[Watch] Cop Pulls Gun on Regular Guy, Gets Gun Taken Away And A Beating Too

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As police forces become increasingly militarized and confrontations become more commonplace, we can expect that more and more people will react like this. The policeman put his hand on the civilian to try to control him and the civilian brushed it off. That’s when the cop drew his firearm. He forgot about the guy behind him.

Good thing for the policeman that these guys just wanted to be left alone or he’d of had a much worse day.


  • Tin

    It needs to happen more often to those that have forgotten that having a badge is not a right to be a bully.

  • milehisnk

    Wish we could see more…see what happened before and after the altercation. I wouldn’t hand the cop back his gun with it loaded…or functional for that matter. I’d give it to him in pieces…scattered throughout the field.

  • RickK

    Haha, MF got beat by plumber’s crack. LOL

  • RickK

    You can’t be a pussy cop and break the law. If you want to assault the citizens, you have to be like the common criminals, Wyatt Earp and his brothers. Just gun down everyone while they are not looking. Kind of like today’s SWAT teams.

  • lauraburnbowyer

    Well I am generally not for hitting a police officer but if that officer is abusing his power and thinks he can just pull a gun and treat citizens bad because he has a badge, then he deserves a smack down.

  • Jeff

    There’s not enough here to even be able to pass judgement on what happened, and if the guys were justified for disarming and hitting the cop or not. I do not believe it should automatically be a crime to assault an officer, just because they are law enforcement. If they are in the wrong, then they get what they get.

  • Glenn Barrow

    Situations like this will continue to rise as long the police keep up the bullying. They are here to protect and serve and they are increasingly becoming more hostile toward our common men and women. So in turn common men women will become increasingly hostile towards police.

  • dill

    The douche bag deserved it. Start acting like a real cop.

  • Richard Maloney

    the badge is symbol of authority to represent the law not to abuse it. cop had a lesson handed to him and hopefully he will learn some respect for people

  • Robert Galloup

    It is not their job anymore. The Supreme Court upheld up this a few years back.

  • John Zych

    Where’s the beginning of the video?

  • Charles Murphy

    you know those two went to jail anyway right! can’t hit the po po without payback!

  • John Zych

    The guy was a drunk driver with no license
    Not a hero. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya46xmI9Xug&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  • Debra Ward


  • John

    We teach our children not to bully a person that is less then them , but yet we police throwing woman around , ganging up on men and kids and time and time again nothing happens . They are suppose to be an example , just because a person is walking away does not give them the right to put hands on you , unless you have committed a crime of course.

  • David Hutchins

    They are way to eager to tase people ,When you fall on pavement after being tased it is not a pretty sight since you become limp and fall with all your weight to the pavement. He shouldn’t have kicked him and should get in trouble for it,but I would have liked it if the guy would have got his taser and tased him with it..If the cop could have got to his gun he would have killed both and he would have got off.

  • David Hutchins

    They are way to eager to tase people ,When you fall on pavement after being tased it is not a pretty sight since you become limp and fall with all your weight to the pavement. He shouldn’t have kicked him and should get in trouble for it,but I would have liked it if the guy would have got his taser and tased him with it..If the cop could have got to his gun he would have killed both and he would have got off.

  • Eddie

    There is not enough to make a judgment, however, we do not know if the cop pulled a gun or a taser gun on the citizen. It is obvious that the person was drunk and it was obvious that the person who took down the cop was drunk as well. It is a video that should have more footage if it is going to be put on youtube.

  • wraith

    Bullshit the guy was drunk and not responding to the cops orders– now he will do 10 years for being a ass…..

  • Don Chadwick

    Why did the cop try and arrest him? What did the guy do?

  • Lynnz

    He was tasing the guy with no warning !!! I saw enough to know what the officer did was wrong,

  • Bluehendu

    I hope it was not a drug (crack) bust gone bad!
    Just say no to crack!

  • unknown

    if you watch the whole video the officer did what he was supposed to do and these two drunk idiots jumped him…plain and simple. i mean im all against police bullying but this is not a case of that.

  • Troubleshooter

    Eddie, the only thing obvious, is that the cop pushed a guy, then pulled a gun on him, got the gun taken away from him and pinned, and the first guy he messed with gave him a little boot dance. That’s ALL that’s obvious, so how long have you been a moron?

  • Nick Monterosso

    Serves that cop right.

  • RickK

    You don’t need a license. And the guy wasn’t too drunk to kick the shit out of the pussy cop. Maybe next time, the cop will go after a real criminal, or mind his own business.

  • Wonder Touched

    I believe if you look it up Police no longer protect and serve They are only to uphold the law. I’m sure I saw a write up on it a couple years ago. When you know this it kind of changes your prospective about police or as they are called Law inforsement!

  • Scott Bayer

    Amazing that you can tell the guy was drunk.A southern drawl may make you sound slow but it doesnt mean he was drunk.

  • Daniel Jackson Hardison

    A real criminal? Are you fucking stupid? More people die (murdered) by a drunk driver every year than anything else, including guns! Over 10,000 a year! In my eyes, if someone gets behind the wheel drunk and smashes into a vehicle with a family in it and kills them, then they are a murderer!

