Judge Ruling Means Obama Social Security Card Fraud Questions May Finally Have To Be Answered

458 obama social security fraud orly taitz

Attorney Orly Taitz has been fighting to shine a light on the document fraud that is B. Hussein Obama for as long as anyone. She was there in the beginning when it was only her, Phil Berg and a few others pointing out the inconsistencies that we have now become all too familiar with. Other inconsistencies and falsified documents have arisen since those early days and others have joined the fight.

She has just won a victory in the attempt to get an explanation as to how B. Hussein Obama ended up with the social security number that he is using. Like every other form of documentation that is connected to the White House occupant, it is dirty, it is clouded, and it is likely not genuine.

The website for Attorney Taitz gives the following update regarding a recent decision by a Maryland Judge:

Judge Hollander in Maryland gives Attorney Orly Taitz 21 days to file a second amended complaint and add allegations in regards to an improper withholding by the Social Security Administration of records   of Harry Bounel, whose Social security number is being illegally used by Barack Obama. When Taitz filed the complaint, SSA did not respond at all. After the law suit was filed, SSA responded by fraudulently claiming that the records were not found. Taitz responded that this is a fraudulent assertion, since the records were found before and denied to another petitioner due to privacy concerns; however Social Security has no right to claim privacy as according to their own 120 year rule they have a duty to release the records. The judge stated that the plaintiff Taitz might be correct, however at this time she cannot rule in her favor as her original complaint was filed before SSA responded, so the judge gave Taitz an opportunity to refile a second amended complaint and add new allegations, stating the SSA responded but improperly hidden the records . This is a great development. This all but assures that the judge will order the SSA to release the    SS-5, Social Security application of resident of CT, Harrison (Harry) Bounel, whose CT SSN 042-68-4425 was stolen by Obama and used in Obama’s 2009 tax returns, which initially were posted on WhiteHouse.gov without proper redaction, without flattening of the file . Taitz will be very careful not to be Breitbarted or Fuddied in the next 21 days.

Additionally, there is an increased tampering with the web site of Orly Taitz and with her ability to send mass -emails. It seems her private server is somehow affected and Taitz is unable to send mass e-mails on two different programs.

The fact that a judge actually is forcing the federal government to respond is a first. Usually, the efforts to bring the actions of Obama and his enablers to light have been stymied by judges who appear to have been unduly influenced. The ruling of this judge now puts the Social Security Administration employees in the uncomfortable position of having to produce documents or face personal consequences.

Let’s hope that in addition to Ms. Taitz, nothing happens to those employees and equally importantly, that the records are not suddenly misplaced or destroyed.

This could be the irrefutable evidence that finally opens the occupant of the White House to a full Congressional investigation. We have twenty one days to wait.

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  • Mike Holmes

    She needs to call Sheriff Joe in Arizona so they can join together with what they both have on him.

  • Bill Berger

    I would suggest restraining the current occupant of 1600 Pa. Ave. behind bars until the investigation is completed.

  • Frank Padilla


  • jorskippy

    People are waking up and realize how dangerous Obama and his administration really are…. I applaud this Judge for going against the norm in this administration…. Giving into Obama… John Roberts ring any bells with anyone….

  • Peggie Geiger

    I really hope nothing gets in the way of this investigation. Obama always had found ways to cover his ass by intimidation and what ever means he can come up with. I hope others join forces with this and they finally nail this SOB for the fraud he is and has perpetrated against the American people. Can’t wait for the 21 days to be up and see how this works out!

  • Janice Craig Thaxton

    I’m still waiting for obammy to scream racism! How many want to place a bet that in the end,he will cry out that everyone is prejudice,and against him for that reason only…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1171450535 Margerry Lisa Bakley Smith

    $$$$$$ from Soros and other elitist bastards pushing the way to one world order through this Muslim fag, taking our country down with fraud, corruption, murder, theft and any other ugly thing that they can come up with and our congress and house sells us out for that $$$$$ and power too !

  • KG

    He will NEVER answer for anything he’s done. It will be fixed or people will disappear.

  • julia

    I see so many of these posts that make me feel like something is going to be done, but yet nothing is done. I cannot understand this. We know that the way votes are counted are fraudulent, we know that Obama is illegal, we know he is out to destroy our country and just when you think “finally” and then nothing. I am about tired of having a string pulled around in front of me like I am a cat, either its gonna happen or its not, they either gonna let him destroy our country or not. If these damn articles are just blowing in the wind, then stop publishing them, I am tired of hearing that they are gonna do this and that and nothing happens, I have come to the conclusion that we better hang on for the ride because the muslim SOB isn’t going anywhere and we are doomed.

  • Keith Houston

    The judge will die in a car accident or a small plane crash soon, just watch!

  • STQ

    What is to stop SS from destroying the records..if they haven’t already?

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

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  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

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  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    Mexican only scape is to replace indians and chineses with science and technology in the American Market and allies countries https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=634257033287716&set=a.546513058728781.1073741828.546294012084019&type=1&theater Indian Lazies are changing american business processes for the worse all over the world http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/12/washington-state-exchange-arbitrarily-debiting-personal-bank-accounts-for-obamacare-fees/ Destroying countries for the New World Order http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KieyvHehIps&feature=youtu.be Monsanto and other new technologies are not well developed and scientifically are unknown, Lazies domain progress at this time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OICXWAJyEoY&feature=youtu.be The illuminaties are in Mexico in the oil industry for sure, are we going to have the same treatment like the canadians? http://lnkd.in/baupX7e Replacement of the dollar http://lnkd.in/bAHyPmh Looking new world wide currency http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_FgNrSsHwI

  • Woodstuck

    Yep, and now the State Department (Hawaii) woman who claimed his birth certificate ‘authentic’ died in a planr crash last Thursday – All other 8 people survived… Makes you go Hmmm?

