Wood Stove Ban Made Universal





For many years, those of us in the Arctic have been fighting the wood stove ban. The use of PM2.5 particulates has been an issue pursued by local agencies as a way to swipe at those who choose to live beyond the borders of traditional civilization. That attack has now extended to the rest of the United States.

In a stunning move, the Environmental Protection Agency decided to ban most of the operational wood stoves in the U.S.

In those places where there is you, God, and nature, the wood stove has represented that one thing that can sustain. Going after local PM2.5 particulates has been one of many methods to attack those who choose to live independent of government. As Off Grid and American Prepper survival report reveals:


The EPA’s new environmental regulations reduce the amount of airborne fine-particle matter from 15 micrograms to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

This means that most wood burning stoves would now fall into a class that would deemed unacceptable under these new draconian measures. The EPA has even launched a nifty new website called Burn Wise to try to sway public opinion.

On their site, while trying to convince people to get rid of their old stoves and buy the new EPA-certified stoves, they state that these older stove must be scrapped and cannot be resold.

Well, at least in Alaska we had a wood stove change-out program for a time. In that program, Alaskans were able to force the government to buy the old wood stoves and replace them with new ones. It doesn’t seem that this kind of program is included with these new regulations. The EPA states:


Enclosed is the list of wood stoves certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA Certified Wood Stoveslist contains information about wood stoves or wood heating appliances that have been certified by the EPA along with its manufacturer name, model name, emission rate (g/hr), heat output (btu/hr), efficiency (actual measured and estimated), and type of appliance. It also indicates whether the appliance is still being manufactured. An EPA certified wood stove or wood heating appliance has been independently tested by an accredited laboratory to determine whether it meets the particulate emissions limit of 7.5* grams per hour for noncatalytic wood stoves and 4.1* grams per hour for catalytic wood stoves. All wood heating appliances that are offered for sale in the United States are subject to the New Source Performance Standard for New Residential Wood Heaters under the Clean Air Act and are required to meet these emission limits. An EPA certified wood stove can be identified by a temporary paper label attached to the front of the wood stove and a permanent metal label affixed to the back or side of the wood stove

The EPA also includes a list of acceptable stoves in an Adobe file  here.

The history of Alaskans fighting this  in the Arctic can be found here.

This is just more policy making by regulators out of control with no authority. It seems to me that if this is what the EPA feels it needs to do to combat global warming, then perhaps a government shutdown will be a good thing.


h/t Organic Prepper


  • Bill Berger

    Fu@kem’, burn politicians, if that’s what it takes to keep warm.

  • Lori King Eckert

    as this is not a power enumerated to the Federal Government under the Constitution just use the 10th amendment and ignore it

  • Michael Lawrence

    This is another overreaching regulation…. The EPA does more harm than good, this is a department that should be defunded and disbanded…10 amendment….not mentioned as a federal power…should be a state power.

  • bbgunplinkplink

    the epa must be disbanded.

  • Texaswede

    Don’t you love these a-hole bureaucrats who know absolutely NOTHING about living the Arctic having the gall to make such a dictatorial ruling? The Feds need to be cut down about a hundred notches when it comes to telling folks how to run their lives!

  • Barry Smith


  • Barry Smith

    This is a joke the epa has ABSOLUTLY no clue whst it is like to have one of their EPS stand woodstoves. I bought 1 about 14 years ago andvit was the biggest piece of shit I had ever thrown money out on. Firdt off it had 3 holes about the size of a nickel or slightly larget on the wood feed door and then 3 more holes in the ash pan door of the same size all yhe heat went straight up the pipe I had to put 3 dampers in it to help keep even a little heat in the house now mind you my house was only 800 square feet then I had to cement bean csn lids over the holes in the doors and still it would not put out any heat it also burned about a cord of wood a week about 22 times what I would normally burn a year which was 4 cords this was one of the coldest winters we had had in years about 20 below 0 in VA. In the house it rarely got above 40 degrees after about a month of this total waste of a stove I lost it and beat it to little pieces with a splitting maul and threw it out the door. I had to have a friend weld me a proper stove together that actually ran you out of the house and you had to have windows open to stay cool. I would advise anyone to never ever buy an EPA stove because you WILL be throwing it out the door in about 2 to 3 weeks. Fuck the EPA and stay with a real stove

  • Donald McKenna

    Because fuck you, EPA. It’s cold here in Vermont.