  • Daniel Jackson Hardison

    If you guys scroll down to John Zych’s comment he posts up the whole video. The cop was not being a bully, he was attempting to arrest an individual who was driving without a license, expired registration, and driving drunk. Then the guys step brother grabbed the cop. The cop was not being a bully or an asshole, he was doing his job.

  • John Zych

    wow, what state doesn’t require a license to drive on a public road?

  • John Zych

    bests the old method of a billy club to the head, doesn’t it?

  • John Zych

    drunk driver

  • John Zych

    RickK thinks the cop should mine his own business, it’s not like he’s a cop or something. Oh, wait.

  • John Zych

    what law did he break? enforcing the vehicle code?

  • John Zych

    I HATE when they bully drunk drivers!

  • Daniel Jackson Hardison

    Apparently the fantasy world that RickK lives in allows you to drive without a license. They probably ride on unicorns and slide down rainbows too.

  • mommabear

    HE WAS!

  • Erik Kenney

    NO HE WASN’T!! A real cop will MAINTAIN PROFESSIONALISM and call for backup when he feels threatened FOLLOWING A STRICT CODE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT ETHICS UTILIZING AN ESCALATION OF FORCE where your GUN IS THE LAST ITEM PULLED and a TAZER GUN IS ONE STEP ABOVE THAT!!!!! (meaning that the Tazer gun comes out B-4 the one designed for deadly force) You have got to read Mommabear! because too many people have somehow accepted that the police are allowed to intimidate people and abuse their authority!!!

  • Erik Kenney

    Eddie you made an assumption, there is nothing in that video whatsoever that states obviously that either of the two men who took down this police person were in any way intoxicated or under the influence of ANY drug……

  • Erik Kenney

    please provide us with a link that has the “whole video”…I watched everything that was provided in the post that we are all commenting on, and if that is the video you are referring to….you are both an IDIOT and a COWARD (unknown….. like we’re going to take your pathetic ass serious anyway)

  • Erik Kenney

    No they didn’t….. I looked it up…. the cop actually got a letter of reprimand and was suspended for not following proper police procedures. The video was used in the court and the prosecution team could not convince a jury of their peers that the two men were in fact in violation of any law so they were forced to drop the charges. The first guy (the one tazed claimed self defense) & the 2nd one (his step brother or cousin depending on which article you read) claimed defense of an innocent victim, when civil liberties are being infringed on. The cop is lucky to still have a job!!

  • Robert

    I love it !!!

  • Erik Kenney

    the guy was the passenger!! GOD!! do you people research stuff before you go running?

  • RickK

    Apparently that would be this state where this guy kicked the shit out of the jack boot. LOL You morons. Fucking sheeple.

  • Daniel Jackson Hardison

    Speaking of reading, the video title is wrong, he actually pulled his taser out not his gun. Look something up and compare articles before you believe everything you read from just one site.


    yeah, especially when THEY are generally the ones doing the drunk driving, sexual assaults, dog killing, traffic violations, and well, just about every other crime imaginable.

  • http://thecaptiansquarters.blogspot.com/ Capt-Dax

    They are to Quick to Pull there Gun..

  • Todd Hill

    Warren v. District of Columbia

  • snickit

    Doesnt appear that they were drunk but need the whole story. All to often lately video of LEO’s overreaching their authority.

  • Rolf

    So, by that logic, if someone felt you deserved a little ass kicking, it wouldn’t be a crime.

  • Rolf

    How many posting here have actually done what they claim they would do in this situation?

  • Lynnz

    This wasn’t about a feeling it was about what was happening at that moment !!! So yes I say the man needed help and he got it.

  • Stevie

    So what happened ? Did the cop go home with his tail tucked or did he call the swat team?

  • shirleys

    It will be a sad state of a affairs when the NORMAL

  • shirleys

    it will be a sad day when the NORMAL citizen will no longer feel safe in our towns and on our roads because people feel that they can beat down on LEO’S whenever they feel they have the right to. I feel that if you are driving drunk you need to be arrested and I don’t give a damn what the officer has to use to make the road safe for me and my family! If you are out in my town causing mischief and I call the police I don’t care what he has to do to your sorry a$$ to make an arrest. Obey the laws and you don’t have to worry about the police! I am in my mid 50’s and I have never had to worry about the police….but I have never broken the law either…..maybe that would be the key?

  • Rolf

    How long have you been a cop?

  • Linda Sandilla Reptik

    Then don’t put your, & everyone else’s life, in danger by drinking & driving!

  • Roger Combs

    I,m thinking I have longer then u Rolf so chill out. I know a few who do have a habit of over stepping their authority in situations , they know one day it will cost them but they think they wo,nt ever get caught

  • Blaine Cooper

    Good more people should do that to them…….

  • Linda Sandilla Reptik

    Police Officer’s, for the most part are good people, trying to do a thankless job! People are always ready to condemn & criticize until they need one, There are bad apples in Law Enforcement just like there are in every other profession, doctors, lawyers, teachers & maybe even yours! Until you have walked in a Cops shoes, seen what he sees, deals with what he does….don’t criticize! Some Officers, a lot in fact, try to treat people the way they would want to be treated in their situation & get spit on for their effort! You don’t like Cops? Next time you need one…..call a pusher for help!!!!!

    @Rick Wells…if this what The Free Patriot is all about….get off my news feed!

