Million Muslim March on DC Planned for 9/11/13




The American Muslim Political Action Committee (known as AMPAC) is an organization devoted to encouraging tolerance and acceptance of Muslims in American society – a difficult task these days, anyone would agree. I am sure that those who take radical terrorist actions make up a tiny minority of the Muslim people in the world, just like the members of the Westboro Baptist Church are but a tiny fraction of this nation’s Baptists. But the fact remains that there seem to be more acts of terrorism associated with the Muslim faith these days than any other religion.


This fact makes the AMPAC’s job very hard. What makes it harder is their apparent complete ignorance of this fact. The Muslim Political Action Committee has planned the Million Muslim March on Washington DC in order to protest the bias against the Muslim faith in America today. This seems pretty straightforward,  until you realize that they’ve scheduled it for the anniversary of the single most devastating terror attack ever committed on American soil.


That’s right, on 9/11/2013, the American Muslim Political Action Committee has planned to march on the nation’s Capitol in order to protest their religion’s link to the September 11th attacks. As much as I try to keep an open mind, this seems like disaster waiting to happen. Let’s hear a little bit about what they’re trying to accomplish:


We are demanding that laws be enacted protecting our First Amendment rights.

They already have. It’s called the First Amendment.


We are asking President Obama to fulfill his promise from his first campaign for the Presidency of a transparent government.


Well this part we can all agree on.


American courts have traditionally held that the Bill of Rights guarantees that all religions must be treated equally by the government.


Alam cites “the ‘war on terrorism’ in Islamic countries, Congressional hearings on Islam in America, and changes to the NDAA” as infringements of the First Amendment right to freedom of religion.


Somehow, I don’t think “terrorism” is a recognized religion in these United States.


“Faced with a reality reminiscent of the Jews’ situation in 1930s Nazi Germany, most American Muslims have been terrorized into silence.”


This.. is where it gets offensive. Yes the “average” Muslim American has been in something of an awkward spot after major terrorist groups aligned with their religion publicly claimed responsibility for the mass murder of Americans 12 years ago. However, I have yet to hear of any mass executions of Muslim Americans by the government. There are no concentration camps or public executions of Muslim Americans in the United States today. Comparing your situation to the genocide of an entire people seems just a little bit backwards, when individuals claiming to share a religion with you have pronounced a desire to commit genocide on the American people as a whole. Methinks this will not accomplish what the AMPAC hopes.