Barack Obama Never Attended Columbia University Says “His” Graduating Class





I just returned from New York, where I attended my 30th Columbia University reunion. I celebrated with my esteemed classmates. Everyone except Barack Obama. As usual- he wasn’t there. Not even a video greeting. Not a personalized letter to his classmates. Nothing. But worse, no one at our 30th reunion ever met him. The President of the United States is the ghost of Columbia University.


I’m certainly no “Johnny come lately.” For five years now (since 2007 when it became clear Barack Obama was running for President), I’ve been quoted in the media as saying that no one I’ve ever met at Columbia can remember ever meeting, or even seeing, our college classmate Barack Obama. Don’t you think the media should be asking questions? Isn’t this a very strange story?


I am a graduate of Columbia University, Class of 1983. That’s the same class Barack Obama claims to have graduated from. We shared the same exact major- Political Science. We were both Pre Law. It was a small class- about 700 students. The Political Science department was even smaller and closer-knit (maybe 150 students). I thought I knew, or met at least once, (or certainly saw in classes) every fellow Poly Sci classmate in my four years at Columbia.


But not Obama. No one ever met him. Even worse, no one even remembers seeing that unique memorable face. Think about this for a minute. Our classmate is President of the United States. Shouldn’t someone remember him? Or at least claim to remember him?


One of the speakers at the 30th reunion should have reminisced about “my days with the future President.” But no one did. You’d think Obama might have sent a video to tell us all how much he enjoyed his time at Columbia. You’d think he’d have sent at least a letter to be read aloud from one of his former college buddies. Right? But he didn’t. Because Obama has no former college buddies. No one that ever met Obama, let alone befriended him, was in attendence at our 30th class reunion.


Now you might argue this is all strange, but it’s possible. Afterall Columbia says he graduated. And I take my college’s word for it. Would one of the world’s greatest Ivy League institutions participate in a coverup, thereby risking their billion dollar reputation? And there is one single article written for the Columbia newspaper with Obama’s name on it. A single photo also exists of Obama in his Manhattan apartment with the man he claims was his college roommate- a Pakistani foreign student. And one single radical leftist Columbia professor who hates Israel also claims he remembers Obama.


That’s the sum total of Obama’s existence at Columbia University, Class of ’83.


So I asked every classmate I met at our 30th reunion, many of them Political Science majors, if they ever met, or saw, or heard of Obama. The answer was a resounding NO from every one of them. I asked if they found this strange, or worried how this was possible? They all answered YES. I asked if they thought it was possible to be a Political Science major and never meet a fellow major in our small classes? They all gave me a very strange look and answered NO. So I asked, “How could this be possible? Can you explain this?” No one had an answer.


Keep in mind these people I spoke to are all- to a man and woman- dedicated liberal Democrats who voted for Obama. I’m guessing 90% are major Democrat contributors. My Columbia classmates are the crème of the crop of American society. Lawyers, doctors, billionaire hedge fund members, stars of the media. They adore Obama. But they all admit they never met him in their four years at Columbia. I am proud of my classmates for their honesty and integrity.


One classmate told me he was present when one of the most honored professors in Columbia University history gave a speech to alumni a couple of years ago. The speech was followed by Q&A. This beloved professor was asked about Obama at Columbia. He said, “I have my doubts about the story.” The crowd was stunned. He immediately went onto the next question and never elaborated. So obviously I’m not the only one with doubts.


So here’s my take on this great mystery. I’ve never said Obama was not registered at Columbia. I’m sure he was. I’ve never said he didn’t graduate. If Columbia says he did, then I’m sure he did. But I’ve always said there is something wrong with the story. It’s rancid. It’s unbelievable. It’s impossible. It’s the story of a Manchurian candidate.


The question isn’t was he ever registered, or did he graduate. And it’s interesting that one photo, one professor, and one newspaper article exists- just enough to provide a thin cover. But the serious question the media should be asking is…What did Obama do for two full years in-between registration and graduation? Did he ever attend a class? Did he ever have a single friend other than a Pakistani national? Why is the only professor to ever come forward and claim he remembers him a radical leftist who hates Israel? What exactly was he doing when no one met him, saw him, or heard of him? Why are his college records sealed? What has he got to hide?

But my educated guess is he can’t, or won’t ever release those records. Because what we’d find would be shocking.


Now I know somewhere in America is an Obama defender that will accuse me of lying. But are all those classmates at our 30th reunion lying too? And if I wanted to lie, wouldn’t I better off saying I knew the future President well? If I wanted to malign the President, shouldn’t I be saying he was my close buddy and I witnessed all kinds of terrible things? But I can’t say that. Because I never witnessed anything. Neither did any of my classmates. We didn’t know him. Never met him. Never saw him. My story is simply the truth- and it’s the same consistent story I’ve told since 2007.


There is something wrong with Obama’s story- that much I know. He is either the ghost of Columbia, or the perfect Manchurian candidate. But something smells rotten at Columbia.


Courtesy of Wayne Allyn Root: Author’s Website



Matt Liponoga

Matt is the editor of The Free Patriot and has strong libertarian values. He follows Austrian Economic values, believes in limited government, and works towards ending the progressive movement in both sides of the government.

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  • Bebop_Bob

    My guess is that Obama only attended private meeting with this professor to learn more about radical Islam and communism. His off-campus roommate also taught him Islam. As for him graduating, he more than likely bought his diploma from Columbia with a large donation from George Soros. That is why nobody from the Class of ’83 knows him.

  • Al Benacquisto

    Again, this by itself is strange. BUT, when taken together with all that has occurred in the last 4 years, something very sinister is going on. We are witnesses to a coup of our government. We just need a stronger cup of TEA!

  • GatoCat

    I’m not an Obama defender, nor am I saying you are lying. But for an article focused on evidence and facts, this one is oddly short on them. “One classmate told me he was present when one of the most honored professors in Columbia University history gave a speech to alumni a couple of years ago.” What’s that classmate’s name? What’s that most honored professor’s name? What was the occasion of his speech? Did you bother to contact him for verification, or is this statement just hearsay?

  • Lex Loeb

    his birth certificate said son of malcom X so he got special treatment

  • Wallace Sterling

    And the Obama-bashing goes on and on and on. Bebop is an insult to humanity; what a dork. Les…you might want to check out the authentic birth certificate…no Malcolm X is not there, idiot. This article is full of innuendo, rumors, half truths and sadly lacking in logic. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

  • John W Kinder

    Does any rational thinking person believe that it is impossible for him to have pulled it off? With the right people in the right places, current day technology, and the pure motivation of today’s enemies of America, I’m just saying.

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  • DJR

    Wallace – since you seem to know everything, then you go find all these documents and let us see what you find. Whatever you do – don’t try to pass off what you call ‘authentic’ that piece of crap photo shopped birth certificate he posted last year, ONLY to mock Donald Trump!! No body on this thread bashed your POS imperialist basTURD! But, I just did – so have fun..

  • Hideaki Bakin

    Gato, Yes it would be nice to see names of classmates who said
    they don’t remember him, but I think the bigger omission is the lack of names
    of classmates who say they DO remember him. I think that’s one of the main
    points of the article; that the greater burden of proof lies with the other
    side of the argument.

  • Brandon Ruiz

    The problem is Hideaki is that you are taught during debates and such that the person who proposes an argument has the burden of proof. If the author is a political science major debating and burden of proof would be taught.There is multiple issues I find with this one sided article personally.

    For instance I wonder how I would react if say I was at a class reunion and a fellow student went up to me asking about a high profile student. I would probably ignore such a person which I doubt the author would admit people doing to him. If say I had befriended Obama and felt he was a private person I wouldn’t give any information. I would most likely think the person is a loose cannon whether it was preceded by regular conversation or not. Obsession is obsession (and the fact that back in 2007 the author was announcing this) leads me to believe that it is possible that he went there and saw an opportunity to prove his theory and no-one else was playing ball.

    This leads to more assertions that are made out to be unconventional but are simply not. As an example if you called a school and received my school records I would be pretty pissed and I have nothing to hide present in those records. It is not conventional to have these records publicly available. I also find it odd that during his return to the republican party that has made such crazy allegations as his birth certificate not being authentic. Either way the burden of proof is his and I’m sure pointing out Phil Boerner or some girl that responded to similar (if not the same) accusation will even phase such a polarized position. I really have tried to give Republicans the benefit of the doubt but the more crazy the accusations become I can’t help but feel they are racially motivated.

  • Brandon Ruiz

    Considering the lack of photo shop indicators (ie: inappropriate shading,lack of hard edges etc) I doubt its photoshopped it would have been made much more “pretty”. I wonder why you have such a personal interest in attacking our current president?

  • SandyLester

    Why does this surprise anyone? He said in his own book he was a poor student and stoned most of the time…… way he attended Columbia.
    So far no one remembers him from anywhere.

  • SandyLester

    This along with all the other places obama says he was and NO one remembers him being ther.e……..adds up. And YES you are a defender.
    In obama’s own book he says he was a poor student and stoned most of the time……….so no way he got into college.
    The man is as fake a three dollar bill.

  • SandyLester

    Lets move beyond obama had a court seal ALL of his alleged college records…….you do not see what is in front of you…….obama is a fake.

  • SandyLester

    Show me a picture of him with class mates. A transcript? Anything that shows he was where he said he was………
    Even at Harvard Review ne NEVER wrote a paper.
    NO ONE has ever seen his transcripts.
    NO ONE has ever seen his thesis.
    NO ON remembers him.

  • Shelley O’Hara Plunkett

    If you “feel” this is racially motivated, maybe that is because deep down you are a racist and that is the first place your mind goes. It doesn’t go there with those of us who think he’s a sham. We aren’t the ones who are racist. You that voted for him BECAUSE HE IS BLACK are the racists. You that constantly apologize for being white are the racists. Now that he’s proven himself to be incompetent, you want to defend your vote by deflecting your own racism on us. Just stop. You aren’t fooling anyone but yourself.

  • Shelley O’Hara Plunkett

    Malcolm X wouldn’t have raised an idiot like Obama. Malcolm X constantly preached against the blacks depending on white handouts and succumbing to government slavery. He told blacks they were being duped by liberal democrats and being played for fools. Obama is all about making black people dependent on government. That’s what he lives for. He plays them all like a cheap violin. No, my friend, Malcolm X would disown a son of his if he grew up to think like Obama.

  • lissmth


  • Phil DiLernia

    Then you and your friends are all part responsible for the fraud we have occupying our White House and when this country implodes you can all take a bow and explain to your children how little integrity you all have.

  • Guest

    This is real easy to fix….let us see his transcripts!! Why is this so secret? Remember the Bush-Kerry race; all the bruhaha about how smart Kerry was because he had a higher GPA than Bush; both men had their transcripts from college posted on the daily news, newspapers, websites…there were interviews with the college professors of both men….

    But with Obama, seal ed records, no teachers have offered interviews – what’s up with this? Is this what Affirmative Action in action??

  • Hard_Rain

    This is real easy to fix….let us see his transcripts!! Why is this so secret? Remember the Bush-Kerry race and all the bruhaha about how smart Kerry was because he had a higher GPA than Bush; both men had their transcripts from college posted on the daily news, newspapers, websites…there were interviews with the college professors of both men….

    But with Obama, sealed records, no teachers/classmates have ever offered any interviews that I am aware of – what’s up with this? Is this Affirmative Action in action??

  • TheRealEvilGenius

    Why is it that when people do their own research to find the answers to the questions we all have about our imposter, that they resort to the race card.

    This has absolutely NOTHING TO DO whatsoever in his ability to lead the worlds largest corporation and fast-fading super-power into tomorrow. If it were you or me in this position he finds himself in we would be in deep shit and probably face serious jail time.

    He is a brilliant (he knows EXACTLY what he is doing), incompetent fraud that perpetrated the greatest fraud in world history. His policies alone are killing our country little by little. He attacks our rights every chance he gets, belittling those who ‘cling to their Guns and Bibles’, or believe in the sovereignty of our nation. He is selling our sovereignty to the highest bidder. The IRS, Benghazi, AP scandal, his brother’s tax exempt that was approved in ‘days’, are just the tip of the Iceberg. Selling our technology to the muslim brotherhood (Egypt), etc. I could go on.

    These are all Treasonous actions committed against all of us, against the Founding Fathers and Mothers, but more importantly to our country.

    Thomas Jefferson shot Rodney Cox on the White House lawn for Treason. He then went inside the Oval Office and watched him die over the next 8 hours…

    This is going to be a good showdown, and I will have my popcorn as it will be really sweet to see the entire administration go down, and hard.

