Welfare Criminals to Lose Food Stamp Benefits Over Looting During EBT Blackout




On Oct. 12, there was a system glitch with the Electronics Benefits Transfer (EBT) program that allows people in the U.S. who get food benefits through the Government’s welfare system to pay for their food with an EBT card. The EBT card resembles a regular debit card. Wal-Mart, acting on the best interests of its customers, or so they thought, allowed customers to continue shopping and ringing up their purchases on an “honor system.”

Word got out quickly, and criminals from all over, especially in centralized areas in Louisiana, bum-rushed the local Wal-Marts and began filling their carts to over-flow capacity with goods that they knew they did not have the balance on their EBT cards to cover.

Proof of the criminals’ knowledge of their own lack of funds came when word got out some time later that the EBT system was back online. Filled carts were abandoned in every isle of the stores and the people who had gone in to do some ‘legal looting’ as they saw it, ran out of the store as quickly as if it were on fire.

But it all comes home to roost, and it now appears that many of these welfare criminals are going to lose their benefits for a period of up to one year, two years, or permanently, depending upon the number of previous infractions


On Wednesday, Louisiana’s Governor, Bobby Jindal, announced that he and his administration has launched an investigation to determine who took advantage of the system during the EBT blackout.  There were more than 12,000 transactions that did not have the funds available to cover the costs of the goods stolen during the outage.

“We must protect the program for those who receive and use their benefits appropriately according to the law,” Suzy Sonnier, secretary of the state Department of Children and Family Services in La. said in a prepared statement. “We are looking at each case individually, addressing those recipients who are suspected of misrepresenting their eligibility for benefits or defrauding the system.”

To those who lose benefits, because of their criminal actions, we have a suggestion.

Get a job.

  • Randal Thom

    yea finally good news. take that slap to the ass.. lol

  • Judy Blake

    It’s about time people are held responsible for their actions.

  • Corey

    They should all be jailed too! If I went into Walmart and walked out with a cart of crap I didn’t pay for, I’d be prosecuted! These criminals need to punished harder then losing benefits! And how for only a year or two? Bullshit! All of those sleezebags should be removed permanently!

  • Gregory Farrington

    Wait till you hear the words “but the children will suffer…………”

    Fill in the rest. Just more libtard loglic!

  • disqus_ted_ho

    I don’t know whether I am right in thinking this or not but I think the food stamp program should be shelved and propose that each county or parish is set up with a food pantry type of place where those who are eligible for food stamps can go to shop directly. That way the items they are able to purchase can be limited to certain foods as well as reigning in costs of the program. That way only the people who really need it will be using it. Like I said, I don’t know whether it would work or not but there has to be another way.

  • MA


  • Mbrown

    Losers of life!

  • SissyCool

    Have to say that Wal-mart could have used a bit more sense tho. They should have restricted purchases to say $100 per card. Then people could have still gotten food, but not been able to do all this! :

  • Lisa L. Rose-Hawkins

    Excellent idea!

  • Jhonnypatriot

    I like that Idea ..no more criminals selling their food stamps and the children that need the food get food that is good for them

  • 1TSMommy

    What and have a riot? They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  • disqus_ted_ho

    No doubt because we all know what kind of shoppers the EBT program brings to Walmart! Yikes!

  • Linda

    Really? The police dept in the town of Many where this took place said nothing could be done as WalMart would not share tapes! Be nice to think they would be punished.. but according to the Police it is not going to happen. https://www.facebook.com/ManyPoliceDepartment

  • Gerald James

    Hats off to Governor Jindal. I am very please he didn’t wimp out and is taking a firm stance. The people that took advantage of the blackout are nothing less than Thieves. Thieves deserve punishment. Period!

  • Morvis

    I know some people that work at walmarts in my area. Chances are you’d get away, they have a policy where if they pursue a shoplifter more than 10 yards or so past the front door gets canned, no if ands or buts.

  • Mark King

    Depending on their previous infractions??? One is too many !! Permanent loss of benefits. Maybe then they will get a job ! And they need to be on a National Blacklist, so they can’t just move to another state and get back on the leaching rolls.

  • Retro fan33

    That is good to hear! Those thieves need to be accountable for their actions. They knew very well their cards didn’t have enough money to cover those purchases,and did it anyway. What they did was Illegal and should be charged with theft. Ban them for life or put them in Jail

  • One Who Knows

    before FS were begun in California, in the 70s I think, they used to give out USDA commodities.
    Canned meats, dried milk, corn syrup, cheese, oats, corn meal, fruit juices, peanut butter………….

    it was a helpful addition to the AFDC program. I remember after picking up commodities,
    (once a month) some would swap. If you had too much peanut butter at home but needed flour, you might swap with someone.

    it was how it was and we made due. My mother was disabled and my father was gone, so it was a meager life, but we were grateful for the small bits we got in assistance. We didn’t feel like we were entitled.

    I’m glad that the cheats are not getting away scot free.

  • Corey

    I like the idea, however, instead of shopping I think they should walk in, pick up a gallon of milk, bag of rice, carton of eggs, bag of apples, and a few cans of beans. Going to stores and buying all sorts of food and other goods is unacceptable. You want to eat good food like candy and chips and chocolate…get a job. You’re not entitled to it living off of someone else’s hard work.

  • Rene Thompson

    Nice profile pic! :)

  • Corey

    Lol ok well technicalities aside, I mean stealing in general. What they did is basically check fraud and that’s a felony.

  • MsLiberty

    I remember that system in California, I lived there in the 70’s. My sister and I lived with our single mother and that’s what we had to live on sometimes. My mother worked full-time, but sometimes there still wasn’t enough money for food. I also remember going to work at 15 to help support us.

  • Baddogdaddy

    Actually there is a plan in place in the event of situations like this. Every register is supposed to have a form and the max spending limit is $75.00. This is a national regulation that are supposed to be followed. Walmart brought this on themselves, allowing these scumbags to rob the stores.

  • Susan Francois

    good, glad to hear this…did they honestly believe they could get away with it..should have criminal actions taken against them also

  • sdfjsdl234

    Whatever. Like Walmart hasn’t done any crimes of it’s own.

  • Justin.Time

    One crime doesn’t negate another. Democrat perhaps?

  • Justin.Time

    Not all of them, some have had their lives stripped from them.

  • Justin.Time

    I’m sure Obama will personally intervene…

  • B Jones

    There are rules in place where if there is a problem with the card, the cashier is to call the help line to receive confirmation of the transaction amount and receive approval for a paper voucher, good only for the amount purchased. I can bet that if the individuals were made to wait while the cashier obtained the approval code and amount, the individuals would have walked out with no food. The back log on the phone system alone would have been a deterent. Just my humble opinion…

  • misss kim

    Wal mart knew what was happening but countued to rake in the cash. thinking
    tax payers would end up paying the bill so they get richer and we would get poorer but it back fired

  • SJ

    GOOD< free food isnt enough, they got to steal too? Its not like they went to get dinner and ran over a dollar or two, these people were filling carts, too bad the ones that ran off leaving the carts behind wont be in trouble also…. I dont feel sorry for any of them

  • SJ

    I hope the hell not , but then He lies so much Im sure stealing is second nature to him also

  • Elizabeth Presley Blackwell

    well all i can say is that thank god i didnt need anything at that time becaues i wood have just went with out they need to be responsible for their actions here in michigan you could not ous your ebt card for nothing even your wic card so a friend of mine get me some milk that i was going to get off my wic card and i went about my day

  • Jim Wilkins

    Good! thats a start.

  • Jim Wilkins

    there already suffering with parents like that!

  • dj

    NEXT article will be us hearing about how the government is starving their children….guess we need to get our violins out and practice.

  • David Green

    I still care about people who hit temporary hard times and actually need help until they get back on their feet. But “poor ” people who game the system for years and even generations, I ceased giving a s**t about them long ago. F**k ‘em, let them starve.

  • BakerBabe

    Should lose benefits for life and go to jail as well, they are criminals.

  • kim

    In PA they did restrict them to $100 per card.

  • Rick Cross

    Go Bobby Jindel!

  • sawwhetchick

    Unfortunately, this only punishes the ones that actually got rung up. Those that had full intentions of looting, but “ran” when the glitch was fixed, will face no penalties at all.

  • Rick Cross

    They don’t need the police for it. The state has the EBT card numbers that were used fraudulently. Even if they somehow couldn’t figure out the welfare recipient from the number, they can just shut off those cards and deal with the violators when they come in to complain.

  • Katriel Masada

    If Obama is to be blamed for the glitch (black out) that led to the investigation of these HUMAN BEINGS, than Obama could also be credited for their exposure (turning the lights on). I would rather, though, some be overly fed for a few days than to wish even one child go to bed hungry at night because others can’t get past their political ego against Obama. I am honestly afraid many of you will get what you are unknowingly asking for … PLEASE< < have compassion for others because it seems the more you all are denying them, you are placing not only your own families and others in the dangerous position of needing it, but even your own selves. God will show Himself merciful to the Merciful. There really are individuals, innocent children included, going to bed on empty stomachs tonight … which is just plain depressing.

  • Wayne Caviness

    I say the hell with the EBT, set them up with commodities like the indians. They get a certain amount of food issued each month. The amount depends upon family size and income.
    Basically like you are talking about, only they give them choices on the fruits, vegetables, soups, cereal and other items. No steak and lobster, but they have good cheese!

  • Antii Aliias

    They know how much they get per month, we did when we were on it….They stole, it is as simple as that.

  • Chris in KY

    If we are to be a compassionate nation we must get able bodied people to work for themselves. It doesn’t do any of them any favors to keep them indebted to the government, and leaches off society. The system works much better when churches and communities take care of those that truly need it. And the innocent children need to be taken away from these parents. Trust me, once the incentive of having kids is gone, the poor, innocent kid problem will be gone too. These parents that take the food stamps and buy chips, cola, chicken patties and all the other garbage do NOT have the best interest of the kids in mind. Government is NEVER the answer to the problem. Instead of the government taxing the carp out of you, wouldn’t you feel so much better about who you personally could chose to help with that money? Incentivize US to be charitable. There are many ways to do this that wouldn’t cost the country anything.


    What they did was outright illegal. They should lose all and any benefits for ever PERIOD.

  • Brenda

    Excellent idea! I would also support a “voucher” program similar to WIC.


    Most people you see using those cards are usually overweight. Then they reach in their pocketbook and thumb through the hundreds and twenties to pay for their ciggs and liquor.

