The Alamo Being Proposed to UN as World Heritage Site

Remember the Alamo

The phrase “Remember the Alamo,” has become synonymous with not giving up in American culture, stemming from the historic battle where roughly 200 American patriots fended off thousands of Mexican soldiers, killing or wounding 600 of them, for days before all of the Americans, save half a dozen or so who surrendered, were finally killed. Famous Americans whose lives were lost in the famous battle include James Bowie, William Travis, and Davy Crockett.

The Alamo itself, a very small structure originally used as a Spanish mission, has stood as a monument of American pride and strength ever since, though the city of San Antonio has grown up so much around it that this author passed it twice before finally seeing it when visiting it in the summer of 2007.

However, it seems that the city of San Antonio is in negotiations to surrender the Alamo to the United Nations. San Antonio’s mayor, Julián Castro, is currently dealing with the United Nations, attempting to designate the Alamo as a UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site. If the deal works out, visitors to the historic site may be seeing a blue UN flag flying above the historic shrine of liberty in the future.

  • Sandra

    …OH SAY IT ISN”T SO >>>>> are TEXANS agreeing to this ?????

  • American Patriot

    The selling out of America! This is a strong ICON to who we are as Americans! Why would San Antonio want it to go to the United Nations. The United Nations has no ground here. They are a World War II Council that are supposed to be the watch dogs of events in on going disturbances in the WORLD they should not be interested in shrines, and tourist attractions, you dont see AMERICA going to other countries and proclaiming their historic monuments — Come to think of it Stone Henge would look awesome with the UN flag flying above it too, How about the Stadium in Italy, or even the leaning tower of Pisa. Get my point if it starts here where does it end. The U.N. Needs to but it’s nose out of America Monuments and the such and go back to watching world affairs to prevent WW3. This mayor who obviously is a Mexican Decent has no compassion for our culture or our ICONS that remind us who we are as a country. HE should be fired and a REAL American put into the office as Mayor of San Antonio,

  • David Meek

    Obama can’t even get away with bullshit lies like this!

  • MichelArm

    You’ve got to be kidding me! “Remember the Alamo” is part of U.S. history! Is nothing sacred anymore?!

  • hotrodguitarist

    No Texans are not! The problem with San Antonio is its very liberal and the mayor is just as bad or worse than obama :-(

  • Keli Grantham Steadham

    No way!!! The people of Texas won’t let this happen. No, freaking, way.

  • wes

    If happens invite Ozzy Osburne back

  • James Rowe

    TREASON! Plain and simple by the Mayor of San Antonio.

  • SD

    He’ll no we’re not! freaking ignorant Liberals and their one world government need to be stopped now!

  • Killer Social Media

    Fuck UNESCO.

  • Texaspride

    They were Texans…not Americans

  • LCM☝✊

    I’m sick to my stomach. If it happens & I visit there I will burn that UN Flag down. This is America & that mayor is not an American.

  • LCM☝✊

    That’s the goal of the left. To destroy every treasure we hold dear.

  • Mike Holmes

    Agenda 21 that’s all I can really say. It involves one world government (the UN).

  • Anthony

    Nothing is sacred to them. Look at what they’ve done to our constitutional rights, and at what they are trying to to to the Constitution itself. The only way this will stop is if WE, as a nation of free Americans, stand up and stop them.

  • Mike

    Yeah I cant see the people of Texas agreeing to hand over their most important cultural icon to the UN. I call BS on this one

  • Carole1203

    I don’t think the mayor can sell The Alamo to anyone. If I’m not mistaken, it is part of the Texas Land Office property. I’d be very surprised if he pulled this off. There would be a lot of Texans mighty ticked off.

  • Tiffani Hendricks Wood

    I thought that The Alamo was “owned” by The Daughters of The Republic” not by the city of San Antonio…

  • dilligaf421

    I find it hard to believe that Texans would take this without a fight.Maybe it’ll be another “shot heard around the world”

  • The True Texan

    like HELL I and so many more TEXANS would let that happen,the Alamo is our TEXAS history and we will fight to save her again

  • Americanpride

    Bowie,Crockett and the Tennessee regulars

  • Patti Visyak

    you need to keep heads up, its amazing how things just seem to happen!!

