Muslim Military Forces Training in Missouri




Local news media in Missouri may have let the cat out of the bag when they reported on the recent attempted abduction of a 12-year-old girl, by two men who were training at Fort Leonard Wood in Pulaski County. The two men, identified as Mohammed Mahmoud Omar Mefleh, 34, and Antoine Clela, 31; were attempting to persuade the girl into their vehicle when repeatedly stopping in front of her home where she was playing with another child. They are alleged to have been soliciting sexual favors from the child.

Mefleh and Clela have been charged with enticement of a child and harassmentand are currently being held at the Pulaski County Jail on $200,000 bond.

More interesting, is the KMOV St. Louis 4’s mention of their being :

The suspects are with a foreign military in a middle eastern country and are part of a training mission at Fort Leonard Wood, just a couple miles from where the attempted abduction took place.

“There is no diplomatic immunity, they are guests and if they were diplomats it would be different, but they’re here on a training mission so we treat them like any other citizen charged with a crime,” said Sheriff Ron Long with Pulaski County.

As military officials are refraining from comment at this time, Free Patriot did some checking. There are no joint training exercises mentioned for Fort Leonard at this time. While these practices are normal, many are mentioned in the news as a way to inform the American public of our ongoing cooperation with other nations for shared knowledge on defense strategy. The base is described as:

The U.S. Army CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) School trains Joint and International Service members; develops leaders; supports training in units, develops multi-service and Army doctrine; builds the future CBRN force; and is the Joint Combat Developer for the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense Program.  They also are responsible for conducting the Initial Entry training for Chemical enlisted soldiers, Basic CBRN Office course and the CBRN Captains Career Course and the specialty schools that are conducted at the newly constructed Terry Facility.  In addition, the 3rd Chemical Brigade is responsible for all basic Combat Training for the schools on post.

While the public home page corresponds with International training, Middle Eastern forces have not been a common occurrence. With the recent month’s news of the high influx of Muslim Country’s citizens, news outlets are already speculating as to the nationality of the detainees; but their country of origin remains unknown at this time. The public’s fears are already on high with talk of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into our military and Federal Government appointed positions.

OPSEC demands that many operations fly under the radar of the public view, but so far no plausible reasons for their non-disclosure have surfaced.


  • George Westrup

    I was in the Navy and trained foreigners from all over the world under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. It is very normal. I did this for about 10 years and trained guys from most middle east countries on our weapon systems that they are buying. We also sell ships, planes and all the other hardware. Try not to make something else of it unless you can get more facts.

  • Vikki

    I agree with George. This IS normal for Ft. Wood. Being retired military we are on post a lot. Nothing suspicious about it. And I’ve never heard of the base “needing” to disclose that they are training troops from other countries.
    More facts needed indeed.

  • Sharon

    Blind People Like You Have Failed America And Promoted Actions Which Are Being Thrust Upon America At This Time. This Is Also A Very Different World Than There Has Ever Been In America. Step Aside – Because We The People Will Question Every Action From Anyone From The Middle – East; Since That Is Where The People Came From Whom Inititiated War Against America On 9-1-1. Not To Mention That The Mid-East Faith Believes It Is OK To LIE To Americans. We The People Have All The Facts We Need. Go Find Someone To Feed Your Sob Story To – Who’s Been Hiding Under A Rock.

  • nomore516

    No surprise from the MOST transparent administration. Did they tell you where the NUKES WENT??
    People better wake the F’up. They are not your friend.

  • nomore516

    Not to mention, muslims marry babies. They have no problem with raping your kids. But if you trust them, more power to you. I just feel sorry for your kids.

  • blackjack

    I live right outside base, and there are lots and lots of foreign troops training on base, most of whom seem to be from middle eastern counties.

  • InfoPackage

    all the facts are already here, if you would just take a look outside you comfy home, george. islamist terror training camps on US soil, the DHS and NSA preparing for martial law takeover, the obama admin assisting the muslim brotherhood in a middle east takeover with weapons and money, the obama admin kindly treating the muslims here in america that perform hate crimes and terrorism against women, children, the belief that any who do not bow to the koran is little more than a dog.

    this article was about muslims trying to rape american children just like they do in the middle east. get the fuck off your navy bullshit line and fight for america, i see your comment as the defense of the fucktards destroying this country!

