Alabama Case On Obama Eligibility Nears State Supreme Court Decision

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The Alabama Supreme Court is about to render a huge decision that may impact the entire country. The issue at hand is whether or not Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro was eligible to be on the ballot in Alabama in the 2012 election.

The question does not arise by virtue of uncertainty about his birthplace, but rather, through another of the many questionable issues regarding the phantom past of the president, his Indonesian citizenship.

The case is being brought by republicans, Hugh McInnish, Virgil Goode and L. Dean Johnson. At issue is whether or not former Alabama Secretary of State, Beth Chapman properly verified his eligibility to serve.

A prominent Fraud Attorney, W.L. Albert Moore, Jr. filed an Amicus Curiae brief seeking a determination as to whether Barack Hussein Obama lost his U.S. citizenship in 1980 when he failed to register with the Selective Service, as the law requires. Also at issue, is whether the president repatriated after he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian citizen and relocated to Indonesia. The policy of Indonesia at the time was that no non-citizen could attend school and they did not offer dual citizenship. Attendance records indicate Soetoro was identified as an Indonesian citizen while attending a madrasah school.

Friday morning, before 11:30 a.m. CST is when we can expect a decision to come down. Things could get real interesting after lunch.

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  • lather

    LOL.. Fucking crazy town.. what a waste of time.

  • Bill Berger

    I’m praying that SOMETHING brings this lying parasite down !!!

  • Dan Momany

    And the meaningless findings were laughed out of court… Finding anything to the contrary of his eligibility and trying to enforce it would be like trying to un murder a victim after the criminal blew the head off of them… tell me oh great minds what would happen should the state find him in eligible? Once again the distraction from the real situation comes into play.

  • kevin

    Face it he is a Kenyan. When the doors on all the freebies slams shut then all you oLosers will be wandering where your next meal is coming from. Hyper inflation will be the death of us all.

  • William

    Overwhelming evidence is that Obama was born in Kenya, spent his grade school in Indonesia and as a citizen student, Applied at Occidental college as a foreign born student. In his race for the Senate, his opponent made a statement that Obama was foreign born and Obama’s response was “So what, I’m running for Senator not President”. A
    ll this has been documented, but the courts have all ignored this. I am expecting that to happen again. How can an American Citizen, not have standing against an Illegal Alien???

  • Joe

    Very well said. And how can Obama have been born in Kapiolani Hospital when there is no record his mother was ever a patient there?

  • sc00termac

    so ohio in 2008, alabama in 2012? what else don’t we know? he had the IRS targeting conservative groups during 2012 election. it amazes me whenever you bring out stuff like this to a liberal they start screaming racism and telling about how pure in heart obama is, that he wants nothing but good for our country. these are the same people who are convinced GWB was lying about WMDs so he could take us into Iraq. Political corruption happens all around the world – africa, east asia, europe, south america and yet they think obama could NEVER be involved in something nefarious like this stuff.

  • Charley Proud

    We can only pray that real action will be taken against this idiot liar and cheat! So far he has gotten away with all of his crimes!

  • Beverly Morrison

    What would happen after it is decided everything was done illegally? Would he be arrested or would he declare martial law before they get to him.

  • aj7885

    It matters not one bit. He was born to an American citizen mother and it does not matter where. Even if his father renounced Barry’s citizenship(for Indonesia), Barry was a minor therefore he (Obama) could not give up his citizenship himself hence he would still be an American Citizen in the eyes of the court. I think it would be better to go after his fraud of going to college as a foreign student. He committed fraud and should repay any aid he got from US Govt.

  • Brian Murphy

    this jerk is trying hard to wreck the nation for his Muslim psychopaths to take over

  • Brian Murphy

    man cannot live on bread alone; this is the fear that is blocking Americans from voting for a decent Pres.; u are all too worried about food stamps and state benefits; try part time work at anything for your own self dignity, do it for yourself; you all vote for some liar who promises you more bread and Obama care

  • Brian Murphy

    Obama has blocked all access to his records on .U.S. soil as he is hiding something; his birth cert was 100% fraudulent; and his college attendance was also lies as no one ever saw him at college, a “Muslim” cleric said he was at college ! Muslims believe they should lie and deceive non Muslims and murder them also

  • Dale Ramsey

    However According to the Constitution he has to be a Natural citizen meaning both parents needed to be American citizens and his father was not, therefore he can not legally be our President but the rep/and dems are all complicit and continue to do nothing about it!!!

  • guest

    Beverly…he is going to declare martial law anyway, it’s just a matter of time. We, as a country, should be bound to do the right thing, the patriotic thing and do what is just. I understand your point and it is a valid one, but if the Court decides that he is not and never has been a citizen of the United States, then the system must be utilized and he must be charged accordingly. The alternative is to live a lie….that, Beverly, is unacceptable.

