Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth: His Predicted Date Of Ice Cap Melt Is Marked by Polar Ice Growth

Arctic Sea Ice Maps



December 14, 2009, Al Gore gave that epic speech that said the Polar Ice Caps would be gone in five years. In the video below, it appears at close to the 2:15 mark. Gore stated,

“Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.”

Al Gore strengthened his prediction to a German audience. In 2008, Gore stated,  “the entire North ‘polarized’ cap will disappear in 5 years.”

It seems the polar ice caps simply do not want to cooperate with Al Gore’s predictions. Indeed, ice cap behavior is totally reverse of what was predicted by Al Gore in 2009.  On the anniversary of Al Gore’s prediction, the evidence is clear that he was not only wrong, but VERY wrong.

North Pole Evidence

The evidence for melting ice caps at the North Pole has completely evaporated. People can see what they want in photographs, but there is little interpretation needed in the one below. It is from 2012, but it shows a Russian vessel attempting to aid Alaska’s coastal communities with petroleum supplies. It also shows a vessel attempting to rescue that vessel.   The ice cap doesn’t appear to be melting in the way predicted by Gore.

Arctic Ice 2012

Russian vessel with petroleum aid for Alaska is frozen in ice. So is the vessel sent to help the petroleum vessel, Bering Sea, Late summer 2012

Polar ice experts often refer to the year of 2007 as the year of the great polar ice cap retreat. An examination of the data shows that if there is a retreat, it appears to be reversed. A comparison of ice sheet data from November 20, 2007 and November 20, 2013 shows that there has been a significant advance in the ice. Any interested reader can go to Cryosphere Today and make their own photo with any dates they choose, or watch the various animations of polar ice. While they attempt to make the case that the ice sheets are melting, even their own data shows that at best, they are holding, and a careful visual inspection will show the sheets are expanding.  They also have a historical data set for researchers. Their own data shows the sheets at the north pole has grown dramatically.

Arctic Sea Ice Maps

Note the growth in Arctic Ice Sheets: November 20, 2007 compared to November 20, 213

Northern Hemisphere polar ice is in the final stages of a year marked by above-average global polar ice extent. Polar ice extent is a technical term for “expanding.”

South Pole Evidence

At the present time, it is summer at the south pole. The Australian Antarctic supply vessel, the icebreaker Aurora Australis, was trapped in the ice, after leaving Davis Station. The area is historically ice free in the summer.  In fact, the ice sheet at the South Pole has set a new record in ice sheet growth in November 2013. Notice, this record was set in the summer months of Antarctica, not the winter, and in the same time frame Al Gore had predicted the melt of polar ice caps.

Ice Breaker Froze in Davis Station

The icebreaker Aurora Australis, was trapped in the ice, after leaving Davis Station, November 17, 2013

november sea ice record



In addition to the growth in polar ice in Antarctica, researchers from NASA have shown that the temperatures have dropped to new record lows. As  reported by Free Patriot earlier this week, the global warming advocates are attempting to dispute the data because it came from NASA sensors, not a thermometer. However, it is very clear that the new record low was recorded and broke several times since 1983.

This is not to mention the first snowfall in Egypt for 100 years happened to occur on the anniversary of this prediction.

Al Gore was wrong.  The point of the lie was to gain control of the private sector and the means of production. It was to tell you what to produce, how to produce, and for whom. That is what climate change is about… another version of Marxism.

  • Clay Cromer

    { Sits quietly with a satisfied grin }

  • Bill Brasky

    1. Gore makes the claim of polar ice disappearance occurring by Summer 2014, yet this article makes claims about Winter 2013 (which I’ll admit is negligible).

    2. Global warming is not limited to making things overall hotter and ice caps melting, in fact this is a common misconception. Global warming works by making the highs and lows more severe with many geographic variables making it hard to predict, and most importantly critical sequencing of weather is thrown into chaos, which can result in strange phenomena such as snow in Egypt and Antarctic ice growth. This article seems to misunderstand the idea of global warming.

    3. Global warming is currently scientific theory, and in scientific circles facts are the only basis for anything. Global warming is not inherently Marxist, it’s a weather pattern. Reaction to global warming is not Marxist, it is ecologically purposed to remove CO2 and other insulating gases from the atmosphere. If the groups that propose ecological reformation choose to push marxist beliefs (as is our American right to propose any belief) , that is their own agenda and not a reflection on ecological science, just as I hope this misconstrued, unfocused article does not represent the American Right.

  • Bo

    2. This is what the leftist alarmists changed it to when it became clear that they were wrong. The original claims were exactly that the ice would melt and the seas would innundate the coasts. Admit it you and your ilk are moving the goalpost because you can’t accept that you were wrong.
    3.According to you and yours this is not theory the science is settled and anyone who disagrees is a Global Warming denier. This was never based on anything but conjecture, politics , flawed computermodels and small sample size erroneous conclusions. Face it you were wrong, you were all wrong.

  • nobody important, just a prole

    …and the Carbon Tax and Exchanges weren’t set up to make politicians rich off them either, right?
    Global warming or Cooling is weather, the great minds of science conveniently left out the SUN in models to push an agenda. “He who writes the grants- gets the data they want…one way or the other” has replaced any real credible science. Any real science that happens today is in spite of the political machinations of our day, not because of it.

  • TeaPartyBarbie

    It is summer in the Antarctica. Now, I’ll grant you it may be a bit premature to call him wrong, but uh.. those caps are not going to melt with record low temps and ice cap growth. Sorry… he has zero chance of being right

  • Guest

    The original OBSERVATION was that the mean surface temperature of earth had increased in the last century. Two-thirds of the increase happening since nineteen-eighty. There is no reputable scientific data to say otherwise. You suffer from confirmation bias. You are cherry picking questionable data and ignoring an overwhelming amount of evidence that proves your conclusion to be flawed. You can sight polar ice all you want (which show a 4.9% decrease per decade for the period of 1981-2010 in November maximums at the North Pole, courtesy of the NSIDC), but in a dynamic system it’s a poor indicator of over all warming trends. Like I said, you are either ignoring or are ignorant of the scientific data gathered on the subject, which is no more evident than in your assertion that Global Warming Theory is wrong. No credible scientist refutes that planetary warming trend occurring on earth, and meta studies done on academic output of major universities show that only 5% of published, peer reviewed work suggests that is not man made. I hate to break it to you, but you and your politics are irrelevant to scientists. Don’t flatter yourself. People may use scientific theories to further political agendas, but to suggest that science as an academic discipline is politically motivated is laughable. Facts and logically cohesive theories don’t lie. People do.