McDonald’s Sued for $1.5 Million Over a Napkin


(Pacoima, California)  After only receiving one napkin with his meal, a McDonald’s customer is suing the fast food restaurant for $1.5 million due to ‘undue mental anguish’ and ‘emotional distress’.McD's2

Webster Lucas claims he is now unable to work because of the mental and emotional damage that this incident has caused him.  Lucas became upset after only receiving a single napkin with the Quarter Pounder Deluxe burger and complained to management.  An argument between the customer and manager ensued, which precipitated the lawsuit Lucas launched at the chain.

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Mr. Lucas asserts he was racially abused by the manager for being African-American, when asking for more napkins.   The McDonald’s employee, Angel who is Hispanic, allegedly made the comment  ”you people” about Lucas following his request.

In a letter Lucas wrote to the store manager regarding the incident, he claimed he was mentally scarred from the horrible treatment he received.

The letter reads:

‘Good morning, after I received your email I called McDonalds in Pacoima and spoke with “Angel” (store manager) who despite the prior misconduct of his, he again was hostile and unreasonable.

‘I simply don’t understand, and it is sad that I encountered the now-current situation.

‘Thank you, but I don’t think that you will be successful in changing “Angel’s deep-seated attitude towards customers.

‘I am unable to work because of the undue mental anguish and the intentional infliction of emotional distress caused by your employee “Angel” who played around when I asked for the proper spelling of his last name… that I still don’t have. Take care.’

A representative from McDonald’s was unable to be reached for comment.

[ Source: TMZ ]


  • Rudolf F. Borsics

    An example of carap. I would fine this guy.

  • Shane Henrik Lamminparras

    They should sue him. Napkin dispensers are all over the store.

  • wolf-cut

    Black= I want and you have to give it to me…. i’d a shoved a whole dispencer up his ass and told him to get all he wanted

  • Robert

    Another frivolous lawsuit from someone who still thinks the world owes them a living.

  • edward conley

    He’s kidding right? There are troops coming home from war with extreme PTSD that can’t get treatment and this firkin whiner is traumatized over a napkin? This country is so screwed.

  • Mr.K


  • JS

    Typical nigger.

  • Ed Cooper

    For God’s don’t say boo this this freeloading SOB, he’ll sue you over giving him nightmares and sleeplessness due to the trauma caused…. the man should be fined for this frivolous lawsuit.

  • MsMadDog51

    This is f’n ridiculous! There needs to be a limit set, SOMEWHERE, on these outrageous lawsuits and people just looking for a free ride!

  • Matt C.

    “You People”, ummm the customers? I dont see how that is racist, unless a racist himself thinks it is. Ok, time for me to be racist. Webster Lucas is a no good, lazzy ass black that wants a free payday so he can sit on his ass and drink Colt 45 all day. But the main concern here is, what was he doing that far from Compton anyways? No McDonalds in the hood???

  • James M Morriss

    So how much is it worth that I got NO napkins? I took it as a compliment. I thought that I looked like I wouldn’t make a mess and need one; Maybe they thought it couldn’t hurt my clothes to dribble special sauce on them? DANG I missed the entrance to the gold mine aagain.

  • Michael Thomas

    Mr. Lucas needs to go to hell. He must be a complete maroon. He wants mentally scarring and emotional damage…..go spend a week with the troops in Afghanistan.

    Dude… are a worthless pile of feces and the best part of you ran down your moms leg.

  • James M Morriss

    Not in the stores where street people come in for free toilet paper. Your condiments can kill your profit margins. Know the business, restaurants suck as a business to own. Lotsa headaches.

  • Shane Henrik Lamminparras

    I really can’t recall a single fast food joint without napkin dispensers all over the place. At least thats how it is in Florida.

  • Ohala Nomar

    So .. He expended his energy to go in & place an order, argue with the manager, argue with an employee. But didn’t have the whereabouts to walk over to the drink fountains where the Ketchup, salt, straws, & NAPKINS are kept & get more ? But some how He can muster up enough energy to get a lawyer & try to sue them for 1.5 million. I doubt that even punitive damages equate to the $65 dollars a day He would earn at his job at taco bell.