  • bobomack

    I was raised to be respectful to law enforcement, but with the ever increasing hostility and deliberate disrespect to the common citizen by police, This will be more prevalent. We couldn’t see the whole video of what happened, but I’ve seen enough to know this cop got what he deserved!!!

  • jeff

    May I just say: “He would HAVE HAD” or even “He’d have had…” a worse day. “Would of had” makes no sense whatsoever, it’s a bastardization of “would’ve”, an informal contraction of “would have”.

  • ste8875

    Here is the entire video for all of you that just hate the cops. The title is wrong and shows that people will believe anything they are told or read, that is how we got Obama for the second term. You guys are just low information voters like the liberals that you dont like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya46xmI9Xug&feature=youtube_gdata_player.Try to make an informed decision next time, and I doubt anybody that posted crap that was wrong will come back to make an apology.

  • ste8875

  • ste8875
  • Clint

    These cops need to learn that they work for ‘us”, the people. They wouldn’t have a job if we didn’t pay for it, so they should learn their place.

  • ste8875

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya46xmI9Xug&feature=youtube_gdata_player . the rest of the story, your an idiot. Next time you or your family gets victimized by burglary rape robbery car theft or even just a car accident dont call the police, call the crack head down the street to help you out he will do a better job anyway right. Police are a cross section of society, you have bad citizens and therefore you will have bad officers from time to time. Low information voter that is all you are.

  • Joni Pickering

    Not enough video to say who was right or wrong. i am guessing those guys will have to answer some hard questions.

  • Lynnz

    Rolf I am not a cop BUt I have a son that is A city of Tampa FL. detective !!! and if he had done this and what happen to the officer on this post happened to him I would tell him I am happy there was someone there to stop him.

  • Sirrus Rider

    Least the COP didn’t wind up with a copper clad lead suppository..

  • gruntjust4u

    Sadly the “Polices” performance over the past 10yrs has made the public angry and Trust is NON EXISTENT. I think as things get worse if that is even possible we will see repeats of this and in much greater numbers. The Police have done this to themselves thanks to video’s and other means their unbridled cruelty (Not All Of Them) towards the citizens they are supposed to be serving and protecting has increased 10 fold and now they will begin to sow what they have reaped. Sucks to be them.

  • Artemis Primatha

    Looks like the guy wasn’t driving.

  • Dennis Bond

    Right or wrong, there are many people who take is personal when a gun gets shoved into their or their friends faces.

  • John gilmore

    agreed! It was not even his gun it was his taser that he drew. The cop did everything he was supposed to do. He tolled the guy to put his hands behind his back so he could cuff him. the guy resisted and he had to get rough with him. If the guy who took out the cop was really trying to help the situation he would not have let the other guy kick the cop as much as he did. Both of the civilians should be charged with assaulting an officer on top of the drunk driving charges that are coming to the first guy. The Cop was in the right in every way. In-fact the cop should have drawn his weapon when he was let up but he did not. The cop would, by law in many states, have been justified in shooting they guy who was kicking him if the guy kept it up.

  • mossfish

    Thank you for posting the longer video. Where is this Sgt’s back-up? He got too focused on the drunk. He should have warned off the by-stander and not let him get behind him. All that said this is not the story presented above and that undermines the cause of freedom. It’s not a gun, it’s a TASER. In the end the cop is not wrong, driving drunk is dangerous and against the law.

  • john don

    Its called bad karma the cop got what he most likely deserved, that cop did shit in his past as a officer and not karma kicked him in the face!

  • Deana

    this Cop for once did not get what was coming to him. those two drunks need to be behind bars. don’t get me wrong I am all for if a cop over steps hi boundaries then he should be put in his place. however he was arresting a drunk driver an the passenger come back out of the store an seen this an over took an officer doing his job. if you are going to post on these things do a little more investigation before jumping to a conclusion an accusing a LEO of wrong doing when there was none.

  • Rolf

    Well, good for you.

  • Rolf

    OK, so how many years? I retired with 28.

  • disqus_khiD4yhUiu

    I’m not in a position to judge who was right or wrong in this incident, and if the Cop was innocent, sadly he has only his fellow LEOs to blame. Today, we live in a climate were not a day goes by were you do not read at least 2 story’s of an over zealous LEO, shooting and killing an innocent person and getting by with it, or a severe beating on someone that is so severe they are disfigured or crippled for life because the LEO allowed his anger to take over. Today many Cops that I train in firearms , openly admit to steroid use and other illegal actions that result in roid rage, not to mention the training they have been receiving for the last 20 years were they are trained to believe anyone outside of their profession is an enemy combatant.
    Over the years I have voiced my opinions to LEOs on my concerns of the danger they might bring on themselves by their actions and the fear they are instilling on those they are in contact with to believe that LEOs can not be trusted or are a danger to society and as a result a blowback killing of an LEO out of fear.

  • Anthony L Barrett

    Should have left the cop lifeless, this is a prime example of a trigger happy robot, trained to shoot first, ask questions later

  • Joe Davis

    Cops do not get to be cop, judge and jury. They very often go overboard on citizens. No one is claimi9ng that the guy wasn’t drunk, Cops have a choice to make, either do your job the right way, oir get your asses kicked.

