Shocking Video Man Beats Three Thugs For Attacking His Wife Goes Viral

If you ever see this guy and his lady walking down the street, you’d better treat both of them, especially the lady, with respect. Otherwise? You might get knocked the #*%& out!

  • liberalssuck

    Nicely done!!

  • RightUnite

    Excellent job!

  • Raven Man

    Job well done soldier.. Welcome Home (From and old Nam Veteran).

  • Guest

    This is so old… 5 years old

  • Shannon

    You are a champion my friend!!!

  • Treuer Wolf

    and your point ?

  • soundnfury

    We need more of this. Of course, I noticed that it was 3 against 1 yet again. These thugs are cowards.

  • Richard StJohn

    Dude, you rock!!! When you fight for those you love or something that means a lot to you, it often is quite a surprise just what you can accomplish. 3 on 1 is tough. Even if the guys are cowards at heart.

  • Andora L. Fort

    awsome and thank you for your service welcome home

  • Fed_Up_Federalist

    DAMN! Nicely done brother.

  • Bill Allen

    you are a true FUCKING AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Troubleshooter

    Way to tune up those malfunctioning a*s*s*w*i*p*e*s my Brother. You ARE a Champion. As for the two little b*i*t*c*h*e*s you noggin-rocked, just imagine the a*s*s whoopin’s they are gonna get in jail, just before they get to “make love”. My respects to you too Ma’am, for wading in to back your man. This is the stuff America is made of. Bring it on Obamboozle. This truly adds cheer to my day.

  • Wuz nt Me

    It’s not fresh enough for the hipsters.

  • MollyPitcher28

    Ha, New York where men are told its better to be emasculated rather than behaving like a true man and defending yourself.
    Call the appropriate authority when thugs attack but, for God’s sake, DO NOT be a man!
    If this happened to creepy Mayor Bloomberg, he would have been defecating and urinating his pants.
    NY is a joke.
    The criminal element reigns supreme in that liberal, socialist bastion; the City of New York. While decent law abiding New Yorkers have had rings put in their noses by government gangstas’,and are led around like dumb animals, criminals continue their bullying behaviors with impunity.
    I applaud this guy. He is an instant hero to decent people, and a warning to criminal beasts that they mess with the wrong guy and they just might get the cr*p knocked out of them.

  • dixie miss

    This man should be honored… I hope my daughter finds one like this someday.. and not like those three punks..

  • jewels

    It doesn’t make any difference…Some heroes are heroes forever. Not like some of our representatives, heroes once, traitors forever.

  • 1am11Alpha

    Way to make this about Obama jackass

  • libs suck

    FBHO and you too dickbag

  • PGHJack

    why were all the other jerkoffs just standing there and not helping? Xavier should have his butt kicked for not putting camera down and helping.

  • Art Brenneman

    Way to go man! Too bad it wasn’t a carry friendly area and he could have put them out of ther misery and save us all tax money paying for their kids and prison sentences.

  • Andy Little

    You support Obama? Jack Ass!

  • Andy Little


  • Daniel Roberts

    Those thugs are lucky they weren’t in Mississippi . We have open carry here and lots of rope . I will hang anybody who puts their hands on my wife or child . And I know the liberals are going to say something but its ok . The liberals are invited to move on down here and try their best but after a while they will see the light .

  • Mauricio Carvallan

    Finally, White People are getting Fed Up, Mex and Negro,, your time as thugs HAS COME TO AN END! WE ARE COMING FOR YOU MOTHERF#KERS!

  • Patrick

    Kevin E Lake, the author, is a veteran. It is not mentioned in the video or the article that Christian Vidal, the man in the video, is a soldier or veteran.

  • Patrick

    Kevin E Lake, the author, is a veteran. It is not mentioned in the video
    or the article that Christian Vidal, the man in the video, is a soldier
    or veteran.

  • Raymond Andrews

    That’s fucking awesome!