  • Ohala Nomar

    I wonder how much not getting a straw or ketchup at the drive through would fetch ? lol

  • omega2


  • Victor Stanton

    okay obviously this person the claimant is insane. I have in my journey through fast food used the comment “you people” as an address to the group of citizens we call customers as a general term. The average customer unless they have been in food service does not realize cost of products such as napkin ketchup salt pepper ect condiments in general are not in cost of sales. if I being a manager who just got lectured due to cost/sales(cost over sales) in my store I would have responded in kind, this was in no way race related and it is the claimants attitude and response that was out of line and his mindset thinking oh hey here is a free buck I mean remember coffee lady and the hot cup. maybe I can make a buck here too, just wait for them to make me angst at them then I will sue due to an unidentifiable cause such as mental anguish which can be neither diagnosed nor proven.

    this is a leech on society especially during these hard ecconomic times.

  • William A. Lamey

    You gotta be kidding me , Right? Mental Anguish over a lousy Napkin.

  • Danielle Marie Baker

    He has got to be kidding, mental anguish and can not work over this. I worked fast food for 4 yrs, i could sue forf over work and underpayment. I am emt on top of that 10 years i have lost sleep food and have had really hard biscuts bad cold pancakes nasty burgers, do you see me rolling in money over sueing no.
    But i do know one judge did make someone pay the business money for false information and wrongful lawsuit. So i think any smart judge will see this and throw it in their face.

  • Melonie Livergood

    damn, they forgot to put sugar in my coffee, I’m scarred for life and can never work again…missed the boat on that one, that HAS to be worth bout $3 MILL!

  • WFR

    The story sounds fake to me, but the comments are worse than the story- what rock do the commenters crawl out from under. Give them a little opening and all that underlying hate comes out.

  • noneya

    He’ll lose. You people could have meant as you customers. This man needs to find an honest way to make money instead of outrageous lawsuits. Ridiculous.

  • papabear101

    I hope that McD’s counter sues him and that he ends up paying all the court cost.
    I think that this guy is just one of the many black racist who look for anything that they think is racist to make a big deal out off.

  • Steve B Real

    I don’t think Angel, the manager, is particularly racist, but this comment of yours is. It is outwardly, outspokenly, unapologetically, condescendly, and proudly delivered racism. You were just being ironic, though, huh?

  • Steve B Real

    I don’t think it was racist, but it’s still unprofessional to say “you people”, showing your frustration with the customers to the customer, you know what I mean?

  • George O. Cortez

    Just finding a copout not to work !!!! Lazy dumb fuck !!!!!

  • Stephanie Marie Martin

    This man (I put lightly) is just looking for a free hand out!….How many times have I ordered in store or drive thru to get home and find out something was missing from the order!! countless times!…asked for barbeque sauce and did not get it……But I’ve never had a problem getting NAPKINS! open your eyeszz ballzs and look for the NAPKIN DISPENSERS spread throughout and MCDonalds resteraunt!…I like England where if you file a lawsuit and loose YOU have to pay for your lawyers fees as well as the people being sued….if we had that here you bet you’d see a lot less frivolous law suits…You sir (used lightly) are a parasite on the leg of humanity!! I hope you LOOSE! fool!

  • Jackie Griffith

    In California, if you sue and don’t win, you are obligated to pay the defendant’s their attorney fees. This case will soon get dismissed.

  • Brian Thompson

    I am tired of getting 3/4 filled french fries. Think i too will sue for an outrageous amount of money. Sarcasm for the slow minded.

  • Jerry G.

    This pussy need to be bitch slapped by a six year old and forced to man up.

  • Matt C.

    And they dont want to be discriminated against. They are jus begging for it, but just so they can call us “crackers” racist.

  • Monika

    It’s the lawyers……….They are most likely the ones behind this…… someone looking for that big payoff.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Stupid infidels.
    The napkin tastes better than the garbage they call food. If anyone is going to sue this criminal organization mcdonalds, it should be for false advertising when they call their rubbish food.

  • DW

    I *HATE* when I catch PTSD from a McDonald’s napkin. Those things are brutal, man. Just effin’ brutal.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    This is why we should have a loser pays legal system, and before initiating certain types of cases the plaintiff should be required to post a bond that is sizable enough to cover the estimated legal costs of the defendant(s) being sued.

  • Clockp

    John Edwards trial lawyers need more money??

  • Laci Hart

    Give me a break…the pinhead could have got his ass out of his car, walked in and got a grip of napkins and ketchup to boot. I hope he pays tons of money with his attorney and loses his ass, with this BS. The Courts are for people who have real troubles..It’s was not set up for the lottery, it’s paid by people’s tax money for real justice. and this clown black, white blue or purple gets the same treatment as we all do from Mc’ D’s.