  • dw

    We need to kick ALL of the visitors out, if they are spotted after the amnesty period they are to be assumed enemy and shot on site…My bad that’s what they want, then they can be martyrs

  • Brenda L Zimmer

    not at the rate and the ones that they are now..your not in the service now are you?

  • Stephen Hamilton

    OK people, calm down and get ALL the facts first. First, for me, I don’t know the facts surrounding this issue. However, I was in the Navy as a pilot under both Reagan and Bush (Sr). I trained Egyptian pilots on American bases. This is not new, it is not Obama, we routinely train as part of allied agreements, or, we train other forces that pay us to train them. So, before we go off the deep end, let’s get the rest of the story.

  • Brian Clark

    We are the ones hiding under the rock by allowing this to even happen.on our soil.

  • Lacsar

    I’m just waiting for the time, like an insider, like the Ft. Hood guy, to be working munitions & loads a live bomb onto a fighter jet they are “training” on. They way the screw-ups have been going, this would almost seem far fetched at one time. Almost.

  • Brian Clark

    So we the people should train and strengthen the very people that want to see us dead??At our expense??Is that what you are trying to tell us??

  • Harrillfam

    Well… we appreciate you confession of aiding and helping the enemy. Your “Formal” training should be called treason and you should be shot on site!!!!!! Traitor!!!!!! I hope you are really,really proud of your self. Traitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Clark

    First of all…Muslims are not our allies…There is a hidden agenda here..our founding fathers would never allow this tyrannical behavior.If we choose to remain a free nation…War is coming and it looks to be inevitable!!We are being infiltrated.

  • GateCamper123

    Well Duh? Broad Statement “Middle Eastern Military Forces Training in Missouri” . They are in South Carolina, too and all over the U.S. . Nothing we didn’t already know!

  • NoblesvilleTerry

    The Russians are training at Ft. Carson also! While we were sleeping………

  • Guest

    We have been training foreign military troops at for Wood since the 60’s. You guys need to get caught up.

  • Jesse Watson

    We have been training foreign troops at Fort Wood since the 60’s. You guys need to get caught up.

  • igahmah

    I live here, they have been training here for years and we don’t have any problems with them in our community. Stop trying to make something out of nothing. FLW is not the only military installation that is training foreign military personnel.

  • fuckobammy

    we arm our enemies and now we train them?!

  • SomeGalNTx

    Oops. Posted under your real name. Hope the CO doesn’t find out.

  • Jeanie-July

    @Brian Clark – Totally agree with you!!!!!!! We are as guilty as any of this atrocious System we live in. Our Military leaders are especially guilty of letting things go on as long as they have. But, ultimately WE are accountable for being blind and dumb, and not paying attention to what was happening in the World and in our Govt. The Bankster Gangsters bought and paid for all our Govt. officials so that they could RUN our Country from their easy chairs. It is INEXCUSABLE!!!! Our grand parents must have been as asleep as we were/are, as to let the Fed Reserve take their personal Gold reserves away from them back when they put forth the Law which took away all Gold-backed currency, and started printing FRN’s out of thin air. Hopefully enough people will awaken to this horrendous CRIME against them, before it is too late. I have done everything in my power to WAKE UP those whom are asleep sheep…….and not without some personal harm to my own self esteem. Sad……….so damn sad, that people are so very apathetic.

  • SomeGalNTx

    According to some sources, we will find out what it’s all about come 7Nov. All of us “stupid Americans”

  • NotAgoat

    I R E A L L Y Do Not Understand Why We Would Train ANY Military Force Outside Our Own. Training Potential Enemies How To Better Fight Against Us??? I Mean, Who Else Is There???

  • Clarity-jane Seer


  • james pass

    so was the boston bombers ! they lived amoung us for years !


    hell lets just give the run of the f n country then hell lets feed them and wype there asses make them all fill at home while blowing our citys all to hell it;s comming this is not 60s its whole new world ……… THEY ALL HATE AMERICANS

  • Joey

    I do not believe anything our government say they are training out siders to help Obame and his plan to take over he will try to disarm Americans and will use foren trups to do it ….Muslim cult camps are setting up all over the United States while no one in government say nothen about it Millions of rounds bought for what ? target’s shooting ? thets why the Obama Adm are fireing top brass ….he knows they will not give the order to kill Americans this will come to be true . just look at the police force now they are like the military now only with black uniforms same gear as Military thangs are comming and soon I hope and pray that it’s not in my lifetime .

