US Military Has Grounds To Arrest Obama


What if the whole Military purge had a bit of self-preservation to it? What if the US Military has grounds to arrest President Obama, not under impeachment, but under usurper status?

This may not be as far-fetched as it seems. In fact, it has some very prominent figures looking at the idea.  The argument seems centralized on two very key points. The first is that under the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, there was a fail safe built-in, a third grand jury. There was a citizens grand jury. The last time it was used properly was 1935. It states that there is a third grand jury specifically for corruption. Obama has already been indicted by several of these grand juries. Here is one:

There are several from the NAACP, the Black Caucus, Freedom Watch, and others from as early as 2009 to as late as 2013. The trick is who has the jurisdiction to enforce it?

The second relies on if Obama is a Usurper. A Usurper by definition is to seize and hold power (position, authority, etc) by force and without legal right or t to commit forcible or illegal seizure of an office, power, etc.; encroach ( There are several videos on that as well. Here is one from WND:

We know he gave up his US Citizenship for Indonesia. Forget the Birther movement, did he ever apply to get his US Citizenship back? We don’t know because he sealed his records. If he is a Usurper, it would be the Military’s duty to remove him from that position. Is that why he is purging the Military at a rapid rate?

With that thought in mind comes a well researched account by a person calling themselves watchdog. It is very informative.

It is obviously clear. President Obama is a threat not only to the American people. He is destabilizing the United States every way he can. He did this paying for Treyvon protest trying to start race wars as one example. He is a threat to world peace. He has to be neutralized before he takes the world into an age of war and destruction. Now how can that be done? Congress can pass all the impeachment bills. The US Senate will not by two thirds vote him guilty removing him from office. Politically there is very little that can be done to interpose between Obama and him destroying the world.

So who will step in and take action to avert a disaster from  happening?  The usurper in the White House is the most lawless President in history that makes Nixon and Clinton look like choir boys in comparison. President Obama does not respect the Constitution and international law. He is waging war against the American people economically and shredding our Bill of Rights daily.

He is waging war against Christianity on the domestic front attacking religious freedom by forcing people of conscience to pay for Obamacare the pays for abortions. He is attacking Christians in the military daring to say the name of Jesus forcing chaplains to marry homosexuals against the moral conviction of the clergy. At the same time erecting Pagan places of worship on military installations. For this matter I call on the Patriots to relieve officers of duty and command who attack the religious freedom of the men and women in uniform. I do not care if the commander is a Buddhist and gay. He must respect and defend all faiths and conscience. If he is willing to follow an unlawful, immoral order without question that will weaken the fighting strength. Then the commanders and officers who carry these immoral orders need to be relieved of command.

President Obama is waging war on Christians in Syria, Egypt and now in Kenya. He is waging war against Christians world wide. He is a threat to the faith. He is arming the enemies of Christianity who are murdering unarmed woman and children. His actions are bringing instability to the world. He does not regard public opinion at all when it comes to gun control when the people are buying guns in record numbers and the citizens reluctance to go to war with Iran and Syria. Obama is a dangerous loose cannon that must be stopped.

First, Obama may be a natural born US Citizen because he was born in Hawaii. But he renounced his US citizenship becoming an Indonesian citizen taking on the name Barry Soetoro. His records are sealed where we do not know his immigration and naturalization records documenting repatriation or if he is a US citizen. Therefore he might be ineligible to hold office. Obama by his actions says he is an agent of a foreign power working against the United States. He is a domestic enemy of the United States.

He is arming Al Qaeda. The same terrorist that killed and maimed soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama’s half brother is being funded by the CIA to fund the Muslim brotherhood. Obama’s cousin Odinga is destabilizing Kenya. Odinga was given advice from Obama when he was a US Senator on how to cause havoc and destabilize Kenya for political gain.

Now with this massacre in Nairobi Kenya killing Christians in a Shopping mall. Now there are calls for the TSA to be in Shopping Malls that are another gun free zone. It would not surprise me if there are shootings in the malls in the states to further a police state here. Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri was calling for small scale attacks on US soil. Al Zawahri is a CIA backed operative who was behind the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. Obama is the head of the Muslim Brotherhood and backs AL Qaeda therefore must be taken down and brought to justice.

Treason is the only crime defined in the Constitution written in Article 3 section 3 saying:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

President Obama is commiting treason daily against the Americans people waging war every way possible to weaken our republic. He is involved in insurrection and rebellion against the laws of the Union.

Under Article 6 section 3 of the US Constitution all branches in government are bound to the oath as outlined

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution.

If we took the oath. We are all duty bound to uphold that oath against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Those who are commissioned Officers in the Armed forces take the oath below:

Commissioned officers taken this oath:

I, _____, having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.”

(DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)

Enlisted personal and Non Commissioned Officers take this oath:

I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

(Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

That oath does not say to defend unconstitutional laws and illegal orders. It does not say defend a political agenda or corrupt politicians. It does not say defend the dictator. If the laws contradict the USMJ and the Constitution of these United States. The people in the Armed forces are duty bound not to carry out the order.

We are very unique because our oaths are not to a person. But to the US Constitution. The people who written the Constitution and requiring an oath of affirmation to support and defend the Constitution. Not a monarchy. They knew the British Redcoats were bound to the will of the King. Not to any morals. They had to follow the decrees of the King without question.   We do not serve a monarchy. We never swore to a dictator. We serve the cause of freedom defending and preserving our Constitution. Our oath to preserve, protect and defend out Constitution is a vital check and balance against tyranny and despotism. The UCMJ requires us to follow lawful orders and not illegal edicts that goes against the law of the land

President Obama through insurrection is working hard to overthrow the government of the United States. Obama is trying to find an excuse to declare a national emergency to place the USA under Martial law. He can announce the President is  suspending the Constitution so continuity of government declaring the President Dictator under PD-51 President Bush singed. This makes the President a Dictator under any national emergency the chief executive decides what is and what isn’t . Congress has no say to review. This is a classified document congress is not allowed to read.

Right now in Benjamin Fulford newsletter he says with much skepticism from a source inside the Pentagon. General Staff officers are making a list of 30,000 people who are New World Order thugs including the President. All to be arrested for treason and insurrection attempting to overthrow the Constitutional government. 

It has been rumored the Provost Marshal was going to arrest Obama for attempting to detonate a nuclear device in Washington DC on the 12th Anniversary of Sept 11th. The shooting in the Navy yard could be a smoke screen of the attempted arrest of Obama for treason. I can tell the Military is getting ready to act to defend this nation. When Secretary of State John Kerry signed the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty. That was an act of treason trying to repeal the Second Amendment by underhanded means using treaty law.

I do not see much of the Military going out to confiscate guns. It is not 2005 in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It is a different world.

The Military is very awake now to the President’s treasonous ways. It is my hope the Military stands down instead  of carrying out illegal orders where Obama is crowned King Nothing~The Lone Star Watchdog

Until then one can only dream that the NDAA signed by President Obama may have the rules applied to him.


  • Keith Houston

    If they can do it, then they should do it NOW!

  • ed vaughn

    then lets do it…..don’t talk about it before its to late

  • earnest.roberts

    support and defend the constitution… not just words… requires action.. All active Duty – we the people call on you to take the necessary action to remove the treasonous usurpers from our White House and Congress.. Take action and support and defend the Constitution.. hold the salute.. just move out!


    It won’t happen,they’re scared off him..

  • Kim Gohn

    Send those “TOP” brass he got rid of. Ask them if they would have a “PROBLEM” arresting the “KING”.

  • dont trust

    Wish someone would take action to remove him . Before he completely ruins this GREAT COUNTRY

  • Martha Cortez

    I’ve been wondering when they’re going to wake up and realize what their allegiance is to. It certainly is most definitely not to a dicktator!

  • Jonathan Lynch

    No time like the present ! Especially since everyday he is trying to invoke civil unrest to declare Martial Law so he can maintain his dick-tator-ship !

  • usinghisbrain

    You shouldn’t be able to vote if you believe this.

  • b

    I took the enlisted oath…you know what? I never gave it back upon discharge. It is every vets. obligation still.

  • johnny be truthful


  • CherryAnn1000

    Actually, we don’t know that he was a US citizen; quite the opposite, in fact. There is a great deal of evidence and cover-up to suggest he was anything but. Going on the premise that he is, in fact, an illegal alien masquerading as prez, it shouldn’t be difficult to remove him from office. However, the folks that could make this work won’t. Cowardly, I guess.

  • Angermanagement

    Heard this before. Impeach already! Remove him already

  • johnny be truthful



    2. U.F.O’S……………………..OBAMA.


    4. IMMORALITY……………..OBAMA.

    5. GANGS………………………OBAMA.



    8. WORLD WAR 1 AND 2…..OBAMA,



  • Charles Scrappy Taylor

    True that. Once that check was signed offering my life for this country, it is always good. If this is true, take action now before it gets worse.

  • disqus_g3EWUvQztA

    I read this BS crap everyday on FB! When are we going to arrest him or impeach him!!!!! What are we waiting for? Till he drives this country into rubble? I can’t stomach him anymore and can’t understand why anyone voted for this POS!