  • AustinObserver

    Right on, Wayne.

  • DickButtKiss

    Why does it matter that the professor hates Israel/Palestine? What are these little jabs that are being inserted that take away from the main issue of Barry’s college credentials? Look at the architects of communism; they are not muslim. Look at Barrys recent administration scandals; from the IRS down to those who want gun confiscation; not muslims. Semites (who are both jews and arabs) and their interests do not coincide with the interests of the majority of Americans and take away from our resources. Stop playing these muslim/jew games, lets focus on AMERICA.

  • Lee Roy Ponke

    Its interesting that this person says they dont remember Obama from the Columbia University Class Of 83 but if Obama went by Barry Soetoro that would explain why. I found a program from that class and the person who claims Obama didnt graduate isnt on the list of graduates that year. If hes didnt graduate from Columbia in 1983 that might explain why he dont remember him. If he didnt attend Columbia University then why was he given a ID? This is a Conservative run media outlet so of course they will try to make Obama look bad.

  • Steve Saunders

    that rot goes a lot further than Columbia my friend…that rot travels around this planet on the backs of the ruling elite…Although I use a word other than “elite” when not in public…and I voted for him also…once is all right…twice is not nice and three ….shame on me…time to clean house

  • SmokingReb

    After 2016, if we can still seat the next duly elected president, the truth will begin to come out. I think one of the problems for the Republicans is the Constitutional turmoil the Democrats have created with this mess. So far the Constitution is holding up as the House does it’s job and Senate Republicans are still holding strong for the most part, thanks to Cruz and Rubio. You can also thank those very smug Christians, 2 million strong is my understanding, that proudly chose not to vote in 2012. Time to pry the party from their cold dying hands before the damage is irreparable. IMHO

  • Steve Saunders

    stoners are not private people…they clamor for attention and by your logic is how scumbags win

  • Chris Puhl

    But with him being presidential nominee he wouldn’t have the capabilities of making it look authentic ? Is It just me or does anyone else question why so much of his past is hidden ? Has any other president blocked almost all of his records as confidential ? Why would a president do that unless the had something to hide ? I thought Back Round , Credentials , and Character witnesses . ( Along with policy and views) help us to pick the most well deserving and honest candidates .? I May be wrong but if so can someone show me facts to prove this invalid ?

  • Byron

    Borack and Obama is NOT his first or last name mind you. Look up his legal name, you will find Barry Soetoro.

  • photographeroflife

    This is not in support or against. Just something showing he was on the schedule. However, no doubtt hat can be fudged too. So I ask all the graduates, doesnt anyone have a copy of this?

  • Hideaki Bakin

    Brandon R: I’m afraid your notion of the concept of
    burden-of-proof is a bit lacking in this situation, where the author is only
    pointing out the lack of proof of the original argument (that Obama attended
    Columbia). If the opening argument asserts a claim without providing a sufficient
    basis (without satisfying its burden of proof), you can’t reasonably say that
    the one who expresses doubt (by pointing out the lack of evidence) has the
    greater burden. And about your racist argument…where is YOUR evidence?

  • aaronscc

    As we know that Obama uses the IRS to bully poltical opponents, it is insane to come out of the closet and openly voice one’s observations.

  • Mary Messersmith

    I love how now one wants to come forward and say him and the wire are frauds. That is what I love.

  • shavager

    C’MON MAN, he’s NOT gonna name any classmate names without permission, and those he talked to, IF they’re DemocRAT supporters–you can bet they wouldn’t want their names mentioned, especially in light of recent IRS scandal, confiscating AP records, harassing Tea Party/Conservative/Christian groups.

  • Susan Roan New

    Brandon………..3 facts are profoundly false on his birth certificate……….first, he is listed as Black-American……….that term was not used in 1963, it would have said Negro. Second, his father is listed as being born in Kenya. That country wasn’t even called Kenya in 1963………cant remember the exact name, British something, Kenya wasn’t called Kenya until 1978. Third, the hospital he was born in at Hawaii, didn’t exist as called until much later. Look it up. This man is a fake.

  • Jessie Phillips

    Philip Berg, a Hillary supporter, was the first to sue over obamas birth certificate, Bill Clinton was the first to come out about the birth certificate, both of them are hardly republicans, why in the world do liberals automatically assume, that anything against their messiah is “racially” motivated? could it be that your love of him may be racially motivated? as for me, I cannot stand his politics, and I cannot stand what he and his minions are doing to this once great nation.

  • Jessie Phillips

    sorry, if the original document was just scanned, it would have been a 2 dimensional document with no layers, the document that was released had 17 layers. so many inconsistencies have been shown by the document that was released

  • Jessie Phillips

    oh? the post the program that shows that the one who made the claim, wasn’t a member of that class, evidently he was, since he attended a 30 year reunion

  • Annet

    It seems to me that you are out of your medications.

  • Annet

    The British Empire established the East Africa Protectorate in 1895, known from 1920 as the Kenya Colony. The Republic of Kenya became independent in December 1963

  • Joe Ho

    Possibly an alien, the more I think about it, he is an alien and ET

  • Carol Jean Goodwin

    All those “classmates” are Democrats who voted for him? Well I still call t hem “dim-o-krats” I still think of BHO as sitting on a post (a post turtle) but the United States has fallen so fast since he took office it is dizzying! So many who voted for him ‘because he is black”? Far too many who voted for him multiple times? I wouldn’t even know how to do that! All the voting machines which were rigged to switch any and all presidential votes to Obama? The military overseas votes NOT being allowed? There is definitely a stench and it smells like an Islamic devil taking over my country! We have to stop him!

  • 1LTLos

    Look bad?? He already looks like a moron! Are you trying to state that he hasnt already made himself look like a total incompetent and complete amateur charlatan? HE did that on his own – the game and playacting by the rest of you Obscumbo supporters, were this not so critical, is downright disgusting!

  • 1LTLos

    Right and by the sounds of things Barry HAS NO CREDENTIALS

  • 1LTLos

    You are a moron You have no president

  • GatoCat

    I’m just asking for documentation. You want to see Obama’s, so you can understand that I want to see the author’s. Stating “nobody I talked to at the reunion remembered him” is about as solid as me saying, “Nobody I talked to at work today knew where the CIO was.” Is it a problem that I ask for verifiable facts? Do you need me to accept everything on vague, nonspecific storytelling?

  • 1LTLos

    Oh I got it! Obscumbo is not worried over fiscal irresponsibility such as spendiing away 6 Trillion US Dollars in his first term but HE IS SO RIGHTEOUS that he wouldnt think of mentioning names of people who were in his class. This same group DOES NOT REMEMBER HIM __ Obscumbo is the Fart-in the wind In Chief

  • 1LTLos

    Debate? What are you debating and with who? The issue is not debatable as you have been provided with the fact that at year 30 Alumi celebration NO ONE MET OR KNOWS OBSCUMBO — what are you debating? Eres menso

  • 1LTLos

    thats funny!!!!

  • GatoCat

    Your assumptions are incorrect. I (a 59 year old white male) voted for Obama because I wanted him to fulfill his promises in regard to environmental protection and to Bush/Cheney’s fake war and illegal prisons, and I wanted to give him time to overcome GOP stonewalling and actually accomplish something. Equally important, I wanted to keep out of office a man who doesn’t believe in science or global warming, who thinks 47% of Americans (including my retired mother) are lazy incompetents to whom he as president would have no responsibility, and who made his riches by getting people fired.

  • Buster Atkins

    I doubt that Brandon will understand what you just said, Shelly. Good job, anyways.

  • GatoCat

    I’m sure you agree with the author on this quote, yes?
    “Keep in mind these people I spoke to are…dedicated liberal Democrats who voted for Obama…90% are major Democrat contributors. My Columbia classmates are the crème of the crop of American society.”

  • SandyLester

    Lets run through the vague evidence as you imply.

    No one remembers him in his class of around 150…

    At Harvard no one knew him, even though he was the Harvard Law review editor he never wrote an article.

    He says in his own book he was a poor student and was stoned most of the time, who did he get into these colleges.

    No one has seen any transcripts from high school, or the colleges.

    No one has read his thesis.

    There are few pictures of him from anywhere of his high school or college days.

    People don’t even remember from Hawaii in his home town.

    There are a couple of pictures of him as a kid in Indonesia, then a couple of pix from Hawaii….

    He says he (in speeches) he was raised by a single mother, this is untrue as he says in his book his mother was married and he went to the best private schools, even after she dumped him on his grandparents who were quite wealthy.

    He says his other was refused health care, which was not true as she had a good job with full benefits.

    Ok, each on individually could be fulled off, but when added together……..

    And every day another story about how no one knows him………

    What more do yo need?

    There is something really wrong here, unfortunately only about 50% of the people get, 25% defend him to the death and the other 25% are starting to say ……wait a minute.

    Just think about it, like him or not he is the president and people are excited to say hey I went to school with him or had a job with him……….

    Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush (and before them) all had friends to the White House……people talked openly about hanging with them…obama has no friends.

  • Buster Atkins

    OMG Brandon, you sure are stupid!

  • GatoCat

    Your response is the perfect example of the vagueness I mentioned. “No one remembers him… no one knew him…no one has seen any transcripts… no one has read his thesis… etc.” Really? No one? How do you know? On what do you base these statements? That’s what I want to see… your proof. Did you take the survey? The author says he asked a few people at a reunion, all of them Democrats (he doesn’t make clear why he was avoiding Republicans, unless perhaps Democrats are all that graduate from Columbia). For me, asking some democrats at a reunion, none of them named, and extrapolating from that that he never attended Columbia constitutes nonsense. But I’m willing to be convinced.

    You ask what more I need. I already told you what I need. Documentation. Names, dates. It’s not too much to ask.

  • oliviagrace

    Oh my, please don’t put that burden on ET. He was cute and adorable. Barack Obama is neither of those things. He’s evil and ugly, and you can see it on his face. It’s beyond me why people can’t see that!!!

  • SandyLester

    Answer me this: how do you have names and dates when NO ONE remembers him?

  • oliviagrace

    @stevesaunders: At least you recognized “the error of your ways.” Thanks for fessing up :). Now if we could get other people to see the error of their ways.

  • oliviagrace

    @susanroannew:disqus : I totally agree – he is a fake. The very fact that he has sealed all of his personal information, school records, etc. tells me that he has something to hide. No one takes these extraordinary steps if they are proud of what they are. HE IS A FAKE, AND INCOMPETENT.

  • MEL

    None of this is new news, but it’s good to keep reminding some of us who really care about our once great country, that something so wonderful can become corrupt and destroyed by evil creeps. They (and anyone with a modicum of knowledge knows who “they” are) planned and carried this out over years, for their nefarious reasons. Obama is just their puppet trained like a dog to bark on command spewing out his trash and lies. Question is, has this tipping point been reached, or is it far surpassed? I suspect the latter.

  • TexasOlTimer

    Barack Obama: “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.”

    If Obama has nothing to hide, why are his birth records, school records and every other record sealed?

  • dave

    is this suppose to shock us im not even sure Obama himself is real

  • TexasOlTimer

    Ok, let’s have documentation, names and dates. Let’s start with Obama. Give us a valid birth certificate. Open the school records – grade school, high school and college – grades, transcripts, the works. Give us a valid Selective Service card and a valid Social Security number. I’ve yet to see anything factual about Obama except his word that this or that happened and most of it is contradicted by something else.

    Barack Obama: “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.” If that’s the case, then why are all his records sealed?

    You would rather take his word than that of his supporters that would love to say that sat next to their beloved Obama in such-and-such class but cannot because they didn’t.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    It’s possible that in exchange for millions of dollars donated to the University by the king of Saudi Arabie, that Barack Obama got his “paper degree” given to him… effect, buying a graduation certificate.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    My feeling exactly. Not only do I blame the fools who voted for Obama, but I also blame the worthless politicians in congress who saw what was coming, and allowed it to happen!

  • charles borger


  • Martha Conner

    I’ve never thought he attended Columbia, but I think some wealthy Saudi made a donation to Columbia and they gave Obama the diploma, which he didn’t earn, and doesn’t have the knowledge it represents. This lack of a higher education is also apparent in his speech because he doesn’t understand some words people use, when they question him. The low information voter doesn’t notice this because most of them can’t even speak a coherent sentence.

  • Martha Conner

    Yes, there is going to be retaliation not only against Obama but his whole administration and the czars as well, because we will not continue to tolerate these treasonous and unconstitutional laws and regulations!!! I believe there will also be action taken against the treasonous bankers, Corporate Chairman, and people such as george soros.

