[Watch] Unbelievable Obama Troops Litmus Test – Firing On Americans?

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This can’t be true, can it? A new Hussein Obama litmus test for military leadership may be the willingness to fire upon Americans if given that order by superiors.

There seems to have been a lot of turnover in the military leadership lately, perhaps this is at least a partial explanation as to the reasons why.

The video details some information revealed to him personally by a still unnamed informant. While the identity of the informant would provide additional credibility to the reports, events in military leadership as well as Mr. Garrow’s resume do require at least some passing interest in what he has to say. Jim Garrow is a world-renowned educator and human rights activist.

Garrow is the founder of the Bethune Institute, which has established hundreds of schools throughout China. Three years ago, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work though a group called Pink Pagoda, which combat “gendercide” in China — that is, the practice of rescuing baby girls who had been abandoned or targeted for infanticide because of the government’s one-child policy. He was personally involved in helping to save the lives of more than 50,000 Chinese girls. He joins Gary Franchi on WHDT World News to discuss this new “Litmus Test.”

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  • Legatus legionis

    The ultimate betrayal! More than half of our Armed forces will turn on Obama if he gives the orders to fire on Americans who are upholding the Constitution. The first casualties of an Army that fires on Americans will be the officers and noncommissioned officers who give the orders. America uses citizen soldiers in its Armed Forces. They take their oath to support and defend the Constitution against domestic enemies seriously. The polls will not show it. But, I have reason to believe that Armed Forces members by large numbers consider this Administration treasonous. Semper Fi

  • Jason Pearson

    What i find interesting is this.
    When a man signs on., he agrees.,., swears an Oath., to defend the Constitution of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic.
    They also swear to follow the legal orders of their commanding officer., who also has sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of America against enemies both foreign and domestic.
    Heres the thing. Ordering American troops to fire upon American citizens is an act of treason. Im wondering why that clown obama is still in office. Hasnt he done enough for the American people to rise up and demand his impeachment and forcible removal from office???really folks Whats it going to take before things happen?
    Before long Martial law will be implimented if obama and Congress dont come to an agreement. If this should happen., then obama will put Congress into recess and will not recall congress until such a time as he sees fit. If this happens ladies and gentlemen., then you will have the 1st dictator in the history of America., and he will be called hussain obama
    (please note., i refuse to use capital letters when speaking about this clown., as that would inferr respect for him…………., of which i have none)

  • Jason Pearson

    PS: Dont get me wrong……, i am a stauch supporter of America….., and am thankful for the freedoms that American lives given for that freedom., but obama is about to take all that freedom and keep it for himself.
    Think bout it my friends

  • Seer1165

    Giving all our resources to the Chinese, behind our backs what is it going to take to wake up the American people to realise what is going on in this country

  • finishstrongdoc

    Of course, the reverse is always what is meant when Obama speaks. This is the way the question comes out when using the Obama Decoder Ring: “Are you willing to stand in a room, unarmed, while those whom I’ve chosen to defend you stand outside with their weapons?”

    Shelter in place, America. Nothing to see here….move along.

  • Bill Berger

    America!!! WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s time to take this Nation back !!!
    Begin doing so with the Impeachment for Treason/Conspiracy charges levied against your president and every one of his cronies who support his agenda to destroy this great Country.
    Follow up with their trials, convictions, and prison sentences, or death, whatever the Jury decides.

  • Pat R

    He’s still in because, even if the House originates an impeachment proceeding, the Democrat majority in the Senate would vote it down. The Senate would have to be swayed by constituents or recalls to get them to act. My 2 cents worth.

  • Pat R

    Obama was found guilty of forging his credentials for office by Grand Juries in Florida.and Tennessee. Recall any Senator who votes down a House resolution to impeach.

  • Badd Karma

    this is nothing new as they practiced dropping bombs since the 50’s on US cities

  • blondie

    Right it is treason, people have right to take government back

  • Mason Battistello

    Every general would make it his duty to take back washington!

  • Dave Bennett

    When all these jack wagons like Piglosi, Reid, Gramm, McAsshole are dead, it won’t matter. There will be a price to pay for these douche bags. They will be the first that are hunted down and exterminated, just like the cockroaches they are. The American people have had enough. If OFucko wants a war, he’ll get one. I know I’ll be on the right side when the shooting begins. I just hope my fellow patriots have been buying lots of ammo.

  • jahnnaomi

    We have known about this for a long time not. However to all of you in the MILITARY of any form, this is like firing on your Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Child, and any relative that you have. How on earth could you all even consider this crap.

  • P00dy

    Ideological Purge of Both American Military, American Public, and a turn towards Socialist/Marxist Saul Alinsky type of tactics.

