about the wrong thing or such thing’s get back out of control just like Putin states. It’s going to be up to us as American’s to turn off the TV and get with the program and start cleaning our own house before they do other wise if they do it, we are 100% fucked all the way!

  • Monika Lynch


  • Monika Lynch


  • Monika Lynch

    HE IS THE AntiChrist,evil to the core,satan in other words

  • Monika Lynch


  • Monika Lynch

    hahahahahahahaha good one

  • Monika Lynch


  • brianna

    Its sad that pretty much all us AMERICANS would rather have Putin as our president. I agree with pretty much all his points.

  • Niki

    I hope Putin and the rest of the world knows that most Americans do NOT support Obama and that our media is so completely censored that it is hard to know what is really going on in the our own country let alone the world…

  • Carl Babcock

    Well, guest, I think that as far as fake crap stirring rhetoric goes, Imam the Fraud of Basra is doing all right. However, the sarcasm which you feel you need to point out with the word “not” and the unilateral slander of liberals is great, on a third grade level.

  • Kent M

    I agree 100%

  • Gail Williams-Patterson

    BTW…incase anyone is interested, he also is on fb. Not many friends but, that’s to be expected!

  • al

    please don’t tell me you were fooled by this. Don’t you think he has better writers on staff?

  • al

    you should put the author’s name on it. there are a lot of conservatives out there stupid enough to believe he actually wrote this.

  • Guest

    No dumb ass because you don’t even know what a true conservative is….In fact you probably have never had a thought of your own…While it’s know that he didn’t write it…It is his attitude on Muslim extremism…What’s yours…have coffee with them, give hugs and they’ll love us?!!

  • al

    well gee you fat kunt, name calling is all it takes to intimidate a douche like you into submission doesn’t it bitch? well, it doesn’t work on other people. I’m sorry you’re such a sorry bitch that people call you names all the time so you think it’s appropriate for online discussion, ball bag. But it isn’t. Back in grade school, if you even made it that far they teach netiquette. a basic rule is don’t “talk” to people on the net they way you wouldn’t talk to them in in person. But, I guess i can’t expect any better than that from a conservative.

  • al

    I guess you were one of the southern ends of the north going horses that were fooled. BTW what does this mean?: “While it’s know that he didn’t write it”

  • Noneedtoknow

    What Putin needs to understand is that we Americans want no part in what’s going on w/ Syria, the Ukraine, etc. Our govt and corporations are getting out of hand, looking to their benefit rather than the benefit of the people and the world. All they are concerned about is money and power. The people are really being pushed and the clock is ticking. I’d rather a peaceful govt reform and we get this country back on track but I’m sure many agree that they are willing to step up to the plate and remove by force if necessary.

  • Barbara Jean Housley Booker

    First Obama needs to be brought up on charges of fraud, treason , and everything he has done against our constitution and prosecuted as not being eligible to hold the office.. That way we can undo everything he has put his grubby paws on and go forward from there .

  • missy

    I agree totally!!! He is neighboring the borders of a hostile people, I mean really don’t you think he might just know how to handle their shit better than us? Putin is defiantly coming into his own and becoming a renaissance man of this time. Never thought Russia could get it soooo right!!!

  • al

    apparently the moderator tolerates name calling when it is done by a ‘true conservative.”

