China Preparing An American Invasion Due To Default?



Most of us that grew up with the cold war had nightmares of the above scenario. Movies like “Red Dawn (1984)“, “Invasion USA (1985)“, “Amerika (1985)“, and “The Day After(1983)” were just some of the titles in a world gone mad on the brink of war that fueled our imaginations. Now details are beginning to pour in years later that is even more stunning and chilling then anything we could dream up. China may be preparing for an American invasion without every having to fire one shot.

We will destroy you from within”-Nikita Kruschev 1961

“[America’s] patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within”-Joseph Stalin 1946

In 2011, a group by the name of “Citizens Against Government Waste” was founded. They encouraged people to join and call out government waste and our spending policies before it was too late. They had paid for and put out a television ad before the 2012 Presidential campaign. For those of you that don’t remember it you can see it here:

They were called fear mongers and the ad was yanked off the air after just a short run. Were they instead prophets for the financial gun barrel we are now facing on October 17th?

Chinese flag over government bldg

Over the weekend it was revealed that Obama is looking to “Shutdown” 16 States. On September 22, the Chinese flag flew over a City Hall in a California City despite public outrage. Seeing that California is one of the Biggest Welfare recipients and on one of the 16 states to be “shutdown” by the government, is this a coincidence or a fact of things to come if we don’t go to the negotiation table and fix this madness before October 17th?

China stunned the news media on Monday. Of course with the government shutdowns and War on Veterans little or no press in the United States covered it. That didn’t stop the world media from grabbing the story. “The Independent” of the UK, from Russia, the BBC, and others recorded the message from China’s leader to the President of the United States. The Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, Zhu Guangyao, was actually in Washington DC yesterday, October 7, 2012. This is what he had to say.

[China] naturally concerned about developments in the US fiscal cliff. The clock is ticking.We ask that the United States earnestly takes steps to resolve in a timely way the political issues around the debt ceiling and prevent a US debt default to ensure the safety of Chinese investments in the United States. This is the United States’ responsibility,” he added.The UK Independent

We discussed that the United States President is using the “government shutdown” to close private businesses and kick people off Federal Lands like Lake Meed, where he threw an elderly couple out of their home and onto the streets using “Government Shutdown” as an excuse to impose Eminent Domain.  While the 14th Amendment to the constitution forces the government to pay just compensation for such acts, if it is a house boat on a lake, the government doesn’t have to pay for the land, they OWN it.

It is no secret that China has an overpopulation and a shortage of food and land. We have farm subsidies, disaster relief from the drought and flood of 2011 and 2012, disastrous crop yields, cities going bankrupt, and other things paid out by FEMA over the last several years.  When we borrowed trillions of dollars from China, what do people think we used for collateral?

We have seen that as early as last year, places like Stockton, CA declared bankruptcy. China covered the dept. This is not fiction, this is fact.

Now, with the bankruptcy of the Motor City, Detroit, there have been several back door deals. What was once the vehicle and manufacturing capitol of the United States, the Federal Government came up with $300 million dollars in a back door deal to keep the city afloat. Now the United states doesn’t have 1/3 of a trillion dollars just to give to a city, so where do you think the money came from?

Terminal Island Naval Station Long Beach


But you see, this didn’t just start with President Obama’s quest for power. This is a picture of Longbeach Naval Base in California. It was closed in 1993, and secretly sold to China by then President Bill Clinton in 1996. In fact there were three bases on the West Coast that were offered in the deal for Campaign Finances. The Daily Republican and other news sources, including a younger Alex Jones,  did several articles on this fact, but the Mainstream Media in love with President William Jefferson Clinton, and wrapped up in his scandals such as the Rosenberg Law Firm, the Monica Lewinsky and subsequent impeachment and acquittal, Jennifer Flowers, etc, ignored the issue. It was one of the few deep water ports on the coast that can accommodate submerged Nuclear Submarines.  The sale of bases to the Chinese by Clinton became known as Chinagate. The bill of sale was ignored, until recently.

In 2012, a Chinese Officer was arrested for trespassing. When it went to court, although he was a Chinese Citizen and Officer on American Soil, he had to be acquitted, because he was on Chinese property. There have also been sightings of Chinese Warships in 2013, which were calmly explained away as a joint effort with the Chinese Military. They are parking in the Naval Yard they now own and there is nothing Americans can do about it.

There are several articles and videos on the Clintons including Hillary R. Clinton selling China on investing in United States Securities. Why would the Secretary of State become a bond seller to the Chinese? How would they know that they could trust her?

There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”-Commander in Chief of the Japanese Imperial Navy

This saying has been debunked as never being said, but China still believes it. Lots of people came forward with why President Obama and the Democratic Party have secretly been pushing gun control. President Obama said he didn’t like China and viewed them as a competitor, but quickly changed his mind and started working with them in joint military operations. Why?

President Obama in 2008 stated he wanted gun control. Vice President Joe Biden stated so in 2009. Every time there is a mass shooting Senator Diane Feinstein (D CA) pushes once again for the Brady Bill that was a miserable failure and allowed to expire in 2003. But beginning in 2012 there was a major push that almost made it through the Senate to ban what would be no more than “Scary” looking guns but limited all assault rifle type weapons and most hand guns and clips to almost useless.

Alex Jones, Doctor Jim Garrow, Bret Darby, and others all came forward saying the order actually came from the Chinese Government. Dr. Garrow is the operator of Pink Pagoda that attempts to rescue girls from China before being aborted as a second child due to over population. From, show that in fact there was an order given to the United States government from Communist China calling for Americans to be disarmed.   You can watch Alex Jones explain above and decide for yourself. The news did come directly from the Chinese government.

We also have the new UN Weapons treaty signed off on by Secretary of State John Kerry. While some debate it as a worthless treaty, others are calling it full blown treason. The Free Patriot has covered that Representative Steve Stockman (R TX) went off on the house floor about this treaty. The treaty itself may be meaningless without the Senate passing it and the ratification of a new amendment by the states due to changes to the Second Amendment, but it would give the authority to the UN to take weapons from the American People.

Our final piece of evidence comes directly from and a journalist by the name of William Bigelow. Apparently with all that is going on in the financial market with the government shutdown, Secretary of State John Kerry to Reassure Asian Leaders regarding our finances. There is an interesting quote at the end of the article.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility; one senior editor of the Chinese government’s China’s People’s Daily wrote“now is the time for China to use its ‘financial weapon’ to teach the United States a lesson if it moves forward with a plan to sale arms to Taiwan.” The China Times reported China’s central bank deputy governor Yi Gang saying, “China is fully prepared for a looming currency war should it, though ‘avoidable,’ really happen.”~

We are only days away from the possibility of the first default in American History. Are we being sold out behind our backs to the Chinese Government through Eminent Domain?

  • Ron

    Ok, that does it, time to move to Texas! Was nice knowing you America!

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    Dr. Jerome Corsi spells it out.

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    good luck china and Russia you will never make it south

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    Hilarious stuff, the writer is excellent at faking paranoid schizophrenia. Keep up the good work; maybe Colbert or The Onion will hire you.

  • MsMadDog51

    The U.S. will not default! At the very least, we will pay the interest.

  • wwbigal

    You do realize that the Chinese military is 5-6 times larger than ours don’t you?!?!? They wouldn’t even need Russia to help them out! There would be a Chinese soldier behind every blade of grass on American soil!!! Just saying!

  • wwbigal

    We are going to default! You will see! The dollar will and is going to die! Obama IS trying to destroy America as we know it! There is no turning back! The Bible is being fulfilled at an alarming rate! Only God can help us!

  • Joe

    Maybe a little over reacting but we HAVE guns and you can’t round them all up. More firearms then people in this country. Come to America my little rice-eating midget friends!

  • Michael Lawrence

    Do you really think that armed American citizens would not be behind those blades of grass before the Chinese got here? There are 90 million gun owners in this country. I imagine the 90 million member militia would probably outnumber China’s military forces. Granted not all of those 90 million would be trained, but how many are hunters and know the ways of the woods and back trails? How many are veterans? Also take into consideration that not every troop in the Chinese military would be coming in an invasion, they have troops that are administrative troops just like we have. DHS can also break out their shiny new MRAPS and their 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and join the fight on our side (hopefully on our side). On the plus side, China would probably not want to use nukes here, they would want the farm land and resources here. So figure a conventional invasion….By sea…costly on the beaches. Amphibious invasions going into a well prepared beach… Americans paid a dear price on D Day. Use that as an example. Even with bombardment of the beaches and air support, invading with a beach landing would be very costly. Our navy would be pounding them…air attacks, submarine attacks… land based air attacks…and that’s even before they launch their actual beach assault. Airborne invasion…. Chinese troops could not bring much in the way of heavy weaponry with them…no tanks, no heavy artillery…. and depending on how far inland they drop their troops, possibly no air support. If their only air support was to be from an aircraft carrier off the coast, that ship would be sunk rapidly. True enough the Chinese have a modern navy, but so do we. Our submarines are incredibly stealthy….pump a few torpedoes into their aircraft carriers…no more air support. China’s best bet would be an overland invasion. But this seems unlikely also. Canada would not allow this through their nation and would fight with us. Mexico is the wild card. We’d like to think that the Mexican government is our ally, but just in case, our government should keep an eye on Chinese shipments into Mexico. This is one of the reasons our founding fathers wanted the 2nd amendment in the constitution. American citizens have the ability to help repel invaders.

