Piers Morgan Dumped by CNN

It appears anti-gun Piers Morgan is going to be leaving CNN. Piers Morgan is known as an gun control advocate. He gained notoriety  in the United States for being an advocate of banning the AR-15. Because he is a British citizen, many Americans have been insulted and infuriated by his relentless attacks on the 2nd Amendment and endless interrogations of pro-2nd Amendment Americans.

FTVLive stated that CNN Boss Jeff Zucker is “actively looking for a replacement for Piers Morgan.” Rumor has it Katie Couric is being considered as a replacement.

Piers Morgan’s show can hardly be regarded as journalism, but fall squarely in the realm of propaganda. In his shows, his questioning of Americans have followed a predictable script. As Ben Shapiro of Breitbart described Morgan as standing in the graves of the dead children of Sandy Hook. Morgan typically begins with a few leading questions, and then would go into “you don’t care about the children of Sandy Hook.”

Usually Piers would begin with a discussion of what type of gun was used in one shooting or another.  His second step in the interview is to call people names. “You are stupid,” “That is total claptrap,”  as questions. Then Piers would move into “How many people were killed by guns in Britian.”  It is a predictable script. A compendium of his interviews show the pattern.


The exposure of this pattern, along with Pier Morgan’s past as a propagandist, culminated in a loss of credibility and low ratings.

Prior to his stint on American TV, Pier Morgan was involved in several scandals in Britain.  While successful early in his career, he actually rose through the ranks of the paparazzi. He was accused of insider trading, but managed to survive. He was able to acquire the diaries of a Butler and  publish some rather scandalous information on the Royal family.

However, in his final act in Britain, he staged news showing British Troops abusing Iraqis. The pictures became a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, and made the lives of British and American troops far more dangerous. He was finally fired from the Daily Mirror when they proved to be fakes.  However, the pictures continue to be used by Al Qaeda and other related terror organizations in their recruitment.


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  • Della Thorne

    replacing a liberal dolt with a rancid cupcake? Good gawd, hasn’t katie couric been recycled enough? Put her in the pantry

  • Joanne Epperson Deist

    Bon voyage you MORON! I hope the door hits you squarely and firmly in your ass on your way out!

  • Scott Pam

    Piers had a bunch of jobs, but he RECTUM.

  • Gary Chaney

    NOW he can go back to England and take his BULLSHIT with him!!!

  • stickville

    Oh Gawd!! Not Katie Couric!! She’s a soulless subhuman – loves to stick a microphone into the faces of traumatized children (see Sandy Hook). Piers Morgan may suck badly but he’s a journalistic GOD compared to the Subhuman. Jerry Sandusky would be a better choice of human being than her!

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.norwood.35 Steve Norwood

    She’s a piece of shit too !

  • Frodo

    Sloppy Seconds…..

  • Robbin Banks

    This is lies, the soldier photos were not proven fake at all , he left Brtiain after the Leversen Enquiry

  • joeschmo8675309

    YA! I hope he is only seen as a game show host.

  • Robbin Banks

    Can they show proof Pierse released such photo’s and that they were fake? That part is probably lies to try cover up for British troops while Piers moves on.

  • Robbin Banks

    I’m not buying it unless they can show proof they were fake, surely they would not just say they had proof but reveal it otherwise he was the fall guy, made a mistake in publishing them and along with his levesen enquiry, payed to take the fall by Zionist media and move to U.S and campaign for gun control.

  • Chris Boet

    Hey hey good bye

  • Lynn

    He’ll probably be replaced by a bigger, more offensive joker!

  • Sarah

    He should have been gone long ago as he promised.

  • dwayne

    send him to syria, he can be obamas puppet over there

  • R.C.

    My offer of cement swimfins is still good if he wants to swim

  • Josh Gibson

    I’ll believe it when I see it happen. So far this is speculation at best.

  • Clay Cromer

    Why not just change CNN’s theme to the death march ! It’s over ! They are done !

  • David Fredrickson Jr.

    That is why they exiled him from Britan dipshit.

  • jrry_jacobson

    Good riddance.

  • Matt Wells[Herd]

    Here is some good news in America. If you are not well liked in your own country then why should we have to deal with him?

  • Delta001

    he ADMITTED they were fake but that he “had a moral obligation to stop the war”, he was willing to get his own people killed for politics, the man is a piece of shit

  • Ernest Stewart

    Who is not happy that this chump is gone? I only wish my boy Colion Noir could show up and blast him some knowledge on his show. HELL bring back Dana Loesch and Ben Shapiro, then close with Noir. It could be a going away party filled with truth.

    I could rant more but I’m just so happy there will be less trash on TV now! THANK GOD!!

  • mountainman6727

    Replace him with Jerry Springer,,,that’s more fitting with CNN.

  • Bill Herrmann

    What took them so long????

