Syrian Rebels Destroy Melkite Church in Northern Syria

Footage Showing ISIL Terrorists Vandalizing the Church of the Lady of the Annunciation in al Raqqa   YouTube

While some in the United States argue that the Syrian Rebels are peaceful, many others in America have doubted it. This weekend, the intent of the Syrian Rebels became clear.  Militants from al-Qaeda’s the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) methodically disassembled the Melkite Greek Catholic Church of the Lady of the Annunciation located in al-Raqqa, Syria.

The footage is from al-Aan TV. The rebels disassemble the church bit by bit in a methodical fashion. Notice they explain to children nearby what they are doing, claiming Christians worship the cross.  The dismount the church bell, remove the cross, and raise the Al-Qaeda flag. They burnt the contents.

These are the rebels U.S. aid money is backing in Syria.


The video has has English subtitles.




At the end of this video, you see the celebration of the destruction of the churches by ISIL

The destruction of this church comes after entire units of Syrian Rebels pledged loyalty to Al Qaeda in the region on September 21 .

The Melkites, a Byzantine Rite Catholic Church, traces its origins to the earliest Christians of Antioch, Turkey. Christianity was introduced by the Apostle Peter. The term Melkites was given to the church  when they sided with the Council of Chalcedon and the Byzantine Emperor in 451 AD.  That council  issued certain edicts on Church conduct. While Greek Orthodox in nature, the church’s official language is Arabic.  The Melkites survived Islamic domination through the Crusades as a protected people and were tolerated by the Ottoman Empire. There has been a gradual emigration of Melkite to the US. One of the larger populations of the denomination is in Newtown, CT. Al Qaeda’s attack on this church is egregious by historic standards as well as by contemporary ones.




  • Joy Beum

    Syrian rebels…loyal to al qaeda…isn’t this the group we are supporting with arms and money? And the group who ‘stole’ from Benghazi? When are we going to fight back? When is o’idiot and his entire administration going to be impeached? Is there anyone in Washington who isn’t in his pocket?

  • TeaPartyBarbie

    You have it right.

  • Joy Beum

    I would love to know who is pulling o’idiot’s strings.

  • bob

    These are NOT the ones the US is supporting.
    They ARE the ones that are preventing more serious support to the REAL Syrians.

  • bob

    Actually these FSA guys desperately need US help and are getting but a trickle, and so they are loosing a lot to IsIl and other bad guys..

  • bob

    BEIRUT — 11_02_13 Fighters loyal to al Qaida have opened up a new offensive against a U.S.-backed rebel group that once escorted U.S. Sen. John McCain into northern Syria,
    according to Internet postings and news accounts.

    The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, an al Qaida affiliate whose fighters
    come from a wide range of nationalities, launched attacks on the Northern Storm
    Brigade late Tuesday night, hitting Northern Storm positions in a string of
    villages along Syria’s border with Turkey.


  • bob

    ISIS commentary:

    After the events in Azaz on 13/11/1434 in the Hijri calendar [September 19],
    the cleansing of the land from members of the so-called “Northern Storm
    Brigade” which, as Allah wished, was destined to reveal its true face in front
    of all creatures, we now present you with the most important facts of their
    treachery – both new and old:

    1) Participation in the escape of criminal Assad soldiers and tanks that
    shelled civilians in Minagh Airbase;

    2) Calling from their official website on the internet for governance not by
    the laws of Allah and for following the path of democracy.

    3) Meeting with U.S. Senator John McCain (pictured) in the hangar and making
    a contract with him against the Islamists.

    4) Manifestation of friendship for American and German agents, and their
    safety and protection , as well as providing separate shelter for them, here
    are some examples:

  • bob

    I think that ONLY Jesus – the True one, not “The Prophet Jesus” can sort this one out.

  • bob

    Besides fighting with the ISIL for control of “rebel” areas, they have to survive the relentless poundings by the regime forces.

    Here is a High School in Raqqa that the Assad people bombed, after IsIS destroyed churches, and kicked out FSA forces from Raqqa.

    More good stuff..

  • bob

    Here is one of the nice guys trying to direct traffic in Raqqa.

    Pray that they don’t come here.

  • bob

    Imaging fighting a war like this:

  • bob

    This one looks like the “triumphal Entry” by ISIS.

    There is another of the FSA leaving Raqqa after being beat up so bad.

  • bob

    Looks like FSA trying to take out Assad’s Air power.

    Many anles to all this.
    The US must NOT get over entangled in this, or it could fulfill Sadam’s death wish for the “mother of all battles”.

  • bob

    I wish I understood Arabic.

    Looks like Raqqa still has internet, lots of good video coming out.

    Here is a man giving his view on impact of Sharia which the ISIS is trying to fully apply.

    Reports are coming of school girls being now required to wear full Islamic garb to school in Raqqa.

  • bob

    This may be after a Regime Visit in Raqqa.

  • bob

    A video showing ISiS destroying Raqqa Icons, not all regime ones.