  • Rupert

    This is an example of an officer not adhering to the proper procedure for the escalation of force. The drawing of his weapon was not warranted by this mans actions. Even if he was non compliant, deadly force was not his next option. Too many loose cannons with a badge and gun just waiting for an opportunity to pop someone.

  • Rupert

    But after seeing the entire video this officer acted in a reasonable manner with this man with non lethal means when he gets overwhelmed by the second guy.

  • bitch

    It was one thing to take his gun and stop escalation but to kick him when he was down was an overstep

  • Tami Moneymaker

    it’s a 28 second video, no way we saw all of it. Cops are getting out of hand true but we don’t know what all happened here. The one who took the cop down seemed more level headed than the cop or his buddy.

  • John Zych

    uh huh..sure they’re not

  • Matthew Wilson

    why don’t you show the whole film footage. That drunk ass needs to go to jail.

  • Matthew Wilson

    no warning? he was pointing it at him for quite awhile before using it. The subject was becoming aggressive and combative.

  • John Zych
  • John Zych
  • J. Camaron Rogers

    So as long as you perform ONE good service for the community, the rest of your thuggish behavior can be overlooked? Good to know. I’m gonna start putting change in those charity jars next to cash registers, which by your logic means I’m now free to steal, kidnap, assault, bully, and murder anyone I want, right?

  • J. Camaron Rogers

    The cops get to use adrenaline as an excuse for MUCH worse, so I think we can overlook a little rib-kicking for these guys. At least they eventually stopped. If it had been a civilian on the ground and two cops standing over him, this would’ve ended much worse for the guy on the ground.

  • William Cruz

    To many questions on this video…the video is edited and you can clearly see that the man is drunk. Instead of posting true videos of police overstepping their boundaries sites like this choose to edit and promote a false image. You are no different from liberals who twist the truth. Be honest in your reporting!!!

  • Kim

    Um… okay. Just by seeing this video, the officer had every single right to pull his gun! That man was disobeying a direct older and the man pulled away. Who knows what that guy could have done as he turned away… pulled a gun himself, a knife… What I just witnessed should have landed these dudes in jail!

  • William Cruz

    Everyone here is making an assumption and it doesn’t matter what the assumption is, the video is edited and therefore, making a valid observation with all the fact is impossible. People see what they want to see in this video…unfortunately we don’t know the whole story, no matter how many of you want to believe you do. All we know is that this website is acting no different from the liberal media, editing their reports to sway a group of people to a specific judgment. In reality, all assumptions are that assumptions and personal bias will sway your view on what you see. I would like to see the full video before making a decision on what really happen. Seek all the facts first.

  • Trrffya

    It’s a thankless job at it’s best, yes there are police that step over the line , just like there are drunk drivers, both need to be reprimanded, if the guy that grabbed the cop was there to see what was involved in the situation, and made the decision to step in , that can be investigated , but after he grabbed that officer, had that drunk turned around with a gun and shot that cop, the bystander should be charged as an accessory to the shooting.

  • Cliff Williams

    Really? We are putting this up as two law abiding citizens taking a justifiable action against an LEO who’s action’s were unwarranted? Keep it up and the liberals won’t even have to lift a finger because we’ll be doing their dirty work for them.

  • John Zych

    Do you have links to news stories about the crimes this particular cop committed?

  • Arthur

    Not reason to draw your weapon! he should either had or requested assistance..Poor tactics on this officers part….Most likely there will be an assault on an officer filed on both individuals,,Officer needs further training no doubt..

  • Lynnz

    I don’t know what you’re seeing that i’m not The first time I saw the gun was when the officer tried to restrain him then I saw the gun and the officer aimed and the friend took him down !!! Where did you see what your talking about I just rewatched it !!!

  • Lynnz

    Thank you Rolf !!! The most intelligent thing you’ve said so far.

  • everyoneIsOnBathsalts

    but the guy who kicked him had just been tazed

    i think one assault without warning deserves another

  • Rolf

    Your approval means the world to me.

  • think about it

    if these guys think they should do that to someone with a badge..what would happen if you happen to dis agree with them

  • J. Camaron Rogers

    In the video alone, I see assault and attempted kidnapping.

  • John Zych

    How’s a lawful arrest for drunk driving kidnapping?

  • J. Camaron Rogers

    Not all of us believe a badge grants the “authority” to kidnap.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cklopfenstein Collin Klopfenstein

    You sound like a person who got screwed on a DUI or something and is bitter about it. We’re missing context here. We don’t get to see anything leading up to this. The officer acted a little hastily drawing his weapon, but still I don’t see anything overly excessive…

  • J. Camaron Rogers

    Never been drunk in my life, and the only time I was arrested was for a FTA for an improper turn, and the deputy who arrested me was very polite about it, so… nice guess.


    how long will they get in jail . post what happen to them

  • John

    Really ? arrested for a improper turn, you were DRUNK !!!

  • John Zych

    He drew a Taser from his left side with his right hand. Cops ain’t going crossdraw their real gun.

  • John Zych
  • Richard Felton

    wow drunk drivers that disarmed a cop. sounds like he needs to find another line of work. he does look a little butt hurt at the end of the video.

  • Keely Shaper

    Honestly, I don’t really know what had happened, and I have seen the longer video. I’ve stopped believing police officers after they’ve been caught in so many lies, and then stand up for one another’s wrong doing and law breaking. That being said, if the man was driving drunk, he’s a risk and needs to be punished. If not, then the officer is in the wrong.