  • Ron Torrisi

    if someone pays my way to washington i will arrest the bastard , just cntact me on facebook lol

  • the1andOnly

    Comedy….you dont think he is a citizen? With all the powers his foes and the leople who ran against him had if this were true they would have brought it to light.
    All you people are loud and want action on the internet…..get off your fucking asses and do something about it. For fucks sakes everyone with a keyboard is an activist now.
    Also this “great country” was fucked up along time ago before you racist fucks had a black president to blame.

  • Michael Rocker

    OMFG look at the source. Fux fake news and FP which a satire site worse than the Onion. At least the Onion is up front about being satirical.

  • Keith Houston

    I don’t! And I’m not even a vet….

  • Mberryhill

    I agree with Kim Gohn, what goes around, comes around!

  • Nathan Cameron

    First of all, the United States military isn’t afraid of Barack Obama…or whatever his name is. The United States military is working diligently to take him out of office without causing any innocent civilian deaths or injuries. Obama-whatever-his-name-is isn’t going to go peacefully. It’s our duty to take the injuries and deaths that would befall the American people if we weren’t there to protect you. And yes, I’m a Marine.

  • Sue Hogan

    I was reading this and all of your comments and I have had so far 2 attempts to break into my security to access my computer. Is there someone watching this site? Anyone else having problems? I have a good security system, freaks me out!

  • croisis

    ok i kinda got a bone to pick with some of that im a vet for one 2 im a pagan we do need some place to go and most dont like to be in the chaples i have no problem with other relgons but it doesnt feel rite for us. to be decmnated against becuase were not the same. the USA was founded to get away form that kinda crap. i do not support obama at all. thank you please dont bitch about the spelling or gammer tx

  • madeuce42

    DO IT STOP EFFIN AROUND. Take all of them The Gov. in dc aint’t worth the turd in a portolet

  • jahnnaomi

    I was just told that to arrest him you need the provost Marshall’s that are housed at the navy yard where the Navy shooting was. Hmm what a coincidence.

  • Anthony L Barrett

    I can’t believe it has taken this long already just to be reading a story like this, fast forward please!

  • Black58

    I think myself and the rest of us are tired of hearing it. If they are going to get him out of office,get off your buttes and do it. What are yall gonna do? Wait until he has the US on the brink of war with the whole world. He has taken this great nation down. It’s gonna take forever to back on her feet.

  • madeuce42

    I, I, I. ME, ME, ME, have a responsibility and a DUTY to become WE THE PEOPLE once again. Color, Religion, Ethnic background are unimportant the Constitution and Bill of Rights ARE and they do not recognize any differences between people and they apply equally to all.

  • Christopher White

    Obama is like a delusional sociopath at the controls of a jumbo jet full of people. The whole of first class filled with certified pilots sitting there while Obama pushes the control yoke forward and puts the plane into a steeper and steeper dive. Eventually the dive will not be “recoverable” i.e., no matter what, the plane is going down. Eventually you hit VNE (velocity never to exceed) and the stresses tear the plane apart. We have a Stalinist president and progressive / statist followers who are more than happy to destroy the republic – in fact, that is the plan. We will end up as an authoritarian technocratic control & surveillance grid police state. Think a combination of the corporatism/fascism of Nazi Germany, the Thuggery of the KGB/Cheka in Stalinist Soviet Union the starvation and madness of Communist China and the spy grid of the East German Stasi on steroids. Since the 30s the Federal Government has been laying the ground work for such a transformation. It was creeping and slow but very steady for the first 50 years, with occasional leaps. Since 9/11 the push has been in high gear and under Obama, the complete infrastructure for such a police state is being built up at a truly dizzying rate. Most will suffer, many will really suffer and some will do both before they die or are killed by Bureaucrats “just following orders”. These are the mind numbed, dumbed down cowards who are more interested in their pensions than a particle of self respect, family honor or personal integrity. Many of these are now 2 and 3 star generals and admirals. Where are the men like Patton, Bradly or Butler? To paraphrase Sean Connery as the federal Marshall in the movie “Outland”…. “Our leaders are $hit.”

  • A Former Marine

    I say 1 Marine Corp Sniper with a .50 BMG JFK his ass thats the only way.

  • Josie 88

    Agreed do it then and ASAP not much time left.

  • JJ

    There are many of us that wish we had the power to get both out of Office by any means necessary; And I do mean by Any means necessary! If this can be done by the Military under the pretenses of the “Law”, then why is it NOT being done? I’m not in the Military nor been to War, so IDK how exactly things work. Back in the days of Colonization, the Sherriff of any City/County could Appoint “Deputies” to go after say a Gang of Horse Thieves. Are there people in the Military that can do that as well? I mean in War, if your “Leader” is killed another is Appointed right? Also if a Soldier upon discharge or retirement doesn’t give up his/her “Code” then aren’t they still under that Code, or Oath. I guess what I’m getting to is can’t certain Soldiers/Former Soldiers “Appoint” people in order to build American Power to Overthrow ALL this mess? Just Curious

  • David

    Stop the bullshit.. Arrest him Yesterday.

  • whiteley56

    why are we just talking let the powers that can do this get on with it before we do not have any choices or freedoms i say let’s roll!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bud Combs

    But if you sneak across the border you should be able to vote?

  • Angela Towry

    am I racist against his white mother or his “black” father? seems you are the one concerned with color

  • andy anderson

    that’s why he wants to leaglize immigration cuz those poor ppl have lived under worse an they will think of him as a hero.. they will fight for him

  • El Boricua

    No one ain’t doing shit to this nut cracker

  • kathleen clark


  • fuckobammy

    I am so tired of HEARING about impeachment/removal from office. Someone DO IT ALREADY!

  • merrick04

    Yeah, it’s almost too late now, I’m afraid.

  • Babalui

    All talk, no action. Typical right wing bs. Grow some ballz. You think Obama should be arrested then get your pansy asses out to DC and get it done. The reason it hasnt happened cause you have no case. Keep dreaming.

  • friday51

    Ill go with u

  • Linda McKeever

    Well said…. absolutely right!

  • friday51

    Been having lots of problems and I believe its from posting anti obama crap. They hi jacked my phone swrar to god

  • Sleepyeyeguy

    I’m sorry. I was taken by his charm the first time around. Well that and his opponent was dipshit McCain. I voted Ron Paul in 2012.

  • Sleepyeyeguy

    Hahahahhahahaaha.. if someone recruits you on facebook to go and seize the president and you agree, then drive down there, I guarantee the secret service will be waiting to arrest you.

  • GRusling

    Who can arrest the President?

    The elected Peace Officer closest to the people – ANY COUNTY SHERIFF in ANY STATE! Any Precinct Constable also has the authority – Just like they have the authority to arrest a State Governor!

    This is who can LEGALLY do the deed. All they need is enough manpower to back up that arrest – and that’s where the U.S. Military comes in…

  • Tony Reierson

    We need to take out Joe to!
    I’m a marine to.

  • GRusling

    You’re a Pagan? Then go to the “Club” (enlisted or officer – depending) and leave the Chapel alone! You can meet there 7 days a week with like-minded people and no interference. If you’re a “for real” Pagan, your preferred meeting place should be somewhere in the woods or fields anyway, far away from any “building” owned by government. No one will disturb you there in your meditation and supplication…

  • Battlecat

    Only a fool can’t see what Obama is! I saw and sensed his evil from the beginning! His removal will usher in the most massive war between patriots and the Obama whorshipers that the world has never seen…..

  • Arizona Patriot

    Ha ha ha! Forget the Birther Movement? We are the only ones with balls big enough to try to save this country since 2007 when the bastard announced his running.
    Welcome to the show though. It is better late than never.

  • Arizona Patriot

    black guy? You still believe that lie? How is one born of a white womb, a black guy?

  • Marial Gidney

    If something is ever to be done–will someone just let me know when and where and I’ll be there. Until then……well, I’ll just be here waiting and waiting and waiting. Probably die of old age before someone gets the balls to actually do something. That’s the problem, everyone is waiting for someone else to do something. The way people are now……it will never get done! We have no unity anymore in this country.

  • John Mercer

    What I’d like to know is why have they done this instead of waitng this far into his two terms, if they going to arrest Obama for treason and I’m sure Bidon is right there with him, is all of this is true and they have all of the grounds to arrest Obama and Bidon then just do it before he does more damage, because Obama is tearing this country down and also selling this country out, I mean enough is enough something needs to be done now befoes its too late.

  • real truth

    you also need ncis which also was housed at the naval yard.. it takes both units

  • Charlie McKenna

    Delusional, truly delusional

  • Tami Michelle Durling

    please guys.TRY..CARPEDIEM..(American Lives are depending on someone to outsmart this cocky asshole. (SORRY FOR MY SPEECH) but I cant sleep. This shit is crazy hes still in OFFICE.and now he’s signing a transfer for all the LIBYANS to come to America …SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE QUICKLY LIKE ARREST HIM FOR INTENT OF TREASON..he needs to be on HOUSE ARREST!! while INTELLIGENCE IS INVESTIGATING>>>HELP.

  • Tami Michelle Durling

    Thank you Nathan for being there for us

  • Tami Michelle Durling

    my stomach is in knots too for real.

  • Tami Michelle Durling

    well croisis however I respect your earthly journey ..Me and my 4 children believe in Jesus Christ and I am one to stand on my faith and my two oldest boys which are 11 and 10. there are so many people like me and my kids and we need something done now

  • vet4freedom

    that oath we took doesn’t have an expiration date on it . and its are duty to honor it

  • Nathan Cameron

    Just doing my duty.