  • Leftus Maximus

    our founding fathers built our first naval ships to fight islamist pirates who were conducting white slavery raids. they knew all too well that islam is too dangerous of an animal to feed.

  • Jesse Watson

    I’m retired….the problem with this thread is it’s fear mongering bullshit. We have been training allied troops (many from the middle east) for half a century. Articles like this make it sound like they got here yesterday and there are way more crimes committed in the towns right outside base by our very own troops that you will never hear about but stick a middle eastern spin on this and people lose their minds.

  • Jesse Watson

    I’m sure they hate you

  • Jesse Watson

    LOL yep…..sneaky commie bastards!

  • Me

    LOL…George you are trying to convince the Fox News viewers that the sky ain’t falling…good luck with that !

  • mj

    wake up! We should take a cue from the Egyptians and take back our country from Obama and his cronies.

    (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//″; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

    Post by Senior Airman Brian Kolfage.

  • mj hope this link works the first time it didn,t

  • Daniel Carson

    True a re vamp on every thing would be in order starting with the Constitution….

  • T.Paine

    This is your country on Muslim.

  • EM

    I would suggest that when using photos that are not in the public domain, you would at least get permission to use them. You do not have permission to use that FA-18 photo on your site.

  • MarineMom

    Blackjack, which base are you referring to?

  • MarineMom

    Yeah, would love to know where that Nuke went?

  • MarineMom

    @Jeanie-July I agree w/ you 100%!!! People don’t understand that it all started when the Fed. Reserve was created & passed one late night on Dec. 23, 1913 when almost everyone was already on their Holiday. This has been a long time coming BUT everyone keeps going on their daily lives that what’s to come will NEVER happen. I’m concerned for our soldiers. I don’t want them to be brain washed.

  • James Pass Needs an Education

    Grammar for the win.

  • Jujubee

    Ive lost mine. I know I put it some where around here. Damn ‘merica.

  • Babalui

    LOL. I love Fauxnews Douchebags. :D

  • D.J. DelliPaoli

    They don’t mind raping goats and camels either. They don’t discriminate. Might want to keep an eye on your dogs.

  • Lt Starky

    This article is laughable. Its like this website thinks its one big secret and was suddenly leaked by the local media. Hello? Anyone home? US has been doing joint exercises and training with foreign countries from the middle east for decades. What a whole lotta nothin going on here. lol.

  • D.J. DelliPaoli

    Apparently not at Ft. Leonard Wood this is new.

  • jawilliams

    Everyone here seems to be ignoring the worst part of this story that has no conspiracy its just a fact but one that definitely needs to be taken care of….they tried to lure children away for sexual favors… this not worse than anything you girls are squabbling about? That alone deserves the death penalty.

  • Tanya

    “In the United States of America, the Constitutional Republic form of
    government was designed to be “of the people, by the people and for the
    people.” Thus, when the government fails to follow its primary
    responsibilities to the people, it falls to the people to hold the
    officers of the government accountable. One of the most powerful
    primary tools the people have for controlling officers of government is
    the original remedial Writ of Quo Warranto.”

  • Cd

    Let’s make them martyrs. Hell for Muslim martyrs.

  • Wild Bill

    Yea George what year s were you in? We were trained to kill commies not train them?

  • Wild Bill

    Hes full of shit and a traitor to the Constitution that I swore to defend on a KJV Bible, not a fucking koran!
    Kill all Moztec Militants and hang those aid and abet!

  • Wild Bill

    Yea well I served under Ford and Jimmy C. We were trained to kill commies not train them.
    Im shur if you did your oath on a KJV Bible and not a koran you would be killing Moztecs instead of training them ? These worms need hanging by rope soaked in pig blood!

  • Wild Bill

    These are Moztec Animals!

  • glenn47

    So you think luring a little girl into their vehicle to rape,her is good? Dispicable.

  • glenn47

    Agree, training people that want us dead is not very appealing, but to think we are allowing them all over when they believe having sex it’s a child is appalling. I want to puke right now.

  • glenn47

    But never have they felt so empowered to break our laws and commit sins on our people. Before,they knew the consequences, now, no problem. A whole new ball game now.

  • glenn47

    Correct, anything to obtain their goal. We wondered how 6 million people were led to death by Hilter, now we see the same thing with brain dead people here.
    Yes, we have trained forces, but never have they been so empowered but under this admin. before they knew the rules and law of the land, now, no problem.

