An EPIC Apology Letter to Obama Goes Viral Around the Web


This has to be one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Matt Walsh who runs  blog, wrote this letter to Barack Hussein Obama yesterday in response mainly to the rodeo clown in Missouri and how he is very sorry that it must have hurt his feelings. Hope you find it as amusing as we did here at The Free Patriot:


Dear President Obama,

I’m reaching out to you as a friend. I know you must be deeply hurting after what happened at the Missouri State Fair. Sure, you probably try to avoid watching the news while you’re on vacation, but I’m sure the pilot who airlifted your dog to your rental mansion in Martha’s Vineyard probably caught you up to speed (that guy is such a chatterbox). Your jaw must have hit the floor when you heard the news: A rodeo clown in Missouri poked fun at you. Yeah, I know, almost impossible to believe. The gall! The gumption! The racism! Don’t worry, the entire country erupted in outrage, Democrats and Republicans issued statements of condemnation, and now the offending clown has been banned for life from the Missouri State Fair. There will likely be “action taken” against the Missouri Rodeo Clown Association, and I do hope justice is visited upon them swiftly. I think we’re all a little sick of the Missouri Rodeo Clown Association causing trouble. It’s something new every week with those freakin’ guys.

But all of this is of no consolation. The fact is, a rodeo clown in Missouri made fun of you. Nothing can ever ease the pain he has caused. This sort of crass lampooning of public officials has never happened at a rodeo until now, and I know that because a bunch of people who have never been within 150 miles of a rodeo said so. And then — worse still — the crowd erupted in applause at the spectacle of a guy in an Obama mask being chased by a rampaging bull. Racists, the lot of ‘em! I mean, Bush never got this sort of treatment. Nobody ever mocked or satirized him. No crude jokes were told about him. Nobody ever wished violence or death upon him. Ever. You know why? Because he’s white. White presidents always get treated nicely, especially white Republicans. Just ask Lincoln. The whole country agreed for over two centuries that we don’t ever insult presidents, then you get into office and all of a sudden every day is Pick on the President Day. Outrageous!

Besides, you are due some respect. You’ve earned it. You’ve done nothing but serve these people and make their lives better, and this is how they treat you? Ungrateful brats. You should drone bomb these haters. Just kidding. But seriously, you should. You’re the first president in history to actually order the assassination of American citizens, and I say why stop with some Muslim propagandist and his completely innocent son who never committed any crime at all?

I’m especially sick of these punks in the middle class who won’t stop complaining about you. What’s their issue? OK, you haven’t done anything about the unemployment rate your whole time in office, median household incomes have dropped, less businesses are opening, the number of people in poverty has increased while the number of high paying jobs has decreased, all of this while taxes go up and Obamacare looms, threatening to strangle small business owners and put thousands more out of work, but so what? I’ve got two words: Food stamps. Or is it foodstamps? I don’t know, I can’t spell it, I can just use it to get my Lucky Charms and Dr. Pepper. You’ve made all of this “work” crap obsolete by increasing the entitlement state more than any president ever in history! You’re adding more than 11 thousand Americans a day to SNAP. You’ve got millions relying on the government for rent, cable, phone, even birth control. I guess this horrible economy stuff would be kind of a bummer if not for all the delicious welfare. Who needs an economy anymore? We’ve got you, baby.

So how could anyone be upset at you? How could they delight at the degradation and mockery of Barack Obama? What’s wrong with these right wing rednecks? Are they still sore about the whole thing where you sent the IRS after your political opponents to harass and hinder them during an election cycle? Or the stuff about spying on the phone records of every American? What about all this business about you arming and funding Islamic Militants overseas and then orchestrating a coverup when a bunch of them murdered your ambassador? Are folks STILL mad that you funneled weapons to drug cartels and then threatened whistleblowers into silence? Or is it all this fuss over your Justice Department spying on and attempting to prosecute journalists? Is it the wildly unpopular two thousand page health care law? The regulation mandating that religious employers provide abortifacients to their employees? The millions of tax dollars you’ve given to the abortion industry and the blessings you wished upon a group of wealthy abortionists? The bailouts? The green energy scams? The massive expansion of government? The out of control deficit spending? The lies? The broken promises? The betrayals? The corruption? The attacks on our fundamental liberties?