  • nofiltergirl

    Walmart is not responsible, the customers that KNEW darned good and WELL that they didn’t have that kind of money and surely did NOT NEED the ridiculous items that were thrown in baskets that day were!! The CUSTOMERS put items into those carts! Not the clerks!

  • ZeroDarkThirty

    Very nice! About time people were held responsible for what they knowingly and willfully did wrong. I say anyone who took advantage of this needs to be permanently banned from any and all future benefits. At least until they pay back their share of the fraudulent charges. This separates the malicious from those who are willing to make things right.

  • civilman43

    In this administration, were no one is responsible for anything, from gun running, to Benghazi, I sure as hell will believe these people will be punished when I see it.

  • WardKendall

    All white Americans need to examine the root cause of their country’s problems.

    And one of those root problems is the NEGRO.

  • kristin123

    THIS IS THE MOST IGNORANT REDICULOUS COMMENT I HAVE EVER READ…. you my dear are in need of a major wake up call… someone needs to slap you silly! I hope you gain 200 pounds lose your job and die from diabetes you sorry piece of garbage! I hate your ignorance!! and I dont even collect foodstamps!

  • Bambi

    Here in California, most of the people using the EBT card are illegals from Mexico and South America. They not only buy steak and lobster and other expensive food at the grocery store, but they are also allowed to use their cards at fast food places and resturants. They use it like we working people use our credit cards only the working people cant afford the expensive foods the EBT users are buying.

  • Karen Martin Wood

    I am disabled and on food benefits and when that happened, I only got what I needed for 2 days, hoping it would be fixed by then to get the rest. Believe me, they know how much they should have on their cards, if the amount changes, you are notified immediately over a week before the amount is put in your account. These types of people make the rest of us look bad. And I don’t get that much to purchase weeks worth of groceries either. I hope they do lose them, they have to be pretty stupid to think they’d get away with free food and not be made to pay in some way for their thefts.

  • Jenn

    Wow…so you classify poverty as a reason why people aren’t fit to be parents? Do you realize that most people on food stamps actually do work?

    Yes, the people who stole food in this incident should be punished. And unfortunately that means that children will suffer. But to say that children should be taken away from their parents simply because their parents are poor…WOW.

  • Jenn

    Yes, that is how our system works. To be charged with theft, the people would actually have to take the food out of the store. Hopefully the people learn a lesson from this incident, are thankful for the grace afforded to them, and change their behavior.

  • beck

    absolutely insane why criminalize those who thought it was ok to do so when in times like now we need food to survive.

  • Michael John Naretto

    How about losing the ad that completely covers one paragraph therefore rendering it unreadable?

  • seabee.73

    actually the cheese was just this side of velveeta..


    Get screwed BITCH I just tell what I see…

  • Steve Phariss

    The cheese I remember from CA in the 70’s was a really rich tasting longhorn Cheddar, it melted just fine but was firm enough that you could grate it without it becoming a slippery mess.


    It’s obvious you’re one of the lazy asses i’m talking about.

  • TeaPartyConservative

    Yay! HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! Take their food stamps and lock their asses up!!!

  • James Barrett

    They’ll all claim innocence, and how they “din do nuffins” and are being racially profiled. Swell

  • Marie

    Most ignorant? Do you know the definition of that word? “Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.” You don’t even collect food stamps. This means you are lacking in knowledge in this area. Where is your mindset coming from? I’ve worked over 5 years as a cashier, and 95% of the people that come in using food stamps are Hispanics and African Americans. About 98% of THOSE people are very much overweight, they pile 2-3 carts full of junk food (doughnuts, soda, candy, frozen fried foods, etc) and expensive food, and they don’t bother to add up the cost of what they put in their cart, so we’re always left with at least one full cart of food that they passed on because their EBT card didn’t have enough money on it to cover all that junk. So you want to talk about ignorance? It must be bliss.

  • Jesse A. E. O’Connell

    I thought I should make a comment on this seeing as I am actually on food stamps. I nor my family is overweight and we do not eat junk foid every now and ten we will get oreos or ice cream sandwhiches wow whata splurge! My hubs lost his job and has been actively seeking employment since. AloA lot of people on food stamps are on it because they need it! The reason why you think only the people who abuse it are on it is because those are the assholes the news talks about and other people gossip about. No j don’t think just because we need a littlw help we should have to shop at a specific store thats just making people like me who works her ass off everyday to keep the bills paid feel even worse about themselves. Band yes I know how it feela because my mom and I have had to shop at local church grocery stores before because we didnt have the money to shop elsewhere. I hatr people who sterotype us who are on welfare just because we are on it! I hate that I need this help and wish we could get off but right now we cant and I do not appreciate you people who sit there and judge people like me and my family! However I hope the people who took advantage of the system areprosecuted to the fullest extent of the law however I hope no children suffer from their parents stupid mistakes!

  • gingerl

    This has nothing to do with Hussain Obama…this has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with thievery…theft…stealing…breaking the law and doing it with full knowledge that what they are doing is Wrong!!!!! This has nothing to do with compassion either! Yes. there are people going to bed on empty stomach..including children and yes, it’s depressing…now you can blame the government for that one.

  • enough

    Get rid of all the food stamp programs, let the churches take care of them not the tax payers.

  • Riva

    I believe that stealing from the government is a federal offense…I am pushing for the felonies!!! I dont want them sponging in prison..i want them to have to lose benefits and pay it back and never be eligible ever again.

  • amen

    lol x2

  • Jerry Colon

    finally the hoodrats will have to work for there food
    this is awesome and righteous.

  • OldNYFirefighter

    If they had half a brain they would have an idea of ho much money is still left on the card. They knew, but got greedy & purposely went way over what was left on their card. That is larceny & depending on the amount could be a felony. I have no sympathy for them. It would be the same as me writing a check without enough money in the bank to cover it & I would be prosecuted for it, so they should be as well.

  • Jerry Colon

    i am with u on this one 100%

  • weak


  • OldNYFirefighter

    This had nothing to do with Obama it was a computer problem, they thought they could get away with stealing double what they had on their EBT cards. it was out right thievery, nothing less. I have always provided for my family & our Church just fed 90 families last month through our food bank. They should lose at least a months worth since they probably stole two months worth to begin with.

  • tiredofnegativity

    The person who stated that 98% of the people using EBT is black or hispanic and overweight need to get her facts straight. Google it 35% white, 30| hispanic, 10% asian, 15% black, 10% other. The percentage change depending upon the area you live in. Everyone you see coming to Walmart what do you work 4 hours a week. It people like you that spread ignorance. Stop it then you may getter a better job than at Walmart.


    I was one of 11 children growing up. It was hard, and many times the food had to be rationed, but we didn’t starve. The church helped us, the schools, and neighbors, and NO FOOD STAMPS OR SUBSIDIES. We managed, were most always happy and THANKFUL. We NEVER expected something for nothing, and both parents worked. I learned long ago HUNGER IS ONE OF THE QUICKEST WAYS OUT OF POVERTY. It gives one drive. I swore, as Charlotte did in the movie “GONE WITH THE WIND” as God as my witness, I wouldn’t go hungry again. It gave me the drive to have a better life, which I have today, and am VERY COMFORTABLE. My husband and I have raised 5 children with NO GOVERNMENT freebies. When you take the drive to strive to do/be better, most people just give up and become PARASITES, and that’s what this do good, PABLUM SUCKING, LIBERAL, LEFTIST, PARASITIC government has done to the majority. And, the people expect it, are very unthankful, most are big, fat, over extended, and very wasteful. We need to start letting the PARASITES SEE WHAT IT IS TO GO WITHOUT AGAIN. Don’t worry, many, if not most, will become strong, productive, frugal, and thankful for what they receive and earn. Like disciplining spoiled and ungrateful little children.

  • tiredofnegativity

    I hope you are not as stupid as your post sound.

  • OldNYFirefighter

    One woman said she had 15 kids by different father’s & she needs help. She had no business having 1 if she couldn’t afford to take care of it. She did it because she gets welfare money for every kid she pops out & she is horny, big deal, so is everyone! After the second one with no outside support she should have had her tubes tied. If I had anything to say about it she would get money for only two children & she is on her own with the rest! We had two children as that is what we could support responsibly. I got a vasectomy after the second was born! Most of these males are too stupid to do the same. This was outright thievery it wasn’t about hungry children.

  • Ilarah

    statements like this are kind of hurtful because not every individual on food stamps is an illegal, drug dealer, or unemployed deadbeat. Sure, they make up a vast majority, but what about the others who lost their jobs when the economy went bad, or where both parents worked to help keep a roof over their children’s heads yet barely making enough to buy food? This is what the FS program is supposed to be for.

    I think the drug screenings could solve this whole mess. If you are taking anything illegal you are automatically denied. If you are taking a prescription, show proof that it was prescribed by a doctor and not bought on the street. I can betcha that the majority of recipients would lose their benefits indefinitely. If you can afford drugs you can afford to buy food. For the rest of us trying our best to make an honest living (though coming up a bit short,) we should take priority. Then there would be no need for such “[. . .] commodities like the Indians”.


    Stupid is people who put up with lazy people that take from hard working people that are struggling to get by. I’m not talking about the one’s who really need it. I’m talking about the people who take just because it’s there and their plain lazy. If you have a problem with that. I don’t think anyone wants to hear your remarks.

  • Debra

    Why put them in prison where they’ll continue getting things for free? Make them work off the debt of the goods they stole and cut their welfare permanently.

  • Suck it UP!

    Growing up in Oklahoma we had what was at that time called “commodities”. This consisted of powdered milk, dried beans, cornmeal, butter (sometimes), cheese (sometimes), and can meat (sometimes). My mom raised four kids on that, we thought we were rich if we got fried potatoes and a hamburger with our beans and cornbread. We survived just fine! The sense of entitlement of many astonish me!!!

  • Just me

    I agree. But those probably aren’t the ones who have done this. The EBT system dies help a lot of people who NEED it! I have been one of those people so I know. I have also seen people do the things that people are talking about. But it doesn’t mean everyone using the EBT system is like that! Geeze people!!

  • Stephanie

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I worked at Walmart for two years, and in other grocery stores before that. People who have never seen the trend don’t recognize it, but it’s there. I won’t say ALL the recipients, but a good 70% at least buy soda and chips, candy and frozen food, ice cream and cookies. Hardly ever would I see an EBT card used on INGREDIENTS for a home cooked meal. It was all prepackaged, processed JUNK. And it was almost always at least an entire cart full, if not multiple.

