Possible False Flag; Congress To Close And Members Flown To Florida

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October 24, 2013 will bring with it something that has not been heard of since 1921. The entire House and Senate, all of Capitol Hill will close for the funeral of a Representative. However unlike the 1921 Congress Closing, all members are being flown to Florida for the funeral by the United States Air Force.

Not even following the death of Senator Ted Kennedy in recent years has something like this happened. The last time Congress shut down for a funeral was 1921. They were closed for the in-house viewing of the body of the deceased congress member, in the Rotunda, and then went back to work.  Other than for presidents, they have never called a full congressional halt to work and never have they been moved or flown to another part of the country.

Even if this does not throw up tremendous warning signs to a community looking at just the “false flag” implications of moving our entire body of government to another US State, it is a tremendous waste of government money. One hour alone on “Air Force One” costs the American Tax Payer approximately $176 Million dollars.  We saw the waste report when half of Congress went to the “Clean Energy Summit”. These people will not be driving, but flown from Capitol Hill via Air Force to Florida.

Via the typically liberal Washington Times:

Congress will shut down on Thursday, and leaders have told lawmakers the Defense Department will fly them to Florida for the funeral of Rep. C.W. Bill Young, who died late last week.

Mr. Young was the senior Republican in the chamber, and the move to close down business is a mark of respect for him — though it also means that there will be no floor votes and that many committee meetings have been canceled, cutting short what was already a mostly empty week. The House’s hearing examining the health exchange rollout will continue as planned, however.

After passing a deal to raise the debt ceiling and reopen government, the Senate went on an 11-day vacation. The House was slated to be in Tuesday evening through Thursday but will now just be in for a day and a half, with the chief business a vote on a public works legislation.

House officials told lawmakers to be ready to leave Washington from Joint Base Andrews early Thursday to make the funeral in Largo, Fla., and then plan to return late in the evening.

A Pentagon spokesman couldn’t say how much it will cost to fly the members to Florida for the funeral.

“We are currently evaluating options for support. Because no aircraft has been designated at this time, I can’t provide any additional information on cost,” said Cmdr. Bill Urban.

The move comes the week after Congress took heat for including a $174,000 payment to the widow of multimillionaire Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg, who died earlier this year, leaving an estate estimated at more than $50 million.

Mr. Young’s estimated wealth was far less than Mr. Lautenberg’s, and it’s likely his widow, Beverly, will get a similar death gratuity payment, which is a regular occurrence when members of Congress die in office.~Washington Times

Ladies and gentlemen, something does not look right. With our Army coming out and saying they only have two battalions trained, now moving an entire body of government at tax payer expenses, something is amiss.

Perhaps it is nothing but a tremendous waste of our tax payer money. Perhaps it is a simple paying of respects gone overboard. The sad facts is either way the United States can ill afford this right now.


  • boss

    176 thousand and hour? WTF!

  • boss

    wouldn’t it of been cheaper to of just moved the body to dc for the showing? that might of been what?1000 bucks? lol

  • tellmenolies2012

    they said 176 MILLION not 176 thousand

  • Roger Attaway

    Its time to vote all of their sorry asses out and install term limits!

  • Nugget

    Just more of the same! Total disregard for the American people having to pay for such crap! Sorry the man died, but if they want to ALL go to his funeral let them pay their own way. My company sure didn’t pay for me to travel when the CEO of the company died!!

    Total disregard because THEY DON’T HAVE TO PAY!!!!

  • Michele

    Mr Young was an awesome man, I know there is an enormous expense to fly them down but they are not staying and YES it is out of respect!

  • Michele

    I highly doubt President O is going to give them Air force One! They will likely fly on a jumper that our Military fly on…

  • turmoilx2

    I bet if they each had to buy their own tickets Mr young would be shown far less “respect”.

  • Marlys

    I think if I was a Congressman I would miss this plane! Nothing like putting all of your enemies in one place and having a terroior attack. How stupid can people be???????? Any body ever wonder what happens if the entire Congress was wiped out? Is the president getting on this plane? You cannot trust this president as far as you can throw him!!!!!!! I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m right it would only leave one bad president in Washington.

  • boss

    I was thinking the same thing….

  • boss

    just hope the plane don’t go down… could you imagine?