I can’t imagine why anyone would get too worked about any of that. Like you said, that stuff didn’t happen. Or it did, but it’s not a big deal. Or it’s not a big deal because it didn’t. I can’t remember, I just know that you treat anyone who raises any of these concerns with utter contempt and disregard, which clearly proves that they are wrong.

Mr. Obama, IF you WERE actually guilty of being a deceitful despot who murders, conspires, and steals, then obviously all true Americans would have no choice but to giggle with glee at the sight of your likeness being gouged by an angry bull. Fortunately, that isn’t the case, which is why I’d like to apologize on for the entire state of Missouri, for everyone who has ever attended a state fair, and for everyone in the rodeo clown community.

You are still special, and I still love you.

Yours eternally,

Matt Walsh


Matt Liponoga

Matt is the editor of The Free Patriot and has strong libertarian values. He follows Austrian Economic values, believes in limited government, and works towards ending the progressive movement in both sides of the government.

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  • Aidan Moran

    That’s great haha.

  • woodgrain

    Didn’t it have, “P.S. This paper will work great on settling down any hemorrhoid you may have so put it up there deep and relax.”

  • legal61


  • Glenn Mason

    love it,but DIP SHITS aids will shit can it before he ever see it,BUT FUNNY ASS HELL

  • Dennis Carr

    Nobody understands him, you only see one side of him and never the other.. Remember that Mulattos in their heart are really two of a kind in one body struggling with issues that none of us face. Like a mother that drags you from father to father. One that takes you from beautiful Hawaii to disgusting Indonesia, then drops you off in Kansas like you were some kind of tornado trash. Then having to be forced into living in Chicago with an abusive Uncle Ayers and pumped up with hate by your Pastor Wright, or is that Wrong? Forgot, like the rest of the country I have moved on to something better.. Hoping for more CHANGE, like a cell phone that doesn’t make funny clicking noises when I am talking to my friends at the RNC.. Like gasoline back to $1.50 a gallon and not a liter..

    If you can, I would like it very much if you would personally investigate a sinkhole that I know of, I will supply any rope and special boots with lead to keep you upright as you descend to your examination into this problem..

    Thank You: Mr. Barry Soetoro
    Sincerely: Dennis Carr Probably Black Irish, but I can’t find my birth certificate, I think my mother burned it after the divorce..

  • gaylep

    Very well-said! I wish I’d written it myself. It’s an exhaustive list, to be sure, but you forgot the gun running operation. Was it because it was a phony scandal? ;)

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  • amazingoly

    Just wait until Halloween unless the govmt shuts down mask companies.

  • Ragincajun

    Should do large Obama Flash mobs all over the country, before its illegal to possess the mask.

  • Nicholai Bush

    Did anyone send a copy addressed to Boehner?

  • ArtieBobo

    p.s. Go F**K YOURSELF!

  • JesusChristSuperstrain

    you pharisees will not be content until you have forcibly tattooed a cross-shaped Mark on the right hand or forehead of every American.

  • Joe Z. Aaron


  • Isaac

    people that say context matters what would have happened if Pearl jam did the same thing with an obama mask that they did with a george bush mask?

  • Van Pass

    Matt Walsh is on 630 WLAP AM on your dial from 3-6 PM Mon-Fri. WLAP is on IHeart Radio. He is one of the best radio guys I have ever listened to. Check him out, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Delphinus13

    A few years ago, there was an illegal alien costume with an orange prison jumpsuit and an alien mask that sent the libtards into convulsions because is was too “insensitive” and “politically incorrect.” Now, they’re losing their minds over this mask worn by a rodeo clown. SO if I wear one of those illegal alien costumes this October, but switch out the alien mask with one of these O masks (O faces?), can I expect libs to spontaneously combust.

  • Delphinus13

    And the racist libs will not be content unless we all overlook all of the failures, lies, corruption, etc. and instantly recognize O as the greatest Prez ever, despite all the facts repeatedly drawing every objective, sane person to the OPPOSITE conclusion.

  • Bird Dog Patriot

    Very good letter :)

  • rick dalton

    Buy a good phone and no president has ever control oil prices look who owns the stock

  • rick dalton

    Post from a true Idiot who ever really wrote this letter

  • Grandma Spice

    ObaMao’s cronies.