    What would always make me so sad is these people coming through with three carts of junk food, riding on an electric wheelchair because they’re so overweight, spending hundreds of dollars of MY money on SHIT, and then some little old lady would come through with flour and corn meal and a few cans of soup, and have to put her flour back because she only got $30 a month.

    Ugh. It disgusts me.

  • tag

    well, arent u a bigot? half of recipients of food stamps are children. many seniors cannot afford food. a lot of veterans cannot find work and are receiving food stamps. are those the kind of people that you mean? or the handicapped? THOSE people? the people walmarts should fire are those who go online and diss their customers, not the ones asking for a fair wages. oh and by the way. many walmart employees receive gov benefits, including food stamps cause they get paid so little. what world do you live in that you dont know these things?

  • BB

    My daughter was on FS for a brief time and was too embarrassed to use the card. I shopped for her and yes I did get some snacks. They were for the grandchildren’s lunches. They were getting free lunch at school but hated the food. Things like soft drinks that I got for myself I put in a different area and paid for them myself. I was not aware that FS would buy them. She really needs to go back on them as buying food for her, the kids and myself is getting very difficult but then we didn’t abuse the privledge. It is not a right it is HELP!

  • tag

    so if someone is injured and becomes permanently disabled you say let them starve?

  • tag

    yea i had a period of unemployment when i received food stamps. these people with their stories. i had to go to a food bank as well to have enough food to make it all month. people are not living high on the hog on food stamps.i find it particularly difficult reading posts from walmart employees complaining about their customers. it is unprofessional but more then that the high number of walmart employees reported to need food stamps to feed their own families makes them hyprocrites to sneer at their customers.

  • tag

    well you seem more reasonable but you are spreading disinformation. the vast majority of people on foodstamps are children, the elderly and the disabled. when food stamps were reduced recently 700, 000 disabled or unemployed vets lost some of their benefits as well. ironic they can serve their country but arent allowed to eat huh? a lot of states have implemented drug screenings for some benefits. welfare is a big one. the results that the states are getting aren’t what they expected. a very , very small percentage of those on relief failed the testing. the state lost money on it. the cost of the testing was far more then the savigns from the few people they were able to deny assistance to. it simply isnt true that most welfare recipients are drug addicts. funny when some politician stands up and claims 99 per cent of welfare recipients are drug addicts, everyone hears about it. but when it comes back that only a couple per cent failed their pee test in florida, no one seems interested in posting it.

  • Jeremy K.

    This is stupid. Nothing will come of this. Just talk until it is forgotten.

    What Mr. Jindal should have done is stage another one of these incidences of the EBT system failing, round all the guilty roaches up, and exterminate them.

  • tag

    this is kind of disgusting also. did it ever occur to you that people were buying junk food becuase its hard for them to cook? maybe they are in a wheelchair not from eating junk food but are buying junk food because they cant get around easily? prepared foods are often the cheapest way to go. they werent spending hindreds of dollars of your hard earned money if you were working at walmart. who are you kidding? 70 per cent of walmart employees are paid so little they draw food stamps themselves….

  • Jared Keplinger

    I absolutely agree! I am poor as dirt but I work two jobs to support my own. There is no excuse for allowing these criminals to get away with this!

  • Jeremy K.

    CONFLICTING MORALS and/or lack of decent ones are what is destroying this country. If you thought this behavior was appalling, go ahead and put you and/or your family on the endangered species list. There are obviously plenty of people who will disagree with you as you’re being robbed.

  • nyvatxlady

    We live in Oklahoma and went to buy food that day – when the card system went down, yes, we complained to each other and everyone we knew, but we didn’t try to DEFRAUD THE SYSTEM. Oh, and we didn’t starve to death before they fixed it a few hours later.



  • Dale Cordell

    When I was a kid, we had to get commodities a few times. Dad was so humiliated! But, he finally found good work and got us off of them real fast! I thank my dad and my military experience for my strong work ethic….. something these cockroaches would never think of. Welfare is good, in that it helps……. but it shouldn’t be a damned lifestyle. Welfare is set up wrong. People should be put to work to earn their food. Maybe give them incentive to actually find work, if their food stamps are taken away. But why do I doubt my own words? Hmmmm. I wonder. Duh.

  • Jamie Mattox

    that wont work in my town the church who does the food pantry turns down any outside help saying they can handle everyone in our town when in reality they cant. and we dont get any meat or dairy just veggies and junk boxed fat. it is sad we cant go to the other food pantry near by thanks to the church refusing help

  • Guest

    I have seen this many times…

  • Ron Palmieri

    A well deserved “SPANK”……

  • disgruntled in PA

    no tag . here in PA it is because they are too lazy to cook.and marie has the right of it , most are overweight due to poor food choices at the supermarket.

  • disgruntled in PA

    wow here is a thought , do you think they passed those drug tests cause they cheated the system? seen it done before and it isn’t difficult at all to do unless the testing facility makes a person strip naked and get searched before peeing in a cup. and we all know they don’t do that.

  • AKBandito

    I’m guessing you on on some type of meds as you seem like an in-stable fvck.

  • AKBandito


  • Tracy L. K.

    I agree with you & am not trying to be a know it all smart ass. I agree there should be a better way…..but if you recall, Florida tried the drug testing thing & only about 2% ever tested positive for drugs. With the high cost of all the drug test & only a very small percentage was testing positive, it was not cost effective to continue to do so. I don’t know all the exact details but I remember hearing about it on the news. But I totally agree. I unfortunately have 2 family members on foodstamps and they do run it into the ground. Buying expensive stuff. Getting the free cell phone. Going to the food bank & getting more food. Both are capable of working but do not. It is really aggravating when your working your butt off & others are enjoying it. ~peace~

  • Mathieu Hubin

    “Honor system”? So welfare recipients have honor now? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Now tell me the one about Obama defending the constitution!

  • Mathieu Hubin

    I have an idea. Let’s attack the root of the problem. Let’s get rid of corporate welfare first and FORCE all of those companies who took bailouts to pay up NOW or close. Let’s get rid of our fractional reserve banking system which is nothing more than legal theft and get rid of the bankers who inflate and deflate our currency at their whim. Let’s stop spending money on the drug war and unconstitutional foreign wars. Repeal Obamacare which is nothing more than an added tax on the middle and lower classes. Do all of that and we can eliminate the debt and have no need for an income tax which in and of itself is legal extortion. Then we can have a society where we don’t have to tax people who work to give to those who do not. We can actually return to a prosperous nation where unemployment is low to nonexistent. And for those who cannot work, the general population will be more prosperous and more likely to give charity of their own free will rather than at gunpoint. Just a thought. Off my soap box now.

  • Mathieu Hubin

    One caveat. You cannot be generous with something you don’t have. Unless of course you are a socialist… But even then you will eventually run out of other peoples’ money…

  • Katriel Masada

    ::sigh:: You say Government is not the answer and yet you also say the innocent children need to be taken away from these parents. Who, if not the government, is it that you expect to make the standard up by which a person will be deemed the unfit parent? Who, if not the government, is it that you expect to physically take away the children from these parents? And who, if not the government, do you expect to look after and tend to the well being of these displaced children?

    Then there is this: “Incentivize (??) US to be charitable” …. is that not what the Government IS already doing for you? The Government you say is not to be the answer to the issues you are asking to be created? YOu forget the right of the parent in order to support the right of the worker? We have been thinking like lunatics for too long, I am afraid. Destroying the Parent is giving fuel to Charity and thus creating the ‘need’ for the worker which in turn calls for the establishment of Government to fit the role of the parent to us all. Love does not breed Charity, but rather it breeds compassion and mercy and thoughtfulness for the sake of one’s own well being as well as that of another’s. Love does not take away, but adds to. Charity takes away and does not profit anyone … thus why it is called the non-profit organization.

  • Charles Shoemaker

    Funny, when the server for my debit card goes down, I can’t spend any money. Shouldn’t reporting blatant and obvious lies like this net you losing your job? I sure hope so, your misinformation that these people are eagerly eating up makes you the real criminal.

  • Judy

    I also work in a grocery store (30+ years) and have seen it month after month, year after year. Loading up big cart groceries (manly with junk). If they don’t have enough money on their cards, they keep the soda and put back whatever meat they may have put in their carts. I also know people that buy really expensive things and sell it (at a discount) to the other crooked people out there, so that they can buy cigarettes and alcohol.

  • Judy

    they have proposed the drug testing thing here in Ohio. The only ones that get tested are the ones that TELL them that they are taking illegal drugs. If you answer “No, I do not take illegal drugs”, they do NOT test you. That is why the drug testing failed. If they lie about everything else, they aren’t going to tell the truth about drugs. They need to just test everyone randomly, without notice. I bet the results would be a lot different.

  • Katriel Masada

    Did not your church teach you the laws borne upon Compassion that are written DOWN in the Bible? Do YOU even bother to read the Bible? Charity does brag … thus, how it continues to support its self. 90 families could have been fed by God Himself if not for the overwhelming support that is being given to the church’s charity.

  • Katriel Masada

    If I blame the Government, then I give away my right to act as a fellow human being on my own behalf and that of my children. Have you ever gone to the grocery store on an empty stomach? It is not something I recommend, but unfortunately (due to the thoughtlessness of many) for more than a few even today it will be unavoidable. :(

  • Melody Sizemore

    I agree that what these recipients did was very wrong. It was stealing! They should be punished. However the author stated at the end of the article for those that lose benefits to “get a job”. Many people on SNAP ARE working! They just don’t make enough. Or they may be disabled. To tell recipients to get a job is not helpful as many already have jobs or they can’t work for whatever reasons.

  • JDMeaux

    Rather than persecute them for fraud with jail time, make them go to work to pay off their debt, be ineligible for any “free” benefits for 2 years, and make them work PERIOD. There are plenty of ditches that need to be cleaned up for the spring thaw.

  • Dennis Carr

    Nothing new here, move on.. The Jewel Store that was by me closed. Happened upon a person that worked there and it was the “Welfare Beasts” that closed it. They would load a cart, walk out the door and if someone went to stop them, they were told not to, cost to much to process in court, it is just written off.. When it got to $30K a month, they could not afford it and closed.. Now it is a Mexican Grocery store and have nothing that I want.. Oh, just in case you wonder how it could get that bad? We have a place called FoxView Apts. we call it Cabrini on the Fox.. Low rent and Low life..