  • Wozz

    I am in 100% agreement with you julia! I have personally come to the conclusion that they are just stringing us extremely pissed off patriots along to keep us from taking our own action due to the fact that they are aiding and abetting all the crimes that this administration is committing against the people and the constitution. They will keep us salivating at the thought that they are close to taking this pos down just long enough for them to finish up the final touches on implementing martial law and complete tyrannical take over. The list is way too long of actual evidence that could dismantle this admin and expose their plans, yet no one does anything. To me, that spells collusion!

  • moduckdoc

    What is the judges name? I would like to confirm this story. I am 100% behind getting the truth of this POSPOTUIS, but it is the truth that matters most.

  • aznative

    And his administration. Along with members of the Obama congressional KGB. They all Should be hel on conspiracy charges and fraud and treason along with high crimes and the list is long.

  • Mike

    That’s the ENTIRE problem with investigating that a$$HO

  • Mike

    The MOST damning evidence is the Selective Service card. It is so OBVIOUSLY a cut in half 2008 stamp used. The geometry of the distance of the 0 from the side of the circle its in, the cut top so you cant see that the top of the 8 is larger than the bottom of the 8 and the fact that there is no 19 in front of the 80 is ABSOLUTE Proof that his Selective service card is a fraud.

    This pisses me off that nothing is being done about this obvious fake card.

  • dave549863214

    I can almost guarantee you those SS records are long gone by now.

  • Castaway50

    I sure hope not but I do fear for their life.

  • Mikeypoo

    So the question remains. When will the american people walk the streets and demand his removal?

  • Mikeypoo

    Judge Hollander in Maryland gives Attorney Orly Taitz 21 days to file a second amended complaint and add allegations in regards to an improper withholding by the Social Security Administration of records of Harry Bounel, whose Social security number is being illegally used by Barack Obama. Read the article before asking questions ;-)

  • HettyT

    Nothing’s going to happen with this action against the SSA. This article is just more wishful thinking. Any fallout that would go to congress would just be talked about for a few days and then left to die on the vine–just like cupholder’s “contempt.” Get real!


    We have to keep pushing and pushing to keep these things in front off people so as not to let anyone forget.

  • laura

    Hang him from the highest tree…..

  • barry soetoro

    Obamatollah Barrany.
    aka Barry Soetoro.
    aka Barry Soebarkah.
    aka Bari Shabazz (son of Malcolm X).

  • barry soetoro

    Traybama is a foreign agent. Hawaii is known to be a ‘birth certificate mill’ where foreigners buy whatever fake documents they need.

  • Mike Maher

    http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/birthers/ssn.asp c’mon folks. get a life and some facts.

  • Killroy was here

    The next 21 Days are going to be interesting to see what unfolds. For us seeing the Truth its a WIN WIN scenario, for those that extend to be uncovered and exposed and the Documents come up missing is only going to hurt them. Why out of Millions and Millions of people’s stored records are safe and this one record happens to come up missing. that is an admission of guilt right there. However the we have to wait the 21 days to see the fiat of how this all unfolds. Hopefully the thumb is coming down on this Tyrant and we can start getting some Justice.

  • Brian Pierce

    Obama whole presidency has been nothing but a shame by the elitist to bring down America, If anyone wants to bet, Obama will get caught up in something and let say next president comes in there will be a pardon, Happens all the time. Obamacare was a shame in the first place Obama has had Eric Holder john Kerry going behind congress and the American people sueing states and signing treatys without proper authority. Obamacare being left out in the open to take all the heat, while behind our backs more is going on. Obama and sebilius and harry reid and Polesi all know Obamacare wont work. They have done screwed up and lied to the very people they needed to make it work.

  • Dean W.

    I am sure that as soon as this was posted or shared with another, the documents, papers, witnesses, etc. were destroyed or severely redacted (possibly with severe prejudice). The ones that are going to be in charge of this investigation are or were already picked by him. So much for ‘the power of the people’.

  • GriffonClaw

    Let’s hope both of them, judge included, don’t end up meeting with an unfortunate “accident” before it all gets to come out.

  • http://kool-computers.com/USAPatriot/ DMChoreographer

    Hillary and Slick Willie did the same thing with their hijinks

  • Bill Harbaugh

    this tyrant has to be removed one way or another, We must not rest until OBAMA is out of office and then America can rebuild all his mistakes!

  • Janice McKenzie Dillard

    Snopes is Soros financed — not a good, reliable source.

  • Elliot Denine

    I guarantee Obama can’t get the record of the report of a bullet sealed.

  • debra pittman

    she better watch her back, people ending up dead when they have something on him or his group.

  • William Lathrop


  • Kenneth I. Curtis

    Careful. If you do that, you’ll be a racist.

    But in all seriousness, they should do that. I can see this country turning into a massive genocide of anyone who’s not a Muslim by the end of his final term.