  • Martha Conner

    No, it was Bush who had a higher GPA than Kerry.

  • GatoCat

    Okay. I thought you were willing to have a thoughtful, reasonable discussion. My mistake.

  • GatoCat

    If the birth certificate actually mattered to you, you would know that it’s been available for quite some time now. For the SSN, nobody with any sense makes theirs public. School records: just out of curiosity, how many have you personally attempted to see? Have you been turned down, or are you just echoing something you heard from a source like the article above?

  • Deonne Williams

    Please stop whining about sealed school records folks, EVERYONE’S school records are sealed, just like your medical records.

    Say what you want, but at least make sure you are accurate when you get mad about things, get mad about things that do matter, not about things that are the same for everyone.

  • SandyLester

    It is not possible to give dates and names for where obama says he was because no on remembers him.

    Where would these dates come from?

    All we have are dates where he says he was, however obama went to a federal court and had ALL his high school, and college records sealed. The question here is why?

    You want information that is not available. obama has his past sealed.

    We know what he has said in his books, which in most cases contradicts what he says publicly.

    So I can not give you names, I could if a friend would come forward, this has not happened.
    So I could give you dates but based on what his words or his writings, these can not be verified because he is sealed.

    As I said previously, it is necessary to take the whole package of innuendo, sealing of records, contradictions of his life…….each may be a mistake but together are suspect.

    obama’s past is suspect.

  • TexasOlTimer

    “There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know.”

    We have a birth certificate that has been proven to be a forgery as is the Selective Service card. The Social Security number is that of a deceased individual and the numbers are not reused. Many have requested college records and have been denied. Don’t you think that if they had been released they would be all over the internet?
    You appear to take Obama’s word for his past as gospel but ignore the words of any that speak against him.

  • TexasOlTimer

    Whether my school records or yours are sealed is immaterial. Obama can request the college release his records just as Presidents and presidential candidates have done in the past. I wish my medical records were sealed. Under Obamacare, the government (all agencies) will have access to them. The least Obama can do after making our most private records available to an unknown number of unelected unknown bureaucrats is release his records.

    Obama had SEALED private divorce records unsealed to make public to force an opponent out of a race in Illinois. If he can have another’s SEALED records made public, shouldn’t he at least do that with his own?

    From what you say, I’m am to be accurate (which I am) and I’m not mad about anything, and what concerns me is the fact that we have a President that no one knows anything about except what Obama has told us. We knew more about Paul Ryan in 48 hours after he was picked for the VP candidacy than we know today about Obama.

  • Ron Bradley

    WRONG i’s a myth it was a line from the movie Swordfish starring John Travolta here’s the facts, No. It is a Hollywood myth, started by a line from the movie Swordfish (2001).

    “There is a very persistent story that Thomas Jefferson personally executed someone on the White House lawn for treason; some sites name the prisoner as a Rodney Cox from North Carolina.[1] We have no evidence that this event ever occurred: no such thing is ever mentioned in Jefferson’s papers, or contemporary newspaper accounts. The story, as far as we know, originated entirely with the movie Swordfish (2001), where it is mentioned by John Travolta’s character, Gabriel Shear.

    The true origins of the story are a puzzle. Several actual events could have been (severely) misunderstood or mistaken for a “Jefferson execution:”

    * Jefferson was involved in drafting a “Bill to Attaint Josiah Philips and Others” in 1778, which ordered the trial and provided for the execution of the murderer and bandit Josiah Philips for treason. Josiah Philips was eventually found and convicted of robbery, not treason.[2]
    * The murder of Alexander Hamilton by Aaron Burr in their famous 1804 duel has also been suggested as a possible source for the story in question.

    Neither of the above seems very plausible as a source. Unless further reliable evidence surfaces, we can only explain this story as a complete fabrication by the scriptwriters of Swordfish.

  • ccmmaarr

    TOT, Obama has not had his school records SEALED. In fact, it would be illegal for a school to release those records to be released (see the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 for details). Claiming that he has SEALED his records implies that he has taken a specific action in order to hide something. In fact, his records are, by default and through no specific action of his own, not available to anyone without his written consent.

    Now, he does have the CHOICE to release those records if he so desired. My question is why would he do so? He tried that with his birth certificate and the people who believe he is not an American citizen claim the document to be false. The author of this story acknowledges two people who verify Obama’s attendance at Columbia and then goes on to claim that those are false representations. Mitt Romney released more than the required tax records and all it did was put greater scrutiny on his finances and hurt him in the Presidential race.

    So, let’s get away from the silly conspiracy theories.

  • KennethDeWitJr

    This USURPER should be serving LIFE instead of being the President( not mine by the way)

  • KennethDeWitJr

    I don’ think they allow “PLANTS” in “CU” !!!!!!!

  • Macdonald Cory

    I hate Obama, but I don’t remember anyone from my college classes at my university.

  • GatoCat

    Sandy, I didn’t ask you for names of dates. I asked the author of the article for them. If you’ll reread my first post, you’ll see that. Here, I’ll bring it down here for you. First I quote what he said, and then I point out how vague it is by asking for specifics.

    “One classmate told me he was present when one of the most honored professors in Columbia University history gave a speech to alumni a couple of years ago.” What’s that classmate’s name? What’s that most honored professor’s name? What was the occasion of his speech? Did you bother to contact him for verification, or is this statement just hearsay?

    I also said in that post that I am not a defender of Obama, nor am I saying the author is lying. My point is simply that while he is claiming a lack of supporting evidence for Obama’s story, he is guilty of the same thing himself: a lack of supporting evidence. He says “a former classmate told me that he heard something somewhere from somebody important” and that’s supposed to suddenly be irrefutable proof. That’s my only point.

  • Gladys Crump

    If I had ever been in a class with anyone famous, especially a US president, I would be bragging and name dropping, most people would…but no one is….you gotta wonder why, only one answer, he was a student in name only, he never attended at all, and his diploma was given to him free. Harvard also said he was NOT a Law Professor at all, just a paid speaker and part time guest lecturer…So….

  • hiskid1964

    foreigner student aid

  • Robert Ray

    For those that actually value evidence, I suggest you read this refutation to this fallacious tripe.

  • Gladys Crump

    So let me see….you are not willing to believe the students at Columbia because this guy wouldn’t list the names of all 700 in his class who did not remember Obama? LOL

  • Gladys Crump

    You want the names of all 700 of his class mates who DON”T remember him instead of one who does, which they cannot produce anyway? LOL

  • Robert Ray

    For those looking for people who did know Obama at college (any of them), her you go:

  • lndependent

    If Republicans vote for amnesty there will be a lot more choosing not to vote in the next elections. My family included. We have made the RNC aware of this too. Why should we bother to vote if Republicans allow millions of new Democrap voters by passing amnesty? If they won t stand up for us we won’t stand up for them. Just Democrap lite.

  • lndependent

    He needs no help to look bad. He is doing a fine job all by himself. One thing that he has done a fine job of.

  • lndependent

    I for one would love to check out the AUTHENTIC birth certificate. Would you please have OBummer produce it?

  • Ron Bradley

    Excuse me but that is utterly ignorant and totally untrue, ppl been on welfare long before this man was president, oh but you’re not too concerned about the facts are you? and 2 you are judging me and you don’t even know me, I have never been or have I ever receive any

    welfare,not even when I was younger, my mother (god rest her soul) received SSI because she was paralized on the right side of her body there for she got help alright but it wasn’t because she was a lazy black, she couldn’t work at all so I take offence to what you’re applying next time keep your racist thoughts to yourself you POS.

  • GatoCat

    Read much?

  • Frank455444

    From Soros or the Suadi’s

  • Dan2012
  • Gramps43

    The air around Obama is getting more putrid as time go by,

  • Maximus Max

    “My question is why would he do so?”

    Because every other candidate has?

    “He tried that with his birth certificate and the people who believe he is not an American citizen claim the document to be false. ”

    The document IS false. It is a completely fabricated digital file that has never existed as a real piece of paper.

    “get away from the silly conspiracy theories.”
    Why would people conspire to deny something? Especially something such as “I never saw the man”. What would be accomplished by that?

    What’s silly, is people so blind that they willfully ignore all manner of evidence that they have so completely been made fools of.

  • legtingle

    Would Obama have ever gotten a rather “odd” 3rd year transfer to Columbia, being a crappy student from crappy Oxy if his daddy had been a white Kenyan?
    Every been admitted to Harvard–gone on to be Prezee of the LR? You do know it had to be a “black” guy that year, don’t ya? Read and learn.
    This POS would be living with some old Pockeeestahnnnneeee sugar daddy now if old Frank Marshall Davis hadn’t opened the door to the fellow travelers in that cess pool of Chicago.
    Don’t think for a minute that a lot of us know this. He’s in power now. Won’t last forever. Enjoy.

  • legtingle

    I’ve read O’scumballs books.
    How’d he get that 3rd year transfer to Columbia? With rotten grades from crappy Oxy?

  • legtingle

    I’d like to know some names of OBAMA’S DATES! What is it one big nosed woman that sounds suspiciously like (in Bill Ayers DREAMS) like Bill Ayers gf?
    Or, Chandoo?
    Yep. That beard, Moochelle and he…quite the marriage!

  • legtingle

    Gee…I think all of Barry’s fake SS#’s are on algoresintrawebs. Look ‘em up, dear.

  • legtingle

    Ermmmm….Methinks it’s old drunkard, Commie Frank “Pop” Marshall Davis.
    Notice the freckles on ‘lil Barry? Just like dear old dad!

  • legtingle

    I take “offence” to the Marxist fraud in the White House.

  • legtingle

    So….okay, you know the truth.
    Who remembers Barry from Columbia?

  • Jules

    Just look at his inner circle. His close political advisors were not born in our country. Valerie Jarrett born in Iran. His new UN Ambassador born in Ireland. He has filled government positions with the Muslim Brotherhood. Our country, our government, has been taken over by foreigners. We most definitely are witness to a coup.

  • Jules

    Saudi’s paid for his education. They were grooming him for the coup.

  • Jules

    SS numbers are issued by the State and numbered by the State where they were issued. Obama’s supposed SS# is from CT….he NEVER lived in CT. It belongs to a deceased man from CT. Wake up!

  • disqus_UzcL1EG2zn
  • jh1289

    This article is BS.

  • jh1289

    They’re sealed because medical, school, and certain legal records are sealed by law.

  • Brandon Ruiz

    I atleast understand people who have problems with his policies. I have problems with his policies while you probably want him more republican I want him to go against corporate interests. and go into more socialist policies so that government has a justifiable reason to exist. Currently it works against citizen’s interests but I find that more in the house and congress than by Obama personally. have a problem with his policies? great voice them but when your biggest concerns are whether he is of muslim descent or where he went to school have nothing to do with that and go towards the racially motivated criticisms then what he has enacted.
    So to answer your question no my mind doesn’t go there automatically as you seem to think. In the absence of legitimate complaints all I can think of is race as the factors when everyones biggest issue is his birth certificate, where he went to school, and where he is of muslim descent. If those are the issues you keep on theres nothing to see but racial motivations.

  • Brandon Ruiz

    his idea of proving his concept is taking the word of people who haven’t been in school for awhile. My portrayal of burden of proof is correct the individual who makes the argument has the burden of proof. His argument was none of the people he was in contact with verified obama being a student there so hence he needs to prove that he was a student. In a conventional debate scenario you wouldn’t be able to shift burden of proof to the target or other party of the argument in question. It is a debating 101 type thing.

    As far as my argument which I put in my initial post I’m not seeing arguments based on his policies, signs of corruption, etc I’m seeing arguments based on 3 factors whether he is or isn’t of muslim descent, whether his birth certificate is legit (which coincidentally was the argument at the forefront of the post I responded to or the one before that), and where he went to school. Similarly he is being asked to provide a mountain of proof in that regard that has not been asked of the past candidates of his position.

  • Brandon Ruiz

    His only proof is his hearsay account of a school reunion. Nothing that can be verified or quantified. Instead he uses this supposed account to shift burden of proof onto the president who would in his eyes need to show documentation that is more than just hearsay. If you really wish you can believe that I am stupid as I’m sure my life would be so much easier if I was infact but I certainly seem to show a better knack for critical thinking than my critic (in this case that would be you). Given this situation I can safely assume that your opinion of my intelligence is without merit.

