[BOMBSHELL] Ex-CIA Agent Claims Obama Killed Breitbart and Clancy


Doctor Jim Garrow, philanthropist and worker for one of the largest non-profit organizations on the planet to save female children from slaughter in China. He has been featured on several media outlets throughout the world. Last Sunday, as a guest of Now the End Begins internet radio program however, he dropped a bombshell on the world. Dr. Garrow claims that up to a week ago he was covert CIA. To top it off on the program, he states he knows that President Obama ordered the hits that killed Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart!

Jim Garrow

Doctor Jim Garrow is a man that works for ending genocide in China. He has a PhD, taught college classes in the United States, and throughout the world. He is also the founder of the Bethune Institute, which operates hundreds of schools throughout China. He was even given a secondary honorary doctorate from the North Carolina Collage of Theology and is one of the few Christian teachers in China. In fact many of the Chinese elite business members and military personnel send their kids to Doctor Garrow’s school.

Then Doctor Garrow started noticing the atrocities surrounding him in China. He started noticing that there was a diminishing value in the lives of females. With China issuing the order of one child per family due to over crowding, families were literally choosing to abort, sell,  and even kill the female child to try for a boy to pass on their lineage and name sake.

Thus he founded Pink Pagoda Girls, a world non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of unwanted girls in China. Pink Pagoda Girls even goes as far as finding homes for the female children. The work has become so recognized not just in the United States but around the world. Dr. Jim Garrow was even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in saving the lives of over 50,000 young Chinese women.

So it came as an absolute shock when listening to the internet radio program on Now the End Begins radio that he made several startling revelations.

Dr. Garrow relieved was that he was actually asked to take the military litmus test that he outed in February 2013. Among the rumors that the United States Military was purging top brass using a “litmus test” of sorts. The high-ranking officials were being asked “would you fire on an American citizen”. If you said no, you found yourself unemployed. Several high-ranking officials have claimed this. Dr. Garrow spoke out about this on Alex Jones’s radio program, Now the End Begins radio, Glenn Beck,  and several conservative internet mediums. If you wonder why several top officials were asked to step down or retire, this very well may be why. It left open the question as to why Dr. Garrow of all people would be asked this “litmus test”.

Well it seems that was when Dr. Garrow decided once again to shock the world by stating that up until October 3, 2013, that he was a CIA operative in the Obama Administration, and actually fired from the CIA by President Obama, or “outed” he called it, for his blowing the cover on the Military Litmus Test. The President’s branch director forced Dr. Garrow into early retirement for leaking “classified” information.

Andrew BreitbartBut the surprises kept right on coming.

Andrew Breitbart died under mysterious circumstances. The autopsy said that he died with no prescription drugs in his system and only a .04 blood alcohol content not days after taping an interview with the now also deceased “alleged” gay lover of President Barack H. Obama. So why if he died of natural causes did the FBI go after his widow for potential homicide?

Well according to Dr. Jim Garrow, Andrew Breitbart was not dead of natural causes. According to the interview, he was killed directly by the Obama Administration.  Andrew Breitbart was known for his controversy against the administration and the news media. Several people believed he was killed including some of the main founders of www.breitbart.com in his memory.

ClancyThen there was Tom Clancy. Tom Clancy died last week at the age of 66. Although they say “natural causes”, the actual list of cause of death on his autopsy, cause of death unknown.

Tom Clancy once said:

I hang my hat on getting as many things right as I can. I’ve made up stuff that’s turned out to be real — that’s the spooky part.”-Tom Clancy to the New York Times

It is no secret when he wrote The Hunt for the Red October that he was met at the door by Pentagon officials and FBI agents demanding to know where he got top-secret documents. Dr. Garrow states that after the incident, the CIA “spoon fed” him classified information and scenarios to write his novels in a manner that was entertaining but contained that ever needed element of truth. Dr. Garrow says that is why he was killed because he was getting to close to a secret they don’t want the world to know. In fact Dr. Garrow attributes the statement quoted above as “a little too late”.

Dr. Garrow states President Obama had Tom Clancy killed as well and noted that it takes 5 days for plant toxins and most poisons to break down and leave no traces in the human body. Amazingly enough, or coincidentally, the doctors did not perform an autopsy on Tom Clancy’s body for 5 days.

Finally he revealed a revelation so shocking to the radio program that can be best described in their own words:

Lastly, he revealed that Obama’s administration was made up of Marxist Muslims who all take their orders from Senior Adviser to the President, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Dr. Garrow said that it is well known to intelligence agencies all over the world that Obama is a foreign plant who was placed on the path to the presidency by ultra-rich Saudi nationals This is why, Garrow said, that all of Obama’s education records have been permanently sealed.- Now The End Begins


  • Dan

    Exactly, but the left doesn’t care, or is simply too stupid to see the truth! We are in the End of Times, the die has been cast, the vow of the Harbingers has been spoken per Isaiah 9:10. I see OVomit as the Hammer of God who has rightfully judged this Nation, he doesn’t know he is that hammer, and when God is done with him, he will be summarily ‘dismissed’. Defy God and see what happens, it is happening now as it happened in Ancient Israel, the warnings have come and gone unheeded… The time of Judgement is upon us… Read the Harbinger, research ancient Israel and the invading Assyrian armies, dispute with facts if you can..

  • Backgammon

    I wish I could be surprised!

  • Arthur

    You know. I believe a lot of conspiracies…but this is absolutely one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. And did anyone edit or check this article for typos? It’s a little easier to be taken seriously when it at least looks professional.

  • SnoMad

    And this is why Valerie Jarrett needs to be exterminated IMMEDIATELY after we see BHO swinging from the yardarm.

  • Had_Enough2010

    Another one to his dead pool list that just keeps growing

  • Troubleshooter

    This has the strong ring of Absolute Truth. I wish you well Dr. Garrow. If our Nation survives the coming turmoil, I truly hope that you will be offered and accept a high post within our Government. Thank you for serving Our Lord. God Bless You. Amen.

  • Robert Peterson

    Or the Clintons

  • lather

    Fucking awesome.. Insanity! You guys just pull this shit out of a hat? This is why you will not win the Whitehouse, you are the national enquirer of parties..

  • J Johnson

    I have read the Harbinger, and you are spot on. I have felt this is our seeing end times events unfold before our eyes, and I believe it’s too late for us to chanage anything. God is moving things toward the Rapture.

  • lather

    Doctor? He has a honorary degree in theology.. So do I. It cost me about $200.00 and some time.

    Garrow is a fool, he also said that Adam Lanza did not use a AR-15, he is an idiot.

  • lather

    “exterminate, is that a death threat scumbag?

  • Jason Neal

    Agreed. I hate to be that guy, but I read quite a few of these articles and running a spell check would increase credibility.

  • Kevin Clark

    So you use an honorary DD as proof he is a fraud. Does that mean that everyone that has one is a fraud? Also if you did any research you would know that the AR-15 is a Colt Firearms rifle. The weapon Adam Lansa used was a Bushmaster XM15-E2S. Though the difference is slight it equivalent would be calling a Mercury Sable a Ford Taurus. you also forget to mention it was stolen.

  • Kevin Clark

    Is it possible for liberals to actually carry on a conversation, or are they intellectually incapable? I have yet to ever see a liberal actually refute anything they disagree with. All they can do is name call and ridicule the people personally. Maybe thats because thats all liberals are capable of. Want to prove me wrong? Refute with facts.

  • Stephen

    Ask yourself this… can believing change your race? Abraham’s son was the founder of Israel…one man one race. In Judaism anyone can become an Israelite. Christians believe a Jew is an Israelite. In believing facts are irrelevant. Since I picked on Christians and Jews….Mohammad the alleged founder of Islam was working for the Vatican. In the Mid East the world is fighting under the pretense of these false religious beliefs. The real reasons for these wars may be something entirely different. It depends on what level you look at…oil, land, pipelines… or the hidden one the Vatican’s crusade to take Jerusalem.

    Beliefs linger past being proven false…because the powers that be use them to manipulate the uninformed religion believers into wars for oil, land, pipelines ….and in the Vatican’s case to set up the pope’s throne in Jerusalem to block King David’s current living heir from coming to power. It has been proven there is no Jesus that is going to save you….the gospels were written by the Vatican. The current living Son of David is here now ….the only thing that separates you from him is your religious beliefs.

    Religion is propaganda …nothing else. Believing it in the face of the facts may be a mental disorder. Believers force their little trusting children into this self perpetuating brainwashing created by the Vatican…to end up slaughtered in the Vatican’s wars. No one in their right mind would do this.

  • catnip24

    your vulgar language proves you have no intellect and have no capacity to carry on a decent intellectual conversation. you do prove the ignorance of obama’s despicable minions. thank you for showing everyone what an obama worshiper is made of.

  • Joe Misuraca

    And who the fk are you? The Yahoo Gestapo? Going to run to the SS with your dirty little secret? ? “Ohhh ! Someone threatened the president !!” I’ve read all your comments. You are a sad little man, who uses lies and parrots what you’ve heard on MSNBC.

  • 74granna

    Truth is stranger than fiction and this is a good example. For those of us with lots of “why?” questions, it makes sense. For those who won’t, don’t, or can’t believe it, prove it isn’t so.

  • 74granna

    Dr. Garrett needs to watch his back.

  • tom cook

    To you, yes, scumbag.

  • heyheymama51

    What’s it like always being wrong?

  • tom cook

    Did you get all in a lather while licking some liberal nether regions? I bet so.

  • Henry L

    When you are asking a liberal to carry on an intelligent conversation you really are asking too much. But I am sure you know that

  • Ryan Swanson

    Oh shit, you just went full retard, you’re never supposed to go full retard.

  • giant33

    Some scary stuff, what ever happened to the investigation in the high ranking official they found in a dumpster I think in Maryland? And now this women that got murdered in DC by nobody knows who disappears from the news. Who gave the shoot order. We will never know just like we will never know who gave the stand down order in Benghazi. Why does the msm want this country to fail? Only God can help us.

  • Tagdogs

    Your problem is you have your nose up obama’s butt so far you can’t see or hear the truth. You probably feel the same way about the clintons, but I bet you know little or nothing about all the people (friends and foes alike) who have died either by “natural causes” or “mysteriously” or have been murdered and always at convenient times for the clintons. These individuals just happened to “know too much” to keep alive.

  • Kevin Clark

    It is a rather conspiratorial idea but a lot of the conspiratorial things said about this administration have proven true. Domestic army, favoring of muslims, we have a dictator wanna be…

  • Tagdogs

    Only one word describes you–IDIOT!

  • Marine101

    Suck a dick asshole

  • Henry L

    And don’t forget that obama, by his own words and (in)actions, has proven that he has no concern for other people’s lives while his life has to be protected by spending billions of dollars.

  • Carabella1

    Good god… the crazy will never end. The tragic thing is that there will always be people who believe this crap.

  • JOE

    Regardless of your beliefs, the current administrations number of blatant coverups, scandals and cronies is enough for me. For example, when White House public relations boy, Jay Carney, reported that they had “concrete evidence” that supported the idea that a “video tape” was the catalyst of the Benghazi terror attack on our diplomatic mission; pure bullshit lies! When Obama attends Reverend “God Damn America” Wright’s church for 20 years, but does not believe the racist theme he preaches; bullshit! When the IRS targets groups and individuals for audits and/or rejects their tax exempt requests based own their political beliefs; bullshit! The list goes on and on. I was blind at one point. I thought some of my friends were simply nutcase conspiracy theorists. I was wrong and they were right!

  • rjrsinc2006

    Well, I guess we see which camp you are in, and it certainly is not in the US camp. It is the people’s responsibility to call out tyranny. It’s the reason our founders wrote our found documents as they did. Your response is a typical one from the other side. Simply call names and try to demean since you cannot argue intelligently. BTW, nice picture.