  • Kenneth I. Curtis

    Either that or a random drone attack…call it an accident…

  • Kenneth I. Curtis

    I hate when people, you know who I’m talking about, are all of a sudden now calling the race card because most of the population are opposed to what he’s doing. Leave that shit at home. He has haters because he’s a retarded fuck, not because people are racist. Just saying. When certain peoples opinions are hated on they always go after that card. And know what happens? People feel sorry for them and they get their way. I bet thats the defense he uses to keep his records sealed.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    The article seems pretty confused. The judge has allowed Taitz to file a second amended complaint, period. She is not ordering the government to produce any documents.

    The government will have to respond to the second amended complaint, but that will consist of an explanation of why Taitz is again wrong.

    The article’s statement “the fact that a judge actually is forcing the federal government to respond is a first” is of course nonsense. The government has responded in dozens of Obama eligibility lawsuits and has handed over FOIA documents before, for example in the case of Strunk v. US Department of State back in 2009.

    There is absolutely nothing newsworthy happening.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    Well, we Americans don’t operate our legal system that way. I don’t know what they do where you come from.

  • Bill Berger

    Guess what Einstein……if you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    The Selective Service registration form was released by the Bush Administration in 2008. It was confirmed by the Selective Service computer records released at the same time.

    Unless you think the Bush Administration was engaged in a plot to get Obama elected over John McCain, then I suggest you re-think your position. The idea that a forger had to cut a date slug and invert it is silly. I’ve found USPS PICA year sets on eBay, and there are numerous suppliers of vintage postal material to collectors.

    The Service Service conspiracy theory is ludicrous.

  • Dr. Conspiracy


  • Dr. Conspiracy

    In this case, they never existed except in Taitz’ imagination. No one has found a shred of evidence that Harrison J. Bounel ever existed beyond one unidentified database entry created in 2009 when according to Orly Taitz, he would have been 119 years old. Duh.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    Now that was offensive. That was really offensive.

  • http://associationforsovereignhomerulewithin.org/index.html Christopher Earl: Strunk ©


    In Personam Jurisdiction—of all Emergency War Powers courts (federal
    and state) acts directly upon the ARTIFICIAL PERSON/Public U.S. citizen
    (subject to a prior and complete Martial Process) to which the Private
    Citizen of the United States of America Natural Person/Christian Man is
    bonded, wedded, attached and serving as servile Surety.

    under the Military Law process that has existed since the Proclamations
    (2038,2039,2040 see the right column) of 1933 (FDR) and December 16,
    1950 National Emergency Proclamation 2914 (Truman) with the annual
    re-declaration of National Emergency repeated thereafter by the
    Respondent Usurper too, the duties of the Commander–in-Chief associated
    with Article 2 section 2 personally imposes military process upon all
    statutory Public US Citizens and sureties.

    Gen. Smedley Butler said in completely in his Book “War is a Racket”

  • http://associationforsovereignhomerulewithin.org/index.html Christopher Earl: Strunk ©

    Is that how you lost your bar practice and became a rat?

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    I read the entire order. What is says is that Orly Taitz’s amended complaint has been dismissed as moot. Taitz has been given 21 days to allege some new claim or her case is canned.

    The government has already told her that there is no Social Security application for anyone named Harrison J Bounel born in 1890. All Taitz can do is to try to challenge the adequacy of their search.

  • Ozzy Osgood

    Guess we’ll see what happens.

  • Real Truth

    I agree with the person below that stated they are tired of seeing all this BS, that ends up going no where. Its time for the people to put their talk into action. The only way the illegal traitor-in-chief is leaving is to force him out. At the same time there needs to be force to remove all those that agree with him, that means 99% of democrats must also be removed.

  • Louie

    I fear for this judge.

  • barry soetoro

    Everything about Obamatollah is a shady lie.

  • StoneAge

    Been waiting for that action since Billy was “Elected”

  • StoneAge

    The two parties are so ingrained in ensuring the same result, it would NOT surprise me that the GOP would have done just that.

  • StoneAge

    Remeber folks – IF you still believe that voting is worth while (I think your last 4 Elections have PROVED that it doesn’t) There are MORE that the 2 parties the want you to “vote” for.

  • dlschoen

    Mike – FYI – Taitz and Arpaio DO NOT ‘work together’ – - you can go to Taitz website and research that out.

  • Mcorret

    This whole issue is in the Lord’s hand. Today we can’t understand why illegal immigration cannot be brought under control. Maybe it’s because God’s hand is against this Nation.
    Both Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee saw the insanity of the Civil War as God’ moving hand of chastisement upon the Nation because of it’s waywardness.
    Abraham Lincoln addessed the Nation, while in the midst of Civil War, calling for a National Day of Prayer, “…may we not justly fear that the awful calamity of civil war, which now desolates the land, may be but a punishment, inflicted upon us, for our presumptuous sins…We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power, as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace, and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us! It behooves us then, to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness.”

    There may be confusion and unrest throughout the Nation but we, as individual’s trusting in the Lord, can find perfect peace of heart as we wait upon His soon coming.

  • Mcorret

    This is exactly what Obama is looking for; a reason to declare Marshall Law!