  • ruth2cu

    oh god, please tell me this is not true….

  • Matt

    Carole1203, I believe you are right. The alamo is a National Historical Monument and it is maintained by the Daughters of the Republic. No where does it say the City of San Antonio has any authority of ownership in the Alamo. He may be warming them up to sell them some ocean front property in Arizona as well. ;)

  • Barbara Sanford

    NO!!!! The damn mayor is a flaming liberal who fawns and drools over obama. He’ll have a fight on his hands,,,,,we may fight the battle of the Alamo again and this time we’ll have a different outcome. It may be a small structure but it is OUR shrine of liberty and Castro WILL NOT change that.

  • Keith Houston

    Texans will not stand for that. They’d burn the UN flag, shoot the blue helmets, and probably lynch the mayor of San Antonio!

  • Don

    San Antonio is 60% Mexican and is the only major city in Texas to vote for Obama. The military have no say so as they don’t vote there. Other areas to vote Obama are on the border which we wonder how many were legal votes.

  • Barbara Sanford

    Amen to that! He was raised by a mother who was what we called one of the ‘Hat Ladies’ who were big into La Raza Unida and constantly stirred up trouble all over South Texas. She raised her boys to be just as Liberal and part of La Raza. His culture is definitely Mexican. Nothing wrong with that unless they think they are heads above the rest of us.

  • Don

    the majority were Americans. The Texans were all where Sam Houston was.

  • Barbara Sanford

    The daughters work there now and manage it on a daily basis but the state took control of it not too long ago.

  • Don

    I thought so too and just found out recently that my wife is a cousin of one of the famous Alamo fighters.

  • FiremanPaul

    The good people of San Antonio need to step up and tell this yahoo he will be run out of town if he does not cease and desist!!!!!!

  • sentner
  • Texian36

    No. This will not happen without a battle.

  • Don

    Daughters of the Republic won’t allow it

  • William Oscar Hand

    Of course he’s of Mexican descent apparently, they don’t care about our heritage. He probably figures to save a few bucks. He should be fired, and we should get out of the UN entirely, and kick them and their blue flag out of the USA

  • albert

    getting close now.. Bye-bye Miss American Pie.. O has enough time left to do incalcuable damage. I’m sure someone has brought up Agenda 21 by now…

  • Michigan_REB

    The UN needs to go! The United Satates needs to withdrawal all funding of the UN any kind.

  • Riva

    there are more people in TX besides the liberals in San Antonio. Dont let this happen. Are we the united nations of china? I need a drink!

  • Mark Gatton

    I will personally leave my job behind, go to Texas, take that UN flag down and exercise my Constitutional right and burn it.

  • Matt Bauman


  • friday51

    This is a ruse to get civil unrest started so dicktater can implement martial law

  • Nicholas Pagoria

    Ill walk to Texas and take down the UNdies flag if need be and then stand armed guard under it after I replace it with Old Glory.

  • Sandra Parrott

    No, Texans will not agree to this. We might agree to run this mayor out of the country on a rail. He is a mexican liberal and he will not get away with this.

  • Sandra Parrott

    I wholeheartedly approve of all of this.

  • Sandra Parrott

    That’s the spirit, Mark

  • Sandra Parrott

    You won’t be alone, Nichbolas

  • Sandra Parrott

    Unfortunately the “good people” of San Antonio are liberal.

  • Sandra Parrott

    Don’t worry, Ruth, come to San Antonio and join us when we circle the Alamo.



  • Pat Nash

    I will not Believe This.

  • Jerry Gone

    Don’t be an idiot. We were here before any of you were here–VERY ignorant statement. Chicanos have fought hard for freedom—-for themselves and America, “OUR” heritage??!! We made your heritage possible by the sweat of our brow and the strength of our backs.

  • Devin Garcia

    fuck that. fuck this planet, thank (whatever) gawd for texas.