  • rjrsinc2006

    Still a perfect example of a liberal argument. Simply cannot win on facts and reason. So, name call. You are truly a proud product of your parents. LOL

  • Kevin Clark

    I always like to challenge my own belief system (pantheistic deist libertarian). I like to have ideas to compare and see if my views can be improved or refuted meaning I need to reevaluate. In the past people from all backgrounds have given me ideas to evaluate, but the last few years it seems that liberals are completely unable to formulate a statement of their views or the ability to defend their statements, which are always a negative statement about others views, never defending their own beliefs, which they do not articulate anyway. Have all the intelligent liberals been enlightened and became conservatives or libertarians? Are the intelligent ones embarrassed to espouse their views and defend them? Seriously I am baffled at the sudden collapse of intellect on the left.

  • a marine .

    No its called justice

  • Pussy Licker

    This is what I’ve always thought, Obama is a plant by the rich in Saudi Arabia, they bought off everyone who could prove who Obama really is. When the evidence gets to be 100% true more people will be killed. Have the Democrats also been paid off? It sorta look that way or they are the most stupid people ever.

  • Kevin Clark

    He has no clue because tards are like that.

  • cornell5877

    Valerie Jarrett runs the show – Obama is just the puppett

  • Kevin Clark

    Well that would make 2 of you then, but wait actually its only one and if you don’t realize its you….then its you!

  • Theresa

    I would really like to check in with you about a year from now. I think you will be eating crow. Laugh now my dear, because you most certainly are being decieved and by time you realize what is really going on, it will be too late for you to do a damn thing to turn it around. You better start investigating some of these things rather than just chalking it up to “crazy”. Obama is crazy like a fox.

  • Anthony Alexander

    While the theory garrow presents in the death of Breitbart is plausible. I see no correlation between garrows argument and Breitbart with Clancy’s death?

    Putting his argument into a statement that was made by Clancy” I hang my hat on getting as many things right as I can. I’ve made up stuff that’s turned out to be real — that’s the spooky part.” Is nebulous. I say Clancy said that when confronted with the accuracy of his novels AFTER they were read by many, as an explanation into his writing not a conspiracy without proof.

    Having a freshman congressman being the most Marxist of all congressmen coupled with his poor leadership skills, having to be propped up by Teleprompters; his inept inability at being a leader makes Obamas placement into the WH even more suspicious because he didn’t get there by these poor character qualities. His placement was done by a combination of Saudi Money, Voter fraud and the liberal media so the part of Obama being put in the WH by Saudi money IS plausible.

    Garrow being a CIA operative will be disavowed by the CIA and Obama and there is no proof that he was or wasn’t. Again we have more smoke and mirrors to add to the fog of battle in the ever changing world we find ourselves in the US.

  • Henry L

    The real tragedy is that half-wits such as Pelosi are in charge (“we must pass this law so we know what’s in it”).

  • Kevin Clark

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. It may be an illusion but with this administrations track record I would not bet on it.

    I see it as a Schrodinger’s cat exercise with America in the box. I would rather have an air pack than bet on the canister not being released. If i am wrong I look like a fool with a mask on, if your wrong your dead.

  • cluckhut

    Chasing the Story – Journalist Killed in Fiery LA Car Crash

    To bad he didn’t come clean on this !

    Chasing the Story – Journalist Killed in Fiery LA Car Crash
    Michael Hastings

  • Kevin Clark

    If they have not been paid off they are stupid. But they are anti capitalist and don;’t like people profiting off anything.

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    Idiots have an established IQ equal to, or less than, 32. Deeming Stephan to be an idiot is an extreme insult to idiots. ;-)

  • Kevin Clark

    Go back and read the articles in the conspiratorial rags 3 to 5 years ago. They have repeatedly been wrong. But their absurd storied from that time frame are making headlines today.

  • DrSique

    That just might insult someone who didn’t already participate in such homosexual activities.

  • Laurie Wolford

    This is not the first,nor will it be the last president, that has been linked to murder. Most conspiracy theories do turn out to be correct!

  • http://yahoo.com/ DustyFae

    Can this be proven and if so, can it remove Obama?

  • dfrank

    Naw Kevin, His diaper’s squeezing his brain…

  • Mark Smith USArmy

    A very telling picture, no?

  • garry

    Hmm so if you cant take the infidel on head first and beat them, what do you do next, plant a foreigner in power and steal the country and its weapons. Almost the same as saying if you cant kill them breed it out of them.

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    Parents? Are two donkeys capable of being parents? Oh, two donkeys can’t have offspring. Along that line, “Lather” must be a mule, with Marxist blinders and a “progressive” bit in his vulgar mouth.

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    One can only hope!

  • Kevin Clark

    Michael Hastings, Andrew Breibart, Larry Bland, Nate Spencer, Donald Young, most of the SEALS involved in the Osama killing, Michael Cormier (Breibart coronor), Christopher Lasseter (Breibart death witness). For a more complete list go here:

  • ort

    Be quiet, you ignoramus!

  • Mark Smith USArmy

    With her fingerprints on the intel failure leading to 9-11-2001 and also the misdirection of the blame for that fiasco by sitting on the panel investigating herself , she deserves the same treatment all spies are entitled to, immediate disposal. I had forgotten she was Iranian. The muzzies are like the mafia, there’s only one way you get to leave the club, so she must be a spy.

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    My associates and I prefer to use the term “nullify”. Care to post your address? Oh, sorry, I forgot that boxes, under bridges, don’t have addresses.

  • GOPdiva

    Many of us had strong suspicions about Andrew Breitbart’s sudden demise which was exasperated by the death of a worker in the morgue where his autopsy was to take place. I didn’t tie Tom Clancy’s demise to Obama but have always thought Chris Kyle was assassinated. The Secret Service can protect the POTUS but not from a sniper a mile away.

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    I believe that she was born in Iran, of two American citizens who were there “teaching” school. She is an American, unfortunately. But she is still a slime-bag ☭ocialist who wants to bring down our government, just like ☭omrade NØbama.

  • finishstrongdoc

    “The epitome of war is not to win one hundred battles, it is to win without fighting battles.”
    ~Sun Tzu~

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    Actually it’s an insult to all genuine “rag-heads”. At least the real ones aren’t bashful about wanting to “exterminate” us.

  • finishstrongdoc

    “Don’t believe any of this; it’s all true.”
    (Instructions for “Illuminati” Board Game)

  • Kenyan Mocker

    Who said we need to win, just take it back.

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    I doubt that he knows anyone with one large enough to be held with a pair of tweezers, including himself; It must be really frustrating!

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    Sudden collapse?

  • Mark Smith USArmy

    Thanks for the clarification, my brother in arms. You are correct in their intents; subjugation of the USA to Islam. If we fall, the rest of the world will, as well; they cannot stand without us. For the sake of all those who would be free, we cannot, and must not let them win. The war has been waged on us for a long time, we need to fight back, because we must. We are from now, the forbears upon whose shoulders the freedom of mankind depends.

  • lather

    “He has a honorary degree in theology.. So do I. It cost me about $200.00″

    “he also said that Adam Lanza did not use a AR-15″

    Those are facts.

    As far as my argument please see the precious facts, that should be enough to question anything he says.
    Still a perfect example of a MeBagger argument, a comment that is insane and not based at all on what it thinks it is commenting about.

    So, now that we can see the two statement I made are FACTS, does your comment make sense?

  • Ben

    What a well thought out and intelligent response. Clearly an Obama supporter.

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    I’m not really sure what ☭omrade Øbama worshippers are, except for being deluded Marxist slime-bags.

  • lather

    This is why you guys will not win elections, because you are the national enquirer of political parties.

  • rjrsinc2006

    Very amusing.

  • rjrsinc2006

    Ba ha ha. You funny.

  • Ben

    Someone said it’s the responsibility of the american people to respond to tyranny. It used to be. The founding fathers were men of morals and strength of character. The country was made up of hard men, who toiled for their livelihood. We’re now a country filled with weak willed immoral people, who loath work, and think that handouts are far better than actually working for what they get. Liberals have corrupted the school system often using books written by fellow liberals which literally distorts history in order to manipulate our children, teaching them the wonders of homosexuality, that being transgendered is cool, and that republicans and conservatives are racists. Our children now view traditional american values as archaic, and as out dated as the horse and buggy. Doubt this? Look up the videos of school children singing songs about Hussein Obama, it’s eerily similar to the North Korean children singing songs about THEIR dearly beloved leader. Lennin said that “National healthcare is the cornerstone to national socialism” which is exactly why Hussein Obama absolutely refuses to modify it at all, and is steadfastly resolute in his determination to implement it as soon as possible. Once you control the health and well being of your citizenry, they are no longer “free” they are from that point forth indentured, forced to follow the states mandates. Otherwise they risk the possibility of their health and well being.

    If you believe you live in the USA, you are now in denial. You live in the USSA The United Socialist States of America. A state in which unmanned drones fly your friendly skies spying on you, where your government organizations like the NSA listen to your phone calls and read your emails, where the Internal Revenue Service, yes the IRS targets political opposition in order to repress any dissent and any opposition. And the state run media spread propaganda, and misinformation which the people eat up without question, and any other media which actually reports the truth is called out by the Ruler, Hussein Obama himself, and declared as not being actual news.

    This IS the country you live in now. This is where we are currently. The reason we are in this position, and these things are going on, is NOT because of who is in the shite house, but because of your neighbors, and your friends who “don’t want to hear it” when you tell them just what they voted for. It’s because of the people around you who simply refuse to admit the truth of what’s going on, and that THEY are the reason. That THEIR vote for Hussein, is why he’s sitting in a house he doesn’t own, but we do, yet is closed for the first time, because HE doesn’t want people in HIS house. There is but one way to take this country back. DEMAND that Hussein is impeached, FORCE term limits on ALL of congress, and DEMAND the Hussein care is repealed, and congress OBEY the same laws that we must, We can no longer allow congress to get away with breaking laws WE go to jail for, like insider trading, or will be fined for like Obamacare (which they are exempt from – if it was so good why are they not on it as well?) and we need to….. DEMAND IT NOW..

  • Carabella1

    Like I said, the crazy will never end.

  • Kevin Clark

    A few years back they would at least try to debate you on stuff, now they don’t even try.

  • Kevin Clark


  • Kevin Clark

    Oh your an obumbler supporter, that explains it! While I have your attention, since you do not agree with the birthers then can you explain why he stated he was an Indonesian citizen and received aid as an Indonesian exchange student? And was enrolled in Indonesian schools when Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship even for students and you had to be an Indonesian citizen to attend public school in Indonesia. Just those 2 things.

  • MitchHoff

    Brandon, when are you going to stop plagiarizing material from The Onion?

  • MitchHoff

    Something you’re probably very good at, I’m sure.

  • MitchHoff

    Who is Dr. Garrett?

  • MitchHoff

    You obviously are not aware of the long-standing relationship between the Bush family and the Saudi Royal Family. Truly a match made in Hell.

  • MitchHoff

    I sort of like this notion. Obama is removed from office. Biden becomes President, and gets to use the bully pulpit of the Presidency, and Air Force One to campaign for President in 2016. Biden will name Hillary Clinton as his Vice President. Biden then serves two terms as President, and then, in 2024, Hillary will be elected to the first of her two terms! Great Plan Dusty!

  • Justin

    This has as much relevance to this article (or anything for that matter) as you have to life. None. Are you really going to insult a person by calling him a used car salesmen when he has ran and managed more successful companies then you have even worked for? I don’t hate him nor do I like him, but I find it kind of hard to insult the man when he has proven positive credentials.. Get a life and stop being so bitter, you have become the local fool who no one takes seriously.

  • marcus johannes

    The Only thing in this article that I did not know is that Comrade Chairman Obama may have had Tom Clancy killed , But everything else is rather well known , 3 years ago People gave me grief when I said ,The illegal alien Communist from Kenya AKA Barry ( The Muslim Rat ) Soetoro , But now they say ,You knew !!! Of coarse I knew you dolt !!!!! Hello & Greetings to the NSA and DHS

  • Carabella1

    You know… I have yet to see definitive proof of that from you birthers. You people are the epitome of crazy. You continually validate our opinion that you are the most idiotic humans on the planet. Still, you’re good for comedy relief.