  • dlschoen

    IRS Alerted Of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Investigation Into Obama’s Birth Certificate
    Cold Case Posse Supporter | August 8, 2013 | Cold Case Posse Supporter

    I was recently over at the website ‘Obama Release Your Records’ viewing their articles and came across a revealing post in the comments section by king obot Kevin Davidson aka Dr. Conspiracy. He runs a disinformation website called ‘Obama Conspiracy Theories’ that claims Obama’s birth certificate is 100% authentic. He opposes Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation into Obama’s birth certificate and selective service registration. The post revealed that Mr. Davidson is trying to get Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse in trouble with the IRS. His post states:

    “I and some other anti-birthers have referred certain matters to the IRS that we feel are violations of the law. My own referral concerns possible misrepresentations by the Cold Case Posse that they were an affiliate of a governmental unit, when in fact the Sheriff’s Office provides no financial oversight of the Cold Case Posse. The Posse operates without financial accountability to the Sheriff’s Office, the State of Arizona, or to the IRS. They get tax-exempt status but are accountable to no one and that’s not right. Other Maricopa County Sheriff’s posses file the proper forms with the IRS. Also IRS regulations require that 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations provide a copy of their Form 1023 Application for Tax-Exempt Status to anyone who requests it. A certified letter to the Cold Case Posse was returned “unclaimed” after 15 days in their post office box.”

    The post shows that Obama supporters are hell bent on stopping the Cold Case Posse in their tracks. It shows that Dr. Conspiracy fears what’s in Hawaiian independent forensic document expert Reed Hayes unreleased 40 page report that backs up the Cold Case Posse’s investigation which finds Obama’s birth certificate is a complete built fabrication. Dr. Conspiracy’s letter to the IRS is here.


    Dr. Conspiracy’s post is here.


  • dlschoen
  • Mcorret

    Doc – May I call you Doc? How do you explain the president’s SSN being a CT SSN and beloning to another?

  • dlschoen

    Affidavit: Debt Collector Al Hendershot; Obama Using
    Harry Bounel’s Connecticut Social Security Number

  • dlschoen

    .Hendershot in Affidavit – “I found that both Barack Obama and Harry J. Bounel are listed as holders of the same Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425 and resided at the same address 5046 S. Greenwood Ave, Chicago, Illinois, Exhibit 1 attached herein is the true and correct copy of the printout from http://www.acxiom.com/identity-solutions database. Exhibit 2 attached herein is the (FOIA) Freedom of Information Act request which was completed for numident 042-68-4425 with Harry Bounel as the name associated with said numident 042-68-4425. Exhibit 2 clearly states that the aforementioned numident belongs to Harry Bounel and not Barack H. Obama as detailed in the response from the Social Security Administration dated November 2012.”

  • dlschoen
  • dlschoen

    Here’s another one for ‘Dr. Conspiracy’ – - BREAKING NEWS – OBAMA CAUGHT

    The following Image is the 1940 Census document discovered by Leslie Bishop a genealogy expert with over 25 years of experience showing the individual, Harry Bounel residing in Bronx, NY. At the time of this Census he was 50 yrs old making his birth year 1890 (get it?) Refer to evidentiary finding #1 for the 1890 DOB anomaly.

    The following image will prove that Harry Bounel did in fact exist and that he was in fact born in 1890, the same year as associated with the SSN that Obama stole. This image details Harry Bounel with his DOB of 1890 as stated in the PDF that Susan Daniels sent me in June of 2011. Harry Bounel’s listing is on line (48). Refer to evidentiary finding #1

  • dlschoen
  • Clive Smith

    hope she or the judge don’t have a tragic “accident” meanwhile . . . .. …

  • Doug Shippey

    I wonder who and what will disappear before the 21 days is up?

  • Steve S.

    The Government is moving military vehicles all over the country by the train loads. Obama declaring Marshall Law is just around the corner. Destroying our country and weakening our military is part of his plan. We the people need to stick together and hopefully with the military , remove this dictator from the White House and try him for treason. We out number Obama and his so called military, Let the games begin . Gentlemen , start your engines !

  • Mark Krieg

    Additionally, there is an increased tampering with the web site of Orly Taitz and with her ability to send mass -emails. It seems her private server is somehow affected and Taitz is unable to send mass e-mails on two different programs.

    You can bet someone in the Obozo Admin is behind it.

  • swimkin

    The NWO crowd has people supporting them on BOTH sides of the aisle. They only pretend to have differences in social issues to distract the public from what they are really doing.

  • Al Gagnon
  • bpr

    it will go away just like the irs scandal, Benghazi…

  • http://emissary.zxq.net/ Leo Bracciale

    Mark whO???

  • Mike Holmes

    Maybe you should read my post again, I said, she needs to call Sheriff Joe so they can join together. I didn’t say they were working together, are you illiterate?

  • dlschoen

    - – as to my previous post – perhaps a better choice of words would have been – - ‘Taitz and Arpaio DO NOT WORK WELL together.
    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/07/orly-taitz-mike-zullo_n_3402725.html – - Mike Holmes – I reject your calling me illiterate; I am not!

  • Janice Craig Thaxton

    AMEN! He is a buffoon who thinks because he’s black,he can use that to hide,or get away with anything! Sorry……calling a spade a spade here,lol.I can’t stand him because he’s a liar,thief and a backstabber.Being black is the least of his problems.

  • Indigo

    ITT: Retards.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    So you are saying that the Bush Administration didn’t care whether the next president was a Democrat or a Republican? That rather strains credibility.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    Sure, you can call me “Doc” just so that you understand that I’m not a doctor of anything. “Dr. Conspiracy” is an Internet nickname.

