Muslims Exempt From Obamacare due to “Dhimmitude” Status

Muslims exempt from ObamaCare

Have you ever heard of the word Dhimmitude? Of course not, and neither have I.

So what does it mean? Well, Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslin populations conquered through jihad (Holy War). Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered survivors to Islam.

Did you know that ObamaCare allows the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States? Actually, Muslims are specifically exempted from the Obama government mandate to purchase insurance and they are also free from the penalty tax for being uninsured.

Islam considers insurance to be “gambling,” “risk-taking,” and “usury,” and it is banned in their religion. Muslims are specifically granted exemption from ObamaCare and penalties for not having health insurance based on this religious belief.

So, you Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindu and Athiests alike! If you want to continue to bitch and moan about ObamaCare and penalties for not carrying health insurance, you can always convert to Islam. What else are you going to do while the government is shut down anyway?

  • Michigan_REB

    They should be fined triple so they can donate less to those wishing to harm the U.S. Or join Putin he has a real plan to deal with them.

  • Johnny Chimpo This is the second article in two days that has been debunked by Snopes. Who’s running the show at Publishing bullshit does not help at all.

  • steve

    PUTIN 2016 !

  • Memento Mori

    Speaking of debunked…..Snopes has also been debunked as a fully reliable source…..

  • Russell Love

    So doesn’t this whole muslim thing want us all to become muslims or die. They did force those people in that mall to become muslim or die didn’t they? So we should all become muslims. Hummmm! Be a muslim be exempt as well as live kill two birds with one stone. The incentive is a good one. I’ll still only trust in the lord JESUS CHRIST.

  • nyomanindradjaya


  • JD

    Can i just say im muslim and be exempt?

  • Francis D Orbin Jr.

    i would be way more than happy to be true..but i have looked into it and found no evidence or mention of it….please give a resource…trust me i want this to be true.

  • Francis D Orbin Jr.

    he is right though no matter his source…where specifically is this written…i d love for it to be true but im not gonna push lies..

  • Don_cos

    Didn’t the Supreme Court declare that it isn’t a “penalty” but a “tax”? As far as I know Muslims are not exempt from taxes.

  • Johnny Chimpo so debunked as well? (Also, I’d like to know how snopes is totally debunked)

  • Rob Hough

    Being opposed to the AHCA is understandable. I too am totally against it. However publishing complete falsehoods does nothing to rectify the situation. How about a little research first rather than just parroting someone else’s rhetoric?
    The easiest solution to this monster that threatens to ruin the health care relationship between patient and physician? Change the content of the congress. Vote the supporters out. I don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, Liberterian or what ever. Only when we stop whinning and begin voting the “ins” out will the Congress and President be reminded that they work for US, not the other way around.

  • Johnny Chimpo

    That’s exactly what I’m saying. I would LOVE for this to be true because it would be a crushing argument, but these words aren’t in the bill at all (both original and final drafts), which means they would fall under the same consideration as any other religious group. But pushing out this lie just gives liberals (which have a much louder megaphone then conservatives at the moment in regards to media) the ability to say, “See these people are just lying. This is why you don’t listen to them.”

  • drawlins77

    Snopes isn’t reliable either. They’re run by liberal media as well. Remember Hussein Obama’s grandmother being quoted as saying she was at his bedside at the time of his birth in Kenya? Now you can’t find that article anywhere and she is no longer allowed to speak to the press. You can’t trust anything on the internet these days. Anyway, the term “Dhimmitude” was first coined in 1982. Look it up.

  • Susan Kohler

    But you’d be denying Jesus, if you deny Jesus before men, He will deny you in heaven before His Father. I’ll fight obumercare without denying Christ.

  • Jonathan Lynch

    Maybe so ! But I am absolutely furious that this stupid president is continuously trying to give these Muslim/Islam/terrorists constant breaks ! When does an American get to have a break in our own country ? Have to learn Spanish because of Mexican immigrants ! Have to push 1 for English ! Now we are suppose to ” appreciate” Muslims in October ? Appreciate terrorists in America ? Watch all these Muslim/Islam/terrorists get exemptions from taxes that everyone else has to pay ! ABSOLUTELY NOT ! This idiot in charge is going to, waite , has started to ruin our country and WHY no one has started Impeachment charges against him for failing to uphold his duty to protect the Constitution, even though he didn’t swear on a Bible, which is the customary routine, is beyond me !

  • Jonathan Lynch

    Muslims don’t believe in taxes. They say it is a form of profit and they don’t gamble or believe in profit. TOO F**KING BAD ! LEAVE THEN !


    i may not be the best christian out there but there are religions out there (particulary islam) that don’t make any sense to me. i don’t think anyone should buy into this insurance in the first place i think its just a way for the government to get money to pay for things. has anyone actually filed a claim yet? i can’t wait for that to happen

  • 1WiseMa

    1.2 Million Bikers in DC had media black out on 9/11/13. Truck Drivers pickup the flag- Do Something, America- Or do nothing Oct 11-13!
    Americans On Strike!!!
    Oct 11-13
    No Buying/No Selling/ No Taxes Paid

  • Jean

    Dhimmitude actually does not exist, or at least is not written into the healthcare law and muslims are not exempt. In fact, they supported obummercare. I despise them but I am not going to let you cause me a new blood boiling episode daily here. I started doing my own research because I’ve been very upset reading the new and disturbing information here almost hourly and finding that a lot of it has never even occurred. All hypothetical events apparently created to stir things up. Granted, we need to get stirred up but not start a revolution over what-ifs. Facts will do please…some of us can’t take the blood pressure swings and you guys need to start doing some accurate reporting.