  • Brandon Walker

    Funny thing about that Kevin, when Andrew Breitbart died, Alex Jones said this. And many of the conservative News Media including I Am Breitbart, which became Breitbart.com for the news felt that way but couldn’t prove it. But for how long did Alex Jones say this and we all said it appeared fishy but there was no proof. Sad to say, many of the people thought Alex Jones was grasping at straws, but we continued to listen. Beck hinted at it but didn’t come out and say it because of credibility. Now, here we are looking at the conspiracy guys, even us in the news media, kicking ourselves for not listening in the first place.

  • Brandon Walker

    The crash fire started in the trunk. I will agree, his death does appear in some way connected more to assassination then accident.

  • Gaines Bruce

    Always suspected about Andrew Breitbart but can’t understand Clancy unless he was working on some book Obama didn’t want finished. This stuff is right up there with that concerned citizen Jack Ruby killing Oswald after the Kennedy assination. Sometimes the surrounding evidence is too strong to accept the government story.

  • Anthony Alexander

    If you speaking of the chances of this guy being right about this administration you may be right. HOWEVER the way he is going about without hard facts is hard to believe. What does the euphemism…..? If I am wrong I look like a fool with a mask on, if you’re wrong you’re dead.???

  • Shofar threading

    I have been pressing for people to read THE HARBINGER since it was first published (and have been blessed to attend Rabbi Cahn’s prayer center). Too many people are still blind to what is happening before their very eyes.

    No one can thwart God’s plans, and I don’t believe muslim that he is, Obama has any idea the part he’s playing in the those plans — just as neither did Daschel, Edwards or any others. The warnings have come, but I don’t believe they’ve ended. They come in different ways each and every day — with every action by this administration and the stiff-necked people of this country. All is visible to those who have been given the grace to see. If you haven’t already, read the Book of Daniel. I did a study on this book and it gives wonderful Biblical and historical information.

  • http://media.nola.com/tpphotos/photo/9346409-standard.jpg bondmen

    It would seem the families of these men would have quite a lot to say about their deaths if they were indeed suspicious and the cause questionable. Then on the other hand hasn’t CIA perfected the natural death to the point a purposed cause could not be proved? In other words, are we chasing out tails here?

  • Linda Martin

    What would everyone think if even one of these things absolutely turned out to be true? Not saying it is, just saying what if? I can only imagine the terror that would be felt if it were true. I don’t think we will ever know for sure, though.

  • Linda Martin

    I agree with you. There is just too much unfolding too quickly for it to be coincidence. The U.S. has to lose all influence in the world for the end time prophecies. No matter what we do, it seems nothing works to change anything. Much looks like heading for NWO & the US being very insignificant and no longer a free country. The end times all center around the Middle East. Israel is the center of the world and will be the most significant.

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    You would probably know, from your own personal experiences, what “being good at it” entails.

  • Kristi in Fla.

    One thing going for Biden though, he’s not a Muslim extremist, and neither is Hillary. I don’t like them, as I am a strong conservative, but Billy Clinton didn’t bugger things up this bad.

  • voted against carter

    Occam’s razor (also written as Ockham’s razor from William of Ockham, and in Latin lex parsimoniae) is a principle of parsimony, economy, or succinctness used in logic and problem-solving. It states that among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

    The application of the principle often shifts the burden of proof in a discussion.[a] The razor states that one should proceed to simpler theories until simplicity can be traded for greater explanatory power. The simplest available theory need not be most accurate. Philosophers also point out that the exact meaning of simplest may be nuanced.[b]

  • Kristin Gladstone Thomas

    Actually all you need to do is get rid of Jarrett. Obama is a mere puppet, without his “masters” he would be lost. All you have to do is watch him without his teleprompter to know that.

  • Kristin Gladstone Thomas

    There are MANY out there that need to watch their backs. Anyone who is so brazenly and openly opposing the Obama machine needs to be mindful!

  • Kristin Gladstone Thomas

    She is the puppet of those that put her and obama where they are. It’s a food chain, she’s somewhere in the middle…..

  • Janie Johnson

    I would go with the premise that it is true, I would not put it past Obama and his muslim administration…How can we not believe it, look what is doing to this Country and its people…He is legalizing millions of illegals so when 2016 comes they will vote for his wife for presidency, that way the control stays in the family…

  • batfly

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
    Until I see some evidence, this is all bullshit.

    Even if this is true… The one making this claim must have proof… otherwise this just works against those who are trying to bring out the truth.

    It makes it easy to classify anyone as a crack-pot gadfly and the dreaded label “Conspiracy Theorist”

    Now if this gentleman had some proof, like voice recordings, or photos, or a paper trail… something… then this would have some legs.

    Otherwise it’s bullshit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rick.ellington.56 Rick Ellington


  • Brenda Lewis


  • Dotsy Maher

    I believe him……these dildos have been masturbating at how stupid the morons were who voted him in…..how stupid the mainstream press is…..and continued to maintain that alternative media were just a bunch of nuts……but …..in recent months most Americans began to question…..in recent weeks most Americans woke up……the arrogant bitch holes aren’t quite there on realizing they are busted…..it’s now time to force the NWO dildos to move their Anti-Christ asses to Brussels or the Hague or Mars……and reconfirm the sovereignty of America …..and strengthen it with a form of isolationism and protectionism that make it a stronghold against these demons



  • cornell5877

    You are on it Kristen – agreed – They are in the middle of the chain of command

  • Jim Myhre

    That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Donna Mohler

    My Mom said in 1961–That Ann Dunham was “going over the water to marry her baby’s daddy, her black prince”. I BELIEVE IT.

  • lather

    Internet tough guys are funny, it must be rough to have such a small dick.

  • lather

    Really? Did you miss every GOP speech during election season?

  • Tom Jones

    Hey puss, where’d you go?

  • Patricia Dauenheimer

    Your all sicko’s,crazy fools


    lets see…Obama the Marxist bent on the destruction of our country… the doctor is a man of great integrity and saves children….. well now who do I think is telling the truth……ohhhh this is so hard…………..

  • Kevin Clark

    Schrodinger’s cat is a paradox based on a cat being alive or dead because of poison gas.

  • Joe Sills

    Wonder if there is anyone out there to take a pot shot at him hmmm if there was this is a story that needs to be told instead of covered up.

  • James Smith

    Would love to see the Pres on a polygraph for this one…….

  • dangerouspatriot

    I have no doubt that this is the absolute truth. I would not put it past this pos obama to abuse his authority like that. L&L people, the time is coming for Revolution, are you ready??? I am. L&L

  • Steve

    Please don’t talk anymore Clarabelle, your “stupid” hurts my ears….

  • winterband

    t is not only Soetoro Hussein Obama who is to blame, but the other communist scum in the Democrat party and the RINOs

    Please be sure to SHARE this post about Hussein “Hitler Lite” Obama far and wide! People do not comprehend how truly wicked and dishonest he is!

    Anti-American, anti-christian, muslim brotherhood serving, sleazy, criminal pervert traitor “Hitler Lite”in the Whitehouse! The website http://www.barrysoetoro.net now contains a link to a video where eye witness testimony is given regarding Hussein’s homosexuality, drug abuse, and some very serious questions about murder. This is for real! Fox news reporter Todd Starnes. Also read about documented voter fraud and much more!

    #obama #POTUS #crime #criminal #drugs #democrat #socialism #politics

    Share the truth about John “Hanoi Jane” Kerry the other traitorous, anti-American scum.


    Online Christian alternative to Facebook. http://biblefolk.com Biblical Christianity Acts 2:38 friendly

    #christian #community #social #socialnetworking #christianity #bible #biblical #fbooked #facebook

  • Mimi Mayes

    You said that already.

  • Tammie Wade

    Well…. I guess he will be next on the list huh?

  • lather

    LOL.. Hillary already has 2016 because of the MeBaggers and this silly shutdown, well, and pages like this,.

  • lather

    Doctor? LOL.. He has an Honorary Doctorate in Theology.

    I have one too. They can be purchased online.

  • http://www.haciendadeltoro.com/ neil

    Your posts say your a muslim ,another your an ordained ministerYouve killed people?.Which is it jerky boy? Good liars need good memories.Your posts chronologicaly indicate a severe personality dis order.Im surprised people put up with your hate.Try to get some mental help just as soon as you sign up for your health care bwajaja

  • DeeBar

    One bad thing about a site like this , ya just can’t physically do anything . To bad because I’d love to have a conversation face to face with you ! Being a weenie is not illegal but should be . I wouldn’t give you a chance in hell with me or the other Vets here .

  • Seanoamericano

    I am just wondering how a person with such a shady background and no proof of anything, vetted supposedly by deranged and un trustworthy buracrats with a forged documents and a pile of actions that border on treason is still in office. There are only a handful in both houses that shouldn’t be brought up on charges of high treason. Another serious problem is the dual citizen holders in govt. Namely the israeli ones. It disgusts me that they are even allowed to make policy decisions because of where their loyalty lie. I should think they need to be drawn and quartered as should all traitors.

  • LiberalHatsAreUsedCondoms

    Did your patents have any children they didn’t abort?

  • Barrie Evans

    This is pretty far out there, folks. One bit of evidence put forth is that the Pentagon showed up on Tom Clancy’s steps when *Hunt for Red October* came out. That was in 1984. Now, the man dies at age 66 and the author of the article is using this as evidence of foul play? Too thin for me.

  • Brenton

    I’d love to turn on the news and hear someone did the country a service and turned his head into a canoe. I’d be surprised if Obama even makes it to the end of the year…

  • Meru

    Careful. IF Republicans lose the house in 2014 Peelosi will be speaker again.

  • Meru

    Stay calm. These are Obama’s PAID trolls who are out all over the web in full force.

  • Meru

    They are PAID trolls.

  • Henry L

    And that scares the hell out of me. That would be the end of the US.

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    They may be paid trolls, but they are still deluded Marxist slime-bags, just like their “Dear Leader” ☭omrade Øbama.

  • Retired Marine MSgt


  • RED1958

    LOL…….You Fucking Liberal Retard!!! You sound like a Braindead Idiot!!

  • RED1958

    Her Father-In-Law is a Bigwig in the Muslim Brotherhood!! Obamas Brother is in the Muslim Brotherhood………Starting to see a Pattern anyone??

  • RED1958

    LOL…..Too Late!!! He Probably already does!!!

  • RED1958

    Go say that to a Marine to his Face BitchHoff!!! See how fast your teeth fly out of your Stupid Mouth!!!

  • RED1958

    You talk like a Leg Licker!! C^m Guzzler!! Goober Gobbler!! You sound Pretty Dainty to me!!

  • RED1958

    He can’t sign up for Obamacare!!! The Kings Website Don’t Work!! Kinda Like Him!!

  • RED1958

    Fking Retard!! Sorry about insulting all the other Retards!!

  • James S.

    How about re locate to another plane of existence. Does that sound a little more touchy feely for you?

  • James S.

    Same question for you as well………..

  • James S.

    When and where I will be there. Retired Army.

  • Donna

    Can’t you tell who the REAL SCUMBAG is here, lather? Did you not READ the article? When the shit hits the fan, you will know the definition of “exterminate” for you will be one of billions exterminated. The death threat comes from BHO.

  • Anon2u

    I seriously doubt there will be anymore “make believe” voting. By all appearances those days are over should the goons have their way with OUR country–they all want a NWO…you only have to watch their hand signs to know who “they ” are. But should we save the day…lets ENSURE NONE OF THE ABOVE–as in the SAME ol Chit Even Attempts to run–Same ol same ol…Time to clean house and not let em back in office ever again! None of them.

