Pro Life forces are winning the battle  to end abortion practices in America -  photo credit - What did you say

It just goes to show you that a college education… READ MORE

America under attack on 911 by Islamic terrorists - photo credit - Local 157

The wounds that the nation suffered from the infamous attack… READ MORE


A sweet gesture and a simple stick made the biggest… READ MORE


On the horizon is the ability for scientists to trigger… READ MORE


The “perfect storm” is brewing when it comes to global… READ MORE


On Wednesday, the Governor of Georgia signed a new law… READ MORE


Questions are being raised after an elderly grandmother’s apartment in… READ MORE


Five snorkelers are breathing sighs of relief, after they were… READ MORE


On September 9, 2013, Pastor Terry Holcomb was unlawfully arrested… READ MORE

fracking lawsuit

In what will go down in history as the nation’s… READ MORE


The Tennessee teen who got arrested for driving with a… READ MORE

giant mako shark

Cousins and Florida fishermen Joey and Earnie Polk were fishing… READ MORE


A shocking story has just been broken in the media.… READ MORE

Two seven-year-old brothers have been praised for their quick-thinking actions after fighting off a carjacker  - photo credit - Veooz

When a carjacker tried to steal gold Nissan Altima in… READ MORE

On His Way to Be Recognized as a War Hero, Saves a Woman’s Life - photo credit - KCCI  News 8

War heroes are a special kind of person because they… READ MORE

cop car Kentucky

In January of this year, mummified remains of a dead… READ MORE

what the cluck

In a move to protect 300 roosters that were discovered… READ MORE


In a strange case of frivolous lawsuits gone wild, a… READ MORE

8 year old 2 felonies

Edward Hart, an eight year old Michigan boy, is… READ MORE

repo man 1

What happens when the repo man takes not only your… READ MORE

pledge -= under god being attacked

Sometimes it just does not pay to ignore the detractors… READ MORE

The Supreme Court's decision clears away constitutional challenges to state bans on affirmative action - photo credit -student news daily

Since the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision to allow… READ MORE


Desperate parents are fleeing their home states to plant new… READ MORE


Nine people were recently killed and 36 were injured during… READ MORE


It seems that in Barack Obama’s world, extremist Muslims are… READ MORE

police with gun

Yesterday, in Salt Lake City, Utah, a 25 year old… READ MORE

father and son heroes

Justin Innes and his son Justin were on their way… READ MORE

easter egg hunt

2014 may end up being remembered as “The Year of… READ MORE


One might think that Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky is a… READ MORE


Once upon a time, most police cars in the U.S.… READ MORE

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