  • Chip Dooley

    BULLSHIT the mayor should be arrested for treason. The people own America not the polliltions pricks

  • Tiffani Hendricks Wood

    I just remember a few years ago Rick Perry trying to sell/give it back to the Mexicans in Mexico and it caused a big uproar because it wasn’t “owned” by the state or city.

  • Steven Robinson

    That’s a Liberal wetback for you!


    WHAT??? This can’t be! American sovereignty is being threatened in a very serious way…come on people! Stand up…Don’t give up this vital part of our beloved culture!!!! God Save Us.

  • DevilDog

    I live in san antonio I haven’t heard about this. Believe me if it was happening we would be making allot of noise.

  • richard cranium

    go fuck yourself UN

  • JohnQAmerica

    Maybe you need to be out there…asking your elected officials about it. Instead of being on here ? I KNOW I would be….

  • Missy Eaglin Settles

    How exactly does a mayor of a town have the legal authority to negotiate relinquishing any part of the US to a foreign entity?

  • ConservativeSenior

    Throw out the UN and turn the building into a homeless shelter, retirement home or veterans home. It least then it would be useful. As for the Mayor of San Antonio, send him to prison.

  • William Oscar Hand

    And your ability to jump fences and dig tunnels for drugs to be smuggled.

  • Joe Kelly

    Over my dead body

  • Douglas Morris

    it is owned by the State of Texas.

  • Douglas Morris

    state of Texas owns the Alamo unless there’s been a major change,Mayve the DoR Manage it..but, I THINK, I recently read that they no longer run the operations…

  • Richard Hicks

    hang that sonofabitch and his minons

  • Jason Reel

    Matt, San Antonio is drinking the Obama kool-aid. This is not the only Obama like thing they have done recently.

  • Raymond Andrews

    You people need to get a grip. I have no love for the U.N. but there are already several UNESCO sites in the United States. A UNESCO site is simply a site that has significant culturally or physically. Some of the U.S. places that are already UNSECO sites are the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Everglades, the Statue of Liberty, and Independence Hall. When was the last time you saw the U.N. flag flying over Independence Hall or the Statue of Liberty?

  • Raymond Andrews

    The Mayor is not relinquishing anything. Do some research on what a UNESCO site actually is.

  • Raymond Andrews

    Education cures ignorance.

  • Raymond Andrews

    I served in the Army for 21 years. I am Conservative but most of the comments here make us sound stupid and look like lunatics. How many people here actually knows what a UNESCO site is? Nothing is being sold. Nothing is being taken over. No foreign flag will fly over UNESCO sites. Google is your friend. Research then post.

  • Raymond Andrews

    NOTHING IS BEING SOLD!!! A UNESCO site is simply designated as being culturally or physically significant.

  • Raymond Andrews

    Davy Crockett had 14 volunteers with him. Jim Bowie was born in Kentucky but spent most of his life in Louisiana.

  • MattBracken

    Just part of the betrayal of the United States by elite Quislings, globalists, secret Communists, and many other assorted traitors. BTW, my third novel “Foreign Enemies And Traitors” is on a Kindle “free run” until Thursday night. It could not be more relevant to this story.

  • Panther Smith

    It’s all BS, there is no way in Hell any Texan would stand for this. The UN can go to hell. We can rally the troops and take the Alamo again if need be. I’d be there to fight. I don’t see Cruz letting something like this slip by in any way shape or form. I don’t even think that Phil Collins would like this idea. Yea, he has a museum close to the Alamo. Yea, Phil Collins you know from Genesis? Anyway, we can’t have this happen at all. No way in hell.

  • Keith Houston

    Approve of what Sandra? The mayor of san antonio selling out a piece of Texas history to the enemy?

    Or the removal of the threat of the UN to We The People?

  • Mamaelk09

    Whatever happened to “Don’t mess with Texas”?

  • Robert Gollberg

    It does not matter what the mayor does. The Alamo is privatly owned my the Daughters of the Repuhlic of Texas.

  • Guest

    It wasn’t San Antonio or Mayor Julián Castro that initiated this. It was President Obama that nominated the Alamo as a World Heritage Site.