  • vet4freedom

    what the hell are they waiting for

  • Nathan Cameron

    Everyone who is working to undermine the Constitution of the United States is in the cross-hairs of the military regardless of their party affiliation.

  • Patriot

    Between this story and the comments made, I have to ask the question… What is the color of the sky in your world…If you want to fight for something, fight for public campaign financing so that the average citizen might get a taste of what democracy might look like…right now big money owns all levels our political system.

  • Azian

    I am a vet my oath never expired lets rally the forces and remove this POS!! they cant kill us all! My life is yours lady liberty if my blood is called for then i consider that the ultimate sacrifice!!

  • elwynnewman

    all the cleansing he has been doing of the military leaders just gives our side more military leaders.

  • Sue Hogan

    I think your right, it happen’s alot when I’m reading on Obama crap too.

  • tellmenolies2012

    our military have to arrest ALL of CONGRESS, IMPEACH ALL OF CONGRESS.

  • Jim Aroyo

    Wow, another racist right wing circle jerk.

  • Aggravated citizen

    If half of this were true it would be done already. Obama could cut the armed forces in half and they would still easily be able to remove him if they had grounds. Anyone on here who claims to be military and talks bad about PotUS has violated one of the rules in the armed forces code of conduct. Do you research, get educated on the subject, make an informed decision. There is enough ignorance fuel anger as it is. don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  • Randy Lamb

    Pres. Obama took an oath to uphold the Constitution and to protect the American people, and so far he has done neither one. He needs to be impeached just for this reason alone, but there are many more reasons to state. Just do not have the time to type them all out.

  • dragon5126

    The Military ABSOLUTELY has the authority to take down the traitor and ALL of his non elected staff, appointees and associates. Simply due to his firing of so many Top military leaders, They have the Authority to hold a Court Martial with full sentencing inclusive of the Death Penalty BECAUSE he IS the Commander & Chief. He is NOT a Civilian and falls under the Uniform code of Military Justice. And As Joe Biden would assume his Duties the second they Declare a warrant on him, UNDER law, they can go after him as well, putting Bohner in the Oval Office, and that puts HIM under their purview as well, in short every person rising to the chair can be taken down by the Pentagon…

  • dragon5126

    While it would be Justice served, His execution MUST be public and seen by AMERICA and the world, A public Hanging on the White House Lawn is the most appropriate Execution. For almost four years I have been chanting ” IT IS TIME TO BUILD A GALLOWS ON THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN” Well now it is time to USE a Gallows on the White House Lawn!

  • dragon5126

    Sadly Ron Paul suffers from Alzheimers, and you wasted your vote

  • dragon5126

    It is too late, he HAS ruined it, Now we must rid ourselves of the cancer that is rotting it, and start rebuilding.

  • dragon5126

    there is one difference between us and Outland, they had bad leaders, we have NO leaders, Even those capable of doing the job, are not willing to take a stand and say “ENOUGH! NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF OUR COUNTRY” This little fact is what is keeping the despot in office. WE are an armed force standing willing and ready, the Civilian Militia of the Second Amendment, Willing to shed our own blood for the future of OUR nation, but we stand leaderless due to the cowardice of every single person in the Political structure of our nation. Where Is Allen West? Military and Political leader with the ability? And the hundreds just like him? For these men who talk a good line, they all without exception LACK the convictions to ACT on their words when we NEED them, I can come forward and lead, but I am not a leader of a nation, Who among us can rally the people and the troops? The Patriots and the Militia? WE NEED THESE PEOPLE TO COME FORWARD NOW While we are able to support and DEFEND OUR US CONSTITUTION!

  • dragon5126

    no you do not neither is required All that is needed is three officers of High rank. Yhis is why he has been removing the Generals at every chance he has and replacing them with his hand picked cowards

  • dragon5126

    stop your bullshit. POINT BLANK we do not want to hear it. all you are doing is foisting excuses.

  • dragon5126

    tell you what Sleepy, why dont you take your cowardly commentary and go join the DNC we sure dont need naysayers here

  • dragon5126


  • dragon5126

    One Word COWARDICE

  • dragon5126

    It wont be much of a war, they dont believe the people should have firearms, WE do, so who do you think has the guns?

  • dragon5126

    So We do what Washington did. Citizenship for anyone fighting at our side.

  • dragon5126

    JJ, I am not “picking on you or intentionally insulting you so please bear with me as this will probably sound like it. it is not intentional, especially since you asked, and I dont want to be mean for that reason alone. The Second Amendment makes every able bodied person a member of a military force, able and intended to fight on OUR nation’s soil with any proper military force, This isnt a deputy situation It is CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, Now the lam blasting…
    It is IMPERATIVE that EVERY DAMNED CITIZEN get off their ass and LEARN just what the hell is IN the Constitution and what it REALLY means, READ the Federalist Papers, they are the ONLY documents that TRUELY explain the Bill of Rights and what they mean AS they are written and NOT interpreted by some liberal judge. I know you asked for an explanation, but it is sad that you even had to as this should be known to you. I am 54 and was taught this all throughout school from grade school through highschool. My daughters, in Public School have been taught this. the youngest being a high school Junior. We have come to this point due to Parents, and other Citizens NOT making sure that they and those around then do not KNOW the meanings IN the US Constitution

  • 9Jim_F8

    He would never while the Dems. control the Senate.

  • Matthew Keller

    I totally agree on that :)

  • WeThePeople

    Mic check

  • helen

    Just do it!!! Get this lying bastard out of office before we have no America!!!

  • kc

    God Bless you Nathan for what you do and have done for our country.

  • usaok59

    Why aren’t McCain and Levin being facing charges for drafting the NDAA bill? And let’s hope the military is actively working on the plan to save our country NOW.

  • Riva

    a president can be impeached and still remain in office. Screw the whole impeachment process…this is time consuming, and the senate will never go through with it. Its time to arrest or REMOVE him from office PERIOD! He needs to be sent to Guantanamo which is still open to await a trial by his peers! Because THAT would be constitutional. Then we need to make a law stating that no executive order can be upheld regarding the sealing of records because that was the FIRST of HUNDREDS of wrongs!

  • Trivea

    I think you’re confusing Pagan and Druid or Naturalist; Pagans meet indoors all the time unless performing an actual ritual (which, no, does not involve slaughtering anything). All croisis is saying is that if Christians can have their chapel – and there was nothing in his post about getting rid of it – why can’t Pagans have their own place of worship? Regardless of what you might think, we Pagans don’t begrudge you your right to worship as you please, and I would ask you to grant us the same kindness.

  • AirborneParatrooper

    All that is happening is talk, we need to take action, assemble, and march on the White House. We then need to strategically arrest Obama and Congress as well other political officials who have violated the law, and arrest them without committing a crime ourselves.

  • Jim Pinto

    Hello Marine. I’m retired USAF/ANG. (there’s a Marine air refueler tenant unit at the Air Base I retired from, Bunch’a good folks)

    How do you know this? (your 2nd sentence) I’d feel some relief if that’s true.

  • Jeff Nichols

    The Provost Marshal General has grounds and authority to arrest not just Obama but ever single person who is pretending to be a part of the US Govt. Because it is a corporation and not a government and has been legally FORCLOSED for fraud and slavery. They are all guilty of treason quite obviously, also of theft , fraud, slavery… I guess these criminals have bribed blackmailed or threatened the provost marshal to keep him from his duty. This corporation takes orders from English Royals , bankers and Vatican mafia, it has nothing to do with what we are told by the criminal media that they also own. If we all pitch in we may be able to out bid the cabal and pay the marshal to do his duty. The amount of criminality that is currently operating our so called government makes Al Capone look like a boy scout.

  • Cliff Stewart

    When,WHEN is ALL the talking GOING to stop??? WHERE is that qualified person or persons who has any GUTS,FORTITUDE, and LOVE for America who is MAN or WOMAN enough to get the operation moving and FINALLY GET THINGS DONE before it IS too late?!!!….GOD BLESS AMERICA and its REAL HEROES, where ever they are!!! And DAMN the clowns trying to change(destroy) America!!!

  • AIRMAN_G!!!!!

    Everything I read from people says they hate this Guy in office, who is supposed to be our So called president..I hate him as much as the next person. I never voted for him in either election. If everybody thinks he needs to be gone why are they all sitting on there asses blabbering about how much they hate him, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!. Find a legal way to the POS out of there and send him back to Indonesia where he wants to be, since he’s and Indonesian citizen.. Get Your shit together people and get it done, and quit complaining.. He isn’t going to do it himself and we are not going to have a country left if he isn’t kicked the hell out of office…Somebody out there in this great country knows or has something on this guy that can get him out of office legally, once and for all…

  • Lobo06

    you people are hi. he won because millions of Americans voted for him. get over it.

  • bodica

    Reportedly the first US Passport owned by Obama whatever his real name is, was a diplomatic passport issued to him and all US Senators, without the usual scrutiny. His entire public construct is a lie and fabrication.
    The only question is – why are Americans who once had spirit, style and guts, and were the envy of the world for their independent chutzpah, why are we putting up with this?

  • The Tagless Teabagger

    Yo, FreePatriot, the lunatics called, they want their fringe back.