  • Jean

    Lol! nice if we could all say that and exempt ourselves from the nightmare obumcare and exempt the muslims right out of the country

  • Jean

    You are right. Cannot trust snopes either….liberal wackos

  • Richard Alestock

    I have a hard time believing this one. You might want to come up with some evidence to support this because it is just too far out there to believe. It makes you look bad.

  • Ellen Ross
  • Laura Curry Loding

    There are a few Christian sects that also see insurance as gambling. Amish, Jehovah Witnesses, and a few others… but if I’m not mistaken Obamacare says they also must not participate in Social Security, and medicare.

  • Scott Wilson

    Care to cite the precise section of the ACA that exempts muslims?

    Or can you?

  • DocNasty

    Ellen, you obviously only read the first 2 lines of this article. Read the rest of it. ISLAM can qualify for it, but its not based on the actual words ‘Dhimmitude’ but there are provisions specifically in there that allow for established religions in existence since 12/31/1950 to apply for the status via the IRS, and then claim a waiver from the penalties of the ACA. Its a little harder to do, but it’s 100% accurate if a muslim lawyer did all the legwork, it would set precedence for the rest.

  • DocNasty

    you obviously only read the first 2 lines of this article. Read the
    rest of it. ISLAM can qualify for it, but its not based on the actual
    words ‘Dhimmitude’ but there are provisions specifically in there that
    allow for established religions in existence since 12/31/1950 to apply
    for the status via the IRS, and then claim a waiver from the penalties
    of the ACA. Its a little harder to do, but it’s 100% accurate if a
    muslim lawyer did all the legwork, it would set precedence for the rest.

  • DocNasty

    You have to understand why Snopes debunked it. Technically the article is incorrect. Muslims are not automatically exempt, but they are eligible to file for such an exemption. The rest of the snopes article spells out how they could.

  • Daniel L Cameron

    The stupid lies told by extreme conservative right wingers really pisses me off too. We don’t need to lower ourselves to the level of the extreme libtard left. Stories like this make us look as bad. I wouldn’t even be surprised to find that it is written by a libtard pretending to be a conservative just to make our side look bad. That was done with the “November to be Muslim Appreciation Month Declares Obama”. It was written by Libs to show how gullible Conservatives are. The sad truth is, Obama is so bad that something like this could actually be considered a truth. Both sides need to stop lying, but our side doesn’t need to start!

  • Daniel L Cameron

    I wonder if all the Illegal Aliens who Obummer gave permission to stay in America are exempt from Obamacare? After all, they aren’t American citizens, so how can they be forced to purchase it? I guess they just get free medical.

  • Max Thurman

    It’s hard to vote them out when the elections are rigged!

  • Max Thurman

    I don’t believe in gambling either, so I should be exempt too !

  • mrswright

    that’s just fine with me, but let ALL muslims be exempted from ALL medical services nationwide!!

  • mrswright
  • Max Thurman

    section 1311(d)(4)(H)…..exempts ….Muslims, Amish, American Indians
    , & Christian Science !

  • Scott Wilson

    I just went and read


    There is no such exemption stated.

  • Jake N Gina Jameson

    Deciphering fact from fiction is easy to do. Check the citations of the article. What, there aren’t any? Well that fact alone guarantees that this article is commentary only. And a complete.fabrication.

  • Eric Vincent

    Where is this in the law? I’d love to share it!

  • Steve James

    I guess that shut Max up !1 Facts !! HMMMM

  • GlennBerman

    Do not believe this to be a fact, if this were so that would also mean Muslims would not have any type of insurance, such as car, home, life…

  • Scott Wilson

    Someone deleted the other two links I provided debunking this one.
    Most of us have been guilty of forwarding an email with an urban legend, or sharing a Facebook post only to find out we’d been had.
    But to perpetuate it, once debunked, and ignore evidence to the contrary is kinda silly and irresponsible, IMO.

  • Connie Pridemore

    ok, what about car insurance? That is a requirement in all 50 states…………

  • Joy Beum

    Dhimmitude: Dhim-witt + bad attitude = dhimmitude. They got the definition wrong. Don’t worry, as soon as o’idiot is impeached, those muslim pigs will flee for their lives. And don’t suggest we convert to stinkin’ islam witheir false ‘god’ and pervert pedophile prophet. We have a real religion with a real God and a savior who arose from the dead. Theirs is still dead as a doornail.

  • Joy Beum

    Just o’idiot bending over for stinkin’ muslims, as usual.

  • Joy Beum

    Sad, but Putin is not a muslim. That’s the difference. He is a patriotic Russian.

  • Johnny Chimpo

    My other comment up specifically states that. That it is not directed solely at Muslims and that they would fall under the same considerations as any other religion/cult, that could also do all the legwork and set the precedence for the rest. Now the question of would another religion get the exemption? Probably not if you consider the fact that Obama used the IRS to target specific opponents he didn’t like. And I did read more then two lines. The whole reason I went looking is the fact the article says, and I quote, ” Actually, Muslims are specifically exempted from the Obama government mandate to purchase insurance and they are also free from the penalty tax for being uninsured.” I see nowhere in the bill where it specifically exempts muslims. But maybe I missed it in the bill and you can point it out to me? And don’t misunderstand me, I am no friend of Islam at all, but I am entirely against distributing false or misleading information that in the end only provides more ammo to the libtards to call the right a bunch of wackos, nutjobs, etc.