    The way police handle business now, compared to 10 years ago, is a lot different. They shoot first and ask questions later. Too many unarmed, innocent victims have been killed by trigger happy officers (not saying this one is). We’re no longer being protected, we’re being killed b/c we disagree. There was an elderly man who was shot and killed in his bed b/c police said “he had a gun” but that was found to be false. The reason they were even there was b/c they “smelled” meth. No meth was found, but they found the elderly man’s son’s marijuana, that he had legally, thus justifying the shooting.

  • Arthur Harless

    John you have 9 likes total between your two comments. LMNOP has 43 in just the one, I believe LMNOP is who the people are backing.

  • AsphaultCowboy

    First, I believe what he pulled was a tazer, not a gun. Second, we don’t know what happened before this clip, or after this clip. We don’t even know if this guy the cop was trying to apprehend was even driving. I agree, a badge is not a right to bully, and there are plenty of cops that use it for that purpose. I also think he’s a shitty cop, as he was unaware of other threats around him.

  • tbonpc

    Lol, should have never let the a**hole up. Cops think they are bad until someone stands up to them

  • Robert

    Glad to see it happen

  • OldManMtn

    well THERE’s your problem.
    police are public servants – they are not our masters who can randomly bark orders at us.

  • Glenn Barrow

    Well, a lot of people, including myself, have lost trust in our police force. I do realize there are some good ones, but most of them do not trust us so in turn we do not trust them. Police do not treat people as Innocent any longer. If you can’t see the way the police are being militarized then you are the uninformed one sir. I have seen video after video of police officers over stepping their bounds and tackling people that are cooperating and have even been lied to myself by police to get what they want from people. It would seem that good officers have become the minority in most precincts. I’m glad I’m the one you decided to attack since what I said was pretty tame by comparison. LOL. Nor did I condone the persons actions. You sir, in my opinion, are the idiot and your response makes you look like an asshole.

  • Tommy Rowe

    why is it a crime to fight. In that case our government is responsible for who knows how many illegal murders for war. You said it is a crime just for a little ass kickin.

  • Glenn Barrow

    Yes sorry I should of said their motto instead of their job. Its still on the local cruisers in my city.

  • Don Lanpher

    One dumb cop, pulled his weapon on a guy with his friend standing right behind him…….

  • OldNYFirefighter

    I have personally seen drunks get very obnoxious & unruly when stopped by an Officer. I even helped an officer when a drunk assaulted the Officer. I have never had any problems with an Officer anywhere, but I also don’t drive drunk or break MV laws. It looked to me like he acted responsibly when the person refused to cooperate. He wants to go home to his family too.

  • OldNYFirefighter

    Drunk driver, suspended license or no license, DWI will get you arrested & your vehicle towed unless a responsible sober person is available to drive it home. If it was unregistered, it will be towed & impounded!

  • OldNYFirefighter

    I was under the impression he was the driver.

  • OldNYFirefighter

    The guy that got 6 years looks like a smart ass anyway. Evans was the driver & he is the one that started the confrontation. Drunk driving, unregistered vehicle & no valid license. The assault is what got them prison sentences!

  • OldNYFirefighter

    Police report says he was! I imagine they tested him at the station after his arrest.

  • OldNYFirefighter

    They will also be going to prison for 6 & 9 years where their drinking problem will be cured!

  • Rolf

    784.03 Battery; felony battery.—(1)(a) The offense of battery occurs when a person:

    1. Actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other; or

    2. Intentionally causes bodily harm to another person.

    (b) Except as provided in subsection (2), a person who commits battery commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

    (2) A person who has one prior conviction for battery, aggravated battery, or felony battery and who commits any second or subsequent battery commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. For purposes of this subsection, “conviction” means a determination of guilt that is the result of a plea or a trial, regardless of whether adjudication is withheld or a plea of nolo contendere is entered.

    History.—s. 5, Feb. 10, 1832; RS 2401; s. 1, ch. 5135, 1903; GS 3227; RGS 5060; CGL 7162; s. 2, ch. 70-88; s. 730, ch. 71-136; s. 19, ch. 74-383; s. 9, ch. 75-298; s. 172, ch. 91-224; s. 5, ch. 96-392; s. 4, ch. 2001-50.

  • Anonymous

    Obama won the election because more people liked him. Does that make him right captain asshat?

  • C

    FTA means failure to appear. As in he didn’t go to court on his court date to do the whole formal process of the ticket. An FTA is an immediate issuing of a bench warrant for the person. Maybe you should do some reading up on the law process before making a comment that makes you look like an uneducated mongrel. Just saying….




  • J. Camaron Rogers

    Thank you. At least someone here has a functioning brain :-D

  • Arthur Harless

    He is right, do the research yourself. Calling people names because you disagree is immature and infantile. I have not insulted anyone, but for some reason have been insulted.

  • John Zych

    People also like “Dacing with the Stars”, that doesn’t mean they’re right.

  • John Zych

    So did you sue for being kidnapped?