  • Dan Nowotarski

    I for one do agree with Vladimir Putin, he protects his borders and people, he is intelligent and understands the real threat the Muslims bring to a Nation and without apology protects his. He has once already called countries to come together against the genocide of Christians around the globe by Muslim Terrorist Savages and President Obama ignored this request, I can only believe it was because he has been supporting some of the worst Muslim Terrorist Savages and continues to do so. President Obama has been placing Muslim Brotherhood members in U.S. government positions, he’s allowing fifty to one- hundred thousand Muslims a year into the United States for the next five years, and who are these Muslims he’s letting in, it would be no surprise to me if most entering will be the same radicals as he’s been supporting whose goal is to destroy America from within. The people around the world watched as the President of the United States, who many around the globe view this country as the last beacon of hope, the land of the Free, they all witnessed President Obama handing Egypt (with his support) a Trojan Horse, by supporting Morsi a Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist which would have been far worse and dangerous for the people of Egypt than the dictator Mubarak, hadn’t the Egyptian people and Military rid themselves of the Terrorists. When Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood was thrown out their true colors came out, the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters destroyed over eighty Coptic Christian Churches, and they beat, raped and murdered unarmed, innocent Coptic Christian men, women and children. President Obama has ruined U.S. relations with Egypt which you could bet they don’t trust him or his administration for good reason. President Obama supports the very same Muslim Terrorists (Muslim Brotherhood) whose goal is to destroy America from within. There needs to be a plan of action by our Constitution abiding leaders, a commonsense plan to stop President Obama and the likeminded from destroying our Liberties and Freedoms. During the “Holy Land Foundation” scam, money (approx.12million dollars) was collected and sent to Hamas the Palestinian chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist group. Muslim Brotherhood members and CAIR “Council for American and Islamic Relations” were involved in the “Holy Land Foundation” scam. During the investigation phase documents were found with plans on how the Muslim Brotherhood was going to destroy America from within. Having this information it should trouble all Americans as to why President Obama has placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood in U.S. government positions and why he continues to support the Muslim Brotherhood and any/all Islamic groups that are under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood. According to the book “Shariah The Threat To America” from the Center of Security Policy Team B II P.39 it states “The Brotherhood has succeeded in penetrating our educational, legal and political systems, as well as top levels of government, intelligence, the media, and U.S. military virtually paralyzing our ability to plan or respond effectively.”- P.38 it states, “The Brotherhood’s internal documents make clear the civilization Jihad is subversion waged by stealth instead of violence (as in Egypt,my emphasis) only until such time as Muslims are powerful enough to progress to violent jihad for the final conquest.” again on P.39 it states “An informed and determined counter strategy to defend the Constitution from shariah can yet succeed – provided it is undertaken in the prompt, timely and comprehensive manner recommended by Team B II.” It would seem the fox was let in the hen house.

  • FallenHeros

    It pains me to say that I like Putin better than our own President. I love America and this country but Putin has it right with radical islam, it will never change and the wheels are falling off here.

  • wretchedwhiterabbit

    Americans would be well-advised to look at their self-destructive policies, economic, foreign, immigration, etc., from an ethnic/racial perspective, putting aside ALL other disagreements. Look at who wins and who loses, EVERY time. Who gains? And, at what cost? Foreign interests are influencing the governments of the West, to further their own agendas at the cost of the people of the countries they infest. Viewing these problems from a racial/ethnic perspective would change the opinion of many people of European descent, with regard to most of the conflicts of the last century, which of course is why those who influence our governments, our education systems, our media, constantly tell us over and over to look at the issues from ANY perspective OTHER than RACE. Wake up, Europa, before you are lost. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  • HughManatee


  • Dan Nowotarski

    Instead of acting like an 8 year old writing a one word adjective, why don’t you explain what you disagree with? Are you capable of doing that?

  • The Right Fight

    wretchedwhiterabbit … I can’t get any of the racist White Supremacists to answer this question.

    Nobody seems able to respond to the issue, @ladabelyy:disqus … can you?

    How can White Supremacists be INFERIOR if they are supposedly supreme?

    I find it humorous that two White Supremacists – who both claim to belong to the “superior” group of people – are fighting over who has the inferior rhetoric.

    Hmmm …

    How can a White Supremacist be “INFERIOR”.

    Isn’t that a contradiction in terms … an INFERIOR Supremacist?

    I couldn’t resist pointing that out to them …

    If you White Supremacists are supposed to be “SUPERIOR” … then how come you are arguing with each other?

    Obviously each of you thinks the other one’s approach is INFERIOR.

    And that PROVES that your phony White Supremacy claims are bogus.