  • Jewelz

    recently i have gotten into politics. george bush funded and allowed
    bin laden to use our plans for his own wedding, the bush administation
    was just as corupt, i wish i had been into the political truth as i am
    now i am trying to make up for lost time, the iraq war was just as wrong,
    the people of my generation are fighting mad! we arent sheeps lead to
    the slaughter we will be a force to be reckoned with, people are
    questioning if obama was really elected. no one knows at this point, but
    his election was fixed , fact of over a million deceased voters, im not
    rep or dem i am for the american people. one human race against the
    government system that is unraveling at its very core, they cant find
    obama school records his ssi number is wrong, and them you have bush,
    also same agenda to fill his own pockets with blood money as i call it,
    thousands of lives destroyed , im all about war but for the right reason
    not based on some lie that cost the american people so much. Our
    military do not get the respect or the help they need, they are homeless
    and left forgotten by our government, what justice is that, they fought
    for our freedom and our own government is still making them a price way
    to high!!!!!!!!! we cant be silent any longer, we must reform the
    government before we loose anymore rights,. liberties, no our government
    isnt perfect it has flaws but putting officals who just want to destroy
    it and not build it stonger, they have to be voted out, we must stand
    not as dem , rep , race, ect but as america fighting , the government
    wants to balance the budget stop spending a million dollars on hard
    working americans tax money, cut your excess government spending at home
    the white house, food plate that cost 500 dollars, surplus of clothing
    suits, jeans and t shirts are good enough for the american household,
    make congress get their hands dirty. see what the average american wage
    can survive on, very little, they live their corporate lifestyle, with
    disregard for the american that works blood sweat and tears choosing
    food over med or vice versa, how can the government begin to understand
    when they arent on our level!!!!! threatening to cut social security and
    government benefits bulllying the american people its not a choice it
    their way or no way!!!!!! that is not freedom, we need someone who can
    run a country not a million dollar business, move someone into to office
    who gets the real american way of life, not living on tax payers hard
    earned nickel and dime wage, we have to take a stand make the government
    hear us and not turn a deaf ear, the hard working american is the heart
    and soul of this country, lets stop making this a dem or rep, lets make
    is america and become strong become a nation united we stand, give
    america a reason to fly the flag , show that our stars and stripes mean
    something, we the people standing together to make a better country and
    better future for generations , stop allowing our government to use war
    as a base to profit, i work i pay bills, single mom balancing a budget ,
    if i can do it so can the government we have to find a way to change
    for the better or it will be to late, Im not rep or dem, just a hard
    working american that is tired of the government and its bullying the
    american people! enough!!!!! we are asking for obama’s resignation he is no long qualified for his present job, if he doesnt resign we will have no choice but to impreach him, also if he lied that qualifies for his immediate removal of his position!!!!!!!! we will be heard ,!!!!! we will not go silent any longer

  • Jewelz

    im not rep or dem please read the entire statement thank you

  • Beverly Morrison

    I was only asking because im not sure what the procedure is for a situation like this. It sets a precedent. So I was curious what steps would be taken if the supreme court rules against him.

  • Cynthia Matthews

    What about Obama having fraudulent social security numbers and a phoney birth certificate? Pelosie also guilty of treason for certifying him for the election in all fifty states? Obama cannot be charged with treason as he is not a citizen of the USA.

  • Cynthia Matthews

    No President of the United States has ever been removed from office. But I think the Constitution provides that if a President is removed he is removed by Congress. So I think Congress can set up a way to do this. Probably with military militia for that purpose.

  • Cynthia Matthews

    Also. . .talk about shutting down the Federal Government! If this was proven and Obama was illegal, then Romney and his Vice President would need to be installed. Every bill he signed, every thing he did, every appointment that he made would be NULL AND VOID!

  • Rick
  • Rick

    Probably working on a false flag right now for it. Lil Ceasar’s robots always come to his aide when the truth is about to be exposed. No American President has every hidden so much of his past like lil Ceasar here. I smell a fish..

  • Rick

    Yup, just like illegally obtained evidence..

  • Cindy Beck


  • BrianVincent1

    I think the question of natural born is whether he was given an American birth certificate at birth. His mother was only 17 and therefore only his father had authority to confer his citizenship upon his son. The birth certificate from Hawaii only shows he was born there, not whether he had American citizenship at birth.

  • Beverly Morrison

    That’s one hell of a way to eject the Muslim Brotherhood out of the white house. We could only hope this would happen.

  • Pat

    Don’t believe this will go anywhere. Supreme Court of Alabma will not say he was in eligible.

  • JesseMace

    never forget that it was the traitors on the left who stole our country and gave it to one of their own.

  • Jack Perry

    Barry’s father (Barack Sr) is not a US Citizen. That alone disqualifies him under the US Constitutional requirements (Article II Section 1 Clause 5) for being a dual-national at birth and not a natural born (both parents at birth of the child being US Citizens). Unless you can prove that Barry is suddenly at least 225 years old. Perhaps actually reading the US Constitution may benefit you.

    The US Constitution was considered the “law of the land” on June 21, 1788 when it was ratified by NH becoming the 9th (out of 13) state to ratify it.

    There is no evidence anywhere, not by the Obama apologists, nor Obama, nor anyone else that would even remotely suggest that Barack Sr, was ever a US Citizen at any point in his sorted life. So, even though the measure is on the day of birth how can Barack Jr (Barry) be even remotely considered to be a natural-born as required by the US Constitution? Barry, at birth, gained the citizenship of mother (US) and father (Kenyan) and that makes him dual and NOT ELIGIBLE. There are two parts to Article II Section 1 Clause 5 “natural-born” as it’s common definition is born of two citizens of the same country and born in the land.

    If the child is born is born outside of the United States, as an example, the child is considered a US Citizen born abroad and must be registered with the nearest US Consulate to be considered a US Citizen as well, however, the country of birth also claims that that child is one of theirs and the child is a dual-national forever.

    Snopes skirted the issue of natural-born with deception arguing on the part that Barry’s mother was too young. Youth has nothing to do with whether or not someone is dual-national, however, if the mother was under 18 and the father was 18 and above it’s called statutory rape and there laws to cover that, however, it does not change the citizenship of the child, here the child would still be dual-national. Snopes is run by liberals, in case this was not abundantly clear who have come up with some rather creative arguments to help thwart anyone looking to get a fair understanding on anything on Obama.

  • stvjas

    nice to see you back in the real world. It is not too late to help with the changes needed.
    Welcome Back

  • Chad Dolloff

    His citizenship was given up and he never applied to have it reinstated!!!

  • Dave

    I dont want him their either, not at all…. but if he really was not eligible then I think the U.S. government would have found that information out before he was elected president of the U.S. They are not a bunch of dummies and you cannot just dupe them. Every candidate for president is heavily scrutinized for candidacy to make sure that they are qualified for the position, their back grounds are fully verified and re-verified by federal agencies over and over… If he was not eligible for the position he would not be there.

  • C-Red

    What’s funny is that if he truly was born in Kenya and was
    still able to become president than there are forces that run this country that go way above
    republican or democrat, so you are pretty much powerless to do anything about
    it. This whole citizen thing is freakin hilarious. Right wingers have become
    such whiney people ever since he became in office. I can’t wait until a
    republican b/c president again, so hopefully all the whining will stop. …birthers
    lol you guys are amusing.