  • Max Thurman

    Pull your head out of Obama’s ass, and read it for yourself !

  • Max Thurman

    If you just went and read this, what page number was it on ?

  • Kevin Joshua Dietz

    Doesn’t anyone think, “maybe it’s in the status?” And then, “I wonder if I could somehow change my status to be exempt myself?” And I’m not talking about to convert to Islam

  • Bababooey

    More bullshit lies, you people are pathetic…

  • MrsAnderson

    Ya, I think I have enough of this site. You’re not reporting facts. Makes me wonder if a lefty isn’t behind setting this site up. I’m outta here.

  • American Girl

    Snopes was “debunked” months ago. Snopes is not a credible source and is 100% Liberal. Look to another source. Worthless.

  • Bob
  • Frank Samuel Ponio Jr.

    just watch CSPAN as the democrats lie and try to deceive everyone that will drink the kool aid.. you can tell that they are not being honest, their lips are moving! its almost not even funny anymore, and then they have the audacity to point all blame on the republican party or the tea party.. form your own opinion after seeing history in the making before the Obama news media has a chance to put their ‘lean to the left’ spin on everything..

  • John Jett

    Obama is the Saudi Royal Family’s bitch. That is why he wanted to get us into a war with Syria. The Saudis want a pipeline through Syria to Turkey and across the Bosporus to Europe. Syria isn’t laying ball. So The Assad regime has to go. The Saudis own large stakes in the Lame Stream Media as well.
    That is why Obama is opposed to the Keystone-XL Pipeline here. The Saudis don’t want us to have easy access to North American oil.
    Bill Clinton too is a bitch for the Saudi royal family. He got us into the war with the Serbs to appease the Saudis.
    I like Putin’s idea, the western states need to get together and eradicate islam.
    Fuck Allah, Fuck Mohammed, Fuck these muslim scum bags! Fuck this piece of shit Obama.

  • BlackJack Charles

    You fuccking morons are so gullible that you think Sean Hannity is a newsman. What a bunch of drooling dooooooooshbags.

  • DanandHolly Dehner

    Sec. 1311 refers forward to Sec. 1411 (“the case of an individual seeking exemption based on the individual’s status as a member of an exempt religious sect or division,..”). It does not specifically mention Islam/Muslims but they may be covered under “religious sect or division”.

    Sec. 1311(d)(4)(H) subject to section 1411, grant a certification
    attesting that, for purposes of the individual responsibility penalty
    under section 5000A of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, an
    individual is exempt from the individual requirement or from the
    penalty imposed by such section because–

    (i) there is no affordable qualified health plan available through the
    Exchange, or the individual’s employer, covering the individual;
    (ii) the individual meets the requirements for any other such exemption
    from the individual responsibility requirement or penalty;

    REQUIREMENTS- In the case of an individual who is seeking an
    exemption certificate under section 1311(d)(4)(H) from any
    requirement or penalty imposed by section 5000A, the following

    (A) In the case of an individual seeking exemption based on the
    individual’s status as a member of an exempt religious sect or
    division, as a member of a health care sharing ministry, as an
    Indian, or as an individual eligible for a hardship exemption,
    such information as the Secretary shall prescribe.
    (B) In the case of an individual seeking exemption based on the lack
    of affordable coverage or the individual’s status as a taxpayer
    with household income less than 100 percent of the poverty line,
    the information described in paragraphs (3) and (4), as

  • OldHippyPatriot

    Truckers Ride For The Constitution


    ‘Truckers Ride For The Constitution’ aims to shut down D.C. further


    D.C. Shutdown Is Full-Speed Ahead, Say Organizers of Trucker Protest

  • David M Harris

    ….If you choose to own or drive a car.

  • TomKi

    I think you’re right about the dhimmitude, if that’s even a word, when you count up all the ways that they have to behave in criminal contempt of the rest of the human race. Then you look at the way people obviously fall for it. Is that wussitude?

  • AirborneParaTrooper

    Dhimmitude is a neologism first found in French denoting an attitude of concession, surrender and appeasement towards Islamic demands.

    That’s the definition of that word you say doesn’t exist.

  • Brian Murphy

    voters need to be more careful if they get another chance, as matters appear to be moving quickly and stealthily in Obama’s Jihad on U.S. life generally; I hope I am all wrong but the indicators point otherwise as the security forces . police, CIA etc are all compromised. Sultan Hussein Obama has absolute control on all facets of U.S. life and freedom and he is probably not even born American as his birth cert is 100% fraudulent, the CIA having robbed all his records as commanded

  • Joshua Estep

    If my religion we too do not believe in usury gambling and risk taking we are a non secular religion of Christians if that be the case it should be equal but this whole law of Obama care is stupid read it give an op n on

  • robertdavidhummel

    JJ, I agree with 99% of your comment….but I definitely challange your poor choice of language in the Last sentence,

    How about hating their sin, rather than creating one yourself,. Two wrongs, don’t make a right.

  • robertdavidhummel

    BJC, You must be playing with jokers or crazy 8’s…cause your grammar simply needs mass improvement….Try to avoid writing and be quiet, until you can gain a educated plain english skill, at least greater than kindergarten level…..Thank you and May god Bless your self improvement.

  • SLD

    AMEN, and I’m all 4 Impeachment!!!!!

  • Bitch

    Sorry Obama care covers abortions, as a catholic it is against my religion and I cant in good conscious accept it or sign up for it, suck it dhimmitude

  • John

    And even then, it’s optional. If you can demonstrate “financial responsibility” you don’t need to purchase liability insurance. A credit line is sufficient, as in a homeowner’s line of credit. That said, liability insurance is pretty inexpensive.

