Army Finally Admits “Toxic Leadership” To Blame For Massive Veteran Suicide Epidemic

Toxic leadershipt to blame for suicides

For the first time in human history, more troops have died by taking their own lives after returning from war, the wars in the Middle East, than died on the battlefield. Currently, there are 22 U.S. veterans a day taking their own lives after having made it home from deployment, this, according to the latest numbers released by the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, these numbers only include soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen who were on active duty. National Guard and Reservist numbers are not included in this tally, and at the height of the wars, Guard and Reservist members made up the majority of troops deployed. So, if their numbers were counted in the tally, the suicide rate may be as much as 80% greater than what is being reported.

Many people have blamed over-medicating veterans as the root cause, and though it may be a primary cause, this theory left something missing. Also, when many troops arrive home from war, they come back to a life baring little representation of the life they had before they deployed, via broken families, no job in the private sector, and a line up to two years long at the VA to be seen for treatment. This too, has been part of the equation leading to the suicide epidemic.

Thirdly, a major factor that has led to the suicide epidemic that the U.S. Army is finally admitting, is toxic leadership. The U.S. Army has now decided to fess up that some of their leadership within the ranks, as much as 20% of it, is “toxic,” as in abusive, selfish, narcissistic and demeaning toward their subordinates, and that this toxicity has resulted in suicides among the troops and veterans.

The Army has defined toxic leadership as follows:

“Toxic leadership is a combination of self-centered attitudes, motivations, and behaviors that have adverse effects on subordinates, the organization, and mission performance. This leader lacks concern for others and the climate of the organization, which leads to short- and long-term negative effects. The toxic leader operates with an inflated sense of self-worth and from acute self-interest. Toxic leaders consistently use dysfunctional behaviors to deceive, intimidate, coerce, or unfairly punish others to get what they want for themselves. The negative leader completes short-term requirements by operating at the bottom of the continuum of commitment, where followers respond to the positional power of their leader to fulfill requests. This may achieve results in the short term, but ignores the other leader competency categories of leads and develops. Prolonged use of negative leadership to influence followers undermines the followers’ will, initiative, and potential and destroys unit morale.”

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  • Imam Khalid of Basra

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  • BoiseBoy

    The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could reach as high as $6 trillion dollars – or $75,000 for every household in America – a new study from Harvard University has found.

    Don’t ever let conservatives kid you that it’s all about too high veterans benefits and feeding the hungry. THIS is the cause of the spiraling debt. Furthermore, 15 of the 19 hijackers in 911 were citizens of Saudi Arabia; none were from Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Could someone please explain to me again, why we’re to stop blaming Bush for the debt?

  • Rebecca

    The toxic leadership is 100% true. I loved the Army for the year that I was in and grew to hate it once I made it to my first duty station because of toxic leadership. You know something is wrong with the Army when you liked basic training and AIT more than your unit….

  • Rebecca

    Meant to say the “I loved the Army for the FIRST year that I was in….”

  • MichelArm

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  • Charles Ezzell

    advocating suppression of free speech I see…..Raymond. Typical leftist. If you were so secure in your ideology, you need not fear alternative thought.

  • Dwayne Jackson

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  • Snipes

    In light of the troops, that defend our F’ing freedoms…WTF is there even a question regarding VA benefits? Why are they systematically taking them away from those who have risked there lives for our dumb asses & continually handing out those resources to other country’s & illegal immigrants? What is the F’ing deal?

  • Christian

    WHO did this study? is sure sounds more like oblowme’s SOP ..

    “Toxic leadership is a combination of self-centered attitudes, motivations, and behaviors that have adverse effects on subordinates, the organization, and mission performance. This leader lacks concern for others and the climate of the organization, which leads to short- and long-term negative effects.”

    yup oblowme..

    let me know wen this rag publishes CORRECT reports and photos! DISGRACEFUL.