  • Rottenrott

    AFter Obama was elected the second time I said… I guess it’s time to learn to speak Chinese. The US has been and will continue to be sold off piece by piece to the Chinese. They now control one of the biggest food producers in the country Smithfield Foods. Lets just hope we can make it out alive.

  • Lynn Seez

    First of all the premise is correct. It’s called foreclosure.

    Our weakness is that we gave up much manufacturing to Red China…thus I suggest we immediatly begin to issue US Notes and hire as many Americans as we can and create properity.

    I don’t think the Red Chinese will be able to come with 2k miles without a Nuclear Holocaust.

    This is about money…Federal Reserve Notes and Bonds.

    Repudiate the debt to the bankers and they will attempt to create war; for in chaos they retain control.

    They took an oath to uphold The Constitution…Do It!!

    It’s up to our Military Heroes to control our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

  • Matheus Grunt

    Anytime I see Alex Jones in this mess, I know people are getting alot of their “intel or info” from him and others like him. Not that he doesn’t put out some good reliable info, he does. But this is a lie. China is not going to invade us, that’s impossible. Nevermind the fact that our own government is the one we are going to have to fight anyway. People WANT to believe in this sensational crap. It sounds really interesting, yes, even cool, maybe, but reality, NO. The dollar is about to collapse but China is not going to do shit. They can’t. And anyone who keeps passing this crap around like it’s a reality is lying and not making patriots look very sensible.

  • Russell

    If China has thier own deep sea ports, then they do not need a military beachhead. I’ve already heard reports of Russian vehicles numbering in the thousands being in Mississippi, and friends have personnally seen UN vehicles in Jacksonville, FL. All they need to do is unload them, and send thier troops in as tourists or factory workers and no one would be the wiser until to late.

  • Cate Wines, Ph.D.

    They are. Check Oath

  • amused

    This is a satirical website, right?

  • PK

    The British couldn’t do it over 200 years ago :D ore people and guns now :D

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  • Joe

    5-6 time larger than the US military would be 10 -12 million. Sorry, but China does not have 10-12 million people in it’s military. You realize it is very expensive to maintain a large military? No country on Earth can afford 10-12 million soldiers, unless it doesn’t want to arm them, train them, feed them, or house them. China has only about 3 million, just built it’s first aircraft carrier, has significantly less long range bombers and fighter aircraft than we do, and it’s tanks are just barely upgraded 1970’s era models. I know a lot of people think that because China has so many people in it’s country, it must have some giant military. Numerically, yes, they have a large one, but it doesn’t outnumber ours by very much, and they cannot match the capabilities of ours. If they even managed to land troops on US soil (highly doubtful) their troops would be cut off and slaughtered. Not that it matters much. China is not going to try and invade the US. If they thought they could, they’d have done it already.

  • AirborneParaTrooper

    They may out number us, though, we know the terrain better then they do. The landscape here is more familiar to us. Guerrilla Warfare will win it for us, unless they drop nukes. Then we are doomed.

  • Guest

    Americans weren’t fat, stupid, lazy, sports/nascar/television-addicted clowns back then, either. The Chinese wouldn’t com alone either. Everyone wants a piece of this pie, and they’d all be fighting over it. Your only real decision to make would be whether you should learn to speak Chinese, or which hill to die on. Talk is cheap, and ‘Murican tough-guy talk is cheapest.

  • Matt Roach

    Americans weren’t fat, stupid, lazy, sports/nascar/television-addicted
    clowns back then, either (by the way, they DID win, since their banking syndicate controls our central banking scheme). The Chinese wouldn’t come alone either.
    Everyone wants a piece of this pie, and they’d all be fighting over it.
    Your only real decision to make would be whether you should learn to
    speak Chinese, or which hill to die on. Talk is cheap, and ‘Murican
    tough-guy talk is cheapest.

  • jomawe

    There is one upside to this…If China takes California,,,they have to take Pelosi too. Sorry I know this is a serious situation that our government has put US in. The solution: Give them California, and all those nutty movie stars, they get Miley Cyrus, George Soros and the Obamas too. Surely that would pay off our debt to them. Then maybe we could start over using a little more common sense, rather than the thieving, lying, power seeking monsters we have in Washington now.

  • Brandon Walker

    No, this is not a satirical website. That’s why it is referenced. This is real. I have all the references in there. Check them out for yourself. Some days, I wish I made stuff up. It is not in my nature.

  • Brandon Walker

    Exactly. Unfortunately Russell, you sir are correct.

  • Brian Lewis

    Unfortunately you have put too much hope in our military and DHS to support us. They have been training to fight US citizens lately. They will be there with the Chinese and most likely the UN troops to make the transition as smooth as possible. The only hope we have is all of the not so crazy now, preppers, militias and vets that want this to remain America!

  • BrianUSMC

    America will not fall so long as Marines continue to exist. Can’t let history allow The Navy to take credit for our actions. God Bless America

  • Joe

    Talk is extremely cheap. Screw learning Chinese. I have no problem fighting against an invading enemy to secure the freedoms I have been accustomed to. My preference is to be dead then living a miserable life under a foreign occupying force. I am ex-military so I have no problem with death and yes I am a tough guy being 6’2″.

  • Michael Lawrence

    I’m shocked, you’re still following me.
    I do not disagree with you on our manufacturing. We have stopped manufacturing many thing. But business environment in this country is bad. It is very difficult to remain in business and stay competitive with other nations here. Issuing notes and bonds….there is a problem with this scenario. Issuing notes, you can only print money for so long before the money is devalued to the point that it is worthless. Germany tried this after the first world war and that eventually kicked off the great depression in 1929. Google the Wiemar government. A wheelbarrow of German Marks might have bought a loaf of bread. The only reason we are able to continue to print more money and keep paying bills with it is that the US dollar is the world reserve fund. Other nations have been using our dollar as the international trade currency. What this means is that as long as other nations have to trade in US dollars, then we can continue to print money. Other nations take their currency, change it into dollars to purchase from the world market…for example, oil is bought and sold in US dollars. This only works as long as our dollar is the world reserve currency. That is changing, other nations are getting tired of the US dollar become worth less and less as more is printed. China has agreements with Russia and several other nations in Europe for trade NOT using US dollars. The IMF is also looking for a different currency or payment method. When this happens, all those dollars that are being printed become near worthless. America becomes a second world nation instantly. Credit becomes very difficult to obtain at a reasonable interest rate for our nation. Inflation will be rampant here. Much of this is tied to our national debt….the Federal Reserve keeps printing to keep up with the national debt.
    Issuing bonds…. bonds are an IOU. Our government can issue bonds and the sale of those bonds adds to our debt. Eventually, those bonds mature and people will want their money out of the bond. Bond sales may not be a wise investment because of the possibility of the world reserve currency switching away from the US dollar.
    Hiring as many Americans as possible… The US has the highest corporate tax rate in the world…Japan used to have this distinction, but we passed them this year. The EPA keeps creating new and ever worsening regulations. And now add Obamacare into the mix. Businesses that open here are small and currently want to stay small. Larger businesses are opening in other countries with a more business friendly environment. Maybe you have not noticed, but there are 23 million people unemployed, underemployed, or have given up on finding a job.
    How do we fix this? Cut corporate tax rates. I don’t mean 1 or 2 percentage points. Cut that rate to the bone, the bare minimum. Get rid of the EPA and other government agencies creating the many business killing regulations. I mean disband this agency completely. Gone, no more. This agency and other agencies are not mentioned as federal powers in the constitution, give this power to the states where it belongs. Deregulate businesses. Get rid of red tape. For America to bring back manufacturing to this country we have to get rid of the governmental red tape holding them back.
    The next thing that needs to be done is the budget needs to be slashed. Not just minor cuts, but giant cuts. Anything that is not a constitutional power of the federal government may come under that axe. Department of education, gone, back to the states for local control. Department of energy…created to keep the price of oil down…EPIC FAIL…gone. Welfare, able bodied people will work, even if it is picking the trash up along highways, these people will work or their money goes away. Stupid studies of shrimp on treadmills, gone, no more grants for stupid sh_t. Tax reforms immediately!!! Pass a flat tax or fair tax to simplify the tax code… IRS…gone or severely cut in staff and budget. Obamacare…too expensive and won’t work as hoped, repealed.
    Our nation can no longer continue to spend like money is water…I was going to say like drunken sailors, but drunken sailors run out of money they don’t borrow more money, the go back to their bunk and sleep it off.
    The only way out of this mess is to cut spending…not the 2% cut of the sequester, but cuts that are going to hurt. Everybody will feel those cuts. There is no way around it. We can not keep up the rate of spending that we are at right now, it is not sustainable.

