Black Youth Mob Game “Knockout” Visits Syracuse, Leaving 70 Year Old Man Hospitalized

The new Knock Out Game, sweeping the nation

We recently ran a story here at The Free Patriot on a new interactive game being played by degenerative black youths across the nation. To understand this game, called “Knock Out” read The Free Patriot contributor Rick Well’s piece here: Black Mob Violence Sweeping U.S.- New “Knockout Game” Targets Lone Whites In Gang Attacks, Beatings and Deaths.

Well, it appears that “Knock Out” has recently visited the Syracuse, New York area, leaving a 70 year old man hospitalized after taking a brutal beating from the players.

Watch this video for details and then scroll down to learn how to follow The Free Patriot correspondent and Iraq War veteran Kevin E Lake on Facebook:

  • Dickie

    good thing obama wants to take our guns so anyone being attacked won’t be able to save themselves

  • Mike-Sandi Bodway

    Well we have a new game also…It call the coffin game. You fucking thugs group up like cowards to beat the shit out of someone because you are cowards thug hood rat pieces of shit. Ours is called the coffin game and that’s where you will end up and their wont be a bunch of us doing it to some innocent person.

  • Troubleshooter

    Did “Andrew” seriously say that the cause of the attacks, which are all blacks against whites, was unknown? Is there anyone who read this article that does not recognize this as a racist hate crime by blacks against whites?

  • Rick Nunez

    Vigilante Charles Bronson
    Come out come out where ever you are ………………

  • RightUnite

    Couldn’t agree more!! I’m amazed it hasn’t happened yet!!

  • Lori Shelite Bonnewell

    Try that crap on a cowboy or a hunter. Both will fight back. Hope you have fun in hell.

  • Rick Nunez

    Folks ain’t gonna take it no mo !

  • Maureen Laslie

    aren’t they bad mama jamma’s , they can beat up old men….. i am sooo impressed, what idiot got all the rest of the thugs to follow , its no wonder they were turned into slaves, a lot of them have no brains

  • tired as hell

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  • tinobean58

    They need to be WIPED OUT!!!!

  • tinobean58


  • Oh wow

    Wow. I lived down the street from there last year O_O Glad I got out of the city.