BOMBSHELL REPORT!! Elijah Cummings Heavily Involved in IRS Scandal…Could Face Prosecution


Elijah Cummings has been trying to kill the investigation into the IRS scandal, making ridiculous claims and calling it a witch hunt.  Well, it caught a big witch by the name of Elijah Cummings.  Emails that have been released, shows that Cummings was eyeball deep in the scandal, asking for and receiving information on the conservative group, True the Vote, from Lois Lerner.  His office illegally received confidential tax records from the group.  Cummings is denying his involvement, despite his email asking for the same information that he received.

On Wednesday, committee chairman , Rep Darrel Issa accused Cummings of being complicit in the IRS targeting of conservative groups.  In an email turned over to the House Oversight Committee, Cummings asked for dirt from the IRS (which is a felony since taxpayer information is private) on True the Vote.  Within days of that email, Lerner sent out a questionnaire to True the Vote asking them all sorts of private questions.  Days after receiving those answers, Lerner sent the information to Elijah Cummings.

Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, has testified to Congress that her group was targeted by the IRS and the emails fit into the timeline perfectly.  True the Vote spent years trying to get their tax exempt status approved.  Recently we learned that despite the cries from the liberals that their groups were targeted too, agents at the IRS testified under oath that all progressive applications were approved.

Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote and other tea party-linked groups, has told Congress she was targeted by several government agencies -- and the timeline now looks connected to Rep. Cummings' inquiries

For his part, Cummings appears to have committed a felony in asking the IRS for confidential information, receiving that same information and is also guilty od not recusing himself from the investigation because of conflict of interest.  I am not naive enough to believe Cummings will have to answer for his crimes, but it certainly blows a huge hole into the liberal argument that the IRS scandal is a fake scandal.

True the Vote has accumulated a lot of hate from liberals for their stance that the dead must be purged from the voting registry and that all voters must present IDs in order to stop voter fraud.  Cummings involvement did not come out until last week, when the committee gained access to the emails.

Cummings’ email to the IRS demanded information identical to that which the IRS demanded from True the Vote and that same information was then shared with Cummings’ office.  Issa concludes:

“The IRS and the Oversight Minority made numerous requests for virtually identical information from True the Vote, raising concerns that the IRS improperly shared protected taxpayer information with Rep Cummings’ staff.”

Evidence shows that Lerner was personally involved in gathering the information for Cummings.  She asked Holly Pas if they had the information yet and when Pas said no, Lerner instructed her to find out the very next day.

Lerner, who has refused to testify about her role in the IRS's political favoritism, is accused of taking her cues from Cummings in a bid to hobble a tea party group that focuses on voting fairness

As for Catherine Engelbrecht, the founder of true the vote, the IRS was not the only government entity sicced on her by the Obama regime.  The the FBI; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the Occupational Health and Safety Administration; and the Texas Commission on Environment Quality – an partner organization of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, all took turns in making her life a living hell.

meanwhile, Obama and Holder appointed a longtime democratic and Obama donor to investigate wrongdoing by the IRS.  *chuckle*




  • Martha Cortez

    Shameful administration. They should all be fired immediately and sent to prison where criminals belong.

  • Joe

    Liberals can issue all the death threats all they want but have no courage to do anything but tap on a keyboard.

  • guest

    Like you’re doing?

  • The Oppo Man

    This parasite will just claim racism. Go yo hell fool Cummings

  • jayyuma

    If I were Issa, and Elijah pulled the ‘race card’ I’d tell it like it is. I’d tell him that he pulls that shit every time his ass gets in a bind, just like Holder; and just like his boss Obama. Bring it to the forefront. Tell it like it is!

  • Brian Pierce

    What is really absurd is Cummings is involved in the IR scandal and he is on the committee to see what is there. More like Eric Holder investigating himself in Fast and Furious. More like Obama investigating himself in the birther situation or using someone else social security number, Or Obama having applied for foreign student aid.

  • orrineldredii

    The only way to beat a bully, is to confront the bully and do the same to them. Once the light is put upon a bully, the bullying usually stops. That is all Elijah is, a big black bully.

  • AZN8V

    I don’t see a death threat in Joe’s post. Grow up.

  • Big___D

    You’re obviously a racist, and so is this article. You must be in the tea party. /sarc

  • Big___D

    Here’s what’s really wrong with the whole situation: “I am not naive enough to believe Cummings will have to answer for his crimes,” Why the h should it take naivete’ to expect justice???

  • Guest

    The article is racist?…If you believe that, than you’re an idiot.

    Now the reason Mr. Cummings wants this shut down is he is hip dip in it. I don’t care who you are, what color your skin happens to be. If you break the law and use that for political schemes than you need to pay the price. I hope he goes to prison for this BS. And Lerner and whoever else had a hand in this. Emails being “lost”….Only an idiot would believe something like that. They destroyed them to destroy evidence…Plain and simple. They have failed to submit evidence to the oversight commitee on almost every single instance. Why? They are guilty and they know it, and they are stalling….hoping it will all go away…Guess what? It’s not going to.