  • schicco
  • schicco
  • Stuart Shepherd

    No one could have made up the whole story of Obama and him becoming President if they even tried. It would not be believed even as a movie. It’s truly surreal, as if everything from the birth certificate, shady whereabouts, changes of social security numbers and names NEVER EVEN HAPPENED and what is truly bone-chilling about it and the future of this country is that NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!! They have no discernment because honesty and truth are not a commitment in their lives or they are literally too unintelligent to discern them, or they just plain have an evil agenda (the homosexual/socialist-communist/subversive elites sociopaths “left wing”) that values dishonesty!! In other words, the bad guys are winning and it’s starting to look like they’re going to succeed. They’re cunning, vicious, ruthless, and purposely destructive. They are driven by hate, envy, and compensated insecurity/arrogance. They are EXTREMELY dangerous and would not hesitate to perform genocides of various sorts if given the opportunity. For every Hitler there are many Himmlers, and we have an entire liberal elite class doing this. They have already killed over 50 million babies. Can anyone begin to fathom the cumulative evil that represents? Has anyone ever SEEN a video or a live abortion? It is worse than the worst horror movie you ever saw. I have an increasingly sickened feeling about what lies in store for this country and the world in the relatively near future- 10 years?

  • 1LTLos

    Not ever did I make reference to your intelligence or lack thereof. You do a fine job of that on your own. I believe that post five years now that Columbia students have had plenty of opportunity to go public and to contribute to documentation such as this article regarding “Obscumbo the Ghost of Columbia University” This is far from hearsay. What is manufactured is that Obscumbo attended where and when and took the courses he states he did. That is hearsay. I havent attended my own Alumni celebrations in a few years however, people do remember me and they go out of their way to email or call me to ask when we can get together cause they wanted to see me. I suppose I will have to agree with you that “your intelligence is without merit.” What a chop!! Nobody even knows the guy! HAHAHA What a perpetuated fraud!

  • Brandon Ruiz

    really? Then can you explain why I’m doing your research for you Phil (I forgot his last name its in this very article) and a woman who responded to a poltifact post both claim to have witnessed him in columbia university. Furthermore maybe I just didn’t go to a private enough school but I would not expect anyone besides my friends that I keep in contact with through college to remember me. While you speak of isolated cases I doubt the whole graduating class of your year remembers you. It is egotistical to believe otherwise. I don’t remember Bush, Clinton or Bush Sr having to present their transcripts to prove where they went to school.

  • Oline Wright

    the basic concern of whether or not he went to school where he claims to have gone would be the fact that if he did not he is perpetrating fraud on the American people. If he is not legally a natural born American citizen than our political system failed in its duty to prevent his becoming President. In fact I truly believe that all candidates for that office be required to give proof of eligibilty on entering into the Race.

  • Oline Wright

    okay here is my complaints against Obama: he promised to end the patriot Act instead he signed its renewal. He promised to bring the troops back home they are still there. He signed into action the bill allowing for indefinite detention of American citizens. He promised to end the torture camps at Gitmo or whatever they are still in existence I believe though they may or may not have stopped the torture this is hazy.

  • RickZ
  • RickZ

    Presidents and presidential candidates release their college records all the time. Even Jean Francois sKerry released his records In 2004. The funny thing about that is that Bush was accused of being an ignorant boob yet, when reviewed, Kerry’s grades were worse than G.W. Bush’s, not by much, but still worse. Maybe that’s why King Putz won’t release his, so his ‘smartest 3-D playing chess master in the room’ lies won’t be revealed?

  • zion1king

    Welcome to the new unreal REALITY! Only in this bizarre new world can stuff like this be true. A “phantom” non-US citizen, communist, socialist, Manchurian candidate occupying the office of the leader of the most powerful country in the world!!!
    Sadly the greatest country in the history of the world is about to relinquish that title.

  • RickZ

    Slight correction: It was at the University of Chicago where Obumbles taught as an adjunct instructor (not on the tenure track) on Con Law (supposedly).

    At Harvard, he was president of the law review without ever publishing a serious article, at the time a first for the position. I remember one article where those on the paper complained that all Owebama did was show up to take credit. When work had to be done, he was nowhere to be seen. Gee, sounds familiar.

  • Brandon Ruiz

    Thats great that you feel that way but thats not whats there. His birth certificate is a ridiculous argument and when that didn’t work, then it went to matters like his schooling and whether or not he has muslim ancestry. It is fact that no other candidate has been subjected to this level of scrutiny. it is also fact that people are asking a mountain of evidence for him to prove what are ridiculous claims to begin with. He shows any documentation and its claimed to be photoshopped and it seems people honestly believe that there is some great conspiracy that only involves this president.

  • Brandon Ruiz

    Well atleast you are actually getting to real complaints but articles like this which are really in all their information mere ponderings detract from the real issues.I have problems with several things that obama has done in his terms I think he hyped himself up and didn’t deliver I think he may have wanted to but between political agendas, infighting. Sadly and I hate to admit this he has probably been the best president in my lifetime personally. Some examples of my misgivings were the Mosanto bills, his inability to raise minimum wage to a living standard, his failure to penalize corporations for misusing money and taking away corporate welfare reforms.
    Either way I can appreciate your position but this article is not worth the wasted words. I think politicians need to work for the people again and Obama has some corporate leanings (not as bad as the rest of them but they are still there). Either way an issue as ridiculous as this is detracting from real issues and with no good reasons to keep it going we need to focus on the real issues. I personally believe the only way to straighten out politics is to take out corporate interests and destroy existing systems by voting independent party members which would stop the two party system that has outlived their usefulness. I was really hoping that I would see Ralph Nader as president in my lifetime.

  • Chase
  • Asgard928

    I call BS on this website you listed. It only has the handful of same old tired photos that have been around for years. Nothing new there at all. The stories can easily be fabricated. Don’t bother offering that or snopes as proof because everyone knows snopes is in the bag for the liberals.

  • Robert Ray

    Oh no. A site that has actual evidence disagrees with your position. It must obviously be fabricated.

    So any story can be fabricated. I claim that this article is fabricated. He offers no evidence other than “testimonies” of former unnamed alumni.
    Why is it that you are willing to accept the supposed evidence offered here with no sources, names or citations, yet you are unable to even consider sources that provide verifiable evidence to their assertion.
    I call a logic fail on your part.

  • Robert Ray

    The one making this claim graduated early in January 1983 and did not attend the Graduation ceremony late that year. He would not have been listed in the program.

  • Asgard928

    I’ll give you that one. It makes both sides cancel each other out. So we obviously need an unbiased independent group with watchdogs over them to make sure they stay unbiased to do a study of this issue. One thing you cannot dispute is zero’s sealing of his personal records and spending millions to do it. No one does that without a lot to hide. Call me a birther if you like but there is sufficient evidence done by people simply following the evidence to prove zero has not produced a single non-forged birth certificate. I don’t know why the congress and others don’t want to touch this proof and this issue but someone needs to and also address his stolen social security number at the same time. Something really stinks about this guy and only those who are true believer liberals with blinders on can’t see that or simply won’t see it. Why all the Muslim czars? Why all the Muslim preference from this Administration? The proof is all there. One just needs to look.

  • Robert Ray

    Actually, they do not cancel each other out. One source provides evidence, corroborating reports from multiple verifiable sources and citations. The other has provided none of these. Again I call logic fail.
    What Muslim influence are you talking about?
    Can you provide evidence that President Obama had his record sealed?
    How can you possibly think that the official birth certificate released by the state of Hawaii is forged?
    Congress will not take up these issues because there is NO evidence to support the position.

    You have been given the Kool-aid and drank it up with zeal.

  • picnicfun

    Obama was selected the head of the law school’s journal. SOMEONE had to know him.

  • Asgard928

    Your response proves we conservatives are the good guys and the liberals are the degenerate bad guys. No KoolAid just good old fashioned common sense. Sounds like you need to pour some truth serum in your ears so you know it when you hear it. It may not help though because like most liberals; you won’t even look at the other side whereas most conservatives, as disgusting as it is to hear, do listen to the hogwash being spewed on the liberal news outlets aka the Main Stream Media. Did you get a tingle up your leg like Chris Mathews did? Freaky and creepy.

  • Robert Ray

    Actually, I did go to some Conservative sites on this matter and found that they have either no reputable or verifiable sources for their claims.

    By the way, nice job deflecting my questions. Can you address those?

  • Asgard928

    Nah. I learned a long time ago that debating with a liberal is a waste of time and energy. The thought processes are just too different and it’s a no win scenario for both sides so what’s the point.

  • a_priceblue

    Yeah, and YOUR POINT IS???????? The Snopes article does NOT defend BO in the least!!! If anything, it ‘CONFIRMS’ , in my mind, that Wayne Allyn Root is correct!!!!!

  • Robert Ray

    That is the difference between you and me. I find debate useful to not only the debaters, but also the larger audience. If anyone takes useful information from a discussion, then it was worth the effort.

    I am also willing to change my position based on new evidence. It appears, sadly, that you are not. That is why you and others like you will continue to repeat debunked theories.

    Since it appears that we are at an impasse, I bid you good day.

  • TheAmishDude

    You’ll note that none of this, including his Ex-Roommate’s recollections, includes attending a regular class. No one doubts that he lived in New York at the time and it is clear that he was registered as a student and graduated. But it is quite possible that every class he “attended” was independent study.

  • TheAmishDude

    I had applied for a job after I had become tenured professor at one university. They asked for my transcripts — including my undergraduate transcripts. This is common in applying for jobs.

  • Dee Dunbar

    more of that made up utopian life he came from and lives in! you know the ones with unicorns and rainbows! like every photoshopped picture of a life he made up!

  • Dale_G1

    Maybe Barry meant Columbia University in Boguta. After all he was a pot head back then. Maybe he’s just having one of those Cheech and Chong memories.

  • Abu Daoud

    Wow, very interesting! And I hope someone can get to the bottom of this…

  • SmokingReb

    IMHO not voting for anyone does not solve anything and is one reason we’re in the mess we’re in. If you want to make changes, you have to vote for individuals, not parties, those walk the walk in terms of what you believe in. They won’t always get every single issue “right” but when you look at the alternatives of who will win without your vote, it makes holding your nose easier. Those who withhold their votes to prove a point are one reason Romney didn’t win in 2012. What has that done to improve the situation?

  • glennmcgahee

    Truer words were never spoken.

  • sunnytimes

    Your medical records are NOT sealed if an insurance company wants to see them, even without your permission. Doctors also talk to each other, just like attorneys do; each share information they are NOT suppose to, but they do anyway because they only have to deny if questioned. Same as ‘with hold adjudication on your records” BS!!! I had several speeding tickets: all were considered with hold adjudication. I went to court for another speeding ticket and the judge showed me all of those tickets that were NOT suppose to be seen. Those tickets were nothing but speeding, no accidents; on the road sales point A to point B, pedal to the metal. so do not believe that your medical records are sealed because they aren’t.

  • Patrick Dugan USMC (Ret.)

    This president’s entire life is a lie! Now even the Worshiping Minions of their Messiah are realizing that he has betrayed their trust with spying on them, lying about Obamacare and supporting those who deceive the American public ( IRS, NSA and a racist, corrupt DOJ)

  • fedup222

    Snopes is a “left wing” website. Here is the guy on video telling the story

  • bynbel

    Professional investigators concluded that the birth certificate that Obama eventually released was was Photoshopped and the on going investigation by AZ law enforcement will end up in the courts in spite of Obama’s people trying everything they could to get the sheriff leading the investigation removed. We have a President who seems to lie every time he opens his mouth. In the meantime his “Czars” are busy at work destroying our economy, weakening our military, keeping us dependent on foreign oil and destroying healthcare. So for those of you who claim “what does is matter anyway,” it matters a great deal to the survival of this country and the freedom of all Americans. The fact that so little is actually known about this President that is verifiable is very troubling. His close association with the Muslim Brotherhood (to the extent that they are advising him in the White House and Homeland Security) enemies of our country must be looked into. It all smells a lot like treason.

  • bynbel

    He can instruct them to be unsealed, just like everyone who applies for a job that requires transcripts does

  • bynbel

    Peaceful resistance may be the better route. We should take a lesson from the unions. A strike or slow down nation wide would deprive the government of the revenue they need to continue what they are doing and force them to deal with us. Its telling that Sebilious had to resort to extortion in trying to fund and advance implementation of Obamacare. Starve the beast and we can influence what they do. We should also stop playing nice and charge Obama and his merry radicals with treason.

  • bynbel

    It is not hard to imagine that money and a sympathetic Leftist ideology can produce a Columbia diploma.