  • Bitch

    NO shit, Obama would take over!!!!

  • the skeptic

    …..yes, I am thinking that it would be perfect timing for an “event” in FEMA region III……or, maybe the AF will pick Gitmo as their destination. for our “leaders”……or, the flight path will cross the Bermuda Triangel….

  • guest

    Two battalions is false. It is 2 Brigades. This is a false piece of information and should be corrected by the Free Patriot.

  • boss

    fema region lll… omg that’s just too scary to even think about…. cant say we weren’t warned

  • Brandon Walker

    Your right, Brigades and I’ll get it fixed. But sticking every Congress employee on aircraft to Florida doesn’t concern you, only a typo? Seriously?

  • Mitchell

    Open your eyes people we are on the brink of total destruction. We need to raise up arms an over throw this tyrannical government before it’s too late

  • SD

    My daughter could throw his wimpy arse so no I don’t trust him as far as she could throw him.

  • mrswright

    who died?

  • Charlotte Bertics

    535 members in Congress. Round trip to Fl. from DC. average $1,300. = $695,500. It will be interesting to see how much higher this bill will be to the US tax payer. I imagine all their security details will be along for the ride. Will their wives, children, and personal aids also go along? Are the Obamas’ going to take time for golf and shopping while there? REMEMBER THIS TRIP when there is no money for SNAP, EBT, Section 8 housing, Veteran’s benefits, Social Security, or Medicare.

  • barry soetoro

    Anybody wanna bet Obamatollah SHOOTS DOWN THE PLANE, killing half of Congress? Then declares a ‘state of emergency’ and seizes control of the government under color of ‘Martial Law?’

  • Michele

    I highly doubt that

  • david344

    could be a way to get them all together for a plane crash

  • bitch

    No aircraft has been designated at this time for support… how much you want to bet they dont show

  • evoval

    You can’t put that much crap in one plane.

  • Bill Berger

    Time to lock & load.
    The most intelligent response I read was to have the deceased flown to DC.

  • Curious

    Remember the Polish president & govt killed in a plane crash a couple of years ago while flying to Russia? They questioned why so many govt officials flew on one plane? Still a lot of unanswered questions.

  • matts

    Wash Times is conservative owned by Rev Moon’s Church

    Wash POST is liberal

    I also think your hourly operating cost for AF-1 is WAAAY too high

    Having them all out of DC is an opportunity to have a lottery for their replacements, only registered voters eligible, and run like Selective Service

  • bkinney1

    What if the plane went down…….no one to govern but Mr O

  • http://www.alanpressreport.com/ Liberty Bell

    I would suggest a watcher make sure they are in the sunshine state, and not in some DUMB waiting for a nuke strike. you never know

  • genesis667

    I certainly wouldn’t get on a Hussein provided flight..

    Seal Team 6 made that dreaded mistake…

  • TG

    The planes that were supposed to have all the clowns in it will probably be blown to tiny pieces and the clowns will all go into hiding to avoid being eventually lynched for their crimes against the American people.
    obama will blame Iran and finally get that war he has been dreaming about.

  • Ajax

    Time to hold them accountable to their Oath of Office – let the Trails begin!

  • TG

    Could just send a card and flowers and a nice fat check for $174 grand. That is very respectful when money is as tight as they say it is…

  • TG

    Could just send a card and flowers and a nice fat check for $174 grand. That is very respectful when money is as tight as they say it is…

  • Ajax

    Correction: That should be – let the Trials begin!

  • Chris D


  • Chris D


  • Harry Berry

    Voting is just like begging at their feet. If voting could change a system it wouldn’t be legal

  • Harry Berry

    Voting is just like begging at their feet. If voting could change a system it wouldn’t be legal

  • Harry Berry

    He probably will shoot down the plane and then Nuke Washington/ Be ready for the total economic collapse I had been preaching for years about. It is here. Collapse the stockmarket and let’s start over.

  • TG

    You are kidding… right?

    Lets see how many don’t go… before you put too much into just how respectful some of these clowns really are to anyone.

  • TG

    They have a lot more than just Air force one for passenger jets. They have a whole fleet of planes that flies employees into and out of area 51 everyday alone… that is just for area 51. There are plenty of fly in only high security sites.
    If that can’t work, they can always pile them into a few of the dozens of planes they use for stratospheric arousal spraying (chemical dispersion planes).