    OK, first let’s go over what we know:

    1. Obama’s Connecticut SSN was issued around 1977, according to its number series.
    2. Obama used it when he registered for the draft in 1980 (confirmed by a reporter in California).
    3. Obama used it to file his 2009 federal income tax return.

    From this, I would think it reasonable to say Obama has used the number for at least 30 years.

    I know from personal experience that any mismatch between SSN, name and birth data flags an error with the IRS, so there is a pretty strong presumption that the number is the one assigned to Obama (with his name and DOB).

    How did he get it? I have come across two people who tell me that their SSNs don’t fit the geographic assignments for Area Numbers (the 1st three digits of the number). Obama makes 3.

    We know that in 1977, all social-security numbers were assigned by a central facility (not in state offices). The Area Number was supposed to correspond to the applicant’s return address. Any clerical error at the central facility could result in a number from the wrong series being assigned. It has been noted that misreading a “9″ for a “0″ turns a Hawaii zip code into one for Connecticut, and that is one possibility.

    The Social Security administration says on their web site that the Area Number is not a reliable geographic indicator.

    If SSN’s were assigned in state offices, then I would admit a legitimate concern, but they weren’t. Think about it–which is more likely: a clerical error, or someone getting away with using a SSN not matched to their name for 30 years? Add to that nobody has a plausible reason for Obama to need a fake SSN in the first place. You don’t even have to be a citizen to get a SSN.

  • Mcorret

    Thanks Doc for your response!

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    The Social Security Administration in response to the Taitz v. Colvin Lawsuit says that there is no Harry Bounel with that birth date and SSN.

    It appears that Hendershot is trying to fool people with that affidavit. If you look at his exhibits, you will find that Social Security is not at all saying that the 042 SSN belongs to Bounel. All SSA said is that the 042 number belongs to a living person, and so the record cannot be released. If you read it your way, the Bounel would have to be alive, which is pretty unlikely if he had been born in 1890.

    All Hendershot really has is an entry in a database, an entry which is not identified as to its source and what kind of transaction it is. The database is advertised as unverified. No one has been able to find this Harry J. Bounel, living or dead. The database entry appeared just one month ofter Orly Taitz published Obama’s SSN on the Internet.

    I bet famous people whose social-security numbers are posted on the Internet have all sorts of bogus records in these databases.”

    In the real world, people have errors in their credit report, but in the world of the conspiracy theorist, every anomaly can only mean fraud.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    Excuse me, but when has Birther Report ever been a reliable source for anything?

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    There is no proof, nor is there any evidence in the Zullo affidavit you reference. It is nothing more than conclusions arrived at by a totally unqualified investigator, one who has been caught red handed faking evidence and then trying to cover it up, a fellow who lets people call him “lieutenant” even though the small town police force he worked for 20 years ago doesn’t have any lieutenants.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    I have never been an attorney, or a bartender for that matter.

  • dlschoen

    Mike Zullo, is a retired Bergen County N.J. detective – “I worked as a detective in Bergen County, N.J. for five years,” said Zullo. “This is across the river from New York City, an area that includes over a million people, with 70 police departments. In addition to street crime, the area has a high degree of mob crime and white-collar crime. After that, I worked for seven years as an investigative detective with legal firms and with my own firm. Since 2005 I have been working with Sheriff Arpaio in Maricopa County as an investigator. That’s over 20 years of investigative work.”

  • REP Sr.

    Final Term? Why would he have a final term. What’s to stop him from staying forever?

  • Guest

    Notice that Zullo never says what his rank was or what he actually did for the Bergen Police force. It’s a very small part of that million people area. In fact, Zullo spent most of that time selling used cars.

    Zullo has never been on the payroll of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s department, he is only a volunteer on one of the many volunteer posses the Sheriff has.

    The very fact that all of his so-called evidence fell apart under scrutiny suggests that if he ever was an investigator, he wasn’t a very good one.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    Notice that Zullo never says what his rank was or what he actually did for the Bergen Police force. It’s a very small part of that million people area. In fact, Zullo spent most of that 20 years selling used cars.

    Zullo has never been on the payroll of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s
    department; he is only a volunteer on one of the many volunteer posses
    the Sheriff has.

    The very fact that all of his so-called evidence fell apart under scrutiny suggests that if he ever was an investigator, he wasn’t a very good one.

    I’ve hired people for a living, and I know a padded resume when I see one.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    Wow, retiring after just 5 years! He either quit or was fired. He didn’t retire.

  • dlschoen

    By Debbie

    **** Copyright 2008, Must Cite Debbie Schlussel and link to DebbieSchlussel.com ****

    “Did President-elect Barack Hussein Obama commit a federal crime in September of this year? Or did he never actually register and, instead, did friends of his in the Chicago federal records center, which maintains the official copy of his alleged Selective Service registration commit the crime for him?”

    “It’s either one or the other, as indicated by the release of Barack Obama’s
    official Selective Service registration for the draft. A friend of mine, who is
    a retired federal agent, spent almost a year trying to obtain this document
    through a Freedom of Information Act request, and, after much stonewalling,
    finally received it and released it to me.”

    “But the release of Obama’s draft registration and an accompanying document,
    posted below, raises more questions than it answers. And it shows many signs of fraud, not to mention putting the lie to Obama’s claim that he registered for
    the draft in June 1979, before it was required by law.”