  • Larry Marshall


  • C-Red


  • jason1776

    Actually according to the Constitution … Biden becomes President …

  • jason1776

    The morons are the people that allowed Obama to run without first verifying that he was eligible as a natural born citizen … born to citizen parents on United States soil … not a citizen parent but citizen parents … that alone makes him ineligible … proving Kenya or Indonesia is irrelevant to the argument … heavy democratic propaganda by media has now made it possible for Ted Cruz to be eligible according to the media … he also is ineligible for the presidency …

  • jason1776

    No one denies that he is a citizen of the United States … what is denied is that he is a natural born citizen which is a requirement of the Constitution … born to citizen parents on United States soil … (owing allegiance to no other sovereignty)

  • Jerry Frost

    The deems pushed him through

  • jason1776

    Show me where Obama was vetted … what evidence could have been provided if he needed to get a copy of his birth certificate from Hawaii … Show me one federal agency that verified an re-verified Obama’s background … McCain went before the Senate and was decided by a non-binding resolution … where was Obama ever subjected to constitutional verification before Congress … according to the Constitution it is they that make the determination … again … courts are irrelevant to the determination of natural born citizen … all four Supreme Court decisions determining natural born citizenship should be proof enough of that as they never made a determination as to the natural born status of the individuals but only citizenship (no determination to the status of natural born was required so none was made)

  • Mike-Sandi Bodway

    He is not a natural born citizen. They proved that the Social Security number issued to Obama was not his. See Depending what state you are born in is a factor of how your social security number starts. Obama was supposedly born in Hawaii right? Well his Social security number was issued with number out of Connecticut. So that right there was a lie to the people. He never did register to vote because he would have had to list his citizenship which he could not prove at the time. He has got to go plan and simple. He has proven he is a Muslim loyalist and a traitor to the American people who he is now waging war on. He lied through his teeth about his health care plan and now people are waking up to the lion at their throats. I Lost all beliefs in anything he said or his wife said when she got up on a national stage and said she was ashamed to be an American. She never earned the title of the first lady in my book. She is just as evil as her husband.
    And this is off subject but John McCain you war mongering whore. You too can go straight to hell along with the secretary of state John Kerry. We are sick of you no good cocksucker forcing your beliefs Down our god dam throats.

  • Frank Padilla


  • Missy Puckett

    Hes too damned stupid to run the country too

  • Missy Puckett

    wasnt nixon impeached?

  • onceproudamerican

    Exactly! The Obama ‘birth certificate’ that he shared with world proves that he can never be eligible to serve as POTUS. At one time there was a youtube clip were he was asked the question and his answer proved that he knew the truth about his status as well – I can no longer find it…

  • Justice

    No but Bill Clinton was.

  • HaHa

    Wrong. I think it was Andrew Jackson was impeached. The only US president ever to be impeached by House and Senate. I am sure if it is found to be that he was not a US citizen. That Hold his wiener Holder will fill a immediate appeal to the US Appellate court.of appeals. That will prolong the inevitable.

  • HaHa

    Nixon resigned before he could be impeached. Clinton was impeached by the House but the Democratic Senate saved him and said it was okay to lie to congress.

  • HaHa

    Liberals-retards. This article has nothing to do with where he was born. This is questioning if he forfeited his right to US Citizenship when he became a citizen in Indonesia. If that’s the case, he also forfeited his right to hold the office of President.

  • HaHa

    Who would you rather have Cruz or Hillary. Cruz does his job. Hillary doesn’t know what is going on with her own people.

  • HaHa

    Is that just like the DC Naval Yard shooter or Snowden. Both passed background checks. Our government has proven that it is willing not to go the extra mile to be safe. This is not the 80″ where our government actually made a little effort to do their jobs. It’s all about holding onto your job lately.

  • HaHa

    The Supreme court has always deferred the question of eligibility to State courts. If this one goes that far. I expect whatever the state rules is the decision the Supreme Court will go by.

  • unreal

    we the people let this intrusion happen

  • aj7885

    WRONG here is the requirement for Natural Born Citizen. He would have been covered by #7 no matter where he was born. Parents age has nothing to do with it. His father may have renounced the childs citizenship to go to Indonesia but Obama was a minor so he could not consent to renounce his.

    Under Title 8 of the US Code, Section 1401 defines the following as
    citizens of the United States upon birth… or natural born citizens:

    Anyone born inside the United States. The person must be “subject
    to the jurisdiction” of the United States. (This would exempt the child
    of a diplomat, for example, from this provision.)

    Any Indian or Eskimo born in the United States, provided being a
    citizen of the U.S. does not impair the person’s status as a citizen of
    the tribe

    Any one born outside the United States, both of whose parents are citizens of the U.S., as long as one parent has lived in the U.S.

    Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S. national

    Any one born in a U.S. possession, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year

    Any one found in the U.S. under the age of five, whose parentage
    cannot be determined, as long as proof of non-citizenship is not
    provided by age 21

    Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien
    and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in
    the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service
    included in this time)

  • A-Very WiseMan

    It will continue,,,because the American public are watchers,not doers.Voting is useless,,it’s all fixed,,you all know this but you all simply complain,,threaten to vote him out,,and you all simply watch.The forefathers of your great country are rolling in their graves.If the American public want him out of office,they will have to do so by force.I believe you all already know this,,but yet you all watch,and complain.Please understand,,I’m not against you,or the American public,,quite the contrary,,however I can do little as I’m a citizen of another country,and therefore have no standing when it comes to the affairs of America,and the American people.I sure hope you guys wake up,and do something very soon.Martial law is on the horizon,,you all are abundantly aware of this fact.The American people really need to act soon,or it will be too little,too late,,and perhaps already is.Come on America,,,this is not the America I admired growing up,,I know you guys are much better than this.The time,,is now.People such as myself support the American people from all over the world.