  • PeterO

    The officer was doing his job getting a DWI off the road. The drunk was resisting arrest. The officer was pointing a Taser, not a gun. Then, the wacko comments here attacking the officer by having him symbolize a statist takeover….we should support our local police when they enforcing local law. That officer was brutally assaulted — kicked in the face several times — just trying to keep a drunk from driving. It’s that simple.

  • Erik Kenney

    In your attached video we are told that the cop was going to arrest the guy for driving w/o a license and drunk driving, We are then told that the guy COMING OUT OF THE STORE was the actual driver…. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I SURE AS HELL AINT GONNA LET SOME PIPSQUIRT WITH A BIG HEAD arrest me for those 2 charges if I’m a passenger!! HELL NO!! (btw that is NOT resisting arrest, it is EXERCISING my GOD GIVEN right to liberty!!!!!!!!!!!). Not only that, BUT this footage shows NO PROOF THAT THE civilian was intoxicated!! So what FACT, snickit are you basing your comment on?

  • Erik Kenney

    where did u c they’re going to prison? Did u do any research?

  • Erik Kenney

    HOLY CRAP!!! watch it AGAIN 1) no proof that he was drunk 2) the video even says that the DRIVER comes out of the convenience store 3) HOW can ANYONE WITH A BRAIN side with the cop when told that the guy being arrested for drunk driving and driving w/o a license WAS THE PASSENGER???????????????????

  • Erik Kenney

    You ste8875 are the IDIOT!! derrrrrrrrrrr !!!(LMAO!!!) re-watch that video you posted….. ok now that that’s done. Go re-watch it again with your eyes closed & LISTEN ….. OK dummy, did you hear that? NO? well, go do it AGAINNN … HHHMMMMM….wellll all-righty-then, Do you feel like a wart on a pig’s ass? (don’t worry, you’re not the only one :-) . Your video…. the one you posted… tells us that an innocent civilian’s liberty was being infringed upon by an out of hand cop who illegally and against policy (escalation of force that ALL law enforcement officials are required by law to follow) tazed a man. That cop was then thrown to the ground by THE DRIVER of the car (did you catch that? did you? well? did you? derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Next time you or any of your offspring have a thought….KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES!!

  • Erik Kenney

    You are sooooo right. I should have mentioned tazers in my post…..oh wait I just re-read it….I did mention tazers!! read the WHOLE post before you comment. you wrote “…Look something up and compare articles before you believe everything you read from just one site…” look up escalation of force. It is a requirement of ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS to know this inside & out and also to be followed by them. After you read the entire entity (& compared several sites that display it) go ahead & make your case.

  • kiba

    hey john you sound like a cop yourself why not just put the gun down and walk away they are more people that despise thug cops than those who like thug cops so … leave while you still have yours!

  • kiba

    if he wasnt the one driving its not called drinking and driving!

  • John Zych

    and you sound like a kid who told the cops he had weed in his car and wondered why he was busted for weed

  • NerdBoy

    if the POS pulls a firearm on me, attempts to kidnap me and is unjustified, yes he deserves an ass kicking and to lose his job

  • mjb1987

    blond haired guy is totally in the wrong and so is the guy who grabs the cop from behind. and if you dont think so then you are part of the problem in this country. simple as that. you cant expect cops to do their job then when they pull over a DRUNK non cooperative person and they use means to protect the people around them you people are pissed at the cop. now if the situations were reversed and this dbag would have killed a family while he was driving home that night. you all would of been asking why wasnt there a sobriety checkpoint. im not saying that cops dont abuse their power but there are alot of good ones out there just like there are good people and bad. its bullshit to hold double standards on these guys!

  • mjb1987

    you say that but you would really want to sue these people…DONT GET ON YOUR HIGH HORSE

  • mjb1987

    you need some discipline man. get off the video games and serve your country

  • Lynnz

    No I would not want to sue them and if I want to get on my High Horse I will !!!

  • Dont Tread on me.

    Looking at this video is farking disturbing. A DUI stop guy resists arrest heck boys and girls rules apply . This is total disregard for the law and both these booze brothers are lucky they didnt catch a 9mm slug each. Theres a difference in being angry over the stupidity of our governments actions ,but taking them out on the wrong people isn’t right. I would personally appreciate having this video and story removed.

  • Bud Johnson

    When they can’t argue with facts they resort to name calling. I totally disagree with Obama care and most of his positions but 1. My disagreement is a fact. I also disagree with attacks by calling names. Morons need to learn facts. 2. Fact Obama care is a failure at present time. Taking from the “rich middle class” isn’t going to pay for it. The altra rich can pay any fine imposed without a second thought or figure out how to avoid it altogether. These are facts and not once did I resort to calling anyone a name.

  • adam

    John Zych, do you disagree that police brutality is a problem in America? If not, then why did you even make that statement?

  • B Masters

    Oh wow, look at that..nothing but crickets now. Officer lawfully placing a drunk driver under arrest, gets assaulted, then after getting back up doesnt retaliate. Wheres all the internet lawyer and keyboard warrior comments? Its alot different when the whole video is shown, huh?

  • B Masters

    Lemme guess..your sisters boyfriends cousin knows someone who is a lawyer, right? Speaking of offspring..please refrain from reproducing.