  • dlschoen

    Continuing – “But, checking the history of SSS Form 1 (see http://www.reginfo.gov/public/do/PRAViewICR?ref_nbr=198002-3240-001#), it’s apparent that in February 1980, the Selective Service agency withdrew a “Request for a new OMB control number” for SSS Form 1 (see also, here)–meaning the agency canceled its previous request for a new form, and one was never issued in “FEB 1980″.
    Since under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980, Pub. L. No. 96-511, 94 Stat. 2812 (Dec. 11, 1980), codified in part at Subchapter I of Chapter 35 of Title 44 a federal agency can not use a form not approved by OMB (Office of Management and Budget), it’s nearly impossible for Senator/President-Elect Obama’s SSS Form 1 to be dated “Feb 1980.” And since that makes it almost certainly dated “Feb 1990,” then how could Barack Obama sign it and the postal clerk stamp it almost ten (10) years before its issue?!

  • dlschoen

    Mcorret – I posted to Kevin Wayne Davidson/Dr. Conspiracy part of this – http://usa-wethepeople.com/2008/12/obama%E2%80%99s-draft-registration-raises-serious-legal-questions/

  • dlschoen

    Posted on April 18, 2013

    Hendershot seems to have toned down his rhetoric since he posted this few weeks ago in a reply to Doctor Conspiracy on Hendershot’s blog:

    This is my reply to Dr. Conspiracy on The Obama Hustle.

    “No offence, but I don’t give a god damn what Brietbart has to say. I can gurantee that they have no databases to pull skp tracing data like I can. Now, if you want me to prove the validity of my databases, shoot me in an email your name, and address and I will skip trace you and show you what I can pull on you, your family, your neighbors and so on. I am not being a smat-ass in any way towards you, but I can show you how accurate these databases can be. You would be amazed at what I could find on you.

    BTWIf I had my way I would drag all of the OBOTS out in the street and tear their Socialiist hearts out. There is nothng nice about me as a person. The one things I love about Skip Tracing is finding out where these slug debtors live and paying them a visit especally when they have threatened me over their debts and hoping that they have a gun so I can use mine. You see that’s the difference between me and a pussy like Brietbart. They do not have the stomach for a real fight like I do.

    You have a great day.”

  • dlschoen

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT – - Some of you may be familiar with “Dr. Conspiracy’ – real name Kevin Wayne Davidson – ”
    Article previously posted – “Who is Dr. Conspiracy and why has he been hacking into my computer and planting malware?”
    End of the article -Final thoughts on Dr. Conspiracy aka Kevin Wayne Davidson:
    1. I’m not categorically certain about this but I seem to remember Dr. Conspiracy stating, at his blog, that he had not made any political (financial/monetary) contributions to Barack Obama.
    At the FEC’s website (http://fec-individuals.findthedata.org/l/2401931/Davidson-Kevin) I found the following $500 contribution by Kevin Davidson of Duncan, South Carolina to Obama for America:
    06.30.2012. Kevin Davidson (Dr. Conspiracy) $500 contribution to Obama For America. Duncan, South Carolin… by Lucas Daniel Smith http://www.wasobamaborninkenya.com/blog/barrack-obama-eligibility/who-is-dr-conspiracy-and-why-has-he-been-hacking-into-my-computer-and-planting-malware/

  • dlschoen

    Affidavit: Department Of
    Homeland Security Special Agent (ret) Stephen Coffman
    “Based on my observations, research, experience and training, it is my
    belief that the Selective Service registration card I received under the
    Freedom of Information Act under the name of Barack Obama has been
    Affidavit: DHS Special Agent(ret) Stephen Coffman; Obama
    Selective Service Registration Forged – 1/2/2013

  • Big Dog

    @Dr. CONspiracy…are you claiming to be an expert? ‘Cause Me thinks you are also a fraud.

  • sick of the games

    Oh, you can bet there’s collusion and extremely vast amounts of it, too! In fact, all but about 5 members of the CONgress are on the gravy train of extortion and blackmail, They have known he wasn’t eligible since the beginning of the 2008 election cycle. That’s when they floated the trial balloon of questioning McCain’s eligibility in the Senate chambers…”Obama”s own slick, prepackaged, PR brochure bio for candidacy to be Illinois Senator states he is Kenyan born! Somehow, the Powers That Be forgot to scrub that before it got screen captured! OOPS!!!
    He’s always been a fraud, but the fix was in. Aug 2008, not so quiet little meeting in Chantilly VA and the assignments were handed out. Hillary was furious, but she was promised the Sec’y of State position to plump up her foreign policy experience for the 2016 election. This was all pre-planned…there is more than corruption going on. It has been a very quiet, but effective coup d’etat by the Global Elite. The Fabian Socialists have won.
    Tea anyone?

  • sick of the games

    Service Service? Typing too fast, there Dr?
    “” Unless you think the Bush Administration was engaged in a plot to get
    Obama elected over John McCain, then I suggest you re-think your
    position. ”

    Well, you were close. It may not have been Bush, exactly, but the people above HIM and all the rest of the front men who you SEE, are being directed by the Men behind the Curtain…kinda like the Wizard of Oz, on steroids…

    If you think that “presidents” actually run this country, then you are as deluded as the people you denounce as deluded. Neither presidents nor congresspeople, actually “run” the government. If you haven’t figured that out, then YOU are the one who needs re-education.

    Foolish troll.