  • AnonExpectUs

    The government “shutdown” occurred right after all the supplies and ammo made it to FEMA Region III. They were clearly giving congress members and high ranking officers time to take their share to their designated DUMB’s. Now, seeing how they are all leaving that very region, when a body can be FLOWN to you for a fraction of a FRACTION of the cost, definitely does not sit well with me. Even if there are no false flag implications behind this, which there are, the disrespect they show towards American citizens is enough for us to hold them accountable in the highest regard.

  • Ricky Ross

    You are implying that we should actually use the corrupt system, to fix the corrupt system?

    Surely you have noticed that voting does not work anymore?

    This is the reason we are stuck on stupid as a nation…we keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! By the way, that is the clinical definition of INSANITY…how fitting for the people of this once great nation.

  • Ricky Ross

    Finally, someone saying what we should be doing right now, hell, we should have done that several years ago. Sadly, most people knowing that the entire system is corrupted, still insist and believe that things can be changed in D.C. via voting…which is using the corrupted system.


  • Ajax

    They’re probably not going to be on Air Force One – We’re just being told that. Air Force One gets blown out of the sky, they’re safely underground in one of their bunkers. Then they let the missing nukes fly….What if ALL this ‘chaos’ is to summon or welcome what or who ‘they’ have been preparing for for a long time? http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/End%20of%20the%20World/seat_666.htm, http://biblehub.com/niv/revelation/9.htm 9:11, & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8Ia8awp1X0

  • Guest

    Try Civil RICO. The Racketeer Influence & Corrupt Organizations Act. You are right. The political justice is dead. Not criminal RICO but CIVIL RICO

  • MagenD

    Night of the long knives !!!

  • Ajax
  • Sueychop

    “Typically liberal Washington Times”???

    Brandon, get your facts right. I read the Washington Times EVERY day BECAUSE its the opposite of the liberal Washington Post. The Washington Times is one of the foremost conservative newspapers in the United States.

    PLEASE get your facts straight.

  • Sueychop

    Snakes on a plane!

  • MagenD

    Awesome Man?!
    No!!! Our soldiers that put their lives on the line every day for mere Shekels a month – protecting/guarding WHAT THEY THOUGHT was FREEDOM – THOSE ARE “AWESOME” men!!!
    There’s NO such thing as an AWESOME politician – unless of course you’re the Mafia, then you might admire their Power and ability to scam/swindle/bamboozle the masses into absolute intimidation and control…
    With all that’s been going on/happening in the world – esp. in Washington (FEMA Reg. 3), better keep your head up to a “Night of the long knives” event. 9/11 could be compared with “The Beer Hall Putch”… Hitler’s (And Co’s) first order of business, upon assuming power, was to DESTROY, KILL, REMOVE ALL Opposition to his power… this happening tomorrow is BS and under NORMAL TIMES/CIRCUMSTANCES WOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN if only for OPSEC (Operational Security) reasons!!! Something is amiss/foul!!! Mark my words!!!

  • justkiddingnobutseriously

    I doubt they’re all gonna be on one plane

  • How Not To Play The Game

    The Beast has gone rogue and very few of us are even aware of it.

  • Kepano24

    then we swoop in and hang him end of story

  • Sarcon

    Quick, everyone go to white house and the capital building, to board up the doors and the windows, so they can’t get back in.

  • Joseph

    Hopefully we kill them all while they are down there. It’s time for a fucking revolution.

  • Rose215

    Maybe they will put Dems and Republicans on different planes.

  • Dave Ragozzine

    Three things:
    1- I would like to know what legislation was scheduled to be voted on on that day.
    2- How many Congressmen flew to the funerals of Chris Kyle and Ambassador Stevens and the others who were murdered on 9/11/12?
    3- How many Congressmen flew to NYC to show their respects to the thousands of Americans who were murdered by Islamic Jihadists on 9/11/01?

    ..Yea, that’s what I thought.. Fuck this government and I hope that their Airman who fuels up the plane shorts the tank by a few hundred gallons.

  • randy h

    It said “by the Air Force. Air Force One wouldn’t accommodate them ALL.”

