Obama Shutdown of Statue of Liberty Denies Dying Girl Her Life’s Dream of Seeing Lady Liberty

Statue of Liberty

The New York Post has reported a heart breaking story on a Kentucky teen with a deadly illness who had traveled to New York to fulfill a lifelong dream of climbing the steps of the Statue of Liberty. However, since U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama shut down the Lady of Liberty as part of his U.S. Government shutdown, which has put nearly one million U.S. government employees on furlough, the little girl could not see her wish fulfilled.

Fourteen year old Morgan Jones had gone with her family to New York, in hopes of climbing the stairs of the Statue of Liberty, but she returned home to Ashland, Kentucky Sunday, without having stepped foot on Liberty Island.

Her family says she may never get the chance to visit again, because she has a terminal illness. Morgan was born with glutaric acidemia Type 2, a disease that impairs the body’s ability to break down fat and protein, and one that is so rare that only fifty people in the world have it. She must eat every three hours or risk the possibility of a brain hemorrhage.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama continues to play golf at Andrews Airfield.

  • journey

    THAT PIECE OF SHIT DOESNT CARE. he only cares about is his Muslim terrorist buddies.

  • marty

    From the New York Post story that this article is based on…… But Morgan Jones, who is also legally blind, was turned away — thanks to the government shutdown caused by Congress.


  • Joe Draper

    its called CONGRESS, that is what shutdown the gobberment, Not the president, I dont like either of them, but lets get the credits right for once.

  • ssj12

    Actually its the Senate, to be exact, that shut down the government. Under Obama’s orders.

  • Karen Hicks McLendon

    As a Christian, I try very hard not to hate anyone but Obama has totally lost it…what the? Take him down. All the evil he does will be visited upon his doorstep….and then maybe he will understand.

  • Karen Hicks McLendon

    Get this straight…Obama is inflicting unnecessary pain on people…it is not Congress ordering all the shutdowns. And he also ordered the shutdown trying to regain what he lost.

  • Sarah

    There are a 8-12 bills on Harry Reids desk to continue to fund many parts of the government and the piece of shit that he is refuses to let the Senate even vote on them, anything shut down is due to Obama and Harry Reid….PERIOD.

  • DOUG

    people responsible for the shutdown are a few house republicans who are
    trying to get a democratically accomplished, SCOTUS approved piece of
    legislation repealed. They won’t allow a vote which carries enough
    bipartisan support to pass and end the shutdown
    unless the ACA is defund end. They’re holding the government hostage,
    and wasn’t it a GOP president who said “we don’t negotiate with

    woes American citizens are experiencing over the shutdown are not the
    fault of the president. It’s congress and more specifically a small sect
    of tea party GOP jackasses

  • Pan_Tadeusz

    It is difficult to believe that there are people so ignorant that they might believe what you wrote. The House (which is responsible for funding bills) has passed many bills to keep the government running — the same way it has been done for over 200 years. The Demonrats in the Senate refuse to vote on them. So who is responsible for the shutdown? The ones who are passing funding bills, or the ones who won’t even consider them?

    BTW, SCOTUS is not tasked anywhere in the Constitution with “approving” legislation. On the other hand, since they “approved” the Fugitive Slave Ac, I suppose we must fund a force to recover escaped slaves.