Black Mob Violence Sweeping U.S.- New “Knockout Game” Targets Lone Whites In Gang Attacks, Beatings and Deaths

192 mob

There’s a new game sweeping the nation, being played out in primarily big cities from coast to coast. While it hasn’t yet reached the level of being called a national pastime, for certain individuals and groups, it’ better than basketball.

It’s a team sport of sorts, as the rulebook is pretty limited and the strength in numbers enables one team (the black team) to dictate the rules to the other, involuntary, participant(the white team). The white team is generally comprised of a single white individual, usually travelling alone at night, in a secluded area, away from onlookers. If possible for the black team selection committee, the white team member will be of a group, such as yuppies or gays or others who will not defend themselves.

Of course sports teams must have team colors. In the knockout game, these are not uniforms but the actual skin colors of the participants. The larger team is always the black team, the smaller individual or two man team is always white or Asian.

Aside from those basic rules, anything else goes. The game continues for as long as the black team says it does.

The game starts when a group of approximately ten blacks spots their opponent. The group then moves in together and dispatches two or three “point men.” The point men engage the opponent by distracting and then sucker punching him or them.  The best score is a first swing knockout, ending the game at that point. Barring a first swing knockout, the game continues with the white team being beaten by black team members for their desired length of time. The allotted time is determined by those giving the beating. Once a winner has been declared, the black team moves on victorious, often to find another suitable opponent for the next match.

What is the compensation for those playing the knockout game, you might ask?

Well, there is the satisfaction of knowing that you got one in for Trayvon. Since there is no trophy and there is no Trayvon Martin Accelerated Thuggery Grant, participants have to be satisfied with the knowledge that they made a real world difference in someone’s life, hood rat style.

It’s not uncommon for the opponent to die or suffer life changing injuries. The rationale is often that they deserve it for being stupid enough to be walking in the wrong place at the wrong time, or for being white.

Of course, there is always the wildcard factor. Sometimes the badly outnumbered opponent fights back. It has happened that they defeat their attackers. Sometimes the aggressor ends up critically injured or dead. That’s what makes the knockout game such a huge hit! There’s that ever so slight element of risk. Maybe Chuck Norris is walking home alone.

It’s time for the mainstream media to acknowledge what is going on. Time, yes, but there is no motivation for them to do so. The attitude of media is that white people deserve what they get.

Maybe someday there will be the white equivalent of Al Sharpton to raise Hell on behalf of white people everywhere, to misrepresent whites and demand political concessions.  Let’s hope not. That thought is more repulsive than getting the daylights beaten out of you.

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  • Stephen Lawson

    This new game you describe, is it limited to urban areas? Do you think it might catch on in the rural areas as well? In my neighborhood we all carry concealed weapons. I think the game you describe could become a new form of population control. It is a pity to see things trending this way. Aren’t there enough basketball courts to keep these kids occupied?

  • JesseMace

    the left punishes whites with guilt or with potential prosecutions when we defend ourselves. imagine a gang of blacks approaching you, when do you make the move to protect your life, before you get knocked out or after. any pre emptive attempt to thwart an attack will always be called racism. if you are waiting to get attacked and their intent is to attack you, you have put yourself at a disadvantage, but because we are talking about the poor black man, the media will not hold the black race one bit responsible for the fear that people have of them.

  • Scorpio

    A bizarre article seemingly based on a white man’s twisted fantasy of how those that are black view fairness and sport entirely without any supporting evidence or even anecdotal references. It is trash like this that makes the argument that some on the right have an agenda to stir racial hatred.

  • FakeDad Blastmussen

    God you people are fucking stupid.

  • Nico Santos

    If what this article reports is true, is it racist to report the truth? That’s what you seem to be saying here. In Philadelphia flash mobs of black youths were entering stores en masse and robbing them blind. The idea was that with dozens of thieves committing robbery all at once no one would have the power to stop them. This is true, it happened more than once. Is it racist of me to use this example? When will liberals learn that labeling everything you disagree with as racist has the effect of numbing people to being called racist. You are crying wolf, and that eventually means that people will stop paying attention to your false claims.

  • Wiley

    THIS is racist BS. Walking alone at night in a certain area and you DON’T think something like this could happen? And limited to blacks? HA! Different parts of our great nation have different gangs just like this…including bunches of moronic hillbillies who target blacks, Hispanics and Asians. As a gun-owning, conservative white man, I still refuse to be intimidated or brought to fear by this kind of racist pot-stirring, fear-mongering crap. Evidently, both sides of the equation Conservative versus Liberal is now attempting to stir the racial/class warfare.

  • Rodney

    “the strength in numbers enables one team (the black team) to dictate the rules to the other, involuntary, participant(the white team)” Well, yeah because those sub-human yard apes travel in packs just like their jungle monkey cousins, and THEY’RE COWARDS.
    “in a secluded area, away from onlookers”….like I said, they’re cowards BUT I’m glad this occurs in secluded areas because if it happens to ME then I’ll have the opportunity to cap 12 of them before I even have to reload…and having no witnesses means I can just walk away and leave their worthless carcasses there to rot!
    Bring it jungle BOY.

  • Alvin

    We whites will have a game A GUNSHOT TO YOUR BLACK HEAD.

  • Dave Bennett

    Their not going to like my new game “How many niggers can I shoot” Bring it on apes, you won’t come back alive!

  • Uncle Sam

    I am a libertarian. This essay is just plain ignorance and racist. This looks like Tea Party rhetoric hiding behind a Libertarian title. It really does nothing but make libertarians look ignorant. Maybe that is what you are trying to accomplish?

  • Tippy

    actually if you look at the rise on black on white racial hate crimes just even in the last month or two– its not bizarre—liberal mainstream media only will focus on white on black and spotlight and suppress the alarming and disturbing rise of racial hate towards whites and targeting from the black race– some left in murder and some just want to sweep this all under the rug. Few weeks ago– a black man screams in public if another white person walked by him — they would be f*cked. He wasn’t kidding–Right after a innocent white older gentleman walked by— beaten, brain dead, died. No uproar from the nation— the white man was white not black like Trayvon so who cares right? smh.. and this is just an example of the many incidents lately but not going to sit here for hours posting of them all… Obama. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton are famous for inciting racial hate and division– hell they promote this agenda— never hear a damn one of them say anything when its black on white—- its insane we have no real leaders standing up promoting unity—- very disturbing…

  • Stephen

    Time to bring out the rope again.

  • Morris Aucamp

    Actually, it is your own comment which makes you look ignorant, nothing else.

  • BDC

    No matter the color of skin, this is wrong and unacceptable in my eyes! No matter what though, they gonna run up on the wrong one to fuck with soon! There’s always someone out there that’s badder than you!

  • Christina_bdba

    I live in Appalachia good luck with that game here.

  • bryan k

    Nigger pussies!

  • Steve Kirschner

    The ignorance of the author, and most of the people commenting on this post is a scary reminder of the importance of education.

  • cw

    this is just ridiculous. i live in south GA were many people conceal carry or at least i know i never leave home without it ever since i was robbed at knife point by two African Americans that was clearly in a gang from the tattoos i had noticed. for anyone that is thinking of playing this stupid racist game i say bring it on the only thing you will be winning is a trip to the hospital or the morgue because many of us down here will not hesitate to put a bullet in you and call it a day to protect our own lives and its not because i am a white racist because im not i have many different friends from many different backgrounds its called self preservation and the will to know that its either me or you and im going to take my life over yours any day of the week. . people say that whites are the ones destroying this country with racism i say bs. racism comes in all colors.

  • Sandra Johnson

    Are there other news sources reporting on this? Foreign news perhaps. They seem to pick it up before our own journalists.

  • Summer

    My way to play this game is too carry heat.. Always…. And know how to use it.

  • Brian

    This is not a journalist’s “Fantasy”. Please read the attached link. This all started back in 2011 – And it IS called “Knockout”.

  • Summer

    No one ever gets arrested do they.