  • DARPatriot

    We have a wood burning stove and two fireplaces. The EPA is crazy. Are they going to try to control the particulates in forest fires….it makes as much sense.

  • Elijah Everheart

    If one were to choose to adhere to such a moronic ban/restriction, then I guess a campfire or bonfire would soon become a Felonious Offense! How utterly ridiculous!

  • Rusty Lugnut

    And these days….if you’re in violation, they won’t just knock on your door. They’ll send the SWAT team and shoot the dog.

  • nickeldoor5

    EPA needs to be abolished.

  • Troubleshooter

    The comforting thing for me is that Wood Stoves, Homefires, and Wood Heat will be here and doing their historical job long after all of the morons at the EPA have been sent to prison, and the EPA has gone the way of the APE in the Admin.

  • Boo’s Mum

    About time the world just refused to comply with all of these stupid measures – if everyone dug in their heels they can do nothing about it. Time to stop doing as ‘they’ tell us. there are far more of ‘us’ then ‘them’ so why are we waiting?

  • Boo’s Mum

    Just ignore this – if you all ignore them there are far too many of you for them to do anything about it – time the world started fighting back instead of being walked over and told what to do

  • justme

    ill still use mine to hell freezes over.nothing but some the power company and gas company started.well they can kiss my ……..

  • GRusling

    SCREW the EPA! I think I’ll build a wood stove for heating my house!

  • GRusling

    When they shoot your dog – start shooting back!

  • Tressia Langston

    EVERYTHING with initials needs to be shut down! They are full of crap. Next thing you know they will ban toilets!

  • Tressia Langston

    For THEM, everything is just a racket. A way to manipulate and control. People in power just dont care.

  • Scott Douglas Lemoine
  • Mark

    I love my dog I will shoot first

  • jarred

    The epa just don’t care how hard they make it on all of us blue collar people in the real world?
    We the people need to fight this BS and stop them from trying to control us.

  • CheeseheadDJ

    MANY Agencies exist that need to go….can you imagine the Hundreds of Billions in tax dollars that would be saved each year….

  • CheeseheadDJ

    it’s about TAXATION – POWER & CONTROL…THAT wood you feed your stove with….they can’t tax…

  • Susan71105

    they are trying everything to get everyone dependant on the government! abolish the epa

  • Lee Mc Donald

    Let me see… Must buy new stove. Must junk old stove. Who wins? The company that makes the stoves, and the recycler. Who loses? The guy who is forced to fork out $100’s to comply. And all for 2 micrograms of particulates? Is that really “saving” the environment?

  • American Vet

    Seriously?! With all the emissions from major manufacturing companies totally dumping tons and tons of toxins into the air, while the fat cats fill their pockets with the money from the products they manufacture. This is just BS. I wouldn’t change a damn thing if I even owned a wood burning stove. We the people need to start saying NO to government regulations that are so hypocritical. We need to start pushing back and refusing to let them dictate how we live and the products we choose to use.

  • Sam

    My only heat source is my wood stove, I’m not changing anything. the EPA can kiss my American Born ASS

  • Jennifer Wilson

    I found nothing that says you can’t sell your old stove ‘used’ to a neighbor, in my interpretation it only applies to retailers of new stoves. Also, why wouldn’t you want the most efficient wood stove you can buy? I upgraded to a Blaze King in 2006 and I cannot tell you how wonderful it is compared to my old stove and how nice it is to a.) not have to load as often and b.) much greater comfort in our home temperature-wise. Also, remember the 4th amendment about unreasonable searches. They better have a warrant if they want to inspect my stove!