    Oh … I just love watching a hissy fit between two foolish White Supremacists.

    I think I’ll share this one … :-)

    GregBuckly ItsJulie1964 • 34 minutes ago

    Saying nasty things about non-whites is counter productive. The white anti-white traitors are the real bad guys for committing genocide against whites.

    ItsJulie1964 GregBuckly • 27 minutes ago

    In case you didn’t know it it will require UN brainwashing the white sheep in reference to the muds to get them to see the light. You do it your way, I’ll do it mine.

  • HughManatee

    Why would I waste the time on something like you?

  • Jakob

    Of all the people talking crap I wonder how many really go out and train with their rifle

  • HorseCrazy

    Are yo insane?

  • Victoria Jensen

    Putin is right on a lot of what he says, but he should not put us all in the same category as Obama. Believe me when I say there are many of us who do not like him and would love to see him out of office.

  • Victoria Jensen

    I agree and the NDRP is just as bad if not worse, because it makes us all his slaves.

  • Victoria Jensen

    The hell you will you shit

  • Victoria Jensen

    you say homoqueer, but truth be told the way you are with your woman I would guess you people have a lot of fags running around. I mean all that boy on boy contact and no girls, come on be honest.

  • Victoria Jensen

    Poor pigs deserve better than that

  • Victoria Jensen

    OMG the rose thing just proves that there must be a lot of gays in there Countries that is just so stupid.

  • Victoria Jensen

    You think you are a clever man, well let me tell you something. You would not stand or last 5 min. with an American woman she would have you ass on the ground with a slug in your head for the shit you say or do. I really believe you are afraid of woman real woman who can take care of them selves. Your a piece of shit.

  • Julie Mason

    Muslims have Man/Boy Thursdays…..ask any of our returning troops. They rape the young boys every Thursday and say they hate gays…….Hmmmmmmmmm?

  • BelindaSmith

    Gods comming and he’s the ONLY one who I love and want to be with in his world

  • Diane Schmidt

    fuck you…..I will DIE first before I ever convert to your sadistic bullshit…
    all of you towelheads need to DIE…asshole!!!

  • Debra Hartman

    Mr. Putin, not all of Americans are dumb…some are a sleep or blind by their own greed….but there are many who are awake and know what obama is doing….we don’t want him in office…we don’t want clinton or kerry or reid…most of all we don’t want the muslims , islam or sharia law. Christians are getting ready for the End we just want to go Home. I served my country for 13 years and now find out it was all a big lie. It was all about greed and power grabbing by our government. I love my country even if full of idiots but hate my government as they are destroying my country and the world. I don’t want civil war or nuclear war or any kind of war…too many innocent although dumbed down people will die. I would appreciate any suggestion you have for the American people to get our current government changed. Oh by the way obama is meeting with gays because he is one. Oh and obama says you are weak and afraid of him even though he goes into hiding when ever something happens. Many of us do not think that about you as you have shown the strength and intelligence that our pres is lacking. I truly wish and pray for the removal of obama and his cronies. Thank you.

  • patriotdaddy

    wow!!! i am NOT pro communism….but Mr. Putin……you see things clearly almost like a…..awit a minute…..a “PATRIOT”?! yes…… you hear that, obama? reid? mccain? pelossi? feinstein? holder? clinton? CAIR?! TRUE PATRIOTS of ANY country will see the problem for what it is…MUSLIMS must be exterminated like the nazis tried to do to the jews!!! though hitler was wrong and only doing what he wanted to do for power…..the rest of us would be doing it to restore stability to the world once more!! this is for the good our children!! for the future of a free country!!