  • Dr. Robert C. Laity

    Obama has been under Citizen’s Arrest for Election Fraud and Treason since 2012.
    There is NO “President” Obama:

  • RobertLaity

    See U.S. v Averette.

  • RobertLaity

    Obama has usurped the Presidency during time of war. If convicted,he may very well BE “Hang[ed]“

  • RobertLaity

    Adolph Schicklegruber sullied the name of the “Hitler” family when he commandeered and assumed the name from a grave stone.

  • RobertLaity

    Bounel is related to Michelle Robinson Obama.

  • Guest

    That just shows that the selective service record was released in 2008 before the election, by the Bush Administration. While conspiracy theorists transform “I don’t understand this” into “this absolutely and definitely means fraud” on one has come up with even a remotely plausible scenario of how such a fraud could have taken place before Obama took office.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    That just goes to prove that the selective service record was released in 2008
    before the election, both the paper and the computer record, by the Bush Administration. While conspiracy
    theorists transform “I don’t understand this” into “this absolutely and
    definitely means fraud” no one has come up with even a remotely
    plausible scenario of how such a fraud could have taken place before
    Obama took office.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    Thanks for reminding me of that one. It will name a neat quote of the day for my blog.

  • boys3rsk

    It is a PROVEN forgery. I agree they need to use the selective service forgery as evidence he is ILLEGAL. Every expert that has looked at it says it is a forgery. Semper Fi

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    I am an expert on vital records (with over 30 years in the field). I am also an expert on birthers, having studied them for 5 years and written over 3,000 articles on the subject. I am not an expert on the Selective Service, and my typing isn’t the best either. However, I can locate experts and I can accurately quote sources.

    So if I say that the Obama selective service record was released before the election, I have the ability to document that.

    Someone once said something that I think fits your comment: “someone who is unwilling to believe anybody ends up believing anything.” Once you put your self in the position of denying all authority (government, media, academics), then you’re left with getting your information basically from rumors. While you might be right once in a hundred times, you will almost always go wrong.

    If you read my comments carefully, I think it will be clear when I am citing facts and when I am expressing an opinion. The last thing I want to do is to CON anyone.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    Proven where and to whom?

    Actually every expert who that has looked at it says it’s not a forgery. Those people you are thinking about aren’t experts. They are birthers, and birthers are too biased to be credible.

  • boys3rsk

    Crawl back under your liberal/communst rock. Everything about Obama is a forgery. Birth certificate, selective service card, uses a guy named Beimel’s S.S. number. Sealed his records, because he was a FOREGN exchange student and muslim.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    I wish you could hear how delusional that sounds to normal people. The “foreign exchange student” story was actually an April Fool’s joke. The rest is bunk too. Obama will leave office in January 2017, and your rumor-based world view will be barely a footnote in history.

  • boys3rsk

    You like all liberals, you will not accept the truth about Obama. EVERYTHING about him is made up. Even his name is made up. His REAL name is Barry Sortoro. His elementary records show he is a MUSLIM, and that is his name. Throw in his forged birth certificate, forged selective service card, and using another person’s S.S. number, and you have someone who came here as a FOREGN exchange student, with NO credentials. Then he SEALS all his records. WHY?? Because we all know his WHOLE life is made up.You keep drinking the Koolaide of communism and the intelligent people will expose this fraud. My prayer is he ends up in an orange jumpsuit SOON!

  • DABuonocore

    There was a Senator Mc
    Carthy who warned us about this over 50 years ago, but he was labeled mad.
    and driven out of town. Most prophets have been treated the same way

  • DABuonocore

    The left has always answered its critics by calling their arguments crazy and absurd. It seems to be their standard defense.

  • robertdavidhummel

    The Pillars of Our Nations Christian Foundation and Strength, are etched in
    Every Cornerstone and wall of the Three Branches of our Government Buildings and
    Legibly Written in The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of
    Independence, AND the Congressional Library(Just to name a few of the Endless
    record of Truth) …”AND”, … Since June 16, 1775, Preserved, Protected, and
    Defended, by Millions of Patriots in such a profound value that You, I, and All
    Americans, may use those privileges, Responsibly, Accountably, and with
    Respect..”Of agreeing to Dis-agree with one another”.

    I admonish and temper may statements …As NOTABLE ACTUALITY, of the
    Disasterous Venue of , “Our Nations Fabric of Freedoms, Rule of Law, Values,
    Morals, and Ethics”, that are being USURPED by the Present Executive &
    Democratic Senate Parts of Our Government. Though I am ONLY ONE of the vast
    population of America….”I feel Compelled to EVOKE & engage my Voice *, to
    Express with Clarity*, MY POINT of View…in every Venu available …to gain
    ATENTION, and join with Like Minds, to Apply our Unity to default the Pending
    …Repeat of Historical Evidence of our FAILURE to Act as Christian
    Patriots…May result of the “Fall”, of The Greatest Nation..On Earth.. that Was
    Blessed By Our Father Which Art in Heaven in it’s inception.

