11 Year Old Girl Defends Home Against Three Robbers With Pink .22 Rifle

pink rifle

Add one to the win column for second amendment rights activists, home defenders, women’s rights, and little girls with pink rifles! This amazing video shows how being armed and trained in responsible marksmanship equals being able to defend yourself without having to run away or pee your pants! Kudos to this little girl and her pink .22 long rifle!

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Kevin Lake

Kevin E Lake is an Iraq War Veteran and an author. He has published five books. Please visit his store to check out all of his titles by clicking HERE!

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  • Schmoozy

    Awesome story, but she needs to be taught to keep her finger off of the trigger until she is planning to fire the rifle.

  • Urban Armed

    Yup.. keep the booger hook of the bang switch little girl, but good thinking to defend herself..

  • morefiend

    Nice story. To bad it’s either fake or they are blowing it way out of proportion. In the beginning they say she pointed the gun at the suspects, but at 1:32 they say while she was ‘defending her home”..the suspects had already jumped the fence and got caught.

  • Spanz

    yeah, I pity the men who try to come to my home if my daughter is there with her rifle! A well armed citizen is the best insurance against injustice. Gays, women, the infirm, disabled, aged, anyone discriminated against in a violent way….all should be staunch supporters of gun rights

  • Spanz

    yes you are right about the trigger discipline though. You need to keep your finger off the trigger at all times unit just before you want to shoot it. you need to practice that all the time, it needs to be second nature to you.

  • photoman

    You need to listen again…She says she held the gun like this..Never says she pointed it at them! And she was still defending her home even though she didn’t know they had been spooked and ran. I would like to see what you would have done!

  • Ron Smith

    Maybe the intruders were Obama’s other sons… Let us get Al Sharpton to weigh in on this vicious gun violence.

  • Troubleshooter

    In the situation she was in, it was appropriate for her to have her finger inside the trigger guard. She was confronted In Her Home by Intruders who Displayed a Weapon. Anyone with any sense would be prepared to fire.

  • Schmoozy

    Obviously I meant while she was being interviewed. Obviously I didn’t mean while the intruders were in the home. Did you watch the video? She has her finger on the trigger pretty much the entire time that she is speaking with the woman.

  • PinkGunsRUs

    She WAS talking to a reporter. You can never be too careful when talking to the press.

  • John Corley

    It’s a good thing the rifle wasn’t a black ar15 because it probably would have jumped into the intruders hands and killed the little girl.

  • deathgoat

    Needs a cute pink bayonet for rifle.

  • jebova2301

    Couldn’t agree more. If nothing else, you can just look right where her finger goes as soon as she slammed the bolt home. INSTANTLY went straight down to being on the trigger. I agree that it was appropriate to have it there when the people were attempting to break in, but when she was just showing it to the reporter, she could have(and SHOULD have) kept it off the bang switch.

  • pissed off american

    Haha dick knipfing…

  • John Miles

    sad that in some places her parents could be charged for her even having access to it home alone

  • vassago1

    Gun hater. The people who founded this country fought for the the right to keep arms. They would pistol whip a person like you for being a coward and a communist.

  • The Concerned Citizen

    She’s a novice. We’ll cut her a break. If Obama had a daughter… She’d probably shoot his son as when he broke in with a burglar tool from his locker to steal some more “found” property.


  • JTCoyoté

    From the looks of it, this little gal would have no problem handling an AR-15… after all it too is a .22 caliber rifle with a 15 grain heavier bullet and a powder charge that doubles the velocity from 1500 to 3000 feet per second… both are deadly at close range… yet the SCARE quotient of the AR, is a tad greater than the little pink bolt action .22 rim fire.


  • Simon Says

    She is only 11 and had only learned to fire a rifle a few days ago, give the kid a break. She will learn with proper training. I had rather see her with her finger on the trigger than dead and raped and left on the side of the road, wouldn’t you? And in case you didn’t notice, there was no cartridge in the chamber When she cocked it at the last shot it was empty.

  • Simon Says

    Many people don’t realize it, but a .22 can be a very deadly weapon, much more than a .45 in some ways. A .45 has a rather limited shooting distance in accuracy, more than 50 or so yards is a big challenge to such a large round. A .22 can shoot for over a mile. It might not kill one at first, but at that distance, it tends to bounce back and forth between the organs, leading to a slow painful death. Many assassinations have been carried out with a .22. I applaud this girl in her bravery!

