Texas Woman’s Viral “THANK YOU” Letter to Obama


As Lana Vestal puts it, she is nothing more than an average American like you and I. But after posting on her Facebook wall a post that received nearly 63,000 shares, she says she is getting messages from all over the country about her rant to President Obama. It’s not just her that feels this way either.

According to Rasmussen, only 30% of voters think the health care system is likely to get better as a result of Obamacare. But most voters (52%) still believe the system will get worse under the new law, while six percent (6%) expect it to stay about the same. Twelve percent (12%) are undecided.

Of course, Lana’s post touches on much more than just Obamacare and the actual ideology of President Barack Obama. While Obama’s campaigning has always touched on the fact that Obama can relate to the lower and middle class of America through his upbringing, it holds little truth.

The Jakarta suburb where Obama was raised by his mother and step-father known as Menteng, is the most exclusive neighborhood in the city “where bureaucrats, diplomats and economic elites reside.” From there he was sent to Hawaii to live with his grandparents where his grandmother was the Vice President of the bank. The media’s lies were nothing more than what they do best, lie.

Here is Lana’s viral post on Facebook. Let us know in the comments if you agree with her.

Dear President Obama,
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all you have done and are doing. You see I am a single Mom located in the very small town of Palmer,Texas. I live in a small rental house with my two children. I drive an older car that I pray daily runs just a little longer. I work at a mediocre job bringing home a much lower paycheck than you or your wife could even imagine living on. I have a lot of concerns about the new “Obamacare” along with the taxes being forced on us Americans and debts your are adding to our country. I have a few questions for you Mr. President.

Have you ever struggled to pay your bills? I have.

Have you ever sat and watched your children eat and you eat what was left on their plates when they were done, because there wasn’t enough for you to eat to? I have.

Have you ever had to rob Peter to pay Paul, and it still not be enough? I have.

Have you ever been so sick that you needed to see a doctor and get medicine, but had no health insurance because it was to expensive? I have.

Have you ever had to tell your children no, when they asked for something they needed? I have.

Have you ever patched holes in pants, glued shoes, replaced zippers, because it was cheaper than buying new? I have.

Have you ever had to put an item or two back at the grocery store, because you didn’t have enough money? I have.

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep, because you had no clue how you were going to make ends meet? I have.

My questions could go on and on. I don’t believe you have a clue what Americans are actually going through and honestly, I don’t believe you care. Not everyone lives extravagantly. While your family takes expensive trips that cost more than most of us make in two-four years, there are so many of us that suffer. Yet, you are doing all you can to add to the suffering. I think you are a very selfish and cold hearted man, who does not care what is best for the people he was elected by (not by me) to represent, but more so out for the glory of your name attached to history. So thank you Mr. President, thank you for pushing those of us that are barely staying afloat completely under water and driving America into the ground. You have made your mark in history, as the absolute worst and most hated president of the United States. God have mercy on your soul!

Yolanda Vestal
Average American

Matt Liponoga

Matt is the editor of The Free Patriot and has strong libertarian values. He follows Austrian Economic values, believes in limited government, and works towards ending the progressive movement in both sides of the government.

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  • Carolyn Shive Smith

    So true….God bless you.

  • Guest

    Yolanda Vestal there are many of us out here dear in the same boat as you and your loved ones, we hear you.

  • Pissed Off Nevadan

    She speaks for millions of us, who worry about things like Gas in our cars, Paying an ever growing insurance premium, Paying a sky rocketing electric bill. Obama is a POS who deserves to burn in hell.

  • Margaret Anderson


  • Matthew M Murray Sr.

    That was Spot On Yolanda, Thank You for putting this letter into words many of us are thinking but not able to put it to words. Again Thank You.

  • Marco Andy Armendariz

    what i don’t get is why he has not been in peached yet medicare is leaving California cus of Obama care and renewal will be in passable

  • Mr. Kile

    God is coming Home soon and no one will lie to the Lord.

  • EmtFFKEv

    Why are you yelling?

    I read the first three lines, and while I agree with you and think you probably had good things to say, I can’t stand to read the rest.

  • Jason Pearson

    Wow Yolanda. You have an amazing way with words and to point them where they are sorely needed.
    Even though Im not American and dont live in America., im going to continue this post in support of my many American friends who are suffering and hurting big time.

    This world needs justice and it needs justice now……. obama must go…, his reforms must be repealled and his government held accountable.

  • Michael – Disabled Veteran

    Very touching and true letter, Yolanda and my heart goes out to you and yours. I am in a hard situation myself although I have no children which I have to look at as a good thing because I honestly could not afford to anything for even one but, I truly admire your sacrifices out of love for your children and also for Margaret Anderson who posted before me and is making sacrifices as well for her special needs child. Being a single mother for the both of you and giving everything you have and don’t have as well as going with out for yourself all out of love and determination for your children.. All I can say on that is that the BOTH of you (Yolanda and Margaret), YOU are 2 people that truly define our great nation and you’re setting an example that I can only hope others would follow.

    I am a Disabled Veteran, trying to survive off of Disability benefits. If I wasn’t married, I would not make it.. not by a long shot, I would honestly be homeless as is the case with most of America’s homeless population, the homeless in our Country are mostly Veterans that are living in the streets, under bridges, anywhere they can find shelter but also close to Cities so they can scour around for food to eat. Almost all homeless Veterans either have some form of Disability or suffer severely from Post Traumatic Stress. Being a Soldier and being in war, most people do not realize how difficult it is to cope with things they have seen, heard, smelled, done. They all swore an oath under law and they cannot say no to an order given to them and they cannot undo what has been done. I live in a very small Apartment in a smaller town of Minnesota with my wife. After I was disabled from the United States Military, I continued to work. Years later, I was in a very bad work accident where my neck was broken in 4 places. My Surgeons said I was lucky to be alive and after several surgeries and Steel plates with screws, the Doctors Disabled me 100% again. I kept going, I got a job in an office environment instead of labor that I was use to even though I wasn’t suppose to be working at all but.. I love working and I am not the type to let things bring me down. In 2002, I was stopped behind 3 cars at a red traffic light when I was rear ended by a big car at about 60 miles per hour. It affected me in my car as well as the 3 cars in front of me. I ended up tearing my shoulder, knee and breaking my back. Several surgeries later, I was Disabled a 3rd time although this was the final time. I have problems standing and walking most of the time. Being Disabled, we are forced to have Medicare which is very expensive. My benefits are only a fraction of what I use to make when working and on top of the expensive monthly premiums they automatically deduct from my disability, I am responsible for a large portion of each and every medical bill I receive. I am on medication and I have to see my Doctors frequently and it is just too damn expensive to even go. My wife works at an assisted living nursing home as a care giver and care givers do not make decent money at all. Her insurance is much more expensive than mine is and along with the low pay they receive (I personally think all Care Givers at nursing Homes, Group Homes, etc. Do not make even half of what they are worth. Not many people can handle what they go through in a normal day at work and they are lucky to barely moke a hair more than minimum wage). My wife had a heart attack about 3 1/2 weeks ago, she almost died and THAT is a wake up call no one wants. With her insurance, she has already racked up about $60,000 in medical bills that SHE is responsible for. I though this Obamacare was suppose to make everything ok and affordable for everyone? We are literally drowning in debt, our one car I go through the same as you do.. each and everyday I pray that my car will hold on just a little while longer. In a small town surrounded by all country, it takes an hour to go to the Doctors office, 30 minutes to the nearest relatives house to visit, an hour to the second closest. We use to live in the Twin Cities but had to move 3 hours away in the small town we have been in now for 7 years because we couldn’t afford to live in the Cities any longer so.. we had to leave most of our families and all of our friends to be where it is cheaper and we still are barely making ends meet. I go up to 3 days with out food at times (Turns out it’s a pretty easy way to lose weight though) being as I can’t really handle any doing anything strenuous. 99% of all incoming phone calls are Debt Collectors but yeah.. go on that several million dollar vacation like the dozens you have already taken all on us.. your tax payers Mr. President. He is trying his hardest to ruin our Country and I truly believe it is just as you say Yolanda.. It is ALL so he can put the Obama name on as many things as he possibly can… YES HE CAN.. and YES HE DID!! I truly fear for the future of our Nation and for all of the people that are already affected by everything he has done. Too many of my Brothers and Sisters in Arms of every branch of Military have pain in blood for him to be allowed to ruin our Country and yet.. no one has the spine to stop him. As long as Congress and the Senate keep getting kick backs and the scraps from the Obama Table, they will let us all rot. My wife can’t afford to go to the therapy she needs from just having a heart attack, they took her off work for almost 3 weeks and of course that’s not long enough for short term disability.. Go Obama!! Maybe they should make it so he can add his name to the death certificates of all the people his actions have contributed in their deaths? As long as his name is on everything. You know.. Shortly after he took office on his first term, I knew they were going to be problems when they had the gall to take away from a needy family when they had the television show “Extreme Makeover – home Edition” actually come out and do work on the White House. It seems that all Michelle Obama wants is to be a celebrity and have all celebrities love her. I am just sick about what they are doing to our Country. I wish General Colon Powel would have ran. I read that there is a Hollywood actress named Jeri Ryan. Her husband was running for Chicago Senator and he had all but won the election when Jeri Ryan filed for divorce because she met someone else while filming a movie or show. Due to the divorce, he thought he would do the honorable thing and with draw from the election just so no one would try and turn his painful divorce into a media hype or scandal or anything so.. he just withdrew and guess who ended up winning the Senate seat all because he withdrew? Obama.. kind of makes you wonder if they never got divorced and Ryan won the Senate election.. Obama wouldn’t be President right now.. Stay strong everyone.. somehow we will hopefully all get through this.

  • Bill Berger

    THIS is what happens when an illegal president usurps the Office of the President of the United States of America. :>(

  • Michelle Evans

    Margaret..I have been in very hard times also but with one difference..an abusive husband that threatened my life. I love both of you two ladies and hope you both have better and healthier years ahead..and happy ones..God Bless :)

  • Barb Berganza

    I totally agree with this message to Obama. I would like to add that many of us have worked so many hours to pay rent, electric, food, and necessities and many single parents don’t even get to spend any real quality time with our children. It is pretty much work, pick the kids up from school/daycare and then dinner, homework, baths, and bed. Very sad the things we miss just because we have to survive.

  • Tuffenough1952

    I’ve been there too as well – we worked hard and thought we were improving our lives – we were !! UNTIL obammy !!

  • 11B3V

    If you weren’t such a A-hole, you might have made it down to the part where she states that she is 60 years old and in poor health. Maybe she uses caps to be able to see better. GET OVER YOURSELF!!! Could you hear that?


    I AGREE 100%

  • Jo

    and while he and Michelle are taking their extravagant vacations and bringing their friends and family along with them, most families in America cannot even afford to go on any vacations. I know families that have gone without a vacation for as long as 20 years. He is a communist and the ones that rule are the ones that get rich and everyone else, gets nothing..

  • Tommy Knocker

    that said alot our country is headed for the worst to come.i am wondering how in gods name did they slide this man in to ruin our country

  • Skintus_Maximus

    Just change the word ‘President’ to the words ‘Prime Minister’ and ‘Obama’ to ‘Cameron’ and this letter could go exactly as it is too the current, unelected ‘Prime Minister’ of the UK, and the similarities don’t end there:

    You have the Patriot Act we have the Terrorism Act, you have the NDAA we have Secret Courts. Our health service is being dismantled and sold off, you are being forced to accept Obamacare. Your NSA clearly colluded with our GCHQ when spying on the world. Our government lied to get us involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, so did yours. You had 9-11, we had 7-7, I could go on and on. Both our governments were itching to attack Syria until somehow democracy reared it’s head in the UK parliament and derailed the whole thing.

    Every policy of the US government has an equal policy in the UK just tailored to suit. We are travelling the same road, at the same speed to the same ultimate destination in different vehicles, our Land Rover your Humvee.

  • al kieffer

    very nicely put yolanda,the sad thing here,is that obama and his dc cronies dont care what you and your families are going through.he has an agenda to keep and he is going through with it,and that agenda is to truly ruin the usa and make it a 3rd world country.

  • Rodney Martin


  • Alison Edwards-Hanover

    This letter could be written to any President of any country. They are all the same, none of them have the slightest clue how the average American/Britian/Canadian – add whatever Nationality you like – live. They are in politics for the power and the glory.

  • Mary Gendek Jones


  • InTheseTimes

    You go Mary!!

  • Jim

    Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler

    The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit. No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls, nothing but abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of real substance.

    He has no real identity. He is half-white, which he rejects. The rest of him is mostly Arab, which he hides but is disclosed by his non-African Arabic surname and his Arabic first and middle names as a way to triply proclaim his Arabic parentage to people in Kenya . Only a small part of him is African Black from his Luo grandmother, which he pretends he is exclusively.

    What he isn’t, not a genetic drop of, is ‘African-American,’ the descendant of enslaved Africans brought to America chained in slave ships. He hasn’t a single ancestor who was a slave. Instead, his Arab ancestors were slave owners. Slave-trading was the main Arab business in East Africa for centuries until the British ended it.

    Let that sink in: Obama is not the descendant of slaves, he is the descendant of slave owners. Thus he makes the perfect Liberal Messiah.

    It’s something Hillary doesn’t understand – how some complete neophyte came out of the blue and stole the Dem nomination from her. Obamamania is beyond politics and reason. It is a true religious cult, whose adherents reject Christianity yet still believe in Original Sin, transferring it from the evil of being human to the evil of being white.

    Thus Obama has become the white liberals’ Christ, offering absolution from the Sin of Being White. There is no reason or logic behind it, no faults or flaws of his can diminish it, no arguments Hillary could make of any kind can be effective against it. The absurdity of Hypocrisy Clothed In Human Flesh being their Savior is all the more cause for liberals to worship him: Credo quia absurdum, I believe it because it is absurd.

    Thank heavens that the voting majority of Americans remain Christian and are in no desperate need of a phony savior.

    He is ridiculous and should not be taken seriously by any thinking American.

  • Rebecca in TN

    For those of you who are better off and not suffering, please remember your fellow Americans who are just barely squeaking by. If you search your heart and look around, you will find ways to help. And when you see a homeless person please do not look on him/her in disgust. Think about how you would feel if you were cold and alone at night, with nowhere to go, eating from dumpsters. If you can afford to get your hair/nails done, you can afford to give that person a few bucks and wish him/her a God Bless.
    The next time you think about buying yourself another new Coach purse, or a pair of Uggs, or a diamond necklace, think about the fact that these things are merely trinkets and they do not shape who you are. By all means, you do not have to donate all of your money away. But maybe instead of buying another trinket that you don’t really need, take the money and donate it to the needy.

  • john conley

    way to go yolonda, we all hear you. but the fact s that’s a very short part of a very,very long list. but just try and hold on he cant live [ forever ] ……….. good luck yo. ur not alone…………..

  • john conley

    me and u could be best buddies !

  • peacesnail

    President Zero is laughing as he is on his way to tee time.

  • Don Hendee

    Sadly, you are correct peacesnail. You are correct.

  • peacesnail

    I feel rage every time I see this twisted bas*ards smarmy face.

  • peacesnail

    Today’s politicians say “vote for me”, then reward you with a big “F you”.

  • Don Hendee

    I just don’t understand why, with all the outcry, something can’t be done to remove this monster from office. He has done all he can to undermine everything our forefathers fought for. I’m devastated. I know obummer knows what he’s doing to this country and I’m positive he doesn’t care about people like Yolanda. Sad but true.

  • Ronald Glen Hogue

    MaryAnn Collins Shores Whitley – FB… Not that anyone will read this, but I raised 5 children with no help. I was on welfare and food stamps for about 2 years while I went back to school in order to get a better paying job. I did things that I’m not proud of to support my children, and now the children don’t have anything to do with me because I wasn’t the parent that the government told them that I should be. Their dad never paid child support or help with medication, and so the struggle was great. I paid in lots of SS, but when I became disabled, I was told that I didn’t qualify for my own money. When it looked like all else had failed the children’s dad passed away, and I started getting a window’s pension. I have fibromyalgia, RA, bone spurs, and a calcified aorta in the midsection. It is my understanding that even though my premium hasn’t changed – it is at $0 dollars, and my deductible won’t change for 2014 – I am losing many of my benefits… What good is having insurance – if they only do preventive medicine and then charge you so much for the cure that you can’t afford it… I have a friend who is on medicaid, and her doctor told her that she needed back and hip surgery, so he submitted it to medicaid – the report came back to the doctor that medicaid will pay for the surgeries, but they won’t pay for the medicine to put her to sleep, so she can have the surgery. What is the use of having insurance – if you can’t afford the out of pocket. The insurance under obamacare is to keep you healthy, but they have no desire to keep you alive and functioning if you can’t work and produce taxes after you are made well… I really feel for those that are struggling, and may God have mercy on us all… BTW: This is the beginning of the end of America. Soon, we will not have a constitution, and we will not be America, but a member of the one world government… Thank you obama for selling us out – NOT!!!

  • Troof Detector

    Great letter but Obama will think shes talking to Bush.

  • Troof Detector

    Get a life asshole!

  • Troof Detector

    So do I.

  • Troof Detector

    in peached?

  • Karen Hicks McLendon

    She really nailed him. To bad our law makers can’t find the equipment that God gave them and rid our country of him and his “friends”.

  • Carla Caston

    Well said! God bless you & your loved ones.

  • Mary Crohan

    She speeks for many of us. this president and his 100 million dollar vacations and his frequent golf outings show most of us that he doesn’t care about anything. He feels that he is entitled, we owe him. I don’t owe him anything!! Yolanda, I know exactly what you are going through bucause I’ve been there.

  • momof4

    Bless u Yolanda… if only he would be put into that same boat with us and fall into a depression! Just once to understand what we’re going through, he might (and I said might!) Understand!

  • Richard Fischer

    This is how it looks for those who live in the United States whose first language is not English and they do not know how to spell or use proper punctuation.

  • Rob

    He does not care about or represent you or I.

  • dizymeup

    Great letter and a shame that Obama won’t even give a damn about her and others like her. He is a greedy liar when it comes to OUR money and the well being of all Americans.

  • Richard Fischer

    While like you I am worried about our country, I have faith in my fellow III%ers and the Oath Keepers that we will NEVER allow the Constitution to fall, it is currently getting trampled upon by the current administration but that will change in 2016. Have patience and keep the faith.

  • dizymeup

    seriously…who cares if she typed in caps….is THAT what you find important here?

  • http://www.blagoplanet.com/ Thomas Bodetti

    LOL it sound like yelling to me, )

  • MarineMom

    What you have posted, I agree whole heartedly. I also think our country has no “saving grace” any more. We are going to go down & go down hard. It’s going to be VERY difficult for quite some time & our lives will never be similar to what they are now. It’s all part of the plan, & we are all pawns. God help us all. I look forward to the day our Lord comes again.

  • Millie Lahaye

    So true, God bless you and your family !

  • Wanda H Duckworth

    may GOD be with us al!

  • Logan

    My question is as an American soldier who serves his country proudly and would die defending every single one of you, when are we going to save our beloved motherland..take a stand or we will fall America.. we were made a strong nation and I would do anything to save her even if I had to go out with a bang..God Bless you all

  • MarineMom

    It’s amazing to me, that it seems as though almost ALL US citizens feel the same way about our country & our government, BUT we are NOT doing anything at all as ONE. Why do we not have the capability to join TOGETHER? It just doesn’t make sense to me. So confused/sad/frustrated

  • Joyce Presley White

    Yolanda, Thank you for saying out loud what 90% of the Americans are thinking. We are proud to be Americans but President Obama is making it harder each day the sun rises. I have been and am still struggling each and every day as is most of America. I keep asking myself…being that President Obama has had how many years in office and now…how much better ore the average people living now. I am actually in the poverty level now and have never been there in my 55 years until I received President Obama’s help. So, again, Thank you Yolanda for speaking out… And, thank you Mr. President for all you have NOT done.

  • Christina Anthony

    it also looks like this for those whose first language is English but who probably get raised in districts that vote NO on anything to do with education!

