Gun Owners in Connecticut Line Up for Unconstitutional Gun Registration


The new gun laws in Connecticut go into effect and gun owners and gun shop operators were lined up to register their guns and high volume clips.

WFSB-TV reports that a long line of people were at the Public Safety Building in Middletown, Ct, in order to satisfy the new law that goes into effect Jan 1st, 2014.  Gun owners were unhappy about the unconstitutional law that forces them onto a gun registry, especially since it’s not the legal gun owners who use their weapons for crimes and criminals will never register their guns or high capacity clips.

The level of animosity is not as great as it is in New York and Colorado, where weapons were actually banned and some people seemed resigned to the fact, even though they believe the registration violates the U. S. Constitution.    One thing everyone seemed to agree on is that this law will not reduce crime at all.

Jared Krajewski, a resident registering firearms, said, “If people are going to do things illegally, they’re not going to be here registering their gun.”

The new gun laws were passed in answer to the Newtown school shootings but it’s hard to see how such a law would have stopped the shooting.  It was more or less a knee jerk reaction, meant to show they were doing something, regardless of it’s affects.


  • Bill Berger

    Stupid “Sheeple”.

  • noodlepips

    First registration followed by confiscation…Just read your history.

  • Robert Ralph

    Fucking MORONS

  • Jonathan Lopez

    how is this even legal?

  • whitepowerwhitepride

    idiots!! thanks CT! now we will all be expected to follow suit… going to be in for a major dissapointment whe they hit PA!! were not a bunch of push over bitches here, so good luck!!

  • Hammer

    Were’nt they supposed to have already registered them when they were purchased? I’m just asking. I don’t think they should have to anyways but aren’t they?

  • Chris Reynolds

    IT ISNT!

  • kevin777

    It’s not a knee jerk reation. It’s something they wanted to do before Newtown. But Newtown gave them the opportunity. Next up, you’ll receive a letter instructing you to turn in your firearms. You should not comply with this law.

  • poet756

    No. Before the law, the gun dealers would destroy the form with your info once you pass the check.

  • Arior Shearsant

    I am soooooooooo glad I live in Georgia, We don`t have to deal with this non-sense…Yet. But if the rest of the legal gun owners are like the people I know, We will become criminals, there will be NO REGISTRATION of my firearms.

  • Brian Pierce

    First off I am not for legal person to register a firearm, But if there going to do this then they need to enforce the laws already on the books, If you get caught with an unregistered firearm then your looking at 3 to 5 yrs minimuim mandatory sentence, your a criminal doing criminal activity with an unregistered firearm then you get 3 to 5 for not having registered weapon plus 10 yrs for convicted felon with a firearm plus whatever prison time added for what you have done with that firearm, and if it is a stolen firearm a 5 to 10 yr minimuim mandatory sentence added to the sentence and not run sentences concurrent but stack the charges end to end. No plea deals for convicted felon with a gun. These laws are already on most state books but they don’t enforce or make to many plea deals to many on home arrest that don’t work. The government already knows Gun Control is not the answer, They know enforcing the laws already on the books is the answer, but they don’t want to spend the money to build new prisons, But if most these criminals were off the streets it would be a lot safer, They need to follow the truth is sentencing laws and quit pandering to lawyers and groups saying sentences are to harsh. There was a time in my life where people actually used to walk there neighborhoods, try that today you either get robbed or killed. Its a shame politicians what law abiddeing citizens to register but never follow thru to enforce the laws already on the books against the criminals.

  • nicantony

    See how easy it is to lead the sheep! This generation of spineless,gutless pussies,is a disgrace to this nation and they slap the face of all the people who gave life&limb to protect their rights.I am a gun owner,and I pray I never have to take another mans life,but if you try to strip me of my rights,I will defend myself to the death.I am an American,and I will die STANDING,rather than die KNEELING!!!

  • Donald G

    Well, there you go, this is what happens when the uninformed, misinformed, and mainstream media sheep are told what to do. It is unconstitutional so don’t comply. The only way we are going to preserve our freedom is if we don’t comply to any law that is unconstitutional. We have to be good outlaws and what that means is that we not abide by any law that is unjust, immoral or unconstitutional. We need to rebel against this tyrannical government. Why is it that people in the Northeast seem to be so damned uninformed? I guess it is going to take the people in the south, the true rebels, to not comply and rebel against this tyrannical government to save the country. Wake up people in the Northeast. Your Beemers, high tech gadgets, latest styles, big money salaries and yuppie mentality are not going to save your freedom – only a non-compliance rebellious southern attitude is what’s going to save this country, like it or not. Wake up and check out this website as a start:

  • Donald G

    People in the Northeast are such pu$$ies. It doesn’t surprise me that the sheeple in a liberal state like Connecticut would actually stand in line to get their guns registered for a future gun confiscation, and those same sheeple have the nerve to label Southerners as stupid. Stupid Northeasterners. I can’t imagine that anyone from the great state of Texas, or most other Southern states, would actually have citizens that would go stand in line, like sheep, to have their guns registered only so dictator Oblamo could have their guns confiscated in the near future. Wake up and check out the website:

  • Donald G

    Amen to that. I agree that the we may be considered criminals by the tyrants in the government, but the real criminals are the tyrants in the government, because they are the ones coming out with these arbitrary laws that do not align with the constitution making them constitutional criminals. It is not wrong for We The People to exercise non-compliance when it comes to any law that is unjust, immoral or unconstitutional. “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” – Thomas Jefferson

  • lightingengineer

    None of the hoplophobic cowardly democrat politicians that voted for these stupid laws has the courage to ask why is it that about 4% of the population commits about 50% of the murders in this country? Why is it that no one acknowledges that the black population in this country is being terrorized by a feral black male gangsta culture that kills primarily as the result of arguments? Why is it that the murder rate among blacks is 6.4 times the murder rate of non-blacks? How could it be that the murder rate among blacks without guns is higher than the non-black murder rate with guns? We could save about 4,000 black lives every year if we could solve this cultural problem yet the media never acknowledges it and democrat “regressives” keep arguing that if any gun law could save just one life it would be worth it? How about addressing this cultural problem and saving 4,000 lives every year?