  • Solomon Kane

    I can definitely relate to and confirm this report. I went above and beyond; took pride in my duties; there are a lot of motherfuckers in the Army that don’t belong anywhere near weapons or in a leadership position beyond team leader shoveling shit.

  • Justin Martin

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    They didn’t teach you that when they were training you like a dog though huh?

  • Justin Martin

    They are defending our freedom?

    Where were they to stop the Patriot Act? They follow orders, they aren’t freedom fighters.

  • Michael Mlyniec

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  • Michael Mlyniec

    Ok, please elaborate to me why we are there, and what the current regime is still doing in Afghanistan. There is no real explanation to the reasons we are there. It would take 200 years of oil profit to recover our LOSSES from this war, so this is not a viable theory. Obviously BOTH parties are in on it, wearing the same ideas and thoughts with different colors.The more you point fingers at once ideology, the more fucking retarded you look. You still buy into the repud/demo shit? Maybe it’s because you’re a liberal and can’t think for yourself.

  • Byron Kreis

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  • Richard StJohn

    Toxic leadership? The army is fessing up? I’m sorry but leadership is a top down proposition. I can see a textbook example of toxic leadership in the President of the United States. That’s probably why he’s removed so many high ranking military officers. They are the ones who are willing to tell him what an arrogant, pompous ass he is. And the same media that condemns our military, reports stories like this, is trying to move us into socialism are the ones who portray this toxic leader as the next coming of Christ.

  • Voogru

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  • Herman Nelson

    Toxic leadership? In the army? Say it’s not so! Life in the army was like being in a abusive relationship with endless cycles of violence thrown in. Either you get divorced and run away or you pour gas all over the spouse’s bed and light it up. I had a light COL tell me once I needed to be more like the do nothing profile riding dirtbag NCO and should follow his example. I told him I work hard and could never rise because shit floats to the surface.

  • Herman Nelson

    Now now, democrats like to forget the past. Look who created the Fed, social security and legislated away most of our freedoms. And of course started or dragged us into a war.

    Woodrow Wilson- World War I
    FDR- World War II
    Truman- Korean War
    JFK- Vietnam

    What were you saying about Bush’s fault?

  • edster48

    Toxic leadership? Yes, on the civilian side. The reason this is becoming more prevalent is because we don’t know what we’re fighting for. Freedom? Not in the case of the last two “wars”.
    What we did in WW1 and WW2 was real war, everything since has been crap [ I don’t mean to demean anyone who served in Korea, Vietnam, either Iraq conflict or Afghanistan ]. We were fighting against a global scourge and despicable tyranny perpetrated by despots intent on ruling the world. When you’re fighting against this, you know you’re the “good guy”. The wars that have come since have been less about keeping our country free and more about political BS. We can’t even count the number of people we have literally slaughtered, in the name of a political ideal. Anyone would ask themselves if they were doing the “right” thing.
    Mr. President, members of Congress, please, make sure it’s worth it, before you send in our country men to fight and die in some faraway place. Make sure we’re there for the right reasons.

  • guest

    It’s illegal since it’s not taxable and isn’t included in the GDP.

  • guest

    The moon god bullshit has been thoroughly debunked.

  • General Chan

    If typical Americans take the same leadership style like the Vietnamese did then this wouldn’t be a problem. If you haven’t noticed, majority of the time, their superiors are barely hated. Always loved and well respected by their men. I know of this because I’ve talked to many former high ranking South Vietnamese officers (Most passed away) in my community who tells me of their stories and pass their wisdom down to me. Not to even mention being lectured on leadership by a former Viet Cong Colonel (Well, he died peacefully too). I had tried to apply these knowledge when I was still in service and was hated by many of my superiors. Sad but that’s the truth.

  • Michael Mlyniec

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  • Bob

    Eisenhower sent you to Vietnam, Kennedy was trying to withdraw the troops from Vietnam. I’m not even an American and I know that bit of your history.