  • John

    Who’s exempt?

    According to HHS, prisoners, undocumented immigrants, and Indian tribal members will be exempt from the penalties. Members of certain religious sects or health care sharing ministries also can apply for a religious exemption.


  • John

    As a Christian, you can create a community of persons providing for the care of others within your community, like widows. You can collect contributions from members of the community and pool them together to provide for the unexpected needs of members.

  • Brian Hayes

    I don’t like Obama, nor do I like the ACA…but this is NOT TRUE! As a conservative, I see us shooting ourselves in the foot every time we fear-monger this crap, and that is what this article is doing. The truth is bad enough. Why can’t we just stick to that instead of lowering ourselves to the level of Pelosi and Reid and their ilk? Heck, this whole exemption idea from the IRS came about mainly for groups like Old Order Amish. But, hey, that doesn’t sound good because they are CHRiSTIANS! So let’s scare everyone by applying it to Muslims!!

  • JesseMace

    you can bet that whoever ohole exempts, the rest of us will get the bill, we are the slaves.

  • Gregasaurus Wrecks

    Well put

  • csmith

    You read all 10,000 pages of the bill? Really? Come on, the guys that passed it did not even read it…………………………

  • Memento Mori

    Type snopes debunked into your browser of choice and take your pick from a LONG list chimp….

  • Chuck Reichenbach

    I think Christians already fought mandatory insurance for those very same reasons and lost. Insurance is a bet that something bad is going to happen.

  • Chuck Reichenbach
  • Gmoney

    How about showing some specific text from documents allowing this exemption. I am anti but I like to have this confirmed. I am not a kook-aid drinker on either side.

  • Jean

    Yes, excuse me! I said it doesn’t exist, (as in, not written into the healthcare law). This article claimed it was written into the law in order to exempt muslims. It is not.

  • Jean

    Did you? Do you prefer to believe everything you read so you can go out and do stupid things because you read it on a forum? Really? All too often the articles here have been pure hypothetical situations but they neglect to tell you that. So of course were all ready to the to the streets with guns ablazin!

  • Fred

    This article is f-n horse shit.

  • Indixie

    This site IS SNOPES ! BEEN TRUSTWORTHY since they founded.
    THEY give that it is FALSE..
    THey show the false being showed people..
    Then they explain in detail what this Muslim Dhimittude does..
    An explains why some muslims are exempt, an why some other religions are as well…

  • Guy Wood

    Cursing is not a sin.

  • Wendy Mischelle Hadsell-Stokes

    I do not give 2 shits what some of you are arguing about here. EVERYONE I do not care who you are should have to have this shitty health care if I have to have it. Plain and simple. I do not care if you are related to F**king Mickey Mouse OK? If you are in the USA then you are paying for this shit or get the F**CK out on a one way ticket to never return EVER! I am so damn tired of people thinking they are SPECIAL well guess what you are not SPECIAL ( well ok maybe special ED some of you ) but stop drinking the kool-aide, licking the windows or whatever you all are doing and realize no one should be EXEMPT not even the PRESIDENT his own DAMN SELF that start this shit!

  • d3z

    This is not true its more bs coming out.

  • Gmoney
  • joe

    the freedom of religion in america means we can say we are and not really be. just a thought.

  • frankly144

    Indian?? the folks in India are exempt too?? lol

  • friday51

    Finally -a few that know what’s really going on

  • Steve Calandra

    I call BS. Now illegal aliens and those on the path to citizenship will continue to get free health care on the backs of Law abiding Americans

  • RickK

    I’m exempt, because I say so, and so does my gun.

  • Jason Gonzales

    This is correct. The perception that dhimmitude is written into the PPACA is falsely claimed because of the section which talks about religious conscious exemption. Islamic law would normally bar conventional insurances because of the involvement of “an element of uncertainty, gambling and the charging of interest, which are prohibited by the Koran.” there are many different groups and sects within the Muslim community which don’t have a problem with insurance like auto or medical insurance. because of this, Muslims would most likely not qualify to be exempt because they don’t have the history of refusing Social Security the way some religions, like the Amish for example, do. reason they don’t is because it’s seen as caring for those of their members who cannot on their own vs it being similar to what is against the writings in the Koran. also the word is not really meant for use here as it more pertains to areas that have been taken over completely by Muslim conquest and a person living there has been granted a protected status and allowed to keep their original faith instead of paying taxes. so it’s actually a word referring to NON-Muslims in a Muslim region instead of Muslims in a non-Muslim area like the USA.
    come on people. don’t let yourself get caught up into all this scare-mongering and educate yourselves. i’m no Liberal by any means but nor am I going to get caught up in all this ultra Conservative misdirection.
    good job Jean. way to stay on top of things!

  • Carla Akins

    Simply false. Learn how to fact verify:

  • JohnathanA

    If muslims want to be exempt from paying for insurance, then, they should have to pay straight out for whatever their medical needs.

  • Salman

    good to hear you !! but i would like to add that why would u just despise an entire religion ?

  • Richard StJohn

    Obamacare does not mention Sharia or any any other Muslim practice like Dhimmitude. I pulled up the affordable health care act and checked.

  • debbei

    You are so full of shitt.

