LOOK: Baby Projected from Body of Mother in Labor as She’s Runover in Tragic Accident!!




The attached images are of a baby boy who was literally ejected from his pregnant mother’s womb after she was hit by a truck, crazy right?

According to reports the little boy was traveling so fast upon his exit that he landed almost ten feet away from his mother, Wang Zhau, after she was hit.

Rather than wait for an ambulance, Mao Zhau was took his wife to the hospital on a motorcycle so she could deliver the little boy after she had gone into labor.


According to witnesses they were then struck by a truck in the Chinese city of Xiamen, knocking them both to the ground. The rear wheels of the truck then ran over the mother, instantly killing her and launching her baby ten feet away. Her husband later died at the scene after medics were unable to help him.

A Police spokesman said that witnesses described seeing the woman instantly give birth, with some claiming they watched the baby fly out with force.

“Others said that the baby had been thrown out of the woman’s belly and had landed three metres away,” Chan Chien said.


The baby boy was found on the scene relatively unharmed. He weighs a healthy 9.2lb and is recovering in the hospital.

Medic Kuan-Yin Fan said: “The baby is doing well and we don’t see any risk that he will not make a full recovery from the minor injuries he suffered and can probably be released to his family sometime within the next week should they agree to take him.”

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People in China are reaching out to help young Xiao Zhau after the story made front page news across the nation. The Xiamen Charity Foundation has already donated 5000 yuan to the young boy and people have been going to the hospital to bring him gifts as they hear of his story.

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