  • Joyce Presley White

    Amen Brother, and I am ready. When someone works so hard to pull GOD out of the Country in which One Nation Under GOD it was built. It is sad to know that when I DO reach heaven and possibly looking down, How many will be left behind. We don’t need Obama-care one tenth as much as we need revival in this Country and bringing GOD back, praying for his mercy and praising him for his Blessings.

  • Bkmdano


  • JesseMace

    on top of food and gas inflation, now comes health care increases, which are nothing more than a way to subsidize the illegals. eff that pos american hating muslim from kenya traitor.

  • Charles Scrappy Taylor

    Cannot stand to see him. Every time he opens his mouth lies jump out. So hope we can survive long enough to get rid of him and his ilk and then maybe turn this country back around. I fear we will be too late.

  • Joyce Presley White

    I agree Alison, Too bad we can’t bring George Washington, Abe Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson back to teach how to work FOR the people. Oh and what would they say about the thoughts of rearranging the Constitution. And …Removing God from everything involved in the so called Government. Yes, I think you nailed it.

  • Jami Flynn

    This is very sad indeed, and I have been where this woman is. Bless certain friends and family who stood up to help me and my children out. BUT the time is no more for sadness, the time now is for ANGER. We are going to need our anger to fuel the fight that lies ahead of us. Make NO mistake friends, there WILL be another civil war, God help us if there isn’t!!!!


    Go find that hole and crawl back into…douche!

  • Tired2InTexas


  • Sheila Stagner-Mace

    My God….there’s one in every crowd. Congratulations, A-hole.



  • Patriot for America

    Yolanda – keep the faith, and God bless you and your family. You hit the mark with this letter to the tyrant, I am sure it was not felt or accepted by his cold rock hard heart and we accept what you said. You are probably on some watch list now, But how much more can he do to totally devastate your life than what he has done already. I just don’t know what is keeping the Senate and Congress from Impeaching him. Unless they are waiting for the smoking gun so that they can prosecute him for his treasonist ways, his spying on Conservative Americans, The IRS Scandal, and Benghazi scandals. I really enjoyed reading your letter to the president.

  • m

    Could not have said it better hope things get better for you

  • alexjohnston

    Use to zoom a web page. This said with utmost respect for my elders.

  • Bri Packer

    Thank you, Yolanda, for speaking for us single mothers who dont seem to have a voice anymore. Everything you said, I’ve experienced myself. Raising 4 children alone after leaving an abusive relationship, we do what we have to to make sure they have what they need and deserve. And all the while, we fight to keep them ignorant of our struggles so that they may only have the best of memories of their childhoods. There are still days when I cant even afford the gas in the car to get to work for the few dollars I bring home. And when the car breaks down, like it did this past weekend, you pray for a kind soul willing to give you a ride to work until you can afford to fix it.
    Thank you again, for giving us a voice, in a time when we barely have the strength left to whisper…

  • Kal

    Hey, maybe we can do one of those fundanything.com things to help this kind lady out?

  • Jackie

    She should write to her senator, Ted Cruise and ask him about his wife’s “gold health plan” through her multi million dollar employer. I mean worth a shot considering the senator of Texas is ultra conservative and completely against Obamacare. Kinda ironic…. texan completely biased. I’m not meaning to say I don’t see where she is coming from because I do. But where do you people get your facts from? Fox news? a 5 minute reel on youtube? Obama isn’t against the lower-middle class people. This just sounds absurd.. If she couldn’t afford health insurance before Obamacare then she does have a chance now to afford it.. Why don’t some of you actually take the time to READ the whole law instead of basing your opinion on other’s opinions.

  • Jackie


  • Jolie Joseph Rahn

    You and me both, Joyce. Just found out via our insurance agency, that our family of 5 (6) really, is now in what is considered poverty guidelines. This president could not leave quick enough!

  • Jolie Joseph Rahn

    Amen sister! I’m not one of the well off, in fact my family and I are hovering around the poverty line, but, I am going to do what I can to help those who are further hovering under povery level.

  • Lee

    So sorry. Many of us have struggled to have a decent life in the end. Unfortunately, Obama is doing all he can to make that dream a nightmare. Unless you are totally on welfare and food stamps and will get free healthcare on the backs of the rest of us, you are going to be the loser in this administration. I think Obama will go down in history as the President who bankrupted America, and made us a 3rd world nation. So much for his legacy.

  • Jerrie Hayley Klenk

    Wow.. I seriously cannot wait for your blinders to come off! Do me a favor and look me up when they do and THEN let me know how you feel!

  • Marisa

    Read a lot of the comments. I have been there as well. I wake up each day with a knot in my stomach just thinking about the horrors this will bring not only to those now but to our kids. This will simply divide the classes even more and burden an already overworked medical system. I work in the medical field before and after HMO’s and can tell you it brought destruction. This will be even worse.
    I hope this letter goes viral and is heard on the news and in Washington. Americans really need to start speaking up and taking action or we will witness the ego of this man that seems to have no limits.

  • Jerrie Hayley Klenk

    For all you single mothers… You can do it! I did! Thank God, my kids are grown now and fully supporting themselves and their families…. I have read the original post and the responses to it and will really keep you all in my prayers! I know the feeling about not eating, so the kids could eat.. I know what it feels like to get your paycheck and sit and cry, because there is NO way to make it stretch to cover everything.. I no longer have little one’s at home, but, I have cancer.. have been fighting it for 7 years.. and my husband has been warned that our insurance may be cancelled at the end of November… Researched a little bit about Obamacare.. no way could we afford it, much less the co-pays, deductibles or out of pocket.. This is horrible times we are all going through and all I can do is say, God Bless us everyone!

  • Marisa

    Well said. My heart goes out to those in these situations. I can only offer you my thanks in writing this and a prayer that you needs continue to be met.

  • rkyle

    We should ALL write him a “Thank You” letter!!

  • Michael Santarella


  • MarieLanza

    I don’t know who gets me sicker him or that thing he is married to

  • linlin

    Thank You Yolanda

  • Byrum Blobshittle

    It sound??? Don’t you mean it sounds?

  • Jim Brauer
  • Jim Brauer

    and you STILL can’t spell his name…dumbass….

  • Jim Brauer

    when the starting gun fires, I’ll be there side by side with my fellow patriots trying to take back the America we once knew and loved unconditionally!!! Semper Fi!!!!!

  • Bartman

    She is certainly right with what she said and also she is right that much more could be said.

  • Scurvy Swordwound Palacios III

    Dear Margaret, my insurance premiums should not go up due to your pre-existing conditions. And my health insurance shouldn’t be forced to accept you/ If Obama wanted a system that would work it would be a government health care system not effecting the current health insurance set up. Obama lied about my insurance and keeping the plan so if you feel that I should pay to help you out fuck you. I need that money to support myself, my kids, my animals, and my life.

  • Lonnie

    Because you are part of the problem!

  • Scurvy Swordwound Palacios III

    It may be our country but this is my money you’re fucking with and my healthcare.

  • Stevan R. Grimes

    Mr President what say you? Hello! I didn’t think so. You will continue to hide behind your laced curtains. You will continue to run off on vacation every time the True Saviors of this country march into the Vietnam memorial. You have no answers and you never did. Your only purpose was to line your own pockets and those of your constituents. Shame on you. Some day these God fearing citizens of America will get tired of turning the other cheek only to be slapped again, and you will be held accountable. On that day I will be standing on the front row, applauding True Americans!

  • Fed up

    Jackie, you really need to take a look at the statistics and the facts. Truth is that the middle to lower middle class is doing WORSE under Obama than other presidents. The wealthy are doing BETTER! There are more people out of work. If you look at the “jobs created”, many of them are part time and not going to pay someone’s bills. This letter is true to the core! And have you NOT heard all the reports of people who’s insurance bills are going up by 10x… Many people that had some sort of health insurance before will no longer be able to afford ANY insurance. And why to the liberals always think it is wrong for someone to have something they don’t. Just because someone has something that you don’t doesn’t mean they don’t care or can’t sympathize with those less fortunate than themselves. Many many of the billionaires in this country had to file bankruptcy at some point in their lives. They understand what it is to have to work your butt of to get what you have. This country would be a better place if the Liberals decided to work for what they have instead of trying to steal it from others.

  • H.A. Harrelson

    I don’t even care about a vacation. I just want to be able to feed my family better, keep up with my rent and utilities, and keep them healthy…. but I can’t. My wife is permanently disabled after dying and being on life support for almost a month, and in rehab to learn how to walk talk read and write all over again for another 5 months. I am almost $4,000 dollars behind on the aforementioned bills, but thank god for an understanding land lady who basically allows me to pay what I can, when I can. We have been living on cheap chicken from Walmart, a 50 lb bag of rice my mother in law bought for us, and whatever vegetables I can afford to buy week to week. Because of this diet, my daughter is now has an iron deficiency which causes her to bruise very easily. I am afraid someone may start thinking we are abusing her…. Anyway like I said. I don’t care about having a vacation, but the money those POS’s are spending on their’s could feed hundreds, if not thousands of people for a long time.

  • ★World of Whimsical★

    I seriously don’t think that was her point, douche. Get a life…

  • ★World of Whimsical★

    Can we be pals? I find it so refreshing to hear someone from the outside looking in say what we are all feeling. :)

  • Vernon Walters

    I do agree with this lady and beleive that president Obama should be strung up and hung for all the things he has done against the American citizens and country. He does not put his hand over his heart when the national athem is played or sung. He tell us he doesn’t need congress to do what he wants as he can just do it and there is nothing we can do. That is all out of his mouth. Well he doesn’t understand no he can’t just do as he wishes and eventually the american citizens will stand up and take this country back but it best be darn soon that the american citizens come together and go take our country back.

  • ★World of Whimsical★


  • Pos Potus

    Well he is a Commnist Hell bent on the destruction of America. You are the results he wished to achieve. Why would he stop?

  • Dixie Cruz-Aleman

    Yolanda is absolutely right in everything she said.
    Yolanda, I will pray for you and your family that God may bless you and give you strength.

  • Pos Potus

    you have only seen the beginning, the end of America is near…

  • charlene

    Get over your self Margaret didn’t create the health care plan OBAMA did, and that is what has been put into place, She’s not going to deny herself what she needs because the president built the program wrong you are mistreating the wrong person. Why don’t you redirect that anger of your to the American government that has made a mess out of our health insurance plans. Margaret DID NOT MAKE THE OBAMACARE SYSTEM. SO stop being an ass and stop cussing at an elder. Shame on you for your foul outlook on your fellow man. Place the blame where it goes.

  • Kenny

    GOD shall supply all of your needs according to riches in glory. You can not hope for the government to take care of you. Look to GOD.

  • Pos Potus

    Oh they just got started. You can write the commie’s in the Whithouse all day long. Their goal is NWO, total destruction of America.

  • Pos Potus

    Exactly Al, Total destruction of the USA is in order by the regime. Crash the dollar, bankrupt the system, weaken the military, destroy the middle class with commiecare, false flag that makes 9-11 look like child play, martial law, grab guns and you will be lucky if you survive. Install NWO. Mission Complete. And aided and abetted by MSM, Hollywood, and the new mellennial communist party 150+ million strong.

  • Forrest Cook

    At one time I was a single mother of 5 and I feel your pain. I would not even want to be trying to raise children as a single parent in today’s world. Yes, you have it right: Obama is going down in history as the worst and most hated President ever.

  • justathought22

    God Bless…… Understand and can answer yes to several of your questions. Continued to work and scrap by and made it out th other end. Hope American is still standing when he is through with it.

  • Carlos

    Apply for medicaid. It is a lot easier to get on now and with a child at home and low income, you have always had that option.

  • Sandy Gehrke

    Who cares if people type in ALL CAPS? Petty, petty. The woman tells the truth about Obama. Readers always have the right to not read it. Obama hasn’t taken away EVERYTHING yet.

  • American -Texan

    We are all only one person by ourselves but can make a differance if we do what we can. If the constitution is looked at Article 3 Section 3 and Article 6 Section 3 alone should be enough to impeach this so called president. Miss Yolanda has said a mouthful in her letter and my wife and I have done a lot of the same thing, ie waiting for kids to eat to make sure is enough. I have had 11 surgeries and each time did my rehab and went back to work, and now that I am 61 with a heart attack and the surgeries catching up with me and can not work , I am told I don’t quilify for SSI.

  • Susan Steele

    Maybe YOU should write a letter to Obummer because you obviously have a lot to say.

  • Della

    also, it saves having to hit the “cap” key here and there. With sight problems, it sure makes sense to all of us who share that problem.

  • CJNeal

    Medicaid only fixes the dr. visits. It won’t solve the fact that she is scraping to get by. I know exactly what this and so many of these women are going through. I’ve been there. Keep the faith ladies, God has a bigger plan. Remember, he doesn’t give us any more than what we can handle.

  • Virginia Coyne

    I’m curious did she even get a reply or was he busy golfing or fund raising or on vacation or planning more devious ways to ruin this country?

  • CJNeal

    Holy crap, you come and talk sh!t and hide under a phony name, your so damn tough sitting behind your computer. Shame on you. And perhaps you need to learn how to read, she never said she expected you or anyone else to pay for her and her son. Your day of judgment will come too, selfishness is not a good trait.

  • CJNeal

    Tell it to the A-Hole responsible. You think your the only one hurting from the actions of this POS POTUS?? If you do, YOU are seriously mistaken. Instead fighting those in the same boat, fire your cannons at the Huge pirate ship that is trying to sink you.

  • Lonnie Jager

    Get a grip Byrum!! HAVEN’T YOU EVER HEARD OF TYPOS!!!

  • CJNeal


  • Timmy

    Get a grip, Lonnie. Haven’t you ever heard of proof reading?

  • Lonnie Jager


  • CJNeal

    Knowing what us Americans are going through, my heart goes out to the people of the UK as well. Revelations speaks of these events and many more to come, much worse. Pray for those who are lost, not so much for those who have found salvation and are suffering, for the Lord said that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. I continue to pray for humanity in hopes that more people will humble their hearts and accept Jesus Christ as their savior.

  • Jan Pomeroy

    Thank you Yolanda for your heart felt letter. I am with you -I am a single mom-now with grown children. yes God did provide but we were always on the edge. Pray for our country it is the only answer!!!!

  • Fedup with ignorant people

    Do you read??????? You read it all wrong!!!! Obviously you have a reading comprehension problem, a very severe one!!!!! Re-read Margaret’s letter again, she says nothing about pre-existing conditions or anything in favor of obamacare!!

  • mrswright

    wow!!! that letter clearly outlines the end results of her bad decisions in life!!!

  • GettingOlder58

    God Bless you and yours Yolanda. Growing up in the 60’s with a Mother who raised 3 son alone without any governmental assistance, on her waitress wages and tips. I know what you and you children are going through. Remember, God does not give any person more then they can handle. These times suck, just remember, it will get better. I just hope it does not get worse, before it gets better, for all of us. You and your children will be stronger for these trying times. You and you children will get through them… we did. We went without ,all them nice to have wanted items and we barely had what we needed as it sound you are too. Yolanda you are a bright and shinning star and you will and have passed down to your children your strength, keep striving your strength is what your children need. BTW my Mom could pinch a penny tell Mr. Lincoln screamed, at just shy of 90 she still does, for her Social Security is extremely dismal and will never get any better. God Bless you and yours.

  • phred01


  • Old Fogey

    Carlos. my state did NOT vote to expand medicare, so there are still lots of folks who cannot get it, have no dependent children and have no other insurance, and noincome at all to pay for Obamacare

  • Kat B

    Not everyone who receives welfare/food stamps wants to. Yes there are those who abuse the system. And they make it VERY hard for those who NEED the help from time to time. Don’t judge or make assumptions until lyou have walked a ‘mile’ in their shoes.

  • Johnny Hood

    These comments just prove how stupid American’s really are..1 they voted for this Idiot 2 times. 2. they spend their time cursing and swearing because they are too stupid to know the intellectual words to use in a proper conversation. 3. they do not know how to read someones statement without interjecting false interpretations into it. 4. we continue to reelect these idiots in congress and the senate to represent us and they never do and we do not remove them. The next thing to do is to get an emancipated person to stand behind Oblamer and pretend to faint…just for a photo opt. Then 80 percent of America will fall for it and feel obligated to help this idiot. Wake up America, get rid of these lying scum bags that continue to rape America and embarrass our intelligence. This lady is a symbol of most of middle class
    America that struggles to survive on a daily life because of our government. God bless you Yolanda I pray that your and all the others like you get and find the help you need. I also thank those that are trying to help these individuals may God richly bless you all. We have all got someone we try so diligently to assist and our government keeps pressing us down…God forgive us all.
    Johnny H.

  • Vance Freeman

    This makes no sense. I oppose Obamacare on federalism grounds, but this woman will actually benefit from the insurance exchange. Stupid party-evil party.

  • Kat B

    Medicare leaving California? Unless I am mistaken, I thought it was a federal program. I don’t see how something like that can ‘LEAVE’ any state.

  • Flightline Phil USAF

    I just looked up “Scurvy Swordwound Palacious III” in the thesaurus.

    It says it means “Ignorant ASSHOLE”.

  • Desiree Seifert


    * First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.

    * First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

    * First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States

    * First President to violate the War Powers Act.

    * First President to have his attorney defend him in court (on record) and admit under oath that his birth certificate was a fake – and not be questioned by the media.

    * First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico .

    * First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

    * First President to spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs when there was no such thing as “shovel-ready” jobs.

    * First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.

    * First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive order.

    * First President to be proven to have a forged and backdated draft card – and not be questioned by the media.

    * First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S. , including those with criminal convictions.

    * First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

    * First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

    * First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.

    * First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.

    * First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

    * First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

    * First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases.

    * First President to be proven to have been born in Kenneth Snyderya – and not be questioned by the media.
    * First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

    * First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

    * First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

    * First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

    * First President to fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

    * First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

    * First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

    * First President to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half years in office, 102 to date.

    (not sure when this was posted)

    * First President to hide his medical, educational and travel records.

    * First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

    * First President to go on multiple “global apology tours” and concurrent “insult our friends” tours.

    * First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayers.

    * First President to have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

    * First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.
    First President to fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week at taxpayer expense.

    * First President to repeat the Holy Quran & tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth. (And still claim that he’s Christian)

    * First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences.”

    ( Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion).

    * First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states (Mexico vs Arizona)

    How’s Obama’s impressive (Marxist-Sharia) “Hope & Change” agenda working for everyone???!!!

  • Barbara C.

    All of us are having to go through these things. Many of us for the first time.Our middle class and poor Americans are suffering the most or let me say middle class is disapeering. More important than that the President has achieved what he set out to do, first turn us against each other and destroy the country. He is the worst president in the history of the United States and history will record that ,if we even have a future. God bless us and our country,yep and I did say God. Our country was founded on Him !

  • Kat B

    Where did she even state that she expected ‘anyone’ to pay for anything for her? You read it wrong. And please watch the foul language. Thank you

  • Saved by the grace of God

    Yolanda, I to was a single mother and in the same boat as you. There were many times where I did not know where the next meal for my children was going to come from. I worked 2 jobs and never had enough money to give my kids what they wanted just barely enough to give them what was needed. I am so grateful that god heard every prayer and always showed me my next step. By the grace of god we survived. Now with Mr Obama in the white house, I to believe he is going to crush us and that everything he has said has been lies, he could not have been an average American. Most average Americans are god fearing good people that would not push a healthcare that would cause us more harm financially. Nor would he take out the words of God which is what this great nation was built upon. And these extravagant vacations several times a year that cost more than what we make in several years, and having the American people pay for these by claiming they are work related. Most American can not afford to take a vacation at all, I for one have only had one vacation in my life. My family and the needs of the children came first. This man is damaging our country to the point that people from other countries are saying that it is horrible the way our country is headed. You were correct that he is pushing us off our life preservers and completely under water. But I think that may be what he is wanting. I also believe this man has made his mark on history by being the man that destroyed this great nation. All I can say dear Yolanda is pray my dear and I will pray for all of us. My god bless us all, and have mercy on that black hearted soul we call president.
    Single mother who Survived by the Grace of God

  • Beeta

    You two women are simply awesome women… May God bless you with “all you need”. Just be faithful to God for one day the suffering in this life will all be over and the faithful and righteous will see God.. God Bless.