  • Caroline Nott

    way to go good parenting great job mom and dad . all kids should know this mine do

  • dagobarbz

    No they wouldn’t because Obama would have taken their guns away. They would, however, flog a person to death with an olive loaf.

  • dagobarbz

    That is the most pointless, useless, stupid comment in this thread. Congratulations. Your mom must be proud.

  • dagobarbz

    We had a firing range at YMCA camp here. That and the horses made Y camp the best ever when I was a 10 year old girl. When you’re taught to handle firearms safely at a young age, it’s no big deal. It’s just another thing they’re teaching you how to use. A fun thing that makes noise and puts holes in stuff.

  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    VERY OLD news…..

  • John Corley

    Well I’m sure she’s at least glad that I didn’t turn out to be a little douche with no friends who has nothing better to do then to talk shit to random strangers while hiding behind a computer…

  • dagobarbz

    Aww, don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m sure your mom likes you.

  • dagobarbz

    Yeah, when I fired an M16 in basic training, I was kind of expecting something a little more badass than my .22 long rifle. I like it, the AK47s are heavy in comparison. I would not want to have to lug one of those things around.

  • Simon Says

    I learned from my dad. He was an “expert marksman” (well, he had the medal, he was actually a drill sergeant) in WWII. Hopefully, all kids get the chance to learn how to use and holster a gun properly. I had to wait until I got married to learn horsemanship, so I am a little late there! But hey, I can do English, Western, and bareback, so I made up for lost time. *lol*

  • Guest

    Wow you really are a jackass, a 556 is not even close to the same round as a 556 other than the caliper of the bullet. An M16 is the most bad ass weapon you fired in basic, I guess you didn’t make it to the 240 range huh?

  • Guest

    Wow you really are a jackass, a 556 is not even close to the same round
    as a 22lr other than the caliper of the bullet. An M16 is the most bad
    ass weapon you fired in basic, I guess you didn’t make it to the 240
    range huh? You’ve obviously never been deployed and had to lug around a 249 or even an m4 with an optic for a year. Your just a punk bitch with a big mouth

  • John Corley

    Wow you really are a jackass, a 556 is not even close to the same round
    as a 22lr other than the caliper of the bullet. An M16 is the most bad
    ass weapon you fired in basic, I guess you didn’t make it to the 240
    huh? You think an ak is too heavy? You’ve obviously never been deployed and had to lug around a 249
    or even an m4 with an optic for a year. Your just a punk bitch with a
    big mouth and you aint impressing shit

  • dagobarbz

    Heh…the weekends I got to go horseback riding here were so deeply anticipated I couldn’t sleep. But horses…you gotta feed them and depoopify their enclosures. So I got a motorcycle. ;) (BMW 1989 R65) Eat your jacket when you’re not looking? Poop in the yard?

    Neigh. It only burns fossil fuel, which is probably worse than lawn poop.

  • JTCoyoté

    …(Chuckle)… I never said they were close to the same round… I said they were both 22 caliber… I explained their ballistic differences and the fact that this difference would not be enough to stop this little gal from being able to handle the AR… Children educated in Arms are amazingly capable… make no mistake about it.

    Now “hee-haw” your jelly-ass out a here…(more chuckling)…


  • dagobarbz

    Oh you poor thing. I said the AK was heavy and you thought it was a penis wagging contest regarding bullet size.

    Yes, stupid, I think an AK is too heavy. No, clearly I haven’t been deployed, you dumb fuck. Linguists stay behind while people like you get to wave big weapons around while we tell you what the enemy is saying about you. Some troops appreciate that, I guess you’re not one of them.

    Yes, you undereducated twit, that’s “you’re.” Not ‘your.’ But that’s the caliber of bullshit I see from heros like you. Most of whom never served but sure have a big mouth about it. I served, bitch. How bout you?

  • dagobarbz

    “Now “hee-haw” your jelly-ass out a here…”

    Now that there is funny, I don’t care who you are!


    Mr “O” has her number, that pink rifle will be next to be banned. A stunning young Lady with backbone. She is a credit to her family.
    God bless America.