150 Million Islamic Sharia Followers To America By 2018 In Amnesty Bill


It is estimated that there are 1.5 Billion Muslims world-wide. Of those, 33% are radical Jihad followers and 75% follow Sharia Law. Well, the new Amnesty bill being shoved through congress and shared 1000 times on FWD.com has a back door to turn the United States into a Muslim country. Amnesty is not about the 13 million or so Hispanics in this country illegally as you are lead to believe. It is a back door calling for 150 million Muslims to be brought to the US by 2018.

Just when you think that the Amnesty Bill should be killed, it takes a life of its own. The bill is not Amnesty. Even the liberal CNN states quite bluntly that the bill is not amnesty. It does give away more jobs, your medical care, your taxes, your social security, your schools, and your scholarships to individuals that are not born in this country and are here illegally. Not only that, but it also ups the amount of fast track applications from countries like Afghanistan.

Do you still think it is about Amnesty? Let’s take a look at some hard facts. Some people may not know it, but in 2010, President Barack H. Obama signed into law through executive order a fast track policy to immigrants from Islamic countries. If you are from any Muslim country, you can become a US citizen in as little as 10 weeks. No ID, no deceleration of fealty to the Constitution. 1500 a year from Afghanistan is nearly 3 times that in the Amnesty bill. It includes not only women and children, but the men that practice Sharia law. Nearly 10 times that amount are being allowed in from Saudi Arabia. In fact there is even evidence that the bill had help being written by the Muslim Brotherhood. That makes you feel special.

Don’t think the Republican supporters are innocent either. Senator John McCain put earmarks in the bill. Colorado Senators have an earmark to hire illegal ski instructors. Senator Marco Rubio wants 11,000 people who can build cruise ships. Senator Lindsey Graham wants 22,000 Halal trained meat package workers imported. In fact he inserted 22,000 cutters and trimmers to get extra visas. Lovely when we have a constant rate of only 48% of Americans working. Its sickening and frightening, but no wonder that it passed the Senate (during the shut down mind you, when they wouldn’t touch the budget) 67 to 33 and are spending countless millions to shove it down your throats like Obamacare before the election. Even the union bosses are griping about this bill.

We have countless millions living in the country illegally with no desire to become citizens legally. We have holes in Obamacare making it easy to obtain a waiver if you are Muslim. We have free healthcare to non-citizens tucked in the Obamacare bill. This piece of legislation could kill the United States.

  • dilligaf421

    Somebody needs to take our commie muslim in chief OUT!

  • Jim Nichols

    I am sure you mean “Out to lunch” and I agree. He needs to be #Impeached he is Anti-American and is destroying our country while the Dems cheer him on… Media complicit as well #JusticeForBenghazi4

  • ladagosta

    i am sure whoever does it should or would be elected for new commander and chief. for such bravery but the thing is .. no one unless they are going to die would even attempt this.. because i can bet to date this has been attempted and failed we just aren’t hearing about it.. the man has a slew of body guards but this country would be indebted to anyone who was willing to put themselves before this injustice now watch these videos (all of them) and weep ..http://thelibertydigest.com/2013/11/12/watch-islamic-sexualitya-survey-for-evil/

  • flatbedbill

    This is bullshit. obama’s got to go. Mc Cain? Gotta go. Get rid of ALL of them. I’ll be danmed if I’m going to sit back and watch this country turned into a muslim and mexican schidthole. No way. Do NOT
    let it happen. Throw them out while we can. Do NOT let them immigrate here. 150 million. No
    fkg way. No way at all. You can kiss this country, our way of life, our heritage and above all our
    CONSTITUTION good bye. If this doesn’t piss ALL of us off, NOTHING will. Lets
    DO something about it, because NONE of the news outlets are reporting this. Not ONE.

  • pirateanny

    Death to islam!!! I will never submit to raghead law and WILL KILL anyone who tries to make me. savvy?!

  • pirateanny

    its already becoming a Mexican shithole. they are like cockroaches

  • Conrad Pilapil

    You and me bro.. and we are not alone.

  • Mark Carlson

    I LOVE hunting season!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • delta4ce7

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New
    York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have
    attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost
    forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the
    world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.
    But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world
    government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world
    bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in
    past centuries.”

    David Rockefeller Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

  • Marc Iao

    Anti-gun lobbyists might want to think twice about their stance on gun control when millions of murderous muslims come over and give them a choice between conversion or death.

  • bob

    150 million? not likely even 1 million. come one now..just because you read it on the internet doesn’t mean its true.

  • Truth Serum

    Pass the Sharia laws so they can nullify our constitution on will enable them to strip away our guns and freedom.

    Just look what kind of shit hole it is now in France. (entire europe honestly) 75% of their prisoners are Arabs and live off from welfare after popping out kids like a cockroaches. By 2020, the natives will be minority and Europe will be the new middle east.

    fuck Muslim brotherhood bitch named Hussein Obama.

  • Lauren M. Doucette

    Yet my Scottish boyfriend has to jump through hoops just to get a visa to come see me.