  • JamesBuckler

    We could expect it, and it should be done, but realistically the guy is right…Probably will never happen. Obama, Holder and a host of others have done enough to get them impeached or forced resignation 10 times over, and to date…Nothing…Holder got a contempt of Congress charge but no punishment. Boehner is threatening a lawsuit against Obama…A lawsuit…Really? He is the speaker of the House they don’t have to result to lawsuits. Congress has the power to slam Obama and his tyrannical oversight back to the Stoneage and just won’t act…

  • Big___D

    James (aka Guest): You’re right is all respects, except that I’m an idiot. Consider: “sar·casm (särˌkazəm/) noun: the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.”

    Also, I prefer to think (delude myself) that Boehner is waiting for a non-democrap Senate, that has a snowball’s chance of convicting the criminals.

  • JamesBuckler

    I deleted the above comment because I did not see /sarc at the end. I tend to read faster than I should from time to time…Speed reading has got me in to less than pleasant situations before. Why it changed it form my name to Guest and still did not delete it is beyond me?

    Never the less I apologize.

  • godofhellfire1

    It could happen if the American people march up capital hill by the millions, storm the capital building and take these criminals by force and hang their collective asses in the tundra of the capital.

  • DaveHancock


  • godofhellfire1

    Why is it that when ever a black politician gets in trouble people scream racism? What makes a crooked black politician rate a pass because of his color? The claim of racism has been used so much in the last six years it has lost its’ meaning. If there is proof of Cummings broke the law he should be tried and convicted then sentenced just like any other crooked politician, white or black!

  • MaverickCoast

    The Sergeant At Arms should enter the room where Cummings is sitting on the committee and put handcuffs on him and state that he is under arrest for crimes against (fill in the blank)! Know it would never happen, but just the thought!! :-)

  • merlin

    Elijah is nothing but a scumbag pos! take him down with the rest of the commies

  • Toodumtu

    Get a rope!! Let’s go get er done.

  • Toodumtu

    Why?? Because he called it like it is?? Fuckin Troll.

  • Big___D

    CALM DOWN. I’m embarrassed by how many of you guys don’t get SARCASM. Geez.

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    You are obviously a freeloader. Who bought you an iphone and pays for your srvice.

  • Toodumtu

    OOps, sorry didn’t realize it was sarcasm.

  • dennis howell

    prison would be too good for them,i say just shoot there ass’ know that obama was involved…

  • Ron Gilbert

    No real surprise here. Cummings has been so adamant about there being nothing here that I wondered from the beginning if he was involved.

  • capn-gary

    And yet, Cummings is still on the committee. He should be fired and censured, at the very least.

  • Eddie

    Tact is for those not witty enough to grasp sarcasm !

  • Robo

    More like they should all be executed by firing squad to set an example for anyone else who would think about doing this.

  • partswizard

    guess who’s hard drive is going to crash next?
    -unite to spread the word

  • John Street

    You must be a racist. And if its true preach it. By the way you must be a liberal too because you sure can’t spell. You dumb shit.

  • Greg Tracy

    Turn Trey Gowdy loose on him. I’d buy tickets if I could.

  • Armed n Educated

    I’m shocked that Cummings is invol…sorry I couldn’t get through that with a straight face.

  • crackers2010

    If it looks like corruption, smells like corruption, tastes like corruption, IT’S CORRUPTION. And more than a smidgeon!!!

  • Trey Purcell

    Surprise surprise surprise. Typical liberal entitlement mookie. Why can’t liberals ever practice what they preach? This is wholly indicative of the current administration. I think it is time for an old fashioned southern lynching!

  • Mamatex

    It appears reading comprehension is no longer taught in school or vocabulary for that matter. Embarrassing!

  • MadmaxUSA

    I’m chortling. John Street and Guest didn’t read or get the part about sarcasm in your post. There’s no hope for the ignorant.

  • AnnaGraceS

    Criminals every dang one of them… What an outrage that loud mouth Cummings Communist is involved!! I hope that POS :poop: goes to prison along with Lerner!! No wonder ole Elijah was calling it a witch hunt!! Beyond Shameful!! Not one dumocrap among any of them!!!

  • disqus_kfieT5umNU

    YUP..They want Sharia Law so let them have it…..let’s start with them!!!

  • karlleuba

    I guess that supporting enforcement of Tax Law or cooperating with those who do enforce it should be a crime too.

  • LanaC

    Mr. Cummings is part of the Oversight Committee!!!!

  • ldrussell

    The laws are only for those that brake the law and are not one of those that make the laws. t seems that we are now living in an imperialistic society.

  • CoffeeShopGhost

    That picture… Cummings is doing it wrong. It’s supposed to be open-handed, palm down.

  • B Jenkum

    But that would be racist….

  • docwill

    Public executions of corrupt (mostly Leftist) politicians: Your best entertainment value with the added plus of greatly improved public service, WITH A SMILE(!)

  • http://SCOTUS.GOV/ JusticeThomas

    That’s why he squeals like a pig about this.

    “Move along people, nothing to see here…as far as you know.”

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    I’ve got some really nice swords.