  • kathie

    I thought I would check the historical significance of this date, Oct 24: Market crash 1929, founding of the UN 1945, laying of the UN cornerstone 1949, World wide market crash “Bloody Friday” 2008.

  • Ed

    No way I’d be on that plane!

  • HdP

    seems like the perfect plan, right? Something big is brewing!!

  • MJ

    Plane will be shot down or crash and Obama will enforce Military Law…I can see Obama wanting this to happen..Hope to God nothing happens….

  • MagenD

    Imporant Historical Events for Oct 24!!
    1. 1929 – “Black Thursday” stock market crash on the New York Stock Exchange.

    2. 1945 – Founding of the United Nations

    3. 1949 – The cornerstone of the United Nations Headquarters is laid.

    4. 2008 – “Bloody Friday” saw many of the world’s stock exchanges experience the worst declines in their history, with drops of around 10% in most indices.

    10/24/2013 = 1+2+4+2+1+3 = 13
    Gotta love those 13’s?!!!

  • MagenD


    October 24th Obviously LOVES the U.N. and Market Crashes for some reason?!!!

  • Dee Gates

    How is it out of respect? They don’t know what respect is! They don’t respect the american public or their wants or needs! I haven’t seen a 100% respectful body in that bunch for years! Watching D C is like watching survivor and big brother together they lie, cheat, steal, say what they think everyone wants to hear, and back door those that don’t follow the leaders rules! It is all but one big game to those wads in D C and we are all their pawns!

  • Cathy

    And maybe the wrong plane will go down. :)

  • CJN

    Sounds fishy to me.

  • Dustin Jester

    Not like there isn’t a precedent for this . Seal Team 7 anyone???

  • Dee Gates

    Here is a way to show RESPECT don’t visit the Obummerdeathcare site! Don’t sign up for it instead show respect for your fellow Americans and BOYCOTT IT!

  • MagenD

    I PROMISE I did not see your comment before posting mine above “The Imporant Historical Events for Oct 24!! ”
    Gr8 Minds Think Alike they say?!!!
    You missed that it’s a “13” day though! :)

    I’m floored that we picked out the exact same “4” events of importance!!! I thought to note 1 or 2 others but decided not – as they wern’t necessarily Illuminati’esk (aka Albert Pike’ish)!!!

  • BillClinton

    They are probably planning on nuking Washington, D.C. and blaming it on whoever they want to go to war with this time. Let’s see if the Pentagon and CIA moves too. Then the national capital will move to Florida?

  • Pointing out an error

    The Washington Times is a conservative paper. To call it liberal puts in question everything in this article.
    Simple facts, sir. Simple facts.

  • dave

    Another example of why I have ZERO hope that our Republic will survive. Those ARROGANT, ELETIST, self serving A-HOLES in Congress (actually in the Gov in general), these SCUM BAGS do anything they want. Anything. No sense of ethics, no sense of fiscal responsibility. Our Republic is simply DOOMED with such CRIMINALS in charge.

  • Maureen Williams Frier

    Why not? Much closer to communist Cuba…

  • Flippy Flipperton

    the only thing not logical about this is why does anyone believe obama cares about the lives of others? since when would he be concerned about the lives of republicans? i would find it more suspicious if only harry reid, nancy pelosi and diane feinstein were being flown out of washington. a false flag would be better suited if at least some congressmen were left behind to die. our govt is stupid and this president is evil but i cant imagine they would go out of their way to save conservatives.

  • MagenD

    Your trailing 0 to 10, I’ve already Boycotted the Country!!!

  • ed

    What happen to those Missing Nuke weapons Again????

  • MagenD

    Uhhh – your name is Bill Clinton!!! If DC gets Nuked tomorrow – we’ll KNOW who did it!!! :)

    Where’s Monika?!

  • usmcmailman

    Everything in Washington……………”smells” . Lock and load and remain ever vigilant ! SEMPER-FI.

  • Tin

    Or it could be something is about to happen and they are flying everyone off to a protected location underground. Rats leaving a sinking ship ?

  • usmcmailman

    Just keep watching…………you will be amazed at the gall of this Muslim sodomite !

  • MagenD

    You’re assuming a “False-Flag” in D.C. The “False-Flag” could happen anywhere!!! On the plane, in D.C., in Fla….