  • westie mom

    Maybe the reason they do not test positive for drugs is because the one who is registered for the EBT IS clean, and they are the only one tested,
    but what about the rest of the family?

  • Middle Class Fed Up Tax Payer

    This is only HALF of what needed to be done in this case, and for starters, there should be no “one year, two year, etc.” penalty- each and every one of these idiots that took advantage of this error, should be banned for life, period- And, they should be forced to pay back every dime that they spent over the limit that I am quite certain, each of them know that they had… I work in the grocery industry, and it sickens me to see my tax dollars “hard at work” every month, when we have hundreds of people that are able bodied to work, but choose not to, because they can. I am all for helping those in need, the elderly, the handicapped, and those that TEMPORARILY have lost their job, and are in the process of trying to get back on track… BUT, I have no sympathy for these young couples, with three or four kids, and sometimes more on the way, that have no agenda to get themselves on track to support themselves… They come in like clockwork on the 3rd when there benefits are available, and completely fill and stuff a shopping cart, as if preparing for a natural disaster- I am always amazed by the fact that some people are even too lazy to come back to the store more than one time, and it usually isnt due to lack of transportation, as these same people are hanging out in the parking lot all the time with friends at the pizza place next door… When you see the crap that is in these carts, I DO have empathy for the children, that are fed junk food for the most part, potato chips, ice cream, cookies, and soda by the case- no fresh vegetables for these guys, it seems “if you can’t nuke it, it ain’t worth buying”…But my point, is that they all KNOW how much they have to spend, though they more often than not, have to leave at least $25-30 behind for us to put away, because they can’t add either. Then, they swipe that wonderful EBT card on a separate transaction for cash, not to pay the bills, but to buy their cigarettes and beer/wine…
    That said, I as a retailer, am also responsible to make sure that my customers are legally using their benefits card, and if I suspect fraud, its part of MY responsibility to report it, and in some cases when I.D. cannot be proven, I have on occasion, denied the transaction. If someone is legal, they have no issue with it, but those that are fraudently trying to scam the system, always like to put up a big fit, hoping that I will just let it go. As to Walmart, THEY TOO, are responsible for making sure that their customers using benefits cards are doing so legally, and they are well aware, that no one, let alone hundreds of customers, have access to thousands of dollars of food stamps, the amounts that these people spent are WAY past the limits that are given out. The fact alone, that there was “no balance left on the account”, which prints on every receipt after the transaction, is proof enough that there was something wrong, OTHERWISE, why did every other grocery retailer in the area make the right decision to suspend EBT transactions, once they saw this glitch- So, the manager on duty at these stores should also be held accountable, for allowing these transactions to occur, once it was apparent that there was a problem, and Walmart should NOT be paid for anything over the limit of each EBT card balance, once determined…Let the big guys who care a less for the rules and regulations, feel it in their own pocketbook…And for the violators, make them pay, if they choose NOT to do so in a period of time, then put them to work cleaning up trash on the side of the road…Once they see what trash looks like, they just MIGHT look in the mirror and see the damned resemblance!

  • Middle Class Fed Up Tax Payer

    I FULLY agree Corey, if they refuse to pay back what they spent over the limit that they all KNOW they are “entitled to” (no pun or play on words), then its time to show them what WORK is, jail them for fraud, after all, it IS a crime per the EBT agreement that they signed when they received their card in the first place… THEN, put them out on the roadways, cleaning up the trash that they so closely resemble, let them SEE what work looks like, and amazingly, maybe 1 in 5 will actually realize that there MUST be a better choice of work than trash picking, and go out and find something that they can do, besides sit on their butts at home, while I go to work every day to pay to support them!

  • Middle Class Fed Up Tax Payer

    Lock em up Debra, and let them work it off, I hate the idea of giving them free room and board in jail, BUT, they are getting it anyway off of your and my hard work and taxes we pay…At least this way, they do NOT have the freedom to come and go as they please, and a good 10 hour day picking up trash, or something else that could be deemed as HARD physical work, might just make one or two of them realize, that there are no free lunches anymore! Its time that we put limits on all benefit plans, they were designed to help people in need, NOT to provide an alternative to work to pay for your costs of living, if everyone signing up for welfare benefits KNEW upfront, that once they got that first check or card in the mail, that the clock was NOW ticking, and once it got to the end, it was work, or don’t eat! Maybe its time, we just save millions of tax dollars, and just end EBT type benefits, and go back to government subsidized food, the bulk cheese, potatos, etc. that used to be available to those that NEEDED it…Not the best choice, but certainly, motivation to work if you want something better- and, it would give our farmers another avenue to make a better living, so it would be win-win all around, more farm jobs and savings by the millions, or billions over time!

  • mike

    Excellent… !

  • Margaret C Pritchett

    At minimum, the SNAP program should be run similar to how WIC is run. Only certain types and brands of foods are allowed.
    I am tired of continually seeing EBT cards pay for high end cuts of meat, high end seafood, snacks, chips, and soda pop.
    My family lives on a budget. We eat a LOT of chicken, hamburger, rice, and beans. Why should MY tax money pay for their seafood, when we cannot afford it ourselves?

  • Kris

    You know Corey, I find that rather unfair, I get assistance, but I am also a full time college student, I home school my child, and I work THREE jobs, so I pay into the system that is helping me, so why shouldn’t I be entitled to feed my family normal food that everyone else gets? Not everyone who gets assistance buys junk food. Instead of grouping everyone in one stereotype, maybe you should do your homework and research more. I have worked since I was 15 years old. I think I have paid in more than my family has taken. I work about 15 hour days, 7 days a week, so I am not living on anyone else’s hard work but my own.

  • Charles Stites

    I’m sure Jindal will tell him to go back to kenya also.

  • Paulette Morgan

    The sad thing about it is that the children will suffer because of their stupidity.

  • concerned citizen

    it’s not the adults i feel for its the children of those ignorant ones

  • william penn

    I noticed you pronounced it as walmarts with an s that is not supposed to be there. I see this a lot and I always wonder why. Do you also say K-marts, Targets, Krogers,etc? My father in law also says walmarts, its common here in the south. I’m curious as to how this extra “s’ ever got started

  • Sammie Jo

    Good! I hope they enjoy their loot know it’s the last free stuff they’ll get for awhile.

  • exlib93

    At the supermarket I stood in line behind a woman who was fat AND pulled her EBT card from a GENUINE coach bag. I was so angry at seeing that.

  • Ronald Becker

    His stealing is not second nature to him. Look at all the lavish vacations he went on, thus STEALING from the taxpayer.

  • TerryE58

    Stephanie,,I am a 55 yr old with MS and I use food stamps, i do buy like fruits, veggies,but because my MS is in my hands, cooking is almost impossible,I read the calorie count, I also buy precut bagged salads,I cant cut anything because of fear of slicing my hands off…I do understand there are people who DO abuse the system,with this Louisana stint,,People did know when they went in there how much they had to spend ,I do agree that people should be pennalized for taken more that they were allowed < I would fined them and take away each month extra on what they went above and beyond what was allowed! I do not buy hardly any "junk" food I get alot of bottled water no soda,before my d/x of MS back in 2005,I never had to get "gov help" so when I went to apply I felt guilty but I havent worked since 2006, I do belive the part that everyone should do random "drug tests" and if they are Not clean then they be disquilified!

  • Ronald Becker

    This would put a imposition (those that lack transportation) on those that truly need assistance. Don’t get me wrong, but something needs to be done. But if done it needs to go back the way it was years ago, where each county has a pantry. Does commodities ring a bell?

  • BarLar50

    Jared: Spoken like a true American with a “can do” spirit. Glad to hear of some good ole person pride/responsibility. You are a success in life. I wish you prosperity in your future.

  • hopeful

    wayne i am assuming you have never fallen on hard times…i am currently receiving ebt benefits…i was seriously injured at work and am unable to work now and when i get my benefits i budget almost every penny i get 187 a month in foodstamps and struggle planning meals to last the month…i dont buy steaks and lobster i buy ground beef and other cheap meats or find somewhere that has a reasonable meat bundle type package i dont buy cases of soda etc i have never sold a food stamp in my life and i dont do drugs and could pass a drug screen any day of the week with the exception of meds that i am prescribed and try not to take them except when i just cant stand the pain anymore…i am overweight but it isnt because i eat a lot of junk food bought from ebt etc but because i am unable to be out and be as active as i was before i was injured so please before you make ignorant comments and lump all people on benefits in one category of losers that are just milking the system (yes i know many are) there are some of us out here that could not make it without them when work isnt an option

  • http://www.stupidstuffobamasays.com/ Stupid Stuff Obama Says

    The criminal charges need to be shared by Walmart… Those store managers that allowed this should be penalized. They will get their money from the government anyway…

  • Joe Zeek

    Jindal 2016. This guy is awesome. Would love to see a Jindal/West presidential ticket, because I am a racist conservative obviously!

  • HighlandHoney

    Good for Jindal. Stealing is a crime.

  • Tera Blair Kirk

    wow, drawing a hard line. I figured this was just going to be shrugged off and swept under the rug. of course I won’t hold my breath……..

  • don from ri

    how does one work three jobs and go to school full time, and be home to take care of their child. something doesn’t add up.

  • Sam Burleson


  • Frank Theis

    RICE AND BEANS DONT MUCH PREP WORK! boil water insert.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=707270629 Jim Speed

    This is one HUGE.. BRIGHT.. SPOT of NEWS in an otherwise dreary world of bad news.

    Good for you Governor Jindal!!!

  • bozo

    It seems like you are one of those welfare leeches too with a name like tobydog. You are a liberal leech who probably has multiple free Obamaphones and section eight housing to take care of your lazy ass!

  • Bozo

    Talk about lazy? Seems like you have alot of time on your hands on here bitching about people! You Obama ass kissing liberal TOBYFROG!

  • bozo


  • Frank Theis

    there is a system that says max amount when system is down, phone it in, Wal Mart did not follow the system that is in place they are just as guility.

  • MommaP

    There once was a time, before big chain stores, when you knew the families who owned most of the stores in your community. Therefore, you shopped at Mr. Moore’s grocery store, or Moores.