  • bynbel

    Time to stop being politically correct and call it what it is: treason. Now is there anyone in Congress that has the courage to bring up charges? We the People can also take an active roll here by starving the beast. Its time we start a slow down, stop the money from flowing into the government coffers. A national call in sick day or maybe a week or more! Stop supporting companies like GE. Try to stop buying products made in China. Look for products made in the US and support them. Put Verizon out of business.

  • bynbel

    You are quite right, we must focus on America, but adding that the professor hates Israel is relevant if you want to question the veracity of his statement. He has a motive to lie.

  • bynbel

    To be a President in this country you have to be a natural born citizen. Questions regarding Obama’s birth are not racist. Professional investigators now say that the birth certificate Obama finally produced was Photoshopped. Every politician is not a private person like you and I. His public role demands disclosure of things like education, history, etc. For the President to refuse to allow college transcripts, Selective Service info or student financing info is very unusual. Demanding that info has nothing to do with race. If you recall John McCain produced his birth certificate as had many others in the past. You cannot attribute every criticism of Obama to race. He has placed many Leftist radicals in positions of great power and they are using their positions to destroy this country.

  • Roberta

    We’re all told how ‘special’ 0bama is.. How he stands out in a room. His special gift as an orator.. Yet no one remembers him? Hmmmm.. No wonder he keeps his Columbia records private. There aren’t any.

  • Brandon Ruiz

    yea I guess I just missed where Bill Clinton, George W Bush Jr, were asked to verify all these documents. Hint: it never really happened they weren’t asked for it but you may find some. I did a search on a few places for what presidents had given or had this information demanded and I get no results. Furthermore, John McCain presented his as a reactionary measure he didn’t just present it. initially he did it when this whole craziness started as a political move. Obama had to show his birth certificate to even run and people had to have felt satisfied with it when he decided to run.Saying he needs to ignoring the fact that he had to as part of the application process does not disqualify racial motives when he is asked to provide unnecessary proof.

    I would love for you to find where a president’s college records were demanded and subsequently presented. The only difference presented from these individuals to Obama is the skin color as other presidents made staff choices that weren’t agreed with. BTW the only thing statistically shown to be destroying this nation is corporate interests dictating politics. Our economy right now is the result of republican policies that were short sighted or for corporate benefit. Here is the facts that aren’t disputed by anyone but you:

    - There was a substantial surplus when George Bush entered office . We were in a deficit after bush.
    - George Bush entered during a real estate and economic boom.

    - Obama who you seem to hate for his policies has actually finished more of his campaign promises then anyone in recent administration.

    - Job Growth went down sharply under Bush.

    So when you have facts and not conjecture I’ll look at the idea that Obama ruined this country. Furthermore I proved earlier that noone else has had to provide these type of records. What I find even more amusing is that Columbia giving his transcripts are a crime and his records are not even sealed by the courts as everyone agrees ( So untill anyone shows proof as to their claims I can safely say they are just full of it, the amount of conspiracy thinking , the amount of hoops people believe they are entitled to have him walk through and etc show unnaturally prejudicial thinking. Noone has any claim for why he needs to present this besides rules that they feel are entitled to but has not been used in any previous presidency.

  • Maximus Max

    I am aware of Arpaio and Zullo’s work. Nothing to date has come of any of it, and thanks to the blundering and flailing about of one Olry Taitz, no other case of any kind pertaining to this matter will ever even make it to conference before the SCOTUS.

    Myself, although I firmly believe that at LEAST the document is fake, for whatever reason that may have been done, this issue is as dead as Elvis.

  • A concerned american

    You know, I’m tired of posting comments about how I feel about the acting president, everyone complains-even a few members of congress but no one does anything.
    I believe he enter the office illegally in many ways but who cares? As long as they have power and positions (congress) they aren’t going to be a racist and challenge him. It’s a waste of time, effort and utility complaining. No one cares and those that do haven’t the power to remove him.

  • Jules

    I agree that peaceful resistance should be the goal. But, I feel that Obama has morphed DHS into his own private domestic army…like HE’s preparing for a revolution.

  • itz

    So you are saying that only 2 people actually remember seeing Obama in the whole class of ’83 and that is enough for you to believe?

  • debulator

    Sadly this story will never go anywhere because the media is swimming in the same toxic vat as our president and the rest of his administration. The moral decay is sickening.

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  • melvin polatnick

    It does not matter anymore where he came from, the important thing now is how to stop him from wiretapping the conversations of ordinary Americans. The freedom of information act should make the administration cough up and wipe clean all the data accumulated by the NSAs recording of a billion private phone chats.

  • David_Hunt

    Then why is it that within a week or two of Rick Perry jumping into the Presidential race the MSM had his college transcript – one assumes before he gave permission? And even if he DID give permission, why is it that Barackus Rex is so scared to give his?

  • thomas moore

    Who cares? It doesn’t matter where he went to school, where he was born, or anything similar. What matters is whe he thinks and does and the effect it has on the country.

  • Christian Kemp

    I am guessing this story was fabricated by the same people that still believe he does not have an American birth certificate.

  • Jeff Hersom

    “fulfill his promises in regard to… Bush/Cheney’s fake war and illegal prisons”

    How’s that working out for you?

  • William2010

    ccmmaarr your statement, “He tried that [release his records] with his birth certificate and the people who believe he is not an American citizen claim the document to be false …. . ”

    The “Birther” phenomenon has revealed a lack of knowledge by the public, and a clear misrepresentation of the facts. You have betrayed your ignorance of the case as well.

    No, Obama did NOT reveal his birth certificate … at first. He, and his operatives, presented phony documents, exactly as those challenging the authenticity of the alleged “Birth Certificate” claimed.

    This avoidance continued for several years before another “Birth Certificate” was presented and Obama himself claimed that he did, finally, present his real, authentic, official birth certificate. In doing so he proved that he, and his operatives were lying and actively working to deceive the public and marginalize as idiots and kooks those who saw through the ruse and point out that the “Birth Certificate” was not, in fact, an official, authentic “Birth Certificate.” The simple fact that Obama and his worshippers DID reveal the “Real” birth certificate does prove that they were lying all along, had presented a fake to begin with, and that those whistle blowers who were mocked were actually correct all along.

    Is the last so-called birth certificate the real thing? Who really knows?” We have ample reason to be suspect, for Obama and his cultists already proved they were lying in their previous incarnations of his birth certificate. Moreover, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the liars who presented fake certificates doctored another. When aspects of the most recent form appear to be doctored, it is not unreasonable to embrace skepticism on the issue.

    Was Obama born in the USA? Maybe. Is it possible that he was born outside the USA and is not a legal citizen of the USA? Of course it is. His parentage, ancestry, and movement through various continents and nations-states does reinforce the possibility that Obama is an illegitimate citizen.

    Based on the corruption, lies, fabrications, and animosity that Obama has expressed and manifested against the US and US citizens, whether he is illegal or not, he has behaved as a person who does not truly love the USA and her traditions and values, but embraces deep seated venom and hostility, even malevolence, toward US citizens, the US Constitution, and US values and History.

  • Susan Daniels

    Why does’t either of the hospitals in Hawaii claim he was born there? There are only two possibilities for birth hospitals and neither have a plaque, a sign, anything proclaiming that he was born there.

  • Susan Daniels

    He worked for a CIA front company, Business International Corporation in 1984-85, according to his resume. And it claims he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard. If so, why not show his grades?

  • Steve Prelgovisk

    Is there a graduating class photo and is he in it?

  • Leila

    You mention several times that no one remembers seeing him or meeting him, but what about seeing his name anywhere? That’s a lot of times how I learned of high-performing students in college, when I would see their name on honor rolls or newsletters or articles about their trips to meet the Dalai Lama, that kind of thing. Maybe if a preponderance of the documents, newspapers, honor rolls, anything and everything produced by the Poli Sci department and Pre Law program during that time could be gathered, it would be more believable. Otherwise, you don’t list out names of people with their response to your questions, you don’t have video of yourself asking them, etc. Kind of a weak foundation from which to speak. I’m not saying you’re lying, I’m just saying you’re not giving us much to go on if we do want to believe you.

  • Christian Kemp

    Don’t present evidence contrary to the story. I mean how could that be possible ;)

  • Christian Kemp

    Why is this still an issue, you don’t think this has been investigated over an over again. And the claim has been found to be wanting.

    Do you know in Hawaii there is a law that does not allow anything public to be named after someone who is still alive?

  • Christian Kemp

    Because then you will require evidence that his grades were not altered by some national wide conspiracy network funded by the CIA. ;)

  • ccmmaarr

    Obama originally requested his birth certificate from the State of Hawaii in 2008 and was provided his Certificate of Live Birth which is, might I add, the exact document ANY person requested a birth certificate gets from the State of Hawaii. It is also referred to as a short form BIRTH CERTIFICATE and is the document that citizens of Hawaii use to get a driver’s license. This is not a “phony” document.

    In order to address the continued questions of folks like yourself, he went back and then requested a long-form certified copy of his birth certificate. Again, not good enough for you. Both documents are official documents from the State of Hawaii– neither of them is phony. And the document is part of the State records.

    “ staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed
    the original birth certificate. We conclude that it meets all of the
    requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship.
    Claims that the document lacks a raised seal or a signature are false.
    We have posted high-resolution photographs of the document as
    “supporting documents” to this article. Our conclusion: Obama was born
    in the U.S.A. just as he has always said.”

  • ccmmaarr

    Did they go directly to the school to get your transcripts? No, they asked you to have them sent to them. That is because it would be illegal for the school to release your transcripts without your express written consent.

  • ccmmaarr

    Correct. He could release his school records if he wished, but he chose not to. Just as Bush chose not to. And the fact that all of those guys have similar school records probably points to the lack of impact school grades from 30 years ago have on your ability to run the country.

  • ccmmaarr

    Nope, what I’m saying is that 2 classmates (and roommates), a professor, multiple fact checked newspaper/magazine articles from reputable sources, his entrance into and graduation from Harvard, publications in school records, his family, etc. all point to him having been there. You are trying to prove a point by claiming the negative. I have given you evidence to the contrary (even one source proves the positives). The burden of proof is now on you to show that those people were lying …

  • RickZ

    Sorry, G.W. Bush did release his college records.

  • ccmmaarr

    Incorrect. They were leaked to the New Yorker Magazine in 1999, not released. Which was honestly kind of silly because the leaked grades just confirmed what he had already stated publicly — that he was a mediocre student (like many other presidents … both republican and democrat). And, by the way, I think the leak was unethical and if the person who leaked them was caught, I would hope s/he would be prosecuted.

  • ccmmaarr

    That is very true. But taking action to actively SEAL information connotes a very different attitude than defaulting to information not being publicly available. I think it’s deceptive to insinuate that action was taken to seal the President’s school record.

  • ccmmaarr

    Executive Order 12667 was issued by President Reagan in January 1989. It limited the release of certain documents by the National Archives and Records Administration at the discretion of the President of the United States. In 2001, George W Bush signed EO 13233 which INCREASED the power of the President’s ability to limit the release of documents.

    The document you have posted is Executive Order 13489 which was signed by Barack Obama in January 2009. This Order revokes President Bush’s EO 13233 and re-establishes President Reagan’s Executive Order 12667 (i.e. the language for the EO 13489 is the same as the language for EO 12667). It also revokes Executive Order 13233 (George Bush’s order). So it actually had the opposite effect of what you are claiming by increasing the public’s access to documents…it did not decrease it.

    All of this information regarding the Executive Orders is public information so please search on it to verify what I am saying.

  • ccmmaarr

    I’m with you Gato.

    We have named three people who remember him from Columbia University: Professor Michael Barron, student Phil Boerner, and student Sohale Siddiqi. Here’s a fourth I found: Cathie Currie.

    Here is his birth certificate:

    Here are stories with pictures and multiple people saying they remember Obama at Harvard:

    While no one has a copy of the thesis, Obama’s professor Michael Baron read it and remembers it (though he doesn’t have a copy). BTW, I don’t have my college thesis, and I bet no one else does either, but that doesn’t prove I didn’t go there.

    No one sees anyone’s transcripts without them being released by the student. Not releasing them doesn’t prove someone did not attend the school (though, admittedly, releasing them WOULD be positive proof someone attended … though no more so than the graduation declarations both Harvard and Columbia have already issued).

    Here is a Chicago Tribune article where multiple people who went to Obama or taught him in Hawaii are quoted:

    There is your evidence. And, btw, this also is exactly what GATO is saying … all of these things I’m presenting to you have names, dates, facts, etc. All of what Sandy and the rest are saying is innuendo and trying to create absence. You can’t prove a negative, you can only prove a positive. An analogy might be that secularists may say that God does not exist, but they cannot prove that God does not exist so it’s not a valid argument.