  • Ron Tall

    lol. Wow are you people flat out gullible. I mean really.

    Unplug. You are obviously not smart enough or informed enough to handle all of the silly crap on the internet. You will believe absolutely anything.

  • Ron Tall

    No. This is why stupid people should avoid the internet. lol.

  • Ron Tall

    Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  • Ron Tall

    They are coming for you nutter. Close the shades. lol.

  • Ron Tall

    Of course you wouldn’t put it past Obama. Those silly blogs have you well brainwashed. lol.

  • Ron Tall

    They sky is falling. lol.

    I have tin foil hard hats for sale, wingtip.

  • Ron Tall

    It is also your right to parrot the silly crap those blogs are feeding you, which is what you are really doing.

    The silly conspiratorial B.S. you are willingly fed should be mocked kid. It is that ridiculous.

  • Ron Tall

    Unplug. Those blogs are playing on your stupidity.

  • Anon2u

    You are Absolutely Correct. Those who did their research, and sat their with their bottom jaw hanging open in disbelief at the many Fools in America who fell in love with the Perfect Scam–Obama and Valerie–who have planned and plotted from long ago, having BIG Bucks backing them to help use their Marxist agenda to destroy America from the inside out, so they can have their New World Order Global Governing Rule over the entire world. We knew and tried to warn, but few would hear–they wanted so much to believe the obvious BS, that now, slowly but surely they are waking up from their stupor…a sleeping giant nonetheless, but she’s coming around and she is not done yet—no sir, America is the people, not the few traitors…never forget that–and she is mighty when the people come together, and have no doubts, those who have betrayed her –THEY ARE OUT MATCHED!

    If I were the Foreign Troops stationed here, planning to Invade the Homes of the American People to disarm them or shoot them under Martial Law orders and on Valerie and Obama’s “go”…I would think twice before I helped those goons and would turn and serve the American people—it is the American People who hate the fake wars on terrorism and invading other countries to cause Regime change so that the globalist can instill a New regime that answers to them–it is the Armed American People that are the Hope of the Free World–for when the SHTF they best choose that day whom they will serve and help–for should the American People lose this one—the Russian and Foreign Troops here, best understand they are next–their own country is next and the ENTIRE world loses and will be subjugated to the likes of the New World Order Globalist POS ruining the world for everyone else. Stand ready American People…it’s coming. Stock and Hold–off premises for many, for surely its coming, and we have but one go to make right the wrongs–and show them POS we ARE NOT DONE by a long shot and they are going to have to work hard for this one! ‘Cause this time its on our own turf and they ARE outmatched! Semper fi~

  • Anon2u

    Indeed you both are correct in many ways, but the people who know their God and who will repent and call on the name of the Lord, doubt not He will answer. If we but turn back and call Him near, he will hear us and answer. For if God is with us, who then can stand against us! Oh you of little faith. His armies are strong when we are weak, His armies cut a path before us and set our enemies as foot stools at our feet, if we but Call On HIM, surely He will turn an ear and hear us. Though we see before us an enemy who has understood sinister things, doubt not your God, for the sheep do hear His voice and He theirs. America has been like the field of wheat and tares…on the one side, those who belong to Him, the Almighty, and on the other, the chaff, they grow together but one is cut out and set for the fire, as the other is gathered unto his barn. America has been a house divided as we have allowed certain wicked ones to creep in, but never doubt God does hear and on those who set their hearts against Him, He will avenge, have no doubts, as according to His will and glory. We must set Him before us and seek Him who knows the hearts of men, He who can straighten what is bent, and bend what is straight, to HIM we must yield and none other, nor fear our oppressors, for who are they but chaff, and here but only a little while. We shall endure, who call on the name of the Lord. So hold tight your faith America, and seek God Almighty, and He shall see us through.

  • Carabella1

    Did I hit a nerve, little Stevie? I’ve never known anyone who reads with their ears. How very special. Thank you for the continuous validation. You people just keep the cray-cray going.

  • Leslie G

    Is the “now also deceased ‘alleged’ gay lover” someone new, someone we haven’t read about before? Did he die because of this interview? Is he one of the many unsolved murders in Chicago? Chicago, the only city where homicide has it’s own section in the local paper. Is he a Man’s Club hook-up? Man’s Club has rooms dedicated to Our Dear Leader, one is called the Oral Office, this is all an open secret among the gay community in there. The Valerie Jarrett news has been suspected, but it seems more ominous in this context. This man/child was positioned & placed into the presidency by the Saudi’s to take down America, unfortunately the Bilderbergs picked him to preform the task, I wonder which one is really running the show & which one just thinks they’re running the show?

  • carpkiller

    Fox news should be all over this for at least a week. They will not do it now though. In the last two to three months its hard to watch them. Its like the producers have told them to obama down. Do not say anything to bad about the truth. I am sick about it.

  • J.W.

    Its hard to know what to believe anymore?

  • J.W.

    They might need those hard hats in China? We don’t need them anymore. NAFTA.

  • J.W.

    NO. teeth would coming out his ass.

  • Orono

    It is an easy sell to tell everyone that Brietbart was assassinated. But, why throw in Tom Clancy? Next you will say that Mitch Rapp was real and that Vince Flynn was given a secret cancer causing drug. Come on people. This government has proven it doesn’t give a shit about anyone but you all are giving one of the most incompetent presidents ever, a lot of credit. You’ve seen him without his teleprompter. If
    he was a truly smart guy or even a half decent lawyer, he would be one today. Believeing this crap stains all conservatives.

  • Orono

    Come on Ron, Figure it out.
    It turns out that Clancy was about to expose Richard Castle as a spy for Obama and that Nicky Heat was in fact Obama’s secret identity. At night Obama dresses as a woman cop and runs around catching bad guys. I know, its hard to believe, but I read it on the internet so it must be true.

  • John
  • John

    Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. That’s how WWII started. ~ Thomas Jefferson

  • Ron Tall

    Well, when you put it like that….

  • drdbiggs

    It really is a shame, you were one swallow away from not existing!

  • drdbiggs

    The world’s largest army… America’s hunters! I had never thought

    about this….

    A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states

    and arrived at a striking conclusion:

    There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin .

    Allow me to restate that number.

    Over the last several months, Wisconsin’s hunters became the eighth

    largest army in the world.

    More men under arms than in Iran .

    More than in France and Germany combined.

    These men deployed to the woods of a single American state to hunt

    with firearms, and no one was killed.


    number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of

    Pennsylvania and Michigan’s 700,000 hunters, all of whom have now

    returned home.

    Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia and it literally

    establishes the fact that

    the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army

    in the world.

    The point?

    America will forever be safe from foreign invasion with that kind of

    home-grown firepower.

    Hunting — it’s not just a way to fill the freezer. It’s a matter of

    national security.


    That’s why all enemies, foreign and domestic, want to see us disarmed.

    Food for thought when next we consider gun control.

  • The Magician

    If you were to look her up in Seattle, WA. year book she was labeled as “anarchist Any” because she was such a USA hating liberal and so far out there.

  • Outside looking in

    Have you forgotten Marilyn Monroe?

  • Ron Tall


  • Henry L

    My comment has nothing to do with what I read on the Internet; it has reference to what I heard obama say. I still do believe my own eyes and ears. You should open your eyes and ears so you know what is going on prior to making silly comments.

  • Henry L

    You must have been looking in a mirror when you wrote that.

  • Lee Baldwin

    hey Little Barry, is that you? (or should I say your name is Urkel?) -talking to YOU Ron Tall.

  • Tammy Secrist

    I am not surprised by this article at all really. I wouldn’t put anything past the puppet and his masters. Some things may be rumors or lies. But I’m sure there are a lot of truths out there that people are ignoring and passing off as crap because it just seems to far fetched to be real. I’m telling you people, things are going on and way too many people do not want to believe it.

  • Ron Tall

    Nope. I was thinking of you mindless zombies.

  • Kevin Clark
  • Maryalice

    We The People Elected a President not a Dictator. Obama has overstepped his bounds. He is broken almost every constitutional Law and is trying to rewrite them to suit his own need, while flushing America down the toilet. Stand up America This has been his primary goal ever since he stepped into office. Let us join together and take America back.The Fema camps are nothing but concentration camps just like Hitler had. And I am afraid for America that Obama is planing the same thing for America that Hitler did to the Jews. Even though I never voted for him nor would I ever vote for hillary either she is just as bad as he is.

  • merlin186

    you probably get your”facts” from cnn or msnbc aka commie netwowks

  • greatshades

    Nor discount it because you read it here

  • greatshades

    no way. Hilary will never be elected – at least not honestly

  • greatshades

    If you believe ANYTHING that comes our of the Obama administration, YOU are the one who is brainwashed.

  • onlymetaz

    I heard an interview with Obummer where he stated he was Muslim then he fast talked and said he was christian !

  • poptoy1949

    Why is it that no one told me that GOD officially changed his name to Ron Tall? I am so glad I know now.

  • Sutcac Nettik

    Dam i shit cactus flavored kitten… hmm, smells like a toyota

  • TwinkleStar2

    I was a Rockwell Inc. engineering manager in the 1980s. Engineers who worked on the development of the Trident submarine worked for me. The Pentagon/Navy came to us and asked us to review The Hunt For Red October to determine if it contained any classified information.

  • Henry L

    It is better to be silent and thought ignorant than to speak and remove all doubt. Why do you insist on making your ignorance known to the world?

  • foundersfan

    Ron, You voted for Ovomit didn’t you? You guys need to disguise yourselves better.

  • becky21k

    Okay, the last place you should be posting to refute anything political is left-wing funded Snopes.

  • becky21k

    You know, because the guy only wrote that one book.

  • dan

    so how much does trolling pay in todays economy?

  • Hickory Stonewall

    wow you are a kool aid kid, you believe the people in power are good wholesome and wish us well, dolt!

  • MeanieHead

    Sorry, Ron, to burst your bubble, but it is a widely known FACT that Valerie Jarrett and the Princeton Prof (the beer summit guy) were the original backers of Obama’s political aspirations. Valerie Jarrett has been tied to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood through her father and Saudis. That’s been circulating for years. Are you new or something?

  • http://www.myspace.com/dxrinc DXRINC

    I can’t decide if the muslime pimp reached his max level of incompetence as the “choom gang” president or baskin robbins (barry’s one & only honest work reference)

  • Matthew Johnson

    So anything that disagrees with you is automatically “liberal” and thus can’t be trusted? How convienent.

  • Matthew Johnson

    I do so love it when people just pull random accusations out of thin air, have absolutely nothing to prove it, and still have people believe it. Always good entertainment.

    RationalWiki says hi BTW.

  • Kevin Clark

    Oh and here is an article from a liberal paper saying he attended Occidental http://articles.latimes.com/2007/jan/29/local/me-oxy29

    And an article with supporting evidence he received aid ad a foreign student under the name Barry Soetoro and claimed Indonesian citizenship when Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship http://www.investorvillage.com/smbd.asp?mb=2234&mn=458426&pt=msg&mid=11998316

  • Ryan Cooner

    Ron, being the intellectual giant you seem to be, I’m guess you were brilliant enough to make a macro to type the word “unplug” for you.

  • Ryan Cooner

    So why is your profile marked “private”, smart guy?

  • saris1

    You people are so nuts, you don’t even realize how nuts you actually are.

    Obama killed Tom Clancy, Tom Clancy… Right. Furthermore the article gets pretty facetious when it says “Although they say “natural causes”, the actual list of cause of death on his autopsy, cause of death unknown.”

    Although they say “natural causes”, the actual list of cause of death on his autopsy, cause of death unknown.

  • 68truthseeker

    BOMBSHELL: Ex-CIA Agent Claims Obama Had Breitbart and Clancy Killed

  • bugler1

    So the bad guys are the saudis and not the jews. Well, first of all the saudis princes are jews and the high powers are jews. It is the jews stupid. The jews are destroying everything we hold precious.
    It’s up to us to inform ourselved and help everybody else to learn the truth.