  • jim

    very well said the libs can’t act on their own withut permission from theit god Obama

  • jim

    thank you Idiot for your post

  • Taxilady88

    It takes one to KNOW one! LOL

  • John Kochendorfer

    I remember Presidents of both [parties threatening to release the governments 20 year gasoline reserve into the market when oil companies were gouging creating competitive prices and driving the price down just with the threat. He doesn’t even mention that prices have more than doubled.

  • Lydia

    One can only

  • Deltarose

    Did he send it already? Can we all sign it?

  • Andrea Berghold

    ” Are folks STILL mad that you funneled weapons to drug cartels and then threatened whistleblowers into silence?”
    About half way through the 5th paragraph. :)

  • Andrea Berghold

    I would delete the first sentence, and the last two sentences…but otherwise, perfect!
    I especially love the line “you treat anyone who raises any of these concerns with utter contempt and disregard, which clearly proves that they are wrong.”
    LOVE IT!

  • Fred Nordstrom

    that letter is total BS! Every President has been made fun of. But it seems not ok to do so with Obama as he is 1/2 white and 1/2 black? It is high time this country regains its thick skin. Whatever happend to the old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but WORDS will NEVER hurt me.”

  • Tim

    boehner wouldn’t read it.

  • gaylep

    Yeah, I saw that when I read the piece again. He did, truly, think of everything! :)

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  • crackers2010

    And then there’s THIS racist hateful rabble monger wearing masks just to insult the President……

  • JesusChristSuperstrain

    princess snowflake, you didn’t use the term “activist judges” in your piece of porny drivel. maybe your fox news flash cards are defective and didn’t come with that one. deregulation really screws up quality control doesn’t it?

  • rick dalton

    Jim your mother never learn you not to call yourself and Idiot. To bad you don’t research for the truth cause you sure as hell don’t know it

  • rick dalton

    It takes the truth to see thou a lie from and idiot

  • Barry Zaremba

    Fred: Did you not get the sarcasm?

  • teddy6139

    My God that guy is my hero!

  • teddy6139

    I would then have a new hero.

  • bill gatez

    What’s scary is the fact that’s this satire is true to the last nail. And we just sit here, watching rome burn. And we won’t do a damn thing. Nothing will stop Caligula. NOTHING.

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  • not me

    Shut up Idiot!!!!!!!! Go Back to Africa!!!!

  • Mike Stirton

    Could also be that he might not have that reserve anymore. Given what has happened these past 20 years since Reagan, I’d not be surprised that it got eaten up along the way when nobody was looking.

    Of course, being the devil’s advocate sucks as equally as this President’s run has.

  • Mike Stirton

    PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!!


    Do it!


  • JesusChristSuperstrain

    And your true nature comes out.

  • JesusChristSuperstrain

    if you vote republican then you have already accepted the mark of the beast. if you vote republican, then your eternity in hell is guaranteed and secured — your fate is sealed. you will be burning forever in a lake of molten sulfur along with reagan, both bushes, and she-male ann coulter.

  • Tommie Kaye

    Rick, sweetie, go back to school because your mother obviously “never learn” you how to use proper grammar; your spelling and punctuation is all over the place. My God, a second grader could have done a better job writing a post. So if you can’t spell then your reading comprehension is probably not up to par either. It shows with your comments regarding the letter.
    The letter written was spot on and very accurate. Kudos to the author.

  • Tommie Kaye

    You know I’ve read the bible quite a few times, having been raised a devout Christian and yet somehow I missed the verse that says “Thou sat not vote Republican”. But I did catch the verse that says “Judge not lest ye be judged”. and the one that says “vengeance is mine, sayeth The Lord”. So, why don’t you go on about your business and leave the judging to God. In the mean time me and my fellow Christian Repubs AND Dems will go on about our lives debating the issues while still loving one another.

  • Stephanie Wahl

    Matt Walsh, I think I love you.

  • Stephanie Wahl

    Fred didn’t get the memo.

  • JesusChristSuperstrain

    my favorite is the one that goes “Gurl, please.”

  • jim

    I don’t spend any time listening to people that mis- quote the bible like you and you rev wright

  • milliedu

    Who made you the judge, Democrats push murder of Babies, you think that isn’t giving you a direct ticket to HELL?

  • Sue Ann Carey

    If there was a reserve, it’s probably been used up with him vacationing with his family, dog and basketballs…all over the world! We are paying his fuel bill why should he care about any of us! He is a user….We are paying his welfare bill.

