[Watch] Cop Shoots Motorcycle Hijacker Before He Gets Away [Warning Graphic]

279 cycle

Brazilian police don’t take it lightly when you try to steal a motorcycle at gunpoint.

This intended victim was using a helmet cam to record his ride when two bad guys pull up next to him and demand his bike with a gun pointed at his face.

He gave up the bike and then his camera catches the action as a policeman shoots the thief twice before he can ride away. The bike is safe, the robbery stopped.

Looks like the other guy did get away, for now, but the one on the ground is having a really bad day.

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  • Francis Lauer

    Here in Brazil, Rick, we have 50.000 (!!!) murders per year. A stable rate for TEN years (500.000 murders in ten years, can you assimilate this?). Our government (communist / boliavaranist / social-democratic) is ruled by Workers Party, which have VERY close ties with narcotrafficking – FARC (research by FORO DE SÃO PAULO, an organization which congregated ALL the leftist parties on South America). At 80’s our murder rate was similar to the USA rate today. We have a mortal combination here: communism + narcotraffick + disarmament of civilians + destruction of the base values of our society.

    Anyone who have the desire to know better the dire situation of Brazil (which is MUCH worse than the foreign media say) make contact with the Brazilian Phylosopher OLAVO DE CARVALHO. He’s living on USA, he knows EVERYTHING about the subject.

    In a normal situation here this policeman will have much problem. Maybe the fact that the situation was recorded will alleviate a bit to him, but, normally, he would get any kind of punishment. It’s hard to believe, but it’s what occur here. ALL our parties here are left-wing.

    Saying short but realisticly: BRAZIL IS OVER.
    Talk with Olavo de Carvalho, he can explain all the mess.

    About what will be the Obamacare Public Health System, look to Brazilian hospitals, a nightmare.

  • Bill Berger

    They should have shot him 10 more times, for good measure.

  • Eli Nogueira

    It’s true, the situation in here is bad, much bad. Os bandits everything and can never pay for their crimes, are defended by the class left and are well protected … we live in a war.

  • Dingus

    Sorry for the way your country turned out. We are trying to keep it from happening here too. And as far as this guy getting shot…well he did put himself in that situation so deserves no consideration. I am sure he would have shot that dude if he had resisted so he is where he needs to be. on the ground bleeding.

  • Guilherme Perrone

    Well…that’s exactly what’s going on here. These scumbags mug you on broad daylight, in front of everyone. This guy was lucky he didn’t take a bullet, because criminals here aren’t always happy to rob and humiliate you. They feel the need to end your life for nothing.

    To any outsiders reading this: DO NOT COME TO THE 2014 WORLD CUP! This is what is most likely to happen to a LOT of tourists. Public security here is in an alarming state and the government does its best to cover up all this. Our country is quickly falling apart and there isn’t anything anyone can do now. Brazil is a condemned place. It won’t be long before the sh*t hits the fan HARD here.

    If you value your life, heed this warning: Stay away from this country!

    And to the Americans: Do NOT allow Obama to do with the US, what Lula did with Brazil. Because it’s exactly what he’s doing. Don’t let him take your freedom. Read more about our situation so you can see how deep the hole really is.

    God help us. Because now, no one else will. We’re doomed…

  • James Randall Swing

    got what he deserves

  • Johnny Crack corn

    Well, I must say, the guy got what he deserved. Whats funny is @2:10 he gets the finger from his victim. lol Then @ 4;08 he starts to yell at him and cuss him out as he is dying on the ground. Let this be a lesson for all those Obama Care supporters…lol

  • Richard Maloney

    use a gun to commit a crime and this is your punishment. got no sympathy for the scumbag on the ground.

  • Anthony L Barrett

    Hopefully a few of us will take heed of what you say in hope of preventing the same situation here in the u.s.

  • Thomas Dailey

    right on

  • Dave B in AZ

    In the US violent crime DROPPED every time concealed carry was permitted. The 2nd amendment serves a very important purpose. I suggest Brazil amends its constitution in that direction. Also, left-wingers use government to take freedom. Marxists are everywhere. You have to fight them. Remember, legislators legislate and before you know it every single human behavior will be regulated in some way. You can catch this now, before its too late. When the 25 year military dictatorship was dissolved (a miracle in itself), the Brasillian representatives patterned the country’s constitution after the US constitution, except for the Bill of Rights. They always seem to forget that 2nd amendment. I wonder why… Anyway, fight the Marxists hard because they will never stop until complete control of every individual is achieved and the maximum amount of taxes is squeezed out of you. Brazil resisted modern American/western influence in trade and everything else too -resulting in your very own industries. We got in anyway and corrupted you with the idea that government is the means to solve problems. We Americans are now de-industrialized and broke because of the wrong idea of the purpose of government. Don’t let it happen to you. Government can only get expensive and mess things up. The idea of government solving problems has only created more problems and enslaved populations all over the world.

  • Troubleshooter

    Boom Boom.

  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    Hahaha!! This is the best! I bet if that happened more often there’d be a lot less crime. Just shoot them, lol. Ah, that couldn’t of happened better if it was planned. Just perfect.

  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    :( Sorry about your country.

  • dbeast420

    Life is tough,even tougher when ya get shot trying to jack a bike

  • Guilherme Perrone

    It’s really a shame. This could be a GREAT nation. We have a lot of potential in a lot of different areas. However, the majority of the people here are too damn stupid. They rather focus on soccer and soup operas instead of educating themselves in order to avoid electing these scumbag left-wingers that are destroying Brazil.

    Crime factions which act in the state of São Paulo are sponsored and protected by the president, because they want to overthrow the state’s government and replace it with their own. It’s like the bloody cold war saw no end here in Brazil.

    Now the US government doesn’t even sees us as allies anymore, due to our rotten rulers being supporters of snakes like Castro. What the heck? Then how many more years are we expected to see this situation go down? What happens when the USA sees us as enemies?

    2014 elections will be the last chance for this country to unf*** itself. For the people to wake up. If the current government keeps their spots (which is more likely to happen), this country will be over. Officially.

    There really is no more hope. I hope I can leave this mess before it gets even uglier.

  • Anonymous

    They need cops like this in Detroit and Chicago.

  • Thomas Dailey

    I didn’t see any blood.

  • Thomas Dailey

    Your kidding right?

  • East European Man

    The guns must be taken.

    I believe that Brazil could be prosperous and rich country, but if everyone try to steal something is really bad situation.
    Politicians everywhere seem dependent on the mafia, if not – they are mafia or are dependent on large corporations

    Greetings from Bulgaria

  • lin2log

    Classic AMERICAN “eye for an eye” rootin’ tootin’ cowboy BULLSHIT. You and your country can only be pitied.

  • Guilherme Perrone

    Guns have already been taken…from the honest hardworking citizen.

    However in the hands of the bandits, they are pretty abundant. At least a few years ago, we could defend ourselves. Until Lula came and disarmed us all.

  • Nick

    taking guns away does nothing buy empower the criminals.