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    It’s all crashing on him…..Friday could be a great day!

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    Hawaii has already come out and said there is no birth certificate period for Obama in Hawaii!

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    supposedly because of her age his mother was too young to confer citizenship on him. the thing I have wondered is: what if barack Obama is really two years older than he says and was born before Hawaii was a state. He can’t remember his age and birthday at times?

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    so he lied from day one, why would those who voted for him still support him. he is a muslim, very possibly homosexual, (three murders in the church of reverend wright of homosexuals Obama was friendly with, user of drugs and doesn’t work. plays Hollywood and golf. what kind of lying president is this. throw his butt out! do your homework, check out those three unsolved murders, two were drive by shootings not too long before Obama ran for president. for further info check out the Reverend Wrights “black power only” church, listen to some of his hate sermons like Obama did for a few decades, then tell me why you would support him. for further info read his books.

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    lock and load would happen!

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    hopefully he would be removed from office and tried for fraud….impersonating a president must be identity theft!

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    what a great thing…

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    wonder what is going on inside the white house, since the people aren’t allowed in. last I read Obama was having a second office architectually designed and built within. the chairs are probably gold gilted. don’t know why he needs a second office, he is never in his first. when he sent Winston Churchill’s bust back to Engand, should have know then what he was folks.

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    I think biden can be tried right along with Obama for treason…lying to the American people, covering up. If we can get rid of Obama, we can get rid of Joe.

  • Guest

    I agree, but he i don’t think he is a Muslim or a Communist. I could be wrong about the secon.

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    I’ll take Biden over Obama anyday……at least he is American and not a Muslim.

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    I think if this happens, the house will begin impeachment proceedings and the senate will have no choice but to follow as the American people have had it. Overpasses for Impeachment , Bikers for America, now the truckers shutting down the country. People are protesting Obama and Congress and want him impeached. Even some democrats do! It is very important we have voter photo id in all states, proper vetting, military votes out in time for them to be counted , properly calibrated voting machines. We must throw out all the traitors as each comes up for reelection. Americans must band together to stop the corruption.

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    he resigned first!

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    We are talking high crimes and treason with Obama, Clinton was about sex! I don’t think Clinton was accused of being a traitor or aiding and abetting the enemy. He jeopardized national security though.

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    I agree with you, a complete revolution is needed. About fourty million people marching on Washington might do it!

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    That you can blame Nancy Pelosi for, she knew and changed the paperwork to cover her own butt! He was not properly vetted.and when she realized it she removed her signature.

  • Frances Chute Quinn

    the reason they do nothing is they are afraid the blacks will revolt….i say let them. better to get rid of him. just like they are doing nothing about the thousand or so black on white knockoffs. the media never covers this stuff, Obama owns them.

  • Lgbpop

    Undocumented worker?? All he does is golf. Cut us some slack.

  • Louise Little

    At the time Obama was born, Social Security numbers were not issued at birth. They were issued when you either got a job or for some reason had to pay tax.

  • Louise Little

    Why are “birthers” morons. Because they question the loyalty of a President who may not be eligible? The Constitution says BTH parents must be citizens in order for someone to be eligible. Barry’s father was a student from another country. That implies divided loyalty (proven). He was also adopted by his stepfather, which opens up another avenue of ineligibility. He is an Indonesian citizen named Barry Soetoro. Also proven.
    This, I think, makes you the moron.

  • Denver Bob

    Y’all realize that if Obama is ruled to be a non-citizen — that he is in-eligible to be POTUS and as such ALL legislation signed into law, ALL Executive orders are invalid….. right. And that includes Obamacare.

  • mcm

    What you said isn’t relevant to this issue. Regardless of where you are when you apply for your SS number, it is the US State of your birth which is the most significant factor in what number you will receive. If he was born in Hawaii as a US citizen, then his SS # would be one which reflected Hawaii as his state of birth. It was set up that way originally so only people born in the US could get Social Security. Without that number, you can’t be a part of it. A lot of people wish they weren’t a part of it now, but that too is irrelevant to this issue.

  • mcm

    Liberals notoriously have extremely short convenient memories. The whining about Bush Jr. ‘stealing” the election with hanging chads, etc, etc, never let up. I worked at a place where I had to listen to the Dem-Libs whine incessantly – every freaking day – for a very long time about anything and everything Bush Jr. did – no matter what it was. They whined and whined and whined — and now they complain about Rep whiners – whoa — what a bunch of ridiculous k-rap.

  • BeechSportBill

    …what about MICHELLE’s Father or uncle – didn’t he live in Connecticut? I saw something about that being where the fake SSAN came from…

  • Denver Bob

    all of the previous cases seem to end in dismissal ,,,

    I would love to see this pass for once – but I will not hold my breath.

  • aj7885

    see info above. Natural Born is not in Constitution. See Title 8 of US Code. Only one parent needs to be a citizen. Don’t belive me? look it up and verify.

  • aj7885

    Article II Section 1 Clause 5 does NOT define Natural Born Citizen.

  • s.coulson

    You are no christian, you arebbigot.Conservative mental impairment only allows for some RWer posters to have a one track mind, yet they have no real argument, just blame one guy they hate for all they see wrong in the world and make damn sure they repeat ad nausea.
    For the past four years, here is a crowd of hateful crybabies who have been definitely the most disrespectful of a sitting President surely in American History (F.Y.I to the extremist right, YES HE IS the President).
    Obama isn’t a great President (personally I think neither Romney or Obama are worthy choices), but the idea that he is Muslim, homosexual, a dictator, evil, anti-American, etc is silly

  • s.coulson

    It’s no mystery here that I’ve been critical of many of Obama’s policies, however, I have spoken out when he has been unfairly characterized or treated by the right-wing media or absurd wing-nuts (some of whom post on this blog) in a variety of ways which contradict each other, and NONE of which Obama is: Liberal, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, A Muslim, anti-American, not American, gay, traitor, Usurper, an Enemy of America, a Racist, a Narcissist, a Liar, and on and on. In an alphabet of lies from the right I posted, I’ve said this fact once, I’ll say it again. The only reason the party of hypocritical louts choose to call Barack Obama a Marxist, Communist, Muslim is for the sole purpose that they cannot call him what they really want to call him, and that is NIqqER!