    Just sayin….

  • milliedu

    Actually he is more white then black, as his Kenyon grandmother stated that his great grandfather was an Arab!

  • prtyfdup

    Love it!

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  • Witchwindy

    Also forgot to mention the hypocrisy re: the war on drugs; also left out the fact that whatever Obama or Holder say, you can bet they will do the exact opposite.

  • Witchwindy

    Gasoline degrades over time, I think that 20 year old gasoline will not be of much use.

  • pmla

    You need to learn some English Rick!! You can’t spell and your punctuation is awful. Your the idiot-if you don’t know the truth when you see it in black and white. This man has an agenda to strip us all of the freedoms we have had for centuries. That includes you-”Obama-idiot”. All of this is true-so true that it has all been on the news and in the papers; why can’t you see what he is doing-is WRONG. My God man you need to wake the hell up. I just don’t understand how you people can not see that everything he is doing is against our constitution and our way of life for hundreds of years. I don’t care about his skin color-I care about our people and this country he is running in the ground. Now he is causing us to lose all the countries that used to respect ours; he has troops from Russian already in the Islands and here in America-and UN soldiers in Louisiana-training for doing his will. He’s got those 2718 “ARMED POLICE” Suv’s, 1.6 billion rounds of Ammo-Automatic weapons-for the US-and he’s given the Muslims fighter jets and millions of dollars, to support the murdering and killing of thousands of people-including many of our own. Why would he have all those NON-American troops over here if he wasn’t planning something big against the US citizens?? Read a little history of how Stalin and Crusheve(?sp), took over millions, and how many millions they murdered-killing babies and kids in front of the parents-sticking rods through their ears so they could no longer hear the word of God. Raping daughters and wives -then shooting them-right in front of the husbands. You will pay dearly with your life-and he won’t give a crap or even know who you are. They kill their own-if it means getting his goal of Dictatorship! You better open your eyes before your one that gets them gouged out!!

  • pmla

    It does NOT matter what you vote (party); it has everything to do with what’s in our leaders hearts. And Obama has a black heart and does NOT believe in Christ. He’s as un-American as it gets and he doesn’t mind us knowing it. What are you going to do when it’s your life or a loved one’s life hanging in the balance waiting on approval from Obama’s group as to where you get that life saving treatment or not????? Bet you won’t think his heartless ass is so great then. He is rubbing all this crap in our faces-taking millions of dollar vacations-no other president has ever taken these kinds of vacations and as many. We have trillions of dollars deficits, and he’s doing this-WHY would anyone do that?? If you voted for him for his color-then your just as bad as he is. May GOD take mercy on your soul-when they come through your house and take what they want-even if it’s a 12 year old granddaughter. He’s got the Russians and UN troops -that will be doing most of this dirty work-so no-one-knows-anyone they murder1

  • pmla

    No that’s a nigga’s response-nothing to do with the Bible- —Unfortunately many of the young white people have picked up the nigga-slang-that the blacks use-such as-nigga please!! None of them want to work-because they depend on the working people black and white to take care of them-I know hundreds of people I grew up with that have been on welfare ALL their life from birth-and 30+ years old and still on it. About 70% are black or mixed, and they have 5-6 kids, and are sucking the taxpayers dry. The blacks that I’m friends with are embarrassed by the “ghetto nigga’s”-as they call them. They’re thinking-why can’t they work for what they want -instead of trying to steal my stuff I worked for. Now go smoke that up your ugly nose and take Obama with you-Obama-Idiot!

  • pmla

    Yours already has! Your mean and nasty-and your going to die by his hand-if your not real careful. And I don’t mean GOD’s! God won’t have you-unless you repent and ask him into your heart.

  • pmla

    Obama will have all of us tattooed-before he is through. He is a Muslim-through and through and he will kill black Americans just like white ones. He does not care who’s blood he sheds; as long as he gets to DICTATE the rules. Obama is the pharisee-he’s willing to kill babies and people who oppose him at any level. Your just an Obama-idiot!

  • Shari Rhodes

    Nonsense! You’re going to tell me that because I am a Republican and believe in God, country and family, and because I recognize that Obama is on a mission to destroy our culture and our lives, that I am going to go to Hell? You don’t know what my relationship with my God is, and though I don’t want to sound guilty of improperly judging you, as you have judged me, maybe you should think about this Hell prospect yourself. How is your heart these days, and your relationship with Jesus? Be careful about placing blame on other people’s sins, when you should be dealing with your own. Each person must work out their own salvation – and that’s Biblical. You have your hands full taking care of your own business.