  • ccmmaarr

    BTW, here are articles with dozens of people who talk about having grown up with and/or gone to college with Obama. And there are specific names and verifiable facts in here:

    I agree with you Brandon. Let’s talk about real issues rather than ridiculous, specious personal attacks that have been proven already to have no veracity.

  • ccmmaarr


    Not every candidate has released their school transcripts. Some have and some have not. My guess is if he released his transcripts you would claim they are forgeries like you do with his birth certificate…

    … which, by all accounts (Republican, Democrat, and other) is decidedly not fake:

    I’m not saying the people who didn’t know Obama in college are conspiracy theorists. I’m saying YOU are a conspiracy theorist. There are dozens of people who say they have grown up with, taught, and gone to school with Obama. But each time someone claims this you find a reason to discredit him/her that is not based on any verifiable fact. Here are some articles on the people who have known Obama:

    I’ll tell you the one part of your email that IS correct. It is silly when people are so blind that they willfully ignore all manner of evidence that they have so completely been made fools of.

  • Brandon Ruiz

    I replied to this but of course my post was deleted, thats the 2nd time so I am making this really short. It is not usual to give this information. Before Obama changed a law there was executive orders against it as another poster has said. The information you state was already given pre-race and was deemed satisfactory. Transcripts were never really part of that. McCain gave his as a reactionary measure and many noticed he was not born in the US proper but in Panama. Yes I can when they are unfounded you are placing higher emphasis on his ethnicity then his positions. The college thing, the muslim thing and the birth certificate have all been proven false.

    As an example I have problems with Obama and my problems have to do with his corporate leanings. I know thats not a problem isolated to Obama as most politicians are not working for the people but the corporations. Things I would like to see are the denial of corporate welfare to big businesses (companies that make more than 5 mil in profits after expenses are taken out), an employee to profits rule wherein corporations would have to hire a new employee for all profits made over a certain amount (as an example for simplicity’s sake when their profits go over 10 mil hey are forced to hire a new employee if its 20 mil 2 new employees).

    I don’t like that he passed a bill protecting Mosanto a corporation that has been making us sick for years. I’m a more socialist leaning person because in practice they have more stable economies and their people are better off. We are 10th in economic mobility (basically the american dream) because we let corporations have higher rights than individuals. This was caused Pre-Obama wherein Bush Jr started with a surplus and ended with a huge deficit including the Iraq war which any normal person knows the country don’t want us there and Saddam was no threat to us. This resulted into nice paychecks for Halburton though which had a no-bid contract to supply our military.

    I can justify why I am against Obama I don’t need to go into where he went to school, where he was born because I am directly critiquing his job as president , and the policies he enacts. What is trying to be proven here is not that he is ineffective at his job but a few things that show more paranoid delusional thinking than anything:
    A) There is a conspiracy through the school, and/or government saying that he went to a school he never attended.
    B) Wherein he supposedly has those factors under his control instead of showing a document that can easily be forged he instead seals his school records. (Except in reality they aren’t sealed)
    C) That he couldn’t graduate college by himself so he bought his degree (if that was true I think all the rich by now would have Columbia Degrees)

    So when you approach this with this paranoid set of thoughts instead of real critiques of his job as a president I don’t see another option then to infer that it is racially motivated because thats all that you have left me to see.

    Despite my misgivings about the president (which basically amount to hiring him to be a superhero and forgetting to ask if he could fly) he has been the best president in my lifetime second only to Bill Clinton. He has made good on most of his campaign promises, he really sheltered us from the big effects of the economic recession, and he has worked with an unwilling congress and senate who have attempted to filibuster him more during his terms then United States history has seen filibusters. What is really sad to me is that he has had meetings with republicans to tell them of cuts he made in proposed bills that they didn’t even know about which means a large part of congress and the senate are not doing their jobs of evaluating the bills before them.

    I don’t have much hope for this nation but hopefully maybe we’ll see a resurgence in policies targeting the austerity in America. I think if we don’t we will find corporations bring us to the point of economic collapse and then bounce for China or the next flavor of the next 50 years. They already have done similar things to Ireland and most people from other developed countries want no part of American Life. We’re in a bad way and if we don’t focus on the real issues like austerity, the threats to our privacy etc we will just be a footnote in history I’d say by the time my life ends.

  • ccmmaarr

    Lol. That’s awesome! Seriously … people really need to check their facts before they start basing entire arguments on them…that’s my main problem here.

  • Jim Morris

    Did you read “who” authored this article? A person in his (the Prez.) graduating class. Not a person who dis-likes him either. Just someone out of 30 more graduates that don’t remember him at all. Also, NO, it wasn’t investigated over and over, because the records are sealed and have been, even before He was elected Prez. The only thing wanting is the majority of Americans, who would really love to know! She didn’t say “named after him”, she said “a plaque, a sign, anything proclaiming that he was born there.”

  • Christian Kemp

    Conspiracy theories abound about the Birth Certificate of the President. For some reason conspiracy theorists still just cant accept him as president for whatever reason.

  • Maximus Max

    Name me a candidate that has spend the kind of money the O has on hiding his entire background, and give me ONE plausible reason, other than of course that he has something to hide, why he would do so.

    It’s not by all accounts. Not by a long shot.

    And of course I’m not saying the man doesn’t exist. I’m simply saying he is not who he claims to be, nor whom you believe him to be. You can find lots of people who grew up with Joseph Stalin as well, and they’ll probably all tell you “he was just the cutest little boy who would never hurt a fly”.

    And thanks, quoting a person is the highest form of flattery.

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  • Sam Spade

    I am a licensed private investigator with level II secret clearance with the Canadian government. I have a number of friends and colleagues around the globe from law enforcement and intelligence backgrounds. One such acquaintance is now a retired FBI special agent. He has privately confirmed with me that the FBI, the CIA and the NSA all know that Obama was not born in Hawaii. However, to impeach him now would mean widespread riots by millions of blacks and Hispanics that would turn US cities into war zones and create social and economic chaos that only the implementation of martial law could contain.

    America has the most dishonest, deceptive, deceitful and dangerous leader in its history. His radical plan for the destruction of America simply involves economic stagnation, crippling taxes, the implementation of Obamacare, the death of true entrepreneurship and the complete dependence of millions of Americans on the state for their very survival. His only regret is that he has a mere three years to finish the job, although he may (a) seek a third term via an act of Congress or (b) ensure that the Democrats will continue to rule by continuing to provide unsustainable government funded programs, financial handouts, and turn a blind eye to illegal immigration.
    All true patriotic Americans MUST take their country back before it’s too late.

  • jh1289

    I wouldn’t do that. There is no purpose. Losers on the internet will just try to tear it apart.

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  • Dorian Grey

    RickZ you are an ugly three-fourths human-ape N****R. Mr. Bush wouldn’t have a monkey like you lick his toilets or come anywhere near his wife. Go eat your bananas you monkey. Go screw your monkey sister. Your mother is a fat pig N****R and a whore.

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  • RickZ

    I see I have an internet stalker in Dorian Grey. Just remember mutherflucker, you are a prima facie example of why there is a 2nd Amendment. Keep pushing, pal, and you’ll be pushing up daisies. And I won’t have to do it. You’ll piss off somebody in meat space and they’ll take care of ‘The Dorian Grey Problem’ for me. For free.

  • Dorian Grey

    F**K you Beeyatch. You will be pushing up daisies, not me. Somebody will take out the “RickZ sub-human” for me for free mutherflucker.

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  • ZaMan

    Wow. Just when I thought the racist right couldn’t get anymore sick and hateful, you prove me wrong AND right!

    You are a hateful racist bigoted scumbag and nothing more….expect a bigot and a hypocrite. Such a bunch of hateful, disgraceful people that could make the KKK blush!!

    Spoken like a true racist black hating scumbag, my friend.

    It must really make you sick that a black man is in the White House sullying your lily white world?

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  • Pingback: Obama is 100% Red, White & Blue American Born - Page 3

  • Marti Settle

    Conspiracy theories abound because Obama was not born in Hawaii, never attended Columbia University and is NOT a legal citizen since he was adopted in Indonesia and never was un-adopted. Lots of reasons to wonder why idiots like you accept his word at face value. His entire background is a mystery.

  • Christian Kemp

    Yet the birth certificate has been shown, and yet its still denied.
    What evidence will you accept?

  • Christian Kemp

    Oh and yeh, thanks for showing debating ability by already calling someone an idiot and not backing up claims with facts. I showed my facts where are yours.

  • Bodinky100

    You are completely deluded and haven’t a clue to the realities of this complete fraud that is Barry Soetoro. His birth certificate if you can call it that is nothing but a complete forgery. Experts in forgery and Adobe illustrator have completely shredded the document as a complete forgery, just like he is. You are a cult member and your dear leader is Obama. Your world view cannot tolerate anything that contradicts and opposes the vey idea that Obama is a great leader, when in reality all the evidence, incontrovertible evidence clearly exposes him as a chronic habitual liar with a devious and secretive past that doesn’t pass the test of truth. You white upper middle class white liberals are so full of racial guilt that you have done everything to support him with fantatical worship and blind obedience and are letting him destroy America and all that is good because of this delusional guilt. His ratings are at the lowest of any president, 39% today. The American people have had enough of this deceiver and they aren’t going to put up with it much longer, you better believe that. The day of him hiding behind his skin colour for his crimes are coming to an ubrupt end!

  • Christian Kemp

    I think it was the reptilian order in conjunction with the Illuminati, that foresaw his birth in Egypt that made them do it. After all they and the devil are behind the fossils that counteract the creation story in Genesis.

    We can see the proof and follow it to its logical conclusion.

  • Bodinky100

    Get some help bro, clinical help because you need it. Wow your slave like worship of this guy is worse than any other cult of personality dictator worship through out history I have ever seen. You are a zealot and a fanatic beyond words, your in battles with everyone on this forum. Seriously you should just move to North Korea, you’d fit right in!

  • Christian Kemp
  • Mickie Metzger

    He is a lying liar. Period.

  • Matt Beeman

    You get your facts from Snopes. LOL now I know you’re a dumbass!

  • tolduso

    years before he became president, PBS aired a documentary about how to condition someone to be a president. and the star of the show was Obama. at the time that I viewed it, it reminded me of that eddie murphy movie . I have looked for this clip since he stated he was running for president but cant find it. that clip would be proof enough to prove all his lies if it surfaced. just an FYI for someone who has the means to located it.

  • Jack MeHoff

    why are his records concealed why doesn’t he allow the American people to see it if he has nothing to hide!? You Christian Kemp are nothing but a disciple of stupidity! You are a follower of a Trader Obama needs to be tried for treason and hung!

  • Cynthia Brultz Zimmerman

    Boy you talk pretty big hiding behind your ‘guest’ designation.
    Why don’t you use your real name coward? RickZ is more of a human than YOU are. You are just a pathetic lonely troll who doesn’t have a life. Too bad. Go smoke your crack asshole.

  • Cynthia Brultz Zimmerman

    Sure, but he could have them released. Why not? Because he’s scared people will say they are forged? So what? Lame excuse!!! He doesn’t want people to see how poor his grades were. Would people have a field day with that? SURE! He didn’t attend any classes, the prof (minus one) don’t remember him, his classmates don’t remember him, they covered for him at the administrative level. Barry is used to manipulating the system to his benefit. He is used to lying, defrauding and deceiving. He is an expert. If he has nothing to hide, why let us all sit back and speculate, why not just clear the air?? The answer to that is HE CAN’T.

  • Christian Kemp

    No, I am just not naive enough to believe one fool who started a conspiracy theory. Something that most real newspapers have cited as absolute trash. But continue believing and get the aluminium hat.

  • flatbedbill

    I KNEW it! I knew he never went to Columbia. I also stringly believe this is ONE of the reasons
    he sealed his records! No matter – the truth ALWAYS comes out eventually. Life seeks resolution,
    and you, soteru, are BUSTED!

  • flatbedbill

    Guess you missed when HE HIMSELF admitted he was not born in the States, or Hawaii, but in Kenya. I saw it. This arrogant bastard ran his campaign from the begining on a fraudulent premise. He knew the constitutional requirement.


    sounds fishy

  • Jim Runyans
  • Brian Pierce

    If you went to Columbia university for real you would be proud to show it off, If sumone called you out on being a liar you would throw the records up in there face. NOT spend a couple million and make it a crime to investigate Obama school records, OH yes you didn’t know its a crime, there have already been 6 people that are serving a few yrs for investigating Obama records. Just like Obama said Only people who hide something, Don’t want the truth to come out.