    You bring up a good point though, and something that ALL need to be aware of in these BEWILDERING times!!! It’s OBVIOUS that the DEVIL is pulling the strings to things going on in this country – and ALL is being BRILLIANTLY orchestrated. Just when you think you understand/have things figured out – WATCH FOR THE CURVE BALL!!!
    Meaning – it appears to me that EVERYTHING is being played from BOTH SIDES OF THE FENSE, kind of like a MASS of DOUBLE AGENTS working to turn everyone against one another — “get them (Dems/Repubs) to hate, blame and kill each other, so that we don’t have to, our hands are clean” – I mean, they’re HANDING OUT GUNS/AMMO hand-over-fist at the gun shows, then, on the flip side, calling Patriots Extremists, Scareing the Dems whispering “You’de better get their guns or they’re going to kill you” on the other side.

  • usmcmailman

    Vote…shmote……..fire them all and put the Muslim in Gitmo where he belongs !

  • Bill Campbell

    They have a place for that in Virginia. A large bunker under a mountain reserved for the president and other politicians to escape in the event of disaster. I believe it’s in Mt. Williams if I remember correctly.

  • Bill Campbell

    They were only temporarily missing. It was a big deal because they could have been lost for good, but they weren’t.

  • Bill Campbell

    It’s already been predisposed that we’re doomed. You can know it with certainty. Read the Bible. You’re living through the last generations.

  • Bill Campbell

    That was my thoughts exactly. It worked good the first time. Why not do it again?

  • limestone uncensored

    Sorry to say but Veterans benefits does not belong grouped in that list nor social security!!

  • MagenD

    People are being played against each other – so that when the SHTF, they’ll be busy wiping one another out while the true Culprit’s make their get-away, and/or pop-out with the worlds saving graces at the last moment!!! Point Blank – DHS, Military, Dems and/or Cons are being set-up and sold out!!! They just can’t see it or they’de come together to END IT!!!THIS IS THE STORY THAT NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN!!! This is what I see!!!
    Kind of like the Courts/Lawyers have learned to work Husbands and Wives against one another – til they’ve both been bled dry and the family destroyed!!!
    Who’s behind it?! Illuminati?! Masons?! Communists (KGB)?! Islamist?! All of the above?! I don’t know!!!
    But I just about guarentee you there’s a Master Plan somewhere!!! And wasn’t that Albert Pikes (3 World War) plan?! To get (3rd) the Muslim and Christian World to turn on each other????!!!
    Sure SEEMS LIKE there’d be SOME INTELLIGENT folks somewhere UNINVOLVED and UNAFRAID who could DIG UP and Disseminate the TRUTH!!!

  • [email protected]

    They have not done anything like this since the early 1920’s!
    Not even for presidents.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing an end to Reid and Feinstein but truly,when we send an elected official anywhere,they shouldn’t have to worry about treason.Buckle up and look up.

  • Meatdawg

    This is simply more blatant fear-mongering. Their doomsday date will come and pass and NOTHING will happen. People will forget and then five or six months from now the fear-mongers on this site will cook up some other scary scenario to keep people scared.

  • lather

    MaBaggers National Enquirer. Are you all really this insane? “Possible Tinfoil hat shortage”

  • lather

    Voting worked for me, Twice.. you all are bad LOSERS. Get used to it, 2014 is GONE and 2016 is looking GREAT for my side!
    Why do you hate America? We vote here.

  • lather

    I bet a whole bunch of terrorists would be willing to help you. Why do you hate America? Are you that bad a LOSER.. Sucks I guess to pick the wrong side all the time.. Oh well, maybe your party can stop being 12 year old brat racists and join the rest of the world, but I doubt it,


  • lather

    I will bet you are a psycho person.. fucking idiot.. I will stop back at the end of the day to laugh at you again.

  • Joe

    Your story says, “One hour alone on “Air Force One” costs the American Tax Payer approximately $176 Million dollars.” FUCK OFF !!!

  • Cindy Beck

    Maybe they are gonna Bomb the waters and flood NYC. Ya never know with this Gov. It could happy.

  • Cindy Beck

    Oh believe me if They all are running, They are running from something. They got something up their money pockets We will have yet another Gov. made devastator.