  • Shari Rhodes

    It’s not Obama’s words that are hurting us, but his actions that are obviously aimed at achieving the destruction of our society and way of government. It’s not that we don’t like Obama’s black half…we don’t like the white half either. I would accept anyone as president who loved this country and its people and worked towards bettering our welfare in every way. Obama is the exact opposite, and instead of complaining about it, we need to find a way to get him out of office before we don’t have our country anymore. That’s the real essence of the situation.

  • Shari Rhodes

    Boy does that revelation speak volumes to me! Read Revelations in the Bible. We may have a much larger problem here than we ever realized.

  • Mary Beth Finnerty

    so much hatred of anything that isn’t a carbon copy of what you grew with. It can’t be healthy, Christiar or tr right path. Makes me sad and afraid,

  • Robin Leclerc

    we should all buy obama masks for halloween and have our partners be the bull…that would be hilarious…great idea…havin a halloween party this year..might just have to make that my…

  • Robin Leclerc

    lovin the flash mob idea!….hopin they make a crazy moochelle obama mask too…a greedy street whore lookin for whatever freebies she can find

  • David Taylor

    These are the Navy Oil Reserves in California, and they’re still in the ground. You THREATEN to tap those reserves, no one has every done it. Kind of like the Federal Helium Reserve Depot in Texas, for all those blimps.

  • David Taylor

    The clown wore a mask of Boehner as well? The Devil!

  • David Taylor

    We are stuck on the tracks screaming bloody murder, ‘There’s a train coming!’, and we can’t get off the track, we’re nailed to it. You tell me what we can do about this,other than try to tell others the obvious, and maybe vote, or work for a candidate we believe in. Which, by the way, is now going to take true courage, with the Federal government actively suppressing opposition parties.

  • pawanna

    Love it….

  • Lew McCloud

    RIck the more you write, the more you make yourself look stupid. Stop while you are ahead.

  • Stacie Hamilton Blair

    I don’t think who we vote for is going to be what sends up to Heaven or Hell. The last time I was in the church it was the acceptance of Jesus Christ. Not our political party.

  • Friend

    Jesus christ, this post and these comments lead me to believe one thing… Conservatives are stupid.

  • olaler

    How dare he disrespect the Fuhrer ! If he wants to trash someone, Sarah Palin’s kids are open season- just ask David Letterman , or any other liberal.

  • Papa Willey

    fk obama and the government.. i say we all where that mask and walk around like we own the fkn country and take million dollar vacations and shit. Don’t worry Obama won’t be around much longer. Our government better be scared because WE THE PEOPLE are the bull and will take down and rebuild a smaller conservitive government. We will tell them what, when, where and how. It is our right as americans who are born on this soil of ours… Our constitution gives us the right to take out our own government and do as fits. as you can see from the 14th amendment it says citizens we are not citizens we are people of the country. It also protects us from new taxes and terany. Obama and his administration have fun on us while you can because anytime now these pissed off bulls will be knocking down your door and replacing ever fkn one of you!

  • Chiwas Rock Original


  • jim

    you need to quit doing drugs it is having a bad affect on you pea brain

  • rick dalton

    First my spelling is auto spell checked. Far as you so call proper grammar I broke away from the system a long time ago that you all is crying about. You are the sheep you use what they wanted you to learn. Second you live in a bubble wonderland cause you sure as hell don’t know what truth is. That grammar you all like to fault people for is program into you since you started in school like the sheep you are.Reality is you still believe in the boogieman or as some made call a conspiracy world. Myself think you all are just people who suffer from being a Paranoid Schizophrenia. I am not afraid to walk in the dark you run your mouth bout what he has now prove what he has. Try this time with hard facts and not something you picked up off a conspiracy web site or as I called them people with the tin foil hats like yours. Why is it no other country in the world use are grammar hell England don’t even write it like I said sheep keep walking in the dark

  • Mike Stirton

    That is why they created an alternate market that makes fuel stabilizers…lol..

