[WATCH VIDEO] New Chevrolet Commercial Features Gay Couples

Chevrolet has released a new commercial for its new vehicle, the “Traverse.” It’s not like any other commercials, however.

The 30 second spot shows various same-sex couples with children and it has a voice speaking over it that says “While what it means to be a family hasn’t changed, what it LOOKS like has.. THIS is the new ‘us'”.

The commercial ends showing the hashtag #TheNewUs with the voice saying “..for whatever shape your family takes.”

The company claims the ad “isn’t intended for political purposes,” however it’s next to impossible to view it any other way. Same sex marriage has been a contentious debate in our nation for some time and it’s not going away any time soon.

Chevy also released another ad that features many different images of America and then a gay couple getting married with the voice over that says “Like the old love the new love starts with a kiss,” then finishes with “Like the old community the new community still keeps us connected. … A whole new lineup for a whole new world.”

Both spots ran during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, even though the company isn’t officially a sponsor for the games.

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  • Charles Hurst

    Of course. Because we need to continue to pretend that two gay fathers with adopted children is normal too. When it is not normal at all. It is depraved and deviant.

    Go ahead–continue to propagate deviance. Continue to state that all must be accepted.

    Deviant lifestyle. That’s what homosexuality is. If they want to live like that–as far
    as I’m concerned it’s their business. You had a don’t ask and don’t tell policy
    in the military. You were being left alone.

    But that’s not enough for the Progressive. You want to give the illusion that
    homosexual marriage is normal as well. Well, you know what–it’s not. Children
    get raised by parents of opposite sex. That is not only the natural order of
    the world but basic common sense. But what would the Progressive know about
    common sense–he state’s an illegal alien isn’t really illegal as well. Your
    entire mind exists in anti reason.

    You know what the end result is of the Nietzsche moral relativism? It’s a generation of
    the amoral. I don’t have to prove my point. Newtown, CT proved it for me. You
    have created a generation of monsters. Blame the guns? Really? Then explain the
    Knock-Out game Mr Progressive. You will continue to have these sort of events.
    You have created the cauldron of poison. And now weekly you are being forced to
    swallow it. And only a fool would not see the correlation of your moral
    breakdown and the escalating depravity in this country.

    It’s not just the gay community that has caused this breakdown. They are just one piece
    of the broken puzzle. It is that as a nation you have decided that basic values
    no longer have a place here in the United States. That anything deviant,
    depraved, or abnormal should now be worshiped as evolved. And you can expect
    continued suffering. More depravity from the youth. Why not–you Mr Progressive
    are instructing them that anything goes. I don’t have to refer to my fiction to
    show that we will collapse as a nation. History shows it for me. So go ahead.
    Keep telling me how Hollywood and the Progressive thought is the new evolution.
    Led by the Philip Hoffmans. His train of thought worked out real well for him
    didn’t it. Another liberal intellect. And just like him one day our own nation
    will cease to breathe as well.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE

  • Deltarose

    Makes me sick!

  • ZeroDarkThirty

    Nope sorry! Call me intolerant if you will but homosexuality is not normal. Nobody is born gay. Despite what so called experts say. There is a reason male and female bodies are different and it wasn’t so two girls or two guys could have sex with each other. I refuse to acknowledge gays, lesbians or bi-sexual individuals as people. They are a disease. Let the negative comments from the opposition commence. It really doesn’t matter to me what you say. For the record I won’t be buying any Chevy products for a while.

  • Deltarose

    Think I’ll buy a different make car in the future

  • Jordan

    When you conservatives on here truly look how jaded your views are on social issues, youll come over to the Libertarian side. I used to consider myself a liberal until I heard them discuss fiscal issues. I used to hang out with you losers until I heard your views on Social issues like Gay rights. No one CHOOSES to be gay. If that was the case…can you choose to be gay for me to prove your point? Do it and get back to me. No one wants to be hated by their own family. Think about it you heartless people. Being gay is an innate feeling that 10-15% of the entire population of human beings have…even if they take those feelings to the grave…like many of them do because of people like you commenting on meaningful commercials that celebrate the diversity of the human race. You conservatives and democrats really need to pull your heads out of your bibles and asses and understand that marriage equality is simply that…people want to be treated fairly and not be harrassed by people like you. They dont want to indoctrinate anyone or destroy anything. So when you understand that maybe this nation will get back to its standards of true freedom and liberty. VOTE LIBERTARIAN

  • proudwhite

    New Chevy PERVERSE.Now fits TWO sets of FRUITS, with leg room for FOUR DYKES!

  • LCM☝✊

    What do you expect from Government owned GM. That’s why I sold mine & have bought 4 Fords since. Ford, still American & not gay.

  • Bill Berger

    I bet GM just lost a LOT of customers, myself included.

