Sarah Shourd, a former captive held in Iran says Americas should pay ransoms to terrorists - photo credit - Amnesty USA

Terrorism is real and with the recent beheadings of American… READ MORE

Boston Marathon Victims Denied Insurance Reimbursement - photo credit - wiki

The horror and the vivid memories of the dozens of… READ MORE



Rep. Mark Sanford has called off… READ MORE


The irony of border patrol agents just… READ MORE

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A Redding, California man is under arrest… READ MORE


Germany has announced it is taking precedence… READ MORE

Girl, 11, told by school not to wear 9-11 tribute T-shirt – photo credit – You Tube

When it comes to honoring the men and women who… READ MORE

Idiocracy may overtake American schools so teach your child to read a book - photo credit - developmental dad

If you have ever seen the 2006 movie ‘Idiocracy’  and… READ MORE


In the ‘Police State of America’ the… READ MORE


A snooping dispatcher and a man’s rear-end resulted… READ MORE


Missouri Legislature has overthrown Governor Jay Nixon’s… READ MORE



This past week a young boy… READ MORE


Schoen Labombard played on the sympathy and… READ MORE



This past week 4 firefighters were suspended… READ MORE

Obama knew of ISIS threat and kept it hidden - Photo Credit - You Tube

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Teens' Facebook threats detail ways to 'murder' students – photo credit – Facebook

Was Facebook being used as a vehicle to possibly be… READ MORE



Two best friends made a pact before… READ MORE


A Pennsylvania teenager thought is would be… READ MORE

The State Department has created anti-ISIS propaganda video  called- Think Again, Turn Away”- photo credit – You Tube

Hands down, ISIS is the deadliest terror organization on earth.… READ MORE

Slain Pennsylvania Cop's murderer Andrew Thomas - photo credit - You Tube

Can a gun dealer be held legally responsible for the… READ MORE

Two young girls who fled Austria are inspiring other teenagers to join ISIS - photo credit - answering muslims

The absolute last thought that crosses a parent’s mind when… READ MORE


Sherwood Baker is a Lieutenant Colonel in the… READ MORE


A mysterious virus is sending hundreds of children to the… READ MORE


A Yazidi teen girl has opened up about the sexual… READ MORE

Bryan Remley trys for deal with homeowner with gun tomow  lawn after robbing his home - photo credit - Facebook -St, Pete Police

If a robber is caught red-handed in your home and… READ MORE


Elvan Moore from Lake Mary, Florida was caught defecating… READ MORE


A group of about 20 Staten Island public school teachers… READ MORE



Perry County, Ohio Judge Dean L.… READ MORE


Surveillance video from Springfield, Missouri, shows a disturbing — but… READ MORE

Should England let British Jihadists return home? - photo credit - You Tube

A new video released by U.S. Central Command — the… READ MORE

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