PETA Drones and Human Hunting:Have The Hunger Games Became Reality? [Video]


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA) May have started to blur and even cross lines. With AR-20 Drones in the sky and hunting humans it is starting to look a lot less like animal rights and more of a modern day Hunger Games like mentality has taken over the Activist groups. Have the hunger games started to become a reality?

In the Hunger Games, a post apocalyptic world has separated North America in twelve regions.  Each region sends a tribute to hunt each other for the prize. Now it seems that we are not in that world yet, but PETA is hunting people for fun to “save the animals.”

It sounds like a play off of the NSA or the Federal Government, but modern day hunters in the United States are now being tracked by unlicensed drones. While we would love to blame the federal government for the unlicensed drones flying over our air space, but these are not government owned. In fact they are not even licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Don’t believe me, watch the drones yourself.


They say antagonizing the hunters with the drones has been very receptive by the local authorities.

PETA spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt told Mashable that drone users have already used the “Air Angel” to report bow hunters after they violated the rule that states hunting shall not begin until “one-half hour before sunrise.”

“[Authorities] were very receptive, and they said they were going to look into it,” Rajt said. “I think people should call in violations as they see them.”

If that isn’t bad enough that they are drone hunting in one area of the country, in another duck hunt, the animal lovers hunt the hunters.

In Wisconsin, two duck hunters get shot at multiple times for hunting ducks, during duck season. Luckily no one was hit.

he went off on a rant about how we shouldn’t be here, we should be in Afghanistan if we were gonna shooting something,” says Levi Johnston.

Then, that stranger, Van Hawkinson, got a gun, “for a moment there, I got angry and was hurt, I jumped in the vehicle took a .410 with me, what’s that gonna do? I shot out at the corn field up in the air, I had my weapon like so.”

We asked duck hunter David Reichenberger if he felt targeted, “oh absolutely, if he had a .22 or any other lethal weapon he could’ve killed us.”

Reichenberger and Johnston were in a canoe. No way to escape. The shots were close enough to scare them. And that’s the point, “I’m an animal lover and bird lover. I don’t like to see things die, especially for the sport of killing,” says Hawkinson.

Although the hunters were on private land, they had permission from the owner to be there. Authorities arrested and charged the 64-year-old with dangerous use of a weapon and disorderly conduct, which are misdemeanors and considered minor crimes by the law.

We asked Hawkinson if he was sorry, “yes, why? Because I went to jail for it.” He was there for one night, then he was free on $1,000 bond.

“That’s it?” That’s what David Reichenberger and Levi Johnston want to know, “he got nothing for basically trying to kill us, how is it you can shoot somebody and the next day get out of jail?”

So now not only is PETA hunting people with illegal drones, but their nut cases are hunting people literally? What’s next, global sponsors for their games? When does the madness end?


  • Kevin McCormick

    Peta i see your drone i swear i will shoot it down out of the air

  • john

    ill shoot the rotor and look rite in the camera threaten them then destroy their drone

  • swan

    and I would like to see a boomerang slingshot device used to bring the drone down and the cover it with duck feathers-LOL-and send it back to the fuckers

  • Sam Fulton

    if he had shot at me i would have shot back. thats why all duck hunters should carry a couple of slugs. as for the drone. if it comes on my land it will be shot down then shit on and set on fire. as far as public lands go….i was afraid it was an alien vessel. so it gets shot down, shit on, and set on fire.

  • Cypher

    If I am hunting and someone starts shooting at me they just became game.

  • Christopher Cordray

    just take a fishin rig for your bow and drop ur line into the rotors…lol if ur bow hunting.

  • Christopher Cordray

    and yes they will be shot down if disrupting hunting or wildlife, in my state you can be arrested for harassing with drones

  • Dallas P. Lile

    And they would have had every right to do so

  • thejoe5

    Its called opening a can of whoop ass! Anyone takes a shot at me and I don’t die I will open a 50 gallon drum on their ass!

  • Proud_to_be_American