Father Searches for Someone to Rape His 11 Year Old Daughter


Anthony Brinkman was arrested at a Cracker Barrel, after trying to find someone to rape his 11-year-old daughter.  The suspect had placed an online ad and an undercover policeman posing as a 27-year-old woman answered his ad.  They agreed to meet at a predetermined place and Brinkman was expecting the woman to help him sexually abuse his daughter with sex toys.  Instead, he was placed in custody and his daughter has been given to relatives to care for her.

St. Louis Police Media Relations Officer Randy Vaughn, responding to inquiries from The Blaze, said:  “The suspect posted an ad online looking for someone to engage in sexual conduct with his daughter.”

St. Louis County Detective Mike Slaughter told the St Louis Post=Dispatch, that the suspect had requested that the officer posing as a 27-year-old woman, help him by using sex toys.  “From the time he posted that ad to the time we arrested him was less than 48 hours.”

After he was arrested, Brinkman confessed to placing the ads.  Officer Vaughn said he had never before seen anything like this is all his years in law enforcement.

“I’ve never dealt with anything like this in my years of service.  This is not something we see a lot, obviously. Thank God.”

“It’s absolutely disgusting.  It’s sick and even from my world it’s hard to believe. I’m a father of two young kids myself and to think there is a father out there that has strayed away from taking care of his children to put them in this danger is really hard to come to grips with.”

Brinkman is being held in lieu of a $100,000 dollar bond.

  • Nick Monterosso

    Should have been held without bond in my opinion this type of person doesn’t deserve to be released.

  • boss

    again I must say…. WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!!!!

  • Stacie Ward


  • Sandra

    .set a rat trap in his jeans … snagged that junk and let him suffer ….

  • jim

    cut his nuts and fingers off.

  • MarkusReborn

    You took the words right out of my mouth!

    We recently had a man arrested (about 30 miles from where I live) for kidnapping an 11 year old girl and her mother at a shopping mall. He killed the mother and raped the 11 year old. He was a child pornography addict. Personally, I think he should get life in prison with no chance of parole. What makes these 2 events so terrifying is that I have an 11 year old daughter. God help the man who does her (or her 13 year old sister) any harm. I don’t know if I would be able to restrain myself from some kind of revenge.

  • bob

    Put him in general population at one of the roughest prisons and let everyone of his crime.

  • Anthony L Barrett

    Death Penalty.

  • Dief*ckers

    I don’t think putting them in prison for life with no chance of parole is harsh enough. Cut the MFers balls off shove them down his throat and blow his brains out. That sounds pretty fair.

  • Diana Cristina Louise

    He deserves a nice warm electric chair and a dry sponge

  • Mary Gendek Jones

    I fail to understand how people can be so sick. No punishment is enough for a person (animal) like this.

  • Anna Maria Dunkerson

    his dick should be cut off and soaked in gasoline then shoved up his ass and set on fire!!!!!!!!

  • velenda760

    If this does not convince people of how screwed up this country has become….. GOD needs to pay our country a visit before anymore innocent souls get destroyed…….. Our country has become sick and freaking TWISTED and on no level is this shit okay……… I will always be on the outside looking in because I do not care how screwed up we become I will NEVER AGREE WITH ANY OF IT……. Call me what you will but never will this twisted “LOVE” be acceptable… Now I understand the American Psychiatrist Association now wants to label sex with a child an sexual orientation what the hell does that say about the minds in this country… Told I was a bigot when I said the next step after passing laws for homosexuals would be the pedophiles would want “their sex” because they too are born that way……. nope nope nope……
    TOUCH ONE OF MINE AND YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH ANOTHER……… yes, it is a threat and a promise… I actually think we are going to have to start a group, that travels the country and rids us from this garbage before this is all over… I think there should be a country wide list of child molesters and give the list to those individuals in our country that are terminally ill and let them take a few lost souls out before they lose their battle for life…. If our country is going to expect that we allow our babies to be raped and become a newest “fad” or way to curb “population” growth…. whatever twisted excuse the left come up with to allow this behavior… Do not think it will happen, pay attention to what is being said about the teachers having sex with students, it’s becoming acceptable in some of these groups…. nope nope nope………. I am done with bending for the twisted…….

  • MarkusReborn

    Its a proven fact that even among criminals in the prison population that they detest rapists and child molesters and most of these perverts end up in solitary confinement for most of their prison term. To me, solitary confinement is the worst punishment anyone could get… no interaction with anyone.