  • Bozo


  • Frank Theis

    actually it has already been stated that Walmart has to eat the cost

  • Frank Theis

    walmart has already been told they have to eat the cost

  • Obese Americans

    I love how obese America is crying over welfare cases buying junk food with food stamps , what makes you decide what welfare cases or anyone for that matter eats. And to the clowns working at Walmart and grocery stores , you probably get food stamps yourself and probably do the same thing stop complaining about other people and get a real fucking job

  • American truckers wife

    I’m sorry I get food stamps I am a full time student and my husband was a truck driver for 23 years had a stroke and a pacemaker put in and now he can’t work. I was working part time but my grades started to slip because I do everything around the house and take care of my 2 daughters. So I quit my job because the reason I am going to school is to get a better paying job. I buy food to make meals for the month and then what is left over I let my daughters get their fruit snacks or whatever they want since the food stamps is to feed my family. So to the people who is complaining about people being on food stamps my husband for 23 years was one of the many that brought the stuff to stores so people can buy it.

  • Jenlea

    Walmart should also be held accountable. How smart do you have to be to realize something shady is going on in that situation. They’re claiming ignorance? They were letting people shop on the honor system?? BS. They profitted from it. They should have to pay back the money for all the stuff they gave away and we paid for.

  • Ralph Rusty Newkirk

    I’m sure obummer will pardon these poor folk jes doin what illegals do…….

  • Jenlea

    He was using the plural form… Walmarts in his area.

  • Keith Jalbert

    I say shut the system down completely and force people to do a drug screen reapply only those who cannot work get them for blocks of time and have to have them renewed.. Now I understand some do NEED benefits but alot of these people can get off their asses and get jobs

  • Karen Pansegro

    I’m glad they’ll be held accountable, but what happens if they have a family to feed? People think Republicans/Conservatives are “mean,” but I’m sure most of us don’t want the families of the perps to starve, or even the perps themselves. PS I ALSO hope Obama doesn’t come to their rescue. That’s a BAD message to send.

  • Driver_S

    Hooray for Gov. Jindal and DSFS Secretary Sonnier for pursuing legal action on these welfare criminals. I suggest they initiate drug testing for all welfare recipients if La. hasn’t done so already. There are way too many people on the welfare rolls that shouldn’t be getting benefits.

  • Bellyn

    I don’t know about all states, but some allow users to get “cash back” with their EBT cards. Although you can’t buy beer, alcohol or lottery tickets with them, they simply tell the clerk they want cash back and then purchase whatever they want anyway. This type of abuse makes me sick. I think in California it is worse. When my folks bought their first home in the mid ’70’s, the city bought the empty lot across the street and put up a low-income “village” of small homes. We had one family of five on government assistance but their dad drove a Cadillac, the kids had better clothes than we had, and always had money for the movies, etc. Another family had five women living in the home. A grandmother, mother and three teenaged girls. The mother was paid by the government to be the care-giver to grandma, who smoked like a chimney and had diabetes. The family also got welfare, medi-cal and food stamps. The whole family even got a “raise” when the 16 year old daughter had a baby. Since she was still under 18, mom still got money for her, then teen mom received benefits because there was no baby-daddy in the home. Which was a lie, because their men-folk were there all the time. People have been abusing these types of systems for decades and for some, they are second-generation recipients. There is no shame in being affected by hard times, but when it is clear that the nation has a huge problem with governmental dependency, something needs to be done about it. Wonder if it is possible to have a five year benefit period? Five years should be enough time to get back on one’s feet.

  • Jill Casteel

    The problem is…most of these people have kids. The kids didn’t tell them to steal but they will be the ones suffering if mommy or daddy loses benefits or go to jail. I am all for justice…but this system is FAIL.

  • disqus_ted_ho

    Commodities is exactly what I was thinking of.

  • Katriel Masada

    I honestly do believe most are not thinking before trying to communicate their thoughts.

  • Buddy Peters

    good..they can’t be trusted…you try and help them and they think it;s owed to them and not a blessing to be helped out..they deserve to lose them no doubt !

  • Layla

    Wow most of you people who have posted below have lost your minds. I have been a single mother who worked full time and still needed help for about a year after my divorce to get on my feet and needed food stamps. I no longer need them and I make good money. The system is there for those who need to EAT hello. Don’t let a few thief’s ruin it for the people who work hard every day and pay taxes toward having those services there if they need them in hard times. There are more people who truly need the help then there are that abuse it. Why punish those people. And I am sure that if those people were that desperate for food lets not be so quick to condemn them its not like they where loading there buggies up with big screen TV’s. Any way its real easy to criticize when you haven’t been in there shoes.

  • Dean Brownlee

    The story i read said their EBT cards showed a unlimited balance and they was getting all they could. Then the cards started to show their real balances so they fled the store. Either way at the VERY LEAST all food benefits should be taken away from them. Some of you are right though, Obama will make sure nobody loses here but the taxpayers. I broke my back at work so i get EBT as a part of the disability and what these people did is shameful.

  • Olen Lane

    I pay %10. sales tax on my food here in Ala. I DON’T GET FOOD STAMPS!

  • CelesteCalifornia

    Hating fat people because they are fat is like hating a man because he is black. Yes, there are those that were skinny when young and got fat as that aged because of bad eating habits but there are those that have been fat their whole life because the obesity genes they inherited from their parents or they are leptin deficient and their body thinks they are starving so it holds onto every morsel they eat. If you hate fat people because they exist and because you think being fat is a character defect then we should also hate the dumb, poor, and uneducated just as much! In my opinion the poor bring their condition on themselves by not getting education, breeding without having a way to take care of their children or themselves, and for being lazy and not succeeding in their careers.Let’s not forget all the skinny people that stuff themselves with junk food, sit on their ass all day playing video games and don’t gain an ounce. We all know somebody like this.

  • Donna Graffagnino

    They’ll just sign up under different names and soc sec #’s. I don’t know how they do it, but I have seen them pull MULTIPLE EBT cards out when paying for groceries. I live in Louisiana and it makes me sick to see some get multiple food stamp benefits while others, who really need them, can’t get any.

  • james

    Apparently some people sell their EBT cards for less than they are worth, then use that cash for whatever, like drugs.

  • Amy Dixon

    I agree that they need to be punished for stealing, they knew that they didn’t have the amount on the card to get the things they took. I want to clarify that everyone that gets food stamps are not lazy, overweight or illegal aliens. My husband has always worked full time, when we had our kids he was making $4000-5000 a month and we thought things would always be good and I could stay home with the kids till they were in school age. When the economy when in the toilet he lost his good job and had to take whatever he could get ( less than $10/hr) we only had one vehicle and one of our kids had a lot of health problems, heart surgery etc that would’ve been hard for me to start working. Anyway long story short, we get food stamps, I am sooooo grateful that we do, we don’t get much, but I shop discounts and use coupons, I never buy soda, or junk food, I will buy a cake mix occasionally, we eat fruit and veggies and lots of chicken, beans, corn bread etc, no prepackaged frozen meals,,,I’m getting my nursing degree now and though I am grateful for the help we do get I can’t wait til I’m working and we will have too much $$$$ coming in to qualify.

  • Amy Dixon

    I don’t know of anywhere you can do that, you can get cash back on a debit or credit card. If they get assistance on a card instead of direct deposit or check, then they can spend that on whatever but the food stamps is food only and certain food like fried chicken or stuff cooked at delis or convenience stores can’t be put on the food stamp card. Here in Ohio you can only get cash assistance for 36 month out of 5 years.

  • Gordon Adkins

    It will not happen. People will drag their children in front of the TV news crews and cry about how the children are being punished and are starving. The government will cave and do nothing.

  • kathy

    I myself work at a grocery store, and it is a real fucking job dumb ass!!!!! I have work there for 16 years and hold a position, but mind you, still a grocery store. I see so many lazy ass people everyday come through with EBT cards and it sickens me to see how many abuse the system that was set up to help those in need, not help the lazy that can find a job…

  • Gordon Adkins

    I agree. If I have to pay welfare benefits for people who are defrauding the system, I would rather pay the prison costs and have that person locked up and unavailable to steal my personal belongings freely.

  • Gordon Adkins

    LOL, now that is funny! I don’t care who you are…

  • Cary Davis

    Obama voters!

  • sbozich

    And the only way you possibly could have gotten any help whatsoever is if the government gave you food stamps?

  • sbozich

    Maybe if you didn’t go around whoring you wouldn’t be a single mother. When you use “your” food stamps they are being paid for with my money.
    Can I at least get a blow job out of it?

  • Zack R.

    Right now welfare is setup so that if you earn a dollar, then you owe the welfare system a dollar. So ask yourself, “Should I get a job just to pay the state? Or should I just stay unemployed and make the same money?” It’s not really a hard answer if you’re truly honest with yourself.

    The point is that the system encourages laziness. It is essential to keep the whole Ponzi Scheme known as the US Dollar afloat. The solution is also very simple. You could fix welfare in one day, by doing one thing. If you earn a dollar, you get a dollar. Median income would rise, tax revenues would increase, funding for schools would go up (I don’t believe in public school, but if you do, then it’s a benefit), and so on.

    Just remember that if you have to rent your time in order to survive, then we are on the same team.

    ~ Eliminate the outdated system of Stateism and step forward into the new tomorrow. Cheerio!

  • Zack R.

    This is a divide and conquer story and it’s working. The groceries these people stole is a drop in an ocean compared to the amount the banks have levied from you for your entire life. Wake up!!!

  • Kat

    I hope governor that you stand your ground and go through with this they should pay and if it means losing their welfare well isn’t that just a shame, I hope that Obama doesn’t try and threaten you. Of course we all already know that name calling will be slung out there and I would hope that other states will follow suit instead of being afraid of Obama and the PC correctness this has to stop somewhere and I think you got the ball rolling, good going, Job well done!!!

  • Please Forgive Me

    you know that is not what he meant. Obviously a truly disabled person isnt gaming the system.

  • Please Forgive Me

    trust me all these people are fine and none of them are suffering. SO there is no reason to feel sorry for any of them.

  • Sam

    This is what should happen to these scum bags. They knew they were stealing from the American people and took pride in it. They should lose permanently.

  • blah

    ummm well i have sublet room and we eat as a house hold so sometimes when shopping i use their card to buy food for our house as well.. yes i know most the times its because they sold their stamps for 50/100 which should be a chargeable offence

  • exlib93

    I don’t care who’s fat, who’s thin, as long as I don’t have to support them.

  • hawkshaw

    Bellyn, You’re exactly right, but it is worse in Mississippi, I think. Something has to be done with these leeches. The first thing is to elect a responsible administration, not one that buys votes.