    Way to go Mr. President and our US government for again trying to take something away from someone that didn’t belong to them and give it to someone else… Way to embody the socialist spirit of this country by stealing just like the NPS did when they took it from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (who bought it privately from donated funds of Texans, rebuilt it from donations and private funds, and strategically accommodated a good portion of the courtyard). Oh, and let’s give a big “Hooray” to our education system by continuing to teach socialist ideas and put down capitalism at every opportunity, because socialism really works! Except in Greece.. and Argentina… and Cuba… and China… Britain in 1945, Belarus, Soviet Union, Germany, Need I go on????

  • Alyssa Borg

    For Your edification: It wasn’t San Antonio or Mayor Julián Castro that initiated this. It was President Obama that nominated the Alamo as a World Heritage Site.

    Way to go Mr. President and our US government for again trying to take something away from someone that didn’t belong to them and give it to someone else… Way to embody the socialist spirit of this country by stealing just like the NPS did when they took it from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (who bought it privately from donated funds of Texans, rebuilt it from donations and private funds, and strategically accommodated a good portion of the courtyard). Oh, and let’s give a big “Hooray” to our education system by continuing to teach socialist ideas and put down capitalism at every opportunity, because socialism really works! Except in Greece.. and Argentina… and Cuba… and China… Britain in 1945, Belarus, Soviet Union, Germany, Need I go on????

  • ER

    The Alamo wasn’t defended by Americans. It was defended by Texans. The war was between Mexico and The Republic of Texas. If the author can’t get basic facts straight, how can we trust anything in the article.

  • Puhg Legnon

    I cant believe this shit. If we had a president this shit would never happen. Fuck the un

  • Douglas J Patraw


  • Jeff NoizeHead Becvar

    I would fly the Jolly Roger before I would even think of flying the UN flag. Skull and Cross bones any day

  • Amerifreak

    OMG this just can’t be real.

  • Seabee

    San Antonio has no authority to broker such a deal in the first place. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, who used to run the Alamo, turned control of the structuremuseum over to the state.It is the government in Austin, not the one in San Antonio, that has the authority to make such a decision. If such a deal were struck, then as my ancestors once did, I would call upon all freedom loving Texas to rally around the old mission and give the U.N. and their cronies a simple message: “Come and Take It!”

  • tex artist

    chill …he’s an American you racist pig!

  • LadyPatriot

    San Antonio has become Castro’s personal, liberal cesspool. He as mayor has ZERO authority over the Alamo. Our (TX) land commissioner has said that any attempt to ‘take’ the Alamo would be met with Texas Rangers. Myself and several thousand armed,pissed off Texans would back them up. We’ll burn that POS town to the ground first.

  • Paula

    Oh hell no! Who does Castro think he is, a dictator? This dumb mayor and Obama can’t decide this! THE ALAMO DOESN’T BELONG TO THEM!

  • Ed Welsh

    We really need to get the U.N. OUT of our lives, Not add to the level of intrusion.

  • MelinTN

    Oh, hell NO!!!!!

  • Paul Boliard

    what anyone fails to see, if us fails, and texas is standing “succeeded” then by flying the flag over the the alamo it gives the un rights to protect its holdings and embassy’s.. thereby allowing armed guards etc. think twice over this mistake!!!

  • Anthony

    Burn the un flag if it shows up

  • James Dunn

    Since when is this a San Antonio site and not a State of Texas or United states of America site? San Antonio didn’t exist at the time of the battle.

  • Gregory R. Bill

    Fuck THAT

  • Brian Lindsay
  • John Rogers

    While the mayor might want to do that, he can’t The Alamo is owned and controlled by the DRT. The city and mayor have no say in its administration.

  • gran gran

    There is no way that TEXAS would hand this over to the UN. . No Way in Hell. . . Barry you can keep your filty nasty hands off of anything that belongs to Texas. . and for the mayor. . He can just hope himself right back across the border and give away some of the drug of choice. . koolaid that he has been drinking. . The American Flag and the Flag of Texas should be the only flags flying over the Alamo. . Stupid is as Stupid does. . kind of like Amnesty to All Illegal Aliens. . . ALL. . go back across the border and come here the right way. .

