Stephen Colbert - war on Halloween - Photo - You Tube
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Ebola Virus - photo credit - health site
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Newington parents upset schools cancel Halloween – photo credit – You Tube
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Iranian Reyhaneh Jabbari was hanged for killing her alleged rapist based on Sharia Law  – photo credit – You Tube
Can a woman be executed for being raped and then… READ MORE
Ebola Fear - Maine Teacher Placed On Leave After Traveling To Dallas - photo credit - You Tube
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ronald reagan 40th president - photo - White House
Fifty years ago today, October 27th, Ronald Reagan gave a… READ MORE
A new mom was shocked and disheartened to return home… READ MORE
A Colorado man attempting to avoid injury from a cigarette… READ MORE
Cop Suspended - said Officer Darren Wilson 'Did Society A Favor' By Killing Michael Brown - photo credit - You Tube
There should be absolutely no reason to wonder where Ferguson’s… READ MORE
Matthew Halleck has two daughters who attend Harriet Bishop Elementary… READ MORE
67-year-old Kenneth Byrd of Lumberton, North Carolina came face to… READ MORE
NYC Cops  were caught dumping Gloves, Masks from EBOLA Scene into nearby garbage can – photo credit – You Tube
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A pack of bully bikers running stunts down a Northern… READ MORE
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8-year-old Elijah Burrell’s parents were proud of their son as… READ MORE
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Nunn supports use of Georgia Democrat race baiting voter mailer - photo credit - You Tube
Apparently the new face of the Democrat Party uses the… READ MORE
An attack on police officers by a radical Muslim has… READ MORE
Two Sheriff’s deputies — from different departments — were killed… READ MORE
At least two people are dead following a school shooting… READ MORE
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