  • kathleen riney

    The Ignorance of those who persist in enforcing the idea that “Racism” is a one way street, those are the ignorant, uneducated, “old white guys”, referred to as “Polar Bears” by african-american gang bangers…

  • Michael Lawrence

    You can be a libertarian all you want, that does not change the fact that these kinds of attacks are happening all around the nation. Your statements shows a definite ignorance of these attacks. Maybe you should read up on them before claiming someone else is ignorant.

  • Michael Lawrence

    lots of heat!! and play with friends that carry lots of heat also….

  • Karen McKee

    bring it to AZ we all carry , and 1 less douche bag [ obama voter ] will make this planet a better place to live

  • Michael Lawrence
  • Summer

    Yep, lots and hang with friends who have CC license. :)

  • Scott Etec

    we still need cops to clean the bodies up

  • Scott Etec

    imagine if the rednecks took the cities back??? you’d probably shit yourself. lucky we recognize it as a cesspool and keep away as much as possible…

    but you would be outnumbered… even the army and every cop in the world doesn’t amount up to a couple states worth of hunting licenses… think about it.. and that’s just the ones who claim to own a gun….

    i prefer a sword myself for home defense.. i got a good setup here for melee weapons to be on my side.

    but anyway i used to walk the streets at night hoping something like this might happen… call me crazy but it never did.

    now i’m home and dont care for the city. and life is better… it’s always better living around like minded people on property that you own…

    to me the city is a bunch of kids who want free shit, and a few rich old men who charge them for it all.

  • Scott Etec

    the left is what stirs racism… look at the half breed president that nobody likes… mix breeding does not make you accepted automatically… it still comes down to respect for each man as he presents himself.

  • Scott Etec

    everybody wants to call themselves a libertarian that’s why i will not call myself that.

    you clearly missed the freedom of the press and freedom of speech part of america

    people do’n’t want to be forced into average, ignorant, acceptance of anything that breaths…

    the best still rise. no law can hold me down.



  • happylada

    The ball isn’t white

  • happylada

    Better to judged by 12 than carried by 6. Shoot first, then ask questions.

  • happylada

    And you are vulgar. Does that make us even?

  • happylada

    Truly sorry you don’t have any. The more’s the pity because you think you have.

    You’d have to be living under a rock to make your ridiculous statement. You’d have to be a democrat to be so stupid!

  • love your FATHER GOD




  • love your FATHER GOD


  • Bone Lee Tadpole
  • William A Palmer

    We white people have a really neat game called EMPTYING MULTIPLE MAGAZINES IN A TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT. Let’s see who comes out on top.

  • Cynthiac

    This is exactly why we need to carry a gun with us at all times, once these punks find out that they all will have a bullet in their head they will think twice before attacking a white person. They are nothing but a bunch of thugs that won’t confront someone one on one.

  • David Dukkke

    Kill these niggers!!!

  • afhveteran

    These punk-assed blacks are no better than the cowardly islamo-fascist terrorists we are exterminating. I’ll give them (blacks) this though; at least they’re not stupid enough to strap a bomb to their chest. They still need to mooch off us tax payers…

  • terytrt

    This is a clasic example why “WHITE” people don’t like or trust blacks.

  • terytrt

    This is a clasic example of why “WHITE PEOPLE” or anyone else for that matter, don’t like Blacks or trust them.

  • terytrt

    Please don’t call them Monkeys becaue Monkeys are “SMARTER” than they are and you will be insulting the Monkeys.

  • terytrt

    I don’t care a whole lot of them would be dead if they try me. This is where the AR15 comes in handy..which by the way is easily converted over to what it really is – a civilian M16.

  • terytrt

    Please “STOP” calling them Africian-Americans1 There is “NOTHING” Africian about them. Also FYI Africians hate the Blacks from the USA. They say that the blacks are too ignorant and they are NOT AFRICANS. I know I was in Mombasa, Kenya a couple of times.

  • Byrum Blobshittle

    This game will NEVER catch on in the rural areas because the punk losers who are the on the black team aren’t around in significant numbers to allow them to participate. And people wonder why I love living out in the country or up in the mountains where I ALWAYS have a gun close at hand. Let those punks try that sh*t in rural Montana! OMG! I guarantee that the black team will LOSE, BIG TIME!

  • Ivy Davis

    Funny I haven’t heard of it where I live, and I’m in one of the largest cities in the country, and while I don’t condone that kind of street justice or revenge this had to be expected. You have older white men shooting unarmed black teens and young men to death pretty frequent these days. White team (If that’s what we are going to refer to) has been winning this game for over hundreds of years so let’s just drop the race thing and figure out how to put a stop to all this kind of criminal activity period.

  • Byrum Blobshittle

    REALLY FakeDad??? Are you saying that you CONDONE this insane, racist behavior being acted out by a bunch of jobless, welfare-sucking LOSERS who REFUSE to take responsibility for any children they create? Hmmm, must be an Oblahblah supporter for sure! It’s obvious, by your name, that you are either 1) A lesbian who WISHES she had a penis or, 2) One of those lazy, worthless, welfare-sucking, morons who has a dozen illegitimate children that you REFUSE to take responsibility for. In either case, you are a waste of human flesh and you should LEAVE THIS EARTH as soon as possible because we HUMANS don’t want, need, nor desire your company! And if you don’t like my viewpoint you are more than welcome to set up a face-to-face meeting with me where I will be HAPPY to explain it to you in a more personal, one-on-one atmosphere. BEOTCH!

  • Bettsssss

    They are nothing more than a bunch of low down cowards…………having to catch a white person off guard and dozen jump him like a pack of dogs

  • Bill Berger

    15 in the clip and 1 in the chamber.
    Lets play !!!!!!!

  • Byrum Blobshittle

    OH HELL YES! In my opinion, gun control is the ability to kill with one shot! Nothing more, nothing less! And I happen to be an EXCELLENT SHOT with either a handgun or a rifle. I have NEVER needed more than one shot to kill whatever I am shooting at.
    We need to get the NRA back into the schools and teach our kids PROPER firearm use & safety. I joined the NRA in Junior High School, back in the early 70s. Back then they were allowed to actually come to the school and recruit. I took my test right there in a classroom at the school on a Saturday afternoon. Too bad Oblahblah & the Libtard whiner wimps have been able to effectively remove the NRA from schools. BUT… REAL CHANGE is coming and it isn’t the Oblahblah Commie bullshit change the whiney Libtards want! BRING IT ON OBOZO! I am part of the LARGEST ARMY IN THE WORLD—AMERICAN HUNTERS! Your pissy little forces will be annihilated if you EVER try to start your precious Martial Law bullshit! BRING IT BEOTCH! JUST FUCKING BRING IT!

  • Virgil Lary

    Uncle Sam must be from the west coast.

  • Byrum Blobshittle

    Hey Steve, why is it that you Libtard whiners think that only white people are racist? Do you have any idea what the term racist MEANS? Anyone who identifies the actions of someone else BASED SOLELY ON THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN is a fucking RACIST, you brain-dead, Libtard moron! When you hear the crackhead black man on the street corner screaming about how, “All Honkies are racists!”, you are hearing RACISM AT IT’S FINEST so shut your whiney little Libtard dickhole and move to Fucktardistan where you can live in pieces (not peace but pieces as in they are gonna probably hack your stupid fucking head off !) WHAT A LIBTARD MORONIC FOOL!

  • Byrum Blobshittle

    Besides, calling me a racist means about as much to me as calling me a tree. It’s just a fucking WORD and it can’t hurt me. My feet, hands & guns, on the other hand, can REALLY HURT! If a stupid WORD can hurt you, you are nothing but a wimpy little whiney PUSSY that should have yourself sterilized because we are tired of idiots like you pissing in our gene pool! DUMBASS!

  • Summer

    Byrum. Tell us how you really feel. :)

  • Ariel Rainault


  • Summer

    We are either America’s or we are illegal…
    No two ways about it.

