WATCH CIA Whistleblower:Obama’s Plans to Seize Power with 70 DHS Agencies

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We’ve all heard the hype, Martial law in America. Financial collapse, biblical apocalypse and the end of life as we know it. Watch as Blogger Bob Powell introduces Dr. Jim Garrow’s opinion on the future of America.


  • Rachel Cain

    Why can’t Congress , the Senate and all the other affilations put a stop to Obama. They know he is doing all the crimes and is involved in murder, (they say). Why can’t they stop him. Fast and furious, Benghazi, The seals of 6 killings and other things.

  • Rachel Cain

    In your commercial about you are in front of the trees and bushes. I love that sound if the wind blowing the bushes. Reminds
    me of living in the country

  • Terry Ortiz

    Post the names of members of the shadow government and the useful idiot traitors on every bill board in America. I agree 100% of what is said in this interview. Having said that I also believe that that the remedy is in the third secret of Fatima that has not been revealed because the same enemy that has infiltrated our country also infiltrated the church to stop the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary who has been entrusted the peace of the world to Her.

  • Truth is fact, not opinion

    Most of them are part of it. They are corrupt too. That is why we need to rise up, rally together and plan to get rid of the bad ones. If the government is not going to govern, the people must.

  • Truth is fact, not opinion


  • Kaosmakr

    Why? The vote for treason would go through the House in a heartbeat but there are too many meathead Demotards in the Senate to let the vote go through. It must pass both houses of Congress.

  • Peter Charles Miller

    Go back and look at how the mighty Roman Empire fell. Humans do not change their behaviors they hone them.

  • Rosangela Jucker Azevedo

    @Rachel, they do not stop him, becAUSE THEY ARE IN WITH HIM. If there were honesty in this government Obama would not be elected because he can never produce documentation to prove he is America, because he has a long history of close ties with terrorists groups and is a member of Muslim Brotherhood, because he is a groomed beast by Saudi King who financed his way to the WH, under the guidance of George Soros and Underground bomber and close friend of Obama: Ayres. Our missiles did not “disappear” he ordered that warehouse unlocked so MB would steal it. Our tax dollars is financing AlQuaeda in Syria, Hezbollah becoming stronger in Mexico by the border with us.

  • Rosangela Jucker Azevedo

    All members of this Administration should be hanged by treason with Obama, Michelle, Hillary. Just save Ted Cruz and very few. There is a lot of noose to prepare.

  • joefoxx

    because of Mich McConnell, john McCain and john Boehner. They are in cahoots. next question.

  • Rick Thompson

    Congress and the Senate will not stop Obama because many of them are communists and socialists. This is true. They are registered.

  • Captured Angel

    It’s too late. We’ve already passed the point of no return.

  • jesse

    obama wants ww3

  • Orange09

    No captions….I am deaf… not sure what they are saying. but from what I gather, apparently Obama is trying to take control of America and take away our rights, that wont happen as we all will stand up and protect our right to America and Freedom.

  • baddab

    orange09…you are right on the money with your statement….I started warning people of this before nobama was ever elected the first time…..a big give away was the picture of him walking to his limo carrying a book entitled, “THE WORLD IN A POST AMERICA ERA”