  • Steve Black

    I say we bomb you savages with lard

  • Daniel Anderson

    Eze. 38 And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying,
    Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him,
    And say, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal:
    And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords:
    Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet:
    Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.
    Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.
    After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.
    Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee.
    Thus saith the Lord God; It shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought:
    And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates,
    To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land.
    Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?
    Therefore, son of man, prophesy and say unto Gog, Thus saith the Lord God; In that day when my people of Israel dwelleth safely, shalt thou not know it?
    And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army:
    And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.
    Thus saith the Lord God; Art thou he of whom I have spoken in old time by my servants the prophets of Israel, which prophesied in those days many years that I would bring thee against them?
    And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord God, that my fury shall come up in my face.
    For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel;
    So that the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and all the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall shake at my presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground.
    And I will call for a sword against him throughout all my mountains, saith the Lord God: every man’s sword shall be against his brother.
    And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone.
    Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the Lord.

  • Zendigger

    So, that’s what a leader, without the PC nonsense, sounds like.

  • EmeraldSapphire

    Mr. Putin, Please Do Not Judge All Americans Because of obama. I have never been so embarrassed of My Country than I have been since obama has become the president. People say you are Evil, but I Trust You Way More Than obama. It seems that this Country has these Liberals who do Not Understand or Appreciate Our Freedom was Not Free, Being a Christian, (not a Saint) being a Conservative Liberals seem to call us racist and bigots. Label us as intolerant, If you are “normal” they waste time trying to cause conflict. I am intolerant towards, people coming here illegally, then have the Nerve to Complain about our Flag and March in Our Streets Demanding Right’s! Our Representatives are spineless Not wanting to deport illegals back to their Land. They are rewarded for breaking the law. obama and hilary Clinton have even praised them for their Bravery coming across the Border Illegally. I thought word “illegally meant illegal!!! I feel that giving these illegals food stamps. medicaid, WIC etc..and not deporting them, is a felony-aiding and abetting Criminals. I’m not against people from other Lands coming here the Legal way. Now the muslims have saturated our Lands and draining Our Welfare too. We are feeding Our Enemies, who hate Americans. These muslims plan to over power us, they plan to dominate and globalize their religion (evil occult). There are No peaceful muslims. Our own government wants to unarm the American Citizens but give weapons to the rebels in the middle east., who are the rebels? Good or Bad? We are considered “rebels” because we don’t want to enslaved by our government. I can’t name One thing obama has done for the Good of Americans. His whole agenda was to weaken, divide the Country, bankrupt America make us a “Social State” It is embarrassing that he fooled so many weak lazy ignorant Americans. He never told the Americans how he planned to “Change or Fix Americans issues. Mitt Romney stated his plan in 5 simple plans to prove he could fix the economy. obama spent his entire campaign being defensive over what others said about him, never addressing the issues. The liberals bicker over issues that are least important, such as Gay Rights and same sex marriage. I don’t hate people because of their sex preferences, I resent they want me to agree its normal behavior its not, but how about keeping your sex life between your partner and self? The liberals want to fight for a boy who wants to be a girl, dress in girl clothes and be allowed to undress in girls locker room. its not normal to want to do that and how dam selfish of this one boy wanting to disrupt the entire school because he is abnormal? Then expects the majority to accept this behavior and not to judge him. Basically he wants to force others to agree he is normal, instead of accepting he is abnormal. The selfish act of the kid, is disrespectful to the rest. But if a kid wants to pray or read the Bible the majority deny that kids right’s. Schools in California are denying the American kids to display the American Flag because it intimidates the mexican kids. I would not go to your Country and demand such a thing, I would respect your citizens to and your Country enough to Realize i am in your Home so I would just mind my own dam business! Unless you were keeping me as a Hostage. I could talk all day and still not cover all that happened…. But obama planned to divide, bankrupt and weaken America. It was with Malice Intent, a Dumb Ass couldn’t screw up our Country this bad this fast!!! I’m embarrassed to hear obama try to discuss matters with you and Kerry too, he just babbles on and on…complete idiot! How can you even respect them enough to even listen to them? Wouldn’t you at least have respect for a Leader to at least challenge you and know that the Leader would be willing to back up his threats? It must just make you want to make a fool out of them, because the lack of leadership must really disgust you. obama got rid of the Hi