  • IndyRon

    Eventually, even CNN realizes they’re losing their viewers

  • Keith Houston

    He should be forced to swim back, with a ton of lead tied to him.. just saying.

  • lj

    I stopped watching CNN during the Election in 2008 they were so bias it was laughable

  • Scorp

    Piers has always been circling the drain in my book … no loss with him gone … perhaps he could make Quebec his new home.

  • Jean

    Yay! Bye bye you idiot. Sad someone like Couric would be considered as his replacement though. Replace an idiot with an idiot…they just never learn.

  • bestrevenge

    There is a long list of derogatory names for British citizens. From Limy to Wedging Palms. There are a great number of categories which Brits fit into. American bashers is one of them. Members of this class look down their hooked noses at Americans, still stinging from having their asses soundly whupped by us in two wars. They gnash their bad teeth and endlessly exclaim how vastly inferior we are. The jealousy of living on that damp little island, constantly shivering and noses constantly dripping shines through. Well, goodbye Pierce, you sniveling bastard. I personally hope you get just what you deserve when you get home.

  • Ruby Durbin

    England doesn’t want him either!

  • maddog

    It’s kinda funny they show Alex Jones in the video but they cut him out CNN and other news media’s are scared shittless of Alex Jones the only man who put Piers Morgan in the grave

  • Edith Anne Masters

    Congratulations to Alex Jones on his relentless work to show Piers for what he really is…a super-creep. So glad he is gone, I hope he gets kicked out of our country.

  • Lisa Wiese

    Stupid much?? You voted for Obama too, didn’t you, how’s that koolaid tasting??

  • Lisa Wiese

    They don’t have to show proof stupid, he is on record admitting it, sheesh!

  • Douglas Fertig

    Katie is like the village bicycle, everyone has had a ride

  • Kevin Lawton

    He said he would leave after they lost the gun control bill, guess he is a lying prick as well.

  • Kevin Lawton

    Nothing has changed

  • WenPap

    Bye Bye

  • Ronald Yunis

    that’s “arse”

  • Trip

    HPiers should get a job with Al Jazeera, I wanna watch him argue Ak 47 control with some moose limb terrorist

  • ruetschi

    Nothing worse than an idiot who thinks he’s smart. Of course I’m describing every liberal but the shoe really fits for this brit.

  • John

    The brits didn’t mind us bringing our guns to their rescue in the 40s.

  • Joe_USA

    See ya!

  • Scott

    righteous and right on!!

  • mikesbuffalo

    after all he did cnn hires this piece of garbage, and they wonder why the ratings dropped into the toilet morgan was the worst thing they could’ve ever done and they kept doing it. now let see if they have the smarts to hire and do some real reporting instead of liberal lapdog reporting..

  • William A Palmer

    CNN have wiped their proverbial assess with Morgan so that he is now the shit stain we have always known him to be; a no talent hack with no known value. Forgetting about him will be easy and quite enjoyable. All’s well that ends well.

  • Terry Fidler

    Well I guess I have to tip my hat to CNN, its about time they got rid of that ignorant piece of garbage. Bye_bye piers.

  • Mike-Sandi Bodway

    Replace him with Maury Provich so he can find obamas real birth certificate

  • Mike-Sandi Bodway

    Replace him with Maury Provich so he can find a real president

  • davidvoth

    Good riddance. CNN should replace him with Howard Stern.

  • g1lgam3sh

    Please don’t send him back here, he is the very definition of a wanker.

  • g1lgam3sh

    Why do you think we despise him so much, he admitted faking the pictures.

    Jayzuz H Keerist, I have had things on my plate that are smarter than you.

  • g1lgam3sh

    Truly you are a moron.

    There is a gap of 3 years or so between the events.

  • g1lgam3sh
  • martha

    Does anyone even watch CNN anymore?

  • Retiree 2005

    Couric is a miniscule improvement. You wont know if this is fixed until the slimey limey Morgan is back on his way to England to mix with his own kind. What you want to bet some other “news” organization hires this tick just like Fox News did the leftist Juan Williams when he was fired for anti-Muslim rhetoric?
    By the way; it is incorrect to refer to them as “journalists”, they are nothing more than American Democrat Socialist Party mouthpieces who say what they are directed to rather than finding true news.

  • ma96782 .

    Good, now go back to the UK and improve their lives.

  • Bullet Gibson

    All I can say is AMF! (adios mother ******)

  • http://media.nola.com/tpphotos/photo/9346409-standard.jpg bondmen

    OK, that’s really great news, but have you heard? To keep their faux image of Fair & Balanced – yes that’s right – FOX NEWS has picked up the little munchkin as a rag doll for their Mastiff Bullgdogs to daily devour before an adoring audience. Let the games begin!


    Oh come on guys! Just because this guy is a jerk is no reason to bring up a war from 60 years ago and diss the whole country. That makes you similar to him!