  • keribari

    Does anyone else believe that the so-called theatre and school shootings were performed by men under “mind control”??? I do and I dont believe all the servicemen and women are committing suicide. I think the service people that will actually shoot at Americans are either under mind control or are the most savage men or women our govt. could find…jus sayin….

  • Laurie Wolford

    what are you doing about it???? Everyone here grips how bad obama is and that he needs to be ousted from his position, but I see no one doing anything to change things other than bitching about it! that’s not gonna do a thing for us folks except get us worked up further. If you want him out, start it, participate in it, do it until it gets done. Since when did this nation become such a whiner?

  • walter

    its time we the people force him out. just like they did in Egypt. But we cannot get the people to understand this or what’s happening here in America as most are too stupid to know.

  • Marie

    I hope and pray when the time comes which I believe is soon, that these military personel turn the gun on the enemy himself not the people who support them….

  • Ruth DelaCerda

    It will take 2/3 of the Senate to grow balls and vote him out. And the DemocRATS to see him for what he really is and join the ones with balls.

  • Ruth DelaCerda

    What would you have us do without cohesion? We contact our Senators and tell them what we what, but until they ALL listen to us, we have to wait until they fire the first shot.

  • delta4ce7

    Everyone needs to share this with everyone they possibly can on a daily basis so that all America gets to hear it more than once.

  • John Jett

    If you look at a google map of the counties in America that voted for Republicans (Red Counties) and counties that voted for Obama (Blue Counties), you will see a sea of Red dotted by the blue urban areas. They grow food in the Republican counties, they grow Democrat vermin in the blue counties. The strategy for revolution is clear, cut off their food and the rats will eat each other.

  • Wrangler

    I don’t know about that. If it would meant another star there will be generals that would do anything. There will be plenty in the armed forces that will kill anyone they are ordered to kill. It’s called indoctrination or brain washing. The troops that defy the kill order will be killed.

  • Jd Creager

    I find it odd, that anyone in the MILITARY would fire on people defending the Constitution. Way more civilians with firearms than Military. You seea blue helmet or hat you shoot it maybe.

  • Debra Barron Bradley

    I believe Obama has Harry Reid’s testicles in a jar on a shelf in his office…… I don’t know what he has on him but it must be big!

  • Troubleshooter

    Pat R, you are correct. Our System is corrupted. It has been hijacked by Traitors. We have no Constitutional Government to rely on.

  • Troubleshooter

    Ruth, you’re kidding right? Hell, they work for the same paymaster. Face it, and adjust your strategy accordingly, our government has been jihadhijacked by Traitors, who have admitted that they don’t give a crap about anything but doing what they are told so they can keep their goodies. I say screw them.

  • Troubleshooter

    Marie, I believe that we do have courageous and conscientious men and women who have held their peace and maintained their positions by doing so. Their positions will provide the opportunities necessary, when all else fails. Pray that sanity rises above the current chaos, and the changes we must have occur by peaceful, yet swift means.

  • Troubleshooter

    Walter, I don’t think that most people are stupid, although their inaction makes it seem that way. I think that most people are heartbroken, and weeping in disbelief over what is happening, but even with such pain and grief, the core of this country which has made it a great nation still exists, and woe to the arrogant fools who think otherwise. Take heart, and thank The Lord Jesus Christ for men and women who embrace the light and shun the darkness.


    Very good point John Jett!


    Please remember, it is not our military that is pushing this, it is Nobama!


    There are many, many people that completely understand but none of us know exactly what to do about it. We support the movements – the bikers, the truckers – even boycotting, the overpass statements – Impeach Obama, even Senator Cruz and his amazing filibuster. None of it seems to matter.

  • baddab

    look back over the last year at how many generals have been fired or removed from their commands….the unspoken reason they were removed was because they refused to fire on citizens and were all replaced by nobama yes men

  • robertdavidhummel

    Only TIME will tell the TRUTH of the COMING REVOLUTION…”Unless”… the NOW DEVIANT FORCES of the Osamaobama(aka>b. hussien obama) REGIME and the LiBERAL/SOCIALST/MUSLIM Democratic Senate CANNOT READ the TEA LEAVES of …We The People……I’, and many many Young and Old Patriots…WILL STAND STRONG ….PREPARED TO ..”AGAIN””, Spill our Blood on the Soil of this “STILL FREE NATION”, to REGAIN the POWERS ETCHED IN STONE …(Read the etchings on the Historical buildings, inside and out and Memorials of WASHINGTON D.C.)…by the FOUNDERS of THIS GREAT NATION.

  • John

    I suggest that readers read Dinesh D’Souza’s book OBAMA’S AMERICA Unmaking the American Dream. You will gain some real insights as to what is currently going on. It is well worth the read !