  • Gin

    You have a very valid point. A lot of people on foodstamps are overweight. Why? Because they cannot afford healthy food. I have been there. I could not buy fresh fish, lean beef, chicken breasts, etc. I had to buy Ramen noodles, Macaroni and cheese, ground beef, bags of chicken, and so forth. You buy pasta and stuff that can make bigger meals. It is not healthy but it is cheaper and it feeds everyone. It is not about poor food choices (most of the time) but about what you can afford to buy. I know and everyone else knows this is not always the case. There are going to be people who cheat the system and take advantage of something that was made to help people, but most of the people that I know that are use EBT genuinely need the help. They have jobs, those jobs just do not pay very well. The cost of living is much higher than the pay scale for the area. It is sad, but know one should judge another on someone else’s actions. These people who purposely cheated the system should pay. They knew what they were doing and they did not care who it hurt. What if what they did caused others in need to do without? Do you think they cared? No, they did not, but we still should not use those people as an example for everyone.

  • neil riewer

    So how many previous infractions do we allow these people before we deny benefits for life?????

  • Melody Lemon Heintzelman

    Wal-Mart, acting on the best interests of its customers, or so they
    thought, allowed customers to continue shopping and ringing up their
    purchases on an “honor system.” AH, HELLO WALMART, HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR CUSTOMERS??

  • Debra

    multiple people in a family each can have a card, so if somebody is living with their parents with their kids. the grandparent and the one living with them will both have one. Also, a lot of the time even if they live in different houses they will send both cards to the store at the same time so they can get more.

  • TrailsofFire

    that was what I figured they’d better do, every penny they ”charged” should also be counted interest to it, our legitimate pay check pays our own interest on everything ”charged”——these freeloading minions need to pay back the same way, my other suspicion was, Wal-mart was in on it, so as to cause diversity, and shortages riots, because Wal-mart has not lost squat!!

  • Debra

    I don’t agree about the prison sentence. I say make them get an outside job while working off the debt of what they stole and end their EBT benefits. Make the system be facial recognition, not just SS#’s, etc so there is no fooling the system. I do agree with the ending of the EBT and just making it be the subsidized food. Nobody would really want that crap and so they’d work to get better, honestly (or at least we can hope).

  • Debra

    What exactly is wrong with walmart shoppers? Not all of us can afford to shop elsewhere, doesn’t mean we’re scum bags.

  • Debra

    raw veggies can be eaten uncooked, along with fresh fruit. wanna cook some meat with veggies? get a crock pot, open packages, toss in pot, turn on.

  • Debra

    I agree with you for the most part, except for your comparing being fat to the color of somebody’s skin. There is literally NOTHING a person can do about their skin color. But as somebody who comes from families that are both prone to being fat I work my butt off to make sure I don’t end up like that. It is possible. I feel for those that have genuine medical conditions, but they are not in the majority.

  • Debra

    What school do you go to?

  • RaisondetrexX

    Actually, that is true. I worked at Walmart and more than half of the workers collected food stamps, me included. Just not enough money to live on, especially not after all the hour cuts. I am not overweight, nor do I have children. I cook from scratch (how I was taught), but sometimes I don’t have enough money or food stamps to buy the things I need, so already prepared food (if Hamburger Helper counts) helps, because it is cheaper.

  • ashy

    Walmart acted in their own best interests here.

  • Erin

    I’m glad that you are able to beat gaining weight. Lucky you weren’t born with partial leptin deficiency when you eat 800 calories a day and work out for 2 hours a day and your body is still gaining weight. I just think making fun and hating fat people is unfortunately still acceptable in this society which is wrong. People say it’s a character flaw and they have no idea what they are talking about. These same people would never make fun of a poor person or laugh in the face of a single mother that made bad choices, or treat an uneducated person bad to their face but they have no problem making fun of a person with extra flesh. What they should be concerned with is that karma might come back to bite them…they may be reincarnated as a fat person! Heaven forbid.

  • JudyBuda

    Nice idea GOV, but it will be interested how many you actually punish. Oh it was my first time and I didn’t know BSBSBSBSBSBS

  • Debra

    It is freedom of speech, the day they aren’t allowed to, things will be much worse.

  • bobbi jo

    they probly already sold their foodstamps AND the groceries they stole!best run drug tests too!

  • Erin

    ???? I really don’t get what you are saying???? So I bet is somebody walked up to you and picked out a flaw and screamed it your face you would be ok with that? How about I scream rude remarks in your kid’s/niece/nephew/mother/father’s face. Would you think that’s freedom of speech? Didn’t think so!

  • LServies

    But of course, the only criminals that can be punished are the ones that actually paid or attempted to pay with an EBT card with insufficient funds. Those that left their full carts behind will not be “called on the carpet” because their accounts were not tapped on that fateful day. (Unless they were going back for more!) They are a bunch of thugs. It sickens me, the lack of moral fortitude that people have in these days and times is unbelievable. A story from my life . . . the other day i went to JoAnn’s Crafts to purchase some fabric/notions to make my daughter a red skirt with a fur trim for Christmas . . . she had to have it for school. I shopped for a couple of hours looking for the fabric I liked the best for the best price. I really struggled trying to find what I wanted/needed because the fabric that I wanted . . . I could not afford. Finally I made my purchase. As I was walking out to my car, I kept thinking, “That was much cheaper than I thought it would be!” At first I was excited because I was thinking I got a good deal with my coupons, etc. Well the more I thought about it the more I knew that she had under-charged me. I looked at my receipt and sure enough, she didn’t charge me for any of my fabric! My first instinct was to drive off with my good fortune but about a millisecond later, I knew that I could never do that. The Holy Spirit said to me, “If I cannot trust you to do what is right with the small things, how can I ever trust you with bigger things.” So, I went back in and paid the extra, even though I really could have used that extra money in my pocket. I did the right thing . . . the hard thing. I am not telling this to brag on myself, My point is that we are all human and sometimes our first instinct is to do what is best for #1! But we must rise above that and do the right thing. Knowing that I had been under-charged, if I kept that product, I would have been STEALING! Come on people, MAN-UP AND DO WHAT’S RIGHT!

  • 1angryChick

    People like this give decent people on food stamps a bad name. No wonder people look down their noses at me when I use my EBT card. all they see is idiots like this. Well I assure you, I am NOT one of THOSE people. I am just a married college student trying to do right by my family until I get out of college and get into my intended career.

  • Wags

    Maybe if women quit having babies they can’t afford and fathers supported the babies they make, maybe we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  • Jerry Colon

    i am 100% disabled and before i got V.A. disability at 70% i got 10% for 3 years.
    that is 110.00 per month. i could not get foodstamps cuz i supposedly had money coming . it took 3 years to get the money. i went hungry many times and to see these pigs do this makes me wanna go light them on fire and roast some pork

  • Andrea Hopkins

    I agree that the people that did this should be punished whether through jail time or losing their benefits… but I really have to laugh at all you that say for them to “get a job”…Louisiana has a 7%; unemployment rate at the moment…so while it may be easy to say get a job it’s not always an easy thing to do in this economy. I received food benefits for most of my son’s life but I got lucky and got a better paying job that allowed me to get off them…not an easy task since the state I live in has a 9% unemployment rating. Though roads and highways can always use a good cleaning as do a lot of parks..so this is a way for them to “give back” what they stole.

  • Marge

    We had the same thing here in Indiana. My family got the boxed block cheese, the canned meats, juices, corn meal and such. As for cereal, we didn’t get the sugar coated cereal with the toy, my mom bought Puffed Wheat and Puffed Rice. We had the government peanut butter as well. Bring that back and give them that instead of food stamps where many use to buy steaks, lobster, and all name brand foods as I have seen this with my own eyes and than go outside and put it in a brand new SUV,

  • JohnE

    If we simply put purchase restrictions on items like they do with WIC, this prob;em would get way less prevalent.

  • vee

    Everyone just wants to punish the people. Walmart should be held accountable too. They could have set spending limits once they realized the system had a glitch. Please don’t act like they are innocent in all this.

  • Lauren Thompson

    That’s the problem. Walmart didn’t know what the balances were on these people’s cards. They left the store open for the honest people who actually needed food for their families to survive. Those who were on welfare KNEW what their balances were and KNEW they did not have the money available for those purchases. The people who were HONEST didn’t go looting at Walmart. It was the CROOKS & THIEVES who did the looting & they SHOULD be kicked off of the EBT system for good.

  • Dusty Thompson

    This perfectly exemplifies how Govt creates problems then throws more millions trying to fix what THE Govt broke in the first place. Jihndal is just as bad as a Democrat…

  • conservative bob

    so they can go shopping but too handicapped to cook? is that what youre saying. people like you make me sick.

  • Mel

    It’s been said that human flesh is more tender than most meat from animals.

  • Jenn

    I think what you are trying to say is that for each dollar in increased work related income a welfare beneficiary receives, they loose a dollar in welfare benefits? Each state sets up things differently, but in most states $1 in income does NOT equal $1 in lost benefits. In my state it is more like $4 in income leads to a $1 lost in housing benefits and/or food stamps.

    Your idea of “earn a dollar, get a dollar” is completely unworkable. How exactly are we supposed to give someone who earns $100,000 income $100,000 in welfare benefits? And WHY?

  • Jenn

    Have you ever been in a similar situation? It really is basically impossible to cobble together enough food from other sources. If you go to a food bank at a church, most of what you get is processed foods that they can store on a shelf for long periods of time, and you don’t get enough to last for very long. It is the rare food bank that has fresh fruits & veggies, let alone any meat or dairy products.

  • Jenn

    Wow. Did you even read her post? She was MARRIED. How in the heck is that “going around whoring?”

  • Jenn

    You can only get cash back on an EBT card if you have been approved to get cash benefits. This is separate from “food stamps.” Very few people get approved for cash benefits, and they are typically only approved for a short time period.

  • Jenn

    Actually, when various states have tried doing drug testing, they found it to be extremely expensive, and very few people tested positive for drugs.

  • Morgana Campbell

    that’s appalling

  • Barbara Repko

    It happens all over Pittsburgh too, and it’s sickening that none of our corrupt politicians will do anything about it.

  • Joel

    I totally agree… With this action.. The sad part is the children but the accountability for the parents. My BIG question is… You have to take a drug test for a job/employment .. why not for the food stamps/EBT. What is your comment honest people.