  • s.coulson

    Wow. YOu people really disgsuting racist human beings ever. How dare you use gods name to promote your disgsutoing rracist rant? You are no christian, you arebbigot.Conservative mental impairment only allows for some RWer posters to have a one track mind, yet they have no real argument, just blame one guy they hate for all they see wrong in the world and make damn sure they repeat ad nausea.
    For the past four years, here is a crowd of hateful crybabies who have been definitely the most disrespectful of a sitting President surely in American History (F.Y.I to the extremist right, YES HE IS the President).
    Obama isn’t a great President (personally I think neither Romney or Obama are worthy choices), but the idea that he is Muslim, homosexual, a dictator, evil, anti-American, etc is silly. You clearly don’t agree with his politics, but that is no cause to be insulting and/or invent things.
    I would argue that Obama isn’t destroying America … the ideological impass between the Democrats and Republicans is. The President can’t destroy the US, nor can he rescue it. The reality is that the President can damage the economy but can’;t rescue it. Anyone who thinks Romney … who has only got experience bankrupting companies and moving jobs offshore … can help the economy with a plan he won’t define (but experts say doesn’t hold water) is plainly delusional.
    It’s no mystery here that I’ve been critical of many of Obama’s policies, however, I have spoken out when he has been unfairly characterized or treated by the right-wing media or absurd wing-nuts (some of whom post on this blog) in a variety of ways which contradict each other, and NONE of which Obama is: Liberal, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, A Muslim, anti-American, not American, gay, traitor, Usurper, an Enemy of America, a Racist, a Narcissist, a Liar, and on and on. In an alphabet of lies from the right I posted, I’ve said this fact once, I’ll say it again. The only reason the party of hypocritical louts choose to call Barack Obama a Marxist, Communist, Muslim is for the sole purpose that they cannot call him what they really want to call him, and that is NIqqER!
    Most notably, the patrons of hate radio (or talk radio) such as Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and the worst of all, Rush “The head racist” Limbaugh.
    Finally, the constant calls for impeachment. It seems that the haters need to look up the word, why else explain the sick mentality from the racist right don’t understand that for the last four years, Barack Obama has NOT done a damn thing worth being impeached over, and if they say he has, I assure you 100% that reason is ONLY because he’s black.
    Not because he “Ineligible”. He has proven time and time again he was born in America, NOT Kenya as the racist right falsely claim.
    Not because his birth certificate is a “fake”. It has been proven time and time again that his birth certificate (both short and long form) are legit under the state of Hawaii, NOT ANYWHERE ELSE!
    But only because he’s NOT a War-mongering, Money hungry, oil-loving white man.
    So in closing, you hypocritical racists are in NO position to be calling Barack Obama a liar of any kind, when for the last four years, he has faced constant, unrelenting, mean-spirited, dishonest criticism since before he took office and every day since. He has suffered innumerable lies about his ideology, religion, family and even his place of birth. No other president in the history of this country has faced such unfounded open hostility and disrespect. No other president has ever been called a liar by a member of congress during a State of the Union, no other president has had to show his birth certificate…repeatedly.
    Right-Wing America: We Screwed up the country, but thanks for blaming on the Black guy

  • proudamerican

    I think you are silly. This man is ruining America and people are letting him do it. If he were a white president he would have been impeached a long time again and he damn sure wouldn’t have been elected. The sooner he is gone the better off we will be. The sooner people like you wake up the better off this country will be.

  • SeeThroughTheBull

    You definitely come across as a MOBY. For those of you who don’t know a MOBY is a specialized liberal troll who tries to pass themselves off as a conservative.

  • Helena Starke

    You need to wake up and smell the coffee !! We see the damage this man is doing to our country so it’s time for you to take the blinders off because it is so obvious to anyone with a brain. When you give respect you get respect returned and this man has no respect for you ,me, or this country. In time you are going to find out the WHOLE truth about this phony.

  • Helena Starke

    Ha Ha” Racist ” I just knew that would eventually come out of your mouth because if you loon balls couldn’t use this word you couldn’t carry on a conversation.

  • noahsalak .

    Waiting and Praying…

  • Praying for the Sheeple

    Any President of the United States of America would have to EARN my respect, this one HAS NOT. I’ll pray that you realize the truth before it’s too late for you. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Jacob Weber

    Im sorry but under US law, you only have to have one parent being a US citzen in order to be declared a US citizen yourself. The courts have ruled on that for over 200 years that that is correct, and its not a requirement of 2 US born parents. How about the “achor baby” situation whereby neither parent is a US citizen, yet merely because they were born on US soil they are considered a US citizen?

  • MZAZ86442i

    BO before politics
    Father – Anti-Colonist
    Mother – Communist
    Grandfather – Communist
    Grandmother – Communist
    Pastor – Black Liberation Theologist
    Ghost writer – Terrorist
    BO advances communist policies
    BO promotes Firearm seizure
    BO is disassembling the military
    BO is arming Muslims Jihadists
    BO is funding Muslim Jihadists

  • MZAZ86442i

    Back in the day a woman was considered an adult at 18 (though she couldn’t vote until 21) where a man had to be 21. BO was born August 4th 1961 and his porno star mother was born November 29, 1942 which made her 19 and an adult in the eyes of the law. WOW, the laws are so screwed up LMAO

  • ltneid

    I was born in Georgia, but got a SSN when I was about 14 in South Carolina. My number has a South Carolina prefix.

  • ledberg

    You ignorant clown… Obama’s Indonesian school records list him as Muslim, Egypt has released translated documents that show Obama is a Muslim terrorist and in Obama’s own words ” should the political winds shift, I will stand with the Muslims”! Do you need to be hit with a brick?