    It is truly disturbing to read such delusional tripe on the internet. Sadly, I must conclude that y’all are not only serious, you think that you are the informed, mature adults in this national conversation. NEWSFLASH!!! – y’all are living in a bubble. The United States military is not about to attempt to arrest their Commander-in-Chief. The so-called grounds y’all claim for doing so are such BS that they have been struck down with prejudice in over 400 court proceedings – all brought by lunatics just as crazed as yourselves. Just check out Orly Taitz’s track record for a taste of how full of kahkah your position truly is. Denial, delusion, deliberate lack of awareness of reality in favor of your fantasy world – it’s all you have.

    Wake the Freak up and join the real world guys. Your right wing web sites are lying to you. FOX News is lying to you. Rush Limbaugh is lying to you. World Net Daily is a bunch of crackpots, so are the people running this site. Larry Klayman is a candidate for the loony bin.

    America voted for a BLACK PRESIDENT!!!! Get over it. And he’s a DEMOCRAT to boot! Think back now, Think back to how the right wing attacked Bill Clinton for everything they could possibly make up. Impeaching him over a freaking blow job that was a frame-up from the start. Looking back on things, the Clinton years were pretty damn fine. We had a good economy, a budget SURPLUS, (that George W. Bush pissed away), and unquestioned stature on the world stage. Now, after two pointless Republican wars and a financial crash caused my massive fraud on Wall Street, we are no longer looking so strong – ESPECIALLY after the Tea Party threatened to blow up our economy with a debt limit default.

    I know, I know, y;’all have been trained to believe that we should never need to raise our debt limit. I’ve got a hint for you … There is no Santa Claus, there is no Easter Bunny, and modern macroeconomics depends on deficit spending and expanding debt in absolute numbers. This is partly because the overall economy grows. Believe it or not, the US debt quadrupled under Ronald Reagan. Honest to God, you can look it up. The national debt went from just under a trillion dollars to 4 trillion under Reagan – and he’s a freaking Republican GOD. Admit it guys, y’all are just blindly rooting for your team without a freaking clue as to what you’re actually supporting. Wake the Fk up!


    he wouldn’t have if I.D’s were required to vote,why do you think they keep fighting the idea?there is nothing racist about requiring I.D to vote if all legal residents are required to do so.

  • usaok59

    You are right, to a point. The “devil is in the details” (pun not intended). How does it get done? Via internet? There has to be some way to organize patriots. That’s a lot more difficult than it sounds. If an Allen West started making the kinds of noises you request, how far would he get before he’d be suddenly “missing”. Who will it be Beck? Rush? Levin? They are the few with a “pulpit” to be heard. One peep out of them in calling for rev olution, and they may get thousands behind them, but they are in front of a mic, not in a place, physically, to get ‘er done! Maybe one of the rallies that are coming up will be the catalyst. We know O will have his DHS henchmen on the scene to make sure there are no surprises for him. (Mom, if I disappear, look for me in the FE MA camps.)

  • Sue

    The delusional thought patterns present here suggest a degree of mental illness.

  • skip wilton


  • ltneid

    I’ve read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights more than once and have never seen a reference to a citizens’ grand jury. I’ve never seen a reference in the Constitution allowing a military coup. I’ve seen a myriad of bs articles like this claiming some sort of magic bullet to oust a legally elected president, however. It’s become a cottage industry to create and spread false information with the presumable goal to make baggers look like ignorant rubes.

  • Cliff E.

    Thats great but he’s canned a few top Officers … when i say a few in the last few years like 160 Majors, Colonels and Generals (or the navy counterpart, Commander, Captain and Admiral)

    I’ve seen stories where he’s asked the brass if they would disarm or fire on citizens he has plans in place he is arming the IRS, DHS and all the organizations… where there is smoke often there is fire.

    our only hope is that the Military be smart enough to do what is right and not “Follow Orders”

  • Cliff Stewart

    DAMN IT!!! Why isn’t this being enforced???

  • fubar4fun

    I think I wrote that very synopsis about three years ago…but not quite in that context. Waiting in the wings to see it unfold and assist as necessary.

  • fubar4fun

    I think I wrote that very synopsis about three years ago…but not quite in that context. Waiting in the wings to see it unfold and assist as necessary.

  • The DEVIL Himself

    I am glad to hear alot of YOU soldiers feel this way,put a bullet in that fat head of his, again THANKS for all that yall do ,We support you in every way,an I am sorry that it doesn’t always seem that way ,but then again you cant EVER believe what the sorry ass media tell you.THANKS AGAIN

  • JoAnn Otto

    Yes take action now. It is very important in order to save America and it’s citizens.please.

  • Dwight Hannah

    our military are the only ones that can carry this out, without the people doing it themselves…I see dhs getting into that one….i would hope it never comes to that and we can just see him go away….far away

  • james tracy

    I thank every soldier past and present for their service and giving all us AMERICANS freedom, 1 thing I don’t understand is why this Muslim terrorist is still in office and why hasn’t he been arrested for the crimes he’s committed against this great country.

  • lather

    LOL.. You guys got NOTHING… so funny.. Losers.

  • lather

    LOL.. Get to the hospital fast! Your Foil hats have holes.

  • lather

    You have no balls… and are insane to boot! Jump The Fence! LOL.. You Fool.

  • lather

    These MeBaggers have no balls, know nothing about the law and really are only mad little girls pissed about losing election after election.. They see no wins in the future, they know the GOP is dead, The MeBaggers scum will never have enough people to do any election damage and just enough power to finish off the last of the GOP… All I hear is a death rattle coming from these idiots.

    What about the last time a group went to arrest the President.. 11 people showed up.. How about a Million Bikers.. nope.. 30K… How about “Trucker slow down weekend!”.. Nope.. 8 Trucks in a row.. lol.. Fucking noobs.

  • Diane Reeves

    Thank you, Nathan and to all in our armed forces…!!

  • me

    I am seriously surprised he could even touch the Bible to say the Oath of Office. Pretty surprised he did burst into flames or his skin on his hand did not burn…

  • Jason

    I came across this site and unfortunately I lost three minutes of my life. This is without saying the dumbest site I have ever seen and the worst thing about it is there are stupid people who believe it.

  • Meghan Minor

    I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

    I don’t suppose you saw that pesky little section there that says, and I quote, ” and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States,” so I figured I would mention it.

  • BowenG
  • Rene Arizona Craig

    I did not even know about the Indonesia thing, hmm that makes you question everything does it not? Barry? Did he legally change his name to 666? Huh? We dont know that either? HUH.

  • Jeremy David Acton

    The typographic errors in the italic section of this article greatly reduce its credibility.

  • artistsh

    You people are completely delusional! How on earth did so many bat-shit crazy people manage to find each other? If any of you had an ounce of sense, logic, or the ability to read and comprehend those pesky things called FACTS from REAL SOURCES and not these ridiculous extreme-right websites, you would understand it’s not OBAMA who has driven this country to this point – it’s your buddies in Congress and the leftover destruction we’re still trying to recover from that the Republicans and the Tea Party have been cramming down our throats for years. They have blocked most of what Obama wanted to do so how is it that he is responsible, morons? What the hell do you really think you’re fighting? How stupid are you people?

    Those calling for the death of the President – particularly those in the military – are behaving like treasonous and disgusting traitors. There is NOTHING factual or real about the garbage being put out there by these people. It is all their TWISTED and DISTORTED opinion with little tidbits of fact tossed in to make it appear real. If you were smart enough to be able to understand manipulation, you would be able to see through it.

    Like it or not, Obama is the duly-elected President of this country. Considering the number of old white guys and completely ignorant racists (including the ones here) who have actively done everything possible to try to prove any of this crap and STILL have not been able to, how dare you idiots undermine and work to destroy this country’s government just because YOU have decided that YOUR craziness should determine the course of this country. If you don’t like him, wait until his term ends. THAT’S HOW DEMOCRACY WORKS, MORONS! He certainly isn’t getting cooperation from the idiots in Congress – so how much damage do you really think he’s able to do?

    I’m completely disgusted at the sheer stupidity of this story, this website, and the comments that are being made calling for extreme actions. That is NOT what this country was EVER meant to be – and my deceased veteran husband would be just as completely disgusted and ashamed of these vets who are willing to throw away what they pledged (to protect and defend the Constitution) by supporting these con artists who are running their mouths while conspiring against our President and our government. Absolutely despicable and nauseating. If you don’t like what I have to say, I don’t give a crap. I am allowed to have my opinion, too.

  • ChavesisGONE

    does the white house press secretary remind anyone else but me of Baghdad Bob?

  • j

    Bless your little heart.

  • j


  • j

    one would hope so. but i think many are still in the dark.

  • j

    well said sir.

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ


  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Semper Fi

  • leslie green

    The points that were made are really good , convincing and believable but…what? Even if this post is 100% correct, nothing is being done, no impeachment, nothing, just lots of bright and passionate patriots talking about how illegal it is and how bad he is, yada yada yada, and still, Nothing is happening. When will this happen, when will we do something?

  • lather

    You people live in Crazy Town! NOTHING that this page has ever published has come true, NOTHING.