  • Joe Geror


  • Connie Alsip

    Couldn’t agree with you more. This POTuS has done more to screw us up than any other ever. But now the no accounts are getting free cellphones, cable, etc, and are ever so happy. It makes me sick when I have to scrimp and save to pay my taxes and bills. IMPEACH OBAMA BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!

  • happylada

    Like, where’s the GOLD? Is Ft. Knox really empty?

  • c94591

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman!! Trust me I would not lye to the American public about this issue. She was hired to assist me. I would like to make this announcement to the American People. I have made a mistake when I told the citizens of the United States “I did not have sexual relations with the woman.” Well, the blue dress was found and it was not a cigar that Monica was sucking on. I apologize that I have lied to you the American public.
    O Willie gave new meaning to the word “PERJURY.”
    Love You Willie…… Bill Clinton for President!!!!!

  • Diana Moore

    Yep Obutthead spent it ALL

  • Ronald Simpson Jr.

    they moved it all to the federal reserve in new york city

  • Justin

    How dumb are you Rick, Richard, or is it Dick? The clicking of the phone is the sound older phones made when they were being wiretapped. Jeez, remove stick from ass and take a joke.

  • SLHeck

    They do. It’s in the Star Wars section and they call it Chewbacca.
    Sorry, Chewie. That’s not really fair. Wookies on a whole aren’t that unattractive.

  • Sonya Tinker

    Copy and paste the letter to your facebook. Lmbo…that is exactly what I did!

  • Ruth May Cothron

    You don’t vote the party, you vote for the more qualified, unless you have your head stuck under a rock. And O is not qualified, never was, never will be.

  • Bette Bouthillette

    Both me and my boyfriend have Iphones and we have the clicking sounds. How much newer do we have to go ?

  • rick dalton

    Not a dumb as you it seem the cell phone can be track yes if you don’t turn the GPS off on them another if you that damn worry about they are ease dropping on you get a throw away phone the ones the you buy minutes for. Plus the old phone made the clicking sound because they was connected to wires and switches at the phone company. If you remember the old phone then you should remember the party lines which would be the same as wire tapping. The damn cell phone goes thou the air waves like a radio signal and travel thou relay towers bad thing about them they can pick up any electrical interference. Far as me being a joke and the so call stick up my ass seem to fit you since you voice your opinion on something you yourself don’t know how it really works what a jerk you are

  • rick dalton

    Bette you Iphones operate thou air wave like a radio signal does they can pick up any kind of interference most time cause by electrical.If they are ease dropping on your phones it be no more then listening to a radio for them. They just intercept the signal like you phone does

  • rick dalton

    For what you all seem to be blaming the president for something Bush put in place and you all back him think wow this going to keep us safe from terrorist. It was called the Patriot act and it damn sure hasn’t been change since it was put into affect under Bush. Patriot Act Violated the 1st,4th5th,6th,7th,and 8th amendment of the constitution liberal post this a few weeks after Bush sign the law into effect and the conserve said they was nuts

  • Justin

    You enjoy making yourself look stupid I see. The OP was talking about the noises he heard while talking on the phone while it is being tapped. Your phone can still be tracked even though your GPS setting is in the OFF position. My reply to you was in no way challenging how the cell phone vs land line worked, nor the static that could be picked up. The guy made a joke about hearing the “clicking” on his phone (being wiretapped) while talking to his friend at the RNC (Republican National Convention). He is making a joke based upon Obama and Liberal/Democrats targeting of Republicans. You lack basic reading and comprehension skills. I told you to “take a joke” not you ARE a joke, but at this point I think you are a joke…Albeit a dumb one. Perhaps your local Elementary school will let you sit in on some reading classes, I would suggest starting in the Kindergarten class because even they are not this clueless.

  • rick dalton

    Justin keep replying talk about someone looking stupid look in you mirror . The GPS is the tracking on a cell. Most people that doing illegal thing use throw away phones first off. Second with a little know how you can intercept people phone calls, Liberals and democrats targeting the republicans they don’t have to the America people has woke up bout the republicans on their own that why their ratings is at 22% right now .If you want to see a joke look at the party you back there your joke. Only targeting is done by the conservatives look at all the witch hunt they try to get Obama on and they all blew up in their faces

