Student Arrested And Expelled After THIS Item Was Found During An Illegal Search and Seizure


Student at Ashtabula County Technical School in Ohio and an EMT trainee was arrested and expelled for having a pocket knife at school in his car.  Jordan Wiser was arrested  and expelled when the school found online messages supposedly written by Jordan.

This caused the school to search his car and they found a knife in his First Responder vest, which he uses for cutting the seat belts of accident victims. Not only that, but he also declined to let them search him or his car and said that he wanted to talk to his lawyer or his father. The school told him that it was not an option. According to, the superintendent Jerome Brockway said “we indicate that we have the right to search, and he was aware of the policy,”

Now this is not the first time something like this has happened.

According to Infowars.

  • guest

    lol infowars

  • Diamanical Johnson

    Another incorrect claim that this was a illegal search. He consented to the search by taking the privilege of driving to and parking on school property.

  • terrylrt1

    It is not a question of legal or illegal search. The question is, how can someone be arrested for a pocket knife? I’m sick of these fukking pukes taking every opportunity to harass and violate law abiding citizens, while the criminals run our cities and our government.

  • Zebulon Yegaboski

    You are an idiot.

  • Littlejojo

    the problem here is that every car in the parking lot should have a jack and tire iron and those are more dangerous than a little pocket knife

  • Yank lll

    Out of Control Cops..
    It’s not a problem until they come after you.. Stop them now or kneel for them later.

    Yank lll

  • Mike Roberson

    Don’t yall see what “the government” is doing? They make up all these stupid laws and they try and catch everyone at 1 or 2 of them and turn them into criminals. Why you ask? So they can be in complete control of us and push their agendas. See, after you become a criminal, you lose certain rights……: For a felony, (which is very, very easy to get), you have your gun privileges taken away. And that’s just 1 example. Communism is so very close……

  • Don Greene

    even on school property students have rights, you pay for a parking permit and you pay locker fees , so as long as you’re paying you have the right to refuse search unless of course they have a warrant

  • guest

    Sorry, but your personal opinions aren’t the law.

  • guest

    Actually it’s the school’s rule.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    Don, you are simply incorrect. You sign an agreement consenting to searches when you obtain the parking permit, You have a choice.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    No, you are just ignorant on this subject and are lashing out because that is easier than you doing a little research and confirming for yourself that I am right.

  • Owlisen

    If he has a first responder vest that includes the pocket knife so that he can cut the belt in case of an accident to help someone free wouldnt that be secluded then ???

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  • Owlisen

    Ment of course excluded…

  • guest

    I guess not. Maybe he should have asked the school’s permission beforehand.

  • Mike Roberson

    Awe….how naive. You don’t think the government has anything to do with what’s being taught and influence rules that need to be followed? Certain agendas are pushed whether your in a private school or public……public being more towards general society. They want us to work, pay taxes, follow the rules they made, and don’t buck (question the system) all because they have a debt to repay that they have already spent before you were even born. You must comply or else! Or else we the sheeple do something about it!

  • Steven Klein

    Dang dude, shhh, your gonna get us all arrested next time we pay taxes on our cars.