  • Barbara Repko

    Corrupt Democrats would never allow it. The liberals would all whine “racism” as always.

  • Barbara Repko

    If they stole the food they knew they didn’t have benefits for and didn’t have cash to pay for it, they committed theft and should go to jail like any thief.

  • Barbara Repko

    If they didn’t have EBT, it wouldn’t motivate the freeloaders, only the honest families who don’t want to be on assistance long-term anyway. I agree they should have photo ID on the card, but then they and their liberal politicians would whine “discrimination” even though they need ID for everything else.

  • Barbara Repko

    It’s common here in Pittsburgh too. I’m not a native and don’t understand it. They even say “Giant Eagles” for our grocery store chain, rather than its true name of Giant Eagle.

  • Barbara Repko

    Not necessarily. In Pittsburgh I’ve heard people say they’re going to the Giant Eagles for groceries (our store chain), rather than say “I’m going to Giant Eagle.” That drives me nuts.

  • Jenn

    That’s ONE woman–and I’d like to actually see that video clip or news report before I believe another “Welfare Queen” urban legend. Yes, that’s right…Regan completely MADE UP the Welfare Queen. The average welfare recipient has the same number of children as the average non-welfare recipient.


  • Barbara Repko

    Unfortunately the ones who do that (and I’ve seen it too) make it look bad for the honest families who buy cheap food and no frills while they’re looking for a job or a better paying job and only see food stamps as a temporary help.

  • Barbara Repko

    Not everyone fits your narrow description of food stamp users. Many, yes, but not all. And not everyone on food stamps smokes or drinks or has a wallet full of cash.

  • Éireann Simpson

    Not here in Watertown,NY Morvis,in fact the State Troopers can arrest them in the parking lot of Wally World,should be that way all over!

  • Éireann Simpson

    I was behind a woman last week in Walmart sitting in a Walmart motorized chair,she is super over weight and really didnt think anything of it until she started putting junk food and other unhealthy items on the counter then suddenly she got up and went to a cooler to get a cold Pepsi then comes back and plops her fat arse in the chair and when she did that the cashier and I made eye contact,we were both disgusted and even more so when she pulled out her Food Stamp card and I’m thinking to myself I work my arse off at a job I cant stand so this fat f**k can sit at home and gorge herself on fat foods,if she can get up to get a cold pepsi then she can dam well get a job,good ole America!

  • dthur1003

    I’m probably dating myself, but I remember when it was an EMBARRASSMENT and shameful to be on welfare and people would work their asses off to get OFF welfare !!! Doesn’t any of these people have any self-pride ?!?!?!?!?

  • Jared Keplinger

    Thank you very much!

  • Jethro

    Um, VA 70% is about $1,230 a month with dependents.

  • Peter Pan

    you fit the mold or description of the legitimate cases for the necessity of welfare…you’re NOT a freeloader and you legitimately need help, so receiving back from money that you contributed into the system for a long time is nothing to be ashamed of…..

    these scumbags on the other hand are the parasites of society mooching off the government systematically and professionally for ever.

  • Tricia Martelle

    absa fucking lutely!!!!!!! The product is already taken advantage of and provided to those far UN DESERVING!! You can afford the same $5.00 that I pay for a loaf of bread, pack of bologna, and bag of lays, and with 20 slices of bread to a loaf and at least 10-12 slices of bologna per pack you can feed a family of 10!!!

  • antilib

    More of Obozo’s kids.

  • TerryE58

    Thank You Peter for saying that,,,even to this day I still feel guilty in getting food stamps or even my “own” social security too…

  • Jerry Colon

    those are the ones i will kick in the crotch

  • Jerry Colon

    i do not care if they have to eat there kids to survive/
    they deserve it and the kids will be much better off

  • Peter Pan

    nonsense… use up your benefit and I hope my contribution ends up on your invoice!….if more people had your ethics this would be a different world. I pray for your healing.

  • Maureen Williams Frier

    That’s because they only tested APPLICANTS, Jenn! Of course, they clean up to apply when they know they will be tested! It’s the recipients who need to be randomly tested. It would be a game-changer! But you are correct, Testing applicants has been ineffective.

  • mylife22

    lol.I’ve had the same experience and was pissed, especially when the lady got in a brand new car. Then I found out she was purchasing food for her elderly 80+ year old neighbor, with that neighbor’s ebt card because the elderly lady couldn’t get out and walk around a grocery store, so she made a list and this lady picked up the food for her, using the elderly lady’s meager $90 a month ebt card. So it’s not ALWAYS what it appears to be. :)

  • Kathy Vaughn

    one to two years what the hell so in the long run I still have to pay for lazy people to sit home and wait on there checks that my as well as other pay there hard earn tax dollars on are you kidding me they need to get there lazy butt up and get a job ad stop having al these kids that other people have to pay for sick of paying or scum bags

  • filter

    And the second they questioned or denied someone – they’d be a ‘racist’ lawsuit. Walmart did nothing wrong.

  • filter

    Good for you, your child has a decent mom.

  • filter

    Oh please, stop the BS…if they denied any one person they’d be lawsuits.
    Why don’t you put the blame where it really belongs, with the thieves and the f-gov for ‘effing up.

  • filter

    Is that what you momma taught you to do?

  • TerryE58

    My parents taught me long ago to work honest do ask for anything do the best you can and help one another…I do but these people taking and raking over the system…I hope they show pictures of the people (Hall Of Shame) and throw the book at them and can never ever get benifits again…Oh yeah and finger print them so they cant fraud DSS by using someone else Again,,,Thank You Peter God Bless you and for saying a kind word..It makes a diff and people like YOU make it all worth while..and BTW yes I am doing great with my MS!!

  • TerryE58

    Joel…I think Fla has that manatory drug tests to make sure your clean and not spending on drugs so forth…I agree with you all 50 states should be tested…I have MS and I do get SS and food stamps but I have NO PROBLEM in getting tested even random testing so you never know when they do ask…I worked over 30 yrs until I couldnt work anymore since 2006…It makes me mad people like me who is honest gets benifits taken away because of a few rotten apples who spoil the whole basket….

  • TerryE58

    Your so right lauren…I use Foodstamps because of my disablity of MS and you know exactly how much you get and when you shop it tells you on the bottom of the receipt even if it was their first time of the month you know in advance how much you get! so anything over their limit is STEALING and for them to get 2 or 3 extra carriages they should pay it all back plus get disquilified for LIFE!

  • Searcher5

    The thieves looked just like his son if he had one.

  • Debra

    People can say what they want. If others have a problem with it they can walk away or ignore them. The day that people aren’t allowed to say what they want is what I worry about more than what others may say. I don’t give a damn what anybody says to me, I have had people try that sort of thing with me and it doesn’t even phase me. If you try it with my kids or any of my family I’ll knock you on your ass, IF one of my family members doesn’t first. Just because I support the First Amendment Right to freedom of speech doesn’t mean I won’t stand up for my family. Say what you want to me, you start with them and you will regret it. Just because somebody is rude does not mean you get to make them be quiet. Educate them, explain to them that not all fat people are lazy, etc. but you do not have the right to say that they shouldn’t voice their opinions no matter how hateful and wrong they may be.

  • Debra

    the 30% was 110 a month. >.<

  • Debra

    Why reward theft? Those kinds of people that do that would enjoy getting everything for free handed to them in prison without having to work at all. Make their lazy behinds get up and actually work instead of rewarding them with more free things.

  • Debra

    If there was no EBT they would have to find a different way to get their food. I did say hopefully it would, not that it would for sure. If we end the entitlement programs the cycle could be broken and maybe the kids would see that getting things handed to them is not the way to go.
    You are probably right about them whining discrimination, isn’t that the same argument they’re using against mandatory voted ID? >.<

  • Jenn

    Pot stays in your system for at least 30 days–something very few people realize, so I doubt that even if someone tried to “clean up” in advance of being drug tested, they would realize just how long they needed to clean up for. Many narcotics will stay in someone’s system for several days. If you think a regular drug user can easily just “clean up” in order to apply for welfare benefits, you don’t know a heck of a lot about drug addiction.

  • Justin

    These people know when they get their money on their card, and how much they get, They knowingly tried to exploit and steal food. Lifetime ban would force these scumbags to get a job..

  • disqus_ani35b0hTf


  • Shirley Ujest

    Everyone who sees this stuff needs to act; we need to take our country back. I work in healthcare: Medicaid fraud is rampant, and it’s happening everywhere. When I spoke to a Medicaid Fraud gal a few weeks ago, she said, “Well, we have to believe what they tell us…” which means NO ONE is verifying these people’s claims of “poverty or need,” and are ripping us ALL off. Stand up and be counted; call your reps in state and federal positions and demand that the people who want “Free Stuff” be investigated and checked. There are a BUNCH of liars and cheats out there who are helping to bring the USA down, and the rest of us are paying for it. ENOUGH! Stop letting the Libs from BHO on down – walk all over us. Time for some civil disobedience and some NOISE!!

  • Michelle Butrick

    I remember those days, after my divorce I was on the dole for 6 months to get back on my feet and was ashamed the whole time, I would shop at 3AM so no one I knew would see me use my food stamps. it is way different today. so sad

  • Brian Bangart

    permanently would be good

  • Sharon Kidwell

    If their children are starving they are responsible for it. Let them give their children up for adoption if they are going to be in such bad shape. Maybe then they can get a job and buy their own groceries!

  • Sharon Kidwell

    There is too much fraud with these freebies! People are using them to sell on Craigs List and I know many who sell them to friends for cash so they can by alcohol and cigarettes. There should be drug tests and if a person test positive for nicotine, alcohol or other drugs then should not be allowed to have them. THIS IS OUR MONEY THEY ARE USING TO SMOKE, DRINK AND GET HIGH ON!

  • Sharon Kidwell

    There has got to be a better way to make sure food assistance goes to those who need them.

  • Sharon Kidwell

    That is true. They usually sell them for 50% of value so they can buy cigarettes and alcohol or other drugs! It makes me sick to know that I am paying for this while these dead beats are out getting drunk or high on my money!

  • Chad Johnson

    Nice guys finish last, at least that’s what they say.

  • chaapataza

    and who is going to hold the white man responsible
    for stealing this country? and for the enslavement of a nation of people.
    surely this is far more worst than a little food that was bound to hit the trash can later that night. RIGHT!