  • Ariel Rainault

    As a mostly White person…I am displeased by people all around! It is odd that both Alternative Media and Mainstream Media are pushing segregation and racism…even more so, a friend I know in Prison also thinks the Trayvon case was a racist injustice–I’m not saying it was and I’m not saying it wasn’t! What I am getting at is how could he know? I find a lot of people allow what these BIASED and OPINIONATED reporters have to say…churns your brain,…instead of freely coming up with your own judgement you have someone elses impressions being subjected to you! I mean when Boston Bombing happened…I was eating in a restaurant…they played it on the radio. I didn’t get much on it because it was my birthday and I didn’t want to hear it. Well the older lady who was our waitress said her opinions about it. I took in what she said and had a short talk about it but I didn’t think twice of what she had said. Then not even 2 minutes later I heard almost WORD FOR WORD on the radio of what she had just said. So the opinion wasn’t really hers and how could she know…she was at work? Just like how could my friend know…he is in State Prison? IJS! Articles like this and certain cases are purposely picked to tug at your inner heart strings. They are playing with you all emotionally and you are buying into it–almost as if they want you angry–almost as if they purposely are doing this. If you truly cared about Racism and Segregation then you would speak up on all cases of it and not just focus on one. One that you would not have known about if the media didn’t take it on! Use YOUR OWN BRAIN! #StopRacism #StopSegregation#2013 #WeAreAllHuman

  • Jeff NoizeHead Becvar

    No cops don’t clean up the bodies….. the coroner and the EMS crew does the cleanup. the cops just do the paperwork.

  • Truth

    Concealed Carry … solves a lot of ‘problems’

  • Sandidad

    Rodney, the problem is, they have the element of surprise. I sure hope they don’t catch you by surprise so you can leave their worthless carcasses to rot..

  • Sean Green

    Single White people ? it shows how much how much these poeple are pussies sure it has to be a gang of them to beat a single White person . This shit won’t last long when We the White people come back and destroy this Bullshit I am not a racist but if this actually happens, then yes I will become one. Obama this is your fault. REMEMBER THIS OBAMA THIS IS YOUR FAULT……….AND YES THE BODIES WILL PILE UP

  • Florida Constitutionalist

    The next game will be “Urban Skeet Shooting”. We won’t be using clay pigeons, but to make Joe Biden happy we will be using shotguns. Seriously, if this sort of thing continues, groups of young black males will become fair game under the assumption that they’re out looking for a little “fun”. Do you want to play a game?

  • Tom Jones

    NHI No Human Involvement

  • Steve Thompson

    I got a game called tag a porch monkey….works with a S+W….

  • Allan

    Can we say 45 acp to the head ? Fucking monkeys….

  • stu

    how about a game of Redneck Survivor????A couple of Hoodrats get dropped off in a trailer park and try and make it back to the hood on foot :)

  • Michael Jones

    There would be a whole bunch of dead niggers if they jumped me. I would empty a clip on them in a second.

  • redpens

    Just try it here. I do carry. You dig it?

  • Tashina Evans

    this game is not very fair,how about we dress in black,paint our faces black and then we could have an inside job,they would never be the wiser,but really?? Trayvonn Mrtin’s dad was a freeemason who set this up for his son(a sacrifice if you will) because he knew it would start a race war,investigate it,so does that mean we can avenge that elderly vet from spokane,or the nice guy from Australia,or the baby that got shot in the head,or those two college students male and female that were raped so bad by a black gang that there insides looked like hamburger,the list go’s on,or avenge them for killing their own people like the brother who cut off his five year old sisters head,or the mother who cut off her two year olds head?? Not all blacks are this ignorent but the ones like that hard core pawn show,loud,obnoxious everyone listen to me because I have to talk loud enough for everyone to hear those are the ones causing this chaos

  • fan of Dr. Carson

    This stuff is happening in the “Red” cities, the ones that voted for Obama. I live in the South, the African Americans I know and have met here are very nice and have no interest in gangs. You cannot lump them together. Calling them names does not help your cause, it only lowers you to the gangs hateful level.

  • IWontPlay

    Please reference some evidence to this, it adds validity to your article. But first — Divide & conquer. That is what this is about. The U.S. government rules by terror. They constantly keep people in a state of fear so they can enlarge their police state to full blow authoritarian rule. You think ghetto blacks WEREN’T rapping & killing whites before the little “game” started? You think blacks who live in nice neighborhoods, pick up after themselves and wipe their own butts do this?

    Divide & conquer, it’s the deadliest game being played these days and a million times more dangerous than this little game.

  • Messenger of God

    Another Hoax created to get ignorant like minded people to be riled up to do something just as stupid as this post. All the events going on in the world today and people always seem to focus on bullshit. Get this, the same company selling you the cure for a disease or sickness is the same company creating the sickness! But you rather be angry other a Hoax story. How about this: If your child has autism, you can blame the vaccination shot they receive at birth. The mercury levels in vaccines prevents blood flow to the fuckin brain. But hey.. none of this matters because apparently there is black mob somewhere that’s nowhere. Only to be found on hoax news web sites, for controversy seeking people… Listen up: Step 1. Turn the T.V. Step 2. Step outside and breathe. Step 3. Plant a Tree and watch it grow…. You have just entered a life of peace…. 10-4 over and out.

  • Sinnead

    I can see the same things happening in USA as it happened in South Africa! Your problems now only started!

  • Marcy

    Wait..where did the picture come from….oh let me guess..someone just happened to catch them before they struck..oh or was it afterward (who called the ambulance)? SERIOUSLY? This is propaganda and I do not believe it for one minute! Not going to reduce myself to calling names because fortunately I do have an extensive vocabulary though not worthy of using it here. If it IS true, then I hope the culprits (no matter what the color or sexual orientation) are punished in a manner that equates to the crime.

  • RobGoblin

    You forgot to mention that white females also get to play. Do what I do,carry 9 ounces of bear spray and a screwdriver. Don’t wait for the first punch,just paint those apes spicy at 10-15 feet away.

  • John Jett

    Look at the bright side, Whites and Asians who live in urban areas tend to be the Liberal Democrat types. It is hilarious that African American youths beat them to death. Also too, if you conceal carry, it is a great big game safari opportunity.

  • Anthony Gillette

    There is no reason to lower yourself to the level of calling names and hurling insults. I know how you feel. I fear for my kids, we are a white family. But my kids know they will not be victims. We will defend ourselves. The media won’t help and Obama could care less about white people. He has been working to dismantle “white America” since he came into office. Band together, defend yourselves and be smarter than your adversary. Using low intelligence by calling names isn’t a good start.

  • bear

    I think the color does matter it isn’t white mobs jumping black,s black people jumping white people.did you even read the story..i wonder why the blacks don.t jump Hispanics..because they don.t scare us..and plus we jump back..we have numbers too..

  • bear

    coming from a guy named fake dad…get real and support you kids..

  • bear

    1 in the chest..1 in the dome..


    Libtards MSM will turn it all around and use it to go after our guns.

  • scott

    they are not african americans they are black folk,or N166ERS if you prefer,they have no ties to the continent they were brought from as the african blood is so diluted by now.

  • scott

    well,I am not racist either,I hate everyone,but,when I ride the harley,I am packin a .45 ruger and dare any coon to try that shit

  • Missy Mistaken

    Unfortunately, one has to engage in hyper-vigilance. A can of bear mace or bug spray does wonders for crowd control though…

  • Missy Mistaken

    It’s easier to get out of jail than the morgue…

  • Missy Mistaken

    Turner Diaries. Uh oh…

  • Melaninplus

    If a vast majority of the republicans like Rick Wells and others commenting on this psychopathic and ill-informed post continues in this warped mannerism, The GOP may never make it way to the white house ever agin. This sort of reasoning is no doubt engineered to create fear in its audience. I will refuse to use the term “racism” in this context. the is straight up dementia at its finest.

  • Johnny Blackwelder

    A 9mm works better.