  • GoMPs

    I am firmly convinced that as technology advances us forward at an exponential rate, people as a whole are just getting more vacuous than ever. If you view the video in the lengthier version it is obvious that the officer gave him repeated warnings, pulled his taser, still didn’t use it, and then was jumped from behind by a coward, kicked in the face by the other coward, was let up and still didn’t use is taser or gun but regained control and waited for backup. Personally I would have gotten up and knee capped him. It is also found that the fool he was going to arrest was drunk, had expired tags and a suspended license and someone else called the police because of his reckless driving. This happened in early 2011 and the the assailant was sentenced to 6 years for the assault that he pleaded guilty to. Next time a situation like this occurs do you think the officer will be more likely to pul he trigger on that taser sooner. Probably.
    Some cops are bullies, that is a fact, some cops are crooks, that is also a fact, but most cops are neither. Some become bullies because they have had something like this happen to them, where is prior to they were not. If you do not want a cop to taser you, cuff you, or “bully” you, then don’t get caught breaking the damn law. It’s that simple. Now if you are sitting on a park bench and a cop walks up and tasters you, takes your wallet and kicks you the head then arrests you for loitering, show me the video and I will be on your side. Funny thing about cops though…… most ignorant people hate them…. until they need them….then they can’t get there fast enough or do a good enough job.

  • Paula

    he could have easily shot him…the rule in any situation involving a gun, is that you don’t point it unless you are going to use it. The cop was waaaay out of line on this one.

  • Rivercity

    I would like to know more about that video. I don’t think the officer pulled his gun, he pulled his TASER. The video is misleading, what were the men stopped for? Was the officer attempting to make a lawful arrest? That brief clip doesn’t answer those questions.

  • Rivercity
  • joe

    cops are nothing more than a leagle gang controlled by the goverment

  • Michael Kimsey

    Good, these cops need to learn that the gun is NOT the first response.

  • joe

    read things befor you comment

  • Jonathon Moore

    You didn’t say that the uninformed need to learn facts, you called them morons, then denied calling names. Just saying

  • smarsh

    Cops pull their guns and shoot people way too often. They need to start de-escalating situations instead of just bullying and killing people.

  • Bud Johnson

    Jonathan I was referring to the people who call anyone who disagrees with their opinion a moron so all I was doing was pointing out that they are the ones that act like morons for the simple fact they resort to name calling based on nothing more then another person having an opinion that differs with them. I didn’t call any one person a moron for disagreement of opinion. Sorry you took it as name calling because I would rather debate the facts.

  • James Row

    It was a stupid move.. The officer could have accidentally fired. Nobody stated what the man was being detained for and when the officer told the man to turn around he resisted arrest. Now had this officer believed his life was being threatened he would have had a perfect reason to pull his service weapon. But as a said. The video offers little detail as to why the man was being detained. And when the officer was down, the subject kept kicking him. Tells me there probably wasn’t alot of respect going to be given to the officer in the first place.

  • Cooney Morgan

    I’d really like to see the rest of the video, or get some more of the story. The who, what, when, where, and why’s. I mean was that it? Did it all end there?

  • Humanity4Humans

    good point you raise there good fellow! :P

  • bozzer 52

    So to make a long story short, you got your ass whooped!

  • Lance Spivey

    Ain’t nothin’ but the truth.

  • Max_Gades

    The problem is this isn’t just a small segment of what actually happen and the full video might make you change your opinion of this event.

  • Roger Smith

    The way I see it.The cop is lucky that they didn’t beat the brakes off his punk ass.This cop must have gotten bullied in school so he becomes a cop so he can bully other people like he was.There will more and more of this as long as cops play god.

  • Georgia Martin-Gonzalez

    um yeah looks like a couple of drunks that wer’nt listening, And now will probably go to prison.

  • Glen Cothran

    he won because more people voted more than once for him and the election was rigged. that is why when a ballot was entered with someone else’ name on the ballot it went to Obama. do some research on that.

  • Glen Cothran

    we will disregard the moron statement then.. but never the less, you are correct in fact that it takes from those of us that work. wealth distribution. who came up with that? oh a kabutz. like marxism. if one has it then it has to be distributed to everyone. I work for my money and those that don’t need to find a job or go hungry.

  • Kristen

    My neighbor is a cop, and I see him come home sloppy drunk every weekend from the bar. 1 night he came home so drunk he hit the fire hydrant in his yard, and fell outta the truck when he opened the door. Cops have higher rates of alcohol, drug abuse and domestic violence than the general public. They are worthless, hypocritical trash!

  • Bud Johnson

    I agree except the ones that are disabled or truly unable to work. My son runs his own business and it always amazes me how many will apply just to continue to get “Government Benifits” When offered work they find excuses to not take the job or work just long enough to get back on unemployeement. Which is what the Goverment really wants everyone on their payroll. Just another step to take away our rights as far as I am concerned. I read post after post where people say “We should just comply with the official!” Or the officer was just doing his job or other bull. If they overstep their authority they should be held accountable in court just as any other person is.

  • John Zych

    Film it and post it on Youtube with a link.

  • Brad Cooper

    Drunk or not, it’s pretty clear the cop doesn’t have the level headedness demanded by a job that requires you to carry a deadly weapon. If he did it’s pretty safe to say that the situation would not have escelated to that level that quickly. You don’t draw your side arm and point it at a dude for brushing your hand away. He’s just as big of an idiot as any drunk driver.