  • Beeta

    More women than the world knows have suffered like this.. Poverty and at the hands of an abusive man.. been there and it is not fun. So hard and so afraid every waking moment..

  • Mike E. Cooney

    Obozo-is a fraud, a poser, a dog eater, a drug addict, a heathen bastard, and morons actually voted twice for this pimp !? Oh well, Hitler was elected twice too-and History-does repeat itself !! SUCKERS !!!

  • Beeta

    Are you for real. ? You are what is wrong with America.. Karma will get you for your lack of humanity. Where is your compassion… ? America has evolved into a ME attitude and turned their back on their fellow man. This is what God warned us of… He will not bless you for your selfishness .You are jumping on the wrong person. She did not make the law your PRES. did.. Did you Vote for HIM? If you did you have no one to blame but your self. Those that voted for Obama has cut the throats of all americans and AMERICA.. I can assure these two women are more humble than you and they have had very hard times. More humane that you could ever be or know the meaning of. shame on you.

  • fenix1

    After January 1st when they reduce Doctors payments by 25% there probably wont be any Doctors to visit!

  • Beeta

    well said.. She was hurting because of the payment she cannot afford also… Just like the rest of us…

  • Beeta

    Same here… I use caps a lot…depends on the day… some day I see better than others..

  • reodger

    Your a selfish bastard you no name idiot americans help each other no matter the circumstance even if it is moral support dick head.

  • Beeta

    Well underway though.

  • fenix1

    Sadly those who could affect real “change” for the betterment of ALL are blinded by money and it’s first Cousin greed! Doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon!

  • cefs1

    Scurvy…..appropriately named….Margaret Anderson did not say a thing that would upset your currently wonderful insurance plan nor did she ask you for help. You did not see her say that she was on public assistance. She made comments….soul searched comments based upon years of giving rather than receiving. You remind me of a selfish kid who just “might” have to share her toys with someone. Grow up! Learn to be a giver rather than a tasteless, selfish and soulless individual. The only entity after “yours” is the US government. You’ll soon be in the same boat as Margaret through force rather than choice. Maybe then you’ll learn your lesson. Your are definitely one heartless, selfish, soulless wonder.

  • Beeta

    No people like you are part of the problem . No tolerance in the world anymore.. Why are you all so picky.. ?? Read the story and look over the imperfections. This is not a perfect world and we are all different.. Geeesh unbelieveable… such hate filled remarks for people you do not know and for absolutely nothing they said is wrong. BUT what you have posted is disgusting and typical of the LEFT.. You must be trolls from the Left for the Right does not have people that are so insensitive to others..

  • cefs1

    The only entity trying to come between you and your money is the federal government. I bet you voted for Obama, too, didn’t you? Now you know why folks were warning you not to vote for him.

  • Beeta

    Thank you and God Bless you…

  • scorbetts

    Jason you are awesome from the outside looking in you see what most Americans refuse to see because of fear thanks for helping from far away my friend.

  • cefs1

    Lonnie, Obama is the author of confusion. The more confused he makes us, the more upset we stay. All this infighting is his way of weakening us and he also likes to use fear factors. The more afraid he makes us…the stronger he becomes. Division of this country is his theme song. He has a plan to destroy our America and replace it with his idea (and you know what that is, don’t you). So the more infighting we all do….the weaker we become. Don’t let his self-centered leadership weaken us. Let his soulless leadership pull us together to make us stronger. He is not leading and never intended to. He came into office with an agenda and guess what he is winning. What can we do about this? Do you write your congress persons and tell them what you see and what you expect them to do? Start now.

  • Beeta

    With the rest of his cohorts.I am going to try to post a link to give everyone a heads up on what Obama , Putin and Soros are all about…. This is so scary. The Syrian debachle was all a set up to diminish American in the eyes of the world and to elevate Russia.. Please take the time to read this and please share for every American needs to wake up to this.. Thanks and God Bless America again…P.s. please read to the bottom of the page.. Yes the BC is on there and should be view but the story that follows is the goal of my posting this..


  • Intelligent American

    WOW WHAT A DUMB ASS. This is why stupid ass hillbilly people like this should’nt be able to comment on politics. She talks about not having health insurance when Obama is literally trying to make sure all Americans have affordable healthcare. This lady is an idiot probably with a double digit IQ and she has the nerve to say Obama is the worst and most hated president of all time? Did she really forget about George W Bush? A terrorist who was allowed to kill thousands of people both foreign and American and destroyed the countries economy that Clinton had worked so hard to build up. This lady probably supported George W but has the nerve to say Obama is a bad president? The stupidity of some people is just nothing less than mind blowing. WOW is all I can say to someone like that. Obama is probably one of the smarter men to be in the white house and I would not have anybody else in there at this time he is absolutely the best man for the job. He tries to save lives and give Americans affordable healthcare because people are literally dieing from being unable to afford medical services and stupid assholes like this want to complain. This lady is severely out of touch with reality as most republican/conservatives are. Really there is nothing else to say but people like this woman are the reason America is viewed as a bunch of idiots. This lady and everybody like her should probably do the U.S. a favor and get the hell out.

  • Beeta

    So true and so waiting for the return of the Son of Man . So waiting to see him appear in those clouds one day soon and very soon.. The scripture has been fulfilled down to his return.. It is next on his agenda and I am anxiously awaiting MY GOD to return for me and all those that are watching for him … God bless you all and keep your eyes on the eastern skies…

  • Beeta

    Please watch and share… You are so right and this tells it all.. shocking but true and America is in so much trouble that we are not realizing in just our daily living. watch and share this please.. so scary for the great nation I love so much.. My home sweet home of 67 yrs.. God help us I pray constantly ..we all must be vigil to what is going on and PRAY. we as a nation must turn back to God. I just read the book the Harbinger.. Oh my people this is a book that is inspired ,no doubt, by God. If you get a chance to read this you will see where God stands with America today… please read this link below and read the book for you will never think the same again…


  • Beeta

    2014 !!!

  • Beeta

    Amen and to SKINTUS, yes it is only the beginning.. There is an agenda and a plot and it is coming to pass. Obama and his cohorts and Soros and Putin among others are responsible in bringing us down.. We are losing our nation also.. People are just quietly letting it happen.. The liberals a blind to what is going on and in denial … that is almost half of the country now..I have to believe it may be Gods will for his time to return is near and his word will come to pass. I do not believe his people will be appointed to go through the wrath that is coming.. I believe we will be gone to be with him… Get ready and stay ready.

  • Albert Martino

    These comments were suppose to be about this lady’s hardship (plus millions more Americans hardship) since this evil, heartless dog of a president was voted in by a bunch of clueless, give me a handout, entitlement seeking losers here in America. This evil person is destroying our country piece by piece. He has weaken our military. He has removed all military leaders that refused to fire upon American citizens. Unemployment at record highs. our credit rating sucks, debt through the roof, killing of our ambassador and citizens, threats by roving tanks through some city streets, drones, helicopters flying overhead in the middle of the night with loud speakers on, and barges with armed patrols in Louisiana. These are some of the things we need to be focusing on. His Evil Intent for us and this country. Wake the Hell Up People!

  • Beeta

    Amen we must all stand together or we will not survive till the end.

  • Beeta

    http://www.thepowerhour.com/news4/obama_kenyan_birth_certificate.htm this tells you who Obama is and his agenda for America that is coming to pass. Please read to bottom and pass along to all Americans you can reach.. they need to know this now!

  • Vincent Smith

    You need to change your handle dildo. When it all comes crashing down i am gonna hunt you down and put you in my freezer.


    THANK YOU!!!!

  • Jackie

    NO I DIDN’T BUT DID YOU TOUGH GUY??? PROBABLY NOT. you’re all right. i’m wrong. all you right winged conservatives are always going to be right. you can’t ever see it from anyone else’s point of view. i’m smack dab in the middle. i see all points. you’re just annoying.

  • Jackie

    oh my gosh.. my blinders are off. i see completely fine. why don’t YOU see things from other perspectives???

  • francoamerian

    Obama has one major accomplishment during his presidency this past five years. That is that he has single handedly of course with some help from the Democratic party and the msm, he has started the process of destroying America from within. He is doing what the foreign terrorists only dream of being able to do. He has damaged our military, economy, educational system, although that was already in the process of being damaged, morals, health system, religious freedom and he is trying to destroy our Constitution.
    The main thing is he has attempted to make our citizens completely dependent on government for everything. He is a disgrace and he IS THE WORST PRESIDENT our country has ever had.

  • Ed Welsh


  • Suzanne Hall

    Too many in this Country are suffering, good for her for making great points. I raised two as a single Mom and my answers to many of her questions was “yes”, and it is tough and there are no easy answers, but faith and the help of family, friends, and even my church at times helped me make it. Unfortunately this man has killed our economy and I have no doubt the struggles women in these situations face now are tougher than they have ever been! Prayers for all in need and strength to keep pushing forward when it seems like it is all uphill! I do not believe in the socialist income redistribution that the Democrats are pushing, but I do think that those who can should reach out and help those in need. Pay it forward to the extent that you are able, you never know what small gestures may make a huge difference in a family’s life!

  • Jerrie Hayley Klenk

    Because I know what the ‘famed’ Obamacare is doing to people! I can’t see it any other way than him attempting to kill us!

  • Jerrie Hayley Klenk

    Wow.. where in the world did you get that Margaret was asking YOU for help? She is a proud and noble woman that has accepted the responsibility of raising a family members child, out of love! (something you undoubtedly know nothing about)… Not one time did Margaret ask for help.. she simply made a statement as to what her life was like… she stated she cannot afford the Obamacare plan.. but will be fined for not having it! Learn to read and comprehend, before you make unjust accusations!

  • Faith Brooks

    I am so sorry to hear of your problems. GOD bless you and your family. I will remember you and your family, mr. harrelson, in my prayers . what is reflected in the past acts of this adm. is the fact that none of them care, really care, about the American people. they are too rich. whatever harm they cause the working folks will not effect them. they make too much money. most politicians are the same, but the gop is the only hope we have to put a stop to this regime of communists. if americans would bother to look at other countries they would see that only the few people at the top in communist countries eat well or live well. the rest are in poverty unlike any we see in America. we must ask GOD to help the gop to find a way to stop Obama and vote all of the democraps out when we get the chance. I pray your circumstances improve greatly in the near future.

  • paul

    Obama is only one president in a long line of presidents who follow a progressive trend towards a totalitarian US government. America IS the American people. All government officials, elected or appointed need to be reminded of this in a very pointed way unless whatever is left of what America once was is gone completely.

  • Jerrie Hayley Klenk

    Ah… did not realize that You are the ONLY one to contribute to the taxes that are being wasted on this debacle… Nice to know! I will tell my husband to tell his HR rep to quit taking it out of his check.. cause I was told that YOU are the only one that contributes! You have got to be the meanest, foulest person I have ever had the misfortune to encounter!

  • Anne Jackson

    So if God forbid, she get’s seriously ill, or in a car accident and has no insurance she will be part of the 100 billion in yearly tax payer dollars we already pay for the uninsured. How is that having “pride”? Get on Medicaid!

  • Anne Jackson

    You can thank your Republican lawmakers for that. The Red states are screwed!

  • Shutter

    I seriously doubt many in Congress can say they’ve experience the same thing, yet they exempted themselves out of Obamacare and many other laws that they pass on to us. If there were term limits and no pensions available to them, I’d say we’d have a much different set of thugs in Congress.

  • Michael

    Please Ladies please know that I have the greatest empathy and compassion for all of you who have shared their thoughts and life by posting here, Really I do. No woman or person should ever need to go through any abuse, I am sorry. But, please let me remind you that it is not just man on women abuse going on. Men also get abused by women, I know I was one of them. I suffered all types of abuse not just physical. All men are not evil and bad. There a lot of good men. But Also not all women are good and right. Their are good and bad in all genders & races. I pray for all of you in Christ like love and I applaud your self sacrificing and total dedication to give your children the love and physical needs they have. Thank you. God Bless you all. Michael

  • Pete Paris

    To all the women that have commented and provided insight on your daily strife MAY GOD BLESS YOU and PROVIDE FOR YOU THE COMFORT YOU REQUEST. All of you remind me of my mother, she turned 90 this past July 4 and is in better health than most woman her age and she too raised a child on her own and sometimes that child was more rambunctious and troublesome than you can imagine and she did it with no help from anyone. She worked two jobs and I thank GOD everyday for what she sacrificed for me and she taught me the values that I have taught my children. Single parenting is never easy and I have no solution to give you BUT I want you to know to keep your hopes up and never give up. GOD never gives you more than you can handle and I am sure you can handle a lot. All the stories I have read hear are heartfelt and chokes me up because we live in the greatest country that has ever existed in the history of the world and that all seems to be disappearing right in front of our eyes and if the majority of our POPULATION does not wake up and smell the coffee then your stories here will multiply a hundredfold and I fear there will be no recourse. I PRAY THAT SOMETHING CHANGES FOR THE BETTER!!!

  • Anthony

    Why are you YELLING?

  • Mary Jane Haley

    there is alot of us that has been in her shoes.and I for one been working my butt off sence i was 15 now 50 and I raised my 3 kids by myself and did everything and more just like her.Obama has no right to be in our white house he never should have put one foot in the door…..and yes he is the most hated….

  • Debbie Tipton

    These are scary times we live in. In my almost 60 years I can not remember a worse time, not when the streets ran with blood during the Civil Rights era, or when our Vets came home and were spit on, not during the Peaceful gatherings that turned deadly as did they did at Kent State. I can not think of a time when as a country we were so blatantly lied to and the media feed us crap they called news, where the Government worked behind closed doors and acted more like children on the playground then adults representing our country. I can not remember a time when this great nation was so under attach by the very Government we have elected or felt so cheated and used by that same government. If we are a laughing stock to the world then I would like to thank our Government Officials for making us so, you have managed to do what no other President or Executive Branch has been able to do. .

  • fenix1


  • Joe Geror


  • Rachel M.

    Because of the field of profession my husband is in, even with him working, and me getting what little of a check of SSI each month, there have been many times we have not been able to make ends meet, and we have a small child. So I can definitely understand the difficulties of today under the hands of “president obama.” I feel for all those who have it significantly harder due to there only being one parent. I grew up in a single parent home, so I can understand the hard times from that prospective. Not being able to get new clothes for the new school year, having to wear my sister’s hand-me-downs, that were not my style or taste, but having to make the very best of it anyways. Going to goodwill for clothes whenever I found money on the ground, or giving it to my mom to help pay for even just a jug of milk and bread. So, not only can I imagine things from both sides, but I can understand not having health insurance. My husband still doesn’t have any, and won’t get it any time soon either due to this “obamacare” crap he keeps trying to shove at us. I wish us all the best of luck, and pray we can all make it out of this mess alive..

  • Martha Benton

    Anne, Republicans did not put Obama in office. Republicans did NOT vote for Obamacare. Read the posts. Obama wants more people on Medicaid so the system will collapse. He is happy about all signing up and getting on it because they can’t afford his useless, high priced insurance he put into TAX law. AARP is on his payroll and receives billions of dollars in kickbacks. People are stupid to sign up with AARP. They do not care about the seniors anymore than the Muslim dictator sitting in the White House does. And his care is ZERO.

  • Martha Benton

    AMEN!!! It simply means they do not understand the point of this whole article or any of the comments supporting it. They are too busy “looking for typing errors”, being critical of the type of type used, feeling superior to others that are not “politically correct typist” like they are. They really need to stay away from these sites if they cannot come, read, and keep their superior attitudes to themselves.

  • Martha Benton

    I too have walked in those shoes. I raised my four by myself, and not only has the government turned its back on me, my four kids did too! I should have saved the money I spent on them to make them happy for my retirement. When I went to retire, I found IRS had lost 10 years of my work records. Their reply? Send us the tax returns for those years and we’ll correct it. Doesn’t everybody save their tax records for 20 years? I did have 10 years worth, so did get 3 of the years corrected, but I lost 7 years of money I had paid in for SS and Medicare. Now I live on a below poverty income, living month to month. Not what I had thought my old age would be. I do not envy anyone raising a family in these days and times. And I am not being pessimistic, just reading and understanding the prophecies in my Bible, it is going to get worse. The time is coming very shortly, when Christians are going to be put to the test if they are really, truly Christians or just “pretend” Christians. Obama is one of Satan’s followers that will help carry out these deeds. He is a Muslim, and I think we all know how they feel about Christians.

  • shirl

    Thanks for the hint to zoom a web page. I also have a hard time reading small print.

  • Not quite red and proud.

    Actually we are hoping all the moochers leave to the blue states to bankrupt them, and then we can take back this country.

  • Patti1947

    Boy you are really misguided and confused about who is screwing all of us. Keep thinking Obama loves you and wants the best for you and your family. See where that will get you. I wish all of us that didn’t vote for this man didn’t have to suffer the consequences of all he has and is doing against this country. Too bad the conservatives couldn’t live in one half of the country and the liberals on the other half. Bet you we would’t be coming to your side, but the rest of you would be dying to coming over to ours. to try to control what we do…… Feel sorry for you and your thinking.

  • tess007

    Hi Ronald, I understand your frustrations, unfortunately we all do. I know that I will hear some sarcasm for this ….but… As far as SS, get a lawyer who helps people get their SS Disability. Check references. They help you through the system and get a percentage at the end ONLY if they help you get it. It took me 2 tries. If I had not attained a lawyer, I would be living only God knows where. Those of us that worked, earned it and should be able to use it if really needed (some people scam the system) Good Luck!! Godspeed!

  • Kim Pickelheimer

    And who gets the Nobel Peace Prize for future accomplishments? One one person in history. Yup, our most hated President who hasn’t really accomplished anything in his life other then spreading his radical bull for the whole world to see that he is REALLY like Hitler. I am glad that finally people are starting to see what they voted in, I just hope those people call for his impeachment when they go to vote in the mid-terms. At the same time as everybody is talking about this nasty Obumacare, they are sneaking migration in, while your not paying attention. This is how this administration works.

  • Kim Pickelheimer

    Here it comes.

  • mexiace
  • Jess Golden

    I was on medicaid before and I will tell you this much—adult medicaid doesn’t cover hardly anything! You may as well be uninsured, because every doctor you call will tell you they don’t accept medicaid and those that do are 75+ miles away depending on where you live. You can’t get abortions, you can’t get dental fillings, (but medicaid will pay for you to get all of your teeth pulled but they wont pay for dentures or anything)…I could go on and on…

    I have two surgeries I need to get and I pray that I am able to get them before the ticking time bomb deadline of January 1.

  • Charles Means

    You give credit to President Clinton for what the Republican congress did

    You blame President Bush for what the Democratic Congress did.

    You blame President Bush for what President Obama id doing.

    Will you ever blame liberals and Democrats for what they have done?

    And if you think Obama is giving everybody affordable healthcare, you must not be paying attention. I do not know how many people can afford a $13000 deductible. I do not know how many can afford $400 per month fort coverage. Or if they get a subsidy, how you can expect the middle class to give again to support those that “less fortunate”

    The problem we have today is not this poor lady, or the thousands like her. The problem we have today is the politicians and the government they force upon us. They make decisions and laws, irregardless of how there constituents feel or believe. They feel they know better than the rest of us how to spend our money.

    I am personally tired of politicians taking my money without accountability. There is so much waste, abuse and pure fraud, that if it was all located, SSI and Medicare would be solvent for years.

    There is so much cronyism, that politicians are entering middle class and coming out wealthy. They make decision based upon who gives them the most money (Unions, Corporations, pacs, etc etc).

    But you have the gall to criticize this women, and call her an idiot. If her story is true, she probably has more integrity than most people on the internet, and defiantly more than most government workers.

    Why don’t you blame the government, who has made it so expensive to live in this country, that she has a hard time staying above water (and yes, through their taxes duties, and regulations, they cost billions of dollars of peoples money)

    It is time for Americans to get there house in order. It is time to reign in government, It is time to show the politicians who is really in charge. It will not happen, people are to worried about where there welfare is coming from… (about half the population).



  • Sherry Jones

    Keep in mind that medicaid/medicare is something taken out of your payroll every week. So if she’s worked over the years, she’s already paid into that fund. Taking back what’s rightfully yours in the first place is nothing to be ashamed of.

