Was The Navy Yard Shooting Tied To Obama Being Tried For Treason?


At the first of the week, a question was asked what if your nightmares concerning FEMA were true? We know a nuclear bomb has been missing in transit from a Military base to the East Coast and was put out by Glenn Beck, Fox News, and other media outlets. We know that the president had attempted to circumvent the US Congress prior to the G20 summit in bombing Syria and even went as far as waiving a US law to provide arms to the Free Syrian Army that was treason in itself. We know the government is trying hard to circumvent the constitution. So what if the Navy shooting was to cover up that a Supreme Court Justice and the United States Military were plotting to arrest the President for Treason?

I know, it sounds like I ate some bad shrimp and had a nightmare after watching “Clear and Present Danger”, but I started looking at the chain of events and could not put my finger on it. We have a credible evidence of UN troops on American soil, a missing nuke, a President arming our enemies, a UN small arms treaty that is un-Constitutional, and a big event planned for Region III that nobody seems to know why DHS needs that much ammo, water rations, or food supplies that they are buying. Nothing makes sense from a logical stand point, until an article was  found in a Canadian news paper that referenced everything and tied to rt.com and EU Times articles that set everything in its proper place.

From the Press Core: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.  U.S. military police were targeted and killed by Obama in the Washington DC Navy Yard shooting.  Why?  Agents from the U.S. military’s criminal investigation units had uncovered a plot to detonate a nuclear device in the heart of the nation’s capitol as part of an Obama government false flag.  Officials from NCIS (United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service) and the U.S. Office of the Provost (both with field offices inside the Washington DC Navy Yard) had threatened to arrest Obama for planning to attacked Syria without Congressional approval following a planned nuclear detonation false flag in Washington DC.  The Office of the Provost is on the second floor of Building 34, One First Avenue, Charlestown Navy Yard and NCIS is located at 716 SICARD STREET SE, SUITE 2000, WASHINGTON NAVY YARD, DC.

The United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is the primary law enforcement agency of the United States Department of the Navy. It investigates activities concerning crimes against or by United States Navy and United States Marine Corps personnel, along with national security, counter-intelligence, and counter-terrorism cases.  A false flag is the crime of treason – levying war against the United States.  If United States Navy or United States Marine Corps personnel are involved in planning for and preparing a false flag event in Washington DC or anywhere else in the United States, NCIS and its agents are duty bound to investigate and take action to counter those terrorist acts against the United States.

Prior to the Washington DC Navy Yard shooting the Joint Chief of Staff and Provost Marshals were planning and preparing to arrest Obama for treason.  For levying war against the United States with a planned false flag in Washington DC on the anniversary of 9/11 – a nuclear detonation.

In the United States the Office of the Provost has the authority to arrest the President if he or she violates the terms of his/her employment, or commits an act that is detrimental to the United States. He/she can be held liable, arrested, imprisoned etc., depending on the depth of the violation, by the Provost Marshal.

If it has been determined that the president of the United States has committed treason in a manner unmistakable to all, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff convenes a covert meeting (in this case the Washington DC Navy Yard) to get a vote of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  The Provost Marshall General of the Army and/or Marines will usually be in attendance.   Remember that a military officer takes an oath of office to do one thing and one thing only – “……. to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign OR DOMESTIC.” They must determine above a reasonable doubt that the enemy domestic is the treasonous president before they can attempt to arrest him or her.

Once the Joint Chiefs of Staff have determined beyond a reasonable doubt that the president has committed treason a convoy of 10 to 12 HIGH ranking officers (13 killed at the Navy Yard) depart the Pentagon, accompanied by a large contingency of Military Police (Provost Marshals, NCIS agents) and all necessary armament and provisions to enter the grounds of the White House, by FORCE if necessary, and proceed to the location of the president and put him under arrest.   Then, The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would advise the Speaker of The House, The President of the Senate, The Attorney General and the Secretary of State of their actions.  Obama’s response to the threat of arrest was a coordinated assault against NCIS agents who uncovered the false flag plot against the United States and Provost Marshals who threatened to arrest Obama at the Washington DC Navy Yard.


Have you wondered why not all of the names and the rank of those who were killed in the assault have been released?  The White House (Obama) ordered their names and rank classified as it would raise alarm bells in Washington DC should the public know Joint Chiefs of Staff members, Provost Marshals and NCIS agents were targeted and killed for threatening to arrest Obama for treason.  The White House is claiming that the names of those killed are being withheld pending next of kin notification.

On September 28,  2009 the History Channel released a movie titled “Day After Disaster“.  The entire movie is about Washington DC being the target and victim of a nuclear detonation.   The movie also features Obama talking about nuclear detonations in the U.S. Movie 0.50 time stamp – “One terrorist, one nuclear weapon could unleash massive destruction” ~ Obama says.  Last year PRESS Core wrote an article titled “COG planning for and preparing Washington DC nuclear detonation false flag event.” after receiving information that September 30, 2012 was the day “Day after Disaster” was to executed in real-time.  Obama’s planned false flag attack for September 30, 2012 was averted after the public was made aware of the false flag beginning August 18th, 2012.

Obama’s 9/11 anniversary false flag was thwarted when the Joint Chief of Staff and the Provost Marshals from the Washington DC Navy Yard confronted Obama and threatened to arrest him for treason for planning to detonate one or more nukes in the nation’s capitol – Washington DC.


Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano ABC News Aug 27, 2013:  “A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way.

The only way anyone could know that there is “a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way” is if you are the one planning and preparing it.

“You also will have to prepare for the increasing likelihood of more weather-related events of a more severe nature as a result of climate change, and continue to build the capacity to respond to potential disasters in far-flung regions of the country occurring at the same time.

“You will need a large bottle of Advil,” Napolitano joked.

Fema regions

Don’t think the U.S. government is planning to detonate a nuke in Washington DC?  They’ve already planned for it.  DHS (illegal posse posse comitatus force) / FEMA Washington DC nuclear detonation scenario report –http://www.fas.org/irp/agency/dhs/fema/ncr.pdf  complete with nuclear detonation maps, charts and fatality estimates.  NCR stands for National Capital Region.

Why else would Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano suddenly resign her post (announced her resignation July 12, 2013) and leave Washington DC for California?  Because while she was Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano planned for and prepared for a major Washington DC event.  She got out of dodge before the “attack on the U.S. homeland is coming“.

Janet Napolitano’s resignation as Department of Homeland Security Secretary was effective  September 7, 2013 – just 4 days before the planned 9/11 anniversary nuclear device detonation false flag.  Just before leaving her post Dyess Air Force base reportedly moved nuclear warheads to the East Coast of the United States in a secret transfer that had no paper trail.  The Dyess Air Force Commander allegedly authorized unknown parties to transfer nuclear warheads to an unknown location on the U.S. East Coast, where the warheads would then be picked up and potentially utilized.  Conspiracy?

Legal definition for conspiracy – An agreement between two or more persons to engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act, or an act that is innocent in itself but becomes unlawful when done by the combination of actors.

A conspiracy is codified as a criminal offense.  A conspiracy is not fiction, made up, make belief or theory.  A conspiracy is an indictable offense wherein – two or more persons engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act.  The evidence reveals that Obama, the DHS, FEMA and other agencies  of the United States are actively conspiring to levy war against the United States through a false flag – an unlawful or criminal act.

  • rural farmer

    I think you nailed it; I wondered aloud over Napolitano’s quick exit. No one had an answer as she can’t be “spending more time with her family”. What can we possibly do now? Rohm Emmanuel is asking the National Guard to come in and support the police in Chicago; we are testing the waters for a police state and the American public is allowing this to go on. Boston was a test run of martial law and now things are getting far too serious and the President sounds like Hitler in his speeches. God help us.

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    they all need to be arrested

  • TheRealPatriot

    Wow… this site is full of paranoid looney toons. LOL

  • Connie Alsip

    Disgusting. Simply disgusting and frightening. Obama needs impeached, soonest. smh

  • lakeside227

    Interesting story. True? Who knows, but it is definitely a good book or movie plot….

    I just watched The Bourne Ultimatum last night. NSA capturing cell calls, emails, etc. in real time – ordering people to be ‘terminated with extreme prejudice,’ great movie….

  • Karen Senecal

    wouldn’t this also explain Boehner’s abrupt turn around?? PLEASE get this story OUT to the masses. Even people who do not go down the road with conspiracy theorists have to question if this story doesn’t explain a lot. AND NOW WHAT?? we just let him get away with it again? if they were that close, now what?

  • Karen Senecal

    impeaching him really doesn’t help at all. think about Clinton. this regime must be removed and tried.

  • TimboT

    I suspect Blowbama would do quite nearly anything to avoid prosecution. He hates America, what we weer founded on, Christians, Whites, many more things and most of all “Accountability”~! The Firing Squad stands at the ready~!

  • becky21k

    In an unrelated article it’s being reported WH staffers are calling the president “Oba-Me” because it’s always all about him. Nothing would surprise me – and if you’re going to set off a nuke, the east coast is the place to do it, because typical weather patterns will carry the fallout and so forth out to sea.

    I have to say though other than the Smithsonian a lot of us would cheer the destruction of that city.

  • Steve B

    Yeah it could be that or maybe you are just an idiot.

  • Barbara Schold Kiser

    Good read … something to ponder…

  • jlglex99

    Whether this is true, or not, it makes a good point. The more people employed by the government, the greater the likelihood of anti-American conspiracies being developed by employees of the government. This is especially true, when America-hating Muslims are hired. The solution is to reduce government payrolls, not increase them.

  • DocRides

    Ya know, with all Conspiracy Theories there’s alwa
    ys an ounce of Truth…to Discount any Theory is a Fools Game. One thing you can be sure of is your Government takes every one of them Seriously. Something Tells me you’re on the Left side of this Battle!

  • dilligaf421

    screw 2014…it’s time to take these SOB’s out NOW!!!

  • Cheryl Peet

    My question here is why, if we really have this information is it not being implemented? Why more than ever has this been stopped? If this were true than someone else in high authority should have picked up the torch and gone ahead with the original plan and removed obama. Surly these were not the only men capable of doing this.

  • David Brown

    Personally, I think this is too big a conspiracy for something concrete not to leak out. However, there is NOTHING that I would put past the Liar-In-Chief.

  • Sandra Johnson

    I have read bits and pieces of what this reporter is saying on totally nonaffiliated web posts. The one about a general & military personnel would arrest O. if he struck Syria. That I heard 2-3weeks ago.

  • Sandra Johnson

    I hope God is with you because it sounds like all hell is about to break. loose in D.C.!

  • applepie

    Egypt has proof, Syria has proof, I am sure there is more proof in other places, should we press the Navy NCIS to do this thing already.

  • Joey Casey

    Don’t you morons ever wonder why this stuff never sees the light of day?? The internet is a place where you can say anything you like. I have to go feed my purple prancing pony now!

  • CitySlicker

    All you people are NUTTY. Have you guys ever met a conspiracy theory that you didn’t believe? You know sometimes things just happen (I know it’s hard to believe). Oh wait… Everything that happens anywhere is ALL Obama’s fault. LOL Gullible Hillbillies…

  • Brian Murphy

    There is much fear about Obama as no one trusts him; many U.S. citizens are afraid that Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group; he has appointed Muslims to senior positions in the Administration and Obama says he comes from a Muslim background and that if the Muslims are pressured that he will stand with them. There are no records of his birth except a fraudulent cert and Obama has blocked all investigations into his birth register. He went to school in Indonesia and registered as being of the Islam religion. He made jokes about the Christian bible, implying clearly that the bible was ridiculous. Two Chicago men have stated that Obama used visit gay bars in Chicago and that he liked Causcacian middle aged men. Judging by his ranting and raving he seems unstable and narcissistic which indicates serious instability. Some say he was twice elected by Saudi Arabian money who also bribed a University to falsify his college attendance as on one ever saw him at the University which he alleged that he attended. There are too many unanswered question about him. I would be worried about his links with Muslim terrorists and what he is doing to promote the Islamic religion and policies in the U.S. His Obama care is strange in that it compells employers to supply contraceptives and other utilities for homosexuals, lesbians and transexuals; it is all weird and implies he is gay. All the congress and senate seem terrified of him and one congressman was seen crying in a photo because Obama would not let him speak. Surely it is time that he was investigated as he seems above the U.S. law and he ignores the constitution by simply making executive orders. He is now visitng Indonesia, Malaysia and other Muslim countries in South East Asia. Why can something not be done to check him out as it seems his credentials are false and there is too much suspicion about him. He has the power to wreck U.S. etc so the stakes are too high to just think about it anymore.

  • NeverAgain

    That’s why God is my only leader and lawmaker. He will protect all rightful believers. I am not afraid of dying because I know that God has a whole greater place for us than here. If this is The Second Coming I am ready.

  • James Johnson

    Will never see the light of day because you will never take on what you know is true. If its not true, then shut it down. What do you have to loose?

  • Thomas Albert
  • The Intellectual Creationist

    simple because he is president and has usurped power. DOHS is his private army.