  • FujianXiamen Guo

    FSB, please kill a Monkey.

  • BillClinton

    Total BS. Makes no sense. Marxist Muslims? You cannot be a Marxist and a Muslim at the same time. Muslims hate communism and atheism. They follow the teachings of the God of Abraham (Ibrihim), Isaac (Itzak), and Jacob (Yacoub). They take their orders from an Iranian born American, but Obama was put in place by Saudis? The Saudis hate the Iranians because they are of a different religion. It’s possible that Jarret is a Sunni despite the fact that most Iranians are Shia. It is also possible that the Saudi nationals are Shia, but most of the rich Saudis are connected to the Sunni royal family.

  • TerryHuggles

    Kook! LOL!!!!

  • TC

    O’ bama is a Puppet, he works FOR Jewry…his mother was also a Jewess, thereby making him a J E W by blood.

  • xbj

    You nutcases. If Obama killed his enemies, Cruz, Bohener, Rand Paul… all would be dead and you too. You people are out of your minds.

  • Adam Evenson

    Ron, how much does trolling for gubby pay these days?

  • vicfnj

    Both marxists and muslims are secret patsies of western conservative powers, marxists subvert natural movements of the people, and muslims subvert ñ inclinations of arabs.

  • Steve Taylor

    Hillary ? are you kidding me? tell me one thing she has done for this country. she sealed her fate with “WHAT DOES IT MATTER”

  • Jim Myhre

    What is a macro?

  • Jim Myhre

    lather is a troll… I see him (her?) all the time.

  • Jilu Khan Spandiary

    Can anyone enlighten me.
    Is this stuff true?

  • Sirrus Rider

    Breitbart I can almost understand. Clancy?? WTF?? What would be the motive?

  • elderlyfox

    Leave the imaginary deities ot of it, TS

  • elderlyfox

    Guess Fox, CNN, fluoride brainwashed you, JW

  • Mark Brander

    Obama was put into power by Evelyn Rothschild, read the Obama prophecies……very sobering info.

    revelation12 dot ca

  • Nthis

    The thing about Islam is tricky. They will deceive the ‘infidels’ in any manner they can. This includes the Communists and atheists in an effort to get the ‘upper hand’ and into a place of control. Then they will turn against the same Communists and atheists who aided them. Politically-motivated Muslims, those on the more extreme spectrum of Islam, have no problem using any group, as a stepping stool, in order to make Islam the ultimate in that nation

  • Blessings

    I believe it!

  • Nthis

    You should check out the lefty conspiracy theory websites…you’ll certainly get an overabundance of regularly occurring amusement out of them.

  • synanon

    This guy is a certified nut job. His entire MO seems to be some phoney Pink Pagoda group to give him credibility when he makes these ridiculous claims on rightwing sites. His book appears to be entirely and completely fabricated so if there is some adoption agency its very likely a smokescreen for human trafficking.


  • synanon

    No. It doesn’t.

    This guy claims he literally has a golden rimmed passport given to him by Chinese intelligence that gives him unrestricted physical and financial access (money laundering pass?) in China. Why would they do that for someone who writes about walls made of dead fetuses left by their Chinese parents.

    That sound like something China would let foreigners come into its country to write about, and then reward them with some willy wonka golden ticket passport?

    Got to hand it to him. This guy learned how to make money off rightwingers. Shameless self promotion, blatant lies and conspiracies theories about Obama, shady possibly (definitely) illegal operation on the side, all packed into a book promoted by the same sites the peddle his conspiracy tales.

  • synanon

    And all this time I thought was William Ares and Rev Wright. Or was it Osama Bin Laden and Hitler. I can’t remember since I stopped watching Foxnews.

  • John Paul

    @ Ron Tall
    How does it feel to be a Zionist Shill?

  • Jason MournsAlways

    THAT… is funny as hell… Not however as funny as some of the anti Obama stuff, But when you go to school (assuming here) under the Obama school grant, and get felt up by fat ass Liberal instructors for 4 years, hey, I guess there is no time to learn to use simple programs like “Paint shop”

  • Susan Kohler

    I’d include Michael Hastings on the list. He told friends he was working on the biggest story of his life, and he knew he was in danger–then he died in a car crash? Wonder?

  • Jason MournsAlways

    do you really think so? Billary will go out with 1 quote… “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE” A sound bite that Die Führer’s people fed her

  • Snord ster

    No wonder these elite banksters are able to fool the globe! Never underestimate the stupidity factor of the human race. Get a grip guys!

  • lather

    LOL.. Sure, The GOP is dead.

  • Mark

    yeah, like Hope and Change…..biggest lie on the internet since its inception

  • Mark

    this coming from an Obama supporter.

  • Mark

    maybe you should start watching again…..you know, to acquaint yourself with facts?

  • Frank

    I just have a few simple questions. I’m taking a neutral position and asking logical questions; the same as a police investigation or proper media reporter would.do.

    Has Dr. Jim Garrow presented any substantiation to his claim of being CIA? Has he presented any paperwork supporting his CIA employment? It would go far to support his claims against President Obama. Much as birthers want a birth certificate, where is the “hard copy” for his position? If so what does the physical evidence he gives on his employment state as his job position?

    The next step after he proves his background is what hard evidence does he present regarding his claim Obama (or others) killed Clancy or Breitbart? Again I am merely wanting, as a neutral individual, to see documentation. Anyone can claim anything and there are enough people making “X” claims about the President without supporting their claims.

    So, were the interviewer(s) on “Now The End Begins” presented with more than just open ended claims? Did they ask for anything or was it merely “he said” and that was the end?

  • Eileen Kuch

    William Ayres and Rev. Wright also primed BHO for high political office, including the Presidency. Valerie Jarrett continues to give the Kenyan his marching orders, that’s for sure. She’s more or less the power behind the throne, since she keeps in the background.

  • Kybluebird

    you should then take your own advice. Avoid the internet!!

  • william mony

    Soon, very soon, no one will be laughing when marshal law starts

  • william mony

    Maybe when you look at what this man is doing to destroy the republic, then you can come out of your daze and realize there are no coincidences; that we are very, very close to the end game- one world , one currency, one leader.

  • william mony

    Of course there is still at this point ; alternative views that you can choose to believe, laugh at, or express your disbelief.
    Soon in Obama’s new Amerika, there will be no view but what he wants You to believe.
    Enjoy your passing freedom while laughing, there are already bills to “shut up the alternative media” and define what a journalist is.
    Executive orders ; Obama has signed, as soon will control the internet and then the real fun starts.

  • Well

    Not entirely true the USSR enjoyed a healthy relationship with nearly every muslim country,the muslims do not follow the same god as Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.

  • propel7

    There is a very foul stench in DC these days. It started long before Obama. He is just the latest piece of crap to be smeared on America.

  • ImpeachtheNazi


  • ImpeachtheNazi

    He’s Muslim.


    WOW! The AIPAC must be quaking in their boots at this shocking revelation! Classic “rope a dope” stuff…

  • Old fox

    Nonsense, Utter Nonsense. Again blame muslims when its none other than the ‘JEWISH’ Clan. Old ox

  • RoryC

    Yes! Empty proclamations backed by absolutely no appreciable evidence whatsoever always carry a “strong ring of absolute truth.”

  • RoryC

    Except that, there’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever that she ever actually said that. The original source from that quote is a blog called “The Ulsterman Report” Ulsterman himself claims he got the quote from a “Washington insider” that he refuses to name, who heard it from a source somewhere in Chicago — also not named, who apparently heard it from an unnamed source in Jarrett’s office, who was *allegedly* quoting Jarrett. Can you right-wing nut-cases ever provide *anything* of any substance to support your hair-brained beliefs? It’s very telling that you so commonly seem to have to resort to completely unsubstantiated bullshit to promote your inanities, is it not?

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    How are those tweezers working out for you?

  • Paul Hoffmann

    I’d much quicker believe what I read on the Internet than what I hear from the govt any day.

  • Lila Rose

    No he’s prob just a paid troll.

  • Lila Rose

    No thanks.

  • freedomforce

    So why don’t you tell US what to believe Ron seeing as how you are the only person here that is in the know about the current stat of this country

  • Chassit

    That isn’t a bomb shell. It was obvious.

  • freedomforce

    So you are just a troll out here to stir the pot

  • HoneyGracious
  • justin_o_guy

    YOure the gullible one,, you still believe you live in America, Land Of the Free..

  • Henry Cherbonneau

    Are there logical explanations why seal team 6 has been killed off weather through mysterious chopper crashes and other ”suspicious” means and yet more logical reasons why military personnel had their bodies cremated before handing their bodies over to their families and the Benghazi cover ups with even more scandals yet to have answers for as the new ”business as usual”?? To have a media so far up this presidents ass as to overlook murder and secrets that would make anything a republican do look like a piker compared to the endless cover ups and unconstitutional acts of the current interloper in chief is simply disgusting but just how the progressive scum slither.

  • The Intellectual Creationist

    why so they can avoid being dumbed down by you?

  • chuckfreyer

    drdbiggs: disarmanent time because we can’t have Yehweh worshipping demons carrying these things. This is now our nation, with our leader as your leader, voted in twice, the son of a muslim. You have no choice, no chance, defeated and I’ve shown you facts from your own bible – what say you ? Convert now.

  • wmkabrich

    So you gave up on finding the truth just to listen to the MSM crap that BO puts out?

  • Ron Tall

    Why don’t you stop letting people tell you what to believe?

  • Ron Tall

    Take off the tin foil had wingtip. Get away from all those silly blogs and websites feeding the conspiracies you blindly bought into. Seriously kid.

  • Ron Tall

    lol. Turn off the TV kid. You are obviously not smart enough to handle it.

  • Ron Tall

    How does it feel to be so stupid you are left with no other option but to project some stupid garbage you were fed?

  • Ron Tall

    They are already dumbed down. Stupid.

  • drdbiggs


    Still slobbering over little boys butt cheeks like a good muslime faggot?

    USA will eventually get tired of muslime monkeyshines.

    A little radioactivity in gasoline gives better mileage anyway, we don’t need muslimes to pump out our oil!!

  • tsimitpo

    Then what would he do for work? His type are getting paid good money to insult people and fill space with their keyboards. It’s all part of the de-moralization of America, you see.

  • tsimitpo

    RT – How much did you get for your soul?

  • tsimitpo

    So do you have a problem with that? The internet does not have exclusive rights to “silly crap”, you know. It just doesn’t put on makeup and a pressed suit to give the false impression of legitimacy that you can get from TV. Memorex, Movies, and TV News has given the illusion of being better than real life.

  • Ron Tall

    Nothing. Making fun of right wing idiots is payment enough.

  • Ron Tall

    The internet is just as bad and sometimes worse then the idiotic crap on TV. Both are feeding people with low IQ’s a bunch of garbage

  • tsimitpo

    There’s a reason “Breitbarted” was given verb status almost immediately after his “passing”, and that was due to the suspicious nature of most of the circumstances around the event such as the immediate determination of “natural causes” long before other such conclusions could possibly have been reached. It’s been long understood that “thorns in the flesh” can be removed without a trace in an increasing number of ways, the most famous probably being “suicided”. Tom Clancy could’ve easily fallen into the suspect category of having ‘too much’ information and too much credibility among his fans.

    Suspicion, coincidence, and ‘evidence’, no matter how highly stacked, do not constitute proof. Unfortunately, this author doesn’t provide any further ‘proof’ either. There’s no question that it’s another ‘stake’ of anecdotal evidence that makes suspicion seem to carry more legitimacy, but I doubt if it will change where very many people stand on the issue.

    The dot-connectors may have received another piece of confirmation, but those who let others do the connecting for them have probably not been impacted at all.