  • Debra Williams

    cop had no reason to draw gun,this is how things get out of control,overzealous cops! at least they new to stop once situation was brought down a peg! cop needs to admit his error in handling situation,but follow through on what problem was initially

  • ray

    they had know right to do that to a cop fucking drunks that god those other people were there and it looked like a speed way so they had camras that guy was resisting arrest and so he pulled out a taser gun fuck those hillbilly drunks and i would bet they were arrested fucking drunks god dang fucking drunks

  • ray

    and plus that one dud was kicking the cop when he was down first off the cop told him to put his hands on the car and tryed to direct him to do so swating him away and walking away is still by law resisting arrest tas that fuck

  • ray

    look at the laws of any state if a cop is out numbered and he trys to tell the guy to put his arm on the hood and the guy shrugs him off and trys to walk away he has every right to use a tazer learn your laws lady i know them very well went to penn state for 6 years that cop had every right to do what he did and they had know right to grab a cop by his neck take him down and fucking kick him several times if that was west virgina that would of not happened

  • ray

    ow and how is a lawful arrest call for that the guy was drunk driving learn the laws

  • Marci Lynn

    Glad the one guy had the mind to stop his friend from continuing the beating. Glad it was done but we must be able to control ourselves better then they would. KEY!

  • Three percenter nh

    You guys can seriously be assholes before posting videos and then having people say the cop got what he deserved learn the facts! Obviously these guys where up to no good if they attacked the cop!

  • Three percenter nh

    were* not where

  • Son of Liberty

    No Mercy for the Pigs.

  • FallenHeros

    Sad an officers first reaction nowadays is to pull a gun out for a situation they handled poorly from the start. Not sure what initially happened here but the officer certainly made the first aggressive move grabbing someone and pulling them without any instruction first or warning but hard to make judgement with a short clip like this. If cops are going to treat people like thugs and show no respect they are eventually going to get caught on camera, beat up or shot. Is it too hard to say “sir you are under arrest can you turn around and place both hands behind your back”. That is professional and courteous.That may have already been said who knows, the person who was assaulted by the officer in the video was non combative and just standing there relaxed. You cant just walk up on people, grab them, pull a gun on them and expect people to just take it. Show some respect for everyone. When the police force shows no respect for human life what example does that set for their fellow officers. Police deal with lots of crazy people but that is still no excuse to not show professional courtesy at all times. The greater than law officer here got what was coming to him in my opinion and I would have done the same. Thank god it was recorded because that would most likely have been a false filed report.

  • FallenHeros

    I take back my half of my comment and i will no longer watch anything from this site. I was right not to assume. The driver was combative but not in this clip but The free Patriot likes to manipulate its viewers. Piss off Free patriot for showing partial clips and misleading your views. Good Riddance.

  • Joseph Baltz

    Situational awareness, High Speed. What’d we learn? I hate that they call themselves as an equal to the Military… An average Soldier/Marine would have known to keep them both in his line of sight. Especially with their weapon out of the holster…

  • Joseph Baltz

    I was going to let this go but the phrase Captain Asshat got to me…. So you super genius specimen of man.. In what bass ackwards world does 42% become the majority? Because that is Obama’s approval rating.

  • Stubbleduck

    2 on 1; then the 2 go to jail.

  • THOR 221

    I realize this is a old video. However I still think since it popped up again, it warrents comment. I would like to say that the cop deserved what he got. But the reality is that with this tiny bit of video, we have no idea why the cop even drew his weapon. I have witnessed several situations where the cops could of rightly shot the person they were confronting. Maybe this isn’t one of those cops and may be he is. We don’t know because the video starts with him having his gun already out. Know this though, by putting hands on the cop and kicking him in the face multiple times, that cop could have very easily used deadly force and been justified to do it. These guys are lucky the third person came. I have several friends who are cops. Every one of them are great guys who follow the law. I am sure there are many, many more who don’t.

  • Preston Lowe

    You need to read the history of of your country, and you would see the disservice being done by its “leadership” and willful slaves. Your mentality would have served the red coats well.

  • John Zych

    Brushing his hand away is resisting arrest. The cop then drew a TASER, not a sidearm.

  • TSArape

    What did cops do before tasers? Act like real men? An unprovoked tasering, which most are, should be considered assault with a deadly weapon, but every pussy cop uses it these days because they can’t really ‘police’ properly and they consider the public their enemy.

  • Tonya-Clay Davis

    John Zych-In this case, the people are right. We see incidences of police misconduct every day, criminal behavior, gang behavior, yet what can the people do? Appeal to the system itself which ALWAYS protects their own. That’s about it. The cops enjoy rights and privileges far beyond what the people enjoy, they can beat, imprison and kill on a whim and rarely get punished for it. So tell me why we should be happy with this arrangement? If cops are public servants why should we have to put up with this shit? Spare me the “good cops” argument. Get rid of the police, there are much better alternatives than this tax-sponsored gang of thugs.

  • Aliel The Heretic

    I honestly cannot tell the difference between police departments and organized gangs anymore.

    And that coming from a commissioned security officer who must go through similar screening and training that cops do.

  • Randy Rasmussen

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but cops ARE civilians.

  • Brandon Swords

    Cops are lower than pond scum. They are the biggest criminals in America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUYoRgQ2i4Q