  • glenn47

    When a French explorer first made his way to Timbuctoo to prove the place existed, he found the slaves here were owned my Muslims and they were no nicer back then and that was in the early 1800s.

  • Dennis Shuckhart

    George Westrup.. fact is the SOBs rape their own kids at 6.. 7.. and 8 yrs of age…. not fFrench… English… or damn Germans.. But middle eastern bastards.. you wake up d. Ass and stop candy coating this shit.

  • Dennis Shuckhart

    EM . . .chicken shit… what.. permission like obama get when he goes against the constitution.. fool .. small potatoes.

  • ebooksdog

    you idiots that say this is nothing training these animals on u.s. soil tell that to the families that these muslims training in afganistan turned on and killed our soldiers while training

  • Steve

    If you would pull your head out of your ass for just one minute, you would be able to see that “the sky” is indeed, perilously close to a precipice… a precipice created by an usurper and those who have so willingly supported him……. uhm …that would be YOU dumbass, just in case you’re too frickin’ stupid to make the connection.

  • Steve

    The Good Lord gave you a brain, but he won’t force you to use it…. you gotta do that part for yourself ….I wish you luck with that…

  • James Justus

    need to prosecute them immediately and charge by military tribunal.Let them know we will not put up with their so called religious rights.I am sure they are going to claim its a violation of their Koran.If they tried that around my old neighborhood they would end up missing..

  • James Justus

    be careful black jack..don’t be a obozo and tell the enemy where you are and when you are going to leave.

  • Bill Berger

    MCAS Cherry Point also has training programs involving outside entities.
    Less than 5 years ago, they were training Italian pilots. I met a few of them in the Flight Simulator Classes they were learning and practicing on.

  • rascaltherat

    It’s the message that counts here.

  • libsarescum

    Really? Nobody cares about your precious “Grammar”, when our country is being destroyed. May be you need to get life.

  • FormerFBI

    These globalist puppets don’t realize the resolve of the American people and I pray that they aren’t trying to start a civil war in this country, because 1776 will rise up against against a tyranny!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cyTexRed

    And you know this how? If military picture there is no copywrite.

  • b

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  • b

    they were going to ‘groom’ I mean gangbang the gilrs like the do in londainistan

  • posterofcomments

    Wow, you really believe that 6 million lie? The “race” that is guilty have been kicked out of every nation since AD 250.

  • Diana

    Pedophilia has always been legal, acceptable in the Middle Eastern countries. They marry their girls as young as 6 to grown men. There was an article a couple of weeks ago where an 8 year old girl died of internal injuries after the wedding night with her 40 year old husband. These men probably didn’t think they did anything wrong; business as usual.
    There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims from Libya, Egypt, Pakistan – all over the Middle East that the White House has been paying to train – against US citizens.

  • How Not To Play The Game

    They need a little due process and an old fashioned prairie pot luck. Give them a real taste of America.

  • gemma liar

    muslim countries??????????????????? do U idiots know how MANY there are? But I suspect U regressive crybaby white Christian trash will ASSUME that its either afghani or Iranian,,,,,,,

  • gemma liar

    yeah babeeeee,,,,,,and when the southern Christian regressive rightwing white trash pull out their big bad semi automatic weapons and shotguns and glocks against OUR military( remember: OUR military takes its orders from the ”COMMANDER IN CHIEF” which; if U scumbags forgot is the PRESIDEN)— so exactly HOW many shots will the redneck white trash get off against our military might b4 the military makes carbon posters of all of them?? lets start with ted nugent– gotta LUV these regressive white trash “thinking ” they will shoot their way to a new revolution,,,,,,,,,,,white stupid FOX “news” watching trash,,,,go to a nice TAX FREE Christian scumbag church and PRAY you beggars

  • gemma liar

    I prefer DEATH for ALL religious scumbag “martyrs” including christians

  • gemma liar

    explains why they look so weird….I would be suicidal also

  • gemma liar

    country started its destruction with saint Reagan selling our DEBT to asia,,,,,and OUTSOURCING our jobs overseas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tax cuts for those who do NOT need it,,,,,white regressive religious TRASH scumbags who CRY now that a black president is in office— he spends less that bush and Reagan but WHERE WERE U WHITE TRASH PHONIES THEN??? NOOOOOO where—- so enjoy Hillary and enjoy crying in tandem with the liars who make millions off of U clowns: churches and FOX “news”

  • gemma liar

    funny how U shitheads mention hitlers 6 million dead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yet U NEVER mention the 22 million STALIN killed ( his OWN people) and the 30plus million MAO killed ( again; his OWN people),,,, wanna cry some more? cry about 4 dead in Benghazi ( sounds like a 1970 song) yet the 4400 plus killed in IRAQ by BUSH/CHENEY is “ok” by U regressive crybabies

  • gemma liar

    hey scumbag,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do U believe the jews –especially the kids – deserved to be butchered? little kids? experimented on?