  • frag graf

    not totally correct. If you are in say, very rural Noxubee County, MS they could easily get a team together. You’d have a hard time, even with a stand your ground law since the county is controlled by their team, especially after G. Zimmerman defended himself.

  • frag graf

    .357 in the melon….couple hours carcass swelling.

  • frag graf

    Your best bet is a white male, with a blue collar job on your jury.

  • Colie

    The Shame in all this is Black America has not seen their potential ….Rise up but in a good way ! “Integrity and love” what a mantel…. Beautifully black, beautifully strong, A journey of Truth !-> God Created all man Equal ! brutality only lowers your calling ! Arise and be blessed ….

  • Aeffesstoo

    To put what you are saying in context:

    When a single Hispanic individual defends himself against the kind of cowardly attack discussed in this article, it is considered evidence of white racism towards blacks.

    When there are numerous documented attacks by blacks on totally innocent white people, that is considered anecdotal.

  • amongoose

    The game however is called when the white team uses the “CCW” rule.

  • Arrow Durfee

    this is unfortunate. many of our youth today, white, black or asian hold little in rascist qualities.

  • Temujin

    While I enjoy reading many of the proposed actions to be taken under duress, one must realize that the instant you drop the hammer and survive an attack, your life will change dramatically. It is not free to fire your weapon, you will pay for it the rest of your days. If you are good enough, lucky enough, and smart enough to survive, you will most likely be arrested, tried, sued, harassed, labeled racist, and generally set upon by the minions of the left. If you can afford to pay your attorneys to keep your head above water and survive all the ramifications to that point, you then may well be charged by the Department of Just Us for violating someone’s civil rights. Yes, you will do what must be done to survive, but recognize that, unfortunately, there will be a tremendous cost attached to it. You can check off all the right boxes: including feeling like you are to be killed, threatened, outnumbered, etc. and you will still suffer the consequences. I don’t like it, but that is the real world we live in. I was recently asked if I went everywhere armed, and I responded “No, only where I might encounter people.” Think about these things now. Then, when the time comes, don’t hesitate.

  • David McKale

    What is the point of this but to spread racism and hatred. Pick up a bible or something for christ sakes, help out your community. Spend some time with the old folks there are millions of other things you could be doing other than trying to hurt people. Also the fact of this probably isn’t true. Stop listening to the negative noise of society it will only get better with the good things we do.

  • Rob Love

    It’s hard to believe this shit can go on and the majority of people don’t even know about it, eventually this will have to bite the media in the ass, hopefully..

  • anon
  • Angermanagement

    I would prefer coon hunting myself . It sounds like a lot more folks should learn to hunt coon! Believe me it is well worth the effort. In the old days I’ve seen the guys bag 5 coons a night.

  • UncommonStats™

    Do these gangs know they are killing white people to honour Trayvon who was shot by a latino. Makes sense. This is what happens when poor people listen to mass media.

  • Artist George Mercado

    This is NOT a new game and has existed for decades. Yes for decades mobs of black teens have racially attack innocent people just for the hell of it. Living in NYC in the past, I recall a few times where they attacked me or friends of mine. Moving to Florida didnt change anything, a friend of mine was beaten for walking into a gas station at night to get a drink. The only thing that will stop the thuggery and animalistic attacks, is for the victims to be armed and ready to put these individuals down like dogs. If Zimmerman didn’t have a gun, he would be like all those other victims from racial blacks, just a small news story on page 8. Whereas I do not believe that every black teen is a thug, unfortunately the number of bad ones outweigh the number of good ones.

  • Guest from MS

    Montana isn’t Mississippi. Unless you have a nuke, you wouldn’t have enough ammo.

  • Zach G

    Such senseless hatred…is this really what we are becoming as a society?
    I fear for the future generations if this is the direction our species is headed.
    To me, it sounds like we need some serious vigilantes out there.

  • Rodney

    Correct you are Sandidad but those of us who have developed, honed and practiced street combat and survival skills know that SITUATIONAL AWARENESS is a prerequisite for survival in any environment. Situational awareness. Practice it until it is second nature. Then, there will BE no “surprises”.

  • Rodney

    Uncle Sam, you’re about as libertarian as Nancy Piss-Lousy

  • Ken Warner

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a damned good reason for concealed carry.

  • Johnny

    Years ago I was conscripted to play this game. During the opening moves, as the Black Team moved into position, I started a retreat. Side-stepping so as to keep from being flanked. (I am a Shodan in Shodokan Aikido and also trained under Carlos Machado in BJJ 1996-98) It was 5 to 1 and I only fight under rules in the dojo. I drew my Glock 21SF…the other team forfeited the game.

    I’m happy with this conclusion. The social environment of today changes good to bad, and bad to good. There is no longer right and wrong, heaven and hell…only gray! Going to trail is a crap game at present. My advise to all…read “You and the Police” by Kenneth Royce; aka Boston T. Party. I have bought many copies and given them to friends. It’s very important to know what to do before it happens. What to say and do when the police arrive. Mostly, NEVER talk to police….NEVER NEVER NEVER…until your lawyer is present and then let the lawyer speak on your behalf.

  • ladagosta

    this is not even worth a comment, but honestly this is why the hate never ends and proves that thug mentally only perpetuates the problem, adding insult to injury, i would like to say “ignorance is bliss” but obviously someone missed the meaning to that phrase or they would not being creating these sort of hate crimes the law isnt always right hell lately i am starting to believe it tends to be wrong more than not. lately but this is an indication that some people have such low IQ’s with nothing better to do with there time and if they get killed in the process of being thugs well they deserve what they get simple as that

  • ladagosta

    i am moving there real soon and I will be bringing my own ammo when i do i have the route planned and all so i know which states i have to conceal to trunk it to box it and to leave it in plain sight.. i can not wait to move ,,

  • kim

    “white girl bleed a lot” by Colin Flaherty. Totally referenced and documented. Pull your head out of your a$$ and look around you. This is not about politics, this is about what is going on in our world. You are part of the problem. As long as we, as a community, pretend that it’s not going on or ignore it out of some politically correct misguided fear of being called ‘racist; it will not be dealt with and will cause more victims and more criminals clogging up our jails.

  • kim

    “white girl bleed a lot” by colin flaherty. completely referenced and provides links to local broadcasts and youtube videos. Believe it, it s going on. You are part of the problem.

  • kim

    except in Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Detroit, St. Louis and many other cities in our country. Oh, and Chicago. It is all referenced and then ignored by people like you.
    I dare you to read the book and then refute all of the examples that he has (completely referenced and backed up with links). It is not a hoax, it is happening but not being reported because it is not politically correct.

  • kim

    it is happening all over. Philadelphia is a bad one. How is that for a “red” city?? It is happening everywhere and is getting worse.
    Problem with not lumping them together is that they are not calling out the violence in their own communities and holding their own accountable.

  • tired as hell

    I hope it reaches out this way id love to shoot some cans sometime soon (Africans that is bring it negros)

  • kim

    articles like this call attention to a problem. Not discussing it is causing people to end up dead and hurt. You can’t pretend it isn’t happening because they are black. It is, They are and something needs to be done. The black communities need to take some responsibility for this and the rest of us need to know that this ia real problem. Grow up.

  • tired as hell

    whatever sandidad hope they don’t catch u alone sometime u wont be getting help from me

  • kim…read up, it’s going on and it is very much a racist thing. Racist is not specific to whites you know.

  • Davis Thompson

    Read “White Girl Bleed a Lot.” Eye opening.

  • Davis Thompson

    Concealed carry and remaining at condition yellow. Often these punks sneak up on a victim before he or she would have a chance to draw a weapon.

  • Davis Thompson

    I can’t tell you how sad it made me to have to talk to my son the other day about this topic. He’s 17 and going out on his own more. I had to tell him that if he sees a large group of young black males in “gangsta” dress (no worries if they’re in suits and ties) either in his path or coming his way, he needs to steer clear. I know several people who have been attack as part of this “game” in even the most civilized parts of the Big Apple.