    One of the best parts is that you’re all too dumb and too freaked out to even know you’re the sheep, being lied to and eating it up like it’s real. How about that nuke strike in North Carolina in October? LOL..
    What about congress being closed the other day so Obama could kill all the congress in a plane crash? This page printed that BS, You fools ate it up. You do know that Congress wasn’t closed and that no nuke was ever going to go off, right? You do know that no FEMA camps are waiting for you, right? Are any off you old enough to remember ALL of this crap from before.. THE SAME SHIT.. EXACTLY the same shit was said about Clinton.. You all are like baby noobs.

  • lather

    “Too” not “to” you uneducated fool. You are a terrorist and I have sent this screen shot to the feds you fuck.

  • lather

    You are the Terrorists! There are 50 million of us that would stop you . Easy win.

  • WhoDuhWhat

    May God be with you and those who fight for us every minute and every where.

  • lakeside227

    “…the nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind.” Young

    “..what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have
    ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you
    even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.
    Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award
    you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.” Billy Madison

  • Debram

    So given that there has been no proof of anything you can arrest him for, and given that you guys rea calling for assassination without a trial. Given that this President is supported by the majority of the people. You are proposing treason.

  • Avalon

    I hope people realize that our government is formed by 3 branches along with different parties, obama could very well be a puppet for said parties. the stupidity that is america is amazing. get an education, go to school. LEARN about the government and how it works before preaching stupid to mindless puppets.

  • Kevin Milligan

    i swore oath to this country, constitution and every American knowing the price and knowing it could be called up for payment anytime. i dont want to die . but the same goes for everyone else that fought and died for freedom

  • Kevin Milligan

    your the miss informed one if you really believe 50 million Americans dont want to see that fraud hung. i never had the need for websites like this one to know what this commie had in mind and im well aware of the blind followers like you that he has . that worthless piece of shit spits on the constitution and you say we are sheep for seeing it with our own eyes . THE MEDIA TELLS ON HIM STILL ,and you really feel you are believable enough to change what others see for there self . you are worse then dog shit .hell has a place for you i pray

  • lather

    Holy shit Kevin, what grade education do you have? I have to share this babbling, you’re wonderful.

  • Tim

    lather, go stick your head back up obummers ass. You’re the only low life idiot that has no idea whats going on around you.

  • Tim

    theirs a lot more who would stop you

  • ibantam

    That’s why Obama has been firing generals and appointing loyalists.

  • Anthony Harding

    He’s disgruntled enough people in the military power tree now I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before some military commander, afraid of losing his own power, takes the issue into his own hands.

  • Cindy Koestler

    Are you really that stupid to think that none of this is true? I hope your one of the 1st in line

  • rd

    Most liberals don’t know what going on, they’re uneducated shits sitting around collecting our hard earned tax-dollars, because they’re too lazy to get off their fat asses and work.

  • burnavenger

    This guy OBOZO is a disgrace. I am embarrassed to say that he is President of MY great country. What a loser

  • burnavenger

    Hey Lather,

    Why don’t you come over here and lather up my toe jam. You fookin loser. Defending this loser obozo? Get a fookin clue buttchop

  • burnavenger

    I will push you if you would like. That way you can’t blame on suicide, LOSER. Do you have a job, a queer partner, anything oh anything good going on in your life other than being a queer?

  • burnavenger

    No chance. One on One, you and me. You want to dance buttchop?

  • burnavenger

    Go fook yourself. Classic liberal response to being uncomfortable “I am sending to feds, I am contacting your employer, blah blah blah” Bring it buttchop!

  • American Patriot

    When I enlisted in 1978, I too, took this very same oath…IT NEVER EXPIRED!!
    I shall, to the end of my natural life, UPHOLD and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES, against ANY enemies thereof, and fully support and defend ANY action to remove by force, any threat to the freedoms and rights WE THE PEOPLE have long since renounced!
    NO PRESIDENT has the power, right or authority to place ANY person, or citizen in danger, or threat of danger or bodily harm without JUST CAUSE, and by ORDER of the WILL OF THE PEOPLE of the United States, and by an affirmative VOTE that SUPPORTS the actions of the military AGAINST ITS ENEMIES in combat. A LAWFUL ORDER must be presented that supports the claim of war, and shall NEVER be accepted on the sole provocation of the president himself, based only on his word alone.
    This action, on its own, merits the charge of TREASON and TYRANNY against the president for taking powers NOT LAWFULLY DELEGATED SOLELY TO HIM, and for UNFAITHFULLY and CRIMINALLY usurping the laws laid out within the Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution!
    Our founding documents have laid out the PROPER succession of powers, and those powers are not reserved to government, but to the STATES, and/or to the PEOPLE ONLY!
    Government is the INSTRUMENT OF THE PEOPLE, and it is NOT the instrument of its own devices, but the TOOL in which WE ARE BEST SERVED, and to OUR wants and needs first, and alone!

    Barack Hussein Obama must now be charged with TREASON against the people of the United States, for his blatant acts of TERRORISM, TYRANNY, INCITING WAR AGAINST THE U.S, and its people, as well as inciting hatred for his own religious beliefs and arrogant and cowardly acts of inhumanity towards all that do not stand in agreement with his personal views, and the use of the office of President against the people in a manner UNSUITABLE as well as UNDIGINIFIED for him to hold the office of ‘President’ of our great nation!
    Barack Husein Obama is an EMBARRASMENT to the UNITED STATES and MUST be held accountable TO the people for his blatant criminal acts of terror within the borders and confines of the nation WE THE PEOPLE call our home!
    Should we forget that this president is also guilty of providing aid and comfort to our known enemies, and that Obama has funneling arms, ammunition, weapons of war and mass destruction to Al-Qaeda, the SAME terror group that attacked the United States, flew aircraft into the World trade center buildings, and bombed several foreign-located American installations, and this president is currently providing financial and materiel support to this very same organization as a means to AID and SUPPORT the overthrow of Syria’s government by U.S backed military hardware and monies the American people do not wish spent on such outwardly CRIMINAL acts.

  • American Patriot

    You and I are of the same kind, we BOTH desire to see this CRIMINAL TERRORIST HANGED, and quite PUBLICLY as to demonstrate to the NATION, that NOBOBODY is above the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and the nation!
    HANG HIM HIGH, and all that stand in support of this TRAITOR!

  • burnavenger

    sleepy, just SHUT UP

  • burnavenger

    Dude, you need to get a life. Stop posting pictures douchebag. Would love to see you in Saginaw and watch you quake in your boots

  • burnavenger

    Wow, another queer, liberal douche bag

  • burnavenger

    Johnny, wow all caps? Very interesting, did you graduate middle school?

  • burnavenger

    hey libtard,

    do over to oliver willis or fat ass amanda marcotte and post there. you jackass

  • burnavenger

    a libtard and rangers fan. wow, double sized douche bag

  • lather

    Anytime, I have no fear of UnAmerican scum like you. I took an oath to protect my country from terrorists like the MeBaggers.

  • Kevin Dean

    there are 250 million of us ass wipe! and we are all Americans armed to the teeth bring it on you fuckin moron!

  • lather

    Bweahahah!!! 250 Million… lol.. There are 50K in MeBagger uneducated fools.. at best you noob.

  • lather


  • burnavenger

    Pretty funny douchebag. I hope the above patriot sees that you posted his picture on the internet and sues the pants off of you. You are a classic libtard pussy

  • burnavenger

    You sit at home all day, unemployed, pretending like a soldier behind some fake fookin screen name. Get a fookin life and job loser

  • The Tagless Teabagger

    Do you have anything intelligent to say? Do you have anything to refute what I’ve written, or are you just going to stick your fingers in your ears and call names?

  • CJ

    Please, get all your ducks in a row. All the majors, colonels, generals, etc., that he has removed from their posts. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine’s, with their combined knowledge, amazing things can happen, I hope. And I hope and pray, they’re not watching this site, and know what’s being said. If they are, then we’re probably all screwed. Good luck guys. May God be with you always!!!

  • Holly Johnson French

    WOW and Thank you …………………………………………..

  • Holly Johnson French

    Do not worry about the Kool aid drinkings

  • Michael Rocker

    Answered like a real tea bagger. When you have nothing nice or intelligent to say you resort to name calling and put downs. Always taking the low road. I guess you’re used to going down the Hershey Highway.

  • Michael Rocker

    Good point AP..
    “NO PRESIDENT has the power, right or authority to place ANY person, or citizen in danger, or threat of danger or bodily harm without JUST CAUSE, and by ORDER of the WILL OF THE PEOPLE of the United States, and by an affirmative VOTE that SUPPORTS the actions of the military”

    So who sent OUR US MILITARY to Iraq and Afghanistan? BUSH. Who was responsible for over 5000 deaths of out military? BUSH.

    Who alienated most of this countries allies while in office. BUSH.
    Who took this country to the brink of Bankruptcy and then bailed out the banks, Wall Street as well as GM and Chrysler? BUSH

    AN EMBARRASSMENT to the UNITED STATES and MUST be held accountable TO the people for his blatant criminal acts of terror within the borders and confines of the nation WE THE PEOPLE call our home!

    So before you keep ranting about how bad Obama may be you should investigate Bush and while you are digging look back at Reagan. Does Iran Contra ring a bell?

  • burnavenger

    as much as you are used to rubber in your butt

  • Michael Rocker

    They have nothing better to do. Considering most of the people are mooching off the country live in Red States that take more from the Fed then they give in return. The GOP wants to take those so called entitlements away so they can blame it on the Democrats and maintain their control of those states by giving them false hope. The men have full life sized posters of Sarah Palin so they have something to wank to.