  • pfema

    so if his mother was american that would provided him with dual citizenship until he was of legal age when he would have to chose one over the other, so the actual place of his birth is moot.

  • J R Johnson

    Medicaid and Medicare are totally different programs. People who work pay a percentage, of their pay, taken out for Medicare. No money is taken out to pay directly for Medicaid. Medicaid, unlike medicare, is paid by taxes; and you must be “means” tested to receive it. Medicare is an “entitlement ” program because you paid into it, therefore you’re entitled to it. Medicaid is a Welfare progtam; not an “entitlement” program.

  • grace omalley

    hey carlos. who are you obummers recruiter. besides it ain’t that easy jerk. I had an abusive husband, then after he tried to kill me, I had to provide for my daughter with a $6.85 an hr job.. yep you read that right… I went to the welfare office to ask for foodstamps. that is all I wanted. I was able to pay my measly rent and bills but food was an issue… do you know what those assholes at welfare said??? they wanted to know if my parents were able to support us. then they said that I could have the foodstamps if I quit my job, sold my 20 year old car, spend all the money in the bank (of course there wasn’t any) and applied for ALL the benefits the scumbag illegals get… nice huh? so carlos…go f*ck yourself. you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • J R Johnson

    AMEN to that!!!

  • Patrick Henry

    Unfortunate as Sharia law spreads here in the US that type of abuse will get worse.http://themuslimissue.wordpress.com/2012/08/18/usa-muslims-push-sharia-law-in-minnesota-spreading-creeping-islamization/

  • Patrick Henry

    No we are smart not to take any fed bribe money. There is no FREE medical care. The fed has no money it is YOUR money. They will take all you make and ask for more.

  • Mike Buglioli

    I think President Obama who comes from a single parent home who lived in poverty most his life understands. What no one understands is the partisan politics that pervades and eliminates anyone from doing anything positive. I think if you sat down with him he’d tell you that life-long politicians in Congress are destroying this country. He’d say I’ve worked for the poor and done more for them as a non-president than I could ever do in this political complex of people who do nothing but talk crap and let the rest of America swing in the wind. Who work up people like you to meet their own political ends because it helps them stay in office – they profess they know how it is to be poor or in poverty but were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They have as much in common with the poor as I do with their political selves. They are liars, cheats, philanders, bring falsehoods against the just and exploit the poor. But make no mistake about it – they can lie all they want on this earth but they will stand before the great I Am and be found wanting. Obama is not perfect – never was never will be but he has a will and a motivation to do what is right no matter how many politicians trash him. Ciao.

  • Patrick Henry

    Yup So how is Detroit doing??? Its been run solely by Democrats since the mid 60’s. About the Fed running healthcare? Hows Amtrak doing? Post Office? Social Security? Ask any Native American how well Government healthcare works.

  • klaus

    I blame Obama AND his “cult followers” in the Media, the Congress and yes, in the general population who have made us suffer not just under one horrendous torturous term but Two! And the answer is NO, Obama, his Administration, his Party in Congress, their leaders in Congress and the Propaganda Media DO NOT have any of our interests in mind, at all, ever. It is and always has been for their own self serving interests ( as individuals or as a group) and their financial or power gains. I am ashamed that we as a nation have stooped so low that we have allowed the most honored position in this country to be corrupted,tainted and disgraced by electing this individual who is totally lacking in character, honesty, integrity, maturity,humility and any redeeming virtues. From head to toe, both inside and out, he is a walking talking embodiment of a LIE.

  • Craig

    Wow that is a terribly uneducated and misinformed article. Sadly, the “Best” comments are even worse.

  • Jeff Hepler

    He has to have a soul for there to be mercy…..

  • Colin Nunn

    I want a president who receives a modest salary, not millions. I want a president who takes no more than two holidays per year and pays for it themselves, out of their own pocket. I want a president who doesn’t wastefully spend us into more debt then raises the debt ceiling. I want a president who doesn’t lie. I want a president who abides by the law an the constitution. I want a president who respects his peers and the people of America as opposed to hating them and doing everything in his power to crush the country. I want a president who doesn’t create asinine laws to protect criminals. I want a president who employs people qualified to do the job they applied for instead of all his bestest buds.I want a president with integrity and honor. I don’t want a bumbling, lying, deceiving, two faced, hypocritical, extravagant, law breaking, sneaky, devious megalomaniac residing in the white house, so why don’t you just LEAVE Obama! We all know what you’re doing. The only thing that separates us is some are too scared to say anything and rock the boat for fear they’ll lose benefits. Show us just the tiniest bit of integrity and EMIGRATE!

  • Coin Nunn

    Amen sister!

  • suqsid4

    An “uneducated and misinformed article.”

    You’re an idiot.

  • suqsid4

    >> This lady is an idiot probably with a double digit IQ ….
    >> the countries economy
    >> because people are literally dieing
    >> the reason America is viewed as a bunch of idiots.

    You’re an idiot.

  • Michelle G

    It’s not just your money, it’s everyone (unless you are one of the people that runs the country, then you are above the law you created) And not EVERYONE who has it hard wants every nickel the government offers. Not EVERYONE that this obamascare is ‘free’ for wants it!!! I would rather be uninsured than to morally bankrupt myself. I am a divorced mother of 4 young daughters, someone recently told me that this farce of healthcare would be great for us. Well, sure if it didn’t basically spit in the face of all that I believe in and on those that I love, it would be just *peachy*. you think we want the hospitals fined for being charitable? You think we want our neighbors, small business owners loosing their livlihood over this? NO. A million times NO. I would rather struggle, pray and OVERCOME than be a burden to my moral compass. So you just hoard your stash of ‘mineminemine’, WE DON’T WANT IT. YOUR PRESIDENT DOES!

  • KEldr

    I’m only 48, but I already have to enlarge most webpages in order to read them comfortably. There are many reasons to use caps; a knee-jerk (stress on the JERK) reaction to that without thinking makes one look very silly, indeed.

  • Suzanne Wood

    I think women are the most reciliant….. We take the crap sandwich life gives us and make something out if it…. But here’s the question….. Why do women buy into the “war on women” scenierio about brith control and abortion….. What about giving us a better opportunity with less taxes, less government intervention and more opportunities……

  • Sherry Jones

    Right. Sorry. **note to self – don’t comment immediately after working a 10 hour day, your brain is not working**

  • Pamela Littlefield

    Just tried that…Works great…Thanks… Now how do you un-zoom…LOL

  • finishstrongdoc

    Been saying this for a while, and I don’t give a flip if it offends the PC souls who are strangling the American Spirit, but where are the statues for mothers in this country? The only statues for moms I’ve seen around are statues of the Blessed Mother and commemorative statues for post-abortive women in cemeteries. We have statues for war heroes, sports figures and musicians, but none other than those I mentioned for mothers. God help us all, we all came from women, and my guess is we’ll have to pay our respects to a woman, the Mother of Jesus, on the way to heaven, who will fix us up and send us on our way Home. God bless all moms, and God bless Yolanda Vestal.

  • ki-lee

    Thank you for putting that into words for many of us. I know what you are living. Hold your breath every day just hoping to get by another day. Obama and his bitch have no idea what it is to live day to day.

  • Jackie Owens

    She isn’t old enough to get Medicare yet. 65

  • Joe Misuraca

    Obama was never poor you twit…. he went to the finest schools, lived in a fancy neighborhood on ‘the island” and went to some of the finest colleges in America. Where did you come up with such a baloney story? Even Obama admits in his autobiography to this. Show me where he was poor moron. I bet you can’t.

  • J R Johnson

    I was replying to Sherry Jones. She doesn’t know the difference between Medicare & Medicaid. They’re not related in any way. They don’t come from the same funds; nor are they administered by the same agency. And if you read her response back to me you’ll see the caliber of mentality I’m talking about.

  • Ernest Lewis

    i too have done all yuo asked of the slug i agree with you 10000000%

  • Sally Smith

    Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 407 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc. http://danfromsquirrelhill.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/obama-252/

  • Sandy Leger Dehn


  • Michael Evans

    STUDY what Sharia law is actually about instead of what the Jewish press feeds you.
    Does Sharia law allow for the stoning of BOTH parties in an ADULTRY case. Sharia also DEMANDS that there be at LEAST FOUR EYE WITNESSES TO THE ACTUAL SEX ACT. These four people would then have to be thoroughly investigated for their character and more BEFORE their statement would be heard.
    YES Sharia does call for removing the hand of a thief, but ONLY GREEDY THIEVES. They are NOT allowed , by Allah ( SAME God as Christian God ) to do this to a person who steals out of need. Not if you steal food or anything of low value. ONLY if you BREAK INTO a house to steal monetary items.

  • Michael Evans

    Have you ever heard of a thing called ” education ” ? GET ONE.
    Now when I said four EYEwitnesses to the actual sex act, I mean they must visually see the actual penetration. Now stop and think about it. HOW many married people are going to commit adultery and invite four witnesses.
    See, the thing with me is that I do not listen to people on such things. I NEVER believe the press on anything. What I DO , that you seem to avoid, is that I research a lot before I make any opinion.
    You want to know what Christians believe, you read the Bible.
    You want to know what Judaism is, you read the Torah
    You want the TRUTH about Islam , you study the Quran
    You want to remain an idiot, you listen to People and the press.

  • Michael Evans

    IF she gets sick, IF she gets into an accident and IF we didn’t have a lying traitor as President. Whole lot of IFs , Excuse me if I personally won’t use a truck load of IF’s as an excuse to throw out my pride and dignity. When you DO need it and ONLY when you DO NEED it is when you get on the program.
    Now add the fact that not every struggling person will still qualify for this SINGLE payer system

  • Michael Evans

    Just because your State did not expand Medicaid, NOT medicare, the federal government is obligated to pick you up.

  • christophercilley

    With all due respect to you Michael Evans, Allah is NOT, I repeat NOT the same God as the Christian God! If anything, he is the god of the great and abominable church spoken of in the Book of Revelations!

  • Joyce Presley White

    Thanks Jolie, I just found out that my secondary insurance (which I must carry, many medical doctors) just went up another 70 dollars? Where that is coming from, I don’t know but I do know that God has never failed me yet. This really hurts on a fixed, one check a month social security none the less. If the social security that I paid for all of my life is taken away, I might as well be euthanized. . Which wouldn’t surprise me would be Obama’s next bill.

  • tjr

    That’s good it doesn’t pay for an abortion. I don’t want to pay for your unwanted child. I’d be fine with it sterilizing you though.

  • Michael Evans

    with all due respect??? Then you falsely slam a religion as well as GOD . THAT IS DISRESPECT.
    PLEASE get a frigging education you mental defect.
    FACT is that YES they are one and the same. Allah created Adam, just as Allah created Jesus.
    Islam teaches that you can NOT be Islam without believing in Jesus. he is one of their GREAT prophet. Jesus is mentioned FORTY TIMES in the Quran, 25 of those by NAME and 15 other names that signify Jesus, Now How many times was their other great Prophet Mohammed mentioned?? Well since you claim Allah and God are different , Mohammed must have been mentioned at least one hundred times??? NOT even close. Try FIVE times.
    Islam believes in ALL the same prophets that Christians do. Adam, David, Abraham, Moses , Gabriel and the list goes on. They follow the SAME Ten Commandments handed down to their prophet Moses. I think I have heard about those SAME tablets being handed to Moses while I sat in Christian churches Islam teaches that it is mortal sin to even kill ONE INNOCENT thing on this earth. It is as if you had killed ALL of God’s children unjustly.
    What YOU know is about extremists who are NOT following Islam at all. Muslims do NOT want these people at all. They are no more Islamic than Jim Jones and David Koresh were TRUE Christians. NO more Islamic that the people attacking and killing abortion doctors represent the entire republican party. Just like not all democrats are still ignorant enough to support OBlameYou
    Keep listening to the US media, which is Jewish owned for your education, you will be no smarter than THEY want you to be

  • Michael Evans

    Also , just as a side note, I have many of these people living in my area because I live within a mile of the U of Arkansas campus.

    These people to disregard and belittle are very different than you and even I.

    I have a bachelors degree in Fire science, and USED to consider myself some what educated. That war until I met these people. Strange thing about them, I had thought that the Mid-east was a low educated area, EVERYONE of them has higher education than NINTY FOUR PERCENT ( 94% ) of ALL AMERICANS.
    How high is your level of education?? Your previous statement has already shown that to be somewhat low.
    Well guess what, NOT Associate degree. NOT a Bachelor degree , NOT even a Master degree. They already have ALL of those to their credit.
    They , unlike our southern ILLEGAL immigrants took the effort to learn English right away, That is how I got to know them and understand a little about what their lives in Iraq and other areas is REALLY like.EVERY ONE of the men I have met are working on their DOCTORATE. My one neighbor arrived her about 3 months ago and could hardly speak a word of English. We now have intelligent conversations in the ONLY language that I know. THREE months. Even their wives, who do not have as much interaction with English speaking people take the time and effort to learn our language.

  • juice could care less

    You stayed in Palmer, TX with no education, your fault.

  • victoria_29

    she is right for sure, many of us have been there and are still there today right along side her….the sad part is more and more are joining us daily.

  • victoria_29

    BTW you destroyed your own argument. Jesus was not a prophet end of story…which according to you is what muslims believe. Well that alone proves they do not believe in the same God as Christians.

  • grammyk57

    Allah is not the God of heaven and the creator of this universe. If God and allah were the same, Muslims would not be persecuting Christians.

  • ric

    What Sharia say’s and how it is interpreted are 2 different things.

  • Anthony Francis DiPrima

    Michael, you sound like you’re a 100% Muslim goat fucker!

  • angie

    The letter touched my heart. He is a DISCRACE to this country. God bless you girl! Keep your chin up for the kids…….you can do it. I did so I know you can too. Prayers to you and your kids and all others out there.

  • Matt C.

    Damn Mike, where did you get these killer drugs that are causing your hallucination? Were they paid for by Oblamercare? If so, I want some cause you are living in one hell of a mind trip! Obama is THE WORST PRESIDENT this country has ever seen, period!

  • Matt C.

    I think he drank the kool-aid

  • Kristin Thomas

    Here’s a radical notion. INSTEAD of giving these people MORE government welfare and handouts. How about doing things to help them help THEMSELVES, instead of encouraging the notion of continuing government dependence for people in need. She’s not disabled, infirm or elderly. She is an able bodied, strong willed, proud woman and mother who clearly does NOT want a handout. She wants a chance to succeed and care for her children on her OWN. She shouldn’t be told to roll over and forgo that determination and pride, because our nation is run by socialists who would rather see ALL Americans on government programs than actually caring for and doing for themselves and their families! THAT is just ONE of the big problems in America and WHY we are failing!

  • Jo

    Totally Agree with her!!! I am a single mom with 5 children…married for 14 years and husband walked out on us when the baby was 3 months old for an older woman…times are hard….very hard!! and this president has made things so much worse for those of us barely getting by!!

  • Kristin Thomas

    It’s disturbing to see so many comments here advocating for this woman to go and get herself government paid assistance. You all apparently missed the unsaid point of this letter. She is one of those RARE women that doesn’t WANT the government handouts. She WANTS a free America, that gives her that opportunity to make a good life on her own, for her children and herself. But how can she do that, when we have leaders in DC that continue to add to the financial burdens on the average American, single or married??? It’s not just health care that is being ravaged in this country. If it costs money, it’s going up. The poor truly are getting poorer, as is the middle class which is fast shrinking and vanishing. The wealthiest are the only ones making any money anymore. We are all in the same boat and why should we be forced to have to accept government welfare when it is our GOD GIVEN RIGHT as free Americans to be given that opportunity to succeed? But we can’t when it is the very government they want us dependent upon taking AWAY that right every day! It cannot stand any longer and it shouldn’t. God Bless this woman, I pray for her and her family and for all the American families out there struggling to make ends meet and stay afloat in the midst of a sinking ship like our economy.

  • Jess Golden

    Think of it this way, tjr: the cost to raise a child from birth to 18 years is over $250,000–PER CHILD. Most of this the TAXPAYERS have to pay for.

    Many of these welfare cases keep popping out kids so they can get more welfare.

    Whereas an abortion costs anywhere from $250 to $4000, per abortion–depending on whether or not you get an early term or late term abortion.

    Which costs less in terms of the big picture?

  • Jess Golden

    apparently God thinks I’m a badass…. :-

  • Michael Evans

    What is a prophet??? When you go learn what the word means then come back and apologize for your ignorance

  • Michael Evans

    You are nothing but an Anti-GOD POS. YES fool, God and Allah ARE the same. STUDY a religion before showing why this country is considered the most ignorant in the world. MUSLIMS are not persecuting Christians, the same extremists killing Muslims are the ones against Christians.’
    Christianity has made a history of persecuting Muslims, Go study the Crusades.
    Allah and God are NOT the same and Islam does NOT believe in Jesus???? I want to to do something that seems very very difficult for you to do. I want you to READ and RESEARCH something. Why don’t you find a Quran and read 3: 45–55. It talks about Allah, Mary and Jesus’s conception. The ONLY difference between Islam and Christians in this story is that Islam does NOT call Jesus ‘ Son of God ‘.
    I would tell you to then come back and explain how wrong you are, BUT I am sure you will be hiding in shame of your ignorance.

  • Michael Evans

    YES there is a big difference in what a law IS and what a law is interpreted. America is the world leader in this hypocrisy.
    Sharia law IS one way and outsiders ( American’s ) interpret to fit THEIR views.
    PROVE that the demands associated with administrating the law are actually being ignored PROVE it. I know over a dozen people who actually LIVE THERE that would call you a liar.
    Do I take the word of an outsider over those that have lived with the law??? ONLY a fool would do something that uneducated.
    What OUR constitution says is ONE thing, what the Liberals are trying to interpret it to be is quite the opposite. What IS and what is SAID are totally different concepts

  • patience kates

    Michael Evens, you are mistaken and that in itself will be the ruin of any who listen and believe you.
    Do your own research.
    allah is NOT the Christian God.

  • BadOldHag

    NOT same God as Christian God. Study some more.

  • Guest

    Michael Evans. I can’t get a handle on you. You are very opinionated, argumentative, denigrating, and down-right un-American. You ridicule liberals, conservatives, Christians, any-education-less-than-a-doctorate. What the Hell do you stand for?

  • BadOldHag

    You are so sanctimonious. You just have to be a relative/supporter of Obama/Muslim/Progressive, and if you are so well-educated, so all-knowing, you are an overeducated fool. You must be a teacher.

  • Michael Evans

    I sourced the portion that shows Allah and Jesus creation which is the SAME story as the Christians believe with God. EXACT SAME and you do NOTHING but say I am wrong. Get a frigging brain AND education. At least TRY and prove the lies you are spreading Reference where something proves me wrong. PLEASE try, if you are 18 now and live to be 98, you would still be looking for FACTUAL basis for your ignorance on a subject

  • Michael Evans

    So, NOW, in this country you are fool if you take the time to get an EDUCATION.. YOUR WORDS. Thank you so very much for the glaring show of complete ignorance put out by way too many of you.

    I started to research this religion so I could use evidence to slam them, BOY was I surprised when the VERY FIRST page in the Quran was the SAME story that I was taught , in my CHRISTIAN church. God is all benevolent ( Allah is all benevolent.)

    God created Jesus through Mary with no male involved. As I posted before WITH VERSE, Islam believe s in the exact same thing. Islam preaches nothing but peace and even tells to NOT kill even a fly if it is not a danger to you.

    The ONLY thing you have any knowledge about this religion is from a JEWISH owned press

    Allah sent Adam, Moses, David, Abraham and ALL the prophets that we as Christians also believe in.

    As I stated before, You want an EDUCATION on a group you study that groups religious text. You want to maintain your high level of ignorance you LISTEN to others and even worse you BELIEVE what the press TELLS YOU TO BELIEVE

  • Michael Greenberger

    Know what the MOST HILARIOUS part of this is? The lady lives in Texas the MOST UNINSURED state in the nation. Her problem isn’t Obamacare – it’s the Republicans in Texas who don’t give a rats ass about her.