  • Brian Holland

    The hell it will… If this Moron thinks he owns something MY family fought for, He needs to think again….

  • Brian Holland

    You can come hold the ladder for me…

  • Brian Holland

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. this Moron of a Mayor will be taught a lesson what it feels like to be Santa Anna. He learned the hard way not to mess with TEXAS!!!!!

  • arrowsmithwoman

    “There is little value in assuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it.” JFK

  • arrowsmithwoman

    “Freedom is lost gradually from an uninterested, uninformed, and uninvolved people” Thomas Jefferson

  • Icy_BM

    Jesus Christ, there are some disgustingly ignorant individuals commenting on this asinine article.

  • Alyssa Borg

    It’s managed by the DRT. It is owned by the National Park Service. They accommodated it the way the government seems to believe it is okay to accommodate things, by taking it.

  • Alyssa Borg

    This information is entirely inaccurate. Either the man in your article did not speak to someone at NPS or they lied to him. World Heritage sites are required to fly a UN flag. Some other changes that are being neglected to mention are: the controlling interest of the site has to be surrendered to the UN; the right of management will be removed from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas and surrendered to the UN (keep in mind that the Alamo would not exist today if it wasn’t for these ladies that spent private money to acquire it before NPS took control); all employees will be UN employees; all security will be UN soldiers; conceal and carry will be revoked on the premises; it will no longer be free; and all monies made will belong to the UN… Yep, no change whatsoever!

  • Shaking my head

    Kevin, you are so full of crap… do you do any investigating at all? The Daughters of the Republic of Texas is the governing body of that building and is a historic monument in the State of Texas….you screwed the pooch calling on everyone to boycott Red Lobster before you knew the facts… Get with it or don’t blog

  • scott

    why is there such a war on everything American,come on,we need to preserve what little heritage we have,we are one of the youngest countries in the world with a patchwork of culture from around the world,now the one thing that defines America’s grit is being put on the auction block,I say no way,time to stand up and be counted,rise against the machine of liberal tyranny.

  • Shawn Zylla

    no way the people would give up a place like the alamo to anyone, especially the UN.

  • Carlos

    It is time to leave the union and take back Texas before it is too late. Go to and join or at least find a place where they are having a petition signing and go. Let’s get it on the ballot and stop this madness.

  • Alan Smithe

    I SEE NO REASON TO HAVE THE UN FLAG FLY OVER THE ALAMO, unless there’s going to be a firing range set up with the UN Flag as a firing target.

  • Seabee

    Early in 2011, Texas State Senator Leticia R. Van de Putte, whose district includes The Alamo historic site, drafted legislation [95] for increased oversight and reporting of the DRT at the Alamo. Through a lengthy investigation by the State’s Attorney General, Greg Abbott,[96][97] an attempt blocked by Governor Rick Perry to trademark the words “The Alamo”, a contract dispute to market the Alamo with William Morris Endeavor,[98] and a failed 175th Anniversary symphony concert celebration with Pop star Phil Collins,[99]the DRT maintained control of the Alamo through 2010, and most of 2011. However, Van De Putte’s legislation which gained momentum throughout the 2011 Texas Legislative session, ended up as HB3726. In an extended session, House Bill 3726 was passed and signed by Texas Governor Rick Perry [100] before leaving to begin his campaign for the 2012 Presidential election,[101] effectively ending the DRT’s 106 year reign as the sole caretakers of the Alamo. The new law placed the Alamo under the care and leadership of the Texas General Land Office (GLO).


    “Some folks might think that getting on this list means the UN has some sort of influence at the Alamo. Those folks must not be from around here,” Patterson said. “The people of Texas own the Alamo now and in the future. Nothing is going to change that.”

    Like I said previously, if they think they are going to come in and strike the Lone Star in favor of that stupid U.N. flag, then our response will be “Come and Take It!”