    And yeah, it happened to me. New Haven, Ct. Way back in the 1980s. I was set upon and beaten by a black mob for having the temerity of getting out of a car next to a McDonalds to use the bathroom. So this is nothing new. Now it has a name and “rules.”

  • kevinmobley

    Too funny. This happens because you tolerate it. There is nothing else to say about it, you tolerate it, your media promotes & incites it, you tolerate your media promoting & inciting it. This administration does nothing to actually help black youths, nothing, in fact they import low skilled labor to take jobs from poor Americans. But, because they purposefully do this they then promote the idea that it is whites that are why these kids can’t get a job. These are what Lenin called the “useful idiots”, or somewhat similar to the folks that Hitler used for his brownshirts (SA). Who by the way all ended up being killed in one night, or reformed into SS units, and sent east to the Russian Front. Why? Because even Hitler and Nazis hated these useful idiots, knew that they could never be trusted, and had them slaughtered once they weren’t useful any longer, then they became simply idiots.

  • Mike Lago

    Good luck with that! Game over when for the black team when I get caught in the game.

  • DJ4060

    Seems like it would be a fairly easy affair to bait these guys with a decoy and then arrest them en-mass, or mow them down, as the case may be.

  • retired US Mil

    sign me up – ready to be a “PLAYER”

  • dee dee

    only cowards attack a single person who is walking along! Come on brothers your loosers any way u look at it.

  • Bill Campbell

    What sparked this? George Zimmerman? It’s lovely how an incident between a black kid and a cuban man can turn blacks against whites nationwide. Bring it. If I feel threatened I’m shooting indiscriminately.

  • Frosteetoes

    Time to bring back segregation and Jim Crow laws. The old timers knew that these savages would chimp out if given a long leash. It had nothing to do with color but behavior.

  • VilleRunner

    I would prefer the mow down solution. Maybe the massacre of a few or several of these groups would calm the rest down. It at least removes a bunch of thugs from the scene.

  • cajeffo

    I am very aware of this problem and update some of the horrific beatings of whites by blacks for no apparent reason. Take a look at this youtube playlist:

  • cajeffo

  • LCM☝✊

    Bang! Anyone else want to play!

  • david b cordick

    most of these animals can not be called kids

  • Karen

    Well I hope the White Democrats ,liberals and socialists in the big city’s learn their lesson to NEVER vote for a black president.

  • Karen

    Only in the north will they get away with that shit.

  • Karen

    That’s true REAL AFRICANS do not act like these fools. They are hard working people and have pride. They do not like blacks in America because they know just how nasty they are.

  • helen

    I think they are cowardly bastards because they have to be in groups, can’t just handle things on their own, without their ‘brothers’!!! Why don’t ya’ll get a life, get a job, visit the elderly, mentor a child, teach the illiterate to read, or do anything constructive!!!Life is too short for this kind of friggin ‘past time’……You are doing just what Obama wants, further dividing the races, creating tensions and hatred….just stop it, damn it!!!! Karma will get you in the end…just hope it happens in ‘this’ world, not the next,so I can have the pleasure of witnessing it!!!You are stupid, worthless s.o.b.’s and I am being very ‘kind’ to only call you that!!!

  • Mike-Sandi Bodway

    The hood
    This is how ya have to look at it people. When welfare was put out there it was put in place to help ordinary people. But the infestation of the Flies finally found the rotten carcass and when that happened they multiplied into millions of flesh eating maggots. Hence the scourge of inter city maggots. And the government is at fault for this because it is a birth right and a family career choice for them.
    See Here is how they have depleted their Gene pool. For decades they will screw anything they can and have 10 kids by 10 different baby daddies and the baby daddies will drop 10 babies by 10 other woman.
    Fast forward 20 years these babies are now adults and prowling for their next dick or twat and unknown to them they are screwing their half brothers and sister and this has been going on for over 50 years. Their IQ dropped from what was 50 to -50 and are breeding themselves backward to the caveman/apes with the same behavior.
    You will never get rid of the flies that produce these maggots. Just contain the area and let them exterminate themselves.

  • helen

    please don’t disrespect the animals by referring to these Negroes as such!!!

  • helen

    And that in itself is one of the problems!! As a rule, white folks don’t stand up enough for other white folks needing help…but negroes sure will rally when one of their ‘own’ needs assistance. We need to develop more of a ‘pack’ mentality…and not let these ‘mothers’ bully us….and if it means taking a few ‘out’………..oh well………….

  • James Hoffman

    Same here. Good thing here is We have wild hogs. Strip Teir shoe and cloths and the Hogs take care of the rest. No bodies No crime.

  • steve correira

    This is just a way for our government to keep the American people at odd’s with each other. Because if we are at odds, full of hate, we will never be united and be able to stand against the tyranny that is ravaging our country. Wake up people. Racism has NO PLACE in our fight for Constitutional survival. Don’t let the government win!!

  • James Hoffman

    So does a 45 Long Colt and 12 guage pump.

  • reepecheep

    my what courage they all command. talk about not having a life.

  • Raymond Andrews

    I would like to see this game played where the white team is a situationally aware concealed gun carrier and the game end with 4 or 5 dead black mother fuckers.

  • Debbie Young

    Start getting rid of them now. Especially the ones who are able to reproduce

  • Jim Brauer

    racism is brought on by the accuser…

  • jay

    I agree with you Ariel. ppl hear this and i dont know how valid this truly is however ppl hear this shit and they walk around with it on theyre minds and they become triggered so to speak. I dont know people have alot of hatred. all these years in most cases I have seen rascism chand and I believe it still can be cautious in the things you take on in your life but dont let this change your outlook of keeping the peace dont let one article specially when you do not know how valid it is cause you to hate and keep you from being peaceful. the higher ups dont care so we must all stick together and show love regardless we are past them days where we just see a guy out on the street and we judge em just because. we have come along as a human race lets not go back now. lets help one another and tackle other issues. love conquers all!

  • omahaandy

    And the blacks wonder why we do not trust and dislike them

  • Don Hellbound

    sorry monkey’s.

  • Wild Bill

    Hey brother I am with you that killing stuff works 2 ways. I bet my life on it I can give more than I receive. I would be a bad day at Flat Rock for them HA! HA!

  • Wild Bill

    Hey Brother in Arms I am with you I got 850 rounds loaded in 30 round clips before I have to reload them. They think they are bad in numbers but when Sam. Colt came up with the pistol he created all men equal. I was taught to shoot center off mass 2 double tap & 1 to the head

  • Wild Bill

    I personaly like a AR 15 pistol better more fire power, but I got 2 9mm Sig’s too.

  • andrew

    lucky for me I live in Florida where I can carry ..and if they try to play with me…I will give them the full trayvon experience.

  • Wild Bill

    I got a cure for that don’t leave home with out 1. I don’t go anywhere I can’t take a gun even church. I was taught to always be aware of your surroundings .

  • Wild Bill

    Helen you right on that!

  • Wild Bill

    Your got that right I doubt 1 of them can tell you 1 relative in Africa.

  • Wild Bill

    You got that right & better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  • tray sinny

    and that why i call them niggers lol

  • Wild Bill

    Hey buddy we are on the same page never since the Civil War have we been so close to another 1. I actually think Obama trying to start 1 where he can declare marshal law & try & kill out all us 2nd amendment lovers Obama is not as stupid as most people think there is a method to his madness. He wants to become a dictator & turn the US into a Islamic republic.He was on the phone Sat. talking to the president of Iran & Syria WHY, he need to address the people of the US but we are in in his way. I would lay odds we have a rebellion by Christmas he will never restore the gov. once it shuts down. He has a well thought out plan from someone & is working it. I hope I am wrong but stop & look at his actions & who seem more important to him. It’s clear it not the working man who has paid into the S.S. & paid taxes all these yrs. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

  • Wild Bill

    Thank YOU for having the guts to say what we all are thinking they are HA! HA! Your THE MAN!!!!