  • Dennis

    Defund the EPA they use Junk science and NO COMMON sense

  • Dennis

    “With all the emissions from major manufacturing companies totally dumping tons and tons of toxins into the air ” That is such an Informed view….the day’s of rapid pollution is over and has been for 25 years. There is such a heavy regulation on businesses they don’t have a chance to pollute the way you stated…. Hell you are paying more for what you get BECAUSE of these heavy armed regulations

  • TAC

    so they also intend to shut down every BBQ restraunt, stop your own personal BBQs and just crap all over a Tradition?

  • Geoff Potter

    I don’t have a wood burning stove, but I do have a pellet burning stove and I tell you it is so nice to have it to warm the lower house in the winter. it saves me so much money on my gas bill. The EPA is clueless….

  • Stoned_Conservative

    Fuck the EPA. Total scum which should be abolished.

  • Flyingguns

    Ill use any god damn wood stove I please. Try to enforce that bullshit ban on me and you will regret it permanently.

  • Aram Mushegian
  • Aram Mushegian
  • Servo1969

    Let’s see –
    Government tells me what kind of toilet I can use.
    Government tells me what kind of stove I can use.
    I suppose next I will have to worry about how many times I break wind every day.
    Unless I become a politician. Then I can get a ‘wind break’ waiver.

  • LD

    really we don’t have more important issues going on in the world? The EPA , instead of going after large corporations that pollute the hell out the environment is going after Americans with wood stoves, really? They just put themselves in the same useless catagory as the United nations of the world.

  • MattBracken

    Maybe the EPA can just ban iron and wood. Good luck with that.

  • LD

    Global warming the big lie, the earths crust hasn’t risen in temperature in the last 15 years. history has shown that arctic ice comes and goes, antarctic ice has grown not shrunken, real scientist are predicting a small ice age coming. Next to Obama, Al Gore is the biggest dumbass conman on this earth. Its all about the carbon tax.

  • Matilda Franklin-Miller

    Give ‘em time and they will find a way to regulate firewood and tax it too.

  • Boo’s Mum

    I hope to goodness everyone is ignoring this ass of a directive – there are far more of you with stoves than ‘them’

  • Raiddan

    Simple way to fix this is to move to a charter system where regulations must be approved by Congress and new charter amendments approved by Congress. Thereby taking the regulation making out of the hands of the bureaucrats.

  • Cadre

    EPA=Employment Prevention Agency. At least the govt should call it want it is!

  • parrotail

    the nerve when they have the geo engineering monsters spraying our skies with trillions of trillions of particulates!!!!

  • Christopher Cordray

    Screeeew them. just come pick up this stove and if you don’t drop a nut your back will go…ain’t no way in hell I’m getting rid of my old wood stove. big enough to fit EPA agents in ….lol.

  • monkeycmonkeydoo

    that could be said about the EPA itself.

  • Ceno1989

    If anybody needs wood from Iowa, my dad cleared out our timber and it’s a do it yourself thing. It’s all free, it’s just sitting in a pile waiting to go into a wood burning fire place or stove. We even have a few walnut trees.

  • Loudchris

    Next they’ll ban my fireplace.

  • Tippy

    In Vermont myself– can get down to -30 below– and my wood stove will be roaring.

  • MMJ

    One of these days a real story will be posed, rather than anecdotes and patently untrue statements.

  • oldladynow

    dead wood needs to be burned,trees need trimmed,this helps prevent forest fires and is good for enviroment. you don’t have to cut trees down,although some need to be. this is why the forestry services and the conservation dept. are need,to educate these idiots.

  • Bill Adams

    I’ve considered the EPA a Rogue agency since started regulating a gas necessary for life as a poison. The did so based on fraudulent “science”.

    Several of the Republican Presidential Candidates in the last election said they would close the EPA. Obama loves the EPA.