  • The Intellectual Creationist

    Cityslicker no you are the gullible hillbilly cuz you probably voted for the imbecile, imbeciles of a feather flock together, nitwit

  • The Intellectual Creationist

    TheRealidiot hahaha nice name doofuss

  • Steven

    Al Shaba’ab are Somalis…

  • Jing Yagunazie

    and reading this. I know people actively in Washington working for the Government that do not want to see Washington explode are reading this also. So, why is it. No one has been arrested and the media is sitting on it.

  • CitySlicker

    Butt ah read it on th’ internets so it muss be true…

  • Concerned Citizen

    Well just take a look at the people who tried it before hand, DEAD. Just cause your high rank in the government doesn’t mean your untouchable or your family. People keep their mouths shut to protect themselves and their families.

  • FredrichofHolyMoly

    Before this can happen ‘president’ Obozo must be imprisoned in D.C. I mean, fair is fair.

  • Foothill Pickups

    Exactly why he is putting so many foreigner in place because he knows an American will not stand against his own people. A muslim will shoot an american and not hesitate. There is a method to his madness, unfortunately his madness is against all true Americans!!!

  • concerned1

    Okay, so who’s left to bring treason charges against big O and his treasury department?

  • Alan Batterman

    What a pile of :poop: Nazi garbage.

  • Alzina Kress

    I cannot believe he has not been assassinated by now, he has done so much harm to the united states, I cannot believe he has enough followers to actually do something like this, but, I am seeing anything is possible because all these random attacks on military places just don’t happen until obama, he has to go either walking out the door or being carried out, one way or another.

  • felicityva

    I find that when someone has nothing of substance to say, and when they cannot produce facts to refute the argument, they resort to childish name-calling.

  • felicityva

    It will never see the light of day because the MSM is in the back pocket, or deeper, with Dear Leader. But you just keep your head in the sand because none of this will ever affect you, right?

  • felicityva

    There are people higher up than Obama that are pulling the strings.

  • felicityva

    So we just let the government alone and let everything be, right? Question nothing, is that it?

  • felicityva

    I’m in Region III as well. Bring it on.

  • Rich

    I cannot believe that you people believe this crap. The article is short on facts and long on innuendo and disinformation. I guess living in a Teabaggers dream world is bound to make you delusional. After all, we know the real problem here is…that Obama is BLACK. So let me ask you simpletons a question….It’s now been over a week since the shooting and yet no nuclear explosion in Washington or arrest of Obama. So how long do we have to wait? Oh, that’s right, you idiots have moved on to your next conspiracy theory. :^P

  • Rich

    Your post is full of shit (as well as all the other posts here) Do you have any proof at all to backup your assertions? Can you name one Obama senior adviser that is provably tied to the Muslim Brotherhood? Any real proof that Obama is gay? I really doubt it because you’re parroting Faux News and Alex Jones’ bullshit. It’s idiots like you that are contributing nothing of value to the political discourse of this country and sewing seeds of unrest and distrust of Obama based on your blind hatred of a black man. There are real problems this country faces so why don’t you come back to reality and contribute something useful?

  • joelferguson

    You’d be the expert on Nazism, after all, fascism is socialism with twist.

  • Joshua Ewart

    Rich, just STFU already and go get a refill of kool aid….

  • Milton Billingsley

    Timing seems to be the problem here. Anyone involved in setting off this Nuclear devise will not be in D.C. (if that is where it will be set off). The failed Million Muslim March would have been a good time when a Million Patriotic Bikers came instead. The fact that Congress gave Obama the right to declare a National Emergency always seemed to be more coherent around election time – but now—-JUST WHEN ARE THE MILLION TRUCKERS SUPPOSED TO BE IN D.C.? Is Obama going to be in town? Congress? Supreme Court? Just my feeling but – watch when Obama is gone leaving his non-Muslim family in D.C.

  • civilduty

    This is a real problem our country faces. Who the hell pays millions to have their past hidden? Someone with something to hide that’s who. There is little to nothing documented about Obama’s past. Only what he tells us. No one can back it up with facts because the facts have been hidden. We can only judge by his actions. Systematically toppling governments in favor of the MB aka AQ, is not in Americas best interest. When it was learned the Obama was running guns out of Syria through Turkey to the MB s/p/a Al Quaeda and then coming out with his warning to Assad that a gas attack would be the red line that he could not cross, I knew at that time that this was a set up. LO and behold there was an alleged gas attack by Assad on his own people, just as I suspected. Why would he do that, especially with the world watching?. In Obama’s mind that gave him and the international community the green light to attack Assad and topple the regime . Thank god the rest of the world was able to see through this BS and not follow. That would have been the 3rd country that Obama would have toppled in favor of the MB. Now ask yourself are these the actions of a president working for us or someone else? The middle east will continue to be the cesspool of the world until they give women and equal rights and not consider them property, and have tolerance for other peoples as we in the US and the other European countries are expected to. I have come to the conclusion that “ruthless dictators” is the only way to keep these animals in line. OK Brian I’ll save you the time. I guess that makes me a racist teabagger. Whatever

  • chilliwilli

    @Rich. You are simply too brain-dead to even talk. You should just shoot yourself in the face. Blind-hatred of a black man? Wow. You really are confused. Without a bunch of white libtards voting for this piece of shiiiit, he wouldn’t have been elected. White people wanted to give him a chance. He seemed different and promising. He has since shown his true colors. That’s why people hate him. Its not because he is black. Kill yourself, please.

  • Rich

    Thought so.

  • Momzie04

    They are probably also one of those people that screams don’t kill animals, buy your meat at the grocery store! :) LOL

  • Chad Dolloff

    I was concerned myself that the million muslim march was just a ploy to get a bunch of patriots in D.C. and then set off some kind of attack. It is all plausible with the reports of the nuclear warheads supposedly moved in secret. It is hard to pull off a false flag if parts of your plan leak out before the event and go viral. I would imagine though if he were to be arrested that they would go after him with more than just 13 people because he will not go willingly and he has MB members posted throughout our government who undoubtedly have their eyes and ears open as watchdogs for him.

  • Chad Dolloff

    It has nothing to do with the color of his skin fuckhead! And everything to do with the fact that he is a lying, treasonous, inept, fraud! Hell no there isn’t an attack going to happen now because too many people have seen the stories of the nuclear warheads being moved in secret! It is you libtard dumbfucks who are living in the magical rainbow and gumdrops fairytale land thinking that this lying, treasonous POS is not up to anything illegal and has the best interests of America in his agenda. God you idiots are so pathetically stupid and blind!!! Better to be prepared for any and plausible scenario than to just bend over like you dumb fucks and spread your butt cheeks and just let them shove it in!!!

  • Jessie FixesIt

    if thats what you think….the WTF are you doing on this site troll? yea he’s saying crazy shit, but YES! his senior advisors on national security are all members of the muslim brotherhood. why do think he has such a hard-on for going to war with syria!. STFU, quit sucking obummer cock, or get the fuck out of this country! the problems this country is facing are the fascist dictators that turned our republic into a dictatorship! go kill yourself instead….

  • Jessie FixesIt

    he suffers from libtard white guilt….thats all. bet he’s never been descriminated against or ever knew what real struggle to make something on his own….mommy and daddy gave it all to him on a silver platter…..

  • Brandon Nelson

    your fucking stupid yourself. what the fuck does your tree huggin ass contribute. I have plenty inside my body sayin i did somethng for this country.Me and my brothers died for what to protect our freedom. What freedom we dont have that anymore. But I do know one thing. I fight to protect my family and the people close to me as well as my battles that are willing to put there life on the line or like me never be able to go thru a metal detector without it going off again. So how about you get your shit together and realize our country this America land of the free we love so much burn. I fight for me and my family not a bunch of hipecritical assholes making 6 figure bonuses. I do my part how about we get someone in office either black white whatever color or race to run this country take care of our own and fuck all those other bullshit countries.

  • Brandon Nelson

    this goes to rich dumb ass

  • Stopthemadness

    To my fellow Christian brothers and sisters on here, fear not. Obama is just a pawn being used by God to bring about the end times. Yes, we should be disgusted by the many travesties that are occurring these days, but they are also indicative of the plan of God. He is setting the scene for the rapture and tribulation, and that should actually encourage us. May God’s will be done!!

  • WTP

    How much are you being paid by Ophony and Soros to spew this bullshit? He and Rahmbo are both lifetime members of Mans Country in Chicago. If you know anything about Chicago and Mans Country you would know that this has been the hookup for gays for many years. If he were straight he would not be a card carrying member of a gay bathhouse. Additionally, he has openly admitted he would support Muslims over America. And finally, he is only 6% black. He is 50% white, 44% arab. Next time you want to take trash get your facts straight!

  • WTP

    Spelling error above…Should read – Next time you want to talk trash get your facts straight!

  • nomorelies

    I agree with you. I read an obvious fake story this morning about Obama having a breakdown and how he is resting. It was obviously fake but it seems it may be used to excuse an absence on his part for at least a few days. He’s probably resting in another country lol.

  • saynsumpthn

    Well, can you PROVE AGAINST our “beliefs” towards YOUR president? I didn’t think so. PLEASE, also, tell us WHAT IN THE HELL HAS HE DONE TO HELP THIS COUNTRY? Don’t mention he’s black, don’t say he’s muslim or gay or whatever…. JUST ANSWER THIS, WHAT HAS HE DONE TO HELP IMPROVE OUR COUNTRY AS A WHOLE…? One word answer, you pathetic puke, SHIT!

  • Rich

    Sigh… you’re such a Rethug. If the FEMA camps do open up I’m sure there’s a cell with your name on it in the dummy section. While you’re there check to see if an anger management course is available.

  • Rich

    No can do Rethug. And yes, you are a racist POS.

  • Rich

    Hmmm…that doesn’t even sound remotely like me but it does sound typical of an angry clueless Rethug. How about another try. I’ve got plenty of time to consider your demented posts.

  • Rich

    LOL…so much anger for such a little mind. Please calm down or you might hurt yourself. How about 50 accomplishments: http://bit.ly/Ag1NWN

  • Chad Dolloff

    I’m not a republican you liberal pos. I’m an American who served his country just to see stupid morons as yourself elect asshats like Odumbo and his thug appointees who do contain Muslim brotherhood members (open your eyes)and who are doing nothing but tear this country apart while the idiot masses who fell for his bullshit make every excuse in the book for him. He is a treasonous criminal who deserves such punishment that is due a traitor along with the mindless sheep who suck on the tit of the government like little whiney ass babies and cry that’s racist, you just have an anger problem, Obama is a wonderful massa! I don’t have an anger problem I am fed up with pathetic morons as yourself who assist in tearing this country down and stand by like culled sheep while your rights are stripped away and steered closer and closer to economic slavery after I served to protect the rights you so sheepishly relinquish!!! When the shtf I will not be in some fema camp and I will NOT provide quarter for any stupid sheep!!!

  • saynsumpthn

    Are you SERIOUS with this?? #1. The healthcare bill… You really are a dumbass, the healthcare reform might have PASSED but it is NO ACCOMPLISHMENT that has enriched this country as a whole. #2. He passed a stimulus, but…. Are we better off than we were before? NO! Our country is headed for a financial crisis. #6. Eliminated Osama bin LAden… you kidding me? HE DID NOT! It was the WHITE president who started the war on TERROR. Just because the black man was in office when THE MILITARY actually took his ass down IS NOT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT, this coward ass president has never even served. Matter of fact, this man isn’t even an American citizen, so he wouldn’t have been able to even if he wasn’t a piece of crap excuse for a man. #9. Now, for all the LGBT, this might be an accomplishment. But over turning don’t ask don’t tell is NOT something to be proud of, considering he claims to be a CHRISTIAN! Which leads me to my next point, the man claims to be a CHRISTIAN but supports abortion and gays… lmfao! #12.Reversed Bush torture policy. YES, BECAUSE EVERY MUSLIM FUCK TERRORIST DESERVES TO BE TICKLED INTO TELLING US WHO IS TRYING TO KILL US! #13. Improved USA’s image abroad :: This alone is just laughable, considering the “first lady” didn’t even attend one of the summits where the Chinese first lady was, and the Chinese were offended… to say the least. THE MOOCHERS IN THE WH ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF OUR COUNTRY, AS ARE IDIOTS LIKE YOU! reports actually said it was a snub! WTG Moochelle, WTFG! #20. Increase support for veterans. HE NOT ONLY TOOK SOME THINGS OUT OF THE POST 9/11 GIBILL, FOR SOLDIERS THAT USED TO HAVE THOSE THINGS PAID FOR, LIKE LAB FEES, AND I KNOW FIRST HAND BC I AM MARRIED TO A SOLDIER, BUT HE ALSO CAUSE THE SEQUESTRATION WHICH I JUST RECEIVED AN EMAILED ARTICLE ABOUT TODAY SAYING THAT THE BUDGET CUTS TO THE MILITARY ARE DETRIMENTAL! Now, I am no rocket scientist and based off your support for obummer, neither are you BUT CUTTING FUNDS TO OUR COUNTRY’S MILITARY SEEMS LIKE A DUMBASS THING TO DO…. but then again, we have a dumbass for a president. #26. Improved Food Safety :: AGAIN, FALSE:: THE MAN IS IN CAHOOTS WITH MONSANTO ( We regret to inform you that President Barack Obama has signed H.R. 933, which contained the Monsanto Protection Act, into law. President Obama knowingly signed the Monsanto Protection Act over the urgent pleas of more than 250,000 Americans who asked that he use his executive authority to veto it. President Obama failed to live up to his oath to protect the American people and our constitution.) #37. All I need to say is COMMON CORE! #39. Improved school lunch, FALSE, MOST SCHOOLS ARE OPTING OUT OF THE FOOD PLAN BECAUSE THE KIDS WON’T BUY OR EAT IT!! #41, avoided scandal, how in the hell is that an accomplishment. wow!!! says a lot about the ones putting this together, and even more about the ones reading it and sharing it as his accomplishments!! you’re a douche bag dude. Now, because proving you wrong is boring me I will call it a night. How about you actually take some time and read up on this idiot YOU are supporting, then get back to us. Or, just continue on with your merry ignorant bliss. You fucking moron!

  • Daniel Moore

    Reading the comments below confirms my belief that while all conservatives aren’t stupid, most stupid people are conservative.

  • Kelly Andrasic

    It people like Rich that will be running around like chickens with their head cut off wondering what is going on! We on the other hand will “Lock and Load!”

  • Kelly Andrasic

    Rich is a typical libtard, they like to provoke people. They are not happy unless they can piss people off. We should just ignore this idiot! He is having a lot of fun stirring the pot. We should not play in his game.

  • Patriot98

    I, for one, will uphold my oath to defend the constitution. I take that oath very seriously and have considered the options and the potential ramifications. I will not bend a knee to any person. It amazes me that this country have become so embedded in the entitlements that they fail to see that they are systematically tearing our country apart. As long as Osama continues to fill the hands that reach out to him he will have blind supporters that are lucky to be smart enough to keep from shitting themselves…..but they legally are aloud to vote. He has twisted what the POTUS is supposed to represent and I hope that whomever comes after this trash has the intestinal fortitude to take on his shipwreck. I am an American Patriot, I hope it does not come to arms, but if it does I will stand on the side of the constitution and the beliefs that our founding fathers had for this country. No matter why you think Osama is a horrible POTUS the fact remains that the list of reasons is extensive and it only takes a couple to consider him a traitor. Time to stand up!

  • Rich

    Whatever Chad. Nice rant. It doesn’t mean you’re more of a “real” American than anyone else just because you don’t agree with them. This is my country as much as yours. Again, to get back to my original point, you have no evidence that Obama is a traitor or that the Muslim Brotherhood has a foothold in Obama’s administration. If you do then give me a link. The problem with people like you (and this is true on both on the left and the right) is that you let your emotions drive you and the facts be damned. If you cannot supply credible facts then why even make an assertion? So how about it?

  • Rebecca Ireland

    And there you have it…Kool-Aid.

  • Rebecca Ireland

    If I recall correctly this scenario played out on a tv series once, I just can’t remember what it was. But, I have heard this theory before, with the climate in the world right now (not temperature) I think almost anything is plausible at this point.

  • Chad Dolloff

    You really are just a stupid liberal troll. It wasn’t a rant it was truth. The info you ask is all around you there is a never ending list pointing to his treason and even a moron as yourself should be able to find the info about his Muslim brotherhood appointees. You just choose to be a stupid troll. Try taking a look at the info coming out of the trials in Egypt. For some stupid reason you montages think the demorats are untouchable well guess what the recalls in Colorado prove they’re not. Go against the people and you will be voted out! Boehner got the message and did his job he was elected to do. You idiots got kool aid drunk on power and have screwed yourselves. Real Americans are standing up and saying enough is enough and elected officials will be held accountable. Odumbo’s house of shit is falling down around his ears and still that pos is trying to us the overplayed “bad republicans” card thinking everyone will fall in line. Well guess what its over America has finally had its eyes opened to this lying sack of shit! He is a failure and has been exposed.

  • Stevennickel

    Assassinations aren’t in our nature- they’ve all been the product of inner governmental conspiracy in the past- none legitimate. Not that we Can’t or Shouldn’t, just no one’s ever actually assassinated a U.S. president yet.

  • Rich

    So, nothing to back up your assertions. That’s exactly what I expected. Anyway, I have more important things to do than try to debate a stone. I think I’ll rearrange my sock drawer or something. Later Patriot.

  • Janice Nesbit

    The problem with you folks is that you believe what ever fox news says, or glen beck or rush as the absolute truth so help you god you do no research…… I have traveled over seas and the folks over there absolutely respect President Obama as I do…He is one of the most caring loving of his country patriots out there….. shame on you for not seeing this…l. God forgive you for your narrow mindedness I pity you

  • Jeab

    .Mohammed Elibiary is a Homeland Security Advisor….has ties to Muslim Brotherhood…. google it…….. http://shariaunveiled.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/muslim-brotherhood-infiltrators.jpg?w=627&h=400

  • Peter Kay

    thats a outright lie!! i have family overseas in the Med. England and Australia and obama is the daily joke, this gov is the daily joke and we…the americans are cowards for allowing this sitting fool to continue

  • Peter Kay

    THE WORLD IS SPHERICAL!!! Pythagoras made his findings and beliefs 570 BC and it was labeled as blasphemy and conspiracy, the ravings of a madman. So did Christopher Columbus 100s of years later. He was labeled mad as well. Never discount anything just read it and store it. oh yes …the original teabggers (as you call them) dream world ended with obama in office. Their dream world made America the greatest nation in history..respected and feared and the place everyone wanted to be. obamas new America is yet to be seen but it looks bleak

  • Chad Dolloff

    Here is one little tid bit for you you little troll. I’m tired of doing the research for you mindless idiots who don’t believe anything anyways because odumbo is a good massa he wou neva do nuffin like dat. You cannot debate you libtard.

  • Bruce Menchen

    would you stfu drone.

  • Chad Dolloff
  • Chad Dolloff

    You are a fucking moron if you think odumbo has done ANYTHING good for this country!

  • Rick Allen Carfagna

    Your mama should have swallowed. I hope you’re either gay or
    your wife swallows because you need to stay out of the gene pool. America has
    enough enemies without adding stupidity to the mix. Anyone that supports ☭-bama
    is an enemy. I don’t care who it is, ANYONE that supports ☭-bama
    is an enemy!! You either hate America or your too stupid to know how dangerously
    ignorant you are.

  • Rick Allen Carfagna

    Swallow bitch. Stay out of the gene pool. That pfuching
    tyrant is not respected by other nations. That sand serpent is the laughing
    stock of the planet and the American people even more so for being stupid
    enough to hire such an enemy. Anyone
    that supports ☭-bama
    is an enemy. I don’t care who it is, ANYONE that
    supports ☭-bama
    is an enemy!! You either hate America or your too stupid to know how
    dangerously ignorant you are.

  • Andrew

    Wow Janice, wake the hell up already.

  • Jay Holm

    Is Obama really everrrr going to be charged for treason? Ever??? 5yrs he’s been in office already, with a stolen ss#!

  • malinda patilla

    God help us in deed. You are absolutely correct things are getting way out. Of controls here and we are begning to look and feel more like some communist country than America

  • J. Lucas

    I don’t say that Wikipedia is the gospel for all objective information or truth, but I’ve also found that even the most minute and insignificant information is found there. Then why are only 2 of the 6 names mentioned here without a page on Wikipedia (The page “Arif alikhan” does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered.) etc.? What is being covered up with these men? You have to ask yourself this. To borrow a quote from the movie World War Z: “Most people don’t believe something can happen until it already has. That’s not stupidity or weakness; that’s just human nature.” This question begs an answer: WHAT, then, CAN WE DO?! Thank you, Jeab, for posting this. Will share.

  • J. Lucas

    To borrow a quote from the movie World War Z: “Most people don’t
    believe something can happen until it already has. That’s not stupidity
    or weakness; that’s just human nature.” For the believers, this question cries out for an answer:
    WHAT, then, CAN WE DO?!

  • lovebuds

    excuse me you are supporting a man that swore in his presidency over the constitution only to change this same constitution as it does not suit him hello what is wrong with this obvious huge FLAG you are ignoring wake up

  • Jeanie

    your stupid for not letting people have their own opinions without being called stupid. If you know so much about Obama why haven’t you proven it, and gotten rid of him. You say things that you have no proof of. If you can prove all this I will gladly join you. I don’t want an enemy for a president, I love my country,and family and just want them all to be safe

  • malinda patilla

    Not sir we want him to off him sec but he needs his head of xrayed for the missing screw.

  • 1 Patriot

    So let me get this straight, a secret military meeting was going to take place on the navy yard to discuss the arrest of obuttface and someone heard of such a meeting and informed mr. obuttface thus the emperor sent out his minions to take care of these high ranking military officials convening to take mr. obuttface out of power and the military officials end up dead but not a single one of their names have been released. How do we know who died then? I am sorry but if the joint chief of staff was killed this would cause a crisis within the military! I do not like the pathetic excuse of a leader we have, NSA, DOJ, AP, Fast and Furious, Sylondra, obama-care, 1 trillion dollar stimulus plan, Gun Control, giving Alqaeda in Syria weapons. The list goes on and on and on, could care less about his color of skin, so don’t go and use the pathetic and useless race card. My great dislike for him (and his wife) comes from their incompetent decision making and radical ideologies. But this article lacks logical sense. It feeds off of fears. This article is just as sad as the man himself…

  • Jack Perry

    Just one? This appeared in the press: “Muslim Brotherhood operatives have direct access to the White House. Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development; Mohammed Elibiary, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council; Rashad Hussain, the U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference; Salam al-Marayati, co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC); Imam Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); and Eboo Patel, a member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.”

    If the counting is correct that would be six people with direct ties to Obama, although you only asked for one “senior advisor”.

    As to Fox News or Alex Jones… can’t be bothered… But I doubt you will hear anything of this sort on Communist News Network or Nauseating Patronizing Rantings.

    Actually my mistrust is centered on the fact that Obama’s father is not a US Citizen and that makes Obalmer NOT Constitutionally qualified to be POTUS for being a DUAL-NATIONAL and NOT a NATURAL-BORN. The definition is clear. Both parents must be US Citizens.

    I have no issues with the color of his skin, but you certainly do.

  • Jack Perry

    Well, Richard, can’t win the argument with logic and reason and so the opposition must be racist. They are not, but you certainly are.

    Your argument centers on the theory that anyone that opposes Obama does so because he is black.

    So here is a question: Let’s say for the sake of argument that he was not black, would your opinion be the same? Or is it only because he is black? If you hesitate for even a microsecond you are racist.

  • Jack Perry

    46. Recognized the Dangers of Carbon Dioxide: In 2009, EPA declared carbon dioxide a pollutant, allowing the agency to regulate its production.

    If you believe that CO2 is a pollutant then stop creating it! I invite you to stop breathing as that creates CO2. Please start now. Otherwise inform the EPA that you are in violation of their policy to regulate its production. You are a production source and must stop producing CO2 right now; STOP BREATHING and DO NOT RESUME after any length in time.

  • malinda patilla

    Ignorance is not bliss as a matter of fact inthis ase it is highly dangerous thi

  • lakeside227

    Ma’am, if you actually believe what your comment says, you need to save your pity for yourself.

  • Joe Geror


  • saynsumpthn

    lmao! please do so! (RICH)

  • texan

    Listen Janice , That dictator is trying to turn my state blue. Texas will never turn blue unless by gunpoint which your loving dictator will “lovingly” do for his own agenda. He bowed to a king and that is enough for me to trash him. I didn’t vote for him anyway not that it matters because they stole the election twice!!! Everything about him is fake to include his wife and children. The are laughing at America on a daily basis as they get away with this lie they helped perpetrate against the American people. They have sold their souls to the devil and if you care to join them be prepared for a life of eternal misery.Yo have no idea what you are talking about. You traveled overseas to do what? Did you go visit Afghanistan or Iran? I’m not impressed with your world travels just gives me more reason to suspect that you are most likely on his payroll and are planted on these sites to cause strife and take notes as I know others are also.Your agenda is not so hidden. Do tell what people “out there” respect obama..He is the laughing stock of the world FYI.When Americans agree with the likes of Putin, time to get on our knees and pray a for a revival to turn America around. Every day your dictator proves how anti American he is.ALL BY HIMSELF!! Not to worry my enemy because The Lord will expose everything in due time.Meanwhile Christians are commanded to love everyone to include our enemies and to pray for people like you. And so we do. Just so you know, contrary to popular belief in your secular world, believers are not perfect and it is our right to express our views just like you.If you want proof positive that Jesus Christ is real pick up a bible and read Revelations. It is all outlined .The bible teaches that in the end times father will be against son, mother against daughter, brother against brother , neighbor against neighbor, no one will trust no one . The last 5 years have deteriorated this country to levels never seen before in our history and these prophesies are coming to pass. You are so blind and that is what makes it dangerously worse for our Country. This article has more validity than anything this dictator has done for the last 5 years.

  • texan

    Not since Kennedy have they been successful.He was the last sitting President to ride in an open vehicle. Don’t forget Reagan lived and so did Ford…..

  • texan

    Your performance is impressive, it takes someone with intelligence to act stupid.But then again I could be wrong and you are mentally deficient.I can see you now sitting on your couch playing head games with the free cell phone your daddy gave you. Hope you stocked up on them. Go recharge your phone and call in to see if your food stamps came in. Don’t bother posting any credentials. obama is proof that anyone can be what they want to be.I think I’ll create my degree now with an impressive resume.

  • texan

    Tell that to the families of the 54 people who died mysteriously under the clinton administration.How many suicides and car accidents, plus a few plane crashes thrown in for good measure can members of an administration have? Monica L is one brave woman or was she paid to divert attention from the clinton issues of the day? You would think she would have had a “tragic” accident too.

  • texan

    I concur………..

  • texan

    Maybe manuel noriega will share his cozy cell with him……

  • texan

    Anyone from The House of Representatives can initiate.Will take much fortitude.

  • texan

    He’ll believe it when he is marched into a concentration camp We Christians will be gone by then.

  • texan

    Don’t forget 100% fake…..

  • texan

    Can you prove you have intelligence? Can you prove you are the one posting these idiotic comments and not someone you payed to do this for you? If you love him so much leave America and take him with you back to kenya where he belongs, to die as his father did. The government of kenya refused to allow his daddy any influence in their government so he turned to the bottle and died a nobody alcoholic, obama will die as , the biggest disappointment in American history no matter where he ends up..

  • CitySlicker

    “We Christians will be gone by then”. Really? Where are you going? Canada? LOL

  • disqus_kfee

    You obviously don’t know too many liberals.

  • Brian Murphy

    we are all entitled to make up our own minds on the evidence presented over the past 5 years; not easy when all his public records are out of reach by his executive order; what is he hiding; you must have been travelling to the Muslim Brotherhood states who love all the U.S. tax payers millions/billions that Obama illegally gives to them as per the written evidence in Egypt; Obama loves killing new born babies if they survive the abortion which should kill them by knives, skull crushing and limb severing, what kind of a psychopath is turned on by this culture of death and Planned “parenthood” ? His Obamacare is trying to force Christians to accept his Muslim “values” of homosexuality, lesbianism, transgender and all the other unnatural behaviour, as he tries to wreck U.S. for his Muslim Brotherhood to take over, as they have 22 secret training camps in U.S and they intend to bomb the cities again

  • Glenn Gallaher

    The reason that Warmonger Obama wants to start a war in the middle east is to occupy the troops while he declares war on the United States of America. While he turns our country into a prison camp run by an unelected government, appointed by the Warmonger Obama, the Army and Navy troops that are suppose to be here protecting us from the Domestic threat of Warmonger Obama, are no where to be found. While FEMA, FBI, CIA, and all the other 3 letter armies unite under this thug, our Oath-keepers will not be around to prevent it. They will be fighting another false-flag in the middle east to keep them preoccupied while this Warmonger tries to take control. It has been set up by both the democrats and republicans, and all those that have attend or are part of the group that wants to preselect our president for us. The same group that has taken over $20 trillion dollars and is not accountable to provide us a reason as to where the money is or how it was spent. Where they claim to have the right to take the money and spend it on their 3 cars or 3 houses and say we do not have the right to say that is wrong. The same group of people that have pretended that it was in the name of the American Citizen they spent this money and have no accountability to the Citizens they claim to represent. Keep in mind, a fair warning, that as soon as you hear we are at war with another country, Warmonger Obama will try to take this country by force. Be ready to resist this Satanic act against the Citizens, because your children will suffer if you do nothing and it will be your fault for not doing what is needed to protect the innocent. May God be welcome and Bless each and every one that understands what I am saying. As for those sheeple that will claim other wise, I pray that one day you will open your eyes and wake up before it is too late and you find yourself and your children and grand-children in chains.

  • Glenn Mason

    it final act of taking over of America

  • Synch1216

    I think Obama is a good president and Michelle is a great First Lady… but we agree that this article is full of crap.

  • Troubleshooter

    Rich, his brother, Malik, is a cash bundler and Member of The Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Bigmomma

    you know before the Naval yard shooting and the 9-11 1.3 mill bikers i rarely saw comments defend obama now all of a sudden supporters are comming out of the woodwork…. hummm….. how much they paying you???? and are you even really you? i cant think of one reason a true American would support the disgrace of a president, hell even the black folks (the ones with brains) have turned againts this glorious man you support. lock load and preserve food and when people like this come crying because they are unprepaired let them turn to FEMA they will take care of them.

  • Bigmomma

    I say lets all ignore these fools they are either real stupib or paid to be here to distract us smarter folks who have caught on to the game. they are just a waste of energy we would do better to just stay on the task of defending our Country and prepairing for the events we know is about to happen. like i said let them cry to FEMA while we take care of business see who comes out on top in the end.

  • Bigmomma

    once again they try to get us all rilled up on the race card im above that i dont show disrespect to anyone no matter the color of the skin unless it is deserved. seems to me they wanna sidetrack us with the you hate him because hes black REALLY this country has spent enough time on the race war now in case we all aint noticed the black people who hate oboma are ready to roll with the white people and vice versa so carry on with that lazy ass race card its a little worn out been used too much time to grow up and act like a human being and join the rest of the human race and fight for something that actually matters like the Constitution of the United States that has protected. all you race card holders all these years . id be worried if i were you cause without that shield that race card dont mean shit any more maybe you need to trade it in for a muslem brotherhood card i hear it will soon be open season on those boys.

  • Abraham Newman

    Anybody here want to bet? All of you deluded souls sound like ripe pickins. I think maybe I should open a conspiracy exchange where you can all put your money where your mouth is. I don’t know for sure that you are wrong, but I’m convinced enough to put some cash on it. If I could figure out a way I could make this irrevocable I (and lots of others) would be happy to give you 5 to 1 odds on your theories. If DC gets blown up by a nuke, or the mainstream press reports of a arrest of any group with a verified fission or fusion bomb in the next year and I’ll give you $5 for every buck you bet, but if Sept 25 2014 roll around and it didn’t happen I get to keep the money.

    Anybody here like those odds?