    I agree that the “red dawn” invasion is unrealistic, but sometimes you still wargame it in your head…what if the enemy did this? or did that?

  • Brandon Walker

    You are correct doctor. part of it got cut off in your posting. Bless you.

  • Michael Lawrence

    I hope you are wrong….but reality says you may very well be correct. I guess we will have our work cut out for us….

  • Gary king

    Guys look, it is also written in our debt agreement to china that if they declare war against us or us them, our debt is automatically canceled and we would be debt free, the Chinese economy would collapse so how much war would they wage if that happens? Zero!!!! They are expected to financially fall by the year 2020 anyways because they have no middle class, they are way too top heavy, in china u are either filthy rich or dirt poor! The only thing that scares me is that Obama is making our economy the same way, OBAMACARE is going to push it over the edge into that kind of a crisis.. He must be stopped. I believe the one world currency is coming and we all know what the bible says that is! Remember people u won’t be able to buy, sell, or trade without it. And it is the mark of the beast and the anti Christ is going to propose it as a peace solution but it is the final weapon used to destroy ur soul!! DO NOT TAKE IT! Learn how to survive off the land and be ready to die for Jesus Christ namesake! It’s worth it to make it to heaven and stay out of hell! People can do want they want to u here on earth but all corrupt men will face judgment from The Lord at the end!!

  • Lynn Seez

    I follow you due to the face that I find you intreging.

    You know what backs our fiat currency?

    It’s our military. We will kick your azz if you freak with the dolla. That’s your security. The dollar is worth how hard we can send you to hell.

  • Brandon Walker

    Gary, I agree with most of what you are saying. However, as I pointed out in the article if they collect the debt, it is not considered an act of war from the banking perspective to “foreclose” on property they were given as collateral.

  • Lynn Seez

    Nice to see a Woman posting.

  • Tommy Jeffers

    With the help from our Government the Chinese would be a real threat, If it was legal and our own forces stood down……I can only imagine the chaos that would follow.

  • Lynn Seez

  • Just wondering

    Eminent Domain is a low that is used to acquire property from someone for the good of the people not used in taking there property to give to another nation.

  • Kevin Williams

    Come on folks… the only way they could invade is with a massive number troop carriers which they do not have & for second they would have to get by the Navy & that ain’t happening. You might say how do I know… maybe cause I was Navy stationed out of Pearl Harbor so relax!!!

  • Michael Lawrence

    Having a strong military is needed and definitely a nice thing to have…. but, that’s not what backs our dollars. Nixon took us off of the gold standard, I think that was probably a huge mistake…. Only the promise of our government backs our money. Once upon a time, you could take your paper dollars to the government and demand silver or gold and you could trade in your money. Only our government’s promise backs our money….with this administration….that could be a really bad thing.

  • Lynn Seez

    We are not going to fail..these fucx heads will not win…I will gurateetete you that..

    the socialists will fail…this is WAR!!!! FUCXX THEM.


  • Cheryl K.

    How many military troops are still here in America? You know that Obummer would deploy them somewhere else to prevent them from fighting here to protect Americans, I hope I am wrong but with the way things are going I have my doubts.

  • Cheryl K

    I hope your right but I don’t want congress to bow down to Obummer to make sure we don’t default there has got to be some compromise .

  • Cheryl K.

    sounds good to me , That would solve the problem .

  • Mark Listrud

    i’m there with ya at 5′ 10 1/2″ 210lb. eagle eye-steady shot..

  • Not Scared

    I let my firearm do the talking, shill.

  • carnurse

    China Invade the US.I think they would see real quick that us Americans are not like that Pussy in the White House .I think it would end poorly for those Slope Headed Pieces of Trash.

  • dog491

    yes but they will also be dead.

  • Brett the patriot

    Numbers definitely help; however, look at the nazis and their training and ability with alot less of man power to take out so many russians

  • BJ

    I am a US soldier and I would side with the people not tyranny,I swore an oath to defend the constitution when I entered and thats exactly what I am going to do and many infantry brothers feel the same

  • Deb N

    The naval shipyard was ordered to be closed in 1995 by the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC),[1] and closure was complete on 30 September 1997. By 2004, 72% of the land had been turned over by the military.[2]

    In 1997, COSCO (The China Ocean Shipping Company) wanted to lease the space, including building a $200 million cargo terminal. It was opposed by Rush Limbaugh, the Audubon Society, and was being reviewed for national security by The Pentagon.[1]

    After review by the DoD and CIA, the lease went through, at a payment of $14.5 million per year from the Chinese, with renewal scheduled after ten years. [3]

  • Archer

    Obama, the dems and the liberals infesting the Republcans are the “useful idiots” to the Chinese and as long as they remain useful the Chinese will pretty much leave us alone.

    Obama and the dems™ have made sure we are no longer a threat to the Chinese. That used to be called treason but things are more shades of gray today.

  • bob

    I have no problem protecting what is mine from my enemies foreign and domestic.

  • Archer

    Which is why liberals have no fear of screwing with our currency, endless QE on the horizon by another obama drone.

    It’s also bizarre to say all of what is happening to our nation is intentionally being orchestrated by the left and obama… but it really is.

  • Archer

    Nixon, as a previous attempt at a “new tone” with democrats also gave us the EPA.

  • jaws4316

    This article has zero credibility. You’ve got your facts wrong about the people being kept out of their homes on Lake Mead (not Lake Meed) and if you think $300 million is anywhere near a third of a trillion then you must have flunked third grade math. If you want to be viewed as a credible news source, proper spelling and grammar go a long way towards that end. Some rudimentary documentation of your facts and sources would also help. I happen to be a patriotic conservative who is very concerned about the direction of our Country. I try to share as much information as I can, with the goal of educating and informing the ignorant and the complacent. Your website is making the conservative cause look bad. If you don’t shape up I won’t be sharing any more of your posts and will, regretfully stop subscribing to your posts on Facebook. Sensationalism is one thing, because the truth that people don’t know is often sensational and shocking. But, when you present it in an ignorant and unprofessional manner, you are doing more harm to our cause than good.

  • Binary Recoil

    Please let it be true & make it happen before October ends.
    You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for an absolutely IN-Excusable reason to go “postal” against the ######## that have me enslaved, as an American.
    Chinese soldiers in the way at the same time, too bad/ so sad. Maybe they should’ve allowed their own people to build flying saucers & leave Earth- I’m sure they want to leave as badly as I do. And no one can tell me “lack of resources” as any excuse. We’re to the technological level that labs are aligning atoms in perfect grid formations- we’re a metaphorical inch from re-arranging sub-atomic particles (of course the military’s can already do it since we’re publicly this close to it) so they have as much of anything they could ever want or imagine wanting already.

  • Jeff

    Targeted high altitude nuclear strikes. One over the east coast, one over the west, one over the gulf states. EMP will knock down the entire power grid. All of our military wizardry requires electricity. Only that stuff that is bunkered underground will still work, which would eliminate the majority of our air and land power, leaving us only with what nuclear subs are at sea at the moment. If this is coordinated with the administration (don’t put it past them), they would be sure to have most of our fleet docked before hand (remember Pearl Harbor?) We the people would have no heat, no lights, no cars, no banks, no internet or computers or radios for communication. Only cars made before 1985 would even run, if the batteries weren’t wiped out, and you wouldn’t be able to refuel them anyway… Does the term sitting ducks mean anything to you?

  • Jeff

    Miley Cyrus, George Soros and the Obamas… we’d have to pay them to take them.

  • displacedjim

    A successful invasion of America by the PLA is not even remotely possible.

  • John Jett

    300 Million is a third of a Billion. That error needs to be corrected in this article. Detroit doesn’t deserve this money. Detroit is a perfect example of what Democrats do to a community.

  • Zionistout

    George Sorrows and the other International money Jews/Bolsheviks view China as their new base of operations. They see America as a crumbling state, which they caused it to crumble and they now plan to set up shop in China. Which I am sure some of the fellow yellow slant eyed Chi-com goys will allow, just like some of our white European round eye goys here allowed the Jews to take over and ruin our country and people. The one thing I believe the Jews underestimate is this, that Asians are a lot like Jews in behavior and thought patterns. They both have huge superiority complexes, both are cheap and stingy, and both hate white Europeans. Also the only parts of the world besides the Middle East that the book Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion is huge seller is Asia, Japan, China and so on. The Asian are already “hip” to the Jews games. Like I said, they practice some of them. Jews pick up pennies and will ask for drinks with no ice because they thing they are slick getting that extra 1.5 Oz of soda or beverage. The Asians put locks on their Ice Cream boxes in their stores so you can’t steal a $2 ice cream.