  • Ariel Rainault

    Grow up! Yup…that sounds mature…you should grow up and stop being manipulated…I have plenty of black friends, I have Christian friends, I have Muslim friends, I even have a friend from Pakistan…who needs to grow up! A house divided CANNOT stand! You should grow up!

  • kim

    I am not the one that put, in all caps like a schoolgirl, some ambiguous statement that does not address the substance of the article. I have many friends, I don’t bother to ask their ethnicity as I really don’t care, if you didn’t care you would not be keeping count.
    This is something that is happening. The black community is aware of it and many of them are horrified by it. You will find that in the book I mentioned previously, where one’s own mother turns in her son for participating in this type of behavior, at risk of being targeted herself.
    If you think this is not going on you are ignorant. If you think it is not related to a section of the black community you are stupid.
    Notice no caps? Notice I addressed the substance of the article in an articulate fashion? I stand my my comment. Grow up.

  • Its_Me

    Good line I heard:
    White guys came up with the term ‘saggin’ for they way they wear their pants. Spell it backwards and what do yo have?

  • Andy Hendricks

    think thats bad look what race the bikers are.. the poor guy in the rover is white police haven’t made any arrest yet

  • Guest

    This game only occurs in cities like Baltimore and D.C., where the citizenry is denied the means to defend themselves.

  • sammy

    This will stop when someone makes a surprise one day ..and pulls a Burny Getze

  • linlin

    Crazy they have made a super hero out of a thug. Now this is happening. I am happy to say that this is not happening where I live. And I hope it never does. People need to stop and become real people again. Thlugs don’t have a place in our world. Or whatever world you live in.

  • RatDaddy

    The white equivalent of Al Sharpton would be branded a traitor and sent to prison. I look foward to them coming to “play” in my neighbourhood. We lack good moving targets here in the “boonies” !

  • Shannon Singh

    It’s been happening for years. The first I remember was here in my own city. The Wisconsin State Fair. Only, those little wastes of good breathing space didn’t count on the Mayor being in attendance that day and whooping their behinds as their parents should have done. Also, Riverwest on the 4th of July. Nobody did a thing to them, but of course, they’re the victims. Milwaukee is trash city for ghetto blacks. No, not ALL. But the kind described here. If you’re offended by that statement, maybe you shouldn’t look the other way when your relative brags about this behavior. BTW, Zimmerman was largely hispanic and also had black in him. Hypocrites.

  • Sion Borg

    What the fuck is this country coming to where we have shit games like this..It’s a racist disgraceful game that should be banned..This kind of shit makes black kids do that in real life towards whites and promotes violence and racism..Whoever invented this game oughta be hanged..

  • James A Boyd

    Great time to drop a bomb and do some population control!!!

  • ddog

    these guys gonna fuck up and mess with a marine, or a spec ops type one day, or even a badass veteran. and then theyll good that good ol amercan ass whoopin!! bring your shit to oklahoma fools!!

  • CJN

    Damn right Helen!

  • CJN

    I couldn’t agree more with you Wild Bill….stock up whatever you can people…water, canned goods, first aid, AMMO, heat and fire sources, etc. Obama has a plan to get rid of all us who stand in his way.

  • Damien

    If this is how they want it, so be it!

    Maybe it’s time to get things back to the way it was in the 1800’s?
    Time to play Cowboys & NI&&ERS!

  • irish7_1sg

    “You don’t look so bad. Have another” (BANG!)

  • phuloi

    this will stop as soon as a white draws and fires, (ie) shoot to kill stop only to reload

  • Wild Bill

    I have been working on that for over 1 yr. I just read where Obama called in his joint commanders & ask them it they thought US soldiers would fire on US citizens & their answer was they doubted it. I guess that means he use UN soldiers. i got allot of ex marines & I don’t think it will be as easy as he thinks. I had 1 buddy buy `10,000 rounds of 223.

  • Wild Bill

    It is a pity but the inner city blacks are different. I think if the come in the rural areas they end up dead. I carry everywhere I go at least 1 gun & 3 clips but sometime I like my 357 S&W scandium 357 mag in a ankle holster as back up. I worked in the projects for several yrs. & until you see their life style it hard to believe. It’s a pity we have a generation of black & whites who all they want want is their I phone & cell phone can’t live without them.

  • david286

    2 Words – Always Carry!

  • Ben Clifton

    this guys a fkn lib….race baiting fkn lib bleeding heart turd bag. prob works for obammer

  • CheeseheadDJ

    Glock 35 in 40S&W…..

  • Ariel Rainault

    FUCK ANYONE WHO IS RACIST! Fuck you all! Don’t pretend like you aren’t being racist…I am sick of this article I wish it wasn’t in my news feed DAILY! FUCK YOU!

  • Jeff Robinson

    This is far and away one of the most ridiculous and inflammatory pieces of “journalism” I’ve ever encountered. People shouldn’t have to be worried if there a few teens/young adults walking behind them at night, protect yourself? Absolutely. Have a weapon if you feel like you need one. But inflammatory trash like this serves no purpose but to instill fear and encourage dissension among the United States citizens.

  • Woody Young

    Tar Babies

  • bill

    I love the vast amount of citations and proof of this racial game you’re witnessing. As a white guy living in Brooklyn, I have yet to see this game in action. I also think this is a fantasy of a scared white guy living in the suburbs.

  • NorthendFool

    Bring it on punks

  • Sam

    You will only see this in liberal gun restricted areas.

  • Michael Woods

    this look like New Orland’s and i cant fined any thing to support this story i personally dont believe it i look for facts before i believe a story there to many black and white that want to keep us up in arms against one another

  • Steve Goering

    porch monkeys

  • Jak

    Uh no, the guy in the rover was Asian and there were also hispanics in the biker group. You’re just wrong.

  • Jak

    > I am not racist
    > coon


  • Jak

    Thank you! I was losing hope that there would actually be a sign of intelligence in these comments.

  • Jak

    Cuban isn’t a race, stupid.

  • Jak

    Shut up. You sound really stupid.

  • AsTaNoS187

    spread the word…start our pack now.

  • Frosteetoes

    Hey Jak-off, in a civil society a faction of the population who cannot or will not conform will contribute to the society’s demise. Separate the wheat from the chaff. If blacks want to behave like savages toward other races then they should be quarantined to protect the safety of the non-violent productive society.

  • Wyatt Lammert

    Been going on in St. Louis for over 2 years. The first media coverage was about an attack on an older couple. The man died. Second coverage, man near death after being attacked by about 13 people, including girls. The mayor happened to be going by the scene and stopped, otherwise the man would probably be dead. This victim is now harassed by the punks when he goes to the grocery store.

  • Bill Campbell

    Here we go again. Hispanics aren’t white. Nobody gives two shytes about your technicalities you pulled out of a webster’s dictionary.


    I have now started to call the inner city a kill zone. These monsters were chewing on bones in africa just a 150 years ago and have not evolved as a a competent species yet they are still basically like the wild dogs that roam the planes of africa and have no morals or compassion for anyone but themselves.

  • scott

    it is called sarcasm dude

  • dragon

    let them try that shit on me there will be some blacks going to the hosptial

  • PahuTakewaa

    READ, READ, you STUPID uninformed black person. How about you start with “White Girl Bleed a Lot”. Why don’t you recognize what black MEN like Thomas Sowell have already acknowledged that this JUNGLE mentality is REAL and an EVERYDAY occurrence in American cities. WHY don’t you agree that this has to stop before your people ALL have to suffer the consequences of the actions of a few. If you are not willing to be part of the solution, you are Part of the Problem. MY PEOPLE faced down the U.S. Government in the Great Indian Wars, WE LOST. ARE YOU READY TO PLAY COWBOYS AND COLORED PEOPE??

  • CJN

    Working on it here too for a while now. I’m lucky up here, we are surrounded by woods and what not. They can take me down, but it won’t be without a fight.

  • Frank

    Dude, I’m totally with you, but you can’t really be big into guns if you call magazines “clips”.