  • Angie Lee Houser

    sorry to say this but I don’t see anyone flying for a republican funeral since republicans are the blame for everything.. but i’m praying for his family in their time of sorrow

  • stockbroker

    on this date: Market crash 1929, Founding of the UN 1945, Cornerstone laid at the UN 1949, Bloody Friday, world stock market crash 2008…just saying

  • Julie Hakes

    I think this would be the perfect opportunity for someone to get rid of their opposition.

  • foobar

    how much does one of those patriot missiles cost ?

  • GRusling

    They can’t put 435 people on one plane – but they could kill off all the TEA Party Representatives by downing just one plane…

  • Lester Morse

    does any one have a brain,one nuke being trucked to florida,russian solders being trained there,democrates will find some reason not to go,presedent will not go.know a better way to get rid of most repuplicans in office and one of the few states fighting goverment for its peoples rights,sorry jeb, your collateral damage,couldent be helpedwould the date for the funeral happen to coiside with the date the russian solders were overheard disscussing,getting rid of ourmilitary leaders. heres your shot heard round the world people,i hope and pray im wrong

  • Terry Fidler

    The traitors are up to something and you can believe that.

  • His Forever

    I’m as red as a rose, but I don’t think this is a “false flag” where anything will happen except the misuse of our tax dollars by the most selfish tyrant of recent American history. They won’t all be on one plane. Let’s wait and see. But, if I were the Tea Party guys, I would drive, take the bus, or even a domestic flight just to be double sure.

  • not as complicated

    hmm. what is it they are supposed to be voting on that day???

  • Mitch Mitchell

    They really are just grinding it down on you people. This is who you voted into power?

  • James York

    Ajax works for a fusion center.

    This is the DoD’s new tactic. The CIA is establishing the western equivalent of Alqaeda by creating a false narrative of religious extremism backed by belief in an apocalyptic holywar, and characterizing government writ large as ‘the great satan.’

  • James York

    Why do you hate honest government?
    Why do you hate all the children your presidents and congressmen are bombing into little bits?

  • James York

    Everyone ignore lather. Geolocation on his IP address points to a military base. Probably a fusion center flunky.

  • James York

    The civil war is coming. You and your side will lose.

  • James York

    Downvoted. I hope BOTH go down. They are the same party, just different names.

  • James York

    You could fit plenty of snakes on one plane though.

  • James York

    They don’t have to worry about treason. Because *they* are the traitors. Matter of fact, they don’t have to worry about treason *at all*, because it is not a possibility, it is a*certainty*

    Was just talking to my buddy out of Fort Bragg and he said his whole unit is talking about how idiotic it is, as well as a bunch of other units. A lot of them are talking just like Dave. Goes to show you the military’s attitude. With that many people involved in such a huge operation, a lot of them deeply patriotic and intelligent, there is no way SOMETHING won’t happen.

  • James York

    my thoughts exactly.

  • MommaPatriot

    Elaborate please.

  • Charles

    Just a thought…why not have his body flown to DC for a funeral there and have another for the family in Florida? That would be the cheapest way to do it! ANd why in the hell should we be paying for them to fly to Florida, if they want to go to the funeral, then they can pay for the airfare!

  • Charles

    I say we have too much waste going on…lets hire common folk for the next congress and senate….people who have gone from rags to riches for working hard and digging themselves out of a hole…those are the people we need in those positions….not the ones being paid by wealthy corporations….that and we need to quit financing them….find out who is backing all this crap and boycott their products….let them know they may be wealthy but it is off the backs of Americans..

  • Sam Vats

    Flight of the long knives perhaps .

  • John

    Doesn’t matter whether they are liberal or conservative, they are all cheer leaders & coverup artist for all the giant corporations, wall street, banksters & the politicians of both parties that are in bed with them. They did away with all the rules & laws for themselves during 20 years of deregulation greenspan.

  • Ajax

    James did I hit on a Truth you’re paid to discredit (http://www.newworldwar.org/index.htm)? But since you brought up the subject of “the great satan” –

    Satan’s Triangle: Empire Of The City (States) ~ The Crown – Washington DC – The Vatican

    Satan’s Human Pyramid Scheme: How the World Really Works http://wordth3.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2011-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2012-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=2

    Rothschild – ‘The City’ – World Conquest – “We Own You – We Will Take Everything” http://centurean2.wordpress.com/2010/12/24/rothschild-the-city-world-conquest-we-own-you-we-will-take-everything/

  • Ajax
  • MommaPatriot

    I have the same views as you Ajax, that’s why I asked James to elaborate because his comment seems to have little to no substance and was actually somewhat comical. God Bless!