  • Zionistout

    I don’t believe anyone will come here. There is nothing here no one wants. It would be more trouble than its worth. We have nothing no one else doesn’t already have or can’t get in a much cheaper way. China won’t invade, there is nothing here. Also Chinas economy is linked to ours. They depend on America to buy all the shit their slave labor makes. All those fault cheaply made over priced toys and electronics. Yeah if we stopped buying for whatever reason China would crumble. It is already facing economic problems because of our drop in consumer spending.

  • Zionistout

    You want to stop China? Stop shopping. Only buy what you need to. Buy used.

  • Jeremiah Bryant Scott

    That is not going to happen though.

  • David Powell

    30 million registered hunters or 22 million veterans or 80 million gun owners with 300 million guns. Good luck China

  • Patriot

    Remember, China didn’t even have an air craft carrier. They had to buy a run down old Russian Carrier that was never finished because they ran out of money. China is the least of our problems. Chinas army is bigger than Americas 3 to 1. But you have to remember China would never reach our shores. Our ballistic missile system will destroy any aircraft and watercraft 1000 miles away! Besides there is a gun in every home. Do you really think Americans wouldn’t band together to destroy any invading army? Of course we would.

  • Patriot

    The Chinese are the last people we have to fear. Our ballistic missile system would destroy anything attempting to invade our shores from a 1000 miles away; ships, jets, subs and missiles. Remember they didnt even have an aircraft carrier until they bought that piece of junk from the Russians last year that was never finished in the first place. Their army out numbers ours 3 to 1 but how are they going to get here? We would blow them up before they even left their bases. Last but not least the reason why Hitler never tried to invade, every US citizen was packing!

  • Patriot

    The Dinks would never reach our shores to begin with. Our Ballistic missile system will destroy everything and anything attempting to approach our Western seaboard a thousand miles away. Chinas standing Army is 4,000,000 the US 1,500,000 it makes no difference anyway they would never reach our Western or Eastern shores. Lets say for what ever reason they just plopped right in the middle of the USA. We would have major losses but they would never make it out of the US alive. Too many citizens with weapons. Shoot 11,000,000 people went hunting last year.

  • Jacobb Chapman

    I knew it would happen one day. China is getting sick of the United States not being able to pay it’s bills. After World War 2, Germany took responsibility for the war and agreed to pay off the debt to the United States. Germany just paid off all of their debt in 2010. My point is, is that Germany was able to pay off it’s debt, so why can’t the United States?

  • Patriot

    China has 4,000,000 standing Army. United States has 1.500,000. The war wouldn’t even reach our soil but it will never happen. They know this. Our Ballistic missile system will destroy everything and anything trying to approach our Western or Eastern Seaboard. Remember they just purchased an unfinished air craft carrier from Russia last year. They don’t even really have a Navy. Japan has a larger Navy than theirs. You give China too much credit. They are good at one thing and thats copying other peoples goods and technology. Russia is no longer a threat since their country dissolved in a bunch of little countries. Their is no other threats except the Muslim in the White House

  • Patriot

    China has a 4,000,000 standing Army. The US 1,500.000.
    Our Ballistic Missile system would destroy anything and everything approaching our Western and Easter seaboards. They will never make it to our soil.
    I can see this article has gotten a few people going. haha

  • Patriot

    The only thing we have to worry about is Getting that Corrupt Lying Piece of Shit Ghetto Trash out of the White House! All the destruction is coming from within! its a good start anyway.

  • Confederate Flag

    Im with you as well, being 6′ 205 pounds, angry as can be and dont like none of them foreign bastards.

  • Bobby Bovnik

    now you know how it feels to be every country the USA ever stuck its nose in… Thats exactly why these arabs are willing to strap bombs to themselves and walk into crowds and shit..

  • dgrgeargerhg

    As American with many guns at my disposal I can only speak for myself in saying let the brass fly and watch the slant eye die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JimSherwood3

    Why get distracted by a Chinese threat – when the foremost threat to the United States of America is Washington, D.C.

  • PaddyHenry

    We are here, and we aren’t going anywhere!! BJ, I am a veteran, and like you I remember my oath. We stand at the ready, brothers forever!!

  • Michael Lawrence

    The EPA, when it was formed, was probably needed….incidences like the Love Canal fire prove that the environment was suffering. But now, they go way too far on many things. It could be that the current administration has told them to go way too far in creating regulations….if I had to take a wild hair guess, that would be my guess. I know Obama has said he will bankrupt the coal industry and there have been a multitude of new regulations on the coal industry, so it would not surprise me to find that he is using the EPA as a political weapon against the industries and businesses that his supporters dislike. The EPA needs to be disbanded and cut from government. Send this power to the states….it is not a power granted to the federal government by the constitution.

  • Archer

    Perhaps, but not they way they formed it. No agency not specified in the Constitution should have ANY power to do anything.
    The EPA as of today is no longer interested in pursuing and seeing the prosecution of illegal polluters… they’re more interested in harassing groups that oppose Obama’s political ambitions.

  • JdoubleD

    China knows any invasion will lead to a nuclear war. There not as stupid as obama.

  • Doc USN

    And just how pray, would they get that army here???

  • Radical Conservative

    There is only ONE REASON no Government has attacked us and OUR GOVERNMENT hasn’t attacked us – WE THE PEOPLE have more arms than any one army.

  • Cole

    Hear hear!

  • Michael Lawrence

    This is a possibility. However, I don’t believe that the Chinese would use this kind of weapon. My reasoning is that while they could do this, launching a weapon of this kind would be noted by our satellites and those in power would know about their launch in a matter of minutes. Flight time for such a weapon would be close to 30 minutes. That is long enough to deliver launch orders and launch codes to every silo, submarine, and nuclear capable bomber in our inventory. The Chinese could not knock out every one of those delivery systems and they know it. It become a cold war scenario much like we has with the former USSR. Mutually Assured Destruction or MAD prevents them from launching such weapons. Another thing that China must consider is that many of our allies are also nuclear armed nation. If China were to launch such a strike, their forces assaulting after this strike would have no home country to return to. Our submarines that would not be affected by such a strike would destroy their naval forces and any supplies that they were carrying…this would also include fuel for any aircraft that they would have. Our submarines off of their coast would probably be tasked with destroying any ICBM capability that they would have. This would be a much shorter flight time than missiles fired from CONUS and would take out their weapons in their silos before they could launch them.

    The troops assaulting our nation would have no homeland to return to, no supply line to resupply them. They would only have the supplies that were on board the ships bringing them to the assault. Our submarines that were not effected by the EMP would destroy their ships. And most likely, their submarines are already being tracked and would be ordered destroyed immediately. Their planes, helicopters, and trucks would be of little use without fuel. Fuel sources can be denied by destroying those sources or guarding them with sufficient forces. Either way, the war comes down to the number of trigger pullers. In an EMP blast, rifles still work. The Chinese will not have enough troops. They might be able to land enough to establish a strong beachhead, but then what? It’s not like they are simply going to be allowed to remain in place. eventually artillery will be brought in to fire upon their positions….it may be pulled into place by horses or old trucks, but it will be placed for use. Modern artillery can still be aimed without all the other modern technology that goes along with it. It may not be as accurate without using GPS to aim, but artillery fire can always be corrected the old fashioned way…direct observation of where the rounds hit. Corrections may be a bit slow in coming without radios or telephones, but there will still be corrections made even if a runner has to be sent with the correction information. Or maybe some enterprising prepper would have built a Faraday cage and has a few walkie talkies stashed in it…. EMP strike is possible….but China would cease to exist. I guess we’d be out of debt then…..

  • jason

    this is correct. over 74% of corporate and government land here inmainland USA is legaly, china owend* that is a fact, google it. it was basically given to them as collateral. china dosnt even need to invade…all the have to do is say we want our land now..kick out hte americans living thier on american soil, and do what they please with it.

  • Jason

    Yes we do!!! but the asians have an advantage..numbers* Look at the japanese, WWII…kamikazies, attacked in waves. Korean war, vietnam war. we never won those wars, we pulled out. why couldnt we win? Bcuase they kept attacking us in HUGE waves, and kept coming and coming, overcoming american platoons and squads. despite all the artillery, airstrikes of napalm, grouping and trenching, foxholing for cover, sniping..they kept coming. something to keep in mind….the communists are VERY lethal and tactical in numbers.