  • Hollie Rebekah Sramek

    3. Muslims are exempt from the health care law. Pants on Fire.

    Chain email, May 29, 2013

    A widely circulated chain email claims that the word “dhimmitude” is on page 107 of the health care law, and it means Muslims will be exempt. Actually, the health care law does not include the word “dhimmitude” (a recently coined word that seems to refer to non-Muslims under Muslim rule). Also, the health care law doesn’t exempt Muslims. There is a “religious conscience exemption,” but it applies to groups that disavow all forms of insurance, including Social Security. Muslim groups have supported the Affordable Care Act. We rated the chain email’s claim Pants on Fire.

    There are enough REAL things to be upset about- quit making up things that make this side of the argument look dishonest!!! How about the fact that Obamacare will cost my family thousands of dollars we DONT have because we aren’t poor enough, but poor enough- HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE???

  • Jean

    Let me count the ways and reasons why I would despise a religion. I would probably despise any religion that forced women into complete subservience and treated as less than a freaking camel. Sharia law? Bad. I wish for the women under the thumb of some foolish man to wait until he’s asleep, take his weapons (or arm herself) and turn the law upside down. See how the cowards like being beaten, stoned, covered from head to toe and looking ridiculous the rest of their foolish lives. I would actually hobble them too, just for good measure. I despise the idea of teaching hate and violence (I do believe in fighting back) and regardless of the ones who claim to be peaceful, I do not believe it. It is a hate filled life/religion they live and teach. What’s to like about it? Certainly not that they’re filling up my country and spreading their hate and violence across the globe. They move in here, breed and multiply until there are enough to start screaming and making demands (oh, that’s already happening). One day, there will be enough of THEM to put YOU all under their laws. Not me, thank God. I am old and hopefully will be dead by then. Thanks to the one we now have in office, it’s ok to start abusing us by ripping down our religious symbols, delete Christmas, GOD, keep it secret if you’re a Christian, watch your every word and every move so as not to offend one of them. The list goes on and on and most here already understand it much too well. SO that’s why I despise one religion.

  • Yepi

    Original content seems to be rare nowadays. Thanks to you and your smart take on this topic, I have original and interesting content to read.

  • Jeff NoizeHead Becvar

    It is real…Islam promotes personal gain through lying so of course you wont find anything on it doing your own research. They won’t stop until they got us all….and when those heretics come waltzing through….. I say let Freedom Ring With a shotgun blast!!!!!

  • Texas Infidel

    Snopes is an Soros media outlet idiot!

  • Carla Akins
  • Polly Stewart

    Hate to defend anything about this dog called ObamaCare but in the interest of truth… Muslims are not exempt. But the Amish and possibly the Mennonites (not 100% about them) are. It has historical roots going back 50 or so years. The Amish do not contribute to the government nor do they receive any benefits. The only religious/cultural exceptions allowed must have that historical relationship. That being said I do think a small crack was left in that door for future religious exemptions but as yet that has not happened.

  • MitchHoff

    John, are you crazy? Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s relationship with the Saudi Royal family is nothing compared to the transnational marriage between the entire Bush family and their Saudi business partners comprised almost entirely of the House of Saud. Have you never heard of the Carlyle Group? This unholy alliance between the Bush family and the Saudi Royal family controls billions of dollars in investments, and makes the Saudi Royal family one of the largest recipients of U.S. Federal Contracts. Also, prior to 9/11, the bin Laden family was one of the biggest investors in the Carlyle Group.

    Didn’t you mean to conclude your missive with the line, “Fuck this piece of shit Bush?”

    As for your “Fuck Allah” comment, perhaps you may want to consult with a knowledgeable theologian who will tell you that Allah is the God of Abraham, the very same God Christians and Jews worship. Man, you are one misinformed piece of shit yourself.

  • Just_me_and_God

    Among the numerous offensive provisions of Obamacare are those granting the IRS the power to compel Christians and Jews to pay for medical procedures which many God fearing Christians and Jews oppose, some of which are forbidden by the Bible and the Torah.

    Additionally, while all Christians, Jews and Atheists and everyone else must pay Obamacare’s
    incredibly high premiums there is an EXCEPTION! No Moslem family must pay anything. Moslems can get 100% coverage – entirely free for the asking based on their religious beliefs; a gift of $20,000 each year to Moslem families not received by Christians ect.

    This is incredible religious discrimination at its absolute worst that is designed to destroy Christian and Jewish families.

    This is a Jizyah Tax that Ol’Balmy put on you!

  • Carlos Becerril

    I agree with you they were told just sign it and guess what now that this
    bullshit law is being implemented his union buddy’s don’t want any part of it
    nor every government employ and Mr. Obama don’t want any part of it but I
    thought it is the best thing for America by the way when anyone gets exempted
    according to our constitution it makes it unconstitutional OOPPPSSSS now I
    did it am racist for telling the truth o well I can live with it Carlos

  • Carlos Becerril

    They were super rigged precincts reporting over130% returns can you believe that
    and nobody reported or send the feds to check it out oh I did forget it was fraud by
    liberals so that makes it ok

  • Carlos Becerril

    Hello Jhon.
    Its good to see a fellow American that doesn’t believe the Bullshit the news media
    that all they do is fucking lie and lie I usually turn them off the smell of crap coming
    from my TV is too much to support I do watch over seas news I know they also lie
    but at least they tell some truth and it is sad but truth a freaking democrap will sell
    our nation for tickets to the bears game

  • twee

    Unfortunate, that is well said and unfortunately I agree. It just sucks that generations are being left like sheep to the slaughter… Can’t hardly sleep at night..

  • zope

    Well stated!

