Common Core: SchoolsThreaten CPS Visits If Kids Don’t Show For Testing


Last week at a meeting on Common Core, New York State PTA Education Coordinator Bob Aloise gave a presentation to parents regarding Common Core and associated Testing. He said that a school district may call child protective services if a parent refuses to allow a child to take the state assessments on the grounds of “educational neglect.”

What kind of parent-teacher organization has the PTA become?

This is not the first time a threat like this has been issued. In an email in the last school year, an Oceanside Union Free School principal told a parent who wanted to keep her child home during the testing period that,

If without medical justification, Joseph is absent from school on any day during the Assessment period, the District will deem this absence as unexcused. Further, if you keep Joseph home from school during the Assessment period, without medical verification, it is within the District’s discretion to deem these absences as indicia of educational neglect, which would leave the District little choice but to contact Child Protective Services (“CPS”).”

Of course, these are the threats that can be documented. There are dozens of other reports that are not as clearly documented. But when states have to send child protection services to enforce testing, one has to wonder what kind of chapter our nation has entered.

These reports are not on a tin-foil web page or a personal blog, but on Ed Week. Ed Week is a website that caters to the
education profession and is generally regarded as a having a strong pro-common core bias. Peter DeWitt writes,

Over the 19 years I have been in education, I have seen CPS visit students who were being neglected, sexually and physically abused, or living in deplorable conditions. CPS has more important work to do then maintain Martial Law on parents who opt their children out of testing. Unfortunately, there have been situations where principals have threatened to call CPS on parents who choose to opt out their children out of testing….

We have indeed lost common sense when it comes to education if school leaders threaten to call CPS.

Education martial law is an apt description of the matter. To use child protective services if a family fails to comply is not acceptable in a free society. Child protective services should not be used for political agendas. It should be used for legitimate cases of abuse and neglect. To use them as gestapo agents for the school district creates a climate of fear and mistrust between the government, schools, and the families.

If for some reason you can’t home school your child, then get active in the local PTA and help families opt out of Common Core testing.  Write your legislators to stop common core.  For parents interested in the opt-out-of-testing movement, has information by state level.

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  • Joe Rybicki

    we need to tell them to fuck them self if it’s true, time to take them out of all of the U.S.A

  • Diamanical Johnson

    How much clearer can it be. If you still have your child in a government indoctrination camp then you are guilty of neglect and abuse. There is no excuse.

  • millie

    CPS in most states don’t have enough personnel to see the children actually being abused much less having to take the government side in a Common Core protest. This is crazy. If most of parents do not want Common Core there should be an alternative. If not, homeschool but socialize children in a different atmosphere like church.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    Common core is high on the list for the school because it indoctrinates the children into government dependency, and provides them with little more education than to know how and when to wipe themselves.

  • Chris Alvarez

    Let me know how that works out for you when your staring down a 7.62mm barrel…

  • TeaPartyBarbie
  • 1nativeamerican

    Just give me ANY indication that you think I don’t have my childs best interests at heart and you will take control of the situation if I don’t agree with you. Go ahead, “MAKE MY DAY” cause I promise you I will ruin yours.

  • Thomas

    New York is fast becoming the new ‘Moscow’. That’s what you get when you elect commies to office.

  • Jess Golden

    I’ve got 3 words for you:

    Bring It, Bitch!

  • jen

    Wow there are so many kids who are actually being physically and sexually abused and neglected and for some one to waste cps time on this and taking that time away from kids who really need it is a shame.We as parent have the right to choose what we want our kids to do in school.Our freedom is being taken away little by little and im afraid by the time my kids have kids we will no longer have any freedom.

  • ocean012

    Nothing will happen, we call for MAJOR issues and CPS does NOTHING. Let them call.

  • Charli

    If a child is being beat u can’t get them out. If the school calls then they break their necks getting here in Bama. They’ll even do it without calling the patent. A friend of mine had that done. Best thing to do is call CPS your self. Best thing I ever did was home schooling mine after years of the public school system. It was awesome for both of us. And no bull crap to deal with.

  • ocean012

    They will come to the school and interview without parent but then NOTHING happens….had few cases that kids should of been pulled and nothing! They will have so many kids to place if they even tried that…educational neglect is not showing up to school, not doing homework, parents not showing up at meetings….not this.

  • Lindsey

    seriously….you don’t stop to think that CPS has REASONING behind this. Unfortunately for those of you who truly do the right thing, and actually teach your children, there are obviously a lot bad parents out there who use home school to mask abuse, to neglect their kids, to be lazy and completely ignore their children. I”ve worked in childcare for years…and CPS WILL NOT TAKE A CHILD FOR NO REASON. In fact I had more instances where an abused or neglected child received NO HELP. CPS came in, looked, asked a few questions maybe even took a few pictures of the abrasions and lacerations, and then left, called the parents and did nothing but piss off the abusive parents. In turn it was my job to hand these babies back to abusive parents who have more of a reason to beat on their kid now that we pissed them off by calling and turning them in. Get over yourselves…..We have to have a way of making sure that no child slips between the cracks…because God only knows what goes on behind some closed doors.

  • Todd

    Why do parents opt out in the first place? I’m curious to hear the reasons – this is the first time I’ve heard of this since I was in grade school myself, when the kids who stayed home because the cool kids because everybody envied them.