  • Jason

    even the germans, despite in WWII, the imense numbers that surrendered, fought like wolves on crank. Their flaw, was in the ranks. unlce adolph told the tanks were to go, when to fire. if it wasnt for that flaw, D day may not have happened as history recorded it. Romel knew the allies would attack at normandy…hitler didnt beilive it. disno led them too belive we were going too attack much easter of france. It still took the atomic bomb, to cause the asians, (japanese) too surrender. 2 of them to be exact.
    Revolutionary war..the british had the same flaw…file in order, do as you told, dont fire unless told too. that is what gave us americans the advantage. most colonists had no interest in the war, they would have let the brits walk n take it all. it took stunning and well planned thought out verbal ingenuity to convince them to fight. ( the colonists). when stuck in a filed and being shot at, you too would shoot back, before they shoot you. words carefully selected influence your legion.
    going back too WWII..even back then, most americans did not want to go to war. in fact, their were many brown shirt organizations here int he us, supporting hitler, anti seminist and comunist stuff. corporations too…google in prescott bush, Dupont, GM, ousted too overthrow roosevelt. sergio butler they wanted too lead this, and install a facist mousallini dicatatorship, that was around 1933/34. butler was a patriot and informed roosevelt what was up. yet those companys were never held for treason, prosecuted, ect. the word patriot was popularized in 1940;s something that caught on…too win the war.

  • David Foster

    fuck no you wont china id rather die than be ruled over by china and im sure many millions of americas feel the same way

  • Michael Lawrence

    I agree with you. Obama is using many of the agencies of our government as political weapons. This is one of the agencies that, if our economy fails…when it fails…it should be one of the first things cut from the government’s budget.

  • fenriswf

    Bingo! We have a winner! Bobby speaks the truth. You will thump your chest and scream MERICA! But the other guy, fuck him. We will kick his ass, and then you do not understand why they blow things up.

  • Guest

    although i wouldnt mind willfully standing down to russia

  • Michael Lawrence

    Jason, you have made some very good points. I do not disagree with you that there were human wave attacks in previous wars. The Chinese may do this in future wars. Jason, look to those passed wars. For the most part, the Chinese only attacked using human waves when they had a far superior number. The advantages of being in a fixed defense are overwhelmed by 5:1 or 6:1 numbers. Also consider that human wave attacks at night give the attacker an advantage…without night vision equipment it makes it much more difficult to detect attacks and thus defend against them.
    An invading force would have a very difficult time of invading a nation where fully 1/3 of the population is armed. Assuming that no EMP or nuclear weapons had been used…an invading army would find that getting into the US is not going to be easy. Parachute dropped troops are lightly equipped and armed and unless there is a huge armada of planes dropping troops, their numbers would not be overwhelming. How many planes could actually penetrate our airspace? Large cargo planes with no stealth technology? Very few. If they were to used commercial airliners for their assault? In light of what happened on 9/11/01, planes that deviate from their assigned routes get more scrutiny today. Fighters would be scrambled to escort these wayward airliners. Once it became clear that these planes were being used as parachute assault delivery, there is a good chance that they would be fired on.
    A beach assault…very costly on a prepared beach like Normandy on D day. Most of our beaches would not be prepared for defense. However, our satellites would have detected an assault armada and forces would be waiting just out of naval bombardment range. Assuming our submarines have not already destroyed such an armada, the assault would begin and those wating forces would be moved forward and the ribbon cutting would begin. This is before any Chinese troops even get off the beach. Very costly and an EPIC failure. The only way an invasion has a chance is to use EMP weapons prior to the invasion. But, to do this ensures that the invading force will have no home to return to, no supply line to count on, and facing a military that is crippled, but not dead…not to mention the 100 million strong militia of our nation.

  • Orpin

    Those missiles require codes that only the president knows. If (and I’m not saying whether I believe this poorly-written article or not…) this is true, then Zer0barry would welcome the Chinese. They would land either unopposed or having only met a token, non-nuclear response from renegade sailors and Marines. What this shows is that this country is as divided as it was in 1861 because of this Manchurian Candidate in the White House.

    By the way, the Chinese army, including reserves, is larger than the entire population of the US, so 90 million of us with guns is not enough.

  • callingyouout

    You’re an idiot.

  • callingyouout

    And just how do you propose the Chinese land 90 million +, all at the same time?

  • Ron Palmieri

    Don’t kid yourself with that fallacy. They all want our resources….just not the fight with us to get them.

  • BrotherWill

    This has to be the most uniformed and dumbest article ever to appear on this site. China can not even provide the logistics needed to invade Taiwan right off their shore and you think they can take us on all the way across the Pacific? Lololololololololololololololololol.

  • Marco

    The Chinese are intelligent people. There isn’t any need to invade if THEY ALREADY OWN IT ECONOMICALLY. Don’t you understand? They own our debt… our debt ceiling raised and THEY WERE THE LENDERS! They already invaded without doing so. Wake up people!

  • jj

    This story has a lot of holes…. especially $300 million does not equal 1/3 trillion dollars… and Obama targeting an elderly couple lol… 2 old people.. really.. and the quote is actually “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” They were scared of the United States. Last, but not now or ever a final point, a currency war is not an invasion… There has been a currency war for many years. The reason people believe articles like this is because they don’t research the facts and just believe the words on the page…

  • John F Gordon

    Gooooolly, ya mean I might get a chance to kill little slant eye commies again?

  • mr p

    People saying “we know the land better, guerrilla war will win it for the US”. I can imagine Iraqis and Afghans saying exactly the same shit. Just not over the internet…

  • JOHN

    all i can say is…. WOLVERINES!!

  • america 54321

    retards…. they would airstrike the living fuck out of you and your pistol before they sent in their 300,000,000 foot soldiers. im pretty sure north koreas largest military in the world would join the party. lol, stupid fucking americans don’t have a clue of how fast defeat would happen if china and n. korea decided to.;

  • brandon

    I apoligize for my grammer errors but here are some more questions to think aboout

    Ok what I got from this is china can invade through their ports in the U.S., beach warfare, and using industry and tourism. we also have other nations who would love to invade the U.S.. what if china went to our bases and allied nations first do you really think they would stand against china’s army? they want U.S. resources so they have no problem using nuclear weapons on our allies nor do our allies have the same defense as us. then our defense relies heavily on satellite usage. Is it possible to use EMPs in space? did we all also forget cyber warfare? yet alone Just as we created the h bomb in history is it not possible to create new kind of technological warfare? rumors of weapons that can cause earth quakes banned projects retaken up have you forgotten we are what? ranked around 30 in just about every subject? technology and efficiency and so on and so forth. what we have going for us is our military is number one do you know how much it cost just to run our navy daily? all china has to do is be patient we are running ourselves into the ground. Hearing all these comments all I see is a lot of us are ignorant. there is so much unknown so many little factors that we are missing while china is in the back sitting and saying those dumb asses are working for us. they are exploiting every little detail testing, practicing, and observing are responses, our waters, our land. What about the groups that supported Hitler withing the united states. what would you die hard Americans do if you saw your fellow american waiving the Chinese flag would you turn on yourselves? we are a nation of nations with the spine ( government) keeping us functional and together is collapsing and our 90 million militia? how much of that militia are citizens just holding guns to protect them selves from the chaos of there neighbors in case some power hungry fool tries something dumb.

  • LOL

    One thing you guys need to realize- Wars are fought in the air now-
    Your ar-15 is going to do very little good against SPOOKY.

    I will be fighting-
    I am not John Wayne however.
    Those who think differently-
    Will be the first casualties-

  • Patrick Lawrence

    I not only remember my oath, I understand it. Many of our so called brothers today fail to understand the responsibility they swore to upon joining our ranks. Those of us who do MUST be willing to stand against all enemies, even our own brethren, if we intend to save the things we love.

  • Monie in the Middle

    A guy named “Confederate Flag” who doesn’t like foreigners. Well, there’s a surprise.

  • Monie in the Middle

    You do realize that China has over 2,285,000 ACTIVE military members, right?

  • Monie in the Middle

    All of this “Red Scare” shit. You see what trying to stop the spread of Communism did for America during the Vietnam War…

    As a person who actually lives and works in China, I can tell you that China doesn’t really give a rats ass about America. The country is tanking and the world knows it. The RMB is well on its way to becoming the dominant reserve currency, so start investing in the yuan now ladies and gents.

  • Michael Lawrence

    Yes, I realize that. Estimates were between 3 and 4 million active members. This number is actually a little lower than expected. China does not have the capability to move that many troops at one time for an assault. Even if they did, not all of that number would be considered combat troops. Every military has members that are administrative or support troops. China’s problem would be getting their troops and equipment here for an invasion. Possibly, China could press into military service their state owned cargo fleet. These cargo ships could be used to transport large amounts of troop, tanks, artillery, or supplies. But these ships are not designed for amphibious operations. These ships are not able to launch landing craft or hovercraft from a well deck. Troops could be transferred to smaller boats, but heave cargo like tanks and artillery would have to be offloaded at a pier by cranes like a container. China’s best bet for an invasion of the US would be to come overland. Moving enough military material and personnel into position is not easy to hide. The would have to attack from Canada or Mexico….both of which are our ally. I imagine that such an attack would have to come with cooperation.

