Nunn supports use of Georgia Democrat race baiting voter mailer - photo credit - You Tube

Apparently the new face of the Democrat Party uses the… READ MORE


An attack on police officers by a radical Muslim has… READ MORE


Two Sheriff’s deputies — from different departments — were killed… READ MORE


At least two people are dead following a school shooting… READ MORE

Honey Boo Boo’ canceled after sex offender report  surfaces – photo credit – You Tube

The faithful followers of ‘Honey Boo Boo’ received bad news… READ MORE

New York City Doctor Craig Spencer tests positive for Ebola – photo credit – You Tube

America may be facing yet another Ebola case — and… READ MORE

Georgia Democrats us racist flier linking vote to Ferguson Michael Brown Murder – photo credit – You Tube

The election is just over a week away and the… READ MORE

WATCH - Applause for  Sergeant-At-Arms Kevin Vickers on Duty after as Canadian Parliament Reopens after Shooting – photo credit – You Tube


Ottawa’s Parliament and the whole of Canada watched as… READ MORE


A dire warning issued in an alleged “for office use… READ MORE


In an elaborate scheme to avoid prosecution for a crime… READ MORE

A employee holds an Apple-1 personal computer, serial number 22, owned by the estate of Joe Copson ahead of its sale at Christie's in London

One of only approximately 50 remaining examples of Steve Job’s… READ MORE


A known radical Canadian Muslim convert ran down two soldiers… READ MORE

Canadian soldier was shot and killed at War Memorial by terrorist guman - photo credit - You Tube

A little before 10 a.m. in Ottawa, Canad,a an armed… READ MORE


Three underage Colorado girls faked illness to skip out on… READ MORE


Peter Thiel has made a fortune by being right about… READ MORE


Events continue to boil over in Ferguson. On Monday night,… READ MORE


A Democrat state Senator and strong anti-gun advocate was arrested… READ MORE



In a series of bizarre and uncomfortable statements, a… READ MORE


A New York woman has had her identity used … READ MORE

What heaven's really like - a leading brain surgeon says he's been there and see what he found – photo credit – You Tube

The existence of heaven — and what it might be… READ MORE

Friends finally are able to remove insect - photo credit - You Tube


This really has to be one of the most… READ MORE

No Good Reason to Vote ‘If You're Black or Brown, Other Than Helping to Save the Democrats' Hide - Photo credit - You Tube

There may be an historic Republican Election Day sweep on… READ MORE

Detroiters march declaring water is a human right - photo credit - You Tube

Does a United Nations or Hollywood intervention really solve the… READ MORE


A veiled Muslim woman was kicked out a famed Paris… READ MORE


President Barack Obama just got a reality check about his… READ MORE


An Oregon female teen student was embarrassingly stripped to her… READ MORE


What in the wide, wide world of sports is going… READ MORE


An incredible video shows a real-life scene that could belong… READ MORE


It looks like the Kenyan military takes their border security… READ MORE


A military “quick strike” team is apparently being created by… READ MORE

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