  • downloadaddict

    And, it confuses me why it actually matters that Kevin Lake is a veteran. Who cares at this point? To me, it’s like he’s trying to overshadow the hero in the video and gain some attention himself. If the video is about one man, why talk about another man in the article?

  • downloadaddict

    I don’t think it matters if anyone supports Obama or hates him. The
    point is this: this video has NOTHING to do with politics! Period!
    Anyone who brings up Obama is simply trying to start something!..

  • downloadaddict

    I don’t think it matters if anyone supports Obama or hates him. The
    point is this: this video has NOTHING to do with politics! Period!
    Anyone who brings up Obama is simply trying to start something!…

  • downloadaddict

    I don’t think it matters if anyone supports Obama or hates him. The
    point is this: this video has NOTHING to do with politics! Period!
    Anyone who brings up Obama is simply trying to start something!.

  • downloadaddict

    I don’t think it matters if anyone supports Obama or hates him. The point is this: this video has NOTHING to do with politics! Period! Anyone who brings up Obama is simply trying to start something!

  • Ruth

    If the man has to defend himself in court like Zimmerman, it would be good to have a video.

  • Hard Boiled

    it is confusing, and you shouldn’t be such a bitch to someone who just made a small mistake. last perfect person on this earth was Jesus, and you dont look like him.

  • Hard Boiled

    That what it would seem like, because there was no reason to throw that in there at all underneath that image.

  • Hard Boiled

    it is mentioned underneath the article which is causing the confusing. maybe you should go after the author of the article rather than ridiculing people for a honest mistake?

  • nick

    F%CK you pu$$y. You will be pushing up daisies with that kind of talk. Never know who has a gun.

  • Cowboy

    I am happy to see the 3 wussy get theirs but why was everyone else just standing and watching this take place? 3 on 1?

  • Andrew

    Dumb punks are in numbers these days

  • Scott Bruce

    The punks will be famous for getting their asses handed to them to the delight of millions. Gotta love the internet sometimes.

  • Ozark Ranger

    I’ve noticed that the majority of the time that someone wins an honest fight that it usually goes to the one that was minding his own business. Usually thug cowards get what’s coming to them. At least they should.

  • Troubleshooter

    So, let me get this straight: You morons can’t see how An American Man and Woman refusing to be victimized has nothing to do with Obama, the fraudulent piece of crap who has turned an entire nation of Law Abiding Citizens into Victims of Tyranny? What effing planet are you living on? And you’re right; this IS about ObamaJackass, but I didn’t “Start Something”. Your Hero Did when he let the thought enter his mind that he can throw our Constitution out the window and run roughshod over the Lawful Citizens of this country the same way these 3 Other Thugs tried to run roughshod over the couple who fought back. NOW DO YOU GET IT, or does it need to be written with big crayons for you?

  • tinkbower

    Shame he didn’t give them some permanent damage like broken teeth and jaws!!!!!!

  • dallface


  • Me

    LOL. Jesus. People still believe in him? Sad.

  • John F Gordon

    I love this brother veteran. That is the way to teach thugs a lesson and more of it needs to happen. Years ago in Wash. D.C. I had the opportunity to do the same thing and did it. Of course I didn’t have to punch them out. I just waited for the first one to get out of the car that they almost hit me with, and then grabbed his hair, pulled down and began to smash his head with the car door. There were five of them in the car but it was only a two door rice burner, so I had the tactical advantage.

  • Underground Railroad TV

    Hitler did not lose the war . USA VS Syria. He would have loved it . see my youtube video

  • Troy Needels

    You’re fucking stupid.

  • Troy Needels

    You’re in the same boat. You’re fuckin’ stupid

  • Betty Lou

    What the hell is wrong with people? This man video tapes a three- on- one assault rather than jumping in to help? He’s as big a thug as the others.

  • TJ

    What a stupid comment, you’re coming for them? I think you should stop squeezing your imaginary balls and think before you make a stupid remark like that.

    Threatening violence is no better than actually using violence. Keeping calm and resorting to self defense if you or a loved one is in danger is the best way to deal with people who wish to do you harm.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you got killed or your internet-warrior ass handed to you.