    They have no proof of anything and they listen to empty mind people like Boehner, McConnell and the Canadian Cruz

  • Michael Rocker

    Remember that Patriots can be on either side. Don’t fall for their lies.

  • Michael Rocker

    Does one have to be a Muslim to be a terrorist? How about the Oklahoma City bomber? He was white and a so called Christian. Oh yeah then there is BUSH who sent our military to Iraq and Afghanistan for unwanted reasons and committed acts of terrorism on those countries. Not to mention over 5000 deaths and over countless numbers of injuries to our service personnel.

    Keep dreaming JT

  • Michael Rocker

    The only thing these people have is a life size poster or love doll of Sarah Palin so they have something to get off on..

    When they have nothing intelligent to say they resort to name calling.

  • Michael Rocker

    Lets start with Daddy Bush and Baby Bush first. I would have said Ronnie Reagan but you can’t put the dead in jail but he suffered enough in the last years of his life.

  • leslie green

    If they fall on “the other side” then I can not see them as Patriots, only those that support the Constitution can be called Patriots in my opinion, not the “others”.

  • Michael Rocker

    Gee you mean Bush upheld the Constitution and to protect the American people? Go back and drink some more kool aide. Two unwanted wars thousands of out military dead tens of thousands wounded. Trillions of dollars wasted on it. This country going so broke we had to borrow money from other countries. Then the was the bank and Wall Street bailouts. so lets sit down and type out all your so called reasons he should be impeached. The last time something like that happened was over Bill Clinton getting a blow job.

  • enoughtisenough

    You are only talking into your special mirror. …. Is this where you are going to jump!!!!

  • enoughtisenough

    Your self portrait????

  • Michael Rocker

    I wouldn’t know. I don’t go that way. Once again you have nothing intelligent to say.

  • enoughtisenough

    So now you are a tattle tale!!!!! Or as they say in the prision population, snitch.

  • Mr. Rogers

    Yeah, I’m Mr. Rogers and fuck y’all. Yeah, I’m Mr. Rogers and fuck y’all sideways. Instead of calling him a “socialist” or a “traitor” or a “foreigner” why don’t you just come out and say straight up you hate him because he’s black and Negroes don’t belong in office.

  • lather


  • lather

    You can’t understand why Romney lost?

  • D.M.Courtney

    It is a major concern. I don’t agree with a lot the Obama administration is doing. It may be in the military’s hands. I don’t see how he has all the followers he has after all he has done already. I also do not understand how all the democrats are following him knowing the way Obamacare is enslaving everyone in a financial way., With all of the new federal tax’s that go with Omamacare. I hear Obama tripled the size of his administration. I don’t understand for the life of me how he is getting everyone to blindly follow him knowing what he is doing. It is not about Republican or Democrat any more, It’s about loosing the America that we all know and love. I have helped a lot on foreign policies for peace and I have disagreed about many things that is going on in foreign policies, especially the way he is turning all of our allies against us by spying on them. n my opinion America is a Christian nation and all of our laws are based on Christianity from our fore-Fathers. We allow other religions to come here and practice their religion, but Make no mistake this is a Christian country. In my religion and I am a Baptist, this has angered the Holy Creator who created America. It is almost like Scripture is fulfilling itself right in front of us all. God Help us all!

  • Debbie Tipton

    Southern I’d guess? Got to love that nasty nice.

  • Debbie Tipton

    Raciest much? It’s his attitude, it’s his stomping all over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that has so many outraged, his lies, it’s sending our soldiers places they don’t need to be and shouldn’t have gone, and letting them die when he could have done something, it’s dirty deals under the table, it’s that the longer he is in office the more of a laughing stock we become to the rest of the world, it’s the lousy economy and the jobless rates, the taxes….for most of us it’s got nothing to do with color it has to do with the Honor (or lack of) of the human being!

  • Debbie Tipton

    Troll much?


    Why can’t Federal Marshals enforce the law and arrest Obama with those for those indictments they were produced in a federal court by grand juries. And if they not allowed (but I don’t see why??) then the Army must step in and do the arresting…..

  • Jeffrey Grimes

    Killing him will not solve anything; it will only cause the country to erupt into Civil War on an unprecedented scale. The American people, and I’m talking the real, former middle class, non welfare sucking, LEGAL AMERICANS… need to march on the White House and call for his arrest.


    If we met, it would be at your last breath..

  • buttchop

    this website is a pretty authentic looking parody of a kooky paranoid far right website…excellent!

  • ConservativeSenior

    No one in DC has the b*lls to do their job and remove this monster. There are too many communists, socialists and muslims in the WH and Congress who hate this country. We need a round up of all of these traitors. Where’s the military? Are they going to wait until our entire military is declared neutered?

  • Michael Rocker

    Are you saying that if one does not support the GOP or the Tea baggers they can’t be a Patriot?
    I will have you know before you try blowing more smoke up my butt I served 6 years of my life in the US Navy under Reagan who I didn’t vote for.
    There was no draft when I signed up and took an oath to defend my country right or wrong. Does that make me any less patriotic?

  • leslie green

    I’m saying that Patriots support the Constitution and if one doesn’t up hold the Constitution then I personally don’t consider them Patriots…sorry that you misunderstood me, but I stand my ground… A real American Patriot will defend the Constitution of these United States of America. I am not insinuating that you are not a Patriot…not at all. As for the parties, GOP, Democrats, tea baggers etc..
    I don’t uphold any party in particular… it’s the character (or lack thereof) of man/woman that really matters …or supposed to anyway. Americans were hoodwinked with Obama, he seemed like a savior after the Bush administration, but, alas…NOT..

  • leslie green

    How about PRISM, DHS, Drones, SPYING in every sense, Obamacare, NWO, build up of guns, bullets, big tank like things to be used against the people, How about him trying to systematically void our Constitutional rights. You are delusional and ignorant. He’s the worst President ever, He’s gearing up to becoming a dictator…how can you not see that!? Get off of the site if you don’t like it, really, you won’t be convincing anyone to think like you do…waste of our time. I think you are too ignorant to be a troll, you’re just stupid & ignorant to what is really happening. Look at the “promises” that Obama said and look at his record of achievement… He’s no patriot, he’s a pro- islamic foreigner backed by the NWO, a puppet. Waiting until his term ends could mean the further erosion of our Constitutional rights… I guess that would be okay with you also. Idiot, jack ass!

  • Scott Henry

    What the truth is, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is debatable. The devil is certainly in the details. There is a lot of misinformation and disinformation to wade through. It makes it very difficult to draw concrete conclusions. The bigger picture though, seems almost obvious to me. We are being and have been to some extent already, enslaved by our own government. They are conspiring against us. Most of you reading this do not need me to tell you what is what. You know already, so I wont try. Besides it would take me a book long post to document everything. We are trying to have a complex debate in 140 characters or less fashion. Its a good start but it just isn’t sufficient to the complexity of these problems. This thing has got to come off the internet and into the streets and if it does, our only hope is if the military sides with the people. The article above gives me hope. However, military or no military, this is going to erupt sometime. It may be tomorrow, it may be twenty years from now. I think its much closer to tomorrow. There are two things I would like to say about this. First, the government knows this is coming, yet say or do nothing to avoid it. They are making no effort to be our servant. They know what is going on in internet land. People are pissed and calling for heads, yet our government stockpiles ammunition, readies underground bunkers, and militarizes our police force. ETC, ETC. There is no attempt to openly recognize and resolve the anger of the people. I am sorry, I see this as evil. The second point I would like to make is this: I don’t want to see our leaders hung or executed or anything like that. They may deserve it under law, but that is not what I want to see. What I would like, is to know what they know. I want to ferret out all those devilish details. I want to know the extent of the lie. I want insider information. I want the name of those involved that are not citizen of this country. This is a global conspiracy, and I want to know everything there is to know about it. If we hang them, we loose valuable intelligence. So, send them all to Gitmo, get them singing and then decide what to do, Its only wise in my opinion.

  • Tommy Knocker

    as i did as well enough talking lets get rid of him and the rest of his kind

  • EATitCNN

    and that is why you are labeled a terrorist by the President that cares so much. Because vets eyes are open and they are able.

  • steford60

    If they haven’t done anything about this,when will they? What the hell’s the matter with the military? What are they waiting for? There will be riots and fighting in the street anyway? SURELY, he doesn’t have something on EVERYBODY in power? (or does he) Did they ALL take money to shut up.

  • Michael Rocker

    That’s a good point. There are patriots on both sides of the fence so what makes the Tea Baggers think they are better and more patriotic?

    As far as being hoodwinked most of the GOP running for office in 2010 publicly stated that would do whatever they could to make sure Obama would be a 1 term president. Since they took over congress in 2010 they tried and failed but are still blocking him at every turn. Rather than fighting him they should be working with him. If they don’t like his ideas then come up with something better. That is what they have not been doing. 42 times they have tried to repeal the ACA and keep failing. Every time they do that it takes time and millions of OUR tax payer money to do so. It was just recently reported that Rand Paul has another trick up his sleeve and now it was reported that some of his speeches were plagiarized from of all places Wikipidea

  • leslie green

    Wikipidea? I think, if he did plagiarize from Wikipidea, that he should own up to it, but, I don’t think it was seriously done on purpose…no gain for him… some one was bound to find out and hammer him for it.