  • m

    10 to15% of the population have. So why does the 85 to 90% have this shoved in our face constantly???

  • Pat Warden

    What can we expect from union owned govt motors? They buy democrats, democrats reward their loyalty by paying them back with taxpayer money and the unions reciprocate with adhering to the liberal agenda.

  • Pat Warden

    They lost me years ago when I bought a car that had been deliberately sabotaged by union employees assembling it because they weren’t happy with a contract that their union agreed to. They have gotten much worse since then. I have gotten to the point where if it says union made I continue shopping!

  • john conley

    well im with putin !

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Fags are an abomination and chevrolet has just insulted Islam with this degenerate commercial. Us Muslims have purchased our last chevy. The toyota makes a much better “Jihad Wagon” and doesn’t break down as often.

  • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

    Brother Abdullah,

    Very right you are. My Toyota has carried more armed Jihadist and put on more trouble free miles than any shitty Chevy truck ever could.


  • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

    The degenerate US of A has no morals left.

    GM might as well of filmed for their commercial two farting homoqueers bare backing each other in the back seat of this Traverse while a small child is crying in the front seat …..i doubt any of the brainwashed Americans would have even noticed.

    Allahu Akbar

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Brother Farzan

    Us Muslims owe many victories to the swiftness and reliability of the toyota….the Muslims famed “Iron Camel.”

  • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

    Brother Abdullah,

    My fleet of mighty “Iron Camels” have driven many proud justice vest wearing Muslims for the Jihad…..

  • TAndrewsW

    Thank you, Jordan. Most compassionate, truthful comment on here. The haters here make me feel sick. It’s scary knowing such people as those who have commented here, actually exist in the world. Such ignorance and hate.

  • TAndrewsW

    Yes, they are born gay. And people are born with no legs, no arms, and missing other body parts as well. People are born with both sets of sex organs, or no organs. People are born all different ways from the “normal, ” but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to live. It’s almost funny that you hate it when people love each other. You, actually, HATE love. Wow, that’s pretty sick. You are more of a disease than any gay person, you are disgusting, hate filled, ugly, and so ignorant of facts, that I wonder how you managed to put together a coherent sentence, well, almost coherent. People like you are what is wrong with the world today. I hope your kind dies out soon, so the rest of us can live and love and enjoy life without your ugliness.

  • TAndrewsW

    Better than having enough leg room for moronic assholes, like you. :-)

  • TAndrewsW

    Who cares if it makes you sick? YOU make me sick…no one cares. You are a disgusting freak of nature who doesn’t deserve to live in the world with civilized, decent people, but here you are, just the same, and we have to put up with you. Sucks.

  • Carlos Becerril

    You know what queer people have been around for a long time and even if I was born queer I wouldn’t be holding hands or kissing in public and demand I get special treatment or even think of adopting a kid my God it would be so wrong poor kids would be traumatic and very very wrong

  • ZeroDarkThirty

    Never assume a person “hates” love. I don’t even hate gays. I never said they didn’t deserve to live. I merely stated they are diseased in the brain. Abnormal mutated what have you. You need a course in reading comprehension it seems. The only mention of hate comes from you. I simply stated my opinion. Deal with it. Idiot! P.S. Show me scientific proof that a person is born gay. Not some crack pot psychologist’s opinion. Cold hard facts! Or simply shut up. You are the epitome of stupid.

  • ZeroDarkThirty

    Another thing. Why is it people like you are so full of disdain for people who differ in opinion? Who is really the intolerant one here? You wish people like me to die? Do yourself a favor and take your warped view of humanity elsewhere. As far as people like me dying off so gays and lesbians can freely go about engaging in unnatural sexual activities? Nah not going to happen. Without man on man action and female on female perversions there can be no reproduction. So in fact it is those kind that will die off first. Again you are a idiot LMFAO


    Disgusting. Nice job Chevrolet. Talk about “in your face.” Do you realize how ridiculous these two degenerates look? You will never….repeat…never have me as a customer.

    Does Chevy think they are “reaching” their target audience with this? A chevy pick-up and 2 prancing fairies? Someone’s gonna lose their job at the ad agency.


    Nice of you two degenerates to side with 1.5% of the population. Its the “in your face” element of the ad that is so distasteful. What’s next? A guy showing that he can fit all 8 of his wives in a Chevy SUV?


    Civilized!!! Oh GEEZUS! That’s rich! Its that friggin’ arrogance (if you don’t love homos, you ain’t cool) of degenerates like you shoving an abnormal lifestyle in our face that generates our disdain.

  • Keith Gilbert

    Faries, queers, and damn queers! I’ll never buy another GM product while this is going on.

  • LCM☝✊

    I’m surprised a camel raping child molesting Muslim would be offended by this. We all know Iran forces young boys to suck cock.