  • Lauren Thompson

    I was on food stamps years ago when I was a single mother of 2 children. I worked but didn’t make enough to cover all the bills which is why we received Food Stamps. Like you said you know EXACTLY how much you get every month. I know at times we would be counting down the minutes until that money would be put on our card so we could go restock the cabinets so my children could eat. Things were tough but I never tried to abuse the system. Those people who abused the system should be punished harshly. They should have to pay back every dollar they went over their limit, plus they should be removed from the system for good. I know here in KS if you screw up they are not lenient with you at all. You screw up and you are done. It should be that way everywhere. Some people actually rely on that assistance, but some (like what happened at the Wal-Mart) are only on it for a free handout from the government. They don’t care about who they might hurt if they abuse that system.

  • Dennis E. Bos

    Amazing, they are going to actually hold them accountable. How about pressing charges of larceny & theft & send their sorry asses to prison. Their living off productive Americans anyway & this way we can control what they do.
    But “no fear” I’m sure the ACLU & NAALCP making with Jesse & Al, the shake down artists, will come to the rescue along with Obama & the left wing propaganda media as they will say this is racist even though I’m sure there were plenty of guilty “white trash losers” who participated.

  • Bertha Biggs

    Liar. Site a source for those bs numbers

  • Dennis E. Bos

    So we shouldn’t prosecute & lock up criminals who commit fraud, larceny & theft; is that what you’re saying? Because rest assured this is not the extent of their criminal activity, just one instance where they can be tracked electronically & via security video footage. LOCK EM UP & THROW AWAY THE KEY!!! AND IF THEY HAVE A HOUSEFUL OF ILLEGITIMATE KIDS BEING TRAINED TO MOOCH & STEAL, SEVER ALL PARENTAL RIGHTS And ADOPT THEM OUT.

  • Jerry Colon

    yup now i get that. and make to much for food stamps

  • Jerry Colon

    lets go roast some hoodrat pork

  • Jerry Colon

    throw them in jail and make them work it off there

  • Jerry Colon

    no mercy for larceny
    if i stole a cart full of meat from the store they would throw me in jail so the same should be for them

  • kellymitch

    But…..but…..there is NO welfare fraud or food stamp fraud!!!!

  • kellymitch

    So…..why can’t you go to the other food pantry?

  • Steve Bonnell

    C’mon Kevin, spell check isn’t your only tool…”in every isle of the stores”…the stores have “aisles”, doofus.

  • just saying!

    When I heard about this I told a co-worker about it and all she could say was that sucks now I won’t have money to go to the casinos.

  • just saying!

    Oh I’m sure too that Obama will say ” that could of been him or that could of been his kids doing it too” lol!!

  • Debra

    No, I don’t think that is the best answer. If it is a nonviolent crime I think that they would be better served being forced to work off their debt after being prosecuted!! What exactly do you think they do in prison? Mooch off of the tax payers even more then they already have. I know this probably isn’t the extent of their criminal activity, but locking them up does not fix that. If you study the prison system you would realize it is as broken as the welfare system and needs an overhaul. Locking up nonviolent offenders does nothing but put more strain on taxpayers to pay for them, create further dependence on outside forces, and trains them to be much worse criminals than when they went in.

  • Gaius Baltar

    If they want to arrest welfare cheats, they should arrest the Waltons for using welfare as part of their payroll instead of paying people a fair American wage.

  • Morvis

    Because there are multiple ones in my area, genious?

  • Corey

    I do my research when I’m standing in line at Walmart and almost 100% of the time, the person in front of me is checking out their cart loaded with all sorts of shit, and pulls out the EBT card. Yea, no kidding not everyone abuses the system, but unfortunately, most people do. You’re just unlucky to get grouped in with them since you’re on the assistance. And stereotypes are often true…especially in this case.

  • Balerion

    I highly doubt it. You can’t even use EBT to purchase cigarettes or alcohol.

    Being that it was Walmart I don’t feel _too_ bad about it. I just hope that no children end up going hungry because of their parents’ stupidity.

  • Erin

    So what you are saying is that you believe in Free Speech only when it’s convenient to you. If somebody uses free speech towards you or anybody you care about, you promote violence. Not only is your statement hypocritical as I suspected it would be it goes against what you are saying about free speech. That is exactly why I posed the question to you in that way. You are okay with bullying other people saying it’s free speech but when your family is concerned, you no longer believe in bullying or free speech which is what you call verbally abusing people because they are fat. You are wrong, verbally abusing somebody is not free speech, it’s verbal assault.

    Try to use your noggin a bit before you respond because when you make hypocritical statements, it devalues your argument. It’s funny how people make fun of people but if somebody says the same thing to their kid, it’s no longer free speech which is my point exactly. It’s verbal abuse!

  • Barbara Repko

    Yes, and that’s why we had rampant voter fraud and election violations in the last election and why we’re still seeing it in local elections.

  • Barbara Repko

    I can see your point too. It’s just that they committed theft and if they don’t do at least a few months jail time, that’s sending the wrong message to other freeloaders. However, I do agree that community service would be a great way to force them to work off their debt.

  • Debra

    Yup, what is rather ironic is from what I’ve read Mexico has more stringent voter I.D. regulations than we do.

  • Debra

    Jail them and make them foot the bill in addition to having to pay back their debt seems like it’d be good.

  • truth

    yo yo yo

  • David Green

    Did you read my comment? I said it about those who game the system. Meaning the cheats like those who would loot grocery stores on our dime. Some may be technically disabled. Like those who coach their kids to act out in school to qualify for “crazy money”. Help the helpless of course! But screw the clueless. The prospect of hunger or homelessness is a great incentive to get people to get it together.

  • Lou

    Wow finally reading someone gets punished for breaking the law….good. They should be banned for life. Period.

  • Lou

    Since when is there a $50 limit on EBT cards? Not in California that amount is determined on the size of the family. Even a single person would get more than $50 here. I don’t like Wal-mart either but do they seriously have time to call a EBT hotline to make sure each transaction is valid. NOPE there is NO such thing.

  • Lou

    Bull here is California EBT cards are sold on Craiglist…..oh yes they are. Corruption run amok. So maybe she is saying she can’t sell her EBT card get cash and go to a casino. The welfare rats should be working for obozo they are the best criminals the US has.

  • Lou

    Oh you know it. In a hot second it will give the idiots camera time….

  • Lou

    I do hope obozocare kicks in for you and soon.

  • Gaius Baltar

    There isn’t a $50 limit on the cards at all times. There is a $50 limit established on purchases when the system is down. The state was prepared for this situation and Walmart didn’t follow the policy that was designed to cover their butts.

  • Lou

    My mom was a school teacher and she had a stroke I remember her saying I’m so broke I could probably get food stamps. She never would. I went to work at a grocery store I was 16 and we never had to thank goodness.

  • Lou

    Michelle and that’s what it SHOULD be used for. Now we see generations of welfare, and their thinking process is mind blowing. They know of nothing else. It really still shocks me.

  • Lou

    TerryE58 It makes me mad also. I had to get a drug test to get my job, a background and credit check. They are able to test me at random. I don’t understand why it’s even an issue. If you’re out doing drugs then you don’t need to be on government assistance drugs aren’t cheap I’ve heard.

  • TerryE58

    Your right Lou,,,we need to clean this mess up thats been going back over 20 yrs..too many people been on the system even their parents grandparents because its all they know…This is why Social Secuity wont be around maybe for you or your children….When Social Security came into law I belive in 1935..it was supposed to be just “temporay” As I said I dont mind being tested . I do get a letter from Social Security every few years to see “if my MS has been cured ” Im like what?? But I answer the questions and send the letter in…But this needs to be addressed and fast!

  • Lou

    Terry that is what scares me the most is we are going on fourth, fifth generation welfare and now the people feel entitled to it. The kids don’t see their parents working or living what I call a normal life. I’ve raised two children who will contribute to society and not drain it. The only welfare talk in my house is how to get rid of it!

  • Lou

    I don’t think we have something like that here we need it since 80% of our state is on welfare. My apologizes.

  • Gaius Baltar

    It’s all good. But these corporations are the biggest welfare queens of all. They give their workers welfare paperwork because they know you can work 40 hours a week there without making enough for one person to live on. One Walmart held a food drive for its own employees! They’re that serious about not paying people a fair American wage.

  • Gaius Baltar

    The one state that tried drug tests spent more on the tests than they saved catching the 1.5% who failed. It’s welfare-queen corporations like Walmart that put their workers on food stamps as part of their business model. Your tax money is just extra payroll to them. Also, many people on food stamps are taken advantage of by criminals who steal their cards or force them to hand the cards over.

  • Gaius Baltar

    Women should also get an allowance for sanitary products. Hell, as far as I’m concerned every woman should get those for free even if she’s rich.

  • Joel

    Terry.. its just plain WRONG.. how hard is to figure out.. I have never ever depended on the govt… I am a father of 5 children and a entrepreneur.. I invest in forex . Look me up on YouTube…. Top Capitalist Review .. Skype topcapitalistfreedom

  • Kimberly M.

    Freeloaders are, and always have been …Disgusting …>:(

  • Charles Light


  • FallenHeros

    Obama said if he had a son they would look like that.

  • blazin

    I agree with most of the comments but I’d like to add that the EBT Card should be for those who NEED it. Term limits Like WE need for Congress etc.. would be good (eliminate the perpetual ignorant vote/ and save some money to boot) BUT most importantly Ensure that EBT is for food only, NOT a for cash exchange that OBummer added to the program as well, and on top of that set a minimum of $20 on an EBT transaction (ya gotta be kiddin me). No matter what the situaution is: NO ONE should be allowed to get “Cash Back” from an EBT transaction.. Thats theivery in its own right. Go buy a piece of gum and get $19.90 back from an EBT card…. Cumon Man!!!

  • Ollie

    Thought they already did, what takes so long? I get bank withdrawals taking out faster than I can say ‘where did all my money go”? Should of lost and had to pay back one week after the incident occurred!

  • Wanda Ash Castleberry

    Some do gooder will cry “the children are the ones that will suffer”. We will all feel bad and no one will do much to them for their illegal conduct.

  • joe

    theye deserve everything they get cause they got everything they didnt deserve

  • joe

    dont make it seem like hes the first president to lie they all lie everyone thats what we elect them to do. show me a politician who doesnt lie and ill show u a money tree

  • joe

    he is not the first president to go on vacations everyone of them have if he wasnt black this wouldnt be an issue for anyone let it go already .doesnt matter who is president we all would be complaining about everything so just go with it youll live longer