  • PomPom

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  • Ron Kirk Malsbury

    I don’t believe that they are suicides … unless it’s mkultra programmed response … The government knows the jig is up , veterans are a massive security risk because they know exactly what the hell is going on over there & they are being systematically dispensed off to protect the cabal & their secrets …

  • Bo Kelleher

    The whole country is suffering from “Toxic Leadership”… and I don’t mean just the current administration.

  • Tony Iocca

    Reference leadership top down from President Obama; We should understand the differences between a Lawyer and a Leader. Lawyers; are skilled in advising others based on their interpretation of Laws as they deem fit. Leaders; motivate others to accomplish a goal or mission as defined by the Leader and understood by the followers. A Lawyer’s thought process is not well suited to be an effective Leader… Lawyers are well suited to complicate situations, distract and mis-lead others to advance a set agenda. Due to obvious conflicts of interest Lawyers should never be considered for any Leadership position above leading others to a chair at a dinner table…

  • Bob

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  • Jason Vega

    might help to not blame the darkies overseas for an attack the mossad pulled off on 911. might help to not run heroin out of Afghanistan. just saying.

    the troops obviously know the dark occultists who run our military are mocking them. Google “mark passio Satanism military police” and see for yourself from an ex satanist

  • jhnjul

    They are being asked to commit war crimes. There is nothing just about these wars that is why suicide is so high, guilt.

  • MyStory Revealed

    Political BS=Corporate Profits. I can imagine someone becoming suicidal when they realize that all they did was for the profits of big oil companies, contractors and war profiteers. What? Not for mom and apple pie and the great American “righteous” way of life??? That would have to be the most hideous realization a person could have. If I had a son/daughter or enlistment age, I would move them to the ends of the Earth before I would allow them to be used in this way, possibly losing their lives in battle or at their own hands over the trauma of such atrocity.

  • MyStory Revealed

    The deal is corporate profit. Period. Always was, always will be.

  • MyStory Revealed

    All for Corporate Profits, which many realize as soon as the Star Spangled Banner is replaced by the sounds of mortars and people being massacred…innocent people who just happen to live where BP and Exxon Mobile want their pipeline…Some can’t live with what they’ve done, even if it was for any of the lies they were told, the trauma is too much for any human being with a soul to endure.

  • MyStory Revealed

    I think he was saying Bush and cabal launched 2 illegal wars, which were planned long before 9/11, for which the vast majority around the world hold he and his cohorts as war criminals, and which were not paid for (put on the books), that will cost generations $6 trillion dollars. Questions?

  • johnsawyer

    The quote from the Army’s description of toxic leadership sounds exactly like Chris Christie’s approach to things.

  • MyStory Revealed

    LMAO, “MORAL PRINCIPLES IN THE BIBLE”…someone needs to read the Bible. All religions have the same thing in common: They were created by, written by MEN, based on their utterly limited understanding of the world at the time of their writing, first of all, and more importantly, the ALL THAT IS, which cannot have a name or gender or human-like emotions, anymore than gravity. Much of what has been done with the Bible was political, for control of the masses and political power. The New Testament was written approximately 200 years after Jesus supposedly lived. Hm, think there might be a few details made up or forgotten over 200 years? Try sending ONE simple message through 10 people (remember that telephone game we played as kids?)
    I say this from 40 years of in-depth studies of all the world’s religions and many of the spiritual practices of many indigenous people. So, before you go spouting off ignorance about your own religion, which you clearly have not studied, let alone others’ beliefs, you might want to read the Bible, which is rife with tales of ribaldry.

    In short, mind your own beliefs or EXPLORE and learn something about how other people in the world experience Spirit.

  • Lord_Mithras

    Soldiers are men and women of honor, and when they find out that they murdered hundreds of children for corporate profit, they often kill themselves. War is evil, and the Christian conservatives who supported this war, knowing full well they were sending their sons and daughters to murder innocent women and children, are the ones to blame. It is time for a new direction, one based on love, liberty, and honor. Get rid of Christianity, stop being misled.

