Major Common Core Shake-Up: Florida Leaves PARCC by Executive Order

In a stunning move, Florida Governor Rick Scott removed the State of Florida from the Common Core consortium known as the the Partnership for Assessing Readiness for College and Career (PARCC). This consortium is comprised of states such as New York, New Jersey, Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee among other states.  Florida has been the fiscal agent for PARCC. Further, members participating in PARCC have the Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) written with the state of Florida. This may require member states to renegotiate their status with PARCC.

PARCC States

This move follows on the heels of other departures from Common Core Consortia. Earlier this year, Oklahoma and Indiana left PARCC. Michigan, Maine, Alabama, and Utah had left the Smarter Balanced Consortia over the past year and a half. Tennessee’s hearing on Common Core will begin next week. Growing political pressure to withdraw the state may lead Tennessee down a similar path. There is also pending withdraw legislation in New York.
Governor Scott’s executive order also requires the state to re-write their standards. The executive order was originally posted by the Truth in American Education Website. The executive order includes ordering the Florida Department of Education to rewrite and resubmit their Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) waiver. This waiver is required for funding from the Federal Government to states. It also waives that the state meets certain provisions of the No Child Left Behind requirements.




Florida Governor Rick Scott EO-13-276


The major issues addressed in the executive order addresses assessment, student data security, school accountability, and teacher evaluations. It is one of the most comprehensive rejections of the Common Core initiatives to date. Resistance to the state standards in the state of Florida has been mounting over recent weeks. The executive order follows a recent educational summit held by Governor Scott to discuss issues stemming from the state’s implementation of Common Core. These issues included major declines in school grades, lackluster student progress on state exams, and the validity schools ratings and teacher evaluations.

The move was met with the approval of State Senate President Don Gaetz, who opposes to the PARCC tests. Gaetz told WFSU reporter Lynn Hatter:

We have a system here that hasn’t been fully invented or vetted yet, that we are being asked to comply with. It doesn’t make sense that Florida should stay in the consortium when it’s capable of developing its own exams.

In contrast, the state board of education challenged the Governor’s authority to withdraw the state from PARCC.   Ed Week reports that Governor Scott does not have unilateral authority to pull out of PARCC.  They state, “In order to drop out of PARCC, a state must send a letter from its governor, the leader of its state board, and its state superintendent, to the consortium stating its desire to withdraw.”

While the state superintendent disagrees with Scott’s decision, the support of the legislature suggests that the state could defund Common Core as they did in Michigan prior to withdrawing from Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia.  The state school board may try to challenge the Governor, but Senate President Don Gaetz and Speaker of the House Will Weatherford  support the governor’s executive order. This may leave the superintendent with little political support to challenge the Governor and little funding for Common Core provisions. The State Superintendent may not wish to risk a political battle with the state legislature, given a significant portion of state their funding comes through there. 

Good job Governor Scott!


  • convexialense

    i love reading this :)

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  • Sherry Jones

    The map isn’t accurate. It shows OK and IN as “governing” states, yet both of them withdrew from Common Core. Great article, and 3 cheers to Gov. Scott, but if you’re going to include maps (or charts, graphs, etc.) please make sure they’re correct

  • Toni A. Karas

    So glad to see this happening! Thank you Governor Scott; now to tackle the other issues with the “rushed” education for elementary and secondary schools. I feel this “No Child Left Behind” is a joke, frankly it is for the worse of our children – my children have struggled and, I feel, lost out because of the rushed curriculums that the teachers are forced to follow…

  • Maureen Laslie

    Thank you Governor Scott

  • jerry granger

    Congrats to the Gov. What we need now is to get 33 states to get together and activate Article five in the constitution and ratify the odumbs**t care act. A good constitutional attorney needs to be hired/ or one attorney and representatives of 33 states to convene for ratification. People, read article five in the constitution, and call your senators. odumbs**t, nor the supreme court can fight this.

  • tbonpc

    obama learned under common core, why you think everything he does is wrong and backwards!

  • skspls

    Every member state needs to withdraw from that Socialist indoctrination scheme. Hopefully, Florida will set a trend.

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    “Obama learned…” That sounds like an oxymoron to me! LOL

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    Well, the Moron part is right for obama.

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    Thank you Govenor Scott – this makes me proud to be a Floridian again

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    This is really Great News.

  • Lisa Davenport

    Sadly…rather than withdraw he should have researched and never jumped in….we are millions, possibly billions into Common Core with new assessments, new curriculum standards, extensive training for every school district employee – literally thousands of hours…..while Common Core may be suspect – wasting money that the state doesn’t have just to reverse your decision is not good management either. On a lighter note, maybe now at my school we can get more than 1 pack of paper per quarter and be allowed to make more than 1500 copies before being sent to staples on our own dime!! Ohh and maybe I wont have to bring in my own toilet paper from home – yippee!!!

  • Christina_bdba

    No it isn’t only certain school districts are on their own

  • Lewis Solomon

    The public education system, has nothing to do with kids that dont want to learn, you cant force a kid to learn at all, that’s why people in the “hoods” cant even read/write worth a damn, some people are just “worthless” There is nothing wrong with public schools, some kids want to learn, some kids dont and the ones that dont wont end up doing anything but being a bum, and bumming off of our government as they are taught by they’re parents, it’s pathetic.

