Troubled 10-Year Old Brings Drill Instructor Close to Tears with Just 2 Words

A 10-year old boy was sent to Bootcamp to learn how to have respect and show discipline. This drill sergeant was hard and strict on the little boy at first but his entire reaction changes once the boy says 2 words.

  • Sandra

    .becha that DI and were both crying with that one ….

  • Sandbagger

    Little boys need a real man to help them become one. I hope that little guy found one. It’s obvious he’s not beyond learning respect.

  • Troubleshooter

    And therein is found the problem in the majority of cases; either no Dad, or no Mom, or the functional equivalent of no Dad or no Mom. Stop Blaming Children For Being Abandoned.

  • Parker

    That’s a Drill Sergeant. Only Marines have Drill Instructors

  • Corey

    That’s not even a drill Sergeant. He has Colonel rank on his collar, and there is so much more wrong with his uniform

  • Elbert Testerman

    i have no dad is four words

  • I hate stupid people

    Did u notice the badge o his uniform? Don’t be dumb, he’s a drill instructor for youth services/ or juvenile detention boot camp! And with a colonel rank , he’s probably in charge! Again use that brain and powers of observation before you open your mouth! I hate stupid people !

  • Twona Onedeterminedlady Gaskin

    where is the young man now??