In a series of multiple lab experiments, scientists have recently… READ MORE

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When cruising the open ocean on a small 250 man… READ MORE

drone hunting

Matt Rosendale is a Republican Montana State senator. He is… READ MORE

forgot her change went to jail

An odd series of events landed a thirty year old… READ MORE

marathon bomb hoax

The big scare in regard to two black backpacks left… READ MORE




I disturbing video gone viral, shows a toddler… READ MORE


Vice President Biden is infamous for speaking before he thinks… READ MORE

Bill board

In Clyde, a little town in North Carolina, there is… READ MORE

Feds attack supporters and area residents at Nevada Bundy Ranch = Photo credit - misguided children

As the Bundy Range situation continues to develop, new questions… READ MORE

Federal judge strikes down Ohio's voter-approved ban on gay marriage -  photo credit - KSDK

Another state has fallen before the continuing and seemingly unending… READ MORE


Vaginas grown in laboratories have been successfully implanted in several… READ MORE


We all know how dads can be regarding their little… READ MORE

stealth dirt bike

The U.S. Army has approved plans to build a new… READ MORE


With the rise of fuel and oil concerns, both economically… READ MORE


As the failures pile up on the mess of… READ MORE



Under the current administration, the media has had much… READ MORE

Veteran Stands Up For 2nd Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum - photo credit - You Tube

Crazy good is the best way to describe a veteran… READ MORE

Range Showdown

The Bundy Ranch saga may have temporarily calmed down, but… READ MORE

1 million armed New York citizens just became wanted criminals - photo credit - ammoland

Get ready New York because as of April 15th tax… READ MORE


The Drug Enforcement Administration’s largest job is to fight the… READ MORE

Scary: Terri Frana broke down in tears during an interview during which she revealed the moment she thought she was going to die during a bear attack on Saturday
 Source: DailyMail


A Florida woman goes into graphic detail after… READ MORE

Eating Fido

Though Westerners view it as a very inhumane and down… READ MORE

video game addiction

Many generation X’ers and Y’ers have serious problems with video… READ MORE

pot vending machine

Is a pot vending machine coming your way in the… READ MORE


When Will The Overreach Cease?
The overreach by the United… READ MORE

special ed student

In more insane news from the U.S. public school systems,… READ MORE

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It seems that with each passing day, Americans are given… READ MORE


Can you imagine getting suspended from your job, the only… READ MORE

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Some legal rights may change for pregnant… READ MORE

Bible May Become Louisiana's Official State Book - photo credit - Examiner

Is the state of Louisiana going to become the church… READ MORE

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