  • Sarah Michele Neack Cruse

    I hope this doesn’t catch on in small towns. This is a horrible thing and it shouldn’t go unnoticed and not be taken care of in a lawful way. This in a way is attempted murder if not fully a murderous thing. I may be wrong in saying this, but I think it is a form of racism in sorts. I am not a racist, but I don’t tolerate someone trying to pick a fight with me or trying to assault me in any way. I don’t own a gun, but I do know how to defend myself. We sure do live in a sad violent world. You cant even do anything without being singled out for some kind of violence.

  • Mestizo

    Is this true or just a crazy idea? Why the violence, why not mixed with each other and have peace.

  • DrCrimwitt

    I won’t go into the city anymore. I use to back in the 80s and 90s. Now that Obama and Holder have made it evident to blacks that they condone this sort of barbaric and racist behavior, it isn’t worth doing business in the city.

    As for Black Gangs strolling the rural areas, I think that if they do they will be shot at and beaten just as they have done to Whites. Let’s face it, there is a race war ragging and it is the blacks who have started it. The most racist group right now in America are the Blacks.

  • Wild Bill

    Been a gunsmith over 25 yrs. I usually just say mags or clips whatever I think of 1st.I really enjoy shooting it’s a good sport but I got can guns too.

  • Wild Bill

    Hey brother you just do what you got to do. It sounds like you need a AR 15 7 1/2 “pistol with 30 round mag.

  • Wild Bill

    I worked on a drug task force 1st rule be aware of your surrounds & try & stay from choke points & shawdows at night. You look under cars before you walkiout into a parking lot. They forget to hide be3hind the wheels HA! HA!

  • Kahakauwila James Sham

    I am going to buy a blonde wig now and walk around looking for this guys but Iʻll have a little 40cal surprise for them! LOL!

  • Ihatestupidppl

    Several years ago, my purse was stolen from my grocery store cart when I turned to pick up an item on the bottom shelf. I noticed immediately it was gone. I ran up front and told the store manager. He called the police. He had the thieves on security camera – both negros. Store employees went out front and saw them running towards the expressway. The cops said it was unlikely they would ever be caught. It was traumatizing enough that the first baby pics taken of our sick son were in my purse. Along with my late grandmother’s gold compact and my late father’s pearl handled pocket knife. Also my gold & pearl Rosary Beads that had been blessed by the Pope and were a gift from my husband. All of these items were irreplaceable and of no meaning to the thieves.I can replace money, my driver’s license, Social Security card and credit cards. By the time we got home and called to cancel all of my cards, the negros had been busy. They had run up several thousands of dollars at liquor and jewelry stores.Thankfully, I wasn’t responsible. The worse was yet to come. The negros decided to have fun with us. They had our vehicles keys, house keys, names and address and family pics. We changed all the locks but couldn’t do anything about the other. For peace of mind, we had a security system installed in case my husband wasn’t home. For months, they called us at all hours telling us they were coming to get us. They said horrible, vulgar things.They were going to rape and kill me, and kidnap and murder our son. They reminded us they knew where we lived and what we looked like. They gave our phone number to other friends because the voices were different. The phone numbers couldn’t be traced because they were calling from pay phones all over the city of Baltimore. The ace up our sleeve was my husband was a Marine. We had lots of weapons and ammo in our house. Our neighbors were a mixture of military branches. They were informed of our situation. The next time the negros called, my husband screamed loudly in the phone; “Now listen up you M*****F****** N******! You’ve got it all wrong. ME AND MY SOLDIER BUDDIES ARE COMING AFTER YOU C********** AND WE WILL COME BACK WITH YOUR HEADS AS TROPHY’S!!!! If you have the balls, come see us. There isn’t one N****** who lives in our community. You will stick out like a whore in church. Nothing would give us greater pleasure then to kill every one of you M*****F******. I dare you to come near my wife and son. We live in Klan country. My Dad is the Imperial Wizard, my uncle is a Grand Dragon and my nephews are Knights. Bring body bags and tell your N***** mommas that you aren’t coming home. We have plenty of places to stash your bodies – after we nail your dicks to a tree, hang a rope around your neck, and set you on fire.” The phone went dead. We never heard from them again. When the law can’t help you, you have to protect yourself.

  • Sonny Of The Meek

    Too bad we don’t have a leader that could speak of racial divide between golfing. I thought that when America showed the world we walk the walk our Country talks by electing the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT our choice would have some first hand knowledge, and WANT to end the silence. Proof $$$$$ made with division is stronger than Uniting these UNITED STATES.

  • Jose Reyes

    the minute one of these mother fuckers try this type of game on me or one of my family members it’ll be the last thing they’ll ever do in their life time, because im willing to take them out even if it costs me my life or freedom.My family and my person are my homeland!

  • Mindy Robinson

    Been there. I was taught in school that if a person were black they were saints, if you were white , well, you were prejudiced. I naively went into a black neighborhood, took an acquaintance to a free clinic in the neighborhood. Anyways, I had my baby with me, went into the clinic with the woman I had provided transportation to, the verbal harassment by the black women in the clinic was so bad I took my son back to the car wait. I was attacked by 5 black men, men? 5 black animals and badly beaten. Why? Because I’m not black. My baby was unharmed.

  • Mindy Robinson

    Not every person who is black is a bigot, in general , I think, not certain, people who are black move out of the cities to get away from the crime caused by bigoted , blood thirsty, black criminals.

  • Mindy Robinson

    No offense but your comment is out of line. Every person who is black is not a blood thirsty monster. We have people of all colors who feed from the suffering and death that they bring about. These animals harm black people as well. Yes I am well aware that the black communities have higher crime rates then white communities(so the gov claims) . I have been a victim of blacks who are bigots and criminals – I won’t pretend that there isn’t a serious problem with blacks who are criminals and bigots to boot, I won’t go into a black neighborhood , but, when I meet someone who is black I do not associate them with the animals. I have met many kind people who are black.

  • Mindy Robinson

    Yes it has, I was a victim of 5 black guys, they attacked me based on my skin color.

  • Mindy Robinson

    Well stated.

  • Mindy Robinson

    I have read thru the comments here and I know without a doubt that while the truth needs to be discussed many made comments that were not the way to have a “conversation”. I have been a victim of black bigots, severely beaten and it was many years ago. My story is important, I naively went into a black neighborhood, didn’t know it was a black neighborhood or that I had put myself and my baby in danger. I learned the hard way and from that day forward I have been very observant of my quite honestly the color of an neighborhood. However, I am observant of the color of a well integrated community. There is indeed a serious and growing problem with America’s black population , however, every black American is not a problem. Some of the comments here target all who are black, the comments if seen by a decent black American would rightfully anger them, it would hurt them. I do not feel sorry for black people, not one iota, however, I also know that being black does not mean you are a monster. All need to find a way to have a conversation about the , yes, large population of criminals who are black, but, it needs to be done in a manner that makes it clear, the conversation is about the black criminals not all blacks. God bless all.

  • Ihatestupidppl

    So glad you and your baby were ok, Mindy. I lived in fear for months. After the incident I was leaving a store on my way to my car with 2 children. Two black men approached me. I got out my mace and punched my car alarm. The men left quickly. Now maybe they were just asking directions. But I wasn’t taking that chance since the purse snatchers knew what I looked like and what car I drove. Your story is exactly why I say blacks are more prejudice then whites. Yet they want us to feel sorry for them while they play the race card and blame whitey for everything wrong in their lives – including slavery which none of them even experienced.

  • Ashmore Neil

    i will shootem if they do this to me!!

  • Hard Boiled

    Carry a can of wasp spray, for those who have to walk alone. the when they begin to rally around you, they all get sprayed within a 20 ft radius. since it is poison, they have to be rushed to the hospital to get the antidote, and they will tell on themselves when you call the police to report them! i would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6, for not wanting to die for no reason other than my color.