  • tsimitpo

    You gotta love how full the internet is of people who treat others the way they’d like to be treated, eh? I’m sure it was just a momentary lapse on your part…

  • Ron Tall

    The internet is full of fools who have allowed others to feed them their opinions on issues they absolutely do not understand. There parroted idiocy is doing nothing but hurting this country. They deserve to be mocked.

  • tsimitpo

    Benghazi was covered up? Of course it was – that’s why Romney wasn’t permitted to hammer away at it during his campaign. Our government has been licking the boots of the highest bidders for a long time now, and that ‘highest bidder’ is NOT ‘We The People’.

  • tsimitpo

    I’d hate for you to be embarrassed by your own words in the event you ever ‘wake up’, so check this out. The ‘hate’ these ‘enemies’ hold for each other is just put on display for our benefit (that’s right – a show), as they all share the same ‘employer’.

    And more – if you’re not working for that same employer, you’re on the same ‘side’ as the people you just insulted. The nasty divisions you see among ‘We the People’ has been created and stirred up by those who don’t want the masses to learn that simple fact.

  • tsimitpo

    I guess you’re not too familiar with the long history of the Muslim Brotherhood, then, are you? Marxist and Nazi ideologies have been but tools in their hands…

  • tsimitpo

    Uh… no. But just because something’s funded by Knights of Malta doesn’t automatically mean that it CAN be trusted, either.

  • xbj

    False equivalence is SO idiotic, SO tedious, SO boring, and SO damaging to the country as you “above-it-all” dupes endlessly do nothing but put the absolute evil into office. I’m tired of your enabling, and so is America. We have your number. Enjoy your justly deserved marginalization.

  • Dawn Garland

    yeah but he’s the crap taht the muslims will use to take us down…him , valerie jarrett…harry reid is just a stupid dried up old man that will do whatever obama says because he doesnt have the balls to fight bacl..same with pelousy!

  • Dawn Garland

    why don’t you study and look things up before you start talking out of your butt. he is dead on! you are a wet wash rag that soaks up whatever crap this phoy prez gives you…

  • Dawn Garland

    they would be way too obvious…plus he needs to have them so he has someone to blame when he totally F’s up America.

  • Dawn Garland

    wow-dumber than mud applies here!

  • upandaway

    that is exactly what I was thinking … cause apparantly Ron THINKS he knows more than anyone else…. my question is … WHY IS HE ON HERE …. if it is such a bunch of BULL?? is he a troll … or undercover underwear cop ?? ha … where do you get your news Mr Tall ?? underground news ?? these replies you have made …. pretty much help me to know … YOU DON’T KNOW MUCH ~!! not near what YOU think YOU do … MYself I think YOU ARE THE KOOK….

  • upandaway

    who tells you what to believe … or were you born a KNOW IT ALL !! ???

  • upandaway

    is that what is feeding your stupidity ?? stupido

  • The man with no name

    Marxist Muslims that control Ninety percent of the media/entertainment machine. The Marxist Muslims that control the federal reserve, international banking, and make up thirty three percent of the supreme court and fifty percent of Ivy League university faculty positions and have the most powerful lobbies in Washington, despite being two percent of the population. Those Marxist Muslims? Give me a break. Is anyone buying this Muslim nonsense anymore? If you do, there is not much hope for you. Who benefits from from the clash of civilizations?

    Who can’t I criticize? I can say Muhammad was a pedophile false prophet of a made up moon god and that Muslims are dirty idiot rag heads trapped in the stone age all day long and the worst I have to worry about is saying that in a crowd of crazed fanatics of Islam. I probably won’t lose any job I have and if I do, someone will be ready to hire me in a heartbeat and call it patriotism. I can’t criticize certain people without immediate fear of it being found out. I can’t publicly say the truth about them or I certainly would lose my job and wouldn’t have a chance in hell of being hired by any respectable company again, because I would be branded a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.


  • The man with no name

    Marxist Muslims that control Ninety percent of the media/entertainment machine. The Marxist Muslims that control the federal reserve, international banking, and make up thirty three percent of the supreme court and fifty percent of Ivy League university faculty positions and have the most powerful lobbies in Washington, despite being two percent of the population. Those Marxist Muslims? Give me a break. Is anyone buying this Muslim nonsense anymore? If you do, there is not much hope for you. Who benefits from from the clash of civilizations?

    Who can’t I criticize? I can say Muhammad was a pedophile false prophet of a made up moon god and that Muslims are dirty idiot rag heads trapped in the stone age all day long and the worst I have to worry about is saying that in a crowd of crazed fanatics of Islam. I probably won’t lose any job I have and if I do, someone will be ready to hire me in a heartbeat and call it patriotism. I can’t criticize certain people without immediate fear of it being found out. I can’t publicly say the truth about them or I certainly would lose my job and wouldn’t have a chance in hell of being hired by any respectable company again, because I would be branded a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.


  • xbj

    And killing Breitbart WOULDN’T “BE WAY TOO OBVIOUS”. You people are nuts, coming and going. You need to ne committed. To a FEMA camp! Oh look, here’s the black helicopter now to pick you up.

  • roscodog

    Conincidentally? Really? Sorry, I DO NOT BELIEVE in coicidence nor should anyone else, especially if it has anything to do with any intelligence or government involvement. Do not leave out the reporter from “Rollingstone” who died in a strange single vehicle “accident” and then was cremated BEFORE his family was notified. Then, “authorities” lied and told family victim was burned “beyond recognition” but wittnesses at the scene denied that!! This government is out for BLOOD against anyone who tries to leak the truth! Time to wake up OBAMA SHEEPLE!

  • chuckfreyer

    But drdbiggs I told you, it is “har-am” [forbidden] to have homo in Islam. You are confusing it with the many m-a-n-y homo Priests in your religion that have been outed, prosecuted from the U.S. (coast to coast) to even Ireland. The “Results” are definite: Yehweh is the homo. Sing it with me “YEHWEH is the Homo” !

    “USA get tired”? Your own leader is the son of a muslim that just won “yet again” and you will now be paying for the 15 million muslims’ [Americans] for their Obamacare on top of the money you pay for our liberation through inflation and taxes every time you use electricity, pump gas, buy, sell, earn, etc. ! I love it !!!! I absolultely love it ! Its like you’re down and I’m kicking you in the head.. and you can never win… in fact all members of your family pay for muslims. Did you know Egypt has been getting $2 “billion’ from ya ? Year in, Year out, for Years, “babe” !!!…I love it !… I love it so much..

  • Ozark Ranger


  • Ozark Ranger


  • Ozark Ranger

    Probably not as good as pounding your wife and mother at the same time, just before you do.

  • chuckfreyer

    What utter garbage. Clue: Muslims are by their religion fervent capitalists (as was Mohammad).

  • Ron Tall

    You pound your wife and mother at the same time? You nutters are deranged.

  • Mike Francis

    No, it has the strong whiff of Absolute Bullshit.

  • vernonrice

    Ron Tall, you must be an Obama puppet, or your head is so far up your rectum that someone needs to install a clear glass belly button in you so you might be able to see where you are going. Next: This story has been on numerous news outlets, not just this one. The stories have varied, so they are not carbon copies. I am a retired Senior Ranked Law Enforcement Officer, a many, many year student of the law and many years a student of Constitutional Law. I also was a Forensic advisor for major case autopsies. These two deaths, plus many others of the Clintons and Obama are highly suspect of foul play. If you actually read the numerous stories, I have an intelligent question for you. Chances are, because it is an intelligent question, you won’t be able to answer it, but here we go. When a person dies, autopsies usually take place within 3 days and if you are well known personality like Clancy, usually a maximum of 2 days. Why did it take a full 5 days ? In the story it was stated that certain drugs and poisons would totally dissipate within 5 days. As a matter of “fact,” someone at a higher level would have had to request the delay. Do you now understand ? I wrote this in as simple English as possible just for you.

  • drdbiggs

    Islam is pedophiles and faggots like you because your Mohammed says in the Qweer’un ie Koran young boys await in heaven for martyrs!!

    US vets have told me that almost 100% of muslimes are gay and the Dancing Boys that are sodomized by muslimes in Pakistan, Afghanistan and through out the muslimes middle east. Muslimes love being gay and cowards.
    Why else would all muslime countries be such shit holes?

    My yougest brother, retired E-9, told me that all the muslimes he talked to when he was doing his tours over there said,

    “Women are for children, little boys are for pleasure!”

    He told me he heard it so many times from vile disgusting muslime perverts that it made him sick. He told me, don’t believe it when Muslimes say there is no homosexuals in Islam because they all are faggots looking to sniff butts
    and “Mohammed the fag” says it is OK to lie about being a faggot.

    Look it up for yourself!!

    Is that why all the pictures you see of Islam faggot fighters on TV show them with shit filled diapers hiding their face. I know as a whole Muslimes are an really really ugly breed but shouldn’t they be proud of being a faggot and show their faces. Muslimes are all Cowards and not an honorable man in the whole cult.

    Please insult Pres Obozo more as he is another faggot muslime.

    Why are MUslimes such cowards and so ashamed that they are such worthless scumbags they hide their faces?

  • chuckfreyer

    I’ve genuinely missed you. Were you in the slammer? Back out, uh?

    Why do you say Islam and faggots because that is forbidden in Islam and subject to “intense” punishment like flogging or beheading – even in I-ran!

    I told you and you can “check the fact” – homo is the predominant method of Jesus and those that model him as proven “over and over and over and over” again in the news – Priests raping boys. There are “so many cases”, it makes the head spin realising that to follow Jesus is to put you thing up another man’s hole where his sheet comes out of onto your end.

    Right? You tell me. Did I say anything that is without factual evidence?

  • chuckfreyer

    DrDBigss,you have seen how you can never win our nation. This is a nation for muslims now. Your leader, the son of a muslim won once again and Obamacare for all muslims (and he even allows it for you, the non-muslim) is allowed. All 15 million of us American citizens that are muslims . What do you think of that ?

    You realise, you have been , are and will forever pay for us muslims through inflation adjusted prices for every transaction including electricity you pay for and so much more ?

  • mohammadislamic

    I’ve been reading upchuck’s posts to you. He is right you know. You lost a long time ago. This is now a nation for muslims: your leader is us, we are him. This – the US is a muslim nation but its not a shit hole . 15 “m-i-l-l-i=o=n” Muslims and growing as the fastest religion according to the website of the Def. department.

  • Mike Boatman

    If the story is true Doctor Jim Garrow’s life is not worth a plug nickel. Airplanes fall out of the sky, people have cardiac arrest. The good Dr must die to prove his allegation

  • SnoMad

    and you deserve to be among the first to be EXTERMINATED.

  • kafirman

    “Dr. Garrow relieved was that he was actually…” should be “Dr. Garrow revealed that he was actually…”

  • Bee Judy

    “hurting this country?” I think you might want to talk to Obama about that. HE IS DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY.

  • Bee Judy

    Not true! We didn`t believe all that Hope and Change crap like you apparently still do!

  • viflyer

    Garrow either suffers from schizophrenia or he is fishing for MONEY. Any of you nut ballas send him money, ha, ha, ha. If so, HE GOT YA, ha, ha, ha!!

  • Jessie Phillips

    which is why I make fun of braindead obumblezombies, every chance that I get

  • Jessie Phillips

    sooo you are staying full time with bill maher and little chrissy Matthews huh

  • Jessie Phillips

    and yet you continue to watch those like little chrissy Matthews and ed shyzts

  • Jessie Phillips

    I believe the part where obumbles the clown dresses as a woman

  • Jessie Phillips

    he will get back to youi after he gets his marching orders from George soros media matters

  • Ron Tall

    You are not smart enough to make fun of me, neophyte.

    All you drones know is what idiots on websites like this feed you. It is why you all regurgitate the same mindless crap. It is why you are so easy to mock, and show your spoon fed ignorance as you get mocked.

  • Ron Tall

    No. But I do understand how you drones could think so. It is all you hear in your silly little bubble.