  • April Donachy

    I have a hard time with “there is nothing wrong with public schools”. Our children are not doing any creative learning in schools anymore and many electives have been taken away like art and pe. Our teachers are now no more then standardized test givers. They have no say how they teach their classrooms and all our kids are doing are memorizing answers to pass standardized tests. You have so many high school graduates that can’t even spell simple words. Nothing wrong with our schools? Think again

  • Brenda

    The hearings in Tennessee were last week. Thank you for covering this subject and all your work.

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  • Kim

    No, John is correct…..Ohio adopted Common Core years ago (before it was written) and all schools are to implement it by next school year. I know….I’m a teacher who is against common core. BUT, there is a movement within Ohio to repeal CC. So, if you live in Ohio and you’re against it, CALL all of your Representatives!!!

  • Kim

    You’re right, April, school’s have, basically, lost a lot of local control ever since ANY kind of standards started many decades ago. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be standards, but I am saying that those standards should ONLY come from the state, and more importantly, the LOCAL level. The parents, teachers, and school board members know what our children need to learn to compete in this world…..let US decide what gets taught in our schools. And let the teachers do what they do best….TEACH, instead of stupid testing all the time!!!

  • DTL

    Teachers should NOT be allowed to decide what is or isn’t taught . They are hired to do the job of TEACHING AN APPROVED CURRICULUM , PERIOD . How well they are able to engage children is what differentiates the good from those just getting a check . As others have stated one cannot force another to learn . Any that believe all are created equal need to wake-up . All don’t need or want to attend college . Education comes from the knowledge put forth . A teacher should be able to explain that knowledge in a manner students can grasp , not interpret to fit their agenda !!!

  • Jason Rodgers

    The Federal DOE has done nothing but move education backwards since its inception. Gimmick after gimmick in the classroom to make our students learn more/better and where are we? Highest drop-out rate in 30 years, 40% of first year college students needing some kind of remediation, etc. State and local school systems need to exert control over their own schools and tell the Feds to hit the road.

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    Wow..Florida actually did something i agree with!

  • LibertyNow

    We must all commend Gov Scott for his move to bring back sanity to our schools. There are too many who will just “go along with the crowd” and they don’t realize how they are selling our souls to these criminals who are in power now. God help us to overcome this horror, and bring out country back from destruction.!

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    ever think…………… maybe yall are tards?

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    Excuse me, but does this chart mean that Oklahoma is actively PARTICIPATING in Common Core? If so, we need to seriously think about getting rid of some school board officials and petition Governor Fallin to get RID OF IT.

  • Drive-by Copyeditor

    Fifteen errors in your post. It’s obvious which kind of kid you were.

  • critter

    That’s exactly what the government was counting on, “they already have to much money invested, so they won’t drop out”. Thank God there are some people who are thinking of the children and not the money. You made it sound like you are a “teacher”, REALLY. I don’t care if it trillions they have already invested. There are going to be other generations of children that will be saved by this decision. On a lighter note, with the new standards for teachers, maybe they will find some that really care about the kids. yippee!!!!

  • Haslam/Huffman Hive Member

    A Governor with something more on his mind than establishing mindless drones of Teachers and students???? I honestly did not know one existed. Way to go Florida. I never thought I would say that, but hey, I am no dog in the manger! This Tennessean knows a good thing when I see it.

  • Lisa Davenport

    Reading comprehension is obviously not a strength you possess. What I SAID, or rather typed, is that it is too bad he did not do due diligence (that means research stuff out) and realize that Common Core is not the panacea (that means cure for everything) that so many of our lawmakers have touted it to be. It is too bad that we have wasted millions of dollars, thrown out the old, brought in the new, and now we are throwing out the new, to reinvent the wheel. And “generations of children being saved by this decision”…seriously, it was a few learning standards and some rigorous testing…not a cure for cancer. No one will be “saved”, you can bet another ridiculous solution will replace it, one probably more costly, and even more rigorous. As a “teacher” I am waiting for the taxpaying parents of this state, the entire country to become fed up with the constant barrage of mediocrity that their children are exposed to, and actually walk away from their computers and take a stand for something – you know, maybe vote for lawmakers that care about kids, because the “teachers” cannot do anything when their hands are tied by bureaucratic BS. yippee

  • Troubleshooter

    At Last. A Governor with a Spine. Governor Scott, as an elected official, you have my appreciation and acknowledgement of your regard for the U.S. Constitution. As a Man,Rick, you have my respect and admiration for doing what is right.

  • Steve Goering

    all states need to do this….

  • Steve Goering

    did he even learn?

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    So the government is responsible for the education of our children! The same government that can’t govern itself. rewards incompetence among it’s employees, has internal drug and alcohol abuse problems that would blow down a brick wall, promotes lying, stealing, and stripping freedoms and liberties away from it’s citizens. Oh nice great idea with such a wonderful role model !

  • Cheryl

    So how can we convince other states (like New York, where I’m from) to bail on this hopeless drivel the government calls ‘higher education practices?’

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    I pray New York follows suit!

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    Floridians, be sure to read this article. This is an orchestrated event. Read the following article: