Victim sentenced 200 lashes by Saudi court

“The victim’s sentence was increased because her lawyer had spoken out…”

When the defense attorney for a raped Saudi Arabian woman appealed a Sharia Court decision that the 90-lash sentence against his client was unjust, all that was succeeded was the more than doubling of the punishment meted out to the woman who was raped and beaten by seven men, as reported by the women’s rights-centered news portal The Clarion Project on Sept. 22, 2013.



An unidentified female gang rape victim was initially found guilty and sentenced to 90 lashes for violating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) rigid Islamic law on segregation of the sexes.

The Kingdom’s General Court determined the woman sat in an automobile with an old school chum to whom she was no blood relation, hence, she violated Islamic Sharia Law of gender segregation.

The victim’s lawyer Abdul Rahman al-Lahem had plead to the international community for help in freeing his client or at least pressuring the Saudi government to grant an appeal.

From Bad To Worse…

And an appeal he got — along with an increase in sentence from 90 lashes to 200 along with a six month prison sentence tacked on for good measure.

The KSA Ministry of Justice implied the victim’s sentence was increased because her lawyer had spoken out to the world’s news outlets.

As carried by the government’s official Saudi Press Agency:

For whoever has an objection on verdicts issued, the system allows to appeal without resorting to the media.

The statement also said that the “charges were proven” against the woman for having been in a car with a strange male, and repeated criticism of her lawyer for talking “defiantly” about the judicial system, saying “it has shown ignorance.”

The Lead Up…

The victim was attacked in 2006 while she was attempting to retrieve a photograph from a male high school student she knew.

While in her acquaintance’s vehicle, two other men got in the car and drove the woman and her friend to a secluded area where five other men met them.

It was in this remote area where all seven men raped the woman.

The Clarion Project also cited that the woman’s friend was in turn “attacked” by the assailants, but it is unclear if he was beaten, raped or both.

The Price of Questioning Saudi Law…

Abdul Rahman al-Lahem has since banned him from further defending the woman, the KSA has confiscated his law license and summoning him to a disciplinary hearing later this month.

  • Glenn Martin

    And they want their bullshit laws to be applied here in America. Over my dead body!!!

  • answer42

    death to Islam.

  • Allen Runyon

    This is the kind of law that CAIR wants to bring into America. We don’t need there law nor there religion. They nerd to keep their practices out of America.

  • jesskazen

    mine too

  • Matt Cook

    This is cruel and unexceptable! But if you don’t like the laws of a country don’t go there! Why would any one want to even visit a place like this!

  • WardKendall

    White women have it lucky in the West, since it was white men who passed the laws that treat them decently. Unfortunately, too many feminazis can’t see that.

  • RawhideJenkins

    I wish they could give her and her attorney U.S.citizenship and get them away from Shari law.

  • GLOCK19

    What a f-uped part of the world!

  • Joe Geror


  • Geri

    they are passing laws without our approval already. So you may very well be having to live with laws you do not agree to very soon.

  • Charles Hill

    These are Arabs and the world fears these people!!!!
    I would like to see a redneck talk trash about the Arabs..

    Bet that won’t happen….

  • lizzitish

    Keep these PIGS out of the United States, once and for all. Doesn’t this look familiar as to what the self appointed dictator wants for us?!

  • Jerry

    I am a redneck from the great state of North Carolina and i talk a-lot of trash about Arabs, Asians ,and certain(MOST) Africans. I am not racist but i do not own no one nothing, if i see something i don’t like i say it.

  • happylada

    Hey – there’s already 7 of them in senior advisor posts in the whitehouse.

  • kelly wilson

    sorry ya’ll. look up islam training terrorist camps in america on you tude

  • fedup

    really? look at all the posts on this wall…..and their corresponding photos. looks like a lot of whities talking trash about arabs to me.

  • whatashameforall

    and does the 7 rapist get for what they have done ??

  • Jared

    These Muslims are telling us how superior they are and how perfect their way of life is. Only if you are a muslim man it is. Where would they be without us Infidels and their so called perfect word of God. On;ly perfect so long as they can apply it. Without us they are nothing more than putrid vermin that need extinguishing. Oh, they are that anyway even with us.

  • Frank

    Whatt is wrong with these rag heads? Sickening.

  • Joe_USA

    Wow, muslim men are sick evil monsters.
    Everybody in America beware because this is what obama wants over here in America.

  • Crow

    excuse me?? You men are the suppressors, who the hell do you think you are. We have to be glad to finally get our rights? We have it lucky in the west? You men didn’t do shit. We women stood up against you and fought for everything we have, which still is not half of what you have. So keep your stupid comments to yourself and get educated. Let me guess: Church going Christian and Republican are you? Yeah, I thought so, You ignorant bigots are all the same. Why don’t you just move to Saudi Arabia, I’m sure you’d absolutely love it there. Given the fact that women have no rights over there you must really feel at home. If it would be up to people like you we still would have no rights. Don’t toot your own horn you nazi. Feminazi’s? You are disgusting and unbelievably stupid. Get that stick out of your ass.

  • Dirty Steve

    Say hello tho the sweetest sound Obama ever heard.

  • church going republican

    Let me start by stating that I agree with you, but preaching against ignorant bigots while making ignorant bigoted statements about church going republicans doesn’t help your point. That moron wasn’t even worth the time it took to write your words, but rallying against some ones religion or political views devalued your statements as well.

  • DrDickYaChick

    i see it everyday. shit, have you seen how the military treats arabs? lmao a bunch of gun tolting rednecks kicking arab ass. suck a pig dick you rag head dickeater

  • Michael Schatz

    Saudi Arabia is our fucking ALLY. With a peaceful religion called ISLAM!! Why don’t we just nuke them all and let allah sort ‘em out!!

  • Susan Kohler

    And these are the people obumer supports. It’s open season on women under their laws, and our potus is one of them. Scares me,

  • HighTechRedNeck

    Im a redneck from ny and i say fuck all arabs and the muslims the pieces of shit and i have no prob saying it to their face

  • Susan Kohler

    Nothing, a rapist can’t be found guilty without 4 adult malr eyewitnesses, and what rapist rapes in front of uninvolved eyewitnesses?

  • Michael Schatz

    what a frigging idiot. You sound like the black that bitch about slavery. None of them were slaves and I have never owned one. But 150 years and they are still bitching. You talk about womans rights You can go to any school and hold any job you are smart enough to do. Whaat is you problem?
    You must be some kind of BUTCH DYKE with PENIS ENVY!

  • Michael Schatz

    I just did!

  • keepyourgunsthiscrapiscominghe

    they get applause

  • Brian Holland

    Are we ready yet for a national boycott of any muslim owned business?

  • keepyourgunsthiscrapiscominghe

    even if there were witnesses there, who would testify against them? they don’t think women are even human, except for breeding purposes.

  • Juan Nightstand

    Our military is ready to defend the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their Sharia Law. Both Republicans and Democrats are bought and paid for by the Saudi dictators.

  • Reasonable

    Ward is right. How is he wrong? It appears you have some issues regarding men. And some anger issues as well. Women do have it made in the west compared to most places in the world. When is the last time you saw a court rule to lash a female for getting raped? You think Ward would be ok with that? I don’t know him but I don’t think he would.

  • Susan Kohler

    Is it talking trash to tell the truth? I’ll admit, I wish people would use more reason and less wild emotion in their posts because I think a reasoned and well thought out post is more effective, but still, the atrocities are real and terrible. Who can blame anyone for being irate?

  • marstix

    This is what Obama wants. This is a war on women that will go unnoticed. I am ashamed of my government. They are not democrats they are communist. The Democrat party is no more. Kennedy would never approve of this. Nor would President Johnson!

  • Brian Murphy

    The suffering of this innocent victim of rape is very common in Muslim countries where women have no legal rights; if a woman is raped the law says it is her fault; this is evil and a denial of justice but the Muslim belief is all about deception and the Qur’an states it is good to murder and deceive non Muslims. Sharia law is not justice but a cruel punishment to terrorise people and non Muslims also; it’s “blasphemy” charge is nearly always a lie, non Muslims cannot defend the charge and many innocent persons suffer death and lose their property as Muslims use this Sharia Blasphemy charge like perjury to steal from non Muslims. All this clearly shows that the Muslim belief means nothing only hate and terror; their Allah is a “moon” spirit and their prophet was a paedophile and depraved sexually; completely unsuitable to write a creed of terror, which is all lies, denying Jesus and changing the Christian bible to suit his perverted desires and the depraved sexual needs of his murdering gang of criminals. Islam is an ideology of using war to plunder and the notion of “Allah” is just a camouflage.

  • delta4ce7

    Women of America, Canada, and elsewhere, this is just a sample of the injustice that is Islam. Surely you don’t want it happening here. It’s bad enough in those places where Islam is king.

  • giantslayer

    Another reason why we should rid our country of the malady of Islam. A fake religion that promotes hate and has a fake god. They are pathetic.

  • whatever

    White christian men do and have done just as much raping as any other man of any other religion.

  • Matt C.

    So she was raped by 7 pigs and then given 200 lashes and sentenced to 6 months in jail? These people are animals, make the VICTIM suffer more and let the criminals who did it to her walk free. I think if they would eat some bacon, their judgements would become unclouded…

  • DrCrimwitt

    We will fight them until they are all dead! They disgust me!

  • Donna Honeycutt

    I seriously doubt that whatever and we sure as He** don’t beat the Victims!!

  • Christina Turner

    this shit sucks the men should be punished NOT THE WOMAN!!!!!! All of the woman in that country should all stand up to their men and leave if they so feel justified

  • Not fooled or following PC

    Christian men have raped. That is a fact. The fact related to that is that they are condemned for it, legally and socially. The more relevant fact is that muslim men rape and it is legally condoned and socially acceptable, and far more muslims have raped than Christians. Also, most Christians feel guilty for committing such an violent and detestable act, but muslims do not see rape as a sin or an offense against humanity. FACT. muhammad was a raping, murdering, thieving, pedophile and muslim men are expected and it is demanded that they live by muhammads example. FACT – read the koran. All words not capitalized are done so out of disrespect for the political system masquerading as a religion created by satan.

  • Not fooled or following PC
  • Scott Pam

    Got Ammo? Now what about our female Libtard Muzzie sympathizers like Shrillary? Where are they speaking out about this shit?

  • Charles Hill

    Yeah right, I bet you see an Arab you go the other way!

  • Rhonda Magro Cutter

    mohammed didn’t like the way the christian world was evolving. He couldn’t rape, pillage, and plunder and have multiple wives so he created his own religion and called ALLAH his god. Now maybe the devil did come to him in disquise and promise him great things if he followed him. False prophet that he was. So was created ISLAM. Oh and by the way, for you Muslim scum men. 70 virgins will be 70 newborn little girls, and chances are they will be beating your ass, for your crimes against women while here. Did you ever think of that. Has any one of your people had a near death and reported that they saw their 70 virgins. PUH_LEASE. *forgive any spelling errors please

  • Charles Hill

    You Go White Boy. I am not mad at you. Talk shit if you feel like. parrtner.

  • Charles Hill

    Why is it that gay people like you! are always suggesting that real men should suck a dick, just because you like that type of carrying on, does not mean all men do. so just keep that crap to yourself you Dick Taster.

  • Bettsssss

    I wish that Country would blow itself to pieces…………..Murderers

  • Terri King

    Why does it have to be “white ” Christian male ? Are you saying only white males can be Christians ? Your remark is ridiculous. A true Christian man would not rape a woman. There are people who claim to be Christians, but aren’t. A Christian is someone who is “Christ-like”. To be truly Christian, you must be saved by belief in Jesus, His death, burial and resurrection.

  • AmnSkuzzy

    But woman’s rights are far superior to those in America…..right?

  • Ruby Bruce

    From what I read, this girl didn’t have that choice.

  • critter

    This is what we have to look forward to if obama has his way. Our children and grandchildren anyway, I know I will never live through it. They will definitely have killed me by then.

  • Stacie Ward

    Disgusting. These are people that they want us to help, and laws they want us to let stand in America. It is all sick.

  • Stacie Ward


  • brian

    bomb the hell out of them ……..with LARD

  • Michigan_REB

    This is the same religion that our government just spent money to produce videos about how equal and great they treat woman. BS I want my tax dollars back. And we need to do what Russia did and ban the quran.

  • Abel

    If they want to go be in the next life with virgins so bad why don’t they just blow them self’s off instead of innocent people. Bastards


  • Abel

    I agree. and regular Muslim people don’t hardly speak out on it they just sit back and keep silent.

  • jdove

    These people are ignorant and stupid!!!!

  • Peter X

    Faaarrrk Faaarrrk Faaarrrk….. you are a Crow. And I suspect a crow with one eyebrow …Monobrow very primative fool.

  • dan

    These people are backwards and stupid. That is evident to any rational thinking human being. The problem is Islam and Sharia law and MUST be faced head on by the free world and stop it’s progression in the world.

    Imagine a woman being victimized by the courts in America after having been victimized by 7 Rapists that gang raped her. Obviously though, it is not nor ever could it be unlawful for a woman to meet a man anywhere of her choice even though she is not married to him in America. This is so ludicrous and STUPID and only Islam and Sharia could think it up.

    What I want to know is why doesn’t America stand up against these stupid barbarians and FIGHT them to bring about change.

  • Beatyourass

    F*ck you scumbag. Making a statement like that you have have your ass kicked all over the place. You must be some muslim punk. America will not stand for sharia BS EVER.

  • Jonathan Orr

    Major barbarians!

  • Jonathan Orr

    Anyone can say they are Christians. The Bible tells us we’ll know who Christians are by their fruits(behavior). When such a thing is done by someone who claims to be Christian, most denominations their behavior is decried by real Christians.

  • Jonathan Orr

    It’s probably wrong to say they’ve infiltrated the Obama administration. He was attempting to help the Muslim brotherhood in Syria,and seems to have a propensity to favor them.There have been many reports that Obama’s brother is heavily involved with them. My point is , infiltration involves stealth by the infiltrators. They came into the administration openly, and were probably appointees of Obama.

  • Jonathan Orr

    I’d have to say you are indeed a Feminazi! Say what you want , you won’t bother me. You only know liberalism , bitterness, and hate. I feel sorry for you! You also treat men who show you respect etc. nothing but scorn. You must have a terrible life.

  • Jonathan Orr

    I guess you can type but not read! There are several people in these posts who are “talking trash ” about them. I would say you already lost you r bet , except I can’t say for sure they’re rednecks! The point is, we’re not afraid to speak the truth about them. I’m not a redneck though, so I haven’t proved anything to you! I have ,however fought for my country in Vietnam, and I’ll fight for it again if necessary.It’s true that some people fear them, but I doubt if anyone respects them!

  • Madmom

    Also….never in America do you see (at least not yet) that the VICTIM gets punished!

  • Tim

    Christian men who have a true relationship with Jesus Christ have never raped anybody. That is a fact! If a rapist claims to be a Christian before committing this heinous act, is NOT a member of the body of Christ!! That person has not become a new creation, has not been converted.

  • CaptainUSA

    That is why they want to disarm the USA. They know we will not stand for that.

  • Ed Yeary

    Continue to vote for libtard democrats and you ladies of America will have this to look forward to.

  • Allahsuger

    Fuck all muslims!

  • herecomedalady

    The Religion of Piece of $hit, is more like it.

  • Diane Shedrick

    I’ve been reading all the responses to this and not once did I see anyone say that only WHITES can be Christians.

  • Debra Aguilar

    why even allow lawyers over there then…bunch of creeps and idiots….

  • Leila

    It’s very sad to see women in Muslim countries keep quiet and do not unite against the “man” made laws that are only based on lies! There is nothing in entire Quran supporting these violent and inhuman acts!

    Rape is a crime and the rapist must get punished!

    Even in case of adultery the Quranic law is not at all what so called muslims claim to be!
    There is no sign of stoning or severe lashes and a damage to the adulterer/adulterous’s body! Please do a research before commenting on something.

    GOD’s religion must be fair and forgiving. And His messenger cannot do anything other than delivering the message!

    In case of arabs, they are following the religion of satan and not GOD’s religion which is right there in Quran and anyone who wishes to read will see it clearly!

    Here is a verse from Quran:

    The Arabs

    [9:97] The Arabs are the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy, and the most likely to ignore the laws that GOD has revealed to His messenger. GOD is Omniscient, Most Wise.

  • Richard Maloney

    let them try that shit here in Canada and a very old law will be imposed on them.. an eye for an eye

  • Richard Maloney

    poor demented people they are in Islam, sunbaked brains with desires for little child brides and treating women as property and blaming them for all the stupidity men do….Women of Islam Lorana bobbet had some problems but a dark nite and a ginsu knife cured her problems in one snip

  • Gordon Tillman

    F**king savages

  • Candace McCurley

    Wow. Send your mother and sisters over there and see how you like the outcome. Your comment is so fucking insane. You must be muslim. Men of all races have raped and murdered, but no true christian man has or will. Your fucking retarded and deserve to be raped by those pieces of shit evil men.

  • Candace McCurley

    The men that you call christians that have raped, have obviously fooled you into to believing that they were christians. No possible way that they were. Ignorance runs rampant around here.

  • Timothy Smith

    Wait… what? Obama wants sharia law in this country? Can you explain your evidence for such a bold accusation? People like you who resort to distortions and lies only dampen the outrage one should have about this case. Strive for truth… it will set you free. By the way; you misspelled ‘country’ after writing about how Obama is dumb.

  • Mike-Sandi Bodway

    Everybody copy this link and share it with everybody on your facebook page to show the country what Obama wants for us. Show this if you are not afraid to show the nation what is in store for our country with the muslim in office

  • Barb

    I could be wrong but this seems to be the only religion I know of that punishes the victim and believes whole heartedly in pedophilism!

  • whoistoni

    Patel grew up in Glen Ellyn, IL where he attended Glenbard South High School.[5] He attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for his undergraduate studies and earned a degree in Sociology.[6] He has a doctorate in the sociology of religion from Oxford University, where he studied on a Rhodes scholarship.

    Patel details his life and career extensively in his 2007 autobiography, Acts of Faith. In the book, Patel notes that he became interested in religious diversity in college, where he noticed that conversations around multiculturalism and multiple identities did not involve religious identity. After graduating college, he taught at an alternative education program for high school dropouts in Chicago and, inspired partly by Dorothy Day’s Catholic Worker movement, founded a cooperative living community for activists and artists in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.[7] As an activist, Patel felt that diversity, service, and faith were important parts of civic life but found no community organization that touched on all three, specifically one that worked with young people.[8] In response, he developed the idea for an Interfaith Youth Corps, formulated through his relationship with Brother Wayne Teasdale and blessed by the Dalai Lama, that would bring young people of different faiths together around service and dialogue.[9]

    While a student at Oxford, Patel ran numerous interfaith youth projects in India, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.[10] He officially founded IFYC in 2002 with a Jewish friend and a $35,000 grant from the Ford Foundation.[11] Today the organization employs approximately 30 people and has a $4 million operating budget.[12]

    In addition to his work with IFYC, Patel has spoken at numerous college campuses and conferences across the country. Patel and IFYC partnered with White House Officials in developing President Obama’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge, which invited schools across the nation to make interfaith cooperation a campus priority and launched in 2011.[13] His second book, Sacred Ground: Pluralism, Prejudice, and the Promise of America, was released in August 2012.

    look up the rest of them.
    this is the most ridiculous comment section ever.
    i’m ashamed to be white, christian, and american. you are embarrassing.

  • Joyce Ann Marshall Lipka

    OMG, these people are indescribable! How can they believe this is justice? HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE PEOPLE!

  • digital one

    Be close to your friends, be closer to your enemies

  • Jerry Fleming

    This lady should be granted immediate asylum in this country – horrible for a 21st century country…

  • Jessica Knorr

    quite frankly I think what Lorana Bobbit did to her husband is too kind for people like these men. Disgusting animals.

  • Jessica Knorr

    who really cares?

  • Jessica Knorr

    try reading the reply up there by stating white christian men it is an implication. Either that or the person could be saying that only white christians rape. and not those of other colors who are christian.

  • Rachel

    they refused to take sharia law into consideration here in N.C., makes me proud

  • Clint Hendricks

    Because Obama IS a Socialist & a Muslim, ya dip-stick. All Muslims want Sharia Law ! Thats one reason he omitted ALL Muslims from His Commie Socialist HealthCare Law…. He doesnt want to Make it manditory for HIS PEOPLE. Wise-up Moron

  • roger slemer

    We must clean up from the earth all of those radical islamic…al of them

  • Corie

    Reading through the comments I have to to speak my mind. The majority (not all) are making slurs about Muslims. While I may not be a Muslim I don’t think insulting the religion is the way to go. Hate the actions of what these men have done and punish those who do wrong but, pretty please, don’t hate the religion. You don’t have to agree with it. Just respect the fact that there are those who believe in Islam.

  • jr61020

    Don’t ya just love Islamic law of peace, tolerance and love.

  • Denver Bob

    like hell.

  • Denver Bob

    OK – Christians come in ALL colors, Red, White, Olive, Yellow, Black, and Green (Irish).

  • Thinking Man

    How fucked up is that?! Very.

  • Boagrius

    Bomb Mecca now!!!!!!! 1, 30,0000 LB M.O.P airburst at about 100 ft should do the trick. Show these ragheads whjat real terror is. These backwards dirty filthy goat fuckers need to be dragged kicking & screaming if necessary into the 21st century. Their sharia laws are barbaric and belong in antiquity with the rest of their loathsome traditions.

  • r0g0

    They pay about .30 cents per gallon for gasoline as well, we are forced to buy it from them because the democrats limit exploration and drilling on public lands.

  • The Don

    because this has already worked so well on gun control laws and others such as Obamacare

  • Jesse

    Lotta hate in that reply. You should learn to let go of the hate or it will destroy you from the inside.

  • Victor Gottlieb Haggy

    AND! These people are our allies. What a joke.

  • Joe Geror

    wake up and open your eyes!!!!! he is a muslim and did you notice that he exemted all muslims from odumbo care along with himself and congress but yet its good enough for the rest of us? i dont think so…………….. he is a fucking pariah and he may even be the anti-christ , he sure is fucking everything he touches up and that is a fact jack

  • Joe Geror

    well when you have to wear a burqua everywhere you go, you know who you can blame……. only yourself cause you not caring is a big part of the problem in this country

  • Jessica Knorr

    My response was to Timothy Smith when he corrected the spelling of someone who replied. Really I do not give a crap if someone misspells a word. It is stupid to correct someone that obviously just had a typo and I am sure understands the correct spelling of the word country. But thank you for your assumption on what my reply was based upon and my thoughts on this subject.

  • Timothy Smith

    Your reply is wrong in so many ways… 1st, All Muslims do not want Sharia Law- look at Turkey- very very secular. AlsoIraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, all non-sharia muslim countries. 2nd, Obama is not muslim. Prove that he is! The fact that he attended a muslim elementary school is not proof- I attended Catholic school but I am not catholic. I think Obama is a terrible president and I can’t wait for him to go. But spreading lies and hate is no way to counter liberalism. The truth is what we need to stand for! And yes, he is a socialist- let’s focus on that. The other stuff you wrote is pure fiction. YOU are the moron, moron.

  • Timothy Smith

    I only mentioned the misspelling after Joe Geror said obama was dumb. And his statements were a lie and he needed to be called out. Otherwise, I agree… who cares about spelling, but you deserve to be called out on stupidity if you are saying someone else is stupid. Got it?

  • Timothy Smith

    Another lie… he DID NOT exempt Muslims for obamacare. What do you hope to accomplish by just making shit up?

  • Timothy Smith

    Wow that is a dumb, overblown idea. Do you honestly think most muslims support this type of thing? Of course they don’t. This is the work of an oppressive dictatorial GOVERNMENT. Get out of America and learn about the world. I lived in Jerusalem for 8 months. The Muslims there I got to know were very kind and generous… one guy invited me into his house when I had injured myself. His wife bandaged my cut hand and his two little kids served me tea and little cookies. these people were dirt poor but so generous. This type of behavior is typical for muslims… one of their main tenants of faith is charity and helping your neighbor. But you want to boycott 100 million people because of the actions of one government in one country.

  • Chris Mangino

    Actually Turkey as you sited, is always in a constant struggle to keep Sharia law out of their system because so many there are now calling for it! Syria, Egypt (did you forget the muslim brotherhood? They are strong supporters of sharia law), Obviously you forget about Hezbollah in Lebanon too. Iraq not under Sharia law, really? Why is Al Qaida taking over whole cities there and what legal system are they are using if not sharia law? Obama is muslim, before he ran for office, he personally stated such at a university he was giving a speech at! Sorry Tim, you are wrong in your assumptions and need to read a wider variety of news from many sources including from Europe and the middle east! Why is Obama keeping who visits him at the Whitehouse so secret? Why has the muslim brotherhood been there more than some of his cabinet members i.e. Selbelius??? Just going by her testimony before congress! Even the muslim brotherhood has made statement that Obama is one of them, straight out of Morsi’s own mouth! By the way, your name calling is unwarranted!

  • Chris Mangino

    Yes Obama did! He gave them an exemption because it violates their religion. Because the muslims consider any type of insurance as gambling, they are exempt! You really need to stay up on the news better. When you attack people for quoting what has been reported in the nightly news, you make yourself look foolish! Hard to take you seriously when you don’t know what is really going on!

  • Chris Mangino

    They must have been druze muslims because Sunnis and Shiites want nothing to do with westerners! You must not be aware of the muslim doctrine for terrorist, befriend your enemy then cut off his head! If you need me to, I can quote the islamist group that pushes this crap and has over 20 terrorist training camps here in the US. It is Jamaat Al Muhammad, which is a direct link to Al Qaida. Do a little research. By the way, I spent 9 years in the middle east and was targeted to be killed while unarmed BEFORE the Persian Gulf war in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah to be exact. Instead of getting me, they killed 4 Air Force guys! Machine gunned them down while waiting to enter a private western only beach while standing in front of large steel doors in the middle of the desert. So please, don’t preach to me how nice these people are. If you like the incident was recorded in the world news and reported by none other than CNN.

  • Chris Mangino

    White Christian men aren’t allowed to rape with the blessings of the church as a normal practice, muslims do! Christian men don’t sell their 8 year old daughter to a mullah to be married in order to pay off their debts, have the girl ravaged, cut from annus to pubic bone and left to bleed to death! This has been reported many times as a normal thing in Afghanistan, something only the sickest of mentally disturbed pedophiles would dare to do. Not something normally done by Christian men either. So please, spare me the liberal rage on the behavior of Christian men that may have happened hundreds of years ago, let’s focus on the current behavior of evil men today! It just happens these evil deeds are only carried out by muslim men today!

  • Timothy Smith

    I lived in Jerusalem for 2 years… most Jews stayed to themselves… my friends were Americans, British, and plenty of Arabs. I suspect they wanted to kill you because you sound like an angry old man who won’t shutup.

  • Timothy Smith

    You’re telling me a born-again Christian, true child of Christ never raped at all? Ever? This is a fact? (do you see how silly you sound?)