    Remember that next election.

  • Jess

    Until the Gov starts paying my power bill and insures I can cook and keep warm during winter my wood stove will be used period !!!!

  • Virgil Ferguson

    If EPA is serious about banning these particles, they should ban lightening-caused forest fires and spontaneous volcano eruptions. This would do much to satisfy the left-wing radicals.


    You should go a bit further than just that we pay more for .gov regulations.

    Why is BP still allowed to exist? Not only did they kill the gulf, they toxified the normal current flow patterns up the East Coast. Don’t think the pollution gets into the air? Sure the emissions have lowered in industry, not every business could afford the bribes so they complied. Don’t think certain companies get a blind eye? Research Fukushima. TEPCO denied, denied, denied..now it has become impossible to stop the flow of radioactive water from spilling into the Pacific. Obama is shutting down coal plants even though many have systems that create close to zero emissions (Startpage it), which all can be fitted for. Big Oil, big Ag, big Pharma, big Telco, Too Big To Fail banks and Wall St./etc are in control of America and most of the world and unfortunately they are psychopaths that are going to extinct life on this planet. Agenda 21 is also at play here. The take-over is done very slowly as to not alarm the sleeping people. Unfortunate for them, the Internet has pulled the curtain back for anyone willing/wanting to know the truth. The dots have been connected and the picture is very dire…why most sheep will keep their heads under the covers/deny/normalcy bias/Stockholm syndrome/etc. until it creeps under those covers eventually which at that time it will be too late to do anything because the culling has been going on already for years. So yes, eventually just burning wood will require a daily permit. If they can’t control you doing something, it will eventually become illegal. The solution to all this is so simple – mass non-compliance. Sure some will die/be incarcerated but the only other option is to submit, which sadly many already have chosen that path. Good luck humanity.

  • Joe Geror


  • Dennis

    I see some of what you say BUT I’m one that thinks when a Disaster happens you learn from it and adjust. I dont think ANY of the green power is viable at this time . Coal, Nuclear are cost effective and can be made safe. Because of the govt not allowing drilling closer to shore BP was pushed to deeper water… did they learn something yes did they pay for the damage yes do they employ a hell of alot of people yes. Just because they had a spill ..a really large spill they should not be made to close their business

  • Dennis

    Only the govt would put out an “how to” on the correct way to start a fire

  • Tisha Troyer

    Funny, Jennifer Wilson, how you name drop the stove company lining the politicians pockets to push this measure through. The unreasonable part is the choked off amount of emmissions the EPA is lobbying for; under 3 grams per hour. We got away from the catalytic converter for a reason; when they get clogged from misuse and a customer gets told, “that’ll be $350-$500 to replace”, said customer says, “EFF that, I will just burn it with out the catalytic converter .” The new systems on the market today with the non catylitic re-burn are all the EPA demanded until the lower 3% of stove manufacturers decided they wanted a bigger slice of the pie. If this passes, ONLY the lower 3% of stove manufacturers stoves will be legal.

  • Jeff

    Agenda 21

  • Gee

    Not mine – I cut, split and stack it on my property. My wood stove is my ONLY source of heat

  • Gee

    I want to see them regulate on volcano that puts out more particulates an hour than the rest of the world combined

  • Marial Gidney

    Pure bullshit. I will never do what some adlebrained government buracrat has dreamed up is bad for the world. Sorry, but I’ll burn wood in whatever damn kind of stove I see fit to burn it in and they can kiss my ass. Sorry about the spelling–don’t have spell check–lol .

  • Mike

    Can’t you see the truth ? They want to ban wood stoves to make you dependant on thier oil and gas. Wood is free, oil/gas are not.

  • Michele Gilbert

    OMG! Think of the response for a full blown forest / range fire!

  • Jody Lee

    It is time to put 20 to 30 million people on the streets of DC and tell them to f- off.

  • Junior Chase

    It’s an all out war on self sufficiency and all part of the power grab.