  • helen

    He doesn’t ever need to leave jail, and his ‘dance card’ in jail needs to be full every night!!!

  • bucka

    A rapist in jail receives the same. He is called a beltloop kid. Which means that he belongs to one man and that man sells his ass and everything else. For this man needs 10 years of that, then hange him,

  • Dona Kitty Lawson Cross

    Why is he still alive?

  • Janice Craig Thaxton

    All of these sickos need to be kicked out of this country forever.Send them to Iraq,or Afghanistan and let them be reminded daily of the life they threw away.We don’t want you here,and prison is too kind!

  • linlin

    Should be locked up forever and let the other prisoners know what he did,

  • Son of Liberty

    Very True. I know some of you will go crazy hearing this but inmates do still have certain principles and values they follow to the core. Raping children and harming women is highly shamed upon in the prison system

  • William Campbell

    I like your style

  • Aaron J McDowell

    EXECUTE… right after he gets sentenced to 1 day in general pop in San Quinton… the lifers will show him what sexual abuse really is…

  • Jim Brauer

    hang him upside down, cut a 1 inch slit in his jugular, and put a rat in a burlap bag and put it over his head..

  • Harry

    What……….. The fuck?

  • rick rolled

    geeze. This sounds like something the muslims would do.

  • Dawwger

    I so wanted to hit like, but sorry, I think the scumbag that you are mentioning should get the death penalty…not by the very humane lethal injection, but by hanging or worse! Why should this man live out his days on the taxpayer’s dime?? Nope, his death should be swift and brutal like that of the mother he killed!!!

  • Marie

    Just what the hell has happened to people? Morals, decency, GOD there is none…Get on your knees and start praying….



  • Terri

    I agree on everything that you have said 150%, except for the “homosexuals” comment. Just because you are gay, does not mean you are a sexual deviant, as is this shithole of a father! I am a married woman, with grown kids and wonderful grandkids. I have no problem at all with anyone being straight or gay, as a matter of fact, it ins’t anyone’s business, the sexual orientation of another person, to be perfectly honest. This is about these sick, demented, sick son of a bitches out there that get away with too much because of our wonderful judicial system! The problem today is, the predators, murders, drug dealers, they get away with to damn much. If you are convicted of a horrendous crime, and there is 100% proof that you have done what you are charged with, then set the next day after trial for execution. These scum of the pigs should not sit on death row for 10, 15 or 20 years at OUR expense. They need to get charged, if found guilty, bam sentence set, you’re gone the next day, end of subject…next! Or my other option would be to take the scum and send them over to Iraq, etc, let them fight to stay alive and send our guys home!

  • Pamala Bassham

    Why is he even eligible for parole? He should have been castrated on the spot!!! On the upside…he will get help with that “rape” curiosity in prison! I’m sure plenty of people will show him what it is like where he’s going.

  • Margaret Anderson


  • Panda Bear

    Why give him that? He deserves to suffer for just as long as the child will, that girl is going to be mentally messed up for the rest of her life, she wont ever be the same. Death is too good. Just bring back chain gangs. Slave him out to the state to build roads and dig ditches and shovel off sidewalks in the winter, make them farm food for the hungry and build homes for the homeless instead of sitting in a cell rotting.

  • millie

    He needs to go to jail for a long time and not ever see his daughter again. She deserves better.

  • Amelia Johnson

    hang him

  • Gary

    Sexual predators typically suffer the kind attention of the other prisoners when they reach prison. He will soon know whereof he speaks. Hope his asshole bleeds.

  • Tabytha Wainscott


  • givenswayne

    what would you expect from a homosexual , its deviant behavior and I’m sorry Terri but the homos have made it my business by demanding that their deviancy be called normal behavior , IT:S NOT .

  • R.s. Moffatt

    This guy must be a democrat.

  • Cj

    Hang him up and castrate him and let him bleed to death….

  • YelowJezamin

    You’re all wrong. It is our choices who make us who we are. Take him to a shed with a metal pole grounded in it. Dog-chain his privates to the metal pole. Give him a rusty saw-blade and tell him it is his choice – live or die… then set the shed on fire. See how much he thinks about molesting children ever again…

  • m

    Panda Bear a dry sponge would be a very painful death they normaly wet the sponge to allow current to flow but I agree death is to good for him

  • Terry Redding

    Put him in the prison system, the inmates will know what to do with him

  • Fay

    Kill the motherf—– now ,,,he should not be alive,,,

  • Kevin McCormick

    sign me up for the group

  • Buster Boots

    This guy deserves the wood chipper. And as Ken said “feet first”!