    One would have thought that you would have learned a lesson about blindly buying what you were fed after the 2012 election. But alas…you still believe the same fools that led you so astray.

  • Ron Tall

    Why? Because you don’t like being told you have been fed a load of crap you were too stupid to see through?

  • Ron Tall

    The right wing idiocy deserves to be mocked. It has done nothing but hurt this country. It does no one any good when stupid is causing so many problems.

  • Ron Tall

    I watch all forms of political theater, neophyte. Left and right.

    The difference between me and you mindless fools is I know I am watching theater, and you idiots think you are getting news.

  • SnoMad

    Because you’ve drank too much of the koolaid and this country doesn’t need the likes of you polluting the gene pool. You ARE REALLY A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID. You just keep repeating the same drivel as the other leftwing libtard losers.

  • Ron Tall

    The use of the term koolaid says only one thing neophyte. That you are very naive, and thus, thing you need such terms to hide your naivete. Ironically, the only thing you do is highlight how little you know of politics and the issues.

    I am not repeating anything. I am mocking you mindless drones for doing nothing but repeating the ignorant garbage you were fed.

    One would have thought the brick wall of reality you idiots hit would have exposed the fools who feed you for the frauds they are. But alas, despite the fact all of the B.S. about the polls being skewed, etc, despite the popping of that bubble (even if ever so briefly), you still blindly buy what they feed you.

    You are very good little zombies.

  • Bee Judy

    It is your clownie president is that is in a bubble – he seems not to have a freakin`clue about what is going on in the country he is supposed to be leading. Barack Obama – most powerful man in the world and responsible for nothing that goes wrong from Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare – a pathological liar and that YOU are not able to discern – we are not being fed a load of crap – WE HAVE EYES TO SEE.

  • Bee Judy

    And I guess you get your information direct from Dear Leader himself……….cue the Twilight Zone music please………..

  • Ron Tall

    No dumbarse. I get my information my own research. Research that I do in order to learn about the issues.

    Again, wingtip. Turn off the mindless crap feeding you, and maybe try it.

  • Ron Tall

    And…..in response to being accurately labeled a mindless zombie, said mindless zombie proves my point.

    All you did was regurgitate a bunch of memes and long ago debunked conspiracies fed to you by the conservative game of telephone, zombie.

    You only see what you are fed. You do not look for anything that doesn’t reinforce the garbage you are fed, jr.

  • Bee Judy

    LOL……oh I see now……your “own research”………now your comments all make sense.

  • Bee Judy

    I am listening to what Obama is saying! He himself said, he had to read about things in the newspaper, or he heard it on the news, or that you can keep your doctor, and you can your plan period! By his own admission, he is always the last to know what is going on in his own administration!

  • Ron Tall

    Nope. You are listening to what those ideological idiots on the conservative game of telephone have been telling you.

    This is why you blindly regurgitate the same ideological mantra as every other right wing robot.

  • Ron Tall

    Yes wingtip.

    My own research. Research done in an effort to learn about the issues.

    Had you done the same, and not been so desperate to reinforce the mindless crap you keep getting fed, you too would better understand the issue.

    As it stands now, you are a know nothing parrot.

  • Bee Judy

    Ok Ron, you are apparently unfamiliar with Obama`s very words denying knowledge of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS scandal, NSA scandal, and lies about various other things, Obamacare for starters. – the videos are all over youtube! Use google, I have no time to do it for you. I wasted enough time on a drone like you.

  • Ron Tall

    lol. Let’s go over your spoon fed conspiracies, wingtip.

    Fast and Furious was started in the Bush administration. It was not a top down operation then, and it was not a top down operation in this administration. Neither Bush nor Obama were sitting in the war room waiting for the guns to be tracked. In addition, testimony from the officers involved stated that the intent was never to let the guns go across the border.

    Benghazi was a pathetic display of a desperate political party (GOP) politicizing a national tragedy. Just compare the reaction from the GOP over Benghazi to the reaction from the Democrats and the rest of the country to the original 9/11. In one instance, we were attacked on the U.S. mainland and lost thousands of lives. In the other, a diplomatic outpost located in a country half way around the world – in a country that had just gone through a civil war – was attacked. In one instance, there were requests for additional security that when unanswered. In the other, there was a document entitled, “bin Ladin determined to Strike in the U.S.” that went unheaded. In one instance, the country came together, in the other, a political party desperate to regain traction on an issue this President schooled them on, politicized it.

    The IRS scandal has gone away for a reason, wingtip. It has become more than evident there isn’t, and never was a scandal. It should have been evident from the start, for there never was any political motives for targeting these groups. Official IRS approval for the tax status they were applying for, 501c4, is not even mandatory. All of those groups were free to operate as they waited, and they did. And now that it is obvious all different types of groups were targeted (liberal, conservative and other), there is absolutely no motive.

    The NSA scandal is not so much a scandal. Nothing they were doing was illegal. Congress gave the executive those powers. People are simply reacting to what the government did in response to 9/11…something the majority wanted at the time. Now things are swinging back.

    All the “various other things” is mostly just more B.S. from the same idiots who left you so deluded on most other issues.

    I do understand why you would run away, being such an ignorant and mindless little zombie.

  • Jessie Phillips

    you know what amazes me? is the fact that your brain, in your pointy little head, can generate enough electricity, to make your legs move. The ONLY person, that you may be superior to is, the other mindless, braindead idiot, that watches msnbc

  • Ron Tall

    I watch all the cable news channels, wingtip. The difference between me and you mindless zombies is that I do so knowing that it is entertainment.

    You brain dead fools actually think you are getting news from these places.

    Hell, you think those silly blogs are good places for information.

    All that matters is that it tells you what you were previously told you should want to believe.

    Stay stupid, zombie.

  • Jessie Phillips

    I love it when braindead LIEberal trolls, troll blogs, THEN they try to hype themselves up as “being holier than thou” especially when you are just a sad little “person” that lives their life. The only thing that you have is the internet because you have no friends other than blogs, where you can boast your “holier than thou” attitude

  • Ron Tall

    I am not hyping anything. I am merely mocking your spoon fed ignorance, and rather desperate efforts to maintain said ignorance.

    You are stupid, and you have allowed a bunch of ideological idiots to fill your gullible little mind with nonsense. Nonsense you blindly parrot.

    You nutters deserved to get mocked.

  • Jessie Phillips

    ROFLMAO, I rest my case. I don’t have to “mock” you, you do the work for me. I just sit back and watch your “holier than thou” ignorance, overflow. Keep up the good work. LOL

  • Ron Tall

    lol. Like every other “case” you mindless zombies try and make, you don’t, but claim you do anyway.

    I am constantly amused by the fact your stupidity is both what makes you so easy to mock, and also what keeps you from seeing the ignorance you are being mocked for.

    Keep up the good work, in-deed. lol. Dumbarse.

  • Jessie Phillips

    and AGAIN ron small, provides more entertaiment with his usual antics of “holier than thou” attitude, which, in his own mind, makes him feel superior. Unfortunatley your bubble will burst one day…..

  • Ron Tall

    No wingtip. However, it is highly likely that the right wing bubble you live in will again burst, just as it did when it hit the brick wall of reality on election day 2012.

    And, it is almost certain that you and the rest of the right wing zombies will again rationalize away the exposure of your collective delusion.

  • Jessie Phillips

    he says after taking another deep sniff of the obumbles backside, you do realize that he will soon run out of other people money don’t you? Don’t answer that, you don’t care, as long as you get your free stuff. Zombies? Collective? sounds more like the average LIEberal voter.

  • Ron Tall

    You are a very ignorant little right wing zombie. They like you idiots that way.

    All you mindless twits know is what they feed you. It is why you think Obama is out there spending “other people’s money”, oblivious to the fact that congress controls the money. You are also oblivious to what makes up the debt since 2009, as most of it came from the recession and had nothing to do with Obama’s policies. And if you need detail on that, wingtip, I will certainly enjoy mocking you as I take you to school. Just ask.

    You really need to turn off the garbage feeding you, dumbarse.

  • Jessie Phillips

    LOL you are just adding more proof that braindead obumblezombies, maybe one day you will make it out of your moms basement, but as long as you keep getting free stuff, I highly doubt it. Geee3z you LIEberals believe ANYTHING that is spoon fed to you by obumbles the clown. LOL you say that congress (the house actually) controls the money, and it has to do with the recession, that actually started in 2007, now who was it that controlled congress in 2007 again?

  • Ron Tall

    Wow are you ignorant, wingtip.

    You nutters never looked at what makes up the debt. You mindless fools just look at the dates, and conclude, since they match what those idiots fed you, what those idiots fed you must be true.

    Had you looked, and had you known anything about economics, you would have realized that most of the debt since 2007 IS due to the recession. In every recession, two things happen nutter. Outlays go up, and revenue goes down. Outlays go up because more people need the services provided by the government, and revenue goes down because there is less capital moving around the economy. In a recession as massive as the one we just had, revenue goes way down, and outlays go way up. This is why the recession is responsible for most of the debt since 2007 is from the recession.

    You really are an incoherent and ignorant little twit, jr. But here is your chance to prove it. Post the policies and the costs from Obama that you say made up the debt since 2009. Then add them up. Then see how far you are from the over $6 trillion added since 2009. Then, rationalize it away like you nutters do every time you hit the brick wall of reality.

  • Jessie Phillips

    the recession started in 2007, the summer of 2007, but I guess your head is too far up the obumbles hole to realize that. You really are a braindead an ignorant tool, arern’t you. Just the type of person that keeps voting for LIEberals over and over again. LOL you keep talking about “nutters” must be what you yearn for, probably even have fantasies about you lover obumbles the clown. Now go back to the huff n puff, where they actually believe the shyt that spews out of your mouth

  • Ron Tall

    Holy crap are you an ignorant little twit.

    The recession did start in 2007. That is why I said the recession is responsible for most of the debt since 2007. Dumbarse.

    I did notice you were again unable to support the ignorant things you were fed about the debt. You should have looked for yourself, and not put so much faith in those blogs, jr.

    I will give you another chance to support what you clearly parrot. Post the policies since 2007, and the costs, since 2007 that make up the debt, nutter.

    Come on. Can’t you support the things you post, or are you content simply being a mindless zombie? I guess you don’t have to actually understand anything when you have your bubble, huh nutter?

  • http://freedomfiles.blogspot.com/ Lord Howard Hurts

    Our military is our defense against aggression both from within and from an outside force. The officers oath of office, unlike the oath of enlisted men, places no restriction on officers to follow the orders of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The officers oath clearly gives them the legal right to take any actions that they find necessary for the defense of the Constitution. They are not bound to follow any orders that they view as Unconditional. It is the duty of the American military to see that the Constitution is the supreme document that guides us and rules us in every way, and everyday.

    If we don’t have a “King David” type of military man (I don’t foresee a woman taking this role, but it is a possibility) that will come forward and take charge then so be it…………. America will die, and it will be because nobody in America was brave enough to shrug off the socialist brainwashing that our education system has continued to ‘thump out’ over, and over, and over, again for some 70 years. Without a new Revolution…. all is lost. We have become a “Nation of Cowardly Sheep”, and deserve what comes our way.

    Lord Howard Hurts freedomfiles.blogspot.com

  • detroitheat

    And when he said, he was good at KILLING PEOPLE his Administration said he meant Drone Strikes, YEAH RIGHT.
    He is a Murderous Muslim, just like the rest of them, when in HELL are the American People going to wake up?, when he gets Russia and China (R/C) to Nuke us, hell Iran doesn’t need Nukes, obama will use ours to start a war with R/C we destroy R/C and they destroy the U.S. ( even if it`s a EMP ), that`s way the Muslims come out unscaved and then and only then can they control the world.
    This is not being done by the U.S. or Russia or China, it is being implemented by the rich like the Rothschilds and suche and if “WE THE PEOPLE” let the Obama`s and Rothschilds of the world have their way, then who ever is left alive will be slaves to them.
    This time the RICH get RICHER and the POOR GET DEAD………………………..

