Afghan Goat Rape Caught On Tape




People often joke about the Taliban doing curious things to goats. Many regard it as an insult, not a serious activity. But a video tape has recently come to light that has suggests there may be more truth than fiction to the matter. The video is time & date stamped April 27, 2010, and only recently made its debut to the public.

A group of military scouts recently found out otherwise. In evaluating targets, they stumbled upon a group of Afghan shepherds that were tending their flock. It would seem their methods of tending goat is, well, different.

The first part of the video tape shows the feed being archived. It then pans the area, in search of a target. However, it becomes obvious there is some kind of activity happening. into the a clearer definition of the target. As the shooter scouts the area, it becomes obvious that there is something happening.

At first, it is not immediately obvious what they are doing.

However, by the 1:40 mark, it is quite clear that this shepherd is enjoying his goat in manner that most Westerns would find shocking and different. The rest of the video is not for the faint of heart.

Indeed, it is one of those scenes that you don’t want to watch, but you can’t look away. By the 2:34 mark, it appears that others join the shepherd. At the 2:49 mark, it seems that the goat is attempting to get free of the festivities. One of the friends holds the goat so that the shepherd can complete his activities.   It the end, the shepherd takes the animal behind a boulder and out of the sight of the shooter, presumably to complete his task.



The user also has video he shot while waiting for Medivac in the field. It would seem that the video may be legitimate.

  • Constance Chapman

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  • NoMoBo!

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  • sickntired

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  • Cynthiac

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  • Jennifer Gilbert Sams

    This is so wrong on so many levels… and not trying to be flippant here–but wouldn’t you think they’d each have their own goat? NASTY!!!

  • Sal Paradise

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  • Robert Peterson

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  • musaxeman

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  • Divineconnection7

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  • musaxeman

    DIVINECONNECTION7.—Thank You for your response.—I tried to send a message to you directly, but it seems that this is the only path for the moment. I wish to speak with you “one on one”, if that is something you do?—I do not care for everyone on the net, or this forum to be “in” on what I would like to share with you.—Either way, please understand, and if necessary, Forgive Me, for using poor language. I am predisposed to using words of such. I lived in Manhattan for over 22 years, and this is common place, albeit Not an excuse for doing so. I have lived in muslim countries for extended periods of time, and therefore, my opinions are Backed Up because of the amount of time living with the Locals etc. (I choose to Not put a Cap., on the word muslim, out of Direct Disrespect) If you care to talk, let me know, and I will share a private email address.This may be private between two people, (you & me) but Not to the NSA. The world we live in, has change Very Much. I Know, You Know this already. Thank You.