  • Holly ItsaConspiracy Hansen

    And I quote: “Brinkman is being held in lieu of a $100,000 dollar bond.” That means, he is being held for $100,000.00 BUT they WON’T RELEASE him out!! (Phew!) I hope he enjoys all that rape he WILL GET in PRISON!! If I wasn’t nauseous, I’d be psyched for his rape

  • Holly ItsaConspiracy Hansen

    The little girl wasn’t raped! She probably doesn’t even know what actually happened. I’m hoping that the cops and Grandparents were able to ‘spin’ the story in such a way as to let her know that “Dad” is gone forever, while at the same time allowing her to know that she’s free and can be a kid now. God bless her.

  • Holly ItsaConspiracy Hansen

    Gotta love the inmates!! They do JUSTICE that the LAW CAN’T and for that, I thank them! (But stay away from our daughters!)

  • christina

    hey is that u andy if so its Christina from glennallen davids mom hit me up on facebook

  • christina

    should take some sex toys to him r just let him out in general population let the real ppl deal with it… the sad thing is he probley wont even be held long at all cause he never did anything so im shure they will probley plea out and be out a year or two from now

  • christina

    really shouldn’t she know what he was trying to do I mean come on and she shouldn’t be with his family either this poor lil girl and if he was wanting someone to join in im shure its happened before he just got board doing it byhimself that lil girl needs someone to talk to that isn’t bias to him

  • christina

    no these assholes are usaly placed in a segregated prison with other sickos like them where they learn how to do it better
    and that’s the sad truth

  • christina

    I agree hole heartly as for gays yea bad but its there busness and a good god fearing person shall not judge less ye b judge first

  • christina

    ur a dummy if u believe in god ur r disobeying him with ur words its not or place to judge others only him.. saying that gays r deviant behavior is not for us to say let he without sin cast the first stone an sorry but that’s not u dude
    or me or anyoneelse ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE

  • Joe Miller


  • silentdogood

    is this crime of any shock when we have a government that is full of criminals.
    the punishment for this level of defile nature should be a hanging. and if a member of congress there to be cough in adultry should we not we be castrating them? or if the president swairs to the people to uphold the bill of rights and constitution and deliberately dose it not, should he not then be removed from his seat? yet when the abomination sits in a seat of power the crimes are overlooked.
    I encourage the readers to hold them selves to a higher standards and leaders to lead by example.

  • LilVixen

    Being gay is not deviant. When did you choose to be straight??? Because I know I never choose it. It just is. Same goes for the gay people. Now when you want to do sick and twisted crap to your kids, That is deviant. I really feel sorry for you that you have such a very closed mind.

  • Susan Malia

    put him in prison; in the general population and make sure the tough guys there know what he was doing to his little girl; they will take care of him :) and in most cases the guards just “happen to not notice’.

  • Jerry Curtis

    Maybe, just maybe some of the boys on the cell block will pass him around as a sex toy. There is always hope.

  • akathesob

    I so hope they place him in general population after booking him!

  • Laura Castillo

    How do you know she wasnt raped? How do you know that he has not been living out his sick fantasies with that little girl for her whole life? Sorry but you seem a little slow if you think this is the 1st time he has decided to hurt her. I would be willing to bet that almost no child rapists start out posting ads for someone to co-rape. This seems like to me his appetite is ramping up because he has already satisfied himself with her alone and needs more to fuel his sick fantasies.

  • hippiemom

    no sponge

  • angelinamarietta

    Twisted freak! I cannot wrap my mind around how any parent could do this to their own flesh and blood, someone who looks to them for comfort and gets nightmares instead. Just sickening!

  • Dr. Obvious

    Man I wish I had seen that ad. I would have loved to help. And by help I mean shove my glock up dad’s ass and pulled the trigger several times.

  • Dr. Obvious

    I just wonder how all you experts know what happens in prison.

  • Pete Klemans

    What in the world is wrong with people? And where was this child’s mother?