  • gemma liar

    “the russians are coming,,,the Russians are coming” cute movie

  • gemma liar

    lets se U find him and take him out You fucking regressive crybaby maggot

  • gemma liar

    kool aid,,,,,,,,,,,,another PITHY FOX “news” aphorism which crybaby regressives use as they simply cannot “think” 4 themselves.

  • william mony

    I will pray for you. Our president is a only out for himself as all politicians are. You will be no better off in the coming “beast” system.
    Put your faith in the true and only king, Jesus

  • GeniusOne

    You seem to have a little factual problem.

    Our military, our law enforcement officer swear a lifetime oath TO THE CONSTITUTION against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC.

    In fact members of these organizations have been imprisoned for following illegal orders.

    So , , the question is: “What is an illegal order?”

    Fortunately the answer is not complex; one that is in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    Further, check into the Oath Keepers. More military and police personnel are oath keepers than you can imagine.

    WHile you at at the OK site, please DO note that they have been activated.

    If you actually believe what you posted you are in for one heck of a surprise, I mean *huge* surprise.

  • gemma liar

    so,,,,they will NOT act in the interest of America,,,,they will simply go along with nugent-esque loons? Im willing to wager the military wont be on redneck regressive crybaby white trash side— so get ur weapons ready: and watch our military do what the PRESIDENT and chiefs of staff say— u fucking hillbilly

  • gemma liar

    news flash: JEEEESUS dried out on a cross centuries ago– and anyone who thinks they are going to HEAVEN thinks just like scumbag muslims


    They haven’t infiltrated anything, they were brought over the border by our FAKE and TERRORISTIC govenrment, which was infilatrated long, long time ago by some very, very sick people, the same people who are abducting our children off of our streets and using them for sacrifices, molesting, torturing, cloning, raping and murdering, they get off on this stuff, which is why they tried to abduct this little girl, not fo themsleves but for their masters the NWO…which is IsraHELL and every zionist out there, the FAKE AND FRAUDULENT GERMAN “queen” who victims have said is the nastiest of all of them and what she does to them, with govn’t, “peace” organizations (UN), hellywood and their sick little fallen “stars”, police, judges, CEO’s, bankster’s and so on and so on… It is beyond comprehension for most, which is how they get away with it, they rely on us being so brainwashed and will automatically think these vivitims are crazy, and they bet their lives on that,ans IT HAS WORKED…WAKE UP PEOPLE, these things are sick, again, sick beyond our comprehension! and and
    if you dismis, you are the problem in this world and you are why these people not only get away with it, but keep doing it!!

  • GeniusOne

    “so,,,,they will NOT act in the interest of America,,,,”

    Classic troll. Doesn’t even warrant a reply other than to point out that is not even CLOSE to what I actually said.

    One last thing . . . . my weapons are ready. My food is stored. I am proudly a redneck. What you don’t seem to know is that you can’t see me.

    I could be your neighbor. Live just down the block, or around the corner. I could BE your neighborhood cop, or soldier.

    Funny thing about classic trolls. They are not very good at thinking things through. Especially before they spout off at the mouth.

  • Paul Riley

    fuck u bitch im white trash and proud of it let eobamas personal army come at me and mine ive got something for them

  • Paul Riley

    learn your facts he has spent more money since hes been in office then the past 15 presidents combined your dont you just go suck him off thts wht your doing by supporting him thats ok when hes invading your home u will b crying for a whill be crying for a white redneck to save your ass

  • rednail64

    Which part of the made up message counts? I especially like the completely unsubstantiated comment about “Muslim cult camps” whatever those are.

