[Watch] TPP Treaty is Corporate Global Government, Obama’s New World Order

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Those of you who remember the cancelled trip of Hussein Obama to four Asian countries, originally scheduled for the first part of October of this year probably didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to what his reason was for being there. You probably thought as many of us do that any excuse to get rid of the traitor for even a short period of time is a good deal for Americans. You were likely disappointed when it turned out that John Kerry would be going in Hussein Obama’s place.

One of the things that the subversive agent Hussein Obama was going to work on and his substitute is carrying on in his stead is the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? All of these nations’ leaders that share the Pacific ocean, getting around together, holding hands on the beach and making peaceful, humanity-conscious agreements.

Well, not so fast, there luau boy; step back from that treaty. One little bit of text that was smuggled out is very revealing about the contents of this corporate government love-fest. It appears to be a wealth of giveaways to the global corporate structure, in effect setting up a global world government. The agreements contained in this sellout legislation are huge, providing jurisdiction of corporations, including foreign corporations over America and American interests, based upon a parallel legal system and treaty.

This is in effect the New World Order global government, including a separate corporate legal system.

But, you might ask, why haven’t I heard about this? Well, the simple answer is, you aren’t supposed to know. The upper 1% knows that if they are exposed, they will likely be stopped. The new preferred method of “approve it before you read it” will be implemented once again once this secret sellout of our sovereignty deal is completed.

Watch the video below and prepare to be amazed at what this crooked American leadership, in conjunction with criminal governments worldwide is in the process of doing under our noses and behind our backs.

The video is from this time last year. The process is near completion now. We need to act to alert our fellow citizens and stop this thing before it becomes law. Once it is law, it becomes tremendously difficult to free ourselves from the tentacles of this corporate domination.

None of the people of any of the nations involved benefit from this and none but the corrupt leaderships are pushing it.

We need to push back hard and push back now.

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  • Zofia Muczynska

    He’ll No to NWO !!!!!!!!!

  • Audrey S Cundiff Mundell

    Soooo….if we need to push back & push back now, how do we do it?