  • Tony C

    Good riddance Piers Morgan. Go back to GB, if they’ll have you.

  • Rick Brown

    The Limey should be tarred and fathered and run of of town on a rail.

  • Rick Brown

    Not on this side of the pond it isn’t!

  • Rick Brown

    My English contacts said just that very thing.

  • pmk

    There’s a spot open for Ann Curry.

  • John

    True, we can bring up the one from 240 years ago when they tried to take our guns away. At least the French got rid of their dictators.

  • John

    Or Geraldo.

  • Dana Gunn McIntyre

    See ya later MO-RON! Now that you have some time on your hands, maybe you can 1) actually read and maybe learn something from the constitution, and 2) learn the difference between an AR-15 and a shotgun. BTW – this story just made my day!!!

  • seeingeye


  • seeingeye

    If they do, I won’t be watching it. CNN is on my blacklist.

  • Rick Vincent

    I hope CNN hires Steve Doocy to take his place.

  • Guest

    I hope your children play with your shotgun to illustrate their freedom.

  • jmmpangaea

    Y’all need to realize that y’all need to each have a gun to keep them immigrants or communists (re: Obama) from taking our freedom. Patriots I’m begging you. I’m prayin’ for y’all and Fox.

  • SayerofNay

    Good riddance you limey bastard.

  • jmmpangaea

    He don’t even speak no english. He be all fancy talk with his gay accent. Us patriots beleave in FREEDOM so get used to it!!!!! If you don’t believe me, ask JESUS!

  • jmmpangaea

    The president aint’ even white! I seen him!

  • jmmpangaea

    Piers wanted Sharia law in America. Take that back to your country called Europe you communist.

  • jmmpangaea

    He drinks tea too you know.

  • jmmpangaea

    time for some real journalism with someone that can expose the REAL truth like Maury

  • jmmpangaea

    He need a gun.

  • jmmpangaea

    They’re both muslin so why not?

  • jmmpangaea

    Toby Keith could eat this pussy alive.

  • jmmpangaea

    What’s Quebec?

  • jmmpangaea

    Our govnerment is sick. These bums need to be kicked out until they can agree on our freedom.

  • jmmpangaea

    And why can’t they leave real patriot journalists like Gov Palin alone. Who reads newspapers anyway? Maybe libtards.

  • jmmpangaea


  • Meggles

    NOOOO,please for pity’s sake; we had enough of the grease ball. Please don’t send him back to England; he’s a disgrace. Sorry for what he’s done to you lovely people, but we really don’t want him back.

  • Meggles

    We really don’t want him back here. He is a trouble maker on this side of the pond, too. He’s a a real slippery type, I wouldn’t trust him with my dead dog’s ashes.

  • Meggles

    We wouldn’t call him a journalist in England. If there’s no good story, he just makes one up – he has caused so much trouble and hurt here we don’t want him back. Maybe Saudi Arabie – imagine trying to make trouble there!!

  • Thomas Jefferson

    fuck CNN and FUCK piers morgan.

    bring back the constitution and then we can have an honest talk about how to run this country


  • Heisenberg

    Bye Nigga

  • martha

    Yup. And some people go to The Onion as the trusted print source.

  • francoamerian

    Hopefully this is true. He is a piece of British cow dung. He has a lot of nerve coming over here to the US and insulting us. So CNN finally regained part of their senses and is getting rid of him. GOOD!

  • Martin DiOrio

    .Why don’t CNN try to get Ba Ba Wa Wa or another of the bubble brains from the view? Or get Soledad back from Al Jazeera!

  • Martin DiOrio

    You mean Raghead?

  • http://www.facebook.com/dennis.goble.3 Dennis Goble

    I’m sure there are many more LAME STREAM MEDIA outfits that would be glad to have this disgusting gun grabbing limey POS !!!

  • JinQuebec

    Noooooooooo ! Keep him.
    Besides, he shows the true face of gun control and he discredits all the liberal buffons.

  • Jesse

    I am really surprised it took CNN this long to drop this POS. I find it even harder to believe they would hire somebody to represent their brand with his track record. This guy is a boil on the ass of CNN and American TV. Bye Bye Mr. Morgan thanks for the memories please go back to your country of origin you limey prick.

  • Eugene L Waycaster

    I truly hope that one of you assclowns are stupid enough to try saying something like this to MY face one day.

  • SovereignMary

    Aw, what a blinking bloody shame. I hope he’s packing his bags and moving back to Britain to bestow on his countrymen his rude, crude, and obnoxious vitriol on them. I hope the door hits him as he leaves CNN.

  • dallface

    Hopefully they bought him a one way ticket back to his homeland!

  • SovereignMary

    bestrevenge – You are making a huge assumption that all the Brit’s share the same opinions with Piers Morgan, which I very much doubt. I think it would be wise of you not to paint all Brit’s with a very broad brush.