  • jlynn

    I say pay someone to do the same to him or just cut it off along with his hands feet and arms

  • Andrea Yoder

    According the APA this is “innocently normal” and just another “sexual orientation” that we all need to be empathic and accepting about because he can’t help it.

  • anon
  • what is the world coming to

    This man should have PVC pipe ran up his ass with 10 feet of barbed wire ran behind it then take the pipe out and proceed to pull one sick puppy there

  • common_sense1985

    seriously? is this guy off his meds or something? his own daughter…..seriously? forget bail/bond just throw him in the jail and let it get to the other prisoners that he was doing that shit, he wouldn’t last a day.

  • brenda sutherland

    karma will get him when the men inside find out why he is there. justice will be served 1 way or another

  • ByeByeUSA AsWeKnowIt

    Should have drowned him in the cracker barrel toilet.

  • Tkd Mike

    kill him

  • ThomasER916

    To be honest, I read this wrong. At first I thought it said he was looking for the rapist. I just can’t comprehend the opposite would be true. I don’t want to!

  • Dgreen

    Why will our police wrongfully shoot a kid with a toy gun, but yet wont execute some vial scum like this in the woods ?

  • Jace Mindue

    Judgmental fucks burn in hell ha ha ha ho ho ho lol rofl lmfao They call me the crazy one all you fuckers are more crazy then I am enjoy hell bitches

  • runnindeer

    There should not be bond for this man. I would personally like to hang him in the public square. Sorry piece of trash!

  • runnindeer

    There should not be bond for this man. I would personally like to hang him in the public square. Sorry piece of trash!

  • mother of 3

    I have a gay son a lesbian daughter and I am sorry you feel that way. I do have a straight son also. I love all my children the same no matter what. I believe in GOD and I feel NO ONE has a right to judge my children and at one time I was so bad at hatred towards them but you know what I have learned so much through them. I refuse to loose my children and I will protect my children from all the hatred and BS because I think it is sick how people treat them. They are no different than anyone else except who they love. Who am I to judge? Who are you to judge? I feel if GOD wanted everyone the same, just like each other my god I would be just like my neighbor and we would all be the same color. I am glad I have my own brain, mind and we have different thoughts think you. Shit we would be some boring ass people if we were all the same. No as in everything else you said I agree with you 100%. I just wish people would leave Gays and Color out of everything. Color has nothing to do with this either.

  • Andii Wilson

    Actually, it is most likely that the criminal did not act out his fantasies considering he was looking for a partner to do it with. There are two types of criminals. The one type, submissive, is a criminal who will seek out a partner in order to be in a controlled situation, in order to have order with their plans. The other type, dominant, do not seek a partner, but are often looked for by a submissive person. It is most likely this man was looking for a partner but didn’t know where to start. If he had raped her, he wouldn’t have taken to the internet to find a dominant other because he had figured out how to do it himself. Therefore, making him the submissive (compliant) and the fake women the dominant (Controller, leader). So it is most likely he was afraid to do it himself and wanted someone to guide him.

  • peoplerweird

    Awkward… ^^^^^^

  • BCreegan

    Andii, you’re absolutely right! Some people even enjoying simply watching.

    Although it isn’t mentioned in the article, I’m sure the girl was taken to a doctor and psychologist for examination. To my knowledge, that’s standard police procedure. And, because she is a minor, I doubt the public would be told of the examination results.

  • FedUpWithStupid

    Bullet in the back of the head.

  • BCreegan

    Markus, I have a feeling you’d end up arrested for manslaughter. I know I would. My advice: plead insanity.

  • BCreegan

    I was just about to say the same. It seems that crimes against children aren’t tolerated by ANYBODY, even criminals. This guy is going to be watching his back for the duration of his stay.

  • BCreegan

    I feel weird as well, clicking a “Like” button on a story like this. I DON”T like it. But I do like the fact that he was caught… I do think the death penalty needs to be expanded.

  • maggiedev

    this is probably very true and hopefully it is. as an old retired cop i should have thought of this.. let’s all hope this monster fell into this catagory, for the child’s sake.

  • maggiedev

    yes, a very very dry sponge.

  • BCreegan

    Although I don’t condone homosexual behavior… I believe that anything done between two consenting adults (and you need to consider both physiological and psychological age), as long as it doesn’t interfere with the rights (or safety) of others, IS NONE OF ANYBODY’S BUSINESS.

  • Jessica

    He needs to be put in prison and every inmate told what he did. With detail. Leave the rest to fate.