  • Brian Pierce

    Christain next he will be saying the jewish Holocaust didn’t happen and you will be right there saying maybe it didn’t right. get a life respect others and don’t fall for the lies, You being an adult, should know you cannot believe everything a person says especially a politicians. christain with all the scandals maybe you need to search out in your head there maybe something wrong here. And don’t tell me you believe Clinton when he said I did not have sexual relations with that woman, then 30 days later come on tv and say yes I did I lied. One thing is to get caught another things is to lie, now Obama screwed the whole country health care system did work now it is dysfunctional.

  • Brian Pierce

    Some of the people here always tell the rest of us that have our eyes open and see the deception of Obama. every pres evenb bill Clinton has a plaque or sign or sumthing that says Bill Clinton Born here, Richard Nixon born here, Arkansas home of Bill Clinton. I don’t see any sign anywhere in Hawaii or America says anything about Obama. This is the only sign you can find really sad, to be a liar and everyone knows it.

  • OvidiuGOA

    am i the only one who finds it totally ironic that the first black president of the us is named HUSSEIN, that Obama sounds a hell of a lot like Osama and that neither name is in the least bit american ?

  • OvidiuGOA

    after all he did, a 39% rating is still huge, there are more dumb sheeps out there then i thought. As for him paying for his deceptions, i don’t think we will get to see it, it will never happen.

  • Tina Elliott Brown

    here’s something that is NOT the same for everybody..Obamacare..he and his admin. are exempt..How’s it working for you?

  • Wade Davis
  • James Birchfield

    Ovomit was planted here by his Muslim Brotherhood handlers with false credentials to overthrow our government. Plain and simple. And the azzsucking media won’t dig into it for fear that they’ll lose access to the White House??? C’mon! What’s happened to our nation??

  • avnrulz

    It’s not a question of naming the hospital for hi; read the comment. Every other president has plaques, commemorations, etc, but neither hospital claims to have birthed him, we just have a flagrantly falsified document claiming he was there.

  • avnrulz

    Snopes has been shown to be funded by big lib donors, so, Like Neal Boortz always said, look it up for yourself. Ever wonder why he won’t release his college transcripts? Remember the hay that was made with Al Gore’s and George W. Bush’s transcripts when they were released? Not a peep about Obama, ‘the smartest guy in the room’ with no proof.

  • Bri

    Ok, I don’t know if he did or didn’t but no one in my graduating class knows me. I did a lot of directed study and skipped up into their class based on test scores. My major had 8 and not a one recognized me at the reunion. I hung out with older and younger students. That doesn’t mean I didn’t graduate from my college, it just means I didn’t do so traditionally.

  • Tired taxpayer

    I think the ‘creme’ has curdled, “Keep in mind these people I spoke to are all- to a man and woman- dedicated liberal Democrats who voted for Obama. I’m guessing 90% are major Democrat contributors. My Columbia classmates are the crème of the crop of American society. Lawyers, doctors, billionaire hedge fund members, stars of the media. They adore Obama. But they all admit they never met him in their four years at Columbia. I am proud of my classmates for their honesty and integrity.” This author thinks they are the ‘creme’ of America… This is the real cream…the military person that defends this country, the janitor that cleans schoolrooms or hospital rooms, the bus driver, the plumber and the electrician, the fast food worker and the sales clerk are the ‘creme’ of America. NOT these self absorbed, egotists that think they are the end all and be all of America. P.S. there are millions of us out there that knew along time ago the Barack is a fraud, why is it taking so many others out there so long to realize it?? Didn’t that fancy, high dollar education you received at Columbia help you at all???

  • Rusty

    all acts/ bills/treaties/laws he has signed become null and void, should the truth of his birth come out. I have my own theory regarding his being given Citizenship though he was not born in the US. which would actually give him Dual Citizenship and make him still eligible for foreign student status.

  • Rusty

    “Graduate Roster”

  • jane

    hmmm, sounds weard alright. do you think he took on someone else’s identaty? that is happening a lot. and is he really a united states citizen? something is not right, maybe we the people should demand and petition for his personal records of birth and school be shown once and for all.

  • al707

    no Christian I don’t think it has been investigated at all. Why did he keep his college records sealed ask yourself that. You can see the college records of other presidents why not Obamas?

  • al707

    what facts did you show Chrisitan, those are not facts it’s just what you believe. Here is a good way to look at it for you. Pretend Obama is Bush and Bush did all this kept his records sealed said he graduated from Columbia but not one person in his graduating class ever knew him. I bet your thinking would be a lot different.

  • al707

    It’s a fake Christian, just like everything about Obama is a fake. How hard is it to fake a Birth Cert. It’s not hard at all. They don’t have it at the hall of records in Hawaii. It’s the magic Birth Cert that appeared miraculously

  • avallliere

    My question: If, in fact, Barry went to Columbia on a FOREIGN VISA – how can he be President of WE THE PEOPLE’S AMERICA????? How are you a foreigner in one breath and a born in America citizen the next breath????? And, since no one saw him at Columbia – is this just another lie out of the mouth of Meat Head? I was born in Hawaii, I have a REAL Hawaiian birth certificate and it looks nothing like anything posted for Barry. So, at least we can say he does one thing like an expert….LIE LIE AND LIE SOME MORE…the story of Barry Owebumber!!!!! The biggest scam ever to AMERICA!

  • Peggie Geiger

    I can’t believe that those who choose to run for president don’t HAVE to release all that sort of information. I can’t believe that order isn’t already in place. Certain things should need to be proved. If a president needs to be born in the U.S. to run for office I believe it should be mandatory to show such records in order to run. If we ever get rid of Obama I think it should definitely be mandatory from here on in.

  • Christian Kemp

    No I would say conspiracy theorists are up to their stupidity again. This has got nothing to do with policies, this has got to do with a conspiracy theory.

    BTW since the birth certificate story has been shown to be wrong, now the conspiracy has moved to the university transcripts, and after it will move to something else.

  • Christian Kemp

    BTW since the birth certificate story has been shown to be wrong, now
    the conspiracy has moved to the university transcripts, and after it
    will move to something else.

  • Christian Kemp
  • Christian Kemp


  • Christian Kemp

    BTW since the birth certificate story has been shown to be wrong, now
    the conspiracy has moved to the university transcripts, and after it
    will move to something else.

  • Christian Kemp

    What does history have to do with this conspiracy?

    BTW since the birth certificate story has been shown to be wrong, now
    the conspiracy has moved to the university transcripts, and after it
    will move to something else.

  • shara70

    What is amazing is that with all the conflicting and confusing anecdotes, evidence and lack thereof, you have NO intellectual curiosity. You are his devoted syncophant and nothing else matters. That is pretty sad.

  • shara70

    My, what a good little proselyte you are!

  • shara70

    I am just waiting for the Barrybagger cult to set up a mosque in Barry’s honor. Maybe Christian could be the Iman? He is ON FIRE for his lord and savior! Praise be to giver of life…BARRY! Chrisitian..can I get a BIG AMEN??

  • dubyads

    I’m thinking he was taking his courses “on-line”….yeah, that’s the ticket!

  • shara70

    and he even links SNOPES!! What a good devotee! Did you do your midday prayers facing the whitehouse today? A golf course will do in a pinch! Maybe if you are a good boy, Obama will transverse your inner sanctum in the glorius halls of the Chicago bathhouse! One can aspire to such a crown of glory!!!! Don’t give up boy! Be faithful! Be strong in Lord Barry’s name!

  • shara70

    Yep! Case in point…Barry apostle extrodinaire…CHRISTIAN! The leading Barrybagger apologist! He is working towards his inner rectum of his inner sanctum, consecrated by Barry himself, ceremony! No one worships King Barry as deeply and handedly as Christian! Balls deep!

  • Christian Kemp

    No intellectual curiosity? Sorry I think my publication record speaks for itself.

  • flamengo1265

    Yeah he went to Columbia……just like you can keep your health insurance and your doctor if you like them, Benghazi happened because of a video and he didn’t know anything about Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal or the NSA spying on our allies.

  • Christian Kemp

    Go get the aluminium we need to make hats.

  • shara70

    HAHAHAHA..your ” How I Prepare my Boudoir for Barry” doesn’t count and neither does your article “Oh, Barry….Laissez-moi vous satisfaire.” But I did get some useful info out of “If only I could be Michelle for a Night!”

  • Bodinky100

    Once he gets off his knees hell get back to you. Seriously these Obama freaks are worse than the most fanatical North Koreans and their worship of Lil’ Kim Jung. You say the slightest criticism of Barry and they lash out like snakes and will even threaten you with violence. And if they could they would throw you in prison and let you rot just like in North Korea, they would. Those Obama zombies are the walking dead, it’s a cult and nothing less!

  • Christian Kemp

    No more to do with fuel cells, photo catalysis, anti cancer drugs etc. all published in credited journals.

  • elizabethmcfarland

    If anyone thinks a University will not lie about someone graduating if enough money is offered to them, they are dead wrong, and if no one in that class remembers him, then why are they all blind sheep following his socialistic and Muslim ways and ideas because I do not care what all their professions are, it does not make them very smart at all!!! Just book educated which does not make a person specifically intelligent at any time. Sorry, but I do not have a lot of respect for anyone that backs Barry, and since I would never vote for him, he is definitely NOT the president of MY country. He is the greatest imposter that has ever shown his face in politics and all that follow are either brain dead or ignorant and can not think for themselves. At 62 years old I have the right to say exactly what I have said as I do have the wisdom to know truth and honesty in others and I can find none of that in any politicians, particularly most Democrats and any other that are following and supporting Barry!!!!!!

  • al707

    Christian it never moved from the Birth Cert to the college records, the college records were always in play even before Obama was elected but only those that vetted Obama were aware of that.

  • al707

    exactly, that’s what I have never understood, there lack of curiosity to find out if it’s true or not true

  • Debbie Carter Williams

    A president shouldn’t have ANYTHING to hide. PERIOD!

  • Mimi

    He just doesn’t want to admit he was wrong. . .

  • Mimi

    yeah, you said that already. . .

  • MImi

    AGAIN, you’ve already said that. . . blah,blah,blah…..

  • Paul Hawkins
  • Nonya

    Is there a Year Book?

  • Bodinky100

    It wouldn’t matter what source they gave you, you are beyond believing anything or anyone who doesn’t worship your dear leader like you do. Your like a member of a religious cult, Jehovah Witness to be precise. No matter what contradicting evidence and incontrovertible facts you present to them about the lies and false doctrines concerning their religion they will not believe. They are brainwashed like you and believe without any doubt and no one can tell them different. Let me ask you something Kemp? What would it take for you to oppose Obama and admit he is a fraud and what you believed before was a lie. Seriously, what would it take or are you so far gone that there is nothing that can change your mind, I’m curious..??

  • Bodinky100

    His birth certificate was torn to shreds by all the experts in forgery and Adobe. You think because the liberal state media has declared it legit that somehow it just makes it so. He never went to Columbia and the facts show it, not one damn person remembers him, nobody has any remembrance of him whatsoever. I mean the guy is president and yet not one person remembers ever seeing him and no records show him going there. I guess all these people are racist and are just saying that because he’s black, Yeaaaahhh that’s got to be it, there all racist and liars and have bad memories. Did you know Obama invented the disposable camera. Yeah he worked for Fuji in 1986 during a summer intern and invented it while he was there. Now there is no record of him working there made public because all his employment records are all sealed and no other documents relating to the invention are available or made public and no one at Fuji who worked there at that time remembers him but I’m telling you it’s true he did invent the disposable camera and anyone who disagrees with me is nothing but a racist!

  • Christian Kemp

    Drat guess he didn’t go to Harvard either then. As we know Harvard enrols students into their grad school programs with no qualifications all the time.That is why Harvard is such a bad school…… oh,no hang on that’s right, they are a good school, and they require correct qualifications.

  • Christian Kemp

    How about Times magazine or Newsweek. I am not saying they are always perfect but they are reliable.

  • Christian Kemp

    No sources so starts making insults. Well done!

  • Christian Kemp

    I have researched it, and guess where the facts lead. To the fact that he is not a fake.

  • Christian Kemp

    Yeh responding to different people.

  • Bodinky100

    We’re not talking about Harvard were talking about Columbia. Boy you are ignorant and just plain detached from reality! How did he get into Harvard anyway, he was a C student at Occidental, how does a slacker with a C average get into the most prestigious school in America? This should be good!