  • SJ

    hmmm, out of work…… pull his green card and throw him out

  • bestrevenge

    You are, of course,
    right. I worked many years for a British Company. I have many British friends. Part of my heritage is British. But, I find an exaggerated since of “class” in some British. An underlying haughty attitude as to family, schooling, wealth and so on. Not all British to be sure. Sorry about the broad brush. It was wrong.

  • z-man

    About time that POS was dumped.

  • BigBob

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Love the internet muscles….good show skippy….good show

  • Gene Reed

    Not to worry. He will probably be going on to MSNBC.

  • David Crumpton

    Is he heading over to Al Jazeera?

  • Joe Geror


  • worldchamp

    I have never heard of Pierce Morgan. What Channel was he on

  • Gman


  • Jana

    Head on over to MSNBC Piers!

  • Basha1

    I’m actually glad to see him go only because I stopped watching CNN because of him. He seemed to represent that network. Think of Piers Morgan and you think of CNN. I found him to be offensive and a bully. He misused his power on CNN and they allowed him to hang himself. It’s truly sad actually that if he would have just tamed down a bit he could have survived on the show. I’m surprised they are allowing him to stay and not firing him. I think Donald Trump is doing another Celebrity Apprentice so if Piers can get on there, he’s good to go for at least 6 months.

  • TheGDog

    I have been wondering why it’s taken soo long to get this rude a-hole off the air. He has the same MO everytime… the minute a “guest” has a sound logical argument he cuts them off and no longer let’s them get a word in edge-wise. I especially loved the episode where the two eloquently and calmly speaking pro 2nd-amendment women further highlighted his prick-hole ways be remaining calm, cool & Collected under fire… just as Ben Shapiro did as well.

  • TheGDog

    Fine moral example you are. Publically… in front of the whole world… wishing ill-will on somebodies children?? Dude… ut down the Starbucks and take a chill-pill instead.

  • jake

    Send this POS back to Britain.

  • jlenoreb

    I hope he was here on a work visa, then we can send him home. I know they don’t want him back but heh, we’re bigger than they are!

  • some1

    he’s an arsenal fan

  • Myron Zawoiski

    About friggen time……!

  • Myron Zawoiski

    Oh no, I just thought of something, what if Piers Morgan is Mentally Unstable now because he got dumped, hide the guns…..!

  • M60A1

    Hit the road, Jack, and may you return to your ragpicking ways. I guess the Kelly and Michael show has no room for Katie…

  • Misty Williams

    Aaahhhhh, so long Piers. Won’t miss you, I promise!

  • Rousseau Welch

    Because he’s an arse.

  • Rich Thompson

    fianllym some one at CNN woke up!!! I may start watchin them more now! Id rather listen to 10 hours of Eric Cartman making the “dying giraffe noise” than to listen to one minute of this idiots ramblings….I did say when all this gun ban thing first took off that id help him move if he would follow thru with his threat of leaving the country if the gun ban failed. Tho I realize it really isn’t over yet, probably never will be, I will still offer my services to help you pack your shit and get outta here if it means you would leave faster.

  • Brian D Ritchie

    i prefer Sassanach myself

  • Jason Johnson

    Jerry Springer is actually very intelligent. He has a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Northwestern, and has served as an Army reservist. I would welcome Jerry. :)

  • jan66lou

    I want your dog.

  • bogusboggs

    Replace him with Morton Downey, Jr..
    He’s DEAD,you say?
    EXACTLY I say! CNN wouldn’t miss a beat with an hour of dead air! ;)

  • John King

    This guy needs to be deported PERMANENTLY!!!

  • Steve Elkins

    Good riddance. He was always disrespectful to those he didn’t agree with. I remember Jessie Ventura asking reasonable questions about 9/11 and the falling of WTC building 7 that wasn’t hit by a plane. He was quickly cast a Conspiracy Nut. The question has never been answered LOGICALLY. A FIRE can not bring down a high rise alone. It takes EXTREME HEAT over TIME to weaken beams in order for them to buckle and collapse. It is a simple question that has never been answered using LOGISTICS, PHYSICS and MATHEMATICS.

  • Steve Elkins

    He should return his National Enquirer news reporting. He was no Larry King. CNN would be making a mistake if they considered Katie Couric. She is another babbling air head who can not be taken serious. CNN along with the other corporate news agencies give you 30 second soundbites, and they call that NEWS. A lot more to a story that never gets told. More propaganda than REAL NEWS.

  • 3rdInfantryGrunt

    Morgan was an insufferable limey ultra liberal bully. Revoke his work visa and send him back to the UK, if they will even take him back. As for Couric, that straw for brains bimbo should be cleaning out toilets somewhere, a task she is much better suited too that being a “journalist”