  • Ruth May Cothron

    I don’t think I could hold myself back if anyone hurts any of my family like that.

  • Ruth May Cothron

    We all bleed red, that’s true, the only difference is the person good or bad.

  • http://www.caricatureartonline.com frank marshall davis

    my friends, why judge? it was entrapment by police acting stupidly, putting their hate on for a loving father introducing his affectionate exchange of rights with some public display for affection expression,…should have been praised but for close minded bigots, and prochoice haters, at least she wouldn’t br punished with a baby, shees, flat earther birthers! sky worshipers, shees, double sweep, HILLARY 2016! it is time we had an experienced woman in the office!

  • sweet_sue_ohio1

    $100,000.00 in bail? Should be $100,000,000.00.

  • Pissed Off

    Abusive to kids? Hard Core inmates HATE people kike this!! HA! NOW, in jail, he gets to get raped himself! Poetic Justice….

  • Cajow

    Yes the police are told the results of ALL examinations performed on minor children in these situations. This helps to build their case against the criminal. I know this because I went through this with my daughter after a so-called friend molested her behind my back. She was 3 and he was in his 50s trying to have sex with her. If the police had not gotten to him first, I would have killed him myself. He took the coward’s way out and committed suicide after being released on bond.

  • Richard Maloney

    i am sure he will get lots of instruction on sex toys in prison.. they have special ed classes for these types.. he will got to prison an asshole, come out a manhole…..

  • Danessa Kay Mize

    pos dont deservw bail or bond his ass needs to be kept in prision for life.

  • Danessa Kay Mize

    The suspect had placed an online ad and an undercover policeman posing as a 27-year-old woman answered his ad.

  • Danessa Kay Mize

    he should of gotten death since he raped and killed the mother

  • AubeO

    All I can say is, while his daughter, (THANK YOU SWEET JESUS!), is safe, this guy is SO going to suffer in prison for this one. He is the lowest form of life in any prison population. He’ll be lucky to get out alive.

  • Gene Powell

    Yes you can see what they are talking about by watching what Percy does to a guy he electrocutes in the movie called (The Green Mile) dry sponge is no joke you just keep burning <:-)

  • Gene Powell

    A dry sponge is better than no sponge because if you sit it right ontop of his head you get a better ground and he will die faster …if you put the sponge in there it jumps from the headplate to his head catching the sponge on fire..

  • Gene Powell

    Clicking like does not mean you like it but it lets you to continue to follow the story is all I don’t like a lot of things on here but I wanna know the ending result so I click like.

  • Gene Powell

    Hang Em High!.

  • rochelalbertson

    Holly you don’t actually think this was the fathers first rodeo do you?

  • Holly ItsaConspiracy Hansen

    I made comments based on the article. You are amaking assumptions, and over-thinking a news story. In reply to your remark, i don’t know the father nor do i pretend to know all the inner workings of the other family involved. This COULD have been his 1st rodeo, in reality. Everything starts somewhere

  • Holly ItsaConspiracy Hansen

    Assumptions and speculation get us no where. Calling ne names because of a simple comment, based solely on the article written. The difference between you and i is this: i dont hide behind a screen. I will say any and all of this to a person’s face. You never know when your almighty online attitude will get you in trouble! Please base your remarks on the article.

  • Anne Warren

    do all comments automatically show up on FB, Google or just on this site alone-don’t see a site to decide where you want them to post-just curious.

  • KJJ
  • BCreegan

    Careful now… you don’t really want to throw the 6th Amendment out the window,… our Constitution has already been eroded. Let the jury find him guilty, THEN send him to the gallows.

  • http://Starbornbooks.com/ Erin Owens

    Good grief! That is beyond sickening! Thank God that the person that answered this ad was a police officer!

  • MsSgt3

    Officer Vaughn… if this makes you ill…just you wait when you’re over-run by muzzies who make that a common practice!!! They marry 5 year olds…and ‘Mohammed’ says that’s what they’re entitled to. If they happen to tear her apart and kill her, it’s ok…toss her and get another one. Obummer is bringing these pedophiles in by the thousands and they’re invading every state with their sharia laws…making demand after demand. Do your research please. They’ve taken key positions in our government but have not yet taken over completely… it’s just around the corner!!!

  • BCreegan

    good point!