  • Christian Kemp

    You answered your own question. He went to Columbia got the grades and then went to Harvard. Check and mate.

  • Pingback: Did Obama Actually Graduate From Columbia? Who is Lying?

  • Bodinky100

    You are unreal. He never went to Columbia, this is what is so bizarre about the whole thing and what I have been trying to get through to your thick skull. It was an imaginary school for him and yet he receives imaginary grades that he uses to somehow get into Harvard!! The only school he attended before Harvard was Occidental. I’m done with you, I haven’t got time to waste on a cult member of the religion, Obama’s Witnesses!

  • shara70

    Please give me your sources so that I may convert to your king’s doctrine of salvation!

  • shara70

    Au contraire, devoted Barry-acolyte, Christian. Where are the investigtive articles that show truth to power? The articles that leave no stone unturned when it pertains to holding those above us accountable and to the light of truth regardless of what initial comes after their names. Fuel cells, photo catalysis, anti cancer drugs mean nothing if man is no longer free due to the subjugation of the citizenry by corrupt men who seek to enrich themselves and force the masses to kneel before their ideologies.

  • Christian Kemp

    Throws insults when logic gets to much. Well done.

  • Christian Kemp

    Look at the real document on the white house website. Read what real experts have to say about it not been a fake. Wonder how he got to Harvard on bad degrees from a university that he never went to.

  • Christian Kemp

    You talk about intellectual curiosity, then change the topic when I show you that I am. Why do I bother?

  • Bodinky100

    Yeah, what he said goes for me as well. You are one batshit crazy Obama slave worshipping cult member. Why do some people love to worship evil leaders throughout our history, it must be some deep rooted sickness in man’s psyche. It’s seem the more evil the leader is and the more oppression that is inflicted against the people the more the masses love to worship these ghouls. I am completely puzzle by this, anyone have any answers, I’d like to hear any opinions on this strange human behaviour?

  • shara70

    That is what you put forth from the exhaustive labors expended on your journey towards the truth and the light? Tsk, tsk, Chrisitian…a Barrybagger forever thou shalt be….exhultate justi in the shackles you crave.

  • shara70

    Calling you an “Obama’s Witness” should be a badge of honor to a zealot such as yourself. Kim Jong Un and his Juche devotees have nothing on Barry’s disciples! Que viva el proletariado! Si?

  • Christian Kemp

    IS that a Marx quote?

  • shara70

    Yes! I knew that you would be inspired! You know your doctrines well! Praise be to the grand equalizer, King Barry!! I bet you are feeling it deep in your loins! Amen, brother?

  • Christian Kemp

    Just wondering how you knew it. Thought you were a communist.

  • Kevin Hubbard

    You cite Wikipedia as a source? Give us a break. Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Heck colleges will not allow students to cite it for essays for a reason.

  • Christian Kemp

    And you cite FOX news. Why don’t you go look at the original document at the white house website. Wikipedia has links read the links and don’t take anything as fact. Quickly find out how this conspiracy theory has been propagated by idiots that think you can see Russia from their Alaska house window. Or other idiots that think dropping nukes are a good idea, aka. Donald Trump.

  • Kevin Hubbard

    Funny I don’t remember citing FOX news or anything for that matter. I just called you on citing Wikipedia as a reliable source. As for the links on Wikipedia you’re right those could be reliable. Then maybe you should cite those not Wikipedia.

  • Christian Kemp

    Fair enough. I apologize for my rant.

    Its just that no matter what I cite seems no one is prepared to see the logic.

  • shara70

    Nope, I just read all the time and study history.

  • Clive Smith


  • Manfrom Modesto

    “Obama born here” is not naming the hospital for anyone.

    There is a Marine Corps adage, “When you’re making excuses, any excuse will do.” When you decide you prefer the truth, then you’ll have to work.

  • hitthedeck

    Records or not, he is now a proven liar. The liberals really don’t want to know because they don’t want to look like the fools that they really are.

  • marlio

    a copy of his birth certificate can be found in the British national Archives which are unsealed now, just recently. Because Kenya was a British Colony in 1961.

  • Christian Kemp

    Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital

  • al707

    thank you marlio, would I be able to view that online, do you know?

  • Ron Gilbert

    So because Snopes said it, it must be true right?

  • Ron Gilbert

    If that were true of Obama then why has he never stated that he studied up? Why has he never stated that he did any type of directed study? He has maintained the whole time that he went there and studied and then graduated with the class of 1983.

  • joeysdad

    If he is found to be a foreigner, will all the bills he has signed become null and void? I would hope so.

  • Jakebrake

    Did anyone ever ask if they remember Barry Soetoro as a classmate? That was his name in Indonesia and that may be his real name.
    Why does Mr. Obama have so many fake ID’s? Have a typographer look at that online birth certificate of his. They can quickly spot that it would have taken several typewriters to type it up. There are that many different fonts in it. Why is the Social Security number that he uses not his? Why did he post a Selective Service “Draft” card that is a fake?

  • Pingback: Two Photos Released By Obama's Campaign Website Appear To Be Photoshopped » The Free Patriot

  • amyl29

    it’s not a conspiracy- his whole life is a lie.

  • amyl29

    the colleges are lying for him too if they claim he went there cause he didn’t, Columbia he didn’t attend. I bet he wasn’t even accepted.

  • amyl29

    they’re trying to hide the ‘creation’ story even though it’s true and I have proof. Why I don’t know but they don’t want the public to believe the whole god/devil thing even though it’s true and they’re involved with the other guy
    they aren’t reptilians, it’s demons or something related to lucifer

  • amyl29

    it’s like he dropped to earth in the year 2004 or 2000 or around that time. I don’t even buy the whole Harvard stuff, I think that video is fabricated and if it is real that was the first time anyone saw a guy named ‘barack obama’ , it’s like he was created in a lab/test tube or hidden away somewhere till the year 2004- like he dropped to earth, never had a past, it’s all made up.
    it’s like the spirit of an evil being inhabiting a human body or just like a completely fabricated man made up to appeal to people with a lot of contrived inspiration to get elected.

  • amyl29

    how anyone half intelligent can look at those photos of him from his youth or college days and say they look real or are real is beyond me. I know intelligent people who believe this guy or buy this crap, I find it hard to believe they could looking at that stuff. Either they are in denial or with the guy

  • amyl29

    they’re all lying for that guy just like everyone in the biz is either lying for him or backing him. why? I have no idea, but he must be a pretty important guy to them, regardless of the circumstances.

  • amyl29

    ive researched it too and ya know what I found, he’s completely fake or he’s satan or a precursor to the antichrist, at least that’s what it looks like from what IVE FOUND.

  • amyl29

    WHY DOES he keep everything sealed? COME ON. why would he need to if it wasn’t all bs or he had something to hide

  • amyl29

    he didn’t attend. nobody remembers him, I don’t even think he was accepted. But forget that- everything else is a lie too- I believe he dropped on the planet after 2000 or was hide away somewhere. or is an ‘invention’ that’s it.

  • al707

    so true, he is trying to hide something

  • Christian Kemp

    Nice, you decided he is something (the antichrist), in other words you believe in things that are not even real.

  • Christian Kemp

    If you have the proof publish it in a credited academic journal.

    I find that is the only way to get your message taken seriously.

  • Hello?
  • DankoRamone

    Meh, I’m willing to believe he went there. Nobody remembered him because he was likely unremarkable, shy, withdrawn, quiet, etc. They might’ve encountered him, but only in passing. He did his work, he turned it in, he graduated. Later on, he grew to be someone more capable, confident, and memorable. As far as billionaire hedge fund managers go, they’re going to remember the people they still know, who are of benefit to them, and they’re going to talk about the people they do know, who are very powerful people in their own right. It’s not like these are average folks in middle America, and WOW! Barry grew up to be President!

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  • Charlotte Juett

    Atheist, I think you should study the documentation that was compiled By Arpiao’s Cold Case Posse, including a brief from the Forensic expert used by Obama’s own law firm that the document is a complete forgery.

  • Charlotte Juett

    Snopes has been shown to be wrong more times than not when it comes to politics, particularly Obama

  • Charlotte Juett

    His biography from his first publisher had his birth place as Kenya and was never retracted.

  • Rushpaul Rush

    I can’t accept him as president because he doesn’t respect the laws and is indeed a phony and his whole administration is crooked.
    that’s how I perceive. him.

  • iamanatheistandthisiswhy
  • nosocialism29

    I cant believe that we can’t do anything about this !!

  • CrazyPills

    Lmao Experts in Adobe Illustrator, huh? Wow, you sure sound like you know what you’re talking about. And no, Obama’s current rating is not the lowest of any president. Bush made it into the 20s.

    People like you just say shit regardless of whether it is true, simply to uphold your own pathetic world views.

  • CrazyPills

    Could you possibly be any more dramatic?

  • Oona

    Another idiot. I attended Amherst College & Columbia University for Graduate school. I doubt if anyone in any of my classes would know me. I have never been to a reunion at Columbia nor do I intend too. Idiots such as yourself make it perfectly clear why many have no desire to attend or associate w/ fools like you pretending to be “in the know.”

  • Bodinky100

    Go away troll, go back to Acorn or media matters or the SPLC and tell them you couldn’t convinced anyone on a patriotic Christian web site to believe your commie, left wing atheist bullshit!

  • CrazyPills

    Lol that’s right, anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a troll. Notice how I responded with stone cold facts, and you had no argument? That usually happens when you’re wrong.

    And you are no Christian. Christians are Christ-like, which you are not. By clicking on your profile, I see all you ever do is verbally attack people and complain. You’re hysterical in every single comment. Did your wife recently leave you or something?

    “Putin is no Angel but compared to America he is a saint.” –Bodinky

    And you support Putin! Yet you call everyone a Commie. Could you have your head any further up your own ass? Lmao What a fucking idiot.

  • Pingback: tantric massage london

  • Bodinky100

    Look, why don’t you call your psychiatrist and tell him you need your meds increased, the current dosage is causing you to become detached from reality and it’s making you believe you are intelligent and know what’s really going on when we both know that’s a complete fantasy. Don’t worry little fella liberalism is a disease, it’s not your fault. You’ll feel much better when you get your new dosage, poor little libtard and his delusions!

  • CrazyPills

    Lol Yup. Call your doctor, get your meds. Dude you use that weak ass line over and over. Some grade school shit bro. Get some new material. And stop using run on sentences and poor grammar. It just makes you seem uneducated.

    And by the way, Liberalism is inevitable. Civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, pro-choice rights, socialized health care, etc, etc… when are people like you going to realize that your world is constantly caving in on you? Its good being a Liberal. We win every war we fight. Always.

    Lol Even Creationism incorporates Evolution!! What a bunch of backsliding pussies. Can’t even stick to your own convictions.

    Name a war that Liberals have lost. Seriously, don’t respond unless you can name just one cultural war where Conservatives won. Because, as far as I can tell, we win every time. Ya’ll couldn’t even repeal Obamacare after Congress voted 47 times to do so!! Losers!! You’re all a bunch of fucking losers bro!!! Lolololol

  • Bodinky100

    Name a war liberals have lost? Vietnam genius, LBJ was a democrat and liberal. You libtards and your commie ideals and your Manchurian candidate in the whitehouse are the biggest threat to liberty and freedom in America. Do you have any idea women’s lib was funded by the Rockefellars to get women out of the house to tax them and destroy the family unit? Course you don’t. Are you aware, that the biggest hypocrites and opponents to free speech in America are the LGBT, homosexual movement. They can call Christians every vial name and smear them with all kinds of incriminations and no one says anything because they have freedom of speech however if I say I disagree with the homosexual agenda and lifestyle I’m attacked in the liberal media and called a hate monger and bigot. Gee, what happened to my free speech. Then you say socialized health care and Obamacare are good, are you freaking serious. Since when is your health insurance going up 3 to 500 percent
    Just go to YouTube and type in Obama zombies, it’s an absolute smorgasbord of libtard zombies with blank stares who wouldn’t know austerity measures, debt ceiling, fractional banking from a pop tart. All they can say is Oooobaaahhmaa, like the delusional sheep they are. really pathetic, I’m embarrassed for you. Just crawl away, seriously!

  • Pingback: site

  • CrazyPills

    What the fuck are you talking about. Vietnam? Are you retarded?? First of all I said cultural war, and secondly, there isn’t anyone not he planet that thinks Vietnam was some sort of Liberal agenda item. You are a goddamn idiot lol.

    Like I said, you have no arguments. Just go back to the Westboro Baptist Church bro. You Communist piece of shit.

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