  • muslimmustgo

    It is against my religion also,the religion of living under Constitutional law!! I will not comply!!!

  • muslimmustgo

    Perfect word for bath house barry, jiz-yah!

  • Trilby


    Well now, Snopes doesn’t seem to allow copy-paste of text, but basically they’ve gone and said “NO ITS A LIE THERE ARE NO EXEMPTIONS”, and then barely a few paragraphs later, they openly claim that there is a Religious Conscience Exemption.

    Now, they say that it’s “most likely” that Muslims won’t claim the exemption because they don’t decline Social Security. BUT, Snopes hasn’t been mentioning anything about the trend towards preferential treatment of Muslims. Nor is it saying anything about the rising trend to persecution of Christians. Very quiet about that shit.

    It would appear to me that Snopes has also been infected by the LIEberal disease.

  • Logic Rules

    While I certainly oppose the ACA, at least oppose it for real reasons. There is nothing in the ACA regarding any religious exemptions, except for one thing for Native Americans. Go ahead, search it yourself and cite where this Islam thing is. Here’s the full text of the law:

  • Logic Rules
  • Max Thurman

    Allah is not the God of Abraham, Allah was a pagan moon god, Abraham’s God was & still is YHVH ! You seem to be a little misinformed yourself !

  • MitchHoff

    No, Max, I am not misinformed.

    While the etymology of the word Allah can be traced back to a god worshiped by pagans, we are not talking about the WORD Allah, we are talking about the deity worshipped in Islam. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all Abrahamic faiths, and we trace our God through the same lineage.

  • MitchHoff

    Wow, Jean, I thought you were going to describe Islam, then you proceeded to describe the Assemblies of God church and many non-denominational Christian Churches here in the United States.

  • Jean

    Hey! How many others are you stalking here? Get a life instead of poring over the history books and dictionaries for proper spelling and/or definitions to attempt to correct those that speak other than your whacked liberal ideals. You really aren’t all that smart you know, lol! You can be somewhat amusing though.

  • MitchHoff


    In the end, isn’t it refreshing? Imagine somebody posting on this site who has actually read history books and/or dictionaries and actually knows how Washington works. Lord knows, they are in short supply around this place.

    As for my a whacked liberal ideas, I think if you look at my posts, they are neither liberal or whacked—they are simply correct, honest and truthful. If you could find just one of my posts that shows a liberal bias, I’d be surprised. Writing that only Congress has the authority to re-open the government is not a liberal statement–it is just a statement of fact. Pointing out that Barack Obama did not shut down the Amber Alert System, Congress did, is neither liberal or conservative, it is a fact. Most people on this site do not realize that the executive branch can only spend appropriated money to fund programs that are specifically funded by Congress. To do otherwise is a violation of the Nondeficiency Act , and not even the President has the authority to shuffle around non-descrtionary funds.

  • Jean

    Hey! Are you stalking me and everyone else here? Get a life and stop poring over your pretend history books and dictionaries for proper spelling to correctly phrase sentences for your disputes with anyone here that disagrees with your whacked liberal ideals. I’m right and you’re wrong. Period. You are only amusing in that now everyone sees you stalking around and trying to “correct” the foolish opinions of those that disagree. Idiot

  • Jean

    Again….you love to think you are right and the rest of us don’t know a thing, right? Gosh, I didn’t realize we had a genius amongst us. Why don’t the rest of you all just shut up because you’re too stupid anyway, and just let ole Mitch have the floor to himself. He can educate us all, lol! Class in session Mitch. Go for it!

  • Jean

    You did not answer my question. Why are you stalking people here?? Evasion is another of your talents I see….hmmm.

  • Jean

    So, no answer? Why are you stalking folks here?

  • MitchHoff

    Golly Jean, I didn’t realize that you were looking for a response to what sounded like a rhetorical question, otherwise I would have responded to your question sooner–there was no intention to evade your question–and as you’ve read, I have been pretty good at responding to posts you made in response to posts I have made.

    There’s no stalking involved, and my responses to posts that were posted in response to my responses required responses. Somewhere along the line, you must have responded to one of my responses that was written in response to a response to one of my responses to a post that was either made in response to a post I made; or in response to one of my responses to a post made by somebody who was posting wildly inaccurate information about the Affordable Care Act, to which I felt it was necessary to respond because if I didn’t respond, there would be people who thought that the original post was not wildly accurate because nobody responded, and even if somebody did respond, they responses were responses that were just as inaccurate as the initial post.

    So, here is, in greater detail, how things evolved: Two days ago, I composed a few responses to some posts that contained wildly inaccurate information about the Affordable Care Act. Several people responded to my response, and I wrote a response to each one of the people who responded to my response. That led to more responses to MY responses; so I felt obliged to respond to the people who responded to my responses to their response to my response to their inaccurate posts. It turned out that the responses to my response to the responses by the people who responded to my response to their posts contained not only more wildly inaccurate information; as well as a number of personal attacks that were unwarranted and required a response to the wildly inaccurate information and the personal attacks contained in their response to my response to the response they made to my response that was made about their initial post to which I responded, causing them to respond, and as I explained above, their response required another response from me, to which they responded, sometimes with profanity, which caused me to respond to their response that contained profanity, and the respondents, in turn, responded to my response to the response that contained profanity because, after all, if they respond to a response by using profanity, and I respond to that response, they seem compelled to respond with another response that contains even more profanity. So, I again felt it necessary to respond to the personal attacks in the responses to my response to the responses to my initial responses to the wildly inaccurate posts, and that caused more and more people to respond to my response to the people who responded to my response to the responses to my response to the wildly inaccurate posts, and my response to the growing universe of responses to my response to the respondents who responded to my response to the responses to my response to the wildly inaccurate posts.