  • David Green

    Please tell me this is a death penalty offense.


    burn him

  • JuJu

    I can’t even guess what drugs you’re on, but to even post that this guy is a “loving father” makes you as crazy as he is. NO CHILD should be offered for sex, of any kind. Even though THIS particular instance didn’t take place, it still makes me wonder if he’s abused his daughter without a third party. Her life will never be the same either way. Children grow up much too fast these days as it is, and this jerk wanted to rob his daughter of any time she had left to enjoy being a child. Frank, you need to be raped in the most heinous way, just to level the playing field of pedophila.

  • policeneedbrains

    did you vote for obama? you sound a perfect fool.

  • Holly ItsaConspiracy Hansen

    I hate Obama. You need hugs more than drugs

  • Sylvia Chasteen

    BASTARD!!! people like this end up with innocent children. WHY? When there are woman out there willing to chop off there limbs to have there own sweet angel of god.. I pray that he ask for forgiveness I pray that god has mercy on his pathetic soul …

  • Julie Sunflower

    I think you should up that bond to one million!

  • Julie Sunflower

    This is so sick he most likely was going to blame the woman if he got caught…

  • Rosemarie

    Was the above derived from your Criminal Justice 101 text?

    Please. Does it matter? Lock the bastard up.

  • stinky stix

    have a big oak tree just aching to have that guy tied to it, and a heart filled with pure and utter hate for all people of that caliber,

  • Shannon Callahan

    This very well isn’t the first time he has done something…

  • warhawk

    This Ass Hole Needs To Spend 3 To 4 Months In Dying. Start By Skinning Him Alive 1 Square Inch At A Time Working From His Feet Up, Then Slowly Immerse Him In A Weak Acid Bath Again Slowly, This Will Keep The Skin From Growing Back And Lower Infection Risk. Like I Said Execute This Sorry Shit Sack Over A 3 Or 4 Month Period.

  • Rachel Humphrey

    I agree, though since he was willing to do this it all makes you wonder what else he has done before he was caught. I mean he couldn’t have gone from a wonderful father to lets find a group of people to rape my daughter. He had to have been doing it all along and wanted more people to be involved. In addition to he needs to die a slow painful death because if he was willing to do it to his own daughter you know he would be willing to do it to your daughter….

  • Della Edwards

    How about you lock him in a room with a sexual predator and sex toys and let him be violated the way he wanted to violate his child…. I think this disgusting bag of shit should be executed!

  • Markus Reborn
  • Joseph Price

    I don’t…..I bleed coffee and Red Bull…..I drink too much of the stuff.

  • brianriccardo

    that doesn’t mean he wont get out on bail…..if you know how the system works, every ten days he doesn’t make bail he will go to a bail hearing and a judge could reduce the bail….eventually his bail will be low enough for him to get out, hopefully the trial will happen before that

  • Lisa

    Hes done something already because I researched the reports an he is also being charged with sodiamy an also admited to having child pornografy on his computer

  • nwyfzguy

    Dirt Nap Now!

  • clark_khent

    this is such a good idea man, I wish this is what would happen to criminals to that degree, 100% agree with you.

  • Erma J Roberts

    Some father he isn.t a fsther he is a scumbag..disgusting scumbag

  • Robin Mitchell

    JuJU…Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s pedophile Communist mentor.

  • Lynn Brooks

    That is the idea.

  • Alice

    He needs to be castrated then shot!!!!!

  • Shaalon

    He could have done Oral on the child and decided that wasn’t enough anymore…never put a pedo in a box and try to predetermine all the actions…he had plenty of time alone with the child..surely you don’t think he has just been sitting around doing nothing and then decided to dive head first….

  • Sharon Spradling

    I hope he gets violently raped in prison

  • Sam

    Not the brightest bulb on the block.

  • Laura Castillo

    And you assume I wouldnt say exactly what I think to someones face – You say I am hiding behind a screen – yet you sit behind one just like I do.. or are you making assumptions lol?

  • Davo Campbell

    what a fucking pile of shit kill him kill him he s a fucking pedafile so kill him

  • Laura Castillo

    I figured as much. The minds of non sexual criminals and sexual deviants obviously cannot be compared the way that Andii and Holly thinks they can. If she knew anything about people like this should would realize they start out small, testing the waters and then their minds get more and more sick and they ramp up the acts because it takes more to satisfy them. I thank you for looking that up and clarifying that I was indeed correct .