Gun Grabber Keith Farnham’s Office Raided By Feds Searching For Child Porn!


This is becoming one hell of a week! The “gun-grabbers” are falling finally, and it all started with Rhode Island State Senator (“Go F%#K Yourself”) Joshua Miller. Next was Rhode Island Speaker of the House Gordon Fox when his house was raided by the “Feds,” then Democratic gun-grabbing CA Senator Leland Yee who’s charged with illegally trafficking machine guns and rocket launchers, and who’s in the hot seat now? None other than Illinois Democratic State Representative Keith Farnham.

How could things possibly get any worse for the Democratic party? We’ve already got cheating, bribery, extortion, money laundering, illegal weapons trafficking, and murder for hire (Leland Yee) plots! Now we can add child pornography to that list. That’s right, “kiddie porn!”

Illinois State Representative Keith Farnham resigned last week, allegedly due to health concerns. However just a few days ago, the F.B.I. had probable cause to be granted a search warrant, and served it to Representative Farnham at his office looking for child pornography. Several items were seized including computers, hard drives, etc. Representative Farnham has yet to be arrested, but this is still an active and ongoing investigation, and charges could be filed at any time.

Representative Farnham was one of the “ringleaders” in Springfield opposing a concealed carry bill. Fortunately, the bill did pass, and now Illinois has become the 50th state to allow concealed carry.

When Farnham was asked about his possible involvement with possessing child pornography, he stated “I can’t comment about any of it.” Obviously if he is charged, he’s innocent until proven guilty in the courts. But the fact remains that his political career is OVER, and I’ve been doing the “happy dance” all week. Hopefully this disastrous Democratic domino effect will continue. I’m Eric Reed, and may God bless America.


Source: The Chicago Tribune

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  • Brian Pierce

    Democrats have been running amuck under this administration, The criminals are coming from the top of the govt and going down to the congress and states senators. Under this administration , Eric Holder is very unlikely to get an investigation underway if it involves a Democrat, doesn’t matter about money status its about political power. Its one of those I will watch your back, You watch mine. Article said ” We have cheating, bribery, extortion, money laundering, illegal weapons trafficking, and murder for hire (Leland Yee) plots! Now we can add child pornography to that list. That’s right, “kiddie porn!” Well there is not much left, that they haven’t done YET. And I use the word yet loosely. Just add Fleecing of Tax Payers money on there and you have it all rounded out. Well not all the way rounded out add Violating the U.S. Constitution. I sure hope the voters that voted these Democrats in are getting there money/votes worth out of these people. I know there not getting it with Obama, Don’t even bring up Obamacare/ACA to some Dem voters. Obama made a lot of promises he broke almost all of them, He promised transparency, lol yeah about transparent as a brick wall. He needed the Nebraska congress vote to help get Obamacare thru some hurdles said we will fix it to where no one in that state would have to pay some taxs aka Medicare/Medicaid taxes in return, Deal was canceled U.S. Supreme court said that’s a violation of the law cannot be done. Well isn’t it a violation of the law to sell your vote for a promise of something? Hmmm? I think its called ETHICS violation. Didn’t Obama promise everyones rates would be cheaper, keep your policy, doctor and hospital, Subsidys for all, ” here one part he forgot to mention NO subsidies if your state didn’t expand Medicaid. We have been lied to, our tax money squandered, Govt officials that don’t follow the constitution or laws, trying to make illegal gun registry. More taxs bigger govt, no balanced budget, seems our police forces are turning into shoot first ask questions later, I have never seen so many people being shot or killed by police in over 40 yrs. Like we are in some kind of police state. If someone going to turn America back around they better do it soon, because I already think we are at the tipping point of sliding way down hill where we cant be brought back.

  • zman

    It’s all a smoke screen the clear the deck prior to the midterm elections. I bet the DOJ pulls out all the stops in the GOP just weeks before the election. By then, all these Demoncrats will be OLD news! But it still makes me happy!

  • Brian Pierce

    Smoke screen ha ha ha ha for the Spanish speaking people Jaja ja ja ja ja. If the Dems were gonna do it they better do it now, because elections are in Nov you want to do it, put it in voters heads now. But all they got now is Christe bridge gate. and if that’s all they got it aint much. Not to many people are interested in Christie anyway. They would have to hire more kitchen help if he was there.

  • EffexZoxStyle

    it may not be a smokescreen if a group internally took control, see how FBI dropped ties with SPLC, major victory, another anti gun-ban legislation was passed, major victory there too.

  • maddaddyssa

    Maybe there is a method to this pervert’s madness. Since he’s sexually aroused by children it makes perfect sense that he’d be a bit uncomfortable knowing that parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. may be packing heat. So of course a sicko like this would want stricter gun legislation, if not a wholesale repeal of the 2nd amendment.

  • bondmen

    Where ya gonna hide Keith Farnham? Ghost Busters!