  • Michael Greenberger

    You are wrong. College could do wonders for you…

  • Yolanda Burroughs-Vestal

    My name is Yolanda Vestal and I am proud to say I wrote this letter. I wrote it two weeks ago. I was venting on Facebook, frustrated after paying bills and worrying about how I was going to make it until the end of the month. I never dreamed it would go viral. Of course I would have done a grammer check had I known. What a blessing to know there are people in the same boat as myself and I am not alone. The response has been overwhelming. So many kind words that touched my heart. God bless everyone that has shared and let my voice be heard. American’s want America back!
    Yolanda Burroughs-Vestal
    Palmer, Tx
    Average American

  • kelly

    Wow, name calling as you talk about Jesus? Way to get your point across.

  • Michael Evans

    It has done wonders for me. It taught me to RESEACH a subject and NOT swallow the propaganda of those with out a clue.
    It taught me that you NEVER accept a person’s opinion at face value
    The main thing it taught me, and the main thing you failed to learn, is that you NEVER claim knowledge in a subject that you haven’t studied in a NON biased manner

  • donna moore

    your an asshole

  • Michael Evans

    So we see another of the ignorance associated with most. YOU belittle me, you call ME names and you slander a group In The NAME of your own religious views and in support of your ANTI-GOD platform and then dare to chastise me for the same. Hypocritical trash a is all you are.

  • charlieholmes

    They (the Crusades) were a direct response to Muslim aggression–an attempt to turn back or defend against Muslim conquests of Christian lands. YOU are the ignorant one, Michael Evans.

  • Michael Evans

    They were NOT Christian lands and I would dare you to do as I have been doing and SOURCE your information.

  • Michael Evans

    ALSO, just to point out a little GLARING fact. Even you idiots can not get together on who you CLAIM the Muslims SUPPOSEDLY took the land from.
    At least get that straightened between your two uneducated groups before trying to make such asinine statements. WHO ???? Was it the Jews as most claim or is it the Christians as even more foolish people like you claim?? You can NOT have I both ways

  • Veronica Harp

    I was just planning to comment on the letter (which is great) but then I noticed the “educated” person calling Christians idiots and had to put my two cents in. I do not claim to know the bible verse and scripture; I do not claim to know everything about Christianity. But there is somethings I do know without a doubt: Jesus is way more than just “a prophet” He is: our Lord; Alpha and Omega; Immanuel; Son of God; Messiah. he did not just have an encounter with a divine being; He is the Holy One. God is not allah; So to anyone that believes my unshakeable faith in Jesus that He is the Lord of lords; the Son of God; and not ” just a prophet; or if the reality of knowing their is only one true God; the Creator of the universe; if this makes me “uneducated” or an “idiot” so be it I know who my redeemer is.
    A little side note I was able to voice my opinion without calling anyone immature names. a lesson more people need to learn.

  • birdbrained2000

    What an effing ahole you are. You are totally off subject which happens to be how bad it is out there for a large number of us, but instead of offering sympathy or reassurance you go off on some idiotic tangent without end. Are you 10? Is your next post going to be I am rubber, you are glue. I don’t care how “educated” you are- which I sincerely doubt that’s no reason to be a condescending jerk. The only point you have made is that you hate America and think the rest of us are stupid. That must make you a liberal progressive democrat. Nobody is even listening to you at this point. Let me clue you in- using capital letters is the same as shouting and you’ve done a lot of it. That kind of behavior never changes minds and it doesn’t prove a point. Go home. You’re starting to bore us with your rhetoric.

  • maras

    You say if she doesn’t go on medicaid, the taxpayers will end up paying her medical bills. Who pays for medicaid? Taxpayers. Your statement didn’t make sense to me, because either way, the taxpayer will pay for her medical care, whether she is uninsured, or through medicaid.

  • Stephanie Garmon

    I live in Texas. No one here or any other state, goes without healthcare. While not everyone has healthcare ‘insurance’….it is federal law that you have access to healthcare. Please do me and Yolanda and many others….do not move to Texas. We do not want, nor do we need your ilk. Thank you.

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ


  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    YOU ARE A STUPID Dumb Fuck, the BIBLE, THE Koran AND THE TORAH ARE THE SAME UNTIL THE BOOK OF Abraham, so of course they will be the same, for an educated I guess a man who knows you are a DUMB FUCK

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    You are STUPID and don’t know SHIT ASSHOLE, Learn before you open your scumbag Liberal mouth

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ


  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ


  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Let me explain something to you dickhead, 1st Jesus Christ was a HEBREW 9JEW) AND all followers of Christ are also Hebrew except for one major difference, Hebrews believe Jesus Christ was a Prophet Like John the Baptist and the Messiah has not come, and Christians believe Jesus Christ was the Messiah, you need to read also SHITHEAD

  • John Munro

    Get a frigging brain learn to read!

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ


  • Michael Evans

    THANK YOU, you ignorant fool. All you just did was REPEAT the same thing I have been saying and YOU have been denying. You call me dumb and use very fouls language. You prove to be nothing but a COWARD

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Hey Asshole I am not picking on your religion, I believe there is room for all religions, I DON’T CRITISIZE people for their religion only for their stupidity in their enforcement of their opinions

  • Michael Evans

    I am a conservative Christian. You call me the liberal while it is YOU that uses the liberal tactic of ignorance and foul language.
    I gave references to what I said, you gave nothing but lip service.
    PROVE me wrong, IF YOU CAN. Until then you are no more than an ignorant childish COWARDLY pile of feces

  • Michael Evans

    I am sorry that your education never reached 3rd grade. No wonder you are so jealous of me

  • MichaelDSmith

    I see an IRS audit in your future, Yolanda.

  • Michael Evans

    You talk a great battle while hiding behind you mommas skirt far away.
    You want to curse at me DO IT TO MY FACE.
    2100 N. Leverett Ave Fayetteville Arkansas 72703.
    PROVE you have a set and come visit me. I will EDUCATE you then dismiss you from the Earth.
    You cuss , you use racist terms, that in its self shows how much a pissant punk you are.

  • Michael Evans

    Have you ever taken a single spelling lesson ??? Demand a refund
    Did you TRY and say you had spent 15 years in the Mid-East??? What a joke, they have immigration laws that they DO enforce. You would not pass the intelligence demands.

  • marilyn

    .>Michael Evans So 911 was an act of love I suppose? Some people read the bible and did horrendous acts. The same is true of the Koran. When will they learn. You, however, are ignoring the horrendous acts in the here and now by Muslims.

  • Bob_Knows

    Been there too. That’s why I’m so opposed to the crimes of Odumbo and the “gimme” left.

  • David Anttila

    I’m sorry but Education will not help thanks to the corporate conglomerates that control our government have made it so hard to make jobs available. That also helped to concentrate wealth down to so few people that america policy is in effect favoring the conglomerate wealthy and squeezing out middle class and new business owners. Obamacare forces any business owner to insure full time employees this is to force further debt and costs to small business.
    You sir need to do more homework.
    Such as who profits from war and who lobbys the government the most.
    Also the real numbers of unemployment vs. Real Jobs hiring.
    America is in jeopardy and the government is now powerless to fix it.
    You think the great recession ever stopped? Guess what it did not.

    If the people don’t wake up the united states will at some point not be able to borrow and be forced to make tuff cuts and they will be logically sadly.
    Social Security, Unemployment benifts, Food stamps, America and many states living off of government life support would be cut from the united states.
    Just look at government policy vs. what has to be done.

  • Michael Evans

    Are you using a boat??
    Seems like all you did was troll through here WITHOUT reading what I have said.
    9/11 was done by Al-Quaeda, YES.
    However Al-quaeda and the Taliban do NOT represent Islam.
    EVERY Muslim I have met is against these people because they are violating Allah’s ( GOD ) mortal sin against killing even the smallest creature without just cause. Quran teaches that NEVER should a woman or child be harmed AT ALL
    Thank you for adding to the growing pile of uneducated trash spoken by many of you. LEARN about a group BEFORE you jump to conclusions

  • Malik Wilson

    yea because american men never beat their women before islam came out.

  • Bob_Knows

    Its now unavaliable. Did the left wingnut censors at FB take it down? Can’t stand the heat?

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    I have been following this and for the most part you are wrong, but I will say that ALLAH and God are the same person for a simple reason.Let me explain so have patience. I was ASSIGNED TO BAD TOLZ, Germany in 1972 and was sent down to Israel in July 1973 in preparation to the 6 day conflict. I worked with the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). I worked with them in the Golan Heights and we faced the Syrians. During my time with the IDF religion was a major topic. One of the things I learned was that when someboby wants to say God is Great in English we say God is Great, When a Christian, Muslim or Jew want to say in Arabic that God is Great they say ALLAH AKBARH, No matter what their faith that is how it is translated. Muslims, Hebrew and Christians believe in the same God, we have different names for him in different languages. Muslims are a religious racial religion, they don’t follow the Koran as it is written, the Quran as it should be called preaches tolerance just like the Torah and Bible. It is the radical Muslims, Hasedac Jews and the Christian Zealots that cause the problem. When I was in Israel we HAD CHRISTIANS, HEBREW AND Muslim ARABS FIGHTING AGAINST Syrian AND Egypt. there IS ALOT TO BE LEARNED BY ALL OF US ESPECIALLY THAT POS POTUS

  • MrUSA94

    He is correct in that Texas IS the most uninsured state in the nation.
    Yes, folks can go to the emergency room but isn’t that the problem now?
    The individual mandate was a REPUBLICAN idea. Let me type that
    again…a REPUBLICAN idea. You guys are all about individual
    responsibility right? Well you shouldn’t be able to go to the emergency
    room with no health insurance and make those that do have insurance
    pick up the cost, correct?

  • MrUSA94

    How so?

  • 4everAmerican

    Tell that to the 3,000 + plus lost Americans from 9/11!!! Tell that to the victims of the Boston marathon bombing or to Ambassador Stevens! Or the thousands of American soldiers killed in Iraq and Afganistan!!! You are an idiot. You keep spouting off telling people to get an education, yet you sound so ignorant and just because you have a degree……in fire science; does not make you better then anyone else on this post. You have no clue what education people may or may not have; how dare you come on here with your sanctimonious attitude.

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Let me set you straight, Medicare is taken out of your working paycheck just like Social Security which makes it an entitlement, Medicaid is the WELFARE INSURANCE for non working people it is a govt handout, like Section 8, Food Stamps, wic SSI unemployment and other bullshit fraud ridden govt plantation NON ENTITLEMENTS. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT. I Worked for MY Social Secrity and Medicare. Do not insult and classify my Medicare with Medicaid

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Thank you

  • MrUSA94

    How is he a disgrace to the country? You folks throw these words around but what has he done to deserve them? He wants folks to have access to health insurance…what a terrible man he is. He wants women to earn equal pay–what an ass. He wants more kids to be able to afford college–the jerk. He wants to build the country’s infrastructure–who can take it? I mean really, you folks are angry at the wrong group of people. Please tell me what the Republicans in government have done for anybody besides the rich? Someone please tell me what they have done since they’ve been in control of the House since 2010? Where are the jobs they promised they’d work on? If you can’t vote to overturn a law, they just shut down the government because they can’t get their way. I mean really, do you folks live in a frickin cave? Turn off Fixed News and get informed. Geez.

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Fuck abortions not on my dime, close your GOD DAMN LEGS

  • Melanie Schielder

    WOW all that Islamic crap from Michael Evans over a topic about a lady who’s fed up with the crap done by Obummer. However I’m more convinced now to believe Michael Evans isn’t even from an Islamic country, he sounds more like a recent convert that was born in America and was brain washed in our public schools. Michael Evans seems to be ashamed to be America, that’s is very sad to hear. To bad he doesn’t know that Muslims tend to lie (a lot) to anybody not from an Islamic country to further their cause of spreading such a religious cultist ideology, that spends their lives telling you what you can’t say while at the same cursing in their hearts everything this country stands for. I don’t think Michael Evans realizes that if Islam is successful in turning America into a full blown Islamic state, and Sharia Law is implemented into this entire country, he and many like him that help Islam spread across the entire globe are usually the first to be slaughtered by Muslims, simply because they are easy sheep to kill, and won’t fight back.

  • birdbrained2000

    OMG. Why don’t you come to South Carolina and talk to me like this and find out what I can do to a holes who speak to me in such a disrespectful way. I will kick your ass all the way back to Arkansas without messing up my hair. We don’t tolerate rude here. I doubt you are Conservative or Christian. You don’t know a damn thing that Conservative Christians do. First and foremost is how to have a discussion without YELLING and calling people stupid. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you’ve been totally unaccepting of anyone’s opinion but your own. That leads me to believe that you are the pissant punk.

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Lets go back to Reaganomics they only pay for 2 kids on Welfare fuck these cunts that keep having kids let them starve not on my dime or children or grandchildren, educate these stupid cunts mostly black and 2 years max like Reagan had and that’s it. Let the states support them. Clinton changed the law with a democrat Senate and House

  • MrUSA94

    And what do you want from your Republican controlled House of Representatives who worked what 130 days this year and will work less next year? When they shut down the government, you didn’t see them taking pay cuts. You guys rail against the President but I don’t here you railing against the Republicans like they do no wrong. Just because they get on a microphone and say NO to the President, y’all think that’s governing? Since when is working together to solve the country’s ills, a bad thing? All this time, they had a chance to work with the Dems on Obamacare and fix anything they thought might need fixing to make it better. But no, all they did was waste over $50 million dollars voting to repeal it knowing it wouldn’t be and they are supposed to be the fiscally conservative party. They are a joke. Had two wars (unfunded), Medicare Part D (unfunded), the Bush tax cuts (which ballooned the debt) but y’all just somehow forget about all that. I know, I know, Americans have the shortest memories on the planet. But I bet if most of you were asked who won American Idol or what Honey Booboo did last week, you’d know the answer. Get a grip.

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Bullshit, if you are white it is harder to get, that is a statistical fact, right now 52 percent of all black woman 16 yrs and older are on welfare 52 percent, 16 percent of whites are on welfare big difference in race


    no argument here. he is easily the worst president ever. and that includes bill clinton and little georgie!

  • MrUSA94

    Dumbass conservaturds that vote for these Rethugs who laugh behind your back and sometimes in your face for your stupidity. Stay in fear cause that’s what they want from you.

  • MrUSA94

    Do you have a soul?

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    What part of being in the US Military did you not understand and I worked as a Construction Superintendent in ASaudi Arabia, Iraq Jordan and Egypt stupid

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    You don’t sound like a coward you are one ASSHOLE

  • MrUSA94

    Who cares if he wasn’t poor? Are you saying you can’t have compassion for people if you aren’t poor? That’s stupid. The man left college and could’ve gone to any high paying job he wanted but chose to be a community organizer. Did you miss that in his books?

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ


  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ


  • MrUSA94

    You people keep churning up the same stupid ass stuff. You have anything else after 4 years now? I guess you just forgot about the President before him huh? I know, the Rethugs forget Bush even existed. This whole mess we’re in is Obama’s fault. I get it.

  • MrUSA94

    I’m confused. Do you want health insurance or just take your chances that you’ll never need to see a doctor? Are you not able to get on Medicaid?

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ


  • MrUSA94

    Um, were you not around in August 2001 when the President by the name of Bush was warned of an attack on US soil and they did NOTHING about it? Well, if you were in a cave somewhere, I just informed you of a little history you may not have been aware of.

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Your full of shit

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Thanks for
    the address

  • Michael Evans

    IF you bothered to READ instead of trolling you would see that I am responding to a remark that DOES involve this discussion. You must be a part of the OBlameYou government. Something is said or done and you can’t conceive of it being anything but YOUR way and you just push it to the side and use the Clinton phrase, ” Lets just put that aside for now. I want to IGNORE that and concentrate on what I believe “”

  • MrUSA94

    He is not the most hated. Only the most ignorant and those who can’t stand to see the black man in the white house are the ones that hate him. Now I didn’t vote for Bush, didn’t like his policies, and he sent me to Iraq to fight a war I could’ve died in which was based on a lie but after all that, I still don’t hate the man. I feel sorry for all you folks who have so much hatred in your hearts and who live in fear all the time. Now Dick Cheney on the other hand….

  • MrUSA94

    Sorry Suzanne, the President hasn’t killed this economy. Who were the people threatening to default on our debts–Republicans. Who were the people that closed the government because they couldn’t get their way–Republicans. Who are the people that campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs in 2010–Republicans. Suzanne, where are all these jobs they said they’d work on? If you know, please enlighten us.

  • MrUSA94

    He is not the worst President ever. Were you asleep from 2001 to 2008 or do you just forget that part of history? Yes, things could be better (if the Rethugs would work with the man instead of just trying to run him out of town–which they failed to do). Wouldn’t you agree that things might be better if the Rethugs decided to cooperate instead of fight everything? How can you blame it on the POTUS and the Dems but the Rethugs get a pass?

  • Michael Evans

    IF you did serve, which I doubt, I thank you for your service. However, even if you served that would not take from the fact that you are an ignorant , vile, crass and NON educated POS.
    So you CLAIM to have served?? Well, pissant SO DID I. One thing, when I came home from that jungle over 40 years ago, I was no longer afraid of ANYTHING, much less some cowardly keyboard commando
    Question, do you kiss your children with that mouth. I am sure they would have to gargle with bleach to get the filth out you left.
    Do me a favor grab up BirdTurd on the way. I have always liked it when I would lay out more than one joker at a time
    You served? Is that supposed to put fear in me? I hope that you served much later than me. I LOVE taking out that type of trash. I had a 27 y/o veteran ( HALF my age ) attack me from behind with THREE different deadly weapons. He fractured my skull with a heavy stool, he then stabbed me in the neck and severed an artery . THAT is when I got upset and decided to eliminate this feces pile. I jumped up and even though blinded by blood I STOMPED the crap of the boy. He had to break a bottle and almost sever my hand just to escape. I spent 1 & 1/2 days in the hospital. He spent OVER two weeks.
    So PLEASE I could use a little fun again.

  • Michael Evans

    My left hand is severely damaged and my right has tremors. I don’t find the need for such a lame excuse.
    You are disabled. What does that have to do with spelling. OH I see, you are also mentally disabled.

  • Tabitha Bliss

    I sure hope as you study Islam you are aware of things like The Quran’s doctrine of abrogation. If not, you will have no understanding of how what you read in the Quran fits into Islam’s real world practice.
    I have read the Qur’an, Hadith, Sunnah & Reliance of the Traveller & did a lot more independent research following the 911 attacks. I found was the answers I was seeking as to the mindset of the attackers. It was easy to understand that when you follow a ‘prophet’ who lived as a genocidal warlord, pedophile & slavemaster you’re probably not going to be full of peace, love & civility yourself.
    I also learned that Islam’s foundational text is not only a pathetic copy of the scripture contained in Torah & Bible, but the doctrine of Islam the exact opposite that of Christianity or Judaism.
    Aside from that, the facts speak for themselves. One only need to look at what Muslims do to understand the truth about Islam in practice. If Islam were a religion of peace, you wouldn’t have over 21,824 deadly terror attacks since 911 today.

  • llhghes41

    You are the FOOL! Jesus was not a prophet and if you knew your bible instead of your Quran you wouldn’t be so ignorant

  • Vunderlak

    Not gonna split hairs, really, about religion, just going to point out that I have never read about Jesus fucking 9 year olds. He may or may not have been with Mary Magdeline, But at least she was an adult, unlike Ayesha. Most humans do not support that kind of thing. Sorry you do, Don’t touch mine, or I will blow your freaking head off.

  • Redneck

    FBI better check that dude for bombs!

  • llhughes41

    Jesus is the the trinity one in the same. Never was he known as a prophet. The term came about when muslims Quaran invented it. Also only a idiot would preach Islam is a religion of peace, when all they have EVER done, even now , is behead and torture innocents. Why don’t you pack your crap and move over their and join them? LOL they kill their own people for christ sake! Can’t get no more mental than that!!

  • neverbetty

    You just made a threat! You are the one I’ve seen talk about the Jews. You sir are the vile one here in this thread. You’ve provoked some angry texts. You sir are a very evil man. You sound so much like any other liberal I’ve seen online and on tv lately. I will pray for you.