  • John

    The wars are about money and Christ said the love of money is the root of all evil. It’s not Christianity that caused these wars, it’s non Christians using Christ to start wars. He wouldn’t approve.

  • Herman Nelson

    Everybody is enjoying throwing bush under the bus, but yet I’ve yet to see a communist er- democrat thrown under the same wheels. Riddle me that.

  • Kyle Soler

    Richard, if you would have even looked into a single instance where a senior leader from the military has been removed you would know that it was for their actions, or the actions of their direct subordinates, which as well, is their responsibility. Do you really think that senior officers who performed adultery, theft, abusive leadership, threats, sexual assault and rape were removed because they ‘disagreed’ with the president? Put the kool-aid down. There is plenty of horrible leadership to go around and here in the military, we are attempting to hold those people accountable.

  • Michael Mlyniec

    Ok, your meds have you jumping across the board on topics. 1. Please elaborate your statement on the Bible. 2. You can, as a FACT, (not out of speculation) prove that EVERY religion on Earth is a tool for control and profit?

    Everything I stated was FACT. Have you read the ten commandments? Are implying those not moral guidelines? Have you read the koran stating Muhammad being a raider, a rapist, and a murderer, and encouraging it (he was the perfect man)? Obviously you went on a rant about nothing, because I spoke of the differences between these TWO religions (Islam is more of a ideological political system).

    I don’t claim to know all the answers from 1800 years ago, and you shouldn’t either.

  • Markus Leviticus

    Anybody who joins the corporate american military are beyond moronic…you might as well become a heroin addict, you will probably have a better and longer life.

  • KishinD

    Ooh, hate bait!

  • KishinD

    It’s ONLY horrible leadership that needs the authority of hierarchy in order to function. Great leaders don’t need a chain of command for people to follow them.

  • KishinD

    There was a time before corporations and profits existed, and there will be a time after them as well. But we’re not going to get there in a constitutional republic.

  • Roel Escamilla Jr

    This article would have been more convincing if the meme at the top was actually of the Army and not the US Marines.

  • ProphetPX

    U.S. troops kill 4-year-old toddler in Afghanistan. Mehhh who cares, American Idol is back on TV.

  • Deane Bobbit

    OK, first, don’t talk about the Army and put a picture of Marines under the headline. Second, maybe ask whether it could be that Republicans wrote a budget that strips away both veterans benefits and active duty retirements….

  • Deane Bobbit

    Just admit that you always were attracted to your mother and move on please…

  • average joe

    We used to call em brown noses. But ya they are toxic

  • Michael Mlyniec

    Wow, what an insult. Have some deeper self-loathing feelings inside you like to reflect towards the community? It must be so sad to have a voice that no one wants to listen to.

  • guest


  • Deane Bobbit

    Put it right on the level concerning your statements about other religions. Just because you say it doesn’t make it true or even that you should put it in words. Try approaching those you find different with some form of respect instead of ignorance and fear.

  • Deane Bobbit

    Probably a fobbit.

  • OakenTruncheon

    There is, unfortunately, no shortage of this shit in civilian work places, just lower stakes at the table.

  • Marc Trius

    Oh, snap! You all got trolled. Which isn’t surprising, given the level of intelligence and knowledge displayed in your comments.

  • Marc Trius

    P.S., you little Hitlers make me barf. 10 great-uncles killed in the camps because of your soul brothers in Germany.