  • RagDoll

    RICK DALTON. Let me start by apologizing for several things here. First of all, I’m very sorry that your dad didn’t wear a condom. If he did, I’m sorry it broke. I also apologize that you do not see Obama for who he truly is. The mask is so fitting for him, as he is a complete monster. Hitler is ashamed that he didn’t do better, only faster. If you cannot read between the lines on Obama’s face, I apologize. Maybe we should draw a picture and color it in pretty colors for you, because that is all you see. You do not visualize where this country is headed. You do not see the multitudes of AMERICANS that are scared as SHIT what the future holds for their children and grandchildren. Obviously you do not have any, or you would be scared as well. They will be implanted with RFID chips. They will walk around like zombies, speak only when spoken to, and be totally brainwashed from reality. I weep for your family that they have had to put up with your crass attitude for so long. I’m not sure of your age, but if you are leaning towards the elderly stage, then I apologize for you having to be one the first to be euthanized by the current leader of OUR COUNTRY.

    If you are former military, I apologize that your service was in vain. The freedoms that have been fought and died for are becoming more and more obsolete everyday. Do you not have friends or family that have died to protect what we have lost? Vietnam Veterans were disrespected upon their return home. Do they really deserve to be disrespected again? Did you ever see Battleship? If not, you should, good flick. If not, I’ll spoil it for you. Towards the end, the survivors of the John Paul Jones and Myōkō assume command of USS Missouri, a decommissioned battleship turned into a museum ship, and reactivate it with the aid of the retired veterans preserving her, but end up coming face to face with the alien mothership. In the ensuing battle, the Missouri severely damages the alien mothership, destroying its force field in process. Alex uses the last shell to destroy the communications array on the island, leaving the Missouri defenseless. With the force field down, Admiral Shane scrambles the fleet and F-18 fighters from the RIMPAC fleet arrive and save the crew by eliminating the alien threat. Chew on that for awhile. Read the above over and over until it “sinks” in. sure it was just a movie, but the irony is, that even the WWII Vets have been disrespected. Ever heard of Pearl Harbor, yeah…me neither…

    I will apologize one last time. No, it’s not for being as crass as you, but for the stupidity you possess as an American citizen, if you are one. Maybe we should check YOUR credentials and see. Any PROUD AMERICAN can spot a jackyl on a hill. Pun intended.

    I could bash on you and Obama for DAYS, but it’s really not worth the time..neither one of you…

    Have a nice f___ing day, and let me know how much you’re forking out with your new insurance…

  • Robin Gonsalves

    Now that’s some funny shit! Better watch your back Matt! I hear he has Santa on his payroll now! We’re not even going to get a lump of coal…

  • Justin

    You seem to lack the ability to comprehend a basic comment..perhaps next time I’ll try to somehow use shapes and colors for you.. You then go into some rant about how the repubilicans/conservatives were not targeted, which is a bold face lie as it has been proven that the IRS targeted these groups, I can see how you want to ignore that fact as it reflects badly on your party. You then tell us that the republican approval ratings are at %22 (You get this from a NBC/WSJ poll, which also says 53% see Republicans in a negative light, but you fail to mention that in that same poll, the Presidents approval rating is plunging quite rapidly aswell. The Presidents approval rating is at 41% (all time low) while his disapproval is at 45%. He is not poking fun at Obamas life, I don’t know where you got this out of a wiretap/targeting of republicans (which is true) joke, given the other braindead comments and rants you posted we will never know. Your writing and comprehension skills are on par with four year old, your English is horrid. You dont like when comedians poke fun at others? What do you want them to do, make knock knock and chicken crossing the road jokes? It seems it is only a problem when those comedians poke fun at the insanity of Democrats and Liberals. I seem to remember nobody having a problem when other Presidents and their staffs were lampooned from the dawn of government, but now all of the sudden it is racist and we are “picking on him”. I don’t stick to party lines when casting my vote, I do however vote for the one whos ideals are closest aligned to mine..They just happen to be more represented by republicans rather than liberal or democrats. I doubt you will be able to really understand my post, given your track record for inventing statements and misunderstanding them, but hey I can hope.