    Fact…President Obama’s, FAILED and LYING LEADERSHIP….on multiple
    issues, “IS”, the PROFOUND DISRESPECT to the Office of the Presidency.
    People’s opine, “is not”, whether Obama is of any color,The difficulty “IS”, his
    “BEHAVIOUR”, in Obama’s faulty declaration , “To Fundamentally Change
    America”,… “IS”,… the din and angst of “We The People”.
    May our Creator
    continue to Bless, Lead and Guide the Christian Leaders and Patriots, of our

    Great Nation, to Demand Government Compliance, as a minimum, with ALL that
    Our Fore, and Founding Fathers have woven into the Fabric of our America’s
    May our “Congress, and our Judicial Branches” , provide a rapid
    and resolute solution the present “Disparaging State of Our Union”,…. that WE
    may PREVENT a Literal and Physical “CIVIL WAR”.
    I pledge my Allegiance that I
    will again place life on the line to the cause… “When the Dawns early light,
    and Rockets red glare may be the Call to regain the Freedoms”, that are being
    “Socialistically Stricken”, from this Great Nations Constitutional

    MR Obama…Sarcasm falls out of my mouth like Disrespect to Our Creator
    falls from yours.
    Some people just need a High Five in, In the Face…With a
    “Lord Give Me Patience, Because if you give me STRENGTH, I’m Gonna
    Need BAIL MONEY to go with it.”

    I speak to you with a real mind sight depression, as I LIVE in FEAR of the
    FUTURE, for my Children and Grand-Children, after spilling Blood on Foreign
    Soil, in Defense of MY COUNTRIES Freedoms, that are being ABUSED, and TORN
    ASUNDER, right before my very eyes, By the Executive and Legislative Leaders
    that are Entrusted to apply and enforce the Rule of Law, with in the Parameters
    of the Three Documents, produced and provided by Our Founders of This Great
    Nation. I search to vent the terror of oppression, that has been produced by the
    present Executive and Legislative Authorities, since March 2009. I ponder the
    TRAGICALITY, “Can I survive one more Traumatic Stressor on the Well being of
    America?”. *I’, Robert David Hummel, a Combat Veteran and Servant, Did Serve to
    Preserve, Protect, and Defend, the Freedoms of Our Great Nation, *am enduring
    with wanton TOLERANCE, “My”, din and angst of the DEVASTATION now being
    his Administration CZARS, that are Promulgating LAWS, NOT SANCTIONED BY THE
    CONGRESS, that is forcing America down the path of HISTORY,…as in the FALL of
    The Roman Empire. We are no doubt enduring a “Civil COLD War”, in America. “I
    pray Our Lord in Heaven, will Continue to Bless, Lead, Guide, and Direct”, “The
    FEW”, of Our Nations Leaders’, That are in TRUTH, attempting to CORRECT the
    FAILED LEADERSHIP of the Many, in our three branches of government. The
    continued FAILURE of our LEADERS to return WITH Due Diligence, of Deference,
    DISCERNING Prudence, and Accountability, to, “We The People”, and RULE of LAW,
    inculcated with-in, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of
    Independence, WILL RESULT in “We The People”, reaching the Boiling Point of a
    Revolution’, That may CHANGE the FREEDOM of America FOREVER’, PERIOD. I invite
    ALL PATRIOTS to JOIN with me in membership with, “The OATHKEEPERS”, Which may
    feel I made any realative sense in this OLD Veterans, above rant..You may use
    any part or all of it on the House Floor….and Yes I do Thank God, for each New
    Day He provides…but , HOW MUCH MORE CAN A VETERAN TAKE?, and I’, am only one
    of MANY,…PERIOD.


    “”"By the
    Articles of Our Constitution… The CONGRESS…is Charged with , “Making the
    Rule of Law”…PERIOD. The President is “CHARGED, To Faithfully EXECUTE the
    LAW”… NOT CHANGE the LAW by DECREE, or LETTER…PERIOD. By that fact
    alone…Barack HUSSEIN Obama, aka: POTUS…”IS A CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER” to
    with “Congressional Permission”, is to “SEEK EXILE in a MID-EAST COUNTRY”,
    BEFORE or No Later Than … JANUARY 27, 2014″ …PERIOD.”"”

    In Closing, “I ask Our Lord in Heaven for His continued Blessing on our
    nation,…undeserving as we presently are”…AMEN

    Robert David Hummel USA RET, Inverness, FL., [email protected]

  • Robert

    Send the rat to Gitmo

  • Robert

    One major thing forgotten The Patriot is alive well and strong

  • m1tmc

    So, you seem of reasonable intelligence, so maybe…….you might be able to contribute a solution to the problem: Barry Soetoro??? If not you can continue to type to see yourself in print on a monitor, but you are of no real use to the conversation. Guessing, you haven’t figured that out? So, you want to impress with you cognitive assets and worthless knowledge on the subject ot you are that bored?

  • Sasquatch

    Every Constitution-loving American should be interested in The Alabama Supreme Court case McInnish vs. Secretary of State Beth Chapman. It challenges that all SOS’s in each state should have required Obama to produce legitimate eligibility certificates in 2007-08 before being allowed to be placed on any state ballot. If there is not a quick ruling implementing the fact that Obama used several forged instruments (big time felonies) to fool America, then he could reign-in martial law and this country would soon be absent of freedom. Look up the case today, it involves Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s collection of his investigations, etc. Pray for this case to bear fruit soon.

  • JesseMace

    congress has no excuse for not looking now, there is plenty of smoke already…not to mention actual crimes and treason.

  • Gaia Miranda

    They’ll just end up dead in a suspicious suicide or something. Maybe an impromptu plane crash. I would not be surprised if the parties involved have already been threatened by inuendo or direct correspondence from the administration.

  • Rick Thompson

    I’ll believe it when I see it.