Fan of Fast Food? This Woman Contracted Herpes From Her McChicken Sandwich


A Michigan woman having lunch with her friends at a local McDonalds, got far more than she ordered with her McChicken sandwich.  What she unfortunately found between the burger buns didn’t belong there, although was easily disguised as mayonnaise.

Lisa McDowell, 31, was halfway through the chicken sandwich when she noticed an extra clump of mayonnaise on the side of the bun.  In licking it off, she immediately recognized that it didn’t taste at all like the creamy spread she expected but did recognize the flavor as something else she was familiar

“I’m not gonna lie,” McDowell said. “On Birthdays and holidays I give my man a little something extra in the bedroom, you know? So when I licked the mayo off of the bun, the texture was familiar.”

McDowell immediately brought it to the attention of the manager, who denied the allegations.  Sure of her unfortunate findings, she contacted the local health department to investigate the sick scenario. They sent the “mayo” remains off for testing and the results were positive for 2 different types of semen.Sandwhich2

As insult to injury on the incident, McDowell woke with a giant red rash on the corner of her mouth a few days after having consumed the tainted sandwich. The rash eventually spread and developed into severe blisters.  She sought medical treatment, which returned test results confirmed she had contracted the herpes virus.  McDowell claims the virus was a result of her McChicken sandwich surprise.

The two employees were fired as a result of the sickened customer’s allegations and the positive semen test results. The manager of the McDonald’s added, “We can’t always keep an eye on our employee’s conduct. We can only hope, during the interview process, that we are able to hire employees that meet our companies standards.”


Source: [ ATL Night Spots ]


  • maggie

    omg, and to think I used to like the mcChicken sandwich, I just threw up a little in my mouth!!!!!

  • Larry

    That manager is not telling the whole truth. Sorry but 2 employees doing that on a sandwich would be highly noticeable.

  • Nicole Marie

    On birthdays and holidays only? LOL, poor husband.

  • That Guy

    I’m going to call bullshit on this one. I’ll bet she was cheating on her “man”… the dude told her after they messed around that he had the herps… she planted the jiz on her sandwich one day and then happened to wake up with this strange rash on her mouth. Done… blame McDonald’s, her man doesn’t think she is cheating and a big fat bonus from a lawsuit against McDonald’s.

    I’ve worked in the food and beverage industry for most of my life. I have never seen anybody mess with a customers food. It is an old wives tale that we spit in, jiz in or drop food to get back at stupid customers. Although, there are a LOT of people out there that may need that extra protein shot for being assholes to the person who handles their food.

  • twiglet

    Still gonna chow down McChickens.

  • Chris Hatch

    It’s not an “old wives tale” at all. Just because you haven’t seen it happen doesn’t mean it doesn’t. Good friend of mine worked in fast food and saw it happen herself.

    Don’t know if this one is true or not, but it could well be.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    More like this Nubian contracted herpes from eating some “McDicken” before she got the McChicken.

  • Kenyon
  • Kenyon

    Snopes says false. I don’t always believe Snopes but no other “real” news wire has picked this up.

  • Mariela

    I am going to agree with the BS flags, because no creditable source has broadcasted this story. Regardless, I have already removed myself from the fast food restaurant scene when a customer found spit in their burger… Never again!! YUCK!!! They need to make it mandatory for people to be able to see the entire production of their food… Glass windows , just like Subway, not saying Subway’s ingredients aren’t questionable, but at least you know they aren’t putting anything extra other than what you ask them to.

  • double_over

    Really? I know people do wierd things …but obviously the fact that she sent the sandwhich to the health department and them getting fired ..a setup sounds a little rediculous

  • AL

    Your a freaking dick. No herpes just happens to blow the heck up the following day right AFTER she ate almost the entire sand which. Your an idiot and a Jack ass. and just because you never encountered an employee at YOUR restaurant doesn’t mean nothing ever happened ass hole!

  • Rosa Menchen

    This story is BS all the way. Herpes is transmitted by SKIN TO SKIN contact, during the active phase, and not always. Spread of the virus during inactive phases is only at 8% or less. This is an old internet rumor, and should not be passed around as viable news. Research it yourself from reputable sites.

  • Brook Perkins

    Unless, this site and various other ones are lieing its not BS. The semen was tested an d matched the two Mcdobalds employees. Sorry, you can’t deny dna testing

  • Brook Perkins

    Ok, this is probably fake after more reading. Every article is identical, usually news sites will differ when reporting the same story. All of these articles are essentially copy and pasted. Not to mention the victim here is named Lisa Mcdowell, the daughter of the owner of “Mcdowells” from “Coming to America”

  • Would you like to Super Size?

    Not a wives tale. I’ve done this.

  • Ronald Washington

    Lol “McDicken” never would have thought of that one.

  • Trinidad

    You damn thott

  • Nicole Marie

    Uh, what?