  • John Fryman

    Great, thank-you for following this case!
    BTW, what ever happened to Judge Roy Moore hearing one of the eligibility cases?
    And why hasn’t sheriff Arpaio gotten his case before a judge?

  • 2197_uxo_1

    A citizen is not the same as a Natural Born Citizen, read Vattel and get back to me. That would be Vattel The Law of Nations, which the founders used when preparing the Constitution. Natural-born citizens of the United States are those who are citizens of the United States from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their American citizenship. These are those whose parents are citizens of the United States at the time of their birth. Natural-born American citizens are those born of American citizen parents,within or without the American Republic, provided in the latter case that one of the parents had resided in the United States prior to the birth of the child.Their American citizenship is natural, the result of parentage, and not artificial or acquired by compliance with legislative provisions.A natural-born citizen is one not made by law or otherwise, but born. And this class is the large majority, in fact, the mass of our citizens; all others are exceptions specially provided for by law.A natural-born citizen is defined as one whose citizenship is established by the jurisdiction which the United States already has over the parents of the child,not what is thereafter acquired by choice of residence in this country.

  • tree worm

    so is this really true

  • Jacob Weber

    So in otherwords, Obama is a natural born citizen because he was born to an American parent. You try too hard to explain it.

  • Jacob Weber

    I too am trying to be objective here, but Obama is in fact following a very liberal, progressive agenda. Both those have deep roots in the communist and marxist ideologies. Most of the progressive agenda was started by people (like ACLU) in the 1920’s who publically admitted in their own writings that they were socialist. His policies can in fact be described as Anti-American, because they are directly opposite to the freedoms that are stated in the US constitution. A free republic is in polar opposites to Secular humanism/progressivism/socialism. They can not coexist! Just because I call him a socialist doesnt mean that I think of him in a racist means any more than Im a racist for calling Pelosi or Reid a socialist. That is commonly used by liberals to try to stop debate against them.

  • 2197_uxo_1

    No you try to hard to ignore the words above.

    Natural-born citizens of the United States are those who are citizens of the United States from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their American citizenship. These are those whose parents are citizens of the United States at the time of their birth.
    Of course if the english language is too difficult for you to understand.

  • zappo777

    You are one complete NUTJOB!!!!!

  • Jacob Weber

    What I am saying is that Obama had an American born parent. Just because he didnt have 2 doesnt mean that hes not “native born”.

  • Jacob Weber

    And if that is the fact, (which I highly suspect that it is), then that still doesnt matter if he was born to a US citizen (his mother).

  • Jacob Weber

    Sadly people dont understand our constitution. If President Obama were to be convicted of “high crimes and Misdemeanors” then the Vice President would become the President. If he too were to be convicted, then the 3rd in line to the president is the Majority leader of the house, in this case Biener. He would then choose who he wanted for his VP and the Senate would have to approve him. You cant just substitute Romney/Ryan to the Presidency, even if it were stolen by Obama.

  • EJ

    A person is a us citizen if born in US-YES. However, to run as president there is stricter requirements.

  • EJ

    Does the government shutdown affect the Alabama Supreme court?

  • Jacob Weber

    Where? There is nothing in the constitution that elludes to those so called “stricter requirements.” In fact, the courts (at least the lower ones) have ruled that to be “natural born” only requires 1 natural born parent citizen.

  • jason1776

    American Muslims are eligible to be President …

  • jason1776

    Neither … but at least Hillary is eligible …

  • Name

    I do not use the n, f ,ect. cuss words because these words are from a ignorant person and i assure you I am not. as are most like me you try to insinuate are; we are not racist. We simply put facts on the table, you refuse to accept because you have an agenda & cannot be bothered with the facts. Ex. Barrack Hussein Obama .. not Muslim.. ask him.. he admit’s it.. Not Lie? Do you live in a hole? When did he tell the truth. oh that’s right.. When he said he was going to implement obamacare-but its not free heathcare is it? Then he shuts Guantanamo down,, you know where those terrorists are? The countries they came from wouldn’t take them-they’d be executed-my preference..but no Obama gave them new names and turned them loose here in USA…More muslim brotherhood terrorists free to do it again…That’s your hero. I call that treason.. what if that terrorist kills your family..tell me how your gonna love is a irresponsible decision. He is a part of this government, not the whole government yet he abuses power of congress almost daily spending $ in wars he does not have the authority to do. Since when do we live in Marshall law all over the USA routinely.. you don’t think thats a problem? Y you are Spied on-proven-a man had to leave this country to open your eyes-you should see. you think the birth certificate issue was proven..when?? no it sits in the Supreme Court waiting for answer where it is being blocked by obama because he has his bith certificate sealed..who does that? Why? Check you facts

  • Iva Faye Slade

    I wish this was true. Its just more lies. NO case I can find Alabama Supreme Court rules Obama Eliegibility. No cases at all about Obama.

  • Sharon Carlson Thompson Cummin

    No…….he isn’t the president. You have to be a natural born citizen to be president of these United States. Obama went to college as a foreign student. He never registered for the selective service. His birth certificate is a fraud. There is a law enforcement investigation to prove it. You idiots that backed him are going to be the first ones he takes out because you’re so gullible and believe anything he says. Do a little investigating. You’ll be surprised what you find out.

  • Jacob Weber

    There is a false notion that if someone doent have 2 “natural born” parents, that they are not eligible for president. That is a major falacy as it is actually if you are born to a US CITIZEN, then you are a “natural born American”. You only have to be a 2nd generation American. What they intended with the Presidency requirements was that someone who was running for president would have roots with the nation, and not with another country by being a citizen of that other country. They believed that being born to US citizens would satisfy that requirement. Believe me, I dont want OBAMA as president, but this issue is bigger than him. The courts have traditionally seen citizenship in that context and I think that people are really overreaching by trying to find justification to get Obama out of office. Now in that case, being a foreign student doesnt matter. Now you can argue about selective service, but that law may be in direct conflict with the actual article 2 requirements of the constitution. I too want to see the ORIGINAL birth certificate. Too many questions arise from Hawaiian Officials who have a political reason to get Obama into office who only want to release a truncated Birth Certificate. Yes there are questions, but focusing on “Natural born citizen” is not going anywhere in the courts! PERIOD!