    Here is an article you might find interesting…it compares US and Chinese military forces. it is a short read, but I think it is very insightful and something to consider.

    Also, take note… I did not mention the 100 million armed US citizens above. We are the unorganized militia…. all able bodied persons are the militia. Many of these armed citizens will bring the fight to any invading force. 100 million…that significantly dwarfs the military forces of China…and a goodly portion of the entire world combined. Every blade of grass will have a rifle behind it…an invading army will not remain on US soil for long….at least not while they are alive.

  • Robert Peterson

    Good maybe they’ll kill all the fat lazy fuckers first they’ll just get in the way. Allow the elite fighters to handle the chinese. We know what to do

  • paradiseladyi

    They won’t,it will be gradual at first just like the terrorist that hit NYC and Pa. We won’t know it till it happens.

  • jr61020

    This article is bogus, not true, lie

  • Captured Angel

    Brandon, it’s Lake Mead, not Lake Meed. Otherwise, an excellent article, and has me scared shitless!

  • Ben Walden

    I guess I’ll be leaving the country sooner than I thought. I wonder how the UK is. I got a few friends there to stay with, may be I can also have a real college education there to.

  • Captured Angel

    They could turn it into an air invasion if they decided to just bomb the hell out of our coastal military bases and industrial complex. If they came in via Long Beach, CA, they could destroy all of the oil refineries along I-11 and the oil rigs offshore, plus attacking the military bases in California alone would do some major damage to our country’s defense abilities. That, combined with an East/West Coast invasion of the Naval bases in and around San Diego, Pensacola, and Norfolk, would just about cripple our Naval forces. And, of course, there would be the obligatory bombing of Washington, D.C. to throw our government into chaos and trigger the Continuity of Government we’ve all heard so much about. At that point, do you think that there would be anything to prevent all-out nuclear war?

  • Ben Walden

    I’d join ya. Theres a few people I want to take out personally first. :p

  • RedBeard762

    LOL You really think China would deploy their entire army to the US… ? That’s just asking every american currently deployed in the eastern hemisphere to retaliate in kind and hey guess what, Theres no ocean to cross and we’d be knocking on China’s door within days if so. Doing so would be strategicly negligent of them…

  • Michael Lawrence

    The Chinese do not have long range bombers, where would they launch their attack from? They only have 1 aircraft carrier that they bought from Ukraine and they are still trying to work the bugs out of their training program and don’t expect their carrier to be ready for combat operations for at least 10 years. The Chinese also have not quite perfected stealth technology on their aircraft, so any air invasion would be seen on radar long before it reached any targets. Cruise missiles….that might work. But lets just assume for a minute that China did launch such a campaign…. Their air raids show up on our radar, fighters are scrambled and because we have the very best fighter pilots in the world, China does not reach their targets. Cruise missiles would be launched. Now those, would cause some damage. They are hard to spot on radar because they fly so low, and hard to bring down because they are hard to find. The ships that launch the cruise missiles are not hard to see on radar and they are not hard to find. They won’t get a second shot at taking out targets. Once stuff starts exploding from cruise missile strikes, every plane and submarine will be tasked with putting their navy on the bottom of the ocean. Since those ships show up on radar, they won’t be able to hide. How many ships would have to be sunk before China rethinks their attack? Yes, China has submarines and most likely they are being tracked even now. Our navy tracked Soviet subs, so why not track Chinese subs? Even their sub fleet would be sunk…er…destroyed.

    Now imagine the potential response….B2 bombers have flown from their base in Missouri and bombed targets in Iraq, so we do have bombers capable of extremely long flights and they are stealth bombers…. Interestingly, some of those bombers have been moved to Okinawa for potential strikes in North Korea…I imagine B2s over Beijing would be seen as a problem. I can imagine command and control buildings being destroyed, power sources being destroyed, and other infrastructure being destroyed. Attack aircraft flying from our aircraft carriers destroying their coastal navy, radar sites, and other military targets. Our submarines would go hunting Chinese shipping once their attacking naval forces were finished. Our naval forces would get close enough to launch our cruise missiles. Of course with our aircraft carriers providing air cover from Chinese air forces. The question is, would we want to invade China? An invasion would be costly in lives and in treasure. It would be much cheaper to conduct an air only campaign. Destroy their ability to make war and then leave. An object lesson would have been taught, but would they learn that lesson?
    China could possibly launch nuclear weapons…of course, Beijing would be a glowing sheet of glass before their weapons reached our nation…the subs we have sitting off of their coast would destroy China. MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction is a deterrent and we could very well enter another cold war era….assuming Obama does not sign away our nuclear arsenal.

  • RedBeard762

    That’s the attitude that wins wars!
    Its them or us, and my kids will not grow up
    under a Chinese boot heel.

    So help me god…

  • RedBeard762

    11,000,000 Americans went hunting last year… That’s probably well over 20 million guns and the men and women skilled enough to kill at range before even being seen. Bring it on if you really think 2.2 million is worth getting fussied up about. We have an army of civilian Snipers…

  • Russ

    What needs to be done is replace the entire government as per the Constitution. The truly concerned American needs to get off of the couch, quit being a ‘keyboard commando’ and come together with other true Americans and take the country back. It would be a very bloody battle and I’m sure the pretender in chief would be quick to annihilate as many Americans as quickly as he could in his attempt to keep the power he treasures so much. I’m afraid we’re like the frogs in the slowly boiling water, tho.


  • Russ

    You’re exactly right-it’s about money AND power. This has all been put in motion years ago. People may joke and laugh about the likes of CFR, Bilderbergs, Illuminati and the Bohemian Grove bunch but there is a group behind the scenes making the plans and calling the shots. Obozo is just a pawn in the big picture. But I’m sure he’ll be quick to declare martial law to expedite and further the one world agenda.


    hope everyone is proud of there selves electing a terrorist president you brought this on yourselves America now everyone has to pay the price for it time to head for the mountains and live the way they did before all the fancy computers and stuff sad part is half of the American citizens couldn’t fin for themselves if they had!!!



  • Steven Knichel

    $300 Million would be almost 1/3 of a BILLION dollars, not trillion

  • Jason Pearson

    wrong….., theres land and open space and thats what china wants. This has just opened another can of worms that im sorry, you Americans have to deal with.
    The problem here is………, the government has sold what it doesnt own…, your lives and peace of mind. They are there to ensure the American way of life isnt interupted by these issues. Unfortunately., they have been neglectful of your rights and also of your freedoms. Soon.., they will come knocking on your door and demand that you vacate it as a family from China moves in. About that time…, i urge you to reach for your Ak47 of chinese manufacture and hand it back., bullet by bullet.., or to reach over and take your American made Ar 15
    and empty the magazine at those responsible for this mess….., the government and especially….., congress

  • Jason Pearson

    Rock on ther Joe………….

  • Jason Pearson

    Heres the thing though and i agree with Brian Lewis., but the thing he forgetting here is………, every office in the U.S Armed services have sworn an oath., to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and to defend America against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Their oath is to the flag of America., not to obama…, who is not America…., but an islamic lap-dog
    Heres the thing………, im not American., im not even in America., but i am a staunch supporter of America and am thankful for the sacrifices made by American soldiers during WWII for my freedom and life here and now. I will always be a voice in support for the American people regardless of which clown sits in the seat of POTUS

  • odysseus1203

    I hate to say it but the Ak47 is far more reliable, and pretty accurate too so I would go with that vs the AR 15. I would much have a weapon that I can get dirt in it, and it still shoots reliably well.

  • truthseeker

    check out an article from early 2009 by dr tru ott on china’s eminent domain.

  • LeadPatriot

    You know there are Sailors who go into a room and they have full control over Nuclear warheads? Not every missile is under the president, maybe the W88’s and W87’s but not all of the missiles. Let’s hope there are some good souls on board of our Naval Fleet. If a Modern Civil war breaks out, half our Military would be for us and half would be scared of upper command and fight for the corrupt leaders. Who wants to move to Texas? Well Texas, I like everything they’re doing but that could be a war on two fronts, the southern border and the Northern border of Texas, Maybe take all of the good people in Texas and stick em in North Dakota? I’m sure Canada wouldn’t let the corrupt leaders get an advantage on us on their land. They might even help the future leaders of The United States (us).

  • Monie in the Middle

    You do realize I’m not Chinese. And I love how all of these gun owners think they’re skilled enough to hold their own against trained military personnel. You go on and keep thinking that.

  • American vs. Foreign

    While I gotta say that I likely agree with him more than you, that was funny!