    Let see you put your money where your mouth is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

    I read that story too and have been watching for updates. supposedly he had a meltdown and a doctor was called to the white house to sedate him. sources were from insie the white house, at least two out of the three. I believe he could have a meltdown…the vote to defund obamacare was another big loss for him and he has a hissy fit when he doesn’t get his own way. if this is true though, why has he not been arrested?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

    I would say most or all of the above is true, he is muslim, a member of the brotherhood, has put the brotherhood in high security clearance positions, infiltrated the country with his muslim immigration laws to bring more of them in. excused them from obamacare an has aided and abetted the enemy over and over. arrest him!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

    start with his brother, a member of the muslim brotherhood who runs the Obama foundation and listen to our generals who have said Obama has infiltrated the country and his administration with members of the brotherhood in high security clearance positions. . do you really believe Obama or retired general boyko? I don’t believe Obama for darn sure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

    they are not safe under Obama…..unless you consider safe being a muslim who worships allah and want them to live under safe “sharia” law. Obama is the enemy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

    I don’t see any countries respecting him…not Ireland, not Russia, not Germany, not Kenya…his own country, not Egypt!

  • Brian Murphy

    it is nothing to do with race; my wife is black; when I see Obama’s close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and Obama appointed 6 Muslim Brotherhood people to his administration and appointed a Muslim called Brennan to be head of C.I.A; this and a whole non stop list of chronicled facts like supporting the Muslim Brohterhood Terrorist government in Egypt and many facts related in other letter here

  • Brian Murphy

    God helps those who help themselves'; we have to get off our butt and do something; all talk and no action

  • Brian Murphy

    Obama is a master of lies; you cannot believe anything he says; but I believe he is deadly dangerous and murdering people is not a problem for him if people are getting in his way.

  • Brian Murphy

    what he has done is treason but he will never be prosecuted as it seems the U.S. law for vetting candidates is all wrong; there must be much corruption in U.S. society at all levels; if Hussein Obama was unhappy, he could simply relocate to Saudi Arabia like all the other tyrants from Africa etc who were eventually ousted; the present Egyptian government hate him for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists as the country is ruined and many innocent Christians have been murdered and still are

  • Lumpy Rutherford

    I think our congress critters are terrified because the NSA has been used to find the dirt on all of them–and you can be sure, every one of them has something bad hidden in the closet, that would likely costs them re-election. So, since re-election is always JOB ONE, they’re not going to do or say anything that might anger Dear Leader for fear their secrets will come out. Why DOES John Boehner have a salon sun-tan? Why are his eyebrows so perfectly plucked?

  • Lumpy Rutherford

    Well, Richie-boy, tell you what. Why don’t you google Barack Obama + Larry Sinclair, and see what comes up?

  • Brian Murphy

    Your four letter words bespeaks a crass mentality and judging by how you insult everyone you are indeed a strange person; I have nothing against a black man or any man, my wife is black, we are married for 33 years; My views are based somewhat on the U.S. media and maybe some are not perfect, but there is some truth in much of the media. It is a free country and every person is entitled to express their beliefs even if some crank like you finds fault with everyone. Obama appointed 6 senior Muslim advisors to the U.S. administration and it is not inconceivable that some would have links to the Muslim Brotherhood given that Obama himself is a strong supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist organisation who have been persecuting Christians since Morsi was president of Egypt. Now that Morsi was deposed the Muslim Brotherhood are still murdering Christian in Egypt. Egypt now as stated that Obama is “enemy” number one and asked him to stop causing trouble there by interfering with the internal affairs of Egypt. . As regards Obama being gay, at least two persons from Chicago stated this quite clearly recently on the internet. What matters most is trust and honesty; I think Obama does not have the trust of the U.S. people and it is unlikely that they believe Obama to be honest. Was there ever am honest politician; of course not. It was lack of integrity and honesty that caused the global financial meltdown, when banking executives were found to be dishonest in managing the business of the banks and breaking all the rules of banking established over 200 years or so. In the same way much of the world’s politicians like Berlesconi are dishonest and corrupt and can cause their countries to go broke.


    I said 25 years ago that America would be hit by a nuclear attack soon. I never thought about the US government being behind the attack, but makes sense to me now. It all comes together reading this article. If you read and believe the BIBLE, US is not there in the end times to protect Israel, or we wont be a superpower, we’re just not there from what i can tell, unless we are part of the great army against them. Either way, Even so COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS.

  • joelferguson

    Wow, I never agree with you, but this is a pile of shit garbage. The author needs more than just a tin foil hat, he needs a straight-jacket.

  • Joey Casey

    I can say with confidence, no this will never affect me, it is total bullcrap! Thanks for your concern though.

  • Joey Casey

    Wow, just WOW!!

  • BabyGirlie

    Wait a sec….”You’re stupid for not letting people have their own opinions w/o being called stupid”……..Hahaha LOL

  • Marc

    This is the most ridiculous crap if ever read. The only thing that would make it good is if I found it on the fiction best seller list. If no names have been released and everything is so top secret, then how did this boob find it out? I’ll wait while you make something up.

  • patriot1789

    “We know the government is trying hard to circumvent the constitution.”

    Really? If you think that, you naturally stop looking for the real truth not the fabricated one.

    Ask what is the Constitutional authority the government is using to allow this. The answer may surprise you. Read:


    To start learning how to understand what is happening.

  • tryingtomakeit

    That may be why he has fired so many leaders in the military. They would not comply.

  • tryingtomakeit

    You do know there is not rapture until after tribulation..don’t you? Read your Bible..the King James one..and you will find it.

  • Stopthemadness
  • tryingtomakeit

    OK..I read yours ..now will you watch mine and let me know the differences?

  • Stopthemadness

    Well, I would think that you could tell the difference. Jones equivocates on the word “tribulation,” trying to say it all means trouble for those who are saved, but in Mat. 24:21 it is referred to as a time that has never been experienced before or after. Such a time has not happened yet. The things that are noted as happening during the tribulation in Rev. haven’t happened. Also, he seems to be saying that the trib and the wrath are not the same, but they are. The wrath cannot be hell because the Bible says we are not appointed to wrath. No one is appointed to hell; they choose that for themselves, so the wrath spoken of that some are appointed to and some are not must be the trib. There’s much more, but that site I gave you the link to answers all this and more. There are many other sites, too. But consider this: Paul tells us about the rapture in Thes. and then ends by saying this, “Therefore, comfort one another with these words.” What comfort is it, my friend, to know that you will have to endure the worst judgment of all time, even though you have trusted in Jesus?

  • TexasVetgal

    The scumbag n chief still hasnt been arrested for his lies, usurpation and Treason.
    Congress needs to be arrested too.

  • AwakenedAngryAmerican

    Rich is now known as Poor.

  • AwakenedAngryAmerican

    Don’t worry angry Rich. Anger management will not be offered to those who find out they are spared from the slaughter only to be a servant. So don’t go away angry to be a servant. Just go away and serve your masters.