  • Oliver

    I’m Southern. And if Lather is too, I hate to be called Southern.

  • Oliver

    I have a job, a male partner, and I have a lot of good going on in my life, not from Obama but because I can make the best out of everyday. I disagree with Iather. And you I have disagree with too because first queer is weird. Not gay. Gay is happy not homosexual. Yes my partner is weird, but everyone is. I am gay because I’m happy. And I’m homosexual because I love man.

  • Oliver

    Can you just stop?

  • Ryan Bush

    50 million unarmes sheep with no combat experience…….yeah, sounds real “easy”.

  • Ryan Bush

    Come on now,Lather is a troll and you all are eating it up

  • belladonnacotton

    Impeach and Arrest the sudo-president.

  • Debbie Tipton

    I was referring to the “nasty/nice”. I’m a transplant to the south and didn’t understand the “Bless your heart” until I’d been here awhile, never heard it used any where other than the South. Lather is just a troll, judging by the posts not real intelligent either.

  • 25caucasionmale

    Can we still not get over the fact that we have someone in office who is not white? I mean to imply that Clinton who defiled the office is a better choice than Obama leads me to believe this. It’s dispicable and very unbecoming of humanity. I mean 9/10 articles on this site are Obama bashing what do you people really do I life to contribute to society? Where do you find time? Get a life!

  • Thelastword_tryme

    My, my, my……. How funny it is to stumble upon ignorance in absolutely every corner that I choose to grace with my presence. These ideas, while very intriguing, unfortunately will probably never come to pass. I fear that this cancer that I call apathy has metastasized to poison too many of our friends and neighbors. We have been asleep at the wheel folks. While we were dozing, thugs have taken control and we are teetering on the proverbial cliff. This cum guzzling ass-clown, lather, serves as prime example of my point. This individual is the poster child of misplaced baby batter. It is no use folks, lather has not only had a drink of the kool aid. Lather tapped the damn cooler and had his/her/it’s fill. Lather is the football that the monkey is pounding, and that monkey is having a damn good time. So please, my fellow TRUE AMERICANS, do not argue with Lather. Instead, take solace in knowing that we are the future. Have peace and know that the day will come…..when I hack Lather’s account and find an address…..This is the Gospel according to ME……

  • Patti King

    I felt a need to thank you Nathan C. for writing those words. Somehow it comforted me and I am praying to God you are correct in your assessment. Thank you for your service, we are all beholding to our military for all they do for America.

  • burnavenger

    You are a Jerk Off

  • burnavenger

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  • CrapsDealer

    But, sadly enough…they won’t.

  • ebooksdog

    you probely are the fed you fuck yourself

  • pookieamos

    Reading through these comments , I must say God Bless all of you vets who hold your vow as sacred !

  • ebooksdog

    i’m all for arresting that treasonous bastard but he will go in hiding or in some bunker or even fly away so it would have to be by special forces they are the ones trained to do such mission i’m just saying

  • ebooksdog

    because we simply don’t know what to do can you tell us please

  • ebooksdog

    biden will roll over on obama if obama was arrested

  • ebooksdog

    bush was almost as bad as obama i agree but bush is not the president anymore so that dog want hunt anymore it’s like beating a dead horse

  • ebooksdog

    it’s not that we don’t have the balls we just don’t know what to do as an individual

  • Michael Rocker

    Not really because Bush/Cheney can still be be brought up on charges of war crimes

  • Christopher Tutt

    Probably because most feel that these types of messages are the truth. Which they are. We are on our way to the end and you just are so blind to it. SAD really.

  • Christopher Tutt

    NSA has been able to catch anyone doing anything. So if there is blackmail material They damn sure have it.

  • lather

    lol… Learn to speak English you idiot.

  • lather

    Sure it would tough guy. I love how idiots toss out threats but have never done shit it their lives.
    Son, I have killed a man, have you?
    You noobs make me laugh.

  • Oliver

    Lather is trying to piss people off. In Mississippi and Arkansas there’s a lot of nasty people but you learn to ignore them and if you can’t you hate being from here.

  • Michael Rocker

    Bush and Cheney can still be brought up on charges even though he is no longer in office,


    Thats good to know. My brother is in law enforcement. You WILL be checked out on that comment. You can and will be prosecuted for your actions. Go lather something and stick it up your ass…

  • lather

    Good, You can check it out.. His name WAS Lance Champman, Killed in ’94 in Boise.. Does that help? Idiot.. So many cops were there that night.. It was self defense during a home invasion, I used a antique Bayonet from 1911 against 3 guys.. I won.. what have you done beside make weak ass threats?

    Keep making an ass of yourself.

  • lather

    Also another reason I have to call Zimmerman a pussy.


    You have mental problems little man. Your tuff talk mean nothing to anybody. You’re just a little little man with a keyboard and thats all you ever will be. Don’t use that, don’t tread on me sign, cause ain’t man enough to display it. Good by forever, LITTLE TOUGH TALKER.









  • lather

    lol.. “Goodbye” uneducated fool. Learn to write English.

  • Maddie Ford

    Of course none of this has been published in main-stream media. If the news networks are supported by certain parties, then their stories will be bias. The main argument -for either side- is “how do you know?” Hell, maybe the facts are all there and just need to be pieced together.. Take facts from both sides and line up the corresponding with the non-agreeing. There was a petition for secession from 15 states. Why do you think he is trying so hard to get gun laws passed? Maybe so we can’t form militias and revolt (which right is guaranteed by the Constitution). Most of us Americans are so obsessed with “peace” that we have forgotten those rights/ options. Even if the Army or military does nothing, we have those options. He might say it’s treasonous, but we have that right.


    what a bunch of stupid cunt baggerz !!! funny as shit…


    gotta admit it’s good comedy reading these baggerz shit though lather, truth about these people is they got nothing else to live for, nothing good going on in their lives, they make shit up and just go with it. and they think all military is with them! fuckin morons..

  • burnavenger

    You are a fookin CHOOCH. FOOK off douche bagger

  • lather

    Holy fuck do you know how bad you make all these MeBaggers look with your bad English? Speak English dickhead!

  • burnavenger

    How you doing today buttchop? troll much? you fookin loser

  • disqus_ani35b0hTf


  • Michael Rocker

    RD? Retarded Dick? I am a liberal and probably know more than you and a stadium full of Tea Baggers. I am highly educated and have a well paying job and pay my share of taxes to pay for your food stamps. Next time you can afford to go see a show at an arena, stadium or state or county fair and see a gigantic stage it was set up by well trained professional stagehands and riggers. I am will you get a fear of heights when you’re standing on the sidewalks and looking down at the streets. Oh that’s right you don’t have streets you still have dusty old dirt roads.

  • Dennis Richardson

    Many in America must also be put on trial for treason besides Obama or it will mean little to nothing. Jay, Nicholas and David Rockefeller, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, many other Congress men and women, some Supreme Court Judges and other judges. All of George Soros’ colleagues. Soros sent to Putin for his use and disposal. Bush and Bush arrested for war treason and treasury embezzlement. Then continue with Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner for financial crimes against humanity. That is a good start. Continue with the highest most powerful bankers in New York City, that are subordinate to Rothschilds in London, Paris and Geneva.

  • Guest

    We KNOW that Obama IS an ILLEGAL “President”.This has been known by many USA citizens since 2007!Being an ILLEGAL President, ALL orders and commands issued by this ENEMY USURPER are null and void!This means that all military personnel who have been dismissed,in reality, are STILL in the military because Obama DOES NOT HAVE ANY LEGAL AUTHORITY to DISMISS LEGAL USA military persononnel!He,,Obama is NOT the Legal USA President.So even though Generals and other ranking military have retired upon being dismissed by Obama.Again,these individuals are STILL Legal members of the USA military DESPITE ILLEGAL Obama’s actions which are totally ILLEGAL!Obama to this day 7/3/2014 has FAILED to provide documented PROOF of USA citizenship!The birth certificate displayed on the White House website has been proven to be a genuine forgery by document experts!The Hawaii department of health REFUSES to provide original documentation proving Obama’s USA citizenship!Because wimpy and fearful Republican Congressman in violation of their oath of office refuse to remove Obama,the Job is left to our USA military!Again, those military commanders and other military persons who were removed by Obama are STILL in the military until the day Obama can prove that he is a true USA citizen.Again Obama to this day has FAILED top prove that he is a USA citizen!Only ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS can prove an individuals citizenship status.All original documents about Obama are sealed by him and the Hawaii department of health.After six years in office and 5million dollar financial offers Obama defiantly refuses to let the American people have any assurances that he is a legitimate office holder!

  • MLM

    So now that it’s been almost a year here we sit with the pos opening our borders and NOTHING is being done.

  • hbbauer2

    America’s First Black President Is An Ideological, Cold-Blooded Killer! The worst thing about this crisis is how casually our president is handling the death and misery that occurs with the dramatic movement of masses of people. As children are suffering and dying due to this president’s immigration policies, his administration is secretly using the redistribution of illegal immigrant children, simply shifting bodies to demographically brown out Republican states, counties and suburbs in order to FORCE America into a 3rd world, Progressive Democrat Socialist Utopia.