  • Truthy1

    You need to look back further into our history to address the true motives of the founding fathers and foreign bankers.The Act of 1871 formed “The United States of America” (Corporation) and the District of Columbia.1819 Virginia Ratified the “Original 13th Amendment” (Titles of Nobility). Abe Lincoln issued the very first E.O. “Martial law” after the southern states constitutionally seceded from “the united states compact” We all are guilty of complacency and lack of vigilance to protect the freedoms that have been so hard to attain. The main culprit is a lack of true knowledge of “all” the facts and documents that should be public knowledge. We have been hoodwinked from the very start by the Freemasons et al.

  • denise0513

    Sounds to me like you need a lesson in the U.S. Constitution and the oath military personnel, law enforcement and politicians take. Yes, even your idol Obama took the oath, but FAILS to uphold it!

  • denise0513

    The Constitution of the United States is just fine. It does not need any revamping.

  • Gabriel Alan King

    Wow your a real piece of shit. lol. Let me fill you in on something you faggot fuckbag-
    after the Sandy Hook false flag, an already heavily armed America purchased more guns than the entire fucking Chinese Army. And those families have family in the military. Your treason against God and country has been recognized, and will not be forgotten.
    Keep that Obama sticker on your car for us. lol

  • Gabriel Alan King

    Are you an abortionist who sucks your domestic partners cock? Or just another parasite social worker…. lol

  • iTzKevinFTW

    I love Missouri but keep them predators out of Mo and the US!

  • m

    old news

  • Dan

    this is a bunch of shit

  • dan3333333333

    There should be no bail set on a Mulim, PERIOD!

  • dan3333333333

    I wonder if the pilots rag blew off?

  • Cyndy Browne

    Since you are so miserable in this Country of OURS, why don’t you pack up your mud-hut and go back to your Motherland….Africa.

  • How Not To Play The Game

    Enough to make ya want to spit nails, aint it?

  • Sueychop

    Nah, most Americans are docile sheep.

  • Sueychop

    you’re a real genius.

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  • vietvet

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  • William Melear

    This is the army obama was talking about.

  • bigchase28 .

    LONG LIVE the constitution and God bless America

  • Tired-Of-Thier-Shit

    Iran just visited Obuma,in 30 days they will have a nuke…HHHmmmm????
    Naw…he is a good,Christian,walk on water…save the world…..

  • Daniel Carson

    What i was meaning by re vamp is to set a amendment that protects the constitution from being stripped apart by lawyers and other trash that wants to dismember the Constitution…

  • Lonnie

    In ’71 and ’72 we had South Viet Namese training at Ft. Polk and Ft. Knox. South Viet Namese Special Forces also assisted as instructors in jungle warfare. I personally saw their troops at the 2 installations.

  • Roger Vickery

    America at present has no president only a foreign muslim imposter who has deluded simple minded democrats and other of the more racist elements of this great country and is pulling off a hoax to destroy the greatest nation in the world

  • Roger Vickery

    well its a certainty you are not going to heaven so that only leaves Hell!

  • Roger Vickery

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  • Roger Vickery

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  • leavesindatrees

    Libs/dims,socialists etc all have an anatomy misunderstanding. What comes out of most folks anus, comes out of their mouths.

  • Linda Armstrong

    Hey Liar, (Your own title) David, a young shepard boy beat goliath (a giant) with a sling shot and a rock. The difference was GOD. AND GOD is on our side. You stick with Bammy and Harry, I will stand with men like Nugent, West and the like anyday. Our TROOPS will stand with AMERICA.

  • TonysTake

    Is it a coincidence liberals in our government are doing their damnedest to disarm the population? Attn. All Sheep: Please board the train for the camp single file.

  • Benj Clarke

    wow. you really elevated the conversation with that precise insight.

  • Benj Clarke

    Jesus, man, can you make your point without bitter vulgar language? Let your truth be your offense, man.

  • redcow

    I will gladly stand with you Genius

  • rascaltherat

    Gemma, are you really that sore at the true Patriots living in this country? And who said anything about black or white? I’m guessing you are a white trash Leftist.