  • Michael Mlyniec

    I have no fear of or respect towards rapists, murderers, thieves,
    pedophiles, and sodomites. Though your response is typical from someone
    who has no understanding of the koran, and what is written in it. It’s
    funny you imply that I have never studied what I disagree with :)





  • MyStory Revealed

    I guess you missed the part where I stated I have studied all the world’s major religions for 40 years (I am actually an ordained non-denominational minister). So please don’t pretend to be more well-versed in theology, or religious psychology, when I strongly doubt you have read 40 pages of your own favorite religious fairy tale. They are ALL written by MEN of their times, based on their understanding of the world at that time. That is an indisputable fact.
    Now, for an equally relevant debate: Do you think Santa’s sleigh would run more efficiently on fairy dust or the power of positive thinking, if/when all the flying reindeer die off? Religion is made up stuff. Stories. Did you know that story of a savior, born to a virgin, the star, the wise men, even frankensence and myhr, was documented 37 times before the one that was finally printed and circulated as the Jesus story by the powers that were, at that time? Probably not. Most Christians, or people operating devoutly under ANY belief system never examine their beliefs critically. That’s why they think their made up beliefs are more “right” than the next group’s made up beliefs.
    I do not expect this to be a popular suggestion, for obvious reasons. lol. And I couldn’t care less whether you or anyone agrees. We all possess a level of knowledge based on our desire and pursuit of it. Most never read a single book after high school…so,, there ya have it…informed Americans.

  • Michael Mlyniec

    Wow, I admire your dedication. To study religion since the age of 9 for 40 consecutive years with nothing to show for it? Truly an amazing.

    We had gone off topic again for anther emotional rant about disproving Christianity, when we were clearly trying to decide if you, having 40 (lol) years of expertise in this area, can say that EVERY RELIGION is a tool for control. And that there are no Moral teaching in the Bible.

    Remember this was a discussion between the differences of islam and Christianity? It just leads more and more towards you being a liberal “progressive” writer who hates Christians, and loves attacking their MORAL Beliefs, and protecting muslims.

  • Deane Bobbit

    What you mean is that you are not a true Christian or you would know that it is not your place to judge. Additionally, anger is borne out of fear or why would you be such a bigot? In America, all religions have EQUAL footing. Maybe you would be more at home in Communist China where the majority rules the lives of the minority.

  • Michael Mlyniec

    I do have my faults as all humans do, I don’t claim to be perfect lol…
    Anger can’t be born out of disgust for another ones actions? Where are your definitions coming from? Stop replying, you’re starting to show your liberal side.

  • Deane Bobbit

    Anger=ignorance/fear. And, nah I don’t really consider you bigots as humans.

  • Deane Bobbit

    So are you saying we should not have been involved in WWII? We should have just sat back and allowed Hitler to exterminate more innocent people? What a POS you are. And JFK didn’t start Vietnam, in fact he was headed towards pulling advisers out when he was assassinated. It was mid level NSA that faked the Bay of Tonkin incident that sprang us into war. What party do you think they belonged to?

  • Herman Nelson

    Deane- G* F*CK Y**RS*LF. Want to buy some vowels? You missed the whole point and you missed the short bus of what this discussion was about.

    As to WWII, It was not about Hitler (it was later, but not at the beginning). It started with inaction from FDR (he knew about pearl harbor and did nothing but let it happen to fire up a nation that wanted to stay out of it). Once the US declared war on Japan, war was declared on Germany shortly afterwards. As to the camps, there were rumors but the allies could not think someone was actually actually capable of executing it. They were shocked when they found them and attitudes changed completely against the Germans afterwards.

    You do bring up a interesting point- who was worse? The Germans or the soviets? Think carefully. I’ll give you time, take baby steps in thinking this through.

  • Michael Mlyniec

    I feel like you have a mental disability that prevents you from understanding words… I UNDERSTAND and have READ the koran, and I LOATHE the teachings. So even the fact that I understand what it is, (the exact reason I hate it) labels me a bigot and ignorant. So by your logic, you can understand murderers, and pedophiles, but are not allowed to hate them, because we don’t have the same feelings? Get a brain you retard.