  • rick dalton

    Justin you are and idiot You need the shapes and colors for yourself. The IRS target more then the conservatives and tea party they even target the democrats but guess you either didn’t read the full statement or just to stupid yourself to understand what you was reading.Let see you idiot that right the lead man in charge was a conservative and said they wasn’t the only groups they investedgated. Guess you flunked math 41% is more then 22%. But all president rating bounce up and down thou their terms . This republican congress you taking up for will go down in history as the worse do nothing in the history of this nation.Let see …………Check out these numbers from the latest ABC/Washington Post poll (Sep. 15 results) on what Republicans did to themselves during their government shutdown:

    Barack Obama, net approval: -1 (0)

    Democratic Party, net favorability: -3 (+7)

    Republican Party, net favorability: -31 (-14)

    Tea Party, net favorability: -33 (-14)So while Democrats and President Obama saw their net ratings drop by 10 and 1 points, respectively, Republicans and tea partiers saw their ratings drop by 17 and 19 points, respectively.

    But the fact that Republicans and tea partiers saw their numbers go down more than their Democratic counterparts is only part of the story: The other part of the story is that the GOP’s numbers went down by more despite starting out in the toilet.

    Essentially, Republicans had less room to drop than Democrats because they started out even lower. Yet despite already starting out in an even worse position than Democrats position, they tanked even harder. And that’s really good news for future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

  • Justin

    This will be my final post to you, as you are implying that I mean something I do not, nor have I wrote. I never said Obama’s numbers were worse than Republicans, I stated that you failed to report the fact that while the Republicans numbers dropped, Obama’s numbers took huge hits as well. Your whole post is actually the same thing copied from articles you googled, which still have no relevancy to the conversation at hand as I was not comparing the two numbers, only stating the fact that theirs went down as well. Never once did I defend the republican lead congress, nor did I even mention the congress. I did however mention Republicans, not sure how you got “Congress” out of “Republicans” but, okay? I mention your grammar, writing, and comprehension skills because how are you to be taken seriously when you insult my intelligence and then go on to prove you don’t even know the difference between to and too or the proper use of intelligent and intelligence.. You may think you “won” but the only one you are fooling is yourself. You can spin my comments and put words in my mouth all you want, but it goes to show how your argument is invalid and of no substance nor intelligence. Perhaps these tactics work against the morons you “debate” on your frequented propaganda hub, but over here we have brains, and we actually use them. Good luck with your next reply, as it will not be read. To argue with you is like a dog chasing its tail, you can’t comprehend or understand it so we just go around and a dog chasing its tail.

  • rick dalton

    You joking I can tell you are a tea bagging conservative you flip flop like a fish out of water.What I said was a statement bout how the conservatives lied making it sound that the IRS had just target them And that the America people had woke up to their lying bull shit and it showed in the polls. Anyone with any kind of intelligent could see where I was heading with that statement.Bout my grammar like I said to bad i refuse to be a puppet to what society think how people should talk hell half the world don’t even use our damn grammar.I know i won when all you had to come back at me is my grammar and no fact accept your own opinion and you know what they about that. I got a bone for you dog. since I can’t comprehend or understand anything My IQ is 115 damn not understanding anything . You feel cause I won’t agree with you that it me that don’t understand you started off with your first reply with insults. You lost the battle

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  • Deesa Tucker Hurt

    I observed this conversation and I just wanted to say “thank you Justin”, I was up for some entertainment this evening. You responded very, what’s the word, awe yes, intelligently. I’m assuming there was no Common Core around when you were in “grammar” school (pun intended). I can see our friend here is a big supporter of mr. obama, his use of a proper sentence screams “they didn’t hold me back sucka’s”, even though it is evident more time in 6th-12th grade English would have been appropriate. It is truly difficult to “win” any argument when others can’t even understand your sentences (after reading them three times), even when your information is correct (I’m not saying his information was correct, lordy, I’m not saying that). I don’t usually even bother to comment on such a lack of education, but I had one of those moments where I was slapped in the face with a cold dead fish over the inability of most of obama’s supporters to have a conversation that makes sense. Justin, thank your parents and teachers for loving you enough to give you a quality edumacation! (<~~~Wanted to make sure they understood what I was saying, I'm sure you knew it was education)

  • Deesa Tucker Hurt

    Pretty sure Chewie has been offended, seriously, the poor guy.
    I would be in on the whole mooochelle flash mob, that means I can dress like a whore on another day beside Halloween right? I’m not a flashy dancer, but I’m sure that isn’t required.

  • Justin

    Deesa? were YOU

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  • Roberta Markovich

    Why are you all so hateful.You voted him back in, and made him feel so special like . So what’s up with that. The majority won, so stop the bitching.Aloha.

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