  • Andrew Molloy

    “Government came up with $300 million dollars in
    a back door deal to keep the city afloat. Now the United states doesn’t
    have 1/3 of a trillion dollars just to give to a city, so where do you
    think the money came from?” Is it just me or is there something wrong with this quote from the article

  • Dr. Mike

    We were traveling a couple years ago and staying in a campground in our Motor Home. We had a nice Coach next to us and the family claimed to be neighbors of Speaker John Boehner. During one of our talks he shared that they had been told by Boehner that the reason we were not drilling for oil in America was that it was collateral for our debts to several countries around the world. True or not I do not know but they were driving a million dollar Prevost Coach and were by their tags and accents from the area where John Boehner is from.

  • HoneyGracious

    America Has Enough money to pay the debt for one thing. but if we Do Default. In the Constitution Amendment 14 4 ( I beleive that is it) The president has to pay each holder: them on top priority first on down but them that are at war with us are not to be paid I believe China is well aware of this . And Are not likely to be ready to war… Besides .. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.II Timothy 1:7] ..Isaiah 54 15 Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper;…..

  • Awaken

    I pray your right BJ. We need our Military to stand with us on this. As for me, I’m a 51 y.o woman. My daughter (24) and I are aware of everything that is going on. We will be buying our first gun this week and learning how to use it. We will be one of the “not so skilled” people out there but will do what we can to stand our ground. To be honest with you, I’m scared as hell.

  • Mike-Sandi Bodway

    That’s right but your not going to get the fools to stop buying china’s cheap shit. Dollar stores and family dollar and dollar trees popping up all across the nation. more stupid ass Wal-Mart grazers buying cheap shit made in china. buying cars made from china. Stop buying your kids toys made from china. Don’t buy Smithfield farms ham product because its now a Chinese owned company. Take the time to look at the labels on where its made. if it is not made in the usa…..don’t buy it period

  • Mike-Sandi Bodway

    That’s alright because I have the gas and the match to incinerate every blade out there

  • sebastian

    ALL infantry brothers & sisters SHOULD feel the same! Unfortunately, too many of them are blinded by the great white beaming light of their lord & savior Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Griff Griffin

    You don’t think the Chinese slaves won’t enslave U.S you are mistaken.

  • Griff Griffin

    MOST Americans do not have the stomach for this. Prepare to be taken over.

  • Griff Griffin

    You mean the ballistic missile system the Obamanation has shut down?

  • Michael Lawrence

    You may be right, but there are enough to make any take over very costly.

  • tommyboy

    tired about hearing about these devilsih regimes. bring it on! want another nuke sandwich? God is still in business, and this is still the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  • Lynn Seez

    You would be surprised Red…I have a crew of socialists that are willing to fight for freedom as Americans.

    Our American unity crosses all lines…racial etc. As Americans, fuxx what the msms say…we are united.

  • Archer

    Hi there Lynn long time!
    That goes with the TEA Party too, they also cross all demographic lines and political ones. They are made up of republican, democrats and independents.

  • Archer

    The DHS is Obama’s national civilian police force. I wouldn’t count their official support. That said, I’ve met someone with military connections that are P.O.d enough with the current regime that in event of an invasion would join a civilian movement and bring their equipment with them.
    I also see that if such an event would take place, Obama would be China’s puppet.

  • Michael Lawrence

    I do agree that the DHS has become Obama’s national civilian “army”. I do not expect their official support. But just like every agency, many in the DHS joined this agency for the right reasons, they wanted to serve and protect our nation. It is improbably that Obama hand picked every DHS agent to join his personal goon squad. I can imagine many of them joining with the civilians and also bringing their equipment. Of course, the top level of DHS are hand picked Obama sycophants.

    As far as Obama being China’s puppet….there are enough now that want him removed from office. Siding with China if China invades would be just one more reason to remove him. In that instance, I do not think that his removal would be stopped.

    Hopefully, conservatives win both houses of congress in next year’s election. I say win both houses because RINOs are not helping and they vote with democrats as often as not. If that occurs, America should demand Obama’s impeachment immediately. Obama is not the only one that should be impeached. Joe Biden should be right with him in his complacency and aiding Obama. From there, Eric Holder, John Kerry, Kathleen Sebelius, Susan Rice, and every unconstitutional czar need to be canned. Jay Carney should be forced to wear the title Baghdad Bob. Holder, along with being fired, should be arrested for his part in Fast and Furious.

  • tommy gunn

    trained to fight US citizens OR trained to fight the chinese because they know they are getting too comfy and may strike on us. They give them footing and profit centers, at the same time ramp up internal security. Also, those FEMA coffins are made to fit them, that’s why they are a little bit shorter than necesarry. If they were for US citizens they would be well over 6 foot long and deeper too for the fat ones. They don’t want a premature attack from China, they are prepped and ready along with our military, sheriffs and militia groups.

  • Claudiatvl

    with the agreement about The Eminent Domain that was in the paper work that Hillary took to China two weeks after Obama’s inauguration in 2009, CHINA OWNS ALL THE LAND AND REAL ESTATE IN THIS COUNTRY, Completely and INCLUDING TEXAS, There was a standard clause in the HSBC Loan Agreements that Hillary took to China and SIGNED OVER and not many people even knew or CARED about that codicil. It is standard in ALL REAL ESTATE DOCUMENTS. She and Obama KNEW FULL WELKKL WHAT THEY WERE DOING, as did George Soros and Valarie Jarrett.. It is real, if you don’t believe me, look up HSBC LOAN DOCUMENTS Hillary took to China in 2009 and EMINENT DOMAIN provisions.

  • Brian Klotsch Sr

    it is happening…little by little….we all need to help it along

  • Blue

    Are you for real? Martial Law allows for anyone to enter your home and take whatever they want during this period. It would only take a few weeks to capture all guns etc. from us Americans. This is very serious.

  • Germ

    Wasn’t aware the Taliban have a airforce, you know nothing of warfare.

  • Jimmy

    You mean all the guns you think we have? You must be from the big city. Its been common practice for 60+ years to buy many guns and bury what you don’t currently use. Construction crews have been digging up old weapons stashes for 30 years. Hell the police and fire departments told most gun owners they knew to bury their guns right after 9/11 stating they will use it as an excuse to take your guns. I know farmers that have massive WW2 and nam weapons caches that would make the insurgents in Iraq jealous buried under farmland they still farm crops on today. They may be old but they can still kill alot of people.

  • Joël Pichette

    Now, I can buy that for a dollar.

  • Brandon Joseph Gregory

    Actually most of the youth in this nation is not fat, stupid, or lazy. You are talking about the older group of individuals. FYI most older groups in all nations are fat, and lazy.

  • Brandon Joseph Gregory

    You think we wouldn’t be alone? We have NATO, we have most of the country armed. We aren’t susceptible to invasion. We’ve never been susceptible to invasion. Ask the British about the “War” of 1812. It was a complete failure because citizens were armed. Your talk is cheap, because you underestimate the people of the United States.

  • Bradley James

    100 thumbs up

  • Jess Mee

    Here we are a year later, and no invasion has occurred. China does not own the port of Long Beach. There are Chinese shipping companies which have deals to move their goods through the port, but they don’t own it.

  • Jess Mee

    First of all, China has to keep a large portion of its military at home to maintain population control and secure their borders. They can’t send everything here. Second, how would that invasion force even get here? China doesn’t have the logistical capacity to invade Taiwan, let alone cross a quarter of the planet to reach US soil. We still have the world’s largest and best military, which WOULD be used to stop them. The government is not planning to hand the country over to China or any other foreign power.

  • Jess Mee

    You do realize that China has to keep most of its military at home to maintain population control and to secure its borders?

  • malakas

    china has a lot more to worry about now than America going under default, first of all China has just made top of isis list because of the harsh treatment of Chinese Muslims in xianjiang. and isis had vowed for revenge. second china only depends on sheer numbers of soldiers, rockets, missiles ect. third they have no war experience no soldier or weapon has ever been into combat. 4th they even got their buts kicked twice by the Vietnamese. imagine 1979 when Vietnam invaded Cambodia they left all of their regular divisions in Cambodia and left a contingency of only 100,000 Vietnamese militia to defend the Vietnam border china invaded with 250,000 meaning 25 regular armored divisions and still got their buts kicked. the Chinese nor north Koreans don’t worry me. Chinese don’t know how to put together the logistics, heck they had to get an old hammy down from Russia to claim their first aircraft carrier. a people suppose to be advanced in some technology cant even come up to build a landing craft. and north korea don’t have fuel or oil. to lounch a full scale attack of any kind. and 5th but not least. china and north korea have many un happy citizents who would love to get rid of communism. look at hong kong for example Beijing was trembling please don’t start nothing here! so you tell me will china or north korea invade hell they are already here. from 1980 to present over 100,000 plus illegal Chinese were smuggled into ports through cargo bins. and to present since 1980 over 50 to 100 illegal Chinese are caught trying to cross the Mexican borders. when you go to Chinese restruant and you see Chinese workers you might think I wonder how long they have been working here because they should by now have some kind of American influence and speak some English. who knows how many of them are Chinese spys or PLA waiting for green light go. drop a fortune cookie and pick up an AK47. but now that isis is out they are scared shetless…I wouldn’t worry about a Chinese invasion I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chinese economy collapses before we do….