  • OneKarma

    Thanks for the address. Now we know where to send the drone. I google earthed you, zoomed in and saw you on your balcony tr ying to get your head out of your arse. Must suck to be you but sucks even more for those who have the displeasure of making your aquaintance. Birdbrained is right, those ‘SHOUTY CAPS’ are an indication that you are not a stable human being. You don’t know how to make a point so you get up on a soap box and spew bravado. Anyone with any intelligence doesn’t have to try and convince everyone else that he is. Here’s a word you probably know…it’s spelled F*CKT*RD. Fill in the blanks there Michael.

  • llhughes41

    Yes Michael ,Liberalism is a mental illness and you are the poster child !

  • Vunderlak

    I could talk about the (at least) 15 spelling and grammatical errors you just made in your insane soliloquy but why bother? Go find a child or a sheep to pass your time with. Nobody is buying your bullshit.

  • llhughes41

    Hey Michael I think I speak for everyone here when I say your backwoods liberal education really screwed you up. You should get a refund you dumbass!

  • Michael Evans

    You are nothing but full of lies and hate.
    I picked up the Quran to dismantle Islam. What I saw was pertly much the same as Christianity.
    Are you really so ignorant as to use the Pedophile lie???
    FIRST off, he never touched this girl until she was 12 or 13. Guess what ALL GROUPS were marrying girls that age.
    Pedophiles??? I guess that would also include all of your ancestors that lived a 150 or so years ago. Americans were doing it in the late eighties. STILL to this day many states allow a girl to marry at 15 y/o
    So over a period of over a thousand years that age has only risen by 2-3 years
    You found this, you found that, yet you failed to find references you would use to back you tales.
    You were SEARCHING for hate so that is all you were interested in. NOT THE TRUTH

  • Vunderlak

    Wired the god damned bomb wrong, I assume? That shows a lack of training, right there.

  • llhughes41

    I have read your pathetic crap on this board and I have concluded that a liberal retard as yourself would talk trash over the internet to a person who is handicapped. I hope you get to experience first hand the love of the muslims pieceful religion, because dirtbags like you deserve what happens when you talk down to people, just because you have a crackerjacked education!!

  • Michael Evans

    Time for me to lose this site. Too many fools and cowards here.
    Foolish enough to believe their own concocted tales and to coward to actually study a subject.
    For the two coward that decided to physically threaten my being, I gave you the address, I can NOT give you the set of balls to use it. Come on down, I will be very glad to sit down and prove my point or even stand up and shut you down, THAT is up to you. But why am I even saying this, you are not going to be showing up here

  • David Young

    Where it is mentioned that He is the Son of God. The Christ. He was the lamb for sacrifice to the new covenant that would cleanse man of all his sin. He wasn’t contacted, He was God in the flesh. Read the new testament then read the old testament where the prophets spoke of His coming. Oh, and by the way, David was not a prophet, he was favored and loved by God deeply.

  • David Young

    David in Hebrew means beloved.

  • David Young

    You can stop with the mentally disabled crap right now. I’d like you to say that crap in front of me while I bitch slap your ass to the floor. My niece is mentally disabled due to CP. People like you show exactly how uneducated you are when you start spewing out insults like that. I may be a Christian, but no where in the bible does it say that I can not come to the defense of a child or someone who is mentally disabled. What your problem is, is that you type before you think. That’s the sign of a hot temper and a low IQ. By the way, my IQ is 148 and I have a degree in Computer Robotics. If you voted for him then that was your mistake. You need to keep your liberalesque taunts and language to a minimum and start thinking before you speak or talk. By the way, you like to research in an unbiased manner? The proper way to read the bible is to pray to God in Jesus’ name that His spirit will give you the insight to understand what you are reading. It’s apparent that you didn’t because then you would understand the parables Jesus used and the Sermon on the Mount. I’m sorry I lost my temper, but you need to think before you speak.

  • James Frost

    You are a complete idiot, if you believe this cult that kills everyone that does not agree with them, is the religion of peace. Mo, who you so highly regard spent the last years of his life killing Jews and Christians. The moon and star so prevalent throughout the symbolism of islam is a result of the history of these Neanderthals worshiping the moon and the stars

  • BonnieB1973

    Miss Yolanda I have walked a mile in those shoes … I completely understand and agree. It seems no matter how hard we try we can barely stay afloat much less get ahead. These last few months have been extremely hard on my family as well. We have insurance but when the only bread winner of the family has to have medical treatment and surgery that keeps them away from work it takes everything we had. Now we are trying to play catch up and it is not working.

    I have already gotten into a heated argument with Senator Landrieu over Obamacare and what is good for the people. I told her if she has to walk a mile in the shoes of the average people she would vote against it but because she gets and will continue to receive her health care for free,(and the best care), on the tax payers dollar she could careless!!! You go girl.

  • Jeff Hepler

    Of course I do. I’m not a liberal =)

  • Patrick Henry

    yes Malik it does happen here. but here the woman can fight back and defend themselves.

  • Ilovemydawg88

    Really? You are the fool. You are NOT educated and you are a self serving, ignorant, boob. All the crap you wrote is just great mental masturbation! Why did you comment on this article in the first place?? What is your motive? to sell your stupid agenda? Do you think anyone reading this on the internet is going to think “oh “Michael Evans” is so right, I think i will follow him”.. Yea.. Idiot. Go on running your mouth with your idiotic religious talk.. The more your tongue wags, the more apparent it is you are a ridiculous religious nut!

  • Rachel M.

    There is nothing to be confused about. I want insurance for my husband, my child, and myself without having to pay a damned fortune for it! I am lucky enough to have MEDICARE, but how much longer I will have it is anybody’s guess with the way things are going right now with our health care system. We make “too much” combined income because of what HHSC considers as far as bills go. And they only give a certain amount of credit for each bill that they count. So no, we do not qualify for Medicaid. My son is on CHIP as is with us paying an annual fee to keep it going for him, and having to renew each year where the annual fee will fluctuate, and most often will fluctuate UP. Last time my son had CHIP was $25, this time it was $35. And because we allegedly make “too much” for our combined income, but struggle to make ends meet, my husband can not get the medicaid. So, just like everyone else is having to do these days, we’re trying to find him insurance that won’t put us further into debt. Hope that clears up your “confusion.”

  • Ilovemydawg88

    You have the “mental defect”.. God, when will you get off?? Hurry, we are all tired of listening to your rant about Islam. No one cares, get it?? No one. Your shallow attempt to push islam is lame at best. Go find a much better way of spreading your silly religious crap instead of the comments on a news website. Oh I have so much respect for you Mr. Evans cuz you are so smart. It is so apparent by all the rantings you have left. God, I just vomited a little in my mouth. I hope you have finished and cleaned yourself off and moved on.. Again.. no one cares!

  • Ilovemydawg88

    Right. Jealous?? He he he.. You are really too much. I think you are the one that missed the education train.. Go on now Michael. Move on.. Go spew your little “I am better than you” crap somewhere else. Just by all your self serving rants you have no idea about any religion involving Allah, Christ and God.. None of which supports self serving, mental masturbation. Right. God/Allah has so much respect for you for all the name calling and talking down to others in HIS name.. You missed the point.. Now, go away.. go back in your little room, with your small part, and read your Quran… Okay?? Disgusting.. you are.

  • caprock

    Your absolutely right! What most people don’t realize is that Islam didn’t even start as a cult until around 650AD and was a bad copy of Christianity. Its all about Achmed the dead terrorist” Silence! I Kill you”

  • caprock

    Why would God need a religion? All religions are the trappings of Man. Religions are for the weak minded people afraid to face the unknowns in life by themselves.

  • Sandy Parrish Tubb

    You are dumb just because you have start with the name calling and the cussing. You can’t get your point across without it???

  • Sandy Parrish Tubb

    It totally depends on what Sect of Muslim you belong to as to what type of violence you adhere to.. you don’t call all Christians the same. It is the same for Muslims.

  • Sandy Parrish Tubb

    Are you a pastor or a preacher? Do your study religion? Unless you do, state in your opinion… because you are incorrect. God is god. Religion is what splits up our world… belief in different types.

  • Sandy Parrish Tubb

    That is where they differ victoria.. That does not disprove God.

  • Sandy Parrish Tubb

    Of course in the Bible of Christianity… RELIGION changes with each culture of religion… that doesn’t disprove that God isn’t the same God.

  • Sandy Parrish Tubb

    Good for you Beloved… you didn’t name yourself btw..

  • Suzi Hicks

    I just want to say you should get yourself a copy of the Qu’ran in its entirety, in its native language and then voice your opinion. Remember that every time a book is translated by man (mankind) those who translate it change it to fit their needs.

  • Sandy Parrish Tubb

    Excuse me, quit jumping on this woman. She is not an idiot, yall are if you don’t have an open mind enough to see that NOT ALL MUSLIMS are terrorists. Terrorists did 911.. this woman has not cussed or called anyone named while everyone else on here is calling her names…Open you minds, My opinion is that everyone on here is bigoted and small minded. I have lived in Turkey and beyond as an Air Force Brat while my Dad served for the United States and I served right along beside him being there with him as far as I am concerned. We lived on the open market with all the Muslim people. If you have not been there or done that, you have no idea of what you speak. They are perfectly descent people with the same dreams in their lives as you and I. They have no force in their religion to go kill infidels like everyone thinks… it is the Sects run by the Political idiots just like here when someone wants POWER.. wake up and grow up. Think for yourself and get you heads out of the sand. If you have never lived outside of your state or the United States, you know nothing. Try going somewhere sometime and learn something about people other than yourself with an open mind and quit being conspiracy theorists for the media based idiots here in our Country. I love my country and won’t leave again but don’t make my country full of hate mongered people who don’t understand anything except their back yard.

  • Sandy Parrish Tubb

    Excuse me, quit jumping on this woman Michele Evans. She is not an idiot, yall are if you don’t have an open mind enough to see that NOT ALL MUSLIMS are terrorists. Terrorists did 911.. this woman has not cussed or called anyone named while everyone else on here is calling her names…Open you minds, My opinion is that everyone on here is bigoted and small minded. I have lived in Turkey and beyond as an Air Force Brat while my Dad served for the United States and I served right along beside him being there with him as far as I am concerned. We lived on the open market with all the Muslim people. If you have not been there or done that, you have no idea of what you speak. They are perfectly descent people with the same dreams in their lives as you and I. They have no force in their religion to go kill infidels like everyone thinks… it is the Sects run by the Political idiots just like here when someone wants POWER.. wake up and grow up. Think for yourself and get you heads out of the sand. If you have never lived outside of your state or the United States, you know nothing. Try going somewhere sometime and learn something about people other than yourself with an open mind and quit being conspiracy theorists for the media based idiots here in our Country. I love my country and won’t leave again but don’t make my country full of hate mongered people who don’t understand anything except their back yard.

  • John

    Dear Yolanda,

    You are a freeloading underachiever who lacks family values. If you cannot afford insurance, it’s your fault because you never aspired and worked hard enough to pull yourself up into the middle-class. You whine about not having enough money for food or clothes or to buy a new car. So go out and get yourself a second and third job, and don’t whine about not being home for your kids or not being able to afford a baby-sitter. You are probably already overpaid for what you do. You should be grateful that your kids are going to school on my dime. You aren’t paying your fair share of taxes. I pay the taxes that you should be paying. I bet you are one of those people who actually gets free money from the IRS. There are only two things you’ve done right: you vote Republican and you don’t support unions. Now shut up and deal with it.


    A 1% supporter

    P.S.: The above is only sarcasm intended to highlight the hypocrisy of the Republican Party and its supporters, who generally don’t give a rat’s tail about people like Yolanda(who is unfortunately in the dark about why she is where she is, and why she will not get a helping hand), but cynically jump on board when misinformed people of her demographic write something unwittingly foolish and supportive of the right-wing. Comments such as those I wrote above are actual comments I’ve seen on various websites directed at poor people from those hyper-intelligent, wildly-successful and yet have-nothing-else-to-do-but-prowl-the-web-pushing-right-wing-elitist-propaganda types.

  • Tc3rdson

    IT isn’t the Quran that is the problem, it is the people who follow it using it as an excuse to commit horrifying acts and calling them a call of Allah. Here’s the facts, simple and plain. Religion, regaurdless of which, has always been used by cowards as an excuse to wage war, will always be. It has nothing to do with the actual religious Doctrine, rather the low lifes who falsely represent it. I myself am a Baptist, and have seen many people calling themselves such commit murder, assaults, and incite violence using the bible as an excuse. Good and bad exist in all men, all religious faiths, period. But it is also a fact that worldwide, the majority of violent crime committed against others in the name of religion, is done by Muslims who claim to be following the Quran. This does not mean the Quran teaches, advocates, or in way condones those acts, only that those people are using it as an excuse to wage what they call a “holy war” on others to force their religion upon the world. It is the people, organizations, and factions of terror and cowardice the spread evil, not the religion.

  • James Justus

    Michael fuk the Quran and you. You are another obozo a$$ kissing idiot. you are a sick individual..

  • James Justus

    mike you are a sick puppy…

  • James Justus

    The only thing I need to study is common sense and that tells me sir you are a idiot.I dont want to learn anything about another religion i have my own.no one has the right to take Innocent lives like children and claim its ok because of their religion. do you think that’s ok? if you do sir you are sick in the mind…

  • Sherry Jones

    Yes, I know. At the moment I typed the original comment I was just coming off a very long day at work and couldn’t remember which was which. That’s why I did the backslash thing. I apologize profusely, no insult was intended, I have also worked for my Medicare.

  • francoamerian

    I never said the Republicans are innocent of wrong doing. By the way, I am not a Republican. I am a registered Independent. Obama’s crowning piece of work is his Obamacare. That is a disaster. You asked if I was asleep during 2001 to 2008. Sounds to me like you have not woke up yet.
    Bush was a disaster with his letting illegals run rampant only not as badly as Obama has done. He also screwed up by invading Iraq.
    Obama has involved us even more so in Afghanistan. He has pissed off all of our allies while he has kissed the ass of our enemies. I could go on and on, but in the words of Kathleen Sebelius,”Whatever.”

  • chad

    I have spent 6 years in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. I have worked with Iraqis personally, and I also spent 2 years at the port of entry between Iraq and Iran. I saw and spoke to quite a few people, as we had 3000 people come through daily. They have differing opinions on everything just as any people do. Some were very nasty and obviously was not happy with our presence. While others were extremely friendly. Regardless we always had to watch our backs, the nice ones also end up being the ones to stab you in the back. Countless times these are the people who inform terrorists of our base layouts, routes etc to aid them in bombing us. But there were also those younger, more educated travelers, especially on the Iran side asking when we were going to come and liberate them as well. They spoke fluent English. So just like any country or demographic you will have highly uneducated through highly educated people. Those who do not agree with the extremists, those who disagree but comply out of fear, those who forward terrorism, and those who fight against terrorism. The problem is the fear factor and those forced to comply are the largest population. Here is a timeline of the crusades started by Muhammad. http://www.americanthinker.com/2005/11/the_truth_about_islamic_crusad.html

  • Nancy

    Wow, everybody went off on religion I believe this was about health insurance and how it is going to put our country in more debt for our kids!

  • flyingsteve

    the word ‘your’ is a pronoun indicating possession… such as in ‘your car,’ ‘your house,’ etc. when you wish to say ‘you are’ and shorten it via the contraction, the word is ‘you’re,’ the shortened form of ‘you are.’

  • Debbie Tipton

    My bad should have listed everything I guess.

  • sunmom

    I just got a BAS in IT degree in Aug 2013 and still have no job. Don’t assume people are not trying to better themselves. Go sing this song somewhere else.

  • Joe Misuraca

    The point of my post is to show that Mike is a liar or completely ignorant of the facts. He is the one suggesting Oblamer understands the plight of the poor because he was poor himself. But I guess in your little mind, lies are a legitimate way of proving a point.

  • Benjamin Crawford

    Yolanda, if you need help please add me, let me see what I can do to help you “fix those zippers”… God Bless America!!

  • Cece Lindblade

    Michael you sound like one of the mental defects that would kill good hard working Americans for a cause such as this where they brain wash you. Think for yourself and open your eyes just because you read something doesn’t make it true.

  • Joy Vogt

    I want to know what religion has to do with a single mother busting her butt to raise two children in Obamaland? There is a time and place to air religious views and this is not it. Ms. Vestal is correct in her letter. Obama has made it more and more difficult for the lower and middle class to survive while making sure the upper and elite class profit. I have read and studied on his policies and watched how he backdoors important laws so they want pass. I am neither a Dem or a Rep. I am Indep. I watched as both parties backed themselves into a corner not a month ago and listen to Obama act like a spoiles brat when he stated he would not negotiate! He is the president and should be the 1st one to so it down at the negotiation table! Children and adults are starving right here in the USA but he is the first to send our money to foreign countries. We were not out of forlough for more than 24 hours and he sent 100’s of thousands of dollars to help out someone else! That money should have been used to pay the deficit down so people like Ms. Vestal can feed her children and make sure she can pay for health insurance.

  • Justtintime

    You Are kinda a moron aren’t you flappinsteve???? Why don’t you walk down to the inner city and start critiquing the rap song being played there. Or is it their …..or They’re??? (and yes I know “kinda” is not a word)

  • CJNeal

    What a tool you are. Who the hell cares what pronoun he used?? Seriously, if that is all you can contribute to a conversation, go talk to Elmo and his friends. You are not perfect, so don’t expect anyone else to be. You know what they say about people who live in glass houses and throw stones?

  • CJNeal

    According to the Sharia law:

    • Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand (above).
    • Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death.
    • Criticizing or denying Muhammad is a prophet is punishable by death.
    • Criticizing or denying Allah, the moon god of Islam is punishable by death.
    • A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punishable by death.
    • A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.
    • A non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death.
    • A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.
    • Girls’ clitoris should be cut (per Muhammad’s words in Book 41, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith 5251).
    • A woman can have 1 husband, but a man can have up to 4 wives; Muhammad can have more.
    • A man can unilaterally divorce his wife but a woman needs her husband’s consent to divorce.
    • A man can beat his wife for insubordination.
    • Testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove rape against a woman.
    • A woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).
    • A woman’s testimony in court, allowed only in property cases, carries half the weight of a man’s.
    • A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits.
    • A woman cannot drive a car, as it leads to fitnah (upheaval).
    • A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.
    • Meat to be eaten must come from animals that have been sacrificed to Allah – i.e., be Halal.
    • Muslims should engage in Taqiyya and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam.
    • The list goes on.

  • CJNeal

    lmao…. you are PATHETIC!! Now who is resorting to name calling?

    Judicial Process

    Sharia law dictates the treatment and expectations of Muslim women in legal procedures. Zohreh Arshadi, a former lawyer in Iran, wrote an article detailing Muslim laws on iran-bulletin.org. Arshadi states that Muslim women accused of adultery face lashing or stoning to death. Sharia law dictates that a woman is subject to this punishment after it is “proven by the witness of four just men or three just men and two just women,” according to Arshadi’s article. Arshadi states that the testimony of women is worthless in court. Crimes such as homosexuality, adultery, drinking alcohol and combat against the Islamic regime can only be proved by the testimony of men in court. A woman who has witnessed a crime such as rape or robbery has no right to bear witness in court. If she does testify, she can face the punishment for accusation, which is 80 lashes.


    Under Sharia law, women and men face strict segregation guidelines. Women are not allowed to speak to men they are not directly related to, as outlined by an article at faithfreedom.org. The article, “Living Under Sharia: The Plight of Women in Saudi Arabia,” explains an incident in 2007 where a group of Saudi youths found a woman and a man in a car. The woman was not related to the man, and 14 youths raped her. The Saudi Court convicted the woman of violating Sharia segregation laws. She was sentenced to six months in jail and 200 lashes. The youths who raped her were given one to five years of jail time.

  • CJNeal

    Stop being ignorant. He was referring to David in the Bible.

  • CJNeal

    Perhaps if the peace loving Muslims stand up to the extremists people would have a change of mind. If they don’t want to be thrown in the same pile with the terrorists then they need to start speaking up and making a stand. Prior to 9/11, Americans were quite tolerant of ISLAM, but that was when we weren’t looking past our backyards. Now, we know what they do and what they believe in, the entire world is more aware. So, STAND UP ALL YOU PEACE LOVING GOOD MUSLIMS….STAND UP AGAINST THE ONES GIVING YOU A BAD NAME!