  • Debbie Debra Patton Evans

    <<>>> thank goodness I never eat there! But I guess it would happen anywhere

  • Dafuqyounotgraduatesixthgrade

    Umm.. Not skin to skin, it’s contracted through bodily fluids and once the infected semen, blood, etc hits oxygen the virus dies. Do some research plz.

  • taylor


  • John

    This is highly fake. Who orders a sandwhich with jizz on it, laps it up, then sends it to a lab. Aint nobody got time for that! Throw that damn sandwhich away and get a new one or demand a refund. This is all a lie or a libtard obama voter trying to cash in for her own mishap for cheating on her own man.

  • Mariela

    Damn you sux!!!!! You almost had me until you threw the irrelevant Obama comment… You see how ignorance stipulates growth???

  • filthburger

    This has been debunked as false by Think people.

  • Kyrie Martindale

    I literally watched a fellow employee rub chicken wings on his nuts and serve the chicken to the customer who was being an irate bitch.

  • Dr. Mengele

    This is just another case of the negroe being inherently lazy and looking to “get mines”. The female negroid is genetically predisposed to whorism, and after 10 years of age or so has been “special-sauced on” by most males in her territory, including all relatives.
    Facing a life of being a grandmother chimp at 14, as well as a repository for all indigenous STD’s, it goes “animal” on whatever target is most readily accessible. The resulting “law-suit” will provide for the tribe for up to 1.5 years after which you and I will bestow her with an Obama-phone, an EBT card, and a smug sense of niggrish attitude.

  • Chris Hatch

    And yet we have an “expert” that says it’s an “old wives tale” just because he’s been in food for years and not seen it himself. :-D

    I suppose the reasoning is that if he hasn’t seen it, it doesn’t exist? :-D

  • RUss
  • RUss
  • JudyRobertsHirtle

    Worked in a bakery years ago. The bakers used to have bread tossing comp., bread fights, drop dough on the floor, etc and then throw the dough back in the machine to mix it back in .

  • JudyRobertsHirtle

    Unless they do it before the food comes out of storage.

  • daniel

    It’s not an old wifes tale. It’s true. My mom use to work at fast food and she’s a witness to alot of nasty stuff with the food. There’s this one time where one of her coworkers spit in a burrito that was being made for the cops.

  • s

    This particular case is an urban legend. it’s been circulating around the internet for years. Look it up.

  • just some guy

    Damm u was that thirsty to call her a nigga…lets see u walk out side and say exactlly how u fell about this situation to the first black person u see and watch wat happens….we would be reading a sad story too….u getting ur ass whooped…lame ass


    Thot means “That Hoe Over There”, so they’re calling you a hoe

  • Dee

    How is she a thot? She’s pointing out that this girl doesn’t give her man head on a regular basis. Doesn’t make her a thot.

  • Janese Scott

    Ummm yea ONLY body fluids. Smdh read up on ur shit.

  • The Bird’s eye


  • Nicole Marie

    Going out of your way to keep your husband happy every day instead of just on “special occasions” doesn’t make someone a hoe. It makes them a good wife, lol.

  • Pochy

    Lisa McDowell, a character from the movie “Coming To America” which stars Eddie Murphy.

  • Pochy

    Actually the person who recognizes a threat is more likely to stay alert than those bleeding heart idiots such as yourself who don’t know the danger and won’t until it slaps them in the face. Hope you get slapped soon.

  • Joli Alicia

    The tone of the reply to this article shows how confident you are about the “skin to skin” infection. Sorry to say but a person contracts viruses & diseases through airborne, bodily fluids, blood, physical contact & yes dna which is Same as fluids. I am a certified/license Nurse but doesn’t take a person like me to know this. You need to research more or go to the local clinics for a easy to read pamphlet on herpes ect. & as far as this being “Bs” or part of a rumor how would you or any of us know so don’t assume it as one. This is serious & should not be taken lightly. It’s disgusting for anyone to put semen or bodily fluids on people’s food period.

  • angieee

    in OTHER words its only transmittable through skin to skin contact only since the oxygen kills the virus within less than 7 seconds. do your research right “PLZ”

  • apples

    ?? and you are certified/licensed nurse?…
    well i am sorry for the patients that you attend because those are false statements. youre right about viruses and diseases but HSV is the only virus that is contracted by skin to skin contact. not by fluids nor airborne because the virus dies within 7 secs the max once exposed. i have a relative who has HSV-2…i would retake the nursing classes :/

  • Rosa Menchen

    Agreed apples, as I have done my research, for years, and dealt with infectious diseases at a large county hospital as a medical professional. This is a bogus claim, and another internet rumor. You need to get schooled MS jolie

  • Rockyweiller

    I witnessed someone scraping his shoe off into a full blender mixing up Taco Bell seasoning.