  • malakas

    yeah go to texas let me know how the Ebola epidemic is going on there….

  • malakas

    yah right depends on who has the guns.. criminals like gangsters ect will end up being collaborators. it will be all about who gots the cash because criminals want to keep their ground and territory they don’t care about you. and second those with guns who are cowards will turn others in. the ones who would want to fight for free America will eventually end up dead. the ones who run to the hills as survivors will be hunted down and killed or thrown into camps. best thing to do is shoot yourself no win situation. we will kill each other off just to survive it will look like hunger games ect. mad max. it be every man for themselves… if this to happen we are in a draught, we have Ebola now so who the hell want to invade us now…maybe it might work out if china took over just think of it they got some pretty women, we could get a discount on Chinese take out. and everyone in America just might end up with jobs since we be working for them… we will look pretty much like hong kong. accept be white people speaking mandarin

  • malakas

    no kidding the British realized why ruin a good thing just keep the opium coming

  • malakas

    I wouldn’t worry about either, what I would worry about is isis influencing those drug cartels in mexico and those Ms13 gangsters out of el Salvador who isis do have drug connections with both. why isis come in the us through Mexican borders all they need to do is pay off a couple of million to have any of the latinos to come and blow up our power grid. they would come as lone wolves and pay others to do their dirty work plus radicalize the muslims in the united states as they are becoming. hope to god it doesn’t happen remember that woman worker who was beheaded by that copycat muslim dude? your worrying about the wrong people. so they send latinos in to do their dirty work that way none of them isis can be traced

  • malakas

    well gung ho, I hope you got enough ammo to kill 1.2 million PLA soldiers and another 2 million that will come right after the first wave.. but like I said in previous comments who in the hell want to invade the united states now that we have Ebola? we all be dead with in 3 years before they come make the decision to come over here

  • malakas

    then in that case you might as well shoot yourself..

  • malakas

    now the Chinese are worried about isis threat to take revenge for the harsh treatment of Chinese Muslims in xianjiang province china. and in fact the Chinese was placed on the top of the the isis list.. the Chinese are worried shitless… hong kong could trigger an issue throughout china see Chinese got to much shit to worry about. first they don’t have any war experience of any kind, they cant even pull together logistics to do such a thing. the Chinese people want to get rid of communism same as the north Koreans hell yeah they will not invade to much Is at stake for them. isis and their own people so they stay put. makes since… they cant even come up with a landing craft. it take another 10 maybe 20 yrs if they pull it off.. hell they economy may just collapse before ours does…

  • malakas

    what talking about fight why do they need to fight? shit they don’t need to fight the entire west coast will be handed to them.. shit they already won real estate across the damn country they already just about own California, Florida and whatever. they just took over a major bank teach Chinese in schools now instead of Spanish and French. I think you been sleeping back since the cold war. and as I mentioned in some earlier comments from 1980 to present there been over 100,000 plus illegal Chinese smuggled into the us in cargo bins entering our seaports and 50 to 100 Chinese are caught sneaking across the Mexican borders a day.. you tell me who these illegals are could be Chinese spys or PLA soldiers.. who knows who? when you go to a Chinese restruant and see workers still looking so Chinese you will wonder how long have they been here why by now they don’t have any American influence? ei get it! green light go drop your fortune cookie and pick up an AK

  • malakas

    yeah like try the state of Oregon, to where there is only 1 state trooper to guard the coast line because of freakn budget cuts.. its the most vulnerable state in all America… wide open

  • malakas

    talking about we are already slaves to the chinese

  • malakas

    anyone can have an air force, as the story goes its not the plane that kills people kill.. so you can have a million planes in an air force but you be screwed if you have no experience

  • malakas

    you see how hard it is for the president to build a coalition for airstrikes by NATO allies… the only reason why most are deciding to join is because they realized how close isis is coming to a neighborhood near them….

  • malakas

    the point is, most allied countries are too chicken shit anymore to jump into the fight. for the last decade the only one who ever helps the us is the united kingdom.. yes most of the time its true we do stand alone like we did some what in the last Iraqi war.

  • malakas

    I think Americans with guns would end up killing themselves and each other before any Chinese. those criminals with guns will end up as the collaborators to the enemy. cowards with guns will turn each other in just to save their own ass’s those who will really fight for freedom will end up dead and those who try to run to the hills to survive will be hunted down like animals… yeah it be pretty messed up don’t count on a united America if that invasion were to happen. people will turn on others like ives aid to save their own ass'[s besides everyone may have a gun how many can out match their ammunition you think Chinese will come if they do with only 100,000 troops don’t think so try 1.2 million and another million to re-enforce the first wave of attack.. but I wouldn’t worry about the Chinese now that this country had embraced Ebola I think no body wants to come here now.. even big investors are having second thoughts for business….

  • malakas

    hmm look at it this way, we will all have jobs there be no lazy people then.. pick your favorite shovel start digging. get a discount on Chinese take out. bang you some Chinese nookie… Chinese got to much internal shit to worry about than to come here with a bigger problem right now they are scared shitless because they were placed top of isis hit list. for harsh treatment towards Chinese muslims in xianjiang china.. Chinese are to paranoid to split an army to invade America cause there are a lot of un happy campers in china who would love to see the extinction of the Chinese communist party and hong kong is the spark plug that can make it all happen… that’s why Chinese wont invade.. and besides Chinese have no military experience as far as a war is concerned not even their weapons have been proved in any kind of combat.. they cant even kick the Vietnamese ass’s remember 1979 when Vietnam invaded Cambodia to topple the khamer rouge. china sent 250,000 regulars that’s 25 armored divisions while Vietnam left all of their regular divisions in Cambodia and only sent 100,000 militia to defend the Vietnam border the Chinese got their ass’s kicked by a bunch of women and farmers not one Vietnamese regular was ever sent in… china will only depend on numbers and rockets ect but don’t even have the know how with logistics do even pull a full scale invasion.. shit they are already here just go to a Chinese restruant

  • malakas

    that’s why, the police is militarizing, and fema had bought millions of Russian Ak 47s to take down military vets and extremists who threat the change.. as we speak they are dismantling weapons from the southern states and east coast

  • Michael Lawrence

    The problem with your thinking is that China is going to attack with 1.2 million troops. They have no way of getting those troops to our shores rapidly. Look at their military capabilities. China does have a huge military, no one is disputing that. As for, China’s navy…they have exactly 1 aircraft carrier and it is not operational yet. Currently, it is a training vessel. They are still working on developing naval ship based aviation. Any naval based invasion is doomed to failure. Without air cover for their naval forces, their ships are easy targets for aircraft or anti-shipping missiles. Without air cover for their shipping, a supply line is very difficult to maintain. Assuming that they were able to put troops on American soil, those troops would have no hope of resupply from home. They would be living off of the land. If this were found out by Americans, do you really think that the Chinese troops would not be facing a scorched earth policy, leaving them nothing to eat? Land based aircraft flying here….true enough, the Chinese have the capability of flying here with land based aircraft. Airlifting that many troops is slow. For example, the C-17, the largest cargo/transport plan in the US Air Force can carry 144 troops. According the the US Air Force web site dealing with this plane, there are 213 of these planes in active, reserve, and air national guard units. Using every one of these planes at one time, just under 31,000 troops can be moved. Now consider this…the Air Force website also states that for every 1 hour of flight time, there are 20 man hours of maintenance on the plane. China to California is a 15 hour flight, 30 hours round trip. Once the plane returns home, it is going to need 600 man hours of maintenance. That plane would not be flying again for a couple of days. That is why the US military started moving troops 6 months prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It is doubtful that Canada or Mexico would allow China to use their nation for an invasion staging area. China may have the world’s largest military, but it is not the most advanced military in the world. They simply do not have the technology to invade the US. Now to your comments about gun owners killing each other….it is not the legal gun owners that are killing each other. As to a united America….only 3% of Americans fought in the American Revolutionary war. Extrapolate that 3% that would take up arms against a foreign invader….3 % of 330 million. That is 9.9 million. So…9.9 million American militia members show up where the Chinese have just air lifted 31,000 troops….not exactly a fair fight. If every one of those 9.9 million Americans only fires one shot at the Chinese troops that is approximately 320 shots for each enemy soldier. Do you really think that all 320 shots per enemy soldier are going to miss?
    Nobody wants to come here now? Seriously? ISIS is threatening attacks on US soil. You might want to stay a bit more current.