  • Jacob Weber

    Do you realize how dumb of a statement that that is? She is a US citizen, her parents are a US citizens. So by default, Her child is a US citizen regardless of if she was under 18 at the time. His “grandparents” would then have the legal authority for citizenship and guardianship even if she was “not of age”. Hawaii was still a territory under the jursidiction of the USA, so even if he was born before it became a state, that still makes him a US citizen.

  • Sasquatch

    Government is of laws rather than of men, Mr. Coulson. You cannot be President or usurp the role of President unless you meet the Constitutional requirements which, in this case appears, Mr. Obama-Soetoro has not. Obama could not even get the proper vetting paperwork done for his so-called birth state of Hawaii, Nancy “ole Stretch” Pelosi signed two sets of papers at the 2008 convention to try to finish this. Neither Hawaiian hospital claims his birth took place in Hawaii and even then, Mr. Barack Sr. was a British subject which disqualifies the baby from being a natural born citizen. If Frank Marshall Davis was the real father, then we have a whole nuther can of worms to open in Stalingrad. I pray this court case exposes the fraud that has been part of this pitiful man’s life since his early childhood. When the document expert declares that the birth certificate is a forgery, then what will Jay Carney and his band of gypsie mass media liberal reporters do ? Obama’s send off should be a lot bigger of a production than Nixon’s.

  • Jennifer

    Please cite ONE instance where Obama spoke out against the slaughter of Christians in Egypt or Syria. These are brutal executions and church burnings that I’ve not heard Obama speak out against. He did jail a Coptic Christian American citizen from Egypt who made a video, however. Remember all that criticism about an ‘Anti-Islam video” following Benghazi? Please cite one instance where Obama criticized those who torched Christian churches or executed Christians in Egypt or Syria, please.. Waiting… Waiting..

  • Jennifer

    You forgot “The future DOES NOT BELONG to those who slander the Prophet of Islam” That’s a King Barry quote that should curl some toes.

  • Jennifer

    Those are all coincidences. LOL

  • David J.

    Obama stole Virginia Sunahara’s birth record. When Virginia’s brother Duncan attempted to see his deceased baby sister’s original birth record, the State of Hawaii told him “No”, with the reason being that they are afraid Obama’s original birth record “might get torn”. I kid you not. LOL

  • David J.

    Personal attacks is all the liberal’s have. Watch them try to defend Obamacare! Especially at tax time when they have to pay up! LOL

  • Dale Ramsey

    I agree with you let them revolt!! what ever we allow now will only get worse with the next regime comes to power. we either fight now or later, but every day we wait it gets that much harder to be able to win!

  • Dale Ramsey

    Finally it should be noted, that to define a term is to indicate the category or class of things which it signifies. In this sense, the Supreme Court of the United States has never applied the term “natural born citizen” to any other category than “those born in the country of parents who are citizens thereof”.

    Hence every U.S. Citizen must accept this definition or categorical designation, and fulfil his constitutional duties accordingly. No member of Congress, no judge of the Federal Judiciary, no elected or appointed official in Federal or State government has the right to use any other definition; and if he does, he is acting unlawfully, because unconstitutionally.………….. and please notice Parents are plural So according to the Supreme court BOTH parents need to be U.S. citizens Don’t believe me Look it up and verify again.

  • aj7885

    Supreme Court never ruled on Natural Born Citizen.

    If a person born in the US with two alien parents is “natural born” and if a person born in a foreign land with a soldier or diplomat father and an alien mother is “natural born”, then how could a child of a US citizen and an alien father not be “natural born” ? title 8 of US Code part E looks to satisfy it.

  • Son of Liberty

    Dear God PLEASE let this be true.

  • Son of Liberty

    If you can’t see or admit that Obama is destroying this country, you’re a pfhucking idiot.

  • Denver Bob

    Still waiting on Judge Moore’s decision.

  • Myname Isprivate

    If you put aside (1) the Kenyan birth certificate (which I believe is a true and authentic document of where the nutcase in the White House was born), (2) and you put aside all the evidence that the Hawaiian birth certificate that the nutcase in the White House released online is false (which I believe it is), (3) and you put aside the fact that nobody can get an authentic personal document about the nutcase in the White House (e.g., school records, on and on), (4) and you put aside that he himself has declared in more than one place that he was born in Kenya, and many other people, including his grandmother, have declared the same (which I believe is true), (5) and you put aside everything else like that — the key issue regarding the eligibility of the nutcase in the White House is this:

    A child born of one American parent (it can be only one parent; it does not have to be two parents) outside of the United States is a “natural born citizen” of the United States IF TWO BASIC REQUIREMENTS ARE FULFILLED: (1) They have to meet the citizenship requirement (which Obama’s mother did meet since she was born in the U.S.), and (2) They have to meet the marriage and U.S. residency requirements for the year in which the child was born (which Obama’s mother did NOT meet — she met the marriage requirement, but not the residency requirement for a child born in 1961):


    1. “natural-born citizen” (never defined) — James Madison, who wrote Article II of the Constitution, also voted for the Naturalization Act of 1790, which read:
    “the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or
    out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born
    Citizens ….”

    2. Rogers v. Bellie, 401 U.S. 815, 829 (1971) — “‘But it [the first sentence of the Fourteenth Amendment] has not touched the acquisition of citizenship by being born abroad of American parents; and has left that subject to be regulated, as it had always been, by Congress, in the exercise of the power conferred by the
    constitution to establish an uniform rule of naturalization.’ (emphasis added) “Thus, at long last, there emerged an express constitutional definition of citizenship. But it was one restricted to the combination of three factors, each and all significant: birth in the United States, naturalization in the United States, and subjection to the jurisdiction of the United States. The definition obviously did not apply to any acquisition of citizenship by being born abroad of an American parent. That type, and any other not covered by the Fourteenth Amendment, was necessarily left to proper congressional action” …. which they did in 18 U.S.C. section 1401(g)

    3. The physical presence (residency) requirement is the requirement that Obama’s mother never met — she would’ve had to meet the same residency requirements below as Cruz’s mother did because Obama was born in the same date range as Cruz) — which Byron York pointed to — “a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than five years, at least two of which wereafter attaining the age of fourteen years.”