  • ImpeachTraitorObama

    You know when the shit finally hits the fan for Obama I hope that there is a public execution of him! Seeing him dangle on the end of a rope on Gallows right on the stairs leading down from congress, would be a proud moment right now.

  • Studdmann

    The only problem we have is that Obama is controlling the military. Obama has fired 9 key Generals in the last year. Because they don’t believe on firing on the American people so false charges were trumped against them and they were removed

  • Studdmann

    I need a couple of Guns that I could afford then I would try and put a bullet in Obamas head

  • Studdmann

    If any member of the military fires upon my family then I will have to search out his/her family and return the favor

  • Layni Shepherd

    I am wondering why you are a bit of a jack ass really.. First and foremost, every president is sworn to uphold the Constitution, do you know what that means ? or are you just trotting out bullshit from Fox as the limit to your education. ? In Constitution, the President is authorized to use force against any seditious act caused by any citizen ( Citizen) being of course American ! Sedition being an act of a citizen if it is deemed necessary for the functioning of the Government. You don’t actually think this is a litmus test for our president really so you.. or were you never educated to the fact that we had a civil war post Constitution, where one president ordered the killings of hundreds of thousands of Americans.. or did you totally forget about that. Are you really that dim witted. Firing upon enemies foreign and domestic, at what point do you not understand that Domestic means Americans..! idiot… if that means firing on Americans , then how can it be treason you stupid fool.

  • Layni Shepherd

    Really, exactly what freedom have you had taken away from you.. ! are you going to come back in a few years an tell us what a jack ass you were over the last two years.. ? freedoms taken away… LOL…

  • Layni Shepherd

    Really Dave you twit.. You’ll be pissing your pants when the police come knocking your door. All mouth and big cock and bull story.

  • Layni Shepherd

    What do you not understand you can’t impeach a President like a recall of a Governor you imbecile. Vote out the President are you stupid. he was a democratically elected President by 55 percent of the people//if you don’t like him, vote for the next guy instead. Impeachment you retard is not a fucking safety net..

  • Layni Shepherd


  • Ruth DelaCerda

    You resort to name calling which shows you have great command of the English language. And his election is filled with fraud. Voting 5-6 times for a person certainly negated my 1 vote. Plus the dead in the cemetaries and of course the votes by the military. Those chits are still some where in a whare house and never had been counted. I think I read that they were found , but not tallied. It was after the fact. In the states that you had to show ID, Obama did not take the lead or just barely. In the states that no ID is needed, he won by a large margin. Plus, the electoral college paid no attention to the people vote. It didn’t matter what the vote was. They voted FOR. Since we do not have 2/3 of the Senate to start the impeachment hearings and plus Reid would never allow it, you’re right, we’re stuck till next election.

  • Ruth DelaCerda

    You don’t want to do that, it would make him a martyr to the liberals.

  • Denise Faller

    Layni, are you an Obama supporter? Wat freedoms have been taken away? Where you been, honey. We just went through freedom of speach restrictions – that is a freedom (freedom of speach). We weren’t able to access national parks and memorial sites. That is a freedom. Who enacted a law requiring permits and special areas for public speaking, who closed and barricaded national sites and parks. The great and wonderful OB. And watch your language = big cock, jack ass. Big brother IS watching.

  • Denise Faller

    Where did you learn that — Vampire Academy. Do they teach you words like twat, imbecile and did u get points for how many f bombs you can lay. Shame honey you used God’s name in vain and he heard you. Oh my you need a bigger bra to cover up that boob job. What a sign of insecurity, swearing and an expensive boob job. You could go back to being a brunett ppl might take you more seriously. U notice most replies ignore you and so shall I in the future.

  • JimRed

    When the leftists are losing an argument, they start name-calling. You lose.

  • 2cents

    Behind that name is a troll be sure of it…….

  • 2cents

    I don’t think she’s a woman,on her profile there are some answer that “she” give which only a guy will answer like that.She’s a troll don’t waste your time

  • 2cents

    Layni now go and get your meds and calm down,it’s ok you’ll be fine.

    P.S.if Layni is really your name.

  • 2cents


  • 2cents

    do you know any other word????????



  • Laurie Wolford

    You have to start somewhere. Sitting around bitching doesn’t change a thing. If everyone thought like that, and way too many do now, we wouldn’t have had the first American Revolution. It starts with one person, in a small room, with a small group of people who are listening to what is being said. From there it grows and change is made. It’s easy to sit back and say “what would you have us do”, don’t use that excuse for in-action. that is what they want us to do. Stand up for what you believe in! Be the change you want to see in the world!