  • Mike Cooper

    there is a lot in this article that is just not true. Having been a paralegal, I’m very familiar with immigration law. I will let you do your own fact checking and hope you fact check everything you see, hear or read. We still have a freedom of religion and Arabians are just like any other race. They have good people and bad people. They have extremeists and they have moderates. If I lived in Afghanistan I would try and move to America myself. And, as far as “shoving things through Congress”, there hasn’t been anything “shoved through Congress” like the bill was to go to war. Bin Laden tried to blow up the trade center in the 1990s but didn’t do a good job. So, the tensions between America and the middle east have been going on for decades. I’m all for a policy change to promote peace between the U.S. and the Middle East rather than war. The money spent on these two (2) wars is what has created the financial bind in which we find ourselves. The previous administration was handed a budget surplus but squandered it away on “shock and awe”. All out war was the worst decision this country could have made in response to 9/11. We’ve lost more Americans in the wars than we did in the attack on the Trade Centers. The numbers don’t lie and this administration is doing its best to dig us out of the hole the previous administration left us in.

  • Ron

    Wow. An intelligently written comment? thank you :)

  • William Wallace

    You seriously need to fact check yourself. “Doing its best to dig us out of the hole….” The guy has spent as much on military spending as we did in 1940 gearing up for WWII. This is not including what the guy has spent on DHS. “Arabians are like any other race.” True, if we were talking Arabians, we’re not. We are talking Muslims that follow the Qur’an. Ask any Imam, there is not freedom of religion under Islam. None. What so ever. You convert, or you die. Moderates are not tolerated in their culture either. Either you are fully in, including Burkahs, or you die. And spending? Really? The current administration has spent more then all other 43 presidents combined, doubled the national debt, raised unemployment, and still spending record amounts. Your right the numbers don’t lie, but you Mike have either bought off into the crap, are sleeping, or don’t know what the hell you are talking about. I seriously doubt the Paralegal part either. Seriously, after 5 years, stop blaming Bush, its getting rather old. Man up or admit yourself to a mental hospital.

  • JerryJ26

    It would be a physical impossibility to increase the popuplation of the USA by half of what it already is in 4 years. I’m calling shenanigans on this article.

  • hpg razorback

    im with u im in wv….get that asshole out of office

  • bumpysquish

    Americans that love their freedom will be fighting in the streets ,

  • Johnny

    America the great is now, just America

  • George Wafer

    HA!,they don’t have the guts to try and move into the south,Southern rednecks will shoot at anything or anyone without reguard ,the Darker you are,quicker you become a target.

  • pfehrman

    This is treason against our country…how does this kind of thing actually go through anywhere intact? Seriously, who’s watching Captial Hill and the people committing treason against its people?

  • Richard Wadzinski Jr

    take your paraleagal and go to your books and sit in a corner, i have real life experiencem traveled the world, do you realize how much illegal scom has snuck in the country and all the libtards call it is an undocumented demonrat for a vote. we have currently over 30 million illegals in the country and the politcaol crooks have no clue what 1 word ILLEGAL means, fuk amnesty , 400 billion a year in welafre for illegals, etc, etc, kick them all out , and start with the illegal in chief….



  • laura r

    same old stupid talk. hello folks. obama has little to do w/this. contact george soros. obama is just a front man who signs the paper. it bigger than you can imagine. its another world. this was planned way back.

  • laura r

    progressives will choose the death.

  • friday51

    A lot of people r waking up to this. I have hope and this is why. There are a limited amount of the elitists and we out number them by the millions. Encourage friends and family to read The Culling of Men available free online

  • friday51

    Its what they want – a full out race war so we will knock out half the population by killing each other. See the Georgian Guide Stones. Read The Culling of Men. These muslims r being brought here to do to whitey what they r too cowardly to do themselves

  • Dan Henkle

    This is ALL I have to say!!!!!

  • Brian Murphy

    looking at this Muslim Obama terrorist it seems nothing can be done to stop him; all talk and no action; he can murder any opposition in US.; U.S. in serious danger from the enemy within and no one has a clue how to stop him as most U.S. persons are afraid Obama will murder them. Well the clock is ticking, at least try and do something, even if you fail; join together; have meetings from every parish level and then have reps go to other meetings, and contact reps in Congrss an Senate and get real about the threat facing you; your future is on the line now; your kids will have no future so at least TRY to do something; with Sharia law form Muslim dictatorship your life will be Hell as it is for Christians and non Muslims in all Muslim countries, who are being murdered daily and persecuted in every way.

  • Brad Parkins

    This article is so laughably out there I am surprised its not satire. There are so many lies, falsehoods, and just plain made up right wing insane ramblings in here that its hard to even take it seriously. Executive orders taken completely out of context. The ACA does not mention the word muslim, islam, or any other religion, and immigrants of any status cannot receive ACA healthcare through the government for at least 2 years after starting the legal process. Sharia is a religious law practices by muslims not an insidious plot to take over America, and is very similar to the Halakha laws of Judaism. Immigrants don’t have a US ID until they are issued it. This is a sad piece of propaganda and nothing more. Anyone with half a brain and a little searching on Google reading the real versions of orders and bills, instead of internet right wing rumors, can easily see what a fallacy this really is.

  • Andrew Little

    Thats bull shit! The Little clan in Scotland has moddo. “Concedo Nulli” (Yield to no one)

  • Lauren M. Doucette

    Well he did. His bags were ransacked with at Amsterdam or Logan International in Boston. Hes out of my life anyway, so I really don’t care. :) Lots happier now.