    But remember, the residency requirement differs depending on the birth year of the child (because the statute was amended several times). So, let’s be completely clear and go to the actual law:

    According to the Customs and Immigration Service (which is controlling on this issue): “There are two general ways to obtain citizenship through parents: one at birth and one after birth but before age 18. (Also see Chapter 3, USCIS Policy Manual guidance on Children of U.S. Citizens):

    “Citizenship at Birth for Children Born Outside the U.S. and its Territories:

    If, at the time of birth, one parent is a U.S. citizen and the birthdate is before November 14, 1986 but after October 10, 1952: The parents are married at the time of birth and the U.S. citizen parent was physically present in the U.S. or its territories for a period of at least ten years at some time in his or her life prior to the birth, at least five of which were after his or her 14th birthday. If the U.S. citizen parent spent time abroad in any of the following three capacities, this can also be counted towards the physical presence requirement:

    1. Serving honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces;
    2. Employed with the U.S. Government; or
    3. Employed with certain international organizations.

    Additionally, time spent abroad by the U.S. citizen parent while the U.S. citizen parent was the unmarried son or daughter and a member of the household of a person who meets any of the three conditions listed above can also be counted. If the child was born out of wedlock, see N-600: FAQ.”

    SO, Obama was born in Kenya (all the evidence points to that, Obama himself has said that, etc.), which would have been fine to be a lawful President of the United States IF his mother had met three requirements (1) she was a US citizen (which she was), (2) she was married when giving birth (which she was), and (3) she was physically present in the U.S. or its territories for a period of at least ten years at some time in her life prior to the birth, AT LEAST FIVE OF WHICH WERE AFTER HER 14TH BIRTHDAY (which she did NOT meet). She was 18 at the time of Obama’s birth, so she only had four years of residency after the age of 14. That is why all the lies about being born in Hawaii and all the hiding of his personal documents. All his personal documents say Kenya, and his Hawaiian birth certificate is a forgery. So, exactly opposite to the case of Senator Ted Cruz, whose mother did meet all of the requirements when he was born, Obama’s mother DID NOT. That is why all of the lies, and hiding of documents, and so forth. They couldn’t say he was born in Kenya and still be eligible to be President because his mother could not convey “natural born citizenship” to him because she didn’t meet the residency requirement.
    Which is why Obama was never eligible to be President.
    And which is why Cruz is eligible to the President.

  • JACK3889

    Throw Art.2 Sect.1 at Obama–natural born clause established as binding precedent by higher court in Minor vs. Happersett.. Obama Sr. was never as citizen of this country, nor was Lolo Soetoro his adoptive father of Indonesia.

  • rockyvnvmc

    Jacob Weber; Being born to one US citizen Does make you a US Citizen, but there is a big difference between being a mere ‘citizen’ and being a ‘Natural Born Citizen’, ie; the ability to run for and to hold the Office of the President.
    The term’s author, Emmerich d’ Vattel also wrote that the situation of the son follows the situation of the father. Thus, all of the freed slaves were still not US Citizens, until the 14th Amendment made them thus, despite many of them having been born in the US As their Fathers were slaves. Barry ‘What’s his Name’s’ father supposedly was a Foreign National. According to British Law, at that time, that makes Barry a British Subject. When coupled with his American mother, IF he was born in the US, as claimed, then he would be a Duel Citizen. Also not eligible to hold the Office of the Presidency. If he Wasn’t born in the US, then his mother was too young, at that time, to have passed along US Citizenship to him, per our laws.
    Before you try to say, that the Constitution doesn’t define the term ‘Natural Born Citizen’ please be aware, that since They ALL Knew what the definition of the term in question meant, there was No Reason to define it. That would be like feeling the need to define the word ‘pizza’ to any American over the age of 4 years.
    Vattel’s ‘Laws of Nations’ was a work that was extensively studied, not only by our Founders, during the Constitutional Convention, but for a Century there after. History shows this to be fact.
    The term came in to play, during the Convention, when the man who would become our first Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Jay, wrote to Chairman of the Convention, George Washington, asking if there shouldn’t be a strong check put into the constitution, to keep the position of Commander-in-Chief from devolving onto any but a ‘Natural Born Citizen, or one without any foreign influences.
    The result was the wording included in the requirements for the Presidency, in our Constitution.
    note; The AZ Sheriff’s Forensics Investigation into ALL of Barry’s proffered Identity Documents has Proven ‘Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt’ that they are ALL Feloniously Fraudulent. No One has a Clue as to this man’s True identity, other than the plethora of Lies that he has told us.

  • Jacob Weber

    Lets be clear. I dont want Obama to be in office, but I think you are DEAD WRONG! The USA doesnt recognize “dual citizenship”. My brother and sister were born in another country (my parents were missionaries) but when they got back to the US, and my brother joined the military, he was considered a US citizen only by the US. Just because some other country recognizes them as “their citizen” doesnt make it so. Most American scholars believe that the Dread Scott case was a racist ruling by the Supreme Court, whos justices were widely viewed as racist. Now lets get back to Obama. If we look at the 1790 naturalization act, “the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens”. This was passed during the 1st congressional session, which included most founding fathers. In 1939, perkins v elg, a young woman was born in US to swedish parents, who immediately returned to sweden and at 21, returned to US. The court described her as “native born citizen” when the govt tried to deport her. SCOTUS repeatly quoted another case “steinkauler” whereby they said “a person born in america, and raised in another country could yet “become president of the United states”. Source wikipedia “natural born citizen”.

  • rockyvnvmc

    This article is dated September 24, 2013. Are there any more Recent Results to be found ?

  • Barbara Schold Kiser