  • JCL

    Yeah… shows pure ignorance… or maybe it was MEANT to offend Marines / Army and fuel some trolls? lol I don’t know… +1 to the above post



  • aorlicky

    I served 10-1/2 years on a Trident sub. This activity is the norm…What are you going to do? Quit?? Quitting your job is not an option, unless you wish to serve jail time for desertion. With jobs getting less common, expect the same thing with people who can’t afford to loose their jobs.

  • eccles11

    Yeah, this random meme at the top of the page completely discredits the rest of the article, which happens to include statistics from the Department of Veterans Affairs and includes a link to an article that details the research by a top army general regarding toxic leadership.

    Bu..bu..but the meme is not correct.

  • eccles11

    Have any evidence?

  • eccles11

    In the link to the source article

    “One of those researchers is Dave Matsuda. In 2010, then-Brig. Gen. Pete Bayer, who was supervising the Army’s drawdown in Iraq, asked Matsuda to study why almost 30 soldiers in Iraq had committed or attempted suicides in the past year.”

    But yes it was aaall Obama.

  • eccles11

    Can you please elaborate on which freedom(s) of mine are being defended, and can you elaborate on how exactly they are being defended, and from whom.

  • eccles11

    It’s funny, these military worshippers will repeat the “fighting for our freedoms” mantra ad nauseam without ever really critically analyzing it.

    Then they will go and talk about how much a of a tyrant the Commander in Chief of their beloved troops is.

    They see no irony in worshiping someone who works for, receives a check from and ultimately takes orders from a ‘tyrant’.

  • eccles11

    Maximum trollage!

  • eccles11

    Guys watch out raymond is suppressing our free speech. Somebody STOP HIM NOW!!!1

  • eccles11

    I love this account. A clear and obvious troll that with only a tiny bit of prodding gets the bigots out of the woodwork.

  • eccles11

    You do realise that Arabic Christians use the word “Allah” to reference god.

  • Annzala

    1. Imagine working for a psychotic abusive officer; that associates with the higher commands that are aware that the officer is toxic but turn a blind eye. It is nothing more than an American Horror Story or Tragedy because as a soldier the open door policy will be closed to you. They are all friends that has dehumanized you due to the rank structure. You can not get help not even IG will assist properly. These officers and NCO that prey on other soldiers should be penalized. They should be jailed; instead the lower ranked soldier ends up committing suicide or losing their career and time of service or at worst their freedom for trying do defend their self. It is sad and horrible; but it happens each and everyday.

    . I have read all of the comments and realize how terrible it is for Americans’ to look at the military for employment and are torchered by other Americans; this is 3rd world behavior. Many soldiers are treated as if they are indentured servants; however “the state of voluntary or compulsory subjection to a master; the condition of being bound to service; the condition of a slave; slavery; bondage; hence, a state of slavish dependence” is not what they signed up for. Many soldiers never have the opportunity to “Be ALL That Can Be” due to the toxic command claimant . Yes, congress and the current president as well as all previous presidents are aware to how difficult it is mentally on soldiers and just do not care. Soldiers have written millions of letters to congress and the president; just to have IG to pretend they have investigated or to have division commanders like General Kurt fuller to state they have investigated the situation-when they can careless.

    4. Well said, now we just need the president to start letting go or jailing division, brigade, battalion and company commanders. Along with LCSW (Major Rebecca Ball and Captain Kristina Zerga), psychologist and psychiatrist that file false mental health referrals to create false mental health records and for giving soldiers out dated mental health instruments such as the MMPI-2 1989 pencil and paper version; so that it can be manipulated to state a soldier has a psychological condition, issue and or disease. Military personnel that engage in this type of behavior must go. So, many soldiers are mistreated in this aspect. That, they are driven to the point of wanting to give up. The policies and procedures that are put in place to assist soldiers are nothing more than a waste of literary terms that has no usage. The 25th ID command, SJA and all commands that fall below them along with their LCSW, and psychologist practice maltreatment of soldiers. They jail soldiers to keep them quite. This is abuse not just toxic.