  • Gina

    Please check your spelling before posting a comment where you call someone an idiot. Your lack of substance and examples to back up your argument already hurts your credibility. The grammar mistakes just make it worse.

  • Gina

    Ok then instead of stooping to the “drones’” level by going back and forth with mindless arguments and name calling, please share your research and tell them why they’re wrong. Don’t just say you have a stance, provide them with your so called research and sources. Please prove them wrong. Obviously you have a lot of time in your hands so let’s hear it.

  • Gina

    Seven paragraphs of your opinion. What crap. Figures. I thought a lib actually had something legit to say.

  • Danielle

    Why do libs come to sites like this? Someone said they’re paid to provide misinformation. I don’t think that’s true- I think libs are just bored.

  • Ron Tall

    To mock your group think.

  • Ron Tall

    This is a factually supported opinion kid. I am sorry the political theater you mistake for news has you so deluded.

  • Ron Tall

    Mocking the spoon fed, right wing idiocy is fun. They are so confident in their ignorance.

    I do provide them with research as I mock them. It is always dismissed or rationalized away. What would you like me to prove you wrong about?

  • Ron Tall

    A school marm. Awesome. lol.

    If you want me to school you on an issue, chose one.

    Or keep whining about spelling and grammar. lol.

  • Xanga

    I truly hope the “dismissed” higher ups get their heads together and take us back to a constitutional government.

  • Kathleen

    I’m sorry; neither your artwork and its nonsense caption make sense, so instead of addressing nonsense, I elected to get out the sorely needed red pencil. – “and if he is re-elected I am will destroy…” ‘I am will destroy’. You are missing a few words. -”I can’t believe that all Democrats are towing the party line…” – You can’t believe it because they are not ‘towing’. If that were even true, they would be ‘toeing’ the party line. Unless they are driving toe trucks towing toes. – “Have they really drank that much Kool-Aide they are blind by his deceit?” Have they really ‘drunk’ that much Kool-Aid they are ‘blinded’… It is very important to be clear, concise, and grammatically and semantically correct if you want what you expound upon to be taken seriously, even if in the main, it isn’t serious writing or thinking at all, because it’s nonsense.

  • Kathleen

    HIs wife is not Hillary Clinton.

  • Kathleen

    Change it up, Ron, and call them Chicken Little. lol

  • Kathleen

    Take a good listen to her testimony and really pay attention to what “what does it matter” was referring to. NOT what you are implying. NOT the four deaths.

  • Kathleen

    You too, Jason: Have a good listen to her testimony and really pay attention to what “What does it matter” was referring to. NOT what you are implying. NOT about the four deaths. It is a favorite lying slur to imply that.

  • Kathleen

    There is indeed a pattern here; a very strange, scary, alternate universe pattern. And it is not found in Hillary Clinton or President Obama.

  • Kathleen

    I believe, I believe, I believe… what scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel of twisted thinking do some people NOT believe….

  • lather

    Wonderful. I agree that there is an issue in the artwork above. It is that I forgot to put quotes around the comment, It was a quote from a MeBagger angry that the DNC made a flag for President Obama, I was trying to show the hypocrisy of the statement.

  • Kathleen

    Quotation marks, yes, If you were attributing to Palin or Bachmann…. It seemed the words were yours. I don’t like coming back at anyone who I actually agree with! Mea culpa.

  • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

    Actually Kathleen,
    If you do some research, you will find out, as I did, about her actual history.

  • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

    The Village Idiot could make legitimate fun of you with “half of his brain tied behind his back”.

    How do you like being the subject of ridicule as is encouraged by “Rules for Radicals, Rule #5 by Saul Alinsky?
    Does the mother troll let you out from under your bridge without supervision?

    I fully expect you to call me some type of name, as you are prone to do with others on this site. That’s an indicator of frustration and a lack of cognitive reasoning.

  • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

    The Village Idiot could make legitimate fun of you with “half of his brain tied behind his back”.

    How do you like being the subject of ridicule as is encouraged by “Rules for Radicals, Rule #5 by Saul Alinsky?
    Does the mother troll let you out from under your bridge without supervision?

    I fully expect you to call me some type of name, as you are prone to do with others on this site. That’s an indicator of frustration and a lack of cognitive reasoning.

  • Janie Johnson

    Yes I know His wife is not Hillary….At one point in time, I read where they might promote Michelle for the presidential Office in 2016, I am sure they won’t be doing that now….

  • Kathleen

    And he is not Muslim, either.

  • Kathleen

    Anyone can google Garrow and find out what he is. Literally- literally – it’s out-and-out crazy, what hatred and twisted logic does to people having intellectual limitations, and the poison they then disseminate to their fellow lemmings. And with that, I’m leaving. This is no environment for me. Good luck getting through to them.

  • Janie Johnson

    If you are talking about Obama, He is Muslim, he admitted to it..

  • Rich

    Bama braggs: I am really good at killing people.

  • jon bork

    Yeah, especially if it is about your friend barack.


    Hey, are you still interested in trolling these comments? I couldn’t help but notice how polarized your comments were, how much you seem to be lacking in individual logic or reason yourself, and I would like to help you build a deeper subconscious maze of idiocy that can’t be hid when you’re off-line and in the real-world. Are you game?

  • Toggle Switch

    @rontall:disqus ….this guy is one of the disinformation trolls. Anything he says is designed to spread doubt through the internet on topics that make the zionist controlled NWO look bad. The best way to defuse these people is to not stray from the truth of an issue and to NOT get into a burn contest. The spin patrol will do just about anything to get people off the topic they are hired to monitor. As soon as you veer off topic they fulfill their assignments. Make them work for their ill gotten gains. Don’t make things personal.

  • BarackTheCocksucker

    That Obama the homosexual was placed in the presidency by Saudis makes absolutely no sense, since Obama’s cabinet is comprised almost entirely of jews. So this article is clearly misleading. Barack Obama took a lot of jewish penises in his mouth to get where he is today. I seriously doubt Saudis had anything at all to do with this. This sounds like typical jewish disinformation to me.

  • trader

    Ron, you wouldn’t know the TRUTH if it hit you between the eyes!


  • Laura Lee

    If Obama’s birth certificate had the power to really tell the truth and the whole truth… it would state that he is Satan incarnate… and his evil spirit incarnate came from the bowels of hell.

  • Jim Rich

    How do you correct the following: Where is she from? Where are they from? What do you need the knife for?

  • Jim Rich

    That doesn’t make one shred of sense. Unless, the alternate universe to
    which you refer is in reality nothing more than a band of suckwad
    liberals , such as yourself, acting as concubines and rationalizing for
    the crimes, including murder, perpetrated by your communist leaders and
    mentors. Otherwise lady, your attempt at some sort of poetic or
    philosophical obfuscation was really weak and, quite literally, senseless.

  • Jim Rich

    This is enough for an in depth synopsis for a book, if it hasn’t been written already, or just a comprehensive look at the scene in general. This post explains the reason why this kenyan communist was “elected” to squat in the White House in the first place. With the foundations gone, all it takes are some musical “artists” and hollywood liberals to promote him, so it must be all good.

  • Guest
  • Jim Rich

    So many coincidences: “It is alleged that Ms. Fuddy played a key role in the authentication,
    and perhaps even in the creation of the document that was presented to
    America as being the certified birth record of a sitting U.S. president.
    It is that certified record that has been determined by many experts,
    including those retained by a commissioned law enforcement investigative
    body, to be a forged and fraudulent document. At the very least,
    Loretta Fuddy would have been a critical witness in a high crime of
    treason and other felonies against all Americans.” http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/many-questions-loom-in-the-death-loretta-fuddy

  • Kathleen

    Your examples are those which end in a preposition. Although not grammatically correct, they are constructs which have become acceptable in informal English speaking and writing because of their stilted, awkward sound if sentence did not end with a preposition, i.e. “From where is she?” “From where are they?” “For what do you need the knife?” (The last one sounds less awkward than the other two, and if I were writing, I would construct the sentence that way) What I addressed initially above, were spelling, verb tense, and usage errors, which are never acceptable in speaking or writing.

  • John King

    You’re the one who drank the Kool-aide…dumb-fucking asshole dip-shit!!!

  • John King

    Eat shit and die Asshole!!!!

  • John King

    You’re so full of shit, you believe your own cramp spewing out of your head…..what a fucking ignorant idiot asshole!!!!

  • John King

    Everything you’ve been spewing is prime left-wing tripe we get again and again from all the extreme left-wing libtard ignorant assholes around the internet and major media news agencies!!! You just keep it up…but all you’re doing is explaining what you’re seeing in the mirror!!! How fucking blind can you be!!!

  • Pax Humana

    I know how they killed them both. The answer is in plain sight in a book that Tom Clancy did with Grant Blackwood called Dead or Alive. How they did it was that they used this stuff called succinylcholine, which is normally used as a sedative in surgical procedures. However, what a lot of people do NOT know is that succinylcholine is actually an even BETTER way to potentially murder someone than the previous standbys called cyanide and arsenic. Now if someone were to use it, then they would know that it stops people form breathing, speaking, and moving, but, at the same time, the lungs and heart can not function and as a result of them being starved of vitally critical oxygen, the heart and lungs struggle for oxygen that is simply not there and, lo and behold, we have an artificially created heart attack that is done so well that even expert medical examiners could not tell whether it is a real or false heart attack in origin. Succinylcholine is one of the nastiest ways of assassination for people to use because it causes paralysis and asphyxiation in such a way as to become completely undetectable. Please read that book because knowing this is the key to finding out who murdered him. Finally, as for Michael Breitbart, he was a part of the New World Order and he was a disinformation agent and, sadly, Tom Clancy might have also been one himself, which is sad considering that he was such a great writer.

  • chngrffn

    I have always thought that Breitbart was killed by this administration.

  • Gregory Gonzalez

    I am fed-up with Obama this and Obama that. Is Obama the only one in government ??? What are the other politicians doing there I ask you fools. The blame goes to all our elected officials !!!!! Wake up !!!!

  • Gregory Gonzalez

    I am fed-up with Obama this and Obama that. Is Obama the only one in
    government ??? What are the other politicians doing there you should be asking. The blame goes to all our elected officials !!!!! Wake up

  • Gregory Gonzalez

    I am fed-up with Obama this and Obama that. Is Obama the only one in
    ??? What are the other politicians doing there you should be asking.
    The blame goes to all our elected officials !!!!! Wake up already

  • Blond but not Stupid

    Pull any news report from the MSM and listen to all the parroting the democrats have done on any important subject. The White House sends out a statement and not one person can even change the words in the statement they all …and I mean all of them parrot it verbatim until the uneducated take it as gospel. Repeat a lie enough times and they will call it the truth. Don’t believe me? Go back and listen to them in their or the White Houses own words. You kind sir have drank their cool aid.

  • franklygross

    nice opinion piece………no references, no corroboration, just opinion.

  • franklygross

    yet he offers nothing to substantiate his opinions………..

  • Debbie

    you never showed us the research you did to come up with all the “stuff ” you know to be true. Is there a place other than inside your head that you research.

  • Cliff E.

    I Thought Brietbart’s death was a bit suspicious, Clancy was a surprise but he was 66 and thought he may have had some illness, but that story is scarily believable.

  • marlio

    I think obama had breibart and clancy killed as well….clancy was too smart for obama and so was breibart and he was afraid he would be exposed for what he is!!!!

  • Jason Vickers

    Obama is GAY.

  • Laura Mills

    As if the left hasn’t spoon fed any crap over the last decade?! HA!

  • terri monroe

    Better look out Dr. Garrow. Your now a wanted man by the Obama crooks!

  • Lia

    I’ve had this figured out for sometime, since the pos president bowed to the Saudi king. His ruler. It’s been confirmed over and over again, and his advisor is the one who pulls the strings. Truly, the end has begun.