    The president has breached our Sovereignty and the Constitution! Guilty of gross negligence and “Dereliction of Duty.” President Obama and his administration are governing in a blatant conspiracy of treason! Impeachment is too slow! Remove them all from office!

    Stop the flow now, reinforce the border now, start instituting the 2006 Fence (the Border) Act now. Restore the “Rule of Law” in America. The bodies and blood of innocent women and children mark the paths from Central America, through Mexico, to our border. If not stopped, this, in essence, is the Obama Immigration Act, signed in blood.

    Posted on Tuesday July 15, …………. LINCOLN, Neb. (CBSDC/AP) — Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman believes federal authorities are conducting secret operations by sending immigrant children into states without the knowledge of state officials. Heineman told Fox News he learned from Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., that 200 unaccompanied immigrant children were placed with relatives or sponsors in the state. Heineman says no federal officials notified them that would be happening.

    “We want to know the names of those individuals, who their sponsor is. Is their sponsor legal? What communities did you send them to? Why are they conducting a secret operation, essentially, transporting them all over the country … and the federal government won’t tell us what’s going on.” …… Governors in Oklahoma and Nebraska said children dropped off at the U.S. border from other countries have recently been brought into their states without their knowledge. Branstad said that hasn’t happened in Iowa. Nebraska Governor: Feds Secretly Slipping in Illegal Immigrant Children


    Children’s bodies mark the paths where the immigrants have trod! Many Women and girls are being raped, forced into sex-trafficking, terrorized, traumatized, even murdered, as are many men and boys. This wave upon wave of desperate humanity crossing our southern border could easily have been avoided by a stroke of the president’s pen or a televised word from the Oval Office; however, not only is President Obama letting it happen unabated, it is being assisted, enabled and exacerbated by Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. What did President Obama and President Pena Nieto really talk about when they met to discuss the border. ILLEGAL ALIENS A BOOMING INDUSTRY FOR MEXICO/SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRIES Latin Americans residing in the United States send $30 billion dollars to their native countries.

    Does anyone think that Americans are going to believe that President Obama did not know that this CRISIS was going to occur. This border disaster is putting a severe financial burden on a country that is already severely in debt. Furthermore, radical Jihadists, murderers, rapists, cartel drug runners, gang members of MEChA, La Raza, MS-13 and MS-18 are crossing in the confusion, while our border guards are changing diapers and making baby formula. And, the president’s silence and inaction presents an imminent danger to our Republic and a threat to the safety of the American citizen. Below are youtube sites that have been posted. Check all sites before they are scrubbed.

    ********************* Bill O’Reilly More Americans Killed By Illegal Aliens Than In Iraq! A report from Family Security Matters (In 2007, before this crisis) that estimates some 2,158 murders are committed every year by illegal aliens in the U.S. The group says that number is more than 15 percent of all the murders reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the U.S. and about three times the representation of illegal aliens in the general population.

    Illegal Aliens Laugh at Americans killed by illegal immigrants

    Danielle Bologna fights back against San Francisco’s illegal alien sanctuary policies that led to the death of her husband and two sons.

    Steve King: Immigrants Have Killed More People Than 9/11 Terrorists New ICE Policy restricts arrest of Illegal Immigrations. INTERIOR SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO ENFORCE!


    Race has nothing to do with America’s current situation. It has everything to do with the president’s domestic and foreign policies. In fact, the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) feel that President Obama is the worst president that America has ever had and that Eric holder should be impeached. …….


    BLACKS ON BARACK: ‘Worst President Ever, He Chose Illegals Over Americans’ July 14th, 2014 | Author: The Meister

    This video (see on site) is about Chicago residents fed up with President Obama ignoring the black community and placing favor on illegal aliens at the southern border. One resident said, “Barack will go down as the worst president ever.


    There is sufficient reason to believe that President Obama’s policies have put America at such a risk, that his continuance in office and his political policies, foreign and domestic, put us in danger of terrorist activity, Civil War and foreign attack at our Southern Border. One at a time, or all at once. In addition, there is conspiratorial activity in the upper echelons of the Progressive Democrat party to subvert the American Republic. The progressive policies of the president and his conspirers make them cold-blooded killers. Death of the innocent is simply a means to an ideological end. Mass graves with remains of migrants uncovered in Texas This month, for the second successive year, scientists and students from Baylor University and the University of Indianapolis spent days exhuming the remains of unidentified migrants from a cemetery in Falfurrias.

    Impeachment is too slow and too dangerous. President Obama and Eric Holder should be arrested and removed from office and held for suspicion of high treason against our Constitutional Republic. George Soros and officers of The “Constitution 2020” movement are complicit. and and

    George Soros is bankrolling and heavily supporting the Constitution 2020 movement. He staunchly believes that the Constitution is a living, breathing, evolving document. [The constitution doesn’t live and breathe, we do!! Were the Ten Commandments set in sand or clay?]

    Cass Sunstein is directly connected to Soros’ funding for the Constitution 2020 movement, which openly seeks to create a “progressive” consensus as to what the U.S. Constitution should provide for by the year 2020. [Are we not already living by THIS constitution by executive order?]

    Eric Holder sat on the board of a Soros-funded group pushing the same “progressive” constitution in the Constitution 2020 movement, The American Constitution Society [An arrogant, narcissistic Attorney General, who lives lawlessly, believing that “Constitution 2020” is superior to our founder’s “Constitution.” So much so that he is enforcing his Constitution of choice.]


    PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS PUT AMERICA IN REAL AND IMMINENT DANGER!! The Mexican Cartels are now making millions of dollars moving illegal immigrants to America to supplement their already lucrative drug trafficking. In addition, they can move more drugs, undetected, during the border confusion. They can also expand their drug network by allowing their cartel lieutenants to mingle with the immigrants.


    Why has the president pulled the border guards 45 miles back from the Mexican border to make it easier to give illegal immigrants American civil rights? While the border guards are occupied thousand of Jihadists, murderers, rapists, cartel drug runners, gang members of MEChA, La Raza, MS-13 and MS-18 are crossing.

    Why is our Southern Command, SOUTHCOM, in Panama, operating at 5% of its funding when the president has requested that our lawmakers appropriate $2.4 billion to Mexico to PURCHASE 18 OF OUR BLACKHAWK ATTAC K HELICOPTERS. Why this sudden need?

    Why did the Obama administration fund the radical Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and then refuse funding to the military leadership in Egypt, when the military was trying to restore a more rational, secular government in Egypt?

    A federal official confirmed that Mexicans have been shooting across the border at American authorities, apparently in an effort to “be a nuisance.” … This report came on the heels of earlier complaints that Mexican soldiers routinely cross into the U.S. for purposes that are at least partially unknown. … What happened Thursday near Tucson, Ariz., however, is a clear indicator of what border guards face on a daily basis. According to one CBS report, a Mexican military helicopter flew into America and began firing on Border Patrol agents before doubling back and returning to Mexico.

    In addition, why did a Mexican helicopter fly into American airspace to intimidate the film-maker, Dennis Michael Lynch, during this current border crisis?

    Hundreds, if not thousands, of violent, radical gang members crossing into America and escaping the border guards belong to the Mexican gang, MEChA, who plan to repatriate AZTLAN, parts or all of Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington, and return it to Mexico!!!

    The amount the Pentagon spent on training Mexico’s armed forces, though small, increased to more than $15 million last year Pentagon said the U.S. military participated in 150 “engagements” with Mexican troops on both sides of the border, “sharing training opportunities with more than 3,000 Mexican soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.” …….. The statement said the Pentagon’s “interactions” with Mexico’s military have expanded over the past three years. Mexican government officials declined to speak on the record about the training.

  • okihadit

    sure play the dam race card, sorry just doesn’t work anymore!

  • okihadit

    what the hell , got your head stuck up obumas’ ass?

  • okihadit

    your highly educated, lol

  • lather

    lol… “You’re”. Jesus Christ they are dumb.

  • Avrie

    The military should remove him now before he completes his mission to destroy America. He is no longer able to govern. The last 2 yrs has been one crisis after another & can only get worse.

  • DannaStevens

    I don’t usually respond to your kind of post, but YOU ARE WRONG. My first choice for pres. in ’16 would be Dr. Ben Carson-and he IS black! And he DOES belong in office. Obama is neither “black” nor “belongs” in the office! He only has 6% “black” blood-the other 44% is Arab. But in no case is the blood the issue-the Muslim desire to over-turn this country is!

  • DannaStevens

    I disagree w/the language (many seem to have a very limited vocabulary-no more than 4 letters), however, I feel their frustration. I suspect the “feds” will write “lather’s info” off as being from a lunatic, but if you are so “well-educated”, you might want to re-read your post! Some of your “education” must have been lost in the process! You can, by the way, become a “trained, professional stagehand” w/out a lot of what most of us would consider “education”! And even if you had a doctorate, or were a genius, genius is known as being border-line to insanity. Just saying.

  • Michael Rocker

    Ben Carson was is a former brain surgeon who has since gone brain dead and not even blacks or hispanics would vote for him

  • Michael Rocker

    Excuse the hell out of me. Next time you watch a movie, TV show or go to a Broadway show or live concerts it has been done by a “trained, professional stagehand”. Most of the new breed are coming out of college. Sure there is a good deal of grunt work. All those lights are run by computers. Portable stages are set up by people who are trained engineers. I doubt you would last an hour before you break a nail and go running off to a corner to cry. Bett