    So, if you think my responses to one of your responses to the responses I made to the respondents who responded to me after I responded to their initial post that contained wildly inaccurate information, I hope you’ll accept my sincere apology if you think my responses to your response to the response I made to the respondent who responded to me after I responded to the wildly inaccurate post, and I promise to make sure that I do not respond inappropriately to your response to one of my responses to a post that contains wildly inaccurate information.

    Thanks Jean, and I hope you have a good evening.

  • Max Thurman

    Judaism & Christianity were both around long before Islam, and neither of them have ever refered to God as Allah ! I challenge you to show me the word Allah in either the Torah or the Bible ! So you are either misinformed, or blissfully ignorant !

  • MitchHoff

    Max, I did not say either faith referred to God as Allah. I stated that Christianity, Judaism and Islam all have the same Abrahamic roots. Essentially, we all worship the same God. If you don’t know that, you obviously didn’t listen in Sunday School class.

  • Jean

    Gosh, sorry I couldn’t reply with a few hours worth of blather, lol! I have a job and not a lot of time to police the forums for “unbelievers” to see that they’re set straight on how it really is. You know ~ the proper and correct way to believe ~ according to Mitch, the genius. Silly people with minds of their own. Yikes! Cannot have that Lol!

  • Patriot67

    Fuck you Obama!!!!!!!!!! Your a Fucking traitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Silent Cal Fan

    Can our side, the side that respects the US Constitution and loves freedom, always strive to tell the truth? Please. Just one’s man opinion.

  • gary

    MitchHoff, Same God, But, “no one comes unto the Father except by me”
    Jesus Christ.

  • Tom Girouard

    This special consideration is an insult to every non-Mulim in this country . Either the law applies to all or none of our citizens . This love affair between Obama and his Muslim buddies has to be illegal in so many ways . This is without a doubt the most brazin example of discrimination I have ever seen .

  • longstreath

    I am no lover of any religion, be it islam, christianity or any other nonsense. But I do hate the stupidity of people spreading bullshit to try to make others hate all members of a religion. The people doing this are the cause for so much hatred in the world today, and should be seen for the assholes they are.
    At least get your facts right before spouting off.

  • Joe Folsom

    I share your disdain for Islam and have heard this theory before, but can find nothing in the AHCA to support this claim. If you truly believe this to be true, please point out where in ObamaCare this is stated.

  • The Jean Scene

    Nice one Jean. The poor soul is doing his best to behave like a good little liberal elitist, sadly his ambition is thwarted quickly by his lack of true intelligence.

  • 2cents
  • Coda

    Why do I feel like the only one seeing “Americanistan” developing?

  • Kass Woodward

    It is great that we have a UNITED STATES PRESIDENT that is so concerned about the rights of the Muslims. What about the Christians? I know he doesn’t care.

  • Nelson Stanley

    MitchHoff, you must be mentally deficient .Fuck ALLAH and fuck you !! The Christ teachings are the highest teachings of Man !!

  • Nelson Stanley

    MitchHoff ,you must have been on drugs in class !! The God of the Jews and Christians is not the same as ALLAH !! Any Jew or Christian in their right mind would reject Allah as a heathen desert sand monkies hallucination from lack of water !!

  • MitchHoff

    Nelson, you clearly know nothing about the origins of the three Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. All three religions worship the God of Abraham and find their roots in the same God. While Christians and Muslims follow to the teachings of different prophets–Jesus and Muhammad, we both worship the same God, despite the different name we give our God. Perhaps if you spent a little time learning about how much we have in common with our muslim brothers and sisters, you wouldn’t be such a hateful bigot. It’s moronic people like you that cause most of the problems in this world, and if you, and people like you, weren’t so fucking stupid, the world would be a better place. So, yes, it’s true Nelson, you and all those muslims you hate so much worship the same God, and one day you will be held to answer to that God for your hatred of those who worship him.

  • Nelson Stanley

    MitchHoff,lets see what we have in common with our Moslem brothers . They cut off heads ,rape little girls,throw burkas on their women ,cause general mayhem where ever they go ,are at war with every other religion on the planet,can’t enjoy a nice glass of wine or the pleasure of sex with a consenting women. Now what do we have in common that we don’t have in common with monkies ??

  • Old Khem

    Yes, “Dhimmitude” is not mentioned anywhere in the AHC Law. Muslims are NOT in fact “exempted”. Just another lie Con sites like to pass along to keep the shit-pot stirred. And, like another meme says “Whomever Likes to Stir the Shitpot… Should have to Lick the Spoon!”

  • ivanjohn

    accepting or having insurance is considered to be gambling which is prohibited by Islam. The ACA defines this the same as they define SSI exemptions for Amish and Muslim and Christian science.
    This definition then exempts Muslims from gambling with Insurance including health insurance.

  • marla1

    Every pregnant muslilm should be made to miscarry!

  • marla1

    YOU are obviously a demorat atheist!!

  • marla1

    Snopes has obviously become a COMMUNIST organization per Oslima the communist traitor in our whIte house!

  • marla1

    you are right and the sooner that old bas—d dies the better of the world will be!

  • Roy Harbin

    Rom 12:14 : Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.

    Exo 22:28 says : Thou shalt not revile the gods, nor curse the ruler of thy people.