  • Guest

    Woohoo!!!! Another American explaining why disrespecting a woman! Amen!!!

  • Biscuitom

    Amen! Finely! A real man! Took out all three of them! What? No Obama?!

  • Ted666

    No nut kicks? What is this world coming to?

  • Brian

    This was great. Cop on the horse was lucky he didn’t get dumped off trying to ride up and grab on to someone like that lol. All he had to do was sit and the cop would tumbled on down. God I wish we gave our cops more training. Damn near useless

  • David Powell


  • downloadaddict

    If you’re gonna’ call someone stupid, you should say something smart to back up your theory, otherwise YOU are the one who looks stupid.

  • downloadaddict

    Obama is NOT my “hero”! You shouldn’t simply assume you know anything. This fight had NOTHING to do with race. The issues with Obama turning people against each other are racial issues for the most part. Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder & Foxx have turned most the the blacks in this nation against whites. But, the only whites that have been turned against other whites, are a democrat vs. republican issue, which has been going on for years and has nothing to do with Obama directly.

  • downloadaddict

    That being said, everyone is completely entitled to their own opinion (since you mentioned the Constitution).

  • Mauricio Carvallan

    Your time is up B#tch!!!!!!!!!!!!White power!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hard Boiled

    and you are retarded. not mentally challenged stupid, just basically stoopid retarded. Nobody can fix that for you. Come back when you have a reason to call me names, idiot!

  • Hard Boiled

    They were Obama’s sons! ROFL!!

  • Hard Boiled

    And Zimmerman protecting his neighborhood had nothing to do with Obama, but he made sure to mention that drugged out gang banger wanna be would have looked like his son if he had one. Turned Florida in to one big racist problem! its gotten nice again since all those rappers and singers are staying away!!

  • Hard Boiled

    Sad for you. you jealous i believe in something and you dont??

  • Stan

    … same here in Michigan, Dan…. open carry might have deterred the thugs, butr we have “shall issue” CPL and they’d have had a problem counting all the bullet holes…

  • TJ

    I’m white too, you ignorant retard. Have fun with your silly bedsheet costume and overweight country hicks. God knows you can’t do anything except spew crap.

  • Mauricio Carvallan

    White? I really don’t care for the color of your skin, TRAITOR! As long as you are not a mex! But of course you are a mex, I can smell it!!

  • Jason_L

    This: THIS is what happens when thugs try to attack a vet from the front. The one dude he kept jabbing in the face kept going down with every punch. A crystal jaw! Well-done, soldier!

  • Jason_L

    The fact that you mock him, sir, is what is sad….TRAGIC, really. I pray for your soul.

  • Jason_L

    Say that enough times, and you may start to believe it!!!

  • Dewayne Werdehausen

    Everything online turns to religion or politics..opinions are like know the rest :) These guys messed with the bull and got the horns!

  • MSSFC3

    …better man than me…Attack my wife and when you go down…you wont get back up…ever

  • Kristen

    Mauricio doesn’t sound like a very white name to me, and I believe it has spanish origins.

  • Troubleshooter

    I thought that the gentleman was quite charitable.

  • former CPL USMC

    kevin lake signs all his articles the same. its his signature. if you read more you all will see he hasnt tried to over shadow anyone. he is claiming his credit for bringing the story and many to you to read

  • commercialshortsales

    I gave a big man a pass this weekend for a chest butt, (it’s an assault stupid) but make
    the mistake of doing harm to my wife and It’s on.

  • commercialshortsales

    How many would you liked to have seen get knocked out before you realize that Kevin Lake is a veteran? and that very much mattered in this case. Just wonder?


    and… what power do you exactly have… really?

  • Chad

    Cowards love to sucker punch.. Wish the three couldn’t stand up when he was done.

  • THOR 221

    If you look under EVERY aritcle posted it has a brief discription of the author. It isn’t there to over shadow the main story or topic. It’s just a tidbit about the person bringing you the article.