  • CJNeal

    Yeah well when they get free Education and are brought up being convinced that the only way to beat Christians and conquer America is to blend in and take advantage of everything your offered…no shit they are going to have higher educations.

  • CJNeal

    YOU NEED TO SERIOUSLY GROW THE FUCK UP. YOU and people like YOU are what is wrong with humanity. You are so damn quick to belittle anyone who does not agree with you. TOO BAD. Shame on you, you are a despicable human being. God have mercy on your soul.

  • CJNeal

    Very well said!

  • CJNeal

    You need to take a trip to the Middle East. Life isn’t all in a book. In order to truly understand you need to experience it as well. Go ahead, take a trip to Syria.

  • CJNeal

    Women in the Koran

    “They ask you about menstruation. Say: ‘It is an
    indisposition. Keep aloof from women during their menstrual periods and do not
    approach them until they are clean again; when they are clean, have intercourse
    with them whence God enjoined you….'” Quran 2:222, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 34

    “Women are your fields: go, then, into your
    fields whence you please.” Quran 2:223, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 34

    “Men have authority over women because God has
    made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to
    maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because
    God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish
    them and forsake them in beds apart, and beat them.” Quran 4:34, “Women,” Dawood, p. 83

    “A male shall inherit twice as much as a female.”
    Quran 4:11, “Women,” Dawood, p. 77

    “Call in two male witnesses from among you, but
    if two men cannot be found, then one man and two women whom you judge fit to act
    as witnesses…” Quran 2:282, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 47

    “Women shall with justice have rights similar to
    those exercised against them, although men have a status above women.” Quran
    2:228, Dawood, p. 35

    “If you fear that you cannot treat [orphan girls]
    with fairness, then you may marry other women who seem good to you: two, three,
    or four of them. But if you fear that you cannot maintain equality among them,
    marry one only or any slave-girl you may own.” Quran 4:3, “Women,” Dawood, p. 76

    “If you are in doubt concerning those of your
    wives who have ceased menstruating, know that their waiting period shall be
    three months. The same shall apply to those [of your wives] who have not yet
    menstruated.” Quran 65:4, “Divorce,” Dawood, p. 557 [Dawood notes: “On account of their young age.
    Child marriages were common.”]

    “[Forbidden to you are] married women, except
    those whom you own as slaves.” Quran 4:24, “Women,” Dawood, p. 81

    “You shall not wed pagan women, unless they
    embrace the Faith. A believing slave-girl is better than an idolatress, although
    she may please you. Nor shall you wed idolaters, unless they embrace the Faith.”
    Quran 2:221, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 34.

    “Enjoin believing
    women to turn their eyes away from temptation and to preserve their chastity;
    not to display their adornments (except such as are normally revealed); to draw
    their veils over their bosoms and not to display their finery except to their
    husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their step-sons,
    their brothers, their brothers’ sons, their sisters’ sons, their women-servants,
    and their slave-girls; male attendants lacking in natural vigour, and children
    who have no carnal knowledge of women. And let them not stamp their feet when
    walking so as to reveal their hidden trinkets.” Quran 24:31, “Light,” Dawood, p. 352

    “Wives of the Prophet, you are not like other
    women. If you fear God, do not be too complaisant in your speech, lest the
    lecherous-hearted should lust after you. Show discretion in what you say. Stay
    in your homes and do not display your finery as women used to in the days of
    ignorance.” Quran 33:32-3, Dawood, p. 421 [The “days of ignorance” refer to pre-Islamic

  • CJNeal

    Hence why they are called CHRISTIANS! ….this Evans guy is a total fake.

  • CJNeal

    LOL as are you… your doing the same thing. GET OVER IT! You are such a narcissistic hypocrite.

  • CJNeal

    what’s the apartment number?

  • CJNeal

    roflmao… I think you need to go back and do a little more research on conservatives and liberals. You are barking at a whole message board of conservative Christians here. And I am sorry, I think you have the two mixed up, you are, by far, not a conservative Christian.

  • BildermanDru

    Hey FlyingSteve, she’s obviously struggling and had much fewer opportunities than your entitled self has had in your life-time. That may include educational opportunities (if it wasn’t clear). And if she weren’t getting beaten down at every corner by our Constantly-exempt-from-their-own-policies Politicians, maybe she would not have had to balance feeding her kids and getting more ‘learned’ in the ways of grammar. Like CJNeal said – contribute something to this REAL issue & conversation, because your point (while valid) does nothing more than confirm that those who REALLY need help are becoming increasingly neglected. And those who HAVE the ability to DO or SAY something to make a positive change (you) – are only stroking their own egos. Headlines should now read: **Liberal Ego Bolstered by Possessing Far Superior Grammar Knowledge than Struggling Single Mother. (notice, I capitalized your proper noun name, and used the subjunctive case to depict a conditional statement). Jerk.

  • Eric Byron

    I feel the biggest problem is not the books. Its the fact that a lot of muslims in the countries that we are having problems with (Afganastan pakastan Iraq) are not educated. They rely on thier mullahs to interpret and teach them these readings. So they are not able form their own understanding they get what they get and it is skewed! Hell they don’t know anything unless told it. BUT to be peaceful you seem to be an angry person and seem to hold a lot of hate towards Jews! The problem is mankind!

  • Eric Byron

    Great you’ve met Muslims here! Go abroad then lets see….even if you’re Islamic they will hate you for who you are……

  • Sherry Lee

    I will live no place that hangs and whips rape victems.

  • darylhjohnsonjr

    Well Done, Yolanda. Well Done…

  • marilyn

    I was responding to a specific attack on me which has now disappeared from this feed.

  • U.S.S.A???

    I find it difficult to believe that your heartfelt statement would get a down-vote, but then again this is the Internet. On the other hand, I am not surprised that this string went into a very different direction of the article. Nothing personal towards Patrick Henry or the other Posters, but how does Islam relate to the story? I am not going to question their intellect, even though I read some well researched statements, or try to judge their characters, okay, maybe some. I am just an opinion looking at a monitor. I truly feel people should be, and in some cases are AWARE that “distraction” is a well used and overly abused weapon of the Liberal Media to draw the attention and focus away from the initial point. Sorry, if this is a little lengthy. God Bless to you as well. BTW, I am #133 on the ^.

  • Pat Boyd

    What do you think is going to happen with Obamacare, Mr. Liberal? Everyone’s rates that always had insurance is climbing drastically to pay for those who will not have to pay anything. Texas has Medicaid and health care for children numbskull. Know what you are talking about before you spout off.

  • Pat Boyd

    He doubled the National debt in his five years and constantly wants to raise taxes; that’s how so!!!!

  • Pat Boyd

    You keep on drinking that Koolaid, Moron. You have no idea, it’s obvious, of all Obama has done to this country.

  • Mary Howlett

    i have lived my whole life that way, especially since my children start coming when i was young, and i have recently fallen into the new tradition of this country and am raising my grandchild (and the younger of my kids). i am also in a worse place now because i can’t even work any more, most days i can barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom, because of chronic illness and yet the social security administration says i am able to work still. so even though i have raised children and worked all of my life (over 20 years) and have paid into my disability/social security all of those years and have earned the credits to be able to qualify for my “benefits”, i still am forced to fight them with a lawyer to get it. consequently i am living on the government “benefits” with no income and struggling even harder to take care of my kids. but all of this makes me wonder about the people “living off the system, those that have kid after kid on purpose so they don’t have to work and the ones that make a big show of acting crazy so that social security throws disability benefits at them. i have overheard these people too many times talking about the cadillacs that they have in someone else’s name and walking in to the welfare offices in whatever is the current favorite high priced clothing with matching shoes, when i haven’t been able to buy new clothing for myself except clothes for work (from walmart) in the last 5 years. the system is definately not working for the people and does need change, but this stuff going on is not the change we need. The Constitution of the United States is the foundation of this country and should never be infringed upon for any reason,not even if it is believed that it will help America, because to do so will forever change this country in a bad way and turn it into what we have always fought against since this country was created. If and when this happens we become what we for generations have hated, and this will turn the people against the government and each other, and cause turmoil that we won’t be able to overcome. To infringe in any way against The Constitution will result in the death of the United States of America.

  • KB

    I have been there and seen this life with my parents who bought up 3 kids in a 180 sq ft rental home in a country outside the United States. This home included a hall, kitchen and restroom. The hall was a bedroom. I hope that is not the case with Lana’s living conditions. We lived frugal on what my dad could afford. My mom was a homemaker. They would eat after we were fed. And as kids we never realized their sacrifice. But today we know they gave us two wonderful gifts in all these years that we can never repay their debt. It was an EDUCATION and family values with christian faith.

    We have carried that in our lives and moved on living in a country with multilingual and multi-religious society views exploited politically by the government. In fact very little support came from the government. leave alone medical insurance. I never heard of medical insurance until I came to the US. We had to work hard but we knew one day through EDUCATION we would be able to live within our norms and be able to provide our kids with a better living experience. We did not have cars, We had to walk for miles or if we had some money we could ride the train or bus. We never spend more than what we made. In fact I remember we bought our first black and white TV when I was in the 10th grade. So yes my father struggled to pay the bills but made sure he never spend more that what he made. When we went to college he had to take private loans because the banks would not give loans for education. And these loans were 20 to 25 percent interest. But he did it. We spent 2 to 5 dollars a month on our college expenses. And we had only 2 to 3 pairs of pants and shirts for the year. Shoes was a premium for us and may be bought once every 2 years. Think what an American kid in school and college spends. In fact I know that there are many of us who try to use the credit system to live a lavish life with cars, mobile gadgets, data plans etc… and complain what the government is not doing.

    I do understand the struggle Lana is going through and what I am perplexed about is that why do we have to depend on the government to solve our problems. If this has been her struggle how is she managing her insurance today. I believe it is not better than Obama care or may be worse. Who has the data right now to back this information except for the pundits who are offering their opinions and scaring the American people. Do I agree with Obama care? No? It does not fix the issue, but it is a start. These politicians (Republicans and Democrats) get the best health care insurance. I believe they have the option to choose from 5 different plans and paid out from our taxes. They don’t want us to have that plan. Why did past Republican or Democrat presidents not offer that plan to the Americans? Why is medication so expensive here when the same brand name marketed by the same company in other countries is pennies on the dollar. Let me give you an example. The Crestor drug here costs 568 dollars per year for a person on cholesterol medication. And the same brand name in another country cost 108. Why is America paying for this huge difference? Why do I have to depend on my company to get premium insurance and not have the option to get it myself at a low cost so that even if I am without a job, I can continue to have the insurance with a peace of mind? There are many open questions that cannot be answered and will never be answered because of dirty Politics. I don’t agree that the President of the country no matter which party they are from do not care for the American people. There is a lot on his mind and one cannot blame him for the expensive trips. These are the benefits that comes with the job. Oh well you cannot please every one because he is not an elect president of your choice. We can continue to ask questions but what are we doing to improve our quality of life. Its not in the hands of the government or the President to manage our own lives better in this land of freedom and opportunities. I would rather pray for her than the President of the United states for God to have mercy on her soul.

  • Deborah Oldham

    How did this letter about a struggling Woman become a religious battle?????

  • birdbrained2000

    First- you are insulting me. I’m not a liberal. I’m about as conservative as you can get. I can tell by your ranting that you think you are the only one who is right and you look down at us saying we are uneducated and don’t read. That’s a typical liberal trait. You’ve labeled me without knowing who I am and have told me what I think. Liberal behavior. You are an a$$ hole plain and simple. Everybody else is wrong and you are right – I think that is a symptom of a narcissist or borderline personality disorder. I read your posts until it became obvious who you really are. You lecture just like your idol Obama. Nobody wants to be lectured. You think you know best, again typical liberal behavior.

  • birdbrained2000

    So now I’m a coward. I didn’t join the conversation so I don’t need facts. I’m calling you out for being a liberal a$$ hole. Using capital letters like you do is considered yelling when writing. You want my address crazy person? You will be met at the door with a Taurus .380 in my hands and a nine mil in my husbands. My husband was a sniper in the Cypriot war when Turkey invaded Cyprus. In fact my husband was part of a coup to overthrow a socialist government. That is the measure of a true man, clearly the polar opposite of a coward like you. We clearly have something you lack- common sense. I don’t have to prove jack shit you impotent little shit. I don’t need facts to call you out for being rude to other people. If you are as educated as you say you are, which I doubt, then you’ve listened to a bunch of liberal professors. Yet another clue as to who you really are. An Obama ass kisser. As a matter of fact I am educated and I continue to educate myself. You post your address as if I would waste my time going redneck central to debate you. Judging by all the capital letters and the insults I must be bothering you. Liberal targets are so easily worked up when everyone doesn’t agree with them. Again-typical liberal coward behavior- look down at me and treat me like a moron. Did that make you feel like more of a man, dickless? I cannot stand people who have to insult people to make them feel like they are better than everyone else. It’s pathetic really. What a pathetic little man you are. I would feel sorry for you if you weren’t such a jerk.

  • James Miller

    your an asshole”

  • Janice Craig Thaxton

    Any of you on here putting Yolanda down are just heartless! She didn’t write the letter to be criticized by any of you….she wrote it to let Mr.Asshat know how she feels! A simple I’m sorry for your hard times would have sufficed.

  • Brandy Miller

    Apparently you didn’t read very far past the front page, sir, else you might have noticed a few things that would bring into question that “peace” part of the Islamic religion. Yes, they want peace – the peace of the graveyard. Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than killing…but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)”

    You also have clearly NOT bothered studying your history, else you would know that the history of Islam is quite bloody, not defensively so but offensively so. They force conversions, murder those who won’t convert, and consider women to be their prize for doing so. I agree that people should do their homework and not rely on the press for everything, but you seem to be in need of taking your own medicine, Mr. Guest.

  • Paula Yarlott Morin

    content not available on facebook anymore….. hmmm…..bet they had NO problem taking that down. Commiebook. ugh!

  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    Always a good samaritan around to help us lowly people with spelling

  • Patriot

    Mr Guest…if you’ve truly read the bible and the Quran, you would know Allah is NOT in fact the SW God as Jesus Christ. You mediocre education on theology is lacking if you believe they are one and the same. You apparently have read just enough to make yourself appear knowledgeable, when in fact you show yourself as nothing more than a liberal asshat. Islam is NOT a religion of peace, as can be evidenced by no less than 50 places before you even reach 1/4 of the way into the book. It teaches you to behead non-believers, to lie to gain non-believers trust, to take Christian women as sex slaves so that the males of Islam will not commit adultery against the web of Islam, to stone homosexuals, and so many more heinous things it’s disgusting. The statement that Islam is a religion of peace is a bold faced lie, as evidenced by the thousands killed monthly around the world, in the NAME is Islam.

  • Ronda
  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    By sharia law, a woman raped will be stoned, unless SHE has 4 MALE witnesses, to testify on her behalf. Tough sh#t for her right? Do you know their prisons hold more rape victims than anything else? I HAVE studied them.

  • Liz

    I have read many of the posts to this viral fb post and I will say WOW! A woman describes her life of struggle and this turns into a religous bursts of hate and discontent. When what she wanted to say is this man we, (not I) voted into office is clueless about the true needs of the American middle to lower income bracket person or family. She is correct, he does not, nor does he care. He has an agenda (maybe read Agenda 21) and see where he would like to take us. America will be controlled by the UN which wants life to be very different than the American Dream we grew up believing. I am shy of 60 and know today, this America, is not the America I grew up in the 1950’s, 60’s or 70’s, big changes started in the 80’s and have been growing since. These changes are not about Christianity or any other faith, it is about greed, control and power. It has nothing to do with being Republican or Democrat or Tea Party, it is about hate, hate of big business, of Wall Street and just a growing need to destroy America and grow something new, the new is something we have not seen before, I fear this something new. He wants us to war against one another, create chaos, create confusion, create weakness where there once was great strength, create division, all these things continue to grow and cast doubt upon America and its standing in world power.

  • Jim

    Getting an education is one of the best things anyone can do. Having an education and not having the common sense to go with it, makes you an educated fool. You are an educated fool.

  • Marie La Rue

    I think she done a beauiful job on that letter and very accurate to. We all have been where she has been and it is not a pretty sight. There has been many of night that my husband and I have gone to bed hungry as there was not enough food for the children and us to. I praise her for writing the letter. We were very fortunate a to having 3 girls when the older one out grew her cloths the younger ones grew into them. The times today seem even tougher for the people due to the economy being as it is.

  • KingErnster

    Good note! God bless you Yolanda.

    Most of these posts have nothing to do with Yolanda and her thoughts! Pathetic!!!!

  • mary

    you must be an ignorant islam

  • Justin.Time

    Really, the only person you are fooling here is yourself, Ali, Mohammed, Yasouf, and Machmed.

  • Justin.Time

    Ridicule is not reason, try again.

  • Justin.Time

    God and Allah are NOT the same and it is only the Muslim who says so. Why, because a muslim cannot bear the glaring differences that set apart a holy god and an invention. If both Gods are the same, then tell me, Achmed, why are not the rewards the same? 72 virgins and a sex everlasting? Please…

  • shara70

    100% correct! “Taqiyya” is the Muslim word for the doctrine that Muslims are allowed and expected to lie to infidels (non-muslims) to further the agenda of world domination and forcible conversion to the theocracy of Islam. I have a strong suspicion that the guest who is an apologist for Islam is practicing “Taqiyya” because it is doubtful that he/she is a Christian as he/she claims but is actually a Muslim. That is why you can pick almost ANY prominent Muslim leader and investigate their public statements. You will quickly find that they speak to infidel gatherings and the American press with promises of peace and diversity of religion. You find a video of the same Muslim leader speaking to a Muslim group and they will talk of using America’s freedom against her by pushing for anti freedom of speech laws, etc and the goal of bringing America’s freedom to her knees. Their ultimate goal is bringing about Sharia law to the Western world. “Taqiyya” also expects that in Muslim areas of the world, non muslims are taxed at a higher rate, given longer jail sentences compared to the same crime committed by a muslim and basically wholesale discrimination and haressment of non muslims.

  • Spazmasterflex07

    Um, there are those of us who have actually been privy to these acts and have actually been to these places and have interacted with people like this to know that the horrors of SHARIA LAW are very real! And for all your reading, you wouldn’t know that the religious leadership in Islam is what decides how the Qaran is applied! Your ignorance to the nuances of Islam in the middle east (rest assured, it’s watered waaaaaay down here) and the arrogance with which you vomit up your so called knowledge is proof positive that book knowledge without contextual knowledge is nothing more than mental masturbation!

  • please

    Total douche.

  • joyce trippett

    Have walked in your shoes girl (but I had 4 children), I’m 60 now and severely disabled from an accident and poor medical care (infections of MRSA) because I was poor. Filed for bankruptcy because medical bills were in the hundreds of thousands. My husband is also disabled with COPD (job related) and we are helping our son who has lost his job, and also raising our grandson. I too am not happy with the don’t give a damn attitude of most every politician in office today, so when I hit the election booth this time I intend to vote for anyone who is NOT ALREADY IN OFFICE. They all need to go, along with all of their entitlements!

  • Freddy

    What a barbaric and “peace loving” philosophy.Read the truth about that religion…Read about the Islamic incursions into Europe during the middle ages through roughly the 1930’s. Some of the most truth heinous acts in history with the Armenian genocide being one example. They were so terrible some countries have officially recognized it. I’m sure you will attempt to compare crimes committed in the name of Catholicism such as the Crusades. Islamic crimes against humanity were far worse. Do some research….

  • ripvannwinkler

    Holy shit some of you people are stupid. I can’t even fathom…

  • ripvannwinkler

    It’s clear you haven’t read nearly as much as you claim, or rather, you didn’t comprehend what you were reading, if you truly think that’s what Islam is about. You want to talk about genocidal warlords? Let’s talk Crusades. You want to talk about pedophiles? Google “Catholic priest young boy”. You want to talk slave master? How about the entire southern US (and north too, mostly), ca. 1600~1865.

    Your sanctimonious act is a sham easily distinguishable from actual intellect by most any educated individual.

  • Angie Dunn

    Really? You only think uneducated people struggle to pay bills? You need a wake up call! You also need to open your eyes, ears and heart. This is not the first time I have seen a letter similiar to this. I know several well educated, self supporting people who are struggling and Obamacare along with the extreme liberal practices are offering nothing but Robin Hood like problems for hard working Americans.