  • Holly Johnson French

    You wouldn’t be the Jujubee that partied with me in Virginia Bch ??? If you are that person that hung out and danced and then disappeared Please I am on FB as Holly Johnson French aka Frenchie now known as Mama Throttle

  • gemma liar

    if U are my neighbor I mustve moved from my PAID4 condo ( 1622 sq ft) in pompano beach ( FT.L area) which is across the street from that silly atlantic ocean….and moved to whatever frozen no money- regressive white trash pseudo-Christian trash pot of shit state U pollute. your food is stored? Hmmmm,,,beanie weenies and chef boy R dee are salivating to all dogs. YOUR WEAPONS R READY— well; shine the barrel; count your rounds and make certain when our ridiculously advanced military comes to silence your ant like voices please TRY to have SOMETHING left of U so your low IQ inbred relatives can waddle by and potentially recognize ( scent I assume) u so they can bury u in the prince Edward tobacco can U might fit in,,,,or will it be that afore mentioned chef boy r dee oodles of noodles? lemme know

  • gemma liar

    yep– and goes right into yours as “food for thought”,,,,and U thought we only gave our welfare to the kneeeegrow! we LOVE giving U regressive white trash the shit U enjoy! will that be american cheese food upon your well-deserved serving? lemme know

  • Elizabeth Buckler

    their names are a pretty big give away of their nation of origin……just saying

  • SomeGalNTx

    Seems like the fact is that guys like you trained the guys who want to kill us using the weapons our government sold them, then had the stupidity to even train them how to use!
    Maybe you were “just following orders.”
    So were the SS guard at Auschwitz.

  • GeniusOne

    MyMy you sure have a high opinion of yourself. Me? I am not nearly so smart and cool and rich and all that stuff. But you know what?

    At least I am functionally literate. At least I am truthful.

    YOU have my pity.

  • Michael Evans

    Didn’t expect anything other than these self serving false hoods brought forth by this BIASED POS site. This country has ALWAYS trained people from other nations. We even do it for Israel WHICH IS ON US TERRORIST WATCH LIST

  • Michael Evans

    Why doesn’t the US FORCE Assrael to admit to their OWN nukes. The US gave them to them. If ONE country in that region can have this type weapon then ALL nations there should have SAME rights.
    WE KNOW that Assrael IS a terrorist state. Hell it is even on our OWN terrorist watch list for , Fomenting, supporting and EXPORTING terrorism

  • Michael Evans

    Our MILITARY, such as MYSELF swore to defend the CONSTITUTION and NOT some Piles of feces in an office. The constitution starts with WE THE PEOPLE, which are the citizens. I will turn my rifle on this POS destroying this country before I would even think about turning on the CITIZENS who I AM sworn to protect.
    Majority of the Military are NOW conservative. WHY is that so?? Simple and same as always, Liberal, as a group are too damned scared to defend ANYTHING

  • Michael Evans

    They will dis-obey this pos and THAT IS IN THE INTEREST ON THIS NATION. You continue to prove to be just another under educated mindless pile of dog crap believing every lie your Muslim Brotherhood in chief speaks.
    You keep saying Redneck as if it is a bad thing
    Well here is the TRUE deal, you ignorant welfare grubbing lazy ghetto trash, The REDNECK is nothing but the man toiling in the sun to FEED your incompetent lazy ass.
    BTW, do you REALLY want me to get a rifle ready to take you out of OUR misery. Dipstick, I DO NOT MISS

  • Michael Evans

    You are living in nothing but some Ghetto welfare paid high rise with NO running water. Your intelligence level , alone, proves you to be much too ignorant to have succeeded at anything OTHER than FAILURE

  • Michael Evans

    Functionally literate ?!?!?!?!!!! What type of lie is that called. IF your are functionally literate MAYBE you might ought to STOP doing what you are and actually type something to PROVE this false claim of yours. NONE of your other posting have shown anything above a first grade language ability

  • denise0513

    I can get behind that, Daniel.

  • Michael Evans

    EVERY Muslim I have met, which numbers pretty high, who look at you like thse childish fool you are. Islam is the most PEACEFUL religion on this earth. Just idiots like your mentally defective ass l blame all of one group because of actions of a few.
    Are ALL blacks bad just because OBlameYou and his flunkies are??? Are ALL Christians bad because of people such as Jim Jones and David Koresh ????
    The Quran states that it is WRONG to kill even ONE innocent person on this Earth. It states that If you would kill just ONE innocent person then it is as if you killed ALL of Allah, God’s , People. The God they call Allah is the EXACT same being we call God. They believe in ALL of the SAME Prophets in the Bible. The believe that Jesus is a great prophet
    Go choke on a watermelon seed.

  • GeniusOne

    I can not even imagine why I would want to prove anything to you. Perhaps you feel entitled . . . .

  • Michael Evans

    Absolutely NOT supposed to be directed in your direction at all. Sorry
    Meant for the Ghetto witch ” Gonna Lie “