  • Hard Boiled

    then dont come in my neighborhood trying anything. my neighbors take care of each other, and we’ve had 1 act of violence in 15 yrs. why? because we band together, and the only person brave enough to mess with us, went out in a body bag. If more people stood together, it wouldn’t happen so much. Like when we hear someone yelling, we all come out of our homes to help the one yelling. also, everyone in our neighborhood owns their home, so people are more apt to protect what they have, and help their neighbors keep their too!

  • Hard Boiled

    i am a white woman married to a black man. he is the one with the military background, he is the one who can pick a miscreant off from a mile away. guess what he did in the Marines? Yeah, he doesnt think what Obama has created in this country is too bright either.

  • cw

    ok so why do you reply to me saying this. i don’t care who or what your married to. guessing he was scout sniper. Congrats to him on making the cut to be called that still kinda puzzled why u would post this message to my account and not to the actual site but its ok i served in the marine corps for 4 years 0311 infantry 1st battalion 2nd marines tiberwolf based out of Camp Lejeune, NC. soooooo bragging wont get you no were. and Obama can go to hell

  • styrbjorn

    maybe we should start playing this game in reverse. how do you think that would be received by the media if gangs of whites start beating up on the blacks?

  • mickey5020

    and the rise of racism is with the blacks ,with a lot of the blame for that on Obama and his other racist buddies,especially with standing up in front of the whole nation with that treyvon incident. I sure haven’t seen him say a thing to stop the rise in black racist violence since that incident. And another is they are too damn stupid to think for them selves, wait until one of their family get hit and possibly killed , see how fun they think this bull shit is then. If Obama was a real man he would have said something to control possible violence and curb racism when treyvons death was made in to a racist circus.

  • mickey5020

    funny, i never saw that

  • mickey5020

    I don’t think any one is speaking of the normal black person, just pissed off at the idiots that are making all of the years and work that was done to eliminate the racist crap all for nothing. and a little speech from the pres. which needs to go anyway but, would go along way if he would say thing about what they are doing

  • Steve Thompson

    Once IL get the concealed carry weapon permit these thugs won’t try that crap anymore after a few of them get their heads blown off. Can’t wait.

  • Steve Thompson

    357 Magnum S+W with 6 inch barrel does wonders for crowd control….

  • Middy Matthews

    Pretty racist of you to make blanket statements like that. A basketball court is all we need to keep black kids off the streets, really?
    Sometimes I wish I weren’t so easily labeled white, as this puts me in a group with people like you.

  • anonymous

    This is not a game this is assault and attempted murder.

  • T Wayne

    The most credible studies suggest that at least 45% of the black population has significant to severe cognitive impairment. This helps to explain this behavior. Stay away from groups of blacks in urban areas. Their behavior is generally regressive when they are in groups.

  • cw

    very true obama could have done something but what i cant seem to wrap my head around is that the man that killed treyvon wasnt even white he was latino. so why are we being held accountable just makes it into another race way and if it comes to that again there will be blood and no one will be safe

  • stuckinmemphis

    It will in the South where there are numerous small towns that are majority black.

  • stuckinmemphis

    Once again, people that don’t live in the South, don’t understand. The thug mentality is the majority. Small towns of 300 are majority black in many places throughout the South…not just big inner city.

  • stuckinmemphis

    Middy, I used to think just like you. I was born and raised in the Midwest and moved to the South in 1999. The blacks in the South are the most racist nationality in the US. All blacks in the South judge on your skin color. Come live in Memphis for a while. I would lay money on it your mind would change in less than 3 months

  • stuckinmemphis

    Your probably right. I’m living in a city of 70%+ of them. I am scared to death we won’t get out before the sh*t hits the fan.

  • arlee

    these miserable punks should all be charged with racial crimes, they are such cowards its unbelievable, im hearing right now about a gang of these savages hitting a woman riding her bike past them.your not gonna hear anything from Sharpton and Jackson because there is no money in it, beating old men to death, they will get these punks and when they go to the oen they will get the same thing they have been dishing out,

  • arlee

    these miserable punks should all be charged with racial crimes, they are such cowards its unbelievable, im hearing right now about a gang of these savages hitting a woman riding her bike past them.your not gonna hear anything from Sharpton and Jackson because there is no money in it, beating old men to death, they will get these punks and when they go to the oen they will get the same thing they have been dishing out,

  • Evad Eviler

    Just like the two black teens in the south who recently shot and killed a baseball player from Australia who was simply jogging down a country lane, these blacks are out to have fun. When the cops asked them why they shot him (in the back no less!) they said they were “bored”. It is disgusting that black gangs are now targeting people minding their own business and causing three deaths, so far, and many serious injuries.
    I realize blacks have no family support to tell them right from wrong and whack them in the head when they do stupid stuff, but this is ridiculous. I hope the cops finally catch every one of these apes and send them to prison for a good long time.
    When are the black leaders who swarmed all over the media in the Zimmerman case? Why aren’t they on every TV talk show telling blacks to stop this needless violence? To pull up their pants? To finish High School? To stop joining gangs? To stop fathering endless bastard off spring? In short, to grow up and be responsible citizens instead of doing the pimp ape walk and shooting each other?
    It was the worse thing ever to happen to this once great country when the blacks were originally brought here from Africa. Would love to see them all go back.

  • Evad Eviler

    If I lived in any area where this crap was going on, you can bet I’d have a gun and plenty of pepper spray. Can’t kill these aholes fast enough.

  • Evad Eviler

    Well you better get ready. Your new mayor is going to chop profiling and stop and search by the cops to zero. The violent crime rate in NYC will be going no where but up and more up.

  • Evad Eviler

    More than one bomb please! Chicago, Detroit, N.O., Oakland, soon on NYC. Can’t eliminate lousy black thugs fast enough. Of course they are pretty good at killing each other to….

  • Evad Eviler

    they are just bored. need some excitement in their lives. instead of studying to graduate from HS, they just go out for a happy killing experience. don’t see whites doing this…just blacks. kinda shows their true color.

  • Evad Eviler

    Where are the black leaders? Why aren’t they plastering themselves all over the yack shows abhorring this lousy behavior by their brothers? Cause they are out to lunch and only attack whites. Kinda shows exactly where their brains (if any) really are.

  • mickey5020

    because people like obama and his racist friends have made whites a target

  • Jimbo

    Middy…Don’t waste your energy on the ignorant postings of ignorant people.

    Punks of all color are playing the knock out game. Look at the white bouncer who was knocked out by a bunch of white kids in Washington. That’s just one example.

    The race haters will only attempt their limited reading skills when the article supports their beliefs. Some people feel better about themselves if they can attribute characteristics worse than their own to another group of people that they can identify easily. It doesn’t take much of their limited brain cells to pick color of skin as that identifier.

  • Ariel Rainault


  • Ariel Rainault

    ALL I have to really say is White people play this game too!

  • kim

    Do they also call it “polar bear hunting”? You post all the news links of whites doing this and I will post all the news links of blacks doing it and we will compare, how’s that?

  • Remember


  • Holy Jobs

    too late, they’re turning once a great country on the planet into trash land, with their growing political power.

  • MonkeySpanner

    I have a game too. Round up all these miserable punks and deport there asses. I don’t care which African country you deport them to – any will do. We will see how long there bad asses survive there.

  • Carrie2

    And yet the blacks bitch if one is killed in a matter of self defense. This is why the little demonic possessed little darlings are about to become extinct. They want it that way. No one living their lives has to fear being murdered at the hands of these dirtbag little bastards that were probably fed by the people attacking, our bad! Where’s Sharpton now? He better speak up because when the whites get sick of the shit, they’re doomed and rightly so!

  • Carrie2

    Of course it’s not. Everyone has a right to self defense. These scum will be wiped out and very soon.

  • Carrie2

    These are monsters probably raised by the state and now they want to kill the hand that feeds them. This is why they are dangerous. Some used to believe this would happen and it has. You help out scum that don’t care and they aren’t grateful, they’re hateful and actually want to hurt those that helped them.

  • Carrie2

    Sad but true. I’m sick of it! Two white young people were robbed and murdered by a black man that used to work for the store last year and no one rioted here, yet.