  • Erika Mattila

    But Boss – that would have made sense! That’s not conducive to their survival.

  • Erika Mattila

    Where did you get your awesome avatar?

  • Erika Mattila

    The other options are too scary to most.

  • jane smith

    Whoever and whatever evil plotted this, I think something bad is going to happen. This is way over the top. Remember what the mayor of chicago said, don’t ever let a tragedy go to waste, or something like that. False flag of some kind. If I’m wrong, the arrogance of spending taxpayers money like this, is a disgrace. These people could care less about the American people.

  • Tuculopuyo

    And America just bend over, as always! To medicated !!

  • Matt Wilson

    let’s get this done as cheaply as possible. A Boeing C-17 Globemaster III will carry 134 troops with pallet-mounted seats, and sidewall seats. We’ll make sure that they all have parachutes, packed by hand-picked disgruntled citizens. So I figure about 4 of these planes will get the job done. I’ll even provide the listening music, piped into the cargo area. Plenty of Buddy Holly, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Patsy Cline, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Big Bopper. That particular plane has history of landing gear failure, so we have that going for us as well!

  • Keith Houston


  • Troubleshooter

    Remember Obama’s smug, sneering grin when just after the shutdown ended, he was asked if it was going to happen again in January? He said one word, “NO”, and then sneered and walked away.

  • Ricky Ross

    You are right, I do hate what America has become! Any real Patriot would!

  • Lynda Gockenbach Butler

    I say, lets clean out their desks while they are gone…change the locks and let the people take their places!!!

  • TFresh

    How can you get the IP of someone just by their comment? o.0

  • Wonder

    Did congress even go? Can’t find a thing in the major media on this event.

  • James York

    Basically I’m just tired of interesting conversations invariably turning into discussions about satan and the satanists in government, as if faith is the subject here. The more pressing issue is government is full of assholes, who are causing *real* problems, like genocide, kidnapping, the prison industrial complex, famines across the world, erosion of liberty, and political instability, and all you can think to say in every thread is “OMG Government is full of Devilworshipers!”
    Get serious. Ranting about god and the devil, even supposing the sociopaths in office believe in either of em, solves nothing about the real evils being committed. It just derails the whole damn effort to stop them.

  • Joyce E Tucker

    I’m with you on that!!

  • James York

    Basic XSS cache poisoning. Then it comes down to your standard man in the middle, redirecting JSON requests to snag the IP address. Siphoned up hundreds of comments and posts, and then with the help of a little perl script I wrote, filtered it to pluck out the pertinent information. Web servers these days never became secure for people like me than when they were first invented <.<

  • RGP

    One near Denton, Texas, too, not sure if it is still operational or not. My aunt’s father built it when Ike was president.

  • Robert Varner

    It’s not about Florida. It gets them all out of town and harms way in DC. If disaster hits DC (like in 9-11) then paper work, evidence, people with knowledge in their heads about crimes or scandals might not be there when they all get back. Sort of like erasing a blackboard when the teacher is out of the room.

  • JohnJohn

    They should fly them all down to FL in CH47 Chinook helicopters (like the one Seal Team 6 was shot down in).

    p.s. The hourly cost of Air Force One is approximately $180,000.

  • kim b

    don’t forget about the 380k foreign troops on our soil!

  • lather

    LOL.. Clearly you are an idiot if you believe anything this tool is saying…lol.. My IP is a base.. awesome incorrect info!

  • lather

    Clearly we are winning, will win while your sorry racist ass dies off.. The world has changed and left scum like you behind.. how does it feel?

  • James York

    *Yawn* the race card is getting old boy.

    How does it feel that you are wrong and no one on the internet cares that you are wrong? Enjoy your free speech, but it is kind of funny, scum calling others scum on the internet. Have you looked in a mirror? Your president and federal government (I didn’t vote for any of them bastards) are bombing children with your approval. Congratz on being an accomplice to murder.