  • Roy Harbin

    I know this is an old article but the bit about dhimmitude being in the text of the ACA is making the rounds on FB again so here is my response to it:

    As much as I hate seeing the ‘dhimmitude’ attitude spreading in our ‘free’ nation,,this is not true.Yes,,I do see how our politicos and pundits and MSM ‘thinking’ is actually flowing more toward appeasment and ‘acceptance’ of Muslims/Islamists/Mohammadens and their brand of religious based-politics BUT I do not find this claim of the word ‘dhimmitude’ in the text of the ACA.
    While I am confident that in actuality it is there under the surface and I feel it will be brought into the light eventually,,,this piece posted is NOT true.
    As for such as Farrakhan being exempt,,Amish and other religious adherents are also,,such as Christians can be as well if,,IF,,IF,,they follow what is laid out to allow for ‘religious exemptions’.
    IOW,,if you jump through their hoops and bow to their criteria,,which is NOT the way it’s done if you’re in a free minded and/or an actually free environment,,you too can be ‘exempt’.
    IF we were still free we could simply refuse to buy into it and thereby remain as free as we wish.THAT’S the ‘crime’ here,IMO.We are being penalized for not purchasing an ‘item or service’.
    Next to nobody is focusing on that element of this fiasco.
    We have essentially lost boycott power over the insurance industry.
    For the first time in American history there is a law that states you have to purchase something simply because you are a living American citizen or you have an additional ‘tax’ levied against you by our government.
    If anyone has ever read The Declaration of Independence? in conjunction with the Constitution thenone can easily that this is the exact kind of thing that spurred the Revolutution and such being allowed to occur is the very kind of thing that is a death blow to our once Free nation.
    When it was signed into law,,we Americans literally lost our freedom to rely/trust/count/hope on and in ourselves/God/karma/luck without being ‘taxed/fined’ for doing so.
    As for me,,I will simply pay my fine,,or rather,,like with all the other ‘exemptions and loopholes’ in our TAX laws,,not take the ‘exemption’ and just pay my taxes like Christ showed us we should.

    Mat 17:24
    And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute?
    Mat 17:25
    He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers?
    Mat 17:26
    Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free.
    Mat 17:27
    Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee.

  • Guy Wood

    Show me the curse words not to use. God’s name in vain is self-explanatory. What else? The rest is just language. The preacher telling my friend’s fiance’ that he curses her life, is not specific words.

  • Roy Harbin

    guy:Show me the curse words not to use. God’s name in vain is self-explanatory. What else? The rest is just language. The preacher telling my friend’s fiance’ that he curses her life, is not specific words.

    Talk about self explanatory,,did you read what I posted?Those are from ‘The Book’ not my head.
    This one covers all of what you typed:
    Rom 12:14 : Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.
    After all,,aren’t you feeling ‘persecuted’ by Islamists?Did you NOT curse/cuss Allah,Mohammed,muslim scumbags and ‘Obama’????

    And this one specifically excludes ‘your ruler’ from such along with any and all ‘gods’,,like Allah and Mo,,that others may follow.:
    Exo 22:28 says : Thou shalt not revile the gods, nor curse the ruler of thy people

    As for ‘the preacher’ cursing someones life,,well,,that ‘preacher’ is a,,,’bad preacher’ and and is most likely an ignorant,petty,narrow minded,not right in the head person.(notice,,no cussing nor cursing)

    Now,,regarding the difference between ‘cussing’ and ‘cursing’,,if’n ya kaint figger dat owt,,whell,,I supos yus just gotta reeds a bitt mo cuz cussin’ is just usin’ GENERIC dirty,crass,obscene words.Cursing is wishing ill on someone.

    EX 1 (those that persecute you):I don’t give a fuck about Allah. (is cussing) as opposed to : Fuck,Allah.(which is cursing)

    EX 2 (gods and rulers):Allah and Mo are fucktards and ‘Fuck Obama.'(is reviling) as opposed to:Fuck following Allah,, (which is cussing the act of following Allah) and I don’t give a fuck about Obama.(which is simply stating a fact with a cuss word.)

  • Deia Shay

    Thank you Mitchhoff for the information to form an intelligent, fact weight, opinion. I’ll continue researching. Jean, each posting from you is formed in unsupported, half truths. While Sharia Law is part of some Muslims belief it is not part of all Muslims belief.

    The same can be said about Christianity, There are several hundred thousand examples were we Christians, treated women, blacks, and even Muslims horribly, and to some extent the same as what Sharia Law is called for.

    If you have some FACTUAL information to share I hope you submit it, instead of the half truths, (actually lies) and the fully opinionated response of an idiot wanting only to gather attention to their moronic mumbling.

  • disqus_yTzKLRG4dw

    You mean to tell me it’s taken almost a year to compose this BS? You are an idiot…Who are you to decide what’s factual, and based on what? Quoting some blithering dolt on MSNBC? More than likely. I never claimed Christians were perfectly well-behaved, wonderful souls without a very dark history. But, TODAY is what we need to worry about..paying any attention yet? Chopping off heads, crucifixions, terror and disease across the globe, etc. is it Christians committing all of the horrors in the PRESENT times? No, it is not. It’s the other religion…you know, the one we should excuse because they’re probably just paying back the Christians for how horribly they treated. Where have you been? What good is it to go back and compare with what any religious group did a few hundred years ago? Does it excuse acts committed today? What is your point exactly? You make no sense so go away and remember – check dates when you have a bad day and want to lash out or defend the demented souls of the world.

  • AnnetteGridleyame

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