  • Wri8terofWrongs

    You failed to mention the part in the Quran about killing infidels, the 72 virgins and all that “good” stuff. If we’re to discuss the Quran, please let’s discuss the bad too.
    And just fyi, she wasn’t poo-pooing getting an education, she called you an over-educated fool. Huge difference.

  • Wri8terofWrongs

    If all of them are not the same and some are truly non-violent then why won’t the “good ones” call out against the actions of the others? I certainly know I would be voicing my disgust at the terrorist’s actions and distancing myself as much as possible from their kind.
    Many rumors are flying around (and some truths) about the mosques in this country promoting terroristic behaviors; that in fact they are even training grounds for terrorist. Undercover Muslim spies have reported this to be fact. So which groups are good exactly?
    I am sorry, but as friendly a person as I am I cannot bring myself to trust anyone of the Muslim faith.

  • Greg

    Well what I see in her letter is the voice of hundreds American families my wife and I included we work every day and some weekends we still struggle week to week tho we have no children its tough for I the job I have allows me to see first hand how much harder it has become to survive for families with children for those of you that DON’T know the meaning of the word thats because you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth I pay my taxes every time I get my check and since Osloma has taken office I pay more at tax time you say get a education I will be first in line if you are gonna pay for it you see this world revolves around one thing MONEY which a lot of us struggle to earn so befor you down some one for telling the truth on how hard things have gotten pull the blind fold off and you try raising a family on less than three hundred bucks a week with no help from any body I HONESTLY dont think some of you can those that can bless you those that have had a silver spoon all your life with Osloma in office you better bite that spoon hard cause he is gonna take it then you will have to learn the hard way what a tough life really is

  • KingE


  • teddy6139

    Tell it Yolanda. Although I venture to say it was all in the plan.

  • teddy6139

    Grow up. It’s not about ignorance or racism when it’s the truth. Take it from someone who makes it her business to know about that faith. You can’t hide truth just to appear the good little progressive. It is what it is.

  • teddy6139

    Read it all the way through honey. Definitely NOT the same Christian story. They’ve twisted it to fit their agenda same as the Christian church.

  • teddy6139

    Damon Skippy Tabitha. Thanks for sorting that out for her.

  • teddy6139

    When will the spelling.bee. Nazis ever get a life

  • August

    You really need to reinvent your name and profile, etc.
    So many of us have recognized you for the troll that you are.
    I wish you well.

  • PETE


  • Mark Watson

    Well said well said. Hes just some internet warrior trying to sound Smart. He’s a kid .

  • Mark Watson

    or st around and read your post..for all the Dumbest shit you ever heard.

  • Mark Watson

    Rable Rable Rable I can’t understand you go back to your Country,

  • Thomas Jones


  • CrapsDealer

    Thanks for showing your delusional ignorance, ripvanwinkler. It was very entertaining. Now, go back to sleep.

  • Nelson Stanley

    we must kill the MOSLEMS FIRST !! Rise up and run them from OUR COUNTRY !!

  • Lisa Padilla

    Has anyone here ever seen “Mars Attacks”? Our government is like the Martians who run around and say “we come in Peace.”

  • Ronald Reiman

    You do live better than dogs though, ever have a thought of what happens to them in America? http://youtu.be/dO_FhjxlrBw

  • 3rd Infrantry shooting it up

    All I can say is…… I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all……Stay out of my cross hairs.

  • Kathryn Elizabeth Graham-Toppe

    boy do I ever! He should have never been elected! Yolanda I feel for you because I have been there and done that for ohhhh so long. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and also pray that America wakes up soon where Obama is concerned.

  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    If a woman is raped, under sharia law, she must have 4 MALE witnesses to testify on her behalf. A womans word is nothing to them. Good luck to her to get 4 male witnesses right? Their prisons are filled with rape victims.

  • gordythreehorses

    i don’t believe in keeping women barefoot and knock up, i buy them shoes.

  • gordythreehorses

    oh ya, love thy neighbor as yourself, and then slit his throat if you think his religious beliefs are not right. humans are the only animal that has a religion, in fact several of them, religion is nothing but fairy tales they use to control you

  • gordythreehorses

    you are a real fart smeller, er i mean smart feller

  • Awand

    I strongly disagree. All Muslims are taught the Quran and they all live by the teaching of Mohammad; there is no separation..

  • djmdgo

    What a sad little person you are.

  • Awand

    I’ve read about the Crusades, the Catholic priest episodes as well, but being from the South I would like to set the record straight. The very first slave brought to this country was not owned by a white man from the south, but rather a black man by the name of Johnson who lived in Virginia. Blaming the South for the slave market is not absolutely correct.

  • jagragg

    WELL SAID!!!

  • MisterBig

    You are an uneducated moron.

  • Spelling bee Nazi, HH!!

    When the people that supposedly went to school learn to use the right words, duh. You’d think after 13 years of primary school one would know what word goes where.

  • Keith Chalk

    Well said Yolanda! Got seven of my own, paying child support to the ex on them. As their father I have promised to provide medical insurance for them, as I should. Now thanks to all of the EXPECTED changes to the healthcare industry because of the non-ACA, my insurance rates have DOUBLED. from 494.00 a month to 980.00 a month. Before you naysayers throw out there, ACA provisions that could cause that have not gone into effect yet, and you think the insurance companies aren’t trying to curb some future losses now, by increasing rates? To top it all off, I think I have been targeted by the IRS. They claim I have been claiming “exempt”, 7 kids, really????? They have instructed my employer to withhold from me at the single, no dependents rate…… Thanks obamatard……

  • June

    Guest, you have obviously not read the Quran, Muhammad married Aisha at the age of 6 and consummated the Marriage at the age of 9, he was a Pedophile and any Muslim that does this today is the same, so stop you Lies and Deceit, most here no the Truth and are not fooled by the likes of you.

  • Melissa Thompson

    I HAVE educated myself on this! Those “raghead” PUTZES change up the teachings of the quran to suit their needs and fulfill their evil agendas!!! WAKE UP and RE-EDUCATE yourself. You`re nothing but a loquacious argument-baiter!!! Come up for air and open your eyes! (unless you`re a terrorist sympathizer) smh!

  • JJ

    6 children alone? dam somebody had to be helping you make those babies.

  • JJ

    If you are a Muslim you know nothing of Islam, if you are, you are in fact an abdicator and the Whabbis are going to kill you. Do you even know the reason why the requirement for witnesses of adultery was placed into the Qur’an, do you understand the cultural history behind it? I will give you a one clue it has to do with Fattah. Do you know what Abrogation is? The early verses are superseded by the later verses in which aggression and persecution are embraced. Do not come in here acting like you understand something as complex as Islam, there are many winding roads and divergences within Islam which take a lifetime to truly understand.

  • JJ

    It’s grammar, not spelling.

  • JJ

    You mean grammar nazis.

  • JJ

    This is an uneducated statement. There is an extreme difference in the interpretation of the Qur’an between Sunni and Shia. The Sunni interpret the book literally, while the Shia see the book as an allegory leading toward mysticism. This is the way many Christians view the bible, this is why the bible is called the living testament. The bible can introduce new meanings as society evolves.

  • JJ

    By the way the majority of terrorists are Sunni, all of the (9/11) terrorist were Sunni, as was Bin Laden.

  • Debora Ann Binegar Howk

    Use the money for your internet, cell phone, getting your hair done, new cloths, and your trip money to buy the food your family needs. You can plant a garden to supplement your food. If you make as little as you say then there’s medicaid, food stamps. And as for the taxes I don’t think you pay any federal taxes with such a low income. As for your car every welfare department has a program to help fix it so you can work. You could of got a better education to support your family. If you couldn’t feed your kids why did you keep having them. You don’t look like you have missed many meals. I raised five children, I made sure they had what they needed before internet, phone, and getting my hair done. I also went to school to better our lives. This isn’t about your kids, this is political and that’s sad!!!

  • Debora Ann Binegar Howk

    There’s a lot of people with blinders on, they can’t see for their selves and are followers. They don’t understand like the rest of us that we are told what they want us to believe. Not all of us are morons and afraid to change things. It’s the followers that are blind and believe me more and more are opening their eye’s. They tide is turning and they will be looking for help from the one’s that have prepared for what’s coming. You can’t trust a government that only cares for the corporation and not its people. @ Mary, ignorant means don’t know any better, uneducated. WOW!!!!!

  • teddy6139

    LOL yesss! Just a passing irritation.

  • Awand

    I agree Wri8ter, I may be wrong but in my opinion it is difficult to say the least to trust women who cover their bodies except for their eyes, and men who wear turbans and long gowns. Who knows what they may be hiding beneath all that garb.

  • Awand

    The difference of how they accept the Quran matters not. All Muslim’s are against Christians. They all pray to Allah a false god and they want to kill those who do not accept their “religion”. My remark may be uneducated but if a Muslim moves into my neighborhood I will encourage them to move to yours. Would you want a Muslim living next door? Whether it be a jihadist, a Sunni or a Shia, I do not want them in my neighborhood. The Bible (you should know since you enjoy correcting others spelling etc.,) is spelled with a capital B and it does not change as society evolves. The Bible says that God cannot change, so your concept of the Bible is null and void.

  • Awand

    Absolutely Pete!!

  • Erin Nichole Wolfe

    How true. about time someone stood up like that for us single parents.

  • Ryan Q Beaver

    LMAO at this whole article and comment thread I cant tell if most of you are joking or really that ignorant! :P

  • Dylan

    holy shit i’ve never seen a higher concentration of the downs on any other website.

  • Mom

    Agreed totally!!!! God help us all!!!

  • Rachel M.

    I want health insurance for my husband. I am luckily covered under medicare, but for how much longer, I don’t know. My son is luckily covered under CHIP, which also has it’s issues and I wonder how much longer that will be covering him. But no, we are not able to get Medicaid. That is actually the hardest medical insurance to get unless you are pregnant, or a child. We don’t qualify, and never have for medicaid except for when I was pregnant, and for my son, but because of how much we make, even just on my social security check, they say I make too much for us to get covered by medicaid. And as much as I want health insurance for my husband, I do not want to deal with obamacare, it’s mostly just a distraction anyways. It’s total crap, I’d rather work on finding a private provider and pay the price. I don’t “take chances” that my husband won’t need to see a doctor, he’ll see one no matter what we have to do. The health of my family is very important to me, which is one reason why I’ll never deal with obamacare because it’s crap.

  • Derrick Washington

    You people have to be the most ignorant people on the planet. Stop spreading this bullshit and present FACTS as to what’s really going on with this woman who appears to be crazy. Everyone who logs on to this site should have their smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets, taken away. It’s apparent that owning these devices isn’t improving your intellect.

  • Derrick Washington

    I would respond to this but the absence of paragraphs prohibits me from doing so. Is EVERYONE on this site dumb?

  • Derrick Washington

    Teachers are dumb and YOUR type is smart. You people are the epitome of ignorance. Just kill yourselves and rid the country of your kind.

  • divaqueen

    She rocks!!!

  • Deedadee

    While Johnson was the first recorded case of slavery, it was being practiced well before he ever was given his “freedom” from indentured servitude. Please don’t use what bit and pieces of whatever text you were quoting to strengthen you point.

  • Deedadee

    Why did you feel the need to bring your hate to this discussion board? The ladies above you may not be the most educated women in the country, but to them they have very valid issues with “Obama Care”. Even though they will not have to pay anything at all, because I’m sure that they fall within the poverty guidelines and any additional taxes applied to them will be given back in the form of tax credits at the end of the year. That way working Americans who make more money will continue to pay the rising cost of “welfare” programs such as this. These women have clearly made choices in their lives that they are living with and hopefully teaching their children how to make better choices. Every post after yours has been a hatefest and you are the one to blame.

  • Time to Learn

    “If You Can’t Afford Insurance – Medicaid will be extended to those who earn up to 133% of the Federal poverty level. That’s $15,281 for an individual, or $31,321.50 for a family of four in 2013. The poverty level usually increases each year to keep up with inflation.

    However, not all states have elected to expand Medicaid, even though the Federal government will subsidize it. If you live in a state where you are eligible for Medicaid, but the state won’t give you coverage, you won’t have to pay the tax if you can’t get insurance.

    Those who earn too much for Medicaid will receive tax credits if their income is below 400% of the poverty level. In 2013, that’s $45,960 for an individual, or $94,200 for a family of four. The credit is applied monthly, rather than as an annual tax rebate. There are also reduced co-payments and deductibles.”

    So seriously stop whining, because it’s more than obvious that you are a fake and are just too lazy to do your own research and so instead you let the talking box and your oh so well informed friends fill your ignorant mind with false information. People like you make me sad to be an “American”. If you can’t see that “Obama Care” is just a new form of welfare and ultimately the cost will be placed upon the backs of what few Americans put fourth the effort to better our situations and found legal ways to make more money and not have children that we couldn’t support or afford. Maybe if you would have made better choices earlier in your life then you would of already had health care that you actually paid for. But long story short you didn’t and now the rest of us who aren’t draining our nation has to pay so that you will have coverage.

  • Time to Learn

    Very well said!!!! But sadly if you told half of these people that they could go to college for free they would either quit or flunk out. Not because they aren’t smart enough, but just because they don’t want to change their lives and situations.

  • Independent Thinker

    You are not an average American. How about taking responsibility for your life, and quit you rants against the President, who has nothing to do with your daily life. If you have a problem and want to vent, how about the state of Texas. All politics is local and and the local government is the one that has the most influence in your life.

  • Independent Thinker

    You are the one drinking the kookaid. Read the comment above and you will learn something.

  • Independent Thinker

    You should know that anything posted on the internet cannot be true, especially this link. Think for yourself. You are welcome!

  • Independent Thinker

    You have posted the most reasoned comment about this article. But it does not matter to low intelligent people, who rant about our President.

  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    You said much in that statement, “As society evolves”. One of the differences I’ve noted between Christians and muslims, is that most christians have evolved away from violence, muslims seem to not evolved much through the years,

  • Kim Pickelheimer

    Maybe you should remember the fact that the Demos had control of the house and senate when Bush was in office and they(demos) are the ones who voted all the crap in. But, oh yeah you didn’t do your homework on that. Because if you had, you would have seen that mister king Obuma is one who voted for the last stimulus package. Bush vetoed that bill 13 times before he was forced to sign it when your party brided the rinos. Get over it, Obuma is the worst and will always be the worst president in our history. And now finally all his lies are starting to catch up with him.

  • Awand

    And since you are a history buff where did slavery actually begin…it was not in the southern states. The African kings sold their own people. It took years for the slaves to finally arrive in America, and the south was not the only states that practiced slavery. Apparently the black slaves liked it there is more blacks in Mississippi, Alabama, Georiga to name a few.

  • amy

    dear yolanda, thank you so much for saying everything that i have been trying to explain to everyone i know and even some ppl i don’t know! your words made my life as a child and as a mother flash before my eyes. now, as a new grandmother…all i can do to help my daughter is pray. my husband works hard, doesn’t get overtime pay, and for some reason the government decided i owe them money! everytime i ask why i get a different reason but still….they tell me because my husband works, they can take over half of my ssid back! so instead of over 700 a month i recieve just over 300. our children have all moved out. and we are grandparents 2xs now, and expecting another grandson in the spring! we will soon be losing our house because we havent been able to pay the taxes and the city is forclosing.even though the bank is not. we cannot pay anything for obamacare. and if we are fined….oh well.

  • MrUSA94

    Yes, the Dems got control in 2007 but what is all this crap that they voted in? They were in control for one year under Bush. Are you saying the Dems destroyed the economy in one year? If you are, than you didn’t do your homework. I know Pres Obama approved the 2009 stimulus bill. Hell, I wish he’d been able to spend more. Here’s a link to help you out: http://useconomy.about.com/od/criticalssues/a/govt_bailout.htm I couldn’t find a good source to speak on the reason Pres Bush was going to veto the bank bailout. But from what I’ve read it might’ve had something to do with him not wanting to mess with executive pay like the Dems wanted since they were taking tax payer money. You know, typical Rethug thinking. How’s that trickle-down working for those not in the 1%?

  • Suzanne Hall

    You really need to stop drinking the Koolaid. Every economic indicator says your are wrong about his success with the economy, the only reason that unemployment appears to be down is that they revise the numbers a few weeks after they are announced! Republicans weren’t threatening to default, they simply wanted agreements to cut spending and stop Obamacare, which is proving to be exactly the clusterfuck that Republicans predicted it would be! And you can stop blaming the Republican party for any of this horseshit because he had a majority in the House and Senate for two years and the only thing he did was pass the healthcare debacle which is failing in epic fashion! And if you want to know where the jobs are you better ask your Emperor as he is the one killing them with the increased regulation, increased taxes, the Affordable Care Act(even the name is bullshit), increased power to the EPA and unions. every single thing he has done since the day he was elected has been hostile to business and to small businesses in particular. And now that his precious Obamacare is failing the Dems are screaming for a one year delay which is what the Republicans were asking for in the shutdown and they were demonized by his ass kissing media. So kindly remove your head from your ass and develop some real understanding of economics instead of just parroting your libtard talking points, you sound like a complete moron, and before you start insulting my intelligence and understanding of these issues let me say I have a Masters in Business so unlike you I do understand economics!

  • MrUSA94

    Dang, I could only get thru 1/4 of your response because it was just so full of crap. With the Rethugs fillibustering darn near everything Pres Obama was trying to do to get the economy going again, it didn’t make much difference. If Sen Kennedy hadn’t died (60 Sen votes), the country would be in a much better position than it is now. The only thing the Rethugs wanted to do once Obama took office, was say NO to everything. Their hope was to destroy the economy and hope everyone blamed him. Open your eyes. What have the Rethugs done since they took control except block EVERYTHING? I mean can somebody please tell me what they have done to further the country besides being all up in women’s vaginas? I’m still waiting.

  • Kim Pickelheimer

    Mrusa94, republicans are not the thugs. Maybe you should look at what your boy keeps saying. Bullying is against the law but yet he continues to get away with it on almost a daily basis. Get your facts straight.

  • Jami Flynn

    Amen Brother

  • David Young

    Oh yeah, the Bible of Christianity. The religion this country was founded on. Gee what was I thinking. Oh, that I have freedom of religion and I choose Christianity, you know, the one from the Bible.

  • Sandy Parrish Tubb

    Where did you go to school? This country was not founded on Christianity. It was founded on freedom of religion any kind… wake up … grow up.


    Yolanda, When people offer you money, take it. It’s a gift, not pity. The only person you can pity is yourself, not your kids. Overworked and underpaid, tired but like u, I do my best. I’m sick and tired of going without. I feed my kids first, I eat leftovers. My son is 10, my daughter 8, my best friends. I am not allowed to put my kids in after school care unless I pay for the whole week. Ridiculous! I could go on and on. Why. Thanks OBAMA for all you do for us single “mothers” that work hard, shame on you for giving lazy people $ they don’t deserve.

  • Your mom

    Having an education requires being able to communicate in complete sentences. Go back to grade school and try again.

  • Brian Merica

    he’ll come home in a box.

  • Richard Connolly

    Well I read the letter and my understanding goes a long way with it, as I have had to do pretty much the exact same, as for all her comments, I don’t doubt her sincerity or her honesty, and I would have to say all her comments are very truthful, how anybody could support obama or hillary after Benghazi is a shock to me, and after the idiot in the WH shamed it so much when he said there is nothing sweeter then the sound of muslims being called to prayer, how any true red blooded American could support either of them is beyond my capability to understand.

  • Richard Connolly

    So this means they are all bad then, after all muhammad was a child rapist as well as a murder, there was nothing nice about that creep.

  • Richard Connolly

    What I don’t understand is when people say they read the quran, and they don’t see what thousands of others have seen and read, like it is ok to beat women, it is ok to have sex with a minor and I don’t give a dam how it is said, anyway at all is rape and child molestation, it is alright to stone people to death, it is ok to cut the head of another human beings head off and this isn’t from the dark ages, there still doing this horrific act today, anyone that practices islam is evil, and I don’t say this as a Christian, catholic atheist or any other group, I say this as a human being. They are the most sick vile disgusting sub human spices that has ever walked on this planet.